Maple Avenue
Village of  Allegany, NY

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Photo's by Mary E. Bryant

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ABBOT, Clara Bell. Spouse of Frank Sr. Born ??, died 1929
ABBOT, Frank Sr. Spouse of Clara Bell. Born 1864, died 1942
ABBOT, Frank W. Spouse of Nellie S. Born ??, died 1939
ABBOT, Nellie S. Spouse of Frank W. Born 1869, died 1926
ABELL, Harry. Born ??, died 1969 - Alice Woodard, Marie and Harry Abell share a common stone. Sister of Marie Abell
ABELL, Marie (Woodard). Born 9-16-1889, died 3-15-1981 - Nurse At Olean General Hosp. Alice Woodard, Marie and Harry Abell share a common stone - See Harry Abell
ACKLEY, Leda Mary (Bosee). Spouse of Lloyd. Born ??, died 6-29-1988 - Wed June 17 1950
ACKLEY, Lloyd Herbert. Spouse of Leda Mary Boseer. Born 4-28-1928, died 1-7- 2002 - Son of Herbert Russell and Annabelle Ethelbelle (Williams) Ackley, born in Town of Amity NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy 1945-1949 & National Guard Reserve
ADAMS, Anna L. (Roper). Spouse of Robert S. Sr. Born 6-18-1915, died 3-4-2002 - Dau of Frederick and Ruby J. Ford Roper, born in DuBois PA
ADAMS, Robert S. Sr. Spouse of Anna L. Roper. Born ??, died 1-21-1987 - Wed Sept. 9 1941
ADERMAN, Richard C. Spouse of Jean Ganoung. Born 1-21-1927, died 10-28-2014 - Son of Raymond and Hazel (Bean) Aderman, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 5-17-1947 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy, USS Missouri
ADSIT, Fred M. Born 11-9-1885, died 11-14-1963 - Son of Milford and Mary Fingerlos Adsit, born in Olean NY
ADSIT, Mary J. Spouse of Milford. Born ??, died 1946
ADSIT, Milford. Spouse of Mary J. Born ??, died 1922
ALGER, Kenneth D. Spouse of Laura M.Drew. Born ??, died 12-6-1991 - Wed Oct 11 1940
ALGER, Laura M. (Drew). Spouse of Kenneth D. Born 8-30-1919, died 11-6-2002 - Dau of Frank and Emma (Boser) Drew
ALLEN, Alice. Born ??, died 1904 - Dau of Elmer and Sophia Allen
ALLEN, Ardith M (Coleman). Spouse of Adrian. Born 8/3/1930, died 2/26/2011 - Dau of Lewis and Hazel May (Dubois) Coleman, born in Bradford PA Wed 3-26-1946 (he d. 2-1993)
ALLEN, Edith. Born ??, died 1892 - Dau of Elmer and Sophia Allen
ALLEN, Elmer D. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1842, died 10-30-1930. Age: 88 - Son of Stephen and Mary Allen - Civil War Vet, Co. K 37th Reg't GAR, wounded May 31 1862
ALLEN, Sophia. Spouse of Elmer D. Born 1862, died 1945
AMORE, George. Spouse of Janet R. Born ??, died 9-12-1976 - Wed 7-2-1936 in Black Creek
AMORE, Janet R. (Robinson). Spouse of George. Born 12-18-1914, died 3-16-2007. Age: 92 - Dau of Arthur and Helen (Powell) Robinson. Wed 7-2-1936 in Black Creek
ANDERSON, Anna J. Spouse of John Alfred. Born 11-21-1897, died 6-8-1982
ANDERSON, Bernice C. (Green). Spouse of H.W. [Yum]. Born 3-3-1899, died 6-27-1992 - Dau. of Albert and Nellie (Lyons) Green, born in Angelica NY. Wed Jan. 25 1920
ANDERSON, Hjalmar. Born ??, died ??
ANDERSON, John Alfred. Spouse of Anna J. Born 7-4-1896, died 9-29-1988
AQUINO, Geraldine L. (Fenclau). Spouse of Anthony A. Born 1-8-1924, died 1-1-2010 - Dau of Leo and Lucille Fenclau, born in buffalo NY
ARMSTRONG, George E. Spouse of Violet R Green. Born 1-2-1905, died 3-4-1994 - Son of Thomas and Anna (Hess) Armstrong, born in Olean NY. Wed May 14 1948 - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army. Career, 1924-1965. 1st Sgt. with Co. I NY National Guard
AUL, Alice T. (Thorp). Spouse of Gary S Carl/ Edward Leroy. Born 9-21-1924, died 8-13-2007 - Dau of Harry H. and Bertha (Sinden) Thorp, born in Mina NY. Wed Dr. Gary H. Carl May 13 1944, he died 12-1954
AUL, Edward Leroy [Roy[. Spouse of Alice Thorp. Born ??, died 2-5-2004 - Wed April 9 1983
AUSTIN, Charles B. Spouse of Jeanette. Born 7-31-1928, died 1-2-2005 - Son of Charles and Carmelita (Metcalf) Austin
BABCOCK, Joan Elizabeth (Whitcher). Spouse of Robert Babcock. Born 5/30/1943, died 4/20/2011 - Dau of Paul J. Sr. and Elizabeth (Fraun) Whitcher, born in Olean NY Wed Olean NY (he d. 1988)
BAKER, Elizabeth K. (Knipple). Spouse of William N. Born 7-18-1914, died 3-12-2007 - Dau of Henry and Abbie (Thornton) Knipple
BAKER, William N. Spouse of Elizabeth Knipple. Born ??, died 7-14-1990 - Wed Jan 15 1959
BARKER, Anna B. Spouse of Frank W. Born ??, died ??
BARKER, Ellen Elizabeth (Shepard). Spouse of Marshal. Born ??, died ??
BARKER, Frank W. Spouse of Anna B. Born ??, died 1934 - Son of Marshal and Ellen Elizabeth (Shepard) Barker
BARKER, Marshal. Spouse of Ellen Elizabeth Shepard. Born ??, died 1906. Age: 68 - Son of Thomas and Phebe (Vaughn) Barker
BARKER, Phoebe (Vaughn). Spouse of Thomas. Born ??, died 1877
BARNES, Gerald L. Spouse of Gertrude Trowbridge. Born 3-18-1911, died 11-5-2003 - Son of Homer and Anna (Norton) Barnes
BARNES, Gertrude (Trowbridge). Spouse of Gerald BARNES. Born 10/5/1914, died 4/21/2010. Age: 95 - Dau of C. B. and Rena (Foster) Trowbridge, born in Wellsville NY Wed 3-18-1935 in Wellsville NY (he predeceased her)
BARREY, Alice C. (Brown). Spouse of Robert E. Born ??, died 10-6-1987 - Wed Apr. 9 1945 in Olean NY
BARREY, Robert E. Spouse of Alice C. Born 4-10-1927, died 29-2005 - Son of Andrew F. and Alta M. (Atwater) Barrey - WW II Vet, US Navy, Okinawa
BARTON, Herbert R. Spouse of Marilyn M. Cole/ Genevieve Burrows. Born 6-16-1928, died 6-20-2003 - Son of Herbert and Mary (Diffenbacher) Barton, born in Allegany NY. Wed Marilyn 7-31-1954 in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
BARTON, Mary S. Spouse of Herbert R. Born ??, died 1970
BASTOW, Elizabeth D. (Millard). Spouse of Thomas H. Born 10-10-1941, died 5-8-2009 - Dau of Robert C. and Irene C. (Morris) Millard, born in Buffalo NY
BASTOW, Francis A. Spouse of Sherry Lunn. Born 7-26-1967, died 2-09-2015 - Son of Thomas H. and Elizabeth D. (Millard) Bastow, b. Olean NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 10-08-2005 in Olean NY (she survives) - O-OTH 2-11-15
BASTOW, Thomas H. Spouse of Elizabeth D. Born ??, died 5-23-2005 - Wed Oct 17 1959 in Portland NY
