Woodlawn Cemetery
Town of Wellsville
Compiled & Updated April 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
After that updates by Eleanor Schwalb

Another listing of the Woodlawn Cemetery of Wellsville


ACKERMAN, Gladys M. spouse of Phillip born 10-17-1921 died 8-21-2010 age 88y Dau. of Clarence & Frances Mae Pinney Stisser b. Shinglehouse,PA d. Conroe TX
ACKLEY, Clifford R. "Duke" spouse of Ruth DeGolier born 8/12/1923 died 3/5/2013 age Son of Clifford F. & Anna M. Blaske Ackley b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-19-1947 in Olean NY U. S. Navy serving in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater until 1946 on the USS Manatee - Duke was later called to serve during the Korean War on the USS Macon
ACKLEY, Ruth E. spouse of Clifford "Duke" born 8-5-1921 died 2-20-2004 age 82 Dau. of Fred & Flora Baker DeGolier b. Olean, N.Y. Wed: 7-19-1947
ADAMS, Dale L. spouseof Linda J. Horan born 5-28-1968 died 1-1-2011age 42y  Son of Burton & Virginia Vossler Adams b. Hornell NYd. Buffalo NY Wed 2-8-1992 
ADAMS, Norma A. spouse of James J. born 3-27-1931 died 6-9-2007 age 76 Dau. of Ernest W. & Anna M. Schulteis Moore b. Wellsville NY d.Belfast NY Wed 4-6-1947 
ADELMAN, Amelia K. "Sally" spouse of C. Bert born 1909 died 9-22-2009age 100y Dau. of J. Harrison & Ethel Lenyon Kelley b. Troy PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 1934 Wed Husband #2 Leslie F. Signor in 1971 who died 7-22-1986
AIKEN, Delores J. "Dee" Spouse of Paul J. AIKEN Born 2-16-1935 Died7-6-2003 Age 68 dau of Paul & Mary Evans m. June 26 1967 in FranklinPA
AIKEN, Paul J. Spouse of Delores "Dee" Born 6/26/1934 Died 9/3/2001Age 67 b. Ellwood City, PA Son of Harry & Ada Mae Shaffer Aiken
ALEXANDER, Arthur S. Spouse of Ethel Born 12/2/1904 Died 5/11/1993b.Smethport Pa. son of John J. & Rose Sorg Alexander. 
ALEXANDER, Carl J. Spouse of Laurel Born 7/24/1911 Died 4/9/2001 Age89 b. Smethport, PA- Son of John J. & Rose Sorge Alexander 
ALEXANDER, Ethel Flockerzi Spouse of Arthur S. Born 10/2/1904 Died12/3/1999 d/oAdam & Emma Johnson Flockerzi m. 9/18/1933
ALEXANDER, Laurel Davies Spouse of Carl J. Died 2/16/1997 m. Aug. 1944
ALLEN, Arlene G. ["Cookie"] Spouse of John E. ALLEN Born 10-27-1956Died 2-24-2003 Age 46y Dau of Leon E. Sr. & Lois (Williams) Hakes,"Cookie", b. Olean-NY, d. Scio-NY, Wed 10-09-1973 in Wellsville-NY
ALLEN, Charles Sumner Jr. Spouse of Elma L. Born 11/24/1918 Died 8/27/2002Age 83 Son of Charles W. & Ruth Baldwin Allen
ALLEN, Elma L. Ritte Spouse of Charles S. Jr. Died 3/23/1986 wed April3, 1936 
ALLEN, Forrest H. spouse of Lillian B. died 1-22-1975 Wed: 2-10-1943
ALLEN, James L. "Chow" spouse of born 12/31/1934 died 9/29/2012 age Son of Leon & Florence Crance Allen b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S. Navy
ALLEN, John E Spouse of Arlene G. "Cookie" Died 1-25-1994 wed Oct.9, 1973 in wellsville , NY
ALLEN, Lillian B. Spouse of Forrest H. ALLEN Born 12-29-1909 Died 6-24-2004Age 94y Dau of William & Mary (Keefe) Butler, b. Rexville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY,Wed 2-10-1943 in Corning-NY
ALLEN, Onnolee Ruth spouse of Bernard J. born 1-1-1931 died 6-2010age 79y Dau. of Floyd & Mildred Gates Thompson b Hornell NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 8-4-1951 in Garwoods NY  Bernard J. died 12-29-1998 
ALLEN, Roxanne Beth spouse of born 3/18/1957 died 1/6/2013 age 55y Dau of Bernard J. & Onnolee Thompson Allen b. & d. Wellsville NY
AMBROSELLI, Joseph A. Spouse of Shirley Born 2/23/1918 Died 4/30/2001Age 83 s/oSam & Maria PAvone Ambroselli US Army WW II Europen Theater 
AMBROSELLI, Shirley Horn Spouse of Joseph A. Died 8/17/2000 m. Nov.8, 1941
ANDERSON, Francis J. Spouse of Marion R. Died 3-18-1963 m. Feb 19-1927in Wellsville NY
ANDERSON, Marion R. Spouse of Francis J. ANDERSON Born 9-30-1901 Died7-03-2003 Age 101y Dau of Charles C. & Addie (Baldwin) Allen, b. Allentown-NY?,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 2-19-1927 in Wellsville-NY
ANDREWS, Loula Burrows Died 7/31/1997 
APSEY Helen K. spouse of Frank born 1907 died 4-17-1991 dau of Charles& Ellen Abbott King
ARMSTRONG, Barbara A. spouse of Willliam L. born 8-2-1950 died 12-22-2008age 58y Dau. of Herman P. & Margaret E. Starks Rouse b. Belmont NYd. Wellsville NY Wed 3-15-1969 in Andover NY 
ARMSTRONG, Brian spouse of Carolyn Kautz born 6-7-1957 died 11-4-2007age 50 Son of Donald Eugene & Anna May Robbins Armstrong b. HornellNY d. Creedmoor NC Wed 7-13-1979 in Wellsville NY 
ARMSTRONG, Patrick spouse of born 4/29/1983 died 11/20/2012 age 29y Son of Donald & Joanne Strobel Armstrong b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY
ARMSTRONG, Robert R. spouse of Jean Ann Neal born 8-3-1932 died 10-1-2009age 77y Son of George F. & Maxine Jones Armstrong b.& d. WellsvilleNY Wed 7-11-1959 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Combat Engineers Korean Conflict
ARMSTRONG, Sterling G. spouse of born 4/3/1963 died 7/22/2012 age Son of Donald & Joanne Strobel Armstrong b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
ARNOLD, Louis O. Spouse of Roberta Born 8/22/1912 Died 8/24/2001 Age89 b. Wellsville, NY- m. Jan. 13, 1934- Son of Louis G. & CarolinaLehman Arnold
ARNOLD, Richard Oliver "Dick" spouse of Adah M. McCarthy born 11-13-1931died 12-30-2008 age 77y Son of Virginia B. Beebe Palmer - Adopted parentsOliver L. & Ruth B. Merrick Arnold b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed11-28-1952 U.S. Army Korean War
AUSTIN, Judith D. "Judy" spouse of Roy W. born 3-7-1945 died 11-17-2011age 66y  Dau. of Frederick & Delphine Moyer Wightman b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-31-1975 in Wellsville NY 
AUSTIN, Roy William Spouse of Judith D. Wightman Born 10-4-1937 Died2-24-2005 Age 67y Son of William Roy & Madeline Violet Patterson Austinb. Cuba, N.Y. U.S. Air Force Wed: 1-31-1975 
AVERYS, Alfred Spouse of Isabelle Shelmidine Born 5/22/1914 Died 5/16/2002Age 87
AVERYS, Isabelle Eva spouse of Alfred born 2/26/1920 died 2/21/2012 age 91y Dau of Everett & Josephine McClear Shelmidine b. Lorraine d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-25-1939 in New York City NY
AYERS, Michelle A. spouse of  born 3-16-1970 died 7-28-2011 age41y  Dau. of George & Eleanor Mosher Ayers b. Dansville NY d.Wellsville NY 
BABCOCK, Harold D. spouse of Helen Jones born 10-10-1910 died 9-10-2004age 93 Son of Arthur L. & Frances McKee Babcock b. Town of Wirt Wed:8-10-1940 Personnel Technician in U.S. Army History Teacher & GuidanceCounselor at Wellsville High School
BABCOCK, Helen J spouse of Harold D. born 1-10-1914 died 3-27-2005age 91y dau of Ray & Elizabeth Cole Jones was a teacher
BAKER, Bruce A. Spouse of Frieda Died 1-9-2005 Age 90y son of Ward& Floss Baker
BALDWIN, Charlotte J. spouse of Donald G. born 6-20-1948 died 6-6-1996
BALDWIN, Donald  spouse of Pearl A. Eaton born 4-30-1915 died10-9-2010 age 95y  Son of Edward & Edna Amidon Baldwin b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-23-1937 
BALDWIN, Leo spouse of Helen born 9-4-1926 died 6-29-2003 U. S. Navy 
BALDWIN, Pearl A. spouse of Donald born 10-17-1920 died 3-26-2009 age88y Dau. of Elwin Avery & Zelma Kuhn Eaton b. Couidersport PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 12-23-1937 Married 71 years 
BALDWIN, Robert H. spouse of Jessie Teribury born 6-21-1926 died 7-18-2004age 78 Son of Harley H. & Dora Travis Baldwin Wed: 2-14-1948 AirborneDivision of U.S. Army 
BALDWIN, Shannon M. Spouse of Ronald J. "Chub" Born 9-28-1973 Died4-13-2004 Age 30 dau of Roy & Debbie Wells Monahan m. Feb 13 1993 inWellsville NY
BALL, Robert A. Spouse of Marjorie J. Born 2-26-1920 Died 1-9-2004Age 83 son of Rex & Jennie Sprague Ball US Army WW II
BALLARD, Mary Amanda spouse of Clayton Arthur born 5/23/1913 died 3/21/2012 age 98y Dau of John & Sarah Krall Bomberger b. Schaefferstown PA d. Houghton NY Wed 6-15-1935 Clayton died 11-29-1958
BANNISTER, William J. Spouse of Barbara W. Born 4-6- 1911 Died 9-10-2001 Age 90y b. Buffalo, NY- m. Oct. 2, 1937- Son of James & Lulu WardBannister
BARLOW, Carl J. Born 6-24-1926 Died 12-31-2002 Age 76 son of Vernan& Jennie Cole Barlow
BARNES, Betty H. spouse of Darwin born 1927 died 10-11-2011 age 84y Dau. of Leonard & Elizabeth Hambridge b. Wellsville NY d. FarmingtonNY Wed 11-13-1948
BARNES, Darwin K. spouse of Betty Hambridge born 2-5-1925 died 5-9-200580y Son of Homer & Anna Norton Barnes b. Scio, N.Y. d. Wellsville,N.Y. Wed: 11-13-1948 U. S. Navy 
BARNES, Rowena P. spouse of E. Norton born 10-23-1913 died 3-22-2009age 95y Dau. of Grover Cleveland & R uby Blood Wilkins b. Delevan NYd. Wellsville NY Wed Husband #1 Edward G. Hinckley in 1935 who died in1965
BARNETT, John O. spouse of Margaret F. "Peggy" Harschbarger born 2-17-1916died 1-15-2007 age 90y Son of Herman & Margaret Brown Barnett b. WellsvilleNY d. Olean NY Wed 2-21-1942 in New Berlin NY 
BARNETT, Margaret F. "Peggy" Spouse of John O. Sr. Born 9-5- 1924 Died1-12- 2002 Age 77 b. Belleville, PA- Dau. of Bruce & Laura Deeg HarschbagerSr.- m. Feb. 21, 1942
BARTOW, John R. Born 3-12-1987 Died 10-23-2004 Age 17y Son of BrianPerkins & Donna Orvis, b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Grandsonof Lula Lynn and also Emma Perkins
BAXTER, Margaret M. Spouse of Robert W. Born 1-6- 1920 Died 8-26- 1999Age 79 b. Willing, NY- Dau. of Walter & Carrie Dezutter Cline m. July12, 1941 
BEACH, Martha S. spouse of Wesley W. born 5/24/1906 died 8/19/2012 age 106y Dau of Richard & Bertha Tilden Saunders b. Ischua NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-1-1925 in Cuba NY Wesley died 8-20-1994
BEAMER, Helen W. Spouse of Philip T. BEAMER Born 12-31-1921 Died 3-15-2003Age 81y Dau of Joseph & Irene (Scarborough) Wise, b. Bryansville-PA,Wed 5-14-1950 in York-PA
BELL, Frederick C. "Freddy"  spouse of Virginia June Froebel born4-30-1923 died 12-2-2011    Son of Raymond C. & JessieBarton Bell b. Eldred PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-7-1941 in Olean NY U.S.Army WW2 
BELL, Virginia June spouse of Frederick C. "Freddy" born 6-5-1924 died6-5-2006 age 82y  Dau. of Floyd & Irene Holcomb Froebel b. CoudersportPA d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-7-1941 in Olean NY
BENNETT, Jr., Frederick L. spouse of Rose Mary Lynch born 6-27-1941died 5-5-1999 age 57 Son of Frederick L. & Linnie Gardner Bennett,Sr. Wed: 12-28-1991 U.S. Navy Vietnam Conflict
BENNETT, Lance spouse of Beverly Lanphere born 2/11/1938 died 12/5/2014 age 76y Son of Eleanor Erhardt b. Wellsville NY d. Batavia NY U.S. Army Vietnam War
BENNETT, Robbin L. "Skip" spouse of  born 5-21-1942 died 10-16-2010age 68y  Son of Howard & Eleanor Bennett & Stepfather JosephErhardt b. Wellsville NY d. East Longmeadow MA  U.S. Navy Vietnam& Gram
BERG, Robert L. spouse of Phyllis Elaine Reuning born 2/29/1924 died 11/29/2013 age 89y Son of George & Amy Matson Berg b. Bellevue PA d. Charlottesville VA Wed 1-31-1959 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Air Corps 1943-1945 as a navigator on a B-29 in the 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Squardron - Flew 23 Combat missions over Japan
BERG, Phyllis spouse of Robert L. born 10-21-1925 died 8-2-2004 age78y Dau. of George W. & Gladys Grastorf Reuning, Sr. 
BERGERSON, Beatrice M. Born 12-6-1914 Died 12-11-2002 Age 88 dau ofJohn B. & Ora Elizabeth McGee Bergerson
BICKLEMAN, Fred S. spouse of June Gilluly born 6-1-1917 died 7-25-1966age   Son of Herman & Anna Comey Bickleman b. Portage PAd. Wellsville NY WW2 & Korean War
BILLINGS, John N. spouse of Denise Collins born 12-5-1947 died 10-30-2007age 59 Son of John W. & Syble Winchell Billings b. Wellsville NY d.Andover NY Wed 9-5-1970 in Wellsville NY U.S. Marines Vietnam Purple Heart 
BLACK, Ella Spouse of Nathan H. Born 3-3- 1915 Died 5-7- 1999 Age 84Dau of John & Nina Wallace Lewis Wed May 29, 1954
BLACK, Ida Mae Born 3-30-1924 Died 5-04-2003 Age 79y Dau of GarfieldH. Sr. & Myrtle (Hull) Black, b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY
BLACK, Nathan H. Spouse of Ella Born 10-13- 1919 Died 8-5- 1991 Age71 Son of Garfield & Myrtle Hull Black
BLACK, Robert L. Spouse of Grace M. Smith Born 11-7-1918 Died 6-24-2003Age 84 son of Aaron & Marguerite Black US Army WW II He marched inthe funeral procession of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt
BLACK, Robert L. Spouse of Grace M. Smith Born 11-7-1918 Died 6-24-2003Age 84 son of Aaron & Marguerite Black US Army WW II He marched inthe funeral procession of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt
BLAISDELL, Bernice W. Spouse of Dr. Roger W. Born 7-28- 1902 Died 2-2-1981 Age 78 Dau of Nelson & Grace Wright Wed Dec. 01, 1928
BLAISDELL, Roger W. MD spouse of Bernice W. born 1905 died 1981 
BLAKER, Allan M. spouse of born 11/22/1915 died 11/11/1999 age 83y Son of William "Earl" & Leona Sharpneck Blaker b. Carmichaels PA d. Wellsville NY Wed Wife #1 Yoland Neiman on 10-31-1941 who died 3-8-1973 Wed Wife #2 Joan Hazzard on 11-23-1979 in Belfast NY
BLEDSOE, Ferdinard Spouse of Flora/Ella May/Phebe Born 6-23- 1863 Died1950 b. Whiteville, NY
BLISS, Madoline Childs Spouse of Carl Werner Born 6-17-1901 Died 1980Age 79 Chester Bliss 2nd Husband
BLIVEN, Gertrude E. Spouse of LaVerne BLIVEN Born 6-08-1914 Died 6-22-2003Age 89y Dau of Lyman & Leah (Howard) Gayhart, b. Almond-NY, d. Wellsville-NY,Wed 6-06-1936 in Hornell-NY
BLIVEN, LaVerne Spouse of Gertrude E. Died 6-27-1979 m. 6-6-1936 inHornell, NY
BLIVEN, Lucille M. spouse of Paul born 2/7/1924 died 10/8/2012 age 88y Dau of Emmitt & Gladys Ward Cline b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-1-1949 in Wellsville NY Paul died 6-8-1997
BOCK, Carmela spouse of Stanley T. Jr. born 12-10-1928 died 5-30-2009age 80y Dau. of Michael & Bettina DelSasso Santella b. Waterbury CTd. Wellsville NY Wed 4-14-1967 in Hempstead CT
BOCK, Stanley T. Jr. Spouse of Carmella SANTELLA Born 10-11-1930 Died3-01-2005 Age 74y Son of Stanley T. Sr. & Dorothy (Smith) Bock, b.Brooklyn-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 4-14-1965 in Queens-NY
BOGLE, David M. Spouse of Ida May MARSH Born 5-24-1922 Died 3-14-2003Age 80y Son of Howard & Sarah (Lewis) Bogle, b. Tyler-PA, d. Wellsville-NY,Wed 11-06-1948 in Wellsville-NY, Vet-WWII US Navy 1941-47
BOGLE, Ida May Marsh Spouse of David M. Died 1980 
BONGIVA, Ida M. spouse of Leo Cole died 9-20-2004 #2 Louis Bongiva
BORING, Stewart A. Jr. Spouse of Janice E. Born 11-22- 1929 Died 11-15-1990 Age 60y Son of Stewart A. Sr. & Margaret Bolam Boring Wed Jan.10, 1953
BOSTLEY, Fern A. spouse of Thomas born 8-15-1925 died 8-28-2009 age84y Dau. of William & Dora Heers Teller b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed12-17-1949 in Wellsville NY 
BOSTLEY, Thomas R. Born 4-13- 1917 Died 7-23- 2000 
BOUCHER, Marion E. spouse of Merle born Unknown died 3/17/2012 age
BOYCE, Berwyn B. Spouse of Marian Died 3-23- 1954 wed Sept. 12, 1928
BOYCE, Donald Spencer spouse of Gwynetta K. born 1914 died 1993 Wed:9-5-1937 in Kent, Ohio
BOYCE, Gwynetta K. spouse of Donald Spencer born 4-21-1914 died 8-7-2004age 90y Dau. of Les & Bertha Miller Morse b. New London, Ohio Wed:9-5-1937 in Kent, Ohio 
BOYCE, Marian Spouse of Berwyn B. Born 9-4- 1901 Died 9-4- 1989 Age88y Dau of Fred & Anna Bennett Schrader
BOYD, Lila L. spouse of Mark M. born 2-17-1921 died 2-17-2007 age 86Dau. of Theodore & Maude Rice Quant b. West Almond NY d. WellsvilleNY 
BRADFORD, Austin born 11-15-1918 died 8-19-2004 age 85y Son of Prince& Sophia Bradford b. Savannah, Ga. 
BRANDES, Helen W. Born 9-6- 1907 Died 1-11- 2002 Age 94y b. Town ofWilling, NY- Dau. of Henry & Lillian Bohne Brandes
BRANDES, Karlton August spouse of Joanne Herman born 4/23/1934 died 4/18/2012 age 77y Son of Karl & Evelyn Neu Brandes b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-26-1961 in Wellsville NY
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Edward Spouse of Ida Jean Webster born 9-18-1918 died2-14-2005 age 86y Son of Edward A. & Josephine Smith BaunschweigerWed: 7-22-1950 in York, Pa. U.S. Army Signal Corps WW2
BROUGHTON, Robert V. spouse of Beulah H. Sick born 9/11/1926 died 3/12/2012 age 85y Son of George & Ruth Broughton b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-4-1953 in Wellsville NY
BROWN, David S. "Dave" spouse of Estelle Louise Underwood born 1917died 11-2-2008 age 91y d. Waynesboro PA Married over 65 years U.S. ArmyWW2 with 509th Composite Group of the 20th Air Force in the Pacific Theater 
BROWN, David S. born 12-31-1936 died 8-17-2004 age 67y Son of HaroldF. & Helen Ruth Willard Brown U.S. Army 1954 to 1957
BROWN, Doris I. Spouse of Harold P. Born 5-6- 1915 Died 1-25- 1998Age 82y Dau of Joseph & Pearl Morgan Gonter d. Wellsville, NY
BROWN, Ernest James spouse of Marsha Stannard born 1932 died 11/8/2014 age 82y U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army Reserves
BROWN, Estelle Louise spouse of David S. born 7-24-1921 died 4-24-2009age 87y Dau. of Walter H. & Reba Ganoung Underwood b. Akron OH d. ChambersburgPA Wed 1-18-1943 in Wellsville NY 
BROWN, Harold P. Spouse of Doris I. Died 1-11- 1976 Wed Apr. 18, 1931
BROWN, Helen R. Born 6-24- 1916 Died 5-4- 2000 
BROWN, Joan M. McNulty Spouse of Randall G. Born 8/25/1942 Died 6/16/2002Age 59 Dau. Of John F. & Helen Cornelius McNulty wed Aug. 4, 1960
BROWN, Michael J. born 12-15-1971 died 4-16-2004 age 32 Son of RandallG. & Joan McNulty Brown 
BROWNING, Janet W. spouse of William W. "Bud" born 11/4/1919 died 2/2/2014 age Dau of John & Beatrice Williams b. Wellsville NY d. Cape Coral FL Wed 8-31-1940 in Wellsville NY
BROWNING, William "Bud" Spouse of Janet Born 9-23- 1918 Died 7-7-1996Age 77 Son of Horace Mann & Ruth Baker Browning b. Detroit, MI; WedAug. 31, 1940
BRUNDAGE, Earl R. born 10-11-1917 died 5-27-2008 Son of Homer S. &Mary Sekoll Brundage b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY 
BRUNDAGE, Helen M. Spouse of Herbert E. Born 7-9- 1904 Died 10-19-1998 Age 94y Dau of George F. & Harriet Andrews King b. Belmont, NY
BRUNDAGE, Herbert E. Spouse of Helen M. Died 5-31- 1965 Wed Sep. 06,1921
BRUNDAGE, Herbert R. Spouse of Lois M Born 7-16- 1923 Died 3-15- 2000wed May 29, 1947 in Boliver
BRUNDAGE, Lois M Spouse of Herbert R Born 10-4-1923 Died 12-27-2002b. Riggins Run W. Va. d/o Wayne and Alice "Blanche" (Williams) Allen
BUEHRING, Karl Spouse of Rebecca Died 1-8- 1944 Wed Apr. 18, 1913
BUEHRING, Rebecca M. Spouse of Karl B Born 2-14- 1890 Died 3-3- 1986Age 96y Dau of Ernest & Sophia Seffers Meyer b. Wellsville, NY
BUNNELL, Herbert F. spouse of Margaret Williams born 6-11-1912 died11-12-2007 age 94y Son of Harold J. & Heneretta Hare Bunnell b. BelmontNY d. Wellsville NY Wed Wife #2 on 7-1-1950 Wife #1 Dorothy M. Delong U.S.Army WW2
BURDGE, Bertha Bathiar Hunt Spouse of DeForrest Daniel Born 3/15/1894Died 7/23/1958 Dau. of Austin Theodore & Flora Adeline Gardner Hunt
BURDGE, DeForrest Daniel Spouse of Bertha Born 5/1/1883 Died 9/8 6/1962Son of Robert Daniel & Cora Sortore Burdge
BURDGE, Donald DeForrest Born 6/19/1926 Died 8/25/1948 Age 22y cerebralhemorrhage
BURDGE, Larry Robert born 1-19-1946 died 3-1-2008 age 62y Son of RaymondR. & Mildred Conable Burdge b.& d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army 304thSignal Battalion serving in Seoul Korea 
BURDGE, Mildred P. spouse of  Raymond R. born 5-22-1922 died 4-2-2011age   Dau. of Reynold & Bertha Conable b. Coudersport PAd. Wellsville NY Wed 12-23-1941 
BURDGE, Raymond Robert Spouse of Mildred Pauline Conable Born 6/29/1917Died 11/22/1976 Son of DeForrest Daniel & Bertha Bathiar Hunt Burdgewed Dec. 23, 1941
BURDICK , Jerry H Spouse of Anna W. Born 1894 Died 1974 Age 80 
BURDICK, Anna Walchi Spouse of Jerry H. Born 3-13-1898 Died 12-31-1981Age 83 wed 6-1-1921
BURDICK, Carl R. Spouse of Elizabeth Died 11-7-1998 
BURDICK, Chase R. spouse of born 12/10/2011 died 6/3/2012 age 5mo Son of Frank D. & Ambere H. Dickerson Burdick III b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
BURDICK, Elizabeth "Betty" Riggs Spouse of Carl R. Born 12-29-1911Died 11-15-2003 Age 91y dau of George & Mary Lena Mills Hyde m. RichardHyde Aug 3 1937 d. Nov 3 1957
BURDICK, Lester Died 1975 
BURDICK, Lewis Spouse of Mary Frances son of John Burdick and SarahOdell m. 7-2-1857
BURDICK, Lina D. spouse of Jesse E. born 10-10-1911 died 5-11-2007age 95y Dau. of Hal & Nettie Cowles Drake b. Honeoye PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 5-30-1947 in Richburg PA
BURDICK, Mary Frances Spouse of Lewis Born 5-10-1836 dau of Brazillai& Mary "Polly" Thurston Burdick
BURDICK, Mary R. Spouse of Merle Born 5-28- 1895 Died 1-3- 1991 Age96y d/aJohn & Anna Dailey Rockwell b. Deluth, PA; Wed/1 1917 Wed/2Lester Burdick who d. 1975
BURDICK, Maxon J. "Moose" Spouse of Sharlene Born 5-19- 1938 Died 12-20-2001 Age 63 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Don & Doris Collins Burdick USArmy 1961-1963
BURDICK, Michael T. born 3-23-1970 died 2-25-2008 age 37y Son of DonaldR. & Jenny L. Cole Burdick b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S. Marine Corps
BURDICK, Robert F. spouse of Maxine Dodge born 9/1/1946 died 10/2/2013 age 67y Son of Francis & Katherine Wheeler Burdick b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-31-1997 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy 1964-1966
BURDICK, Sharlene K. Spouse of Maxon J. Born 9-10-1946 Died 1-12-2004Age 57 dau of John & Pearl Shepard Childress m. April 24 1965
BURDSALL, Jean L. spouse of John R. born 3-21-1920 died 7-14-2007 age87 Dau. of Charles & Nellie Perkins Lyon b. Sweden PA d. Medina NYWed 3-21-1942 Member of Christian Temple Disciples of Christ Church formore than 60 years - Active in Church committees - sewing circle producinghundreds of blankets & quilts for Veterans Hospital - soup kitchen- volunteer driver - PTA - Red Cross Volunteer - Board of Elections - Brownies& Girl Scouts 
BURDSALL, John R. Spouse of Jean M. Born 5-6- 1920 Died 6-8- 1991 Age71 Son of Harrison & Aline Kamner Burdsall b. Wellsville, NY; Wed Mar.21, 1942 in Coudersport, PA
BURGESS, Verona A. spouse of Joseph D. born 12-9-1919 died 7-22-2007age 87 Dau. of Andrew & Mary Zidzik b. Windber PA d. Corning NY Wed7-31-1941 
BURKE, Myra P. Born 9-29- 1942 Died 12-27- 2001 Age 59 b. Wellsville,NY- Dau. of John Patrick & Dorothy Ward Burke
BURROWS, Phyllis spouse of John A. born 1/10/1921 died 6/24/2012 age 91y Dau of Dr. John G. & Evelyn Haskell Potter b. Houlton ME d. Oswego NY Wed 6-25-1945 John died in 1965
BURTON, Doris spouse of Lou L. Sr. born 2/3/1927 died 10/24/2013 age 86y Dau of Walter & Ruth Hornburg b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-10-1958 Lou died 12-1-1991
BUTTON, Clifford H. Spouse of Ruth Born 4-14- 1904 Died 1-6- 2001 Age97y Son of Oscar & Cora Belle Gowdy Button b. Amity, NY; Oldest livingmember of Christian Temple Ch.
