McKean County Churches

complied by Nancy Thomas

The Ceres United Methodist Church is mainly in Ceres, PA.  (McKean Co.)  However, the front of the church has been added onto and is in NY state.
Many people who were wed there that did not have a PA license, had to be married on the front steps.  The church address is on Main street and intersects
with School Street, Ceres, NY  14721.  The pastorate is served by the same pastor as Shinglehouse.
Ceres is on the stateline and both states share the address. Thanks to Valerie Konert for writing us

ABUNDANT LIFE ASSEMBLY OF GOD   140 Minard Run Rd, Bradford, Pa 814-368-9997    
ASBURY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  385 E. Main St. Bradford, Pa    814-368-7885    
ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH  RD 1 E, Kane, Pa        814-837-6040    
BOLIVAR DRIVE BAPTIST CHURCH    363 Bolivar Dr., Bradford, Pa   814-368-8521    
BRADFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH        240 Minard Rd, Bradford, Pa     814-368-6612    
CHESTNUT  ST. BAPTIST CHURCH    314 Chestnut , Port Allegany, Pa        814-632-7071    
CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH  414 Mill  St. Port Allegany, Pa 814-642-2622    
CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH  Water & Pine St. Smethport, Pa  814-887-5850    
CHRISTIAN GASPEL CHURCH Coleville Rd.,Coleville, Pa.    814-465-3100    
CHURCH OF CHRIST        121 Derrick Rd, Bradford, Pa    814-368-9972    
CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS     Chestnut & S. Edgar, Kane, Pa   841-837-9729    
CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION 26 Chautaugus Pl, Bradford, Pa  814-468-8915    
CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE  55 N. Bennett St. Bradford, Pa  814-368-8129    
CORYVILLE CHURCH OF FAITH       RD 2, Eldred, Pa        814-225-4943    
EAST END PREBYTERIAN CHURCH     18 Welch Ave. Bradford, Pa      814-368-8378    
EAST KANE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH       RD 1, Kane, Pa  814-837-9650    
EAST SMETHPORT UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH  18399 Rt 6, East Smethport, Pa  814-887-2255    
EMANUEL LUTHERN CHURCH  152 Seaward Ave. Bradford, Pa   814-362-4347    
EMMANUEL MISSION CHURCH Edgar, & Biddle, Kane, Pa       814-837-8760    
EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH     80 Benton Av. Port Allegany, Pa 814-642-2272    
EVANGELICAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH     201 Maple St, Port Allegany, Pa 814-642-7134    
EVANS MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  1447 South Ave, Lewis Run, Pa   814-362-8812    
FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH    440 Seaward Ave. Bradford, Pa   814-368-7622    
FAITH CHAPEL    Rt. 346, Eldred, Pa     814-225-4020    
FIRST  UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  Kane, Pa        814-837-7120    
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH    71 Congress, Bradford, Pa       814-368-6335    
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH    Hemlock Ave& Route 321, Kane, Pa        814-837-6895    
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH    Main & Grace St, Port Allegany, Pa      814-642-2105    
FIRST CHURCH OF GOD     204 N. Fraley, Kane, Pa 814-837-7212    
FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH     18 Boylston St, Bradford, Pa    814-368-7381    
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH       12 Church St, Port Allegany, Pa 814-642-9250    
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH       54 E. Corydon St, Bradford, Pa  814-362-5569    
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH   23-25 Chambers St, Bradford, Pa 814-362-3584    
FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH   692 S. Kendall Ave, Bradford, Pa        814-368-7865    
FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH        50 Sullivan Rd, Bardford, Pa    814-368-3605    
FREE METHODIST CHURCH   317 Bayard, Kane, Pa    814-837-6283    
FREE METHODIST CHURCH   13 Oil Valley Rd, Duke Center, Pa       814-966-3405    
GETHSEMANE LUTHERN CHURCH       205 Arnold Ave, Port Allegany, Pa       814-642-9261    
