Delevan, NY
Records compiled by: Naomi Baker Historian for Delevan
Transcribed by PHGS Member: Martie Wilson


AMES, Carrie. Born 1866, died 1958
ANDERSON, Blanche I. Spouse of William J. Born 1879, died 1927
ANDERSON, Dorothy Lockwood. Spouse of Dr. John V. Born 5-29-1905, died 6-18-2004 - Dau of Fred & Lena Champlin Lockwood b. Ripley-NY d. Springville-NY
ANDERSON, Edwin L. Spouse of Jean K. Born 1912, died 1994
ANDERSON, Jean K. Spouse of Edwin L. Born 1912
ANDERSON, John V. Dr. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 5-29-1905, died 5-27-1993 - Wed 7-11-1932 in Ripley-NY
ANDERSON, William J. Spouse of Blanche I. Born 1878, died 1962
ANNIS, Byron R. Born 1845, died 1-19- 1847. Age: 1y 2m 19d
ANNIS, Charles T. Born 1841, died 10-18-1842. Age: 1y 3m 11d - Son of Hiram & Mary Annis
ANNIS, I.W. Age: 2
ANNIS, John W., died 8-17-1841 - Son of Hiram & Mary Annis
ANTHONY, George A. Spouse of Nancy J.
ANTHONY, Nancy J. Spouse of George A. Born 12-3-1843, died 3-2-1897
ARMBUSTER, Mary M. Spouse of William M. Born 1877, died 1941
ARMBUSTER, William M. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1873, died 1936
ARMSTRONG, Laura A. Born 1827, died 1917 - Mother of Anna L.
ARNOLD, Adelaide. Born 7-21-1873
ARNOLD, Dennis E. Spouse of Loma M. Born 1859, died 6-16-1893. Age: 34y 3m 19d
ARNOLD, Ervin J. Born 1892, died 10-7-1892. Age: 4m 18d - Son of Dennis E. & Loma M. Arnold
ARNOLD, Francis N. Born 9-27-1850
ARNOLD, Laura C. Born 1-15-1854, died 2-23-1901
ARNOLD, Mary. Spouse of #1 Lee O. Hale, #2 Elmer Arnold. Born 1900, died 1971
ASHCRAFT, Clarence L. Spouse of Zelna. Born 1870, died 1959 - Son of Almon & Nancy Ashcraft
ASHCRAFT, Zelna Hadley. Spouse of Clarence L. Born 1872, died 1936
AUSTIN, Albert H. Spouse of Nellie A. & Lillian. Born 1900, died 1988 - Second wife was Lillian
AUSTIN, Alzira Turner. Spouse of David. Born 6-25-1832, died 2-24-1906
AUSTIN, David. Spouse of Alzira T. Born 12-21-1831, died 3-20- 1858
AUSTIN, Edwin A. Born 1854, died 5-116-1881. Age: 27 - Son of David & Matilda Austin
AUSTIN, Matilda. Spouse of David. Born 1807, died 6-27-1873. Age: 66y 15d
AUSTIN, Nellie A. Spouse of Albert H. Born 1903, died 1971
BAIER, Alute E. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1854, died 1902
BAIER, Frederika. Spouse of John T. Born 1826, died 1908
BAIER, Henry W. Spouse of Alute E. Born 1854, died 1937
BAIER, John T. Spouse of Fredericka. Born 1824, died 1904
BAILEY, Andrew J. Spouse of Anna L. Born 1848, died 1905
BAILEY, Anna L. Armstrong. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1849, died 1918 - Dau of Laura A. Armstrong
BAILEY, George W. Spouse of Sally R. Born 1826, died 1901 - Civil War Vet, Co D 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 for three years. Discharged for disability 1-15-1863 at Baltimore MD
BAILEY, Sally R. Spouse of George W. Born 1831, died 3-24- 1883. Age: 52
BAILEY, Thomas. Born 1791, died 12-11-1862. Age: 71y 5m 14d
BAKER, Arthur J. Spouse of Lurena E. Born 1862, died 1940
BAKER, Leighton C. Spouse of Mary. Born 1913, died 1990 - WW II Vet, US Army
BAKER, Lurena E. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 1866, died 1956
BAKER, Mary Wilkins. Spouse of Leighton C. Born 1918, died 1987 - Dau of Barbara Wilkins - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt
BALDWIN, Diane Louise. Born 1955, died 1955. Age: 2m
BANNISTER, Charlotte B. Born 1914, died 12-12-1933
BANNISTER, Edward. Spouse of Helene 'Corky'. Born 5-13-1909, died 4-5-1992 Star Hose Co. - WW II Vet, WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt.
BANNISTER, Helene 'Corky'. Spouse of Edward. Born 1919
BARCHE, Carl J. Born 1926, died 1988
BARCHE, Charlotte H. Spouse of Harvey J. Born 1901, died 1967
BARCHE, Harvey J. Spouse of Charlotte H. Born 1899, died 1962
BARNARD, Daniel M. Born 1956, died 1970 - Died in an accidential shooting
BARNES, Ann B. Spouse of W.B. Born 1796, died 8-6-1841. Age: 45y 4m
BARNES, W. B. Spouse of Ann B. Born 1763, died 10-28-1841
BARRUS, Alice C. Born 1845, died 7-24-1856. Age: 11y 7m - Dau of John & Eunice Barrus
BARRUS, Catherine. Spouse of John. Born 1805, died 8-2-1841. Age: 36
BARRUS, Eunice. Spouse of John. Born 1801, died 11-2-1866. Age: 65
BARRUS, John S. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1780, died 4-1863. Age: 83
BARRUS, Mary M. Born 1897, died 1-15-1898. Age: 1y 6m
BARRUS, R.M. Born 1843, died 4-4- 1872. Age: 33
BARTLETT, Earl S. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1915
BARTLETT, Mary A. Spouse of Earl S. Born 1912, died 1964
BASSINGER, John Robert. Born 7-7-1927, died 9-5-1978 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
BASTIAN, Aristine. Spouse of George F. Born 1855, died 1938
BASTIAN, Eulelia. Spouse of Harry W. Born 1882, died 1961
BASTIAN, George F. Spouse of Aristine. Born 1853, died 1924
BASTIAN, Harry C. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1906, died 1994
BASTIAN, Harry W. Spouse of Eulelia. Born 1884, died 1958
BASTIAN, Margaret E. Spouse of Harry C. Born 1909, died 1984
BASTIAN, Robert. Born 1942, died 1987 - Son of Harry C. & Margaret E. Bastian
BATTAGLIA, Harry V. Born 1953 - Son of James H. Battaglia
BATTAGLIA, James H. Born 1929
BEACH, Alice M. Spouse of Floyd H. Born 1901, died 1981
BEACH, Amy H. Spouse of Fred B. Born 1860, died 1935
BEACH, Anna June Smith. Spouse of Roy. Born 1909
BEACH, Arthur J. Spouse of Mary. Born 1880, died 1936
BEACH, Barbara J. (White). Spouse of Kenneth R. Born 2-18-1933, died 6-2-2013 - Dau of Smith and Barbara Verna (Howatt) White, an LPN. Wed 12-9-1951 in Delevan NY, three children.
BEACH, Belinda. Spouse of James W. Born 5-19-1841, died 7-12-1901
BEACH, Benjamin C. Born 1862, died 1934 - Sarah I -Evelyn and Benjamin C. Beach all on same stone
BEACH, Bert. Spouse of Emmaline. Born 1883, died 1950
BEACH, Emmaline. Spouse of Bert. Born 1884, died 1982
BEACH, Evelyn. Born 1850, died 1934 - Sarah I- Evelyn and Benjamin C. Beach all on same stone
BEACH, Floyd H. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1898, died 1952 - WW I and WW II Vet, USNR, CMM
BEACH, Fred B. Spouse of Amy H. Born 1858, died 1934
BEACH, Hannah M. Spouse of Isaac H. Born 1-6-1835, died 2-17-1912
BEACH, Isaac H. Spouse of Hannah M. Born 2-14-1824, died 4-23-1891
BEACH, James W. Spouse of Belinda. Born 9-24-1840, died 2-14-1924
BEACH, Kenneth R. Spouse of Barbara J. White. Born 8-14-1930, died 10-3-2020 - Son of Roy and Anna (Smith) Beach. Born in Farmersville, lived and died in Delevan NY. Worked 34 years for NY Telephone in Arcade. Wed 12-9-1951 in Delevan, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Signal Corps. 1951-1953.
BEACH, Mary. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 1882, died 1946
BEACH, Nellie J. Spouse of William E. Born 1862, died 1904
BEACH, Roy. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1905, died 1986
BEACH, Sarah I. Born 1858, died 1917 - Sarah I -Evelyn and Benjamin C. Beach all on same stone
BEACH, William - Son of Thomas & Mable Beach
BEACH, William E. Spouse of Nellie J. Born 1860, died 1930
BECKLEY, Albert A. Spouse of Mary. Born 1885, died 1935
BECKLEY, Mary Ashbery. Spouse of Albert A. Born 1887, died 1987
BEDNAREK, Genevieve H. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1-22-1924
BEDNAREK, Henry W. Spouse of Genevieve H. Born 2-6-1924, died 8-18-1980
BEELES, La Gressa E. (Button). Spouse of Lee R. Born 1908, died 8-1985 - Died in San Diego & they are both buried there
BEELES, Lee R. Spouse of La Gressa E. Button. Born 1909, died 5-1987 - Died in San Diego & they are both buried there
BEELES, Marvin L. Spouse of Mary Coker. Born 3-23-1935, died 9-20-2023. Age: 88 - Son of Lee & LaGressa (Button) Beele; Born in Arcade NY, of San Diego CA & Great Valley NY, died in Salamanca NY; worked as custodian San Diego City Schools x 20y & owned small appliance store San Diego. Two children. - Cold War Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne
BEELES, Mary (Coker) "Cynthia". Spouse of Marvin L. Born 5-4 1932, died 8-5 2008. Age: 76 - Dau of Richard & Johnny (Cawthon) Coker. Born in San Diego CA.
BENSON, Earl. Spouse of Loretta M. Born 1899, died 1990
BENSON, Loretta M. Spouse of Earl. Born 1909
BERGHOLTZ, Donald Lee. Born 1973, died 1973
BIGELOW, Anne. Spouse of Clarence C. Born 1919, died 1985
BIGELOW, Clarence C. Spouse of Anne. Born 1921, died 1988
BIGELOW, Kenneth E. Born 3-10-1952, died 11-13-2009. Age: 57 - Son of Clarence C. & Catherine Anne McQuaid Bigelow - Vietnam Vet, US Army
BIGELOW, Ralph W. Born 12-15-1948, died 5-22-1970 - Son of Clarence C. & Anne Bigelow - Vietnam Vet, HHC 198 th Inf Bgde, CWO. Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, and ARCIM
BIGHAM, Barbara Ann. Born 3-17-1945, died 5-15-2001. Age: 56 - Dau of Harry S. and Rita A. (Mitchell) Bigham. Born in Olean NY
BIGHAM, Beatrice L. Born 1945, died ? - Only one date.
BIGHAM, Carolyn Irene (Tallman). Spouse of Kenneth. Born 10-12-1912, died 1993 - Dau of Clarence Tallman and Ina Kemp. Wed 3-14-1931 in Wyoming Co NY, at least two sons.
BIGHAM, Ellamae (Pingrey). Spouse of Ray E. Born 1906, died 1994 - Dau of Erving and Maude (Pixley) Pingrey. Born in Farmersville NY. Wed 10-8-1924 at Freedom NY.
BIGHAM, Ethan David. Born 10-31-2014, died 3-12-2017. Age: 2y - Son of Keith Bigham and Heather Schoepflin. Born and died in Buffalo NY, lived in Delevan NY. Died as a result of physical abuse.
BIGHAM, Harold R. Born 8-22-1936, died 1-5-2020. Age: 83 - Son of Ray E. and Ellamae (Pingrey) Bigham. Born in Machias NY, lived in Deleven NY, died in Springville NY. A dairy farmer for 50 years. Five children, mother not named.
BIGHAM, Harry Samuel. Spouse of Rita A. Mitchell. Born 6-11-1909, died 5-30-1979 - Son of Noah E. and Mabel A. (Romig) Bigham. Born in Bloomfield NE,Wed 10-28-1933
BIGHAM, Jeffrey N. Born 1968, died 1970 - Son of Harold R. Bigham
BIGHAM, Kenneth Sr. Spouse of Carolyn I. Tallman. Born 10-21-1908 - Son of Noah E. and Mabel A. (Romig) Bigham. Wed 3-14-1931 in Wyoming Co NY, at least two sons.
BIGHAM, Mabel Adelaide (Romig). Spouse of Noah E. Born 5-1882, died 4-1-1959. Age: 76 - Dau of Jeremiah and Kunganda (Hoffman) Romig. Wed 2-24-1904 in Knox Co NE, five children.
BIGHAM, Noah Edson. Spouse of #1 Mariah M. Kline, #2 Mabel A. Romig. Born 12-6-1876, died 6-21-1964. Age: 87 - Son of Samuel and Charlotte E. (Teeters) Bigham. Wed Mariah 10-6-1898 in Hocking OH, she d. 2-15-1899. Wed Mabel 2-24-1904 in Knox Co NE, five children.
