Wildwood Ave. Rt. 417
Salamanca, NY


DAILEY, James W. Spouse of Katheryn E. Born 1898
DAILEY, Katheryn E. Spouse of James W. Born 1892
DALEY, Anne G. Born 1906, died 1965
DALEY, Emmett W. Born 1904, died 1978
DALEY, Jeanne Elizabeth. Born 1945, died 1946
DALEY, Rose C. Spouse of William H. Born 1865, died 4-10-1928 - "Mother"
DALEY, William H. Spouse of Rose C., died 5-15-1934 - "Father"
DANAHY, James. Born 1837, died 1925
DANAHY, James T. Born 1871, died 1913
DANAHY, John J. Born 1870, died 1923
DANAHY, Margaret. Born 1874, died 1920
DANIELS, Anna A. Born 1852, died 1924
DANIELS, Charles H. Born 1886, died 1925
DANIELS, William J. Born 1852, died 1914
DAVIS, T. John. Born 1911, died 1977
DEBALSKI, John Andrew. Spouse of Theresa F. Born 4-18-1897, died 4-24-1965 - WW I Vet, USNRF, S2
DEBALSKI, Theresa F. Spouse of John Andrew. Born 9-12-1900, died 11-22-1991
DeBLASIO, Silverio. Born 11-24-1891, died 8-11-1947 - "Qui Riposa"
DEBOLSKI, Frank J. Spouse of Martha. Born 1892, died 1929 - WW I Vet, US Navy
DEBOLSKI, Jacob J. Spouse of Kathryn M. Born 1858, died 1930
DEBOLSKI, Kathryn M. Spouse of Jacob J. Born 1858, died 1940
DEBOLSKI, Martha. Spouse of Frank. Born 1892, died 1979 - Dau of Martin and Katherine Pioterek Pincoski (Pinkowski)
DEBOLSKI, Praxie. Born 1892, died 1947 - Dau of Jacob and Katherine M. Debolski
DEBOY, Francis C. Born 1913, died 1988
DEBOY, George T. Spouse of Helen K. Born 9-11-1923, died 3-5-2006. Age: 82 - Son of George and Dorothy DeBoy - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 5th fighter Cmd, South Pacific
DEBOY, Helen K. (Pizon). Spouse of George T. Born 11-11-1923, died 6-28-1995 - Wed 9-14-1946
DEBOY, James M. Born 1916, died 1992 - Mausoleum
DEBOY, John F. Born 1882, died 1961
DEBOY, Julia A. Born 1889, died 1961
DEBOY, Loretta A. Born 1918, died 1991
DEBOY, Richard Donald. Born 6-29-1924, died 8-1-2012. Age: 88 - Son of John and Jule [sic] (Connors) DeBoy, b. unstated, d. Buffalo NY (VA Hosp), - WW II Vet, US Army, 16 Yankee Div 961 Eng, Rifleman
DECAMP, Anna C. Born 1881, died 1955
DECAMP, Charles. Born 1912, died 1913
DECAMP, Charles W. Born 1884, died 1965
DEGAIN, Arthur. Spouse of Eugenie. Born 2-15-1860, died 11-29-1931
DEGAIN, Eugenie. Spouse of Arthur. Born 3-14-1867, died 1-02-1953
DEGAIN, George F. Spouse of Grace B. Born 10-08-1888, died 7-17-1979
DEGAIN, George F. Jr. Born 10-27-1918, died 7-28-1996 - Son of George F. Sr. and Grace B. DeGain
DEGAIN, Grace B. Spouse of George F. Sr. Born 10-31-1896, died 6-28-1948
DEGAINE, Bertha I. Born 1921, died 1994 - WW II Vet, US Navy
DEGAINE, Robert P. Born 1925, died 1990 - Son of George F. Sr. and Grace B. DeGain - WW II Vet, US Army
DEGAINE, Yvonne. Born 5-31-1950, died 12-22-2010. Age: 60 - Dau of Robert Sr. and Bertha (Frost) DeGaine, b. Salamanca NY
DEGROAT, Bruce. Spouse of Helen. Born 1896, died 1930
DEGROAT, Helen. Spouse of Bruce. Born 1898, died 1978
DELANTIE, Beatrice. Born 1897, died 1915
DELANTIE, Hattie. Born 1872, died 1951
DELANTIE, Thomas J. Born 1860, died 1928
DELONG, Annie M. Spouse of Hugh K. Born 3-28-1904, died 2-09-1981