BUTTON, Lawrence Sherman Born 2/2/1921 Died 4/4/1992 b, John WilliamMarsh to Eugene Marsh & Daisy M. Vaughn
BUTTON, Ruth Spouse of Clifford H. Died 8-10- 1982 Wed Dec. 15, 1926in Alfred, NY
CAMPBELL, Delburt W. Spouse of Margaret Born 11-10- 1919 Died 11-20-2001 Age 82 b. Canisteo, NY- Son of Ira & Carrie Belle Pierce Campbellm. Jan. 25, 1946- US Navy 1943-1945
CAMPBELL, Heidi Ann spouse of Malcolm born 9-20-1967 died 11-11-2009age 42y Dau. of Albert M. & Virginia Apsey Vossler b. Buffalo NY d.Rochester NY Wed 5-4-2002 in Wellsville NY 
CAMPBELL, Lena E. spouse of  born 1880 died 11-18-1965 age  Dau. of Lucius & Olive Richmond Campbell b. Unknown d. Waverly NY
CAMPBELL, Robert John spouse of Sandra Green born 12-4-1954 died 9-5-2011age   Son of Delburt & Margaret Ransom Campbell Sr b. WellsvilleNY d. Andover NY Wed 11-6-1976 in Wellsville NY 
CARBERRY, David S. spouse of Guelda L. Wolfe born 6/25/1940 died 3/18/2013 age 72y Son of John & Caroline Schwartz Carberry b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army
CARBERRY, Guelda L. spouse of David S. born 8-11-1936 died 4-19-2009age 72y Dau. of Kenneth A. & Ruth E. Parks Wolfe b. Forestville NYd. Wellsville NY Wed 12-30-1971 in West Seneca NY 
CARLIN, Eleanor T. Spouse of Edward W. Born 7-12-1915 Died 2-27-2003Age 87 born in Wellsville, NY to Roland & marsha Marsh Ketchner
CARLIN, Eleanor T. Spouse of Edward W. CARLIN Born 7-12-1915 Died 2-27-2003Age 87y Dau of Roland & Martha (Marsh) Ketchner, b. Wellsville-NY,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 10-02-1941 in Wellsville-NY
CARLIN, J. Bernard Spouse of Mabel A. Died 8- 1952 Wed Nov. 03, 1933
CARLIN, Mabel A. Spouse of J. Bernard Born 3-19-1912 Died 4-13-1991b Belmont daughter of William & Josephine Axtell Sortore
CARLIN, Phyllis A. "Casey" spouse of William Everett born 12-28-1926died 5-9-2007 age 80 Dau. of Shirley & Ethel Smith Case b. Auburn NYd. Wellsville NY Wed 9-28-1946 in Wellsville NY
CARLIN, William "Everett" Spouse of Phyllis A. Case Born 09-27-1921Died 03-28-2003 Age 82 born in Petrolia, NY to Edward & Florence BlackCarlin. US Army WWII vet. 
CARLIN, William [Everett"] Spouse of Phyllis A. CASE Born 9-27-1921Died 3-28-2003 Son of Edward & Florence (Black) Carlin, "Everett",b. Petrolia-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-28-1946 in Wellsville-NY, Vet-WWIIUS Army Tech 5 Sgt 1942-45
CARNAHAN, Dorothy K. spouse of Howard L. born 1-30-1905 died 12-21-2002dau of Charles & Ellen Abbott King 
CARNAHAN, Howard L. spouse of Dorothy K. born 1914 died 11-5-1973 MSGTUS Army WW II wed 1942
CARPENTER, Lucille M. "Lucy" Spouse of Andrew C. Born 9-20-1945 Died2-8-2005 Age 59y Dau. of William & Lucille Remington Pettit b. Leicester,Pa. Wed: 4-22-1978 in Millport, Pa. 
CARTER, Dorothy S. Spouse of Milton S. Born 1-31-1908 Died 2-17-2003Age 95y born in Wellsville, NY to August & Mary Hauser Shear.
CARTER, Gloria J. Spouse of Franklin Sr. Born 6-3-1935 Died 4/25/2002wed Jan. 23, 1955
CARTER, Milton S. Spouse of Dorothy S. Died 5-22-1994 m. July 3 1936in New York City
CASSIDY, Thomas W. spouse of Tina Burdick born 7-1-1938 died 9-29-2008Son of Henry & Iva Hall Cassidy 
CAVANAUGH, Frances J. Born 2-4-1931 Died 5-31-2003 Age 72 b. OleanNY dau of Benjamin R. & Myrtle I. Severson Lee 
CAVANAUGH, Ruth T. spouse of William "Bill" born 7-8-1954 died 12-3-2007age 53 Dau. of Roger & Florence Parker Tuttle b. Wellsville NY d. RochesterNY Wed 8-12-1972 in Andover NY 
CHANDLER, Helen spouse of Richard F. born 7-13-1925 died 9-9-2011 age  Dau. of Walter L. & Margaret Dixon Chaffee b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 62 years
CHANDLER, Richard F. spouse of Helen Chaffee born 4-4-1924 died 6-21-2008Son of Robert A. & Clara M. Chandler b. U/K d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-11-1946Veteran of WW2 He landed D-Day on Omaha Beach - Holder of a Bronze Starwith five battle stars & the distinguished Silver Star - Toured Europe& battlefields on Anniversary of D-Day in 2004
CHARTREAU, Dorothy Helen spouse of John M. "Mel" born 12-16-1921 died11-29-2011 age 89y  Dau. of Vivian & Bessie Green Sweet b. ElmValley NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-9-1946 in Buffalo NY  John M. (b.1916) died 6-8-1986
CHILDRESS, Pearl E. spouse of John E. born 3-18-1918 died 7-11-2011age 93y  Dau. of George & Eunice Keifer Shepard b. Mayburg PAd. Wellsville NY Wed 12-31-1938 in Mayburg PA John died 2-21-1981
CHILDS, Evelyn C. Spouse of John W. Born 12-4- 1903 Died 2-7- 1990Age 86 Dau of Clair & Ruth Smith Jordan b. Richburg, NY
CHILDS, John W. Spouse of Evelyn Died 5-14- 1979 Wed Jul. 31, 1930
CHILDS, Peter Jordan Spouse of Gretchen Born 10-9- 1940 Died 2-21-1996 Age 55 Son of John W. & Evelyn Jordan Childs b. Cuba, NY; WedSep. 07, 1963; Registered Pharmacist
CHRISTMAN, Doris Jean Spouse of Robert L. Died 10-16- 1986 Wed Jan.2, 1953
CHRISTMAN, Robert L. Spouse of Doris Jean Born 3-12- 1931 Died 12-22-1990 Age 59 Son of Howard P. & Margaret Rahr Christman b. Wellsville,NY
CHURCH, Lila Gagen spouse of John born 12-29-1909 died 6-12-2008 age98y b. St. Thomas Ontario Canada d. Winter Park FL 
CHUTE, Richard H. spouse of born 9/22/1926 died 5/20/2012 age Son of George A. & Alice Gieseke Chute b. Irvington NJ d. Rochester NY U.S. Army WW2 stationed in the Philippines
CICIRELLO, Lewis C. Spouse of Judith FRAZIER Born 8-01-1936 Died 1-13-2003Age 66y Son of Anthony "Boots" & Ruth (Mathern) Cicirello, Part-timepolice officer in Wellsville & Willing NY, Deputy Allegany Co Sheriff,b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 10-24-1970 in Butler-PA
CLARK, Adelbert Spouse of Anna M. Died 7-9- 1948 b. Scio, NY- Son ofLeonard & Rebecca Jane Fowler Clark d. Wellsville, NY
CLARK, Freeman M. Spouse of Jennette Born 2-9- 1847 Died 5/13/1917b. Cortaland Co., NY- Son of Freeman & Serepta Havens Clark d. Wellsville,NY
CLARK, Janice Kay spouse of  born 8-29-1962 died 11-3-2010 age48y  Dau. of Edward & Corabell Freelove Clark b. & d. WellsvilleNY
CLARK, John E. spouse of Faye M. Michener born 10/8/1924 died 11/7/2012 age 88y Son of Harry & Lulu Clark b. Buffalo NY d. Belmont NY Wed 6-11-1948 in Tulsa OK Married 64 years
CLARK, Leah M. Moon Spouse of Newton L. Born 8/22/1907 Died 8/5/2002Age 94y Dau. Of Charles D. & Ida Robbins Moon
CLARK, Newton L. Spouse of Leah M. Died 10/28/1987 wed Dec. 13, 1924
CLARKE, Jay Kenyon  spouse of  born 4-12-1972 died 12-2-2010age 38y  Son of Neil K. & Patricia A. Vossler Clarke Jr. b. WellsvilleNY d. York PA 
CLEARY, Catherine P. "pee dee" born 11-4-1936 died 6-25-2008 Dau. ofJohn E. & Evelyn B. Hunt Powell b. Providence RI d. Fairport NY 
CLEVELAND, Kathryn "Kitty" Spouse of Luman J Born 4-27- 1896 Died 7-7-1997 Age 101y Dau of Clarence S. & Sadie Hyatt Christman
CLEVELAND, Luman J Spouse of Phyllis M. Born 12-10-1920 Died 3-12-2003Age 82 son of Luman Johnson & Katherine Christman Cleveland Ssgt USMarine Corps on Iwo Jima WW II 
CLEVELAND, Luman Johnson Spouse of Kathryn Died 3-13- 1944 Wed Oct.16 1914
CLINE, Albert E. Spouse of Pearl N. ROGERS Born 8-24-1907 Died 6-24-2004Age 96y Son of Walter & Carrie (Dezutter) Cline, b. Ulysses-PA, d.Friendship-NY, Wed 12-07-1925 in Wellsville-NY
CLINE, Albert N. Spouse of Louise B. Born 5-26-1892 Died 11-28-1965daughter of John P. and Emma Behren BaettnerOrder of the Eastern Star
CLINE, Alfred A. Spouse of Dorothy Born 6-29- 1915 Died 1-24- 2000Son of John & Jennie Petersen Cline US Army WW II
CLINE, Louise B. Spouse of Albert N. Died 10-10-1962 
CLINE, Louise B. spouse of Alvin N. born 5-26-1892 died 11-28-1965age   Dau. of John P. & Emma Behrens Boettner b. Olean NYd. Waverly NY 
CLINE, Michael J. born 3-11-1953 died 4-22-2004 age 51 Son of Earl& Genevieve Costello Cline U.S. Marine Corps
COCHRAN, Harriette R. spouse of born 11/10/1912 died 6/1/2014 age 101y Dau of William James & Mary Graham Robinson b. Newburgh NY d. Chardon OH
COLBURN, Oliver W. spouse of Ruth B. Dennis born 10-11-1919 died 11-30-2008age 89y Son of William & De Amanda DeGrote Colburn b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 10-17-1952 in Wellsville NY 
COLE, "Paul M. Spouse of Louise A. Died 5/8/1995 wed May 4, 1933
COLE, Irwin W. "Pete" Born 4-27-1926 Died 4-20-2005 Son of Peter T.& Lena M. Johnson Cole 
COLE, Louise A. Tait Spouse of Paul M. Born 8/1/1915 Died 1/29/2002Age 86 Dau. of Charles A. & Marcella L. Gibbons Tait
COLE, Walter P., Sr. spouse of Alice M. Demick born 7/8/1939 died 9/7/2014 age 75y Son of Peter & Lena Johnson Cole b. Wellsville NY d. Friendship NY Wed 10-14-1960 in Angelica NY Alice died 1-2-1998
COLEGROVE, Adelene M. "Addie" Spouse of Wendelld X. Born 2-3- 1918Died 4-4- 2000 Age 82 Dau of Clarence & Lillian Hartung Miller
COLEGROVE, Wendelld X. Spouse of Adelene M. Died 2-21- 1991 wed Oct.25, 1938
COLEMAN, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Frederick A. Died 10-6- 1987 Wed Nov.23 1932
COLEMAN, Frederick A. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 2-25- 1907 Died 9-4-2000 Age 93y Son of James H. & Ann Gillespie Coleman b. Toronto, ON,Canada 
COLLIGAN, Edith Neu spouse of  born 3-24-1933 died 1-5-2011 age  Dau. of Raymond W. & Grace A. Gordon Neu b. & d. Wellsville NYFormer Husband John F. "Jack" Colligan
COLLINS, Jack T. Spouse of Joan W. Born 12-20- 1923 Died 10-4- 1995Age 71 Son of Roy & Grace Weed Collins b. Avoca, PA; Wed Oct. 09, 1943
COLLINS, Joan spouse of Jack T. born 7-3-1925 died 1-25-2008 Dau. ofRupert & Cornelia Buch Fleischman b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed10-9-1943 in Hollywood CA 
COMSTOCK, Edwin Fisk III Spouse of Luanne "Ann" Born 9-29- 1952 Died4-2- 2002 Age 49 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Dr. Edwin & Stella SchultzComstock Jr.
COMSTOCK, Stella S. Spouse of Dr. Edwin Jr. Born 1-15- 1927 Died 7-30-1995 Age 68 Dau of Leon & Gertrude Belle Smith Schultz b. Kane, PA;Divorced
COOK, Glenn A. spouse of Luella born 1-15-1923 died 5-29-2004 age 81son of Chester & Ruth Higby Cook b. Betula PA US Army WW II 324th Inf44th Div European Theater Purple Heart
COOK, Marguerite "Peg" spouse of Therold "Terry" died 1-29-2000 
COOK, Therold ["Terry"] Spouse of Marguerite "Peg" DATES Born 12-24-1917Died 4-24-2004 Age 86y Son of LaVern F. & Eva (Keiser) Cook, "Terry",b. Duke Center-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Vet-WWII US Army
COOPER, Howard G. spouse of Genevieve Anderson born 12/15/1929 died 9/7/2014 age 84y Son of Herbert & Ann Reel Cooper b. Akron OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-30-1963 in Townville PA
CORBIN, Dorr O. Spouse of Maxine Born 6-21- 1932 Died 7-5- 1999 Age67 Son of Harold & Regis Bovee Corbin Wed Jun. 19, 1954
CORBIN, Harold E. Spouse of Regis Born 8-16- 1905 Died 8-5- 1972 Sonof Errin & Pearl Zimmer Corbin m. Mar. 19, 1925
CORBIN, Vesta "Maxine" spouse of Dorr O. born 6-9-1933 died 10-19-2005Dau. of Herman & Eva DeZutter Froebel b. Coudersport PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-19-1954 
CORNELIUS, Vernon "Eugene" spouse of Marilyn J. Abbott born 12-16-1938died 7-4-2009 age 71y Son of Richard & Mildred Latten Cornelius b.Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-25-1966 in Wellsville NY U.S.Army 1961-1963
CORNELL, Alvin A. spouse of Virginia R. Sweet born 2/11/1926 died 9/27/2012 age 86y Son of Robert O. & Ethel Cornelius Cornell b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-31-1944 Virginia died 11-2-2001 Wed Wife #2 Gertrude Hogan 8-2003 U.S. Navy WW2 Awarded Asiatic Pacific Philipine Liberation with a Star & the American Theater & Victory Ribbon
CORNELL, Jack I. spouse of Marian Parker born 5-30-1922 died 4-8-2007age 84 Son of Frank & Catherine Ingraham Cornell b. Genesee PA d. ScioNY U.S. Army in Europe WW2
CORNELL, Virginia R. Spouse of Alvin Born 2-4- 1927 Died 11-4- 2001Age 74 b. Olean, NY- Dau. of Alfred & Doris Sweet m. May 31, 1944 
COY, Arnold C. spouse of Helen Armstrong born 7/17/1944 died 3/11/2013 age 68y Son of Walter & Edna Walden Coy b. Sabinsville PA d. Rochester NY Wed 2-16-1965 in Chesterfield SC
COY, Walter C. spouse of born 12-10-1935 died 10-28-2007 age 71 Sonof Walter G. & Edna Walden Coy b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S. Air Force
CRAFT, Robert Ward spouse of Joan Greene born 4-19-1935 died 2-20-2011age 75y  Son of Elwin & Mary Hendricks Craft b. Arkville d. BathNY Wed 3-26-1961 in the Catskills U.S. Navy
CRAWFORD, Barbara E. spouse of Carl B . born 9-27-1935 died 8-9-2004age 68 Dau. of Francis Ray & Wilma Elaine Pinchen Krusen Wed: 4-25-1964in New Castle, Pa. 
CRETEKOS, E. Ann Spouse of James G. Born 12-11-1927 Died 12-30-2003dau of Edgar & Elsie Peterson Forman m. Aug 22 1954 in Wellsville NY
CRETEKOS, James G. spouse of Ann Forman born 1/6/1928 died 4/27/2014 age 86y Son of George J. & Anastasia Paraskavopoulos Cretekos b. U/K d. Rochester NY Wed 8-22-1954 U.S. Army Veteran - Many Community contributions including the Mayor of the Village of Wellsville New York
CRETEKOS, Steven G . spouse of Kathryn Makris born 1924 died 4-4-2009age 85y Son of George J. & Anastasia Paraskavopoulos b. WellsvilleNY d. Sayre PA Wed 10-3-1948 in Providence RI U.S. Army Air Corps 1943-1945serving in Europe - In the 8th Air Force 306 Bomb Group he flew multipleB17 missions over Germany
CUMMINGS, Don O. Spouse of Frances Born 6-20- 1910 Died 2-7- 1993 Age82 Son of Claude & Mattie Begell Cummings Wed 1941; Attorney
CUMMINGS, Frances M. spouse of Don O. born 4-4-1915 died 1-15-2007age 91y Dau. of Carl & Laura Mann b. Mt. Morris NY d. Rockford ILLWed 6-1941 
CUMPSTON, Della M. Spouse of Harry L. Born 12-26-1905 Died 1-26-2005Age Dau. of William & Margaret Chambers b. Cameron, W.Va. Wed. 1922
CUMPSTON, Linda M. Spouse of Richard Born 01-17-1947 Died 04-09-2003Age 56 born in Wellsville, NY to Harley & Helen Kemp Morris. res. ofWellsville, NY
CUMPSTON, Linda M. Spouse of unknown BAKER [#1?] Born 1-17-1947 Died4-09-2003 Age 56y Dau of Harley & Helen (Kemp) Morris, b. Wellsville-NY,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed #2? Ricahrd Cumpston in 1977 in Wellsville-NY
CUMPSTON, Richard L. Spouse of Linda Born 1-21- 1944 Died 8-4- 2001Age 56 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Harry & Della Chambers Cumpston mDec. 10, 1977
CURRY, Edward D. spouse of Lila S. Dickerson born 8-18-1943 died 9-14-2011age 68y  Son of Fred D. &  Dorothy M. Granger Curry b. WellsvilleNY d. Coudersport PA Wed 10-24-1975 in Shinglehouse PA  U.S. ArmyVietnam War 
DAHLGREN, Jonathan Andrew   born 1-29-1985 died 10-5-2011age 26y  Son of Denis & Colleen Searles Dahlgren b. Hornell NYd. Verona NY Injuries sustanined in a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident 
DASH, Audrey Spouse of Eugene N. Born 9-28- 1929 Died 7-2- 1997 Age67 Dau of George & Mildred Crum Gavitt
DASH, Eugene N. "Bud" Spouse of Audrey Born 8-4- 1926 Died 7-5- 1994Age 67 Son of Herman & Mary Hack Dash Wed Jun. 04, 1949 in Millport,PA
DASH, Thomas Matthew Born 9-6- 2001 Died 3-31- 2002 6m b. Wellsville,NY
DAVIDSON, Warren E. Sr. spouse of Anna Stuck born 7-25-1922 died 4-16-2009Son of George W. & Sara Van Ness Davidson b. Almond NY d. Buffalo NYU.S. Army WW2
DAVIS, Darrell E. I Spouse of Janice Born 6-5- 1918 Died 6-3- 1997Age 78 Son of Cecil G. & Edith Quimby Davis
DAVIS, Janice E. spouse of born 7/22/1932 died 11/23/2014 age Dau of Harry S. & Margaret McCullum Pease b. & d. Wellsville NY Husband #1 Stewart Boring Jr. who died 11-15-1990 Husband #2 Darrell E. Davis who died 6-3-1997
DAVISON, Lawrence E. Born 1-8- 1965 Died 10-3- 2001 Age 36 b. Wellsville,NY- Son of Warren E. & Anna Stuck Davidson Sr.
