Town of Genesee
Compiled by: Charlie Barrett & Judy Shick
Submitted by PHGS Members: Dan & Sally Maxson
Photos by Frankie Stonemetz

(DN) Death Notice- (F) Family- (G) Genealogy- (O) Obituary- (R) Records- (TS) Tombstone

ABBEY, Edward W. Spouse of Florence E. Born 1909 TS
ABBEY, Florence E. Spouse of Edward W. Born 1908 Died 1970 TS
ADAMS, Albert D. Spouse of Oralie A. Born 1896 Died 1962 TS
ADAMS, Elias B. Spouse of Myra D. Born 1857 Died 1938 TS
ADAMS, Myra D. Spouse of Elias B. Born 1862 Died 1931 TS
ADAMS, Oralie A. Spouse of Albert D. Born 1898 Died 1976 TS
ALFORD Spouse of Mary Irish Mausoleum R
AMES, Esther Fisk Spouse of W. Joseph Born 1919 Died 7-1-1995 TS
AMES, Lula E. Born 1881 Died 1926 TS
AMES, W. Joseph Spouse of Esther Born 1-6-1915 Died 10-19-1998 Son of Charles & Lula Foster Ames TS
ARMSTRONG, Alta C. Born 1856 Died 1858 Dau of Thomas J. & ElizabethM. Armstrong TS
ARMSTRONG, Carrie Spouse of Herman Born 1883 Died 1951 TS
ARMSTRONG, Charles Spouse of Mary Born 1863 Died 1938 Son of ThomasJ. & Elizabeth Armstrong TS
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1822 Died 1911 TS
ARMSTRONG, George W. Died 7-28-1879 Son of Armstrong TS
ARMSTRONG, Helen M. Spouse of Sherman A. Born 1915 Died 1998 TS
ARMSTRONG, Helen M. Spouse of Sherman Born 3-28-1915 Died 7-11-1998Dau of Gurd & Nettie Brown Safford LOT NS O
ARMSTRONG, Herman Spouse of Carrie Born 1876 Died 1922 Son of ArmstrongTS
ARMSTRONG, James K. Born 1847 Died 1848 Son of Thomas J. & ElizabethM. Armstrong TS
ARMSTRONG, Mary Spouse of Charles Born 1860 Died 1949 TS
ARMSTRONG, Sherman A. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1904 Died 1973 TS
ARMSTRONG, Thomas J. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1820 Died 1908 TS
ATKINS, Ronald G. Born 1936 Died 1995 TS
AUD, Rose Spouse of Stanley Born 1882 Died 1965 TS
AUD, Stanley Spouse of Rose Born 1890 Died 1965 TS
AUSTIN, Harold M. Spouse of Anne Unfus Born 12-28-1916 Died 8-31-2001b. Rushford, NY- m. 1-1-1938- Son of Frank & Lela Porter Austin
BAINBRIDGE, Lee F. Born 5-15-1924 Died 1-23-1993 TS
BAKER, Adaline Slackey Born 1848 Died 1914 LOT C-1d TS
BAKER, Charlotte Spouse of Lyman Born 5-11-1825 Died 3-1-1894 Dau ofRobert M. & Mary Dow LOT C-2d TS
BAKER, Esther E. Spouse of Lyman S. Born 1903 Died 1983 TS
BAKER, Everett Spouse of Vera J. Born 1923 Died 1962 TS
BAKER, Floyd A. Born 1889 Died 1914 TS
BAKER, Floyd D. Born 1929 Died 1997 TS
BAKER, George Born 1844 Died 1931 Son of Baker Vet-CW Co D 136 GecNyv+N63 LOT C-1d 0
BAKER, Lloyd A. Born 1889 Died 1914 Son of Baker LOT C-1d TS
BAKER, Lottie L. Born 1938 Died 1954 Dau of Lyman S. & Esther E.Baker TS
BAKER, Lyman S. Spouse of Esther E. Born 1881 Died 1954 Son of BakeerTS
BAKER, Lyman Spouse of Charlotte D Born 9-19-1822 Died 3-30-1895 Sonof Samuel & Chloe Baker- Vet-CW 85th NYS Vols LOT C-2d TS
BAKER, Rebecca spouse of Raymond L. born 11/6/1935 died 9/16/2011 age Dau of Edward & Nina Stonemitz Childs b. Cuba NY d. Obi NY Wed 7-17-1954 in Obi NY
BAKER, Vera J. Spouse of Everett Born 1926 Died 1963 TS
BARBER, Alice Born 1896 Died 1977 Dau of Hahlon & Mary Haines LOTC-2f TS
BARBER, Almina E. Spouse of H. H. Born 1845 Died 1925 TS
BARBER, Ann M. Barber Born 3-20- 1856 Died 1-19-1872 TS
BARBER, Clara E. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1897 TS
BARBER, Frank L. Spouse of Clara E. Born 1880 Died 1945 TS
BARBER, Fred W. Spouse of Helen Born 1880 Died 1974 TS
BARBER, H. H. Spouse of Almina E. Born 1841 Died 1900 Son of ? &Blance M. .Barber Reverend TS
BARBER, Helen C. Spouse of Fred W. Born 1878 Died 1960 TS
BARBER, Mary Born 1820 Died 1898 TS
BARBER, Mary E. Spouse of William E. Born 1870 Died 1932 TS
BARBER, Mary P. Barber Born 10-7-1852 Died 10-4- 1863 TS
BARBER, Paul F. Born 7-20-1914 Died 11-8-1988 Son of Fred W. &Helen C. Barber TS
BARBER, William E. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1863 Died 1935 TS
BARNUM, Delia M. Spouse of William E. Born 1888 Died 1915 1st wife?TS
BARNUM, Marion E. Born 1908 Died 1915 Child of William E. & DeliaBarum TS
BARNUM, William E. Spouse of Bertha Born 1883 Died 1953 Wed twice?TS
BEALES, Chester A. Born 1804 Died 1834 1st burial TS
BELLAMY, Chhestley A. Spouse of Ruby A. Born 1914 Died 1957 TS
BELLAMY, Ruby A. Spouse of Chestley A. Born 1910 Died 1979 TS
BENNETT, Kenneth Spouse of Margaret Born 1908 Died 8-7-1976 wed April13 1935 in Belmont NY
BENNETT, Margaret L. Spouse of Kenneth M. Born 7-3-1916 died 6-10-2005dau of Elsworth & Mae Thurber Malone
BENNETT, Mary Moore Born 1930 Died 1981 TS
BENSON, Evelyn Ferrington Spouse of Robert Born 2-3-1934 TS
BERNARD, John M. Born 1982 Died 1982 TS
BOGARDUS, Lloyd E. Spouse of Mabel E. Born 1913 died 4-22-1998
BOGARDUS, Mabel E. Frost Spouse of Lloyd E. Born 1-25-1915 died 9-19-2005b. Lock Haven PA to Frank & Anna Heaton Confer wed 1st David NelsonFrost Sr.
BOGGES, Adbert Died 3-18-1876 TS
BRADFORD, Carl M. Spouse of Zana M. Born 1898 Died 1969 TS
BRADFORD, Edward C. Born 1867 Died 1944 TS
BRADFORD, Ethelyn A. Spouse of Otto W. Born 1912 Died 1993 Wed 10 Aug1932 TS
BRADFORD, Evelyn W. Spouse of Paul E. Born 1910 TS
BRADFORD, Nellie K. Born 1879 Died 1960 TS
BRADFORD, Nina Chaffee Born 1907 Died 1937 TS
BRADFORD, Otto W. Spouse of Ethelyn A. Born 1911 Died 1994 TS
BRADFORD, Paul E. Spouse of Evelyn W. Born 1904 Died 1961 TS
BRADFORD, Zana M. Spouse of Carl M. Born 1904 Died 1967 TS
BRIGGS, William Earl Spouse of Mable E. Born 1889 Died 1971 TS
BROOKS, Romanzo Died 1-22-1842 TS
BROWN, Eli P. Born 1839 Died 11-27-1862 Son of John J. & ElizabethBrown TS
BROWN, Elizabeth Sanuders Spouse of John J. Born 3-5- 1803 Died 3-10-1867Dau of Christopher & Lois Coon Saunders TS; G
BROWN, John J. Spouse of Elizabeth S Born 1809 Died 11-28- 1862 Sonof John & Bridget Brown TS; G
BROWN, Phidelia Spouse of John J. Born 1819 Died 9-30-1844 TS
BUCKLES, Connie L. Spouse of James R. Born 3-11-1948 Died 1-31- 1994TS
BUCKLES, James R. Spouse of Connie L. Born 10-6-1945 TS
BURCH, Clarence R. Spouse of Grace M. Born 1882 Died 1964 Son of Thaddeuis& Emeline Burch TS
BURCH, Emeline Spouse of Thaddeuis Born 1860 Died 1950 TS
BURCH, Grace M. Spouse of Clarence R. Born 1885 Died 1945 TS
BURCH, Thaddeuis Spouse of Emeline Born 1853 Died 1932 TS
BURDICK, Addie Spouse of Laverne Born 1847 Died 1925 LOT C-6f TS
BURDICK, Laverne Spouse of Addie Born 1843 Died 1914 Son of Silas P.& Phebe Burdick 189th NYS Vols Co B LOT C-6f TS
BURDICK, Leon Born 12-11- 1893 Died 10-13-1896 Son of A. S. & E.J. Burdick TS
BURDICK, Martha A. Spouse of Silas G. Born 3-30- 1848 Died 10-10-1926Dau. of George & Mary S. Adams Irish TS; G
BURDICK, Phebe G. Crandall Spouse of Silas P. Born 1820 Died 1892 LOTC-6f TS
BURDICK, Silas G. Spouse of Martha I Born 1897 Died 1927 Son of Silas& Phebe Crandall Burdick Co C 85th NYS Vols TS; G
BURDICK, Silas P. Spouse of Phebe G. Born 9-9-1817 Died 10-16-1909Son of Alfred & Rachael Clark Burdick LOT C-6f TS
BURDICK, Tammy Lynn Died 1970 TS
BURGER, Bessie Born 1884 Died 1887 Dau. of Fred & Anna Burger LOTC-4a TS
BURGER, Chancey Spouse of Jane Born 1854 Died 1922 LOT C-4a TS
BURGER, Cleva Spouse of Frank Born 1901 TS
BURGER, Ethel Spouse of Fred Born 1883 Died 1959 LOT C-4a TS
BURGER, Frank Spouse of Cleva Born 1879 Died 1957 TS
BURGER, Fred Spouse of Ethel Born 1877 Died 1956 LOT C-4a TS
BURGER, Gregory J. spouse of Dolores Hall born 5-13-1938 died 4-21-2000age 61y Son of Jesse & Luella Fox Burger b. Westons Mills NY d. WellsvilleNY Wed 4-4-1959 in Friendship NY U.S. Army Veteran Cuban Missile Crisis
BURGER, Jane Spouse of Chancey Born 1844 Died 1914 LOT C-4a TS
BURGER, Jesse C. Spouse of Luella M. Born 1903 Died 1986 TS
BURGER, Luella M. Spouse of Jesse C. Born 1907 Died 1974 TS
CARNEY, John A. Spouse of Julia E. Born 1881 Died 1965 TS
CARNEY, Julia E. Spouse of John A. Born 1886 Died 1982 TS
CASEY, Francis C. Spouse of G. Maude Born 1875 Died 1939 TS
CASEY, G. Maude Spouse of Francis C. Born 1877 Died 1943 TS
CASEY, John A. Born 1905 Died 1918 TS
CASEY, John Born 1872 Died 1956 TS
CASEY, Leona Spouse of CASEY Born 1881 Died 1979 TS
CHAFFEE, A. Norton Spouse of Rose R. Born 1850 Died 1935 TS
CHAFFEE, Almond D. "Mike" Spouse of Madeline M. Born 1908 Died 1968m. Jan 16 1930 in Richburg NY TS
CHAFFEE, Charles E. Spouse of Goldie L. Born 1879 Died 1938 TS
CHAFFEE, Goldie L. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1887 Died 1909 TS
CHAFFEE, Jenny D. Spouse of Norman J. Born 1952 Wed 13 Mar 1970 TS
CHAFFEE, Madeline M. Spouse of Almond D. "Mike" Born 5-1-1911 died10-21-2005 dau of Herman & Florence Coover Robinson m. Jan 1 1930 TS
