Maple Avenue
Village of Allegany, NY


KAHLE, Mary J. Born ??, died 1926
KAHLE, William. Born ??, died 1928
KARDOS, Dr. George. Spouse of Juanita D. Smith. Born ??, died 8-12-1995 - Wed April 4 1943 in Clendenin WV
KARDOS, Juanita D.(Smith). Spouse of Dr. George. Born 3-24-1918, died 5-23-2006 - Dau of Frank D. and Ada (Moore) Smith, born in Corton WV, was an RN. Wed April 4 1943 in Clendenin WV
KARST, Barbara. Born ??, died 1943
KARST, Laura E. Spouse of Milton R. Born 4-18-1920, died 5-26-2016. Age: 96 - Dau of Oakley & Catherine (Lauer) Phearsdorf, b. Allegany NY, d. Oneida NY, Husband d. 4-1991 O-OTH 5-31-16
KARST, William J. Born ??, died 1947
KARST, Wilma A. Born ??, died 1926
KASPERSKI, Frank H. Jr. Spouse of Millie Dorso. Born 9-14-1916, died 3-15-2004 - Son of Frank H. Sr. and Josephine (Adamski) Kasperski, born and died in Olean NY Wed 12-11-1955 - WW II Vet, US Army Merchant Marine
KAUTZ, Charlotte A. (Beeber). Spouse of William E. Born ??, died 1959
KAUTZ, David O. Born ??, died 9-27-2008. Age: 59 - Son of Kay Kautz - Vietnam Vet, US Army at West Point
KAUTZ, Milton H. Born 11-5-1924, died 6-10-2007 - Son of William E. and Charlotte A. (Beeber) Kautz - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific
KAUTZ, Paul W. [Corky]. Born 2-27-1929, died 2-13-2004 - Son of Oscar and Myrtle (Clark) Kautz - Korean War Vet, US Army
KAUTZ, William E. Spouse of Charlotte A. Beeber. Born ??, died 1978
KEECH-LARKIN, Jennifer Elizabeth. Born 10-20-1992, died 9-7-2002. Age: 9 - Dau of George S Jr. and Teresa Lynn (Larkin) Keech
KEIM, Jeffrey A. Born 8-26-1947, died 7-12-2010. Age: 62 - Son of William and Louella (Dickinson) Keim, born in Bradford PA, d. Ruby Mem. Hosp - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
KEIM, Louella (Dickinson). Spouse of William A. Keim, Sr. Born 7-14-1921, died 10-20-2011. Age: 90 - Dau of Raymond and Nellie (Mead) Dickinson, died in FL. Wed 72 yrs
KELLER, Cornelis Jan. Spouse of Gladys Finger. Born 4-17-1924, died 10-22-2014 - Son of Jacovis and Helena (Buyn) Keller, b. Java Indonesia, d. Olean NY O-OTH 10-24-14
KELLER, Gladys M. (Finger). Spouse of Cornelis Jan. Born 6-1-1927, died 1-1-2007 - Dau of George and Gladys M. (Court) Finger
KELLOGG, Maxine E. (Bird). Spouse of Richard Burr. Sr. Born 8-11-1924, died 10-12-2017. Age: 93y - Dau of William and Julia Fay (Henry) Bird. Born in Birdsall PA, d. Catt Co NY. Wed 8-21-1942, three children Sect 8, Lot 168, Gr 2 O-OTH 10-14-17 and FAG 184292365
KELLOGG, Richard Burr, Sr. Spouse of Maxine E. Bird. Born 4-10-1922, died 11-13-2003 - Son of Charles B. & Carrie J. (Sanford) Kellogg. Born I West Clarksville, died in Bradford PA. Wed 8-21-1942, three children Sect 8, Lot 168, Gr 1
KENNEDY, Judith A. (Ratzel). Spouse of Judson C. Born 4-8-1940, died 1-16-2006 - Dau of Carl and Marion (Boser) Ratzel. Wed May 12 1985
KENYON, Eleanor C. (Shearer). Spouse of Frederick. Born 1-30-1916, died 11-5- 2001 - Dau of Bertram and Nina (LaPorte) Shearer, born in Hazel Hurst PA. Wed 1937
KIBLER, Robert F. Spouse of Joyce A. Bush. Born 4-19-1939, died 10-01-2013 - Son of Lee and Bernice (Steiner) Kibler, born in Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 3-12-1971 in Humphrey NY (she survives) O-OTH 10-03-13
KIENER, Patricia Ann (Roth). Spouse of Wayne P. Born 11-15-1937, died 7-10-2009 - Dau of Clifford and Rita (McCarthy) Roth. Wed Nov 24 1956
KIGHTLINGER, Helen L. (Mason). Born 11-2-1936, died 3-5-2005. Age: 68 - Dau of Clyde M. and Florence (Church) Mason
KIRCHNER, Michael J. Born 2-18- 1980, died 8-25-2005. Age: 25 - Son of Margaret J. Schumpf, born in Pan Jefferson NY
KLINK, Emma (Masoner). Spouse of Fred L. Born ??, died 1966
KLINK, Evelyn. Born ??, died 1922 - Dau of Fred L. and Emma (Masoner) Klink
KLINK, Fred L. Spouse of Emma Masoner. Born ??, died 1967
KLINK, Walter G. Born ??, died 1940 - Son of Fred L. and Emma (Masoner) Klink
KOEBELIN, Patricia A. (Clark). Spouse of L. Jack. Born 12-23-1929, died 11-8-2010 - Dau of Harry J. and Hilda (Wigent) Clark, born in Cuba NY, Wed 4-27-1951 at 1st Meth Ch in Olean NY (he d. 1-10-1998. Mother d. when she was 2, Father d. 1971
KOUBEL, Rosemary (Cone) Gray. Spouse of Ray Gray/ Allan Koubel. Born 12-28-1923, died 1-1-2010 - Dau of Frank and Grete (Robison) Cone, was an RN
KROMPART, Hubert A. S. Spouse of Marie H. Hull. Born ??, died 8-21-1984 - Wed 8-4-1929
KROMPART, Marie H. (Hull). Spouse of Hubert A. Born 3-1- 1909, died 7-3-2001 - Dau.of William Guy and Mae (Pride) Hull, born in Allegany NY. Wed 8-4-1929
KUNKLE, Mildred A. (Hanson). Spouse of Wilmer E. Born 1-15-1909, died 2-15-2003 - Dau of C. Herman and Anna (Swanson) Hanson, born in Ludlow PA
KYSER, James W. Spouse of Pearl Stickels. Born 11-12-1922, died 8-22-2007 - Son of Richard and Clare (Simons) Kyser. Wed 4-10-1943 - WW II Vet, US Army
KYSER, Pearl (Stickels). Spouse of James W. Born ??, died 10-22-1992 - Wed 4-10-1943
LAMBERSON, Erica Linn. Born 3-09-1999, died 2-23-2015 - Dau of Rick and Elaine (Bell) Lamberson, b. unstated, d. Rochester NY O-OTH 2-26-15 & 2-27-15
LAMBERSON, Joseph. Born ??, died ??. Age: Infant - Son of Robert J. and Katherine B. (Beliles) Lamberson
LAMBERSON, Katherine B. (Beliles). Spouse of Robert J. Born ??, died 199?
LAMBERSON, Robert J. Spouse of Katherine B. Beliles. Born ??, died 1977
LANSKI, Frank P. Born 12-24-1910, died 12-5-2004 - Son of John and Anna (Wilkie) Lanski
LARRABEE, Earnest A. Spouse of Joyce M. Born 2-10-1935, died 11-29-2007 - Son of Leon L. and Lillian R. (Maynard) Larrabee Jr. NYS Trappers Ass.
LAUSER, Carl. Born 1904, died 1990
LAUSER, Emma G. (Ort). Spouse of Oliver W. Born 9-22-1908, died 5-29-2006. Age: 97 - Dau of John and Bessie (Clark) Ort, born in Bradford PA. Wed 7-13-1928
LAUSER, Mary J. Born 1908, died 1994
LAUSER, Oliver W. Spouse of Emma G. Born ??, died 3-19-1981 - Wed 7-13-1928
LAWSON, Clara (Davis). Spouse of Lesslie. Born 8-13-1904, died 8-27-1994. Age: 90 - Dau.of Seymour and Anna (Frazer) Davis, born in Marvindale PA
LAWSON, Lesslie. Spouse of Clara Davis. Born ??, died Feb-83
LAYTON, James J. Born 5-13-1938, died 1-29-2017 - Son of Jason & Vivienne (Hiller) Layton, b. Olean NY, d. Hinsdale NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy Seabees O-OTH 2-01-17
LAYTON, Vivian A. Spouse of Richard C. Layton. Born 4-06-1930, died 10-20-2017 - Dau of Charles G. & Laura V. (Miller) Holtz, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-25-1952 in Allegany NY (he survives) - Sect 8, Lot 168, Gr 2 O-OTH 10-24-17
LEMON, Freda B. (Bennett). Spouse of Harry. Born 05-04-1924, died 05-22-2003 - Dau of William and Hattie Bennett, born in Bradford PA. Wed 7-6-1940 in Olean NY
LEMON, Harry. Spouse of Freda Bennett. Born ??, died 1999 - Wed 7-6-1940 in Olean NY
LEMON, Lorraine L. (Keifer). Spouse of Ronald F. Born 11-11-1944, died 8-15-2007 - Dau of Clyde W. and Dorothy M. (Blouse) Keifer. Wed May 1 1965
LEMON, Richard P. Spouse of Tammy Plotz. Born 3-1-1972, died 4-10-1994. Age: 22 - Son of Ronald and Lorraine (Keifer) Lemon, born in Olean NY. Wed July 25 1992
LEROY, Charles H. Spouse of Ida A. Sanderson. Born 2-21-1864, died 7-7-1900
LEROY, Ida A. (Sanderson). Spouse of Charles H. Born 12-14-1863, died 6-1-1936 - Dau of Ira and Dorcas (Fairbanks) Sanderson
LETT, Eleanor R. (Richards). Born 2-25-1932, died 10-21-2005 - Dau of Clair and Bertha (Foster) Richards
LETT, Richard C. Born 4-12-1987, died 5-25-2005 - Son of Faith Lett, grandson of Eleanor R. Lett
LEWIS, Anita Louise (Whitcher). Spouse of Not named. Born 9-29-1946, died 7-24-2015 - Dau of Paul and Elizabeth (Fraun) Whitcher, born and died in Olean NY O-OTH 7-26-15
LEWIS, Donald E. Born 7-13-1922, died 1-13-2005 - Son of George and Amanda (LaClair) Lewis - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
LIM, Li Won. Born 8-22-1949, died 1-10- 2002 - Dau.of Goon C. and Yook Fun Mark Lim, born in Canton China
LIMERICK, Carol J. (Shernurne) [Sue]. Spouse of Raymond C. Jr. Born 8-27-1936, died 6-6-2007 - Dau of Joseph F. and Bessie E. (Ostrander) Shernurne m. May 25 1957
LINNAN, Dorothy E. (Newcomb,). Spouse of Carl P. Born 9-06-1912, died 10-06-2004 - Dau of George and Flossie (Gardner) Newcomb, born in Austin PA d. Williamsville NY Wed 6-29-1930 in Allegany NY