BIGHAM, Ray Edison. Spouse of Ellamae Pingray. Born 1904, died 1983 - Son of Noah E. and Mabel A. (Romig) Bigham. Born in Winnton NE. Wed 10-8-1924 at Freedom NY.
BIGHAM, Rita Alice (Mitchell). Spouse of Harry S. Born 5-19-1912, died 7-14- 2001. Age: 89 - Dau of Arthur and Della (Marble) Mitchell. Born and died in Delevan NY. Wed 10-28-1933 in Sandusky NY.
BISHOP, Danforth. Spouse of Delia. Born 4-3-1859, died 3-21-1922 - Star Hose Co. Delevan NY
BISHOP, Delia. Spouse of Danforth. Born 1-7- 1860, died 10-2-1832
BISHOP, Emmet C. Born 10-17-1894, died 6-19-1909 - Son of Danforth & Delia Bishop
BISHOP, Helen M. Spouse of John D. Born 1840, died 1902
BISHOP, Ira. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1796, died 8-26-1866. Age: 70y 1m 20d
BISHOP, John D. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1832
BISHOP, Keturah. Born 1840, died 1912
BISHOP, Margaret. Spouse of Ira. Born 10-10-1798, died 4-29-1879
BISHOP, Mary. Spouse of Reuben. Born 2-21-1830, died 12-10-1902 - Parents of Ira
BISHOP, Reuben B. Born 8-28-1828, died 12-16-1895 - Parents of Reuben
BISHOP, Romelia Emaline. Born 10-5-1839, died 6-26-1854 - Dau of Ira & Margaret Bishop
BISHOP, Susan. Spouse of George W. Born 1804, died 1-2-1839. Age: 35
BISHOP. Jennie E. Born 1869, died 1909
BITTERMAN, Alfred W. Spouse of Betty J. Born 1923
BITTERMAN, Betty J. Bigham. Spouse of Alfred W. Born 1934 - Dau of Ray & Ellamae Bigham
BLACKMON, Jennie Harvey. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1909 - Married Jun. 26 1932
BLACKMON, Ralph E. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1900, died 1994
BLITON, Amy S. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1841, died 1930 - Rebekah
BLITON, Elizabeth O. Spouse of George N. Born 1882, died 1963
BLITON, Eulela. Born 1915, died 1928
BLITON, George N. Spouse of Elizabeth O. Born 1871, died 1950
BLITON, Henry W. Spouse of Amy S. Born 1840, died 1919
BLITON, Jane E. Spouse of Thomas M. Born 1839, died 1908
BLITON, Jennie E. Born 1885, died 1910
BLITON, Lloyd N. Born 1906 - Son of R.J. & Margaret L. Bliton
BLITON, Margaret L. Spouse of R.J. Born 1878, died 1948
BLITON, Marguerite. Spouse of Lloyd N. Born 1909
BLITON, Nellie E. Born 1903, died 1906 - Dau of R.J. & Margaret L. Bliton
BLITON, R.J. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 1866, died 1909
BLITON, Richard N. Born 1904, died 1969
BLITON, Stephen. Born 1866, died 7-10-1947 - Uncategorized Vet, CAS Det. 19th Inf, Pvt
BLITON, Thomas N. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1835, died 1910
BLUM, Carol L. Kimble. Spouse of Robert. Born 1-24-1950, died 8-14-2006. Age: 56 - Dau of James B. & Eula G. Gibbons Pergrin -LPN
BOLTON, Claris. Born 2-5-1933, died 2-17-1933 - Son of Claude A. & Ruth Hazel Cutting Bolton
BOLTON, Claude A. Spouse of Ruth H. Born 4-9-1879, died 6-20-1953 - Parents of Claude Jr. & Melba
BOLTON, Edna O. Spouse of George F. Born 185?, died 19??
BOLTON, Frank E. Spouse of Lena E. Born 1865, died 1943
BOLTON, George F. Spouse of Edna O. Born 1852, died 1922
BOLTON, Herbert. Born 1884, died 1884 - Son of George F. & Edna O. Bolton
BOLTON, Lena E. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1864, died 1944
BOLTON, Nellie. Born 1885, died 1886 - Dau of George F. & Edna O. Bolton
BOLTON, Ruth Hazel Cutting. Spouse of Claude A. Born 1898, died 1991
BOND, Ida N. Born 1894, died 1951
BONSTEEL, Tina. Born 1867, died 1944
BOWERS, Sally (Casler). Spouse of Joseph. Born 1795, died 1882 - Dau of Revolutionary war soldier Cpl. Conrad Casler and wife Marie Catherine (Crim) Casler. Seven known children.
BOYD, Claude A. Spouse of Consuela M. Born 1876, died 1947
BOYD, Consuela M. Spouse of Claude A. Born 1879, died 1958
BOYD, Elmer C. Spouse of Onetta. Born 1904 - Parents of Twins, Larry & Wynn, and Kent
BOYD, Kent R. Born 10-18-1944, died 1-24-1991 - Son of Elmer & Onetta Boyd - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, AZ3
BOYD, Onetta. Spouse of #1 Wilbur ?, #2 Elmer Boyd. Born 3-31-1911 1-8-2004 - Mother of Mona Wilbur
BRAND, Emma S. Spouse of Eric V. Born 1851, died 1935
BRAND, Eric V. S. Spouse of Emma S. Born 1848, died 1932
BRAYMILLER, Allen H. Born 1904, died 1930 - Son of Frank A. & Jessie E. Braymiller
BRAYMILLER, Eugene R. Born 1927, died 1927
BRAYMILLER, Frank A. Spouse of Jessie E. Born 1878, died 1923
BRAYMILLER, Jessie E. Spouse of Frank A. Born 1885, died 1948
BRAYMILLER, John L. Spouse of Violet L. Born 1914, died 1984
BRAYMILLER, Leo A. Spouse of Theresa. Born 3-14- 1917, died 9-26-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
BRAYMILLER, Martha H. Spouse of Roy E. Born 1898, died 1951
BRAYMILLER, Roy E. Spouse of Martha H. Born 1895, died 1971
BRAYMILLER, Theresa Montgomery. Spouse of Leo A. Born 3-1928, died 1984
BRAYMILLER, Violet L. Spouse of John L. Born 1916
BREWER, Gwendolyn () Emery. Spouse of #1 Miles W. Emery, #2 Walter Brewer. Born 1910, died 1992 - Mother of Harry Jay Emery. Miles d. 1981, one son. Walter d. 1970.
BREWER, Walter L. Spouse of Gwendolyn. Born 1900, died 1970
BRIGGS, Adah M. King. Spouse of Joseph L. Born 1895, died 1973
BRIGGS, Frances D. Spouse of Joseph L. Born 1880, died 1949
BRIGGS, Joseph L. [Jay]. Spouse of #1 Frances D., #2 Adah M. King. Born 1896, died 1958
BROOKS, George Lowell. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1897, died 1961
BROOKS, Gladys. Spouse of George Lowell. Born 1901, died 1980
BROWN, Bessie Agnes. Born 7-1905, died 10-1905. Age: 3m
BROWN, C.M. Born 1857, died 1896
BROWN, Katie C. Born 1885, died 1975
BROWNELL, Alfred. Spouse of Malissa. Born 1844, died 1919
BROWNELL, Alice F. Spouse of Clarence A. Born 1877, died 1956
Brownell, Clarence A. Spouse of Alice F. Born 1876, died 1956
BROWNELL, Ethel. Born 1893, died 1921
BROWNELL, Hattie M. Spouse of Leverett B. Born 1842, died 1935
BROWNELL, Leverett B. Spouse of Hattie M. Born 1838, died 1906
BROWNELL, Malissa. Spouse of Alfred. Born 1850, died 1930
BROWNELL, Robert. Born 1867, died 1893
BROWNELL,Ethel Howe. Born 1893, died 1921
BRUSH, J.J. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 8-14- 1836, died 7-23-1914
BRUSH, Jennie M. Gerber. Spouse of J.J. Born 11-23-1858, died 12-14-1882
BRUSH, Lena A. Born 3-15- 1875, died 8-24-1882 - Dau of J.J. & Jennie M. Gerber Brush
BSIHOP, George W. Spouse of Susan. Born 1803, died 1888. Age: 85
BUCHANAN, Edwin. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1807, died 1841
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1813, died 1893 - Born in Litchfield, CT
BULL, Abel T. Spouse of Lenora A. Born 1839, died 1903 - Died at Caro MI Son of Carpenter and Mariah Bump Bull
BULL, Altie M., died 1883 - Dau of William & Annie A. Bull Small stone prob. an Infant Illegible
BULL, Anna M. Marble. Spouse of Elmer E. Born 1873, died 1936
BULL, Annie A. Spouse of William G. Born 1865, died 1943 - daughter of Anson and Annie Chapman Shelley
BULL, Carpenter. Spouse of Mariah Bump. Born 1805, died 10-23-1870. Age: 65y 11m - Abel, Ezra, and Wyman are sons of Carpenter and Mariah Bump Bull.
BULL, Diantha. Spouse of Ezra. Born 1842, died 1911
BULL, Elmer E. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1869, died 1940 - Son of Ezra and Diantha Haines Bull Odd Fellows Lodge
BULL, Ezra. Spouse of Diantha. Born 1829, died 1896 - Son of Carpenter and Mariah Bump Bull Official GAR Emblem - Civil War Vet, Co A 188th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 for one year. Mustered out with detachment 6-3-1865 at Harwood Hospital Washington DC.
BULL, Helen A. Spouse of C.C. Born 1842, died 1-30-1867. Age: 25y 26d
BULL, Lenora A. Spouse of Abel T. Born 1848
BULL, Lydia A. Spouse of Wyman. Born 8-14-1834, died 7-29-1896 - daughter of Justus and Polly Taylor
BULL, Mariah. Spouse of Carpenter. Born 1808, died 12-13- 1881. Age: 73
BULL, Milton N. Born 1873, died 8-19-1873. Age: 4m 15d - Son of Wyman & Lydia A. Bull
BULL, William G. Spouse of Annie A. Born 1861, died 1940 - Son of Wyman & Lydia A. Bull
BULL, Wyman. Spouse of Lydia A. Born 3-14-1835, died 9-11-1896 - Son of Carpenter and Mariah Bump Bull
BUMP, Capt. Edward. Spouse of Jerusha, died 6-26-1837
BUMP, Claud I. Spouse of Helen Y. Born 1914, died 1952
BUMP, Helen Y. Spouse of Claud I. Born 1920
BUMP, Jerusha Wheat. Spouse of Capt. Edward. Born 1743, died 2-3-1834. Age: 91y 8m 14d
BURDICK, Milton P. Born 1834, died 1919 - Civil War Vet, Co D 154th Inf NYS Vols, Wagoner. Enlisted in 1862 for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD
BURDICK, Nancy. Spouse of J. Born 1798, died 1876. Age: 78
BURNS, Charles
BURNS, Edward. Born 1845, died 1908
BURNS, George W. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1872, died 4-5-1933. Age: 61
BURNS, Ida M. Spouse of George W. Born 1873, died 9-11-1897. Age: 24
BURNS, John. Born 1801, died 8-17-1880. Age: 80y 1m 23d
BURNS, Laura Stacy. Spouse of William. Born 1845, died 11-30-1925. Age: 80
BURNS, William. Spouse of Laura Stacy. Born 1841, died 9-11-1896. Age: 55 - Civil War Vet, Co F 188th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 9-16-1864 for one year. Discharged for disability 2-19-1865 at Emory Hospital Washington DC.
BURROUGHS, F.E. Spouse of Hattie M.
BURROUGHS, Hattie M. Spouse of F.E. Born 1864, died 6-19-1895. Age: 31y 7m 20d
BURT, Cora Mae. Spouse of Zenas C. Born 1886, died 1941
BURT, Grace Elizabeth. Spouse of John W. Born 1928, died 1992
BURT, John W. Spouse of Grace Elizabeth. Born 5-13-1923, died 3-14-1973 - WW II Vet, USMC
BURT, Margaret. Born 1889, died 1977
BURT, Zenas C. Spouse of Cora Mae. Born 1876, died 1965
BURTON, J. Robert. Spouse of Sarah J. b. Born 1896, died 1976
BURTON, Sarah J. Spouse of J. Robert. Born 1889, died 1976
BUTLER, Cecil J. Spouse of Ruth H. Born 1894, died 1943
BUTLER, Grace L. Spouse of Martin. Born 1872, died 1894
BUTLER, Ruth H. Bastian(?). Spouse of Cecil J. Born 1886, died 1919
BUTTON, Donald T. Spouse of Erma R. Higgins. Born 1915, died 1958 Erma wed 2nd Forest Pagels, this cemetery.