CHAFFEE, Norman J. "Jake" Spouse of Jenny D. Born 1946 Died 6-9-1973son of Almond "Mike" & Madeline Chaffee TS
CHAFFEE, Rose R. Spouse of A. Norton Born 1856 Died 1920 TS
CHAMPLIN, Albert B. Spouse of Esther H. Born 5-19- 1833 Died 11-8-1918Son of Henry C. & Sarah A. Saunders Champlin TS
CHAMPLIN, Charles N. Died 2-26-1866 Son of Albert B. & Esther H.Rice Champlin; Child TS
CHAMPLIN, Esther H. Spouse of Albert B. Born 1840 Died 1914 Dau ofCharles RICE TS; G
CHAMPLIN, Esther Spouse of John S. Born 6-1844 Died 11-20-1903 Dauof Elias & Laurette Robinson ADAMS TS; G
CHAMPLIN, Henry C. Spouse of Sarah Ann S Born 11-2- 1805 Died 7-29-1848Son of Adam & Henrietta Coggeshall Champlin TS; G
CHAMPLIN, John S. Spouse of Esther A Born 12-1- 1837 Died 2-25- 1929S/oHenry C. & Sarah A. Saunders Champlin 12 NYS Vols.Co M TS; G
CHAMPLIN, Lewis A. Spouse of unwed Born 12-25- 1843 Died 12-21-1864S/oof Henry C. & Sarah A.Saunders Champlin 12 NYS VolsCo H LOT Rememb.G
CHAMPLIN, Louise M. Spouse of unwed Born 10-3-1846 Died 5-13- 1926Dau of Henry C. & Sarah A. Saunders Champlin TS; G
CHAMPLIN, Martin V. Spouse of unwed Born 9-9-1841 Died 5-2-1863 S/oof Henry C. & Sarah A. Saunders Champlin 154 NYS Vols Co C LOT Rememb.G
CHAMPLIN, Sarah A. Died 12-24- 1866 Dau of Albert B. & Esther H.Rice Champlin TS
CHAMPLIN, Sarah Ann Spouse of Henry C. . Born 3-11-1807 Died 5-22-1888 Dau of Christopher & Lois Coon Saunders TS; G
CHILDS, A. Janette [Jennette?] Born 1869 Died 1903 Dau of MontrovillA. & S. A. Childs LOT C-1d TS; G
CHILDS, A. Jennette [Janette?] Born 1869 Died 1903 TS
CHILDS, Ada Childs Born 1873 Died 1882 TS
CHILDS, Adele Spouse of Orson C. . Born 2-20-1878 Died 7-23-1937 LOTC-4b TS
CHILDS, Alanson Born 10-20-1800 Died 9-20-1877 TS
CHILDS, Alanson W. Spouse of Marjorie J. Born 1926 Died 1987 TS
CHILDS, Albert F. Spouse of Lena M. W Born 11-14-1868 Died 3-24-1937Son of Alexander & Sarah E. Courtney Childs TS; G
CHILDS, Alexander Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1-18- 1845 Died 1937 Sonof Alanson & Harriet Hoyce Childs TS; G
CHILDS, Alfred A. Spouse of Angie Born 2-3-1876 Died 1-2-1946 Son of? & Eva H. Childs TS
CHILDS, Alice M. Born 1893 Died 1897 Dau of Herbert W. & ElizabethTaylo Childs; Child TS; G
CHILDS, Ambrose N. Spouse of Anna C Born 1853 Died 1915 Son of MontrovillChilds LOT C-2c TS
CHILDS, Angie M. Spouse of Alfred A. Born 2-7- 1878 Died 7-23-1957TS
CHILDS, Anna M. Carpenter Spouse of Ambrose N. Born 1858 Died 1909TS; G
CHILDS, C. Arvilla Spouse of Floyd Born 10-26-1877 Died Oct. 02, 1952Dau of Michael & Alice Stickney Wixon TS
CHILDS, Carl Leroy TS
CHILDS, Charles Born 3-14-1903 Died 4-10- 1906 Son of Orson C. &Adele Childs Childs LOT C-4b TS
CHILDS, Charles L. Spouse of Mary D. Born 1852 Died 1926 Son of Alanson& Harriet Noyce Childs TS
CHILDS, Christopher C. Born 4-24-1924 Died 7-27-1959 Vet-WWII TS
CHILDS, Claude M. Spouse of Mattie M. Born 1883 Died 1963 TS
CHILDS, Dale L. Born 6-8-1943 Died 12-7- 1968 TS
CHILDS, Daniel Spouse of Hannah T Born 1778 Died 8-21- 1848 Son ofDaniel Childs TS; G
CHILDS, Edna Born 1875 Died 4-22-1879 Dau. of John C. & Sace AustinChilds TS
CHILDS, Edna M. Spouse of Walter A. Born 1904 Died 1966 TS
CHILDS, Edra L. Born 3-4-1905 Died 7-20- 1905 Child of Alfred A. &Angie Childs TS
CHILDS, Elsie A. Spouse of Leon A. Born 4-22-1892 Died 6-15- 1964 LOTC-2c TS
CHILDS, Eva H. Born 1856 Died 1940 TS
CHILDS, Floyd Spouse of C. Arvilla W Born 6-1- 1876 Died 9-30-1954Son of Alexander & Sarah E. Courtney Childs TS
CHILDS, Fred B. Born 1889 Died 1889 Son of Herbert W. & ElizabethTaylor Childs; Infant TS; G
CHILDS, George W. Spouse of Betty Quick Born 12-31-1920 Died 12-15-2003son of Leon & Elsie Barber Childs US Air Force WW II m. Jan 1 1946
CHILDS, Gerald E. Spouse of Thelma Born 1900 Died 1982 TS
CHILDS, Hannah Turner Spouse of Daniel Died 6-29- 1848 TS
CHILDS, Hazel Spouse of Rudolph Born 6-7- 1911 Died 6-18-1964 Dau ofClyde & Ida B. (Hargrave) Jordan Wed 1st L. Pettit TS
CHILDS, Henry L. Born 1904 Died 1951 Son of Orson C. & Adele (Childs)Childs LOT C-4b TS
CHILDS, Herbert W. Spouse of Elizabeth T Born 1863 Died 1942 Son ofBrunnel & Elizabeth (Merritt) Childs TS; G
CHILDS, John B. Born 1894 Died 1930 Son of Charles L. & Mary D.Childs TS
CHILDS, John C. Spouse of Sarah Austin Born 1843 Died 10-28-1881 Sonof Alanson & Harriet (Noyce) Childs; Vet-CW 85 NY Vol Co I TS
CHILDS, L. Norwood spouse of Doris E. Collins born 9-5-1932 died 11-11-2004son of Leon A. & Elsie A. Barber Childs US Army Korean War
CHILDS, Lawrence R. Died 1925 TS
CHILDS, Lee R. Born 1911 Died 1946 son of Leon A. & Elsie A. BarberChilds TS
CHILDS, Lelia Childs Born 5-1-1870 Died 6-22-1870 TS
CHILDS, Lena M. Spouse of Albert F. Born 4-16-1873 Died 6-20-1962 Dauof Michael & Susan (Bartoo) Wixson TS
CHILDS, Leon A. Spouse of Elsie A. Born 3-20-1879 Died 6-27- 1945 LOTC-2c TS
CHILDS, Louis Born 5-4-1927 Died 6-21-1932 TS
CHILDS, Lucy E. Born 1867 Died 1890 TS
CHILDS, Marjorie J. Spouse of Alanson M. Born 1934 TS
CHILDS, Mary A. Born 8-12-1830 Died 11-20-1865 TS
CHILDS, Mary D. Howard Spouse of Charles L. Born 1851 Died 1934 TS
CHILDS, Mattie M. Spouse of Claude M. Born 1884 Died 1971 TS
CHILDS, Montravel Born 2-20-1829 Died 1907 TS
CHILDS, Nina R. Spouse of Edward R. Born 1903 Died 1970 TS
CHILDS, Orson C. Spouse of Adele Born 3-10-1872 Died 5-15-1955 Sonof Charles & Myrtle (Howard) Childs LOT C-4b TS
CHILDS, Rosannah Died 12- 1837 Check date; Dau of Alanson Childs TS
CHILDS, Roy Lynn spouse of Jennifer L. Faulkner born 12-21-1962 died1-15-2010 age Son of Alanson & Marjorie Bennett Childs b. CubaNY d. Bolivar NY Wed 8-11-1990 in Bolivar NY
CHILDS, Sarah E. Spouse of Alexander Born 1843 Died 1929 Dau. of William& Elizabeth (Hatch) Courtney TS; G
CHILDS, Thelma Spouse of Gerald E. Born 1901 Died 1982 TS
CHILDS, Walter A. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1901 Died 1985 TS
CHILDS, William Born 1880 Died 1882 TS
CLARK, Beatrice M. Spouse of Lester B. Born 1891 Died 1963 TS
CLARK, George J. Born 1801 Died 1827 TS
CLARK, Lester B. Spouse of Beatrice M. Born 1878 Died 1948 TS
CLARK, Orma R. Born 1878 Died 1902 TS
CLEVELAND, Albert R. Spouse of Minnie B. Born 5-4-1865 Died 12-13-1923Son of Walter & Caroline E. (Nichols) Cleveland TS
CLEVELAND, Caroline E. Nichols Spouse of Walter Born 6-16- 1842 Died2-1- 1922 TS
CLEVELAND, Minnie B. McClean Spouse of Albert B. Born 6-22-1873 Died12-22-1913 TS
CLEVELAND, Walter Spouse of Caroline E. Born 12-19- 1834 Died 5-3-1914Vet-CW TS
CLUSTIN, Anne Spouse of Harold M. Born 1921 Died 1998 TS
CLUSTIN, Harold M. Spouse of Anne Born 1916 Son of CLUSTIN; Wed 1 Jan1938 TS
COLE, Flora M. Spouse of Howard B. Born 9-18- 1919 Died 10-25- 1997Dau. of Martin & Maude (Allen) Herrington TS
COLE, Howard B. Spouse of Flora M. Born 1914 Died 1968 TS
COLLINS, Sarah Born 1838 Died 1928 Dau of John W. & Louisa (Nichols)Austin Wed 1st J.C. Childs TS
CONFER, Walter L. Born 1913 Died 1975 TS
COON, Cordelia Spouse of Charles Born 1825 Died 11-26-1846 TS
COON, David Norton Born 4-15-1850 Died 9-24-1851 Son of Charles &Cordelia Coon TS; G
COON, George W. Born 1-26-1847 Died 2-12-1848 Son of Lorenzo &Elizabeth Coon TS
COON, Perry D. Born 10-25-1845 Died 11-7-1845 Son of Lorenzo &Elizabeth Coon TS
COOVER, David Spouse of Emma S. Born 1858 Died 1927 TS
COOVER, Emma S. Spouse of Davie Born 1864 Died 1952 TS
CORNELIUS, Doris L. Born 1911 Died 1973 TS
CORNWELL, Albert R. Spouse of Mae H. Born 1904 Died 1967 TS
CORNWELL, Edward H. Spouse of Elsie Born 1868 Died 1943 TS
CORNWELL, Elsie A. Spouse of Edward H. L Born 1877 Died 1957 TS
CORNWELL, Mae H. Spouse of Albert R. Born 1907 Died 1991 TS
COSTELLO, Elsie E. Born 1878 Died 1899 Dau of Daniel M. & LucindaSanders TS
COURTNEY, Bertha Born 1898 Died 7-28-1902 Dau of ? & Lula (Duncan)Country TS; DR
COURTNEY, Betsy Ann Spouse of William Born 7-25-1820 Died 8-29- 1877Dau of HATCH; 1st wife TS
COURTNEY, George A. Born 1839 TS
COURTNEY, Mary A. Born 1868 TS
COURTNEY, Sally S. Spouse of William Born 5-4-1823 Died 3-11-1899 2ndwife? TS
COURTNEY, William Lee Born 1888 Died 1908 TS
COURTNEY, William Spouse of Sally S. Born 6-17-1817 Died 2-20-1904TS
CRADDUCK, Howard D. Spouse of June R. Born 2-29-1908 Died 9-27- 2000Son of Jay & Blanche Pendleton Cradduck- b. Portville, NY- m. Sept.29, 1927 TS- OBIT
CRADDUCK, June R. Keller Spouse of Howard D. Born 1906 TS
CRANDALL, Abigal L. Spouse of Charles M. Born 3-1-1824 Dau of Sheffield& Emily Stillman Main TS; G