LIVINGSTON, Alice E. (Erwin). Spouse of Robert H. Sr. Born ??, died
LIVINGSTON, Dorothy Patricia (Ewton) [Pat]. Spouse of Robert H. Jr. Born 9-1-1921, died 5-1-2007 - Dau of Albion and and Dorothy (Spur) Ewton, born in Mobile AL. Wed June 15 1946
LIVINGSTON, Robert H. Jr. [Liver]. Spouse of Dorothy P. Ewton. Born 5-30-1923, died 9-15-2006 - Son of Robert H. and Alice E. (Erwin) Livingston Sr. Was the oldest Life Member of the Allegany Fire Dept. - WW II Vet, USMC, Pacific
LIVINGSTON, Robert H. Sr. Spouse of Alice E. Erwin. Born ??, died 1982
LIVINGSTONE, John R. Spouse of Lois Y. Born ??, died 10-5-1977 - Wed April 30 1945
LIVINGSTONE, Lois Y. (MacMarrow). Spouse of John R. Born 6-19-1926, died 3-11-2002. Age: 75 - Dau of Lansing and Laura (Brownell) MacMarrow, born in Warren PA
LOMBARDI, Frank. Born 11-19-1923, died 3-26-2003 - Son of Joseph J. and Providence (Baccarella) Lombardi, born in Farmingdale NY, d. Altadena.CA - WW II Vet, US Air Force, Purple Heart
LONG, Mary J. Spouse of William M. Born 1-19-1920, died 8-09-2013. Age: 93 - Born in Olean NY, d. Centennial CO, Husband predeceased her O-OTH 8-23-13
LOUNSBURY, Lynn A. Spouse of Mary Ann O'Donnell. Born 9-30-1932, died 8-23-2012 - Son of Albert and Gertrude (Lenear) Lounsbury, born in Humphrey NY Wed 9-04-1954 in Allegany NY
LOVE, Lela A. (Sworts). Spouse of Richard. Born 1-12-1917, died 5-2-1994. Age: 77 - Dau of Theodore and Bertha (Wulff) Sworts, born in Plato. Wed June 27 1944
LUDDEN, Enid (Garland). Spouse of Merla H. Born ??, died 12-21-1997 - Wed 7-29-1953
LUDDEN, Merle H. Spouse of Enid (Garland). Born 11-9-1922, died 4-15-2005 - Son of Clair and Florence Ludden. Wed 7-29-1953
LUZIER, Donald D. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 10-3-1929, died 6-23-2008 - Son of Ray and Pearl (Shay) Luzier. Wed Dec 16 1950 - Korean War Vet, US Army
LUZIER, Florence M. Spouse of Joseph J. Sr. Born 6-18-1935, died 2-21-2017 - Born in Richburg NY, d. Shinglehouse PA, Wed 9-27-1956 in Olean NY (he d. 9-28-2003) O-OTH 2-23-17
LUZIER, Joseph Jay Sr. Spouse of Florence. Born 1-5-1933, died 9-28-2003 - Son of Ray and Pearl (Shay) Luzier. Wed 9-27-1956 in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LUZIER, Ray. Spouse of Pearl Shay. Born ??, died 1948
LUZIER, Raymond. Born ??, died 1955 - Son of Ray and Pearl (Shay) Luzier
LYCETT, Samantha Lynn. Born 5-4-1989, died 12-6-2010 - Dau of Thomas and Michelle (Miller) Lycett, born in Olean NY
MACDONALD, Marjorie R. (Gannoe). Spouse of Chester E. Born 11-09-1916, died 1-26-2004 - Dau of Charles and Thelma (Burt) Gannoe, born and died in Bradford PA. Wed 2-08-1941 in Coudersport PA
MACKER, Edna S. Companion of Samuel Murner [Bucky]. Born 2-10-1937, died 6-30-2012 - Dau of William and Sarah (Weiskopff) Macker, born in Tioga PA. Bucky d. 2002
MALESKI, Alexander J. Jr. Spouse of Susan L. Born ??, died 10-21-2007 - Son of Alexander and Josephine (Zlothowski) Maleski Sr. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
MARBLE, Raymond M. [Skip]. Spouse of Dorothy H. Born 2-3-1929, died 12-29-2006 - Son of Raymond M. and Martha M. (Werner) Marble Sr. Wed Sept 13 1952
MARTIN, Charles J. [Fada]. Spouse of Maxine R. Rogers. Born 5-3-1920, died 4-14-2005 - Son of William R. and Florence (Dittrich) Martin. Wed 1972 - WW II Vet, US Army
MARTIN, Maxine R. (Rogers). Spouse of Charles J. Born 7-13-1936, died 6-29-2015 - Dau of Earl and Leona (Crosby) Rogers, born in Cattaraugus NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 1972. O-OTH 7-01-15
MARVIN, Barbara R. (Bunker). Spouse of Jack A. Born 5-26-1939, died 2-6-2012 - Dau of Richard P. and Audrey F. (Johnson) Bunker, born in Bradford PA Wed 5-24-1958 in Knapp Creek NY (he d. 12-25-1985)
MATRONE, John P. Spouse of Joan Marie Ginter. Born 3-30-1935, died 1-29-2005 - Son of Louis and Mary (Acre) Matrone. Wed June 9 1962 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MATTERN, Edwin [Windy]. Spouse of Wilma E. Weldon. Born 9-12-1921, died 2-3- 2001 - Son of Carl and Clara (Karst) Mattern, born in Olean NY. Wed Mar 22 1945 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
MATTESON, Dorothy F. Spouse of C. Leroy. Born ??, died 9-28-2008 - Wed Sept 17 1938
MAYNARD, Clayton W. Jr. Spouse of Ruth (Eichman) Linza. Born 9-14-1930, died 11-25-2011 - Son of Clayton W. Sr. and Edna (MacCole) Maynard, born in Olean NY, died of a heart attack while hunting, Wed 5-23-1992 in Scio NY - Uncategorized Vet, Career (20 yrs) All four branches.
MAYNARD, Mary (Spears). Spouse of Raymond. Born ??, died 1977
MAYNARD, Mildred D. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 1-28-1928, died 1-05-2016 - Dau of Theodore R. & Viola (MacKenzie) Miller, b. Lyndon NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 7-07-1951 in Olean NY (he d. 1-09-1989) O-OTH 1-08-16
MAYNARD, Raymond. Spouse of Mary Spears. Born ??, died 1973
MAZZA, Bernard E. Spouse of JoAnn Rose WHEELER. Born 1-4-1921, died 2-7-2012. Age: 91 - Son of Emilio and Wilma (Bernard) Mazza. Wed 11-11-1945 at 1st Bapt Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy VP-63 anti-submarine squad
MCCAFFERY, Daniel T. Spouse of Lynda L. Sander. Born 2-17-1957, died 5-18-2010 - Son of Thomas and Anita (Helmert) McCaffery, born in Olean NY Wed 5-06-1978 at St. Bonaventure Ch in Allegany NY
MCCORMICK, Rosemary. Born 8-30-1931, died 7-24-2010 - Dau of ? and Marguerita (Abbey) ?, Stepdau of Lawrence McCormick, born in Erie PA
MCCOY, Louise R. (Mellinger). Spouse of Oley Arden. Born 2-24-1911, died 12-15-2007 - Dau of Herbert H. and Mabel (Rowley) Mellinger, born in Dorset OH. Wed Nov 15 1930 in Dorset OH
MCCOY, Oley Arden. Spouse of Louise R. Born 08-05-10, died 10-29-1999 - Born in WV. Owner of McCoy's hardware in Allegany from 1948 to 1975
MCCULLOUGH, Stanley Alan Sr. Born 2-9-1929, died 2-2-2004 - Son of Fay and Cora (Williams) McCullough
MCCULLY, Helen M. (Moorman). Spouse of Harry M. Born 4-16-1918, died 7-24-2011 - Dau of John and Anna (Fleming) Moorman, born in Marion IN Wed 2-14-1946 in Valencia PA (he d. 3-31-2001)
MCGRANAGHAN, Nancy Ann (Clark). Spouse of John J. Born 3-11-1933, died 8-20-2016 - Dau of Edward & Nellie (Lockwood) Clark, b. Olean NY, d. Obi NY, Husband predeceased her O-OTH 8-22-16
MCMURDY, Gertrude (Klink). Spouse of John V. Born 5-14-1908, died 11-27-2005. Age: 97 - Dau of Fred L. and Emma (Masoner) Klink, a kindergarden teacher for 35 years. Wed 12-31-1936
MCMURDY, John V. Spouse of Gertrude Klink. Born ??, died 7-10-1990 - Wed 12-31-1936
MEACHAM, Cora R. (Stoddard). Spouse of Roy. Born 1-13-1925, died 2-25-2011 - Dau of Leon H. and Nina M. (Thonton) Stoddard, born in West Clarksville NY. Wed 12-31-1959 in Eldred PA
MEACHAM, Michael R. [Meach]. Spouse of Elena Ellsworth. Born 6-28-1949, died 12-16-2001 - Son of Roy O. and Cora R. (Stoddard) Meacham, born in Salamanca NY. Wed June 28 1988 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC and Natl Guard
MEDLAND, Cecile J (St. Louis). Spouse of Ronald Bishop/ Clyde. Born 3-16-1919, died 12-29-2003 - Dau of Oliver and Pilamen St. Louis, born in Canada. Wed Clyde 11-22-1952
MEDLAND, Clyde. Spouse of Cecile J. St. Louis. Born ??, died 1998 - Wed 11-22-1952
MELANSON, Eugene P. Born 2-5-1936, died 11-27-2004 - Son of Joseph and Gertrude Melanson
MENTER, Robert E. [Moose]. Spouse of Dorothy Bell [Dodie]. Born 11-05-1941, died 9-25-2017 - Son of Joseph & June Clair Mente, b. Patterson <NY>, d. Coudersport PA, Wed 10-12-1963 in Olean NY (she survives) - Vet US Navy USS Yellowstone O-OTH 9-28-17
MILLER, Anna Mary (Abbey). Spouse of John E. Born 3-30-1929, died 5-12-2008 - Dau of Lawrence and Asenath Abbey
MILLER, Bernard C. Spouse of Maxine C. Born 11-1-1932, died 5-7-2007 - Son of Jesse and Blanche Miller, born in Franklinville NY. Wed June 11 1960 - Korean War Vet, US Army
MILLER, Brentley Dean, died 2-07-2017. Age: infant - Son of Ashley Miller, b. unstated, d. Buffalo NY O-OTH 2-10-17
MILLER, Catherine. Spouse of Walter. Born 7-11-1889, died 11-25-1963 - Born in Geneva NY
MILLER, Clarence J. Jr. [Bing]. Spouse of Dorothy M. Perry. Born ??, died 6-8-1984 - Wed 5-30-1946
MILLER, Dorothy M.(Perry). Spouse of Clarence J. Jr. Born 5-29-1928, died 6-29-2010 - Dau of Laurence Monroe and Teresa Alvina (McKay) Perry Sr. Wed 5-30-1946.
