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TAKARIZ, Peter. Born 1887, died 1917
TAYLOR, Bernard. Born 1895, died 1933 - WW I Vet, Co C 4th Btry Anti-Aircraft
TAYLOR, Gordon J. Spouse of Lucille D. Born 1920, died 1999 - Calvary Mausoleum
TAYLOR, John. Born 1-2-1951, died 12-27-2002. Age: 51 - Son of Gordon and Lucille D. King Taylor
TAYLOR, John J. Spouse of June E. Born 1922, died 1995 - Son of John J. and Ella A. Taylor
TAYLOR, John J. Spouse of Ella A. Born 1950 - Son of John J. and June Meek Taylor
TAYLOR, June E. Spouse of John J. Born 1925, died 1991 - Dau of Henry and Ruth Wilson Meek
TAYLOR, Kevin Paul. Born 8-6-1955, died 1996 - Son of John J. and June Meek Taylor, twin of Kurt D
TAYLOR, Kurt D. Born 8-6-1955, died 9-10-2005. Age: 50 - Son of John J. and June Meek Taylor, twin of Kevin Paul
TAYLOR, Lucille, D. Spouse of Gordon J. Born 1921, died 1999 - Calvary Mausoleum
TAYLOR, Margaret M. Spouse of Paul R. Born 5-4-1918, died 9-21-2004. Age: 86 - Dau of Walter and Mary Leaskey Zalewski
TAYLOR, Paul R. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 12-22-1917, died 4-17-1995 - Wed 1-1-1942 - WW II Vet, US Army
TAYLOR, Susan M., died 1944. Age: Infant - "Our infant daughter"
TAYLOR, Thomas M., died 7-21-1973
TELESE, James J. Born 1906, died 1971
TEMPERA, Irene M. Born 1912, died 1980
TEMPERA, Joseph A. Born 1911, died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
TEMPERA, Mary. Born 1873, died 1935
TEMPERA, Placido. Born 1866, died 1962
TERTINEK, Ludmilla (Onuk) [Millie]. Spouse of Peter. Born 9-10-1917, died 3-11-2016. Age: 98 - Dau of Maria Onuk, b. Dreikonig (Three Kings), Mehrenberg, Yugoslavia, d. Olean NY. Wed 1939 in St. Primon Yugoslavia (he d. 1958). Immigrated 1952
TERTINEK, Peter. Spouse of Ludmilla Onuk. Born 1908, died 1958 - Wed 1939 in St. Primon Yugoslavia. Immigrated 1952
TESMER, Alyce Smithe. Born 1918, died 1949
TESMER, Frank J. Spouse of Mary K., died 1947
TESMER, John. Born 1891, died 1912
TESMER, Mary K. Spouse of Frank J., died 1981
TESMER, Nellie F., died 1921
TESMER, Rose, died 1927
TESMER, William C. Born 1921, died 1922
THOMPSON, Dorothy. Born 1887, died 1931
THOMPSON, Edward H. Born 1901, died 1928 - "Father"
THOMPSON, Edward M. "Eddie", died 1977 - "Our beloved son"
THOMPSON, Frederick M. Born 3-28-1905, died 3-28-1998 - Son of ? and Mary Thompson - WW II Vet, US Army
THOMPSON, Theresa A. Born 1909, died 1970
THOMPSON, William J. Spouse of Linda. Born 1/16/1948, died 11/5/2009. Age: 61 - Son of Frederick and Theresa Gerner Thompson
THOMSON, Gladys W. Born 6-16-1908, died 8-24-1997
THOMSON, Gravenor B. "Scotty". Born 6-28-1902, died 3-03-1981
THOPMSON, Carl J. Born 8-30-1896, died 12-07-1985 - Son of ? and Mary Thompson - WW I]I Vet, US Navy
TIBBETTS, Earl. Born 1888, died 1932 - WW I Vet, Co F 305th Inf
TOENNIES, Cecil F. Born 1900, died 1966
TOENNIES, Charles E. Spouse of Margaret. Born 2-20-1916, died 6-10-2008. Age: 92 - Son of Charles A. and Pauline Ostricker Toennies. Salamanca NY Policeman
TOENNIES, Charles S. Spouse of Lena A. Born 1889, died 1970
TOENNIES, Lena A. Ostricker Spouse of Charles S. Born 1896, died 1990
TOENNIES, Margaret Connell Spouse of Charles E. Born 1916 - Wed 9-28-1940 in Vandalia NY
TOENNIES, Margaret E. Born 1902, died 1992
TOENNIES, Shirley N. Born 1945, died 1946 - Dau of Charles E. and Margaret Connell Toennies
TOMCZAK, Casper. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1875, died 1960
TOMCZAK, Sophia Spouse of Casper. Born 1881, died 1968
TOMSICK, Arthur Edward. Born 5-02-1943, died 2-28-1997 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sgt
TOMSICK, Dorothy Zeblewski. Spouse of Floyd. Born 1920, died 1985 - VFW Ladies Aux Flag Holder
TOMSICK, Floyd Spouse of Dorothy Z. Born 1915, died 1987 - Son of Casper and Sophia Tomczak
TOMSICK, Gertrude A. Born 1907, died 1988
TOMSICK, Harry C. Born 1-18-1942, died 7-01-2001. Age: 59 - Son of Floyd and Dorothy Zeblewski Tomsick. At his request he was cremated and his ashes are with his daughter Tina - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 187th Airborne Div, Ft. Benning GA and Ft. Waynewrigth AK
TOMSICK, Harry C. Born 1907, died 1995
TORGE, Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Spouse of James W. Born 11-19-1924, died 6-01-1968
TORGE, James W. Spouse of Elizabeth F. Born 1913, died 1976 - Son of Louis and May K. Torge - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
TORGE, Louis K. Jr. Born 1909, died 1929 - Son of Louis K. Torge
TORGE, Louis Sr. Spouse of May K. Born 1887
TORGE, May K. Spouse of Louis Sr. Born 1884, died 1956
TORGE, Rosemary. Born 11-17-1937, died 11-17-1937
TOWNSEND, Clarence. Born 1901, died 1944
TRACY, Anna. Born 1847, died 1926
TRACY, Eugenia, died 1944
TRACY, James M. Born 1844, died 1925
TRACZ, Antionette L. Spouse of Stanley J. Born 1896, died 1956
TRACZ, Daniel J. Spouse of Lillian J. Born 8-30-1922, died 11-05-1963 - Son of Stanley J. and Antionette L. Tracz - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
TRACZ, Lillian J. Spouse of Daniel J. Born 1927
TRACZ, Stanley J. Spouse of Antionette L. Born 1893, died 1949
TRAPENO, James. Born 1874, died 1935
TRUMMER, Christie S. Born 7-19-1991, died 5-25-2007. Age: 15 - Dau of Michael "Duth" and Melanie Oakes Trummer. Killed in an automobile accident
TRUMMER, Georgia H. Spouse of William E. Sr. Born 1898, died 1987 - "Mother"
TRUMMER, Maria Teresa. Spouse of Walton. Born 4-09-1921, died 1-21-2000 - Dau of Manuel and Josepfa Guerrero m. July 11 1950
TRUMMER, Walton "Dutch". Spouse of Maria Teresa G. Born 5-25-1924, died 4-9-2006. Age: 81 - Son of William E. and Georgia Schwalb Trummer Sr. - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe. Also US Air Force in Guam
TRUMMER, William E. Jr. Born 2-20-1920, died 12-11-1988. Age: 68 - Son of William E. and Georgia Schwalb Trummer Sr. - WW II Vet, US Army, Europ

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