DELONG, Hugh K. Spouse of Annie M. Born 2-09-1904, died 2-30-1971 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry A 15 Fld Arty, Pvt
DELONG, Judith. Spouse of William. Born 3-15-1952, died 3-13-2010. Age: 57 - Dau of Melvin and Grace (Vecchio) Brooks, twin to Sandra (Brooks) Farr, b. Salamanca NY
DELONG, Tammy M. Born 9-4-1972, died 8-4-2009. Age: 36 - Dau of William and Judith Brooks DeLong
DERIVAL, Edward R. Born 1-15-1911, died 5-14-1997 - Son of Stanley E. and Mary A. Dervial - WW II Vet, US Army
DERIVAL, Frances A. Born 2-05-1904, died 8-10-1998 - Dau of Stanley E. and Mary A. Dervial
DERIVAL, John J. Born 8-07-1900, died 10-24-1989 - Son of Stanley E. and Mary A. Dervial
DERIVAL, Joseph M. Born 1913, died 1979 - Son of Stanley E. and Mary A. Dervial - WW II Vet, US Army
DERIVAL, Mary A. Spouse of Stanley E. Born 1878, died 1950
DERIVAL, Stanley E. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1868, died 1952
DERIVAL, Victoria. Born 1924, died 1993
DEROSA, Pasquale. Born 1882, died 1914
DEVEREAUX, James H. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1874, died 1960
DEVEREAUX, James L. Born 1911, died 1944 - Son of James and Mary Devereaux
DEVEREAUX, Louise M. Spouse of William. Born 1904, died 1997
DEVEREAUX, Mary E. Spouse of James H. Born 1880, died 1965
DEVEREAUX, P. J. Ryan. Born 1846, died 1923
DEVEREAUX, William J. Born 1904, died 1940
DIDAS, John F. Born 1906, died 1960
DIDAS, Katherine T. Spouse of John F. Born 1877, died 1910
DIDAS, Ruth L. Born 1912, died 1983
DIEKMANN, Helen Roszyk Spouse of. Born 1909, died 1969
DIETER, Dorothy M. Born 1925
DIETER, Robert G. Born 1922, died 1994 - Uncategorized Vet
DIETERMAN, Minnie H. Spouse of William H. Born 1884, died 1958
DIETERMAN, Vivian M. Born 1906, died 1913 - Dau of William and Minnie Dieterman
DIETERMAN, William H. Spouse of Minnie H. Born 1881, died 1966
DIETRICH, Margery A. Born 1940, died 1980
DILL, Billy. Born 1921, died 1933 - Son of William G. and Eugenia Mary Dill
DILL, Eugenia Mary. Spouse of William G. Born 1897, died 1986
DILL, William G. Spouse of Eugenia Mary. Born 4-25-1889, died 7-16-1969 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co L 326th Inf, Cpl
DIMPFL, Adrain. Born 4-20-2001, died 4-28-2001. Age: 8d - Son of Francis "Greg" Dimpfl and Lacie Quinn
DIPS, Mary L. Born 1917
DIPS, Michael. Born 1886, died 1942
DIPS, Regina. Born 1880, died 1968
DOBKOWSKI, John. Born 1894, died 1923
DOLECKI, Albert. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1880, died 1925 - "Father"
DOLECKI, Aloysius J. Born 8-23-1917, died 10-14-1985 - Son of Joseph J. and Martha S. Dolecki - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
DOLECKI, Bernard W. Born 10-25-1921, died 8-01-1980 - Son of Joseph J. and Martha S. Dolecki - WW II Vet, USMC
DOLECKI, Chester M. Spouse of Mary L. Speroni. Born 4-28-1923, died 7-09-2003. Age: 80 - Son of Albert and Mary F. Kalka Dolecki. Wed 11-27-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific
DOLECKI, Daniel Jay [D. J.]. Born 10-08-1977, died 7-20-2015 - Son of Daniel and Diane Dolecki, born in Salamanca NY, died in Rochester NY
DOLECKI, Edward A. Born 1910, died 1990 - Son of Michael and Veronica Dolecki Mausoleum
