Town of Persia
Cattaraugus County

Submitted by: Bunny Averill

Sign says:
Ahaz Allen Pioneer settler in Town of Persia Built 1st saw and grist mill, bridge, frame house,
Forty Road and Gave land for this cemetery in 1836

Photo by: Mary E. Bryant

ACKLER, Abigail spouse of Peter   died 2-11-1871 age 78y 5m 3d  
ACKLER, Henry   born 1825 died 1900      - b. Rush NY son of Peter & Abigail Ackler
ACKLER, Ida     died ca 1904      - Mrs. Percy Dyer of Detroit d. ca 1904 bd beside her father Willard m. 1st to Wm. Wamp (Wemple)
ACKLER, Isabel          
ACKLER, Loretta          
ACKLER, Peter spouse of Abigail   died 3-29-1851 age 68y 5m 16d  
ACKLER, Urvia (?)          
ACKLER, Willard   born 1822 died 8-20-1895    
ACKLEY, Clara B.     died 4-27-1889 age 26y    - dau of Orland A. & Elizabeth Ackley
ACKLEY, Denver D.   born 1869 died 1955    
ACKLEY, Elizabeth spouse of Orlando A.   died 2-4-1892 age 59y  
ACKLEY, Glenn B   born 1867 died 1867 or 1868    
ACKLEY, Ira A. spouse of Mary born 12-20-1806 died 10-3-1889    
ACKLEY, Ira W.   born 1859 died 1940    
ACKLEY, Jennei B.   born 1879 died 1967    
ACKLEY, Orlando A. spouse of Elizabeth   died 10-8-1913 age 82y  
ACKLEY, Thomas B.   born 12-9-1838 died 7-21-1889    
ALLEN, Abigail Derby spouse of Barney   died 6-4-1868 age 79y  
ALLEN, Abigail R. spouse of Elhahah W. born 1821 died 1891      - 2nd wife
ALLEN, Addison S. spouse of   born 2-11-1845 died 4-18-1917      - Charles & G. Allen
ALLEN, Ahaz spouse of Sibyl HIBBARD born 5-7-1782 died 5-29-1864 age 82y 22d    - Pioneer settler in Town of Persia Gave land for this cemetery in 1836
ALLEN, Arthur R.     died 6-25-1874 age 11y 3m 8d    - son of Truman P. & Janette J. Witherell Allen drowned in Cattaraugus Creek
ALLEN, Barney spouse of Abigail   died 12-30-1867 age 84y    - brother of Ahaz Allen
ALLEN, Caleb   born 4-19-1806 died 2-20-1885      - son of Barney & Abigail Derby Allen
ALLEN, Caroline   born 9-15-1813 died 6-20-1836 age 22y 9m 5d    - dau of Ahaz & Sibyl Hibbard Allen
ALLEN, Charles G. spouse of Emily /Emily A. born 1809 died 1886    
ALLEN, Clarissa L.     died 1848 age 30y    - dau of Barney & Abigail Derby Allen
ALLEN, Darwin T.     died 5-12-1828 age 22y    - son of Barney & Abigail Derby Allen
ALLEN, Dyantha N.   born 1819 died 1848 age 29y    - dau of Barney & Abigail Derby Allen
ALLEN, Elhanan W. spouse of Lydia A / Abigail R born 1811 died 1883    
ALLEN, Emily spouse of Charles G   died 10-23-1865 age 56y    - 1st wife of Charles G
ALLEN, Emily A. spouse of Charles G born 1824 died 5-19-1871 age 47y    - dau of Demarcus & Amanda Rathbum
ALLEN, Eva M. spouse of Addison   died 3-21-1879 age 25y    - 1st wife of Addison
ALLEN, Isabel            - on stone with Mina
ALLEN, Janette J. Witherell spouse of Truman P. born 4-9-1827 died 11-18-1870 age 43y 7m 9d    - dau of Abel Witherell
ALLEN, Jennie M. spouse of Addison S          - no date
ALLEN, Lavinna A.   born 1822 died 3-25-1846 age 24y    - dau of Barney & Abigail Derby Allen
ALLEN, Louisa H.   born 1850 died 1918      - m.1st to George W. Kent m. 2nd to Freeman Allen ? Middle initial B.