BUTTON, Dora E. Spouse of Lyle E. Born 1930, died 1983
BUTTON, Edna M. Spouse of J. Brewer. Born 1886, died 1932
BUTTON, Erma B. Higgins. Spouse of Donald T. Born 1915, died 1958 - Eastern Star
BUTTON, J. Brewer. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1879, died 1934
BUTTON, Lyle E. Born 5-30-1949, died 7-9-1974 - Son of Lyle E. & Dora E. Button
BUTTON, Lyle Edward. Spouse of of Dora E. Born 7-22-1923, died 9-26-1967 - WW II Vet, USNR, SF2
BYROADS, Agnes Cook. Spouse of Edward C. Born 8-6-1910 - Married Feb. 26 1931
BYROADS, Edward C. Spouse of Agnes. Born 6-16-1905, died 7-15-1983
CAGWIN, Annette L. (Howell) [Nettie]. Spouse of Rev. Cecil C. Born 6-9-1896, died 5-28-1954 - Dau of Milford & Eva Everts Howell
CAGWIN, Bernard A. L. Spouse of Kit. Born 5-20-1889, died 10-21-1975 - Son of Charles & Persis Cornwell Cagwin
CAGWIN, Cecil C. Rev. Spouse of #1 Annette L. Howell, #2 Eva Campbell. Born 6-28-1894, died 11-1-1971 - Son of Charles & Persis Cornwell Cagwin
CAGWIN, Charles Henry. Spouse of Helen C. Green. Born 8-13-1833, died 5-25-1864 - Son of Harvey & Mehitable Joslyn Cagwin
CAGWIN, Charles Jay Jr. Spouse of Ethel G. Whitney. Born 7-7-1891, died 3-7-1975 - Son of Charles & Persis Cornwell Cagwin
CAGWIN, Charles Jay Sr. Spouse of Persis Eugenia. Born 2-28-1855, died 3-13-1930 - Son of Charles Henry & Helen Clarissa (Green) Cagwin
CAGWIN, Clara Beach. Spouse of George. Born 1862, died 1932
CAGWIN, Ella Maxine (Sweet). Spouse of Lyle W. Born 4-17-1935, died 1-20-2007 - Wed 10-19-1951
CAGWIN, Ethel Grace (Whitney). Spouse of Charles Jay Jr. Born 8-1-1889, died 3-31-1934 - Dau of Eugene & Susan Hammond Whitney
CAGWIN, George D. Spouse of Clara. Born 5-10-1855, died 9-9-1914 - Nephew of James Harvey Cagwin
CAGWIN, Helen Clarissa (Green). Spouse of Charles Henry. Born 7-8-1842, died 2-10-1893 - Dau of Hiram & Eliza Hyde Green
CAGWIN, James Harvey. Spouse of Lovisa M. Green. Born 10-29-1820, died 1885 - Son of James & Ann Gardnier Cagwin
CAGWIN, Kit. Spouse of Bernard A.L. Born 3-21-1887, died 1953
CAGWIN, Lawrence. Born 10-23- 1911, died 1-15-1977 - Son of Bernard & Kit Higgins Cagwin - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
CAGWIN, Lovisa M. (Green). Spouse of James H. Born 1824 - Dau of Hiram & Eliza Hyde Green
CAGWIN, Lyle W. Spouse of Maxine Sweet. Born 7-10-1922, died 10-05-2015. Age: 93y - Son of C. J. & Ethel Grace (Whitney) Cagwin, b. Delevan NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 10-19-1951 (she d. 1-20-2007) - WW II Vet, US Army POW Purple Heart
CAGWIN, Margaret M. (Hanna). Spouse of William J. Born 1911, died 1988
CAGWIN, Persis Eugenia (Cornwell). Spouse of Charles Jay Sr. Born 11-18-1859, died 12-19-1922 - Dau of Rev. R. & Harriet Studley Cornwell
CAGWIN, William J. Spouse of Margaret M. Hanna. Born 6-15-1913, died 1968 - Son of Bernard & Kit Higgins Cagwin
CALLAHAN, Aletha Boyd. Born 1911, died 1981 - Dau of Claude A. & Consuela M. Boyd
CANER, Arthur L. Spouse of Cora B. Born 1862, died 1934
CANER, Cora B. Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1869, died 1931
CANER, Frank A. Spouse of Olive E. Born 1886, died 1954
CANER, Gordon M. Spouse of Leah B. Born 1913, died 1976 - Masonic Lodge
CANER, Kathryn W. Spouse of Wilfred R. Born 1916, died 1988
CANER, Leah B. Spouse of Gordon M. Born 1913 - Eastern Star
CANER, Leon C. Born 1897, died 1970 - Son of Arthur L. & Cora B. Caner
CANER, Olive E. Spouse of Frank A. b. Born 1890, died 1938
CANER, Wilfred R. Spouse of Kathryn W. Born 1914, died 1964 - Arcade Fire Co.
CANFIELD, Cornelius S. Spouse of Hattie D. Born 1858, died 1923
CANFIELD, Hattie D. Spouse of Cornelius S. Born 1859, died 1936
CANFIELD, Mernie E. Spouse of Ray S. Born 1887, died 1963
CANFIELD, Ray S. Spouse of Mernie E. Born 1892, died 1970
CANFIELD, Sumner R. Born 1884, died 1977
CARPENTER, Joseph C. Spouse of Mary B. Born 1865, died 1930
CARPENTER, Mary B. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 1872, died 1950
CASSICK, Gladys R. Spouse of Henry G. Born 1919
CASSICK, Henry G. Spouse of Gladys R. Born 1918, died 1993
CHADDOCK, Leanne F. Benzel. Spouse of Robert G. Sr. Born 1941
CHADDOCK, Robert G. Sr. Spouse of Leanne F. Born 3-6-1934, died 2-18- 1980 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
CHAPMAN, Clara. Spouse of Ellsworth G. Born 1899, died 1989
CHAPMAN, Ellsworth G. Spouse of Clara. Born 1893, died 1968
CHAPMAN, Elsie. Spouse of Ronald M. Born 1953
CHAPMAN, Ronald M. Spouse of Elsie A. Born 1945, died 1985 - Fireman
CHASE, Emory. Spouse of Alvira. Born 1851, died 11-10-1878. Age: 27y 5m 1d - Odd Fellow
CHASE, Margaret A. Born 1892, died 1961
CHEESEMAN, Arthur S. Spouse of Deborah A. Born 1864, died 1919
CHEESEMAN, Charlotte. Spouse of Morris. Born 1836, died 1910
CHEESEMAN, Deborah A. Spouse of Arthur S. Born 1866, died 1911 - Rebekah Dau of John G & Mary E. Holland
CHEESEMAN, Georgia M. Spouse of Wallace H. Born 1874, died 1931
CHEESEMAN, Ira E. Born 12-8-1858, died 1878
CHEESEMAN, James F. Born 1862, died 1863. Age: 1y 1m 1d - Son of Morris & Charlotte Cheeseman
CHEESEMAN, Morris. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 10-10-1833, died 8-11-1895
CHEESEMAN, Son. Born 1884, died 11-20-1886. Age: 1y 11m 28d - Son of Arthur S. & Deborah H. Cheeseman
CHEESEMAN, Wallace H. Spouse of Georgia M. Born 1871, died 1955
CHEESEMAN, Walter M. Born 1866, died 6-20-1866. Age: 6m 2d - Son of Morris & Charlotte Cheeseman
CHENEY, Bertha J. Spouse of Harrie F. Born 1869, died 1945
CHENEY, Charles S. Born 9-9-1856, died 11-20-1861 - Son of John & Sarah Cheney
CHENEY, Clark Abiel. Spouse of Jennett A. Born 1842, died 1919 - Son of John and Sarah Ann Cheney. wed Aug 18 1863
CHENEY, Daniel. Born 1772, died 1837. Age: 65y 7m - Slate stone top is missing
CHENEY, Dorothy B. Born 1922, died 1923
CHENEY, Francis John. Spouse of Lydia Henrietta. Born 6-5-1848, died 3-9-1912 - Son of John and Sarah Ann Cheney Born in Warren PA
CHENEY, Fred M. Born 1876, died 1928 - Odd Fellows Lodge
CHENEY, Genevieve Henrietta. Born 5-9- 1885, died 3-30-1973
CHENEY, Harold M. Spouse of Ina M. Born 1914 - WW II Vet
CHENEY, Harrie F. Spouse of Bertha J. Born 1867, died 1954
CHENEY, Howard F. Born 1914, died 1915
CHENEY, Ina M. Spouse of Harold M. Born 1920, died 1995
CHENEY, Jenett A. Spouse of Clark Abiel. Born 4-17-1842, died 2-10-1913 - Dau of Dr William & Laura Davis Langmade
CHENEY, John. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 6-22-1813, died 8-20-1881 - Son of Daniel W.
CHENEY, Louise Strong. Spouse of Walter W. Born 1846, died 1912 - Rebekah
CHENEY, Lucy M. Born 1889, died 1966
CHENEY, Lydia Henrietta. Spouse of Francis John. Born 3-25-1851, died 3-21- 1896 - Dau of Buel G. Smith Born in Delevan NY & died Courtland NY
CHENEY, Marion V. Born 1914, died 1915
CHENEY, Mildred M. Born 1890, died 1918
CHENEY, Richard L. Born 1917, died 1917
CHENEY, Sarah Ann (Hodges). Spouse of John. Born 1826, died 1900
CHENEY, Walter W. Spouse of Louise. Born 1844, died 1912 - Son of John and Sarah Ann Cheney
CHENEY, Walter W. Jr. Born 1888, died 1889 - Son of Walter W. & Louise Strong Cheney
CHITTENDEN, Daniel Schuyler. Born 1850, died 5-1-1861. Age: 11 - Son of Hiram & Emeline Chittenden
CHITTENDEN, Emeline. Born 1840, died 5-19-1848. Age: 8y 3m - Dau of Hiram & Emeline Chittenden
CHITTENDEN, Emeline. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1809, died 6-4-1875. Age: 66y 10m
CHITTENDEN, Hiram. Spouse of Emeline. Born 3-3-1809, died 9-2-1898. Age: 89y 5m 29d - Born in Herkimer Co. NY
CHITTENDEN, Manley. Born 1887, died 1954
CHURCH, Ina M. Born 9-14-1892, died 7-5-1972
CHURCHILL, DeWard S. Spouse of Lelia M. Born 1860, died 1934 - Mason
CHURCHILL, Lelia M. Spouse of DeWard S. Born 1866, died 1955 - Eastern Star
CHURCHILL, Stephen. Born 4-30-1818, died 8-5-1894 - Family stone- Wheelock Churchill
CLARK, Dennis B. Spouse of Nancy L. (Chapman) Donovan. Born 4-9-1950, died 8-7-2020 - Son of Donald Sr. and Nell (Salisbury) Clark. Born in Warren PA, lived in Arcade NY, died in Machias NY. Wed in 2009, no children named. - Cold War Vet, US Navy.
CLARK, Nancy L. (Chapman) Donovan. Spouse of #1 Joseph Donovan Sr. #2 Dennis B. Clark. Born 1-17-1943, died 2-3-2019. Age: 76 - Dau of Walter J. and Alice A (Feduski) Chapman. Born in Arcade NY, died in Fillmore NY. One daughter with James. Wed in Dennis in 2009, no children named. - Cold War Vet, US Navy.
CLEMONS, L.W. Spouse of Luna
CLEMONS, Luna. Spouse of L.W. Born 2-7- 1876, died 11-21-1898 - Rebekah
CLEVELAND, Hannah. Spouse of Norman. Born 5-20-1825, died 7-25-1891
CLOSE, Betty J. Spouse of Robert F. Born 1934, died 1973
CLOSE, Jennifer Lee. Born 6-12-1978, died 7-30-1978
CLOSE, Robert F. Spouse of Betty J. Born 1929
COBB, Edwin M. or W. Spouse of Emma A. Born 1847, died 5-16-1880. Age: 33y 5m
COBB, Elbert E. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1850, died 1923 - Spanish-American War Vet, 1898-1900 Cuba, Puerto Rico & Philippine Islands
COBB, Elliot A. Born 1845, died 9-29-1882. Age: 47
COBB, Elma E. Spouse of Elmer A. Born 1905
COBB, Elmer A. Spouse of Elma E. Born 1886, died 1966
COBB, Emma A. Pingrey. Spouse of Edwin M.or W. Born 1848, died 1930 - Rebekah
COBB, Josephine. Spouse of Elbert E. Born 1858, died 1941
COBB, Murray A. Born 1878, died 1918 - Son of Elbert E. & Josephine Cobb
COBB?, Antinette - Name on Thornton/Cobb Stone
COLE, Betty J. Born 1922 - Dau of Milton J. & Blanche Bush Cole
COLE, Blanche Bush. Spouse of Milton J. Born 1889, died 1957 Mother of Barbara and Betty Cole.
