Route 353
Little Valley, NY
Walked by: John & Mary E. Bryant

Updated by Carl and Gail Berger July 30 2006


Map by Carl Berger

A-B   C-D   E-K     L-R    S-Z

ACHENBACH, Carrie A spouse of  Harry A.   born 1859 died 1943     Section K
ACHENBACH, Harry A spouse of  Carrie A. born 1866 died 6-1-1941      - Son of Martin & Kate Achenbach Section K
ADAMS, Ann           Section M
ADAMS, Burton D spouse of  Leona born 4-25-1916 died 5-26-1979     Section M
ADAMS, Burton D     died 12-15-1938       - son of Burton D. & Leona Liskow Adams "Our Baby" Section M
ADAMS, Dennis           Section M
ADAMS, Leona spouse of  Burton D born 12-30-1916 died 3/7/2011 age   94  - Dau of Edward Herman & Elsie Augusta (?) Klawitter, b. Chicago Wed 11-15-1935 at St. Michael's Luth Ch Section M 
ADAMS, Mary           Section D
ADAMS, Maude   born 12-6-1887 died 7-1970     Section B
ADYE, Ella Hazel spouse of  Fred A.  born 1887 died 1911     Section G
ADYE, Ernest Robert   born 1910 died 1918     Section G
ADYE, Fred A spouse of  Ella Hazel born 1880 died 1934     Section G
ADYE, Hiram B spouse of  Maria C. born 1849 died 1935     Section G
ADYE, Libbie A   born 1866 died 1931     Section G
ADYE, Maria C spouse of  Hiram B.  born 1852 died 1940     Section G
ADYE, Oscar spouse of  Susan Ella born 1822 died 1909     Section G
ADYE, Pearl S   born 1908 died 1936     Section G
ADYE, Susan Ella spouse of  Oscar  born 1853 died 1911     Section G
AHLES, Lucy H           Section E
AL?E??(RIGGS), Mabel           Section E
ALDRICH, Charles J   born 1931 died 1978      Section M 
ALDRICH, Floyd D. spouse of  Helen M.   born 1909 died 1975     Section M 
ALDRICH, Helen M. spouse of  Floyd D. born 1912 died 1988     Section M 
ALSDORF, Alice M           Section E
ALSDORF, DeWitt W spouse of  Merta L. born 1862 died 1949      - Son of Abram Alsdorf and Hannah Baker Section K
ALSDORF, Harrie P spouse of  Norma  born 1-2-1890 died 1937      - Son of Dewitt William & Merta L. Rexford Alsdorf Section K
ALSDORF, Merta L spouse of  DeWitt W.  born 1-16-1872 died 11-1947      - m. Oct. 25 1888- Dau. of Charles Edgar & Helen Johanna Steward Rexford Section K
AMADON, Helen Rich   born 1882 died 1922     Section E
AMADON, Henry A           Section E
AMES, Adelbert D. DDS   born 9-18-1869 died 1-28-1943      - All names on Big Stone  Section K
AMES, Allan           Section K
AMES, Carrie E.   born 1865 died 1926     Section A
AMES, Clementine Carolyn spouse of  Edson David  born 9-18-1846 died 9-21-1941      - All names on Big Stone m. Jan. 01 1868 Section K
AMES, DeHart H   born 1-30- 1872 died 10-27- 1955      - All names on Big Stone son of Edson David & Clementine Carolyn Ames Section K
AMES, Edson David  spouse of  Clementine Carolyn born 10-14-1840 died 5-6-1915      - All names on Big Stone Sgt. 154th Regt. NYS Vols  Section K
AMES, Fred   born 1874 died 1940     Section A
AMES, Julia           Section K
AMES-SMAIL          both names  on one stone Section A
ANDERSON, Carl           Section G
ANDERSON, Edward "Ted " spouse of  Latie E. born 1902 died 1978     Section K
ANDERSON, Emma spouse of  Rupert   born 1895 died 1976     Section J
ANDERSON, Freda           Section G
ANDERSON, Latie M spouse of  Edward "Ted"   born 1905 died 1970     Section K
ANDERSON, Rupert spouse of  Emma born 1891 died 1974     Section J
ANDREW, Albert spouse of Gladys M   died 4-16-1992      - wed Aug 10 1943  Section I
ANDREW, Bradley           Section I
ANDREW, Gladys M spouse of Albert born 1-16-1921 died 4-12-2007 age 86    - b. Springboro PA dau of Rev William & Anna Pearl King Sipe Section I
ANDREW, William Bradley            - son of Albert & Gladys M Sipe Andrew  Section I
ANDREWS, Ethel M. spouse of Walter born 1905 died 1940    Sherman S. and Virginia E. Field Section  A
ANDRUS, Robert G   born 1-25-1939 died 5-22-2001 age 62    - Son of Howard S & Adelaide E Fuller Andrus US Army  