BEARD, Bernice C. (Chamberlain). Spouse of Earl W. Born 6-17-1908, died 5-6-2006 - Dau of Charles and Bertha (Hedden) Chamberlain
BEARD, Earl W. Spouse of Bernice Chamberlain. Born ??, died 4-24-1985 - Wed Dec. 30 1933
BEARD, Kathryn L. Born ??, died 1946
BEARD, Sharon M. (Holmes). Spouse of Gary W. Born 3-10-1950, died 2-8-2001. Age: 50 - Dau of Elbert and Irene (Redden) Holmes, born in Warsaw NY-. Wed June 16 1984
BEARD, William. Born ??, died 1946
BEATTY, Linda S. (Beatty). Born 10-20-1958, died 10-7-2005 - Dau of Paul and Mildred (Phearsdorf) Beatty
BEBKO, Edward J. Spouse of Stella Kaniewski. Born 11-05-1910, died 10-26-2002 - Son of John and Constance (Sobolewski) Bebko, born in Brooklyn NY, d. Allegany NY. Stage name was Eddy Baker. Organist, Chiropractor. Wed 11-23-1941 in Bayside NY
BECKMAN, Donald L. Spouse of Debra S. Scott. Born 3-25-1947, died 2-11-2004 - Son of Robert K and Helen M. (Rounds) Beckman - Vietnam Vet, US Army and USMC
BECKMAN, Robert K. Spouse of Helen Rounds. Born ??, died 1979
BEEBE, Mary B. Spouse of Frank. Born ??, died 12/26/2010. Age: 92
BELLAMY, Jay A. Spouse of Nancy. Born 7/28/1941, died 7/9/2010. Age: 68 - Born in Bradford PA - Vietnam Vet, US Army
BENDER, Albert. Spouse of Mary E. Gustafson. Born ??, died 1994
BENDER, Henry C. Spouse of Ruth T. Tenglund. Born ??, died 11-19-1996 - Wed May 4 1935
BENDER, Mary E. (Gustafson). Spouse of Albert. Born 7-4-1917, died 5-12-2005 - Dau of Charles and Catherine (Lindsay) Gustafson
BENDER, Ruth T. (Tenglund). Spouse of Henry C. Born 1-4-1909, died 3-2-2007 - Dau of John Albin and Hilda Oliva (Johnson) Tenglund
BENNETT, Ethel E. (Gallentine). Spouse of Norman. Born 1-28-1922, died 5-31-2003. Age: 81 - Dau of Charles and Effie Gallentine
BENNETT, Norman. Spouse of Ethel E. Gallentine. Born ??, died 1993
BENTLEY, Dorothy Evelyn (Jeans). Spouse of William. Born ??, died 1980 - Born in Nova Scotia
BENTLEY, William. Spouse of Dorothy E. Jeans. Born 1902, died 1986
BERGER, Charles. Born ??, died 1861. Age: 2 - Son of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Joseph. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1835, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co D 81st NY Vols
BERGER, Mary B. Born ??, died 1865. Age: 1 - Dau of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Sophia. Born ??, died 1882. Age: 12 - Dau of Joseph and Sophia Berger
BERGER, Sophia. Spouse of Joseph. Born ??, died 3-20-1896. Age: 63
BERGQUIST, Dorothy A. (Fahy). Spouse of Walter F. Born 9-03-1917, died 7-03-2003 - Dau of Edward and Edna (Elliott) Fahy, b. Pine Island-MN d. Olean NY Wed 10-10-1939 in Eldred PA
BERGREEN, Betty M. (Morrow,). Spouse of Roy E. Born 7-15-1918, died 8-27-2007 - Dau of William D. and Loretta (Bolender) Morrow, born in Okmulgee OK
BERGREEN, Roy E. Spouse of Betty M. Born ??, died 7-29-1971 - Wed Dec 20 1943 in Rapid City SC.
BERGSTEN, Anna (Carlson). Spouse of Victor. Born 1880, died 5-2-1967
BERGSTEN, Mary E. (Lawhead). Spouse of Milton. Born ??, died 1-20-2004. Age: 87 - Dau of George and Annetta Lawhead, b. Salamanca NY d. Springboro-OH Wed 55 yrs (ca 1938)
BERGSTEN, Milton E. Spouse of Mary E. Lawhead. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Victor and Anna Carlson Bergstern
BERGSTEN, Victor. Spouse of Anna C.Carlson. Born 1878, died 2-4-1950
BIEHLER, Carl J. Spouse of Helen W. Born ??, died 5-5-1988 - Wed July 18 1931
BIEHLER, Helen W. (Witherell). Spouse of Carl J. Born 5-29-1908, died 1-10-2002 - Dau. of Frank and Eugenia Snyder Witherell, born in Town of Portville NY
BIEHLER, Robert W. Spouse of Margaret S. Born 11-14-1932, died 3-2-2007 - Son of Carl and Helen Witherell Biehler - WW II Vet, US Air Force in England and US 1st Lt.
BIRD, Milton E. Spouse of Phyllis M. Born 3-16-1930, died 11-16-2004 - Son of Ernest and Lydia Opferbeck Bird
BIRD, Phyllis (Murphy). Spouse of Milton E. Born ??, died 3-1-1995 - Wed June 14 1952
BISH, Dale A. Spouse of Anita M. Born 1-8-1957, died 11-1-2009 - Son of John J. and Betty J. Toper. Wed Dec 16 1986 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BISH, Earl F. [Bud]. Spouse of Susan L. Milgate. Born 2-5-1941, died 7-9-2001 - Son of George and Margaret (Johnson) Bish, born in Olean NY. Wed May 8 1965
BISH, George. Spouse of Margaret Johnson. Born ??, died 1977
BISH, Margaret (Johnson). Spouse of George. Born ??, died 1980
BISSELL, Anita M. (Whitmer). Spouse of Roberto H. Perez II/ Cyrus C. Bissell. Born 1-27-1938, died 12-5-2009 - Dau of Leo and Anna Whitmer Sr. Roberto d. 1964. Cyrus Bissell d. 6-2-2004
BLAIR, Chester T. Spouse of Lois O. Lamb. Born ??, died 1-11-1991 - Wed 11-15-1932
BLAIR, Lois O. (Lamb). Spouse of Chester T. Born 9-22-1914, died 2-21-2007 - Dau of Archie And Grace (Chase) Lamb. Wed 11-15-1932
BLESSING, Mark G. Born 12-13-1940, died 1-30-2008 - Son of Elton [Doc] and Evelyn (Todd) Blessing
BONHOFF, James William. Spouse of Julie S. Born 3-17-1951, died 5-10-2008 - Son of William and Doris Bonhoff. Wed Aug 13 1982
BOOTH, Glenna (Collette). Spouse of Edward M. Jr. Born 11/29/1932, died 3/15/2011 - Dau of Clarence and Esther (Barnet) Collette, born in Eldred PA Wed 11-16-1957 in Eldred PA
BOSER, Ann M. (Cheladyn). Spouse of Theodore. Born 12-12-1929, died 9-13-2004 - Dau of Frank and Sophia Cheladyn
BOSER, Bessie (Kreamer). Spouse of Charles W. Born ??, died 1973
BOSER, Charles W. Spouse of Bessie Kreamer. Born ??, died 1967
BOSER, Kathryn S. (Booth). Spouse of Marion B. Born 10-16-1926, died 5-25-2001. Age: 74 - Dau of William and Bertha (Dickerson) Booth, born in Rixford PA. Wed July 19 1947
BOSER, Marion B. [Chub]. Spouse of Kathryn S. Born 12-9-1924, died 5-2-2007. Age: 82 - Son of Charles W. and Bessie (Kreamer) Boser. Wed July 19 1947
BOSER, Mary L. (Miller). Spouse of Claude. Born 6-30-1924, died 10-15-2006 - Dau of Frank and Lottie Miller. Wed Dec 24 1940
BOSER, Noah David. Born 2-13-2002, died 9-20-2002. Age: 7m - Son of Bethann M. Boser and Christopher R. Rowand
BOSER, Raymond L. Spouse of Lanora Slocum/ Patricia Vargo. Born 8/26/1921, died 7/4/2009 - Son of Charles W. and Bessie (Kreamer) Boser, was a composer, traveler, and gardener. Lanora d. 12-1984; Patricia d. 1-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army
