Stannards Cemetery
Town of Willing
Wellsville, NY
Walked by PHGS Member  Eleanor Schwalb October 2004
Updated Jan 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb & Shari Barber
The inscription on the back of the stone at the entrance of Stannards Cemetery reads:
     In Appreciation of Joseph H. Kruson and his beloved wife Beulah E. Kruson
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson, after that by Eleanor Schwalb

Photo's  by Eleanor Schwalb

ADAMS, Anson A. died 5-28-1867
ADKINS, Claude C . born 1885 died 1949
AIKEN, E. Pauline spouse of Elmer D. born 9-12-1917 died 5-21-2007 age 89 Dau. of Charles A. & Mable L. Cool Reynolds b. Genesee PA d. Allegany NY Wed 10-12-1935 in Eldred PA
AIKEN, Elmer D. born 1907 died 1965
AIKEN, Phillip R. born 8-21-1936 died 12-19-1988
ALDRICH, Evelyn born 1916 died 1967
ALDRICH, H. Edward born 1918 died 1982 S-SGT U.S. Army WW2
ALLEN, Benj. F. Spouse of Esther born 1835 died 1913
ALLEN, Debbie L. Diehl spouse of Bradley P. born 11-29-1960 died 8-1-2006 Age 45y Dau. of Erwin & Margaret Hardy Buchholz b. Wellsville N.Y. d. Rochester N.Y. Wed: 11-21-2002
ALLEN, Esther Spouse of Benj. F. born 1834 died 1915
ALLEN, Janet LaForge born 10-21-1938 died 2-7-1982
ALLEN, Patricia M. Spouse of Ronald S. born 1939 died 1995
ALLEN, Ronald S. Spouse of Patricia M. born 1933 died Uncut
ARTLIP, James B. Spouse of Joan B. born 1930 died 1984
ARTLIP, Joan B. Spouse of James B. born 1929 died Uncut
ARTLIP, June E. born 1926 died 1992
ATKINS, A. Wayne born 1935 died 1995
ATKINS, Evelyn K. Spouse of John J. born 1911 died 1933
ATKINS, Herbert A. born 10-1-1923 died 8-16-1972 Pvt. Army Air Force WW2
ATKINS, John J. Spouse of Evelyn K. born 1906 died 1963
ATKINS, Pauline spouse of born 1-5-1902 died 4-14-1996 age 94y Dau. of Fred & Hattie Frederick b. Sayre PA d. Wellsville NY Wed Husband #1 Samuel Vansice who died in 1950 Husband #2 William Atkins who died in 1975
ATKINS, Susie Spouse of William H. born 1900 died 1967
ATKINS, William "Mike" born 1921 died 1928 Son of William H. & Susie Atkins
ATKINS, William H. Spouse of Susie born 1896 died 1975
ATKINSON, James W. Spouse of Mina M. born 1867 died 1949
ATKINSON, Marshall born 1913 died 1946
ATKINSON, Mina M. Spouse of James W. born 1877 died 1947
BAHAMONDE, Samuel Perez born 1955 died 1982 Son of Iris Bahamonde
BAKER, John M. born 1862 died 1883
BAKER, O. M. born 1824 died 1891
BARLOW, George J. Spouse of Mae A. Cook born 1924 died 8-6-1990
BARLOW, Mae A. Spouse of George J. born 8-20-1916 died 5-13-1998 Dau. of Arch B. & Ada Mack Cook
BARNES, Ethel Graves born 1882 died 1921
BARNES, Kathryn E. born 1922 died 1923
BARNES, Mary F. Spouse of Willett L. born 1916 died Uncut
BARNES, Mary S. Vossler Spouse of Willett E. born 1896 died 1994
BARNES, Mildred Spouse of Oliver B. born 1927 died Uncut
BARNES, Willett E. Spouse of Mary S. Vossler born 1-29-1890 died 4-9-1921
BARNES, Willett L. Spouse of Mary F. born 1917 died 2002
BARNETT, Beverly spouse of Robert J. born 10-24-1934 died 3-5-2007 age 72 Dau. of Archie & Martha Phillips Emerson b. Campbell, N.Y. d. Avon Park, Fla. Wed: 6-23-1956 in Campbell, N.Y.
BARNETT, Robert J. spouse of Beverly Emerson born 1935 died 1-31-2011 age 76y Son of Alfred & Christine Barnett b. Manhattan NY d. Avon Park FL Wed 6-23-1956 in Campbell NY U.S. Army Korean Conflict
BEACH, Ethel M. Spouse of LaVerne J. born 1922 died 1975
BEACH, LaVerne J. Spouse of Ethel M. born 1921 died Uncut
BELLOWS, Herbert L. "Herbie" spouse of Nellie Mae Eckenrode born 2/9/1929 died 1/22/2012 age 82y Son of Orren & Luella Clark Bellows b. Wellsville NY d. Watertown NY Wed 1947
BELLOWS, Luella M. Spouse of Orren W. born 1-4-1899 died 3-26-1970
BELLOWS, Nellie M. Eckenrode Spouse of Herbert L. born 1930 died 2002
BELLOWS, Orren W. Spouse of Luella M. Clark born 1-1-1898 died 5-20-1967 NY T. Sgt 1875 Engr. Avn BN WW2
BENNETT, Andrew Garrett born 4-7-1967 died 8-15-1995
BIERMAN, Arlie died 12-30-1876
BIERMAN, Arthur H. born 1878 died 1942
BIERMAN, Catharine Spouse of Charles died 6-6-1872
BIERMAN, Charles Spouse of Sarah born 1834 died 1911
BIERMAN, Dora E. Spouse of Henry died 10-18-1886
BIERMAN, Edwin G. died 12-28-1901 age 25 Son of Charles & Sarah Bierman
BIERMAN, Fred J. born 1884 died 1930
BIERMAN, Gladys Spouse of Nelson A. born 1908 died 2000
BIERMAN, Henry Spouse of Dora E. died 7-29-1881
BIERMAN, Nelson A. Spouse of Gladys Harder born 1909 died 1946
BIERMAN, Sarah Spouse of Charles born 1855 died 1927
BIERMAN, Willis born 1-16-1879 died 9-26-1900 Son of Charles & Sarah Bierman
BILBY, Helen E. spouse of Woodrow born 2-5-1934 died 10-9-2007 age 73 Dau. of Clyde & Mary Hummel Dixon b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-3-1950 in Wellsville NY
BILBY, Woodrow born 2-16-1913 died 7-17-1991 Pfc. U. S. Army WW2
BILLINGS, Gina Jai born 9-19-1986 died 10-6-2004 age 18 Dau. of James E. & Peggy S. Blamire Billings Born Winter Park, Fla.
BISSELL, Paul R. born 1925 died 1986
BLACKMAN, Ralph G. Spouse of Nancy STOLL Born 12-01-1937 Died 10-19-2004 Age 66y Son of Harold & Virginia (McCaslin) Blackman, b. Potter Co.-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-10-1960
BLACKMON, Hetty M. spouse of Kenneth born 4-26-1901 died 1-4-1982
BLACKMON, Kenneth spouse of Hetty M. born 11-13-1895 died 7-20-1992
BLANCHARD, Florence E. Spouse of Albert died 9-12-1880
BLECHINGER, Gail W. spouse of Robert T . born 4-4-1926 died 7-8-2008 age 82y Dau. of Maurice & Maggie Shay Wheldon b. Jacksonville FL d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-21-1970 in Allentown NY
BLECHINGER, Robert T. Spouse of Gail W. born 1931 died 1999
BLEDSOE, Cora Spouse of Ross born 1886 died 1972
BLEDSOE, Grace E. Spouse of Merle L. born 3-15-1916 died 7-28-2007 age 91 Dau. of Arthur & Gertie Thomas Abbey b. Hector Township Potter County PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-23-1937 in Hornell NY
BLEDSOE, Kelly D. born 1964 died 1978
BLEDSOE, Lois Anne spouse of Russell E. born 1-21-1943 died 8-24-2010 age 67y Dau. of Merle C. & Ann D. Goodridge Linza b. Wellsville NY d. Bryan TX Wed 7-15-1961
BLEDSOE, Marlene spouse of Carlton L. born 2-3-1952 died 12-22-2010 age 58y Dau. of Walter & Adelaide McClure Wightman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-1-1972 in Wellsville NY
BLEDSOE, Merle L. Spouse of Grace E. Abbey born 1910 died 2001
BLEDSOE, Ross Spouse of Cora born 1888 died 1968
BLEDSOE, Sheri L. born 1969 died 1978
BOOTH, Hugh C. Spouse of Margaret S. born 1887 died 1959
BOOTH, Margaret S. Spouse of Hugh C. born 1882 died 1966
BOOTH, Marion F. born 6-25-1925 died 7-23-1999 Dau. of Floyd & Grace Church Fanton
BOOTH, Robert born 1918 died 1980 U.S. Army WW2
BOWER, Bernard Leon Spouse of Stella Gowdy born 1929 died 2001
BOWER, Stella Josephine spouse of Bernard Leon born 5/26/1935 died 10/21/2013 age 78y Dau of Claude & Alice Quick Gowdy b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-23-1952
BRADT, Barbara born 1927 died 1943
BRADT, Fern P. born 1906 died 1943
BRANDES, Charles D. Spouse of Elizabeth R. died 4-5-1897
BRANDES, Clarence L. born 1888 died 1966
BRANDES, Dedric R. born 1853 died 1880
BRANDES, Edward H. Spouse of Grace M born 1876 died 1955
BRANDES, Elizabeth R. Spouse of Charles D. born 1856 died 1950
BRANDES, Grace M. Spouse of Edward H. born 1887 died 1960
BRANDES, Lizzie born 1880 died 1891
BRANDES, Marie E. Spouse of Melvin E. Sr. born 11-20-1908 died 9-15-2005 96y Dau. of Henry & Ella Schrader Pohl b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Town of Willing, N.Y. Wed: 1-1-1928
BRANDES, Melvin E. Spouse of Marie E. born 1906 died 1963
BREESE, Edwin H. Spouse of Flora E. born 1854 died 1913
BREESE, Flora E. Spouse of Edwin H. born 1866 died 1951
BROCIOUS, infant Boy died 4-5-1982 infant
BROWN, Addie Spouse of Mack born 1871 died 1943
BROWN, Earle E. Spouse of Violet born 1895 died 1986
BROWN, Mack Spouse of Addie born 1864 died 1938
BROWN, Violet Spouse of Earle E. born 1895 died 1965
BROWNELL, Ruth B. spouse of James Randall born 2/9/1941 died 9/3/2014 age 73y Dau of Clyde H. & Mary M. Hummel Dixon b. Andover NY d. Rochester NY Wed 11-12-1960 in Wellsville NY
BUCHHOLTZ, Neil M. spouse of Gail Cook born 9-11-1956 died 10-3-2007 age 51 Son of Alwin & Loni Krinke Buchholz b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-7-1995 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army
BUCHHOLZ, Alwin H. born 1927 died 1994
BUCHHOLZ, Carl W. born 11-4-1926 died 3-20-2000 U.S. Navy
BUCHHOLZ, Earl V. spouse of Mary Jane Steven born 4-18-1931 died 7-26-2009 age Son of Harry & Florence Fanton Buchholz b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY U.S. Army 101st Airborne Infantry in Japan
BUCHHOLZ, Florence L. Spouse of Harry F. born 1906 died 1996
BUCHHOLZ, Harry F. Spouse of Florence L. born 1904 died 1970
BUCHHOLZ, Mary Jane Spouse of Earl V. born 1931 died 1993
BUCHHOLZ, Warner Fort born 3-26-1905 died 2-12-1938
BURDICK, Shirley M. spouse of born 9-27-1949 died 6-2-2010 age 60y Dau. of Lon V. & Martha M. Dixon Roberts b. Punxsutawney PA d. Wellsville NY
BURGHEN, David Charles Esq. born 11-24-1962 died 11-16-1992 Beloved Son & Brother A Child of God
BURTON, David born 1872 died 1961
BURTON, Jill R. Spouse of Richard BURTON Born 10-26-1945 Died 3-19-2004 Age 58y Dau of Anson M. & Vera Mabel (Skutt) Richmond, b. Wellsville-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 7-25-1964
BURTON, June Spouse of Link born 1920 died 1987
BURTON, Lincoln E. Spouse of M. June ATKINSON Born 6-27-1917 Died 5-25-2004 Age 86y Son of David & Dorothy (Owens) Burton, "Link", b. Coudersport-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-31-1937 in Richburg-NY, Genesee Hose Co #5
BURTON, Link Spouse of June born 1917 died 2004
BURTON, Richard E. Spouse of Jill R. born 5-17-1941 died Uncut
BUTLER, Anna born 4-3-1927 died 1-21-1991
BUTLER, Edwin born 1896 died 1967
BUTLER, Nina R. Spouse of Will B. born 1906 died 1963
BUTLER, Will B. Spouse of Nina R. born 1902 died 1971
CAMPBELL, Edyth Spouse of Miles born 1882 died 1963
CAMPBELL, Lucius born 1842 died 1915 Co. P 85 Regt. N.Y.S. Vol's
CAMPBELL, Miles Spouse of Edyth born 1865 died 1939
CAMPBELL, Oliver born 1845 died 1924
CARPENTER, Donald J. Spouse of Wilma F. born 1900 died 1981
CARPENTER, Esther Gardner born 1884 died 1939
CARPENTER, June C. spouse of William J. born 2/12/1923 died 1/18/2012 age Dau. of Laverne F. & Eva Cook b. Eldred PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 1942 Wed Husband #2 James D. Williams in 1981 who died in 2002
CARPENTER, William J. Spouse of June L. born 8-23-1918 died 2-13-1978