MILLER, Janet E.(Barr?). Spouse of Kurt S. Born 9-12-1962, died 12-26-2005 - Dau of John Barr and Elizabeth A. Perry. Wed Nov. 27 1998
MILLER, John E. Spouse of Anna Mary Abbey. Born ??, died 1959
MILLER, Mary. Born ??, died 3-10-1893
MILLER, Ruth N. (Markert). Spouse of Sidney. Born 3-14-1938, died 4-9-2012. Age: 74 - Dau of Fred and Grace (Corts) Markert, born in Olean NY Wed 4-21-1973 in Olean NY
MIRANDA, Sheryll D. (McKinney). Born 4-9-1956, died 3-13-2012 - Dau of Duane and Marilyn (Smith) McKinney, born in Dunkirk NY
MITCHELL, Barbara F. (Lycett). Spouse of Charles W. Born 2-11-1933, died 8-18-2004 - Dau of Russell and Katherine (Zimmerman) Lycett. Wed 4-14-1962
MITCHELL, Charles W. Spouse of Barbara F. Born ??, died 1-10-1989 - Wed 4-14-1962
MITCHELL, Ronald J. Spouse of Jannie Weber. Born 12-1-1952, died 10-23-2001. Age: 48 - Son of Charles and Edna (Smith) Mitchell, born in Olean NY. Wed Aug. 5 1972 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1972-1974
MITCHELL, Shelley D. Spouse of Gerald R. Mitchell. Born 6-17-1965, died 5-30-2015 - Dau of George [Buster] and Maybell (Westlake) Scott, born in Olean NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 11-18-1986 in Olean NY (he survives) O-OTH 6-03-15
MONROE, Thomas M. Spouse of Helen M. Lemon. Born 12-16-1927, died 7-28-/2001 - Son of Fred and Alice (O'Dell) Monroe, born in Jamestown NY. Wed Mar. 9 1957 - Korean War Vet, US Army 1950-1952 US Army Reserves until Sept. 1956
MONTGOMERY, Walter J. Jr. Spouse of Jane A. Born 2-9-1923, died 4-23-2006. Age: 83 - Son of Walter J. and Beula (Marsh) Montgomery Sr. Wed Apr 5 1942 - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees, Guam and South Pacific
MOORE, Alice F. (Weatherell). Spouse of James. Born 1-22-1927, died 2-04-2015. Age: 88 - Dau of George and Lola (Root) Weatherell, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 1945 (he predeceased her) O-OTH 2-06-15
MORGAN, Jane (Palmer). Born 10-29-1941, died 7-12-2004 - Dau of Frank T. and Eleanor (Russo) Palmer, born in Uniontown PA d. Allegany NY
MORRISON, Dorothy L. Spouse of Clarence J. Born 11-18-1926, died 6-22-2011 - Dau of William E. and Hattie (Reed) Bennett, born in Eldred PA Wed 8-21-1948 in Olean NY (he d. 11-08-1982)
MOSHER, Betty. Spouse of Harold. Born ??, died 6-25-1905
MOSHER, Char. Born ??, died 1984or86. Age: 25 - Dau of Ron Mosher
MOSHER, Ella. Spouse of Robert Wing. Born ??, died 1950's
MOSHER, Harold. Spouse of Jessie. Born ??, died 1-9-1980
MOSHER, Jessie (Van Dyke). Spouse of Harold. Born ??, died 5-?-1953
MOSHER, Reynard. Born ??, died ?-?-1942 - WW II KIA, in Hawaii
MOSHER, Robert Wing. Spouse of Ella. Born ??, died 1950's
MYERS, Casimir. Spouse of Danan Stoeckel. Born 6-04-1941, died 10-17-2013. Age: 72 - Son of Stephen and Helen (Mikowicz) Myers. (born 8-04-1961 per 1st obit and 6-04-1961 per 2nd obit), d. Olean NY, Wed 8-29-1964 (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army O-OTH 10-19-13 & 10-20-13
NEFF, Ann (Godfrey). Spouse of B. Stanley. Born 2-13-1927, died 10-28-2002 - Dau of Theodore and Veronica (O'Donnell) Godfrey, born in Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 9-03-1945 in Olean NY
NEFF, Beverly S. Spouse of Harriett Cole. Born 7-29-1908, died 1-10- 2001 - Son of John T. and Buryl (Stanley) Neff, born in Henry Co. IN
NEFF, Ruth A. Born 6-17-1934, died 4-7-2010 - Dau of Beverly and Harriet (Cole) Neff, born in Middletown-IN, d. Olean NY
NELSON, Anna Mae (Ort). Spouse of William C. Born 8-1-1915, died 10-14-2003. Age: 88 - Dau of John and Bessie (Clark) Ort, Wed Sept 17 1933 in Limestone NY
NELSON, William C. Spouse of Anna Mae. Born 8-24-1907, died 9-14-2003. Age: 96 - Son of William H. and Vivian (Anderson) Nelson, a twin. Wed Sept 17 1933 in Limestone NY
NEPORADNY, Lucille C. (Lemon). Born 2-14-1930, died 3-26-2011 - Dau of Fred H. and Bertha D. (Warrior) Lemon, born in Olean NY
NORTON, Clarene (Smith). Born 6-17-1901, died 2-25-1985 - Dau.of Edward F. and Georgia (Wing) Smith, born in Allegany NY. Village Clerk/Treasurer from 1950-1971
NUTT, Eleanor L. (Miller). Spouse of Robert E. Born 5-17-1919, died 5-18-2010 - Dau of Alva and Althea (Williams) Miller, born in Ischua NY Wed 4-24-1947 (he d. 10-08-1984)
NYE, Eileen M. (Reinman). Spouse of Frank. Born 10-30-1912, died 6-7-2007 - Dau of Walter J. and Laura (Hurd) Reinman. Wed 5-14-1949 in Reading Center
NYE, Frank. Spouse of Eileen M. Born ??, died 3-26-2000 - Wed 5-14-1949 in Reading Center
OFANO, Charles J. Spouse of Sheila Marie Byrne. Born 7-20-1937, died 10-16-2002. Age: 65 - Born in Washington-DC, d. Olean NY. Wed 38 yrs - Uncategorized Vet-USMC 1954-59
OFANO, Sheila Marie (Byrne). Spouse of Charles J. Born 1-9-1943, died 2-29-2012. Age: 69 - Dau of James and Bertha (Frederick) Byrne, born in Olean NY. Wed 38 yrs
ORT, Bessie (Clark). Spouse of John. Born 1879, died 1970
ORT, John. Spouse of Bessie Clark. Born 1868, died 1946
OSTERGARD, John W. Born 10-7-1945, died 5-19-2006 - Son of Merle and Dorothy (Ahrens) Ostergard
OSTERSTUCK, Cora Elizabeth (Holdridge). Spouse of George Henry. Born 6-1-1871, died 3-16-1955 - Dau of Silas Spencer and Sophia (Merow) Holdridge
OSTERSTUCK, George Henry. Spouse of Cora E. Holdridge. Born 7-23-1871, died 8-6-1950 - Son of Emery M. and Lavinia (Moyer) Osterstruck, born and died in Hinsdale NY
OUDERKIRK, Ralph [Mark]. Born 1-12-1953, died 11-15-2010 - Son of Ralph S. and Mildred M. (Reitz) Ouderkirk, born in Olean NY
OUDERKIRK, Richard W. Born 6-21-1938, died 10-25-2002 - Son of Ralph S. and Mildred M. (Reitz) Ouderkirk, born in Olean NY, d. Jamestown NY Owner/operator Pest Control Maintenance in Chautauqua Lake area
PAAR, Eleanor M. [Ellie]. Spouse of Victor E. Born 7-18-1929, died 8-19-2015 - Dau of Alvin & Bernice Rickard, b. Ridgway PA, d. Olean NY. Wed 6-25-1949 in Ridgway PA O-OTH 8-21-15
PAAR, Victor E. Spouse of Eleanor Rickard. Born 2-9-1927, died 10-6-2002 - Son of John and Frances (Kordan) Paar. Wed 6-25-1949 in Ridgway PA - WW II Vet, US Army Air corps, Europe
PACHLA, Marion E. (Stahley). Spouse of Thaddeus J. Born 5-18-1920, died 12-17-2001 - Dau of Francis and Lois (Miller) Stahley, born in Olean NY. Wed 11-21-1940
PACHLA, Thaddeus J. [Ted]. Spouse of Marion E. Born 8-17-1919, died 8-7-2008 - Son of Michael and Anna (Siberski) Pachla. Wed 11-21-1940
PAGE, Warner J. Spouse of Mary Theresa Thierman. Born 4-18-1919, died 6-11-2004. Age: 85 - Son of Charles E. and Ethel (Merritt) Page, born in Olean NY. Wed 10-12-1940 in Olean NY Co-owner Page Bergstrom and Shortell Plumbing and Heating Co. 1946-49 - WW II Vet, US Navy 1942-1945. Four Bronze Stars…
PALMER, Alvin J. Spouse of Kay D. Born 7-28-1929, died 4-17-2007 - Son of Sidney and Helen (Homer) Palmer. Wed July 16 1950 - Korean War Vet, US Army
PALMER, Helen (Homer). Spouse of Sidney A. Born ??, died 1964 - Wed 4-17-1923
PALMER, Howard S. Spouse of Sarah J. Born ??, died 8-21-1993 - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon and Emma (Oviatt) Palmer. Wed 1-21-1943
PALMER, Sarah J. (Metler). Spouse of Howard S. Born 6-27-1919, died 9-5-2004 - Dau of Robert J. and Albertina Harriet (Reazs) Metler. Wed 1-21-1943
PALMER, Sidney A. Spouse of Helen (Homer). Born 5-14-1904, died 7-10-1980 - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon and Emma (Oviatt) Palmer. Wed 4-17-1923
PAOLIELLO, Bernard T. [Nick]. Spouse of Evelyn M. Pierce. Born ??, died 3-21-1998
PAOLIELLO, Evelyn M. (Pierce). Spouse of Claude H. Miles Sr./ Bernard T. [Nick]. Born 2-12-1931, died 6-18-2001 - Dau of Paymond and Mildred (Putt) Pierce, born in Olean NY
PARKER, Orin E. Spouse of Margaret G. Born 2-16-1931, died 8-31-2016 - Son of John B. Sr. & Nellie C. (Sherman) Parker, b. Portville NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 11-22-1952 in Cattaraugus NY (she survives) - Vet-US Army 1948-52 O-OTH 9-02-16
PAULEY, Matilda Lena (Simmons) [Tillie]. Spouse of Claude M. Poor/ Lawrence H. Born 5-13-1928, died 1-5-2006 - Dau of Edward and Ethel (Travis) Simmons. Wed Claude 12-15-1950 who died 12-16-1960. Wed Lawrence 12-15-1979, he died 12-27-1993
PECK, William R. [Porky]. Spouse of Madge L. Frost. Born 2-27-1921, died 5-03-2016 - Son of Arthur & Ethel (Voorhees) Peck, "Porky", b. Shinglehouse PA, d. Canandaigua NY, wed 2-11-1949 in Olean NY (she d. 9-08-2014) - WW II Vet, US Navy Radioman 2nd Cl O-OTH 5-05-16
PELLOR, Glenn T. Spouse of Roberta C. Schushan. Born ??, died 3-30-1995 - Wed 6-14-1952 in Olean NY
PELLOR, Roberta C. (Schushan). Spouse of Glenn T. Born 8-25-1925, died 9-16-2005 - Dau of Walter and Mary Schushan. Wed 6-14-1952 in Olean NY
PEPPERDINE, Lillian C. (Stevens). Spouse of Robert. Born 3-25-1907, died 2-7-2003 - Dau of Carol and Inez (Lawrence) Stevens, a school teacher, born in New Albion. Wed 12-26-1930 in Eden NY
PEPPERDINE, Robert. Spouse of Lillian C. Stevens. Born ??, died 2-25-1995 - Wed 12-26-1930 in Eden NY
PETERS, Cheryl L. (Coit). Born 11-26-1943, died 1-15-2009 - Dau of Audret Coit
PETERS, Shirley M. (Hitchcock). Spouse of John I. Born 2-10-1935, died 3-6-2009 - Dau of Harvard C, and Doris (Shaw) Hitchcock. Wed Aug 14 1954
PETERSON, Mary Lou (Thurston). Spouse of George F. Peterson. Born 5-24-1935, died 7-27-2017 - Dau of Ivan & Mary (Edwards) Thurston, b. W. Clarksville NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 7-01-1955 in Allegany NY, three children. O-OTH 8-01-17
PETERSON, George F. [Pete]. Spouse of Mary Lou (Thurston). Born 5-4-1933, died 12-19-2011 - Died in Allegany NY. Wed 7-01-1955 in Allegany, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
PETERSON, Sandra or Sharon A. (Bowen). Spouse of William. Born 8-13-1942, died 8-1-2011 - Dau of Harold and Mildred (Akron) Bowen, born in Lockport NY Wed 12-31-1964 in Olean NY
PETERSON, Shirley M. Spouse of Charles A. Born 8-30-1935, died 4-22-2010 - Dau of Leonard Sr. and Susie (Hall) Hackett, born in Wellsville NY Husband d. 3-16-1979
PHEARSDORF, George C. Spouse of Lillian M. Frailer. Born ??, died 1977 - Wed 7-3-1926 in Portville NY
PHEARSDORF, Lillian M. (Frailer). Spouse of George c. Born 2-27-1907, died 2-13-2003 - Dau of William and Xenia (Maxson) Frailer, born in Ceres. Wed 7-3-1926 in Portville NY
