Maple Avenue
Village of  Allegany, NY

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ABBOT, Clara Bell . Spouse of Frank Sr
ABBOT, Frank Sr . Spouse of Clara Bell
ABBOT, Frank W. . Spouse of Nellie S
ABBOT, Nellie S . Spouse of Frank W.
ABELL, Harry - Alice Woodard, Marie and Harry Abell share a common stone. Sister of Marie Abell
ABELL, Marie (Woodard) - Nurse At Olean General Hosp. Alice Woodard, Marie and Harry Abell share a common stone See Harry Abell
ACKLEY, Leda Mary (Bosee) . Spouse of Lloyd - Wed June 17 1950
ACKLEY, Lloyd Herbert . Spouse of Leda Mary Boseer - Son of Herbert Russell and Annabelle Ethelbelle (Williams) Ackley, born in Town of Amity NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy 1945-1949 & National Guard Reserve
ADAMS, Anna L. (Roper) . Spouse of Robert S. Sr - Dau of Frederick and Ruby J. Ford Roper, born in DuBois PA
ADAMS, Robert S. Sr. . Spouse of Anna L. Roper - Wed Sept. 9 1941
ADERMAN, Richard C. . Spouse of Jean Ganoung - Son of Raymond and Hazel (Bean) Aderman, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 5-17-1947 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy, USS Missouri O-OTH 10-30-14
ADSIT, Fred M. - Son of Milford and Mary Fingerlos Adsit, born in Olean NY
ADSIT, Mary J. . Spouse of Milford
ADSIT, Milford . Spouse of Mary J.
ALGER, Kenneth D. . Spouse of Laura M.Drew - Wed Oct 11 1940
ALGER, Laura M. (Drew) . Spouse of Kenneth D. - Dau of Frank and Emma (Boser) Drew
ALLEN, Alice - Dau of Elmer and Sophia Allen
ALLEN, Ardith M (Coleman) . Spouse of Adrian - Dau of Lewis and Hazel May (Dubois) Coleman, born in Bradford PA Wed 3-26-1946 (he d. 2-1993)
ALLEN, Edith - Dau of Elmer and Sophia Allen
ALLEN, Elmer D. . Spouse of Sophia - Son of Stephen and Mary Allen - Civil War Vet, Co. K 37th Reg't GAR, wounded May 31 1862
ALLEN, Sophia . Spouse of Elmer D.
AMORE, George . Spouse of Janet R. - Wed 7-2-1936 in Black Creek
AMORE, Janet R. (Robinson) . Spouse of George - Dau of Arthur and Helen (Powell) Robinson. Wed 7-2-1936 in Black Creek
ANDERSON, Anna J. . Spouse of John Alfred
ANDERSON, Bernice C. (Green) . Spouse of H.W. [Yum] - Dau. of Albert and Nellie (Lyons) Green, born in Angelica NY. Wed Jan. 25 1920
ANDERSON, John Alfred . Spouse of Anna J.
AQUINO, Geraldine L. (Fenclau) . Spouse of Anthony A. - Dau of Leo and Lucille Fenclau, born in buffalo NY
ARMSTRONG, George E. . Spouse of Violet R Green - Son of Thomas and Anna (Hess) Armstrong, born in Olean NY. Wed May 14 1948 - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army. Career, 1924-1965. 1st Sgt. with Co. I NY National Guard
AUL, Alice T. (Thorp) . Spouse of Gary S Carl/ Edward Leroy - Dau of Harry H. and Bertha (Sinden) Thorp, born in Mina NY. Wed Dr. Gary H. Carl May 13 1944, he died 12-1954
AUL, Edward Leroy [Roy[ . Spouse of Alice Thorp - Wed April 9 1983
AUSTIN, Charles B. . Spouse of Jeanette - Son of Charles and Carmelita (Metcalf) Austin
BABCOCK, Joan Elizabeth (Whitcher) . Spouse of Robert Babcock - Dau of Paul J. Sr. and Elizabeth (Fraun) Whitcher, born in Olean NY Wed Olean NY (he d. 1988)
BAKER, Elizabeth K. (Knipple) . Spouse of William N. - Dau of Henry and Abbie (Thornton) Knipple
BAKER, William N. . Spouse of Elizabeth Knipple. - Wed Jan 15 1959
BARKER, Anna B . Spouse of Frank W.
BARKER, Ellen Elizabeth (Shepard) . Spouse of Marshal
BARKER, Frank W. . Spouse of Anna B - Son of Marshal and Ellen Elizabeth (Shepard) Barker
BARKER, Marshal . Spouse of Ellen Elizabeth Shepard - Son of Thomas and Phebe (Vaughn) Barker
BARKER, Phoebe (Vaughn) . Spouse of Thomas
BARNES, Gerald L. . Spouse of Gertrude Trowbridge - Son of Homer and Anna (Norton) Barnes
BARNES, Gertrude (Trowbridge) . Spouse of Gerald BARNES - Dau of C. B. and Rena (Foster) Trowbridge, born in Wellsville NY Wed 3-18-1935 in Wellsville NY (he predeceased her)
BARREY, Alice C. (Brown) . Spouse of Robert E. - Wed Apr. 9 1945 in Olean NY
BARREY, Robert E. . Spouse of Alice C. - Son of Andrew F. and Alta M. (Atwater) Barrey - WW II Vet, US Navy, Okinawa
BARTON, Herbert R. . Spouse of Marilyn M. Cole/ Genevieve Burrows - Son of Herbert and Mary (Diffenbacher) Barton, born in Allegany NY. Wed Marilyn 7-31-1954 in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
BARTON, Mary S. . Spouse of Herbert R.
BASTOW, Elizabeth D. (Millard) . Spouse of Thomas H. - Dau of Robert C. and Irene C. (Morris) Millard, born in Buffalo NY
BASTOW, Francis A. . Spouse of Sherry Lunn - Son of Thomas H. and Elizabeth D. (Millard) Bastow, b. Olean NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 10-08-2005 in Olean NY (she survives) O-OTH 2-11-15
BASTOW, Thomas H. . Spouse of Elizabeth D. - Wed Oct 17 1959 in Portland NY
BEARD, Bernice C. (Chamberlain) . Spouse of Earl W. - Dau of Charles and Bertha (Hedden) Chamberlain
BEARD, Earl William . Spouse of Bernice Chamberlain - Wed Dec. 30 1933 O-OTH 4-24-15 Gary W.
BEARD, Gary W. . Spouse of Sharon M. Holmes - Son of Earl William and Bernice C. (Chamberlain) Beard, b. Olean NY, d. Salamanca NY, Wed 6-16-1984 in Arcade NY (she d. 2-08-2001) O-OTH 4-24-15
BEARD, Kathryn L.