CRANDALL, Albert B. Spouse of Fanny S Born 12-8- 1810 Died 2-15-1881Son of Saunders & Anna Cannon Crandall TS; G
CRANDALL, Albert K. Spouse of Lovisa E. Born 1-10-1833 Died 5-1-1920Son of Albert B. & Fanny Stillman Crandall TS; G
CRANDALL, Alice E. Born 1890 Died 1894 TS
CRANDALL, Alphine Infant TS
CRANDALL, Charles M. Spouse of Abigal L. Born 5-17-1823 TS
CRANDALL, Charlotte Died 7-1872 TS
CRANDALL, Cordelia O. Spouse of James H. Born 1836 Died 1919 Dau ofHenry & Fanny Clough Blakley TS
CRANDALL, Damon R. Died Jun. 05, 1858 Son of Albert & Fanny StillmanCrandall TS
CRANDALL, Edwin Born 1936 Died 1944 TS
CRANDALL, Electa E. Spouse of Ethan P. Born 8-23-1802 Died 3-11-1884Dau of Joel & Rachel Coon Maxson TS; G
CRANDALL, Eliza J. Born no dates Died no dates TS
CRANDALL, Eliza M. Spouse of John Born 1818 Died 1908 TS
CRANDALL, Elizabeth Born 1852 Died 1904 TS
CRANDALL, Ellen B. Born 1859 Died 1-10-1860 Dau of Charles M. &Abigal L. Crandall TS
CRANDALL, Ethan P. Spouse of Electa E. Born 8-16-1800 Died 12-31- 1877Son of Augustus & Thankful Saunders Crandall TS; G
CRANDALL, Fanny Stillamn Spouse of Albert B. Born 3-15-1814 Died 8-13-1880 Dau of Nathan & Fanny Blivin Stillman TS; G
CRANDALL, Francella C. Born Apr. 1-1851 Died 9-11-1851 Dau of CharlesM. & Abigal L. Crandall TS
CRANDALL, Freddie Died 12-25-1863 TS
CRANDALL, Harriet Spouse of Lyndal R
CRANDALL, Henry M. Spouse of unwed Born 1851 Died 4-11- 1868 Son ofJohn & Elizabeth Crandall TS
CRANDALL, J. M. Spouse of Lydia J. Born 1835 Died 9-9-1964 TS
CRANDALL, James H. Spouse of Ordelia O. Blakley Born 3-14-1835 Died1914 Son of Ira B. & Lucy Randall Crandall Vet-CW 1 NY Art Bat A TS
CRANDALL, Jennette Spouse of Joel A. Born 7-25-1848 Died 1929 Dau ofWm. Russell & Abigail Langworthy Maxson TS; G
CRANDALL, Joel A. Spouse of Jennette M Born 1837 Died 1911 Son of Ethan& Electa Maxson Crandall Vet-CW 85th NY Vol TS; G
CRANDALL, John Spouse of Eliza M. Born 1817 Died 1884 TS
CRANDALL, Lovisa E. Spouse of Albert K. Born 4-4- 1827 Died 1-10-1929Dau. of Elias & Rachel R. Nye Maxson TS; G
CRANDALL, Lyndal Spouse of Harriet Born 1799 Died 1-27-1867 TS
CRANDALL, Marcus M. Born 1841 Died 5-31- 1862 Son of Albert & FannyStillman Crandall TS
CURRIER, Amanda M. Born 1986 Died 1986 Infant TS
CURTIS, Hattie E. Spouse of Omer D. Born 1864 Died 1937 TS
CURTIS, Omer D. Spouse of Hattie E. Born 1864 Died 1943 TS
DAVIS, Ola A. Died 1932 TS
DAVIS, W. Thomas Died 1938 TS
DEAN, Mildred M. Spouse of David A. Born 2-19-1949 Died 9-18- 1999Dau. of John L. & Mildred C. Willett Reynolds- m. Mar. 25, 1967
DEMING, Ernest E. Spouse of Ida A. Born 1861 Died 1932 TS
DEMING, Ida A. Spouse of Ernest E. Born 1864 Died 1948 TS
DENISTON, George T. Spouse of Nellie I. Born 1873 Died 1956 TS
DENISTON, Nellie E. Spouse of George T. Born 1879 Died 1948 TS
DEYOE, Bernice I. Died 1930 TS
DEYOE, Leona M. Spouse of Roy H. Born 1902 Died 1981 TS
DEYOE, Richard L. Spouse of Ruth N. Born 6-22-1932 Died 1-22-2003 sonof Leroy & Leona Conklin DeYoe US Army Korean Warm. Nov.18 1952
DEYOE, Roy H. Spouse of Leona M. Born 1896 Died 1972 TS
DOW, Mary Spouse of DOW Born 1801 Died 1871 LOT C-2d TS
DUMBOLTON, Arlie F. Spouse of Blanche M. Born 1885 Died 1955 TS
DUMBOLTON, Blanche M. Spouse of Arlie F. Born 1887 Died 1939 TS
DUMBOLTON, Wesley A. Born 1909 Died 1919 Son of Arlie F. & BlancheM. Dumbolton TS
DYE, Geo. Wallace Spouse of E. G. Born 1853 Died 1945 TS
DYE, Sybil Died 9-21- 1897 Dau of Geo. Wallace & E. G. Dye TS
EASTMAN, Adaline Spouse of Nathaniel Born 1806 Died 10-12- 1863 TS
EASTMAN, Allie Born 4-1884 Died 3-17-1893 TS
EASTMAN, Mary L. Died 10-21-1870 Dau of D. C. & S. Eastman TS
EATON, Harmonis Born 4-13-1895 Died 9-1-1976 Son of John E. & RoseM. Eaton Vet-WWI Co B 49 Eng TS
EATON, Jennie E. Spouse of Monty Born 12-19-1906 Died 2-25-2001 b.Cleveland- Dau. of Georgbe& Ethel Oakley Hornby
EATON, John E. Spouse of Rose M. Born 1866 Died 1914 TS
EATON, Monty Spouse of Jennie E.
EATON, Rose M. Spouse of John E. Born 1864 Died 1939 TS
EDDY, Blaine R. Died 1940 Son of Burton C. & Viola J. Eddy TS
EDDY, Burton C. Spouse of Viola J. Born 1918 Died 1974 TS
EDDY, Viola J. Spouse of Burton C. Born 1924 TS
EDWAEDS, Howard Spouse of Della Died 1-21-1972 m. Sept 3 1936
EDWARDS, Beulah A. Taylor Spouse of Howard C. Born 3-17-1928 TS
EDWARDS, Harry R. Born 1931 Died 1951 Son of Howard & Mabel B.Edwards TS
EDWARDS, Howard C. Spouse of Beulah A. Born 9-9-1927 Died 12-14- 1982Son of Howard & Mabel B. Edwards TS
EDWARDS, Howard Spouse of Mabel H. Born 1906 Died 1969 TS
EDWARDS, Lyle P. Spouse of Ruth E. Born 8-8- 1929 TS
EDWARDS, Mabel B. Spouse of Howard Born 1906 Died 1990 TS
EDWARDS, Ruth E. Spouse of Lyle P. Born 3-24-1931 Dau. of Sidney &Mildred R. Childs Lafever TS; G
ELLIS, Elvira June Born 1928 Died 1989 TS
FAULKNER, Mark Died 1963 Son of ? & Joanne Sisson Faulkner TS
FERRINGTON, Bernice M. Monroe Spouse of Louis M. Born 1930 Wed 4 Jun1948 TS
FERRINGTON, Carl C. Spouse of Mildred C. Born 1878 Died 1929 TS
FERRINGTON, Carrie Born 11-16-1880 Died 12-3-1882 Dau of George R.& Florence E. Ferrington Child TS
FERRINGTON, Eunice L. Spouse of Ithamer Born 1851 Died 1930 Dau ofWilliam R. & Mary J. Nichols LOT C-6e TS
FERRINGTON, Florence E. Foster Spouse of George R. Born 1879 Died 1969TS
FERRINGTON, George R. Spouse of Florence E. Born 1860 Died 1929 TS
FERRINGTON, Gracie Born 1884 Died 1892 Dau of George R. & FlorenceE. Ferrington Child TS
FERRINGTON, Grover L. Spouse of Jessie Z. Born 1892 Died 1936 TS
FERRINGTON, Ithamer Spouse of Eunice L. Born 5-8-1849 Died 6-8-1924Son of Jabiech & Melvina Hill Ferrington LOT C-6e TS; DR
FERRINGTON, Jessie Z. Spouse of Grover L. Born 1897 Died 1985 TS
FERRINGTON, Leola L. Spouse of Robert Born 1900 Died 1954 TS
FERRINGTON, Louis M. Spouse of Bernice M. Born 4-28-1922 Died 12-31-1991Vet-WWII TS
FERRINGTON, Martin Spouse of Maude A Born 1875 Died 1953 TS
FERRINGTON, Mary E. Born 1915 Died 1918 Dau of Martin & Maude AllenFerrington TS
FERRINGTON, Maude Allen Spouse of Martin Born 1889 TS
FERRINGTON, Mildred C. Kerfman Spouse of Carl C. Born 1876 Died 1943TS
FERRINGTON, Miles L. Born 1880 Died 1881 Son of Ithamer & EuniceL. Ferrington LOT C-5e TS
FERRINGTON, Milton Spouse of Virginia Born 1857 Died 1933 TS
FERRINGTON, Robert L. Spouse of Leola L. Born 1901 Died 1957 TS
FERRINGTON, Virginia Spouse of Milton Born 6-03-1923 Died 6-07-2004age 81y Dau of Grover & Jessie (Childs) Ferrington, b. Portville-NY,d. Wellsville-NY
FERRINGTON, Wm. Henry Born 1911 Died 1913 Son of William H. & Rena(Jordan) Ferrington LOT C-5e TS
FOSTER, Alva S. Spouse of Nancy A. Born 10-15-1842 Died 5-10- 1891Son of FOSTER; Vet-CW 189th NY Vol Co B TS
FOSTER, Bertha Born 3-7-1872 Died 8-18-1889 Dau of H. M. Foster TS
FOSTER, Bonnie Lyn Born 8-21- 1942 Died 12-28-1942 TS
FOSTER, Cleo C. Spouse of Gladys Born 1897 Died 1954 TS
FOSTER, Cleo Jr. Born 1926 Died 1944 Son of Cleo C. & Gladys A.Foster Vet-WWII TS
FOSTER, David C. Born 1970 Died 1970 TS
FOSTER, Donny Ray Died 4-20-1942 Son of John L. & Gretchen E. FosterTwin TS
FOSTER, E. Lucille Born 1922 Died 1922 Dau of J. Ward & Edna P.Foster TS
FOSTER, Edna P. Spouse of J. Ward Born 1-31- 1884 Died 3-2-1949 TS
FOSTER, Ethel Born 10-20- 1885 Died 6-4-1889 Dau of Sherman & FannieFoster TS
FOSTER, Fannie M. Spouse of Sherman A. Born 1858 Died 1935 TS
FOSTER, Frank E. Born 1870 Died 1955 LOT C-4f TS
FOSTER, Fred E. Born 1866 Died 1949 Son of Alvin & Nancy FosterTS
FOSTER, Gladys A. Spouse of Cleo C. Born 1898 Died 1954 TS
FOSTER, Gretchen E. Babcock Spouse of John L. Sr. Born 1916 Died 1983TS
FOSTER, Horace Spouse of Margaret Born 5-17-1835 Died 2-29-1888 TS
FOSTER, J. Ward Spouse of Edna P. Born 9-14-1882 Died 11-2-1954 TS
FOSTER, Jacquelyn A. Born 1967 Died 1988 TS
FOSTER, John L. Sr. Spouse of Gretchen E. Born 5-25-1915 Died 9-14-1999b. Olean, NY- Son of Jasper & Edna Neff Foster- m. May 25, 1935 TS-OBIT
FOSTER, Lloyd E. Born 1910 Died 1945 TS
FOSTER, Lois J. Spouse of Stanley K. Born 1930 Died 1987 TS
FOSTER, Margaret Spouse of Horace Died 6-19-1875 TS
FOSTER, Mary C. Spouse of Horace Born 1848 TS
FOSTER, Maurice W. Born 1929 Died 1942 Son of J. Ward & Edna P.Foster TS
FOSTER, Mermie A. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1878 Died 1929 TS
FOSTER, Myrtle V. Died 11-26-1884 Dau of Alva S. & Nancy PeckhamFoster TS
FOSTER, Nancy Peckham Spouse of Alva S. Born 1846 Died 1929 TS
FOSTER, Ruth A. Born 1898 Died 1991 LOT C-4f TS
FOSTER, Sherman A. Spouse of Fannie M. Born 1856 Died 1889 TS
FOSTER, Stanley E. Spouse of Lois J. Born 1927 Died 1977 TS
FOSTER, Zelena H. Born 1881 Died 1949 TS