PHEARSDORF, Mildred A. (Armagos). Spouse of Leslie A. Born 5-25-1918, died 8-23- 2001 - Dau.of James E. and Ida May (Reed) Armagos, born in Brookville PA. Wed Aug. 14 1949-
PHEARSDORF, Oakley L. Jr. Spouse of Donna Hakes. Born 6-8-1935, died 6-29-2012 - Son of Oakley L. Sr. and Catherine (Lauer) Phearsdorf, born in Olean NY Wed 9-27-1953 in Olean NY (she d. 5-10-2012)
PHEARSDORF, Roger A. Jr. Born 9-26-1990, died 4-18-2016. Age: 25 - Son of Roger A. Sr. and Darren Carney, b. Olean NY, d. Salamanca NY, Member Seneca Nation (Deer Clan) & Ponca Tribe, Twin to Rena O-OTH 4-20-16
PHELPS, Thomas P. Sr. Spouse of Phyllis B. Born 12-20-1960, died 2-21-2006 - Son of Delvin C. and Janice (Corwin) Phelps
PHILLIPS, Guy H. Spouse of Thelma D. Cradduck. Born ??, died 2-25-1966 - Wed June 14 1932
PHILLIPS, Ruth. Spouse of William M. Born ??, died 1965
PHILLIPS, Shirley (Riordan) Pierce. Spouse of #1 unstated Pierce, #2 unstated Phillips. Born 10-22-1939, died 10-06-2016 - Dau of John "Monk" & Emma (Miller) Riordan, b. Allegany NY, d. Bacliff TX O-OTH 10-31-16
PHILLIPS, Shirley (Riordan) Pierce. Spouse of #1 unstated Pierce, #2 unstated Phillips. Born 10-22-1939, died 10-06-2016 - Dau of John "Monk" & Emma (Miller) Riordan, b. Allegany NY, d. Bacliff TX O-OTH 11-01-16
PHILLIPS, Thelma D. (Cradduck). Spouse of Guy H. Born 9-9-1910, died 6-30-2008. Age: 97 - Dau of George and Mabel (Tulley) Cradduck
PHILLIPS, William M. Spouse of Ruth. Born ??, died 1970
PIERCE, George H. II. Spouse of Anne Marie Braunschweiger. Born 10-12-1932, died 8-26-2015 - Son of Harlow & Veronica (Ramsey) Pierce, Grson of Sen. George Pierce, b. Olean NY, d. Salamanca NY, Wed 11-17-1956 (she survives) O-OTH 8-23-15
PIERCE, James Lee. Born 11-01-1959, died 6-21-2003 - Son of Lyle E. Pierce and Shirley (Riordan) Schirmer, born in Olean NY, d. TX (motorcycle hit by drunk driver)
PIERCE, Kenneth R. Spouse of Glenda Lee Smith. Born 6-14-1932, died 2-14-2015 - Son of Raymond and Mildred (Putt) Pierce, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-25-1955 in Olean NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army O-OTH 2-15-15
PINNEY, Helen G. (Underwood). Spouse of Husted. Born 1-13-1914, died 5-18-2004 - Dau of J. and Emma (Erdman) Underwood
PINNEY, Husted [Steve]. Spouse of Helen G. Underwood. Born ??, died 2-1959
PITCHER, Derwood. Spouse of Margaret Goodrich. Born ??, died 7-24-1992 - Wed 6-15-1942 in Tioga Center
PITCHER, Margaret (Goodrich). Spouse of Derwood. Born 4-25-1916, died 3-7-2005 - Dau of M. Delos and Ella Maude (Wheaton) Goodrich, a teacher. Wed 6-15-1942 in Tioga Center
PIXLEY, Geraldine J. (Ayers). Spouse of Virgil G. Born 2-1-1927, died 4-1-2010. Age: 83 - Dau of Elba and Julie (Dieteman) Ayers. Wed Oct 6 1945 - WW II Vet, US Army
PIXLEY, Virgil G. Spouse of Geraldine Ayers. Born 6-4-1926, died 4-30-2009 - Son of Gordon D. and Calla (Pollard) Pixley, born in Machias. Wed Oct 6 1945
PLADEK, Charles. Spouse of Gladys E. Born ??, died 4-9-1996 - Wed June 17 1938
PLADEK, Gladys E. (VanDuyne). Spouse of Charles. Born 1-28-1917, died 1-4-2002 - Dau of Louis and Carrie Alma (Mercer) VanDuyne, born in Patterson NJ-
POLSON, Bruce C. Spouse of Jeanne V. Born 0-23-1922, died 4-16-2009 - Son of Burtis and Esther (Lang) Polson, born in Dacoma OK. Wed in Weston-Super-Mare England - WW II Vet, US Army, Combat Engineers
POLSON, Jeanne V. (Neathway). Spouse of Bruce C. Polson. Born 8-10-1926, died 9-12-2011 - Dau and only child of Edward and Amelia (Johnson) Neathway, born in Weston-Super-Mare England. Wed 7-22-1950 in Weston-Super-Mare England, Immigrated to US with husband in 1951
POPELYAS, Paul [Popeye]. Born 03-25-1934, died 03-11-2003 - Son of Paul Camielo and Betty Popelyas, born in New York City
POTTER, Robert G. Born ??, died 7-8-2012 - Died in Machias NY
POTTER, Wesley Raymond. Spouse of Medora Whitlock/ Cecile. Born 10-25-1923, died 1-10-2010 - Son of Vernon and Leora Potter. Pastor of many churches
PRESACK, Joseph. Born ??, died 1901
PRESACK, Mrs. Joseph. Born ??, died 7-20-1891
PRIES, Margaret Louise (Maynard). Spouse of Robert E. Born 5-28-1923, died 9-11-2006 - Dau of Raymond and Mary (Spears) Maynard. Wed June 18 1950
PRIES, Robert E. Spouse of Margaret Louise. Born 12-27-1921, died 11-18-2006 - Son of Albert George and Mary (Dorrian) Pries - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard
PRINCE, Ellen M. Spouse of Edward Sr. Born 4-03-1945, died 3-05-2016 - Dau of Ernest & Virginia (Burkes) Gause, b. Canton OH, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her O-OTH 3-11-16
PROZELLER, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Robert. Born 5-21-1932, died 1-28-2011 - Dau of John F. and Emma L. (Miller) Riordan, born in Allegany NY
PULVER, Virginia Arlene (Weaver). Spouse of ? Metcalf/ Robert. Born 2-16-1915, died 6-28-2003 - Dau of Charles H. and Claire M. (Jones) Weaver, born in Chicago IL, d. Olean NY. Wed #1 unknown Metcalf. Wed Robert 12-18-1945
PUTT, George L. Born 5-10-1952, died 9-29- 2001. Age: 49 - Son of Norm and Betty (Shaffer) Putt, born in Olean NY
RANDALL, Arlene H. (Rarer). Spouse of Harold W. Born 6-22-1916, died 1-22-2004 - Dau of John and Patty (Hughes) Rarer, born in Oil City PA, d. Bradford PA. Wed 5-11-1937 in Allegany NY
RATZEL, Carl. Spouse of Marion Boser. Born ??, died 19
RATZEL, Elsie. Born ??, died 1967
RATZEL, Fred. Born ??, died 1977
RATZEL, James. Born ??, died 1945
RATZEL, Marion (Boser). Spouse of Carl. Born ??, died 1956
RAUB, Gerald G. Spouse of Ruth E. Oberg. Born ??, died 5-27-2000 - Wed 9-11-1948 in Smethport PA
RAUB, Ruth Emelia (Oberg). Spouse of Gerald G. Born 12-16-1918, died 12-27-2002 - Dau of John and Teckla (Nelson) Oberg, born in Rochester NY. Wed 9-11-1948 in Smethport PA - WW II Vet, US Army Nurse Corps
REYNOLDS, Alma (Blessing). Spouse of Hanford A. Born 5-2-1905, died 7-15-2005. Age: 100 - Dau of Charles and Anna (Schnell) Blessing. Wed 11-15-1927 in Olean NY
REYNOLDS, Betty Jo (Blum). Spouse of Francis C Mott/ Carl A. Born 3-22-1930, died 6-15-2009. Age: 79 - Dau of Clyde W. and Mildred (Goldsmith) Blum. Francis died 1979. Wed Carl in 1983
REYNOLDS, Hanford A. Spouse of Alma Blessing. Born ??, died 11-5-1973 - Wed 11-15-1927 in Olean NY
RICCI, Nancy A. (Williams). Spouse of William A. Born 9-30-1929, died 8-2-2012 - Dau of William H. and Catherine (Wilkins) Williams, born in Olean NY. Wed 9-18-1948 in Olean NY
RICE, Donald Wesley. Spouse of Dorothy Mott. Born 12-30-1922, died 12-28-2008 - Son of Wesley Washington and Iva (Parker) Rice. Wed 8-19-1945
RICE, Dorothy Mott. Spouse of Donald Wesley. Born ??, died 12-16-2000 - Wed 8-19-1945
RICHARDS, John E. Sr. Spouse of Dawn Hollowell. Born 7-14-1934, died 2-07-2017 - Son of Clair & Bertha (Foster) Richards, b. Olean NY, d. Salamanca NY, Wed 4-24-1959 (she d. 5-1992) - Uncategorized Vet US Navy Reserve & US Marine Corps O-OTH 3-09-17
RICHETTI, Anthony R. Spouse of Margaret E. Studeman. Born 1-21-1923, died 11-5-2007 - Son of Nicholas and Lucia Richetti. Wed 8-8-1953. Owned Richetti Amusements in Jamestown NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
RICHETTI, Margaret E. (Studeman). Spouse of Anthony R. Born 21-1-1925, died 8-31-1999 - Dau of Ernest and Fannie (Saden) Studeman, born in Dunkirk NY. Wed 8-8-1953
RICHTER, Julia Lynn. Born 2-12-2005, died 2-12-2005. Age: 0d - Dau of Jeffery Richter and Patricia Manning Stayer
RICKARD, Mary V. (Ginter). Spouse of Ralph Edward. Born 10-22-1921, died 11-7-2012 - Dau of George and Mary (Cummins) Ginter, born in Glen Campbell PA Wed 4-16-1943 in Pittsburgh PA (he d. 1989)
RICKEY, William M. "Red". Born 12-13-1926, died 10-5-2007 - Son of William J. and Florence (Paventa) Rickey - WW II Vet, US Army
RINGER, Carrie Estelle (Johnson?). Spouse of David. Born 1860, died 1906 - Dau of Jones Johnston and Marcena M. Reynolds
RIORDAN, William R. Spouse of Patricia A. Rolling. Born 9-14-1944, died 8-6-2003 - Son of John F. [Monk] and Emma L. (Miller) Riodan - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
ROBERTS, Esther E. (Luzier). Spouse of Bruce. Born 10-23-1924, died 10-10-2011 - Dau of Raymond and Pearl (Shay) Luzier, born in Olean NY Wed 8-04-1945 in Olean NY (he d. 1-12-1987) Bd. next to nusband
ROBERTSON, Beatrice (Brehm). Spouse of O. G. Born 11-21-1932, died 4-4-2011 - Dau of Edward and Caroline A. (Kane) Brehm, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-03-1958 (he d. 2-16-2004)
ROSE, Evelyn J. Born 7-15-1918, died 2-27-2005 - Dau of George E. and Rosetta (Hellweg) Rose Sr. Ordained deacon
ROSE, Lillian R. Born 1-12-1928, died 4-24-2010 - Dau of George E. Sr. and Rosetta (Lippert) Rose, born and died in Olean NY
ROSS, Betty Jean. Born 1-4-1943, died 2-27-2005 - Dau of Joseph Sr. and Mabel (Visengard) Ross, born in Olean NY
ROSS, Helen O. (Milner). Spouse of Rev. Alvin G. Born 4-23-1921, died 10-15-2003 - Dau of John and Arthur Elizabeth Olive (Kitchin) Milner. Wed 8-28-1942 in Cleveland OH
ROSS, Joseph J. Jr. Born 08-08-1924, died 04-11-2003 - Son of Joseph J. Sr. and Mabel (Visengard) Ross, born in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army
ROSS, Rev. Alvin G. Spouse of Helen O. Miner. Born ??, died 9-1-1994 - Wed 8-28-1942 in Cleveland OH
ROUNDS, Ann M. (Krieg). Spouse of Vernon W. Born 1-5-1927, died 3-28-2008 - Dau of John M. and Monica C. (McLaughlin) Krieg
ROUNDS, Orton. Born 4-23-, died 11-12-1883 - Civil War Vet, Co C, 154th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at Allegany for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD Roster of the 154th
ROUNDSVILLE, Annabelle (Sturtevant). Born 6-25-1916, died 3-26-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Charles and Daisy M. (Morris) Sturtevant
ROWAND, Charleen M. (Creed). Born 1-19-1962, died 12-2-2007 - Dau of Bobby Creed and JoAnn Foster Lewis
RUGGLES, Alice M. (Mayer). Spouse of Richard A. Born 10-1-1921, died 11-13-2006 - Dau of Albert L. and Susie M. (Reynolds) Mayer. Wed 2-2-1946 in Wilmington DE
RUGGLES, Richard A. Spouse of Alice M. Mayer. Born ??, died 1-17-2000 - Wed 2-2-1946 in Wilmington DE
RUSSELL, Samuel P. Spouse of Genevieve Bsihop. Born 9-19-1935, died 2-12-2011 - Son of Guy John and Sarah Belle (Miller) Russell, born in Scio NY, Wed 11-24-1956 at Cuba Meth Ch in Cuba NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953-55