BEARD, Sharon M. (Holmes) . Spouse of Gary W. - Dau of Elbert and Irene (Redden) Holmes, born in Warsaw NY- . Wed June 16 1984
BEARD, William
BEATTY, Linda S. (Beatty) - Dau of Paul and Mildred (Phearsdorf) Beatty
BEBKO, Edward J. . Spouse of Stella Kaniewski - Son of John and Constance (Sobolewski) Bebko, born in Brooklyn NY, d. Allegany NY. Stage name was Eddy Baker. Organist, Chiropractor. Wed 11-23-1941 in Bayside NY
BECKMAN, Donald L. . Spouse of Debra S. Scott - Son of Robert K and Helen M. (Rounds) Beckman - Vietnam Vet, US Army and USMC
BECKMAN, Robert K . Spouse of Helen Rounds
BEEBE, Mary B. . Spouse of Frank
BELLAMY, Jay A. . Spouse of Nancy - Born in Bradford PA - Vietnam Vet, US Army
BENDER, Albert . Spouse of Mary E. Gustafson
BENDER, Henry C. . Spouse of Ruth T. Tenglund - Wed May 4 1935
BENDER, Mary E. (Gustafson) . Spouse of Albert - Dau of Charles and Catherine (Lindsay) Gustafson
BENDER, Ruth T. (Tenglund) . Spouse of Henry C. - Dau of John Albin and Hilda Oliva (Johnson) Tenglund
BENNETT, Ethel E. (Gallentine) . Spouse of Norman - Dau of Charles and Effie Gallentine
BENNETT, Norman . Spouse of Ethel E. Gallentine
BENTLEY, Dorothy Evelyn (Jeans) . Spouse of William - Born in Nova Scotia
BENTLEY, William . Spouse of Dorothy E. Jeans
BERGER, Charles - Son of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Joseph . Spouse of Sophia - Civil War Vet, Co D 81st NY Vols
BERGER, Mary B. - Dau of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Sophia - Dau of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Sophia . Spouse of Joseph
BERGQUIST, Dorothy A. (Fahy) . Spouse of Walter F. - Dau of Edward and Edna (Elliott) Fahy, b. Pine Island-MN d. Olean NY Wed 10-10-1939 in Eldred PA
BERGREEN, Betty M. (Morrow,) . Spouse of Roy E. - Dau of William D. and Loretta (Bolender) Morrow, born in Okmulgee OK
BERGREEN, Roy E. . Spouse of Betty M. - Wed Dec 20 1943 in Rapid City SC.
BERGSTEN, Anna (Carlson) . Spouse of Victor
BERGSTEN, Mary E. (Lawhead) . Spouse of Milton - Dau of George and Annetta Lawhead, b. Salamanca NY d. Springboro-OH Wed 55 yrs (ca 1938)
BERGSTEN, Milton E. . Spouse of Mary E. Lawhead - Dau of Victor and Anna Carlson Bergstern
BERGSTEN, Victor . Spouse of Anna C.Carlson
BIEHLER, Carl J. . Spouse of Helen W. - Wed July 18 1931
BIEHLER, Helen W. (Witherell) . Spouse of Carl J. - Dau. of Frank and Eugenia Snyder Witherell, born in Town of Portville NY
BIEHLER, Robert W. . Spouse of Margaret S. - Son of Carl and Helen Witherell Biehler - WW II Vet, US Air Force in England and US 1st Lt.
BIRD, Milton E. . Spouse of Phyllis M - Son of Ernest and Lydia Opferbeck Bird
BIRD, Phyllis (Murphy) . Spouse of Milton E. - Wed June 14 1952
BISH, Dale A. . Spouse of Anita M - Son of John J. and Betty J. Toper. Wed Dec 16 1986 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BISH, Earl F. [Bud] . Spouse of Susan L. Milgate - Son of George and Margaret (Johnson) Bish, born in Olean NY. Wed May 8 1965
BISH, George . Spouse of Margaret Johnson
BISH, Margaret (Johnson) . Spouse of George
BISSELL, Anita M. (Whitmer) . Spouse of Roberto H. Perez II/ Cyrus C. Bissell - Dau of Leo and Anna Whitmer Sr. Roberto d. 1964. Cyrus Bissell d. 6-2-2004
BLAIR, Chester T. . Spouse of Lois O. Lamb - Wed 11-15-1932
BLAIR, Lois O. (Lamb) . Spouse of Chester T. - Dau of Archie And Grace (Chase) Lamb. Wed 11-15-1932
BLESSING, Mark G. - Son of Elton [Doc] and Evelyn (Todd) Blessing
BONHOFF, James William . Spouse of Julie S. - Son of William and Doris Bonhoff. Wed Aug 13 1982
BOOTH, Glenna (Collette) . Spouse of Edward M. Jr. - Dau of Clarence and Esther (Barnet) Collette, born in Eldred PA Wed 11-16-1957 in Eldred PA
BOSER, Ann M. (Cheladyn) . Spouse of Theodore - Dau of Frank and Sophia Cheladyn
BOSER, Bessie (Kreamer) . Spouse of Charles W.
BOSER, Charles W. . Spouse of Bessie Kreamer
BOSER, Kathryn S. (Booth) . Spouse of Marion B. - Dau of William and Bertha (Dickerson) Booth, born in Rixford PA. Wed July 19 1947
BOSER, Marion B. [Chub] . Spouse of Kathryn S. - Son of Charles W. and Bessie (Kreamer) Boser. Wed July 19 1947
BOSER, Mary L. (Miller) . Spouse of Claude - Dau of Frank and Lottie Miller. Wed Dec 24 1940
BOSER, Noah David - Son of Bethann M. Boser and Christopher R. Rowand
BOSER, Raymond L. . Spouse of Lanora Slocum/ Patricia Vargo - Son of Charles W. and Bessie (Kreamer) Boser, was a composer, traveler, and gardener. Lanora d. 12-1984; Patricia d. 1-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army
BOSER, Steven D. . Spouse of Cynthia - Son of Theodore and Ann M. (Cheladyn) Boser. Owned a dairy farm
BOSER, William C. - Son of Marion B. and Kathryn S. (Booth) Boser
BOWEN, Ethel (Bird) . Spouse of L. George - Dau of William and Julia (Henry) Bird, born in West Almond NY Wed 5-18-1930 (he d. 9-16-1993)
BOYE, Ronald L. Sr. - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BRAINARD, Byron W [By] . Spouse of Mary J. Barton - Son of Howard and Bessie (Fuller) Brainard. Wed 8-13-1947 - WW II Vet, USMC, 4th Marine Div
BRAINARD, Mary Johanne (Barton) . Spouse of Byron W - Wed 8-13-1947
BRAINARD, Steven W. . Spouse of Christine M. Johnosn - Son of Byron and Mary J. (Barton) Brainard, born in Olean NY. Wed 12-24-1994 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1967-71
BRAMLEE, Gertrude H. (Blessing) . Spouse of Warner M. - Dau of Conrad and Inez (Faulkner) Blessing, born in Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-08-1937
BRINK, Herbert S. . Spouse of Olive Stauffer
BRINK, Marion G. (Evans) . Spouse of William J. - Dau of Harold and Myrtle (Johnson) Evans. Wed 10-5-1946
BRINK, Olive (Stauffer) . Spouse of Herbert
BRINK, William J. . Spouse of Marion G. Evans - Son of Herbert S. and Olive (Stauffer) Brink. Wed 10-5-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
BROWN, Marie E. (Whitmer) . Spouse of Elmer Smith/ Ellsworth - Dau of Leo and Hazel (Niles) Whitmer Sr. School Teacher
BROWN, Melville H. . Spouse of Olive A. - Wed 1958 in Alhambra CA
BROWN, Olive A. (Riggs) . Spouse of Russell J. Trail/ Melville H. - Dau of Orma J and Louise E. (Schulz) Riggs. Wed Melville in 1958 in Alhambra CA
BRUNER, Harold W. . Spouse of M. Irene Elliott - Wed 6-27-1936 - WW II Vet, US Navy
BRUNER, M. Irene (Elliott) . Spouse of Harold W. - Dau of Theodore and Mable (Blauvelt) Elliott, born in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 6-27-1936
BRUNO, Dorothy (Sherwin) Clark . Spouse of Ernest Geise/ Harry J. Clark/ John - Dau. of Nelson J. and Ettie (Morgan) Sherwin Sr., born in Cuba NY. Ernest d. 5-20-1934; Harry d.4-9-1971
BUBB, Charles J. . Spouse of Charlotte
BUBB, Charlotte . Spouse of Charles J.