DOLECKI, Emma J. Born 10-18-1911, died 2-17-1986
DOLECKI, Esther A. Born 6-18-1925, died 3-20-2016. Age: 90y - Dau of Albert & Mary (Kalka) Dolecki, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY. Mausoleum
DOLECKI, Esther P. Born 1923
DOLECKI, Francis J. Born 5-04-1915, died 1-23-1973 - Son of Michael and Veronica Dolecki - WW II Vet, US Army, Co A 711 RY OPR BN TC, Pfc
DOLECKI, Frank E. Born 4-05-1916, died 1-27-1996 - Son of Albert and Mary F. Kalka Dolecki "Forever in our hearts" - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
DOLECKI, Harry J. Born 8-17-1924, died 6-19-1990 - Son of Joseph J. and Martha S. Dolecki - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
DOLECKI, Helen T. Born 1915, died 1992 - Mausoleum
DOLECKI, Jackie. Born 8-13-1935, died 10-08-1944 - Child of Dolecki "God called them home it was his will their place on earth no one can fill"
DOLECKI, Joanne A. Born 5-07-1929, died 12-22-1965
DOLECKI, John. Born 1914, died 1987 - Son of Albert and Mary F. Kalka Dolecki
DOLECKI, Joseph J. Spouse of Martha S. Born 7-19-1894, died 11-01-1976 - Born in Poland
DOLECKI, Lillian. Born 1912, died 1997 - Dau of Albert and Mary F. Kalka Dolecki Mausoleum
DOLECKI, Martha S. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 2-07-1899, died 5-08-1975
DOLECKI, Mary (Speroni). Spouse of Chester. Born 6-19-1926, died 11-02-2014. Age: 88 - Dau of Eugenio and Louise (Poggoli) Speroni, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 11-27-1967
DOLECKI, Mary F. Spouse of Albert. Born 1888, died 1969 - "Mother"
DOLECKI, Michael. Spouse of Veronica. Born 1882, died 1963
DOLECKI, Minnie. Born 1917, died 1984
DOLECKI, Paul Charles. Born 1-21-1932, died 9-15-1957 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, 773 AC&W SQ, A1C
DOLECKI, Stanley P. Born 1-30-1919, died 1-25-1968 - Son of Joseph J. and Martha S Dolecki
DOLECKI, Stephen P. Born 1956, died 1994 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
DOLECKI, Veronica. Spouse of Michael. Born 1887, died 1953
DOLECKI, Victor. Born 1918, died 1999 - Son of Albert and Mary F. Kalka Dolecki Mausoleum - WW II Vet, US Army
DOMAGALSKI, Edmund. Spouse of Helena. Born 8-12-1912, died 1-20-2007. Age: 94 - Son of Jan and Maria Seranfinski Domagalski, b. Chelmno Poland. - WW II Vet, Polish Army
DOMAGALSKI, Helena Sron. Spouse of Edmund. Born 4-01-1923, died 1-19-1998 - Wed 10-11-1947 in England
DOMINICK, Julian F. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1873, died 1958
DOMINICK, Mary M. Spouse of Julian F. Born 1878, died 1925 - "I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do"
DONAHEY, Claude V. Born 2-14-1893, died 10-03-1985 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
DONAHEY, Veronica A. Born 1914, died 1958
DONAHUE, Amelia F. Born 1904, died 1998
DONAHUE, Floyd T. Born 11-03-1896, died 6-01-1974 - WW I Vet, US Navy, F2
DONALDSON, Sarah V. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1880, died 8-25-1947
DONALDSON, Thomas J. Spouse of Sarah V. Born 1878, died 12-14-1941
DONATO, Marion T. Born 2-25-1913, died 5-09-1988 - M.D.