GRACE BIBLE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH  392 Coon Crossing Road, Shinglehouse PA 814-697-7257    
GRACE CHAPEL FULL GOSPEL CHURCH Farmers Valley Rd, Smethport, Pa        814-887-5567    
GRACE LUTHERN CHURCH    79 Mechanic St. Bradford, Pa    814-362-3244    
HILL MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH   44 Kennedy St, Bradford, Pa     814-362-4375    
HILLTOP BAPTIST CHURCH  Gifford, Pa     814-465-3336    
HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH     5 Walker Ave, Bradford, Pa      814-368-9157    
JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES KINGDAM HALL OF     Rt 6 Port Allegany, PA  814-642-7053    
JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES KINGDAM HALL OF     RD 1 Kane, Pa   814-837-7310    
JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES KINGDAM HALL OF     Minard Run, Bradford, Pa.       814-362-6725    
KANE REVIVAL CENTER     401 Greeves, Kane, Pa   814-837-9561    
MENNONITE CHURCH        Two Mile Rd, Port Allegany, Pa  814-642-7012    
MORIAH LUTHERN CHURCH   Ludlow, Pa      814-945-6560    
MORMON MISSIONARIES     104 Fraley, Kane, Pa.   814-837-4329    
MT. JEWETT ASSEMBLY OF GOD      56 W. Main St. Mt. Jewett, Pa   814-778-6038    
MT. JEWETT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH      1 Boyd St, Mount Jewett, Pa     814-778-5808    
NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP WORLD OUTREACH CENTER       Rt 646, Cyclone, Pa     814-465-3272    
PEOP;LE'S CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP  10 Harding Av, Bradford, Pa     814-368-4795    
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF CANE     103 Greeves, Kane, Pa   814-837-6960    
REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH  Valley Rd, Smethport, Pa        814-887-5632    
REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH  Valley Rd, Smethport, Pa        814-887-5632    
RIXFORD EVNGELICAL CHURCH       Main St, Rixford, Pa    814-465-3308    
SARTWELL CREEK UNION CHURCH     Sartwell Creek Rd, Port Allegany, Pa    814-544-7375    
SAWYER EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA      777 S. Kendall Ave, Bradford, Pa        814-368-5359    
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH OF DERRICK CITY    522 Derrick City Rd, Derrick City, Pa   814-362-2294    
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH OF MOUNT JEWETT    Main St, Mount Jewett, Pa       814-778-5725    
ST. BERNARD CATHOLIC CHURCH     Rectory 98 E. Corydon, Bradford, Pa     814-362-6825    
ST. CALLISTUS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH     342 Chase, Kane, Pa     814-837-6694    
ST. ELIZABETH'S RECTORY 307 Franklin St, Smethport, Pa  814-887-9254    
ST. GABRIEL'S PARISH HALL       203 Arnold Ave, Port Allegany, Pa       814-642-9974    
ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH     427 Chase, Kane, Pa     814-837-6351    
ST. JOSEPH EPISCOAL CHURCH      116 Arnold Ave, Port Allegany, Pa       814-642-9373    
ST. LUKE EPISCOPAL CHURCH       Main St, Smethport, Pa  814-887-5841    
ST. MATTHEWS LUTHERN CHURCH     Main St. Mount Jewett, Pa       814-778-5971    
ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHOLIC RECTORY  16 1st, Eldred, Pa      814-225-4231    
TABOR EVANGELICAL LUTHERN CHURCH        Greeves & Dawson, Kane, Pa      814-837-6920    
TRINITY LUTHERN CHURCH  Fulton St, Smethport, Pa        814-887-2563    
TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 307 N. Main Port Allegany, Pa   814-642-9276    
TUTLEPOINT EVANGELICAL CHURCH   Turtlepoint, Pa 814-642-2175    
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Duke Center, Pa 814-966-3922    
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH King & Church St, Smethport, Pa 814-887-2455    
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 24 S. Main St, Eldred, Pa       814-225-4051    
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Main Stree Ceres, NY and PA             
WEST BRANCH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH     605 W. Washington St, Bradford, Pa      814-362-3053    

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