COLE, Cora M. Chase. Spouse of Milton J. Born 1878, died 1902
COLE, Dorothy. Born 1900, died 1902 - Dau of Milton J. & Cora M. Chase Cole
COLE, Martin. Spouse of Mary. Born 1884, died 1908
COLE, Mary. Spouse of Martin. Born 1836, died 1909
COLE, Milton J. Spouse of #1 Cora M. Chase, #2 Blanche Bush. Born 1862, died 1949
COLE, Octavia. Spouse of Truman. Born 1811, died 2-7-1892. Age: 81 - Parents of Milton
COLE, Richard M. Born 1913 - Son of Milton J. & Blanch Bush Cole
COLE, Truman. Spouse of Octavia. Born 1811, died 1-2-1883. Age: 82
CONNORS, Evelyn Myers. Born 1905, died 1983
COOK, A.H. Spouse of Polly. Born 1815, died 1901 - Civil War Vet, Co K 105th Inf & Co K 94th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted in the 105th 1862 for three years. Transferred to 94th 3-10-1863. Discharged 3-26-1865
COOK, Bonita. Born 1919, died 1919
COOK, Felicia. Born 18??, died 5-11-18??. Age: 10m
COOK, Polly. Spouse of A.H. Born 7-29-1816, died 9-20-1895
COON, Peter. Born 1836, died 1900
CORNWALL, Lavinus A. Spouse of Lola Ruth. Born 1890, died 1969
CORNWALL, Lola Ruth. Spouse of Lavinus A. Born 1889, died 1953
CORSBY, Roy H. Born 4-17-1896, died 12-10-1957 - WW I Vet, NY Btry A 334th Field Arty, Pvt
COUNTRYMAN, Bert M. Spouse of Blanche F. Born 1899, died 1978
COUNTRYMAN, Beverly M. Griffin. Spouse of Ivan B. Born 1926 - Dau of Anna Griffin Parents of William & Penny
COUNTRYMAN, Blanche E. Spouse of Bert M. Born 1894, died 1987
COUNTRYMAN, Ivan B. Spouse of Beverly M. Born 1922, died 1992
COVEY, Martha. Born 1791, died 5-19-1880. Age: 89y 4m
COWAN, John. Spouse of Matilda. Born 2-18-1816, died 11-1-1898
COWEN, Matilda. Spouse of John. Born 1806, died 7-8-1850. Age: 44y 6m 14d
CRAMER, Gladys I. Spouse of William G. Born 1922, died 1979
CRAMER, Joyce C. (Weaver). Spouse of William. Born 10-6-1934, died 10-2-2021 - Dau of George and Luella (Cummings) Weaver. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, died in Wellsville NY. Four children, sons surnamed Goodhand. Wed William 1981 in Arcade NY.
CRAMER, Robert W. Born 11-7-1916, died 5-26-1983 - WW II Vet, US Navy, PHM1
CRAMER, William G. Spouse of #1 Gladys I., #2 Joyce C. Weaver. Born 1-24-1924, died 7-19-2001. Age: 77 - Born in Buffalo NY, died in Rio Hondo TX.
CRANDALL, Charlie. Born 1874, died 1875
CRANDALL, Elveretta S. Spouse of Harvey R. Born 1867, died 1931
CRANDALL, Eva M. Spouse of Mortimer J. Born 1852, died 1904
CRANDALL, Evelyn E. Born 1928, died 1928
CRANDALL, Harvey R. Spouse of Elveretta S. Born 1866, died 1928
CRANDALL, Mary A. Spouse of Oscar M. Born 1840, died 1921 - Rebekah
CRANDALL, May C. Spouse of Willie G. Born 1873, died 1950
CRANDALL, Millard J. Spouse of Sarah D. Born 7-24-1894, died 2-18-1982
CRANDALL, Mortimer J. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1846, died 1911
CRANDALL, Oscar M. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1838, died 1917
CRANDALL, Sarah D. Spouse of Millard J. Born 10-4- 1892, died 1-14-1985
CRANDALL, Sarah Dagget. Born 1861, died 1885 - Dau of Nelson & Palmyra Daggett
CRANDALL, Willie G. Spouse of May C. Born 1871, died 1952
CRANE, Ellen Lois. Spouse of Robert W. Born 1921, died 1993
CRAWFORD, George C. Spouse of Faith D. Born 7-11-1914, died 6-1-2003 - Son of Ralph & Sarah Shepard Crawford. School Superintendent - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Lt Col
CROBBY, Lester O. Born 1900, died 1974
CROSBY, Horatio. Born 1812, died 3-27-1868. Age: 56y 22d
CROSBY, May E. Spouse of Willard H. Born 1865, died 1925
CROSBY, Willard H. Spouse of May E. Born 1865, died 1926
CROUCH, Owen D. Born 1865, died 1929 - Odd Fellows Lodge
CUDWORTH, Dora (Redner). Spouse of George Baker. Born 1862, died 1932
CUDWORTH, Ellen Cora (Strong). Spouse of Harry Redner. Born 1892, died 1975 - Dau of Perry DeWitt and Marilla Arzina (Pomeroy) Strong. Four children. Rebekah
CUDWORTH, George B. Spouse of Dora. Born 1855, died 1925
CUDWORTH, Harry R. Spouse of Ellen C. Born 1895, died 1963 - Fireman Mayor of Delevan, NY
CUDWORTH, Hazel Xenia (Oyer). Spouse of #1 Newton Richardson, #2 Nelson J. Cudworth, Sr. Born 2-12-1892, died 2-12-1975 - Dau of Eugene and Leonora Oyer. Two children with Newton. One son with Nelson.
CUDWORTH, Nelson James, Sr. Spouse of Hazel (Oyer) Richardson. Born 9-1-1882, died 9-22-1940 - Son of George B. & Dora Redner Cudworth. One son. Unknown flag holder
CUDWORTH, Rolland C. Born 1888, died 1910 - Son of George B. & Dora Redner Cudworth
CUNNINGHAM, Kenneth. Born 1942, died 1995
CURRIER, Carole L. Spouse of Nicholas A. Born 1937 - Married Sep. 05 1981
CURRIER, Nicholas A. Spouse of Carole L. Born 1940, died 1989
CUTTING, Frank. Born 1867, died 1928
CUTTING, Martha M. Born 6-8- 1870, died 2-15-1953
CZORA, Donald. Spouse of Virginia. Born 1933
CZORA, Neil. Born 1957, died 1981
CZORA, Neil Robert. Born 8-1- 1951, died 12-12-1981 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
CZORA, Virginia. Spouse of Donald. Born 1933
DAGGETT, Agnes K. Knight. Spouse of Ralph J. Born 1883, died 1944 - Parents of Althea Pauline Daggett
DAGGETT, Albert. Born 1879, died 1880 - Son of Ernest Adello & Alberzina 'Abbie' E. Olthoff Daggett
DAGGETT, Alberzina 'Abbie' E. Olthoff. Spouse of Ernest T. Adello. Born 1854, died 1919
DAGGETT, Althea Pauline. Born 1916, died 1946 - Dau of Ralph J. & Agnes K. Knight Daggett
DAGGETT, Benjamin Franklin. Spouse of Melissa A. Born 8-1832, died 2-27-1907 - Son of Capt. Danforth & Sarah Snoe Daggett
DAGGETT, Charlotte Ashcraft. Born 5-11-1920 - Dau of Claude R. & Georgia T. Ashcraft
DAGGETT, Christina Belle 'Tina' Duncan. Spouse of William E. Born 1867, died 1929
DAGGETT, Clair Spouse of Kathryn. Born 1894, died 1947 - Son of Ernest Adello & Alberzina 'Abbie' E. Olthoff Daggett
DAGGETT, Claude Ray. Spouse of Georgia T. Born 1892, died 1-1962 - Son of William E. & Tina Duncan Daggett
DAGGETT, Danforth. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1800, died 8-24-1889. Age: 89y 8m 14d - Son of Ebenezer & Phebe Daggett
DAGGETT, Ebenezer. Spouse of Phebe. Born 1775, died 2-3- 1858. Age: 83 - Parents of Danforth Daggett
DAGGETT, Erastus. Spouse of Augustus E. Cleveland. Born 1848, died 1916 - Son of Holdridge & Isabel H. Daggett
DAGGETT, Ernest T. Adello. Spouse of Alberzina 'Abbie' E. Born 1853, died 1937 - Son of Holdridge & Isabel H. Daggett
DAGGETT, Georgia T. Ashcraft. Spouse of Claude Ray. Born 1895, died 1-1993 - Dau of Clarence & Zelna Hadley Ashcraft
DAGGETT, Jennie May. Born 1907, died 1908 - Dau of William E. & Christina Duncan Daggett
DAGGETT, Katherine R. Morris. Spouse of Lawrence R. Born 1910, died 1990 - Dau of William & Mary E. Morris
DAGGETT, Kathryn Vedder. Spouse of Clair. Born 1891, died 1976
DAGGETT, Lawrence R. Spouse of Katherine R. Born 1910, died 1963 - Son of Ralph J. & Agnes Knight Daggett
DAGGETT, Margaret. Born 1870, died 4-11-1871. Age: 6m 12d
DAGGETT, Melissa A. (Langmade). Spouse of Benjamin Franklin. Born 3-18-1838, died 9-18-1890. Age: 52y 4m
DAGGETT, Nelson. Spouse of Palmyra. Born 1825, died 1898
DAGGETT, Palmyra Bishop. Spouse of Nelson. Born 1827, died 1899
DAGGETT, Phebe. Spouse of Ebenezer, died 6-30-1849
DAGGETT, Ralph J. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1884, died 1949
DAGGETT, Sarah (Snow). Spouse of Danforth. Born 1799, died 4-10-1871. Age: 72y 10m
DAGGETT, William E. Spouse of Christina Belle 'Tina'. Born 1865, died 1942 - Son of B. Franklin & A. Melissa Langmade Daggett
DAGGETT, Willis. Born 1861, died 5-11-1861 - Son of B. Franklin & A. Melissa Langmade Daggett
DARTE, Claire L. Born 1876, died 1914
DARTE, Freeman. Born abt 1804
DARTE, Tupper - Also on stone Darte- Ursola -William & Tupper
DARTE, Ursola - Also on stone Darte- Ursola -William & Tupper
DARTE, William - Also on stone Darte- Ursola -William & Tupper
DAVIDSON, Alexander. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1840, died 1918
DAVIDSON, Frances E. Spouse of Alexander. Born 1848, died 1902
DAVIES, Benjamin J. Spouse of Iva. Born 1877, died 1960
DAVIES, Iva Francis. Spouse of Benjamin J. Born 1885, died 1940
DAVIS, Alton B. Spouse of Beulah B. Born 1904, died 1974
DAVIS, Beulah B. Spouse of Alton B. Born 1901, died 1969
DAVIS, Clarence C. Spouse of Lottie S. Born 1885, died 1960
DAVIS, Flora. Born 1853, died 1879 - Dau of Isaac E. & Nancy R. Davis
DAVIS, Isaac E. Spouse of Nancy R. Born 1829, died 1919
DAVIS, Lawrence R. Born 1909, died 1919
DAVIS, Lilis May. Born 1865, died 1893
DAVIS, Lottie S. Spouse of Clarence C. Born 1883, died 1976
DAVIS, Nancy R. Spouse of Isaac E. Born 1831, died 1910
DAWSON, Baby Boy. Born 1980, died 4-24-1980
DAWSON, Baby Girl. Born 9-26-1983
DAY, Clark D. Spouse of Elva or Eva R. Born 1852, died 1912
DAY, Elva or Eva R. Spouse of Clark D. Born 1854, died 1918
DAY, Emmons W. Born 1897, died 1912
DAY, Minnie B. Born 1892, died 1902
DEAN, Chauncey P. Spouse of Rhoda M. Born 1831, died 1906
DEAN, Rhoda M. Spouse of Chauncey P. Born 1837, died 1932
DECKER, Helen M. 'Sue'. Spouse of Leo P. Born 3-16-1922, died 9-16- 1993
DECKER, Leo P. Spouse of Helen M. 'Sue'. Born 12-17-1915, died 12-30- 1988
DEDRICK, Arthur. Spouse of Jessie. Born 1915, died 1980
DEDRICK, David L. Born 1952, died 1991 - Son of Laurence Dedrick
DEDRICK, Dwight A. Born 8-15-1945, died 1-31-1968 - Son of Ward & Emily L. Woodard Dedrick - Vietnam KIA
DEDRICK, Edith M.S. Spouse of George H. Born 1885, died 1957
DEDRICK, Emily L. Woodard. Spouse of Ward. Born 1914, died 1956 One source gives maiden name as Schwartz.
DEDRICK, George W. Spouse of Edith M.S. Born 1870, died 1944
DEDRICK, Jessie. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1915, died 1991
DEDRICK, Laurence A. Spouse of Betty. Born 1912
DEDRICK, Michael. Born 1969, died 1969 - Son of Duane & Joyce Dedrick. Persons & Son marker
DEDRICK, Ward. Spouse of #1 Emily L Woodard, #2 Cora Hitchcock. Born 1909, died 1984
DELANEY, Frances C. Spouse of William C. Born 1-28-1927, died 2-1-2007 - Dau of Bartholomew & Katherine Pozdiora Czesak
DELANEY, William C. Spouse of Frances C. Born 1924, died 1988 - Wed 1945
DEMMON, Enos A. Spouse of Minnie M. Born 1869, died 1949
DEMMON, Helen L. Spouse of Malcolm H. Born 1905
DEMMON, Howard G. Born 1903, died 1906
DEMMON, Malcolm H. Spouse of Helen L. Born 1901, died 1980
DEMMON, Minnie H. Spouse of Enos H. Born 1871, died 1944
DEMMON, Robert J. Born 1931, died 1951 - Marble lot marker #58
DeWITT, Benjamin C. Spouse of Julia. Born 1825, died 1890
DeWITT, Fred L. Born 1869, died 1888 - Son of Benjamin C. & Julia Land DeWitt
DeWITT, Julia Land. Spouse of Benjamin C. Born 1835, died 1887
DeWITT, Louise P. Spouse of Merlin F. Born 1896, died 1982
DeWITT, Merlin F. Spouse of Louise P. Born 1896, died 1972
DEYO(E), George. Spouse of Julia C. Born 1852, died 1907
DEYO(E), Julia C. Fisher. Spouse of George. Born 2-11-1857, died 1938 - Dau of S. Warren & Olive M. Fisher
DEYOE, Hazel M. Fisher. Spouse of Leon. Born 1-6-1885, died 4-30-1965
DEYOE, Leon. Spouse of Hazel M. Born 12-11-1887, died 9-29-1965
DOMBROWSKI, Agnes. Born 1887, died 1961
DONATELLI, Amelia M. Born 1894, died 1910
DONATELLI, Joseph J. Born 1866, died 1950
DONATELLI, Sarah G. Born 1869, died 1941
DONOHUE, John H. Spouse of Margaret C. Born 1913, died 1974 - Parents of Jean Donohue Killian
DONOHUE, Margaret Cudworth. Spouse of John H. Born 7-21-1915, died 8-8-2005. Age: 90 - Dau of Harry R. & Ellen strong Cudworth m. Mar.7 1942
DORGAN, Jane Elizabeth. Born 8-26- 1979, died 6-18-1980
DORGAN, Mark Richard. Born 7-20-1949, died 5-13-1983 - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Cpl
DORNAN, Mildred E. Born 1897, died 1979
DOW, Dorcus. Spouse of Dewey. Born 1825, died 1902
DOW, Lorenzo. Born 1847, died 7-1- 1848 - Son of Dewey & Dorena Dow?
