Wildwood Ave. Rt. 417
Salamanca, NY


OAKES, Cathy A. Born 1958, died 1961 - Dau of Paul O. and Katherine (Bleher) Oakes.
OAKES, Katherine A. (Blehar) [Kay]. Spouse of Paul O. Born 2-6-1924, died 4-30-2015. Age: 91 - Dau of Theodore and Mary (Cheabro) Blehar. Born in Dubois PA, died in Salamanca NY. Wed 8-06-1947, five children
OAKES, Paul Otis. Spouse of Katherine Blehar. Born 4-05-1925, died 8-19-2017. Age: 92y - Son of John W. & Gladys (Ames) Oakes, b. Napoli NY, d. Salamanca NY. Wed 8-06-1947, five children (she d. 4-30-2015) - WW II Vet, US Army, Btry A, 573rd AAA AW. 1943-1945. Europe
O'BRIEN, Charles E. Born 2-14-1908, died 4-06-1950 - Son of ? and Maude E. O'Brien - WW II Vet, US Army. 668 Eng TOPO Co, T5.
O'BRIEN, Clara. Born 1896, died 1978
O'BRIEN, Ella. Born 1901, died 1951
O'BRIEN, Ellen M. Born 1898, died 1983
O'BRIEN, Elliott J. Born 1924, died 1939
O'BRIEN, Ellsworth E. [Pat]. Born 1905, died 1970
O'BRIEN, Etta (Sullivan). Born 1863, died 1949
O'BRIEN, Eva M. Spouse of John M. Born 1907, died 1988
O'BRIEN, John H. Born 1932, died 1992
O'BRIEN, John J. Born 1859, died 1941
O'BRIEN, John Jr. Born 1890, died 1917 - Son of John J. and Etta Sullivan O'Brien
O'BRIEN, John M. [Jack]. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1-13-1933, died 5-02-1994 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
O'BRIEN, Luke E. Born 1904, died 1972
O'BRIEN, Mary N. Born 1900, died 1966
O'BRIEN, Maude E. Born 1870, died 1958
O'BRIEN, Michael J. Born 2-23-1899, died 5-17-1969 - WW I Vet, US Army, Medical Depot, Pvt
O'BRIEN, Robert E. Spouse of Sarah O. Born 1876, died 1948
O'BRIEN, Robert E. Born 1893, died 1963
O'BRIEN, Sarah O'Leary. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1879, died 1956
O'BRIEN, Thomas E. Jr. Born 1919, died 1982 - Son of Thomas E. O'Brien Sr.
O'BRIEN, Thomas E. Sr. Born 1-28-1896, died 3-19-1971 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co E 118 Eng. Pvt
O'BRIEN, Thomas F. Born 1909, died 1957
OCCHUIZZO, Anthony J. Spouse of Mary L. Muzi. Born 5-21-1921, died 7-13-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Frank and Carmela Antonucci Occhuizzo - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps. African and European Theatres
OCCHUIZZO, Carmela. Spouse of Frank. Born 1893, died 1974 - [Mother]
OCCHUIZZO, Frank. Spouse of Carmela. Born 1886, died 1954 - [Father]
OCCHUIZZO, Mary Louise (Muzi). Spouse of Anthony J. Born 11-13-1930, died 4-04-2015. Age: 84 - Dau of Anthony and Lena (Marino) Muzi, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Husband d. 7-13-2006
O'CONNOR, Arlene E. Born 9-21-1919, died 5-06-1993
O'CONNOR, Elizabeth. Spouse of Michael. Born 1854, died 1937 - [Mother]
O'CONNOR, Helen B. Born 1888, died 1966 - [Daughter]
O'CONNOR, James R. Born 4-01-1906, died 10-26-1989
O'CONNOR, Michael. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1851, died 1933 - [Father]
OCZKOWSKI, Charles J. Spouse of Madeline R. Born 9-31-1915, died 7-30-1991 - Son of Constant J. and Magdalene H. Oczkowski
OCZKOWSKI, Constant J. Spouse of Magdalene H. Born 2-19-1888, died 2-26-1976
OCZKOWSKI, Madeline R. Spouse of Charles J. Born 12-02-1917, died 8-14-1995
OCZKOWSKI, Magdalene H. Spouse of Constant J. Born 5-24-1890, died 2-11-1951
O'DAY, Edward. Born 1870, died 1940
O'DAY, James E. Jr. Born 1941, died 1941 - Son of James E. O'Day Sr.