ALLEN, Lydia A. spouse of Elhahah W. born 1816 died 1847      - 1st wife
ALLEN, Mina D.   born 1847 died 1871      - Elmina in 1855 census
ALLEN, Norman H. spouse of Roanna born 8-22-1811 died 1-22-1897      - son of Abaz & Sibyl Hibbard Allen
ALLEN, Rebecca M.   born 1882 died 1966    
ALLEN, Roanna B. spouse of Norman Hibbard born 1816 died 3-2-1863      - nee Babcock
ALLEN, Sibyl spouse of Ahaz born 2-15-1793 died 7-2-1876 age 83y 4m 15d    - nee HIBBARD
ALLEN, Truman P. spouse of Janette J. Witherell born 11-10-1819 died 1902    
ALLEN, Truman P.   born 1885 died 1857    
ALVERSON, A. E. spouse of Melissa E. born 1832 died 1919    
ALVERSON, Clara E.   born 1870 died 1948    
ALVERSON, Melissa E. Ackley spouse of A. E. born 1833 died 1912      -  nee Ackley
ALVERSON, Nathan A.   born 1869 died 1947    
ARRIGAN, Edmond     died 9-24-1881 age 33y  
AVERILL, ALDULA   born 1825 died 1827      - dau of Samuel & Christable- don't know where she is buried ** Bunny Averill
AVERILL, Christable spouse  of Samuel        
AVERILL, Edwin spouse of Esther Clark born 6-1816 died 1904 age 89y    - b. Alexander NY Genesee Co. son of Samuel & Christable Averill
AVERILL, Loren spouse of Addaline Hartman   died 1907 age 87y    - son of Samuel & Christable Averill
BABENGER, John J.     died 5-13-1872 age 10y ?m 18d    - son of Anton & Joanna Babenger
BARTLETT, Marjorie L       age 11m  
BENNETT, Aaron spouse of Harriett E born 1833 died 7-22-1902 age 70y    - b. Tioga Co. PA son of Lyman and Betsey A. Bemis Bennett 
BENNETT, Annis L. spouse of Daniel C. Colvin   died 1867 age 27y 5m    - dau of Lyman and Betsey A. Bemis Bennett 1st wife 1860 census Persia Cattaraugus NY (see Colvin, Annis L.) 
BENNETT, Besty A. spouse of Lyman born 1804 died 1874      - nee Bemis B. VT
BENNETT, Harriett E spouse of Aaron born 1849 died 1919      - nee Lawrence
BENNETT, Harriett E spouse of Stephen born 1842 died 1921    
BENNETT, Lyman spouse of Betsy born 1793 died 1887      - b. VT
BENNETT, Maude M   born 1875 died 1897 age 21y    - dau of Aaron & Harriett E. Bennett
BENNETT, Stanley B.   born 1883 died 1888 age 5y    - son of Aaron & Harriett E. Bennett
BENNETT, Stephen spouse of Harriett Lawrence born 1835 died 1916      - son of Lyman and Betsey A. Bemis Bennett b. Otsego C. NY
BENNETT, Vernon K.   born 1877 died 1879 age 2y    - son of Aaron & Harriett E. Bennett
BENSON, Clarissa L. spouse of John C. Benson   died 7-14-1848 age 30y 1m 5d  
BENSON, George     died 2-14-1846 age 10y 9m 21d  
BENSON, Lafayette       age 21y  
BLASDELL, Levi W. spouse of Malvina Press Blasdell born 1826 died 1893    
BLASDELL, Malvina spouse of Levi W. born 1827 died 1913      - dau of William & Lucy Press
BLASDELL, Susanna     died 1857      - dau of Levi W. & Malvina Press Blasdell
BLASDELL, Tamar A. spouse of William   died 11-1-1854 age 63y 8m 20d    - sister of Ahaz Allen Tamar died in IL
BLASSDELL, Eland     died 8-1-1840 age 10y    - drowned
BURDICK, Alphonzo     died 1899 age 80y  
BURDICK, Mrs.  spouse of Alphonzo   died 1897    
CAMP, Curtis F.     died 2-15-1844 age 40y  
CAMP, Eunice spouse of John     died 2-10-1842 age 78y     
CAMP, John spouse of Eunice   died 5-26-1841 age 88y    - Revolutionary War veteran
CATLIN, Sarah B spouse of Wells C. born 1830 died 1896      - dau of Lyman & Betsey A. Bemis Bennett b. VT
CATLIN, Wells C. spouse of Sarah B. born 1822 died 3-9-1896      - b. Tioga Co. PA
COLVIN, Annis T. or L spouse of Daniel C. Colvin   died 10-14-1867 age 27y 5m    - 1860 census Persia Cattaraugus NY
COOK, Leland J          
CRANDALL, Clarence     died ???? age 17y    - duplicate ?