RUSSELL, William Lee. Born 1-6-1970, died 10-7-2008 - Son of Warren C. and Kay (Mattern) Russell
SALMONSON, Alice O. Spouse of John William. Born 4-30-1917, died 11-14-2015. Age: 98 - Dau of Thomas & May (Burdick) Olson, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 6-14-1941 in Olean NY (he d. 1-28-1998) O-OTH 11-29-15
SALMONSON, Amelia A. (Wallon). Spouse of Louis DeRose/ Charles V. Born 10-6-1925, died 4-24-2010 - Dau of Casimer and Katherine (Kalin) Wallon, born in Olean NY. Wed Charles on 11-08-1952 at Transfiguration Ch in Olean NY (he d. 9-12-2009)
SALMONSON, Rita L. (Gerringer). Spouse of C. Arnold. Born 10-29-1908, died 10-14-2005 - Dau of William and Mary (Homer) Gerringer. Wed Nov 6 1930, he d. 3-10-1987
SANDBERG, Lenora Elizabeth (Ingland). Spouse of Carl Everet. Born 1-11-1924, died 5-17-2011. Age: 87 - Dau of Charles Franklin and Gladys Elmira (Kistler) Ingland, born in South Brownsville PA,
SANDER, Max P. Spouse of Lenore V. Born 2-06-1909, died 2-28-2003 - Son of Max C. and Alice (O'Brien) Sander, born in Salamanca NY d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-26-1931 in Buffalo NY Owner/operator Sander's Market in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, NY State Guard Capt
SAWAYA, Carl A. Spouse of Beverley Bordman. Born 3-1- 1924, died 6-17-2001 - Son of James B. [Dan] and Marjorie (Reed) Sawaya, born in Franklinville NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1943-1945
SAWDEY, Bertha E. (Bozard). Spouse of Raymond W. Born 11-20-1916, died 8-30-2004 - Dau of Edward and Mary (Ganoung) Bozard, born in Humphrey NY. Wed 1-1-1940
SAWDEY, Raymond W. Spouse of Bertha E. Bozard. Born ??, died 8-11-1991 - Wed 1-1-1940
SCANLON, Anna H. (McLaughlin). Spouse of John A. Born ??, died 2-28-1996 - Wed 3-27-1948 in Eldred PA
SCANLON, John A. Spouse of Anna H. McLaughlin. Born 9-2-1920, died 4-11-2004 - Son of Thomas C. and Elizabeth (Miller) Scanlon. Wed 3-27-1948 in Eldred PA - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
SCHACHTER, Arthur. Born ??, died 1998
SCHNELL, Cecelia L. (Montie). Spouse of Raymond E. Born ??, died 8-7-1997 - Wed 45 years
SCHNELL, Frank A. Spouse of Marguerite McCandless. Born ??, died 3-7-1989 - Son of Frank and Amelia (Gasper) Schnell. Wed June 4 1938
SCHNELL, James L. Spouse of Martha L. Frable. Born 8-26-1934, died 8-27-2015 - Son of Karl & Zela (Sherwood) Schnell, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 4-04-1959 in Olean NY (she d. 12-03-2010) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1956-58 O-OTH 8-29-15 & 8-30-15 & 8-31-15
SCHNELL, Marguerite (McCandless). Spouse of Frank A. Born 2-16-1910, died 12-16- 2001 - Dau of Frank and Lillian (Currie) McCandless, born in Rock City NY-
SCHNELL, Martha L. (Frable). Spouse of James C. Born 8-4-1937, died 12-3-2010 - Dau of Max and Gertrude (Jackson) Frable, born in Olean NY. Wed 4-04-1959 in Olean NY
SCHNELL, Raymond E. Spouse of Cecelia L.Montie. Born 1-19-1916, died 7-4-2007 - Son of Frank and Amelia (Gasper) Schnell. - WW II Vet, US Army
SCHULTZ, Doris E. (Lovell). Spouse of Earl F. Born ??, died 3-30-2004 - Dau of William and Grabe Cowen Lovell. Wed 9-30-1933
SCHULTZ, Earl F. Spouse of Doris E. Lovell. Born ??, died 1-11-1985 - Wed 9-30-1933
SCHULTZ, Jean (Perry). Spouse of Howard [Merle]. Born 7-13-1928, died 12-7-2008 - Dau of Todd and Monta (Gold) Perry, born in Eldred PA. Wed Jan 18 1949
SCHUMPF, Margaret J. Born 7-18-1950, died 5-31-2017 - Dau of Joseph John & Irene Mary (Mazurek) Schumpf, b. Southampton, d. Olean NY. Worked for 25 years at IRS in Holbrook NY. Three children, sons surnamed Kirchner. O-OTH 6-03-17
SCHUPP, Kathryn (Crawford). Spouse of Walter C. Born 12-14-1902, died 1-7-2001 - Dau of John and Etta (Greenawalt) Crawford, born in Punxsutawney, PA. Wed Nov. 3, 1940
SCOTT, Elizabeth (Dean). Spouse of Robert Price/Lawrence Moaher/ Raymond E. Born 8-17-1921, died 9-22-2003 - Dau of Ernest and Grace (Deppa) Dean 1st m. Robert Price; 2nd m. Lawrence Mosher he d. 1954; 3rd m. Raymond Scott May 23 1992
SCOTT, George A. [Buster]. Spouse of Maebelle Westlake. Born 5-20-1929, died 5-27-2003 - Son of Zer A. and Grace A. (Chapman) Scott, born in Humphrey NY. Wed 5-22-1954, raised 11 foster children - Korean War Vet, US Army
SCOTT, Gertrude E. (Sturm). Spouse of Lawrence C. Born 1-14-1916, died 6-28-2003 - Dau of Jacob and Mertie (Converse) Sturm, born in Olean NY d. Allegany NY. Wed 7-31-1937 in Olean NY
SCOTT, MaeBelle (Westlake). Spouse of George A. Born 5-14-1927, died 5-19-2009 - Dau of Floyd E. and Anna Mae (Troxial) Westlake. Wed 5-22-1954, raised 11 foster children
SENYK, Barbara E. (Gross). Born 5-6-1926, died 1-22-2007 - Dau of Harrison and Irene (Letson) Gross
SERVATIUS, Esther J. (Anderson). Spouse of Jack C. Born 11-26-1911, died 7-17-2006 - Dau of John A. and Nellie (Swanson) Anderson. Wed 10-18-1942 in Warren PA
SERVATIUS, Jack C. Spouse of Esther J. Anderson. Born ??, died 5-26-1988 - Wed 10-18-1942 in Warren PA
SHAFFER, Dorothy. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1-8-1915, died 11-14-1999 - Dau of Charles and Lois (Chapin) Shaffer, born in Jamestown, NY
SHAFFER, Douglas A. Spouse of Marion Skiver. Born 4-25-1928, died 1-16-2005 - Son of Andrew and Doris (Hitchcock) Shaffer. Wed Oct 16 1948
SHAFFER, Esther. Born 6-17-1912, died 10-22-2005 - Dau of Charles and Lois (Chapin) Shafer
SHAFFNER, Virginia M. Born 12-27-1924, died 10-16-2017 - Dau of Ernest Alfred & Pauline D. (Stannard) Shaffner, b. Bradford PA, d. Smethport PA. Director of Nursing at Olean General Hosp. O-OTH 10-17-17 and FAG 184508260
SHARP, Leola (Pangburn). Spouse of Russell A. Born ??, died 1994 - Wed 1-23-1937 in Little Genesee NY
SHARP, Russell A. Spouse of Leola Pangburn. Born 3-3-1915, died 8-4-2005 - Son of Chester A. and Annie M. Wingard Sharp. Wed 1-23-1937 in Little Genesee NY
SHATTUCK, Avida J. (Berray). Spouse of Earl C. Born ??, died - Dau of Roy and Emma (Johnson) Berray, born in Emmetsburg IA. Wed 1963. Eastern Star
SHATTUCK, Earl C. Spouse of Avida J. Berray. Born ??, died 1989 - Wed 1963
SHAVALIER, Gretchen K. (Kautz). Spouse of Arthur E. Born 12-8-1919, died 3-23-2008 - Dau of Oscar O. and Myrtle (Clark) Kautz, a teacher. Wed Dec. 16 1948
SHEARER, Mabelle F. (Parker). Spouse of William C. Born 1-28-1914, died 10-19-2004 - Dau of Chester A. and Mabel L. (Beabout) Parker, born in Olean NY, d. Bradford PA. Wed 1933 in Olean NY
SHERBURNE, Ronald J. Spouse of Kathleen E. Commins. Born 8-18-1932, died 3-24-2005 - Son of Joseph F. and Bessie E. (Ostrander) Shernurne. Wed 1959
SHERWIN, Donald A. Spouse of Donna Stebbins. Born 2-05-1936, died 12-20-2002 - Son of Otis A. and Maxine F. (Enders) Sherwin, born in Olean NY. Wed 9-23-1956. Owner DJN Auto Clinic Inc. in Allegany NY for 35 yrs
SHERWIN, Kenneth F. Born 8-24-1938, died 11-06-2002 - Son of Otis A. and Maxine F. (Enders) Sherwin, born in Olean NY, d. Clearwater FL - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SHUNK, Robert W. Spouse of Judy A. Bright. Born 3-21-1932, died 12-4-2008. Age: 76 - Son of Guy and Dorothy (Lingle) Shunk. Wed June 21 1976 in Coudersport PA
SIMMONS, Delores M. (Burdick). Spouse of Charles Simmons. Born 4-29-1939, died 3-07-2015 - Dau of Norman and Reva (Waite) Burdick, b. Salamanca NY, d. Zolfo Springs FL, Husband d. 1991 O-OTH 3-13-15
SIMONS, Charles R. [Cubby]. Born 4-16-1923, died 7-23-2005 - Son of Harry and Helen (Russell) Simons
SIMONS, Guy W. Spouse of Edna MCKay. Born 2-8-1900, died 11-8-1963 - Son of Delbert and Cora (Cole) Simons, born in Elkland PA, Wed 1942
SIMONS, Harry C. Spouse of Helen W. Russell. Born ??, died - Wed 2-4-1913
SIMONS, Helen W. (Russell). Spouse of Harry C. Born 10-8-1894, died 8-2-1972. Age: 77 - Dau.of Morris Russell, born in Olean NY. Wed 2-4-1913
SIMPSON, Clara M. (Pincoski). Spouse of Donald S. Born 1-1-1921, died 2-12-2012. Age: 91 - Dau of John and Victoria (Cole) Pincoski, born in Salamanca NY Wed 1-01-1942 in Salamanca-N
SIMPSON, Donald S. Spouse of Clara M. Pincoski. Born 11-6-1918, died 4-10-1995 - Son of Alexander and Katherine (Higgins) Simpson, born in Vancouver British Columbia. Wed Jan. 1, 1942 - WW II Vet, US Navy 1944-1946
SITTIG, Frederick E. Spouse of Ida Fay. Born 3-31-1917, died 3-3-2004 - Son of Karl and Alice (Esenwein) Sittig - WW II Vet, US Army 41st Evacation Hosipal Europe
SMITH, Ada May (Barker). Born 11-5-1860, died 12-23-1930. Age: 70 - Dau of Marshall and Ellen Elizabeth (Shepard) Barker, born in Humphrey NY
SMITH, Ardell M. (Reeves). Spouse of Clifford Forrest. Born 1-1-1916, died 11-16-2009 - Dau of Sterle and Hazel (Haskell) Reeves. Wed 11-20-1932
SMITH, Clifford Forrest. Spouse of Ardell M. Reeves. Born ??, died 1-9-1969 - Wed 11-20-1932
SMITH, Dorothy (Lockwood). Spouse of Merle J. Born 12-25-1929, died 10-20- 2001. Age: 72 - Dau of Lawrence and LOvisa (Burr) Lockwood, born in Coldspring NY. Wed 8-22-1951
SMITH, Eugene C. Spouse of Gloria. Born 1-23-1937, died 12-24-2009 - Son of Ernest and Grace (Cherry) Smith. Wed Aug 24 1963 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SMITH, Evelyn (Putt) [Evie]. Spouse of William L. Born 12-04-1916, died 10-27-2002 - Dau of Henry and Emma (Hayes) Putt, born in Allegany NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 7-18-1940 in Allegany NY
SMITH, Isabelle M. (Black). Spouse of David Forrest. Born 10-14-1941, died 1-17-1010 - Dau of Gilbert and Marion Black. Wed June 23 1962
SMITH, Mary A. Born 1-17-1943, died 4-23-2009 - Dau of Lorn Emmett and Grace (Quigley) Smith, was an educator in various schools
SMITH, Merle J. Spouse of Dorothy Lockwood. Born ??, died 4-22-1982 - Wed 8-22-1951
SMITH, Raphael H. Jr. Spouse of Ruth E. Born ??, died 12-6-1994
SMITH, Robert Wallace [Wally]. Spouse of Sharon K. Winell. Born ??, died 7-1-1994 - Wed 12-29-1971 in Cuba NY
SMITH, Ruth E. (Johnson). Spouse of Raphael H. Jr./ Arthur Schachter/ ?. Born 10-19-1920, died 2-2- 2002 - Dau of James A. and Alice Edna (Slaght) Johnson, born in Olean NY. Wed Raphael Dec. 17 1941, wed Arthur in 1996 {Note: no indication of marriage to a Smith.]