O'DAY, John F. Born 1890, died 1917
O'DAY, Leo M. Born 1897, died 1924
O'DAY, Mary. Born 1850, died 1927
O'DAY, Patrick. Born 1868, died 1921
O'DELL, Diane E. Spouse of William D. Born 1939, died 1980 - [Praise the Lord]
O'DELL, William D. Spouse of Diane E. Born 1935 - [Praise the Lord]
O'DONNELL, Berenice M. Born 1903, died 1973
O'DONNELL, Edward. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1870, died 1938
O'DONNELL, Esther. Spouse of Frank. Born 10-26-1903, died 8-11-2003. Age: 99 - Dau of Neil and Mary Ryan McDonald
O'DONNELL, Frank. Spouse of Esther M, died 1965 - Wed 6-1955
O'DONNELL, Gertrude. Spouse of Edward. Born 1874, died 1957
O'DONNELL, Patrick F. Born 1897, died 1975 - Dr.
O'FARRELLY, Lawrence J. Fr. Born 1883, died 7-22-1924 - Ordained 6-10-1911. Stone shaped like a kneeler w/a cross in front to pray
O'HAGAN -- see UNKNOWN, Kisses
O'HAGAN, Mary. Born 1860, died 1907
O'HAGAN, Mary P., died 7-05-1955 - [Daughter]
O'HARA, Emma V. Born 1877, died 1944
O'HARA, Stephen J.. Born 1881, died 1969
O'HARE, Callista M. Born 1906, died 1983
O'HARE, Donald J. Born 1935, died 1996
O'HARE, John J. Born 1900, died 1979
O'HARE, John J. Jr. Born 1931, died 1994 - Son of John J. O'Hare
O'HARE, Robert W. Born 1937, died 1938
O'HERN, Elizabeth L. Born 1918, died 1918 - Dau of Joseph P. and Fay A. O'Hern
O'HERN, Fay A. Spouse of Joseph P. Born 1888, died 1978
O'HERN, Joseph P. Spouse of Fay A. Born 1887, died 1973
OKNESKI, Robert F. Born 1923, died 1982 - Son of Frank and Katherine O'Kneski - WW II Vet, US Army, CPL
OKONIEWSKI, Frank R. Born 1889, died 1976
OKONIEWSKI, Katherine. Born 1894, died 1940
O'LAUGHLIN, Gertrude C. Crowley. Spouse of Laurence J. Born 1897, died 1975
O'LAUGHLIN, Howard J. Spouse of Kathryn. Born 5-02-1896, died 10-14-1955 - WW I Vet, US Army, Mech Btry F27 Field Artly
O'LAUGHLIN, Kathryn. Spouse of Howard J. Born 1869, died 1936 - [Mother]
O'LAUGHLIN, Laurence J. Spouse of Gertrude C. Crowley. Born 12-05-1894, died 6-25-1969 - Owned car dealership in Salamanca NY - WW I Vet, US Army. Field Artly, CPL
O'LAUGHLIN, Leo R. Born 1907, died 1929
O'LEARY, John. Born 1869, died 1951
O'LEARY, Mayme. Born 1860, died 1920
O'LEARY, Michael. Born 1865, died 1939
OLIVERIO, Doninica C. Spouse of Rocco S. Born 1877, died 1972 - [Dolce Cuore Di Maria Siate La Salvezza Mia]
OLIVERIO, Helen M. Spouse of Joseph OLIVERIO. Born 3-22-1921, died 5-29-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Nicholas and Mary (Weczorecki) Shonitsky, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY (The Pines Hlthcre and Rehab Ctr), Wed 4-10-1948 at St. Patricks RC Ch in Olean NY, 2 children
OLIVERIO, Joseph G. Spouse of Helen M. Born 6-28-1925, died 11-02-1977 - [What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever] - WW II Vet, US Army
OLIVERIO, Joseph S. Sr. Born 2-28-1891, died 11-26-1953
OLIVERIO, Margaret H. Born 7-04-1900, died 4-28-1977
OLIVERIO, Rocco S. Spouse of Doninica C. Born 1889, died 1940 - [St. Rocco pray for us] statue of St. w/dog
OLMSTED, C. Harry. Spouse of Hazel S. Born 1893, died 1974
OLMSTED, Hazel S. Spouse of C. Harry. Born 1894, died 1971
OLMSTED, Paul H. Born 1920, died 1995 - Reverend
O'NEILL, Gertrude A. Born 1890, died 1939
O'NEILL, Lester. Born 1904, died 1932 - [Husband], [At Rest]
ONUFFER, Barbara A. Dry. Spouse of Edward G. Born 1935, died 1999 - Dau of John and Agnes Ambuske Dry