DAY, Janice L. spouse of C. Harold born 8-26-1916 died 1-23-2003 age86y Dau. of Lovell & Gertrude Bader Baldwin b. Unknown d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-26-1940
DAYTON, Jan spouse of  born 11-1-1940 died 10-22-2010 age 69y  Son of Woodrow & Evelyn L. Sibble Dayton b. Wellsville NYd. Newark NJ  U.S. Air Force 
DEAN, Virginia "Ginny" born 9-29-1929 died 7-16-2009 age 83y Dau.ofHoward & Margaret Rahr Christman b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY 
DECK, Betty J. spouse of James W. born 5/20/1944 died 8/20/2012 age 68y Dau of Malcolm & Doris Campbell Miller b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-12-1976 in Victor NY
DeJONGE, Barbara Jean spouse of Robert M. born 4/1/1936 died 12/27/2013 age 77y Dau of Peter & Ruth Hazekamp Heuvel b. Clifton NJ d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-20-1953 in Red Bank NJ Robert died 5-18-2000
DEMGEN, Carey F. spouse of Sheila L. Griffin born 9/25/1952 died 8/20/2013 age 60y Son of Lawrence & Annette Carey Demgen b. Troy NY d. Rochester NY Wed 3-24-1990 Sheila died 3-4-1996
DEMING, Velma Marie Born 9-15- 1937 Died 2000 
DEMING, William L. "Bill" Sr. spouse of born 9/21/1938 died 8/22/2012 age 73y Son of Charles & Beulah Wilkins Deming b. Kinzua PA d. Andover NY Wed Wife #1 Loretta Versch in 1959 who died in 1994 Wed Wife #2 Velma Broughton in 1996 who died in 2000 U.S. Air Force 1955-1961
DENNIS, Robert H. spouse of Helen E. Moser born 12-22-1913 died 4-2-2009age 95y Son of L. John & Jennie P. Barlow Dennis b. Alma NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 7-1-1938 in Olean NY 
DEPEW, Adelia Marsh Spouse of William Perry Born 11-16- 1876 Died 10-4-1938 b. Alma, NY- Dau. of James William & Henrietta Quick Marsh d.Wellsville, NY
DEWEY, Amy B. born 6-5-1889 died 1-3-1970
DIBBLE, Dorothy Yvonne spouse of Sonny Hall born 6-10-1939 died 11-20-2010age 71y  Dau. of Neil & Mary Dugan Cline b. Wellsville NY d. RochesterNY
DICK, James F. Jr. spouse of Cindy Osgood born 5-14-1950 died 2-22-2011age 60y  Son of James & Carol Cole Dick b. Cuba NY d. RochesterNY Wed 12-22-1973 in Portville NY 
DICKERSON, Earl G. Spouse of Gladys Perkins Born 1-31-1919 Died 2-15-2001Age 82 son of Charles & Lina Harrington m. Dec 31 1948
DICKERSON, Edith Spouse of Cash Died 11-18-1961 Age 62
DICKERSON, Gladys W. spouse of Earl born 8-15-1929 died 3-21-2008 Dau.of Louis & Kathryn Yeager Perkins b. Shinglehouse PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 12-31-1948 in Millport PA
DICKERSON, Katherine Ann "Kat" spouse of David born 6/17/1943 died 7/29/2014 age 71y Dau of Maurice & Sara Cleveland Stephens b. & d. Ooltewa TN
DICKERSON, Leola M. "Odie" spouse of Harley Edwin born 8-22-1919 died9-30-2010 age 91y Dau. of Seth C. & Lucy Hodge Hull  b. OleanNY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-16-1946 in Olean NY  U.S. Navy 1944-1946WW2 Harley died 11-5-1990 
DICKERSON, Matthew E. spouse of born 8/20/1980 died 11/22/2014 age 34y Son of Charles & Karen Jakley Dickerson b. Cuba d. Tonawanda NY
DICKERSON, Philip James Born 4/11/1976 Died 4/31/2001 Age 25y b. Coudersport,PA- son of Rodger & Priscilla Marye Dickerson
DICKERSON, Viola M. spouse of Emmitt F. born 5/9/1923 died 10/1/2012 age 89y Dau of Harrison B. & Blanche V. Tayor Lunn b. Custer City PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-3-1939 in Shinglehouse PA Emmitt died 1-14-1999
DILDINE, Adelbert E. Died 1939 Age 78 
DILLIE, Sandra 'Ma Dill' spouse of born 4-3-1935 died 1-23-2020 ageDau. of Ralph Eugene & Barbara York Lunn b. & d. Wellsville NYSandra worked in the School System starting as a Teacher's Aide up to andincluding Attendance Supervisor & Truant Officer --She also volunteeredin many many activities to better the community
DINGER, Diane Merrifield spouse of Richard E. "Dick" born 1937 died10-18-1996    Wed 8-22-1970
DINGER, Richard E. "Dick" spouse of Diane Merrifield born 3-12-1940died 1-21-2011 age   Son of Glenn & Odessa Baldwin Dingerb. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-22-1970 
DIXON, Charles David Spouse of Donna Born 12-13- 1941 Died 8-2- 2001Age 59 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Doyle & Clara LaForge Dixon m. Sept.14, 1963- US Army & Army Reserves from 1963-1969
DIXON, Colleen D. spouse of born 7/3/1950 died 6/1/2014 age 63y Dau. Of Donald & Arletta Hall Dixon b. & d. Wellsville NY
DIXON, Sandra A. Born 11-24-1947 Died 7-1-2003 Age 56 dau of Joseph& Anna Barlow Lewis Sr.
DODDS, Virginia H. Born 4/18/1915 Died 6/27/2000 
DODGE, Genevieve M. born 8-17-1914 died 1-9-1999 age 84 Dau. of Jacob& Fannie Young Cole
DODGE, Helen L. spouse of Alfred C. born 2-26-1925 died 9-10-2008 age83y Dau. of Clarence & Effie Johnson Bliven b. Willing NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 7-14-1941 in Allentown NY During WW2 Helen was a plane spotter forthe Civil Air Patrol
DONOVAN, Robert E. "Taters" spouse of Floy Miller born 10/7/1938 died 9/6/2014 age 75y Son of Francis & Ella Vogel Donovan b. Wellsville NY d. Sayre PA U.S. army 1962-1964
DOWNER, Grace E. Spouse of Charles W. Born 8-1- 1905 Died 1-6- 2001Age 95y Dau. of Robert & Nellie Lord Hooper b. Phelps, NY- m. June23, 1934
DRAKE, Jeannette Sturtevant Spouse of Paul E. Born 4/5/1904 Died 3/25/2001Age 96y b. Maple Ave., Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Carroll A. & BerniceFurman Sturtevant m. June 26, 1926 
DRAKE, Paul E. Spouse of Jeannette Died 3-17- 1979 m. June 26, 1926
DRESSIG, John L. spouse of Regina Buttaccio born 6-21-1947 died 10-31-2011age 64y  Son of Eugene & Evelyn Morrison Dressig b. Newark NJd. Wellsville NY Wed 10-21-1995 Corporal U.S. Marine Corps 1967-1971
DUELL, Ella M. spouse of Vivian "Viv" born 4-1-1928 died 2-27-2011age 82y  Dau. of Alex & Grace Rockwell Bessette b. Rexville d.Wellsville NY Wed 4-25-1945 in Wellsville NY 
DUELL, Vivian L. "Viv" spouse of Ella Bessette born 5-22-1925 died1-2-2005 age Dau. of Mark & Lillian Hunt Duell b. Unknown d. WellsvilleNY Wed in 1945 U.S. Navy 1943-1945 WW2
DUFFEE, Christine L. Born 4/30/1950 Died 1-8- 2000 Dau. of DeWitt G.& Ida Heist Duffee
DUFFY, Ida G. Spouse of Dewitt "Dewey" G. Born 06-25-1911 Died 04-22-2003Age 91y born in Dagus Mines, PA to John & Anna Shuttleworth Heist.res. of Wellsville, NY
DUFRIN, Ruth V. Spouse of Jack W. Born 6-26- 1928 Died 12-1- 2001 Age73 b. Foster, OH- Dau. of Harry & Clara Blankenship Vaske m. May 27,1972
DUKE, Celia E. spouse of Douglas E. born 7-19-1921 died 12-30-2009age 88y Dau. of Louis & Jennie Presutti Jordan b. Belmont NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 5-2-1944 in St. Louis MO
DUKE, Douglas E. spouse of Celia Jordan born 12-25-1921 died 12-8-2008Son of Laurence & Ethel Myers Duke b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-2-1944in Wellsville NY U.S. Army 276 Infantry "Trail Blazers" Regiment - alsoBattle of the Bulge 
DUKE, Elsie May spouse of Robert G. born 3-8-1915 died 4-30-2004 age89y Dau. of Charles & Mary Hayes b. Bristol, England Wed: 7-26-1947 
DUKE, Philip H. spouse of Virginia (Gennie) Geuder born 1921 died 9/28/2013 age 92y Son of Harold & Ruth Duke b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1944 U.S. Air Force WW2 served as Tail-gunner on a B-17 - Multiple Military Ribbons - Phil had a strong reputation for love of country and community
DUKE, Robert G. spouse of Elsie May Hayes born 11-19-1921 died 11-8-1985Sgt. U. S. Army WW2
DUNHAM, George E. Born 3-9- 1922 Died 4/12/2000 
DUTTON, Edwin F. Sr Spouse of Hazel T. Main Born 3/29/1892 Died 12/1/1878Age 86 Son of Mr & Mrs. Matthew Dutton wed Sept. 22, 1939
DWYER, Onalee "Dotie" spouse of Donald born 11-3-1918 died 11-27-2009age 91y Dau. of Harry B. & May F. Sherwood Sloan b. & d. WellsvilleNY Dotie owned & operated Funcrest Skating Rink for 30 years
DYE, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Mason T. Born 6-18- 1914 Died 11-10- 2000Dau. of Earl C. & Catherine Riley Fuller wed April 20, 1946
DYE, June Spouse of Russell B. Born 12-26- 1915 Died 7-5- 1998 Dauof Charles & Clara Schmittel Roehler b. Hammond, IN
DYE, Russell B. Spouse of June Born 8-24- 1911 Died 3-7- 1995 Son ofTanner & Edith Bishop Dye; b. Dunkirk, NY; Wed 10/09/1937 
EAMES, John W. ["Jack"] Spouse of Pauline POTTER Born 12-05-1923 Died4-02-2003 Age 79y Son of Walter R. & Celica (Wilson) Eames, "Jack",b. Westfield-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-16-1958 in Wellsville-NY, vet-WWIIUS Army
EBELING, Necia Kay Born 1-31- 1942 Died 3-10- 2002 Age 60 b. Wellsville,NY- Dau. of Frederick "Ted" & Elizabeth "Min" Lampe Ebeling
EDWARDS, Joan L. Spouse of Richard "Dick" Born 1-7-1930 Died 11-20-2002Age 72 dau of Walter & Margaret Keller Wittman m. Nov. 8 1952
ELDRIDGE, Christopher Dale spouse of Renee S. Slack born 6/4/1969 died 12/16/2012 age 43y Son of Dale & Joyce Perry Eldridge b. Hornell NY d. Scio NY Wed 2-11-1994 "Chief 2" Eldridge was proud to have been affiliated with Allegany County Emergency Services for over 30 years
ELDRIDGE, Ethel Irene Spouse of Ward Preston Born 3/2/1913 Died 3/12/1986Dau. of DeForrest & Bertha Hunt Burdge wed April 27, 1935
ELLIOTT, Erma L. Born 5-30- 1916 Died 6-27- 2000 
ELLIS, G. Edward spouse of Virginia D. Davis born 9-4-1910 died 3-1-1995age 84 Son of Levi & Emily Cunningham Ellis Wed: 2-23-1938 in AlfredStation, N.Y. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
ELLIS, Virginia D. spouse of G. Edward born 9-14-1913 died 1-8-2004age 90 Dau. of Leon "Pat" & Nina Ells Davis Wed: 2-23-1938 in AlfredStation, N.Y. 
ENGELDER, Katherine K. spouse of Philip Otto born 3-5-1922 died 1-31-2010age 87y Dau. of Seth & Ruth Marlett Kampel b. Hannibal d. Houston TXWed 7-22-1943 
ENGLISH, Daniel P. spouse of Carol Schrader born 2/21/1937 died 12/7/2013 age 76y Son of M/M Vincent English b. Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY Wed 1966 U.S. Army Reserve Rank of Specialist
ERHARDT, Joseph S. Spouse of Mary E Born 7-13-1922 Died 12-4-2003 Age81 son of Joseph & Adeline Gasparek Erhardt
ERHARDT, Mary EIeanore Wormley Spouse of Joseph S. Died 12-23-2000m. 1956
ERWIN, Myrtle E. Spouse of Robert Born 9-16- 1909 Died 1-8- 2002 Age92y b. New York City, NY- Dau. of Frank & Jessie Witter Phillips m.Aug. 24, 1932 
ERWIN, Robert Spouse of Myrtle E. Died 1-3- 1984 
EYMER, Doris Rahr spouse of Lyle A. born 1933 died 2/22/1982 age
EYMER, Lyle A. spouse of Doris Rahr born 3/6/1929 died 10/23/2012 age 83y Son of Lewis & Maggie Rossman Eymer b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-6-1952 Served his Country in the U.S. Air Force and the Merchant Marines
FABER, James R. Sr. Born 12-24- 1940 Died 2002 Age 60 b. Wellsville,NY- Son of Charles & Marguerite Cornwell Faber
FABER, Marguerite L. Born 5-7-1909 Died 12-11-2004 Age 95y Dau. ofRufus & Pearl Stearns Cornwell b. South Dayton, N.Y. 
FANTON, Carl E. Jr. born 12-5-1985 died 9-1-2002 age 16y Son of CarlE. & Kim Wright Fanton Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Town of Amity NY (Injuriessustained in Auto Accident)
FANTON, Ernestine L. Spouse of Melvin E Born 2-18-1916 Died 2-7-2003Age 86 daughter of Charles and Maude Halladay Vaughn
FANTON, Marian J. Wells Spouse of Raymond C Born 12-13- 1909 Died 3-23-2001 d/oClark R. & Josephine Munkey Wells burried in Bell's Run.
FANTON, Mary Lou spouse of Gene born 9/3/1935 died 10/20/2013 age 78y Dau of Eugene & Catherine Millburn Horn b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-16-1954 in Wellsville NY
FANTON, Melvin E Spouse of Ernestine L. Died 1-5-1995 wed July 15,1933 in Wellsville, NY
FANTON, Michael S. Born 5-16-2003 Died 6-24-2003 Age infant son ofJames M. Fanton Jr. & Theresa Dailey Fanton
FANTON, Raymond C. Spouse of Marian W Born 4-18- 1908 Died 10-29- 1989s/oChester & Lottie Matthew Fanton both burried in Arkport NY
FANTON, William C. Born 11-1- 1957 Died 7-27-1974 Age 16y Son of GeneR.& Mary Lou Horn Fanton-Grandson of Raymond C.& Marian Wells Fanton;Eugene & Catherine Horn 
FAY, Allen Raymond Spouse of Eva Jane Dexter Born 12-9- 1889 Died 11-19-1922 s/o John & Harriet Lucinda Strayer, m. 26 Mar 1913
FAY, Eva Jean Spouse of Allen Raymond Born 6 Dec 1888 Died 2/25/1986d/o Norman C. & Carrie Alberta Hurlburt
FAY, Flora Spouse of Willard Smith & Charles Fay Born 8-8- 1860Died 10-11- 1921 Dau. of Henry C. & Addie Green Coleman
FAY, John Spouse of Hattie Born 3-5- 1850 Died 8-28- 1944 Son of Patrick& Ann Kelly Fay
FAY, Margaret W. Spouse of Howard (Dow) Born 12-13- 1900 Died 8-29-1982 Dau. of Merritt & Eva Pendleton White
FELLER, June E. Spouse of Carl F. Born 6-16- 1933 Died 5-27- 1998 daughterof Arnold & Marion West Mogg
FELLER, Richard H. "Dick" spouse of Lois Cox born 7/13/1930 died 10/13/2014 age 70y Son of Harold M. & Myra Reynolds Feller b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-24-1954 in Oakland NY U.S. Army Korean War
FELSEN, Irwin Dr. Spouse of Nellie Shaffer/ Marlene Hardman Born 9-6-1907 Died 1-2- 1997 son of Leon & Ester Felse
FERGUSON, Calvin "Cal" spouse of Louise Miller born 2/4/1925 died 10/22/2009 age Son of Earl & Hazel Grubb Ferguson b. Flemington PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 6-22-1946 in Flemington PA U.S. Army
FERGUSON, Louise M. spouse of Calvin "Cal" born 6/2/1926 died 10/9/2014 age 89y b. Lock Haven PA d. Rochester NY Wed 6-22-1946 in Flemington PA
FIELD, Kenneth Adelbert spouse of Lenora Dillingham born 9/27/1918died 1/25/2012 age 93y  Son of Arthur A. & Lucy Beck Field b.Bangor ME d. York ME Wed 68 years - Graduated from University of Mainewith a degree in Mechanical Engineering & received a Master's Degreewith a Major in Physics - While living in Welllsville NY he was fully engagedin community affairs - Spend many years researching family genealogy &was a Mayflower descendant 
FIELD, Lenora D. spouse of Kenneth A. Sr. born 1/22/1921 died 2/16/2011 age 90y Dau of Harold & Louvie Bartlett Dillingham b. Newburgh ME d. York ME Married 68 years
FINN, Roberta M. spouse of William born 8/7/1923 died 2/19/2014 age 90y Dau of James L. & Hazel Martin Goodspeed b. & d. Wellsville NY
FITCH, Priscilla M. spouse of Richard M. born 11-29-1952 died 4-12-2009age 56y Dau. of Paul & Bertha Baker Marye b. Wellsville NY d. HornellNY Wed 8-19-2001 in Wellsville NY 
FITCH, Richard G. born 5-30-1924 died 6-7-2009 age 85y Son of Guy &Kate Woodard Fitch b. Bolivar NY d. Olean NY U.S. Army European TheaterWW2
FLEEGER, Ann L. born 6-30-1936 died 2-9-2007 age 70 Dau. of Charles& Marjorie Allen Engleder b. Wellsville NY d. Gowanda NY 
FLEISCHMAN, Lois H. Spouse of Richard FLEISCHMAN Born 4-12-1926 Died6-17-2004 Age 78y Dau of Lloyd & Edna (Griggs) Hanchett, b. Wellsville-NY,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-21-1946 in Wellsville-NY
FLEISCHMAN, Richard C. Born 9-1- 1924 Died 1-4- 1990 son of Carl &Marie Kruger Fleischman 9/21/1946 he married Lois Hanchett who survives
FLURSCHUTZ, Flossie N. Spouse of Glenn E Born 6-13- 1897 Died 12-3-1999 Dau. of Eugene & Emma Matteson Langdon
FORD, Daniel Spouse of Irene B Barnes Died 3-29- 1969 wed 1946
FORD, Irene B. Spouse of Daniel Ford Born 10-25- 1912 Died 2-17- 2001daughter of Fred & Martha Meyn Barnes
FORD, Leona M. Spouse of M Keith Born 1909 Died 1995 
FORD, M Keith Spouse of Leona M. Born 1908 Died 1971 
FORNESS, Patrick L. spouse of Kimberly A. Brown born 8-17-1965 died9-3-2005 
FOSTER, Beatrice M Born 9-23- 1908 Died 10-19 1986 daughter of Lubin& Bertha Jones Foster
FOSTER, Ethel Stout Spouse of Donald C. Stout/ Wm. Foster Born 1-26-1912 Died 6-16- 1996 daughter of M/M Izac Patterson wed D.C. Stout 12/31/1931wed W. Foster 8/8/1981
FOSTER, Glenn H. Sr. spouse of Marilyn D. Horn born 1-29-1932 died1-11-2008 age 75 Son of Glenn H. & Margaret E. Knox Foster Sr. b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-24-1953 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army in AschenburgGermany 1952-1954 
FOSTER, Stephen E. Jr. spouse of Pamela Burdick born 5-9-1980 died12-18-2008 age 28y Son of Stephen E. & Cathy Painter Foster Sr. b.Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 8-27-2007 in Wellsville NY 
FOUSSAT, Thelma Marie spouse of Burnell born 3/7/1929 died 5/31/2014 age 85y Dau of George E. & Myrtle M. Stearns Marvin b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-26-1982 Burnell died 7-2-1999
FRANK, John R. "Jack" spouse of Lucille Jones born 2/19/1906 died 8/27/1985 age 79y Son of Charles & Adora Rumpff Frank b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-24-1939 in Wellsville NY
FRANK, Lucille J. spouse of John R. "Jack" born 6/15/1916 died 9/14/2012 age 96y Dau of Dr. Olin & Anita Higbie Jones b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-24-1939 in Wellsville NY
FRASER, Debra Spouse of Michael Died 3-17-2005 Dau. of Dave & DonnaMunro 
FREEMAN, Ralph H. Born 6-23-1923 Died 4-23-2003 Age 79y Son of Herbert& Ruby (Amesbury) Freeman, b. Angelica-NY, d. Wellsville-NY
FRUNGILLO, Carl A. Spouse of Nancy Joyce Anderson Born 11-2- 1925 Died3-5- 2002 Age 76 b. Wellsville, NY s/oLouis & Rose MAry Post FrungilloUS Navy WW II gunner's mate aboard USS Alaska
FRUNGILLO, Nancy Joyce Died 6-10- 1965 wed 1948
FULLAM, Rex S. Jr. "Buddy" spouse of Irene born 2-2-1920 died 5-31-2004age 84y Son of Rex A . & Mary Tewksburg Fullam b. Montpelier, Vt. U.S.Army WW2 Bronze Star for bravery 
FULLAM, Robert A. Born 2-25-1957 Died 8-5-2003 Age 46 son of Rex &H. Irene Ennis Fullam Jr. US Army
FULLER, Bernice Anne spouse of Carl Lee born 9-25-1930 died 6-29-2009age 78y Dau. of Percy J. & Winifred Crum Gavitt b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 9-17-1947 in Austin PA celebrating 62 years of Marriage
FULLER, Matthew R. spouse of born 9/7/1998 died 4/8/2012 age 13y Son of James & Laurie Polmanteer Fuller b.& d. Wellsville NY
FULMER, James V. Spouse of Elaine Abercrombie Born 1-16-1926 Died 9-21-2003son of Oliver & Helen Harder Tomlinson US Navy Seabees WW II &Korean War m. Oct 15 1949 
GALLMAN, Agnes M. Born 10-18 1907 Died 5-5- 1988 daughter of JacobJ. & Anna Braunschweiger Gallman Single
GALLMAN, Arthur J. Born 10-18- 1907 Died 9-5- 1994 son of Jacob J.& Anna Braunschweiger Gallman Single
GALLMAN, Helen B. Spouse of Otto Gallman Born 11-2- 1895 Died 12-23-1984daughter of Adolph H. & Ceilia Houser Bethe b. in Wellsville, NY
GARDNER, Brian Curtis spouse of Paula Button born 11-12-1959 died 8-30-2008age 48y Son of Robert & Marie Smith Gardner b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-30-1984 in Wellsville NY
GARDNER, Kenneth R. "Kenny"   born 10-31-1928 died 5-29-2010age  Son of Harry & Lulu P. Kohler Gardner b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
GARDNER, Robert G. Born 4-25-1921 Died 2-16-2005 Age 83y Son of James& Marie Myers Gardner. U.S. Army 253rd Combat Engineers Battalion,Co. C. European Theater WW2 Wellsville Mayor for 29 years. Wife #2 NormaGeoppner
GATH, Ellis H. Spouse of Helen Marie Shear Born 7/24/1917 Died 1/28/2003Age 85 born in Middlebury "to McKinley & Nellie McKenzie Gath. WW IIUS Army
GATH, Helen Marie spouse of Ellis H. born 7-16-1920 died 2-10-2008age 87y Dau. of Christian Frank & Minnie Phillips Shear b. & d.Wellsville NY Wed 5-16-1939 in Wellsville NY 
GAUS, Bernard Norman spouse of Sandra L. Price born 12-20-1939 died6-4-2011 age 71y  Son of Norman & Donna Kingsley Gaus b. Townof Hume NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-13-1964 in Batavia NY U.S. Army 1956-1959 
GAUS, Sandra L. Price Spouse of Bernard N. Born 3/23/1945 Died 5/30/2002Age 57 Dau. of Myron & Lillian Eck Price wed June 13, 1964
GAVITT, Percy J. Born 5-10- 1904 Died 5-29- 1993 son of Enos &Hattie Brown Gavitt b. in the Town of Ward
GEER, Virginia M. Spouse of Paul H. GEER Born 8-21-1910 Died 7-31-2004Age 93y Dau of John Albert & Virginia Isabella (Davis) McEachern, b.Cleveland-OH, d. Allegany-NY, Wed 11-25-1936 in Ellicottville-NY
GEFFERS, Alice M. born 5-14-1938 died 12-30-2008 age 70y Dau. of ClaudeS. & Beth O. MacBride Lacy b. Hornell NY d. Bath NY Wed 6-30-1956 
GEFFERS, Dale C. Spouse of Alice Lacy Born 4-4-1938 Died 2-16-2005Age 66y Son of Theodore & Ruth Brandes Geffers Wed: 6-30-1956 
GEFFERS, Donna M. spouse of Edward "Forey" Forrest born 9-30-1936 died10-24-2008 age 72y Dau. of Ward P. & Ethel I. Burdge Eldridge b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-2-1985 in Wellsville NY
GEFFERS, Ruth H. born Unknown died 3-3-2009 Dau. of William B. &Edith A . Dustin Houser
GENSAMER, June E. spouse of Richard L. born 7-3-1922 died 3-12-2011age 88y  Dau. of Lloyd & Margaret Link Swarthout b. AllentownNY d. Rochester NY Wed 3-21-1947 in Wellsville NY Richard died 2-19-1959
GEOPPNER, Norma Jean spouse of William John born 7/28/1926 died 10/6/2013 age 87y Dau of John A. & Isabel J. Guthrie Geiss b. Youngstown OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-2-1949 in Wellsville NY Husband #2 Robert G. Gardner on 10-18-2000
GEOPPNER, William J. Jr. Spouse of Norma Jean Geiss Born 3-26- 1925Died 1-4- 1999 son of William J. & Florence McElligout Geoppner Sr.b. in Dunkirk, NY
GIANAS, Annette K. "Yia-Yia" spouse of John P. born 6/11/1932 died 1/1/2013 age Dau of Kostantinos "Gus" & Sophia Cretekos b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Wed 2-20-1955 in Sykea Greece John died 7-23-2008
GIBSON, Arlene H. Spouse of Fred D. Born 9-20- 1919 Died 2-24- 1993daughter of Myron & Pearl Sherwood Hurd b. in Wellsville, NY wed Sept.3, 1943
GIBSON, Frederick D. spouse of Arlene Hurd born 3-19-1914 died 7-21-1997b. Caledonia, N.Y. Wed: 10-3-1943 
GIDDINGS, Joshua G. born 9-6-1984 died 9-28-2007 age 23y Son of Gary& Beth Richmond Giddings b. & d. Wellsville NY Automobile Accident
GIDDINGS, Laurie Ann born 9-30-1980 died 1-18-2005 Age 18y Dau. ofJohn & Debra Rambuski Giddings - Stepfather Bradley Thompson 
GILMAN, James W. Spouse of Luella Milliman Born 4-2- 1914 Died 4-24-1990 son of John & Nellie Strong Gilman wed Oct. 8, 1932
GILMAN, Louella G. spouse of James W. born 9-10-1914 died 11-20-1990age 76y Dau. of George & Catherine Cook Milliman b. Ossian Wed: 10-8-1932in Dansville, N.Y. 
