Wildwood Ave. Rt. 417
Salamanca, NY


VAIL, Evelyn J. Born 1931
VAIL, Grace H. Born 1908, died 1990
VAIL, John Alfred. Born 11-17-1931, died 1-07-1973
VAIL, John F. Born 1900, died 1972
VAIL, Marie A. Spouse of William J. Born 5-10-1927, died 10-10-2015. Age: 88y - Dau of Ray & Anna (Zielinski) Biscup, b. Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 9-16-1947 -
VAIL, William J. Spouse of Marie A. Biscup. Born 3-16-1925, died 4-08-1971 Wed 9-16-1947 - WW II Vet, USNR, GM2
VALENT, Aldene D. Spouse of James. Born 2-7-1916, died 9-22-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of Frederick and Lucy Knorr Shrader - WW II Vet, US Army Intelligence Corps, WAC,
VALENT, James. Spouse of Aldene S. Born 1906, died 1965 - Wed 10-8-946. Owned Valents Farm
VALESKI, Adam A. Spouse of Tekla Helen Ambuske. Born 3-10-1894, died 12-2-1977
VALESKI, Cecelia Kauffman. Born 1923, died 1980
VALESKI, Chester J. Born 10-21-1915, died 8-21-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
VALESKI, Josephine V. Born 3-18-1928, died 6-05-1980 - VFW Ladies Aux Flag
VALESKI, Stephania R. Born 1914, died 1960
VALESKI, Tekla Helen. Spouse of Adam A. Born 3-10-1895, died 10-21-1918 - Dau of Andrew J. and Tekla E. Frankowiak Ambuske died of spanish flu
VALESKI, Walteria M. Born 1904, died 1988
VAN BENTHUYSEN, Catherine I. Born 10-27-1918, died 3-7-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Thomas and Jennie E. Summerville Kirchner
VAN BENTHUYSEN, Josephine. Born 1911, died 1998
VANDETTA, John J. Born 1898, died 1928
VECCHIARELLA, Benny J. Born 3-09-1922, died 6-05-1987 - [St. Jude pray for us] - WW II Vet, USMC
VECCHIARELLA, Carmen A. Born 1948 - "St. Jude pray for us"
VECCHIERELLA, Tracy J. Born 1952 - "St. Jude pray for us"
VECCHIERELLA, Vincent J. Born 1950 - [St. Jude pray for us]
VECCHIO, Anna Minneci. Spouse of Salvatore
VECCHIO, Grazia M. Born 1920, died 1922 - Dau of Salvatore and Anna Minneci Vecchio Mausoleum
VECCHIO, Michael D. Born 1944, died 1954
VECCHIO, Salvatore. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1891, died 1948 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co C 309 Inf
VEHL, Robert Louis, died 1-1943
VESNESKE, Charles J. Born 1925, died 2-07-1944 - Son of Joseph and Lillian Vesneske "In loving memory of Seaman 2/C" - WW II KIA, US Navy, S2. Killed in action at Anzio Italy
VESNESKE, Donald V. Spouse of Rose A. Born 1916, died 6-7-2002 - Son of Martin and Frances Kalka Vesneske wed Sept 11 1948 in Salamanca NY
VESNESKE, Frances E. Kalka. Spouse of Martin P. Born 1879, died 1954
VESNESKE, Joseph F. Spouse of Lillian A. Born 1901, died 1975
VESNESKE, Lillian A. Spouse of Joseph F. Born 1905, died 1963
VESNESKE, Martin P. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1877, died 1958
VESNESKE, Rose A. Spouse of Donald V. Born 7-26-1918, died 5-30-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Alex and Mary Kopczyk Winiarz
VESNESKI, Agnes F. Cutcher. Born 1909, died 1995
VESNESKI, Anthony A. Born 1894, died 1973
VESNESKI, Carl P. Born 1917, died 1991 - Son of Nicholas and Michelina M. Barczak Vesneski
VESNESKI, Casimir A. Born 1905, died 1958 - Son of Edward and Mary Vesneski
