Wildwood Ave. Rt. 417
Salamanca, NY


ABRAMS, Robert   Born 12-25-1926 Died 10-28-1971      - Vet-WW II US Navy NY FM3 
ADAMCZAK, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Paul J.   Born 1896 Died 1973     
ADAMCZAK, James J. Spouse of Marcia PACHOL Born 8/17/1937 Died 3/5/2012 Age 74y    - Son of Stephen Sr. & Alice (Mason) Adamczak, b. Jamestown-NY  Wed 8-02-1958 in Jamestown-NY   
ADAMCZAK, Paul J. Spouse of Elizabeth C. Born 1894 Died 1975      - Vet-WW I Pvt US Army 
ADAMIC, Eva A. Spouse of John J.   Born 1889 Died 1972     
ADAMIC, John J. Spouse of Eva A. Born 1874 Died 1954     
ADAMS, Elizabeth A.   Born 1864 Died 1943     
ADAMS, George G.   Born 1874 Died 1920      - Son of Joseph & Mary J. Adams 
ADAMS, Gilbert J.   Born 1907 Died 1916     
ADAMY, Frank E. Spouse of Lillian E. Born 1877 Died 1950      - Son of Joseph & Mary J. Adams "Father" 
ADAMY, Lillian E. Spouse of Frank E.  Born 1882 Died 1942      - "Mother" 
ADSIT, Edward L. Spouse of Helen J. Born 8-18-1921 Died 10-20-1979      - Vet-WW II Sgt US Army 
ADSIT, Helen J. Spouse of Edward L.   Born 1934 Died 1989     
AGNELLI, Albert B. Spouse of Elizabeth "Betty" Scholes Born 4-07-1928 Died 8-27-1987      - Son of John J. & Louise Marinari Agnelli Salamanca policeman Vet-WWII US Navy " He gave love and gained respect in the people he met and built character in the boys he taught" 
AGNELLI, Baby   Born 1918 Died 1918 Age Baby   
AGNELLI, Carl J.   Born 1922 Died 1938      - Son of John J. & Louise Marinari Agnelli 
AGNELLI, Helen T. Spouse of Peter J.   Born 4/19/1919 Died 3/1/2010 Age 90y    - Dau of Floyd & Mary (Preston) Chamberlain, b. Salamanca-NY  Wed 4-11-1948 
AGNELLI, Jennie Spouse of Joseph   Born 1892 Died 1918     
AGNELLI, John J. Spouse of Louise M. Born 1891 Died 1972     
AGNELLI, Joseph Spouse of Jennie Born 1887 Died 19--     
AGNELLI, Louise M. Spouse of John J.   Born 1899 Died 19--      
AGNELLI, Peter J. Spouse of Helen T. Born 10-25-1919 Died 6-11-1976      - Son of John J. & Louise Marinari Agnelli Vet-WW II Pvt US Army 
AGNELLI, Pietro   Born 1919 Died 1919      - Son of Agnelli Memoria 
AHRENS, George A.   Born 12-27-1917 Died 8-17-1969      - Son of John & Germonda Ahrens Vet-WW II NY PFC Btry A681 GLI FA BN 
AHRENS, George C.   Born 10-16-1948 Died 7-23-1989     
AHRENS, Gretchen E.   Born 1895 Died 1988      - Mausoleum 
AHRENS, Howard A. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1903 Died 1981     
AHRENS, Margaret E. Spouse of Howard A.   Born 1902 Died 1969     
AINEY, James G.   Born 1906 Died 1983      - Son of Ainey, Mausoleum 
AINEY, Viola M.   Born 1907 Died 1984      - Mausoleum 
ALDUSKI, Anna A. Spouse of Micahel J.   Born 1885 Died 1966     
ALDUSKI, Carl J.   Born 12-28-1910 Died 1-06-1992      - Son of Michael J. & Anna A. Alduski Vet-WWII MSgt US Army 
ALDUSKI, Max E.   Born 1908 Died 1957      - Son of Michael J. & Anna A. Alduski  
ALDUSKI, Michael  J. Spouse of Anna A. Born 1879 Died 1949     
ALFERINK, Clyde   Born 1915 Died 1989     
ALFERINK, Helen   Born 1918       
ALFERINK, Helen Dry Spouse of Clyde   Born 11-03-1918 Died 6-22-2003 Age 84     - Dau of Edward & Mary Rakus Dry b. Salamanca-NY d. Bradford-NY Wed 5-31-1959 Owner/operator C&H Produce Co. in Bradford-PA 
AMBROSE, Lottie   Born 1894 Died 1966      - "Mother" 
AMBROZIEWICZ, Francis S.   Born 1929 Died 1957     
AMBUSKE, Adam M. Spouse of Victoria Born 1888 Died 1973     
AMBUSKE, Andrew J. Spouse of Tekla Born 10-27-1870 Died 8-29-1946      - Son of Ignacy Charles & Mary Pilarska (maiden name may have been Dzill) Jarzembowski (changed name to Ambuske)   