GILMAN, Otto Spouse of Helen B Berthe Died 3-1964 
GLEASON, Burdette A. "Buck" Spouse of Mary A. Kalhof Born 3-8-1917Died 4-3-2005 Age 88y Son of Clarence Eugene & Lillian Vanderhoff Gleason.Wed: 9-11-1937 in Bolivar Veteran U.S. Army WW2
GLEASON, Mary A. Spouse of Burdette A. "Buck" Born 1916 Died 1995 
GLEASON, Patricia "Pat" spouse of Daniel born 3/8/1943 died 4/13/2012 age Dau of Howard & Althea Dyson Piper b. Philadelphia PA d. Crossville TN Wed 9-6-1962 in Olean NY
GOETSCHIUS, Elaine spouse of George K. born 12/24/1930 died 7/30/2009 age Dau of Guy & Margaret Forsythe Coats b. Whitesville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-21-1950 in Wellsville NY
GOOD, Ronald J. spouse of Jane Kaye Thomas born 9-9-1938 died 1-7-2010age 71y Son of Edwin & Dorothy Twigg Good b. Lebanon PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-30-1966 in Wellsville NY 
GORDON, Luella spouse of William Henry born 5-18-1908 died 1-1-2007age 98y Dau. of Roland & Martha Marsh Ketchner b.& d. WellsvilleNY Wed 11-2-1929 Husband #2 Clyde Depew 
GORDON, Ronald L. Spouse of Vicki Frank Born 12-1-1942 Died 9-20-2003son of Andrew & Imogene Gordon
GORHAM, Charles E. spouse of Marsinah Pierce born 9-28-1914 died 3-8-2008b. Narberth PA d. Sun City FL Raised & educated in Brazil Wed 1939 
GORHAM, Marsinah P. Spouse of Charles E Died 2-23- 1999 daughter ofNorman B. & Ida Vollett Pierce of Weston, Michigan
GOSTLEY, Catherine E Spouse of Lawrence E . Born 12/2/1911 Died 4/6/1997b. Wellsboro Pa. daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Button Fisher
GOSTLEY, Lawrence E Spouse of Catherine E Died 3/21/1960 wed March1929
GOULD, Mary Ellen  spouse of C. Raymond  born 11-30-1919died 4-24-2011 age 91y  Dau. of Henry & Mildred Rushmore Reuningb. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-1943 Wed Husband #2 Regal J. Perry in October1971 who died in 1999 
GOWDY, Bertha H. Spouse of Clayton R.C. Born 6-23- 1876 Died 11-7-1963 b. Orleans- Dau. of Hirman & Emily Hall Brown 1902
GOWDY, Clayton R.C. Spouse of Bertha H. Died 1939 m. 1902 
GRAMES, Ethel R. spouse of Lloyd D. born 10/21/1918 died 2/26/2014 age 95y Dau of John S. & Anne Shuttleworth Heist b. Dagus Mines PA d. Jamestown NY Wed 12-12-1942 in Wellsville NY 71 Years of Marriage
GRAMES, Lloyd D. spouse of Ethel R. Heist born 6/12/1919 died 12/18/2013 age 94y Son of Lawrence R. & Beulah Beckwith Grames Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Ashville NY Wed 12-12-1942 in Wellsville NY 71 Years of Marriage U.S. Army WW2 as a Sergeant in the 19th Infantry Regiment - Awarded Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Achievement among many other awards
GRASTORF, C. William Spouse of Marie Cornwell Born 4/26/1906 Died 1/31/2003Age 96y born in Wellsville to John & Elizabeth Gregory Grastorf
GRAVES, Milton A. "Musty" Spouse of Irene H. Marsh Born 8-31-1916 Died2-23-2005 Age 88y Son of Cecil B. & Alma Roeske Graves Wed: 12-31-1937Wife #2 Thelma Kear Duke on 12-17-1977
GREEN, Arnold K. Spouse of Dorothy Born 5-29- 1921 Died 1-19- 1994Age 72 b. Duke Center, PA- Sonof Chester D. & Hazel Bump Green m. May17, 1941- Us Navy Seabees WW II
GREEN, Dorothy A. Spouse of Arnold K. Born 10-1- 1923 Died 11-30- 1999Dau. of Kenneth A. & Bertha Sandberg Johnson
GREEN, Francis H. Spouse of Meredith R. Died 6-9-2000 m. Mar.14 1949in Batavia NY
GREEN, Francis H. Spouse of Meredith R. Perry Born 11/19/1925 Died6/9/2000 
GREEN, Jennie R. Rice Spouse of Guy Born 2/3/1883 Died 11/25/1962 Age79 Dau. of Fred & Clara Kendall Rice 
GREEN, Meredith R. Spouse of Francis H. Born 8-15-930 Died 8-17-2002Age 72 dau of Clinton A. & Edith Grace Allen Perry Sr.
GREEN, Starkey M. spouse of Wilma Pinchin born 2/19/1902 died 4/16/1966 age Son of Wallace & Louise Sanford Green b. Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY Wed 1962
GREEN, Starkey Mortimer Spouse of Florence C. DePalma, Wilna PinchenKrusen Born 2/191902 Died 4/24/1966 Age 64 b. Buffalo, NY- Son of WallaceCornell & Louise Sanford Green 
GREEN, Thelma G. spouse of Wade M. born 2-20-1931 died 1-8-1997 age66 Dau. of Earl & Icy Crawford Perry b. Andover, N.Y. Wed: 1-8-1949
GREEN, Wade M. Spouse of Thelma PERRY Born 7-06-1930 Died 6-17-2004Age 73y Son of Chester & Hazel (Bump) Green, b. Greenwood-NY, d. Wellsville-NY,Wed 1-08-1949
GREENAN, Donald J. Spouse of Katherine Born 4-30- 1930 Died 5-31- 2000 
GREENE, Genevieve spouse of Robert born 1-23-1926 died 12-6-2008 age82y Dau. of Frank & Frances Barnes Cole b. Greenwood NY d. Winston-SalemNC Wed 9-1-1984 Wed Husband #1 Milo Moland on 10-11-1947 who died 6-16-1974
GREENE, Richard "Dick" spouse of Nancy Heysham born 6/18/1947 died 2/28/2014 age 66y Son of Edith Greene b. Buffalo NY d. Galeton PA U.S. Air Force 1966-1970
GROSSMAN, Robert P. spouse of Barbara Black born 1/14/1934 died 3/12/2004 age 70y Son of Clarence & Dorothy Harms Grossman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-20-2002 in Wellsville NY U.S. Air Force
GROVES, Robin M. born 2-11-1964 died 10-20-2004 
GUINNIP, Dorothy M. "Dot" or "Duffy" spouse of Rufus M. Jr. born 7-29-1928died 6-2-2009 age 80y Dau. of Clarence & Erie Post b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
GUSTAFSON, Carl O. Spouse of Janice Wilcox Born 8/2/1923 Died 10/18/1991son of C. Oscar & Mary Johnson Gustafson wed 4/8/1949
HALL, Donald F. Sr. spouse of Dorothy Rarick born 10-25-1928 died 10-21-2010age 81y  Son of Floyd & Ruth Cornelius Hall b. Town of Ward NYd. Bath NY Wed 5-19-1948 in Genesee PA U.S. Army 
HALSEY, Francis L. "Buck" spouse of Susie Horton born 2-13-1929 died10-27-2009 age 80y Son of Burt & Vivian Carson Halsey b. Unknown d.Wellsville NY Wed 3-18-1950 
HAMLIN, Donald H. Spouse of Maxine Born 9-15- 1921 Died 12-25- 1999Son of Sloat & Esther Walden Hamlin
HAMLIN, Edgar C. spouse of Francelia Babcock born 1/24/1925 died 10/8/2014 age 89y Son of Sloat T. & Esther Walden Hamlin b. Canton OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-1947
HAMLIN, Ethel "Maxine" spouse of Donald born 5/27/1927 died 5/22/2013 age Dau of Riley & Sarah Miller b. Harrison Valley PA d. Wilmington NY Wed 3-7-1947 Donald died 12-25-1999
HANCHETT, Doris R. spouse of Alan J. born 3-13-1928 died 2-15-2007age 78 Dau. of Milton E. & Katherine Kamerzink Wheat b. Memphis TENNd. Shongo NY Wed 11-13-1953 
HANCHETT, Rhea Marsh Spouse of Clarence Born 12-5- 1901 Died 2-12-1990 b. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Delos Leland & Mary Estella Mix Marshd. NY 
HANCOCK, Jack Spouse of Marjorie C Born 3/10/1904 Died 8/7/1994 inb. Portsmouth England son of Thomas & Mary Turner Hancock British Army/National Guard US
HANCOCK, Marjorie Crawford Spouse of Jack Born 2/3/1902 Died 10/27/1993b. in Dundalk Ontario Canada daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Crawfordm. 5/10/1932
HAND, James Guilford spouse of Joan E. Marsh born 7-1-1923 died 2-21-2007age 83 Son of Leon & Lucy Deyo Hand b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S.Army Combat Engineers WW2 awarded four battle stars
HAND, Mark James spouse of born 1953 died 5/2/2014 age 61y Son of James G. & Marjorie Hand b. Wellsville NY d. Phoenix AZ
HAND, Robert E Born 6/4/1922 Died 5/28/1998 s/oLeon G. & Lucy EleanorDeYoe Hand European Theater of Operations with US Army Air Corps 599thSquadron 397 Bomb Group of the 9th Air Force. WW II
HANN, Louise A. Spouse of William Born 5-12-1888 Died 11-5-1962 dauof Emil and Paul Bruderline 1st m. Irving Lehman
HARDER Lyle R. Spouse of Jeannette Geoppner Leney Born 1-20-1917 Died1-8-2003 Age 85 son of Bert L. and Hazel Myers Harder U.S. Army TranspCorps European Theater of Operation from 1943 to 1946 and earned four BattleStars
HARDER, Francis "Pete" Spouse of Irene D Died 1984 
HARDER, Hobart J. Spouse of Virginia Pottere/Jane E. Stein Born 9-29-1917 Died 8-19- 1999 Age 81 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Elton C. & LottaLee Harder- m. 1. 1941 2. 1971
HARDER, Irene D Spouse of Francis "Pete" Born 9/13/1904 Died 1/21/1997b.Borie Pa. daughter of Charles E. & Clara Smith Rennells
HARDER, Virginia Marion Spouse of Hobart J. HARDER Born 1-13-1918 Died4-15-1971 Dau of Louis Frederick & Margaret Louise (Stevens) Potter,Wife #1, b. Scio-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-21-1940 in Scio-NY
HARKENRIDER, Karen R. spouse of David born 1-12-1950 died 5-7-2009age 58y Dau. of Richard & Velma Gleason Neely b. Wellsville NY d. RochesterNY Wed 7-16-1995 in Wellsville NY
HARMS, Doris M. spouse of Wilfred born 6-14-1916 died 8-22-2004 age88y Dau. of Edward & Florence Black Carlin Wed: 4-20-1940
HARMS, Wilfred spouse of Doris M. died 3-6-1980 Wed: 4-20-1940
HARRELL, Anita S. spouse of Monroe born 10-28-1912 died 6-23-2004 age91y Dau. of Otto & Adelaide Heineke Roeske Wed: 10-26-1943 in California
HARRELL, Anita S. Spouse of Monroe HARRELL Born 10-28-1912 Died 6-23-2004Age 91y Dau of Otto & Adelaide (Heineke) Roeske, b. Wellsville-NY,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 10-26-1943 in CA
HARRELL, Monroe spouse of Anita S. died 6-24-1979 Wed: 10-26-1943 inCalifornia 
HASARD, Raymond C. spouse of Ruth Hansen born 7-21-1925 died 4-9-2007age 81 Son of Merton & Florence Reynolds Hasard b. Richburg NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 1952 in Brooklyn NY U.S. Navy also U.S. Army Korean Conflict 
HASARD, Ruth H. spouse of Raymond C. Born 10-18-1925 Died 2-7-2005Age 79y Dau. of Ingvald & Aleida Nillsen Hansen b. Brooklyn, N.Y. Wed:1952 
HASKINS, Allen Spouse of Florence Tucker Died 3-28-1931 Age 73 sonof the Mr and Mrs Eli Haskins. m. 12-12-1900 fell from a scaffold to thebarn floor
HASKINS, Florence Tucker Spouse of Allen 
HASKINS, Victoria D Spouse of Bayard T. Born 7/26/1893 Died 8/5/1985daughter of William & Carrie Black Duke Sr.
HAUSELT, J. Donald spouse of Maureen Whelan born died 1-1-1997 Sonof Frederick & Mary McDonald Hauselt b. Wellsville NY d. CanandaiguaNY Wed 9-12-1943 in Brooklyn NY Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy WW2 - AnAttorney in Wellsville NY for over 50 years 
HAUSELT, Maureen W. spouse of J. Donald born 1922 died 11-4-2008 age86y Dau. of Dennis Joseph & Nora Dorgan Whelan b. Gateshead-Upon-TyneEngland d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-12-1943 in Brooklyn NY
HAUSER, Berwyn J. born 10-11-1928 died 9-21-2010 age 81y Son of CarlFrederick & Edna Waterman Hauser b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY U.S. Air Force Military Policeman Officer Korean Conflict 
HAUSER, Harold C. Spouse of Louise Cudebec Born 4/18/1911 Died 12/22/1993son of John J. & Grace Gallman Hauser m.Aug. 17, 1940
HAUSER, Louise C. spouse of Harold C. born 12-9-1913 died 8-24-2007Dau. of Roy J. & Cora Stone Cudebec b. Nunda NY d. Wellsville NY Wed8-17-1940 in Nunda NY 
HAWLEY, Jean M. spouse of Wilber born 2-5-1928 died 7-28-2004 age 76yDau. of Frederick & Edith Smith Graves Wed: 8-27-1953
HAWLEY, Myra G. Spouse of Richard A Born 3/31/1903 Died 1/24/1997 daughterof Jacob J. & Anna Braunschweiger Gallman
HAWLEY, Richard A. Spouse of Myra G Died 3/25/1973 wed June, 28, 1928
HAWLEY, Wilber spouse of Jean M. Graves born 1922 died 12-13-1998 Wed:8-27-1953
HEALY, G. Dwight Spouse of Jeannine Born 7-19- 1925 Died 3-25- 1996Age 70 Son of George K. & Lottie M. Jackson Healy Wed Nov. 1950; Vet-WWIIUS Navy 1943-46 then Air Force pilot 1947-50 (Lt.)
HELD, Elias Spouse of Louise Died 1968 
HELD, Louise Spouse of Elias Born 7-26- 1901 Died 3-14- 1988 Age 86Dau of Balthasar & Louisa Collmer Braunschweiger b. Tuningen, Germany
HELMER, Gilbert W. Spouse of C. June Born 5-16- 1928 Died 10-8- 1999Age 71 Son of Fred H. & Mable Debara Scott Helmer b. Port AlleganyPA; Vet US Army 520 Quartermaster Corps Ft. Bragg NC & Germany
HELMHOLD, Valda A. Spouse of Vincent J. Born 6-15- 1914 Died 12-29-2001 Age 87 b. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Milo & Mable Simmons Shwewoodm. June 28, 1933
HELMHOLD, Vincent J. Spouse of Valda A. Born 8-29-1912 Died 12-2-2003son of August & Martha Sekoll Helmhold owned Heemhold Drilling in PS& NY
HENKEL, Grace M. Spouse of Vance H. Born 10-10- 1911 Died 1-11- 2000Dau.of William & Sarah Sarver Smith
HENKEL, Vance H. spouse of Grace M. Smith born 10-29-1905 died 4-22-2008age 102y Son of Frank & Margarita Beyers Henkel b. Pennsylvania d.Riverdale GA Wed 5-9-1928 in Wallsburg W VA Married 72 years
HEPKER, Francis Spouse of Marguerite A. Died 1978 
HEPKER, Marguerite A. Spouse of Francis HEPKER Born 11-24-1915 Died3-29-2003 Age 87y Dau of Mark Otto & Marie (Meyer) Neu, Nurse, b. Alma-NY,d. Cuba-NY, Vet-WWII WAC
HERMAN, Betty May spouse of born 5/28/1929 died 9/2/2012 age Dau of William & Myrtle Irene Garvey Sr. b. Rochester NY d. Fort Lauderdale FL
HERMAN, Natalie E. Spouse of James L. Born 7-28- 1935 Died 11-16- 2001Age 66 b. Olean, NY- Dau. of Francis & Alta Green Tucker m. Nov. 7,1956
HEYSHAM, Doris T. spouse of Harold W. born 10-27-1919 died 11-6-2008age 89y Dau. of Leon & Edna McKee Stillman b. Buffalo NY d. BrockportNY Wed 6-7-1942 in Friendship NY 
HEYSHAM, Harold W. spouse of Doris Stillman born 4-25-1914 died 9-23-2007age 93y Son of Harrison & Clara Arnold Heysham b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-7-1942
HICE, Floyd W. "Red" spouse of Elizabeth Southerland born 4/8/1925 died 8/12/2014 age 89y Son of Floyd W. & Mary Calhouon Hice Sr. b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-20-1948 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 1943-1946
HIGGINS, Arline T. Spouse of Howard Born 2-18- 1911 Died 9-6- 1996Age 85 Dau of William L. & Bessie Whipple Towner b. Scio NY; Wed Jun.28, 1930
HIGGINS, Howard Spouse of Arline Died 12-8- 1976 Wed Jun. 28, 1930
HILLIGAS, Hazel A. Spouse of Raymond Born 1-21-1907 Died 8-13-2003Age 96y dau of George & Luna Goodridge Lampe
HILLIGAS, Raymond Spouse of Hazel A. Died 11-19-1977 m. Dec 9 1939in Genesee PA
HILLS, Kevin D. spouse of Kathy Murray born 3-23-1955 died 7-5-2011age 56y  Son of Ralph & Geraldine Smith Hills b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 8-2-1975  in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy Vietnam
HOHENSEE, Ralph Born 12-23-1919 Died 2-26-2003 Age 83 son of Georgeand Mariam Keller Hohensee
HOLBROOK, James N. spouse of Ruth H. born 1-22-1895 died 11-5-1947Bugler U.S. Army WW1
HOLBROOK, Joyce A. Spouse of James E. Born 8-19-1931 Died 3-30-2005Age 73y Dau. of Howard & Agnes McCaughey McClurg b. Livonia, N.Y. Wed:8-20-1955 
HOLLY, Alice S. spouse of Robert Sterling born 8-11-1921 died 9-12-2007age 86 Dau. of Garwood & Iva Burdick Sutfin b. Wellsville NY d. HamlinWed 10-12-1946 in Wellsville NY 
HOLLY, Robert Sterling Spouse of Alice Born 5/17/1912 Died 7/13/2001Age 89 b. Greenwood- Son of Robert P. & Flossie Cheesman Holly m. Oct.12, 1946
HORN, Catherine Devine spouse of Eugene H. born 5-9-1907 died 6-29-2001age 94y Dau. of William & Mary Riehl Milburn b. Jeanette, Pa. Wed:3-28-1929
HORN, Eugene H. Spouse of Catherine Divine born 1907 died 11-22-1992Wed: 3-28-1929
HORN, Scott E. spouse of born 6/16/1970 died 8/22/2014 age 44y Son of Edward D. & Charlotte Clark Horn b. Wellsville NY d. Alexandria VA U.S. Air Force serving all over the world & achieving the rank of Technical Sergeant
HORNBURG, Alma D. Born 8-31-1908 Died 1-1-2004 dau of Edward E. &A. Belle Behrens Hornburg 
HOSMER, Charles E. spouse of Shirley born 2/7/1926 died 3/31/2014 age 88y Son of Benjamin & Cora Adams Hosmer b. Oswayo PA d. Scio NY
HOWE, Beulah K. spouse of Robert L. born 6-11-1921 died 6-11-2011 age90y  Dau. of Edgar A. & Rebecca Diehl King b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 3-27-1998  Former Husband Walter J. Babbitt
HOWE, C. Dexter Spouse of Frieda H Died 10-21-1974 m. Aug 24 1935 inBelmont, NY
HOWE, Frieda Hanson Spouse of C. Dexter Born 8-12-1917 Died 11-12-2003dau of Fred L & Mabel Newcombe Hanson
HOWE, Reba "June" Spouse of Robert L. Born 6-16-1920 Died 1-14- 1992Age 71 Dau of Donald & Theodosia Clawdges Chrisjohn b. Kane PA; WedFeb. 24, 1943
HOWE, Robert Lloyd spouse of June Crisjohn born 6-11-1920 died 8-1-2011age 91y  Son of Albert & Ella Stoup Howe b. Allentown NY d. BathNY Wed 2-25-1943 in Allentown NY Wed Wife #2 Beulah King Babbitt who died6-11-2011 U.S. Army WW 2 as a Staff Sergeant and recipient of the PurpleHeart  Mausoleum
HOWELL, Patricia Ann spouse of David M. Sr. born 6-8-1949 died 2-23-2008age 58y Dau. of Jack & Dorothy Holbrook Watt b. Dansville NY d. BuffaloNY Wed 1-14-1967 in Perry NY 
HUNT, Myrtle J. Born 8-18- 1906 Died 8-21- 2000 
HUNT, Ramond L. spouse of Linda Beauprey born 8-11-1930 died 8-27-2008age 78y Son of Elmer & Myrtle Bahre Hunt b. Batavia NY d. Buffalo NYWed 8-28-1981 in Wellsville NY U.S. Air Force 1953 - 1957 Awarded NationalDefense Service Medal
HURLBURT, Gloria J. spouse of Duane born 6-9-1951 died 1-22-2007 age55 Dau. of Albert & Marion Hewitt Hamilton b. Port Allegany PA d. ShongoNY 
HURLBURT, Ronald Lee Jr. Born 1-10- 1999 Died 6-5- 2000 
HUSSEY, Genevieve M. spouse of Walter S. born 7/26/1929 died 4/19/2012 age Dau of Floyd & Catherine Moore Orvis b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1958 in Buffalo NY Walter died 12-2-1998 Wed Husband #1 John Kenneth LaForge in 1946
HYDE, George M. Spouse of Mary Lena Mills Born 4-18-1881 Died 5-19-1951son of Charles M. and Frances Tylee Hyde m.Dec. 28 1910
HYSLIP, Clara C. Born 1-2- 1918 Died 4/16/2000 
HYSLIP, John K.C. "Jack" spouse of Marilyn Peters born 1-27-1942 died10-19-2009 age 67y Son of Mark B. & Clara Cochran Hyslip Jr. b. &d. Wellsville NY Wife #1 Patricia Smith 
JACOBS, Roger W. Spouse of Glena J. WASHBURN Born 7-22-1927 Died 1-18-2003Age 75y Son of Walter & Cleo (Whipple) Jacobs, b. Wellsville-NY, d.Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-03-1947 in Wellsville-NY, Vet-WWII US Army Air Corps
JAMESSON, Ariste Michael "Mike" Dr. spouse of Kalope Giopulos "Pope"born 7-12-1921 died 5-19-2009 Son of Michael & Athena Kamviti Jamessonb. Sayre PA d. Rochester NY Wed 6-22-1952 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army DentalCorps WW2 
JEFFERDS, Robert G. Sr. born 4-3-1954 died 11-8-2004 age 50 son ofRobert & Colleen McAndrews Jefferds
JENSEN, Alice Eymer Spouse of Arthur 
JENSEN, Arthur Spouse of Alice E Born 1-8-1911 Died 6-30-2003 Age 93yson of Hans Peter & Sophie Bengsten Jensen
JENSEN, Frank E. spouse of Esther Ketchner born 2/3/1920 died 2/27/2012 age 92y Son of Danish Immigrants Hans & Sophia Bengsten Jensen b. Chippawa Falls WI d. Ocala FL
JOHNSON, Elizabeth Ann spouse of born 3/23/1963 died 5/18/2013 age 50y Dau of William Lee "Red" & Betty Jean Lewis Johnson b. Binghamton NY d. Wellsville NY
JOHNSON, Betty J. Born 5-20- 1930 Died 8-16- 2000 
JOHNSON, Bruce E. Born 12-01-1960 Died 6-28-2003 Age 42y Son of Richard& Clara (Moore) Johnson, b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, 
JOHNSON, Clara Moore Spouse of Richard B. "Dick" Died 1/19/1990 wedOct.7, 1950
JOHNSON, Richard B. "Dick" Spouse of Clara M Born 10/21/1927 Died 3/19/2002Age 74 Son of William & Alice Perry Johnson US Navy
JOHNSON, William Lee "Red" Sr. spouse of born 8/31/1935 died 8/9/2012 age Son of Irwin Lee & Margaret Elnora Crawford Johnson b. Wellsville NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-12-1957 in Wellsville NY Betty Jean died 8-16-2000 Wed Wife #2 Caren Lindsay Scott on 12-23-2000
JOHNSTON, Doris Louise spouse of Howard T. Sr. born 9-11-1914 died5-14-2008 age 93y Dau. of James & Anna Bitters b. Baltimore MD d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-28-1935 in Baltimore MD 
JOHNSTON, Howard Thomas Jr. Born 11-6- 1913 Died 5/3//2000 
JONES, Bertha J. born 5-9-1924 died 8-7-2007 Dau. of William &Gebine Haskins Coats b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Joined the U.S. CoastGuard in 1944 - Manager of the Gift Shop at Jones Memorial Hospital for30 years & was on the Election Board for 20 years - also Volunteerfor the SPCA of Allegany County
JONES, David L. spouse of Irene Davis born 11-11-1934 died 9-5-2011age 76y  Son of Lloyd & Theresa Dower Jones b. Morgantown W.VAd. Wellsville NY Wed 12-26-1959 in Johnstown PA U.S. Army 1956-1958 servingin Germany Named the Seventh Army's "Soldier of the Month" in November1957 
JONES, Edna M. Died 8-21- 2000 
JONES, Elmer L. spouse of Hazel Jackson born 5-8-1928 died 9-1-2007age 79 Son of Sidney Roy & Adda Willard Jones b. Warsaw NY d. OleanNY Wed 1-15-1955 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korea
JONES, Francis M. "Stub" spouse of Wilola Mead born 3-26-1924 died5-1-2004 age 80y Son of Abraham & Madelene Morland Jones b. Gathney,Pa. Wed: 1-18-1969 Navy Veteran WW2
JORDAN, Edward Spouse of Ethel I. Died 4-1941 m. Oct. 17 1927 in WellsvilleNY
JORDAN, Ethel I. Spouse of Edward Born 11-22-1903 Died 11-26-2003 Age100y dau of Lewis & Emma Heers Brandes was a registed Nurse
JOYCE, Marianne A. Spouse of W. Donald J Born 9-27- 1930 Died 3-17-1987 Age 56 Dau of Clayton & Anna Reynolds Allen
KAILBOURNE, Jean S. spouse of Carl born 1917 died 4-23-2009 age 92yDau. of Clarence & Lena Beseth Smith b. DuBois PA d. Rexford NY Wed12-25-1937 
KANE, James W. died 2-20-2008 Son of James T. "Ted" & Louise B."Belle" Kane b. Wellsville NY d. Providence RI 
KAPP, Dorothy I. Spouse of Gerald Born 6-1-1906 Died 8-8-2002 Age 97ydau of Bertrum & Dora Roberts Stocking also m. to Lewis E. Greenman& Charles Shelly
KARR, Susan Maxson Spouse of James W Born 1838 Died 1870 
KELLEHER, Gary F. spouse of Barbara Mosher born 2-3-1944 died 5-17-2010age 66y Son of Stanley J. & Frances Davis Kelleher Weitzel b. HornellN d. Rochester NY Wed 7-26-1986 in Wellsville NY  U.S. Navy 1962-1966
KELLER, Marilyn A. spouse of born 6-28-1934 died 7-25-2009 age 75yDau. of Ernest & Dora Reinker Stuehm b. Lakewood OH d. Wellsville NY 
KEMP, Ernest D. Born 3-22- 1919 Died 8-7- 2001 Age 82 b. Hornell, NY-Son of Harry M. & Luella Bradford Kemp Sr.
