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The old cemetery, one mile north of Machias village, was laid out and assigned for such purposes in the summer of 1819. The first interment in this ground was that of ESTHER, who died Dec. 6, 1819, daughter of ELIJAH T. ASHCRAFT
The Maple Grove Cemetery Association of Machias was organized Oct. 26, 1874, in accordance with a statute of the State of New York, passed April 27, 1847. Original trustees were MESSRS. HEMAN G. BUTTON, R. L. WHITCHER, A. P. ADAMS, F. A. HOWELL, WILLLIAM NAPIER, WILLIAM JOSLYN, WILLIAM RUBY, EDWIN AUSTIN, MELVILLE FARRAR, D. C. VAUGHN, M. B. LAMB, F. D. FOLTS, D. H. CHENEY, J. M. FILED, L. WARREN, WM. S. BUSSEY, L. P.WARREN, JOHN SEAMAN, and E.M. GOULD The grounds of the association, which contain five acres, which were purchased fromMRS. A. E. EDSON, contain five acres, and are situated about one-half mile west of village. A few fine monuments have already been erected. As its name signifies, it is shaded by a beautiful grove of young maples. Much remains to be done, however; but when the contemplated improvements in grading and ornamentation are completed, it will compare favorably with those other places of interment which dot the surroundings of town and cities throughout the State.
The above information was obtained from the History of Cattaraugus County, New York by L. H. EVERTS, 1879.

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