BUBB, John C. . Spouse of Maxine C. - Wed 10-26-1940 in St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Olean NY
BUBB, Maxine C. () . Spouse of John C. - Raised by Earl and Edith Metcalf, a beautician. Wed 10-26-1940 in St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Olean NY
BUCHER, Carolyn Ann (Menter) . Spouse of Allan - Dau of Ernescliff A. and Pauline (Cooper) Menter, born and died in Olean NY. Wed 8-19-1966 in Allegany NY (he survives) O-OTH 12-02-14
BUCKLEY, Robert G. . Spouse of Diane M. Travis - Son of Glenn and Gretchen (Faulkner) Buckley, born in Olean NY. Wed 2-07-1953 at First Bapt Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy 1944-46
BUMP, Harold C. [Bumpy] . Spouse of Marie C. Hamm - Wed 4-27-1944 in Spartanburg SC.
BUMP, Marie C. (Hamm) . Spouse of Harold C - Dau of Herman and Wilhemina (Karnuth) Hamm. Wed 4-27-1944 in Spartanburg SC.
BURDICK, Edmund C. . Spouse of Shirley A. Hill - Son of Charles Raymond and Blanche (Dewey) Burdick, born in Weston's Mills NY (at grandparents' home [Clara and Edward Bartlett]). Wed 3-20-1948 in Palmyra NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-47
BURDICK, Shirley A. (Hill) . Spouse of Edmund C. - Dau of Ralph and Irene (Garrison) Hill, born in Palmyra NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 3-20-1948 in Palmyra NY O-OTH 9-13-13 & 9-14-13
BURLINGAME, Aletha (Hitchcock) . Spouse of Thomas F. J. Burlingame - Dau of Guy N. and Nellie E. (Schryver) Hitchcock, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 8-28-1961 in Tacoma WA (he d. 4-05-1966) O-OTH 3-05-15
BUTLER, John R. - Son of Howard T. and Marguerite E. (Welch) Butler, born in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
CAMPBELL, Lee . Spouse of Roberta J. Pendleton - Wed 1940
CAMPBELL, Roberta J. (Pendleton) . Spouse of Lee - Dau of Harry and Ethel (Morehouse) Pendleton. Wed 1940. Lost her sight
CAPOZZI, Ruth E.(Stocks) . Spouse of William V. - Dau of Sylvestor and Bessie (Smith) Stocks. Formerly wed to William Capozzi
CAPOZZI, William V. . Spouse of Ruth Stocks - Son of Virgil and Marjorie (Bisbee) Capozzi, born in Olean NY Wed 1946 (she d. 2004) - WW II Vet, US Army 1942-4
CARLSON, Norman H. . Spouse of Eva V. Tenglund - Son of Harry and Nelma [sic] (Johnson) Carlson, born in Ischua NY. Wed 9-28-1946 at Bethan Luth Ch (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army 1941-45
CARLSON, Richard A. . Spouse of Ruth Ruggles - Son of Philip and Frances (Halliday) Carlson, born in Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wife d. 2-28-2011 O-OTH 10-16-13
CARLSON, Robert L. . Spouse of Patricia O'Connell - Son of Raymond S. Sr. and Dagny (Holst) Carlson, born in Scandia, d. Bradford PA. Wed 9-25-1947 in Mount Jewett PA
CARLSON, Ruth K. (Ruggles) . Spouse of Richard A. - Dau of Rex and Nella (Metcalf) Ruggles, born in Olean NY Wed 8-1955 in Olean NY
CASE, Clinton A. . Spouse of Jean E.DeGroff, - Wed 11-23-1950
CASE, Jean E. (DeGroff) . Spouse of Clinton A. - Dau of Frank and Arlie DeGroff, was a teacher. Wed 11-23-1950
CAUVEL, Glenn E. . Spouse of Marilyn L. Taylor - Son of Lawrence and Marion (Kockler) Cauvel, born in Franklin PA Wed 5-11-1968 in Olean NY (she d. 5-22-1991)
CHAPIN, Albert B. . Spouse of Signe L. Larson
CHAPIN, Lillian (Anger) . Spouse of Robert M. - Wed 11-25-1937
CHAPIN, Robert M. . Spouse of Lillian Anger/ Gloria Griffith Rhow - Son of Albert B. and Signe L. (Larson) Chapin. Wed Lillian 11-25-1937
CHAPIN, Signe L. (Larson) . Spouse of Albert B.