FRAIR, baby boy Born 9-3-1894 Died 2-17-1895 Son of Giles D. &Carrie Frair LOT C-2e TS
FRAIR, Carrie M. Spouse of Giles D. Born 1863 Died 1913 LOT C-2f TS
FRAIR, Celia E. Hatch Spouse of Floyd E. Born 8-28-1878 Died 7-10-1956 LOT C-4e TS
FRAIR, Content P. Spouse of Herman E. Born 1916 Died 1991 Dau of George& Emma Ayers Tarr LOT C-4e TS
FRAIR, Edith I. Burdick Spouse of Orson L. Born 1909 Died 1969 TS
FRAIR, Floyd E. Spouse of Celia E. Born 1-14-1874 Died 7-20- 1961 Sonof Matthew & Harriet Hatch Frair LOT C-4e TS
FRAIR, Fred P. Born 1888 Died 1944 Son of Leroy & Minnie Fish FrairLOT C-1e TS
FRAIR, Giles D. Spouse of Carrie M. Born 1859 Died 1937 LOT C-2e TS
FRAIR, Harriet Spouse of Matthew B. Born 2-16- 1828 Died 9-9-1898 Dauof John & Prudence Potter Hatch LOT C-3e TS
FRAIR, Hazel Born 12-28-1894 Died 2-17-1895 Dau of Giles D. & CarrieM. Frair LOT C-2e TS
FRAIR, Herman E. Spouse of Content P. Born 8-24- 1897 Died 3-8-1973Son of Floyd E. & Celia E. Hatch Frair Vet-WWI LOT C-4e TS
FRAIR, John W. Spouse of unwed Born 1855 Died 1942 Son of Matthew B.& Harriet Hatch Frair LOT C-3e TS
FRAIR, Leroy H. Spouse of Minnie F Born 1854 Died 1925 Son of Matthew& Harriet Hatch Frair LOT C-1e TS
FRAIR, Matthew B. Spouse of Harriet H Born 3-16-1824 Died 10-2-1906Son of Daniel Frair; Wed twice LOT C-3e TS
FRAIR, Minnie F. Fish Spouse of Leroy H. Born 1857 Died 1925 Dau ofLewis Fish LOT C-1e TS
FRAIR, Orson L. Spouse of Edith I. Born 1902 Died 1969 TS
FROST, Charles Spouse of Kathryn C. Born 1894 Died 6-1947 TS
FROST, G. Dealton Born 1915 Died 1937 Child of Casper W. & LenaE. Frost TS
FROST, Helen L. Frair Born 1909 TS
FROST, Jasper W. Spouse of Lena E. Born 1876 Died 1960 TS
FROST, John Newton Born 1856 Died 1929 TS
FROST, Kathryn C. Spouse of Charles Born 10-7-1907 Died 1-1-2002 age94y b. Obi, NY- Dau. of Lynn & Lida McQueen Lewis- m. June 30, 1926
FROST, Lena E. Spouse of Jasper W. Born 1879 Died 1939 TS
FROST, Lewis B. Died 9-5-1950 Son of Charles & Kathryn Lewis FrostVet-KoreanTS
FROST, Linda K. Frost Born 1960 Died 1960 Bur w/Neil TS
FROST, Neil R. Born 1948 Died 1959 Son of ? & Helen L. Frost autoaccident TS
FROST, Sevedra W. Born 1906 Died 1981 TS
FROST, Susan Born 1871 TS
GALBREATH; Arthur D. Born 1916 Died 1985 TS
GARREY, Audrey J. Spouse of John W. Born 1936 TS
GARREY, John W. Spouse of Audrey J. Born 1931 Died 1936 Son of GarreyTS
GOSS, Helen M. Spouse of Alfred Born 1886 Died 1938 Dau of Riley &Carrie E. Robinson Otto LOT C-2b TS
GRAVES, Lloyd A. Spouse of Phoebe Born 1904 Died 1966 TS
GRAVES, Phoebe Spouse of Lloyd A. Born 1909 Died 1983 TS
GREEN, Addison Born 1875 Died 1945 TS
GREEN, Alice N. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1899 Died 1952 TS
GREEN, Alice Spouse of Addison Born 1880 Died 1955 TS
GREEN, Alzina Spouse of Warren Died 7-13-1890 TS
GREEN, Arley D. Born 9-1873 Died 10-8-1873 Son? of David C. & LovinaSweet Green Infant TS
GREEN, David C. Spouse of Lovina S Born 1825 Died 1905 TS
GREEN, Elvie D. Spouse of Garritt Born 1865 Died 1945 TS
GREEN, Frank E. Spouse of Alice N. Born 1902 Died 1971 TS
GREEN, Garritt Spouse of Elvie D. Born 1859 Died 1920 TS
GREEN, Lovina Sweet Spouse of David C. Born 1830 TS
GREEN, Tracey R. Spouse of unwed Born 1859 Died 4-19-1872 Dau? of DavidC. & Lovina Sweet Green TS
HAINES, George Spouse of Sarah Born 1869 Died 1932 TS
HAINES, Sarah Spouse of George Born 1877 Died 1961 TS
HAKES, Gordon R. Spouse of Verna L. Born 7-1-1914 Died 1-6-1985 sonof Fred and Nina Evans Hakes TS
HAKES, Verna L. Owens Spouse of Gordon R. Born 7-21-1918 Died 2-5-1990dau of Vernon and Grace Barber Owens m. 9-9-1938 in Derrick City PA TS
HALL, Edwin H. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 11-6- 1911 Died 7-4-1972TS
HALL, Margaret L. Spouse of Edwin H. Born 2-1-1909 TS
HARDY, Johnathon L. Born 1985 Died 1985 Infant TS
HARRIS, Alonzo P. Spouse of Myrtle E. Born 1870 Died 1936 TS
HARRIS, Glenn Born 1911 Died 1912 Son of Alonzo P. & Myrtle E.Harris TS
HARRIS, Myrtle E. Spouse of Alonzo P. Born 1883 Died 1936 TS
HATCH, Hiram Born 1844 Died 6-17-1852 Son of John & Prudence HatchTS
HATCH, John Spouse of Prudence Born 1790 Died 1873 TS
HATCH, Myrtie A. Died 3-4-1874 Dau of John & Mary Hatch TS
HATCH, Prudence Spouse of John Born 1802 Died 1898 TS
HEWITT, Benjamin C. Born 1897 Died 1984 Son of Benjamin S. & MaryE. Hewitt TS
HEWITT, Buddy "Bud" Laverne spouse of born 12-9-1931 died6-2-2010 age 78y Son of Benjamin Clifford & Florence Loraine WilberHewitt b. Portville NY d. Salamanca NY
HEWITT, Clifford Lee Born 1972 Died 1972 on Clara S. Marker
HEWITT, Douglas C. Born 1926 Died 1991 TS
HEWITT, Eugene A. Born 3-23- 1925 Died 5-15-1973 Son of John Eugene& Violet Phoenix Hewitt TS
HEWITT, Florence Born 1903 Died 1977 TS
HEWITT, Harold E. Spouse of Wanda A. Born 1931 Died 1978 TS
HEWITT, James L. Spouse of Jean C. Born 1910 Died 1968 TS
HEWITT, Jean C. Spouse of James L. Born 1918 TS
HEWITT, John Eugene Spouse of Violet P Born 1881 Died 1972 Son of Benjamin& Mary Hewitt TS
HEWITT, Violet Phoenix Spouse of John Eugene Born 1891 Died 1961 LOT0 TS
HEWITT, Virgil B. Born 1918 Died 1953 Son of John Eugene & VioletPhoenix Hewitt LOT C-2a TS
HEWITT, Wanda A. Spouse of Harold E. Born 1933 TS
HEWITT, Wayne Died 1952 TS
HIBBARD, Archie E. Spouse of Edith Born 20 Jun 1878 Died 8 Mar 1945Son of Samuel & Mary Baker Hibbard TS
HIBBARD, Charlotte Spouse of Earl M. Born 16 Sep 1884 Died 30 Dec 1980nee Green TS
HIBBARD, Earl M. Spouse of Charlotte Green Born 14 Jun 1880 Died 1937Son of Samuel & Mary Hibbard TS
HIBBARD, Edith R. Spouse of Archie Born 12-7-1880 Died 7-31-1963 Dauof Edgar & Mary George Green TS
HIBBARD, Elmira Born 1904 Died 1988 TS
HIBBARD, Florence Spouse of Mearl H. Born 25 Jul 1881 Died 27 Apr 1966d/o Albert & Julia Baker Pettit TS
HIBBARD, Mary Spouse of Samuel Born 28 Feb 1844 Died 31 May 1911 Dauof Lyman & Charlotte Dow Baker TS
HIBBARD, Merl H. Spouse of Florence Born 1880 Died 1958 Son of Samuel& Mary Baker Hibbard TS
HIBBARD, Samuel Spouse of Mary B Born 1828 Died 1906 TS
HIGLEY, John E. Born 1-19-1876 Died 7-19-1883 TS
HILL, Ada Died 8-26- 1866 Dau of William R. & Cordelia EastmanHill TS
HILL, Bertha C. Scott Spouse of William R. Born 10-1-1870 Died 10-12-1961LOT C-3d TS
HILL, C. Carl Born 1880 Died 1904 TS
HILL, Chloe Spouse of Martin Born 1827 Died 12-4-1878 TS
HILL, Cordelia Spouse of William R. Born 1832 Died 4-12-1879 Dau ofNathaniel Eastman 1st wife TS; G
HILL, Eugene M. Born 1884 Died 1919 TS
HILL, Eugene M. Born 1919 Died 1966 TS
HILL, Ezra A. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1849 Died 1926 Son of Martin &Chloe Childs Hill LOT C-4d TS
HILL, Faith A. Spouse of Walter R. Born 8-21- 1900 Died 2-16-1994 Dauof Lewis A. & Bertha A. Buten Champlin TS; G
HILL, George R. Died 3-1-1864 Son of William R. & Cordelia EastmanHill TS
HILL, Hannah E. Born 1857 Died 6-8-1867 Dau of William R. & CordeliaEastman Hill TS
HILL, Hannah F. Card Spouse of William R. Born 1852 Died 1915 2nd wifeTS
HILL, Jula M. Born 1887 Died 1955 TS
HILL, Louisa A. Born 1854 Died 1-8-1866 Dau of William R. & CordeliaEastman Hill TS
HILL, Mary L. Spouse of Ezra A. Born 1848 Died 1911 LOT C-4d TS
HILL, Stephen Born 1859 Died 6-14-1871 Son of William R. & CordeliaEastman Hill TS
HILL, Timothy E. Died 5-20- 1851 Son of William R. & Cordelia EastmanHill TS
HILL, Walter R. Spouse of Faith A. Born 1-4-1891 Died 5-4-1981 Sonof William R. & Bertha Scott Hill TS
HILL, Wanda Mae Spouse of unwed Dau of Walter R. & Faith A. ChamplinHill TS; G
HILL, William R. Spouse of Bertha C. Born 10-5-1857 Died 6-5-1913 Sonof Martin & Chloe Childs Hill LOT C-3d TS
HILL, William R. Spouse of Hannah 2nd Born 1825 Died 1906 Son of RoswellHill Wed 1st C. Eastman TS
HILLS, Dorothy E. Spouse of Frederick J. Born 5-18-1918 died 7-2-2005dau of Leon & Elsie Barber Childs m. Apr.1942
HILLS, Frederick J. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1920 Died 1950 Vet-WWIITS
HITCHMAN, Bellva A. Spouse of Melvin D. Born 1889 Died 1953 TS
HITCHMAN, Melvin D. Spouse of Bellva A. Born 1884 Died 1947 TS
HOFFER, Theadore R. Born 2-10-1841 Died 1-19- 1925 LOT C-6f TS
HOLMES, Amos Spouse of Clarinda Born 1842 Died 1916 LOT C-3c TS
HOLMES, Clarinda Spouse of Amos Born 1845 Died 1938 LOT C-3c TS
HOLMES, John E. Born 4-7-1869 Died 1-9-1892 Son of Amos & ClarindaHolmes LOT C-3c TS
HOWARD, Kenneth E. Spouse of Virginia A. Born 1926 TS
HOWARD, Virginia A. Spouse of Kenneth E. Born 1926 Died 1990 TS
HOWDEN, Lewis W. Spouse of Mary D. Born 1851 Died 1939 TS
HOWDEN, Mary D. Spouse of Lewis W. Born 1856 Died 1929 TS