CARPENTER, Wilma F. Spouse of Donald J. born 1905 died 2002
CASAGRANDE, Joan M. spouse of Norman R. born 12/18/1928 died 2/11/2012 Dau of James Robb & Grace M. Loomis Littlefair b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-1-1948
CASAGRANDE, Norman R. born 10-6-1927 died 3-29-1979 TECS U.S. Army WW2
CASAGRANDE, Steven Norman "Cazz" born 10-18-1960 died 7-9-1983
CHALKER, Della Cosey Spouse of F. O. died 5-1-1890 age 20y 10m 10d
CHALKER, Frank O. Spouse of Lydia A. born 1860 died 1942
CHALKER, G. Eugene Spouse of Janettel born 1856 died 1925
CHALKER, George born 1849 died 1898
CHALKER, Harry E. born 1847 died 1927
CHALKER, Harry P. born 5-21-1894 died 1-1-1906 age 11y 7m 10d
CHALKER, Janettel Spouse of G. Eugene born 1860 died 1929
CHALKER, Joseph H. Spouse of Viva G. born 1882 died 1964
CHALKER, Lydia A. Spouse of Frank O. born 1876 died 1952
CHALKER, Merton L. born 1884 died 1970
CHALKER, Mildred E. born 1893 died 1909
CHALKER, Theresa Belle born 3-17-1891 died 9-9-1941
CHALKER, Viva G. Spouse of Joseph H. born 1887 died 1945
CHAMPLIN, Anna Spouse of William No Stone
CHAMPLIN, Asa Spouse of Kazia died 12-17-1868
CHAMPLIN, John No Stone
CHAMPLIN, Kathleen Spouse of Joseph No Stone
CHAMPLIN, Kazia Spouse of Asa born Uncut died Uncut Seneca Indian
CHAMPLIN, William Spouse of Anna died 5-21-1885 age 70 One of the early settlers in Willing Township
CHURCH, Carroll A. Spouse of Mildred W. born 1900 died 1980
CHURCH, Mildred W. Spouse of Carroll A. born 1906 died 1991
CLARK, Doris Lena spouse of Kenneth M. born 8-15-1921 died 4-24-2009 age 87y Dau. of Ray Lawrence & Anna Pearl Ackerman Dickens b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-20-1941 in Wellsville NY Married 67 years
CLARK, Earl B. Spouse of Hazel L. born 1891 died 1960
CLARK, Hazel L. Spouse of Earl B. born 1892 died 1962
CLARK, Iva J. born 1899 died 1972
CLARK, Kenneth Manfred spouse of Doris Lena Dickens born 7-27-1920 died 10-26-2009 age 89y Son of Earl B. & Hazel L. Graves Clark b. Town of Independence NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-20-1941 U.S. Navy as a electricians mate petty officer WW2
CLARK, Lillian M. spouse of Vaughn born 9-27-1916 died 11-28-2008 Dau. of George & Minnie Adams Webb b. Rochester NY d. Girard PA Wed 11-24-1938 in Wellsville NY
CLARK, Naomi Lewis born 1889 died 1968
CLARK, Vaughn C. Spouse of Lillian born 1916 died 1971
CLINE, Carrie C. Spouse of Walter W. born 1889 died 1988
CLINE, Edith G. Spouse of Norman R. born 1891 died 1939
CLINE, Ella A. Spouse of Richard E. born 1856 died 1921
CLINE, Florence E. Spouse of Oristus E. "Rit" born 1914 died 1983
CLINE, Florence P. Spouse of Floyd W. born 1898 died 1981
CLINE, Floyd W. Spouse of Florence P. born 1895 died 1970
CLINE, Frank E. Spouse of Lida M. born 1874 died 1952
CLINE, Lida M. Spouse of Frank E. born 1877 died 1952
CLINE, Louise T. Spouse of Raymond V. born 1905 died 1983
CLINE, Marian I. born 6-16-1934 died 4-14-1935
CLINE, Norman R. Spouse of Edith G. born 1886 died 1955
CLINE, Orilla M. born 1895 died 1953
CLINE, Oristus E. "Rit" Spouse of Florence E. born 1917 died 1999
CLINE, Raymond V. Spouse of Louise T. born 1904 died 1971
CLINE, Richard E. Spouse of Ella A. born 1849 died 1924
CLINE, Walter W. Spouse of Carrie C. born 1885 died 1967
CLOUGH, Harry R. born 1883 died 1959 No Stone
CONKLIN, Charlie born 5-9-1879 died 6-18-1901
CONKLIN, Clifford E. born 1919 died 1919 infant
CONKLIN, Dorothea L. Spouse of Elton D. born 1895 died 1972
CONKLIN, Elton D. Spouse of Dorothea L. born 1891 died 1981
CONKLIN, Harold C. born 1899 died 1931
CONKLIN, Jennie F. Spouse of John I. born 1879 died 1949
CONKLIN, John I. Spouse of Jennie F. born 1873 died 1927
CONKLIN, Kate B. Spouse of Niger born 1878 died 1963
CONKLIN, Niger Spouse of Kate B. born 1879 died 1964
COOK, Elizabeth born 1907 died 1986
COOK, Glenn Arthur Spouse of Luella FANTON Born 1-15-1923 Died 5-29-2004 Age 81y Son of Chester & Ruth (Higby) Cook, b. Betula-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-06-1945 in Millport-PA, Vet-WWII US Army 324 Inf 44 Div 1942-45, Purple Heart
COOK, Luella Spouse of Glenn A. born 1926 died 11/6/1997 m. Aug 6 1945 in Millport, PA
CORNELIUS, Jeanne born 1929 died 1929
CORNELL, Adelia M. Spouse of Reuben born Uncut died Uncut
CORNELL, Reuben Spouse of Adelia M. died 1-12-1906 age 67
CORNISH, Duane "Dish" Msg. spouse of Dorothy Brown born 4/28/1928 died 8/7/2014 age 86y Son of Lewis G. & Caroline E. Nye Cornish b. Harrison Valley PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-12-1958 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korea also U.S. Army Reserves 1972-1988
CORNWELL, Bessie B. Spouse of Clarence O. born 1895 died 1930
CORNWELL, Clarence O. Spouse of Bessie B. born 1885 died 1936
CORNWELL, D. E. Spouse of Manerva born 1841 died 1935 Co. B. 104 N.Y.V.
CORNWELL, Manerva Spouse of D. E. born 1848 died 1923
COSEY, Fora O. born 2-19-1888 died 3-25-1888
COSEY, Minnie A. died 9-2-1890
COVEL , Hiram B. Spouse of Nellie Saxton born 1869 died 1967
COVEL, Charlie M. born 1-13-1873 died 3-6-1876
COVEL, Eben Spouse of Sophia born 3-9-1800 died 2-4-1861
COVEL, Fred Spouse of Lida S. born 6-17-1866 died 4-17-1944
COVEL, James T. Spouse of Maria J. born 6-12-1833 died 12-21-1909
COVEL, Jane born 2-1-1823 died 8-24-1889
COVEL, Lida S. Spouse of Fred born 1869 died 1931
COVEL, Lottie born 1855 died 1935
COVEL, Maria J. Spouse of James T. born 1-7-1842 died 9-21-1943
COVEL, Mildred Nicholas born 1903 died 1997
COVEL, Nellie Spouse of Hiram B. born 1875 died 1946
COVEL, Sophia Spouse of Eben born 2-27-1803 died 5-16-1889
COWLES, Blanche B. Spouse of Kilburn C. born 1888 died 1970
COWLES, Kilburn C. Spouse of Blanche B. born 1888 died 1961
COYLE, Francis A. Jr. "Corky" born 1-21-1941 died 6-1-1995
CRAMER, Edna M. Spouse of Walter A. born 1878 died 1942
CRAMER, Walter A. Spouse of Edna M. born 1876 died 1958
CROSS, Emily Kathlene born 11-2-1967 died 11-3-1967 infant
CROSS, Taylor M. born 4-18-1993 died 2-12-1999
CULVER, Logan M. spouse of Matthew born 5-10-1982 died 6-16-2011 age Dau. of King & Tamyra Blackman Black IV b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY Wed 6-30-2001 in Wellsville NY
DALEY, Ardella C. born 1874 died 1922
DALEY, Gertrude C. born 1872 died 1949
DALEY, Milo R. born 1871 died 1955
DALEY, Robert W. born 1905 died 1949
DART, Jean M. spouse of Michael P. born 12-3-1943 died 7-4-2011 age 67y Dau. of Glen & Mildred Covel b. Wellsville NY d. Genesee PA Wed 8-20-1986
DAVIS, Alice F. born 8-7-1924 died 5-5-1995
DAVIS, Charles R. Jr. spouse of born 9-30-1986 died 4-29-2007 age 20 Son of Charles R. & Sandra Geffers Davis Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Alma NY Auto Accident
DAVIS, Dora M. Spouse of Robert E. born 1896 died 1976
DAVIS, Dorotha M. spouse of Harold LeRoy born 2/10/1912 died 3/11/2013 age 101y Dau of Frank A. & Myrtle Dickinson Foster b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-14-1943
DAVIS, Gary A . born 1960 died 1976
DAVIS, Harold LeRoy Spouse of Dorotha born 8-10-1897 died 10-23-1960 NY Pvt. Medical Dept. WW 1
DAVIS, James H. born 6-24-1914 died 3-22-1976 Ssgt. U.S. Army WW2
DAVIS, James H. Jr. born 1946 died 1947
DAVIS, Robert E. Spouse of Dora M. born 1889 died 1958
DAVIS, Terrance W. born 1957 died 1977
DAVIS, Thomas W. Born U/K Died, 10-18-2005 Son of Woodrow & Beatrice Hardy Davis b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. U.S. Army Vietnam
DAVIS, Timothy R. born 1954 died 1974
DAVIS, W. Woodrow born 1915 died 1985 Ssgt. U.S. Army WW2
DAY, Gloria Spouse of Lewis born 7-3-1929 died 12-12-1993 Wed: 9-29-1948
DAY, Lewis Spouse of Gloria Rogers born 3-2-1928 died 12-24-1994
DAYTON, John died 10-14-1865
DAYTON, John died 11-14-1878
DENHOFF, Dorothy I Spouse of Frederick W. born 4-9-1925 died 3-15-1997
DENHOFF, Frederick E . Spouse of Jacqueline L. born 4-1-1943 died 5-27-1990
DENHOFF, Frederick W. Spouse of Dorothy I born 2-18-1921 died 8-17-2000
DENHOFF, Jacqueline L. "Jackie" spouse of Frederick E. born 7-23-1944 died 11-28-2007 Dau. of Robert H. & Violet Roberts Knapp b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed in Wellsville NY
DENNIS, Austin E. Spouse of Leda M. born 1925 died 1986 S1 U.S. Navy WW2
DENNIS, Jessica A. spouse of Russell born 4-5-1979 died 8-15-2011 age Dau. of Richard W. & Terry Prentice Humphreys b. Fredrick MD d. Rochester NY Wed 5-8-2009
DENNIS, Leda M. Spouse of Austin E. born 1926 died 1988
DEXTER, Hazel F. born 1891 died 1940
DEXTER, Smith Jr. died 10-21-1877
DICKERSON, Doris A. Spouse of Elmer E. born 6-2-1912 died 9-8-2002 Dau. of Benjamin & Elsie Chalker Latten
DICKERSON, Elmer E. Spouse of Doris A. Latten born 10-5-1907 died 6-10-1993 Wed: 9-15-1929 in Town of Willing
DICKINSON, Adelsia Spouse of Zebina born 1815 died 1884
DICKINSON, Azariah Spouse of Henriett died 5-15-1900 age 55y 10m
DICKINSON, Daniel Sealy born 1887 died 1946
DICKINSON, Eldon V. born 1903 died 1922
DICKINSON, Emily I. born 1905 died 1995
DICKINSON, George Spouse of Minnie born 1867 died 1930
DICKINSON, Henriett Spouse of Azariah died 6-21-1887 age 40y 1m 21d
DICKINSON, Isaac Spouse of Urias born Uncut died Uncut
DICKINSON, Julia Spouse of Leon B. born 1900 died 1930
DICKINSON, Leon B. Spouse of Julia born 1896 died 1954
DICKINSON, Mary Sealy born 1856 died 1946
DICKINSON, Minnie Spouse of George born 1877 died 1940
DICKINSON, Urias Spouse of Isaac born 1846 died 1923
DICKINSON, Zebina Spouse of Adelsia died 5-24-1862 age 50
DIMON, Christine Spouse of Nathaniel born 11-9-1813 died 11-27-1872
DIMON, Nathaniel Spouse of Christine died 1866
DIXON, Clyde H. Spouse of Mary M. born 1896 died 1989
DIXON, Mary M. Spouse of Clyde H. born 1906 died 1994
DIXON, Wilson S. born 1929 died 1999 No Stone
DONIHI, Rose Spouse of William H. born 1887 died 1920
DONIHI, William H. Spouse of Rose born 1843 died 1918 Co. 1 189 Regt. N.Y. Vol
DORSEY, John J. born 1928 died 2003
DORSEY, Lydia M. Spouse of John J. born 1883 died 1948
DORSEY, Mildred E. born 1908 died 1989
DUNHAM, Robert E. Spouse of Ruby A. McDowell born 8-4-1933 died Uncut
DUNHAM, Ruby A. McDowell Spouse of Robert C. born 5-22-1930 died 6-5-1990
DUNSHIE, A. Leila Spouse of Howard C. born 1920 died 1988
DUNSHIE, Howard C . spouse of Althea Leila Witter born 9-27-1919 died 3-17-2011 age Son of Jesse M. & Tillie Terrette Dunshie b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY Wed 12-1940 Wed Wife #2 Ailene Dickerson on 1-1989 who died 4-2010 U.S. Navy WW2 in the amphibious forces in the Pacific Theater
DYE, Cordelia O. Spouse of William D. died 11-3-1886 age 57y 11m.17d.