CLARK, Dorothy C. (Johnson) . Spouse of William R. - Dau of Charles F. and Emma C. (?) Johnson, Olean NY. Wed 10-29-1939 in Bradford PA
CLAYSON, Douglas I Sr. . Spouse of Shirley A. Hall - Wed 5-3-1952
CLAYSON, Sheila Mary - Dau of Douglas I Sr. and Shirley A. (Hall) Clayson
CLAYSON, Shirley A. (Hall) . Spouse of Douglas I Sr. - Dau of Clarence and Aschia (Russell) Hall. Wed 5-3-1952
CLAYTON, Donna (Nobles) - Born in Olean NY
CLEMENS, Michael Shawn . Spouse of April Robbins - Son of William and Candace (Tracy) Clemens - Post-Vietnam, KIA in Dehe Hendu,Afghanistan. US Army, HHC Co 2-87th Inf
CLUTE, Gertrude B. . Spouse of Bruce M. - Dau of Victor and Nina (Nichols) Wheaton. Wed 1936 (he died 1996)
COATES, Valjean C.(Anderson) Johnson . Spouse of Carl L.Johnson/ Harold W. - Dau of John and Anna (Johnson) Anderson. Carl died 4-9-1984, Harold d. 3-28-1990
COLE, John Frank Sr. . Spouse of Mary Skinner/ Marlene A. Pierce - Son of Gaylord J. and Marian Cole. Wed Marlene W 5-20-1978
COLE, Marlene A. (Pierce) . Spouse of John F.Sr. - Dau of Wilford and Viola (Bennett) Pierce. Born in Olean NY. Wed 5-20-1978
COLF, Donald E. . Spouse of Marjorie K. Klink - Son of James and Sarah (Frame) Colf, born in Little Valley NY. Wed 8-16-1947 in Allegany NY - WW II Vet, US Army Engineers, Europe
COLF, Marjorie Kathryn (Klink) . Spouse of Donald E. Sr. - Dau of Henry and Caroline (Goodrich) Klink, born in Atlanta GA, d. Rocky Hill CT. Wed 8-16-1947 in Allegany NY. Owner/operator Colf Dance Studio in Olean NY
COLVIN, Emma (Stanton) . Spouse of William Jabez - Dau of Erastus and Betsey (Whitmore) Stanton
COMBS, Margaret L. (Lincoln) . Spouse of Zola L. - Dau of Leslie T. and Eathlr May (Crain) Lincoln. Wed 7-20-1935 in Allegany NY
COMBS, Rosetta - Dau of Zola L and Margaret L. (Lincloln) Combs
COMBS, Zola L. . Spouse of Margaret L. Lincoln - Wed 7-20-1935 in Allegany NY
CONHISER, Robert E. . Spouse of Ruth S. Klice - Son of Theodore and Regina (Zister) Conhiser, born in Olean NY Wed 6-07-1947 at St. Bonaventure Ch. in Allegany NY (she d. 5-11-2006)
CORNELL, Geraldine L. (Joy) . Spouse of Glenn W. - Dau of John A. and Clarissa M. (Cowles) Joy
CORNELL, Glenn W. . Spouse of Geraldine L. Joy
CORNELL, Mareta (Ruggles) . Spouse of Lester L. [Corky] - Dau of F. Rexford and Nella L. (Metcalf) Ruggles, born in Harrison PA, d. Salamanca NY. Wed 10-14-1941
CORNISH, Bernice L. (Leonard) . Spouse of Charles W. - Dau of George A. and Gertrude Osborne Leonard. Wed 6-2-1939 in Olean NY
CORNISH, Charles W. [Web] . Spouse of Bernice L. Leonard - Son of Marshall and Lyra (Munn) Cornish, born in Alden NY. Wed 6-2-1939 in Olean NY
CRADDUCK, Marilyn Ann . Spouse of Robert C. - Dau of Clarence and Arlena Thompson Raner . Wed May 12 1952
CRADDUCK, Robert C. . Spouse of Marilyn Ann - Son of Albert C. and Ethel Reddy Crsdduck - Korean War Vet, US Navy
CRATER, Aletha M. (Ingham) . Spouse of Howard - Dau of Clifford W. and Mary (Carpenter) Ingham, b. Olean NY d. Olean NY. Wed 6-17-1944 in Olean NY
CRATER, Howard . Spouse of Aletha M. Ingham - Son of George Clinton and Vina Mae Parker Crater, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 6-17-1944 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
CRIDLER, Phyllis G. (Comberladge) Smythe . Spouse of Ernest C. - Dau of Ellis and Ann (Hathoway) Comberladge, born in Chicago IL
CUMMINS, Arthur E. . Spouse of Ruth Rose Wienk - Wed 6-18-1938 in Otto NY
CUMMINS, Ruth Rose (Wienk) . Spouse of Arthur E. - Dau of Herman and Lottie (Hart) Wienk. Wed 6-18-1938 in Otto NY
CURRY, James . Spouse of Mary A. - Hit by a train and legs run over
CURRY, Mary A. . Spouse of James
DALE, Marion E. (Steiger) . Spouse of Melvin S. - Dau of Erichand Dora (Gaspar) Steiger, born in Allegany NY. Wed 11-21-1954 in Allegany NY (he d. 5-20-1996)
DAPOLITO, Thelma M. (Greyber) . Spouse of Steven A. - Dau of Joseph and Mabel (Davis) Greyber, born in Yorkshire NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-15-1947
DARRIN, Howard . Spouse of Eva - Son of David Travis and Lena A. (Campbell) Darrin, born and died in Olean NY
DASCOMB, Lillian G. (Lombardi) . Spouse of William E. - Dau of Joseph and Providence (Baccarella) Lombardi. Wed 1950 - WW II Vet, US Air Force Nurses Corps
DASCOMB, William E. . Spouse of Lillian G. Lombardi - Wed 1950
DEAN, Amy - Dau of Minerva Dean [? Minerva born 1929, Amy died 1905?]