ARMSTRONG, Alice M spouse of  Clifford G.   born 1882 died 1964     Section K
ARMSTRONG, Cecil Morse spouse of  Esther M. born 1897 died 1954     Section K
ARMSTRONG, Clifford G spouse of  Alice M. born 1883 died 1968     Section K
ARMSTRONG, Esther M spouse of  Cecil Morce   born 1896 died 1992     Section K
ARMSTRONG, Lee           Section F
ARNDT, Henry spouse of  Julia born 1853 died 1940     Section A
ARNDT, Julia spouse of  Henry born 1853 died 1934     Section A
ARROWSMITH, Douglass M. Jr. spouse of  Margaret M born 9-1-1922 died 9-10-2005 age 83    - son of Douglass M. Sr. & Bernice King Arrowsmith US Army WW II in Itlay  
ARROWSMITH, Margaret M spouse of  Douglass M. Jr. born 1929 died 1966      - Big "A" on stone nee Glow wed June 1950 in Little Valley NY Section J
ASHBY, Harry G   born 1873 died 1962     Section K
ASHBY, Mary F   born 1867 died 1949     Section K
ASHLEY, Anna B spouse of  Paul   born 1880 died 1967      - Mother Section K
ASHLEY, Chester C spouse of  Isabel G. born 5-29-1905 died 12-28-1980      - m. Mar. 10 1929" Section J
ASHLEY, Gabel     died 12-24-1951      - Son of Laland and Elaine Ashley Section K
ASHLEY, Isabel G spouse of  Chester C.   born 3-10-1907 died 12-2      - m. Mar. 10 1929" Section J
ASHLEY, Paul spouse of  Anna B. born 1880 died 1937      - Father Section K
ASKEY, Avis F. Baker spouse of  Charles M.   born 6-26-1913 died 3-22-1994 age 80     - b. Olean NY- Dau. of George & Anne Conners Baker  
ASKEY, Charles M spouse of  Avis F.  born 1908 died 11-3-1965      - m. Nov. 2 1929  Section K
ASKEY, Robert Earl   born 1945 died 1946     Section K
ASQUITH, Russell M Sr. spouse of  Helen Northrup born 1902 died 1969     Section J
ASQUITH, Shirley Ann spouse of  Russell M. Jr. born 6-28-1927 died 9-27-1955      - dau of George and M. Fay Straight Section H 
AUST, Ethel B spouse of  Joseph J.   born 1882 died 1963     Section J
AUST, Joseph J spouse of  Ethel B. born 1882 died 1968     Section J
AUSTIN, F. Elizabeth spouse of  Maurice A.   born 6-5-1911 died 5-20-2007 age 95    - dau of Horace & Florence Whitcomb Swan  Section K
AUSTIN, Marjorie           Section G
AUSTIN, Maurice A spouse of  F. Elizabeth born 1908 died 9-23-1986      - wed June 23 1934 in Erie PA Section K
AXELBY, Albert            Section I
AXELBY, Dorthea            - dau of Horace & Florence Whitcomb Swan  Section I
AXELBY, Fred           Section K
AXELBY, Mary           Section K
AYER, Colleen      died 1-15-1990     Section F
AYER, Fred      died 11-2-1968     Section F
AYERS, Alfred  spouse of  Betsey- Elizabeth born 3-23-1794 died 11-1884      
AYERS, Betey P. spouse of  Alfred   born 3-1-1805 died 1-25-1851      
AYERS, Julie  spouse of  William P.     died 12-23- 1882      - nee Porter 1st Wife  
AYERS, William P spouse of  Julie P  born 8-14-1827  died 8-7-1893      - Son of Alfred & Betsey P Ayers- m. 2nd Elmina P Lawrence July 25 1884  
BACKUS, Jean Ellen    born 1924 died 1936     Section K
BACKUS, Joseph           Section F
BACKUS, Marion C   born 1893 died 1941     Section K
BACKUS, Mary E   born 1893 died 1977     Section K
BACKUS, N.E.           Section F
BAILEY, Delana B   born 1880 died 1939      - Matching Stones Section G
BAILEY, Franse M           Section B
BAILEY, George   born 1839 died 1902    112 Reg. Co. I NYV Section  A
BAILEY, Harriet           Section A
BAILEY, James C spouse of  Minerva born 1906 died 1983     Section G
BAILEY, Jeffery E   born 2-22-1982 died 4/27/1982      - Our Beloved Son Section J
BAILEY, Mary spouse of  Richard   born 1936       Section J
BAILEY, Minerva spouse of  James C.   born 1903 died 1981     Section G
BAILEY, Norman           Section B
BAILEY, Norman D   born 1876 died 1939      - Matching Stones Section G
BAILEY, Richard  spouse of  Mary born 1932       Section J
BAILEY, Viola           Section B
BAKER, Adelaine           Section C
