Ceres, N.Y. Class of 1894
Original material from: Jaime Mooney
Submitted by PHGS Member: Dan Maxson

Names begin with Back Row

Fred Gleason
Guy Danforth
Lon White
Paul Maxson
Fred Manley
Ralph Bell
Rena Hamilton
Mary Case
Hattie Mc Kinney
Rena White
Grace Danforth
Maggie Bell
Bessie Warner
Flora Bell
Lina Austin
Merle Plane
Edna Almy
Myrtle McDonald
Carrie Bell
Lee Freeman
Claude Childes
Earlo Roberts
Bennie Carter
Mable Henry
George Harmon
Maggie Almy
Bertha McKinney
Herbert Freeman
Mable Danforth
Willie Ostrander
Ethel Muckie
Irving Brink
Mary McFadden
Robert Herrick
Xenia Maxson
Kate Danforth
Leslie Danforth
Leslie Babcock
Claude Laney
Will Harmon
Murton Place
Miss May Carpenter
Miss Keeney
Daisy Spree
Edith McKinney
Elmer Buroge
Bonnie Bell
Mark Whiting
Viola Maxson
Neil Gleason
John Gleason
Laura Brink
Jennie White
Hasel Almy
Ed McFadden
John Danforth
Elisa Raymond
Nellie Mc Kinney
Irving Adams
Florence Michoson
Olive Harmon
Cecil Kenter
Charles Blovett
Robert Raymond
Orra Gleason
Fred Elliot
Maurice Michoson
Norma Babcock
Edna Carter
Walter Blovett
Frank White
Roy Babcock
Dot Danforth
Mildred Gleason
Leo Barber
Edith Harmon

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