KEMP, Harry M. Spouse of Helen L. Burdick Born 7-15-1920 Died 3-13-2005age 84y Son of Harry M. & Luella Bradford Kemp, Sr. b. Hornell, N.Y.Wed: 2-26-1944
KETCHNER, Norman E. spouse of Thelma Brocious born 10-26-1917 died11-3-2010 age 93y  Son of Roland & Martha Ketchner b. WellsvilleNY d. Watertown NY Wed 9-16-1940 70 years of Marriage 
KETCHNER, Richard C. spouse of Diane Maymard born 6-4-1944 died 2-21-2010age 65y Son of Roland & Carmilla Brynes Ketchner b. Wellsville NY d.Erie PA Wed 2-12-1966 in Wellsville NY 
KETCHNER, William P. spouse of Leola E. Carlin Born 3-7-1917 Died 5-5-2005Age 92y Son of Roland & Martha Marsh Ketchner b. & d. Wellsville,N.Y. Wed: 7-15-1933
KEYSER, Frederick E. spouse of Josephine M. Davis born 3/23/1935 died 12/14/2012 age 77y Son of Raymond & Hilda Keyer b. Millport PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-7-1992 U.S. Army
KIEFER, Nancy A. Born 4/10/1935 Died 6/3/2001 Age 66 b. Wellsville,NY- Dau. of William & Lena Strong Lehman
KLANG, William "Artie" Born 1-20- 1939 Died 5-30- 1994 Age 55 Son ofArthur & Esther Dahlgren Klang Vet US Navy
KLEIN, Ardath B. spouse of Thomas Jr. born 7-25-1923 died 8-8-2007age Dau. of George & Grace Rogers Phillipson b. Hartsville NY d. BuffaloNY Wed 11-9-1946 in Corning NY 
KNIGHT, Bertina E. George A. Born 9-11-1909 Died 11-16-2004 Age 95yDau. of Elwin & Mildred Tucker Burdick b. Alfred, N.Y. Wed: 5-21-1931in Belmont, N.Y. 
KNIGHT, Bertina E. Spouse of George A. Born 9-11-1909 Died 11-16-2004Age 95y dau of Elwin & Mildred Tucker Burdick
KNIGHT, George A. Spouse of Bertina E. Died 9-11-1974 wed May 21 1931inBelmont NY
KNOX, James William spouse of Darlene Foster born 1-14-1947 died 2-29-2008age 61y Son of Clyde P. & Alice Meyn Knox b. Wellsville NY d. ShongoNY Wed 7-27-1968 U.S. Army Helicopter crew chief in cowboy division severalmedals Vietnam 
KOSA, Helen I. spouse of Ernie born 9/15/1924 died 8/18/2010 age Dau of Brady & Erma Wolf Geer b. Dorna PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-23-1946 in Wellsville NY Married 64 years
KOSCIEWICZ, Judith M. spouse of Robert R. born 9-24-1940 died 3-4-2010age Dau. of Robert & Marjorie Golubski McCaig b. Dunkirk NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 7-29-1962 in Niagara Falls NY 
KOSCIEWICZ, Robert R. spouse of Judith McCaig born 6-27-1937 died 11-12-2008age 71y Son of Peter & Catherine Wilkes Kosciewicz b. Scranton PA d.Wellsville NY Wed 7-29-1962 in Niagara Falls NY 
KRUGER, Carl R. born 10-18-1935 died 12-12-2008 age 73y Son of HermanW. & Susan Cranmer Kruger b. Wellsville NY d. Troy PA U.S. Army 
KURSCHNER, Hermann E. Spouse of Ellen Born 10-2- 1926 Died 11-10- 2000Son of Hermann E. & Louise Mier Kurschner Sr.- wed Nov. 29, 1942
KUZARA, Lois S. spouse of Henry L. born 12/28/1933 died 2/11/2013 age 79y Dau of Nelson & Effie Beabout Starks b. Arcade NY d. Belmont NY Wed 4-8-1964 in Wellsville NY Henry died 8-30-1985
LADAGE, Erna spouse of William born 8/15/1918 died 2/9/2012 age 93y Dau of Carl & Marie Kipphan Ertelt b. near Hebron ND d. Wellsville NY William died 8-1-1994
LAICI, Elizaneth Ann Blue Born 4/21/1935 Died 8/15/2000 
LaSHURE, Mildred Morse Spouse of Fayette G Morse/George LaShure Born6/10/1910 Died 8/4/2002 Age 92y Dau. Of William & Jenny Williams Beabout
LATTEN, Ralph E. Spouse of Irena Sherman/Jean Schultz/ Emma R. DrewBorn 12-16- 1916 Died 8-19- 1999 Age 82 s/oBenjamin & Elsie ChalkerLatten m. 1. 1936 3. 1972
LAWTON, Patricia R. Born 1/6/1934 Died 4/18/2002 Age 68 Dau. Of Phil& Kathryn Hanchett Merrick
LEAVE, Carl N. spouse of Arlene Brown born 4/29/1930 died 12/12/2013 age 83y Son of Carl A. & Laura Hotelling Leave b. Warren PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-23-1952 in Meadville PA U.S. Navy
LEHMAN, Donald E. spouse of born 7/16/1938 died 1/23/2012 age 74y Son of William C. & Lena Strong Lehman b. & d. Wellsville NY
LEHMAN, Edna W. spouse of George E. born 3-11-1927 died 1-27-2011 age83y  Dau.of William F. & Louise Zeh Brandes b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 9-8-1951 in Wellsville NY
LEHMAN, Florence M. Hadsell Spouse of Frederick G. Died 7-4- 1980 WedMay 03, 1917
LEHMAN, Frederick G. Spouse of Florence M. Born 7-29- 1891 Died 11-27-1984 Age 93y Son of Charles & Frieda Moeller Lehman Wed May 03, 1917
LEHMAN, George E. spouse of Edna W. born 1-19-1925 died 2-14-1999 age  Wed 9-8-1951 in Wellsville NY
LEHMAN, Robert Arthur spouse of Doris M. Nydegger born 1-3-1919 died2-7-2010 age Son of William & Hazel Halstead Lehman b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 5-18-1946 in Wellsville NY Doris died 1-14-1979 U.S. Navy servingaboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger - He cruised through the Pacificto Hawaii & South America & through the Panama Canal
LEHMAN, Ruth M. spouse of Robert A. born 4-11-1918 died 3-10-2009 age90y Dau. of Carl & Marie Kruger Fleischman b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 6-27-1981 in Wellsville NY Wed Husband #1 Donald S. Reitz on 8-2-1941who died 8-31-1972 
LEHMAN, Terry L. spouse of Arlene Childress born 7-17-1941 died 2-27-2009ae 67y Son of William & Lena Strong Lehman b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 6-16-1962 in Wellsville NY 
LENT, Lewis L. Spouse of Marie B. Died 1-9-1000 wed Aug 8 1942 in Ulysses,PA
LENT, Marie B. Spouse of Lewis L. Born 7-14-1921 Died 1-5-2003 Age81 dau of Arling & Rosa Howe Barker
LEON, Harry R. Spouse of Eleanor Born 1-12- 1920 Died 2-3- 2002 Age82 b. Oswayo, PA- Son of Frank & Mildred Preece Leon m. June 22, 1947
LESTER, J. Herbert Spouse of Louise Born 12-28- 1876 Son of Crandall& Frances Richardson Lester
LEWIS, Darwin E. spouse of Genevieve Eva Whitford born 5-5-1925 died4-22-2007 age 81 Son of Stephen A. & Hulda Wesche Lewis b. WellsvilleNY d. Albany NY Wed 6-30-1951 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army WW2
LEWIS, Sally R. Born 7-1- 1931 Died 5-12- 1999 Age 67 Dau of StephenA. & Hulda Wesche Lewis
LIBERTONE, Mark E. Sr. spouse of Mary Elizabeth Torzon born 9/14/1948 died 9/16/2013 age 65y Son of Ernest & Ida Demperio Libertone b. Syracuse NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-23-1969 in Solvay NY U.S. Army 1969-1972 Rank of Specialist 5th Class
LIDFORD, Ildra C. spouse of John A. born 6-5-1917 died 5-4-2008 age90y Dau. of Milo & Fossie Lord Comstock b. Watertown NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 9-16-1944 in Watertown NY 
LINEMAN, Florence L Spouse of Myron Born 11-6-1928 Died 11-11-2002Age 74 daughter of Edwin and Ola Walton Churchill
LINEMAN, Myron Spouse of Florence L Died 6-2002 wed Sept. 7, 1950 inConneautville Pa. 
LINK, E. Helen spouse of Harold born 4/1/1928 died 12/8/2013 age 85y Dau of Walter C. & Ruth Breneke Hornburg b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-3-1951 in Wellsville NY
LINK, Harold O. Spouse of Helen HORNBURG Born 9-13-1924 Died 12-06-2002Age 78y Son of Albert & Minnie (Miller) Link, b. Allen-NY, d. Wellsville-NY,Wed 2-03-1951 in Wellsville-NY, Dairy farmer
LITCHARD, Alexander Spouse of Marion Born 3-23- 1903 Died 9-25- 1995Age 92y Son of Fred & Sarah Davis Litchard b. Rushford NY; Wed Jul.06, 1931
LITCHARD, Marion Gridley Spouse of Alexander Died 6-22- 1992 Wed Jul.06, 1931
LOCKWOOD, Katherine L. Spouse of Meyers E. Born 4-1- 1920 Died 8-13-1972 b. Knoxville, PA- Dau. of Floyd & Ruth LaBarr Gould m. May 15,1947
LOCKWOOD, Meyers E. Spouse of Katherine L. m. May 15, 1947 
LORSHBAUGH, Erin Nicole Born 9-2- 1997 Died 2-22- 2001 Age 3y b. Buffalo,NY- Dau. of Thad & Tonya Mitchell Lorshbaugh 
LOWRIE, Leon M. Died 9-2-2003 son of William & Mary Pepperman Lowriewas a twin
LOWRIE, Leroy J. spouse of Gladys Raub born 7-11-1919 died 11-1-2010age   Son of William & Mary Pepperman Lowrie b. Spring Millsd. Wellsville NY Wed 11-7-1942 in Little Genesee NY 
LYNCH, Mabel B. Spouse of Raymond Born 4-20- 1903 Died 5-22- 1997 Age94y Dau of Adolph H. & Ursula "Ceil" Hauser Bethe Wed Jun. 26, 1932
LYNCH, Raymond Spouse of Mabel Died 4-20- 1965 Wed Jun. 26, 1932
LYNN, Lula B. spouse of Richard born 4-30-1925 died 1-5-2010 age Dau.of George & Myrtle Strearns Marvin b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY WedWed 4-18-1971 in Wellsville NY Wed Husband #1 Elbert Orvis in 8-1945 whopredeceased her
MacFARQUHAR, Donald A. spouse of Doris Dockendorff born 5-29-1935 died5-26-2011 age   Son of Murdoch & Catherine Black MacFarquharb. Brooklyn NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army 1953-1955 Director of PublicWorks from 1967 until 1990 - He enjoyed working on the restoration of theDavid A. Howe Library Auditorium and other library projects
MACKNEY, Eva A. Spouse of Maher "Mack" Born 11-14- 1917 Died 4-13-2001 Age 83 Dau. of Alexander & Edith Marcinski Chojnowski b. Kingston,PA- m. Sept. 6, 1953
MacMURRAY, Jean A. spouse of James R. born 9-1-1924 died 5-24-2008age 83y Dau. of E.K. & Ann Elliott Henderson b. Buffalo NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 8-22-1945 in Snyder NY
MacTAVISH, Darryl R. Spouse of Candace "Candy" House Born 12-11-1942Died 7-20-2003 Age 60 son of R. Drexel and Winifred Healy MacTavish m.Sept 3 1966
MAGARGIL, Lois Cole Spouse of MAGARGIL? Born 4-17- 1896 Died no dateDau of Anson B. & Mary Crandal Cole b. Andover NY
MAIN, Gloria J. Spouse of Edwin R. Born 7-29- 1940 Died 12-24- 2000Dau. of John & Helen Buttler VanCise m. Feb. 14, 1959- b. Elkland,PA
MANION, Elsie M. Born 7/2/1905 Died 5/25/2000 
MARGESON, Jesse C. spouse of Thelma born 3-5-1914 died 4-9-1998 ageSon of Elmer & Nellie Davison Margeson b. Petrolia NY d. Unknown Wed5-21-1935
MARGESON, Ruby E. Spouse of William E. Born 2/12/1911 Died 7/5/2001Age 90y b. Town of Willing, NY- Dau.of George E. & Marietta ClymerRogers m. Nov. 1, 1932 
MARGESON, Thelma H. "Toni" spouse of Jessie born 8-30-1915 died 3-10-2010age Dau. of Archie & Allie Roberts Payne b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 4-21-1935 
MARGESON, William E. Spouse of Ruby E. Born 1951 m. Nov. 1, 1932 
MARSH, Beverly Doris spouse of Lawrence K. born 5-15-1935 died 4-9-2008age 72y Dau. of Earl & Doris Cochran Baldwin (raised by her step-motherFrances Baldwin) b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-27-1952 in DelevanNY 
MARSH, Delos Leland Spouse of Kittie Holcomb/Mary Estella Mix Born12-10- 1861 Died 4-14- 1934 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of James Henry &Philinda Elliott Marsh d. Andover, NY 
MARSH, Donald D. Spouse of Lois E. Born 12-21- 1923 Died 1-29- 1991Age 67 Son of Eugene & Maude McGone Marsh b. Rixford PA; Wed Jan. 03,1953
MARSH, Eugene Encil Spouse of Maude Edna McGlone/Bernice Williams Born5-27- 1891 Died 4-9- 1975 b. Alma, NY- Son of James William & HenriettaQuick Marsh d. Wellsville, NY
MARSH, Eugene Henry Spouse of Daisy Sophronia Born 3/31/1864 Died 4/20/1935. b. & d. Wellsville, NY- Son of James Henry & Philinda ElliottMarsh
MARSH, Grace Born 5-12- 1913 Died 8-16- 1913 b. & d. Wellsville,NY- Dau. of Eugene Henry & Daisy Sophronia Vaughn Marsh
MARSH, James Henry Spouse of Philinda Born 2-14- 1821 Died 12-19- 1879b. Greene, Chenango Co., NY- Son of Nathan & Eliza Ann Bennett Marshd. Wellsville, NY 
MARSH, Lawrence Kellogg spouse of Beverly Doris Baldwin born 4/20/1930 died 6/17/2013 age 83y Son of Ruben & Dora Kellogg Marsh b. Franklinville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-27-1952 in Delevan NY U.S. Army 1954-1956
MARSH, Lawrence Sherman Born 3-2- 1921 Died 4-4- 1922 b. & d. Wellsville,NY- Son of Eugene Henry & Daisy Sophronia Vaughn Marsh
MARSH, Maude Edna McGlone Spouse of Eugene Encil Born 1899 Died 2-15-1949 b. Ohio- Dau. of Frank & Sarah Hartz McGlone d. Wellsville, NY 
MARSH, Philinda Elliott Spouse of James Henry Born 3-17- 1826 Died3-13- 1899 b. Greene, Chenango Co., NY- Dau. of William & Naomi MarshElliott d. Wellsville, NY
MARSH, Ralph Born 12-1- 1911 Died 9-6- 1912 b. & d. Wellsville,NY- Son of Eugene Henry & Daisy Sophronia Vaughn Marsh
MARSH, Robert W. spouse of Virginia Key born 4-17-1919 died 4-8-2004age 84y Son of Grover C. & Louella Willsey Marsh Wed: 6-14-1957 inPort Allegany, Pa. 