DRAPER, Laura. Spouse of Sanford. Born 1812, died 9-1- 1872. Age: 60
DRAPER, Susan Marie. Born 1856, died 3-25-1863 - Dau of Sanford & Laura Draper
DUFFY, Samuel C.or G. Born 1825, died 4-30-1876
DUNCAN, (?)George. Born 1891, died 1913
DUNCAN, Addie E. Spouse of Joseph D. Born 1867, died 1934
DUNCAN, Ann S. Spouse of Joseph H. Born 1835, died 1918
DUNCAN, Arlene B. Born 1921
DUNCAN, Audley E. Spouse of Gladys E. Born 1907, died 1961
DUNCAN, Beverly (Dickey). Spouse of Richard A. Born 4-25-1933, died 6-23-2021 - Dau of Floyd and Mabel (Evans) Dickey. Born in Warsaw NY lived and died in Machias NY. With husband, owner/operator of Duncan's Restaurant. Wed 10-21-1952 in Yorkshire NY, one son.
DUNCAN, Dalton J. Spouse of Lucille E. Born 1903, died 1972
DUNCAN, Dorothy B. Born 1922, died 1923
DUNCAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Floyd J. Born 1891, died 1964
DUNCAN, Floyd J. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1890, died 1932
DUNCAN, Fred M. Spouse of Lucy M. Born 1876, died 1928
DUNCAN, Gladys E. Quackenbush. Spouse of Audley E. Born 1910, died 1982
DUNCAN, Grace E. Spouse of William E. Born 1880, died 1930
DUNCAN, Howard F. Born 1914, died 1915
DUNCAN, Joseph D. Spouse of Addie E. Born 1863, died 1914
DUNCAN, Joseph H. Spouse of Ann S. Born 1834, died 1916
DUNCAN, Lucille E. Wells. Spouse of Dalton J. Born 1905, died 1972
DUNCAN, Lucy M. S. Spouse of Fred M. Born 1889, died 1966 - Odd Fellow Lodge
DUNCAN, Richard A.. Spouse of Beverly I. Dickey. Born 10-12-1930, died 4-16-2008. Age: 77 - Son of Dalton J. & Lucille E. (Wells) Duncan. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Machias NY. With wife owner/operator of Duncan's Restaurant. Wed 10-21-1952 in Yorkshire NY, one son. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
DUNCAN, Richard L. Born 1917, died 1917
DUNCAN, Ronald D. Sr. Spouse of Arlene B. Born 1926, died 1996 - Son of Dalton J. & Lucille E. Wells Duncan
DUNCAN, William E. Spouse of Grace E. Born 1876, died 1917
DUNLAP, Acton F. Spouse of Rhea C. Born 1911, died 1982 Fireman, Mason - WW II Vet, US Army
DUNLAP, Rhea C. Rich. Spouse of Acton F. Born 1914, died 1995
DYE, Claude R. Spouse of Lena L. Born 1878, died 1948
DYE, Lena L. Spouse of Claude R. Born 1878, died 1939
DYE, Marguerite L. Born 1917
EBERT, Thomas A. Born 1934, died 1974
EDDY, Orval E. Spouse of Vera G. Born 1899, died 1962
EDDY, Vera G. Pixley. Spouse of Orval E. Born 1917
EDESANYANK, ?. Born 1882, died 1960
EDMUNDS, Bernice B. Krepps. Spouse of Roland A. Born 1921 - Dau of Henry & Delina Krepps
EDMUNDS, Meridth. Born 1-18-1972, died 6-23-2011. Age: 39y - Dau of Richard & Constance (Ellis) Edmunds
EDMUNDS, Minnie E. Bacon. Spouse of Basil J. Titus/Robert T. Born 1908, died 1993
EDMUNDS, Robert T. Spouse of Minnie Bacon. Born 1907, died 1986
EDMUNDS, Roland A. Spouse of Bernice B. Born 1916, died 1989
EDWARDS, Daughter, died 1897 - Dau of Alfred & Cora Edwards
EDWARDS, Son, died 1897 - Son of Alfred & Cora Edwards
EGGERT, Alyse F. Spouse of Bert B. Born 7-3-1898, died 9-3-1999 - Born in Holland- Dau of Louie & Emma Wegner Thomas
EGGERT, Aurelia M. Spouse of Henry J. Born 1849, died 1922
EGGERT, Bert B. Spouse of Alyse F. Born 1892, died 1959 - American Legion
EGGERT, Eddie E. Born 1887, died 1909 - Son of Henry J. & Aurelia M. Eggert
EGGERT, Henry J. Spouse of Aurelia M. Born 1850, died 1914 - Mason
EMERY, Harry Jay. Born 6-20-1938, died 12-9- 1954 - Son of Miles W. & Gwendolyn Emery NY - Cold War Vet, Co B 501st Inf 82nd Abn. Div, Pvt
EMERY, Miles W. Spouse of Gwendolyn. Born 1899, died 1981
EVANS, Alonzo. Spouse of Isabel. Born 1811, died 9-4-1893. Age: 82y 10m 23d
EVANS, Isabel. Spouse of Alonzo. Born 1814, died 1-27-1888. Age: 74y 2m 24d
FAIRCHILD, ?. Spouse of June. Born 1924, died 1966
FAIRCHILD, June Hatch. Born 1924, died 1966
FALCONE, JoAnn Vaughn. Spouse of Salvatore. Born 7-15-1930, died 6-17-1996 - Dau of Smith & Marie Scott Vaughn
FALCONE, Salvatore. Spouse of JoAnn. Born 1927, died 8-14-1987
FARNHAM, Asa B. - War of 1812
FELLE, Raymond. Born 9-5-1942, died 5-13-1995 - Unusual marker
FENNER, Charlotte M. (Pike) [Sally]. Spouse of #1 William Luzier, #2 Frederick H. Fenner. Born 11-18-1910, died 7-17-2008. Age: 97 - Dau of Frank and Josephine Pike. Fourteen children, at least three with Frederick.
FENNER, Doreen I. Spouse of James D. Born 1933, died 1978
FENNER, Frederick H. Spouse of Charlotte M. Born 1910, died 1974
FENNER, James D. Spouse of Doreen I. Born 1937
FISH, George. Spouse of Ruby R. Born 1879, died 1957
FISH, Ruby R. Spouse of George. Born 1893, died 1978 - Travelers Club
FISHER, Altie M. Phinney. Spouse of Dr. Myron E. Born 3-8- 1864, died 12-25-1938 - Dau of Willis B. & Asenath Phinney Rebekah & Travellers Club
FISHER, Cordelia Marble. Spouse of Everett. Born 3-12- 1827, died 3-13-1892
FISHER, Everett. Spouse of Cordelia. Born 6-13-1826, died 8-22-1902
FISHER, Helen. Born 7-17-1840, died 6-24-1863 - Dau of I.W. & R. Fisher
FISHER, Ida M. Born 1-27- 1861, died 5-9-1862 - Dau of S. Warren & Olive M. Fisher
FISHER, Isaac W. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 7-4-1811, died 1-29-1872
FISHER, Lois A. Born 3-31-1859, died 10-16-1864 - Dau of S. Warren & Olive M. Fisher
FISHER, Myron E. Dr. Spouse of Altie M. Born 8-23-1865, died 11-29-1930 - Son of Warren Fisher. Teacher, Star Hose Co., State Legislature - WW I Vet
FISHER, Olive M. Fuller. Spouse of S. Warren. Born 3-21-1833, died 5-20-1919
FISHER, Rebecca. Spouse of Isaac W. Born 4-5-1809, died 5-23-1882
FISHER, S. Warren. Spouse of Olive M. Born 7-16- 1815, died 4-4-1888
FISKE, Betty. Born 1928, died 1971
FLYNN, Maranda. Spouse of William H. Born 1820, died 1906
FLYNN, William H. Spouse of Maranda. Born 1818, died 1892
FOOTE, Archer B. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1864, died 1942
FOOTE, Eliza. Spouse of J.B. Born 1827, died 2-23-1867. Age: 40y 4m 13d
FOOTE, Eve. Spouse of William. Born 1787, died 7-14-1857. Age: 70y 6d
FOOTE, Fannie. Born 1852, died 7-232-1870. Age: 18y 11m 28d - Dau of J.B. & Eliza Foote. Died in Brooklyn NY
FOOTE, Mary C. Spouse of Archer B. Born 1877, died 1958 - Rebekah
FOOTE, Sherrie
FOOTE, William. Spouse of Eve. Born 1770, died 3-15-1860. Age: 90
FOSTER(?), Margaret Dowe. Born 1858, died 1896
FOSTER?, Margaret. Born 1858, died 1896
FOX, Floyd M. Spouse of Pearl. Born 8-1- 1887, died 4-26-1981 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
FOX, Pearl Crosby. Spouse of Floyd M. Born 1893, died 1978 - Parents of Mary FOX
FRANCIS, Bertha E. Spouse of James H. Born 1864, died 1895
FRANCIS, Israel J. Spouse of Jane. Born 8-7-1920, died 8-16-1971 - WW II Vet, US Army Sig. Corps, Tec5
FRANCIS, James H. Spouse of Bertha. Born 1856, died 1940
FRANCIS, Jane. Spouse of Israel
FRANCIS, Mabel S. Born 1889, died 1957 - Rebekah
FREEBORN, J.H. Spouse of Laura E. Born 1828, died 1897
FREEBORN, Laura E. Spouse of J.H. Born 1836
FREEMAN, ? - Also on stone Darte, Ursola, William & Tupper
FREEMAN, H.G. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 1803, died 1875
FREEMAN, Hepsey A. Spouse of Samuel. Born 6-6-1822, died 3-8-1887
FREEMAN, Lucy A. Spouse of H.G. Born 1803, died 1871
GAMBLE, LeRoy 'Butch'. Born 1951, died 1995
GANNON, Alma W. Spouse of H. Sinclair. Born 1913
GANNON, H. Sinclair. Spouse of Alma W. Born 1920, died 1980
GEISLER, Kathleen M. Spouse of Theodore H. Born 1921, died 1961
GEISLER, Theodore H. Spouse of Kathleen M. Born 1911 - Surname may also be spelled as Giesler
GERNOLD, David J. Born 6-8-1951, died 10-12-1995 - Son of Richard A. & Leola M. Kittleson Gernold - Vietnam Vet, USMC
GERNOLD, Leola M. Kittleson. Spouse of Richard A. Born 1926
GERNOLD, Richard A. Spouse of Leola M. Born 1924, died 1976
GIBBY, Amanda. Spouse of William. Born 1861, died 1921
GIBBY, Burton F. Born 9-26-1890, died 9-20-1963 - WW I Vet, Btry B 307th Field Arty, Sgt
GIBBY, William. Spouse of Amanda. Born 1862, died 1932
GIBSON, Walter L. Born 1886, died 1950
GILE, John M. Spouse of Carol Quackenbush. Born 1909, died 1978
GLASE, Fannie E. Spouse of William F. Born 1876, died 1959
GLASE, William F. Spouse of Fannie E. Born 1870, died 1956
GOO, Elizabeth (Hufstader). Spouse of Hiram. Born 1804, died 1891
GOO, Gertrude A. Spouse of Stuart B. Born 1862, died 1916 - Rebekah
GOO, Grace Allie. Born 1860, died 10-3-1863. Age: 3y 9m - Dau of Fred & Lucy Goo
GOO, Hiram. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 8-25-1800, died 1882 - EG" on small slab near stone
GOO, Hiram. Spouse of Julia F. Born 1838, died 1920 - Son of Hiram & Elizabeth Hufstader Goo
GOO, Julia F. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1836, died 1926
GOO, Stuart B. Spouse of Gertrude A. Born 1864, died 1918 - Star Hose Co.