CRANDALL, Clarence M.     died 2-26-1875 age 21    - son of William & Leafy Crandall 1860 & 1870 census
CRANDALL, Freeland J.     died 12-2-1870 age 20y 11m 30d    - son of A.B. & Sally Crandall
CRANDALL, Leafy spouse of William born 1-1833        - dated on The 1900 census of Persia, Cattaraugus
CRANDALL, Nancy spouse of Paul born 1800 died 1885    
CRANDALL, William spouse of Leafy born 4-1826        - dated on The 1900 census of Persia, Cattaraugus
CRAWFORD, Daniel G.     died 10-9-1900 age 68y      - 116th Reg't NYS Vol Inf. Civil War
DERBY, Charles F. spouse of Sarah M.  born 1821 died 1904    
DERBY, George   born 1906 died 1907      - son of Duke & Myrtle Derby
DERBY, Hannah Snyder spouse of Morgan born 1818 died 1895    
DERBY, Harrait J. spouse of Nathaniel Whitcomb born 1815      
DERBY, Morgan spouse of Hannah Snyder born 1812 died 1874    
DERBY, Roselle spouse of Mary Gleason   died 1907 age 64y    - m. Mary Gleason & had 10 children
DERBY, Sarah M. spouse of Charles F. born 1831 died 1913      - on stone with Charles F. Berby
DERBY, Sylvester V.     died 5-11-1853 age 2y 8m    - son of (C. F.) Charles F. & (S.M.) Sarah M. Derby
DOTY, David Edwin     died 1899 age 75y  
EGGEN, Maria   born 1827 died 1912      - census of Persia Cattaraugus NY
EGGEN, Mary       age 82y    - mother-in-law of Phillip ?either Frault or Trautt b. Germany widow
GIBBS, Joana (Joanna) spouse of Sebastin Tingue   died 3-22-1882 age 82y 20d       - 1880 census Catt. NY she is 78y lives alone says she is married
GRADLER, Elizabeth   born 1854 died 19--    
GRADLER, John spouse of Theresia born 1850 died 1935    
GRADLER, Theresia spouse of John born 6-12-1863 died 1901    
GRADLER, Walter   born 1891 died 1942    
HARTMAN, Lucretia   born 6-16-1801 died 6-18-1866 age 65y  
HARTMAN, Nicholas   born 2-15-1799 died 1-27-1876 age 76y 11m  
HARVEY/HABNER/HARNEY, Robert     died 5-4-1901 age 60y  
HAWKINS, Elijah spouse of Roxanna born 1815 died 1-9-1878 age 63y 2m  
HAWKINS, Noel Sr. spouse of Sally     age 80th year    - b. Arlington VT or VA died in Persia in his 80th year
HAWKINS, Roxanna spouse of Elijah born 9-27-1828 died 2-24-1899    
HAWKINS, Sally spouse of Neol Sr.   died 11-12-1867 age 67y    - dau of Hosea & Betsy Bartlett
HENRY, Charles spouse of Janet  born 1821 died 1900    
HENRY, Isabelle   born 4-21-1865 died 5-?-1903      - dau of Charles & ---- Henry m. --------Gorman
HENRY, Janet spouse of Charles born 1824 died 4-14-1884    
HERRICK, Alfred Porter     died 12-12-1846 age 8y 9d    - son of Alfred & Olive Ellen Herrick
HERRICK, Hiram F     died 10-12-1870 age 44y 9m 3d  
HERRICK, Serusia spouse of Shadrach   died 11-14-1877 age 92y 4m 23d    - nee Farnsworth
HERRICK, Shadrack spouse of Serusia   died 3-6-1935 or 33 age 49y 10m 18d  
HODSHIRE, Sarah E.   born 12-4-1839 died 12-9-1920      - sister of Mary A. Richardson 1880 census Erie PA 1920 census Collins Erie Co. age 80 & widow
KENT, George W.     died 3-17-1890 age 42y 1m 18d    - son of Samuel Kent & Sarah Press gson of William & Lucy Press
LAWRENCE, Annis          
LAWRENCE, Susannah   born 1778 died 1854      - sister of Ahaz Allen