HOYT, Nada A. Spouse of Walter J. Born 1907 TS
HOYT, Walter J. Spouse of Nada A. Born 1898 Died 1961 TS
HUNT, Jess Spouse of Mary A. Born 1879 Died 1961 TS
HUNT, Mary A. Hargrave Spouse of Jess Born 1888 Died 1956 Dau of GORTONHARGRAVE TS
HYDE, Mary Ann Born 1834 Died 6-23-1835 Dau of Warren & Ann HydeTS
HYDE, Warren Jr. Born 1836 Died 2-13-1844 Son of Warren & Ann HydeTS
IRISH, Edgar W. Spouse of Helen Coon Born 3-25-1838 Died 4-26-1897Son of George & Maria Potter Irish Vet-CW; Wed also C. Maxson LOT Rememb.TS
IRISH, Ellen C. Spouse of Myron C. Born 1856 Died 1943 Dau of SamuelP. & Marian Weber Crandall TS; G
IRISH, G. Hadwin Spouse of unwed Born 1841 Died 1864 Son of George& Maria Potter Irish 85th NY Vol Co C LOT Rememb. TS
IRISH, George Jr. Spouse of Mary A Born 12-7-1810 Died J6-2-1888 Sonof George IrishWed also M. Potter TS; G
IRISH, Mary Adams Spouse of George Born 11-29- 1823 Died 2-2- 1889Dau of John & Avon L. Brown Adams 2nd wife; Mausoleum TS; G
IRISH, Myron C. Spouse of Ellen A. Born 1855 Died 1932 Son of George& Mary S. Adams Irish TS; G
IRISH, N. Wardner Spouse of unwed Born 1849 Died 1919 Son of George& Mary S. Adams Irish TS; G
JONES, Floyd L. Spouse of Mary Belle Jordan Born 7-27-1928 Died 7-11-2001 b. Corry, PA- Son of Ralph & Martha Hart Jones- m. Dec. 31, 1949
JONES, Hoyt D. Born 8-1-1939 Died 12-13- 1982 Son of Roy D. & MaryP. Jones Vet-Vietnam TS
JONES, Mary P. Spouse of Roy D. Born 1919 Died 1980 TS
JONES, Roy D. Spouse of Mary P. Born 1915 TS
JORDAN, Cassius M. Spouse of Ida L. Born 2-17-, 1860 Died 4-14-1944Son of John J. & Almira Davie Jordan TS; G
JORDAN, Gerald Spouse of Grace L. Born 3-17-1902 Died 5-24-1976 Sonof Clyde & Ida B. Hargrave Jordan TS; G
JORDAN, Grace L. Spouse of Gerald Born 10-3- 1910 Died 10-29- 1989Dau of Jess & Mary Gorton Hunt TS; G
JORDAN, Grawson Spouse of Mildred I. Born 10-17- 1907 Died 8-8-1970Son of Clyde & Ida B. Hargrave Jordan TS
JORDAN, Ida L. Spouse of Cassius M. Born 10-1-1869 Died 4-22-1943 Dauof Daniel & Mary J. Lobdel Kingsbury TS; G
JORDAN, Jesse J. Spouse of Rhoda M. Born 12-26-1893 Died 6-20- 1971Son of Cassius M. & Ida L. Kingsbury Jordan TS; G
JORDAN, Martha J. Miller Spouse of Randall Born 1-21- 1943 Died 1983TS
JORDAN, Mildred I. Spouse of Grawson Born 5-2-1909 Died 3-27-1987 Dauof Herman H. & Florence Cooper) Robinson TS
JORDAN, Nora M. Goodridge Spouse of Theodore F. Born 5-26-1904 Died1984 TS; G
JORDAN, Randall Spouse of Martha J. Born 3-23-1941 Died 1-31-1980 Sonof Gerald & Grace Hunt Jordan TS; G
JORDAN, Rhoda M. Spouse of Jesse J. Born 7-20-890 Died 10-7-1944 Dauof Clarence R. & Grace M. Burch TS
JORDAN, Sandra L. Born 6-22-1948 Died 3-11-1949 TS
JORDAN, Theodore F. Spouse of Nora M. Born 11-12-1905 Died 11-4-1952Son of Cassius M. & Ida L. Kingsbury Jordan TS; G
KELLER, Alice E. Spouse of Willis M. Born 3-10-1871 Died 1949 Dau.of Brunnell & Elizabeth Merritt Childs LOT C-6d TS
KELLER, Cora E. Spouse of Fred N. Born 1869 Died 1896 TS
KELLER, Elvira G. Burdick Spouse of James M. Born 12-11-840 Died 6-1-1924Dau of Silas & Phebe Crandall Burdick Wed 1st Tanner LOT C-5f TS
KELLER, Evan Born 1898 Died 1899 Son of J. H. & A. M. Keller TS
KELLER, James M. Spouse of Elvira G. Born 1837 Died 1919 .Vet-CW 147thNY Co F LOT C-5f TS
KELLER, John Spouse of Margaret Died 5-12-1875 TS
KELLER, Margaret Spouse of John Born 1799 Died 6-2-1860 TS
KELLER, Mary J. Spouse of John Born 2-15- 1842 Died 11-24-1913 TS
KELLER, Ralph Born 1-13-1889 Died 1-23- 1889 Son of Fred N. & CoraE. Keller TS
KELLER, Ray Born 1-13- 1889 Died 1-22-1889 Son of Fred N. & CoraE. Keller TS
KELLER, Robert B. Born 12-1-1893 Died 4-4-1980 Son of KELLER; Vet-WWITS
KELLER, Vera G. Born 1901 Died 8-13-1906 Dau of Willis M. & AliceE. Childs Keller LOT C-6d TS; DR
KELLER, Willis M. Spouse of Alice E. Born 1863 Died 1942 Son of JamesM. & Elvira Burdick Keller LOT C-6d TS
KENYON, Sally Born 1832 Died 1917 TS
KREAMER, Richard L. spouse of Cynthia A. Barber born 12-7-1957 died10-3-2005 son of Harold & Ruth Nobles Kreamer US Navy wed Feb 18 1978
LAFEVER, Mildred R. Childs Spouse of Sidney Born 4-28-1904 Died 1992Dau of Albert F. & Lena Wixson Childs TS; G
LAFEVER, Sidney G. Spouse of Mildred R. Born 1906 Died 1973 Son ofRichard & Minnie German Lafever TS; G
LAFFERTY, Donald J. Spouse of Eloise M. Born 1922 TS
LAFFERTY, Eloise M. Briggs Spouse of Donald Born 1924 TS
LAMB, Mildred C. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1912 Died 1993 Wed 14 Nov.1931 TS
LAMB, Thomas I. Jr. spouse of born 5-13-1935 died 6-12-2009 age 74ySon of Thomas I. & Mildred C. Deniston Lamb Jr. b. Little Genesee NYd. Bolivar NY
LAMB, Thomas J. Spouse of Mildred C. Born 1909 TS
LAMBERTON, C. Arthur Spouse of Lucile L. Born 1888 Died 1960 TS
LAMBERTON, Clifford H. Spouse of Elaine C. Born 1898 Died 1961 TS
LAMBERTON, Clinton C. Spouse of Lois A. Born 9-27-1935 Died 8-12-1981Vet-Air Force TS
LAMBERTON, Elaine C. Spouse of Clifford H. Born 1907 Died 1985 TS
LAMBERTON, Lois A. Spouse of Clinton C. Born 1941 Wed 8 Aug 1959 TS
LAMBERTON, Lucile L. Spouse of C. Arthur Born 1899 Died 1985 TS
LAMBERTON, Richard H. Born 1928 Died 1995 TS
LaMENT, Beatrice L. Spouse of Neil M. Born 8-11-1912 died 8-18-2005dau of Dawson & Georgianna Humphrey Jones 1st wed Benjamin who died9-15-1941
LaMENT, Neil M. Spouse of Beatrice C. Born 1910 Died 12-18-1994 wedOct 12 1946 in Elmira NY
LAWRENCE, Stella Frair Born 8-15-1887 Died 8-4- 1907 Dau of Giles D.& Carrie M. Frair LOT C-2e TS
LEBAR, Adelia C. Spouse of Henry J. Born 1847 Died 1928 TS
LEBAR, Alta I. Spouse of Rosco G. Born 1880 Died 1961 TS
LEBAR, Clifford C. Born 7-29- 1898 Died 3-23-1899 Son of Cornell E.& Lottie R. Lebar LOT C-6c TS
LEBAR, Cornell E. Spouse of Lottie R. Born 1866 Died 1932 LOT C-6cTS
LEBAR, Emily Spouse of Norman Born 19-17-1841 Died 3-15-1896 Dau ofAlanson & Harriet Noyce Childs LOT C-6b TS; G
LEBAR, Glen R. Born 3-14-1895 Died 10-15-1912 Son of Cornell E. &Lottie R. Lebar LOT C-6c TS
LEBAR, Henry J. Spouse of Adelia C. Born 1842 Died 1928 TS
LEBAR, Lottie R. Spouse of Cornell E. Born 1863 Died 1935 LOT C-6cTS
LEBAR, Norman Spouse of Emily Born 11-6-1836 LOT C-6b TS
LEBAR, Rosco G. Spouse of Alta I. Born 1880 TS
LEITCH, Daniel P. Died 2-2-18?? Son of D. P. & M. Leitch TS
LEWIS, A. Linn Spouse of Lida M Born 1869 Died 1930 TS
LEWIS, Anne E. Maxson Born 8-27-1830 Died 2-15-1885 TS
LEWIS, Burdette Born 6-1894 Died 3-4-1895 Son of A. Linn & LidaMcQueen Lewis TS
LEWIS, Caleb Spouse of Elizabeth Born 6-22-1820 Died 6-6-1891 TS
LEWIS, Clifford L. Born 1899 Died 1975 Son of A. Linn & Lida McQueenLewis TS
LEWIS, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Caleb Born 8-27-1830 Died 12-5-1901 TS
LEWIS, Francella E. Born 9-5-1852 Died 1-29-1854 TS
LEWIS, Fremont West Born 6-25-1855 Died 7-18-1879 TS
LEWIS, Herbert Howard Born 12-28-1859 Died 7-9-1867 TS
LEWIS, Lida McQueen Spouse of A. Linn Born 1874 Died 1965 TS
LEWIS, Lilith M. Spouse of Willard H. Born 1912 Died 1985 TS
LEWIS, Lillian Born 1884 Died 1954 TS
LEWIS, Lyle Born 1897 Died 1956 Son of A. Linn & Lida McQueen LewisTS
LEWIS, Willard H. Spouse of Lilith M. Born 1905 Died 1957 TS
LITCHFIELD, Mary E. Spouse of Noah Born 1847 Died 1-1924 Dau of George& Mary S. Adams Irish Wed 3 times; Mausoleum R
LOOP, Caroline Spouse of Daniel . Born 7-8-1835 Died 10-23- 1882 TS
LOOP, Daniel Spouse of Caroline Born 2-16-1830 Son of Loop Vet-CW 85thNY Vol TS
LOOP, George W. Spouse of Martha Born 9-29- 1861 Died 3-24-1882 Sonof Daniel & Caroline Lo0p TS
LOOP, Martha Spouse of George W. Born 12-28-862 Died 10-9-1864 TS
LOUNSBURY, Richard W. Born 1928 Died 1991 TS
LOVE, Ethel M. Spouse of LOVE Born 1886 Died 1982 Dau of John E. &Rose M. Eaton TS
LUCAS, Daniel Died 2-9-1865 TS
LUCAS, George W. Died 2-19-1860 TS
MANKA, Corey M. Died 10-23- 1991 TS
MARSH, Jennie M Spouse of John Born 3-15-1912 Died 10-2-2003 dau ofFrank & Ivah Lewis Pettit
MARVIN, Dewitt Died 9-16-1855 Son of Schuyler & Elizabeth MarvinTS
MASON, Nicolin A. Born 1993 Died 1993 TS
MAXSON, Elias Spouse of Rachel R. Born 4-3-1810 Died 8-1-1876 Son ofPeleg Jr. & Clarissa Burdick Maxson TS; G
MAXSON, Margaret J. Ayers Spouse of Joel Born 3-17- 1837 Died 6-18-1869 TS; G
MAXSON, Rachel R. Nye Spouse of Elias Born 10-14-1816 Died 3-16-1855Dau of Benjamin B. & Elizabeth Maxson TS; G
MCCABE, Estella B. Born 1887 Died 1918 TS
MCINTOSH, Pearl Born 1880 Died 1943 TS
MCKELVEY, Laverne A. Spouse of Leona Belle Born 1880 Died 1970 Wedtwice LOT C-1b TS
MCKELVEY, Leona Belle Marsh Spouse of Laverne A. Born 1885 Died 19612nd wife LOT C-1b TS; G