GOODCHILD, Frank B. Spouse of Myrtle E. Born 1887, died 1966
GOODCHILD, Myrtle E. Spouse of Frank B. Born 1891, died 1976
GOODEMOTE, Anson J. Born 1876, died 1926
GOODENOUGH, A.J. Born 1820, died 2-29-1868. Age: 48y 9m 21d
GOODENOUGH, David. Born 1782, died 5-25-1862. Age: 80y 2m 12d
GORNEY, Nellie. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1924
GORNEY, Raymond. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1925, died 1993
GOSS, Cecil E. Spouse of Margaret M. Vickman. Born 10-06-1937, died 9-05-2016. Age: 78 - Son of Cecil & Emily (Pingrey) Goss, b. Farmersville NY, d. Concord NY, Wed 8-16-1958 in Farmersville Station NY
GOSS, Margaret M. (Vickman). Spouse of Cecil Goss. Born 7-11-1958, died 7-1-2007. Age: 68 - Dau of Albert & Vena (Hilicker) Vickman. Wed 8-16-1958 in Farmersville Station NY
GOULD, David. Spouse of Jane. Born 1781, died 12-29-1864. Age: 83y 10m 3d
GOULD, George. Spouse of Viola. Born 1858, died 1925
GOULD, Jane. Spouse of David. Born 1787, died 11-3-1866. Age: 79y 10m 10d
GOULD, Viola. Spouse of George. Born 1869, died 1933
GRAHAM, Alta E. Spouse of Walter A. Born 1845, died 1910
GRAHAM, George. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1862, died 1942
GRAHAM, Lew H. Spouse of Lois. Born 1916
GRAHAM, Lois. Spouse of Lew H. Born 1916, died 1991
GRAHAM, Lucia T. Born 1880, died 1951 - Dau of Walter & Alta E. Graham
GRAHAM, Mary M. Raish. Spouse of Richard F. Born 1929 - Dau of Almon & Evelyn M. Graham
GRAHAM, Richard F. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1923, died 1979 High School Science Teacher - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
GRAHAM, Sarah F. Born 1868, died 1950
GRAHAM, Walter A. Born 1839, died 1915
GREEN, Dorothea J. Braymiller. Spouse of J. Paul. Born 1932, died 1961
GREEN, Ella M. Spouse of Neal P. Sr. Born 1927
GREEN, J. Paul. Spouse of Dorothea J. Born 1921, died 1967
GREEN, Neal P. Jr. Born 1945, died 1987 - Son of Neal P. & Ella M. Green
GREEN, Neal P. Sr. Spouse of Ella M. Born 1923, died 1971
GREENMAN, Lucius W. Born 1860, died 1932
GRETZLER, Kenyon P. Spouse of Virginia E. Born 1916, died 1978 - Fireman
GRETZLER, Virginia E. Spouse of Kenyon P. Born 1919, died 1976
GRIESER, Peter. Spouse of Rena. Born 1869, died 1948
GRIESER, Rena Ashcraft. Spouse of Peter. Born 1874, died 1965 - Dau of Almond Aascraft
GROTTON, Viola D. Born 1889, died 19??
GUENTHER, Anna F. Spouse of Conrad. Born 1891, died 1968 - R C
GUENTHER, Conrad. Spouse of Anna. Born 1881, died 1959 - R C
GUENTHER, Louis C. 'Connie'. Spouse of Doris Stoddard & Betty Raish. Born 8-31-1921, died 8-9-1996 - Son of Conrad & Anna Schlothan Guenther - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
GUENTHER, Raymond Anthony. Spouse of Mary Dombrowski. Born 5-15-1914, died 11-20-2006. Age: 92 - Son of Conrod & Anna Schlothan Guenther, b. Newark NJ - WW II Vet, US Army, 168th Chemical SG Co.
GUIDO, Annie Kreusch. Spouse of Bernie. Born 1912, died 1964
GUIDO, Bernie. Spouse of Annie Kreusch. Born 3-16-1922, died 3-20-192000. Age: 78 - Son of Anthony and Catherine Barber Guido had 5 brothers & eleven sisters
HABECKER, John. Born 1834, died 1901
HADLEY, Julia Joslyn. Spouse of Nathan. Born 1829, died 1939
HADLEY, Lucy Janett. Born 1847, died 1905 - Dau of Nathan & Julia Joslyn Hadley
HADLEY, Nathan. Spouse of Julia. Born 1814, died 1896
HAKES, Albert F. Spouse of Mary. Born 1854, died 1920 - Odd Fellow Lodge
HAKES, Mary. Spouse of Albert F. Born 1855, died 19??
HALE, Donald. Spouse of Thelma M. Born 3-24-1927, died 2-13-1993 - Married Mar. 1949
HALE, Lee O. Spouse of Mary. Born 9-11-1894, died 8-28-1951 Star Hose Co. - WW I Vet, US Army, Med. Dept, Cpl
HALE, Thelma M. Richards. Spouse of Donald L. Born 10-6-1925, died 5-19-1984
HAMILTON, Lottie. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1882, died 1965
HAMILTON, Marie. Spouse of Robert. Born 1907, died 1950
HAMILTON, Raymond. Spouse of Lottie. Born 1884
HAMILTON, Robert. Spouse of Marie. Born 6-21-1906, died 10-12-1964 - WW II Vet, NY US Army, Btry C 243rd Fld Arty, Pvt
HAMMAN, Addie L. Spouse of Alfred H. Born 1874, died 1945
HAMMAN, Alfred H. Spouse of Addie L. Born 1876, died 1953
HAMMOND, Esther. Spouse of Richard A. Born 1909, died 1977
HAMMOND, Richard A. Spouse of Esther. Born 1914
HANES, Arlene M. Spouse of Stanley L. Born 1930, died 1975
HANES, Hazel P. Spouse of Manley. Born 1895, died 1945
HANES, Manley. Spouse of Hazel P. Born 1900, died 1976
HANES, Paul F. Born 1961, died 1993 - Son of Stanley L. & Arlene M. Hanes
HANES, Stanley L. Spouse of Arlene M. Born 1928, died 1984
HANSON, Sarah Hannah. Born 6-19-1996, died 4-13-2011. Age: 14y - Dau of Mark & Brenda (Wangelin) Hanson, b. Buffalo-NY, Maternal grDau of David & Sharon Wangelin; Paternal grDau of Harold "Whitney" & Ella Hanson
HARDY, Dean Ward, died 1926 - Son of Stanley & Nellie E. Bliton Hardy
HARDY, Irving D. Spouse of Rose A. Born 1862, died 1938
HARDY, Nellie E. Bliton. Spouse of Stanley. Born 1903, died 1969
HARDY, Rose A. Spouse of Irving D. Born 1863, died 1932
HARDY, Stanley. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 1890, died 1963
HARRIOTT, Samuel. Born 1912, died 3-19-1963. Age: 51
HARRISON, Abbie Vedder. Spouse of Frank. Born 1889, died 1980
HARRISON, Ada M. Born 1862, died 2-1888. Age: 26y 2m
HARRISON, Clara. Spouse of William. Born 1845, died 1928
HARRISON, Delevan C. Spouse of Hazel B. Born 1898, died 1986
HARRISON, Dessie Beach. Spouse of George T. Born 1882, died 1961 - Eastern Star
HARRISON, Duane F. Born 1949, died 1987 - Son of Francis D. & Luella B. Harrison
HARRISON, Francis D. Spouse of Luella B. Born 1913
HARRISON, Frank. Spouse of Abbie. Born 1885, died 1951
HARRISON, George R. Born 1861, died 1933
HARRISON, George T. Spouse of Dessie. Born 1879, died 1965
HARRISON, GLENFORD V. Spouse of Grace L. Born 1922, died 1976
HARRISON, Grace L. Spouse of Glenford V. Born 1929
HARRISON, Hazel B. Spouse of Delevan C. Born 1900, died 1983
HARRISON, Hugh L. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1915, died 1992
HARRISON, Ida. Born 1882, died 19?? - Roy C. Ralyea & Phillip J. Harrison on same stone as Ida
HARRISON, Julia J. Spouse of George R. Born 1876, died 1944
HARRISON, June. Spouse of Wallace. Born 7-14-1924, died 5-4-2009 - Dau of Ernest & Edna Cook m. June 29 1948
HARRISON, Luella B. Spouse of Francis D. Born 1920
HARRISON, Margaret Dailey. Spouse of Hugh L. Born 1918
HARRISON, Mary. Spouse of Silas R. Born 1846, died 4-1-1867. Age: 21y 7m 6d
HARRISON, Mildred. Spouse of William. Born 1889, died 1953
HARRISON, Phillip J. Born 1877, died 1907 - Roy C. Ralyea & Phillip J. Harrison on same stone as Ida
HARRISON, Robert A. Spouse of June. Born 12-16-1948, died 1-11-1970 - Son of Wallace & June Harrison - Vietnam KIA, Co. F 2nd Bn 7th Marines, 1st MARDIV (Rein) FMF PFC. Killed in Action in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Purple Heart
HARRISON, Vedder F. Spouse of Alice E. Stone. Born 1900, died 1987 - Son of Frank & Abbie Vedder Harrison
HARRISON, William. Spouse of Mildred. Born 1888, died 1952
HARRISON, William. Spouse of Clara. Born 1839, died 1917
HARTWELL, George P. Spouse of Shirley A. Born 1930
HARTWELL, Shirley A. Zeches. Spouse of George P. Born 1935
HARTWELL-Pirdy, Deborah L. Born 1-10-1956, died 2-14-2003. Age: 47 - Dau of George and Shirley Zeches Hartwell Was LPN
HARVEY, Archie B. Spouse of Pearl E. Born 1875, died 1957
HARVEY, Ettie H. Born 1858, died 1949 - Dau of Nathan & Mariah H. Harvey
HARVEY, Hudson E. Born 1854, died 12-15-1857. Age: 3y 10m 20d - Son of William & Mary Harvey
HARVEY, Mariah H. Spouse of Nathan. Born 1834, died 1916
HARVEY, Nathan. Spouse of Mariah H. Born 1824, died 1915
HARVEY, Pearl E. Spouse of Archie B. Born 1878, died 1928
HARWOOD, Anna. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1818, died 3-3-1886. Age: 68y 6m 18d
HARWOOD, Florence O. Spouse of John. Born 1886, died 1938
HARWOOD, John. Spouse of Florence O. Born 1876, died 1947
HARWOOD, Mary E. Spouse of Stephen. Born 5-25-1851, died 6-26-1909. Age: 57y 1m
HARWOOD, Thomas. Spouse of Anna. Born 1821, died 3-1891. Age: 70y 3m 5d
HATCH, Clark. Spouse of Elsie. Born 1855, died 1929
HATCH, Elsie. Spouse of Clark. Born 1857, died 1900
HAWKINS, Ezra. Born 1797, died 5-8- 1853. Age: 56y 1m
HAWKINS, George P. Born 1856, died 9-9-1857. Age: 1y 5m 19d - Son of William M. & Sarah Hawkins
HAWKINS, Mary A. Born 1850, died 4-27-1862. Age: 12y 6m 5d - Dau of Orson V. & Mary A. Hawkins
HAWKINS, Orson V. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1824, died 10-22-1875. Age: 51y 6m 3d
HAWKINS, Oscar F. Born 1839, died 1879 - Civil War Vet, Co K 94th Inf NYS Vols, Capt. Captured in Action 8-19-1864 at Weldon Railroad, VE; paroled. Discharged 6-15-1865
HAWKINS, William M. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1827, died 5-1-1863. Age: 36y 5m 17d
HAWKINS, William W. Born 1855, died 9-8-1856. Age: 1y 9m 13d
HAYNES, Marlene P. Spouse of Ted. Born 5-22-1933 - Dau of Howard & Leola Marble Peckham
HAYNES, Ted. Spouse of Marlene. Born 1929
HECKATHORN, Cecil L. Spouse of Myrtle M. Born 1918, died 1981
HECKATHORN, Myrtle M. Spouse of Cecil L. Born 1915, died 1974
HEINZELMAN, Fredericka D. Spouse of John. Born 1845, died 1914
HEINZELMAN, John. Spouse of Fredericka D. Born 1834, died 1901
HENRY, Lyle L. Born 1900, died 1921
HENSHAW, Achsahl. Spouse of Edwin J. Born 1844, died 1912
HENSHAW, Edwin J. Spouse of Achsahl. Born 1844, died 1911
HERMAN, Helen M. Spouse of Herbert. Born 1908, died 1984
HERMAN, Herbert. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1907, died 1985
HERSCHLER, Alice M. Spouse of Frederick H. Born 1879, died 1964
HERSCHLER, Frederick H. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1867, died 1929
HEYER, Alberta P. Born 1905, died 1923 - Dau of Otto J. & Emma Heyer
HEYER, Emma. Spouse of Otto J. H. Born 1883, died 1963
HEYER, Otto J. Spouse of Emma. Born 1876, died 1931
HICKEY, Pauline A. Born 1912, died 1927
HIGGINS, Clara M. Spouse of Floyd J. Born 1890, died 1969 - And Infant Sons
HIGGINS, Donald L. Born 1925, died 1944 - Son of James & Leola Higgins. Star Hose Co. - WW II KIA, US Army, 36th Arm. Inf, Pvt
HIGGINS, Floyd J. Spouse of Clara M. Born 1884, died 1962
HIGGINS, James. Spouse of Leola. Born 1897, died 1936
HIGGINS, Leola. Spouse of James. Born 1894, died 1975
HILL, Adela M. Spouse of Jerome H. Born 1859, died 7-31-1886. Age: 27y 6m 23d
HILL, Agseh Gale. Spouse of Franklin. Born 1839, died 1922
HILL, Belle M. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1865, died 1935 - Dau of Almon & Nancy Ashcraft
HILL, Clayton J. Born 2-2-1895, died 7-24- 1895 - Son of Frank E. & Belle M. Ashcraft Hill
HILL, Dewey J. Spouse of Gladys I. Born 1897, died 1966 - Son of Frank E. & Belle M. Ashcraft Hill
HILL, Earl F. Born 1886, died 8-20-1886. Age: 6m 21d - Son of Jerome H. & Adela M. Hill
HILL, Frank E. Spouse of Belle M. Born 1861, died 1956 - Son of Franklin & Agseh Gale Hill
HILL, Franklin. Spouse of Agseh. Born 1840, died 189?