SMITH, Sharon K. (Winell). Spouse of Robert W. Born 5-17-1941, died 9-13-2003 - Dau of John and Marjorie Geuder Dupre Winell. Wed 12-29-1971 in Cuba NY
SMITH, William L. Spouse of Evelyn Putt. Born 4-26-1914, died 10-29-2004 - Son of Ralph and Nita Smith. Wed 7-18-1940 in Allegany NY
SMUCINSKI, Carol Ann (Foxe). Spouse of Gerald T. Born 1-23-1940, died 8-23-2012 - Dau of Ralph and Helen (Bergreen) Foxe, born in Olean NY Wed 8-26-1961 at St. John's Ch (he survives), 2 children (1 son, 1 dau)
SNYDER, Anna K. (Kraft). Spouse of Frank H. Born 1-29-1922, died 6-29-2004 - Dau of William F. and Inez (Carl) Kraft, born in Bradford PA, d. Erie PA, Wed 3-15-1941 in Olean NY
SNYDER, Herbert A. Spouse of Phyllis Doane. Born 7-28-1930, died 2-18-2011 - Son of Herbert A. Sr. and Rose (Fahey) Snyder, born in Olean NY. Wed 9-27-1953 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch (she d. 6-02-1998) - Korean War Vet, US Army 1948-52
SNYDER, Marcia B. (Russell). Spouse of Frank W. Born 5-12-1937, died 4-2-2006 - Dau of Raymond C. and Georgia M. (Ostergard) Russell. Wed Nov 25 1964
SOBEY, Jane (Williams). Spouse of Joseph. Born ??, died 2-6-2003 - Dau of Troy and Inez (Brown) Williams, born in Corsica PA. Wed May 16 1958 in Cortland NY
SOKOLOWSKI, Jill M. (Schultz). Spouse of John G. Born 7-26-1963, died 12-18-1993. Age: 30 - Dau of Merle and Jean (Perry) Schultz. Wed 12-17-1988. Killed in an automobile accident
SOKOLOWSKI, John G. ["Soko"]. Spouse of Jill M. Born 10-18-1961, died 11-06-2004 - Son of Joseph Jr. and Elsie (Malick) Sokolowski, born in Olean NY, d. Jamestown NY. Wed Jill in 12-17-1988. Fiance - Shirlee Russell
SPEARS, Betty J. (Benham). Spouse of James C. Born 1-1-1932, died 11-5-2007 - Dau of Ransom and Bernice (Learn) Benham. Wed 6-7-1952
SPEARS, James A. Spouse of Sheila L. Smith. Born 2-05-1956, died 9-26-2016 - Son of James C. & Betty J. (Benham) Spears, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-20-2005 in Little Genesee NY (she survives) O-OTH 9-29-16
SPEARS, James C. Spouse of Betty J. Benham. Born 11-17-1926, died 8-21-2011 - Son of James G. and Alice (Reitz) Spears, born and died in Olean NY. Wed 6-07-1952 at Trinity Untd Meth Ch in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
SPEARS, Miriam M. (Schlicker). Spouse of Ronald F. Sr. Born 4-27-1937, died 12-27-2014 - Dau of William and Marietta (Gleason) Schlicker, born in Westfield, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 4-06-1956 in Olean NY
SPEARS, Ronald F. Sr. Spouse of Miriam M. Schlicker. Born 3-8-1935, died 12-1- 2001. Age: 66 - Son of Claude and Marguerite (Glady) Spears, born in Olean NY. Wed 4-06-1956 in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, Career. USMC 1954-1957 and Army National Guard until retirement on Mar. 8 1995
SPEHAR, Patrick F. Born ??, died 12-4-2009
SPRING, Iva (Snyder). Spouse of John. Born ??, died 1953
SPRING, Jay D. Born 9-1-1942, died 12-14-2005 - Son of John and Iva (Snyder) Spring - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SPRING, Joeann C. Murphy (Shaffer). Spouse of Jerry. Born 5-16-1942, died 2-7-2007 - Dau of Foster Andrew and Doris (Hitchcock) Shaffer
SPRING, John. Spouse of Iva. Born ??, died 1955
SPRING, John H. Spouse of Margaret Flickinger/ April Darlene Jordan/ Gloria (Griffith) Chapin Rhow. Born 3-2-1928, died 3-25-2012 - Son of John H. and Iva (Snyder) Spring, born in Allegany NY. Wed Margaret 3-25-1950 (she d. 11-08-1977, April predeceased him
SPRING, Judson R. Spouse of Judith Fye. Born 12-25-1933, died 7-11-2004 - Son of John and Iva (Snyder) Spring, born and died in Allegany NY. Wed 10-05-1979 in Allegany NY
STARECHESKI, Irene E.(Anderson). Spouse of Edward B. Born 3-09-1924, died 12-01-2014. Age: 90 - Dau of John and Anna (Johnson) Anderson, born in Ridgway PA, d. Sykesville MD, Husband predeceased her
STARK, Ethel M. (Himes). Spouse of James R. Born 8-11-1924, died 1-5-2001 - Dau of Simon and Ida Belle (Reed) Himes, born in Mayport PA. Wed April 10 1944
STARK, James R. Spouse of Ethel M. Himes/ Luella Windsor. Born 4-10-1924, died 3-29-2011 - Son of Clair and Gertrude (Stevens) Stark, born in Eldred PA. Wed Ethel 4-10-1944; Wed Luella 1-05-2001
STARK, Luella A. (Winsor). Spouse of Thomas F. Burlingame/ John B. Evans/ Robert R. Stark. Born 4-16-1922, died 11-28-2011 - Dau of LeGurn and Jessie (Roblee) Winsor. Thomas d. 1966, John d. 1994, Robert d. 3-2011
STEIGER, Cornelia C. [Connie]. Spouse of Robert L. Born 5-30-1921, died 9-14-2004 - Dau of James and Alice (Reitz) Spears. Wed 5-24-1939 in Allegany NY
STEIGER, Robert L. Spouse of Cornelia C. Born ??, died 6-11-1970 - Wed 5-24-1939 in Allegany NY
STEPHENS, Mary Frank. Spouse of William M. Born 1816, died 1898 - Germany
STEPHENS, William M. Spouse of Mary Frank. Born 1819, died 1913 - Germany
STETZ, Cheryl L. (VanDeusen). Spouse of Thomas W. Born 3-02-1949, died 11-08-2013 - Dau of Charles L. VanDeusen Jr. and H. Louise Prosser, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-20-1977 in Olean NY (he survives) O-OTH 11-09-13
STEVENSON, John L. Spouse of Phyllis Voorhis. Born 2-2-1944, died 3-17-2011 - Son of Scott and Ada Jean (Conrad) Stevenson, born in Olean NY Wed 6-25-1970 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves
STOCUM, Anna (Beliles). Spouse of Doran L. Born 11-4-1924, died 6-1-2003 - Dau of Christopher and Sarah (Bidgood) Beliles. Wed 12-6-1947 in Allegany, NY
STOEBER, Sister Charles France. Born 3-12-1922, died 5-26-2008 - Dau of Charles Clement and Margaret Mary Stoeber, born in Springfield PA
STOECKEL, Anthonia H. Boon. Spouse of Robert L. Born ??, died 8-8-1982 - Wed 6-9-1955
STOECKEL, Robert L. Spouse of Anthonia H. Born 9-22-1933, died 9-28-1995. Age: 62 - Son of Louie and Helena (Steffenhagen) Stoeckel, born in Salamanca, NY. Wed 6-9-1955 - Korean War Vet, Career. US Air Force 1951-1971
STOECKEL, Ruth L. Born 11-10-1944, died 11-07-2016 - Dau of Louie & Helena (Steffenhagen) Stoeckel, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY O-OTH 11-08-16
STOMIEROSKY, Audrey J. (Hall). Spouse of Robert F. Born 9-25-1942, died 8-16- 2001. Age: 58 - Dau of Edward J. and Mary (Shearer) Hall, born in Olean NY
STOUT, Douglas J. Spouse of Lorraine Hamilton. Born 2-4-1945, died 12-10-2010. Age: 65 - Son of Robert and Thelma (Campbell) Stout, born in Coudersport PA. Wed 6-13-1982
STOUT, Florence E. Spouse of Bernard E. Born 4-20-1919, died 12-30-2015 - Dau of Warren & Anne (Benson) Hitchcock, b. Allegany NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 6-15-1940 (he d. 4-12-1989) O-OTH 1-02-16
STRAIGHT, Anne Farrell. Spouse of Steven "Jim" Straight. Born 4-16-1941, died 3-02-2017 - Dau of Leo & Ida (Hamilton) Farrell, b. Olean NY, d. unstated, Wed 10-14-1961 in Olean NY (he survives) O-OTH 3-04-17
STRINGER, Arian Richard [Dick]. Spouse of Theresa. Born 8-08-1943, died 7-27-2016 - Son of Wilburn E. & Edith A. (Lundquist) Stringer, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Divorced. - Vet US Army 1960-63 O-OTH 8-03-16
STRINGER, Richard A. Spouse of Laura K. Born 6-17-1971, died 6-28-2007 - Son of Arlan R. and Theresa I. (Howell) Stringer
STRINGER, Wilburn Etheridge. Spouse of Edith A. Lundquist. Born 10-8-1914, died 8-15-2012. Age: 97 - Son of Virgil and Olivia (King) Stringer, born in Crystall Springs MS. Wed 7-02-1938 in Wellsboro PA (she d. 7-09-1998), Civilian Conservation Corps in mid 1930s
STUDD, Kenneth D. Spouse of Myrtle Marie Stead/ Patricia Byrk. Born 4-2-1926, died 2-22-2009 - Son of Paul and Eva (Miller) Studd
STUDER, Mary [Ali]. Born 11-10-1942, died 11-18-2016 - Dau of Patricia Sullivan, "Ali", b. Buffalo NY, d. Gowanda NY O-OTH 11-21-16
STURM, Richard J. Spouse of LoRayne H. Crawford. Born 12-20-1913, died 3-10-2012 - Son of Jacob and Myrtle (Converse) Sturm, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-18-1938 in Olean NY (she d. 8-18-1993) - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific. LST 727
SUE John M. [Mac]. Spouse of Barbara Bowen. Born 10-11-1943, died 3-16-2011 - Son of John B. and Ann (McCord) Sue, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-24-1965 in Bradford PA
SUE, Ann M. (McCord). Spouse of John B. Born 4-05-1921, died 1-29-2004 - Dau of John and May (Martin) McCord, born in Olean NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 12-12-1940 in Rixford PA
SUE, Clarice K. (Reitz). Spouse of Lloyd. Born 5-23-1915, died 10-24-2013 - Dau of Albert and Katherine (Kohl) Reitz, born in Allegany NY, d. Cuba NY, Husband d. 5-02-1964 O-OTH 10-26-13
SUE, Doris K. Spouse of Glenn. Born ??, died 12-17-2003. Age: 88
SUE, Douglas L. Born 9-08-1941, died 4-30-2017 - Son of Harry W. & Nancy Annabelle (Wilcox) Sue, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Part-time police officer for Village of Allegany for over 30 years. Two daughters, mother not named. - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1960-65 aboard USS Lake Champlain & Navy Seabees Reserves O-OTH 5-04-17 and FAG 179048041
SUTLEY-CLAPP, Carolynn E. (Perkins). Spouse of Dr. George C. Wood II/ Jack R. Sutley. Born 6-14-1941, died 9-24-2008 - Dau of Olin and Martha (Hayes) Perkins, was a registered nurse. Wed George July 22 1983. Wed Jack April 11 1987
SWANSON, Roland E. Spouse of Ruth L Bergstern. Born ??, died 1-8-1974 - Wed 7-3-1937 in Weston's Mills NY
SWANSON, Ruth L (Bergstern). Spouse of Roland E. Born 10-29-1912, died 5-15-2005 - Dau of Victor and Anna (Carlson) BergsternWed 7-3-1937 in Weston's Mills NY
SWARTS, T. J. Born ??, died 12-11-1883. Age: 29 - Born in Dansville NY, d. of consumption
SWARTZ, Lula B. (Hadley). Spouse of Woodrow Willson. Born 2-01-1917, died 6-20-2003 - Dau of Merle Fred and Nina (Robbins) Hadley, born in Whitesville NY d. Olean NY Wed 5-04-1935 in Olean NY Twin to Loulla Hadley
THOMAS, Geraldine V. (Wilson). Born 1-30-1929, died 5-11-2009 - Dau of Forrest A. and Jessie L (Fanton) Wilson
THOMAS, Robert E. Spouse of Maxine Johnson. Born 8-17-1920, died 7-02-2004 - Son of Leroy and Caroline (Dieter) Thomas, born in Erie PA, d. Newfane NY, Wed 1941
THOMSON, William H. Spouse of Debora L. Underwood. Born 8-27-1929, died 9-14-2001. Age: 72 - Born in Buffalo NY. Wed Sept. 1988
THROPP, Aaron V. Born 12-24-1985, died 9-20-2009 - Son of Gregory and Barbara (Fiebelkorn) Thropp. Killed in a motorcycle accident
THURBER, Ira S. Born ??, died 7-2-1863 - Civil War KIA, Co I, 64th Reg't NYS Vols, 2/Lt. Enrolled 1861 at Allegany for three years. Killed in acton 7-2-1863 at Gettysburg Roster of the 64th
THURSTON, Gene H. Spouse of Grace. Born 12-22-1925, died 8-30-2007. Age: 81 - Son of Irving and Flossie (True) Thurston. Wed 1958 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt. Europe
TOMES, Ivah (Hamiliton). Spouse of Paul. Born 6-17-1910, died 8-26-2008 - Dau of Ernest and Frances (Hitchcock) Hamiliton. Wed 9-29-1931
TOMES, Paul. Spouse of Ivah Hamiliton. Born ??, died 1994 - Wed 9-29-1931
TOMPKINS, Janet M. (Caton). Spouse of Robert E. Born ??, died 22-2002 - Wed 9-16-1972
TOMPKINS, Robert E. Spouse of Janet M. Caton. Born 2-13-1932, died 11-20-2004 - Son of Charles J. and Elizabeth (Walton) Tompkins. Wed 9-16-1972
TREDWAY, Lindsay. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 8-8-1925, died 1-24-2008. Age: 83 - Son of Claude M. and Maggie E. (Clark) Tredway
TROWBRIDGE, Helena N. (Leilous). Spouse of Herbert [Dutch]. Born 9-28-1927, died 11-23-2012 - Dau of Frank and Elsie (?) Leilous, born in Bradford PA. Wed 7-17-1946 in Wellsville NY (he d. 3-23-1983)
TROWBRIDGE, William F. Spouse of Laura Belle Miles/ Jean (Stevenson) Conrad. Born 3-28-1919, died 3-23-2011 - Son of Burrell and Rena (Foster) Trowbridge, born in Scio NY. Wed to Laura 1941 to 1990, Wed Jean on 2-16-1991 (she d. 9-06-2010) - WW II Vet, US Army 1941-1945.