BAKER, Arthur           Section K
BAKER, Barbra           Section K
BAKER, Eva M spouse of  Frank B.  born 1861 died 1939     Section G
BAKER, Floyd(?)           Section K
BAKER, Frank B spouse of  Eva M. born 1850 died 1931     Section G
BAKER, Theodore A. Button spouse of  Virginia Green born 4-21-1946 died 8-7-2005 age 59    - son of Lyle & Dora Baker Button m. Aug 17 1968 US Army Vietnam War   
BAKER, Unknown           Section K
BALL, "Susie" Anna V spouse of  Claude L.   born 1890 died 1976     Section G 
BALL, Angeline E spouse of  Lorenzo W born 1853 died 1919      - Mother Section G 
BALL, Clair D spouse of  Mable M born 1897 died 1987     Section G 
BALL, Claude l spouse of  Susie Anna V. born 1893 died 1978     Section G 
BALL, Lillian E   born 1890 died 1910     Section G 
BALL, Lorenzo W spouse of  Angeline E born 1851 died 1941      - Father Section G 
BALL, Mable M spouse of  Clair D.   born 1895 died 1985     Section G 
BALLARD, Ellen           Section G
BANTON, Marian E. spouse of  Theodore H. born 1895 died 1956     Section A
BANTON, Theodore H. spouse of  Marian E. born 1902 died 1984     Section A
BARBER, Travis J.   born 7-21-1989 died 8-3-2004 age 15    - son of James & Wanda Homan Barber Jr.  
BARKER, Mary           Section B
BARNARD, Bess A spouse of  Harlin W.   born 1885 died 1962     Section K
BARNARD, Ellen A           Section D
BARNARD, Harlin W spouse of  Bess A. born 1882 died 1962     Section K
BARNARD, James spouse of  Jessie C  born 1855 died 1925      
BARNARD, Jessie Case  spouse of  James   born 1856 died 1921      - Dau. of Jobe R & Deborah Milks Case  
BARNARD, Von D           Section D
BARNES, Aaron D spouse of  Lena M. born 1878 died 1950     Section G
BARNES, Bess spouse of  Frank B  born 1883 died 1917      - Mother Section G
BARNES, Frank spouse of  Bess born 1879 died 1939      - Father Section G
BARNES, George R.  spouse of  Marion Jane born 2-11-1931  died 11-2-2003 age 72    - son of Norman & Martha Ehle Barnes US Army Korean War  
BARNES, Harold M   born 1902 died 1938     Section G
BARNES, Marion Jane spouse of  George R. born 11-19-1931 died 11-12-2005 age 73    - b. in the Bronx dau of Thomas & Jane Stratton Whelan  
BARNES, Nancy           Section A
BARNES, Raymond   born 1901 died 1962     Section G
BARNETT, Clyde E spouse of  Sharon O'Neil  born 4-7-1942 died 5-29-2001 age 59     - Son of Harry & Marie Bertram Barnett- US Army Section 0
BARRETT, Adolbert           Section L
BARRETT, Charles G           Section L
BARRETT, Minnie           Section L
BARROW, Gran???           Section C
BARTOW, Gerald D spouse of  Onnalee M. born 1910 died 1975     Section K
BARTOW, Onnolee Mae A  spouse of  Gerald   born 6/24/1908 died 11-30-1995 age 87     - b. Little Valley NY- Dau. of Clifford & Alice Armstrong  
BATES, Ada P           Section D
BAUMAN, Dolly L. spouse of Ray S. born 07-07-1924 died 08-31-2008 age 84  daughter of Dorsey & Minnie Pearl Myers Hickock-born in Curwensville, PA  
BAUMANN, Ellen E spouse of  Walter F.   born 1899 died 1991     Section G
BAUMANN, Martina           Section B
BAUMANN, Walter F spouse of  Ellen E born 1905 died 1975     Section G
BEACH, Gail Gardner   born 1934        - Daughter Section K
BEARDSLEY, Ada M spouse of  John W.  born 1882 died 1973     Section G
BEARDSLEY, Anna May Streeter spouse of  Leonard   born 1902 died 1995     Section G
BEARDSLEY, John W spouse of  Ada M. born 1879 died 1931     Section G
BEARDSLEY, Leonard  spouse of  Anna May born 1902 died 1968     Section G
BECKMAN, Anna B spouse of  Walter W.   born 1898 died 1987     Section J
BECKMAN, Harry A. spouse of Lillian L. Kasten born 12/2/1922 died 10/21/2008 age 85  son of Walter & Anna Speyer Beckman-US Army  WWII Veteran-married 9-4-1946  
BECKMAN, Marvin           Section L
BECKMAN, Walter W spouse of  Anna B. born 1898 died 1960     Section J
