Banfield Family of Angelica, Allegany Co. and Hinsdale

Cattaraugus Co., NY

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BANDFIELD Family of Hinsdale


BANFIELD/BANDFIELD Family of Hinsdale:

Descendants of Peter Banfield*

1 Peter Banfield* b: January 03, 1785 d: Bef. August 04, 1813 Angelica, Alleghany Co., NY

... +Mary Denison Oliver* b: April 04, 1789 and moved to Hinsdale, NY in 1814 m: January 14, 1806 d: 1840 Hinsdale, Cattaragus Co., NY

2 David Oliver Banfield* b: May 1809 Tompkins Co., NY d: June 17, 1887, bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, CattaraugusCo NY, section 2, lot 300, grave 5

... +Hannah Keller* b: October 16, 1810 PA m: 1828 d: May 17, 1856 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery
3 George M. Banfield b: February 03, 1832 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY d: March 10, 1903 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY
... +Eliza Goss
*2nd Wife of George M. Banfield:
... +Frances Arnout b: May 16, 1832 Orange Co., NY d: February 16, 1906 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY Father: Nathan Arnout Mother: Phoebe Roe

3 Sophia Banfield b: August 06, 1833 d: November 29, 1911 9/2/1897?, bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY

... +J. Monroe Gould b: 1834 d: June 21, 1912 Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY, bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY
*2nd Husband of Sophia Banfield: ... +James Hermance m: 1856

3 Francis Banfield b: April 10, 1836 d: 1898

... +Charlotte Ayres b: Abt. 1839 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY Father: Samuel Ayers Mother: Charlotte ---

3 Anna Maria Banfield* b: April 26, 1838 Cuba, Allegany Co., NY d: December 28, 1923 at the home of her son, George Cole, Maple ST, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY

... +Americus V. Cole* b: March 03, 1818 Oneida Co., NY in Cuba by 1850 Census m: March 18, 1856 d: May 29, 1876 58Y 2M 26D, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery
*2nd Husband of Anna Maria Banfield*:

... +Halsey Willover b: September 1833 m: 1889 d: March 23, 1899 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., NY

3 Mary Jane Banfield b: May 09, 1842

... +Rufue Kinne

3 Sarah Elizabeth Banfield b: May 19, 1845 Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY d: June 26, 1926 Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY

... +Henry J. Richardson b: 1846 d: October 05, 1923 Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY, bu. Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY

*2nd Wife of David Oliver Banfield*:

... +Susan Banfield b: May 04, 1824 m: 1858 d: June 1887 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 2, lot 300, grave 4 Father: Moses Banfield Mother: Grace Beers

3 Louisa Banfield b: November 29, 1858

3 Antoinette "Nettie" Banfield b: January 28, 1860 d: 1885

... +Daniel Robinson

3 Charles D. Banfield b: July 22, 1861 d: October 13, 1883 killed by a stray bullet from a fight, bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY

3 Laura Banfield b: November 11, 1862 d: December 20, 1935 12/18/1935, bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY

... +Fred Burlingame b: 1859 d: March 02, 1916 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY Father: Julius Burlingame

3 Freddie Banfield b: November 10, 1864 d: 1865

2 George Denison Banfield, Civil War b: February 26, 1811 Canadea, Allegany Co., NY d: February 07, 1892 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 1, lot 156, grave 3

... +Orpha S. Marsh b: 1814 came from Vermont in 1825 m: March 03, 1866, d: December 31, 1866 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 1, lot 156, grave 4

3 Orpah A. Banfield b: 1838 d: April 1914

... +Charles DeKalb Murray Father: Dauphin Murray Mother: Sarah Seymour

3 George Henry Bandfield, Civil War b: May 18, 1841 d: February 12, 1927 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 3, lot 3, grave 1

... +Eleanor Sessions, Civil War b: 1842 m: August 08, 1866 d: 1879 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 1, lot 156, grave 1
*2nd Wife of George Henry Bandfield, Civil War:

... +Alta Hall b: 1856 m: February 02, 1898 d: 1923

3 Nelson David Banfield b: August 1843 d: July 30, 1934 bu. Maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY, section 3, lot 33, grave 6

... +Alice Ione McKee b: 1846 m: 1867 d: 1923

3 Frances E. Banfield b: February 1845 d: April 11, 1927

... +Calvin Bowen

Notes for Peter Banfield:

Estate Records from Surrogate's Book A Allegany County Courthouse, Bellmont, NY, "Bk. A, Orders and Minutes", Tree Talks, vol. 3, No. 4, Dec. 1963, p. 1.
Banfield, Peter of Angelica, intestate, Mary Banfield and David Downing appt. adm. Aug. 4, 1813.