BOSER, Steven D. Spouse of Cynthia. Born 2-12-1962, died 2-3-2007 - Son of Theodore and Ann M. (Cheladyn) Boser. Owned a dairy farm
BOSER, William C. Born ??, died 1983 - Son of Marion B. and Kathryn S. (Booth) Boser
BOWEN, Ethel (Bird). Spouse of L. George. Born 11/2/1911, died 12/12/2010 - Dau of William and Julia (Henry) Bird, born in West Almond NY Wed 5-18-1930 (he d. 9-16-1993)
BOYE, Ronald L. Sr. Born ??, died 9-15-2001. Age: 68 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BRAINARD, Byron W [By]. Spouse of Mary J. Barton. Born 12-10-1923, died 11-17-2004 - Son of Howard and Bessie (Fuller) Brainard. Wed 8-13-1947 - WW II Vet, USMC, 4th Marine Div
BRAINARD, Mary Johanne (Barton). Spouse of Byron W. Born ??, died 12-6-1995 - Wed 8-13-1947
BRAINARD, Steven W. Spouse of Christine M. Johnosn. Born 5/3/1948, died 4/29/2011 - Son of Byron and Mary J. (Barton) Brainard, born in Olean NY. Wed 12-24-1994 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1967-71
BRAMLEE, Gertrude H. (Blessing). Spouse of Warner M. Born 1-18-1910, died 12-15-2002. Age: 92 - Dau of Conrad and Inez (Faulkner) Blessing, born in Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-08-1937
BRINK, Herbert S. Spouse of Olive Stauffer. Born ??, died 1960
BRINK, Marion G. (Evans). Spouse of William J. Born 7-24-1919, died 2-21-2006 - Dau of Harold and Myrtle (Johnson) Evans. Wed 10-5-1946
BRINK, Olive (Stauffer). Spouse of Herbert. Born ??, died 1977
BRINK, William J. Spouse of Marion G. Evans. Born 6-28-1918, died 7-20-2006 - Son of Herbert S. and Olive (Stauffer) Brink. Wed 10-5-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
BROWN, Marie E. (Whitmer). Spouse of Elmer Smith/ Ellsworth. Born 10-8-1913, died 1-1-2005 - Dau of Leo and Hazel (Niles) Whitmer Sr. School Teacher
BROWN, Melville H. Spouse of Olive A. Born ??, died 4-27-1981 - Wed 1958 in Alhambra CA
BROWN, Olive A. (Riggs). Spouse of Russell J. Trail/ Melville H. Born 1-23-1908, died 6-15-2003. Age: 95 - Dau of Orma J and Louise E. (Schulz) Riggs. Wed Melville in 1958 in Alhambra CA
BRUNER, Harold W. Spouse of M. Irene Elliott. Born 3-28-1914, died 9-1-2005 - Wed 6-27-1936 - WW II Vet, US Navy
BRUNER, M. Irene (Elliott). Spouse of Harold W. Born 1-14-1918, died 3-9-2008 - Dau of Theodore and Mable (Blauvelt) Elliott, born in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 6-27-1936
BRUNO, Dorothy (Sherwin) Clark. Spouse of Ernest Geise/ Harry J. Clark/ John. Born 5-17-1903, died 7-15-1995 - Dau. of Nelson J. and Ettie (Morgan) Sherwin Sr., born in Cuba NY. Ernest d. 5-20-1934; Harry d.4-9-1971
BUBB, Charles J. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1889, died 1950
BUBB, Charlotte. Spouse of Charles J. Born 1893, died 1967
BUBB, John C. Spouse of Maxine C. Born ??, died 10-11-1999 - Wed 10-26-1940 in St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Olean NY
BUBB, Maxine C. (). Spouse of John C. Born 8-18-1915, died 1-9-2004 - Raised by Earl and Edith Metcalf, a beautician. Wed 10-26-1940 in St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Olean NY
BUCHER, Carolyn Ann (Menter). Spouse of Allan. Born 8-08-1942, died 11-28-2014. Age: - Dau of Ernescliff A. and Pauline (Cooper) Menter, born and died in Olean NY. Wed 8-19-1966 in Allegany NY (he survives) - O-OTH 12-02-14
BUCKLEY, Robert G. Spouse of Diane M. Travis. Born 6/9/1926, died 12/29/2010 - Son of Glenn and Gretchen (Faulkner) Buckley, born in Olean NY. Wed 2-07-1953 at First Bapt Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy 1944-46
BUMP, Harold C. [Bumpy]. Spouse of Marie C. Hamm. Born ??, died 11-4-1977 - Wed 4-27-1944 in Spartanburg SC.
BUMP, Marie C. (Hamm). Spouse of Harold C. Born 6-10-1920, died 9-30-2003 - Dau of Herman and Wilhemina (Karnuth) Hamm. Wed 4-27-1944 in Spartanburg SC.
BURDICK, Edmund C. Spouse of Shirley A. Hill. Born 12/17/1927, died 3/2/2013 - Son of Charles Raymond and Blanche (Dewey) Burdick, born in Weston's Mills NY (at grandparents' home [Clara and Edward Bartlett]). Wed 3-20-1948 in Palmyra NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-47
BURDICK, Shirley A. (Hill). Spouse of Edmund C. Born 2/25/1928, died 9/10/2013 - Dau of Ralph and Irene (Garrison) Hill, born in Palmyra NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 3-20-1948 in Palmyra NY -
BUTLER, John R. Born 7/8/1935, died 10/2/2011 - Son of Howard T. and Marguerite E. (Welch) Butler, born in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
CAMPBELL, Lee. Spouse of Roberta J. Pendleton. Born ??, died 1978 - Wed 1940
CAMPBELL, Roberta J. (Pendleton). Spouse of Lee. Born 11-29-1920, died 5-4-2005 - Dau of Harry and Ethel (Morehouse) Pendleton. Wed 1940. Lost her sight
CAPOZZI, Ruth E.(Stocks). Spouse of William V. Born 8-10-1924, died 9-21-2004 - Dau of Sylvestor and Bessie (Smith) Stocks. Formerly wed to William Capozzi
CAPOZZI, William V. Spouse of Ruth Stocks. Born 2/14/1921, died 11/15/2010 - Son of Virgil and Marjorie (Bisbee) Capozzi, born in Olean NY Wed 1946 (she d. 2004) - WW II Vet, US Army 1942-4
CARLSON, Norman H. Spouse of Eva V. Tenglund. Born 3/14/1914, died 9/3/2011 - Son of Harry and Nelma [sic] (Johnson) Carlson, born in Ischua NY. Wed 9-28-1946 at Bethan Luth Ch (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army 1941-45
CARLSON, Richard A. Spouse of Ruth Ruggles. Born 11-06-1927, died 10-14-2013 - Son of Philip and Frances (Halliday) Carlson, born in Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wife d. 2-28-2011 - O-OTH 10-16-13
CARLSON, Robert L. Spouse of Patricia O'Connell. Born 1-11-1928, died 10-25-2002. Age: 74 - Son of Raymond S. Sr. and Dagny (Holst) Carlson, born in Scandia, d. Bradford PA. Wed 9-25-1947 in Mount Jewett PA
CARLSON, Ruth K. (Ruggles). Spouse of Richard A. Born 8/4/1931, died 2/28/2011 - Dau of Rex and Nella (Metcalf) Ruggles, born in Olean NY Wed 8-1955 in Olean NY
CASE, Clinton A. Spouse of Jean E.DeGroff,. Born ??, died 1-14-1984 - Wed 11-23-1950
CASE, Jean E. (DeGroff). Spouse of Clinton A. Born 9-27-1921, died 5-24-2008 - Dau of Frank and Arlie DeGroff, was a teacher. Wed 11-23-1950