BECKMAN,? lenny S           Section L
BECKWITH, Burnell           Section F
BECKWITH, Elizabeth           Section F
BECKWITH, Homer L           Section B
BECKWITH, James M           Section C
BECKWITH, Jennie Margaret           Section B
BECKWITH, Koel           Section C
BECKWITH, Melinda           Section C
BECKWITH, Millie           Section F
BECKWITH, Rachel           Section C
BECKWITH, Wilbur J           Section C
BEDELL, Norma J. spouse of Calvin C. Sr. born 5/12/1928 died 9/14/2009 age 81    - dau of John & Elizabeth Whitaker McCormick b. Homer City PA  E
BEDIENT, Amose H           Section E
BEDIENT, Caroline           Section E 
BEDIENT, Effie J spouse of  Orville R born 1893 died 1980     Section E
BEDIENT, Elsie           Section E
BEDIENT, Harry H.    born 10-3-1879 died 2-8-1953      - Father Section E
BEDIENT, Kate L   born 1853 died 1936     Section E 
BEDIENT, Leslie O    born 5-17-1912 died 10-27-1913     Section E 
BEDIENT, Ona E    born 1881 died 1936     Section E
BEDIENT, Orville R. spouse of Effie J. born 1889 died 1957     Section E
BEDIENT, Seba S   born 1855 died 1917     Section K
BEEBE, Mark O spouse of  Maude A. born 1882 died 1940     Section K
BEEBE, Maude A spouse of  Mark O.  born 1876 died 1947     Section 
BEELES, Beverly "Sue" Spouse of Floyd E. BEELES Born 5/16/1935 Died 9/22/2010 Age 75y    - Dau of LaVern J. & Blanche (Neel) Ditcher, b. Machias-NY, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 1-17-1953   
BELEC, Joseph A. Sr. spouse of  Lucille Ruth H  born 9-12-1907  died 2-16- 2000 age 92     - Son of Franc & Ursula Poglajen Belec b. Orroyo PA  
BELEC, Lucille Ruth Holtz spouse of  Joseph A. Sr.          D
BELL, Annie           Section L
BELL, Kenneth           Section L
BELL, Larry D           Section E
BELL, Martha J           Section L
BELL, Zella           Section K
BELLOW, Fred C spouse of  Lena  born 1884 died 1954     Section K
BELLOW, Lena spouse of  Fred C.   born 1890 died 1982     Section G
BEMIS, Frank W   born 1828 died 1914     Section 
BENNETT, Florence Rutherford   born 1878 died 9-1927      
BENNETT, Stephen   born 1876 died 1-1928      A
BENSLEY, Nellie O.   born 1858` died 1904     Section D
BENSON, Albert           Section D
BENSON, Arthur           Section D
BENSON, Elihu           Section D
BENSON, Franse           Section D
BENSON, Kittie           Section D
BENSON, Lanna N           Section K
BENSON, May           Section C 
BENSON, Mrs.Paul           Section D
BENSON, Selinda           Section J
BENTON, Eric Arthur     died 5/25/1964     Section 0
BENTON, George      died 1/1/2002     Section J
BERG, Martin C spouse of  Mary A born 1903 died 1987     Section J
BERG, Mary A spouse of  Martin C.   born 1909       Section G
BERNHOFT, Frederick L   born 1915 died 1939     Section G
BERNHOFT, Lina Bryant   born 1885 died 1977      - Dau. of Harlan and Emma Rose Coit Bryant Section G
BERNHOFT, William J   born 1875 died 1930     Section L
BESS, Gertrude           Section L
BESS, Harold           Section M
BESSE, Kellie M    born 1977 died 1985      - Too well loved to ever be forgotten"  Section J
BEVER, Bernice spouse of  Merle   born 1891 died 1972     Section K
BEVER, Charles H   born 11-22-1917 died 2-11-1968      - son of Clarence & Veva Winship Bever S/SGT. US Army WW II Section L
BEVER, Clarence  spouse of  Vera born 1891 died 1973     Section K
BEVER, Dickie   born 2-11-1944 died 6-10-1944       - Son of CH & DK Bever Section K
BEVER, Donald   born 4/18/1951 died       - Son of CH & DK Bever Section J
BEVER, Merle spouse of  Bernice born 1887 died 1960     Section L
BEVER, Vera spouse of  Clarence   born 1895 died 1981     Section E 
BIGELOW, Robert A. Spouse of Wanda HURLEY Born 11/2/1960 Died 3/2/2010 Age 49y    - Son of Gerald R. & Bonita (Petersen) Bigelow, b. Buffalo-NY, d. Little Valley-NY (at home), Wife survives, 3 children survive Verify- O-OTH