EATON, Inez M. Spouse of James born 1911 died 1973
EATON, James Spouse of Inez M. born 1899 died 1973
ECKENRODE, Dorothea A. Spouse of Elmer J. born 1903 died 1989
ECKENRODE, Elmer J. Spouse of Dorothea A. born 1898 died 1975
ELDER, Gordon E. born 2-24-1935 died 10-2-1991 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
ELDERKIN, Leo Spouse of Violet born 1891 died 1945
ELDERKIN, Otto M. Spouse of Shirley A. born 1933 died 2003
ELDERKIN, Shirley A. Spouse of Otto M. born 1935 died 2000
ELDERKIN, Violet Spouse of Leo born 1895 died 1984
ELLIS, Frank died 18??
ELLSWORTH, Betsey M. Spouse of George born 1823 died Uncut d. 11 Jan 1902, d/o George & Minerva Davis Jenkins
ELLSWORTH, Calvin J. died 5-9-1852 Son of George & Betsey M. Ellsworth
ELLSWORTH, Edna M. Spouse of William C. born 1891 died 1965
ELLSWORTH, George Spouse of Betsey M. Jenkins born ca 1818 died 1-27-1900
ELLSWORTH, Irena R. Spouse of Robert F. "Bob" born 8-17-1918 died 1-10-1989
ELLSWORTH, James E. died 5-26-1877 Son of George & Betsey M. Ellsworth
ELLSWORTH, Robert F. "Bob" Sr. spouse of Irena Latten born 6-4-1924 died 6-19-2008 age 84y Son of Frank & Mary Brandes Ellsworth b.& d. Wellsville NY Wed Wife #1 Elsa Schrader who died in 1955 U.S. Marine WW2 awarded Purple Heart
ELLSWORTH, Sylvia born ca 1851 died 10-13-1867 Dau. of George & Betsey M. Ellsworth
ELLSWORTH, William C. Spouse of Edna M. born 1888 died 1965
EWART, Dolores "Dodie" Spouse of James E. born 11-22-1930 died 9-28-2002 Husband #2 R. Craig Snyder
EWART, Donald J. born 1934 died 1968
EWART, James E. Spouse of Dolores "Dodie" Hanson born 1932 died 1994
EWART, Mae E. Spouse of Maynard born 1907 died 1966
EWART, Maynard Spouse of Mae E. born 1908 died 1972
FANTON, Adelbert L. Spouse of Bertha A. born 1867 died 1929
FANTON, Augustus born 1851 died 1919
FANTON, Benjamin L. born 1873 died 1918
FANTON, Benjamin Spouse of Esther Ann born 1835 died 1899
FANTON, Bernard C . Spouse of Marguerite G. born 1911 died 1995
FANTON, Bertha A. Spouse of Adelbert L. born 1887 died 1950
FANTON, Bertha M. Spouse of Clarence A. born 1893 died 1984
FANTON, Bessie M. born 1887 died 1898
FANTON, Burrell A. spouse of Dorothy H. Oakeson born 4-25-1913 died 3-19-2010 age 96y Son of Lloyd & Grace Church Fanton b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-5-1941 in Michigan U.S. Army WW2
FANTON, Catharine Spouse of Lewis died 8-28-1897 age 57
FANTON, Charles G. Spouse of Mary Elaine born 1931 died 1995 MSGT U.S. Air Force Vietnam
FANTON, Charles Spouse of Phebe born 1851 died 1937
FANTON, Chloie Spouse of Elmer C. Born 7-08-1915 Died 1-13-2003 Dau. of Glenn & Ruth Ann Hathaway Horton b. Alma, N.Y. d. Olean, N.Y. Wed: 7-29-1933 in Stannards Wed #2 Jay Farley in 1986
FANTON, Clarence A. Spouse of Bertha M. born 1883 died 1951
FANTON, Danial, Rev. Spouse of Esther born 1801 died 4-4-1879 Husband and Wife died on the same day.
FANTON, Daniel Burrell born 9-23-1943 died 9-23-1943 Son of Burrell & Dottie Fanton
FANTON, David born 3-30-1833 died 10-9-1892
FANTON, Dorotha S . born 1910 died 1998
FANTON, Dorothy H. spouse of Burrell A. born 6-10-1921 died 10-5-2006 Dau. of Daniel & Lilla Dado Oakeson b. Wisconsin d. Stannards N.Y. Wed: 1-5-1941 in Michigan
FANTON, Edith E. Spouse of Howard W. born 1919 died 1985
FANTON, Edna Spouse of Leaon E. born 9-25-1924 died 7-24-2003 age 78 dau of Leon & Marie Alvord Claire m. Jan 26 1946 in Andover
FANTON, Eli Spouse of Lucinda born 1825 died 1897
FANTON, Elmer C. Spouse of Chloie H. born 1912 died 1982
FANTON, Emily L. Spouse of Jacob W. died 1-21-1884 age 59
FANTON, Ernest born 1869 died 1905
FANTON, Esther Ann Spouse of Benjamin born 1840 died 1917
FANTON, Esther Spouse of Rev. Danial died 4-4-1879 age 72y 10m.
FANTON, Etta Spouse of Loel born 1867 died 1908
FANTON, Eugene C. Spouse of Sina born 1860 died 1932
FANTON, Everett A. born 1921 died 1996 Pfc. U.S. Army WW2
FANTON, Florence L. Spouse of Paul P. born 1906 died 1959
FANTON, Floyd Elmer Spouse of Grace Church born 1885 died 1960
FANTON, Frank G. Spouse of Ida M. born 1857 died 1960
FANTON, Fred A. Spouse of Mildred M. born 1871 died 1927
FANTON, George S. born 5-11-1874 died 2-3-1910
FANTON, Gladys M born 1916 died 1939
FANTON, Gladys Spouse of Harold born 11-18-1907 died 3-6-1935
FANTON, Grace Spouse of Floyd Elmer born 1885 died 1962
FANTON, Gregory D. born 12-7-1944 died 2-22-1985 SP4 U.S. Army Vietnam
FANTON, Harold H. Spouse of Ruth E . born 1899 died 1977
FANTON, Herbert born 10-12-1877 died 10-6-1961
FANTON, Herman died 1957 infant (No Headstone)
FANTON, Herman Spouse of Marion born 1915 died 1984 No Headstone
FANTON, Hilda O. born 1912 died 1939
FANTON, Horace B. born 6-4-1853 died 10-17-1935 In God I Trust
FANTON, Howard W. Spouse of Edith E. born 1916 died 2000
FANTON, Ida A. Spouse of Leonard born 3-31-1878 died 4-11-1914
FANTON, Ida M. Spouse of Frank G. born 1861 died 1921
FANTON, infant died 1870 Son of Lewis & Catherine Fanton
FANTON, Jacob W. Spouse of Emily L. died 4-25-1862 age 45
FANTON, Jerry W. Spouse of Nancy M. born 1848 died 1898
FANTON, John H. Spouse of Rosa M. born 1888 died 1966
FANTON, John Henry XIV born 1952 died 1973
FANTON, Joseph C. "Baby Joey" born 5-21-2008 died 8-4-2008 Infant Son of Kevin M. & Mary E. Mattison Fanton b. & d. Wellsville NY
FANTON, Laura Spouse of William J. born 4-22-18?? died 7-26-1892
FANTON, Laurence E . Spouse of Virginia M. Sortore born 1917 died 1986 Pvt. U.S. Army WW2
FANTON, Leaon E. Spouse of Edna L. Claire born 10-6-1924 died 3-31-2005 age 80y Son of Clarence & Bertha Gleason Fanton Wed: 1-26-1946 in Andover, N.Y. U. S. Army Korean War
FANTON, Leonard Spouse of Ida A. Bassage born 10-6-1873 died 4-12-1939
FANTON, Lester E. Sr. born 2-14-1929 died 2-7-2000
FANTON, Lewis A. Spouse of Mildred M. born 1901 died 1981
FANTON, Lewis Spouse of Catharine died 1-21-1894 age 54
FANTON, Lucille M. spouse of Lyle V. born 4-22-1922 died 2-10-2010 age 87y Dau. of Edward M. & Mattie E. Buchholz Flynn b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-17-1943 in Wellsville NY
FANTON, Lucinda Spouse of Eli born 1830 died 1909
FANTON, Lyle V. "Jack" spouse of Lucille M. Flynn born 8-29-1912 died 1-26-2007 age 94 Son of Leonard & Ida Bassage Fanton b. Town of Willing, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 5-17-1943 U.S. Army Air Force WW2 serving in North Africa & India
FANTON, Marguerite G. Spouse of Bernard C. born 1915 died 1987
FANTON, Marion Spouse of Herman born 1924 died 1990 No Headstone
FANTON, Mary Elaine Spouse of Charles G. born 1932 died 1995
FANTON, Mildred M. Spouse of Fred A. born 1880 died 1953
FANTON, Mildred M. Spouse of Lewis A. born 1908 died 1933
FANTON, Mildred P. Spouse of Raymond G. born 1914 died 1991
FANTON, Minnie S. born 1853 died 1926
FANTON, Nancy M. Spouse of Jerry W. born 1845 died Uncut
FANTON, Norman L. born 1913 died 1957
FANTON, Paul P. Spouse of Florence L. born 1897 died 1957
FANTON, Pauline C. died 1925
FANTON, Phebe Spouse of Charles born 1867 died 1911
FANTON, Ralph "Bucky" born 1928 died 2002 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
FANTON, Raymond G. Spouse of Mildred P. born 1911 died 1994
FANTON, Robert G. spouse of Bonita born 3-20-1939 died 7-17-2006 age 67y Son of Raymond & Mildred Perry Fanton b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-8-1958 in Alma NY
FANTON, Roland A. born 1910 died 1994
FANTON, Rosa M. Spouse of John H. born 1902 died 1950
FANTON, Russell Harrington spouse of Betty Ruth Okeson born 12-2-1914 died 8-1-2010 age 95y Son of Floyd Elmer & Grace Church Fanton b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-5-1941 in Lawrence MI Russell was a charter member of the Wellsville Chapter of Future Farmers of America - On the 50th Anniversary of the chapter he received an honor
FANTON, Ruth E. Spouse of Harold H. born 1918 died 1998
FANTON, Ruth L. born 12-20-1932 died 7-21-2009 age 76y Dau. of Paul & Florence Teater Fanton b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY
FANTON, Salley Spouse of Sheldon died 11-11-1885 age 69y 9m 5d
FANTON, Samuel died 1867 Son of Jacob & Emily Fanton
FANTON, Sina Spouse of Eugene C. born 1866 died Uncut
FANTON, Stella C. Spouse of William J. born 1870 died 1943
FANTON, Tacy M. born 1853 died 1942 Stone had no last name, but near William Fanton
FANTON, twins born 10-1-1946 died 10-2&3-1946 Twin sons of Burrell & Dottie Fanton
FANTON, Virginia M. Spouse of Laurence E. born 1941 died 1994 Wed: 10-6-1981
FANTON, Wanda Lee died 1939 Dau. of Hilda O. Fanton
FANTON, William J. Spouse of Laura born 12-12-1866 died Uncut
FANTON, William J. Spouse of Stella C. born 1866 died 1942
FARLEY, Theresa "Tess" born 1931 died 1990
FARNHAM, Carlton born 5-29-1882 died 2-28-1883 infant Son of Edgar C. & Esher Farnham
FARNHAM, Edgar C. Spouse of Esther M. born 1846 died 1934 Co. C. Pa. Vol
FARNHAM, Esther M. Spouse of Edgar C. born 1849 died 1917
FARNHAM, Lorena Spouse of Henry died 5-14-1875 age 66y 10m
FARNUM, Phebe A. Spouse of William died 12-2-1882
FARRAND, Amy born 1880 died 1880
FARRAND, Freddie born 1885 died 1885
FARRAND, Loretta A. Spouse of Chancy died 8-23-1876
FARRAND, Sarah Ann died 1852
FARRAND, Sarah L. died 1871
FARRELL, Jo Ann spouse of Bill born 9/22/1949 died 9/19/2013 age Dau of Kenneth M. & Doris L. Clark b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-24-1974