DONATO, Thomas Frank. Born 10-03-1956, died 10-25-1956
DONDON, Phoebe. Spouse of William F. Born 1923 - Dr. Mausoleum
DONDON, William F. Spouse of Phoebe. Born 1919 - Mausoleum
DONLIN (Pachan), Alyce Spouse of. Born 1924 - Mausoleum
DONLIN, Alyce. Spouse of Frank E. Born 8-28-1924, died 6-30-2009. Age: 84 - Dau of Nicholas and Mary Podolinski Pachan m. Feb 27 1965
DONLIN, Edward. Spouse of Mary I. Born 2-09-1875, died 5-15-1953
DONLIN, Frank E. Spouse of Alyce. Born 1911, died 5-1-1999 - Son of Thomas and Emma S. Donlin. Mausoleum - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
DONLIN, Harold. Born 1913, died 1994 - Son of Thomas and Emma S. Donlin
DONLIN, Mary I. Spouse of Edward. Born 7-20-1884, died 11-19-1963
DONLIN, Roland E. Born 1909, died 1966 - Son of Edward and Mary Donlin
DONLIN, Zella. Born 1918
DONOVAN, Catherine M. Spouse of F. Joseph. Born 1872, died 1929 - "My Jesus mercy"
DONOVAN, F. Joseph. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1873, died 1954 - "My Jesus mercy"
DONOVAN, Margaret. Born 1897, died 1978
DOOLEY, Blanche M. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1875, died 1938
DOOLEY, Henry. Born 1902, died 1985 - Son of Richard H. and Blanche M. Dooley
DOOLEY, Richard H. Spouse of Blanche M. Born 1856, died 1934
DOVILLE, Dorothy E. Born 1922, died 1939
DOWIASZ, Dorothy. Spouse of Stanley J. Born 8-15-1923, died 10-25-2007. Age: 84 - Dau of Nicholas and Michalena M. Barczak Vesneski m. June 27 1945
DOWIASZ, Stanley J. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 1920, died 9-19-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army. Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster
DOWNEY, Baby, died 1959. Age: Baby
DOYLE, William P. Born 1895, died 1927
DRAGOTTA, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Frank P. Sr. Born 1931, died 1994
DRAGOTTA, Frank P. Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth C. Born 1928, died 1988
DRAKE, Howard J. Spouse of Mary Hill. Born 1913, died 1981 - Son of Bert Drake
DRAKE, Lynda Marie. Born 8-23-1943, died 8-23-1943. Age: 0d - Dau of Howard J. and Mary Hill Drake "Forever in our hearts"
DRAKE, Mary (Hill) Webster. Spouse of #1 Carroll Webster, #2 Howard J. Drake. Born 10-22-1912, died 1-06-2003. Age: 90 - Dau of Carl G. and Mary A. (Lyons) Hill. Carroll died in a car accident in 1941
DREYER, Barbara. Spouse of Louis. Born 1835, died 1911
DREYER, Louis. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1831, died 1905
DRISCOLL, Agnes C. Spouse of William J. Born 1895, died 1964
DRISCOLL, Anna M. Spouse of Michael J. Born 1875, died 1950
DRISCOLL, M. John. Born 1903, died 1970 - Son of ? and Anna Driscoll
DRISCOLL, Michael J. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1864, died 1928
DRISCOLL, William J. Spouse of Agnes C. Born 1897, died 1981
DRONE, Felix S. Born 1918, died 1967 - Son of Louis and Salomea A. Drone
DRONE, Frank D. Spouse of Mary. Born 1925, died 1975 - Son of Louis and Salomea A. Drone
DRONE, Ludwig. Born 1884, died 1961
DRONE, Mary ["Pat"]. Spouse of Frank D. Born 1923, died 1998 - "Pat" "See I told you I was sick"
DRONE, Salomea. Spouse of Louis. Born 1890, died 1986