CAUVEL, Glenn E. Spouse of Marilyn L. Taylor. Born 9/22/1927, died 4/7/2012 - Son of Lawrence and Marion (Kockler) Cauvel, born in Franklin PA Wed 5-11-1968 in Olean NY (she d. 5-22-1991)
CHAPIN, Albert B. Spouse of Signe L. Larson. Born ??, died 1978
CHAPIN, Lillian (Anger). Spouse of Robert M. Born ??, died 12-16-1994 - Wed 11-25-1937
CHAPIN, Robert M. Spouse of Lillian Anger/ Gloria Griffith Rhow. Born 12-16-1914, died 10-19-2006 - Son of Albert B. and Signe L. (Larson) Chapin. Wed Lillian 11-25-1937
CHAPIN, Signe L. (Larson). Spouse of Albert B. Born ??, died 1964
CLARK, Dorothy C. (Johnson). Spouse of William R. Born 6/28/1919, died 2/5/2012 - Dau of Charles F. and Emma C. (?) Johnson, Olean NY. Wed 10-29-1939 in Bradford PA
CLAYSON, Douglas I Sr. Spouse of Shirley A. Hall. Born ??, died 11-27-1996 - Wed 5-3-1952
CLAYSON, Sheila Mary. Born 6-19-1962, died 3-15-2009 - Dau of Douglas I Sr. and Shirley A. (Hall) Clayson
CLAYSON, Shirley A. (Hall). Spouse of Douglas I Sr. Born 4-25-1936, died 11-2-2003 - Dau of Clarence and Aschia (Russell) Hall. Wed 5-3-1952
CLAYTON, Donna (Nobles). Born 9-29-1976, died 5-15-2001 - Born in Olean NY
CLEMENS, Michael Shawn. Spouse of April Robbins. Born 4-1-1975, died 1-29-2004 - Son of William and Candace (Tracy) Clemens - Post-Vietnam, KIA in Dehe Hendu,Afghanistan. US Army, HHC Co 2-87th Inf
CLUTE, Gertrude B. Spouse of Bruce M. Born 7-7-1919, died 12-13-2009. Age: 90 - Dau of Victor and Nina (Nichols) Wheaton. Wed 1936 (he died 1996)
COATES, Valjean C.(Anderson) Johnson. Spouse of Carl L.Johnson/ Harold W. Born 2-9-1918, died 12-1-2009 - Dau of John and Anna (Johnson) Anderson. Carl died 4-9-1984, Harold d. 3-28-1990
COLE, John Frank Sr. Spouse of Mary Skinner/ Marlene A. Pierce. Born 7-223-1945, died 12-29-2004 - Son of Gaylord J. and Marian Cole. Wed Marlene W 5-20-1978
COLE, Marlene A. (Pierce). Spouse of John F.Sr. Born 11-5-1944, died 1-19-2000 - Dau of Wilford and Viola (Bennett) Pierce. Born in Olean NY. Wed 5-20-1978
COLF, Donald E. Spouse of Marjorie K. Klink. Born 6-2-1919, died 0-4-2001. Age: 82 - Son of James and Sarah (Frame) Colf, born in Little Valley NY. Wed 8-16-1947 in Allegany NY - WW II Vet, US Army Engineers, Europe
COLF, Marjorie Kathryn (Klink). Spouse of Donald E. Sr. Born ??, died 1-20-2004. Age: 91 - Dau of Henry and Caroline (Goodrich) Klink, born in Atlanta GA, d. Rocky Hill CT. Wed 8-16-1947 in Allegany NY. Owner/operator Colf Dance Studio in Olean NY
COLVIN, Emma (Stanton). Spouse of William Jabez. Born 12 Aug 1862, died 6 Jan 1946 - Dau of Erastus and Betsey (Whitmore) Stanton
COMBS, Margaret L. (Lincoln). Spouse of Zola L. Born 7-8-1915, died 1-1-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Leslie T. and Eathlr May (Crain) Lincoln. Wed 7-20-1935 in Allegany NY
COMBS, Rosetta. Born ??, died ??. Age: Infant - Dau of Zola L and Margaret L. (Lincloln) Combs
COMBS, Zola L. Spouse of Margaret L. Lincoln. Born ??, died 7-26-1993 - Wed 7-20-1935 in Allegany NY
CONHISER, Robert E. Spouse of Ruth S. Klice. Born 1/15/1923, died 1/17/2011 - Son of Theodore and Regina (Zister) Conhiser, born in Olean NY Wed 6-07-1947 at St. Bonaventure Ch. in Allegany NY (she d. 5-11-2006)
CORNELL, Geraldine L. (Joy). Spouse of Glenn W. Born 11-4-1918, died 12-15-2007 - Dau of John A. and Clarissa M. (Cowles) Joy
CORNELL, Glenn W. Spouse of Geraldine L. Joy. Born ??, died 5-15-1982
CORNELL, Mareta (Ruggles). Spouse of Lester L. [Corky]. Born 6-24-1916, died 1-29-2004 - Dau of F. Rexford and Nella L. (Metcalf) Ruggles, born in Harrison PA, d. Salamanca NY. Wed 10-14-1941
CORNISH, Bernice L. (Leonard). Spouse of Charles W. Born 10-12-1918, died 5-3-2008 - Dau of George A. and Gertrude Osborne Leonard. Wed 6-2-1939 in Olean NY
CORNISH, Charles W. [Web]. Spouse of Bernice L. Leonard. Born 10/17/1915, died 9/27/2010 - Son of Marshall and Lyra (Munn) Cornish, born in Alden NY. Wed 6-2-1939 in Olean NY
CRADDUCK, Marilyn Ann. Spouse of Robert C. Born 1/31/1932, died 6/24/2010 - Dau of Clarence and Arlena Thompson Raner. Wed May 12 1952
CRADDUCK, Robert C. Spouse of Marilyn Ann. Born 10-16-1952, died 3-6-2009 - Son of Albert C. and Ethel Reddy Crsdduck - Korean War Vet, US Navy
CRATER, Aletha M. (Ingham). Spouse of Howard. Born 8-31-1921, died 4-14-2003 - Dau of Clifford W. and Mary (Carpenter) Ingham, b. Olean NY d. Olean NY. Wed 6-17-1944 in Olean NY
CRATER, Howard. Spouse of Aletha M. Ingham. Born 4-14-1916, died 8-12-2004 - Son of George Clinton and Vina Mae Parker Crater, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 6-17-1944 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
CRIDLER, Phyllis G. (Comberladge) Smythe. Spouse of Ernest C. Born 10-7-1915, died 7-20-2006 - Dau of Ellis and Ann (Hathoway) Comberladge, born in Chicago IL
CUMMINS, Arthur E. Spouse of Ruth Rose Wienk. Born ??, died 7-7-1996 - Wed 6-18-1938 in Otto NY
CUMMINS, Ruth Rose (Wienk). Spouse of Arthur E. Born 11-1-1917, died 9-4-2004 - Dau of Herman and Lottie (Hart) Wienk. Wed 6-18-1938 in Otto NY
CURRY, James. Spouse of Mary A. Born ??, died 1889. Age: 53 - Hit by a train and legs run over
CURRY, Mary A. Spouse of James. Born ??, died 1921
DALE, Marion E. (Steiger). Spouse of Melvin S. Born 2/4/1921, died 2/5/2011 - Dau of Erichand Dora (Gaspar) Steiger, born in Allegany NY. Wed 11-21-1954 in Allegany NY (he d. 5-20-1996)
DAPOLITO, Thelma M. (Greyber). Spouse of Steven A. Born 12-25-1914, died 1-19-2004 - Dau of Joseph and Mabel (Davis) Greyber, born in Yorkshire NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-15-1947
DARRIN, Howard. Spouse of Eva. Born 3-16-1921, died 1-05-1982 - Son of David Travis and Lena A. (Campbell) Darrin, born and died in Olean NY
DASCOMB, Lillian G. (Lombardi). Spouse of William E. Born 7-8-1920, died 2-24-2004 - Dau of Joseph and Providence (Baccarella) Lombardi. Wed 1950 - WW II Vet, US Air Force Nurses Corps
DASCOMB, William E. Spouse of Lillian G. Lombardi. Born ??, died 7-24-1980 - Wed 1950
DEAN, Amy. Born ??, died 5/11/1905. Age: 5 - Dau of Minerva Dean [? Minerva born 1929, Amy died 1905?]