DEAN, Minerva M. (Mosher) . Spouse of Lloyd A. - Dau of Harold and Jessie (VanDyke) Mosher, born in Olean NY Wed 4-12-1947 in Portville NY
DEARMITT, Jean K. (Keller) . Spouse of William C. - Dau of Calvin L and Orpha M. (DeYoe) Keller. Wed Aug 21 1948
DECKER, Mary . Spouse of Miles - Miles and Mary are buried in the Woodard Plot
DECKER, Miles . Spouse of Mary - Miles and Mary are buried in the Woodard Plot
DELANEY, Joan M. - Dau of James G. and Kathleen (Smith) Delaney, born in Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY
DIETEMAN, Paul J. Jr. . Spouse of Sue Filiatrault - Son of Paul and Irene (Hebner) Dieteman, born in Bradford PA. Wed May 30 1964 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Germany
DONAHUE, Louise L. (Carter) . Spouse of Norman K. - Wed 10-17-1953
DONAHUE, Norman K. . Spouse of Louise L. Carter - Son of Terrance and Mae (Spindler) Donahue, born in Paulsboro NJ. Wed 10-17-1953 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific
DORR, Dorothy H. - Dau of Raymond and Grace (Wilbur) Dorr, born in Olean NY
DORR, Florence M. - Dau of Raymond and Grade (Wilbur) Dorr, born in Olean NY
DRAVES, Marilyn E. (Dietzen) . Spouse of John - Dau of Albert and Loretta (Gloff) Dietzen, born in Dunkirk NY d. Fredonia NY. Wed 9-12-1953 in Dunkirk NY
DUCEY, Arlene A. (Hunt) . Spouse of John - Dau of Lawrence and Flossie (Allen) Hunt, born in Brookfield Twp. PA? Husband d. 2003
DUCEY, John F. Jr. . Spouse of Arlene Hunt - Son of John and Margaret Langworthy Ducey Sr., born in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy, USS Oriskany
DUNCAN, Helen Maxine (Cook) - Dau of Thomas Jackson and Bessie A. (Poteet) Cook, born in Branby-MO
DUNSHIE, Ailene (Gorton) . Spouse of Norman/ Howard C. Dunshie - Dau of Chris and Ethel (Taylor) Gorton, born at site of preent Alma Church, d. Allegany NY (at home), Norman d. 4-1983. Howard survives
DUPRE, Richard S. . Spouse of Christine Rogozinski - Son of Emmet and Marjorie (Geuder) Dupre, born in Olean NY - Vietnam Vet
DUTTON, David W. . Spouse of Hazel A. Bishop - Son of Willard and Arlene (Isaman) Dutton, born in Olean NY. Wed Dec. 26 1942
DYE, Margery W. (Warren) . Spouse of William H. Jr. - Dau of LaMarr and Maud (Bush) Warren, born in Knoxville PA. Wed 6-29-1929
DYE, William H. Jr. . Spouse of Margery W. Warren - Wed 6-29-1929
EATON, Arian V. (Cramer) . Spouse of Robert H. - Dau of Grover and Rosa (Williams) Cramer, born in Montoursville PA
EATON, Robert H. . Spouse of Arian V. Cramer
EDEY, Clifford L. III [Jay] . Spouse of Heather Howes - Son of Clifford L. Jr. and Betty (Stewart) Edey, born in Niagara Falls NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1990 in Smethport PA (she d. 8-2008), father d. 1972
EDWARDS, Howard Hugh . Spouse of Katherine Elaine Norton - Son of Paul Ethan and Vivian June (West) Edwards, born in Olean NY, d. Rome NY. Wed Mar. 30 1963 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1961-1965
EGGLESTON, Euphemia A. (Burdick) . Spouse of James F. Smith/ Andrew Miller/ John W. - Dau of Abel and Lucy (Hadsell) Burdick. James F. Smith 1833-1863. Andrew Miller 1828-1870
EGGLESTON, John W. . Spouse of Euphemia A. Burdick - Third husband of Euphemia
EHLERS, Bruce A. . Spouse of Sherrill L. - Son of Herbert and Katherine (Zamborski) Ehlers, born in St Mary's PA. Wed May 11 1968 - Vietnam Vet, US Army Military Police
ELLIOTT, Gertrude J.
ELLIS, Romayne T. (Tumser) . Spouse of James Hickey/ Grant F. - Dau of James and Laurel (Brown) Tumser
ELLSWORTH, Gerldine G. (Ellsworth) [Jeanne] - Dau of William E. and Gladys V. (Eastman) Ellsworth. Blind from an auto-pedestrian accident
ELWELL, Berton W. . Spouse of Charlotte Miller - Son of Milford and Eleanor (Warner) Elwell, born and died in Olean NY. Wed 7-14-1962 in Pavilion NY
EMLEY, Gordon A. . Spouse of Gayle J. Chittick - Son of William S. III and Shirley (Gordon) Emley, born in New Castle PA, d. Gowanda NY, Wed 5-01-1965 in Hamburg NY (she survives) O-OTH 10-14-13
EMONS, Arthur J. . Spouse of Jessie Burroughs Reese - Son of Arthur J. Sr. and Ethel Mae (Seeker) Emons, born in Bradford PA, d. Bradford PA, Wed 6-21-1969 - Korean War Vet, US Army 1954-56 O-OTH 9-26-13
EMONS, Jessie I. (Burroughs) Reese . Spouse of James D. Reese/ Arthur J. - Dau of Myron A. and Gertrude (Irish) Burroughs. James d. 10-5-1964. Wed Arthur 6-21-1969
ENSELL, Beatrice L. . Spouse of Edward A. - Dau of Caleb and Vinnie Currier Palmatier, born in Genesee PA
ENSELL, Lauretta E. (Murphy,) . Spouse of Frank M. - Dau of Bertron and Phrone (Cussins) Murphy, born in Marc IL. Wed Jan. 27 1927
ERVIN, Myra J. (Baker) - Dau of Wilbur and Helen (Rickey) Baker
EVANS, John B. . Spouse of Luella Winsor - Son of Judson W. and Sarah (Greene) Evans, born in Clearfield PA. Wed Jan. 20 1961
EVENS, Marie L. (Thierman) . Spouse of Robert W Sr. - Dau of George and Abbie (Allen) Thierman. Wed 6-3-1934
EVENS, Robert W Sr. . Spouse of Marie L. - Son of Walter and Blanche Hamilton Evens. Wed 6-3-1934
FAHY, Barbara J. (Topor) . Spouse of Ralph V. [Bud] - Wed 1-30-1962
FAHY, Juanita Fern (Peck) . Spouse of Robert L. - Wed 9-24-1960
FAHY, Nellie G. (Pierce) . Spouse of Ralph V. - Dau of Earl D. and Elizabeth (Kelly) Pierce. Wed 2-17-1933 in Olean NY
FAHY, Ralph V. . Spouse of Nellie G. Pierce - Wed 2-17-1933 in Olean NY
FAHY, Ralph V. [Bud] . Spouse of Barbara J. Topor - Son of Ralph V. and Nellie G. (Pierce) Fahy Sr. Wed 1-30-1962 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FAHY, Robert L. . Spouse of Juanita Fern Peck - Son of Ralph V. and Nellie G. (Pierce) Fahy Sr. Wed 9-24-1960 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FAIRCHILD-SWARTS, Naomi K. (Jacobs) . Spouse of Karl W. Swarts/ Elton G. - Dau of Louis and Maude (Lockwood) Jacobs, born in Shinglehouse PA
FALK, June A. . Spouse of Willard R. Falk - Dau of William J. and Florence (Paventa) Rickey, born in Olean NY. Wed 11-28-1952 in Coudersport PA (he survives)
FARR, Mary Charlotte . Spouse of LaVerne Herron/Gerald Farr Sr. - Gerald died June 8 1989
FARRAR, Dorothy A. (Sherman) . Spouse of L. Elwood - Dau of John and Bertha (Crandall) Sherman. Wed 3-30-1942 in Elkton MD
FARRAR, L. Elwood [Woody] . Spouse of Dorothy A. - Son of Leo and Carrie Bailey Farrar, born in Arcade NY, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 3-30-1942 in Elkton MD - WW II Vet, USMC
FAY, Edgar
FAY, Edgar Leroy - Killed by measles
FAY, Emma
FAY, Sarah
FIELD, Cyrus William
FIELD, Gertrud (Gast) . Spouse of Howard A. - Dau of Karl and Leana (Kluk) Gast, born in Germny
FIELD, Howard A. . Spouse of Gertrud Gast
FIELD, Jean Marie (Delaney) . Spouse of Vernon E. - Wed 10-7-1950 in Bolivar NY
FIELD, Vernon E. . Spouse of Jean Marie Delaney - Son of Charles C. and Lillian F. (McIntosh) Field. Wed 10-7-1950 in Bolivar NY - WW II Vet, US Army
FINCH, Donald I. [Derby] . Spouse of Patricia J.Lyman - Son of Edward D. and Lillian Finch. Wed July 2 1982 - Vietnam Vet, USMC
FINCH, Edward D. . Spouse of Lillian Outman - Son of Irving and Hazel (Brundage) Finch. Wed 6-24-1939
FINCH, Lillian (Outman) . Spouse of Edward D. - Dau of Lawrence and Adah Outman. Wed 6-24-1939
FINGER, Edward P. . Spouse of Mary Anabus
FINGER, Edward P. II . Spouse of Bette E. Ford - Son of Edward P. and Mary (Anabus) Finger, was a pharmacist. Wed 1960 - Korean War Vet, US Army
FINGER, Mary Anabus . Spouse of Edward P.