MARSH, Sarah E. "Sally" spouse of Wayne born 6-3-1908 died 9-15-2009age 101y Dau. of Clinton & Susan Hawley Wheaton b. West Bingham PAd. Deland FL Wed 1-22-1930 for 59 years 
MARSH, William E. "Bill" spouse of  born 3-31-1934 died 11-5-2010age 76y  Son of Burton & Norma Langdon Marsh b. & d. WellsvilleNY  Former Wife Joan Bannister U.S. Air Force Korean War
MARTIN, Clair H. spouse of born 10-28-1930 died 1-26-2008 Son of Henry& Elizabeth Wix Martin b. Town of Amity NY d. Rochester NY 
MARTIN, Esther M. spouse of born 1/9/1920 died 7/3/2013 age 93y Dau of Carl & Alice Shaw Dahlgren b. Munson PA d. Wellsville NY
MASON, Kenneth G. "Bud" spouse of born 8/31/1922 died 2/22/2013 age 89y Son of Frank & Laura Bureksib Mason b. Hornell NY d. Geneva NY U.S. Army 1942-1946 receiving the rank of T5
MASON, Richard C. "Rick" spouse of June Arlene Cline born 10/20/1931 died 1/16/2013 age 81y Son of Frank & Laura Burelson Mason b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-10-1956 U.S. Marine Corps as a S/Sgt. 1949-1952
MATTISON, Debra D. spouse of Glenn born 8/21/1953 died 11/26/2012 age 59y Dau of Willis & Della Hurd Dahlgren b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-25-1975
MATTISON, Marian V. Spouse of Clifford N. Born 10-21- 1928 Died 2-5-2000 Dau. of Chester & Hazel Bump Green
McALLISTER, Agnes R. Spouse of Charles Born 9/8/1907 Died 7/7/2001Age 93y b. Genesee, PA- Dau. of William & Emma Childs Waterman
McALLISTER, Charles Spouse of Agnes R. Died 1977 
McCASLIN, Erenestine May Spouse of Benjamin M Born 4-10 1940 Died 1-6-2001 Dau. of Clarence & Nina Cole Howden b. Canisteo, NY- m. June 1965
McCLURE, Caroline G. spouse of Theodore M. "Ted" born 1917 died 9-18-2005age 88y Raised in Bloomsbury NJ d. Sun City FL #2 Husband Theodore M. "Ted"McClure
McCLURE, Theodore M. "Ted" spouse of Elsbeth Riggs born 9-18-1915 died7-16-2007 Son of Ross R. & Elverta Bartholomew McClure b. WellsvilleNY d. Sun City FL Wed 1941 Wife #2 Caroline G. Weber
McCREA, D . Wesley spouse of Suzanne Reitnauer born 7-25-1932 died1-23-2009 age 76y Son of Lloyd & Winifred Saunders McCrea b. RichburgNY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-25-1973 in Hornell NY U.S. Air Force KoreanConflict 
McCUTCHEON, Elizabeth Dickson Spouse of William Died 2-4- 1886 
McCUTCHEON, Ethel Laverty Spouse of Robert Andrew Died 2-2- 1850 wedJuly 7, 1906
McCUTCHEON, Robert Andrew Spouse of Ethel Laverty Died 6-22- 1928 sonof William & Elizabeth Dickson McCutcheon m.1st Catherine Richardson 
McDOWELL, Gerald L. spouse of Paulena LaPolt born 6/3/1919 died 10/1/1996 age Wed 1-18-1944 in Wellsville NY Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
McDOWELL, Paulena spouse of Gerald L. born 2/14/1924 died 10/23/2012 age 88y Dau of Zora & Helen Torrence LaPolt b. Tioga PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-18-1944 in Wellsville NY Wed Husband #2 Edward W. Piper on 8-20-2001 who died 3-28-2011
McDOWELL, Robert E. spouse of  Ruth E. Lamphier born  6-4-1928died 9-20-2010 age 82y Son of Elmer Earl & Bernice A. Dockstader McDowellSr. b. Town of Burns NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-1-1949 in Town of Porter 
MCENROE, Chester A. Spouse of Rhea Born 5-29- 1918 Died 11-19- 1995Age 77 Son of Chester A. Sr. & Mabel Maxon MCEnroe Wed Nov. 23, 1940;b. Hazelhurst PA; Vet-WWII US Coast Guard
MCENROE, Rhea Ericson Spouse of Chester A. Died 12-1- 1988 Wed Nov.23, 1940
MCMURTRY, Walter R. Spouse of Gloria P Born 2-9- 1904 Died 6-24- 1978Age 74 Son of Frank A. & Mary Rice MCMurtry b. Fillmore NY
MCNULTY, Cherie Taggart Spouse of Timothy Born 4-10- 1955 Died 11-3-1998 Age 43 Dau of Bruce V. Sr. & Wilma A Withey Taggart Divorced
McQUEEN, Ernest C. "Ernie" spouse of Patricia Williams born 12-25-1922died 6-23-2008 Son of Clayton & Katherine Palmer McQueen b. Scio NYd. Bath NY Wed 10-15-1955 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2 & Korean Conflict 
MERRIFIELD, Margaret Spouse of Laurence C Born 10-11- 1911 Died 11-12-1963 b. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Emil & Elizabeth Heineke Zschiegnerm. Aug. 4, 1934
MERRITT, Gerald Martin spouse of Yvonne Andrews born 9-21-1937 died9-18-2011 age 73y  Son of Marcillus & Ruby Lee Taylor Merrittb. Ambrose GA d. Bolivar NY Wed 5-12-1963 in Gainesville FL Yvonne died7-16-2008 
MERRITT, Yvonne spouse of Gerald born 6-14-1944 died 7-16-2008 age64y Dau. of John & Loula Burrows Andrews b. Wellsville NY d. RochesterNY Wed 5-12-1963 in Jacksonville FL 
MERSEREAU, Margaret K. spouse of John R. born 2-20-1911 died 5-12-2009age 98y Dau. of George E. & Louise Coleman Knowles b. La Grange ILd. Wellsville NY Wed 4-10-1946 in La Grange IL John R. died 8-1983
MESLER, Orville Born 5-9-1919 Died 6-28-2005 Age 86y Son of Harry W.& Pearl James Mesler b. Petrolia, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
MESSLER, Duane M. spouse of born 2/25/1937 died 7/28/2013 age 76y Son of Willis J. & Ida Covert Messler b. & d. Wellsville NY
MEYERS, Frank Spouse of Virginia Died 2-6- 1945 1st husgand
MICKLE, Laurie Ann Wesche spouse of James born 10-23-1963 died 5-30-2004age 40 Dau. of Ernest & Eleanor Sprague Wesche Wed: 11-21-1981
MILLER, Meda E. Spouse of Raymond L. Born 1-25-1918 Died 12-3-2003b. Wellsville NY to Harry & Estalla Durfee Nicholson
MILLER, Phoebe Loretta spouse of Charles K. born 1-17-1924 died 3-1-2008age 84y Dau. of Howard W. & Sarah E. Lewis Bogle b. Tyler PA d. WarsawNY Wed 7-12-1945 in Clarinda IA
MILLER, Raymond L. Spouse of Meda Born 1-16- 1916 Died 4-15- 2001 Age85 Son of Floyd & Addie Finch Miller b. Painted Post- m. Mar. 17, 1939in Jasper NY
MILLS, Chester L Spouse of Mabel Dennis Born 10-12-1879 Died 11-24-1966son of Julius & Minerva Bennett Mills
MILLS, Luray B. Spouse of Clifford Born 8-25-1914 Died 3-31-2005 Age90y Dau. of David & Burdette Fish Bovee b. St. Louis, Mo. Wed: 4-20-1932 
MOLAND, Mildred E. "Midge" spouse of Max H. born 12-21-1923 died 12-7-2008age 84y Dau. of Oliver C. & Ruth M. Button Sweet Sr. b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 12-25-1942 in Wellsville NY
MONAHAN, Oletha B. "Letha" spouse of Russell A. born 5/2/1922 died 9/30/2013 age 91y Dau of Cornelius J. & Hazel Pearl Hungerford Callaghan b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-24-1975 in Andover NY Russell died 12-4-1992
MONROE, Beth A. spouse of Col. Ernest born 1-1-1914 died 5-30-2007age 93y Dau. of Leslie & Mernie Cross b. Holland NY d. Sun City CenterFLA 
MONROE, Gene E. spouse of Kaaren Lunn born 1-4-1942 died 4-4-2004 age62 Son of Lawrence & Carolyn Smith Monroe Wed: 7-24-1971
MONTROY, Marie E. spouse of Francis born U/K died 1/4/2014 age 86y b. East Aurora NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Francis Montroy who was b. 1917 d. 2-22-1975
MOOGAN, Laura L. spouse of Thomas F. Sr. born 3-17-1918 died 4-14-1994Dau. of John Scott & Mary Knaak Logan b. Imperial, Pa. Wed: 1-15-1946in Imperial, Pa.
MOOGAN, Thomas F. Jr. Born 10-16- 1954 Died 8-24- 1993 Age 38 Son ofThomas F. Sr. & Laura Logan Moogan
MOOGAN, Thomas F. Sr. Spouse of Laura Born 7-29- 1912 Died 12-22- 1999Son of Martin & Mary Ryan Moogan
MOORE, Emma F. spouse of Jack R. born 11-19-1933 died 10-16-2009 age75y Dau. of Neil & Myrtle Hungerford Angell b. Town of Ward NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-7-1951 in Scio NY 
MOORE, Jack R. spouse of Emma Angell born 4/6/1928 died 9/30/2013 age 85y Son of Charles W. & Violet Tost Moore b. Reynoldsville PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-7-1951 Emma died 10-16-2009 U.S. Navy
MOORE, Winifred Foland spouse of DeMerle "Bus" born 4-15-1914 died9-14-2004 age 90y Dau. of Lee & Ethel Jones Harder Wed: 1933
MOREY, Charles E. Died 29 Dec 1893 Age 46y on the stone: "Chas. E.Morrey, Co. H 107 Regt. NY SV", listed as Co. K elsewhere
MORRIS, Dolores May spouse of Laurence "Bud" born 5-5-1934 died 10-13-2004age 70 dau of John D. & Jossie B. McMindes Osmin M. June 26 1954 inHornell
MORRIS, Susan J. spouse of Roger L. born 6-22-1944 died 10-8-2008 age64y Dau. of Leland & Janet Beebe Norris b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed9-7-1968 in Wellsville NY 
MORRISON, Andrew spouse of Pauline J. born 10/8/1935 died 10/11/2006 age U.S. Navy Korean War
MORRISON, Daphne B. Spouse of Harry A Born 3/15/1913 Died 4/5/2002Age 89 Dau. Of Ralph & Frances Hildum Babcock
MORRISON, Donald L. Spouse of Ethel Kish Born 11-4-1930 Died 9-21-2003son of Lowell & May Freelove Morrison m. July 26 1950 In Scio NY
MORRISON, Harry A Spouse of Daphne B. Died 11/19/1991 wed Oct. 21,1936
MORRISON, James E. spouse of born Unknown died 10-8-2005 age Son ofHenry & Daphne Morrison b. Unknown d. Virginia Beach VA Jim was affectionetelyknown as "Uncle Jim"
MORRISON, Pauline J. spouse of Andrew born 2/26/1936 died 4/30/2012 age Dau of John Frederick & Mary Phillipa Kelly Johnston b. Edinburgh Scotland d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-6-1958 in Wellsville NY
MORRISON, Rev. Richard Donald Born 9-11- 1921 Died 9-17- 2000 
MORRISON, Twila Higley spouse of Richard D. born Unknown died 12/12/2011 age 92y
MOSHER, Florence S. spouse of Richard J. Born 8-10-1931 Died 5-1-2005Age 73y Dau. of Raymond D. & Bernice Baxter Allen 
MOSHIER, Jack W. Born 5-2-1937 Died 10-18-2003 Age 66y son of AveryN. & Eugenia Mae Clark Moshier
MUNRO, Carl Bruce spouse of Helen born 1936 died 7-28-2009 age 73yb. Unknown d. Foxfire NC U.S. Marine Corps Korean War
MURPHY, G. Connell spouse of Clara Lehman born 2-22-1920 died 7-4-1990age 70y Son of Daniel & Julia Caiger Murphy Wed: 5-9-1942 Veteran 1stMarine Division at Guadalcanal WW2
MURRAY, Thomas Rev. Born 1-18- 1943 Died 9-4- 2000 
NAGY, Constance M. "Connie" spouse of Edward J. born 11-8-1939 died5-6-2009 Dau. of Adolph & Giovanna Galbo Camino b. Buffalo NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 7-4-1996 in Las Vegas NV
NEAL, Richard E. spouse of Bonnie Blackman born 7-23-1926 died 8-15-2008age 82y Son of Victor L. & Carrie Ruth Coffman Neal b. Lima OH d. WellsvilleNY Wed 10-11-1952 U.S. Navy WW2 as a tail gunner in the Pacific Theaterof Operation
NEELY, Richard Spouse of Velma Born 12-15- 1920 Died 9-22- 2001 Age80y b. Hornellsville, NY- m. June 6, 1942- Son of Lynn & Nellie CrippenNeely- US Army Air Corps WW II 
NEELY, Velma R. spouse of Richard J. born 2-9-1920 died 11-17-2007Dau. of George & Irene VanEpps Gleason b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed6-6-1942 in Wellsville NY
NELSON, Carl J. spouse of born 12-20-1929 died 8-28-2003 age 73y Sonof Carl J. & Catherine Nichols Nelson b. Elmira NY d. Buffalo NY U.S.Army Air Corps in the European Theater of Operation WW2
NEU, Grace A. spouse of Raymond W. born 8-21-1912 died 1-30-2001 age88y Dau. of Louis W. Mina Hurd Gordon b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY 
NICKERSON, Frances P. spouse of Leo L. born 8-1-1918 died 5-7-2011age 92y  Dau. of Charles L. & Alice Adellee Lyon Burgess b. FriendshipNY d. Scio NY Wed 1935 in Millport PA  Wed Husband #2 George "Louie"DeBarbieri in 1969 who died in 2005
NOBLE, John S. Spouse of Lena Mae Died 1994 
NOBLE, Lena Mae Spouse of John S. NOBLE Born 5-14-1928 Died 3-22-2003Age 74y Dau of Warren C. & Victorine (Cline) Walker, b. Wellsville-NY,d. Carlisle-PA, Wed 2-02-1974 in Hornell-NY
NORRIS, Adelaide F. Stadich spouse of James born 1/23/1934 died 1/1/2014 age 80y James died 8-29-2000 no other available information
NYDEGGER, John E. spouse of Virginia A. Ennis born 2/15/1914 died 7/3/2014 age 100y Son of Ernest & Susie Deschler Nydegger b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-24-1940 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2
NYDEGGER, Virginia E. Spouse of John E. Born 11-23- 1918 Died 2-16-2002 Age 83 Dau of William & Gertrude Baker Ennis b. Bliss NY; WedJun. 24, 1940
O'DONNELL, Mariam E. Spouse of George W. Born 12-2- 1912 Died 11-2-2001 Age 88 b. Williamsport, PA- Dau. of Edward LeRoy & Edith HallWeymouth m. Mar. 2, 1933
OESTREICH, Eva M. Born 11-2- 1896 Died 12-20- 1996 Age 100y Dau ofGeorge & Mary Freeman Oestreich b. Richburg NY
OLIVER, Frankyn L spouse of Lynette A. died 3-17-1996 wed April 251933
OLIVER, Lynette A. Spouse of Franklyn L. Born 9-2-1911 Died 3-11-2005Age 93y Dau. of Lewis P. & Nina May Fenerson Wilcox b. Galeton, Pa.Wed: 4-25-1933
OLSKEY, Jean C. spouse of Kenneth born 6/16/1921 died 3/20/2012 age 91y Dau of Donald W. & Theodosia M. Clawges Crisjohn b. Kane PA d. Bath NY Wed 8-22-1969 in Allentown NY Kenneth died 3-8-1994
ORDWAY, Gail M. born 1-11-1954 died 7-23-2008 age 54y Dau. of Franklin& Ida Crance Ordway b. & d. Wellsville NY 
ORPET, Reginald E. Spouse of Linda Kay Fanton Born 11-26-1940 Died1-10-2005 Age 64y Son of Edward & Marian Pearson Orpet. b. Glendale,Calif. Wed: 8-9-1975 in Hallsport
ORVIS, Raymond L. spouse of Helen L. Coats born 4/16/1946 died 12/31/2011 age Son of Elbert & Lula Belle Marvin Orvis b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-11-1970 U.S. Air Force 1964-1968 achieving rank of Staff Sergeant
OSTRANDER, Elizabeth C. Born 6-27- 1905 Died 6-3- 2000 
PALMATIER, Dana Lee Spouse of Patricia LEWANDOWSKI Born 7-09-1944 Died6-24-2003 Age 58y Son of Donald C. & Eileen "Pat" (Ellis) Palmatier,b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 6-08-1968 in Cheektowaga-NY
PALMATIER, Donald C. Spouse of Eileen "Pat" ELLIS Born 1-26-1921 Died6-23-2003 Age 82y Son of Frank C. & Phoebe (Dwight) Palmatier, b. Colesburg-PA,d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-05-1943 in Alexandria-LA; Vet-US Army in 1939 &WWII 2nd Lt
PARADZSIK, Stephan  spouse of Hilda Gast born 12/8/1924 died 12/22/2011age   Son of Andes & Teresa Madenszioler Paradzsik b. SiklosHungary d. Rochester NY Wed 10-10-1945 Wife #2 Elaine Butts who died 3-4-2005
PATRICK, Jean Louise   born 5-24-1928 died 6-6-2010 age 82y
PATRICK, Michael L.   born 2-1-1967 died 12-8-2010   Son of James & Jean Louise Hanchett Patrick b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
PEANGATELLI, John P. Spouse of Virginia Died 8-29- 1995 2nd husband
PEANGATELLI, Virginia D. Spouse of John P. Born 8-3- 1912 Died 2-6-1998 Age 85 Dau of Harry T. & Blanche Foster Davis b. Creekside PA;Wed 1 Frank Meyers who d. Feb. 06, 1945
PECK, James W. Born 9-17- 1942 Died 9-17- 1999 Age 57 b. Wellsville,NY- Son of Robert A. & Sally Clark Peck
PECKHAM, Alfred E. Spouse of Katherine E. died 1992 m. 1st to MartinJ. Funk Sr.
PECKHAM, Katherine E. spouse of Alfred E. born 10-20-1922 died 6-1-2004age 81y Dau. of Clifton B. & Eva Ida Ackley Young b. Sweden Valley,Pa. #1 Martin J. Funk, Sr. 
PELAGHI, Winifred P. spouse of Tullio born 7-13-1925 died 1-29-2005age 80 dau of Clarence & Evaline Furman Post US Army Air Force WW II 
PERKINS, Judy Louise spouse of Lyle E. born 6-19-1938 died 4-28-2011age 72y  Dau. of Francis R. & Wilma E. Pinchen Krusen b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-18-1956 in Wellsville NY 
PERRY, Elizabeth Jean spouse of Robert Harold born 8-7-1925 died 6-13-2009age 83y Dau. of Harry & Elsie Scott Erwin b. Manorville PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-23-1946 in Allentown NY 
PERRY, Genevieve E. spouse of Rolland S. born 5-9-1916 died 2-7-2011age 94y  Dau. of Leon & Elva Hill Martin b. Canisteo NY d. CoudersportPA Wed 12-24-1942 
PERRY, Priscella B. Born 10-24- 1937 Died 7-25- 1993 Age 55 Dau ofDr. Roger W. & Bernice Wright Blaisdell
PERRY, Rolland S. Spouse of Genevieve E. Born 6-9- 1909 Died 8-30-2001 Age 92y b. Whitesville, NY- m. Dec. 24, 1942- Son of Orson & NancySpicer Perry
PETERSON, Addie G. spouse of Chet born 1920 died 10/25/2012 age 92y Dau of Oscar & Mary Johnson Gustafson b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY
PHELPS, Ethel M. spouse of Paul J. Sr. born 1-26-1923 died 4-20-2005age 82 b. Sweden Valley PA dau of William J. & Ollie R. Kio White 
PHELPS, Paul J. Sr. spouse of Ethel M. died 7-1-1995 wed July 3 1940in Hebron Township PA Potter Co.
PHILLIPS, Fred Herbert Spouse of Dolores Moore Born 11-3-1915 Died10-28-2003 Age 87 son of Herbert Spicer & Laura Phillips m. Nov 291939
PHILLIPS, Gloria spouse of Newton M. born 12-30-1910 died 8-21-1992age 81y Dau. of Harold A. & Lytle Perkins Seaver Wed: #1 1929 #2 WalterR. McMurtry Wed: 1960
PICKENS, Burt Spouse of Nina Born 1874 Died 1942 
PICKENS, Edwin B. Born 1-12- 1917 Died 2-18- 2001 Age 84 Son of Burton& Nina Campbell Pickens US Army Sgt. First Class Korean War & Vietnam
PICKENS, Nina Campbell Hanbury Spouse of Burt Born 1874 Died 1967 Wed1 Hanbury
PICKREIGN, Edward J. "Butch" Jr. spouse of Patricia Lester born 11-23-1948died 3-25-2010 age 61y Son of Edwad & Flora May Knapp Pickreign Sr.b. Syracuse NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-18-1977 in Syracuse NY U.S. Army1967-1971 Vietnam Recieved Purple Heart on second tour of Vietnam
PICKREIGN, Patricia Ann "Pat" spouse of Edward J. "Butch" born 3/12/1949 died 7/16/2012 age Dau of Charles & Bessie Price Lester Sr. b. Syracuse NY d. Brocton NY Wed 8-18-1977 in Syracuse NY
PINNEY, Rae L. spouse of Robert Dewey born 4-21-1935 died 6-5-2009age 74y Dau. of Raymond & Florence McKinley Hull b. Olean NY d. AlmaNY Wed 11-8-1953 in Olean NY 
PINNEY, Robert Dewey spouse of Rae L. Hull born 11-8-1931 died 4-7-2005age 73y Son of Dewey & Pearl Marsh Pinney b. Wellsville NY d. AlmaNY Wed 11-8-1953 in Olean NY U.S. Marine Corps Korean Conflict 
PITTS, Charles D. Spouse of Thelma Born 7-16- 1914 Died 3-11- 2000Son of Preston D. & Nellie Strong Pitts
PITTS, Charles P. spouse of born 10/6/1948 died 4/24/2012 age 63y Son of Dumont & Thelma Mae Barlow Pitts b. Wellsville NY d. Andover NY U.S. Army Vietnam War as a Radio Communications Operator stationed in Germany
PITTS, Thelma Spouse of Charles D. dau of Vernan & Jennie ColeBarlow
PORTER, Leona I. Born 8-3- 1913 Died 1-3- 2000 Dau. of Frank W. &Mary Etna Smith Meek
POST, Helen I. spouse of Howard E. born 3-5-1922 died 1-23-2009 Dau.of William J. & Hilda McClay Crandall b. Friendship NY d. WellsvilleNY 
POTRAFKE, Earl M. Died 2-18- 2001 Son of Rev. August & Emme Potrafke
POTTER, Helen Marsh spouse of Newell J. Jr. born 1915 died 1-13-1981age 
POTTER, Newell J. Jr. spouse of Helen Marsh born 6-13-1915 died 6-5-2011age 95y  Son of Newell J. & Emeretta Finch Potter Sr. b. &d. Wellsville NY Wife #2 Betty J. Atherton 
POTTER, Vernon Edward "Punk" Spouse of Barbara Ann Yerrick Born 06-30-1918Died 03-06-2003 Age 84 born in Scio, NY to Raymond & Cella ClevelandPotter. US Army WWII vet m. Oct 16 1944
POTTER, Virginia Born 10-9- 1906 Died 5-14- 1994 Age 87 Dau of CharlesN. & Florence Hosley Dean
POWELL, Evelyn B. Spouse of John E. Born 12-15- 1901 Died 1-17- 1992Age 90y Dau of Dennis & Ellen Hunt b. O'Neil NE; Wed 1925
POWELL, Johnn E. Spouse of Evelyn B. Died 1953 Wed 1925
POWERS, John C. Jr. Spouse of Katyryn "Kay" E. Died 2-1-1998 m. Aug16 1941 in Bristol PA
POWERS, Kathryn E. ["Kay"] Spouse of John C. POWERS, Jr. Born 8-14-1918Died 1-19-2003 Age 84y Dau of Charles L. & Irene L. (Smith) Evans,"Kay", b. Roanoke-VA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-16-1941 in Bristol-PA
PRESSLER, Charles B. Spouse of Eva C Born 12-29- 1900 Died 8-13- 1972b. Coudersport, PA- Son of James & Ina May Stevens Pressler
PRICE, Tarri Lin born 7-2-1957 died 5-19-2004 age 46 Son of Donald& Genevieve Mills Price, Sr. 
PRINCE, Kevin J. Sr. spouse of born 11-19-1954 died 9-12-2005 age 50ySon of John A. & Margaret Hilligas Prince Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. DadeCity FL U.S. Air Force 1973-1978
PRINDLE, John Leon Spouse of Doris Very Born 7-16-1890 Died 6-8-1937Age 47 son of John and Emma Lunn Prindle
PROBST, George R. Spouse of Hazel G Died 5-15- 1950 Wed 1931
PROBST, Hazel Spouse of George R. Born 12-25- 1897 Died 12-1- 1988Age 90y Dau of William Delett & Elna Collins Gardiner b. FriendshipNY; Wed 1931
PRZYBYS, Jennnie Born 2-16-1942 Died 2-19-2005 Age 63y Dau of Edward& Josephine (Krokfha) Przybys, b. Buffalo-NY, d. Wellsville-NY
QUICK, Julius F. spouse of Joan Chandler born 12-22-1923 died 8-2-2007age 83 Son of George E. & Florence Terrette Quick b. Alma NY d. StatesvilleNC Wed 8-19-1956 in Wellsville NY 
RAHR, Andrew C. Spouse of Sara Born 8-21- 1895 Died 8-20- 1972 b. Wellsville,NY-Sonof Ernest A. & Mary Braunschweiger Rahr
RAHR, Florence R. Born 7-21- 1910 Died 1-29- 1997 Age 86 Dau of Charles& Anna Braunsweiger Rahr
RAHR, Richard S. Born 7-17- 1956 Died 7-14- 1993 s/o Richard &Beverly, Grandparents: Raymond & Marian Fanton; Donald & Ira Rahr
RAINES, Raymond W. "Dick" Spouse of Barbara Born 5-30- 1917 Died 5-20-1998 Age 78 b. Chicago IL; Wed Aug. 04, 1956; Vet-WWII 6th Armored Div68 Tank Bat under Gen Patton
RASMUSSEN, Harold V. Spouse of Ruth H Born 4-8- 1895 Died 11-25- 1963b. Copenhagen, Denmark- m. Oct. 2, 1954
RASMUSSEN, Ruth H. spouse of Harold V. born 7-29-1910 died 11-29-1996age 86y Dau. of Ernest M. & Lizzie Thompson Moore b. Blaine, Ky. #1James N. Holbrook
REAM, Anna A. Spouse of Geroge H. Born 12-26- 1909 Died 9-14- 1994Age 84 b. Pennsylvania- Dau. of Kenneth & Effie Turner Slade
REAM, Geoge H. Spouse of Anna A. Slade Died 1-30- 1978 
REESE, Jesse L. Spouse of Hilda Costley Halsey Born 10/13/1930 Died9/5/2002 Age 71 Son of Jesse C. & Viola Mitterers Reese wed Feb. 10,1962
REUNING, Ethel Spouse of Frank Holtz/Henry Reuning Born 9-21- 1881Died 11-16- 1963 Age 82 b. Sabinsville, PA- Dau. of William & MaryBruce Rushmore m. 2. 1950 
REUNING, H. John ["Jack"] Spouse of Louella WEIRICH Born 12-17-1917Died 6-22-2004 Age 86y Son of Henry & Mildred (Rushmore) Reuning, "Jack",b. Elmira Heights-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 7-13-1946 in Wellsville-NY,Co-owner/operator Reuning's Bakery
RICHARDS, Mary Craig spouse of Ronald Dana born 11-18-1908 died 9-24-2000age 91y Dau. of Howard & Kathryn Hassey Craig, Sr. Wed: 10-12-1931
RICHARDS, Ronald Dana spouse of Mary Craig died 11-2-1956 Wed: 10-12-1931
RICHARDSON, Ethel S. Spouse of John M. Born 4-30- 1911 Died 4-2- 1999Age 87 Dau of John P. & Tirzah Smith Sloan b. Allentown NY; Wed Nov.10, 1928
RICHARDSON, F.B. Born 2/17/1905 Died ? 