MCKELVEY, Maud D. Hewitt Spouse of Laverne Born 1833 Died 1908 TS
MCKELVEY, Maude A. Marsh Spouse of Laverne A. Born 1883 Died 1908 Sonof Benjamin & Mary Hewitt 1st wife LOT C-1b TS
MCQUEEN, Emma J. Thomas Spouse of E. Wilson Born 4-1-1855 Died 6-15-1925Dau of Sylvester Thomas TS; DR
MCQUEEN, Ernest Wilson Spouse of Emma J. Born 8-15-1834 Died 1-10-1913 Son of Ernest M. & Catherine (Pierce) McQueen TS; DR
MEKELVEY, Laverne A. [MCKELVEY?] Spouse of Maude A. Born 1880 Died1970 Son of Caleb & Martha Mekelvey[McKelvey] LOT C-1b TS
MERRICK, Adaline L. Spouse of Clair F. Born 1926 TS
MERRICK, Clair F. Spouse of Adaline L. Born 1920 TS
MERRIFIELD, Clarence Spouse of Lovina Born 1909 TS
MERRIFIELD, Lovina Spouse of Clarence Born 1907 Died 1978 TS
MERRITT, Brooksie Childs Spouse of Welcome Born 1832 Died 6-5-1851TS
MERRITT, E. Rosetta Holmes Spouse of Amos Born 1849 Died 11-1-19272nd wife TS; G
MERRITT, Loyd E. Born 1903 Died 1905 Son of Arthur L. & M. L. MerrittLOT C-4c TS
MERRITT, William Born 1898 Died 1911 Son of Amos & E. Rosetta (Holmes)Merritt TS
MILLER, Bainbridge Born 1900 Died 1911 TS
MILLER, Emma Born 1853 Died 1893 TS
MILLER, Henry Born 1867 Died 1947 TS
MITCHELL, Beatrice A. Born 1925 Died 1928 TS
MITCHELL, Charles A. Spouse of Emma L. Born 1868 Died 1949 TS
MITCHELL, Emma H. Born 1927 Died 1928 TS
MITCHELL, Emma L. Spouse of Charles N. Born 1876 Died 1956 TS
MITCHELL, Judy L. Born 1966 Died 1966 Marker
MITCHELL, Lewis Born 1902 Died 1966 Marker
MITCHELL, Shirley A. Born 1938 Died 1964 TS
MITCHELL, William E. Born 1932 Died 1994 TS
MONAHAN, Gerald J. Born 1909 Died 1960 Son of Judson J. & LouiseM. Monahan TS
MONAHAN, Harold J. Born 1905 Died 1949 Son of Judson J. & LouiseM. Monahan TS
MONAHAN, Helen L. Died 1936 Infant TS
MONAHAN, Judson J. Spouse of Louise M. Born 1873 Died 1963 TS
MONAHAN, Louise M. Spouse of Judson J. Born 1888 Died 1945 TS
MONROE, Alice M. Spouse of Melvin C. Born 1908 Died 1991 TS
MONROE, Catherine R. Born 1959 Died 1959 TS
MONROE, Melvin C. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1907 Died 1981 TS
MONROE, Todd Andrew Born 1964 Died 1964 TS
MOORE, Helen C. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1914 TS
MOORE, Lovell L. Spouse of Rachel A. Born 1908 Died 1959 TS
MOORE, Maud Spouse of E. L. Died 3-28-1901 TS
MOORE, Rachel A. Spouse of Lovell L. Born 1910 Dau of Arthur &Rose Childs Whitney TS
MOORE, Ralph E. Spouse of Helen C. Born 1908 Died 1992 Wed 4 Aug 1932TS
MOSHER, A. Dean Spouse of Leona M. Born 1911 Died 1996 TS
MOSHER, Leona M. Spouse of A. Dean Born 1903 Died 1988 TS
MUNGER, Adaresla Spouse of Henry W. Born 11-11-1845 Died 1-2-1925 Dauof Charles & Abigail Main Crandall TS
MUNGER, Asa Died 2-28- 1883 TS
MUNGER, George D. Spouse of Harriet L Born 1852 Died 1926 TS
MUNGER, Harriet L. ["Kate"] Spouse of George D. Born 1855 Died 1931Dau of Caleb & Elizabeth Lewis TS
MUNGER, Henry W. Spouse of Adaresla C Born 4-2- 1840 Died 3-21- 1897Vet-CW 35th NY Vol Co I TS
MUNGER, Jane B. Died 8-28-1882 TS
MUNGER, Marana Spouse of William Born 1827 Died 1905 TS
MUNGER, William Spouse of Marana Born 1830 Died 1916 Vet-CW 2l ArtILL Co K TS
NASH, infant son Died 1883 TS
NEWMAN, Hortence L. Born 1846 Died 1934 TS
NICHOLS, Arzella Wells Spouse of Rufus Born 10-27-1816 Died 2-2-1894LOT C-5b TS
NICHOLS, Clair O. Born 1922 Died 1937 Child of Earl A. & isabelE. Nichols TS
NICHOLS, Earl A. Spouse of Isabel E. Born 1889 Died 1974 TS
NICHOLS, Isabel E. Spouse of Earl A. Born 1895 Died 1974 TS
NICHOLS, James L. Born 1917 Died 1944 Son of Earl A. & Isabel E.NicholsVet-WWII died in action TS
NICHOLS, Mary J. Spouse of William R. Born 1830 Died 1913 LOT C-6eTS
NICHOLS, Rufus Spouse of Arzella W Born 3-1-1812 Died 3-12-1887 LOTC-5b TS
NICHOLS, William H. Born 8-22-855 Died 1-26-1863 Son of William R.& Mary J. Nichols LOT C-6e TS
NICHOLS, William R. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1830 Died 1887 LOT C-6eTS
NICKERSON, Clemont S. Born 4-18-1911 Died 10-24-1980 Son of NickersonVet-WWII US Army TS
NOYES, Anna Spouse of John Died 12-13-1839 TS
NOYES, Laurany Miller Spouse of J. C. Died 12-18-1870 TS
NOYES, Lurana Childs Spouse of J. C. Died 6-15-1866 TS
ORBINSON, Isaac [ROBINSON?] Spouse of Hannah Died 1-20- 1866 TS
OSGOOD, Goldie A. Spouse of Leonard E. Born 3-26- 1937 Died 4-15- 2001Dau. of Paul & Nina Chaffee Bradford- b. Portville, NY- m. Aug. 17,1955
OSGOOD, Leonard E. Born 11-15-1929 Died 1-17-1996 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Desdamona Spouse of John Born 1841 Died 1933 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Emery T. Spouse of Maude E. Born 1871 Died 1938 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Everett J. Born 1907 Died 1918 Son of Wallace & FrancesOsterstuck TS
OSTERSTUCK, Frances Spouse of Wallace Born 1888 Died 1971 TS
OSTERSTUCK, James D. Spouse of Martha L. Born 4-2-1918 Died 12-8-2001age 83y b. Little Genesee, NY- Son of Wallace M. & Frances L. CooverOsterstuck- m. Oct. 21, 1972- US Army WW II TS-OBIT
OSTERSTUCK, John Spouse of Desdamona Born 1832 Died 1919 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Martha L. Baker Spouse of James D. Born 1931 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Maude E. Spouse of Emery T. Born 1873 Died 1935 TS
OSTERSTUCK, Rhoby M. Spouse of unwed Born 1869 Died 4-1-1886 Childof John & Desdamona Osterstuck TS
OSTERSTUCK, Wallace Spouse of Frances Born 1882 Died 1958 TS
OTTO, Blanche Mae Spouse of Ralph Lewis Born 5-1-1890 Died 3-20- 1976Dau of George & Florence (Foster) Ferrington TS; G
OTTO, Carrie Robinson Spouse of Riley Born 1865 Died 1944 LOT C-2bTS
OTTO, George R. Spouse of Lucille A. Born 1913 Died 1967 TS
OTTO, Howard D. Born 5-5-1924 Died 5-9- 1925 Son of Ralph Lewis &Blanche Mae Ferrington Otto Child TS; G
OTTO, James L. Spouse of Pauline J. Born 11-29-1939 Died 5-3-1993 Sonof Victor V. & Bernice E. Jordan Otto TS; G
OTTO, Lucille A. Spouse of George R. Born 1914 Died 1993 TS
OTTO, Pauline J. Morris Spouse of James L. Born 1943 TS
OTTO, Ralph Lewis Spouse of Blanche Mae Born 2-23- 1888 Died 10-17-1971TS; G
OTTO, Riley Spouse of Carrie R Born 3-23-1858 Died 1906 Son of EliasP. Otto LOT C-2b TS
OWENS, Grace A. Spouse of Vernon S. Born 1894 Died 1938 TS
OWENS, Vernon S. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1895 Died 1947 TS
P0WELL, Kenneth C. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1920 Died 1993 TS
PALMER, Gladys L. Born 1903 Died 1988 Dau of Alfred A. & AngieChilds TS
PARRY, Laddie A. Spouse of Marjorie R. Born 10-16-1917 Died 11-30-1996Vet-WWII purple heart TS
PARRY, Marjorie R. Spouse of Laddie A. Born 1922 Died 1982 TS
PARTRIDGE, Bessie M. Spouse of Leslie T. Born 1907 Died 1995 TS
PARTRIDGE, Leslie T. Spouse of Bessie M. Born 1904 Died 1980 TS
PAYNE, Charles O. Spouse of Elvira M. Born 1859 Died 1921 TS
PAYNE, Frank Born 1890 Died 1947 TS
PAYNE, Leon Born 1-25-1887 Died 3-6- 1887 Son of Charles & ElvernaPayne TS
PECKHAM, Avery P. Spouse of Eleanor Born 12-21-1831 Died 5-9-1894 TS
PECKHAM, Bert Born 1864 Died 1939 TS
PECKHAM, Eleanor Spouse of Avery P. Born 5-9-1831 TS
PECKHAM, Enoin Born 1856 Died 1936 TS
PECKHAM, Frank Born 1863 Died 1948 TS
PECKHAM, Henry Born 1884 Died 1898 TS
PEITZSCH, Timothy E. Born 1967 Died 1977 TS
PERKINS, Bessie L. Born 2-2-1892 Died 9-28-1894 Dau of Dorr D. &Jennie Perkins TS
PERKINS, Dorr D. Spouse of Jennie Born 1860 Died 1936 TS
PERKINS, Jennie Spouse of Dorr D. Born 1867 Died 1939 TS
PERRY, Ada M. Foster Spouse of Allen.A. Born 1871 Died 1903 1st wifeTS
PERRY, Allen A. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1872 Died 1942 wed twice? TS
PERRY, Constance C. Spouse of Stanley L. Born 1940 Dau of Neil &Mary Woodkirk TS
PERRY, Goldie B. Spouse of Leon R. Born 1912 Died 1996 Dau of Arthur& Rose Childs Whitney TS
PERRY, Hannah Spouse of William D. Born 1844 Died 1919 Dau of Alanson& Harriet Noyce Childs TS
PERRY, Keith L. Spouse of Marguerite P. Born 1908 Died 1970 TS
PERRY, Lena E. Spouse of Otto W. Born 1879 Died 1945 Dau. of Leroy& Sarah Evans Root TS
PERRY, Leon R. Spouse of Goldie B. Born 1907 Died 1958 TS
PERRY, Marguerite P. Spouse of Keith L. Born 1908 Died 1987 TS
PERRY, Mary M. Spouse of Allen A. Born 1878 Died 1949 Dau of SanfordE. & Eugenia Lasher Manchester; 2nd wife TS
PERRY, Otto W. Spouse of Lena E. Born 1874 Died 1937 Son of WilliamD. & Hannah Childs Perry TS
PERRY, Rosa D. Spouse of unwed Born 1869 Died 10-7-1882 Dau of WilliamD. & Hannah Childs Perry TS
PERRY, Stanley L. Spouse of Constance C. Born 1934 Died 1993 Son ofLeon & Goldie Whitney Perry TS