FARRELL, Jo Ann spouse of Bill born 9/22/1949 died 9/19/2013 age Dau of Kenneth M. & Doris L. Clark b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-24-1974
FAUZEY, Leona Fanton Spouse of Harold "Red" born 1928 died 2000
FENTON, Addie A. died 10-29-1882 Dau. of J. W. & Nancy Fenton
FENTON, infant died 2-24-1867 Dau. of J. W. & Nancy Fenton
FISH, De Francie Spouse of Frank born 1853 died 1918
FISH, Frank Spouse of De Francie born 1852 died 1930
FISHER, Bruce Duane spouse of born 2/13/1941 died 1/23/2014 age 72y Son of Joseph & Marian Swan Fisher b. & d. Salamanca NY 21 year Veteran of U.S. Navy serving from 1960-1981
FISHER, Bruce Duane spouse of born 2/13/1941 died 1/23/2014 age 72y Son of Joseph & Marian Swan Fisher b. & d. Salamanca NY 21 year Veteran of U.S. Navy serving from 1960-1981
FISHER, Joseph D. Spouse of Marian L. born 1912 died 10-19-2001 m. July 25 1936 in Little Valley NY
FISHER, Leslie D . Spouse of Ruth M. born 5-7-1942 died 9-12-1995
FISHER, Marian L. Spouse of Joseph D. FISHER Born 1-14-1913 Died 12-29-2002 Age 89y Dau of Horace & Florence (Whitcomb) Swan, b. Napoli-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 7-25-1936 in Little Valley-NY
FISHER, Ruth M. Spouse of Leslie D. born 3-29-1937 died Uncut
FLURSCHUTZ, Stacie Lynn died 2-20-1990
FOGLE, Edward R. Spouse of Veronica G. born 1913 died 12-29-2001 m. Dec. 28 1936 in Wellsville, NY
FOGLE, Veronica Spouse of Edward R. born 1-16-1917 died 2-15-2003 age 86 born in Wellsville NY to Harry & Pearl Graves
FOSBURG, Arvis H. born 1883 died 1958
FOSBURG, Frances L. Spouse of R. J. born 8-23-1841 died 3-23-1913
FOSBURG, Harriett M. born 1884 died 1977
FOSBURG, Harry E. born 7-24-1914 died 11-1-1921
FOSBURG, Leah M. born 1890 died 1961
FOSBURG, R. J. Spouse of Frances L. born 1839 died 1913 Private Co. H 95 Regt. N.Y. Vol.
FOSBURG, Sheridan A. "Gus" born 1887 died 1975
FOSTER, Asa Spouse of Susan born 9-4-1801 died 12-7-1879
FOSTER, Clarence R. born 1872 died 1927
FOSTER, Elbert C. Spouse of Sarah born 1850 died 1933
FOSTER, Frank A. Spouse of Myrtle D. born 1886 died 1966
FOSTER, Glenn H. Spouse of Margaret G. born 1899 died 1976
FOSTER, Lawrence C. born 1877 died 1906
FOSTER, Margaret G. Spouse of Glenn H. born 1910 died 1998
FOSTER, Myrtle D. Spouse of Frank A. born 1890 died 1975
FOSTER, Sarah Spouse of Elbert C. born 1855 died 1920
FOSTER, Susan Spouse of Asa born 4-8-1807 died 3-10-1880
FREE, Melvin A. Jr. spouse of Lillian Scott Piaquadio born 2-23-1933 died 5-1-2011 age Son of Melley A. & Mabel R. Unangst Free b. Bethlehem PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-26-1993 in Sellersville PA
FROHE, David born 7-14-1950 died 6-30-1997 Son of Aileen "Lee" Richardson Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
GALVIN, Anita K. Spouse of Thomas W. born 1917 died Uncut
GALVIN, Thomas W. Spouse of Anita K. born 1920 died 1995
GARDNER, Charles Spouse of Edith born 1894 died 1960
GARDNER, Edith Spouse of Charles born 1902 died 1957
GARDNER, J. George Spouse of ` born 1860 died 1924
GARDNER, Ruth A. born 1860 died 1922
GAVITT, Emily Spouse of Lincoln born 1905 died 1975
GAVITT, Fern E. Spouse of William N. born 1890 died 1972
GAVITT, Lincoln Spouse of Emily born 1902 died 1972
GAVITT, William G. Spouse of Yvonne W. born 1-28-1918 died 1-13-2002 Son of William G. & Fern Graves Gavitt, Sr. Wed 4-19-1942
GAVITT, William N. Spouse of Fern E. born 1893 died 1963
GAVITT, Yvonne W. "Bunny" Spouse of William G. born 4-7-1923 died 6-4-1997
GEE, Henry H. Spouse of Matilda born 1836 died 1899
GEE, Matilda Spouse of Henry H. born 1861 died 1897
GEER, LaNora A. born 3-24-1922 died 10-2-1976
GEER, Raymond Elwin spouse of LaNora Fanton born 4-5-1914 died 3-29-1988 Son of Raymond & Nellie Hanks Geer b. Corning NY d. Wellsville NY Flat Stone birth date incorrect
GEORGE, LeRoy E. Spouse of Velma M. born 1904 died 1969
GEORGE, Velma M. Spouse of LeRoy E. born 1906 died 1970
GIFFORD, Pardon died 12-18-1878 age 83
GIFFORD, Sabrina died 7-11-1878 age 19 Dau. of Pardon Gifford
GLEASON, Naomi C. Spouse of Walter C. born 1872 died 1939
GLEASON, Walter C . Spouse of Naomi C. born 1871 died 1960
GOETSCHIUS, Dolores M. spouse of William K. born 4/12/1933 died 10/11/2012 age 79y Dau of Francis & Mary Graves Joyce b. Graves Township NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-3-1954 in Wellsville NY
GOETSCHIUS, William K. spouse of Dolores M. Joyce born 9/24/1933 died 7/14/2014 age 80y Son of Harry & Florence Day Goetschius b. Nyack NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-3-1954 in Wellsville NY 58 years of Marriage Bill joined the New York State Troopers in 1962 retiring in 1988 - also known as "Cowboy Bill"
GOLISH, David J. born 1937 died 1996
GOLISH, Jimmy D. born 1974 died 1993
GOSTLEY, John H. spouse of Shirley Colligan born 5-29-1930 died 4-29-2009 Son of Lawrence E. & Catherine E. Fisher Gostley b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1956 U.S. Marine Corps
GOSTLEY, John L. born 1885 died 1909
GOSTLEY, Mercy H. born 1866 died 1933
GOSTLEY, Peter F. died 9-28-188? Son of Sarah Ann Gostley
GOSTLEY, Sarah Ann Guinnip born 1838 died 1914
GOSTLEY, William J. born 1858 died 1923
GOWDY, Alice M. Spouse of Claude born 1909 died 1998
GOWDY, Claude Spouse of Alice M born 1909 died 1985
GRANTIER, Beverly Lillian spouse of Gordon born 10/21/1936 died 11/24/2013 age 77y Dau of George & Irene Beardshaw Molner b. Akron OH d. Chambersburg PA (motor vehicle accident) Wed 11-27-1958 in Stannards NY - After her nursing career Beverly continued her passion of helping others as she served for many different programs and organizations wth her unique and genuine selflessness
GRANTIER, Edna E. Spouse of Gordon S. born 1915 died 1997
GRANTIER, Gordon S. Spouse of Edna E. born 1912 died 1995 Wed: 6-14-1933
GRASTORF, Anna L. born 1898 died 1918
GRASTORF, Henry C. Spouse of Mary E. Behrens born 1863 died 1943
GRASTORF, Henry Spouse of Louise born 1855 died 1930
GRASTORF, Louise Spouse of Henry born 1866 died 1916
GRASTORF, Mary E. Spouse of Henry C. born 1862 died 1936
GRASTORF, Samuel H. born 1892 died 1967
GRASTORF, Walter W. born 1902 died 1970
GRASTROF, Frederick W. born 1865 died 1950
GRAVES, Annie M. Spouse of William G. born 1872 died 1949
GRAVES, Arabell H. Spouse of Forrest W. born 1911 died 1983
GRAVES, Arlearl born 8-16-1916 died 8-18-1924 Son of C. A. & Sima Graves
GRAVES, Arthur D. born 1869 died 1913
GRAVES, C. E. born 1871 died 1958
GRAVES, Carl born 9-19-1904 died 12-27-1904 Asleep In Jesus
GRAVES, Clayton A. born 12-19-1882 died 11-23-1932
GRAVES, Earl J. died 3-6-1877
GRAVES, Elaine Spouse of Richard A. born 1935 died 1987
GRAVES, Forrest W. Spouse of Arabell H. born 1907 died 1964
GRAVES, Frankie died 1-30-1883
GRAVES, Grace F. born 1878 died 1951
GRAVES, Grace P. Spouse of John W. born 1898 died 1973
GRAVES, H. DeVere born 1906 died 1958
GRAVES, Janet Ann spouse of born 2-27-1942 died 8-16-1998 age 56y Dau. of John A. & Virginia Lewis Graves b. Wellsville NY d. Wilmington NC
GRAVES, Jennie M. born 1874 died 1926
GRAVES, Jeremian Spouse of Maria L. born 1821 died 1879
GRAVES, John A. "Art" born 7-16-1914 died 4-17-1989
GRAVES, John W. Spouse of Grace P. born 1-24-1897 died 8-19-1968 New York Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps WW1
GRAVES, Juanita born 1947 died 1994 No Stone
GRAVES, Lana born 1871 died 1910
GRAVES, Maria L. Spouse of Jeremian born 1826 died 1874
GRAVES, Mary born 1885 died 1914
GRAVES, Mella born 11-19-1866 died 1-8-1905
GRAVES, Norman F. Spouse of Phyllis born 1915 died 1986
GRAVES, Pearl S. born 1898 died 1958
GRAVES, Phyllis Arlene spouse of Norman F. born 9-26-1925 died 3-17-2011 age 85y Dau. of Earl & Violet Whitford Brown b. Alfred NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-26-1953 in Genesee PA
GRAVES, Richard A. "Dick" Spouse of Elaine born 1934 died 1974
GRAVES, Richard A. III spouse of Roxanne M. Tierney born 2-5-1953 died 2-26-2011 age 58y Son of Richard & Elaine Bennett Graves b. Wellsville NY d. Murrells Inlet SC Wed 8-29-1998 in Scio NY
GRAVES, Sarah Spouse of John died 3-27-1899
GRAVES, Sarah Spouse of Seth born 1848 died 1904
GRAVES, Seth Spouse of Sarah born 1844 died 1922 Co 1 189 N.Y Regt. Asleep In Jesus
GRAVES, Victor born 1933 died 1996 No Stone
GRAVES, Virginia S. born 1915 died 1983
GRAVES, William G. Spouse of Annie M. born 1864 died 1935
GREEN, Clifford C. Spouse of Jean E. Wlasniewski Born 1-11-1916 Died 5-11-2003 age 87y Son of Chester & Hazel Bump Green b. Sharon Township, Pa. Wed: 9-8-1973
GREEN, Jean E. spouse of Clifford born 4-3-1928 died 3-22-2010 age 81y Dau. of Marion & Myra Dean Galutia b. Canisteo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-8-1973 in Wellsville NY
GREENE, Dana Spouse of Millie born 1894 died 1993
GREENE, Millie Spouse of Dana born 1904 died 1936
GREENFIELD, Terry died 5-1963
GREENFIELD, Timothy died 3-1968
GROSSMAN, Albert born 1879 died 1933
GROSSMAN, Charles J. born 1887 died 1932
GROSSMAN, John Spouse of Margaret born 1847 died 1921
GROSSMAN, Margaret Spouse of John born 1856 died 1922
GROSSMAN, Wilbur B. born 1894 died 1954 New York Cook HQ302 Ammo Train WW1
GROSSMAN, Willis L. born 1894 died 1962
GROSSMAN, Willis L. born 5-1-1894 died 5-19-1962 New York Pvt. 1103 Aero SQ WW1
GROVER, Victor S. born 4/16/1905 died 6/18/1905 age
