Town of East Otto
Utley & Hammond Hill Rd.

Compiled by John & M.E.Bryant 2006

Cemetery is unmarked but well cared for, it is behind a home on Utley Road, just off Hammond Hills Road
There are many stone unreadable & some are laying down or broken.

Photos by John Bryant

BEEBE, Edwin F.                 born    1836    died    1900                 Co B 9th NY Cav
BEEBE, Elizabeth Pratt      born    1840    died    1933                            His wife
BEEBE, George H.         born    1830    died    1862     can't read rest of base sitting on ground
BOWEN, Levi                       died    5-21-187?       age     35y 6m 5d    tree covering up stone
COX, ?                                  died    1-2?1865     daughter of William A. & Mary Cox
COX, ?                                  died    1875                            can/t read stone
COX, Eli B. or D.       spouse of       Eliza S. ?      born    9-2-1806        died    9-20-187?                               
COX, Eliza S. (?)       spouse of       Eli B.  born    2-2-1812        died    7-28-1888       his wife
COX, Lyman?                                                      can't read stone
COX, Mary E.    spouse of       William A.     died    1-27-1865       age     28y 9m  29d      wife of William A.
COX, Seward H.                                  died    9-?     age     1y 4m 21d   son of Eli B or D & Eliza Cox can't read very well
CRANDALL, Ezra                  born    1827    died    1902                            
DAVIS, Walter                   born    1838    died    1913                            
DUNBAR, Sally S.                                        died    2-26-1854      dau of Selah & Sophronia Dunbar
DUNBAR, Selah B.        spouse of       Sophronia          died    6-28-1894       age     89y 9m 9d               
DUNBAR, Sophronia       spouse of       Selah B.         died    7-8-1874        age     66y 6m 1d               wife of 
DUNBAR, Sophronia       spouse of       Selah     died    7-8-1874      age     66y 6m 1d   wife of Selah B.
FORD, D.D.                      born    1850    died    1906                            
FORD, Dennis D.         born    2-8-1850   died    3-16-1906       age   56y 1m 4d   son of Lonson & Martha Ford d. in Aurora MO
HAMMOND, Mary E.        spouse of       William born    1838    died    1912                            His wife
HAMMOND, William        spouse of       Mary E. born    1834    died    1910                            
LOUK, Ellis U.  spouse of               born    1875    died    1938                            on same stone
LOUK, Lillias Hill      spouse of               born    1878    died    1910        on same stone with Ellis U. Louk
MILLS, Bernice I.                       born    1889    died    19--                            
MILLS, Margaret J.                      born    1864    died    1938                            
MOERY (MOLRY), Betsey   spouse of       Barton                  died    11-4-1885                               
MOREY, Cynthia  spouse of       Daniel P.       born    1837    died    1904                            his wife
MOREY, Daniel P.        spouse of       Cynthia born    1831    died    1877                            
NELLIGAN, Caroline L    spouse of               born    1856    died    1934          on same stone J. Nelligan
NELLIGAN, John E.       spouse of               born    1854    died    1936           on same stone with  
O'BRIEN, Emma                   born    1846    died    1922                            
O'BRIEN, J. F.                  born    1844    died    1882                            
OLIN -------                                    died    4-11-187?       stone is very hard to read
ORR, Cyrus      spouse of       Eliza G ?                       died    1-11-1855       age     66y 5m 24d              
ORR, Eliza G ?          died    1886      It might say Eliza G wife of Cyrus they are side by side I can't read it 
ORR, John W.                   this stone has a lot written on it, but I can not read it.
PERKINS, Laura M.                                       died    6-?8-18?5       age     1y 25d    wife of ?? Perkins & daughter of E.D.--e?sson
PRATT, Albert J spouse of       Nellie R        born    1865    died    1955                            
PRATT, Almina Wing                      born    2-20-1880       died    8-8-1941                                
PRATT, Darius   spouse of       Jennet  born    1799    died    1875                    Mother & Father
PRATT, George                   born    1835                                            
PRATT, George C.                        born    1835    died    1922                            
PRATT, Ira W.                   born    1863    died    1882                            
PRATT, Jennet   spouse of       Darius  born    1801    died    1879                   Mother & Father
PRATT, Lydia A.                 born    1832    died    1882                            
PRATT, Nellie R spouse of       Albert J        born    1868    died    1960                            
PRATT, Volney Sr.                       born    10-12-1870      died    5-8-1948                                
RUSH Monument                                                                           
RUSH, Elizabeth spouse of       Poltus  born    1826    died    1910                   Mother His wife
RUSH, George                                    died    2-22-18?                                
RUSH, Hiram?                                    died    3-9-1850?                               
RUSH, Lydia     spouse of       Jacob?                  died    9-18-18?                   wife of
RUSH, Poltus    spouse of       Elizabeth       born    1818    died    1906            Father
RUSH, Roxana                    born    1825    died    1901                            
SLOCUM, Emma E. spouse of       Nathan J.       born    1840    died    1922           wife of 
SLOCUM, John                    born    1803    died    1877                            
SLOCUM, Nathan J.       spouse of       Emma E. born    1834    died    1921            64 Regt Co. C NYVols.
SOLCUM, Margaret                        born    1811    died    1886?                           
STEELE, Olive Tefft     spouse of       Solomon born    1838    died    1914              His wife
STEELE, Solomon spouse of       Olive Tefft     born    1838    died    1921                            
TEFFT Monument                          stone is made of something other than stone.
TEFFT, Martha H. Ford   spouse of   Rev. Dewey   born    6-25-1825   died  ?   dau of Isaac and Zilpa Nichols "because I live ye shall live also John 14-19"
UNKNOW, Truman                                                                          
UNKNOWN, Albert B.        died    8-9-1868        age     30y 28d   son of John A. can't read
UNKNOWN, Boy                           Homemade stone that says "Mother's darling Boy". Its beside Almina Wing Pratt
UNKNOWN, John W.                       could be ORR
UNKNOWN, Margaret                        wife of James
UNKNOWN, Ransom S.                                      died    5-15-1861    son of  ? can't read
WHALEY, Austin A.      died    10-26-1887   age   30y   son of A.A. & S.E. Whaley At rest stone is on ground leaning on the base 
WHALEY, Samuel                                  died    1878              G.A.R. Revolutionary Soldier
WHALEY, Samuel                                  died    1865?   age     ?y 5m  ?d    son of Samuel & Mary Whaley
WICKHAM, Lovina spouse of       James                   died    7-3-1858     G.A.R. Wife of James 
Wing, C. Eugene spouse of               born    1869    died    1950                            
WING, Charles                   born    1848    died    1935                            
WING, Coral L.  spouse of               born    1865    died    1937                            
WING, --harine O           grown in the base of a tree can't read

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