Alma, NY
 Cemetery resides on the corners of County Routes 18 & 38
Walked by: Rosalie Siller & Frankie Stonemetz

On the front:
Sunnyside Cemtery Deeded 1885. Sign dedicated in memory of Orville T. Dickerson by his wife, son and daughters, Aug. 11, 1991
On the back:
Land deeded to Sunnyside Cemetery Association in 1885 by Mrs. E. P.
Watkins & husband L133-P131

  We read the stones as best as we could so there may be errors, as many were hard to read

ADAMS, Edward   Born 1836 Died 1911   
ADAMS, Ellen   Born 1840 Died 1884   
ADAMS, Emma M.     Died 12-9-1882 Age 4m27d 
ADAMS, Fanny I.     Died 9-20- 1869 Age 3y5m7d 
ADAMS, Frank G.     Died 9-12- 1872   
ADAMS, Lewis B.     Died 2-11- 1860 Age 11d 
ADAMS, Polly Spouse of Prosper  Born 6-15-1793 Died 11-6-1873   Our Father & Mother
ADAMS, Prosper Spouse of Polly Born 11-27-1786 Died 4-4-1839   Our Father & Mother
BATES, Annette       Age 4y 
BATES, John       Age 16m 
BATES, Leonard     Died 3-31-1853/7 Age 28y2m 
BEVERLEY, Sally     Died 2-19-1868 Age 82y 
BURBANK, George G.     Died 6-8-1903   Pvt. 82 N.Y. Inf.
CHAPEL, Aabby Ione     Died 10-13-1859   
CHAPEL, Almyra   Born 1848 Died 1898   
CHAPEL, Gilbert   Born 1813 Died 1898   
CHAPEL, Jonathon   Born 1838     
CHAPEL, M. Clarinda   Born 1827 Died 1907   
CHAPEL, Sally M. Spouse of S.    Died 8-8-1871 Age 59y6m15d 
CHAPEL, Samuel     Died 8-10- 1868 Age 65y7m21d 
COLE, Benjamin     Died 4-5-1882 Age 75y9m?d Green be the --of--fiend of my be--to love thee
DEMING, Dimma   Born 1879 Died 1976   
DICKERSON, Orville   Born 26 Feb 1924 Died 11 Aug 1984   Cpl US Army, WW2
DICKERSON, Phillys M.   Born 1928     
ELLIOTT, Arthur J.         Stone Unreadable
ELLIOTT, Curtis E.   Born 6-11- 1807 Died 5-6-1871   
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Spouse of Henry  Born 1834 Died 1904   His Wife
ELLIOTT, Henry S.   Born 1833 Died 1901   
ELLIOTT, Julius   Born 1855 Died 1908   Sleep in Jesus
ELLIOTT, Stephen D.     Died 5-8-1862 Age 1m5d Son of E.? Elliott
FAY, Charles M.     Died 2-7-1856 Age 6m Son of Charles & Christiana Fay
FAY, Jane L.     Died 10-27- 1853 Age 11y6m Dau. of Charles & Chrisiana Fay
FOLAND, George     Died 1852   Son of John & Mary Foland
FOLAND, John Adam Spouse of Mary P.  Born 11-17-1814 Died 4-7-1892   b. Fulton, Schoharie Co., TN- d. Shongo at the home of Dr. Arvis Elliott & Wife Emeline His Daughter 
FOLAND, Mary P. Sidney Spouse of John Adam  Born 11-20- 1822 Died 12-27-1881   b. Newfield, Tompkins Co., TN
FOSTENA?, Oliver     Died 10-20-1862 Age 5y3m12d 
GADSBY, Carrie?         
GADSBY, Clara A.     Died 1861   
GADSBY, Infant     Died 1862   Son of J.O. & A. Gadsby
GRIFFITH, Ezekiel F.   Born 1824 Died 1900   
GRIFFITH, Leroy C.   Born 1859 Died 1902   
GRIFFITH, Sara E.   Born 1830 Died 1907   His Wife
HALBERT, Seth C.     Died 9-1-1873 Age 22y2m Arise ye, and depart for this is not your rest
HANKS, E.E.         Co. D 13trh N.Y. H.A.