GUINNIP, Agnes Spouse of Parley born Uncut died Uncut
GUINNIP, Charles R. died 9-3-1825 age 1y 5m 21d Son of Ephraim & Charlotte Guinnip
GUINNIP, Charlotte Spouse of Ephraim died 6-28-1855
GUINNIP, Ephraim Spouse of Charlotte died 1-19-1848
GUINNIP, Frances E. born 3-17-1880 died 10-2-1915
GUINNIP, John Spouse of Nancy L. died 2-10-1878
GUINNIP, Nancy L. Spouse of John died 8-23-1872
GUINNIP, Parley Spouse of Agnes born 1845 died 1911
HAAF, Teresa "Teri" Gostley born 1956 died 5-30-1995 Dau. of John & Shirley Colligan Gostley
HANCHETT, Edwin E. born 1853 died 1915
HANCHETT, Gladys born 4-2-1905 died 11-5-1914
HANCHETT, William L. born 1871 died 1949
HANEY, Evelyn K. Spouse of Robert B. born 1913 died 1986
HANEY, Robert B. Spouse of Evelyn K. born 1910 died 1995
HARDER, Arlene G. Spouse of Eli S . born 1884 died 1967
HARDER, Eli S. Spouse of Arlene G. born 1883 died 1951
HARDY, George I. Spouse of Lela D. born 1886 died 1970
HARDY, Judith spouse of Robert born 7-17-1943 died 9-13-2009 age Dau. of William & Helen Root Spargur b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-26-1975 in Wellsville NY
HARDY, Lela D. Spouse of George I. born 1904 died 1974
HARDY, Robert G. spouse of Judith Spargur born 5-13-1935 died 10-11-2006 Son of G. Isaac & Lela D. Kervin Hardy b. Allentown N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. Wed: 11-26-1975 in Wellsville N.Y. U.S. Navy Korean Conflict
HARRIS, Geraldine L. "Geri" spouse of Raymond J. born 2-20-1922 died 8-20-2010 age 88y Dau. of LeClare & Florence Stone Balcom b. Caneadea NY d. Amargosa Valley NV Wed 6-23-1942 in Rushford NY
HARRIS, Karen K. spouse of Dennis T. born 10/27/1945 died 9/25/2013 age 67y Dau of Clarence & Emma Kercheske Klein b. Buffalo NY d. Sayre PA Wed 7-5-2003 in Brockport NY
HARRIS, Karen K. spouse of Dennis T. born 10/27/1945 died 9/25/2013 age 67y Dau of Clarence & Emma Kercheske Klein b. Buffalo NY d. Sayre PA Wed 7-5-2003 in Brockport NY
HARRIS, Kenneth L. spouse of Bernice Monroe born 12-27-1927 died 2-11-2011 age 83y Son of Ralph W. & Clara Austin Harris b. Rushford NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-17-1949 in Wellsville NY Kenneth honorable served his Country in WW2 Korea & Vietnam being awarded numerous awards & citations including Bronze Star Metal with an Oak Leaf Cluster
HARRIS, Raymond J. Spouse of Geraldine L. born 1920 died 1995 Cpl. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
HATHWAY, Anna M. born 1856 died 1922
HATHWAY, Fred born 1873 died 1912
HATHWAY, George born 1876 died 1923
HAWKINS, Jarusha Spouse of R. J. born 1834 died 1905
HAWKINS, R. J. Spouse of Jarusha born 1880 died Uncut A Member of the W.R.C.
HAXTON, Beatrice Violet spouse of Merle Leroy born 1-5-1931 died 3-12-2009 age 78y Dau. of Claude & Violet Hurd Ellsworth b. Wellsville NY d. Fair Haven NJ Wed 6-2-1962 in Wellsville NY
HAXTON, Merle Spouse of Beatrice V. born 3-27-1924 died 1-12-1985 Pvt. U.S. Army WW2
HAYES, Freddie Spouse of Olive died 10-30-1881
HAYES, Olive Spouse of Freddie died 4-17-1876
HEBERT, Russell F. spouse of Nellieann Geer born 7/11/1932 died 2/17/2004 age 81y Son of Charles & Ethel Fuller Hebert b. Woonsocket RI d. Salamanca NY Wed 2-26-2000 in Bushnell FL U. S. Air Force Korean War
HEBERT, Russell F. spouse of Nellieann Geer born 7/11/1932 died 2/17/2004 age 81y Son of Charles & Ethel Fuller Hebert b. Woonsocket RI d. Salamanca NY Wed 2-26-2000 in Bushnell FL U. S. Air Force Korean War
HEINEMAN, Carl born 3-27-1878 died 3-30-1880 Son of John & Henrietta Heineman
HEINEMAN, Emma born 7-20-1874 died 9-2-1874 Dau. of John & Henrietta Heineman
HEINEMAN, George born 12-4-1876 died 12-6-1876 Son of John & Henrietta Heineman
HEINEMAN, Henrietta Spouse of John born 11-16-1836 died 2-18-1923
HEINEMAN, J. F. born 11-30-1857 died 9-5-1901
HEINEMAN, John Spouse of Henrietta born 2-28-1830 died 2-15-1898
HEINEMAN, Minnie born 12-9-1866 died 3-22-1880 Dau. of John & Henrietta Heineman
HEINEMAN, Willie born 7-20-1874 died 3-29-1880 Son of John & Henrietta Heineman
HERRINGTON, Robert L. spouse of Loretta M. Ost born 10-7-1922 died 1-19-2008 age 85y Son of Louis & Lettie Perry Herrington b. Troy PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 99-13-1958 in Wellsville NY U.S. Air Force WW2
HORNBURG, Ella L. Spouse of Henry L. born 1882 died 1978
HORNBURG, Henry L. Spouse of Ella L. born 1883 died 1975
HORTON, Courtney Grace died 4-29-1988
HORTON, Glenn H. Spouse of Ruth A. born 1892 died 1966
HORTON, Harold D. Spouse of Neva C. born 1-5-1928 died 9-30-1995 Pfc. U.S. Army WW2
HORTON, Jeffrey G. born 1960 died 1976 Son of Joyce A. Horton
HORTON, Mark born 1962 died 1987 Son of Roger B. & Joanne D. Horton
HORTON, MilfordE. born 1901 died 1981
HORTON, Neva C. Spouse of Harold D. born 4-14-1920 died 10-23-1995
HORTON, Ruth A. Spouse of Glenn H. born 1896 died 1972
HORTON, Vera died 1939
HOVY, Clarissa E. Fanton born 1934 died 1981 To our beloved Mother
HUGAR, Violet E. spouse of George born 5-5-1906 died 2-10-1987 age 80y Dau. of Ernest & Sadie Jones Halladay b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1969 Wed Husband #1 Harry Reisman in 1925
HULETT, Phoebe D. died 1889 age 10
HULETT, Rosetta M. Spouse of W. A. born 7-4-1842 died 6-18-1907
HULETT, W. A. Spouse of Rosetta M. born 9-13-1840 died 1-27-1923
HULSE, Arlene W. born 1927 died 1957
HUNGERFORD, Elmer born 1908 died 1908 infant Son of George A. & Nora M. Hungerford
HUNGERFORD, George A. Spouse of Nora M. born 1861 died Uncut
HUNGERFORD, Mark K. "Chum" born 1928 died 1997
HUNGERFORD, Nora M. Spouse of George A. born 1870 died 1923
HUNT, Lyle A. Spouse of Onalee G. born 1916 died 1989
HUNT, Onalee G. Spouse of Lyle A. born 1913 died 1995
HUNTER, Glenn T. Spouse of Pansy L. born 1903 died 1984
HUNTER, Pansy L. Spouse of Glenn T. born 1908 died 1971
HURD, Harold F. Spouse of Ruth E. born 8-10-1919 died 2-4-2005 age 85 son of Claude & Florence Howland Hurd US Navy from 1939 to 1945
HURD, Ruth E. Gavitt Spouse of Harold F. born 1925 died 1-6-1979 wed April 4 1946 in Wellsville NY
HYATT, John H. born 7-21-1851 died 9-21-1894
HYER, Dixie spouse of Phillip Hyer born 1/26/1957 died 5/3/2013 age 56y Dau of Richard A. & Elaine Bennett Graves Jr. b. Tampa FL d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-1-1981 in Wellsville NY
HYER, Dixie spouse of Phillip Hyer born 1/26/1957 died 5/3/2013 age 56y Dau of Richard A. & Elaine Bennett Graves Jr. b. Tampa FL d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-1-1981 in Wellsville NY
JACKSON, Anna M. Spouse of Lewis A. born 1931 died 1978
JACKSON, Francis died 1853
JACKSON, Guy G. Spouse of Myrtle A. born 1931 died 1983
JACKSON, Jane P. died 1853 age 10 m
JACKSON, Lewis A. spouse of Anna Mae Geffers born 5/10/1928 died 2/15/2012 age 83y Son of Erwin & Bessie Stickley Jackson b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-14-1950 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2
JACKSON, Myrtle A. Spouse of Guy G. born 1929 died 1994
JACOBS, Clara L. born 1884 died 1916
JAQUISH, Jane Adella born 12-15-1950 died 12-16-1950
JOHNSON, Gwen E. Spouse of Richard A. born 1943 died 1993
JOHNSON, Richard A. Spouse of Gwen E. born 1931 died 2004
JOHNSTON, Ervin E. Spouse of Lila M. born 1914 died 1998 Wed: 5-14-1943
JOHNSTON, Lila M. Spouse of Ervin E. born 1926 died Uncut
JONES, Lyman J. Spouse of Mary J. born 1-3-1845 died 8-26-1917
JONES, Mary J. Spouse of Lyman J. born 5-29-1847 died 1939
JUNE, Jesse Spouse of Polly died 1-24-1886 age 68
JUNE, Polly Spouse of Jesse died 4-20-1901 age 76
KALKHOF, Mark J. born 1958 died 1979 Son of Lyle E. & Patricia Angell Kalkhof
KELLY, Bessie M. spouse of Lavern born 6-22-1910 died 2-8-1992 Dau. of Oscar & Furn Culber Smock b. Garland PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-24-1930 in Centerville PA
KELLY, Lavern Spouse of Bessie M. born 1905 died 1994
KEMP, Delbert G. born 1945 died 1968
KEMP, Grant E. Spouse of Onalee M. born 1936 died 1968
KEMP, Onalee M. Spouse of Grant E. born 1936 died Uncut
KEMP, Victor G. born 1942 died 1995 BMSN U.S. Coast Guard Vietnam
KERVIN, Lloyd M. born 4-29-1917 died 2-3-1972 Maine TEC5 Co. B. 216 Armd Engr. BN WW2
KERVIN, William Lloyd died 4-26-1950 infant son of Lloyd & Elsie Kervin
KNAPP, Bonnie Sue died 1958
KNAPP, Robert H. Spouse of Violet A. born 1921 died 1982
KNAPP, Violet A. Spouse of Robert H. born 1918 died 1999
KNIGHT, David A. born 1977 died 2000
KNOX, Alma Lee Spouse of Jefferson born 1846 died 1928
KNOX, Archie D. Spouse of Carrie born 1873 died 1920
KNOX, Carrie Spouse of Archie D. born 1883 died 1969
KNOX, Fannie F. Spouse of Henry born 1885 died 1973
KNOX, Fred R. Spouse of Genevieve B. born 1900 died 1993
KNOX, Genevieve B. Spouse of Fred R. born 1903 died 1996
KNOX, Henry Spouse of Fannie F. born 1875 died 1947
KNOX, Jefferson Spouse of Alma Lee born 1851 died 1934
KNOX, John Spouse of Sylvia S. born 1848 died 1926
KNOX, Sylvia S. Spouse of John born 1855 died 1928
KOONS, Flossie G. born 1927 died 1987
KRAUSE, William E. born 4-2-1930 died 12-2-1989 SK1 U.S. Navy Korea
KRUSON, Beulah E. Spouse of Joseph H. born 7-2-1903 died 10-8-2000
KRUSON, John died 2-1-1880 age 75y 3m 23d
KRUSON, Joseph H. Spouse of Beulah E. born 4-15-1894 died 1-13-1978
KRUSON, L. A. Lieut. born 3-18-1837 died 7-6-1900 Co. A 186 Reg. N.Y. Vol.