AMBUSKE, Anthony C.   Born 1873 Died 1942     
AMBUSKE, Anthony J. Spouse of Frances T. Born 2-28-1878 Died 3-22-1949      - Son of Ignacy Charles & Mary Pilarska (maiden name may have been Dzill) Jarzembowski (changed name to Ambuske)   
AMBUSKE, Barbara B. spouse of  Donald F. born 6-16-1925 died 1-22-2005      - dau of A. Page & Mabel N. Nies Bedell 
AMBUSKE, Beatrice spouse of  Harry born 2-5-1927 died 2-19-2010 age 83    - dau of Arthur & Nina Vaughan Goodrich m. Oct. 16 1948 
AMBUSKE, Edna S. Spouse of Peter F.   Born 1888 Died 1970     
AMBUSKE, Edward F. Spouse of Natalie Born 3-09-1908 Died 3-19-1978      - Son of Anthony J. & Frances Zaprowski Ambuske Vet-WWII SSgt US Army 
AMBUSKE, Eugene M.   Born 1929 Died 1951      - Son of Leo J. & Lillian M. Ambuske 
AMBUSKE, Floyd A. Spouse of Viola H. Born 10-17-1902 Died 2-2-1979      - son of Andrew J. & Tekla E. Frankowiak Ambuske 
AMBUSKE, Frances T. Spouse of Anthony J.   Born 12-13-1881 Died 1-6-1957      - b. Dobieszwo Poland nee Zaprowski m: 15 Jun 1904 in Salamanca NY 
AMBUSKE, Frank Chester Spouse of Helen M.   Born 3-28-1897 Died 5-28-1953      - Pray for Us" Vet-WWI NY Pvt 5 Co 153 Depot Brig 
AMBUSKE, Hedy S.   Born 1933 Died 1989     
AMBUSKE, Helen M. Spouse of Frank C.   Born 8-24-1904 Died 3-24-1999      - Dau of John & Minnie Bierfeldt "Pray for Us" Wed 2-15-1922 
AMBUSKE, Jimmie   Born 10-13-1932 Died 10-08-1944      - God called them home it was his will their place on earth no one can fill" 
AMBUSKE, John L.   Born 12-16-1898 Died 3-12-1968      - Vet-WW I& II NY Cpl Tran Corp 
AMBUSKE, Joseph spouse of Mary Pincoski Born 1-14-1908 Died 4-24-1981      - son of Edward and Pelagia Kaminski 
AMBUSKE, Josephine Spouse of Michael   Born 1847 Died 1936      - "His Wife" 
AMBUSKE, Josephine L.   Born 1880 Died 1920     
AMBUSKE, Leo Sox Spouse of Lillian M. Born 7-13-1906 Died 5-29-1968      - son of Andrew J. & Tekla E. Frankowiak Ambuske 
AMBUSKE, Lillian M. Vesneski Spouse of Leo S.   Born 10-28-1905 Died 3-21-1995      - m: 09 Oct 1928 in Salamanca  
AMBUSKE, Loretta Catherine spouse of Raymond I. Born 8-28-1914 died 3-6-2009 age 94    - dau of Micheal & Anna Dry Alduski m. 01 Jun 1939 
AMBUSKE, Loretta Catherine spouse of Raymond I. Born 8-28-1914        - m: 01 Jun 1939 
AMBUSKE, Martin J. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1879 Died 1957     
AMBUSKE, Mary spouse of Joseph Born 12-8-1908 Died 1-19-1991      - m: 11 Nov 1930  
AMBUSKE, Mary L. Spouse of Martin J.   Born 1882 Died 1958     
AMBUSKE, Michael Spouse of Josephine Born 1836 Died 1927     
AMBUSKE, Natalie Barczak spouse of  Edward Born 5-31-1916 died 11-13-2004 age 88    - Dau of Andrew & Mary Tomasik Barczak  
AMBUSKE, Peter F. Spouse of Edna S. Born 1883 Died 1961     
AMBUSKE, Philip L.   Born 1931       
AMBUSKE, Raymond I. spouse of Loretta Catherine   Born 8-9-1912 Died 7-21-1978      - Son of Anthony J. & Frances Zaprowski Ambuske 
AMBUSKE, Tekla E. Frankowiak Spouse of Andrew J  Born 1876 Died 11-27-1948    b: Wanzonka Poland m: Oct 1893 in Salamanca 
AMBUSKE, Theresa A. Spouse of Richard AMBRUSKE Born 1/24/1934 Died 9/29/2010 Age 76y  Dau of John & Helen (Subject) Marcus, b. Olean-N Wed 6-25-1955 at St. John's Ch in Olean-NY  
AMBUSKE, Victoria Spouse of Adam M.   Born 1886 Died 1941      - dau of Martin & Katherine Pioterek Pinkowski 
AMBUSKE, Viola H. Rybicki Spouse of Floyd A.   Born 2-7-1903 Died 5-13-1987     