FIRST, Bill B. . Spouse of LanDona P. Broom - Son of Donald J. and Gladys (Martin) First, born in Huntington IN - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Natl Guard, Indiana
FIRST, F. Modine (Cambron) . Spouse of John M. - Wed 5-12-1956 in Huntington IN.
FIRST, John M. . Spouse of F. Modine Cambron - Son of Donald J. and Gladys R. (Martin) First, born in Huntington IN. Wed 5-12-1956 in Huntington IN. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
FIRST, LanDona (Broom) . Spouse of Bill B. - Dau of Cecil I. and Ruth L. Cocklin Brown Broom Olwin, born in Bluffton IN, was LPN
FIRST, Steven D. - Son of Bill B and LanDona P. (Broom) First
FISHER, Jane A. (Phearsdorf) . Spouse of Carl V. - Dau of Richard John and Ruth (Wright) Phearsdorf, born in Olean NY, Wed 5-05-1951 (he d. 11-05-1982)
FORD, Arlene R. () . Spouse of Gerald Ford - Dau of William [Mac] McKinley and Ruth Arlene (Waite) Phillips, born in Batavia NY. Wed 9-08-1946 at 1st Presbyt Ch in Olean NY
FORD, Dorothy E. (Bubb) . Spouse of Joseph H. - Dau of Charles J. and Charlotte G. (Rainer) Bubb, born in Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 7-28-1941 in Olean NY
FORD, Howard C. . Spouse of Bettie Alden - Son of Howard and Florence (Schieterle) Ford - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. Flew B-17 planes. POW in Germany, Purple Heart and other medals
FORD, Phyllis G. (Allpleby) . Spouse of William H. - Dau of Phillip T. and Minerva (Maxson) Allpleby, born in Olean NY. Wed April 19 1945
FORTUNA, Francis B. . Spouse of Susan M. Nolan - Wed 10-25-1941 in Salamanca
FORTUNA, Susan M. (Nolan) . Spouse of Francis B. - Dau of James and Sarah (McManoman) Nolan, was a nurse. Wed 10-25-1941 in Salamanca
FOSTER, Claude W. . Spouse of Eleanor - Born in Lewis Run PA
FOSTER, Eleanor . Spouse of Claude W.
FOSTER, James A. . Spouse of Sylvia L. Scott - Son of Clifford and Ruth (Root) Forster. Wed Dec 22 1960 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
FOSTER, Jessie
FOSTER, Stephen Philip - Son of Eugene and Irene (Lippert) Foster - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1953-58, single engine jet mechanic
FOSTER, Walter
FRENCH, Allen J. . Spouse of Beverly C. Betz - Wed 11-29-1947 in Olean
FRENCH, Beverly C.(Betz) . Spouse of Allen J. - Dau of Fredereick and Grace (Adams) Betz. Wed 11-29-1947 in Olean
FROST, David J. - Son of Dr. Frank T. Jr. and Charlotte M. (Wells) Frost
FROST, Frank T. Jr. . Spouse of Charlotte Welles - Son of Frank Sr. and Julia () Frost, a physician. Born in Oswego NY. Wed 5-29-1945 in Buffalo NY (she d. 9-04-1993) - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army, Capt. Korea, Regt Surgeon
FULMER, Eugene . Spouse of Walburga M. McAdam - Wed Walburga 9-21-1937
FULMER, Walburga [Wali] (McAdam) . Spouse of Eugene - Dau of Hugh and Margaret (Mattews) McAdam, born in Blackridge, Scotland. Wed 9-21-1937
FUNDEN, Kayden - Dau of Mike and Lori Funden
FUSIARA, Betty S. (Kelly) - Dau of Daniel and Margaret (Wilcox) Kelly
FYE, Howard Arthur . Spouse of Leona M. James
FYE, Leona M. (James) . Spouse of Howard Arthur - Dau of Sylvester G. and Helen Ruth (Baker) James
GAJEWSKI, Edward F. Jr. . Spouse of Arlene A. - Son of Edward F. and Pearl (Adamski) Gajewski Sr.. Wed Jan 14 1986
GARDNER, Warren L. [Tony] - Son of Ward and Bernice (Smith) Gardner, born in Wellsboro PA,
GASPAR, Richard G. . Spouse of Bernadine R. Hennigan - Son of Robert and Jemima (Meecham) Gaspar, born in Olean NY Wed 5-23-1952 at Immanual Luth Ch - WW II Vet, US Army
GEE, Ashton . Spouse of Lillian Higley/ Agnes Kline - Son of Ora and Grace Gee, born in Lewisville PA. Wed Lillian 7-14-1937. Wed Agnes May 13 2006 O-OTH
GEE, Lillian H. (Higley) . Spouse of Ashton - Dau of Theodore and Anna (Bergholtz) Higley. Wed 7-14-1937
GIARDINI, Michael L. . Spouse of Robin Chandler - Son of John and Marion (Thomas) Giardini, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY
GIARDINIA, Dorothy M. (Goodman) . Spouse of Bert - Dau of Ralph and Lettie (Beery) Goodman. Wed June 1948
GIERSON, Leah K. (Geuder) . Spouse of William M. - Dau of William M. and Hazel (Ritzaur) Geuder. Hinsdale Fire Department 35 years. Wed 9-9-1939
GIERSON, William M. . Spouse of Leah K.Geuder - Wed 9-9-1939
GINTER, Agnes M. . Spouse of Francis - Dau of Charles and Leona Reed Bennett- b. Bradford PA- . Wed June 6 1942
GOLLAHER, Richard Stephan . Spouse of Joan A. - Son of Charles Richard and Gertrude (Tapp) Gollaher, born in Arlington VA. - Vietnam Vet, US Army 79th Engineer Brigade. Purple Heart. Led vehicle escort for funeral of Dwight D. Eisenhower and inauguration of Richard M. Nixon
GOMEZ, Santana Liam [Tana] - Son of Rachel Harvey and Wilfredo Gomez
GOULD, Majorie E. (Miller) . Spouse of James L. - Dau of Ernest and Ethel (Hamer) Miller. Wed July 19 1972 in Machias NY
GREEN, Courtland V. . Spouse of Julia Ford Swarts - Son of Hugh F. and Katherine (Williams) Green, born in Norwich PA. Wed Mar 26 1982
GREENWOOD, Klara F. (Gerlach) . Spouse of Robert - Dau of Hermann and Therese (Noell) Gerlach, born in Bad Soden-Salmunster Germany, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wed 8-20-1962 in Romsthal Germany (he d. 12-19-1992), No children mentioned