RICHARDSON, Helen A. Spouse of W.J. Born 3-21- 1851 Died 5-25-1918Dau. of Andrew J. & Eleanor Stevens Jordan
RICHARDSON, John M. Spouse of Ethel Died 4-26- 1968 Wed Nov. 10, 1928
RICHARDSON, Leona M. Spouse of Philo R. Born 3-15- 1908 Died 1-30-1992 Age 83 Dau of David D. & Mable Battles Millard b. Allentown, NY;Wed Jan. 17, 1931
RICHARDSON, Philo R. Spouse of Leona Died 4-12- 1966 Wed Jan. 17, 1931
RICHARDSON, Twila Rev. Spouse of A. Howard /Rev. Lee Chamberlain Born9-19- 1910 Died 11-19- 2001 Age 91y b. Coudersport, PA- Dau. of WilliamWallace & Blanche Fischer Redington m. 1. July 7, 1940 2. May 7, 1979
RICHARDSON, William John Spouse of Helen Born 3-31- 1848 Died 5-30-1929 
RILEY, Helen M. spouse of Raymond E. born 11-2-1919 died 12-30-2009age 90y Dau. of Karl & Rebecca Mayer Buehring b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
ROBARTS, John J. spouse of Martha Kemp born 5/10/1932 died 12/28/2011age 79y  Son of Harrison Ross & Gay Holder Robarts b. & d.Wellsville NY Wed 8-19-1978  in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korean Warattaining rank of Sergeant 1st Class 
ROBBINS, Ramona L. Spouse of John C. SCOTT, Sr. [#1?] Born 4-01-1955Died 3-20-2004 Age 48y Dau of Laurence "Bud" & Dolores (Osmin) Morris,b. Wellsville-NY, d. King William-VA, Wed #2? Michael B. Robbins on 3-18-1995
ROBBINS, Ronnie D. spouse of born 9/2/1937 died 4/2/2014 age 76y Son of Claude & Erma Robbins b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY U.S. Army 1961-1963
ROCKWELL, Louis S. Spouse of Reva G. Died 1950 
ROCKWELL, Reva G. Spouse of Louis S. Born 9-7- 1892 Died 11-12- 1963b. Friendship, NY- Dau. of John & Lois Wilson Graves
ROESKE, Arthur Paul Jr. Spouse of Rita STARKWEATHER Born 7-30-1920Died 1-04-2003 Age 82y Son of Arthur P. Sr. & Bessie (Paulman) Roeske,b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-18-1945 in Wellsville-NY, Andover-NYPolice Officer, Dairy/beef/potato farmer, vet-WWII US Army Air Force
ROESKE, Randy E. "Rocket" spouse of Deirdre Madden born 2/1/1952 died 3/29/2014 age 62y Son of Eli & Barbara Baldwin Roeske b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-16-1989 in Wellsville NY U.S. Marine Corps
ROESKE, Rita C. spouse of Arthur P. born 2-13-1927 died 12-12-2007age 80 Dau. of Wilbur & Lula Wolfe Starkweather b. Brookville PA d.Wellsville NY Wed 8-18-1945 in Wellsville NY
ROGERS, Cary F Spouse of Mary E. Died 1973 wed 1939 in Andover, NY
ROGERS, Mary E. Snyder Spouse of Cary F. Born 2-23-1919 Died 4-18-2002 Age 83 b. Coudersport, PA- Dau. of Daniel & Bell Hanchett Snyder
ROGERS, Sydney H. Spouse of William A. Born 11-12- 1920 Died 4-29-2001 Age 80 b. Alma, NY- Dau. of Lee & Ethel F. Jones Harder
ROGERS, William A. Spouse of Sydney H. Died 10-1- 1993 
ROSELL, Doris V. Spouse of Walter A. Born 6-12- 1906 Died 11-16- 1998Age 92y Dau of David & Maroa Owen Eddy b. Austinberg PA 
ROSELL, Jack Roland Spouse of Joan I. Garvey Born 11-30-1932 Died 3-16-2005Age 72y Son of Walter A. & Doris Eddy Rosell Wed: 9-11-1954 U.S. Airforce,Korean Conflict & 90th Bomb Squad
ROSELL, Walter A. Spouse of Doris V. Died 1965 Wed Nov. 06, 1926
ROSS, Shirley E. spouse of William E. born 7-20-1920 died 2-4-2011age   Dau. of Clarence & Lucy Hibbard Enos b. Elmira NY d.Wellsville NY Wed 5-4-1946 in Branchport William E. died 3-16-1992 
ROSSMAN, Bonnie J. Spouse of Gary A. Born 5/19/1950 Died 4/6/2002 Age51 Dau. of Harold & Leah Folts Dillon wed June 30 1973
ROSSRUCKER, John F. Spouse of Shirley Kohn Born 2-4-1920 Died 2-16-2005Age 85y Son of John F. & Mae Hannah Rossrucker b. New York City Wed:3-18-1946 at Fort Benning, Ga. U.S. Army 26th Infantry of the 1st Division(Big Red). 2 year prisoner of War in Germany. Bronze Star.
ROSSRUCKER, Shirley E. spouse of John F. born 9/3/1922 died 1/5/2013 age 90y Dau of Carl & Margery Griewisch Kohn b. Silver Creek NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-18-1946 in Fort Benning GA
ROULO, Randy R. spouse of Donna Carter born 11-29-1957 died 11-19-2007age 49 Son of Ronald & Thelma Marvin Roulo b. Olean NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-6-2004 in Scio NY 
RUGABER, Ralph C. Spouse of Roberta Born 2-22- 1914 Died 6-6- 1996Age 82 Son of Charles F. & Jessie ice Rugaber b. Galeton PA; Wed Jul.12, 1938
RYAN, Mildred Graves Born 6-1-1905 Died 9-5-2003 Age 98y dau of Mark& Clara Belle Gale Graves 
RYFF, John U. Born 1835 Died 1917 Age 82 
SCHEN, Carol O. Spouse of Margaret Died 5-30- 1973 
SCHEN, David C. born 8-2-1948 died 7-14-2004 Son of Harold & HelenSchen 
SCHEN, Harold A. spouse of Helen Pawlak born 11/8/1923 died 4/14/2013 age 89y Son of Carl & Luvae Ploss Schen b. & d. Wellsville NY Helen died 4-22-2004 U.S. Navy WW2 serving on the USS Augusta
SCHEN, Helen spouse of Harold born 11-14-1923 died 4-22-2004 age 80yDau. of Vincent & Katherine Pawlak b. Holland, N.Y. Wed: 7-19-1947in Olean, N.Y. 
SCHEN, Margaret B. Spouse of Carol O. Born 1-11- 1907 Died 5-11- 1993Dau of Henry & Mary Lehman Bohne foster child of August & CarolineBohne Brandes Wed Jun. 1946 
SCHRADER, Ervin J. Spouse of Ethel Born 9-19- 1907 Died 1-19- 1999Age 91y Son of Louis & Dorothea Gaus Schrader Wed Jun. 20, 1936
SCHRADER, Ethel Wilhelmina spouse of Ervin J. born 1911 died 4-5-2008age 96y Dau. of Charles & Edith Siedentop Bellamy b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-20-1936 
SCHREINER, Myrna J. Raub Spouse of Roger Born 7/12/1942 Died 9/30/2002Age 60 Dau. of Elmer & Lucy Jackson Raub
SCHRLAU, Clifford spouse of Zinnia Rice born 4-29-1924 died 6-20-2004age 80y Son of Howard & Lena Spence Schrlau b. Chagrin Falls, OhioWed: 11-1974
SCHRLAU, Florence N. Spouse of Howard Born 2-12-1913 Died 11-23-2003dau of Charles & Marcella Gibbons Tait
SCHRLAU, Howard Spouse of Florence N. Died 3-21-1954 m. Oct 26 1938
SCOTT, Virginia E. spouse of born 12/29/1919 died 11/21/2014 age 94y Dau of Johann & Armena Kimble Vossler b. & d. Wellsville NY
SCOVILLE, Marguerite C. spouse of Vernon M. born 1-17-1931 died 3-9-2007age 75 Dau. of Howard C. & Katherine Gorton Crandall b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 10-1-1955 in Alma NY
SERENA, Bert W. Spouse of Eleanor Born 1-20- 1924 Died 2-20- 2000 Sonof Bert & Marjorie Freelove Serena b. Wellsville, NY
SEVCIK, Emil W. spouse of Margaret Andolina born 4-15-1927 died 2-14-2008age 80y Son of Matej & Rose Cerny Sevcik b. Beaver County PA d. RochesterNY Wed 4-1-1978 in Las Vegas NV U.S. Coast Guard WW2 & U.S. Air Force 
SHEAR, Ella C. Spouse of George F. Born 3-20- 1909 Died 37074 Age 92yb. Town of Alma, NY- Dau. of Norman R. & Edith Clark Cline m. Aug.15, 1934 
SHEAR, George F. Spouse of Ella C. Died 10-1 1970 m. Aug. 15, 1934
SHEAR, Helen spouse of A. Norbert born 9-1-1914 died 2-25-2009 Dau.of Arthur L. & Mabel Williams Cornwell b. Chelsea OK d. WellsvilleNY 
SHEAR, Marjorie Dow Spouse of Norman Glenn Born 8/1/1921 Died 7/23/2000b. Houlton, Maine 
SHEAR, Norman Glenn Spouse of Marjorie Born 6-15- 1924 Died 11-7- 2001Age 77 b. Wellsville, NY- Son of Frederick C. & Hallie Rogers Shearm. 1954- US Army WW II
SHEAR, Richard C. "Dick" Spouse of Helen Born 9-30- 1910 Died 9-24-1995 Age 85 Son of August & Mary Hauser Shear Wed Aug. 14, 1939
SHEARED, Roy E. Spouse of Born 1937 Died 2005 
SHELLEY, Edward U. spouse of Shirley Dodge born 11-6-1932 died 2-4-2009Son of Norah & Florence Jackson Shelley b.Unknown d. Olean NY Wed 6-6-1956in Wellsville NY 
SHORT, Helen P. Spouse of Frank D. Born 6-25- 1926 Died 3-22- 1996Age 69 Dau of Charles & Dorothea Wesche Ballerstein Wed 2 Jan. 15,1976
SHORT, Norma J. spouse of born 4/2/1925 died 7/5/2012 age 87y Dau of Wlaton & Myra Thompson Rounds b. Harrison Valley PA d. Wellsville NY
SHUTT, Doran Lee spouse of Stella Kaple born 12-31-1930 died 3-10-2007age 76 Son of Carlton & Maude Sharp Shutt b. Bingham Center PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 1971
SIBBLE,  Dolores Auriel  spouse of C. Daniel  born 6-26-1915died 4-27-2010 age  Dau. of George & Eunice Keifer Shepard b.Sheffield PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-15-1934 
SICK, Robert E. "Bob" spouse of Rita Adams born 2-14-1926 died 10-13-2009age 83y Son of Herman & Hilda Vossler Sick b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 7-1-1955 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2 serving stateside in Alamenda& Livermore California
SIKARAS, Faith Hope spouse of James Theodore born 11-4-1932 died 10-29-2009age 76y Dau. of Emma Stange & Frederick R. Funke b. New York City NYd. Wallingford PA Wed 5-17-1956 in Floral Park FL
SIKARAS, James Theodore spouse of Faith Hope Funke born 3-25-1931 died8-15-2002 age 71y Son of Theodore & Helen Askounes Sikaras b. SpringvilleNY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-17-1956 in Floral Park FL  Lieutenant U.S.Army - At the time of his retirement after 36 years of service he was thelongest serving County Attorney in the State of New York 
SIMAR, Gladys M. Spouse of Martin C. Born 10-1- 1911 Died 10-11- 1992Age 81 Dau of Clinton & Mabel Isaman Boyd b. Perry NY 
SIMAR, Martin C. Spouse of Gladys M. Died 2-20- 1991 Wed Oct. 15, 1931
SIMMS, Regina Elizabeth spouse of Leland "Pete" born 10-6-1932 died2-18-2010 age Dau. of Harley & Dora Travis Baldwin b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
SIMMS. Leland W. "Pete" spouse of Regina Baldwin born 2-14-1927 died4-1-2004 age 77y Son of Harry & Lotta Evingham Simms b. Hornell NYd. Unknown U.S. Navy North Atlantic WW2
SIMONS, Eleanor M. spouse of Raymond W. born 12-29-1913 died 4-27-2007age 93y Dau. of Karl & Rebecca Meyer Buehring b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 11-19-1939 in Wellsville NY
SIMONS, Raymond W. spouse of Eleanor Buehring born 4-8-1915 died 11-19-2007age 92y Son of Benjamin H. & Stella Sortore Simons b. Town of AmityNY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-19-1939 in Wellsville NY
SKILLMAN, Florence V. "Flo" spouse of Franklin A. born 12-14-1920 died10-3-2010 age  Dau. of Arthur & Lillian Dean Earl b. ClevelandOH d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-28-1947 in Whitesville NY 
SLOAN, Geraldine M. Hurd Spouse of John L. Died 10-20-2000 m. July10 1937 In Wellsville NY
SLOAN, John L. Spouse of Geraldine M. Born 9-14-1918 Died 12-9-2003son of John P. & Tirzah Smith Sloan 
SLOCUM, Douglas Spouse of May Fanton Born 10-20- 1932 Died 3-28- 1990b. & d. Wellsville, NY- Son of Harold & Phillis Goodwich SlocumSr. 
SLOCUM, Harold J. spouse of Jean Stockin born 6/22/1930 died 9/10/2014 age 84y Son of Harold & Phyllis Goodridge Slocum b. Genesee PA d. Bath NY Wed 1954 in Arcade NY U.S. Air Force 1949-1952
SLOCUM, Winnifred M. "Winnie" Born 7/-7/-919 Died 8-27-2002 Age 83Dau. of Ernest F. & Wilhemnia G. Oestrich Geffers
SMITH, Beatrice H. "Bea" Died 6-13- 2000 b. Wirt, NY
SMITH, Charlotte L. spouse of Claude A. born 3/27/1921 died 11/26/2014 age 93y Dau of John & Louise Zimdal Jamieon b. Elmira NY d. Penn Yan NY Wed 5-29-1942 in Elmira NY Claude died 4-25-1986
SMITH, Claude A. spouse of Charlotte L. Jamieson born 1-23-1918 died5-8-2011 age 93y  Son of Claude A. &  Mamie Kustabader SmithSr. b. Corning NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-29-1941 in Elmira NY 
SMITH, Esther L. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 4-3- 1920 Died 11-18- 2000Age 80 Dau. of Frederick & Myrtle Sherk Miller b. Canada- m. 1938
SMITH, Margaret A. spouse of Paul R. born 6-8-1933 died 9-6-2004 age71y Dau. of William K. & Rose Kranz Armour b. Hornell, N.Y. Wed: 8-29-1953
SMITH, Paul R. spouse of Margaret A. Armour died 4-28-2000 Wed: 8-29-1953
SMITH, Richard E. Spouse of Beulah King /Ann Fuller Born 08-09-1929Died 04-04-2003 Age 73 born in Wellsville, NY to Eugene & Emily EllisonSmith. US Navy WWII vet. res. of Wellsville, NY
SMITH, Roland J. spouse of Ptricia A. Barnes born 12-11-1928 died 5-1-2011age 82y  Son of Ernest & Anna Davis Smith b. Wellsville NY d.Rochester NY Wed 8-31-1952 in Wellsville NY 
SMITH, Samuel Spouse of Margaret Died 5-21- 1949 Wed Mar. 05, 1927;1st husband
SNYDER, Helen Born 5-5- 1909 Died 6-19- 2000 b. Alma, NY
SOBECK, Francis R. Spouse of Gladys Born 2-5- 1931 Died 9-29- 1990Age 59 Son of Joseph Frank & Grace Spatzer Sobeck Wed Sep. 08, 1956
SOBEK, John F. "Whiff" born 11-7-1943 died 5-4-2004 Son of Steven &Christine DeVore Sobek 
SPARGUR, Helen "Peg" Spouse of William W. Born 6-17- 1913 Died 8-25-1992 Age 79 Dau of Asa P. & Helen Morgan Root
SPARGUR, William W. Spouse of Helen Died 12-6- 1966 Wed Nov. 21, 1936
SPICER, Florence M. Born 7-20- 1890 Died 2-27- 1997 Age 106y Dau ofElmer E. & Etta Gowdy Spicer Registered Nurse & superintendentof Jones Mem. Hosp. in Wellsville, NY
SPINA, Anna Born 9-9- 1914 Died 4-4- 2000 b. Niagara Falls, NY
SPREITZER, Gertrude B. spouse of Werner P. born 12-12-1929 died 7-2-2010age 87y Dau. of John M. & Augusta Spreitzer b. Richmond Hills d. WellsvilleNY Wed 6-1-1941 Werner P. died 4-11-1996
SPRINGER, Eve D. spouse of Clifford born 6-20-1922 died 7-22-2008 Dau.of Vern & Grace Roeske Derring b. U/K d. Munster IN 
STANNARD, Lucille Spouse of R. Dow Born 1906 Died 1985 
STANNARD, R . Dow Spouse of Lucille Jordan Born 12-17-1907 Died 6-19-2005Age 97y Son of Edson Devol & Mattie Briggs Stannard 
STARKS, Ruth C. Born 6-21-1923 Died 12-07-2002 Age 79y Dau of NelsonSr. & Effie (Beabout) Starks, b. West Valley-NY, d. Dansville-NY
STARR, Paul spouse of Brenda Knickerbocker born 9/17/1939 died 11/16/2013 age 74y Son of Stephen & Mary Eastwood Starr b. New Britain CT d. Gainesville FL Wed 7-19-1961 in Hornell NY U.S. Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa Japan
STEBBINS, Charles Spouse of Alta son of Charles & Alta Clarl StebbinsUS Army m. Feb 20 1943 in Wellsville NY 
STEBBINS, Herrington C Spouse of Thressa Eaton Born 1-27-1913 Died11-20-2002 Age 89 s/o Charles and Alta Clark Stebbins U.S. Army WW II m.Feb 20 1943 in Wellsville NY
STEBBINS, Theresa H. spouse of Herrington C. born 5-12-1921 died 11-29-2007age 86 Dau. of Clarence & Mabel Aldrich Eaton b. Tuscorora d. WellsvilleNY Wed 2-20-1943 in Wellsville NY
STEPHENS, Maurice W. "Mose" Spouse of Sara E. C Died 5-25- 1986 m.May 26, 1937
STEPHENS, Sara E. Spouse of Maurice W. "Mose" Born 7-15- 1915 Died6-7- 2001 Age 85 b. Town of Bolivar, NY- Dau. of Luman J. & KathrynChristman Cleveland m. May 26, 1937
STEVENS, Agnes A. Spouse of R. Sanford Born 7-16- 1914 Died 9-22- 1999Age 85 b. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Albert & Katherine Deschler Arnold
STEVENS, Agnes Arnold spouse of Sanford "Sammy" born 7/16/1914 died 9/22/1999 age Dau of Albert & Katherine Arnold b. & d. Unknown Wed 6-12-1939 in Wellsville NY
STEVENS, Jay D. spouse of born 9/11/1960 died 9/27/2012 age 52y Son of James & Nancy McCracken Stevens b. Wellsville NY d. Coudersport PA
STEVENS, Paul W. Jr. spouse of Allice A . Vossler born 7-3-1931 died6-25-2004 age 72y Son of Paul W. & Margaret Hull Stevens Sr. b. &d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-29-1972 in Wellsville NY U.S. Air Force Korea 
STEVENS, Sanford "Sammy" Spouse of Agnes Arnold Born 12-29-1913 Died4-9-2005 Son of Thomas & Clara Smith Stevens b. Alfred, N.Y. Wed: 6-12-1939 
STEVENS, Sanford "Sammy" spouse of Agnes Arnold born 12/29/1913 died 4/9/2005 age Son of Thomas & Clara Smith Stevens b. Alfred NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-12-1939 in Wellsville NY
STEWART, Arnold G. spouse of Emaline W. born 1910 died 1974 
STEWART, Emaline W. spouse of Arnold born 12-27-1912 died 8-9-2000age 87y Dau. of Collins & Josie Cornish Whittemore b. South Canisteo,N.Y. 