BISHOP, Benjamin   born 1873        - son of George Franklin & Sarah Glenn Bishop Section L
BISHOP, Betty           Section L
BISHOP, David G spouse of  Margaret H. born 1880 died 1978     Section E 
BISHOP, Edward   born 1869 died 1930      - son of George Franklin & Sarah Glenn Bishop Section E 
BISHOP, George Franklin spouse of  Sarah G  born 1847 died 1920     Section G
BISHOP, Harrison           Section G
BISHOP, Harrison P   born 1839 died 1907      - Co. F 64th Reg't NYS Vols. Section L
BISHOP, Howard N spouse of  Jane E born 5-19-1909 died 3-15-1984     Section L
BISHOP, Jane E spouse of  Howard N.   born 10-28-1918 died 8-10-1993      Section J
BISHOP, Leo G   born 5-17-1890 died 1-7-1963      - 5 Co.153 Depot B WW I Section 
BISHOP, Leonard J. spouse of  Lillian A. born 3-24-1912 died 1-10-2006 age 93    - son of William & Mabel Beamish Bishop  
BISHOP, Lillian A. spouse of  Leonard J. born 10-23-1914 died 5-4-2005 age 90    - dau of William & Marie Glow Miller wed Aug 30 1933   L
BISHOP, Margaret H spouse of  David G.  born 1889 died 1978     Section E 
BISHOP, Sarah Glenn spouse of  George Franklin born 1849 died 1935     Section K
BISSELL, Ruth Harvey   born 1923       Section C
BLENDENGER, Albert           Section B
BLENDENGER, Homer           Section C
BLENDENGER, Mrs.Laurense           Section E 
BOARDMAN, Clara B  spouse of  Lee C.  born 1882 died 1936     Section E 
BOARDMAN, Gerald    born 1912 died 1936     Section M 
BOARDMAN, Harley C spouse of  Mabel L  born 8-18-1914 died 9-7-2002      - Sgt. US Army WW II Purplr Heart  Section M 
BOARDMAN, Harry R.    born 1911 died 1997      - has Harley Davidson motocycle symbol on plaque  Section E 
BOARDMAN, Lee C.  spouse of  Clara B. born 1879 died 1942     Section E 
BOARDMAN, Mabel L. Spouse of Harley BOARDMAN Born 3/8/1918 Died 7/22/2011 Age 93y    - Dau of Joseph & Susan (Jacobs) Stevenson, b. Litte Valley-NY Wed 5-19-1939 (he d. 9-07-2002)  Section M 
BOARDMAN, Norma   born 1920 died 1920     Section 
BOARDMAN, Todd J.   born 3-6-1964 died 4-18-2005 age 41    - son of Terrance L. Boardman & Mary McGovern Scott Section K
BOBERG, Beatrice S spouse of  John H.   born 1929 died 0      - m. May 10 1957 Section A
BOBERG, Clair J.   born 1904 died 1907    sons of William & Minnie Section K
BOBERG, Erwin J spouse of  Irene E. born 8-14-1895  died 4/9/1962      - US Army WW I Section A
BOBERG, Infant      1895    sons of William & Minnie Section K
BOBERG, Irene E spouse of  Erwin J.   born 1902 died 1983     Section A
BOBERG, John C.   born 1868 died 1902     Section K
BOBERG, John H spouse of  Beatrice S. born 10-27-1926 died 4/11/1989      - US Navy WW II Section A
BOBERG, Joli?           Section A
BOBERG, Joseph   born 1836 died 1915     Section A
BOBERG, Lana A.   born 1869 died 1953     Section K
BOBERG, Minnie E   born 1902 died 1976     Section A
BOBERG, Minnie S. spouse of  William J. born 1871 died 1940     Section A
BOBERG, William J. spouse of  Minnie S. born 1870 died 1916     Section 
BOE, Marion spouse of  Zoe S.   died 10/1/1965      
BOE, Zoe S spouse of  Marion. born 5/22/1920 died 2-14-2002  age 81     - Dau. of William and Gertrude Merchant Schrader  A
BOETTCHER, Elizabeth spouse of  Henry born 1832 died 1894    mother Section A
BOETTCHER, Henry spouse of  Elizabeth born 188_ died 1912    father Section A
BOETTCHER, Stinor   born 1846 died 1912     Section C
BOLLER, Eaytie           Section J
BOLLES, Alice M   born 1933 died 1972      - dau of Guy & Sarah Hatch Phillips "Daughter" Section A
BONHOFF, Alice Marie   born 2-2-1915 died 2-14-1915     Section  A
BONHOFF, Anton spouse of Sohia H. born 1849 died 1922    father Section  A
BONHOFF, Herman J.   born 10-4-1879 died 3-16-1940     Section  A
BONHOFF, Inez E.   born 9-1-1888 died 5-31-1938     Section  A
BONHOFF, Sophia G. spouse of Anton born 1854 died 1932    mother Section  B