DRONEY, Elizabeth E. Spouse of John L. Born 1-20-1919, died 11-14-2011 - Dau of William F. and Pearl (Freeman) Wolven, StepDau of Helena Woods Wolven, b. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1938 (he. D. 2-17-1993)
DRONEY, Irene L. Born 1924, died 1929 - Dau of John and Myrtle Droney
DRONEY, John L. Spouse of Elizabeth E. Born 1-07-1918, died 2-17-1993 - Son of John and Myrtle Droney
DRONEY, John T. Spouse of Myrtle E. Born 1893, died 1969
DRONEY, Myrtle E. Spouse of John T. Born 1896, died 1959
DRY, Agnes T. (Ambuske). Spouse of John A. Born 1903, died 1978
DRY, Andrew M. Spouse of Pauline C. Born 1883, died 1954
DRY, Barbara A. Born 1940
DRY, Catherine. Spouse of George. Born 1856, died 1939
DRY, Cecilia M. Spouse of Harry. Born 11-14-1922, died 7-27-2003. Age: 80 - Dau of Andrew and Mary Tomaisk Barczak
DRY, David M. Born 1936
DRY, Donald. Spouse of Janice Frank. Born 7-31-1938, died 11-24-2014. Age: 76 - Son of John and Agnes (Ambuske) Dry, b. Salamanca NY, d. unstated, Wed 2-03-1962 (she survives)
DRY, Donna Marie, died 2-04-1967 - "Our daughter"
DRY, Edward M. Spouse of Mary R. Born 1876, died 1963
DRY, Esther. Born 1909, died 1936
DRY, Eugene E. Born 12-04-1925, died 5-20-1993 - Son of Edward M. and Mary R. Dry - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1. Silver Star
DRY, George. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1852, died 1942
DRY, Harry A. Spouse of Cecilia M. Born 10-11-1916, died 4-07-1990 - Son of Andrew and Pauline C. Dry - WW II Vet, US Army, M/Sgt
DRY, John A. Spouse of Agnes T. Born 1898, died 1971
DRY, Josephine A. Born 1885, died 1977
DRY, Kathlene L. Born 1937, died 1988
DRY, Leo J. Born 1903, died 1970 - Son of Edward M. and Mary R. Dry
DRY, Lucy B. Born 1931, died 1993
DRY, Mary R. Spouse of Edward M. Born 1879, died 1951
DRY, Paul. Spouse of Lucy Truman. Born 1-16-1928, died 6-21-2011. Age: 83 - Son of John and Agnes (Ambuske) Dry, "Pope", b. Salamanca NY Wed 11-16-1953 (she d. 2-11-1993) - WW II Vet, US Navy
DRY, Pauline C. Spouse of Andrew M. Born 1891, died 1972
DRY, Robert. Spouse of Sophie Herbach. Born 1-20-1924, died 6-15-2005. Age: 81 - Son of John and Agnes Ambuske Dry - WW II Vet, US Army, 766th Div. Pacific
DRY, Sophie. Spouse of Robert. Born 5-26-1923, died 3-18-2010. Age: 86 - Dau of Paul and Justina (Trysczyla) Herbach, b. Ludlow PA Wed 8-03-1946
DRY, Thomas J. Born 1925, died 1980 - Son of John and Agnes Ambuske Dry - WW II Vet, US Navy
DRYE, Edward J. Born 11-10-1887, died 12-31-1957 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry B 336 Fld Arty, Pfc
DUELLERTZ, Mary. Born 1854, died 1920
DUGAN, Elizabeth (Pavlock). Spouse of John. Born 5-29-1924, died 9-9-2006. Age: 82 - Dau of Michael and Anna Emborsky Pavlock. Wed 2-14-1946 in Washington DC
DUGAN, Francis J. Born 1896, died 1967
DUGAN, John Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth Pavlock. Born 10-31-1922, died 1-31-2016. Age: 93y - Son of John & Mary (Ewart) Dugan, b. McClellandtown PA, d. Bath NY. Wed 2-14-1946 in Washington DC - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
DUGGAN, Catherine A. Spouse of John F. Born 11-11-1905, died 1-07-2002. Age: 96 - Dau of Simon and Ann O'Brien Conway
DUGGAN, J. Robert. Spouse of Barbara J., died 3-25-2010. Age: 76 - Korean War Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne Div.