UEBLHEAR, Catherine M. (). Spouse of W. Clarke Russell/ Alvin. Born 6-11-1915, died 10-16-2006 - Dau of John and Mary Kasper. W. Clarke d. 1966. Alvin d. 1993
ULLMAN, Oliver C. Spouse of Velma J. Miller. Born 3-30-1917, died 8-7-2009 - Son of Roy and Viola (Tallcat) Ullman Sr. Wed 10-13-1940 in Allegany NY
ULLMAN, Roy E. Spouse of Nan N. Born 12-14-1946, died 6-27-2008. Age: 61 - Son of Oliver and Velma (Miller) Ullman. Wed April 1 1967 - Vietnam Vet, US Army
ULLMAN, Velma J. (Miller). Spouse of Oliver C. Born 1-30-1923, died 10-28-2003 - Dau of Clarence and Maud (Thayer) Miller. Wed 10-13-1940 in Allegany NY
UNDERWOOD, Bernice B. (Luzier) [Betty]. Spouse of Donald Jay. Born 11-21-1926, died 11-10-2011 - Dau of Raymond and Pearl (Shay) Luzier, born in Olean NY. Wed 1-22-1944 in Olean NY
UNDERWOOD, Donald J. Spouse of Bernice Luzier. Born 8-15-1920, died 1-30-2010 - Son of Elias J. and Edna (Erdmann) Underwood. Wed 1-22-1944 in Olean NY
UPLINGER, Marie (Kyser). Spouse of Ralph B. Born ?, died ?
UPLINGER, Ralph B S. Spouse of Marie Kyser. Born 12-14-1923, died 2-6-2003. Age: 79 - Son of Carl and Elizabeth (Frazier) Uplinger - WW II Vet, US Army
VANDERHOEF, Ervin [Leo]. Spouse of Cynthia A. Johnson. Born 5-05-1945, died 11-17-2014 - Son of Ervin and Gladys (Cornelius) Vanderhoef, b. Wellsville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-26-1992 in Olean NY (she survives) O-OTH 11-19-14 & 11-20-14
VANHOUTEN, Donald E. Born 9-22-1934, died 2-26-2010 - Son of John and Ella (VanRyper) VanHouten - Korean War Vet, US Army
VANHOUTTE, Raymond W. Spouse of Judith Brown. Born 4-18-1937, died 10-24-2016 - Son of Amos V. & Helen (Siffrinn) VanHoutte, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 9-20-1958 (she survives) O-OTH 10-26-16
VENABLE, Janice (Pierson). Spouse of William Butcher/ Victor M. Guthrie/ Paul W. Venable. Born 11-11-1936, died 6-22-2004 - Dau of J. R. [Bob] and Irene (Neal) Pierson, born in Charleston WV d. Olean NY. Wed William 1955. Wed Victor M. Guthrie in 1965 who d. 1970 Wed #3 Paul in 1971 who d. 1994.
VERGITH, Buddy. Born 8-13-1927, died 2-3-2004 - Son of Gustave and Daisy Vergith
VOORHEES, Berthel B. [Clink]. Spouse of Virginia Jennings/ Janice W. Born 5-31-1922, died 4-15-2012. Age: 89 - Son of Berthel B. and Arlyne (Crocker) Voorhees, born in Shinglehouse PA, Wed Virginia on 4-5-1944 (she d. 1979), Wed 31 yrs to Janice - WW II Vet, US Army 1942-1945. 104th Inf Timberwolf Div
WALKER, Charles L. Spouse of Florence M. Born 12-05-1915, died 3-07-2007. Age: 91 - Son of Jefferson Bailey and Kathryn A. Walker, born in Norwich, Wed in Eldred PA
WALKER, Florence M.(Kemp). Spouse of Charles L. Born 3-31-1918, died 5-16-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Charles and Blanche (Bunt) Kemp, born in Millport PA. Wed in Eldred PA
WARNER, Georgia (Hubbard) Pickup. Spouse of Grandon L. Born 2-9-1917, died 3-3-2002 - Dau of Leone B. and Ella Hubbard, born in Randolph NY. Wed 10-11-1941
WARNER, Grandon L. [Red]. Spouse of Georgia (Hubbard) Pickup. Born ??, died 3-8-1992 - Wed 10-11-1941
WARREN, Margaret Rose (Rehler). Spouse of J. Howard. Born 10-16-1916, died 8-5-2011 - Dau of Alfred and Kittie (?) Rehler, born in Allegany NY. Wed in Toronto Canada for 50 yrs (he d. 1988)
WATERS, William. Spouse of Zaida Duffy. Born ?, died 1963
WATERS, Zaida (Duffy). Spouse of William. Born 01-13-1912, died 05-18-2003 - Dau of Charles and Aline (Benham) Duffy, born in Geneva, NE
WEBB, Leah Marie (Higby). Spouse of Willis Lloyd. Born 1-7-1929, died 1-23-2011. Age: 82 - Dau of Horner James and Marybelle (Martin) Higby, born in Olean NY Wed 10-06-1948 in Little Genesee NY
WEBER, Shane A. Spouse of Diana. Born 5-23-1975, died 8-24- 2001. Age: 26 - Son of Kim M. Weber and Mary (Sweet) Marsh, born in Olean NY. Wed May 23 2001.
WEBSTER, Jean (Geuger). Spouse of F. Gerald, Dr. Born 8-9-1915, died 10-11-2010 - Dau of George J. and Lena (Kleinsmith) Geuger, born in Olean NY Wed 7-01-1939 in Olean NY (he d. 11-06-1970
WELCH, Stephen. Born ??, died 1906 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC, 10th Reg 91 Co.
WERNER, Martha Jane Flatt. Spouse of Russell H. Born 4-8-1915, died 9-26-2006 - Dau of Albert M. and Ida (Hausknect) Flatt. Wed 1938
WERNER, Russell H. Spouse of Martha Jane Flatt. Born 6-1-1914, died 10-1-2007. Age: 93 - Son of Anton and Lucy (Schoenfeld) Werner. Wed 1938 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Petty Officer in Aviation Ordnanceman
WHEATON, Hiram. Born ??, died 1-1884
WHEATON, Olive. Born ??, died uncut
WHEATON, Sarah. Born ??, died 1878
WHIPPLE, Dorothy M. (Hayes). Spouse of John F. Sr. Born ??, died 7-31-1997 - Wed 3-4-1955 in Salamanca NY
WHIPPLE, Irene M. (Dorko). Spouse of P. Richard. Born 10-8-1918, died 4-29-2007 - Dau of Julius E. and Helen (Szeidl) Dorko, born in New York City
WHIPPLE, John F. Sr. Spouse of Dorothy M. Hayes. Born 1-4-1930, died 9-25-2009 - Son of Burnell C. and Ruth M. (Holmes) Whipple. Wed 3-4-1955 in Salamanca NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy and US Army, 82nd Airborne Div
WHIPPLE, P. Richard [Dick]. Spouse of Irene M. Born ??, died 12-3-2003 - Wed Aug 29 1935
WHITCHER, Elizabeth (Fraun). Spouse of Paul J. Born 8-7-1916, died 3-2-2004 - Dau of John and Mary (Ferris) Fraun. Wed 5-2-1942
WHITCHER, Paul J. Spouse of Elizabeth Fraun. Born 7-12-1915, died 7-17-2004 - Son of Melvin and Amanda (Rounds) Whitcher. Wed 5-2-1942 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt. Normandy
WHITE, Jane B. Spouse of Mark L. II. Born ??, died
WHITE, Mark L. II. Spouse of Jane B. Born 8-21-1922, died 12-10-2004 - Son of Mark L. and Christine M. (Langworthy) White Sr., born in Ceres NY - WW II Vet, US Army Two Purple Hearts
WHITMER, Leo A. Jr. Spouse of Phyllis J. Newman. Born 10-2-1923, died 8-18- 2001 - Son of Leo A. and Hazel E. (Niles) Whitmer Sr., born in Great Valley NY. Wed 12-29-1946 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, Europe and Korean War Vet
WHITMER, Patricia D. (Holland). Spouse of Francis C. Born 7-08-1924, died 6-16-2010 - Dau of Patrick and Agnes (Schwartz) Holland, born in Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Husband d. 1-04-1979, No children mentioned
WHITMER, Phyllis J. (Newman). Spouse of Leo A. Jr. Born 1-09-1925, died 11-06-2004 - Dau of Glen E. and Ella (Stark) Newman, born in Clarksburg-WV d. Olean NY. Wed 12-29-1946 in Olean NY
WHITNEY, Dorothy Elizabeth (Brown) [Debbie]. Born 9-3-1923, died 7-6-2011. Age: 87 - Dau of Lynn Ross and Frances Martina (Salisbury) Brown, born in Olean NY
WHITTAM, David T. Spouse of Glenna M. Wind. Born 5-18-1923, died 1-3-2009 - Son of Clarence E. and Hazel M. (Young) Whittam. Wed Aug 27 1967 - WW II Vet, US Navy Pacific
WHITWOOD, James W. Spouse of Jean L. Larrabee. Born 5-3-1937, died 6-25-2011 - Son of Arthur and Maxine (White) Whitwood, born in Friendship NY Wed 7-20-1958 in Olean NY
WHITWOOD, Jean (Larrabee). Spouse of James W. Born 9-3-1941, died 8-9-2003 - Dau of Leon L. and Lillian R. (Maynard) Larrabee. Wed 7-20-1958 in Olean NY
WIEDEMANN, Caroline J. (Reed). Spouse of Harold W. Born 9-2-1925, died 6-28-2012 - Dau of Alyce Reed, born in Franklinville NY. Raised by grandparents Leo and Cleva (Hayden) Reed. Wed 7-3-1946
WIEDEMANN, Harold W. Spouse of Caroline J. Reed. Born 7-2-1925, died 10-14-2005 - Son of John and Nina (Davis) Wiedemann, born in Yorkshire NY. Wed 7-3-1946 - WW II Vet, US Navy LST 218
WIEDMAN, Ethel Mae B (Bussler). Spouse of Walter John. Born 5-23-1890, died 2-1969 - Dau.of Augustus and Mina (Sanderson) Bussler, born in Olean NY, d. Allegany NY
WIEDMAN, Maude (Walter). Spouse of William F. Born 4-10-1870, died 11-4-1963. Age: 93 - Dau.of Richard and Matilda (Hart) Walter, born in Buffalo NY. Wed 6-26-1890
WIEDMAN, Walter John. Spouse of Ethel Mae Bussler. Born 3-21-1891, died 8-22-1974 - Son of William and Maude (Walter) Wiedman, born in Buffalo NY, d. Allegany NY
WIEDMAN, William Clayton. Spouse of Emma Louise. Born 9-2-1915, died 1-2-2007 - Son of Walter and Ethel Mae (Buussler) Wiedman Wed 10-22-1944 in Bellevue OH - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard
WIEDMAN, William F. Spouse of Maude Walter. Born ??, died 8-8-1939 - Wed 6-26-1890
WILES, Norene M.(Williams). Spouse of Patrick J. Wiles. Born 3-16-1925, died 9-7-2011 - Dau of ? and Kathryn I. () Williams, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-10-1958 (he d. 10-22-2005)