STEWART, James L. Spouse of Jo Ann Born 3-7- 1932 Died 5-15- 1988 Sonof Arnold & Emaline Whittemore Stewart b. Canisteo NY; Wed Dec. 31,1965; Vet-Korea
STEWART, Jeffrey James "Stewy" born 12-2-1966 died 6-17-1999 age 32Son of James L. & Joanne Baldwin Stewart 
STISSER, Howard G. Spouse of Ruth Born 6-16- 1912 Died 5-19- 1998 Age85 Son of Clarence & Frances Pinney Stisser b. Coudersport PA; WedSep. 28, 1945
STIVES, Alta Clark Stebbins Spouse of Charles Stebbins/Samuel HowardStives Sr. Born 6-29- 1892 Died 1- 1973 b. Allegany, NY- Dau. of William& Cora Clark d. Wellsville, NY
STIVES, Dorothy Elizabeth Born 10-8- 1907 Died 10-23- 1907 b. &d. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Louis Thomas & Martha Nancy Messler Stives
STIVES, Louis Thomas Spouse of Martha Nancy Born 11-10 1873 Died 2-24-1964 b. Titusville, PA- Son of William Louis & Eunice Pauline RobertsStives d. Bolivar, NY
STIVES, Marion Gladys Born 6-17- 1915 Died 9-1- 1915 b. & d. Wellsville,NY- Dau. of Louis Thomas & Martha Nancy Messler Stives
STIVES, Martha Nancy Messler Spouse of Louis Thomas Born 1-18- 1888Died 3-10- 1971 b. Alma, NY- d. Wellsville, NY
STIVES, Rowland Thomas Born 2-4- 1917 Died 8-8- 1917 b. & d. Wellsville,NY- Son of Louis Thomas & Martha Nancy Messler Stives
STOCKTON, Florence J. Spouse of Richard Born 09-17-1940 Died 05-22-2003Age 62 b.Springville, NY to Ellis Rice & Lenore Milks m. Aug 21 1993in St. Cloud FL 
STOLL, Dorothy spouse of Howard T. born 11/9/1916 died 4/4/2010 age 95y Dau of Glenn E. & Freelove Stonham Brown b. & d. Wellsville NY Howard T. died 3-27-1983
STRAIT, Asahel T. Born 3-29- 1875 Died 10-30- 1963 b. Pike, NY- 
STRONG, Loleta L. "Jake" spouse of Fred born 9-28-1910 died 9-12-2008age 97y Dau. of Herman & Maude Wheeler Lehman b. & d. WellsvilleNY 
STUCK, Anna A. born 7-24-1937 died 8-11-2004 age 67 Dau. of Gordon& Violet Hale Stuck 
STUCK, Susan A.   born 4-26-1970 died  10-27-2011 age41y  Dau. of Warren Davidson & Anna Stuck b. Syracuse NY d. GowandaNY 
SWARTHOUT, Edward George Spouse of Ruth E. Born 3-28-1931 Died 11-15-2002Age 91y son of George & Lena Townsend Swarthout
SWARTHOUT, Mary G. spouse of Norris L. born Unknown died 4-28-2010 
SWEET, Florence A. spouse of Milton H. born 12/6/1917 died 8/24/2013 age 95y Dau of Frank & Jessie Witter Phillips b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-14-1942 in Wellsville NY Milton died 7-13-2006
SWEET, Robert C. spouse of Gladys Dickinson born 5-31-1919 died 3-27-2011age 91y  Son of Milford C. & Lydia Fleischman Sweet b. & d.Wellsville NY Wed 11-10-1942 in Fayetteville NC U.S. Army WW2 101st Airborne- He was part of the invasion force at Normandy & served in Europe- 2 Purple Hearts - Also received French Jubilee of Liberty Medal &French Legion of Honor Medal 
SZALLA, Philip F. spouse of born 2/27/1943 died 10/24/2014 age 71y Son of Louis & Helen Theel Szalla b. Lockport NY d. Buffalo NY Veteran of U.S Army
TAGGART, Bruce V. spouse of Wilma Withey born 8-23-1921 died 7-14-2008age 86y Son of George & Lula Bell Ryder Taggart b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 8-4-1945 in Olean NY U.S. Marine Corps WW2
TAYLOR, Bessie E. Spouse of Isaac, Sr. born 12-24-1906 Died 3-10-2005age 98y Dau. of Frank & Lydia Sherwood Harrington b. Shinglehouse,Pa. Wed: August, 1927 
TAYLOR, Gerry Albert Born 11-26- 1963 Died 11-26- 1963 Age Infant InfantSon of Garry Taylor
TAYLOR, Lloyd E. spouse of Beatrice Kruger born 5-26-1914 died 2-19-2008age 93y Son of Ernest & Grace Taylor b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Wed8-23-1941 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army South Pacific WW2
TAYLOR, Ruth Marie spouse of Gilbert Jr. born 1-20-1920 died 1-9-2010age Dau. of Fred & Irene Hartman Dannheim b. Bolivar NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 9-28-1937 in Wellsville NY 
TELLER, Kathleen Spouse of Russell TELLER Born 12-29-1925 Died 7-29-2004Age 78y Dau of Cecil & Ruth (Watson) Curtin, b. Alma-NY, d. Mount Morris-N,,Wed 1-18-1947
TELLER, Russell spouse of Kathleen died 10-23-2001 Wed: 1-18-1947
THOMAS, Marian H. Born 6-28- 1901 Died 11-28- 1999 Son of Emmett &Anna Graham Seeley
THOMAS, Nolan William spouse of born 2/24/2014 died 3/1/2014 age Infant Son of Ryan & Valerie Thomas b. Canandaigua NY d. Rochester NY
THOMAS, Ronald W. spouse of Susan Fleischman born 9-2-1950 died 4-29-2007age 56 Son of Frank & Esther Grover Thomas (foster son of Theodore& Lucille Hall Bliven) b. Ithaca NY d. Wellsville NY Volunteer Firefighterdied in the line of duty by drowning
THOMPSON, Frances M. "Fran" Spouse of William R. Born 2-16- 1913 Died2-4- 1998 Age 84 Dau of Hartman & Ida Balser Powell b. Portland; WedJan. 16, 1938 
THOMPSON, Harold G. Spouse of Norma Mae Wightman Born 2-21-1914 Died2-1-2005 Age 90y Son of Claude & Mabel Grover Thompson b. Roulette,Pa. Wed: 6-13-1941 Civil Air Patrol during WW2 
THOMPSON, Janet Spouse of Thorold Died 1-18- 1963 Wed Apr. 19, 1947
THOMPSON, Llyod G. Spouse of Ruth E. Died 12-24-1994 
THOMPSON, Mary Spouse of Thorold Born 9-6- 1926 Died 2-22- 1988 Age61 Dau of Alfred & Mildred MCGinnis b. Genesee PA; Wed Oct. 01, 1963 
THOMPSON, Robert A. Spouse of Ruth T Born 6-18-1920 Died 2-6-2001 Age80 son of Herbert & Mary Bertron Thompson US Army WW II
THOMPSON, Ruth E. Spouse of Llyod G. Born 6-3-1909 Died 7-13-2003 Age94y dau of Albert & May Hayes Coffman
THOMPSON, Thorold Spouse of Janet Born 8-3- 1915 Died 6-14- 1992 Age76 Son of Ernest J. & Marion Bame Thompson b. Holland NY Vet-WWII
THOMPSON, William R. Spouse of Frances P Born 5-7-1912 Died 2-9-2005Age 92y son of John & Mary Jefferson Thompson 
THOMPSON, William R. Spouse of Frances Powell Born 5-7-1912 Died 2-9-2005Age 92y Son of John & Mary Jefferson Thompson b. Dunkirk, N.Y. Wed:1-16-1938 in Fredonia
TOMPKINS, Mona Spouse of Ralph M. Born 8-2- 1914 Died 4-22- 1995 Age80 Dau of John K. & Georgia Smurr Cochran Wed Jan. 28, 1940 
TOMPKINS, Ralph M. "Tim' Spouse of Mona Born 8-16- 1906 Died 5-25-2001 Age 94y Son of Charles M. & Pearl Stoup Tompkins
TRANSKI, Victor G. Spouse of Anna Marie Born 9-16- 1914 Died 4-11-2002 Age 87 b. Buffalo, NY- Son of Frank & Mary Puchalski Transki m.OCt. 13, 1938 in Smethport, PA
TRASK, Paul D. spouse of Linda D. Dunning born 7-5-1946 died 5-12-2011age 64y  Son of Gerald K. & Ruth J. Fennemore Trask b. Cuba NYd. Wellsville NY Wed 3-19-1970 in Fairfield CA  U.S. Air Force VietnamWar 
TRAVER, Rowena M. Newman spouse of Harold J. born 1921 died 1-9-2008age 87 No information
TREZISE, Gladys Lunn Spouse of Richard E Born 12-23-1912 Died 11-15-2002Age 89 daughter of Frank E. and Edna Ruth Lunn Sr. m. Dec.30, 1936 ArtTeacher
TREZISE, Richard Edwin Spouse of Gladys Lunn born 7-26-1911 died 3-28-2004age 92 Son of Henry & Myrtle Thompson Trezise b. Morristown, N.J. Wed:12-30-1936 in New Paltz Lieutenant U.S. Navy European & Japanese Theatersof Operations aboard USS Ludlow
TROWBRIDGE, Theresa L. spouse of H. Bruce born 3-30-1936 died 10-22-2009age 73y Dau. of Neil & Mary Dugan Cline b. Inavale NY d. Olean NY Wed9-26-1952 in DeWitt NY
TUCKER, Janice M. Peschko spouse of Donald S. /Roderick C. born 3-4-1917died 1-24-2005 age 87 dau of Horace & Teresa Dyre Morgan m. 1st donaldS. Peschko d. Mar 6 1975
TULLAR, Bayard C. IV "Jesse" Born 7-12- 1974 Died 10-27- 2001 Age 27ySon of Bayard C. III "Trey" & Karen Tomah Tullar b. Olean NY
TULLAR, Teresa "Tess" spouse of Bayard C. born 5/14/1929 died 11/7/2013 age 84y Dau of Leo & Marian Jadwin Hunt b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-1949 Bayard died 1-1990
UTTER, Charles V. Sr. Spouse of Eva Born 1903 Died 1974 Wed Nov. 22,1922
UTTER, Eva S. Spouse of Charles V. Sr. Born 8-27- 1904 Died 5-20- 1983Age 78 Dau of William & Josephine Axtell Sortore; b. Belmont NY 
UTTER, Hattie Spouse of William Born 1884 Died 1943 
UTTER, William Spouse of Hattie Born 1879 Died 1960 
VAN DRUFF, Albert F. Sr. Spouse of Alice "Peggy" Born 11-28- 1915 Died9-29- 1999 Age 83 b. Hornell, NY- Son of Fred & Lula Bartles Van Druff
VAN DRUFF, Alice A. "Peggy" spouse of Albert F. Sr. born 6-13-1924died 6-30-2010 age 86y Dau. of Peter & Lena Johnson Cole b. & d.Wellsville NY Wed 6-14-1942 in Wellsville NY 
VAN RYN, Edward G. Spouse of Margaret Died 1983 Wed Dec. 21, 1974
VAN RYN, Margaret Smith Spouse of Edward G. Born 4-4- 1904 Died 11-221994 Dau of James & Barbara Mackie Gordon b. Aberdeen, Scotland; Wed1 Mar. 05, 1927 to Samuel Smith
VAN TYNE, Patricia B. spouse of Arthur M. born 12/30/1926 died 2/24/2014 age 87y Dau of Harry H. & Ada S. Boyd b. Chicago IL d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-13-1946 in Chicago IL Married 67 years
VARNEY, Raymond C. "Tom" Spouse of Bernice Hughes Born 6/8/1921 Died4/16/2002 Age 80 Son of Carlos T. & Nellie Larkin Varney US Army Battery554th Anti-Aircraft Arty Bat
VAUGHN, Genevieve M Spouse of Walter D Born 4/13/1925 Died 12/4/2002Age 77 dau of Floyd & Florence Latten Cline b. Town of Independence
VAUGHN, Mary Letha spouse of Herbert born 6-14-1936 died 1-4-2007 Dau.of Lawrence & Virginia Millspaugh McCracken b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 11-24-1954 in Wellsville NY 
VAUGHN, Walter D Spouse of Genevieve M Died 11/1/1987 wed Oct. 12,1946
VINCENT, Francis D. Spouse of Virginia Tucker Born 6-22-1922 Died 10-24-2003son of Albert & Vera White Vincent US Air Force WW II m. Aug 23 1950
VonLATTA, Claud T. Spouse of Jane A. Alsworth Died 3/13/1992 wed Nov.14,1951
VonLATTA, Jane A. Alsworth Spouse of Claud T. Born 6-11- 1931 Died3-9-2002 Age 70 b. Wellsville, NY- Dau. of Mark L. & Onalee HarterAlsworth
VOSSLER, Anna W. spouse of Merritt R. born 12-5-1918 died 11-10-2007age 88 Dau. of Albert & Carolina Miller Link b. Town of Allen NY d.Wellsville NY Wed 4-21-1939 in Allen Center NY 
VOSSLER, Donald W. spouse of Janice Shultz born 1-18-1927 died 3-4-2011age   Son of Karl & Bertha Brandes Vossler b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-19-1954 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army 
VOSSLER, Theodore P. Born 2-18- 1904 Died 4-18- 2000 b. Wellsville,NY
WAITKUS, Joseph Born 9-2- 1906 Died 4-19- 2000 b. New York City, NY
WALCHLI, Anna Ryff Spouse of Gottfried Born 10-22-1864 Died 1-21-1936Age 71 
WALCHLI, Blanche Scherer Spouse of Frederick G. Born 11-8-1902 Died6-13-1978 Age 76 
WALCHLI, Carl W. Spouse of Madoline (Childs) Born 10-8-1892 Died 6-26-1940Age 47 
WALCHLI, Dorothea E. Born 3-29- 1903 Died 7-15- 1988 Age 85 Dau ofGottfried & Ann Ryff Walchli
WALCHLI, Edward A. Spouse of Kathleen Born 8-30-1896 Died 7-22-1960Age 63 wed 10-30-1930
WALCHLI, Elizabeth Anne born 7-15-1954 died 3-5-2004 age 49 dau ofJohn W. & Anne Bornand Walchli
WALCHLI, Emma Born 6-17-1900 Died 6-15-1990 Age 89 
WALCHLI, Frederick G. Spouse of Blanche Born 1-1-1887 Died 1-21-1936Age 71 
WALCHLI, Gottfried Anna (Ryff) Spouse of Anna Born 8-8-1861 Died 6-15-1947Age 85 Married 9-12-1885
WALCHLI, Hans W. Spouse of Zada Born 7-14-1888 Died 5-8-1973 Age 85wed 9-21-1915
WALCHLI, Herman H. Sr. Spouse of Mary Born 10-21-1891 Died 12-16-1977Age 86 wed 10-11-1917
WALCHLI, Jacob E. Born 1896 Died 1907 Age 11y 
WALCHLI, John William Sr. spouse of  Anne born 6-26-1921 died5-29-2010 age 88y Son of Otto & Marion Judge Walchli b. Unknown d.Phoenix AZ  U.S. Air Force 486 Bomb Group as Intelligence Specialistin Sudbury Suffolk England creating bombing mission maps & folders WW2
WALCHLI, Kathleen Wormley Spouse of Edward A. Born 1902 Died 1989 Age87 wed 10-30-1930
WALCHLI, Marion J. Spouse of Otto W. Born 2-28- 1896 Died 12-27- 1985Age 89 Dau of Levi & Emma Chamberlain Judge b. Franklinville NY 
WALCHLI, Mary Sullivan Spouse of Herman H. Sr. Died 3-6-1972 wed 10-11-1917
WALCHLI, Otto W. Spouse of Marion J Born 7-16-1895 Died 9-19-1968 WedSep. 28, 1920
WALCHLI, Zada E. Brands Spouse of Hans W. Born 9-23-1892 Died 3-4-1997Age 104y 
WALKER, Gay H. Spouse of Robert J. Died 2-10-1985 2nd wife
WALKER, Robert J. Spouse of Thelma E. Born 4-20- 1902 Died 8-3-1991Age 89y Son of Warren & Agnes Cline Walker Wed 2 Gay H. Roberts
WALKER, Thelma E. Spouse of Robert J. Died 8-17-1953 1st wife
WALL, Lucille Alice Weber Spouse of Robert F. Born 9/15/1917 Died 2/25/2002Age 84y Dau. of Edward & Blanche Jones Weber
WALL, Robert F. Spouse of Lucille Alice Died 3/9/1982 wed July 1946
WASHBURN, John Spouse of Phyllis Goodridge Born 1-31- 1917 Died 11-11-2000Son of Fred & Rose Stearns Washburn m. June 14, 1952- US Army WW IIPhilipines- b. Almond, NY
WASSERLOOS, Robert Peter spouse of Celia Button born 2-24-1921 died9-4-2011 age 90y  Son of Rudolf & Gertrude Gallman Wasserloosb. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-14-1945 in Wellsville NY 
WATERS, Charles John "Chucky" spouse of born 8-3-1959 died 12-29-2009age 50y Son of Robert E. & Patricia R. Lincoln Waters b. Buffalo NYd. Wellsville NY 
WEBER, Dorothy H. Spouse of Roy E. Sr. Born 12-26- 1924 Died 4-13-1996 Age 71y Dau of Homer & Glayds Phillips Fancher b. Bolivar NY 
WEBER, Elva M. Born 11-16- 1907 Died 4-18- 2000 b. Buffalo, NY
WEBER, Roy E. Sr. Spouse of Dorothy H. Died 4-8-1991 Wed Jun. 18, 1946
WEDGE, Candace M. spouse of Loren born 10-3-1953 died 11-20-2002 age49y Dau. of Donald & Anna Halsey Murray b. & d. Wellsville NY 
WEIGAND, G. Robert "Bob" spouse of Jacqueline Conde born 12-9-1945died 8-3-2007 age 61y Son of Glenn & Helen Crowley Weigand b. HorseheadsNY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-31-1971 in Alfred NY
WEIGAND, Jacqueline "Jackie" Spouse of G. Robert WEIGAND Born 10-29-1945Died 7-26-2004 Age 58y Dau of Murlyn & Marco (Callahan) Conde, "Jackie",R.N., b. Montour Falls-NY, d. Sayre-PA, Wed 12-31-1971 in Alfred-NY
WEIMER, Albert L. "Al" spouse of Margaret Dick born 4-5-1917 died 2-20-2011age 93y  Son of Willis & Coral Knapp Weimer b. Port Allegany PAd. Coudersport PA Wed 12-20-1941 in Bolivar NY U.S. Army WW2 in the SignalCorps in the Pacific Theater of Operation reaching Rank of Captain
WEIMER, Glade Dorr spouse of Valera Fessenden born 8-3-1913 died 1-30-2003age 89y Son of Ray Otis & Carrie Hitchcock Weimer b. on Startwell Creekin Potter County PA d. Naples FL Wed 2-2-1938 in Wellsville NY 
WEIMER, Valera F. spouse of Glade born 7-21-1915 died 12-28-2007 age92y Dau. of Carroll Bane & Emma Ziski Fessenden b. Roulette PA d. NaplesFL Wed 2-2-1938 in Wellsville NY 
WEINGARTEN, Sidney Born 9-23-1925 Died 8-27-2003 Age 77y 
WEINHAUER, Sibyl Ann spouse of William P. born 9/29/1926 died 11/10/2014 age 88y Dau of Eldon & Ina Hung Ackley b. Westfield PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-29-1973 in Westfield PA Husband #1 Elwin Bliss Husband #2 Carl Cutlip
WELLS, Arthur spouse of Sara born 1861 died 1951 
WELLS, Richard D. spouse of Darlene born 1939 died 7/7/2014 age 75y NY State Troopers for 20 years - U.S. Army NY National Guard
WELLS, Sara spouse of Arthur born 1876 died 1949 
WELLS, Vincent E. spouse of Eleanor J. Weber born 3-13-1912 died 5-3-2007age 95y Son of Clark R. & Josephine Muckey Wells b. Olean NY d. AllentownNY Wed 9-1-1947 in Smethport PA U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 as a Chemical Officerin European Theater of Operation Awarded European & American Campaign& Good Conduct Medal 
WESCHE, Ernest Adolph Spouse of Eleanor Sprague Born 3-5-1920 Died7-28-2003 Age 83y son of William and Emma Hull Wesche m. 6-5-1943 in Dunkirk,NY
WESCHE, Melvin G. Born 11-19-1950 Died 7-2-2001 b. Johnson City- Sonof Lewis C. & Clara Perry Wesche
WHELPLEY, Robert J. Sr. spouse of Agatha Wasserloos "Bunny" born 11/5/1929 died 12/25/2011 age Son of William & Marion Senft Whelpley b. Wellsville NY d. Sun City AZ Wed 11-11-1950
WHITE, Lois J. spouse of Robert L. born 12/8/1930 died 8/23/2014 age 83y Dau of Claude L. & Mabel E. Austin b. & d. Wellsville NY
WHITE, Robert L. spouse of Lois J. Austin born 2-10-1929 died 8-21-2007age 78y Son of Adelbert V. & Dorothea Schram White b. Scio NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 2-20-1948 
WIEDEMANN, Merritt A. spouse of Helen "Kathy" Betts born 10/7/1925 died 12/27/2014 age 89y Son of Herman & Hazel Ahl Wiedemann b. Unadilla NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-17-1958 U.S. Merchant Marines WW2 He sailed to the India & Mediterranean area & later on oil tankers from Baltimore to the Texas coast
WIGHTMAN, Adelaide spouse of Walter E. "Red" born 9/17/1916 died 11/6/2012 age 96y Dau of Oscar & Minnie Shearer McClure b. Salamanca NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-29-1941 in Salamanca NY
WIGHTMAN, Frederick G. Born 12-14-1913 Died 5-21- 2000 b. Wellsville,NY
WIGHTMAN, Robert Spouse of Theds Born 4-1918 Died 8-14- 1972 b. Wellsville,Y- Son of Edward & Carrie Foster Wightman
WIGHTMAN, Theda M. spouse of Robert D. born 9-21-1918 died 9-28-2007age 90y Dau. of George & Jennie Bush Rossman b. Town of Ward NY d.Wellsville NY Wed 12-8-1945 in Wellsville NY 
WIGHTMAN, Walter E. "Red" spouse of Adelaide born 1/16/1916 died 12/31/2005 age Son of Edward & Clarissa Belle Foster Wightman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-29-1941 in Salamanca NY U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater & was named the Army's baseball MVP of that Theater
WILKINS, Minnie M. spouse of Clarke D . born 11-4-1915 died 3-19-2008age 92y Dau. of Harry & Inez Spence Jones b. & d. Wellsville NYWed 5-25-1934 in Wellsville NY 
WILKINS, Wilma V. spouse of Marvel born 10-6-1914 died 7-30-2011 age96y  Dau. of Thomas E. & Leah Wilkins Klein b. & d. WellsvilleNY Wed 10-1-1933 in Little Genesee NY Marvel died 8-22-1963
WILLETTS, Eva I. spouse of Carl E. born 2/27/1943 died 12/10/2012 age 69y Dau of Walter Howard/Melvin Smith Sr. & Pearl Delaba Howard b. Brockport NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-9-1968 Carl died 7-27-1984
WILLIAMS, Barbara spouse of Glenn E. born 1/22/1920 died 4/28/2014 age 94y Dau of Alvin E. & Helen Mather Chapin b. Cleveland OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-15-1966 in Central Park Glenn died in 1987 Barbara was very active in the Democratic Party and concerned about the environment human rights peace & music & an active participant in the Bump the Dump campaign
WILLIAMS, James H. Spouse of Virginia "Ginny" Shepard Born 4-29-1918Died 5-12-2005 Age 87y Son of Joseph & Elizabeth Ross Williams b. Tionesta,Pa. d. Brighton, N.Y. Wed: 1-2-1937 U. S. Army Infantry WW2
WILLIAMS, Yvonne Marie Born 12-20-1984 Died 2-2- 2001 Age 16y d/o DavidE & Carol DiMarco Williams Automobile Accident
WILLIS, Paula K. spouse of Donald M. born 6-26-1946 died 2-17-2010age Dau. of Truman S. & Helen Jones Eck b. Bradford PA d. WellsvilleNY Wed 12-28-1974 Willis died 6-4-2002
WILSON, Homer L. spouse of Josephine Hayes born 8-17-1923 died 7-12-2009age 85y Son of Larry & Blanche Johnson Wilson b. Shippensville PA d.Rochester NY Wed 8-10-1946 in Akron OH Wed wife #2 Annamae Young on 10-10-1998U.S. Army Air Force T/Sgt.1943-1946 U.S. Air Force Reserves for 36 yearsof service as Chief Master Sergeant
WINTERHALTER, Doris spouse of Clifford born 11-10-1919 died 3-18-2008Dau. of Ira & Carriebell Pierce Campbell b. Canisteo NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 5-18-1996 Wed Husband # 1 Malcolm Miller 10-16-1942 who died 2-28-1976 
WOLFE, Kenneth A. spouse of Ruth E. Parks born 9-29-1911 died 5-13-2008age 96y Son of Charles & Louise Pickup Wolfe b. Cherry Creek NY d.Wellsville NY Wed 9-3-1932 in Forestville NY 
WOLFE, Ruth E. Parks spouse of Kenneth A. born 2-8-1915 died 2-2-2004age 88 y Dau. of Alfred & Lillian Kinkaid Parks b. Irving, N.Y. Wed:9-3-1932 in Forestville, N.Y.
WOOD, Marquerite Elaine Spouse of Ronald Lee Sr. Died 11-1-2002 Age61y dau of Harold H. York Sr. & Sally Kelsey Brownlee
WOODWORTH, Richard E. spouse of Mary Marshall died 8-21-2008 Son ofRaymond & Dorothy Woodworth b. U/K d. Washington DC
WORMLEY, Beatrice C. "Bea" Spouse of Forrest Born 2-28-1914 Died 3-7-1999Age 85y Dau of Charles & Rosa Cook Tyler b. Oswayo PA
WORMLEY, Forrest Spouse of Beatrice C. Died 5-17-1984 
YAW, Glennis A. Spouse of Lorretta Mae Born 12-8-1913 Died 12/4/2000Age 86y Son of Irvin & Cora Ross Washburn Herbert & Sannie Rossadoptive Parents b. Prattsburg, NY- m. Mar. 14, 1937
YAW, Loretta Mae Born 6-27-1916 Died 3-15-2000 b. Bristol Center, NY
YERRICK, William L. Died 6-12-2003 
YURCIC, Michael R. spouse of Sherry Stillman Wade born 6-22-1945 died11-6-2010 age 65y  Son of Nicholas & Maxine McJunkin Yurcic b.St. Louis MO d. Rochester NY Wed 5-5-2000 U.S. Army serving with MilitaryPolice during Vietnam War 
YURCIC, Nicholas A Spouse of Stella Maxine McJunkin Died 10-2-1985wed August 16, 1941in Indiana, PA
YURCIC, Stella Maxine McJunkin Spouse of Nicholas A. Born 10-23-1913Died 3-28-2002 Age 88y b. Vandirgrift, PA- Dau. of Ross H. & Mary McJunkin Dau. of Lloyd & Edna Griggs Hanchett b. Wellsville NY d. Andover NY Former Husband James Patrick

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