Submitted by PHGS Member: Elinor Skeate
Great granddaughter of Fordyce Foster Gordon
Occupation:farmer Sources: In File are, pictures, family data for each child, and Clippings from The Patriott,Cuba,NY Newspaper, June 26, 1902, and Feb. 20, 1908 (obituary). Rushford Centennial Book, published 1901.
Also background material about Cuba, New York from Alleghany Co. history. Fordyce Foster Gordon was the oldest surviving son of James and Abigail Bowen Gordon. His two older brothers died in youth. He was a hearty soul who lived to be nearly 89. He was a Whig and then a Republican in his political views. He lived for over 50 years in the town of Cuba, New York in Alleghany county about 16 miles away from Rushford, the town of his birth. Several newspaper articles in the file tell of his adventures and travels in his youth, as well as stories about his father and grandfather.

Some of this is on the level of oral history, with probably grains of truth, but not the whole truth. He married Sarah Ann Smith, born in Cavenozia, NY, and raised in Cuba. It is probably because of her that the family moved to Cuba. As the oldest son, the Gordon farm could have passed into his hands. But for whatever reason, the family preferred to live at Cuba and the farm went to his younger brother, Isaac Bowen Gordon. There was another brother, Fletcher, who also lived at Rushford, but died before his father.

Fordyce and Sarah Gordon had 10 children, of whom Leon Luther was number 8. Three of his children did not marry: Mary Gordon, Charles Bowen, and George Smith Gordon. Mary Gordon had polio (probably) and walked with a crutch. She was a teacher and came to Montana to teach the Gordon girls (including my Mother). Charles lived in Cuba, later with his sister Mary, and George Smith Gordon lived some time with the Leon Gordon family, then moved to Oregon. He never married. The girls in this family were Ellen and Blanche, Catherine (called Jeanie), and Emma.Three of them married and moved to Montana , and Blanche married and stayed in Cuba. One brother, Rollin, died in Bost on at age 90 (1951), and the other brother, William, married and lived at Cuba.There are a number of pictures and newspaper clippings in the file to document this family well. Fordyce was a handsome man with a long white beard. Mother remembers it being stained with tobacco juice, so he must have been a "chewer", but he was a moderate man, given to reading and interested in educating his children well. He apparently loved traveling, and it was on a trip to Montana that he was taken ill on the return visit and appar ently may have died from pneumonia. Nine of his children survived him. He is buried at Cuba, New York.

Elinor Skeate, great granddaughter of Fordyce Foster Gordon

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