BONSTEEL, Amanda L           Section B
BONSTEEL, Burt L           Section B
BONSTEEL, Jane           Section B
BONSTEEL, William           Section 
BOOTH Frank     died 8-2-1881        M 
BOOTH Herbert C    born 1936       Section M 
BOOTH Janice M    born 1952       Section E
BOOTH, Clarence           Section E
BOOTH, Mrs.Clarence           Section D
BORGIVERT, Jol?i           Section D
BORGIVERT, Mary           Section B
BOTSFONE, Corabel Josie           Section C
BOTSFORD, Mary            - nee Sprague Section B
BOUTLE, Frause H           Section K
BOWEN, Florence L   born 1-31-1884 died 9-28-1967     Section B
BOWEN, Floyd           Section K
BOWEN, Harold L   born 12-22-1884 died 5/2/1953     Section B
BOWEN, Mary           Section J1/2
BOWEN, Mulicent           Section A
BOYCE, Benjamin K. spouse of Gladys born 2-3-1886 died 7-11-1972     Section  A
BOYCE, George W. spouse of Mary K. born 1853 died 1939     Section  A
BOYCE, Gladys W. spouse of Benjamin K. born 4-4-1888 died 2-17-1962     Section  0
BOYCE, Harry Leland spouse of  Myrna Reynolds born 11-27-1914 died 11-7-2000 age 85     - Son of Lynn S. & Helen F. Willard Boyce- US Navy Seabees WW II- b. Conneaut OH Section A
BOYCE, Mary C.   born 1884 died 1930     Section  A
BOYCE, Mary K. spouse of George W. born 1854 died 1930     Section  G
BOYD, James S   born 1882 died 1930     Section G
BOYD, Lura W   born 1886 died 1968     Section 
BRAIN, William R spouse of  Carol I Stephens born 12-30-1937 died 6/3/2001 age 63     - Son of Arthur & Mildred Kerber Brain m. June 2 1988- US Marine Corps   C
BRAINARD, Cyrus W           Section K
BRAINARD, Gertrude    born 1875 died 1937     Section C
BRAINARD, Mary Ruth           Section G
BRANT, Arthur P spouse of  Ruth M. born 1890 died 1975     Section G
BRANT, Ruth M spouse of  Arthur P.            - no dates Section 0
BRAUN, Walter Carl   born 5-18-1894 died 12-11- 1966     Section A
BRIDENBAKER, Arthur   born 1893 died 1959    Am. Legion marker Section  L
BRIDENBAKER, Hazel           Section A
BRIDENBAKER, Helen M.   born 1900 died 1973     Section  L
BRIDENBAKER, Raymond           Section B
BRIGGS, Arland E           Section K
BRIGGS, Gilford E spouse of  Hattie J. born 1866 died 1947     Section K
BRIGGS, Hattie J spouse of  Gilford E.  born 1871 died 1941     Section K
BRIGGS, Laura R spouse of  Raymond   born 1890 died 1936     Section K
BRIGGS, Marion R   born 1919 died 1978     Section K
BRIGGS, Raymond  spouse of  Laura R. born 1893 died 1971     Section B
BRIGGS, William           Section M 
BRISLEY Evelyn E.  spouse of  William H. born 1910       Section M 
BRISLEY William H. spouse of  Evelyn E. born 1902 died 1984     Section G
BRISLEY, Charles E spouse of  Mabel A born 1876 died 1954     Section G
BRISLEY, Mabel A spouse of  Charles E.   born 1880 died 1940     Section C
BROOKS, Amy           Section C
BROOKS, Bian??e Grace           Section K
BROOKS, Carl           Section B
BROOKS, Delancy           Section K
BROOKS, Elizabeth (child of)           Section C
BROOKS, Sarale           Section E 
BROOKS, Thomas P. spouce of  Cherry D. born 8/10/1937 died 10/17/2009 age 72    - b. Franklin PA to Herbert & Eva Galbreath Brooks Sr. m. Sept 14 1957  sec A lot 50
BROSKE, Edna M.     Born 4/15/1917 Died 1/27/2011 Age 81y    - Dau of Heinz & Nora (?) Hoffman, Bd. 6-26-2011  
BROWN,  M. William "Bill   born 8-22-1901 died 1982 age 75    - b. Clermont PA. son of David M. Brown Salamanca NY police Dept. Section B
BROWN, A           Section E
BROWN, Almond           Section A
BROWN, Arvilla E.   born 1918       Section E
BROWN, Charles  spouse of  Dorothy E.   died 4/9/1991     Section A
BROWN, David M. spouse of Florence B. born 1855 died 1952     Section  E
BROWN, Dorothy E. spouse of  Charles   born 1-27-1923 died 9-22-2001 age 78     - b. Little Valley NY- Dau. of Clyde & Bessie Champlin Whipple Section E