DEAN, Minerva M. (Mosher). Spouse of Lloyd A. Born 7/9/1929, died 3/3/2011 - Dau of Harold and Jessie (VanDyke) Mosher, born in Olean NY Wed 4-12-1947 in Portville NY
DEARMITT, Jean K. (Keller). Spouse of William C. Born 4-23-1927, died 4-17-2004 - Dau of Calvin L and Orpha M. (DeYoe) Keller. Wed Aug 21 1948
DECKER, Mary. Spouse of Miles. Born 1818, died 1899 - Miles and Mary are buried in the Woodard Plot
DECKER, Miles. Spouse of Mary. Born 1808, died 1894 - Miles and Mary are buried in the Woodard Plot
DELANEY, Joan M. Born 11/13/1927, died 8/12/2012 - Dau of James G. and Kathleen (Smith) Delaney, born in Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY
DIETEMAN, Paul J. Jr. Spouse of Sue Filiatrault. Born 5-24-1943, died 11-21-1995. Age: 52 - Son of Paul and Irene (Hebner) Dieteman, born in Bradford PA. Wed May 30 1964 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Germany
DONAHUE, Louise L. (Carter). Spouse of Norman K. Born ??, died 1975 - Wed 10-17-1953
DONAHUE, Norman K. Spouse of Louise L. Carter. Born 11-2-1926, died 2-22-2006 - Son of Terrance and Mae (Spindler) Donahue, born in Paulsboro NJ. Wed 10-17-1953 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific
DORR, Dorothy H. Born 04-30-1926, died 04-29-2003 - Dau of Raymond and Grace (Wilbur) Dorr, born in Olean NY
DORR, Florence M. Born 10/2/1927, died 3/24/2013 - Dau of Raymond and Grade (Wilbur) Dorr, born in Olean NY
DRAVES, Marilyn E. (Dietzen). Spouse of John. Born 11-04-1928, died 3-15-2003. Age: 74 - Dau of Albert and Loretta (Gloff) Dietzen, born in Dunkirk NY d. Fredonia NY. Wed 9-12-1953 in Dunkirk NY
DUCEY, Arlene A. (Hunt). Spouse of John. Born 12/31/1923, died 10/3/2010. Age: 86 - Dau of Lawrence and Flossie (Allen) Hunt, born in Brookfield Twp. PA? Husband d. 2003
DUCEY, John F. Jr. Spouse of Arlene Hunt. Born 9-15-1932, died 2-7-2003 - Son of John and Margaret Langworthy Ducey Sr., born in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy, USS Oriskany
DUNCAN, Helen Maxine (Cook). Born 2/14/1921, died 2/21/2010 - Dau of Thomas Jackson and Bessie A. (Poteet) Cook, born in Branby-MO
DUNSHIE, Ailene (Gorton). Spouse of Norman/ Howard C. Dunshie. Born 7/31/1921, died 4/24/2010 - Dau of Chris and Ethel (Taylor) Gorton, born at site of preent Alma Church, d. Allegany NY (at home), Norman d. 4-1983. Howard survives
DUPRE, Richard S. Spouse of Christine Rogozinski. Born 3-3-1950, died 2-13- 2001 - Son of Emmet and Marjorie (Geuder) Dupre, born in Olean NY - Vietnam Vet
DUTTON, David W. Spouse of Hazel A. Bishop. Born 5-27-1923, died 4-2-2001 - Son of Willard and Arlene (Isaman) Dutton, born in Olean NY. Wed Dec. 26 1942
DYE, Margery W. (Warren). Spouse of William H. Jr. Born 2-7- 1904, died 1-6- 2002 - Dau of LaMarr and Maud (Bush) Warren, born in Knoxville PA. Wed 6-29-1929
DYE, William H. Jr. Spouse of Margery W. Warren. Born ??, died 4-12-1991 - Wed 6-29-1929
EATON, Arian V. (Cramer). Spouse of Robert H. Born 3-27-1921, died 12-21- 2001 - Dau of Grover and Rosa (Williams) Cramer, born in Montoursville PA
EATON, Robert H. Spouse of Arian V. Cramer. Born ??, died 1972
EDEY, Clifford L. III [Jay]. Spouse of Heather Howes. Born 6/13/1969, died 4/22/2010 - Son of Clifford L. Jr. and Betty (Stewart) Edey, born in Niagara Falls NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1990 in Smethport PA (she d. 8-2008), father d. 1972
EDWARDS, Howard Hugh. Spouse of Katherine Elaine Norton. Born 12-21-1941, died 3-11-1980 - Son of Paul Ethan and Vivian June (West) Edwards, born in Olean NY, d. Rome NY. Wed Mar. 30 1963 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1961-1965
EGGLESTON, Euphemia A. (Burdick). Spouse of James F. Smith/ Andrew Miller/ John W. Born 8-17-1837, died 4-5-1902. Age: 64 - Dau of Abel and Lucy (Hadsell) Burdick. James F. Smith 1833-1863. Andrew Miller 1828-1870
EGGLESTON, John W. Spouse of Euphemia A. Burdick. Born 1832, died 1910 - Third husband of Euphemia
EHLERS, Bruce A. Spouse of Sherrill L. Born 4-28-1941, died 7-21-2007 - Son of Herbert and Katherine (Zamborski) Ehlers, born in St Mary's PA. Wed May 11 1968 - Vietnam Vet, US Army Military Police
ELLIOTT, Gertrude J. Born 3-11-1922, died 1-14-2008. Age: 85
ELLIS, Romayne T. (Tumser). Spouse of James Hickey/ Grant F. Born 9-9-1914, died 12-21-2005. Age: 91 - Dau of James and Laurel (Brown) Tumser
ELLSWORTH, Gerldine G. (Ellsworth) [Jeanne]. Born 10-13-1919, died 2-11-2005 - Dau of William E. and Gladys V. (Eastman) Ellsworth. Blind from an auto-pedestrian accident
ELWELL, Berton W. Spouse of Charlotte Miller. Born 2-21-1941, died 1-26-2004 - Son of Milford and Eleanor (Warner) Elwell, born and died in Olean NY. Wed 7-14-1962 in Pavilion NY
EMLEY, Gordon A. Spouse of Gayle J. Chittick. Born 1-26-1939, died 10-13-2013. Age: 74 - Son of William S. III and Shirley (Gordon) Emley, born in New Castle PA, d. Gowanda NY, Wed 5-01-1965 in Hamburg NY (she survives) - O-OTH 10-14-13
EMONS, Arthur J. Spouse of Jessie Burroughs Reese. Born 10-28-1929, died 9-24-2013. Age: 83 - Son of Arthur J. Sr. and Ethel Mae (Seeker) Emons, born in Bradford PA, d. Bradford PA, Wed 6-21-1969 - Korean War Vet, US Army 1954-56
EMONS, Jessie I. (Burroughs) Reese. Spouse of James D. Reese/ Arthur J. Born 8/2/1925, died 6/14/2008 - Dau of Myron A. and Gertrude (Irish) Burroughs. James d. 10-5-1964. Wed Arthur 6-21-1969
ENSELL, Beatrice L. Spouse of Edward A. Born 9-9-1942, died 6-3-2006. Age: 63 - Dau of Caleb and Vinnie Currier Palmatier, born in Genesee PA
ENSELL, Lauretta E. (Murphy,). Spouse of Frank M. Born 7-12-1909, died 11-18-2001 - Dau of Bertron and Phrone (Cussins) Murphy, born in Marc IL. Wed Jan. 27 1927
ERVIN, Myra J. (Baker). Born 7-9-1948, died 12-29-2003 - Dau of Wilbur and Helen (Rickey) Baker
EVANS, John B. Spouse of Luella Winsor. Born 8-3-1905, died 3-5-1994 - Son of Judson W. and Sarah (Greene) Evans, born in Clearfield PA. Wed Jan. 20 1961
EVENS, Marie L. (Thierman). Spouse of Robert W Sr. Born 11-12-1914, died 10-26-2003 - Dau of George and Abbie (Allen) Thierman. Wed 6-3-1934
EVENS, Robert W Sr. Spouse of Marie L. Born 5-21-1914, died 6-7-2003 - Son of Walter and Blanche Hamilton Evens. Wed 6-3-1934
FAHY, Barbara J. (Topor). Spouse of Ralph V. [Bud]. Born ??, died 1-14-1996 - Wed 1-30-1962
FAHY, Juanita Fern (Peck). Spouse of Robert L. Born ??, died 10-8-2002 - Wed 9-24-1960
FAHY, Nellie G. (Pierce). Spouse of Ralph V. Born 3-12-1915, died 9-25-2003 - Dau of Earl D. and Elizabeth (Kelly) Pierce. Wed 2-17-1933 in Olean NY
FAHY, Ralph V. Spouse of Nellie G. Pierce. Born ??, died 10-11-1990 - Wed 2-17-1933 in Olean NY
FAHY, Ralph V. [Bud]. Spouse of Barbara J. Topor. Born 11-11-1938, died 11-26-2007 - Son of Ralph V. and Nellie G. (Pierce) Fahy Sr. Wed 1-30-1962 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FAHY, Robert L. Spouse of Juanita Fern Peck. Born 12-13-1935, died 11-10-2009 - Son of Ralph V. and Nellie G. (Pierce) Fahy Sr. Wed 9-24-1960 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FAIRCHILD-SWARTS, Naomi K. (Jacobs). Spouse of Karl W. Swarts/ Elton G. Born 12-23-1919, died 7-23-2007 - Dau of Louis and Maude (Lockwood) Jacobs, born in Shinglehouse PA
FALK, June A. Spouse of Willard R. Falk. Born 5/16/1922, died 3/12/2013 - Dau of William J. and Florence (Paventa) Rickey, born in Olean NY. Wed 11-28-1952 in Coudersport PA (he survives)
FARR, Mary Charlotte. Spouse of LaVerne Herron/Gerald Farr Sr. Born 12-18-1907, died 2-27-2005 - Gerald died June 8 1989
FARRAR, Dorothy A. (Sherman). Spouse of L. Elwood. Born 5-30-1925, died 1-3-2007 - Dau of John and Bertha (Crandall) Sherman. Wed 3-30-1942 in Elkton MD
FARRAR, L. Elwood [Woody]. Spouse of Dorothy A. Born 6-05-1922, died 7-02-2004 - Son of Leo and Carrie Bailey Farrar, born in Arcade NY, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 3-30-1942 in Elkton MD - WW II Vet, USMC
FAY, Edgar. Born ??, died 1951
FAY, Edgar Leroy. Born ??, died 5-1890. Age: 39 - Killed by measles
FAY, Emma. Born ??, died 1934
FAY, Sarah. Born ??, died 1897
FIELD, Cyrus William. Born ??, died 11-26-1963
FIELD, Gertrud (Gast). Spouse of Howard A. Born 2-8-1914, died 8-14-2006 - Dau of Karl and Leana (Kluk) Gast, born in Germny
FIELD, Howard A. Spouse of Gertrud Gast. Born ??, died 1987
FIELD, Jean Marie (Delaney). Spouse of Vernon E. Born ??, died 1-27-1996 - Wed 10-7-1950 in Bolivar NY
FIELD, Vernon E. Spouse of Jean Marie Delaney. Born 7-27-1916, died 3-7-2005 - Son of Charles C. and Lillian F. (McIntosh) Field. Wed 10-7-1950 in Bolivar NY - WW II Vet, US Army
FINCH, Donald I. [Derby]. Spouse of Patricia J.Lyman. Born 1-6-1944, died 11-16-2008 - Son of Edward D. and Lillian Finch. Wed July 2 1982 - Vietnam Vet, USMC
FINCH, Edward D. Spouse of Lillian Outman. Born 3-5-1918, died 8-28-1984 - Son of Irving and Hazel (Brundage) Finch. Wed 6-24-1939
FINCH, Lillian (Outman). Spouse of Edward D. Born 9-25-1920, died 12-8-1994 - Dau of Lawrence and Adah Outman. Wed 6-24-1939
FINGER, Edward P. Spouse of Mary Anabus. Born ??, died 1951
FINGER, Edward P. II. Spouse of Bette E. Ford. Born 2-6-1931, died 7-31-2008 - Son of Edward P. and Mary (Anabus) Finger, was a pharmacist. Wed 1960 - Korean War Vet, US Army
FINGER, Mary Anabus. Spouse of Edward P. Born ??, died 1961
FIRST, Bill B. Spouse of LanDona P. Broom. Born 3-27-1935, died 4-29-2005 - Son of Donald J. and Gladys (Martin) First, born in Huntington IN - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Natl Guard, Indiana
FIRST, F. Modine (Cambron). Spouse of John M. Born ??, died 8-10-1993 - Wed 5-12-1956 in Huntington IN.