LAFFERTY, John P. born 1870 died 1913 Co. A 2nd Ohio Inf.
LAFFERTY, Mary M. born 1914 died 1945
LAFFERTY, Rose born 1876 died Uncut
LAMPHIER, Harley D. born 1929 died 1981
LANANGER, Luella L. spouse of Charles I. born 1-19-1931 died 4-4-2011 age 80y Dau. of Lewis & Mildred Buchholz Fanton b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-14-1991 in Wellsville NY Husband #1 Jack Cramer
LANDCASTLE, Richard C. born 8-9-1935 died 6-8-1997 Pfc. U.S. Army
LATTEN, Anna W. Spouse of Elmer F. born 1897 died 1938
LATTEN, Benjamin E. born 2-25-1920 died 9-21-1957 NY Pfc. Det VA Facility WW2
LATTEN, Benjamin Spouse of Elsie M. born 1866 died 1929
LATTEN, Elmer F. Spouse of Anna W. born 1894 died 1970
LATTEN, Elsie M. Spouse of Benjamin born 1874 died 1973
LATTEN, Eugene R. born 1937 died 1972
LATTEN, Glenn B. born 1899 died 1994
LATTEN, Joseph G. born 1922 died 1935 Son of Elmer F. & Anna W. Latten
LATTEN, Ward C . died 2-1-1911
LEHMAN, Florence E. born 1887 died 1906
LEWIS, Alfred J. born 1875 died 1932
LEWIS, Deborah W. Spouse of Hiram P. died 3-10-1872 age 25
LEWIS, Edith Spouse of George Sherman born 6-10-1870 died 5-21-1900
LEWIS, Eliza A. Spouse of P. H. born 11-21-1838 died 10-7-1904 Come Ye Blessed
LEWIS, Elizabeth M. Spouse of James C. born 1886 died 1961
LEWIS, Flora M. Spouse of Leon G. born 1900 died 1958
LEWIS, Florence born 1904 died 1934
LEWIS, Floyd M. Spouse of Vada B. born 1877 died 1944
LEWIS, George W. Jr. died 7-11-1861
LEWIS, Grace E. spouse of James L. born 1-30-1885 died 11-6-1969 Dau. of Charles & Hyacinth Aber Thompson b. Wellsville NY d. Stannards NY
LEWIS, James C. Spouse of Elizabeth M. born 1876 died 1961
LEWIS, James L. spouse of Grace E. Thompson born 3-4-1884 dued 12-7-1967 Son of Myron & Nancy Gardner Lewis b. Independence NY d. Cuba NY
LEWIS, Leon D. Spouse of Mary McMaster born 9-13-1921 died 5-13-1979 Sgt. U.S. Army WW2
LEWIS, Leon G. Spouse of Flora born 8-18-1894 died 1-21-1973 Son of Leon D. & Mary McMaster Lewis Pvt. U.S. Army WW1
LEWIS, Lester J. born 1908 died 1909 infant
LEWIS, Mary Spouse of Leon D. born 1931 died 1983
LEWIS, Philander H. born 1832 died 1900 39 Reg. Ohio Vol.
LEWIS, Richard E. born 1-26-1948 died 10-23-1976 Sp 4 U.S. Army Vietnam
LEWIS, Vada B. Spouse of Floyd M. born 1882 died 1946
LINGENFELTER, Kayla Lynn died 10-14-2000
LININGER, Phebe M. Spouse of Raymond L. born 1915 died 1980
LININGER, Raymond L. Spouse of Phebe M. born 1916 died 1993
LITTLEFAIR, Grace M. born 1908 died 1974 mother of Joan Littlefair Casagrande
LOOMIS, Adaline born 5-3-1830 died 9-9-1918
LOOMIS, Bert born 1865 died 1936
LOOMIS, Della born 1869 died 1955
LOOMIS, Ede H. born 4-30-1821 died 2-27-1875
LUCAS, Archie W. born 7-18-1908 died 7-14-1977 TEC 5 U.S. Army WW2
LUCAS, Mildred C. Spouse of William A. born 1917 died 1996
LUCAS, William A. Spouse of Mildred C. born 1908 died 1977
LUKACZ, John Mark spouse of Shirley Rudd born 10-26-1928 died 12-20-2008 age 80y Son of Michael & Mary Virostko Lukacz b. Kenmore NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-7-1952 U.S. Navy Korean War
LUKACZ, Shirley Spouse of John M. born 3-8-1935 died 9-12-2004 Dau. of Elton & Thelma Rudolph Rudd
LYNCH, George died 4-6-1883
LYNCH, Hattie died 1-30-1880
LYNCH, Hyland J. died 9-10-1894
LYNCH, James died 4-3-1883
MASCHO, Evelyn Spouse of Paul born 1925 died Uncut
MASCHO, Paul Spouse of Evelyn born 1921 died 1969
MASSEY, George R. born 8-9-1952 died 8-11-1986 MM2 U. S. Navy
MASSEY, William D. spouse of Annette born 1933 died 4-23-2008 age 75y No other information
MATTESON, Donald E. born 12-30-1939 died 10-8-2007 age 67 Son of Milford J. & Thelma P. Barnes Matteson b. & d. Wellsville NY
MATTESON, Thelma P. spouse of Milford born 1915 died 1995
MATTISON, Hoyt W. born 1915 died 1938
McCARTHY, Bessie B. Spouse of John W. born 1884 died 1972
McCARTHY, Bud Elmer born 1937 died 1957
McCARTHY, Charlotte F. born 3-25-1916 died 9-27-1916 age 6 m Dau. of Charles & Emma McCarthy
McCARTHY, Effie Starr born 1868 died 1935
McCARTHY, Emma L. died 3-12-1879
McCARTHY, Ephraim E. born 1915 died 1951
McCARTHY, John W . Spouse of Bessie B. born 1878 died 1936
McCARTHY, Lucille Ann Spouse of William Ephraim born 4-9-1940 died 10-17-2004 Age 64y Dau. of Harry & Flora Wright Willetts Wed: 12-18-1959
McCARTHY, W. Ephraim Spouse of Lucille A. born 1936 died 1992
McFALL, Glenda born 1927 died 1990
McVEACH, Alic died 1-18-1825
MERRICK, Esther Spouse of Joseph S. born 1884 died 1900
MERRICK, Joseph S. Spouse of Esther born 1880 died Uncut
MERRICK, Lewis B. born 1863 died 1896 Son of J.S. & E. Merrick
MERRITT, Herbert George born 11-21-1939 died 2-3-1940 infant
MILES, Robert A . born 9-9-1937 died 4-10-1990 Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps Korea
MILLER, Alta R. Spouse of Earl F. born 1910 died 1992
MILLER, Earl F. Spouse of Alta R. born 1909 died 1993
MILLS, Chester D. born 1843 died 1914
MILLS, Dencie A. born 1848 died 1929
MILLS, Gilbert D. born 9-8-1848 died 7-7-1894 Son of John D. & Julia D. York Mills
MILLS, John D. Spouse of Julia D. York born 6-25-1809 died 5-25-1889
MILLS, Julia D. Spouse of John D. born 3-13-1810 died 11-8-1892
MILLS, Ray born 1867 died 1941
MONROE, Carol F. Spouse of Sina C. born 1900 died 1979
MONROE, Edward H. Spouse of Iva J. born 1869 died 1943
MONROE, Ernest M. Col. Spouse of Harriet born 1897 died 1976 U.S. Army 1917 - 1947
MONROE, Harriet Spouse of Ernest M. born 1902 died 1971
MONROE, Harry L. Spouse of Mildred D. born 12-13-1892 died 1-17-1965 NY Cpl. Co. C. 42 infantry Regt. WW1
MONROE, Iva J. Spouse of Edward H. born 1873 died 1938
MONROE, John D. "Skip" Spouse of Sandra Graves born 11-1-1957 died 6-20-2006 Son of Harry L. & Mildred Dickinson Monroe b. Ceres, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 11-1-1957 in Scio, N.Y. U.S. Army Reserves
MONROE, Joyce A. spouse of Leroy Horton born 11/21/1930 died 9/20/2014 age 83y Dau of Harry L. & Mildred Dickinson Monroe b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-23-1957 in Olean NY
MONROE, Mildred D. Spouse of Harry L. born 6-23-1896 died 7-20-1980
MONROE, Sandra G. spouse of John E. "Skip" born 1-8-1938 died 2-25-2007 age 69 Dau. of Clyde L. & Magalene Elliott Graves b. Scio N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. Wed 11-1-1957 in Scio N.Y.
MONROE, Sina C. Spouse of Carol F. born 1888 died 1977
MORRIS, Bessie E. Spouse of Clifford L. born 1915 died 1958
MORRIS, Clifford L. Spouse of Bessie E. born 1906 died 1968
MORRIS, George W. born 1909 died 1964
MORRIS, Sarah E. Spouse of William F. born 1892 died 1967
MORRIS, William F . Spouse of Sarah E. born 1883 died 1950
MORSEMAN, Laura B. born 1887 died 1960
MOTT, Dorothy J. spouse of Neil B. born 4-9-1932 died 5-21-2011 age 79y Dau. of Isaac & Lela Kervin Hardy b. Allentown NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-25-1950 in Allentown NY
MOTT, Neil B. Sr. Spouse of Dorothy J. born 8-18-1929 died 1-31-2003 age 73 b.Angelica NY to Raymond & Evelyn Fairfield Mott US Marine Corps Korean War.