BROWN, Earl           Section E
BROWN, Edith           Section 0
BROWN, Elva spouse of  Willaim Edson   born 9-23-1903 died 9-28- 1977      - Dau. of Carol & Inez Lawrence Stevens- m. Feb. 5 1949- b. New Albion, NY Section E
BROWN, Emma E Case spouse of  John   born 1855        - Dau. of Jobe r & Deborah Milks Case Section A
BROWN, Ettie C           Section A
BROWN, Florence B. spouse of Sdavid M. born 1882 died 1937     Section  A
BROWN, Homer S.   born 1890 died 1948    one side MacMillan other side Brown Section A
BROWN, Issac H.   born 1857 died 1911     Section E
BROWN, John W spouse of  Emma E         Section A
BROWN, Lela E.   born 1895 died 1957    one side MacMillan other side Brown Section E
BROWN, Margaret           Section A
BROWN, Siela           Section J
BROWN, Walter           Section G
BROWN, Welcome J   born 1877 died 1949     Section A
BROWN, William M.   born 8-22-1901 died 1937    b.Clermont PA. Salamanca Police marker  Salamanca Fire Dept. marker Section  H
BRUNT, Arthur           Section 
BRYANT, Edward C     died 1988 age 94     - Son of Harlan and Emma Coit Bryant  D
BRYANT, Emma Coit spouse of  Harlan D.            - Dau. of Lewis Coit- m. June 18 1884 Section D
BRYANT, Harlan D spouse of  Emma C           - Son of Nathaniel & Sally Chase Bryant Section K
BRYANT, Lewis N spouse of  Marian W. born 1887 died 1958     Section K
BRYANT, Lewis Nathaniel spouse of  Marian W  born 1887 died 1958 age 71     - Son of Harlan and Emma Coit Bryant Section K
BRYANT, Lewis Nathaniel II   born 1944 died 1996      - Son of Lewis Nathaniel & Marian Woodard Bryant Sr. Section 
BRYANT, Lillian Pearl Winship spouse of  Mark- Otis born 3-20-1894  died 12-18-1988 age 94     - Dau. of Elmer and Jennie Schankwyler Gotschall  
BRYANT, Mamie E spouse of  Edward C.   born 11-6-1893 died 11-27-1990 age 97     - Dau. of Henry and Mary Merow Marsh  K
BRYANT, Marian W spouse of  Lewis N.   born 1900 died 1993      - nee Woodard m. April 30 1937 Section D
BRYANT, Octavia           Section D
BRYANT, Russell           Section D
BRYANT, Wealtley A. Chase spouse of  Stillman born 5-7-1848 died 6-15-1879      - m. Jan. 8 1861- Dau. of Converse & Nancy Wheeler Chase Section C
BUCKLIN, Aggie           Section C
BUCKLIN, Cynthia    born 1819 died 1910     Section C
BUCKLIN, Daniel    born 1811 died 1881     Section C
BUCKLIN, Edward           Section C
BUCKLIN, Frank           Section C
BUCKLIN, Fuller    born 1814 died 1888     Section C
BUCKLIN, Mamie           Section C
BUCKLIN, Roxanna    born 1822 died 1885     Section K
BUELOW, Emma           Section K
BUELOW, Lacius           Section B
BUFFUM, Cynthia spouse of  Willis A   died 1946     Section E
BUFFUM, Daniel spouse of  Marjorie A. born 1893 died 1958     Section B
BUFFUM, Grace L. spouse of  Herbert J.   born 12-31- 1902 died 8-8-1972       - b. Mansfield NY- Dau. of Edmund & Sarah Sprague Steward Section B
BUFFUM, Herbert J. spouse of  Grace L.         Section E
BUFFUM, Marjore spouse of  Daniel born 1898 died 1966     Section B
BUFFUM, Norris           Section B
BUFFUM, Willis A spouse of  Cynthia         Section A
BULL, Helen G. Smith spouse of  Lyle W. born 1905 died 1986     Section A
BULL, Lyle W. spouse of  Helen G. born 1903 died 1948     Section 
BULL, Lyle W.    born 1903 died 1948      B
BULLOCK, Mary            Section B
BULLOCK, Thomas           Section 
BURBANK, Ansel             
BURBANK, Betsy             B
BURBANK, Lela           Section J
BURDICK, Norman C spouse of  Reva A born 1912 died 1985     Section 
BURDICK, Raymond C. spouse of  Shirley King born 1-11-1942 died 3-5-2000       - Son of Norman & Reva Waite Burdick- b. Salamanca NY- US Navy 1962-1969- m. April 28 1962  J
BURDICK, Reva A spouse of  Norman C.   born 1914 died 1971     Section A
BURGER, Betty           Section L
BURGESS, Harold           Section C
BURLAGE, Amy M           Section C