FIRST, John M. Spouse of F. Modine Cambron. Born 11-8-1931, died 11-3-2003 - Son of Donald J. and Gladys R. (Martin) First, born in Huntington IN. Wed 5-12-1956 in Huntington IN. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
FIRST, LanDona (Broom). Spouse of Bill B. Born 4-28-1939, died 8-28-2006 - Dau of Cecil I. and Ruth L. Cocklin Brown Broom Olwin, born in Bluffton IN, was LPN
FIRST, Steven D. Born 2-1-1962, died 1-2-2007 - Son of Bill B and LanDona P. (Broom) First
FISHER, Jane A. (Phearsdorf). Spouse of Carl V. Born 1/23/1930, died 10/18/2012 - Dau of Richard John and Ruth (Wright) Phearsdorf, born in Olean NY, Wed 5-05-1951 (he d. 11-05-1982)
FORD, Arlene R. (). Spouse of Gerald Ford. Born 2/22/1923, died 12/5/2010Age - Dau of William [Mac] McKinley and Ruth Arlene (Waite) Phillips, born in Batavia NY. Wed 9-08-1946 at 1st Presbyt Ch in Olean NY
FORD, Dorothy E. (Bubb). Spouse of Joseph H. Born 10-11-1918, died 3-12-2004 - Dau of Charles J. and Charlotte G. (Rainer) Bubb, born in Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 7-28-1941 in Olean NY
FORD, Howard C. Spouse of Bettie Alden. Born 4-28-1921, died 10-15-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Howard and Florence (Schieterle) Ford - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. Flew B-17 planes. POW in Germany, Purple Heart and other medals
FORD, Phyllis G. (Allpleby). Spouse of William H. Born 3-15-1927, died 3-1- 2001 - Dau of Phillip T. and Minerva (Maxson) Allpleby, born in Olean NY. Wed April 19 1945
FORTUNA, Francis B. Spouse of Susan M. Nolan. Born ??, died 7-11-1997 - Wed 10-25-1941 in Salamanca
FORTUNA, Susan M. (Nolan). Spouse of Francis B. Born 3-11-1917, died 10-22-2005 - Dau of James and Sarah (McManoman) Nolan, was a nurse. Wed 10-25-1941 in Salamanca
FOSTER, Bruce. Born ??, died 1961
FOSTER, Claude W. Spouse of Eleanor. Born ??, died 11-8-1963. Age: 78 - Born in Lewis Run PA
FOSTER, Eleanor. Spouse of Claude W. Born ??, died 1976
FOSTER, James A. Spouse of Sylvia L. Scott. Born 5-29-1934, died 9-15-2003 - Son of Clifford and Ruth (Root) Forster. Wed Dec 22 1960 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
FOSTER, Jessie. Born ??, died 1965
FOSTER, Leon. Born ??, died 1965
FOSTER, Stephen Philip. Born 9-18-1937, died 6-10-1982 - Son of Eugene and Irene (Lippert) Foster - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1953-58, single engine jet mechanic
FOSTER, Walter. Born ??, died 1962
FRENCH, Allen J. Spouse of Beverly C. Betz. Born ??, died 2-6-1987 - Wed 11-29-1947 in Olean
FRENCH, Beverly C.(Betz). Spouse of Allen J. Born 5-10-1928, died 12-10-2004 - Dau of Fredereick and Grace (Adams) Betz. Wed 11-29-1947 in Olean
FROST, David J. Born 2-22-1952, died 4-30-2005 - Son of Dr. Frank T. Jr. and Charlotte M. (Wells) Frost
FROST, Frank T. Jr. Spouse of Charlotte Welles. Born ??, died 2/6/2011 - Son of Frank Sr. and Julia () Frost, a physician. Born in Oswego NY. Wed 5-29-1945 in Buffalo NY (she d. 9-04-1993) - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army, Capt. Korea, Regt Surgeon
FULMER, Eugene. Spouse of Walburga M. McAdam. Born ??, died 1987 - Wed Walburga 9-21-1937
FULMER, Walburga [Wali] (McAdam). Spouse of Eugene. Born 1-18-1911, died 11-22- 2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Hugh and Margaret (Mattews) McAdam, born in Blackridge, Scotland. Wed 9-21-1937
FUNDEN, Kayden. Born 10-29-2003, died 10-29-2003 - Dau of Mike and Lori Funden
FUSIARA, Betty S. (Kelly). Born 2-20-1944, died 8-2-2004 - Dau of Daniel and Margaret (Wilcox) Kelly
FYE, Howard Arthur. Spouse of Leona M. James. Born ??, died 1981
FYE, Leona M. (James). Spouse of Howard Arthur. Born 2-19-1937, died 11-26-2008 - Dau of Sylvester G. and Helen Ruth (Baker) James
GAJEWSKI, Edward F. Jr. Spouse of Arlene A. Born 9-12-1941, died 6-3-2007. Age: 65 - Son of Edward F. and Pearl (Adamski) Gajewski Sr. Wed Jan 14 1986
GARDNER, Warren L. [Tony]. Born 11/13/1928, died 3/13/2011 - Son of Ward and Bernice (Smith) Gardner, born in Wellsboro PA,
GASPAR, Richard G. Spouse of Bernadine R. Hennigan. Born 10/23/1927, died 5/3/2011 - Son of Robert and Jemima (Meecham) Gaspar, born in Olean NY Wed 5-23-1952 at Immanual Luth Ch - WW II Vet, US Army
GEE, Ashton. Spouse of Lillian Higley/ Agnes Kline. Born 9-9-1914, died 8-20-2007 - Son of Ora and Grace Gee, born in Lewisville PA. Wed Lillian 7-14-1937. Wed Agnes May 13 2006 - O-OTH
GEE, Lillian H. (Higley). Spouse of Ashton. Born 2-27-1912, died 10-16-2005 - Dau of Theodore and Anna (Bergholtz) Higley. Wed 7-14-1937
GIARDINI, Michael L. Spouse of Robin Chandler. Born 7/2/1950, died 4/28/2012 - Son of John and Marion (Thomas) Giardini, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY
GIARDINIA, Dorothy M. (Goodman). Spouse of Bert. Born 9/30/1921, died 2/19/2009 - Dau of Ralph and Lettie (Beery) Goodman. Wed June 1948
GIERSON, Leah K. (Geuder). Spouse of William M. Born 10-8-1919, died 4-9-2009 - Dau of William M. and Hazel (Ritzaur) Geuder. Hinsdale Fire Department 35 years. Wed 9-9-1939
GIERSON, William M. Spouse of Leah K.Geuder. Born ??, died 7-8-1981 - Wed 9-9-1939
GINTER, Agnes M. Spouse of Francis. Born 3-10-1921, died 2-12- 2001 - Dau of Charles and Leona Reed Bennett- b. Bradford PA-. Wed June 6 1942
GOLLAHER, Richard Stephan. Spouse of Joan A. Born 2-12-1946, died 4-18-2008 - Son of Charles Richard and Gertrude (Tapp) Gollaher, born in Arlington VA. - Vietnam Vet, US Army 79th Engineer Brigade. Purple Heart. Led vehicle escort for funeral of Dwight D. Eisenhower and inauguration of Richard M. Nixon
GOMEZ, Santana Liam [Tana]. Born 4-28-2006, died 7-19-2006 - Son of Rachel Harvey and Wilfredo Gomez
GOULD, Majorie E. (Miller). Spouse of James L. Born 5-5-1930, died 2-2-2005 - Dau of Ernest and Ethel (Hamer) Miller. Wed July 19 1972 in Machias NY
GREEN, Courtland V. Spouse of Julia Ford Swarts. Born 7-4-1916, died 1985. Age: 69 - Son of Hugh F. and Katherine (Williams) Green, born in Norwich PA. Wed Mar 26 1982
GREENWOOD, Klara F. (Gerlach). Spouse of Robert. Born 5-20-1935, died 6-18-2010 - Dau of Hermann and Therese (Noell) Gerlach, born in Bad Soden-Salmunster Germany, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wed 8-20-1962 in Romsthal Germany (he d. 12-19-1992), No children mentioned