HILL, Glayds I. Spouse of Dewey J. Born 1911, died 1983
HILL, Helen S. Spouse of Millard A. Born 1900, died 19??
HILL, Infant Son. Born 1-29- 1886, died 1886. Age: 10d - Son of Jerome H. & Adela M. Hill
HILL, Kenneth F. Spouse of Muriel H. Born 1905, died 1943 - Son of Frank E. & Belle M. Ashcraft Hill
HILL, Millard A. Spouse of Helen S. Born 1896, died 1944 - Son of Frank E. & Belle M. Ashcraft Hill
HILL, Milton F. Born 7- 1891, died 8-13-1891 - Son of Frank E. & Belle M. Ashcraft Hill
HILL, Muriel H. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 1900, died 19??
HILL, Susan K. Born 1947, died 1992
HILLIKER, Julia. Born 8-2-1881, died 6-26-1956
HILLIKER, Lloyd A. Born 1901, died 1936
HILLIKER, Myron W. Spouse of Theda M. Born 1875, died 1955
HILLIKER, Theda M. Spouse of Myron W. Born 1880, died 1957 - Rebekah
HITCHCOCK, Adelbert E. Spouse of Clarissa B. Born 1852, died 1934
HITCHCOCK, Anna Louise. Spouse of Lucius E. Born 1851, died 1925
HITCHCOCK, Bert G. Spouse of Irma M. Born 1893, died 1945 - Star Hose Co. Vet of Foreign Wars
HITCHCOCK, Clarissa B. Spouse of Adelbert E. Born 1850, died 1921
HITCHCOCK, E. Marie Persons. Spouse of Herbert E. Born 1874, died 1936
HITCHCOCK, Edwin H. Spouse of Charlotte M. Bailey. Born 7-5-1845, died 3-1-1917
HITCHCOCK, Elwyn Jr. Born 1925, died 1929
HITCHCOCK, Elwyn P. Spouse of Ivah M. Born 1902, died 1975
HITCHCOCK, Herbert E. Spouse of E. Marie. Born 1874, died 1933 - Son of Adelbert E. & Clarissa B. Hitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Irma M. Spouse of Bert G. Born 1892, died 1976 - Rebekah; Star Hose Ladies Aux.
HITCHCOCK, Ivah M. Spouse of Elwyn P. Born 1906, died 1980
HITCHCOCK, Lucius E. Spouse of Anna Louise. Born 1847, died 1902 - Odd Fellow Lodge
HITCHCOCK, Shirley Jean. Born 1928, died 1929
HOBSON, Harry B. Spouse of June HOWE. Born 12-30-1929, died 2-26-2011. Age: 81y - Son of Harvey & Helen (?) Hobson, b. Farmersville-NY Wed 9-07-1954 in Elton-NYSgt - Korean War Vet, US Army
HOFFMAN, Linus C. 'Dick'. Born 1912, died 1979
HOFFMAN, Norma. Born 1928, died 1983
HOLLAND, Delot G. Spouse of Mae D. Born 1909 - Son of John G & Grace A. Sherman Holland
HOLLAND, Mae D. Spouse of Delot G. Born 1910, died 1993
HOLMES, Arthur F. Born 1880, died 1931
HOLMES, Carl W. Spouse of Vallie M. Born 1888, died 1964
HOLMES, Carrie I. Spouse of Winfield. Born 1861, died 1936
HOLMES, Claude. Spouse of Jeannette. Born 1918
HOLMES, Elwyn W. Spouse of Helen L. Born 1916, died 1982
HOLMES, Emma W. Spouse of Wellington. Born 1853, died 1928
HOLMES, Floyd R. Spouse of Shirley A. Born 1894, died 1940
HOLMES, Gladys A. Spouse of Wendell E. Born 1905, died 1969
HOLMES, Helen L. Spouse of Elwyn W. Born 1918, died 1980
HOLMES, Jeannette. Spouse of John S. Born 1920, died 1974
HOLMES, Jennie M. Born 1896, died 1897
HOLMES, Madeline A. Born 1920, died 1994
HOLMES, Minna A. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1892, died 1960
HOLMES, Ralph E. Spouse of Minna A. Born 1886, died 1944
HOLMES, Shirley A. Spouse of Floyd R. Born 1894, died 1980 - Dau of William E. & Tina Duncan Daggett
HOLMES, Vallie M. Spouse of Carl W. Born 1890, died 1979
HOLMES, Wellington. Spouse of Emma W. Born 1854, died 1923
HOLMES, Wendell E. Spouse of Gladys A. Born 1907, died 1993
HOLMES, Winfield. Spouse of Carrie I. Born 1862, died 1922
HOOPER, Anna F. (Guenther). Spouse of Ralph J. Born 1917, died 1972 - Dau of Conrad & Anna (Schlothan) Guenther. Wed Ralph 11-06-1947
HOOPER, Burton P. Spouse of Lillian R. Born 1885, died 1941
HOOPER, Dennis W. Spouse of Iola M. Born 12-29-1870, died 3-24-1954
HOOPER, Frank D. Born 1888, died 1905
HOOPER, Iola M. Marble. Spouse of Dennis W. Born 1-26-1872, died 8-14-1951
HOOPER, Lillian R. Warner. Spouse of Burton P. Born 1892, died 1964
HOOPER, Philip M. Born 1859, died 11-11-1890. Age: 31y 8m 8d
HOOPER, Ralph J. Spouse of #1 Anna F. Guenther, #2 Lita Barber. Born 10-17-1910, died 3-1-2003 - Son of Jason & Mary Ann (Pixley) Hooper, born in Farmersville NY. Wed Anna 11-6-1947.
HOPKINS, David. Born 1946 - Son of Emmons A. & Katharine Pingrey Hopkins
HOPKINS, Emmons A. Spouse of Katharine. Born 1913 - Masonic Lodge
HOPKINS, Katharine P. Spouse of Emmons A. Born 1910 - Dau of Roy C. & Addie Pingrey Eastern Star
HOUCK, Phyllis M. Spouse of William A. Born 3-2-1923, died 11-1-2003 - Dau of Leland & Shirley Merrill McElheney
HOUCK, William A. Spouse of Phyllis. Born 1922, died 10-5-1990 Wed 6-4-1949 in Eldred PA - WW II Vet, US Army
HOWATT, C. Pauline Hitchcock. Spouse of Harold. Born 1904, died 1970
HOWATT, George. Spouse of Maggie. Born 1864, died 1932
HOWATT, Harold. Spouse of Paulene C. Born 1904, died 1991
HOWATT, Maggie. Spouse of George. Born 1880, died 1964
HOWE, Aaron. Spouse of Sally. Born 1789, died 5-5-1836. Age: 47y 1m
HOWE, Adin. Spouse of Amelia L. Born 11-10- 1826, died 5-4-1901
HOWE, Alice J. Bastian. Spouse of Ormond A. Born 1873, died 1949
HOWE, Almantha. Born 1842
HOWE, Amelia A. Spouse of Adin. Born 7-301833, died 9-6-1899
HOWE, Ann. Spouse of Perry. Born 1828, died 1900
HOWE, Ann A. (Hayes). Spouse of Clinton D. Born 1846, died 1918 - Dau of Amos and Delight Hayes, born and died in Yorkshire NY.
HOWE, Chester D. Born 5-29-1840, died 4-14-1863
HOWE, Chester D. Born 2-16-1868
HOWE, Clinton D. Spouse of #1 Lomira J., #2 Ann A. Hayes. Born 1836, died 1909 Son of Aaron and Sally Howe.
HOWE, Cora A. Spouse of Luther A. Born 11-15-1857, died 9-4-1878
HOWE, Daniel J. Spouse of Marion E. Born 1895, died 1977
HOWE, Eliza. Spouse of John. Born 4-29-1789, died 12-29- 1875
HOWE, Eva Multer. Spouse of J. Burdette. Born 1863, died 1954
HOWE, Harold B. Born 1893, died 1920
HOWE, Harry. Spouse of Mary J. Born 4-11-1810, died 10-5-1887 - Mason
HOWE, Ida L. Born 1926, died 1939
HOWE, John. Spouse of Eliza. Born 10-11-1786, died 4-14-1866
HOWE, Lomira J. Spouse of Clinton. Born 1834, died 3-6-1878. Age: 44y 4m 26d
HOWE, Lucia E. Born 3-14-1837, died 3-24-1916
HOWE, Luther A. Spouse of Cora A. Born 7-30-1859, died 3-8-1883 - Son of Adin & Amelia L. Howe
HOWE, Marion E. Spouse of Daniel J. Born 1900, died 1976
HOWE, Mary J. Spouse of Harry. Born 6-8- 1819, died 1-23-1892
HOWE, Minerva. Born 1822, died 6-26-1865
HOWE, Nettie B. Born 1861, died 1915
HOWE, Ormond. Born 1826, died 8-19-1847. Age: 21y 3m 20d
HOWE, Ormond A. Spouse of Alice J. Born 1870, died 1932
HOWE, Perry. Spouse of Ann. Born 12-3-1817, died 3-18-1884
HOWE, Polly. Born 1822, died 1919
HOWE, Sally. Spouse of Aaron. Born 1787, died 3-12-1870. Age: 83y 7m - Engraver
HOWE, Solomon. Born 5-4-1818, died 4-14-1898
HOWE, Solomon C. Born 18??, died 7-8-1887
HOWE, Thornton W. Born 1892, died 1945
HOWE, William L. Spouse of Abigail F. Born 1866, died 1938
HOWE. Abigail F. Spouse of William L. Born 1867, died 1926
HOWELL, Abraham. Spouse of Sally. Born 1770, died 1860
HOWELL, Abram. Born 1858, died 1931 - was a brother of Abram together on a farm on Creek Road in Yorkshire
HOWELL, Carey. Born 1860, died 1935 - Brother of Abram together on a farm on Creek Road in Yorkshire
HOWELL, Eveline (Meech). Spouse of Samuel H. Born 1-13-1815, died 12-6-1893 Dau of Silas & Lydia (Parker) Meech who were first settlers of Arcade NY. Born in Arcade NY, died in Chaffee NY. At least three children
HOWELL, Harriet E. Born 1856, died 1942
HOWELL, Harriet E. (Chapin). Spouse of Samuel H. Born 1830, died 8-22-1858. Age: 28y 3m 14d At least one daughter
HOWELL, Henry. Spouse of Sylvie. Born 2-5- 1802, died 11-29- 1886. Age: 84y 9m 24d
HOWELL, Martha. Born 1862, died 4-21-1894
HOWELL, Mary A. Born 1859, died 1919
HOWELL, Sally. Spouse of Abraham. Born 1785, died 1863
HOWELL, Samuel H. Spouse of #1 Harriet E., #2 Eveline. Born 1818, died 1906
HOWELL, Sylvie. Spouse of Henry. Born 11-22-1822, died 4-21-1894
HOWELL, Uriah Flynt. Born 1818, died 4-5- 1872. Age: 54
HOWLET, Electa B. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1838, died 1900
HUBBARD, Catherine. Spouse of Frederick J. Born 1912, died 1983
HUBBARD, Frederick J. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1907, died 1991
HUDSON, Clark. Born 1876, died 5-11-1877. Age: 11m 11d - Son of William H. & Elizabeth E. Hudson. Died at Larabee PA
HUDSON, Elizabeth E. Spouse of William H. Born 1854, died 12-28-1890. Age: 37y 7m 13d
HUDSON, Floyd. Born 1882, died 4-5-1886. Age: 4 - Son of William H. & Elizabeth E. Hudson
HUDSON, Floyd A. Born 1885, died 3-18-1888. Age: 3y 9m 18 - Son of William H. & Elizabeth E. Hudson. Died at Kendall Creek Larabee PA
HUDSON, Frank C. Spouse of Rose R. Born 1868, died 1954
HUDSON, Rose R. Bishop. Spouse of Frank C. Born 1866, died 1941
HUGHES, Joyce King. Spouse of Lawrence P. Born 8-18-1931 - Dau of Millard & Thelma Foote King
HUGHES, Lawrence P. Spouse of Joyce. Born 8-17-1926, died 6-27-1982
HULL, Fannie O. Spouse of George W. Born 1916 - Dau of Bert & Emmaline Beach
HULL, George W. Spouse of Fannie O. Born 1911, died 1980 - George & Eddie's Auto Fireman
HUNSINGER, Adeline. Spouse of Irvin. Born 1926, died 4-3-2005
HUNSINGER, Irwin. Spouse of Adeline. Born 9-26-1923, died 2-5-1971 - WW II Vet, USMC, Fld Ck
HUNT, Angie C. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1847, died 1921
HUNT, Charles P. Spouse of Mary B. Born 1890, died 1925
HUNT, Charles Stanley 'Stan'. Spouse of Lois M. Born 1-28- 1890, died 10-16-1980 - Son of John & Elizabeth Hunt
HUNT, Edna M. Born 1877, died 1929 - Dau of John & Elizabeth M. Hunt- Suicide
HUNT, Elizabeth M. Spouse of John. Born 1857, died 1929
HUNT, Ernest. Born 1882, died 1938
HUNT, Florence M. Orr. Spouse of William B. Born 1896, died 1963 - Dau of Charles S. & Stella Orr
HUNT, George. Born 1881, died 4-20-1890. Age: 9y 7m 28d
HUNT, John. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1855, died 1927 - Jeweler
HUNT, Lois M. Fisher. Spouse of Charles Stanley 'Stan'. Born 5-13-1890, died 3-4-1983 - Dau of Dr. Myron M. & Altie Fisher
HUNT, Mary B. Spouse of Charles P. Born 1895, died 1972
HUNT, Samuel. Spouse of Angie C. Born 1845, died 1919
HUNT, William B. Spouse of Florence M. Born 2-21-1892, died 6-11-1974 - There is a 2nd stone in 1-17
HURD, Albert J. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1889, died 1957
HURD, Alice M. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1896, died 1977
HUTCHINSON, Dewayne L. Born 1-13-1960, died 8-28-2001. Age: 41 - Son of Terrance M. & Sandra L. (Simpson) Hutchinson
HUTCHINSON, Sandra L. (Simpson). Spouse of Terrance Hutchinson. Born 8-25-1938, died 9-21-2022. Age: 84 - Dau of Joseph & Kathryn (Blake) Simpson. Born in Oil City PA, died in Delevan NY. Wed 5-07-1955, five children. (he d. 7-14-1990)
HUTCHINSON, Terrance M. Spouse of Sandra L. Simpson. Born 10-23-1938, died 7-14-1990. Age: 51 - Wed 5-07-1955, five children.