GREY, Myrtle Lydia (Colley) . Spouse of Seldon B. - Dau of William and Ella Rose Colley, born in Machias NY. Wed 1929 in Arcade NY
GREY, Seldon B. . Spouse of Myrtle Lydia Colley - Wed 1929 in Arcade NY
GRIFFITH, Harry Edgar . Spouse of Helen Ann Swartz - Wed 10-28-1935
GRIFFITH, Helen Ann (Swartz) . Spouse of Harry Edgar - Dau of Ralph and Sarah Frances (Whitney) Swartz. Wed 10-28-1935
GRIMES, Dorothy M. (Osterstuck) . Spouse of Richard A. - Dau of Walter L. and Velma Adelia Osterstuck, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-17-1947 in Allegany NY
GROSS, Shirley Ann (Sander) - Dau of Max and Lenore (Beldin) Sander
GUNSOLUS, Ethel F. (Schnell) . Spouse of Walter L. - Dau of Erwin and Fern (Hyde) Schnell, born in Olean NY, d. Allegany NY. Wed 3-09-1943 in Allegany NY (he d. 3-21-1992) O-OTH 12-29-14 & 12-30-14
HABERKORN, Claudia Jean (Bentley) . Spouse of Theodore E. - Dau of William and Dorothy E. (Jeans) Bentley, born in Shinglehouse PA. Was a teacher and social worker known affectionately as [Miss B]. Wed June 17 1995
HAGGERTY, Leo M. . Spouse of Jeanne C. Clark - Son of Leo A. and Alice (Eagen) Haggerty, born in Scranton PA. Wed May 15 1955
HAKES, Rodney D. - Son of Donald James Hakes and Dorothy Chase Babb, born in Olean NY d. Fort Worth TX - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1982-90 Sgt
HALL, Beatrice Z. (Rickey) . Spouse of ? Ransom/ Ernest Charles - Dau of William J. and Florence V. (Paventa) Rickey, born and died in Olean NY. Ernest on 6-29-1946 in Olean NY
HALL, Danford L. - Civil War Vet, Co I, 154th Regt NY Vols
HALL, David W. . Spouse of Susan M. Porter - Son of Ernest C. and Beatrice Z. (Rickey) Hall, born in Olean NY Wed 6-18-1974 in Olean NY - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1972-76
HALL, Douglas M. - Son of Ernest C. and Beatrice Z. (Rickey) Hall, born in Olean NY
HALL, George A. . Spouse of Blanche L. Wheeler - Son of Albert L. and Della M. (Wheeler) Hall, b. Cleveland, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-12-1932 in Belfast NY (she d. 11-13-1989) O-OTH 11-21-14
HALL, Manoka (Beall) . Spouse of John D. Hall - Dau of William and Elsie (Belknap) Beall, born in Cedarville WV. Wed 1936 in Fredonia NY (d. 1980)
HALL, William - Civil War Vet, Co D, 154th Regt NY Vols
HAMILTON, Lester - Son of Ernest and Frances (Hitchcock) Hamilton
HAMILTON, Melvin . Spouse of Vivian M. Washburn - Son of Lyle D. and Oneta (Burr) Hamilton, born in Allegany NY Wed 7-12-1960 at 1st Mth Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-46
HARE, Norma M. - Dau of Horace G. [Bud] and Ethyl M. (Huntley) Hare, born in Limestone NY
HAVENS, Robert W. . Spouse of Lorraine J. Doane - Son of Robert V. and Pearl M. (Lobarger) Havens - WW II Vet, US Army Purple Heart
HAVERS, Edward W. . Spouse of Mary Beliles - Son of Stewart and Carrie (Wheeler) Havers, b. Lapeer MI, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-06-1944 in Olean NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army O-OTH 10-14-14 & 10-16-14
HAVERS, Ronald E. . Spouse of M. Frances Scott - Son of Stuart and Carrie Mae (Wheeler) Havers, born in Lapeer MI. Wed 1-02-1946 in Aiken SC (she d. 2-10-2002) - WW II Vet, US Army
HAVERS, William D. . Spouse of Louise Scott - Son of Stuart and Carrie Mae (Wheeler) Havers, born in Lapeer MI, d. Perry FL, Wed 5-15-1942 (she d. 3-16-1995) O-OTH 12-24-13
HAYDEN, DeForest H . Spouse of Josephine D. Kula - Wed 5-20-1936 in Belmont NY
HAYDEN, Josephine D. (Kula) . Spouse of DeForest H - Dau of Anthony and Mary (Kuwik) Kula. Wed 5-20-1936 in Belmont NY
HEBERLING-SHAFFER, Betsy Ann (Skeles) . Spouse of Richard Clayton Shaffer - Dau of George and Lila Skeles, born in Cattaraugus, NY
HEINZ, G. Lucille (Page) . Spouse of Jacob R. Jr. - Dau of Bertha and Fred Page Sr. Wed 1-1-1926 in Olean NY
HEINZ, Jacob R. Jr. . Spouse of G. Lucille Page - Wed 1-1-1926 in Olean NY
HEMMERLY, Frederick W. III - Son of Frederick William II and Helen Katherine (Cords) Hemmerly, born in Olean NY
HENRY, Howard H. . Spouse of LoNorah M. Cooley - Wed 10-3-1925 in Great Valley NY
HENRY, LoNorah M. (Cooley) . Spouse of Howard H. - Dau of Walter and Margaret (Wilcox) Cooley, born in Ashford Hollow NY. Wed 10-3-1925 in Great Valley NY
HENSEL, Alvin H. . Spouse of Verna Dorr - Son of Charles and Wanda (Duetchlander) Hensel, born in Thorpe WI. Wed 6-15-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army Pearl Harbor
HENSEL, Verna (Dorr) . Spouse of Alvin H. - Wed 6-15-1946
HERRON, Russell E. . Spouse of Unstated - Son of Laverne R. Herron and Mary Charlotte Herron Farr, Stepson of Gerald Farr Sr., b. unstated, d. Allegany NY O-OTH 10-13-14
HERRON, Virginia F. - Dau of Edward and Susie (Willis) Herron, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY
HIGBY, Beverly (Schultz) . Spouse of Robert - Dau of Howard and Grace Schultz. Wed Jan 5 1952 in Rochester NY
HIGBY, Raymond F. Sr. . Spouse of Dorothy Woodard - Son of Homer J. and Mary Belle (Martin) Higby, born in Homer NY. Wed 12-15-1973 in Weston's Mills NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy and Korean War Vet, US Army