ONUFFER, Edward G. Spouse of Barbara A. Born 1932, died 1999 - Wed 2-01-1958 - Korean War Vet, US Army
OPFERBECK, Barbara J. Spouse of Gerald H. Born 5-14-1935, died 4-12-2012. Age: 76 - Dau of Francis Leo and Frances Joan (Wcisto) Hannon, b. Salamanca NY Wed 6-30-1956 at St. Patrick's Ch
OPFERBECK, Gerald Harry [Ged]. Spouse of Barbara J. Born 1932
O'ROURKE, Anne L. Spouse of Thomas M. Born 4-20-1932, died 12-19-1987 - Dau of Rodney L. and Oleta Nugent Clifford Wed 7-04-1955
O'ROURKE, Jack. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1928 - Son of James C. and Marjorie A. Driscoll O'Rourke
O'ROURKE, James C. Spouse of Marjorie A. Born 4-16-1899, died 5-17-1981 - Son of Edward E. and Hannah O'Rourke - WW I Vet,
O'ROURKE, Jimmie. Born 1924, died 1932
O'ROURKE, Margaret [Pug]. Spouse of Jack. Born 1927, died 1997
O'ROURKE, Marjorie A. Spouse of James C. Born 1902, died 1981 - Wed 9-18-1922
ORTWEIN, Benj. K. Spouse of Elizabeth G. Born 1888, died 1934 - WW I Vet, US Army, 325 Inf
ORTWEIN, Elizabeth G. Spouse of Benj. K. Born 1890, died 1977
OSTRANDER, Frances Sluga. Born 6-30-1914, died 1-18-2002 - Dau of Joseph and Frances Krajec Sluga b. Emporium PA
OSTRICKER, Anna K. Born 1889, died 1971
OSTRICKER, Barbara. Born 1857, died 1931 - [Mother]
OSTRICKER, Joseph T. Born 1921, died 1927
OSTRICKER, Leonard P. Born 1882, died 1923
OSTRICKER, Thomas J. Born 1893, died 1943 - WW I Vet, US Army, Casual Co 129, Pvt
OSTRICKER, William L. Born 1920
OUVEL, Anna M. Born 1917, died 1998
OWENS, Bridget. Spouse of Clifford. Born 1-17-1918, died 4-4-2010. Age: 92 - Dau of George and Rose (Sobkowiak) Miskowic, b. Salamanca NY Wed 10-23-1945
OWENS, Clifford. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1917, died 1978 - Son of John and Nora Owens
OWENS, John M. Spouse of Nora M. Born 1885, died 1954 - [My Jesus mercy]
OWENS, Nora M. Spouse of John M. Born 1889, died 1978 - [My Jesus mercy]
OYER, Ellen. Spouse of Paul OYER. Born 10-25-1919, died 6-11-2011. Age: 91 - Dau of John and Gertrude (Hill) McFeeley, b. DuBois PA Wed 4-24-1937 at St. Patrick's Ch (he d. 10-12-2001)
OYER, Eugene R. Sr. Spouse of Mary Agnes WUJASTYK. Born 9-16-1946, died 10-5-2011. Age: 65 - Son of Russell and Theresa (Wise) Oyer, b. Salamanca NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
OYER, Fred A. Born 1889, died 1948 - [Father]
OYER, Patrick. Spouse of unknown. Born 3-27-1938, died 8-4-2011. Age: 73 - Son of Paul and Ellen (McFeeley) Oyer, b. Salamanca NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
OYER, Paul F. Spouse of Ellen M. Born 8-13-1916, died 10-12-2004. Age: 88 - Son of Wallace and Rose Duhan Oyer Wed 4-24-1937 in Salamanca NY - WW II and Kores Vet, US Air Force, Lt Col.
OYER, Rose J. Duhan. Spouse of Wallace S. Born 1894, died 1993
OYER, Russell E. Born 4-01-1922, died 12-10-1986 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
OYER, Theresa R. Born 1-06-1923, died 2-12-1982 - WW II Vet, US Navy
OYER, Wallace S. Spouse of Rose J. Born 1893, died 1977
OYLER, Emerson J. [Lank]. Spouse of Helen J. Born 2-12-1912, died 4-24-2006. Age: 94 - Son of Clyde and Blanche Oyler wed July 4 1935
OYLER, Helen J. Spouse of Emerson J. Born 4-3-1914, died 6-15-2005. Age: 91 - Dau of Louis and Theresa Wollenburger Yehl


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