MUSTO, Emily Spouse of Melvin born 1889 died 1965
MUSTO, Melvin Spouse of Emily born 1880 died 1958
MYERS, Leslie James born 8-7-1931 died 10-30-1991 Pfc. U. S. Army
NICHOLSON, Dan A. spouse of Ella Lamphier born 11-20-1925 died 2-2-2009 age 83y Son of Clarence & Corinne Rowson Nicholson b. Caneadea NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-4-1952 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korean Conflict
NICHOLSON, Ella L. spouse of Dan A. born 11-15-1929 died 1-14-2003 age 73y Dau. of Elmer & Eva Chandler Lamphier b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-4-1952 in Wellsville NY
NOBLES, Alice M. born 2-12-1895 died 11-30-1967
NOBLES, Archie Spouse of Gladys born 1891 died 1963
NOBLES, Bertha M. born 5-19-1878 died 8-5-1899
NOBLES, Clarence E. spouse of born Unknown died 11-24-1906 age 18y Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nobles
NOBLES, Daniel M. born 1-15-1849 died 2-22-1920
NOBLES, Frank M. Spouse of Rose T. born 1861 died 1951
NOBLES, Gladys Spouse of Archie born 1891 died 1924
NOBLES, Martin K. born 4-3-1923 died 12-24-1947 N.Y. TEC 4 Field Artillery WW2
NOBLES, Rosa L. born 10-23-1854 died 8-3-1919
NOBLES, Rose T. Spouse of Frank M. born 1868 died 1950
NORTON, Bertha Spouse of George W. died 4-16-1884
NORTON, Chester H. Spouse of Katherine A. born 1884 died 1936
NORTON, George W. Spouse of Bertha died 1886
NORTON, Katherine A. Spouse of Chester H. born 1906 died 1992
NOVAK, Gail A. born 1937 died 1983
NYE, Alan R. born 9-10-1953 died 4-19-1980 Sp4 U.S. Army Vietnam
NYE, Albert C. "Al" spouse of Yvonne Bellinger born 11/14/1944 died 1/22/2012 age 67y Son of Claude & Helen Smith Nye b. Wellsville NY d. Independence NY Wed 1-3-1964 in Whitesville NY
NYE, Arthur N. Spouse of Daisy V. Barlow born 9-23-1920 died 10-30-2002 age 82 Son of Clayton & Iva Haskins Nye Sgt U.S. Army Air Forces WW2 Wed: 10-15-1947
NYE, Daisy Barlow Spouse of Arthur N. born 6-14-1922 died 1-31-2005 age 82y Dau. of Vernon & Jennie Cole Barlow, Sr. Wed: 11-15-1947
NYE, Earl J. born 1946 died 1984 Past Chief Willing Hose Company
NYE, Elaine A. spouse of Robert G. III born 1-15-1945 died 10-19-2009 age 64y Dau. of Clayton & Mildred Carlson Armstrong b. Warren PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 8-6-1966 in Warren PA
NYE, Gary K. born 1948 died 1962
NYE, Karen A. born 4-13-1941 died 8-7-2005 age 64y Dau. of Elmer D. & E. Pauline Reynolds Aiken b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y.
NYE, Robert Gilson III Spouse of Elaine Armstrong born 5-14-1938 died 10-9-2002 age 64y Son of Robert G. & Dorothy Simmons Turner Nye, Jr. U.S.Airforce
NYE, Tracy Lynn born 2-2-1971 died 2-3-1971 infant
NYE, Yvonne M. Spouse of Albert G. born 5-18-1940 died 1-5-2003 age 62 Dau. of Kenneth & Marion Freeman Bellinger Wed: Jan 3 1964
O'CONNOR, Michael J. spouse of Rita Knapp born 12-27-1943 died 10-18-2007 Son of John & Lois Fredrick O'Connor b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-29-1968 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy serving on the USS Independence Vietnam War
OKESON, Daniel A . Spouse of Lilla A. born 1889 died 1962
OKESON, Lilla A. Spouse of Daniel A. born 1892 died 1972 The name "Danbury" appears in middle of stone
OLDER, Edgar J. born 1841 died 1909 Co. G 30th Regt. Mich Inf.
ORMAN, Lois A. spouse of Walter A. born 3-4-1918 died 10-31-2010 age 92y Dau. of Floyd & Grace Church Fanton b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-2-1939 in Wellsville NY
ORMAN, Walter A. Spouse of Lois A. Fanton Born 6-1-1915 Died 11-28-2005 Age 90y Son of William & Effie-Maria Babcock Orman b. Avon, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 12-2-1939 in Wellsville, N.Y. U.S. Army WW2
OST, Glenda R. Spouse of Richard E. born 1938 died Uncut
OST, Richard E. Spouse of Glenda R. born 1934 died 1974 Aic U.S. Air Force
OSTRANDER, Lyle J. Spouse of Mary J. born 1921 died 1975
OSTRANDER, Mary J. spouse of Lyle J. born 1-18-1922 died 6-30-2011 age 89y Dau. of Howard C. & Frances M. Brown Voorhees b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-13-1942 in Wellsville NY
PAKIS, Louis J. Spouse of Onalee N. born 10-25-1927 died 11-11-2002 age 75 Son of Louis J. & Sophia Stritof Pakis S1 U.S. Navy WW2
PAKIS, Onalee N. Spouse of Louis J., Jr. born 1-27-1924 died 7-28-2005 age 81y Dau. of Leon G. & Flora M. Gould Lewis b. Woodhull, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 7-2-1949
PALMER, Jane died 12-12-1888
PALMER, Jon C. Spouse of Amy S. born 1942 died 1999 AIC U.S. Air Force Vietnam
PALMER, Pelec died 12-10-1840
PARKER, Marion Spouse of Orris J. born 1868 died 1931
PARKER, Orris J. Spouse of Marion Chalker born 1862 died 1942
PATTERSON, Albert M. Spouse of Beatrice M. born 195 died 1984
PATTERSON, Beatrice M. Spouse of Albert M. born 1916 died 1985
PAYNE, Anna B . spouse of Claude born 5-21-1928 died 7-5-2009 age 81y Dau. of Judson Lee & Emily Hannah Herald Townsend b. Elmira NY d. Wellsville NY Husband # 2 Gordon Elder
PAYNE, Claude L. Spouse of Anna B. born 1932 died 1977
PEACOCK, Danie born 1825 died 1900 1st N.Y. Dragoons
PECK, Shari Ruth born 3-23-1968 died 6-2-1989
PEDERSON, Robert D. spouse of Susan Nash born 1/1/1945 died 11/5/2013 age 68y Son of Charles & Frances Greenway Jones b. Richmond VA d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-17-1966 in Syracuse NY U.S. Air Force
PEDERSON, Robert D. spouse of Susan Nash born 1/1/1945 died 11/5/2013 age 68y Son of Charles & Frances Greenway Jones b. Richmond VA d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-17-1966 in Syracuse NY U.S. Air Force
PEET, Elke S. Spouse of John F. born 1947 died Uncut
PEET, Gloria A . spouse of born 5-5-1941 died 6-23-2009 age Dau. of Charles "Tub" & Dorothy Haupt Wilson b. Unknown d. Rochester NY
PEET, John F. Spouse of Elke S. born 1943 died 2001
PEET, Leo F. Spouse of Mary Kathryn born 1919 died 1996
PEET, Mary Kathryn Spouse of Leo F. born 1922 died Uncut
PENSYL, James Leroy Spouse of Doreen Lukacz born 11-21-1951 died 9-17-2005 Age 53y Son of Glenn F. & Erma Kern Pensyl b & d Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 9-9-1973 in Whitesville, N.Y.
PEPPERMAN, Elmer M. Spouse of Gertrude born 1874 died 1963
PEPPERMAN, Gertrude Spouse of Elmer M. born 1882 died 1953
PETERS, Dorothy R . born 1917 died 1961
PHILLIPS, Donna Mae born 1934 died 1951 Dau. of Frederick E. & Sarah E. Phillips, Sr.
PHILLIPS, Frederick E. Jr. born 10-2-1938 died 9-12-2003 age 64 Son of Frederick E. & Sarah E. Phillips, Sr.
PHILLIPS, Sarah E. Spouse of Frederick E. Sr. born 1914 died 1991 Husband #2 "Bills"
PHILLIPS, Sr. Frederick E. Spouse of Sarah E. Barlow born 1912 died 1950
POTTER, no first name died 1955 infant
PROCTOR, Johnithan born 1801 died 1867
QUICK, Ada A. Spouse of John A. born 1883 died 1975
QUICK, Bert O. Spouse of Clara J. born 1874 died 1955
QUICK, Clara J. Spouse of Bert O. born 1881 died 1955
QUICK, John A. Spouse of Ada A. born 1880 died 1961
QUICK, Marion Lee born 1915 died 1922
RADCLIFF, Bernice M born 1930 died 1992
RADCLIFF, Terry Lee born 1974 died 1975 infant
RAYMER, Esther Z. born 1911 died Uncut
RECIO, Anne C. Spouse of Joaquin J. born 1929 died Uncut
RECIO, Joaquin J. Spouse of Anne C. born 4-20-1931 died 8-12-1998 Son of Joaquin & Helen Zotz Recio Wed:8-8-1959
REESCHER, Charles Spouse of Elizabeth Horn born 1828 died 1917
REESCHER, Elizabeth Spouse of Charles born 1829 died 1913
REICHE, Lawrence E. born 1918 died 1994
REYNOLDS, Douglas J. Spouse of Eleanor born 1926 died 1982 U.S. Army Korea
REYNOLDS, Eleanor Spouse of Douglas J. born 1927 died Uncut
RICE, Charles N. born 1843 died 1912 Co. F 19th Regt. NYS Vol USA
RICHARDSON, Aileen Helen spouse of G. William born 11/20/1924 died 10/9/2014 age 89y Dau of John & Frances Martin Flynn b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-1-1953 in Buffalo NY
RICHMOND, Erman O. Spouse of Lulu E. born 1901 died 1963 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
RICHMOND, Lulu E. Spouse of Erman O. born 1902 died 1997 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
RICHMOND, Paul John Spouse of Janet Powers born 12-28-1941 died 12-7-2003 age 61 son of Erman & Lulu Quick Richmond US Army Air Force Vietnam m. Mar 9 2000
RIDER, Furman Elias Spouse of Marguerite A. born 2-19-1896 died 12-24-1961 NY Cpl. Co. B. 305 infantry WW1
RIDER, Marguerite A. Spouse of Furman Elias born 1918 died 1965
RIECHE, Lawrence . born 4/1/1905 died 6/16/1905 age
RIXFORD, Dora Fern Covel born 1894 died 1953
RIXFORD, Duana A. born 1852 died 1932
RIXFORD, Emma A. Spouse of William H. died 11-10-1880 age 18y 6m 12d
RIXFORD, Guy L. born 3-12-1893 died 7-8-1943 Pvt. 13 Co. 153 Depot Brig. WW1, s/o Tibbit C. & Lettie Dennis
RIXFORD, Lettie V. Spouse of Tibbit C. born 1860 died 1920 nee Violet "Lettie" Dennis
RIXFORD, Tibbit C. Spouse of Lettie V. born 1854 died 1935
ROBERTS, Bessie M. Spouse of Fred A. born 1888 died 1962
ROBERTS, Fred A. "Bo" spouse of born 9-17-1926 died 6-2-2010 age Son of Fred A. & Bessie Graves Roberts b. Whitesville NY d. Buffalo NY U.S. Army WW2
ROBERTS, Fred A. Spouse of Bessie M. born 1892 died 1946
ROBERTS, Lon V. spouse of Martha M. Dixon born 8-11-1924 died 4-23-2007 age 82 Son of Fred A. & Bessie Graves Roberts b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-21-1948 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army WW2 and Korean Conflict
ROBERTS, Marion A. Spouse of Fred A. Born 2-24-1927 Died 10-29-2002 Age 75y d/o Frank & Clara Rogers McCarthy, b. Wellsville-NY, d. Olean-NY, Wed 7-12-1983 in Wellsville
ROBERTS, Martha M. spouse of Lon V. born 8-18-1931 died 11-7-2007 age 76 Dau. of Clyde & Mary Hummel Dixon b. Woodland PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-21-1948
ROBINSON, Frances M. born 1868 died 1941
ROBINSON, Reda Lamphier born 1956 died 1986
ROGERS, Alice Loomis born 1854 died 1940
ROGERS, Bessie Spouse of Mark born 1884 died 1962
ROGERS, Betie F. born 1894 died 1914
ROGERS, Clyde L born 1878 died 1944
ROGERS, Gladys B. born 1907 died 1931
ROGERS, Harrison J. born 1850 died 1936
ROGERS, Marion F. Spouse of Mildred Briggs Hurler born 5-31-1911 died 11-9-2004 Age 93y Son of Eldrith & Betty Knox Rogers Wed: 1970
ROGERS, Mark Spouse of Bessie born 1886 died 1966
ROGERS, Mildred Briggs Hurler Spouse of Marion F. died 1990
ROGERS, Raymond E. born 1907 died 1989
ROGERS, Raymond H. Spouse of Thelma L. born 1906 died 1976
ROGERS, Thelma L. Spouse of Raymond H. born 1910 died 1958
ROHRABACHER, Barry Lee born 6-19-1945 died 3-25-2004 age 58 Son of Maynard & Dorothy Minard Rohrabacer U.S. Navy 64-68
ROLFE, C. M. born 6-6-1861 died 3-4-1867
ROLFE, Clara born 1869 died 1952
ROLFE, Cornelia D. Spouse of Samuel H. born 1839 died 1914
ROLFE, Ephrian Spouse of Lydia born 5-5-1800 died 11-10-1876
ROLFE, Lydia Spouse of Ephrian born 7-16-1804 died 5-4-1884
ROLFE, Samuel H. Spouse of Cornelia D. born 1838 died 1910 Co. 1 189th Regt N.Y.V.