GREY, Myrtle Lydia (Colley). Spouse of Seldon B. Born 8-10-1909, died 1-4-2004. Age: 94 - Dau of William and Ella Rose Colley, born in Machias NY. Wed 1929 in Arcade NY
GREY, Seldon B. Spouse of Myrtle Lydia Colley. Born ??, died 2-13-1993 - Wed 1929 in Arcade NY
GRIFFITH, Harry Edgar. Spouse of Helen Ann Swartz. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 10-28-1935
GRIFFITH, Helen Ann (Swartz). Spouse of Harry Edgar. Born 4-1-1918, died 1-3-2007 - Dau of Ralph and Sarah Frances (Whitney) Swartz. Wed 10-28-1935
GRIMES, Dorothy M. (Osterstuck). Spouse of Richard A. Born 7/23/1928, died 4/24/2012. Age: 83 - Dau of Walter L. and Velma Adelia Osterstuck, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-17-1947 in Allegany NY
GROSS, Shirley Ann (Sander). Born 2-20-1934, died 4-20-2008 - Dau of Max and Lenore (Beldin) Sander
GUNSOLUS, Ethel F. (Schnell). Spouse of Walter L. Born 8-21-1922, died 12-28-2014. Age: 92 - Dau of Erwin and Fern (Hyde) Schnell, born in Olean NY, d. Allegany NY. Wed 3-09-1943 in Allegany NY (he d. 3-21-1992) - O-OTH 12-29-14 & 12-30-14
HABERKORN, Claudia Jean (Bentley). Spouse of Theodore E. Born 4-13-1935, died 9-27-2000. Age: 65 - Dau of William and Dorothy E. (Jeans) Bentley, born in Shinglehouse PA. Was a teacher and social worker known affectionately as [Miss B]. Wed June 17 1995
HAGGERTY, Leo M. Spouse of Jeanne C. Clark. Born 2-25-1929, died 1-4-2001 - Son of Leo A. and Alice (Eagen) Haggerty, born in Scranton PA. Wed May 15 1955
HAKES, Rodney D. Born 8-24-1964, died 1-16-2004 - Son of Donald James Hakes and Dorothy Chase Babb, born in Olean NY d. Fort Worth TX - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1982-90 Sgt
HALL, Beatrice Z. (Rickey). Spouse of ? Ransom/ Ernest Charles. Born 2-04-1920, died 3-31-2003 - Dau of William J. and Florence V. (Paventa) Rickey, born and died in Olean NY. Ernest on 6-29-1946 in Olean NY
HALL, Danford L. Born 9-26-1843, died 9-3-1904 - Civil War Vet, Co I, 154th Regt NY Vols
HALL, David W. Spouse of Susan M. Porter. Born 7/19/1954, died 5/4/2010 - Son of Ernest C. and Beatrice Z. (Rickey) Hall, born in Olean NY Wed 6-18-1974 in Olean NY - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1972-76
HALL, Douglas M. Born 3-15-1948, died 2-27-2003 - Son of Ernest C. and Beatrice Z. (Rickey) Hall, born in Olean NY
HALL, George A. Spouse of Blanche L. Wheeler. Born 3-15-1908, died 11-20-2014. Age: 106 - Son of Albert L. and Della M. (Wheeler) Hall, b. Cleveland, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-12-1932 in Belfast NY (she d. 11-13-1989) - O-OTH 11-21-14
HALL, Manoka (Beall). Spouse of John D. Hall. Born 10/29/1914, died 4/28/2011. Age: 96 - Dau of William and Elsie (Belknap) Beall, born in Cedarville WV. Wed 1936 in Fredonia NY (d. 1980)
HALL, William. Born 1835, died 12-18-1918 - Civil War Vet, Co D, 154th Regt NY Vols
HAMILTON, Lester. Born 7-10-1920, died 3-1-2004. Age: 83 - Son of Ernest and Frances (Hitchcock) Hamilton
HAMILTON, Melvin. Spouse of Vivian M. Washburn. Born 2/6/1927, died 11/17/2010Age - Son of Lyle D. and Oneta (Burr) Hamilton, born in Allegany NY Wed 7-12-1960 at 1st Mth Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-46
HARE, Norma M. Born ??, died 2/23/2013 - Dau of Horace G. [Bud] and Ethyl M. (Huntley) Hare, born in Limestone NY
HAVENS, Robert W. Spouse of Lorraine J. Doane. Born 10-2-1920, died 11-5-2003 - Son of Robert V. and Pearl M. (Lobarger) Havens - WW II Vet, US Army Purple Heart
HAVERS, Edward W. Spouse of Mary Beliles. Born 3-18-1927, died 10-12-2014. Age: 87 - Son of Stewart and Carrie (Wheeler) Havers, b. Lapeer MI, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-06-1944 in Olean NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army
HAVERS, Ronald E. Spouse of M. Frances Scott. Born 2/14/1925, died 11/20/2010Age - Son of Stuart and Carrie Mae (Wheeler) Havers, born in Lapeer MI. Wed 1-02-1946 in Aiken SC (she d. 2-10-2002) - WW II Vet, US Army
HAVERS, William D. Spouse of Louise Scott. Born 3-25-1923, died 12-21-2013. Age: 90 - Son of Stuart and Carrie Mae (Wheeler) Havers, born in Lapeer MI, d. Perry FL, Wed 5-15-1942 (she d. 3-16-1995) - O-OTH 12-24-13
HAYDEN, DeForest H. Spouse of Josephine D. Kula. Born ??, died 10-27-1990 - Wed 5-20-1936 in Belmont NY
HAYDEN, Josephine D. (Kula). Spouse of DeForest H. Born 6-25-1914, died 12-26-2009 - Dau of Anthony and Mary (Kuwik) Kula. Wed 5-20-1936 in Belmont NY
HEBERLING-SHAFFER, Betsy Ann (Skeles). Spouse of Richard Clayton Shaffer. Born 7-2-1931, died 1-2-2002 - Dau of George and Lila Skeles, born in Cattaraugus, NY
HEINZ, G. Lucille (Page). Spouse of Jacob R. Jr. Born 5-9-1906, died 3-10-2008. Age: 102 - Dau of Bertha and Fred Page Sr. Wed 1-1-1926 in Olean NY
HEINZ, Jacob R. Jr. Spouse of G. Lucille Page. Born ??, died 2-28-1975 - Wed 1-1-1926 in Olean NY
HEMMERLY, Frederick W. III. Born 2/5/1944, died 11/12/2010Age - Son of Frederick William II and Helen Katherine (Cords) Hemmerly, born in Olean NY
HENRY, Howard H. Spouse of LoNorah M. Cooley. Born ??, died 7-7-1974 - Wed 10-3-1925 in Great Valley NY
HENRY, LoNorah M. (Cooley). Spouse of Howard H. Born 4-9-1906, died 9-19-2005 - Dau of Walter and Margaret (Wilcox) Cooley, born in Ashford Hollow NY. Wed 10-3-1925 in Great Valley NY
HENSEL, Alvin H. Spouse of Verna Dorr. Born 2-24-1913, died 12-24-1995. Age: 82 - Son of Charles and Wanda (Duetchlander) Hensel, born in Thorpe WI. Wed 6-15-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army Pearl Harbor
HENSEL, Verna (Dorr). Spouse of Alvin H. Born ??, died 1989 - Wed 6-15-1946
HERRON, Russell E. Spouse of Unstated. Born 12-22-1939, died 10-11-2014 - Son of Laverne R. Herron and Mary Charlotte Herron Farr, Stepson of Gerald Farr Sr., b. unstated, d. Allegany NY - O-OTH 10-13-14
HERRON, Virginia F. Born 6-12-1910, died 3-12-2004 - Dau of Edward and Susie (Willis) Herron, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY
HIGBY, Beverly (Schultz). Spouse of Robert. Born 10-31-1932, died 12-24-2004 - Dau of Howard and Grace Schultz. Wed Jan 5 1952 in Rochester NY
HIGBY, Raymond F. Sr. Spouse of Dorothy Woodard. Born 9/17/1925, died 3/8/2013 - Son of Homer J. and Mary Belle (Martin) Higby, born in Homer NY. Wed 12-15-1973 in Weston's Mills NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy and Korean War Vet, US Army
