Strange Animal Killed!

Strange Animal Killed - On Tuesday of last weekMr. Alonzo Jordan, of this town, and M. Beebee, of Clarksville, started out to hunt deer in the latter town. -- Some time after they got into the woods they struck the trail of two deer. After following the trail some distance they came to where an evidently strange beast had struck in on their track, as the footprints in the snow were made by some animal unknown to the hunters. Following on, the two men just at night found the carcass of one of the deer, the animal having been pounced upon and killed by the strange beast, as could be plainly seen from the marks of the struggle in the snow. The deer's throat was badly torn and portions of it eaten away. While the hunters were examining the dead deer, the beast which had killed it was discovered about eight rods distant moving leisurely off. A dog was procured and pursuit given, and in a short time his wildness was brought to bay and killed. He was an extremely ferocious customer, and no doubt would have killed the dog had not the hunters came up and shot it. The animal had a lightish yellow coat of hair, thickly interspersed with small black spots. It is claimed by some to have been a cross between a wild-cat and some larger animal of the same species, while others think it was a lynx.

[Source: The Cuba True Patriot, VOL VII, NO 26, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1868]

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