DUGGAN, John F. Spouse of Catherine A. Born 1901, died 1952 - Wed 1932
DUGGAN, Robert. Born 1915, died 1915
DUHAN, Bernard G. Spouse of Erna M. Born 1915, died 1988
DUHAN, Erna M. Spouse of Bernard G. Born 1915, died 1952
DUKE, Kathryn. Born 1885, died 1974
DUKE, Lucile. Born 1895, died 19--
DUKELOW, Luise M. Born 4-23-1898, died 8-18-1951
DULANSKI, George. Born 1891, died 1952
DULANSKI, Gertrude. Born 1899, died 1981 - "The Lord is my shephard"
DULANSKI, Harry R. Spouse of Katherine Meacham. Born 4-28-1932, died 4-5-2005. Age: 66y - Wed 6-28-1979 Korean War Vet, US Army, PFC
DULANSKI, Isabel. Spouse of Stephen W. Born 1905, died 1991
DULANSKI, John A. Spouse of Winifred A. Born 4-23-1918, died 3-04-1985 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
DULANSKI, Katherine. Spouse of Harry R. Born 9-06-1950, died 2-27-2017. Age: 66y - Dau of Roy & Cora (Stoddard) Meacham, b. Salamanca NY, d. Andover NY, Wed 6-28-1979
DULANSKI, Martin. Born 1857, died 1940
DULANSKI, Stephen W. Spouse of Isabel. Born 12-07-1894, died 1-25-1988 - Son of Martin Dulansk - WW II Vet, US Army
DULANSKI, Winifred A. ["Winnie"]. Spouse of John A. Born 4-13-1919, died 1-28-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of John and Blanch Wells Morrison b. Cherry Creek NY
DUNDON, John F. Born 1874, died 1953
DUNDON, Phoebe J. Spouse of William. Born 3-26-1923, died 10-3-2006 - Dau of Hiram and Stella Cargill Rice, b. Corydon PA. Wed 1946. A school teacher
DUNDON, Sara W. Born 1885, died 1968
DUNDON, William. Spouse of Phoebe Rice. Born 11-19-1919, died 6-1-2012. Age: 92 - Son John and Sara (Rochford) Dundon, b. Salamanca NY - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe
DUNN, Esther. Spouse of Hugh. Born 1911, died 1992
DUNN, Hugh. Spouse of Esther. Born 1908, died 1974
DUNNE, Mary Ann. Spouse of Hugh J. Jr. Born 2-17-1932, died 1-27-2004. Age: 71 - Dau of Angelo and Caroline Orzetti Damico b. Kane PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 10-11-1952
DUNNING, Mary. Spouse of C. M. Born 1873, died 1915
DUZINSKI, Andrew. Born 1885, died 1925
DYSZKIEWICZ, Martin S. Born 1892, died 19--
DYSZKIEWICZ, Michael. Born 1866, died 8-16-1926. Age: 60
DYSZKIEWICZ, Pauline M. Born 1894, died 1931
DYSZKIEWICZ, Veronica. Born 1870, died 1957
DZIEDZIC, Maryana. Born 1863, died 1954
DZIEDZIC, Thomasz. Born 1851, died 1933


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