MASON, Edna M.     died 1898      - dau of Peter & Eva Mason
MASON, Harriett S.     died 1-26-1861 age 10y 3m 2d    - dau of Ira S. & Rhoda H. Mason
MATTHEWSON, Emma J.     died 12-15-1850 age 5y    - dau of James M. & Lydia Matthewson
MATTHEWSON, James      died 8-20-1898 age 79y    - Co. K 154th NYS Vols
McALEAR, Mariah M spouse of John   died 3-10-1854 age 49y 8m 20d    - wife of John McAlear
MILLER, Thomas B   born 1892 died 1902    
OLMSTEAD, Ellen     died 10-1861 or1864 age 9y 4m 6d    - dau of E.(Eran) & H. (Harriet) Olmstaed
OLMSTEAD, Eran spouse of Harriet born 2-28-1822 died 12-21-1888      - Eran was President of the Broadway Cemetery Association in 1879
OLMSTEAD, Harriet spouse of Eran born 10-22-1823 died 3-17-1887      - nee Millis- dau of John
OLMSTEAD, Loice J     died 10-1-1861 age 15y 2m 5d    - dau of Eran & Harriet Olmstead
OLMSTEAD, Warren     died 10-7-1861 age 17y 1m 7d    - son of Eran & Harriet Olmstead 1865 census says he died Oct 6 (1847-1864)
OLSON, Carrie Peterson spouse of ? Peterson    died 2-16-1909 age 53y    - m. Peterson, Carrie is buried beside her mother
OLSON, Mother            - Mother of Carrie
PEACHMAN, Corlin   born 1860 died 1934      - nee Alverson
PEACHMAN, Hugo   born 1866 died 1927    
PECK, Joel spouse of Philena McIntyre born 1818 died 1890    
PECK, Philena McIntyre spouse of Joel born 1816 died 1888    
POPPLE, Marietta Hawkins spouse of Myron     age 66y  
POPPLE, Myron spouse of Marietta Hawkins        
PORTER, Alfred   born 1843 died 1846    
PRESS, Lucy spouse of WIlliam   died 9-25-1862 age 69y  
PRESS, William spouse of Lucy   died 12-21-1859 age 67y 3m 21d  
REINHARDT, Sophronia pouse of J.W.   died 1836 age 34y  
RICHARDSON, John            - 1880 census Union City Erie PA
RICHARDSON, Marie     died 1996 ?      - 1880 census Union City Erie PA
SOUTHWOOD, Autum Ashley   born 1914 died 1980    
STEVENS, Sophronia spouse of John Stevens born 1850 died 1896      - ? Dau of Joel & Philena McIntyre Peck
TINGUE, Joana Gibbs spouse of Sebastin Tingue   died 3-22-1882 age 82y 20d       - 1880 census Catt. NY she is 78y lives alone says she is married
TINGUE, Joana Gibbs spouse of Sebastin Tingue   died 3-22-1882 age 82y 20d       - 1880 census Catt. NY she is 78y lives alone says she is married
WELCH, Henry spouse of Sophronia   died 9-6-1873 age 59y  
WeLCH, Henry N.     died 3-26-1874 age 31y    - son of Henry & Sophronia Welch
WELLS, Dexter spouse of Sarah M.    died 1899    
WELLS, Sarah spouse of Dexter        
WHITCOMB, Child            - Child of Nathaniel & Harriet Whitcomb
WHITCOMB, Child            - Child of Nathaniel & Harriet Whitcomb
WHITCOMB, Harriet J. Derby spouse of Nathaniel Whitcomb born 1815      
WHITCOMB, Nathaniel spouse of Harriet J. Derby   died 1884    
WITHERELL, Abel     died 8-26-1845 age 49y 8m 14d  
WITHERELL, Elizabeth A. spouse of Nelson born 1837 died 1908      - nee Hartman
WITHERELL, Janette J. spouse of Truman P. ALLEN   died 11-18-1870 age 43y 7m 9d    - dau of Abel
WITHERELL, Nelson Grant spouse of Elizabeth A. born 1831 died 1901    


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