HENYAN, Phebe G. Spouse of Edmond G.    Died 3-7-1867 Age 26y10m18d 
HOUBEN, Charles   Born 1841 Died 1971   56 Regt. Co. H
HOUBEN, Elizabeth   Born 1855 Died 1924   
HOUBEN, May R.     Died 10-15-1891 Age 7m8d 
HOVER, Betse A. Spouse of L.    Died 1-5-8?5 Age 44y 
HUBBELL, Infant     Died 2-10-1862   
HUBBELL, Mary Jane Spouse of John    Died 2-16-1863 Age 39y 1m 
HUBBELL, Melinda Spouse of Shadrach    Died 5-13/15-187?   
HUBBELL, Robert E.         
HUBBELL, Samuel;     Died 1866   
HUGHS, Alvin A.     Died 2-19-1868   
HUGHS, Edith A.     Died 5-28-1881   Baby Dau. of A. A. & S. Hughs
HYATT, Sammie     Died 10-19-1872 Age 7y7m7d Our Boy
HYDE, Betsey M. Spouse of Gates    Died 1857 Age 36y 
JACKSON, Loretta Spouse of Aaron S.    Died 10-25-1855 Age 20y6m 
LUNN, Freda L.   Born 1861 Died 1901   Dau. of F.E. & E.R. Lunn
MARSH, Ida Spouse of George Pinney Born 1875 Died 1901   
MEAD, Mary Mallory Spouse of Enos  Born 1845 Died 1901   
MORRISON, Elizabeth     Died 2-21-1867 Age 31y10m10d 
MOSHER, Bennie P.     Died 1-24-1851 Age 2y9m 
NIVER, Edith S. Spouse of William    Died 11-19-1895 Age 54y2m28d 
PHILLIPS, Almond         Co. I 141st NY Inf.
PINNEY, Cassandria Spouse of George W.    Died 9-1-1871 Age 49y9m3d Earth counts a mortal loss, Heaven an angel more" by P.F. Crane Canisteo, NY
PINNEY, H.M.   Born 1844 Died 1923   
QUIMBY, Edwin D.     Died 7-21- 1878 Age 5m19d 
QUIMBY, Erwin     Died 7-20-1878 Age 5m19d 
QUIMBY, Lydia A. Spouse of Levi    Died 1-2-1881 Age 53y8m3d 
SHAY, Peter   Born 11-20-1800 Died 1-5-1878   
SHOFF, H. L.         Co. E 104th NY Inf.
SMITH, William     Died 2-5-1853 Age 65y 
STEBBINS, Daniel   Born 1837 Died 1915   
STEBBINS, Elvira Spouse of S.B.    Died 8-11- 1854 Age 48y2m5d 
STEBBINS, Emily   Born 1829 Died 1891   Mother
STEBBINS, Samuel b.     Died 1-12-1883 Age 79y6m22d 
STEBBINS, William Mott   Born 1856 Died 1921   Father
STRATTON, Catherine A. Spouse of Samuel C.  Born 7-5-1817 Died 2-10-1896   
STRATTON, Samuel C. Spouse of Catherine A.  Born 1-10-1814 Died 2-21- 1889   
STRATTON, William   Born 4 May 1842 Died 6 May 1864   On same stone as Samuel Stratton, killied at the Battle of the Wilderness, VA
STRICKLAND, A.     Died 6-27-1887 Age 36y 
STRICKLAND, Martin     Died 10-6-1878 Age 52y2m12d 
TAYLOR, Daniel M.     Died 4-22- 1887 Age 67y 
TAYLOR, Floyd R.   Born 1890 Died 1920   
TAYLOR, Mildred I.   Born 1901 Died 1902   
TRAFTON, Oliver         Co. G. 54th NY Inf.
TRASS, Abel     Died ?-4 1866   
UNKNOWN, Lilly B.         Unreadable
UNKNOWN, Mother         She ain't done what she could
VANCE, Mae Strate   Born 1874 Died 1906   
VANCE, Oral   Born 1880   Age 3y?m?d Son of Strate?
WATKINS, ? C.         
WYVEL, Eugene     Died ?, 2, 1865   Son of S. & M. Wyvel
WYVEL, Mary A. Spouse of Samuel  Born 1819 Died 1901   His Wife
WYVEL, Nancy Spouse of Samuel W.  Born 9-25-1848 Died 4-26-1884
WYVEL, Samuel   Born 1819 Died 1886


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