HIGLEY, Gerald L. - Son of Robert and Nellie (Douglas) Higley, born in Duke Center PA - Korean War Vet, USMC
HIGLEY, Lyle L. . Spouse of Marjorie I - Son of Theodore and Anna (Bergholtz) Higley. Wed April 9 1942 - WW II Vet, US Army, Blackhawks Europe and Pacific
HILLIARD, Layton M. Sr. [Tom] . Spouse of Phyllis Leilous - Son of Joseph and Maude (Thompson) Hilliard. Wed 11-14-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
HILLIARD, Phyllis (Leilous) . Spouse of Layton M. Sr. - Wed 11-14-1947
HITCHCOCK, Charles E.Jr. . Spouse of Vanessa R. - Son of Charles E. and Virginia (Plummer) Hitchcock Sr. Chief of Knapp Creek fire Dept. Killed in a work-related accident
HITCHCOCK, Doris M. (Shaw) . Spouse of Harvard C. - Dau of Charles Sylvester and Mabel Eugene (Simons) Shaw. Wed 2-21-1931 in Allegany NY
HITCHCOCK, Harvard C. . Spouse of Doris M. Shaw - Wed 2-21-1931 in Allegany NY
HITCHCOCK, Sandra K. (Swetland) . Spouse of Edward L. Hitchcock - Dau of John and Ella (Johnson) Swetland, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-26-1973 in FL (he d. 5-17-1997)
HITCHCOCK, Virginia A. (Plummer) . Spouse of Charles E. Hitchcock Sr. - Dau of Paul and Laura (Smith) Plummer, born in Clayton DE. Wed 1-25-1958 in Franklinville NY
HOGAND, Harry R. . Spouse of Fay Bennett - Son of Claude and Marguerite Hogand, born in Ellwood City PA. Wed March 27 1948
HOLTZ, Avilda (Lee) [Tillie] . Spouse of John A. - Dau of Crayton and Eva (Barker) Lee, born in Cobden IL. Wed 6-17-1945
HOLTZ, Charles G. . Spouse of Laura V. Miller
HOLTZ, Floyd H. . Spouse of Kathryn M. Lee - Son of Charles G. and Laura V. (Miller) Holtz, b. Allegany NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 9-21-1963 in Allegany NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet-US Air Force 1952-56 O-OTH 3-06-15
HOLTZ, Gertrude W. . Spouse of Charles R. Holtz - Dau of John and Magdalena (Widmenn) Menges, born in Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-16-1950 in Pittsburgh PA he d. 1-04-1997
HOLTZ, John A. . Spouse of Avilda L Lee - Son of Charles G. and Laura V. (Miller) Holtz. Wed 6-17-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
HOLTZ, Laura V. (Miller) . Spouse of Charles
HOPKINS, Thomas M. - Son of Larry N. and Margaret (Williams) Hopkins - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
HOUGHTON, Irving L. . Spouse of Josephine E. Griffin - A dairy farmer
HOUGHTON, Josephine E. (Griffin) . Spouse of Irving L. - Dau of Harvey A. and Lydia R. Miller Griffin b. Great Valley NY d. Olean NY. Co-owner/operator dairy farm on Sugartown Rd
HOUGHTON, Wayne D. - Son of Irving L. and Josephine E. (Griffin) Houghton, was a twin - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
HOUSE, Eleanor M. - Sec 2 Lot 116
HOWDEN, Catherine A. (Seitz) . Spouse of Robert G - Dau of Karl and Theresa (Serdevan) Seitz. Wed 8-9-1946
HOWDEN, Robert G. [Stub] . Spouse of Catherine A. Seitz - Wed 8-9-1946
HUNT, Earl Rogers . Spouse of Mary Layton - Son of Emory and Rose (Rogers) Hunt. Wed 67 years - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Lt
HUNT, Mary Layton . Spouse of Earl Rogers - Dau of Jason G. and Anna Barbara Layton. Wed 67 years
ISAMAN, Mary Louise . Spouse of ? Isaman - Dau of Robert and Josephine Marie (Carlson) Blaske, born in Olean NY. Wed Isaman 3-04-1964
JADLOWSKI, Jennie K. (Veno) . Spouse of Sylvester J. - Dau of Luigi and Anne (?) Veno, born in Ironsport OH. Wed 2-23-1946 (he d. 11-15-1972
JAMES, Arlene M. (Stevens) . Spouse of Albert - Dau of Lawrence and Marion (Kramer) Stevens. Wed Oct 22 1947
JAMES, Louis - Son of Sylvester G. and Helen Ruth (Baker) James
JENNINGS, Albert D. Jr. . Spouse of Meda Smith - Son of Albert D. Sr. and Hazel (Rova) Jennings, born in Endicott NY. Wed 12-18-1946 in Angelica NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps O-OTH 7-20-13 & 7-21-13
JOHNSON, Betty K. . Spouse of Harold E.
JOHNSON, Della M. (Sullivan) . Spouse of I. Kenneth - Dau of John and Ruth (Trout) Sullivan. Wed 2-15-1950 in Olean NY
JOHNSON, Harold E. . Spouse of Betty K.
JOHNSON, I. Kenneth . Spouse of Della M. Sullivan - Wed 2-15-1950 in Olean NY
JOHNSON, Leonard C. . Spouse of Louise S. Mickelson - Wed 4-6-1938
JOHNSON, Louise S. (Mickelson) . Spouse of Leonard C. - Dau of Rue and Nellie (Hickman) Mickelson, born in Tidioute PA. Wed 4-6-1938
JOHNSTON, Fred M. - Son of Jones and Marcena Reynolds Johnston
JOHNSTON, Jones . Spouse of Marcena Reynolds
JOHNSTON, Marcena (Reynolds) . Spouse of Jones
JONES, Albert . Spouse of Helen Ham
JONES, Carl A. . Spouse of Viola W. Whitney - Son of Albert and Helen (Ham) Jones. Wed 2-14-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Infantry Div. T/Sgt. Bronze Star and Purple Heart
JONES, Helen (Ham) . Spouse of Albert
JONES, Viola (Whitney) . Spouse of Carl A. - Wed 2-14-1947
JORDAN, Geneva C. (Moore) . Spouse of Lee C. - Dau of Harry and Mary (Harvey) Moore, born in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 4-18-1934 in Kane PA
JORDAN, Lee C. . Spouse of Geneva C. Moore - Wed 4-18-1934 in Kane PA

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