PERRY, William D. Spouse of Hannah Born 1841 Died 1911 Son of David& Philura Howard Perry 85th NY Vol Co I TS
PERSING, Lee Died 8-15-1887 TS
PETERSON, Edwin R. Sr. Spouse of Gloria Rose Born 1927 TS
PETERSON, Gloria Rose Spouse of Edwin R. Born 1931 TS
PETTIT, Ivah Lewis Spouse of Frank R. Born 1885 Died 1965 TS
PETTIT, Lewis A. Spouse of Hazel Jordan Born 1905 Died 6-7- 1941 Sonof Frank R. & Ivah L. Pettit 1st husband TS; G
PETTIT, Madeline M. Spouse of unwed Born 1913 Died 1931 Dau of FrankR. & Ivah L. Pettit TS
PETTITE, Eva Died 11-20- 1883 TS
PETTITE, Rena May Born 12-20-1888 Died 1-25-1889 TS
PHOENIX, Bernice Born 1922 Died 1991 TS
PHOENIX, Lydia A. Born 1862 Died 1928 TS
PHOENIX, Merrill Spouse of Nora Born 1898 Died 1960 TS
PHOENIX, Nora Spouse of Merrill Born 1900 Died 1927 TS
PINGREY, Lola M. Spouse of Robert C. Born 1913 Died 1991 TS
PINGREY, Robert C. Spouse of Lola M. Born 1915 Died 1980 TS
PITZRICK, Ellen F. Spouse of Louis F. Born 1887 Died 1954 Dau of ?& Clara Hodge TS
PITZRICK, Raymond A. Spouse of Vivian M Born 9-26-1908 Died 1-28-1997Son of Louis & Ellen Hodge Pitzrick TS
PITZRICK, Vivian spouse of Raymond A. born 9-23-1914 died 4-16-2009age 94y Dau. of John Powers & Mable Estella Stockwell Mills b. Townof Hume NY d. Rochester NY Known as "The Bird Lady" a birder in New YorkState TS
PLOPPER, Jacob Born 1851 Died 1938 TS
POTTER, Susan Born 1825 Died 2-24-1877 TS
POWELL, Edna M. "Min" spouse of Kenneth born 5-19-1922 died 6-11-2007age 85y Dau. of Frederick & Bernice Woodring Karrasch b. Custer CityPA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-25-1940 in Bradford PA
POWELL, Fannie E. Born 1896 Died 1980 TS
POWELL, John R. Born 1891 Died 1963 TS
POWELL, Margaret Born 1919 Died 1919 TS
PRIMAN, Eudora E. Died 6-23- 1850 TS
PUTNEY, Etta M. Born 1867 Died 1923 TS
QUIRK, Ada Spouse of James H. Born 1911 Died 1992 TS
QUIRK, James H. Spouse of Ada L. Born 1907 TS
RAYBOSS, John Spouse of Rhoda W. Vet-CW 142nd Pav Co E TS
RAYBOSS, Rhoda M. Spouse of John Born 1830 Died 1908 TS
REED, Orrin B. Died 1855 TS
REITZ, Celia Spouse of Rudolph Born 1898 Died 1944 LOT C-4c TS
REITZ, Genevieve L. Kratz Spouse of Henry J. Born 1909 Died 1955 1stwife TS
REITZ, Henry J. Spouse of Genevieve L. Born 1909 Died 1992 Wed twiceTS
REYNOLDS, Clarissa R. Born 1930 Died 1939 Dau of John & MildredReynolds Child TS
REYNOLDS, John L. Spouse of Mildred C. Born 1908 Died 1972 TS
REYNOLDS, Mildred C. Spouse of John L. Born 1908 Died 1997 TS
REYNOLDS, Ruth E. Born 8-8-1936 Died 9-12-2004 age 68y Dau. of JohnL. & Mildred Willet Reynolds TS
RICE, Elizina Spouse of Charles Born 1819 Died 9-6-1872 TS
RICE, Lesley Died 1899 TS
RICE, Mary A. Hardgrave Spouse of Sturns Born 1860 Died 1905 TS
RICE, Sturns Spouse of Mary A. Born 1851 Died 1933 Son of Charles &Elizina L. Rice TS
RIDDLE, Lovenia G. Born 1845 Died 2-9-1899 Dau of James & JaneGray LOT C-1f TS
ROBINSON, Abbie S. Spouse of Levi M. Born 1842 Died 1914 TS
ROBINSON, Alman Born 1824 Died 2-7- 1868 Vet-CW TS
ROBINSON, Carrie M. Born 1877 Died 10-4-1883 Dau of Horace & SusanJ. Robinson Child TS
ROBINSON, Charles Born 1875 Died 10-4-1883 Son of Horace & SusanJ. Robinson TS
ROBINSON, Clarrinda A. Died 12-26-1858 Dau of Isaac & Peggy RobinsonTS
ROBINSON, Edith M. Spouse of Homer B. Born 1878 Died 1954 TS
ROBINSON, Faye T. Spouse of Herman Born 1932 TS
ROBINSON, Florence E. Spouse of Herman H. Born 1885 Died 1967 Dau ofLeon & Goldie Whitney Perry TS
ROBINSON, Henry Born 1898 Died 1969 TS
ROBINSON, Henry V. Spouse of Margrete? Born 1841 Died 1901 Vet-CW 85thNY Vol Co A TS
ROBINSON, Herman H. Spouse of Florence E. Born 1885 Died 1944 TS
ROBINSON, Herman Spouse of Faye T. Born 1927 TS
ROBINSON, Homer B. Spouse of Edith M. Born 1877 Died 1953 TS
ROBINSON, Horace H. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1847 Died 1933 Wed alsoSusan J. TS
ROBINSON, Isaac [ORBINSON?] Spouse of Hannah Died 1-20- 1866 TS
ROBINSON, Jacks Mother
ROBINSON, Levi M. Spouse of Abbie S. Born 1842 Died 1915 TS
ROBINSON, Libby M. Died 10-30-1882 TS
ROBINSON, Lloyd Spouse of May? Died 12-2-1883 Son of Alman? RobinsonTS
ROBINSON, Mahum Spouse of Abigail J. Weaver Born 1828 Vet-CW TS
ROBINSON, Margrete Spouse of Henry V. Born 1844 Died 1909 TS
ROBINSON, Mary C. Spouse of Horace H. Born 1845 Died 1914 2nd wifeTS
ROBINSON, Peggy Spouse of Isaac TS
ROBINSON, Roland Born 1818 Died 1910 TS
ROBINSON, Sarah J. Spouse of H. A. Born 1816 Died 8-25- 1870 TS
ROBINSON, Stanley Born 1933 Died 1933 TS
ROBINSON, Susan J. Spouse of Horace H. Born 1853 Died 6-21- 1888 Dauof Charles & Alvira Rice1st wife TS
ROBINSON, Walace B. Born 1860 Died 1875 Son of Mahum & AbigailJ. Weaver Robinson TS
ROBINSON, Walter L. Born 1856 Died 1859 Son of Mahum & AbigailWeaver Robinson TS
ROBINSON, Wayland Born 1907 Died 1908 Son of Homer B. & Edith M.Robinson TS
ROBINSON, Zilpha Coffen Born 1835 Died 1874 TS
ROOT, Burr L. Spouse of Kate A. Born 1875 Died 1956 Son of Leroy &Sarah Evans Root TS
ROOT, Dorris A. Born 1901 Died 1920 Dau of Burr L. & Kate A. RootTS
ROOT, Kate A. Spouse of Burr L. Born 1879 Died 1953 TS
SANDERS, Daniel M. Spouse of Lucinda Born 1847 Died 1912 Vet-CW TS
SANDERS, Harrison M. Born 9-4- 1882 Died 3-29-1884 Son of Daniel M.& Lucinda Sanders TS
SANDERS, Lucinda Spouse of Daniel M. Born 1854 Died 1898 TS
SANFORD, Eugene E. Born 12-14-1876 Died 3-20-1877 Son of John &Mary Sanford TS
SANFORD, John Spouse of Mary Born 12-12-1832 Died 5-26-1879 Son ofRichard S. & Martha Sanford TS
SANFORD, Rachel N. Born 2-25-1863 Died 10-11- 1878 Dau of John &Mary Sanford TS
SCHWERK, Cora K. Spouse of Stanley W. Sr. Born 1893 TS
SCHWERK, Lucy L. Spouse of Stanley W. Jr. Born 1930 TS
SCHWERK, Stanley W. III Born 7-15-1954 Died 8-5- 1967 Son of StanlyW. Jr. & Lucy L. Schwerk TS
SCHWERK, Stanley W. Jr. Spouse of Lucy L. Born 1922 Died 1984 TS
SCHWERK, Stanley W. Sr. Spouse of Cora K. Born 1893 Died 1950 TS
SCOTT, Donald E. spouse of Coralie Foster born 3/18/1937 died 4/8/2013 age 76y Son of Edward & Rose Masten Scott b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-1959 in Richburg NY
SIKES, Blanche Hill Born 1890 Died 1947 TS
SILVIS, Faire E. Spouse of Paul J. Born 1927 TS
SILVIS, Paul J. Spouse of Faire E. Born 1923 Died 1993 TS
SISSON, Carol A. Eastman Spouse of Rodney Born 1935 TS
SISSON, Cella U. Spouse of Mervin P. Born 1902 Died 1991 Dau of OttoW. & Lena A. Root Perry TS; G
SISSON, Elizabeth L. Childs Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 1916 TS
SISSON, Floyd J. SR. Spouse of 1. Loretta Carney2. Bertha Woodard3.Alice Kellogg Born 7-2-1915 Died 12-12-2001 b. Obi, NY- Son of Henry &Alice Horris Sisson- m. 3. May 5, 1995
SISSON, Gary L. Born 1943 Died 1948 Son of Floyd & Loretta CarneySisson TS
SISSON, Guy U. Spouse of Margaret R. Born 1904 Died 1957 Son of JohnHenry & Mary A. Hovis Sisson TS
SISSON, Jessie A. Born 1906 Died 1992 Son? of Henry & Mary A. HovisSisson TS
SISSON, John Henry Spouse of Mary Alice H Born 11-6-1871 Died 7-30-1944TS
SISSON, Lawrence D. Spouse of Elizabeth L. Born 1913 Died 1985 TS
SISSON, Loretta E. Spouse of Floyd Born 1919 Dau of John & JuliaCarney TS
SISSON, Margaret R. Spouse of Guy U. Born 10-02-1910 Died 2-20-2003age 92y Dau of Clayton R. & Hazel (Bailey) Lawton, b. Millport-PA,d. Wellsville-NY
SISSON, Mary Alice Hovis Spouse of John Henry Born 11-6- 1877 Died3-21- 1921 TS
SISSON, Mervin P. Spouse of Cella U. Born 1901 Died 1989 Son of JohnH. & Mary A. Hovis Sisson TS
SISSON, Rodney Spouse of Carol Born 1935 Son of Lawrence & ElizabethChilds Sisson TS; G
SKIVER, Cheryl Gay Born 6-11-1965 Died 9-1-1991 TS
SKIVER, Gerrod Born 1977 Died 1984 TS
SKIVER, Howard A. Born 1904 Died 1985 TS
SKIVER, Shirley A. Spouse of Martin R. Born 6-15-1935 Died 6-28-2003Dau of Rudolph & Mabel (Splittoesser) Rice, b. Milwaukee-WI, d. Olean-NY,Wed 10-09-1954 in Portville-NY
SKIVER, Vivian P. Spouse of Howard A. Born 9-04-1916 Died 4-01-2003Dau of Russell & Almedia (Hubel) Garfield, b. Onoville-NY, d. Olean-NY,Wed 1-02-1932 in Portville-NY
SKIVER, Wesley Born 1979 Died 1984 TS
SLOCUM, Eugene H. Spouse of Laura A. Born 1851 Died 1937 TS
SLOCUM, Laura A. Spouse of Eguene H. Born 1852 Died 1939 TS
SMITH, Bertha Spouse of Stearns H. Born 1882 Died 1958 Dau of Lafayette& Mary Wright Holly LOT C-6a TS; G
SMITH, Brittana Spouse of John J. Born 3-10-1833 Died 12-29-1893 TS
SMITH, Clara F. Hewitt Born 1928 Died 1969 TS
SMITH, Daniel Spouse of Julia Born 9-12-1824 Died 12-29- 1903 Son ofBenjamin & Polly Main Smith LOT C-3f TS
SMITH, Ellen Born 2-27-1853 Died 5-4-1882 Dau of John J. & BrittanaSmith TS