VESNESKI, Edward. Spouse of Mary. Born 1871, died 1936 - [Father]
VESNESKI, Floyd Andrew. Spouse of Mary Helen. Born 2-20-1919, died 11-07-1995 - Son of Nicolas J. and Michalena M. Barczak Vesneski
VESNESKI, Frank. Born 1903, died 1914
VESNESKI, Harry J. Born 9-10-1913, died 8-23-2000 - Son of Nicolas J. and Michalena M. Barczak Vesneski b. Salamanca NY - WW II Vet, US Army
VESNESKI, Helen A. Spouse of Anthony A. Born 1901, died 1983
VESNESKI, John. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1858, died 1944 - [Father]
VESNESKI, Margaret. Spouse of John. Born 1855, died 1930 - "Mother"
VESNESKI, Mary. Spouse of Edward. Born 1873, died 1926 - "Mother"
VESNESKI, Mary Helen. Spouse of Floyd Andrew. Born 8-15-1921, died 9-20-1990 - Dau of Claude and Ann Gaynor Smith
VESNESKI, Michalena M. Spouse of Nicholas J. Born 1885, died 1970 - "Mother"
VESNESKI, Mildred -- see WOJTOWICZ, Mildred Earline
VESNESKI, Nicholas J. Spouse of Michalena M. Born 1882, died 1952 - [Father]
VESNESKI, Walter. Born 1907, died 1921
VESOTSKI, Anthony. Born 1890, died 1977
VESOTSKI, Charles. Born 1950 - Calvary Mausoleum
VESOTSKI, Lillian. Spouse of Walter - Dau of Ambuske, no dates
VESOTSKI, Margaret E. Born 1891, died 1977 - VFW Ladies Aux Flag
VESOTSKI, Mary. Born 1885, died 1952
VESOTSKI, Mary E. Born 1937
VESOTSKI, Robert C. Born 11-13-1924, died 10-27-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army
VESOTSKI, Timothy R. Spouse of Eileen. Born 7-23-1949, died 6-15-2003. Age: 53 - Son of Walter and Lillian Ambuske Vesotski - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 1st Air Cav. Helicopter gunner
VESOTSKI, Vlod. Born 1882, died 1964
VESOTSKI, Walter. Spouse of Lillian Ambuske
VINCOSKI, Anthony J. "Tony". Born 1-05-1901, died 12-15-1972 - Son of Walter and Frances Vincoski, No dates [Brother] - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
VINCOSKI, Josephine C. "Josie". Spouse of Michael J. Born 8-29-1915, died 2-12-2003 - Dau of Louis and Salome Drone b. Salamanca-NY
VINCOSKI, Michael J. Spouse of Josephine C. Born 1904, died 1973 - Dau of Walter and Frances Vincoski
VINCOSKI, Pauline "Theresa". Born 1908, died 1995 - Son of Walter and Frances Vincoski "Sister"
VISNESKI, Tommy, died 1974
VOGT, Edson T. Spouse of Marion E. Born 1908, died 1986
VOGT, Marion E. Spouse of Edson T. Born 5-04-1917, died 8-17-2000 - Born in Salamanca-NY Wed 9-26-1972
VonRHODE, Cecelia. Spouse of Julius J. Born 11-06-1887, died 7-08-1964 - Born in NY
VonRHODE, Henry J. Spouse of Margaret QUATTRONE. Born 11-9-1919, died 12-15-2010. Age: 91y - Son of Julius and Cecelia (Manalak) VonRhode, b. Dunkirk-NY. Wed 6-16-1951 at St Patrick's Ch in Salamanca NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps.
VonRHODE, Julius J. Spouse of Cecelia. Born 11-06-1878, died 11-30-1952 - Born in Germany
VOSBURGH, Keith E. Spouse of Sharon D. Born 11-23-1940 - Wed 3-13-1965 "And the two shall be made into one Eph 5:31"
VOSBURGH, Sharon D. Spouse of Keith E. Born 7-04-1942, died 6-19-1995 - Wed 3-13-1965 "And the two shall be made into one Eph 5:31"

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