BURLAGE, Mrs.H           Section A
BURLINGAME, Mabel B. spouse of Willaim F. born 1886 died 1944    Eastern Star symbol Section  A
BURLINGAME, William F. spouse of Mabel B. born 1873 died 1925    Masonic symbol Section  K
BURNMARK, Gladys M spouse of  Howard N.   born 1904 died 1985     Section K
BURNMARK, Howard N spouse of  Gladys M. born 1900 died 1983     Section K
BURNMARK, Lena H spouse of  Rollin M.   born 1882 died 1944     Section K
BURNMARK, Rollin M spouse of  Lena H. born 1879 died 1938     Section J
BURNS, Harold F   born 2-20-1892 died 4/5/1970      - 2nd LT. US Marine Corps WW I Section J
BURNS, Marie J. Johnson spouse of  Harold F.  born 1909 died 1998    dau of James & Mary May Johnson Section C
BURRELL, Almeda    born 1852 died 1921     Section C
BURRELL, Claude    born 1875 died 1897      - Died at Sea Section C
BURRELL, Harold    born 1890 died 1950     Section C
BURRELL, Katie    born 1853 died 1911     Section C
BURRELL, Lania J.    born 1852 died 1909     Section C
BURRELL, Levi    born 1852 died 1935     Section C
BURRELL, Mark D.    born 1876 died 1899     Section A
BURRELL, Mary J.   born 1863 died 1920    Eastern Star symbol Section C
BURRELL, Maude           Section C
BURRELL, William    born 1835 died 1902     Section C
BURRELL, William    born 1850 died 1917     Section M 
BURROUGHS Cleo L spouse of  Julia M born 1916 died 1979     Section M 
BURROUGHS Julia M  spouse of  Cleo L  born 1923 died uncut     Section M 
BURROUGHS Robert A.   born 1958 died 1978     Section K
BURROUGHS, Bessie L spouse of  Llyod S.   born 1943        - nee Plot m. Nov. 18 1961 - Matt. 10:20 - 21 Section K
BURROUGHS, Bette M spouse of  Rev. Clifford R.   born 2-3- 1922 died 10-20- 2001 age 79     - Dau. of Ralph V. & Helen M Goodrich Maneval- m. Mar. 22, 1941 Section K
BURROUGHS, Beverly J   born 1-23-1942        - Dau. of Clifford R & Bette M Maneval Burroughs Section K
BURROUGHS, Clifford R Rev. spouse of  Bette M. born 2-21- 1920       Section K
BURROUGHS, Denton L spouse of  Dorothy I. born 1897 died 1997     Section K
BURROUGHS, Dorothy I spouse of  Denton L.  born 9-2-1904 died 4-21-2001 age 96     - Dau. of Sullivan & Mayme Mullally Skeels Section 
BURROUGHS, Lloyd S. spouse of  Bessie L.   born 11-17-1941 died 2-10-1995 age 53     - b. Salamanca NY- Son of Denton & Dorothy Skeels Burroughs- 1 Cor. 7:2-5  K
BURROUGHS, Mark M spouse of  Nettie M born 1870 died 1941     Section K
BURROUGHS, Mildred R spouse of  Milton L.   born 1896 died 1986     Section K
BURROUGHS, Milton L spouse of  Mildred R. born 1893 died 1979     Section K
BURROUGHS, Nettie M spouse of  Mark M.   born 1871 died 1957     Section K
BURROUGHS, Sue Ann   born 2-13- 1945 died 2-16-1945      - Dau. of Clifford R & Bette M Maneval Burroughs Section C
BUSHINSKY, Joseph           Section B
BUSHNELL, Eva           Section B
BUSHNELL, William C           Section C
BUSKI, Ann           Section C
BUSKI, Helen           Section J
BUSKIRK/BUSKIST, Dora    born 1841 died 1917     Section J
BUSKIRK/BUSKIST, Fred    born 1873 died 1955     Section J
BUSKIRK/BUSKIST, Horace      died 1889 age 45    Section C
BUSKIST, Edith           Section C
BUSKIST, Fred            Section B
BUTTERFIELD, C. L.    born 1813 died 1892     Section B
BUTTERFIELD, Elida C.    born 1863       Section A
BUTTERFIELD, Emily K. spouse of  Reuben H.  born 1837 died 1919     Section B
BUTTERFIELD, Hannah    born 1817 died 1909     Section B
BUTTERFIELD, J.W.    born 1842 died 1897     Section B
BUTTERFIELD, Jefferson            Section A
BUTTERFIELD, Reuben H. spouse of  Emily K. born 1836 died 1918     Section B
BUTTKER, Charles    born 1840 died      Section B
BUTTKER, Dora    born 1841 died 1905     Section 
BUTTON, Emma    born 1845 died 1917      D
BUTTON, Frause           Section 
BUTTON, John P.    born 1843 died 1903      

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