Estate Records from Surrogate's Book A Allegany County Courthouse, Bellmont, NY, "Bk. A, Orders and Minutes", Tree Talks, vol. 3, No. 4, Dec. 1963, p. 2. Bandfield, Peter of Angelica, intestate, William Hungerford, Caneadea apt. adm. June 11. 1814.

Former letters granted to Mary Bandfield and David Downing revoked.

"Applegate's Corners, " so called, was settled in 1805 by John APPLEGATE, John WHITE, and Peter BANFIELD. John APPLEGATE opened the first tavern at the Corners in 1807; the first school house was built in 1809. A post-office was established under the name of APPLEGATE, and Joseph TIBB is postmaster and conducts a store.

Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher

"The Town of Enfield".

After Peter Banfield's death in 1813 in Angelica, NY, Mary Denison Oliver Banfield brought her two sons, David and George D. to Hinsdale, NY in 1814. At the age of fourteen, George was a raftsman on the Genessee Valley Canal and at 16, a river pilot. Later he became interested in the military and town affairs, and held offices of highway commissioner, assessor, and justice of peace. In 1816, Lewis Wood built the first frame house in Hinsdale, later owned by George D. Banfield and later his son George H. Banfield. The house is now owned by Tim and Gayle Finlan.

George D.'s wife, Orpah Marsh came from Vermont in 1825 with her brother, Nelson H. and sisters Rosetta, Rhoda, and Susan. They located on Olean Creek.

In the 1900's, in the town square for Decoration Day, Blanch Banfield(Hillman) recited a poem. Her father, George H., a G. A. R. member, read parts of the G. A. R. honor roll.

Notes for George L. Bandfield:

From: Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memoir of Cattaraugus County, Published 1893, Town of Hinsdale, Page 709

GEORGE L. BANDFIELD, of English descent and New England Stock, was born in Caneadea NY in 1811. His father died soon afterward and in 1813 his mother came to Hinsdale. At the age of 14 he was a raftsman and at 16 a river pilot, which he continued until 1867.

He bought a farm of 214 acres in Oil creek valley which he sold for oil purposes in 1865, and the ensuing year he purchased a farm of 128 acres on Olean creek, where he died in Feb., 1892. He was interested in military and town affairs, was captain of militia, and was familiarly known as "Captain Den". He was highway commissioner and assessor a long time and justice of the peace 8 years. He was a prominent Mason and was buried with Masonic honors.

About 1835 he married ORPHA S. MARSH, who died in Jan 1866. He married, second, HARRIET E. JONES. Children (mother not specified):

GEORGE H. BANDFIELD (son of George L.) was born May 18, 1841. He graduated from Rusford Academy and taught common schools 3 terms. In 1862, enlisted in the Marine Corps and served 16 months on board the Vanderbilt, and visited Rio Janerio, Sidney in Australia, Cape Colony and the West India Islands. In 1864 he was transferred to the US Ship Brooklyn and served in the Gulf Squadron under Admiral Farragut. He was also with Admiral Porter at the siege of Fort Fisher.

He engaged in the hardware and tin trade in 1866 and in 1867 was elected town clerk, holding the office 6 years, and represented Hinsdale as supervisor in 1873 and 1874. In 1876 he was elected justice of the peace and has since held that position.

In 1866 he married ELEANOR SESSIONS, daughter of DAVID SESSIONS. She died March 14, 1879. Children:
From: Laura Greene

I have information on a man named Angelo M. Crapsey who sold his share in an oil well near Cuba, New York to George Banfield in the spring of 1861.

At the onset of the Civil War, a soldier of the 42nd Pennsylvania, Angelo M. Crapsey, born in Hinsdale but living then in Pennsylvania, sold his share of an oil well near Cuba, New York to George Banfield.

Angelo was a prolific letter writer, and I have discovered some of his letters in the Cuba area. Any possibility you know something about George and his relationship with Angelo? George will be mentioned in passing in my book on Angelo (from a letter). Is there anything you can tell me about him?

Dennis Brandt

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Angelo Crapsey to his friend, Laroy Lyman, in Roulette, Pennsylvania. It was written May 22, 1861 from Camp Curtin in Harrisburg.

Laroy, I signed over My share in the Oil Wel to George Banfield and he will tend to it and he said he would give you shares on the same terms I was to have them and he is honest and will do just as he agrees with you. Kinny from horse run came into camp this morn. He said he passed through Cuba yesterday morn and he said the prospects wer fair for oil in our wel…… I think you had better go on to Cuba and see Banfield about the Oil. I give up all chances to you. I should have taken that lease I talked of but was afraid I could not hold it. Go out there and oblige me by so doing. Banfield has land near the oil spring. I say near he has within 3/4 of a mile. Go and see him. It will not cost you much, not any thing iff they dont find oil.

Dennis Brandt


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