ISBELL, Clifton H. Born 5-31-1895, died 9-27-1895
ISBELL, Vesta F. Spouse of William R. Born 3-2-8-1858
ISBELL, William R. Spouse of Vesta F. Born 6-6-1847
JAMES, David D. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1860, died 1934
JAMES, Frances E. Born 1891, died 1912
JAMES, Mary J. Spouse of David D. Born 1866, died 1939
JAMES, Viola. Born 1890, died 1898 - Dau of David D. & Mary J. James
JANAS, Antonina. Spouse of Stanley. Born 1889, died 1977
JANAS, Stanley. Spouse of Antonina. Born 1888
JANAS, Stanley K. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 1916, died 1970
JAQUISH, Emmons E. Spouse of Viola M. Born 1897, died 1956
JAQUISH, Phebe R. Born 1893, died 1969
JAQUISH, Viola M. Ashcraft. Spouse of Emmons E. Born 1898, died 1925 - Dau of Clarence & Zelna Hadley Ashcraft. Died in childbirth with son Richard.
JENKINS, Anna D. Spouse of Charles. Born 1850, died 1931
JENKINS, Charles - Struck & killed by a train
JENKINS, Charles. Spouse of Anna D. Born 1854, died 1928
JENKINS, Eliza. Spouse of James. Born 11-23-1823, died 3-9-1892
JENKINS, Henry. Born 1871, died 1946 - Son of Charles & Anna D. Jenkins
JENKINS, James. Spouse of Eliza. Born 9-5-1820, died 4-5- 1876
JENNINGS, Michael J. Born 1956, died 1985 - W.S. Davis marker
JESSIE, Edward. Spouse of Mildred. Born 1919, died 1991
JESSIE, Mildred. Spouse of Edward. Born 1921, died 1959
JOHNS, Elizabeth M. 'Lillie'. Spouse of LeRoy T. Born 1915, died 1984 - Dau of Conrod & Anna Schlothan Guenther
JOHNS, LeRoy T. Spouse of Elizabeth M. 'Lillie'. Born 1921
JOHNS, T. Leroy. Spouse of #1 Elizabeth Guenther, #2 Mary Stevens. Born 5-14-1921, died 10-11-2015 - Son of Edward & Emmaretta (Sherman) Johns, b. Freedom NY, d. Machias NY, Wed #1 6-06-1942 in Franklinville NY (she d. 1984), Wed #2 11-28-1987 in Franklinville NY (she d. 2-11-1996) - WW II Vet, US Army 1943-45
JOHNSON, Franklin H. Born 1908, died 1990 - W.S. Davis marker
JONES, Addie M. Spouse of Evan L. Born 1862, died 1914
JONES, Earl J. Rev. Spouse of Margaret R. Born 1905, died 1975
JONES, Edith. Born 1892, died 1961
JONES, Edith Fisher. Born 1892, died 1961
JONES, Esther. Spouse of Horace W. Born 1843, died 1922
JONES, Evan L. Spouse of Addie M. Born 1852, died 1935
JONES, Helen K. Spouse of Lloyd G. Born 1881, died 1981
JONES, Horace W. Spouse of Esther. Born 1840, died 1895
JONES, James L. Spouse of Lottie M. Born 1878, died 1954 - Mason
JONES, Lloyd G. Spouse of Helen. Born 1881, died 1956
JONES, Lottie M. Spouse of James L. - Eastern Star
JONES, Margaret R. Spouse of Rev. Earl J. Born 1913
JOSIN, Willis W. Born 1844, died 1925 - Civil War Vet, Co C 104th Inf NYS Vols
JOSLIN, Adelaide. Spouse of Earl. Born 1877, died 1962
JOSLIN, Earl. Spouse of Adelaide. Born 1878, died 1963
JOSLIN, Marion. Born 1915, died 1929 - Dau of Earl & Adelaide Joslin
JOSLYN, Flossie L. Spouse of Wallace B. Born 1883, died 1979
JOSLYN, Leola Jean. Born 1921, died 1930
JOSLYN, Wallace B. Spouse of Flossie L. Born 1880, died 1966
KEESLER, George W. Spouse of Neva H. Born 1889, died 1974
KEESLER, Neva H. Spouse of George W. Born 1896, died 1989
KELLER, Issabinda Whitney. Spouse of Martin. Born 1-23-1834, died 7-11-1912 - Dau of Joseph & Phoebe Mead Whitney
KELLER, Martin. Spouse of Issabinda. Born 3-19-1830, died 3-4-1900 - Civil War Vet, 154th Regt Inf. NY Vols Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville
KEMNITZ, Louis F. Spouse of Regina. Born 1905, died 1989
KEMNITZ, Regina. Spouse of Louis F. K. Born 1903
KENDALL, Lydia O. Smith. Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 1841, died 11-27-1864. Age: 23y 7m 17d
KENDALL, Nathaniel. Spouse of Lydia O. Born 1843, died 4-6-1863. Age: 23
KENDALL, Nettie, died 4-9-1862 - Dau of Nathaniel & Lydia O. Smith Kendall
KENEDY, Elizabeth. Spouse of John
KENEDY, John. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 1-15-1975
KENEDY, Rachel. Born 1869, died 5-4-1881. Age: 22 - Dau of John & Elizabeth Kenedy
KERWIN, Charles J. Spouse of Genevieve M. Born 1904, died 1989
KERWIN, Genevieve M. Spouse of Charles J. Born 1913, died 1977
KESTER, George W. Spouse of Ruth B. Born 1902, died 1983
KESTER, Ruth B. Spouse of George W. Born 1906, died 1993
KILBURN, Edward C. Spouse of Emerretta. Born 1841, died 1910
KILBURN, Edward T. Spouse of Margaret A. Born 1869, died 1939
KILBURN, Emerretta. Spouse of Edward C. Born 1849, died 1932
KILBURN, Hugh B. Born 1-30-1894, died 5-30-1950 - Son of Edward T. & Margaret A. Kilburn - WW I Vet, US Navy. 30-year Career 1912-1942
KILBURN, Margaret A. Spouse of Edward T. Born 1869, died 1948
KING, Dennis Millard. Spouse of Winifred. Born 8-28-1941 - Son of Millard & Thelma Foote King
KING, John A. Spouse of Mildred G. Born 1878, died 1968
KING, Kristen Ann, died 12-29-1981 - Dau of Dennis Millard & Winifred Whatman King
KING, Manley E. Spouse of S. Belle. Born 1866, died 1953
KING, Mary Ann. Spouse of Walter. Born 1826, died 5-1-1891. Age: 65
KING, Mildred G. Spouse of John A. Born 1890, died 1983
KING, Roy C. Born 1893, died 1958 - Name on stone with Archer B. & Mary Foote
KING, Sara Belle. Spouse of Manley E. Born 1866, died Jun-12 - Dau of Dr. William & Laura Davis Langmade
KING, Susan. Spouse of A.G. Born 7-30-1823, died 7-16-1850
KING, Walter. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1820, died 1-11-1890. Age: 70
KING, Winifred Whatman. Spouse of Dennis Millard. Born 9-22-1942, died 2-10-2001. Age: 58 - Dau of Donald F. & Lucille Hall Whatman m. July 4 1970
KNAB, Anthony L. Born 10-15-1896, died 6-11-1973 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
KNAPP, Anson C. Born 1834, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, Co A 128th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 for three years. Captured in action 10-19-1864 at Cedar Creek VA; paroled 3-1-1865. Mustered out wit detachment 6-27-1865 at Camp Parole Annapolis MD.
KNAPP, Edith. Spouse of Edmund. Born 1879, died 1966
KNAPP, Edmund. Spouse of Edith. Born 1869, died 1947 - Son of Anson C. Knapp
KNAPP, Eliza C. Born 1834, died 1911
KNAPP, Raye T. Born 1908, died 1974 - Son of Edmund & Edith Knapp
KNAPP, Samuel. Born 1824, died 1907
KNARR, Bessie M. Spouse of David M. Born 1898, died 1974
KNARR, David M. Spouse of Bessie M. Born 1894, died 1975
KNIGHT, Amelia Hatch. Born 1883, died 1957
KNIGHT, Carol L. Born 1945, died 1987 - Dau of Kenneth G. & Ethel F. Knight
KNIGHT, Daniel G. Spouse of Etta A. Born 1850, died 1914
KNIGHT, Ethel F. Spouse of Kenneth G. Born 1923
KNIGHT, Etta A. Spouse of Daniel G. Born 1861, died 1912
KNIGHT, Everett O. Born 1887, died 1954
KNIGHT, Gerald A. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 1884, died 1968
KNIGHT, Jennie M. Whitney. Spouse of Gerald A. Born 1884, died 1974 - Dau of Eugene & Susan Hammond Whitney
KNIGHT, Kenneth G. Spouse of Ethel F. Born 1911, died 1979 - Son of Gerald & Jennie Knight
KNIGHT. Lulu. Born 8-22-1890, died 3-7-1892 - Dau of Daniel & Etta Knight
KNUTH, Albert O. Spouse of Carol D. Ring. Born 8-25-1931, died 10-2-1999 - Son of Arthur & Emma Bigham Knuth Born in Gowanda NY Married May 18 1962
KOHLER, Charles W. Spouse of Olive. Born 1911, died 1979
KOHLER, Olive Woodworth. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1900
KOZAK, Anna. Spouse of John Sr. Born 9-6-1914, died 5-27-2008. Age: 93 - Dau of Mathew & Mary Patrick
KOZAK, John Sr. Spouse of Anna. Born 1910, died 1965 - m. April 29 1936 in Lackawanna
KREHBIEL, Emma Beach. Spouse of Frederick MD. Born 1847, died 1936 - Parents of Junius & Nellie M.
KREHBIEL, Frederick MD. Spouse of Emma. Born 1843, died 1927 - Parents of Junius & Nellie M. Krehbiel
KREHBIEL, Junius Frederick. Born 1879, died 1941 - Inverted triangle emblem on footstone
KREHBIEL, Nellie M. Born 1886, died 1967 - Teacher- Travelers Club
KRIEGER, Carol K. (Kersch). Spouse of Wayne Krieger. Born 1-21-1939, died 1-10-2019. Age: 79y - Dau of Walter & Ruth (Hyman) Kersch), b. Wethersfield <NY>, d. Delevan NY. Wed 11-11-1960 at St. Joseph's Ch in Bliss NY
KRIEGER, Wayne I. Spouse of Carol Kersch. Born 7-24-1935, died 8-28-2010. Age: 75y - Son of Clarence & Imogene (Eastland) Krieger, b. East Aurora-NY. Wed 11-11-1960 at St. Joseph's Ch in Bliss NY - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1953-57 aboard USS Wisconsin and USS Mississippi
KRIST, Ellen (Persons). Spouse of Howard W. Born 9-26-1915, died 3-7-2007 - Dau of Blaine & Shirley Smith Krist substitite teacher
KRIST, Howard W. Spouse of Ellen Persons. Born 2-28-1916, died 4-23-1989 - Owner of Krist furniture store - WW II Vet, US Army
KRIST, John Howard. Spouse of Sandra Drosendahl. Born 9-12-1950, died 1-1-2021 - Son of Howard and Ellen (Persons) Krist. Born in Springville NY, lived in Delevan NY, died in Olean NY. A truck driver for 40 years. Wed 1-30-1971 in Delevan, three children. (Spouse survives)
KRUSE, Richard Ray. Spouse of Margaret Smith, then companion of Jan Lexer. Born 8-08-1940, died 6-25-2022. Age: 81 - Son of Clayton & Blanche Kruse. Born in West Valley NY, died in Olean NY. At least two children. (Spouse d. 2000, companion survives.
KULAGA, Walter. Born 6-3-1918, died 7-4-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt


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