HIGLEY, Gerald L. Born 2-12-1934, died 3-17-2006. Age: 72 - Son of Robert and Nellie (Douglas) Higley, born in Duke Center PA - Korean War Vet, USMC
HIGLEY, Lyle L. Spouse of Marjorie I. Born 9-28-1921, died 10-26-2009. Age: 88 - Son of Theodore and Anna (Bergholtz) Higley. Wed April 9 1942 - WW II Vet, US Army, Blackhawks Europe and Pacific
HILLIARD, Layton M. Sr. [Tom]. Spouse of Phyllis Leilous. Born 8-27-1923, died 2-16-2007 - Son of Joseph and Maude (Thompson) Hilliard. Wed 11-14-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
HILLIARD, Phyllis (Leilous). Spouse of Layton M. Sr. Born ??, died 5-6-1985 - Wed 11-14-1947
HITCHCOCK, Charles E.Jr. Spouse of Vanessa R. Born 2-12-1959, died 7-23-2007. Age: 48 - Son of Charles E. and Virginia (Plummer) Hitchcock Sr. Chief of Knapp Creek fire Dept. Killed in a work-related accident
HITCHCOCK, Doris M. (Shaw). Spouse of Harvard C. Born 6-23-1915, died 11-27-2006 - Dau of Charles Sylvester and Mabel Eugene (Simons) Shaw. Wed 2-21-1931 in Allegany NY
HITCHCOCK, Harvard C. Spouse of Doris M. Shaw. Born ??, died 11-2-1992 - Wed 2-21-1931 in Allegany NY
HITCHCOCK, Sandra K. (Swetland). Spouse of Edward L. Hitchcock. Born 3-14-1947, died 8-02-2010 - Dau of John and Ella (Johnson) Swetland, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-26-1973 in FL (he d. 5-17-1997)
HITCHCOCK, Virginia A. (Plummer). Spouse of Charles E. Hitchcock Sr. Born 5-30-1939, died 12-05-2010Age - Dau of Paul and Laura (Smith) Plummer, born in Clayton DE. Wed 1-25-1958 in Franklinville NY
HOGAND, Harry R. Spouse of Fay Bennett. Born 2-8-1919, died 10-3-2008 - Son of Claude and Marguerite Hogand, born in Ellwood City PA. Wed March 27 1948
HOLTZ, Avilda (Lee) [Tillie]. Spouse of John A. Born 12-8-1924, died 3-1-2006 - Dau of Crayton and Eva (Barker) Lee, born in Cobden IL. Wed 6-17-1945
HOLTZ, Charles G. Spouse of Laura V. Miller. Born ??, died 1957
HOLTZ, Gertrude W. Spouse of Charles R. Holtz. Born 11/18/1919, died 1/4/2011 - Dau of John and Magdalena (Widmenn) Menges, born in Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-16-1950 in Pittsburgh PA he d. 1-04-1997
HOLTZ, John A. Spouse of Avilda L Lee. Born 3-27-1923, died 12-22-2005 - Son of Charles G. and Laura V. (Miller) Holtz. Wed 6-17-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
HOLTZ, Laura V. (Miller). Spouse of Charles. Born ??, died 1968
HOPKINS, Thomas M. Born 6-4-1961, died 1-2-2007. Age: 45 - Son of Larry N. and Margaret (Williams) Hopkins - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
HOUGHTON, Irving L. Spouse of Josephine E. Griffin. Born ??, died 1986 - A dairy farmer
HOUGHTON, Josephine E. (Griffin). Spouse of Irving L. Born 10-30-1923, died 5-13-2004. Age: 80 - Dau of Harvey A. and Lydia R. Miller Griffin b. Great Valley NY d. Olean NY. Co-owner/operator dairy farm on Sugartown Rd
HOUGHTON, Wayne D. Born 3-11-1945, died 10-24-2006. Age: 61 - Son of Irving L. and Josephine E. (Griffin) Houghton, was a twin - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
HOUSE, Eleanor M. Born ??, died 5-1886. Age: 78 - Sec 2 Lot 116
HOWDEN, Catherine A. (Seitz). Spouse of Robert G. Born 1-7-1924, died 5-23-2007 - Dau of Karl and Theresa (Serdevan) Seitz. Wed 8-9-1946
HOWDEN, Robert G. [Stub]. Spouse of Catherine A. Seitz. Born ??, died 8-4-2006 - Wed 8-9-1946
HUNT, Earl Rogers. Spouse of Mary Layton. Born 1-29-1922, died 2-13-2010 - Son of Emory and Rose (Rogers) Hunt. Wed 67 years - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Lt
HUNT, Mary Layton. Spouse of Earl Rogers. Born 10/3/1922, died 2-21-2009 - Dau of Jason G. and Anna Barbara Layton. Wed 67 years
ISAMAN, Mary Louise. Spouse of ? Isaman. Born ??, died 2/7/2012 - Dau of Robert and Josephine Marie (Carlson) Blaske, born in Olean NY. Wed Isaman 3-04-1964
JADLOWSKI, Jennie K. (Veno). Spouse of Sylvester J. Born 10/16/1923, died 11/2/2010. Age: - Dau of Luigi and Anne (?) Veno, born in Ironsport OH. Wed 2-23-1946 (he d. 11-15-1972
JAMES, Arlene M. (Stevens). Spouse of Albert. Born 10-22-1928, died 7-14-2007 - Dau of Lawrence and Marion (Kramer) Stevens. Wed Oct 22 1947
JAMES, Louis. Born ??, died 1981 - Son of Sylvester G. and Helen Ruth (Baker) James
JENNINGS, Albert D. Jr. Spouse of Meda Smith. Born 7/19/1922, died 7/19/2013. Age: 91 - Son of Albert D. Sr. and Hazel (Rova) Jennings, born in Endicott NY. Wed 12-18-1946 in Angelica NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
JOHNSON, Betty K. Spouse of Harold E. Born ??, died 1979
JOHNSON, Della M. (Sullivan). Spouse of I. Kenneth. Born 5-30-1920, died 10-6-2005 - Dau of John and Ruth (Trout) Sullivan. Wed 2-15-1950 in Olean NY
JOHNSON, Grace M. Born ??, died 1947
JOHNSON, Harold E. Spouse of Betty K. Born ??, died 1979
JOHNSON, I. Kenneth. Spouse of Della M. Sullivan. Born ??, died 1-22-2000 - Wed 2-15-1950 in Olean NY
JOHNSON, John E. Born ??, died 1918
JOHNSON, Leonard C. Spouse of Louise S. Mickelson. Born ??, died 6-27-1978 - Wed 4-6-1938
JOHNSON, Louise S. (Mickelson). Spouse of Leonard C. Born 7-10-1911, died 1-14- 2002 - Dau of Rue and Nellie (Hickman) Mickelson, born in Tidioute PA. Wed 4-6-1938
JOHNSTON, Fred M. Born ??, died 8/22/1908 - Son of Jones and Marcena Reynolds Johnston
JOHNSTON, Jones. Spouse of Marcena Reynolds. Born 1833, died 192?
JOHNSTON, Marcena (Reynolds). Spouse of Jones. Born 1838, died 1910
JONES, Albert. Spouse of Helen Ham. Born ??, died 1940
JONES, Carl A. Spouse of Viola W. Whitney. Born 8-17-1918, died 12-4-2008 - Son of Albert and Helen (Ham) Jones. Wed 2-14-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Infantry Div. T/Sgt. Bronze Star and Purple Heart
JONES, Helen (Ham). Spouse of Albert. Born ??, died 1937
JONES, Viola (Whitney). Spouse of Carl A. Born ??, died 10-17-1983 - Wed 2-14-1947
JORDAN, Geneva C. (Moore). Spouse of Lee C. Born 6-8-1914, died 8-31-2003. Age: 89 - Dau of Harry and Mary (Harvey) Moore, born in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 4-18-1934 in Kane PA
JORDAN, Lee C. Spouse of Geneva C. Moore. Born ??, died 7-28-1981 - Wed 4-18-1934 in Kane PA

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