AMBUSKI, Amelia A. Spako Spouse of Stanley E.   Born 7-19-1907 Died 1-27-1970      - m: 23 Nov 1927   
AMBUSKI, Stanley E. Spouse of Amelia A. Born 11-7-1905 Died 1-1-1963      - son of Edward and Pelagia Kaminski 
AMES, Harry L. Spouse of Margaret Born 1918        - Mausoleum 
AMES, Margaret Spouse of Harry L.   Born 1921        - Mausoleum 
ANDERSON, Betty A.   born 5-20-1939 died 12-4-2005      - dau of Stanley & Monica Magiera Starr 1st eucharistic minister in Buffalo Diocese 
ANDERSON, Edwin W.   Born 1893 Died 1962     
ANDERSON, Florence Knorr   Born 1904 Died 1986     
ANDERSON, Hazel E.   Born 1893 Died 1979     
ANDERSON, Mildred A. Spouse of Robert J.   Born 1910 Died 5-11-1986      - Dau of Woelfle Mausoleum Wed 7-29-1939 
ANDERSON, Richard D.   Born 1945 Died 1979      - Vet-Vietnam US Navy 
ANDERSON, Robert J. Spouse of Mildred W  Born 7-21-1908 Died 9-23-2000      - Son of Robert & Mary O'Connell Anderson Emtombment 
ANDREWS, Alice   Born 1906 Died 1936     
ANDREWS, Alvena L.  Spouse of Leonard C.  born 7-28-1916 died 3-2-1995      - dau of Frank and Carmella Antonuccis Occhuizzo  
ANDREWS, Barbara L.   Born 12-09-1935 Died 8-27-1996     
ANDREWS, Harold C.   Born 1913 Died 1990       - son of Chester B. and Nellie Grover Andrews 
ANDREWS, Jennie   Born 1916 Died 1989     
ANDREWS, Leonard C. spouse of Alvena L.  Born 6-20-1916 Died 12-8-1997      - son of Chester B. and Nellie Grover Andrews Mausoleum 
ANTHONY, John P.   Born 1881 Died 1952     
ANZALONE, Dominica Spouse of Raymond   Born 1875 Died 1956     
ANZALONE, Raymond Spouse of Dominica Margaret Born 1871 Died 1936     
ANZIVINE, Margaret     Died 1923     
ARENA, Marian Rose   Born 1919 Died 1995      - Dau of Stanley E. & Rose M. (Smith [Szmyt]) Bzdak 
ARENA, Roy F.   Born 1915 Died 1978      - Vet-WW II US Army 
ARENA, Victor J.   Born 1922 Died 1984      - Vet-WW II US Army 
ARMAGOST, Mary Liane Spouse of Robert D. ARMAGOST Born 8/6/1932 Died 4/17/2012 Age 79y    - Dau of Henry & Ruth (Wilson) Meek, Lifelong resident of Salamanca-NY Wed 7-04-1953 (he d. 6-23-2009)  
ARMSTRONG, Frances R.   Born 1919 Died 1988     
ATHERTON, Elmer L. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1915 Died 1980     
ATHERTON, Margaret E. Spouse of Elmer L.   Born 1900 Died 1995     
ATKINS, Francis C.  Spouse of Irene A. Born 1-28-1899 Died 4-03-1961      - Vet-WW I NY Pvt STU Army TNG Corps 
ATKINS, Irene A. Spouse of Francis C.   Born 1896 Died 1981     
ATKINS, Richard  Spouse of Helen BLEHAR Born 7/10/1928 Died 3/5/2011 Age 82y    - Son of Francis & Irene (Adams) Atkins, "Beans", b. Olean-NY Wed 9-01-1956 at St. Mary's RC Ch in Little Valley-NY Vet-Korea US Air Force  
ATWOOD, Bernadette P. "Bunny" Spouse of Lyle Arthur   Born 2-02-1922 Died 11-08-1988      - dau of Frank & Mary O'Day Freeman Wed 1-14-1947 
ATWOOD, Celeste Ann   Born 1950 Died 2-13-1973      - dau of William & Miriam A. Freeman Atwood "God bless you darling" 
ATWOOD, Lyle A. Sr. Spouse of #1 Bernadette "Bunny" FREEMAN and #2 Pauline (WALKER) Hurd Born 7/3/1922 Died 10/13/2011 Age 89y    - Son of Arthur & Elizabeth "Bessie" (Zeliff) Atwood, b. Randolph-NY Wife #1 d. 11-08-1988, Wife #2 d. 2006, Vet-WWII US Army 97th Inf Signal Corp  
ATWOOD, Miriam A. Spouse of William H. born 6-3-1917 died 7-3-2006 age 89    - dau of Frank & Mary O'Day Freeman "God bless you darling" 
ATWOOD, William H. Spouse of Miriam A. Born 5-02-1917 Died 12-30-1993      - Vet-WW II US Army "God bless you darling" 

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