SMITH, Elliott Born 1788 Died 12-23-854 TS
SMITH, Ettie F. Born 9-17-1857 Died 11-1-1877 Dau of Daniel & JuliaHatch Smith LOT C-3f TS
SMITH, Eugene Born 12-4-1851 Died 4-2-???? Check dod; Son of John J.& Brittana Smith TS
SMITH, Florence A. Born 8-20-1862 Died 4-26-1863 Dau of Daniel &Julia Hatch Smith LOT C-3f TS
SMITH, Gordon W. spouse of Joan Mullen born 7-14-1933 died 12-8-2009age Son of William & Annabelle Selfridge Smith b. Niagara Falls NYd. Buffalo NY Wed 3-15-1980 in Allegany NY U.S. Navy Korean War - 16 yearswith U.S. Air Force as a Staff Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran retiring afterserving 20 years with the Military
SMITH, Harriet E. Died 5-20-1887 TS
SMITH, Henry Spouse of Mary R Born 1832 Died 1913 Son of Benjamin &Polly Main Smith TS
SMITH, Irene H. Rork Spouse of S. Kenneth Born 1915 Died 1981 TS
SMITH, John J. Spouse of Brittana Born 1-9-1829 Died 18?? TS
SMITH, Julia Hatch Spouse of Daniel Born 5-11-1830 Died 12-12-1889LOT C-3f TS
SMITH, Mary Spouse of Frank Born 1843 Died 1911 Dau of Sterns &Cynthia Rice TS
SMITH, Stearns Kenneth Spouse of Irene H. Born 10-18-1912 Died 4-24-2000b. "Clarksville, NY- Son of Sterns H. & Bertha A. Holly Smith m. 1934TS
SMITH, Sterns H. Spouse of Bertha H Born 1872 Died 1946 Son of Benjamin& Polly Main/Maine Smith LOT C-6a TS; G
SPENCER, L. A. Son of Spencer; Vet-CW TS
SPENCER, Mary A. Spouse of Daniel Born 1822 Died 1-26-1884 TS
SPRAGUE, Alonzo B. Spouse of Clara A. Born 1856 Died 1929 ReverendTS
SPRAGUE, Benjamin C. Spouse of Chloa B. Born 1881 Died 1938 TS
SPRAGUE, Burdette R. Spouse of Elizabeth C. Born 1878 Died 1931 LOTC-1a TS
SPRAGUE, Chloa B. Spouse of Benjamin C. Born 1884 Died 1929 TS
SPRAGUE, Clara A. Spouse of Alonzo B. Born 1860 Died 1941 TS
SPRAGUE, Clari B. Born 1912 Died 1914 Dau of Benjamin C. & ChloaB. Sprague Child TS
SPRAGUE, Elizabeth Hill Spouse of Burdette R. Born 1883 Died 1923 LOTC-1a TS
SPRAGUE, Ezra A. Spouse of Esther Marshall Born 8-8- 1917 Died 9-2-1995 Son of Burdette R. & Elizabeth Hill Sprague TS; O
STEINER, Dora M. Spouse of Harold H. Born 1911 Died 1992 TS
STEINER, George R. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1930 Died 1996 TS
STEINER, Harold H. Spouse of Dora M. Born 1908 Died 1977 TS
STEINER, Ida May Spouse of John H. Born 1885 Died 1928 TS
STEINER, John H. Spouse of Ida May Born 1875 Died 1951 TS
STEINER, Mary L. Spouse of George R. Born 1933 TS
STEPHENSON, Nora Born 1878 Died 1947 TS
STIVES, Robert E. Born 1936 Died 1966 Son of Eugene & Julia ColeStives TS
STONE, Otis Born 1881 Died 1955 TS
STONEMETZ, Christopher Spouse of Mirinda Born 1855 Died 1942 TS
STONEMETZ, Frederick C. Born 1892 Died 1972 TS
STONEMETZ, Miranda Spouse of Christopher S Born 1861 Died 1935 TS
STRICKLAND, Emeline Prince Spouse of Samuel Born 1810 Died 1895 TS
STRICKLAND, Samuel Spouse of Emeline/Emaline Born 1821 Died 1893 TS
STUDLEY, unknown Born 1975 Died 1975 TS
TAFT, Alonzo Spouse of Susan H. Born 1842 Died 1909 TS; G
TAFT, Susan H. Spouse of Alonzo Born 1847 Died 1920 Dau of Martin &Chloe Childes Hill TS; G
TAYLOR, Clinton C. spouse of Marion O. died 6-6-1999 m. Oct 19 1932in Whitesville NY
TAYLOR, Marion O. spouse of Clinton C. born 1-31-1913 died 3-9-2004age 91y dau of Orson & Addie Childs Childs
THOMAS, Margee Spouse of S. B. Born 4-2-1836 Died 5-7-1888 2nd wifeTS
THOMAS, S. B. Spouse of Sabrina [1st] Born 12-25-1827 Died 9-27-1905Wed twice? TS
THOMAS, Sabrina Spouse of S. B. Born 9-14-1831 Died 3-11-1879 1st wifeTS
THORNTON, Clair Born 11-7-1899 Died 2-4-1954 Son of W. Eugene &Nina E. Holmes ThorntonVet-WWI LOT C-3b TS
THORNTON, Mason Vet-CW 50th NY Eng Co E LOT C-5a TS
THORNTON, Nina E. Spouse of W. Eugene Born 1871 Died 1968 Dau of Amos& Clarinda Holmes LOT C-3c TS
THORNTON, W. Eugene Spouse of Nina E. Born 1873 Died 1931 LOT C-3bTS
TORRENCE, Anna M. Spouse of James L. Born 1932 TS
TORRENCE, James L. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1932 Died 1989 TS
UNKNOWN, Ernest Born 1875 Died 1902 TS
UNKNOWN, Ernest Spouse of Gertie Died 5-21- 1881 Vet-CW TS
UNKNOWN, Gertie Spouse of Ernest Died 12-6- 1881 TS
UNKNOWN, Millie Infant TS
UNKNOWN, unknown Born 1840 Died 9-27-1881 Vet-CW; Stone unreadableTS
VINCENT, Laura Spouse of S. Died 8-8-1880
VINCENT, Polly Crandall Born 1792 Died 1883 TS
VONLAUTZ, Carl H. Spouse of Mildred M. Born 1901 Died 1983 Son of VonlautzVet-WWI TS
VONLAUTZ, Mildred M. Spouse of Carl H. Born 1910 TS
WALLACE, Iris Hope Born 1927 Died 1938 TS
WARING, Veva Born 1-5- 1883 Died 2-5-1893 Dau of S. D. & Mary M.Waring TS
WASHBURN, C. Thomas Spouse of Mabel R. Born 1870 Died 1945 TS
WASHBURN, Mabel R. Spouse of C. Thomas Born 1878 Died 1969 TS
WATSON, Harvey A. Born 1873 Died 1934 TS
WATSON, Ruby A. Born 1876 Died 1898 Dau of Levi M. & Abbie S. RobinsonTS
WEAVER, Isa Born 1802 Died 1881 TS
WEAVER, Jemima Born 1796 Died 1880 TS
WEAVER, Mary Spouse of William Died 3-17-1865 TS
WELLS, Clara Born 1868 Died 1952 Wed 1st Hodge TS
WELLS, Joseph Born 1849 Died 1941 TS
WERTMAN, Henry C. Spouse of E. F. Born 1852 Died 1898 TS
WERTMAN, Lee Born 9-16- 1889 Died 2-19-1890 Son of Henry C. & E.F. Wertman TS
WHIPPLE, Lesley A. Spouse of Walter Richard Born 5-29-1953 Died 3-25-2004Dau of Richard E. & Mary (Childs) Scott, b. Cuba-NY, d. Andover-OH,Wed 7-16-1971 in Richburg-NY
WHITE, Della E. Spouse of Howard Edwards/Edd Born 1-25-1916 Died 7-27-2003dau of James & Tabitha Smith Fuller
WHITE, Edd Spouse of Della E. Died 1983 m.1974
WHITE, Jennie E. Born 1897 Died 1949 TS
WHITE, Jessie Born 1893 TS
WHITNEY, Adella A. Born 1858 Died 1888 TS
WHITNEY, Annis R. Spouse of Loren V. Born 1863 Died 1949 TS
WHITNEY, Arthur L. Spouse of Rose A. Born 1887 Died 1963 TS
WHITNEY, Fred E. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1888 Died 1954 TS
WHITNEY, Loren V. Spouse of Annis R. Born 1858 Died 1917 TS
WHITNEY, Nellie M. Lowe Spouse of Fred E. Born 1890 Died 1984 TS
WHITNEY, Rose A. Childs Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1889 Died 1961 TS
WILBER, Frances Born 1886 Died 1964 TS
WILCOX, Cassie C. Green Born 1889 Died 1970 TS
WILKINS, Darrol F. Spouse of Ethel A. Born 1912 Died 1993 TS
WILKINS, Donald E. II s/o Donald & Janice
WILKINS, Ethel A. Spouse of Darrol F. Born 3-9-1915 Died 11-20-2001b. Genesee, NY- Dau. of Leon & Elsie Barber Childs m. Nov. 18, 1933TS-OBIT
WILKINS, Janice A. Spouse of Donald E. Born 1937 Died 1962 TS
WILLIAMSON, Emogene Stiles Spouse of Myron C. Born 1909 Died 1994 TS
WILLIAMSON, Myron C. Spouse of Emogene S Born 1903 Died 1986 Wed 21Aug 1925 TS
WILLISON, Angie M. Born 1892 Died 1952 TS
WILLOVER, Arthur E. Born 1904 Died 1976 TS
WILLOVER, Duane M." Dewey" Born 1--24-1986 Died 9-13-2003 age 16y sonof Edward & Leigh Woods Willover
WILSON, Julia J. Spouse of Walter N. Born 1918 died 7-26-2007 age 88ydau of Ernest J. & Mayme Higley Cole m. Sept 13 1960 TS
WILSON, Walter N. Spouse of Julia J. Born 1926 TS
WOOD, Barbara J. Spouse of Keith L. Born 1-19-1927 Died 6-22-2004 Dauof Albert & Oralie (Otto) Adams, b. Olean-NY, d. Cuba-NY, Wed 8-18-1950in Obi-NY
WOOD, Keith L. Spouse of Barbara J. Born 1927 Wed 18 Aug. 1950 TS
WRAY, Fred E. Born 1859 Died 1908 TS
WRAY, Hazel M. Spouse of Homer I. Born 1895 TS
WRAY, Homer I. Spouse of Hazel M. Born 1893 Died 1956 Son of Fred E.Wray TS
WRAY, Howard A. Spouse of Violet F. Born 1919 Died 1988 TS
WRAY, Violet F. Spouse of Howard A. Born 1922 TS
WRIGHT, Amanda Spouse of G. N. TS
WRIGHT, Earl H. Born 8-19-1887 Died 11-2-1888 TS
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Spouse of T. J. Born 1836 TS
WRIGHT, Frederick H. Born 1851 Died 1925 TS
WRIGHT, G. N. Spouse of Amanda Born 1857 TS
WRIGHT, Mary Ann Spouse of W. M. Born 1815 Died 7-14-1842 TS
WRIGHT, T. J. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1833 Died 1894 TS
YAPP, David Spouse of Mary C Born 2-17-1831 Died 10-22-1905 TS
YAPP, Herbert E. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1856 Died 1931 Son of David& Mary Crandall Yapp TS
YAPP, Mary Crandall Spouse of David Born 3-31-834 Died 5-25- 1882 TS
YAPP, Mary E. Spouse of Herbert E. Born 1863 Died 1957 TS
YOUNG, Abigail Spouse of Samuel Born 1807 Died 1-14-1872 TS
YOUNG, James W. Born 1834 Died 3-9-1882 Vet-CW TS
YOUNG, Phoebe J. Spouse of William A. Born 1839 Died 1923 TS
YOUNG, Samuel Spouse of Abigail Born 1797 Died 12-15-1869 TS
YOUNG, William A. Born 1848 Died 1922 Son of Samuel & Abigail Young TS

Both listed on same tombstone, no namesjust as son/daughter of Rose and Fred Wright

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