WILES, Patrick J. Spouse of Norene M. Born 6-18-1927, died 10-22-2005 - Son of Thomas M. and Laura C. (Lippert) Wiles Sr. Wed May 10 1958 - WW II Vet, US Navy
WILLIAMS, Gladys A. Spouse of Paul M. Born 10-12-1915, died 5-28-2012 - Born in Hamburg PA. Husband d. 3-12-1990
WILLIAMS, James M. Spouse of Lois M. Swartz. Born 12-09-1932, died 3-18-2017 - Son of Marshall & Margaret (Foote) Williams, b. Inshua NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed. 2-02-1957 in Olean NY (she survives) O-OTH 3-20-17
WILLIAMS, Naomi S. (Schadt). Spouse of Richard P. Born 8-20-1938, died 6-4-1995 - Dau of Harold and Mary (Elliott) Schadt, born in Salamanca NY. Wed Nov. 3 1962
WILLOVER, Elnola J. (Kilmer) [Noni]. Spouse of Darold. Born 3-26-1938, died 12-21-2010 - Dau of Lawrence and Shirley (Shaw) Kilmer. Wed 11-25-1975 in Bradford PA
WILLSEY, Arthur. Spouse of Doris Steffenhagen. Born ??, died 1974
WILLSEY, Doris (Steffenhagen). Spouse of Arthur. Born 1-26- 1910, died 10-14- 2001 - Dau of William and Pearl (Loomis) Steffenhagen, born in Machias NY
WILLSEY, Kenneth P. Spouse of Lillian L. Kuhaneck. Born ??, died 6-1985 - Wed Jan 15 1952
WILLSEY, Lillian L. (Kuhaneck). Spouse of Kenneth P. Born 9-6-1925, died 4-14-2005 - Dau of Frank and Bessie (Milks) Kuhaneck. Wed Jan 15 1952
WILSON, James G. Spouse of Judy Booth. Born 5-24-1935, died 10-5-2003. Age: 68 - Son of Gerrett F. and Josephine H. (Boser) Wilson. Wed Aug 29 1959 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
WILSON, Leona Katheryn (Ort). Spouse of Ralph Emory Sr. Born 8-6-1904, died 5-29-2006 - Dau of John and Bessie (Clark) Ort. Wed 4-12-1924
WILSON, Ralph Emory Sr. Spouse of Leona Katheryn Ort. Born 4-4-1903, died 4-29-1977 - Wed 4-12-1924
WING, Clifford E. Spouse of Marie E. Wittenburg. Born ??, died 2-5-1973 - Wed 1933
WING, Clifford K. Born 12-07-1934, died 7-30-2004. Age: 69 - Son of Clifford E and Marie (Wittenburg) Wing, born in Olean NY d. Wellsville NY
WING, Marie E. (Wittenburg). Spouse of Clifford E. Born 2-23-1911, died 7-27-2007. Age: 96 - Dau of Wilhelm and Maria Wittenburg. Wed 1933
WINICKI, Linda E. (Wiltse). Spouse of Michael J. Born 9-06-1944, died 6-15-2010 - Dau of Erwin L. and Florence (Klotz) Wiltse, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wed 7-08-1961 in Allegany NY, 2 children
WINICKI, Michael J. Spouse of Linda E. Wiltse. Born 1-7-1943, died 9-12-2007 - Son of John W. and Anne M. (Close) Winicki. Wed 7-08-1961 in Allegany NY, 2 children - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force
WINNICKEY, Carl E. Spouse of Barbara Hull. Born 10-06-1926, died 11-30-2013 - Son of Edward and Louisa (Hausknecht) Winnickey, born in Allegany NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-21-1949 in Allegany NY (she d. 1-05-2012) - WW II Vet, US Army O-OTH 12-2-13 & 12-4-13
WINTERS, Barbara F. Born ??, died 12-5-2002
WITTENBURG, Edward. Born ??, died 1953 - Son of Wilhelm and Maria Wittenburg
WITTENBURG, Fred C. Born ??, died 1975 - Son of Wilhelm and Maria Wittenburg
WITTENBURG, Henry S. Born ??, died 1979 - Son of Wilhelm and Maria Wittenburg
WITTENBURG, Marie S. Born ??, died 1942
WITTENBURG, William. Born ??, died 1920
WOJTULSKI, Ruth E. (Derx). Spouse of Joseph W. Born 8-18-1917, died 10-15-2012. Age: 95 - Dau of Harry and Delia (Skinner) Derx, born in Angelica NY Wed 2-17-1945 (he d. 6-21-1950)
WOLF, Donald R. [Dick]. Born 06-24-1929, died 03-11-2003 - Son of Otto and Mary (Grader) Wolf, one of 9 children, born in Allegany NY.
WOLF, George M. Spouse of Sophia L. Foster. Born ??, died 12-2-1980 - Son of Otto and Mary (Grader) Wolf, one of 9 children. Wed July 7 1948 in Bradford PA
WOLF, John A. Spouse of Unnamed. Born 12-16-1938, died 6-12-2012 - Son of Otto and Mary (Grader) Wolf, one of 9 children, born in Allegany NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force. 1957-61
WOLF, Julie Ann (Sue). Spouse of Ronald F. Wolf. Born 11-24-1945, died 8-06-2016 - Dau of John & Ann (McCcord) Sue, b. Bradford PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 2-08-1964 in Allegany NY (he survives) O-OTH 8-08-16
WOLF, Robert T. Spouse of Evelyn A. Zink. Born 8-27-1925, died 5-1-2010 - Son of Otto and Mary (Grader) Wolf, one of 9 children, born in Allegany NY (family homestead) Wed 9-07-1946 at St. Jon's Luth Ch in Allegany NY
WOLF, Sophia L. (Foster). Spouse of George M. Born 9-9-1923, died 3-2-2005 - Dau of Eugene and Irene (Lippert) Foster
WOOD, Herbert A. Spouse of Lillian Pauley. Born 8-9-1917, died 8-17-2003. Age: 89 - Son of Herman J. and Emily (Dunkleman) Wood. Wed 7-5-1952 - WW II Vet, US Army, Normandy Beach
WOOD, Lillian (Pauley). Spouse of Herbert A. Born 4-3-1915, died 9-24-2004. Age: 89 - Dau of Albert and Blanche (Moore) Pauley. Wed 7-5-1952
WOODARD, Alice. Born 1-30-1894, died 3-15-1985 - Dau of Frederick and Anna Woodard, a nurse. Sister of Marie Abell. Alice and Marie and Harry Abell share a common stone - WW II Vet, a nurse
WOODARD, Anna (Franklin). Spouse of Frederick. Born 1-2-1861, died 12-24-1926 - Traveled from Canada to Friendship to study music at Baxter Institute
WOODARD, Frederick. Spouse of Anna Franklin. Born 7-16-1859, died 12-21-1923 - Son of George and Mary (Horton) Woodard
WOODARD, George. Spouse of Mary Louise Horton. Born 5-1-1828, died 5-11-1902 - Son of Hiram Woodard
WOODARD, Mary Louise (Horton). Spouse of George. Born 5-18-1838, died 1-8-1926
WOODRUFF, Dorothea (Koebelin) [Dot]. Spouse of John A. Born 10-10-1903, died 12-31-2005. Age: 102 - Dau of John and Cora (Cooley) Koebelin. Wed 6-17-1931
WOODRUFF, Ernest. Spouse of Gladys. Born ??, died
WOODRUFF, Genevieve G. Born ??, died 1944
WOODRUFF, Gladys. Spouse of Ernest. Born ??, died 1983
WOODRUFF, John A. Spouse of Dorothea Koebelin. Born ??, died 8-31-1974 - Wed 6-17-1931
WRIGHT, Barbara Jean (Gaston). Spouse of Ted. Born 7-12-1960, died 12-17-2002. Age: 42 - Dau of John and Irene Gaston, R.N. Died in Falls Church VA. Wed 6-24-1995
WRIGHT, Clair W. Born 3-8-1915, died 9-24-1999 - Son of Clarence and Cora (Hitchcock) Wright, born in Olean NY
WRIGHT, Howard G. Spouse of Jean W. Pierce. Born 4-29-1919, died 4-13-2005 - Son of Clarence and Cora (Hitchcock) Wright, born in Olean NY. Wed 4-27-1944
WRIGHT, Jean W. (Pierce). Spouse of Howard G. Born ??, died 7-28-1973 - Wed 4-27-1944
WRIGHT, Lucy C. Born ??, died 1908
WRIGHT, Mrs. Born ??, died 7-23-1891. Age: 87
WRIGHT, Robert C. Spouse of Bettie White. Born 7-7-1926, died 6-1-1994. Age: 67 - Son of Robert and Mable (Carlisle) Wright, born in Kill Buck NY. Wed Oct. 2 1954 - WW II Vet, US Army, C Co, 78th Inf
WUETHRICH, Kenneth Paul. Spouse of Ruth F. Maynard. Born 9-5-1920, died 5-15-2012 - Son of Albert and Lenoir (Pierce) Wuethrich, born in Wellsville NY. Wed 9-13-1942
WUETHRICH, Ruth Florence (Maynard). Spouse of Kenneth P. Born 2-19-1920, died 1-18-2010 - Dau of Raymond and Mary J. (Spears) Maynard, a rural mail carrier. Wed 9-13-1942
WURTZ, Lloyd E. Spouse of Frances. Born 2-19-1921, died 8-6-2009 - Son of Lewis and Helen (Schumacher) Wurtz - WW II Vet, US Army, 81st Inf Div, Medical Tech
YONKER, Betty L. (Booth). Spouse of Joseph A. Born ??, died 7-27-2002
YONKER, Joseph A. Spouse of Betty L. Booth. Born 12-13-1942, died 3-14-2007. Age: 84 - Son of Vern and Anna (Kriegsch) Yonker - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
YOUNGS, Dorothy J. (White). Spouse of Robert A. Born 6-19-1930, died 7-4-2008 - Dau of Arthur and Florence (Coots) White, born in Wellsville NY. Wed 7-01-1950 in Olean NY
YOUNGS, ROBERT A. Spouse of Dorothy J. White. Born 1-24-1928, died 11-25-2014 - Son of John and Dorothy (Stephens) Youngs, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 7-01-1950 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 11th Airborne Div 1946-47 O-OTH 11-26-14
ZENNER, Beverly J. (Hall). Spouse of Gail [Bud]. Born 9-2-1941, died 11-13-2005 - Dau of Roger and Winifred (Haertel) Hall, born in Buffalo NY. Wed May 15 1993
ZINK, Terry R. Spouse of Glenna R. Rouse. Born 3-25-1946, died 11-07-2014 - Son of Lennis[sic] and Letha (Tyler) Zink, b. Olean NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 1-08-1965 in Allegany NY (she survives) O-OTH 11-09-14


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