ROLFE, W. E. born 10-17-1863 died 3-29-1866
SAWYER, Arthur E. born 8-12-1858 died 9-5-1891
SAWYER, Ben Spouse of May R. born 1880 died 1966
SAWYER, Harry R. born 1889 died 1939
SAWYER, Jesse W. Spouse of Matilda H. born 1854 died 1937
SAWYER, Matilda H. Spouse of Jesse W. born 1858 died 1938
SAWYER, May R. Spouse of Ben born 1880 died 1965
SAWYER, Myrtle K. spouse of Lee R. born 5-12-1900 died 1-12-1986 Dau. of Francis M. & Flora Wilcox Keagle b. Arnot PA d. Wellsville NY Wed in Cuba NY
SCHOONOVER, Carl A. Spouse of Evalena M. born 1903 died 1991
SCHOONOVER, Evalena M. Spouse of Carl A. born 1905 died 1991
SCOTT, Bethiar C. Spouse of Henry born 11-16-1848 died 6-8-1920
SCOTT, Betty June born 1925 died 2000
SCOTT, Henry Spouse of Bethiar C. born 9-23-1833 died 2-2-1918 Co. C 64 The N.Y. Vols
SEALY, John Spouse of Nancy Edwards born 1805 died 1892
SEALY, Nancy Spouse of John born 1813 died 1871
SEAVER, Azubah born 1810 died 1884
SEAVER, Elvira A. Spouse of G. L. born 1-18-1853 died 10-20-1876
SEAVER, Lewis born 1808 died 1888
SHANNON, Myrtle E. Spouse of G. A. died 3-29-1894 age 26
SHAY, Arthur born 1872 died 1912
SHAY, Earl born 1880 died 1924
SHAY, Georgie died 1882 Son of William & Mary Shay
SHAY, Lena Unable to read
SHAY, Mary born 1844 died 1931
SHAY, William born 1838 died 1916
SHERMAN, Georgia M. spouse of Herbert "Gerry" born 10/8/1931 died 11/30/2011 age 80y Dau. of Leon & Florence Gould Lewis b. Whitesville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-15-1949 in Stannards NY
SHERMAN, Herbert "Gerry" spouse of Georgia M. Lewis born 8-17-1928 died 7-1-2010 age 81y Son of Herbert L. & Mary Sweet Sherman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-15-1949 in Stannards NY
SHERWOOD, Dorothy Spouse of Stanley W. born 1926 died Uncut
SHERWOOD, Florence E. Spouse of John J. born 1910 died 1988
SHERWOOD, John J. Spouse of Florence E. born 1900 died 1970
SHERWOOD, John T. born 1952 died 1953 infant
SHERWOOD, Roy L. born 7-21-1937 died 5-14-2001 AA U.S. Navy
SHERWOOD, Stanley W. Spouse of Dorothy born 1921 died 1981 Ssgt. U.S. Army WW2
SILSBY, Charles A. Spouse of Iva C. born 1882 died 1962
SILSBY, Dean Eugene died 11-17-1963 infant son of William & Elizabeth Silsby
SILSBY, Edgar C. Spouse of Margaret A. born 1915 died 1971
SILSBY, Elizabeth H. Spouse of William Frank "Bill" born 1-2-1931 died Uncut
SILSBY, Frederick O. spouse of Dianne Seiler born 8/2/1931 died 4/18/2014 age 82y Son of Charles A. & Iva Fanton Silsby b. Rew PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-14-1964 Married 50 years U.S. Army Medical Corps
SILSBY, Iva C. Spouse of Charles A. born 1893 died 1976
SILSBY, Margaret A. Spouse of Edgar C. born 1922 died 1996 Husband #2 Warner A. Lindell Wed: 9-3-1972
SILSBY, William Frank "Bill" Spouse of Elizabeth H. Davenport born 6-23-1927 died 11-9-1998 Wed: 12-23-1948
SKINNER, Catherine E. Spouse of William D. born 1830 died 1915
SKINNER, Christie born 11-3-1852 died 5-5-1950
SKINNER, Helen age 1y 7m
SKINNER, Louise age 2y 6m
SKINNER, William D. Spouse of Catherine E. born 1824 died 1912
SLOCUM, Abram Spouse of Mary F. born 1879 died 1956
SLOCUM, Carl A. born 1906 died 1995
SLOCUM, Elizabeth J. "Betty" spouse of Howard E. born 1/11/1932 died 10/27/2010 Dau of Albert & Ruth Kemp Burgess b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-19-1946 in Bolivar NY
SLOCUM, Mary F. Spouse of Abram born 1876 died 1956
SLOCUM, Mary R. spouse of Francis B. born 12/24/1940 died 11/4/2012 age 71y Dau of Albert & Ruth Kemp Burgess b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 8-16-1960 in Gaines
SLOCUM, Ralph O. born 1-7-1913 died 9-9-1958 NY Pfc. 26 Inf. 1 Inf. Division BSM WW2
SMITH, Benjamin B Spouse of Elizabeth Shear born 1819 died 1906
SMITH, Beverly A. born 1937 died 1937 Dau. of Ernest & Louise Smith
SMITH, Elizabeth Spouse of Benjamin B. born 1820 died 1908
SMITH, Freeman F. born 1903 died 1978
SMITH, Holly E. died 12-1-1992 Dau. of Arlyn L. & Marilyn J. Smith
SMITH, Michael C. died 6-30-1991 Son of Arlyn L. & Marilyn J. Smith
SMOCK, Burton O. born 10-17-1912 died 9-16-1990 Pfc. U.S. Army
SNYDER, Dolores A. "Dodie" Spouse of R. Craig born 11-22-1930 died 9-28-2002 nee Hanson
SORTORE, Raymond T. born 1911 died 1953
SPENCER, Dale L. spouse of born 10/27/1938 died 12/22/2012 age 74y Son of David & Maetta VanZile Spencer b. Canisteo NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. National Guard
SPICER, Lottie Fanton born 1885 died 1952
SPRESTER, Doris A . Spouse of Forrest R. born 1924 died 1969
SPRESTER, Forrest R. Spouse of Doris A. born 1914 died Uncut
STANLEY, Hattie born 1860 died 1862 Dau. of Charles & Emily Stanley
STEBBINS, Burton Leroy born 5-31-1978 died 5-12-2006 age 27y Son of John & Elizabeth Marie Billings Stebbins b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Dix, N.Y. Collapse of a natural gas rig
STEVENS, Donna I. Spouse of William E. born 1943 died 2000 Dau. of Betty June Scott
STEVENS, William E. Spouse of Donna I. born Uncut
STEWART, Ernest C. Spouse of Helen D. Hornburg born 1912 died 1994
STEWART, Helen D. Spouse of Ernest C. born 1908 died 1967
STIMSON, Clara born 1894 died 1938
STOLL, Todd J. born 7-20-2000 died 9-11-2000 infant
STONE, Archie L. Spouse of Doris L. born 1917 died 1994
STONE, Doris L. Spouse of Archie L. born 1922 died Uncut
STONHAM, Dorothea M. spouse of Robert born 8-21-1921 died 4-4-2009 Dau. of George & Minnie Main b. Eldred PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-27-1944
STONHAM, Robert M. Spouse of Dorothea M. born 1920 died 1996 Cpl. U.S. Army WW2
STOUT, Arlouine C. Spouse of Lester H. born 1872 died 1938
STOUT, Lester H. Spouse of Arlouine C. born 1865 died 1939
STRAIGHT, Diana M. Spouse of Phillip M. born 1943 died 1995 Wed: 12-29-1962
STRAIGHT, Louisa died 9-11-1872
STRAIGHT, Phillip M. Spouse of Diana M. born 1940 died Uncut
STRAIGHT, Rosanna died 3-3-1867
SUGDEN, Paul D. born 1953 died 1982 To our beloved brother "no 1"
SUTHERLAND, Clara N. Spouse of Robert M. born 1906 died 1986 Wed: 7-1-1926
SUTHERLAND, Darwin B. Spouse of Sarah J. Nobles born 1907 died 1952 Wed: 11-15-1930
SUTHERLAND, Don Robert born 1935 died 1948 Son of Darwin B. & Sarah J. Nobles Sutherland
SUTHERLAND, Robert M. Spouse of Clara N. Nobles born 1901 died 1988 Wed: 7-1-1926
SUTHERLAND, Sarah J. Spouse of Darwin B. born 1909 died 1982 Wed: 11-15-1930
SWEET, Oliver C. spouse of Sandra Stewart born 8/9/1932 died 1/12/2014 age 81y Son of Oliver C. & Ruth Button Sweet Jr. b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-9-1970 in Wellsville NY
SWEET, Oliver C. spouse of Sandra Stewart born 8/9/1932 died 1/12/2014 age 81y Son of Oliver C. & Ruth Button Sweet Jr. b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-9-1970 in Wellsville NY
TANNER, Emma K. Spouse of Max W. born 1894 died 1961
TANNER, Max W. Spouse of Emma K. born 1887 died 1976
TAYLOR, Elmar Spouse of Helen born 1836 died Uncut
TAYLOR, Helen Spouse of Elmar born 1840 died 1900
TAYLOR, Jeffrey S. born 8-9-1969 died 10-29-1969 Son of Oliver & Billie Taylor
TAYLOR, Linda S. born 1951 died 1953 Dau. of Oliver B. & Mildred Taylor
TAYLOR, Oliver B. Spouse of Mildred born 1919 died 1990
TOMPKINS, Clayton died 9-28-1880 Son of William & Lydia Tompkins
TOMPKINS, Florence M born 1906 died 1986
TOMPKINS, Frank Spouse of Nellie M. born 1861 died 1937
TOMPKINS, infant born 1922 died 1922
TOMPKINS, Joseph O. born 3-1919 died 10-1919 infant son of Oscar D. & Nellie H. Tompkins
TOMPKINS, Nellie H. Spouse of Oscar D . born 1896 died 1979
TOMPKINS, Nellie M. Spouse of Frank born 1873 died 1923
TOMPKINS, Nellie Ruth born 1933 died 1934 infant
TOMPKINS, Oscar D. Spouse of Nellie H. born 1895 died 1964
TOMPKINS, Oscar Daniel born 1932 died 1993
TOMPKINS, Richard F. spouse of Ruth Anne Canfield born 8-14-1926 died 12-5-2008 age 82y Son of Florence Tompkins b. Elmira NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-14-1947 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2 Pacific Theater of Operations aboard a destroyer escort U.S.S. Amesbury - Town Justice for Town of Willing for 49 years & Town of Independence for 10 years also Acting Village Justice for Village of Wellsville for 32 years
TONER, Frank A. born 1915 died 1991
TRASK, Amanda Spouse of John H. born 9-2-1851 died 3-10-1920
TRASK, Clifton B. Spouse of Eva C . born 1873 died 1951
TRASK, Eva C. Spouse of Clifton B. born 1873 died 1955
TRASK, John A. born 9-12-1959 died 8-18-1976
TRASK, John H. Spouse of Amanda born Uncut died Uncut
TRASK, Laverne Raymond born 7-8-1894 died 2-17-1963 New York Pvt. 154 Aero Sq. WW1
TRASK, Mildred R. born 1898 died 1947
TRASK, Stephen T. born 4-13-1955 died 9-30-1972
TROWBRIDGE, James born 1870 died 1965
UNDERWOOD, Orang born 1882 died 1917
VAN BUREN, Mildred R. Spouse of Richard L. born 4-16-1907 died 6-29-1960
VAN BUREN, Richard L. Spouse of Mildred R. born 8-24-1909 died 3-25-1973
VAN CUREN, Edith F. Spouse of Claude born 1882 died 1952
VAN KUREN, Claude Spouse of Edith F. born 1890 died 1958 Last name was spelled with a "K".
VAN NESS, Grant B. Spouse of Ruth B. born 1907 died 1960
VAN NESS, Jennie S. Spouse of William H. born 1894 died 1967
VAN NESS, Ruth B. Spouse of Grant B. born 1904 died 1999
VAN NESS, William H. Spouse of Jennie S. born 1882 died 1945
VAN SON, Trevor L. born 1991 died 1992
VINCENT, Louella K. Spouse of Robert L. born 12-25-1926 died Uncut
VINCENT, Robert L. Spouse of Louella K. born 10-2-1921 died 4-24-1998 age
VOORHEES, Frances M. Spouse of Howard C. born 5-23-1899 died 4-20-1990 age 90y Dau. of Ira & Mary Brown Wed: 12-25-1920
VOORHEES, Howard C. Spouse of Frances M. born 1898 died 1961
VOORHEES, Nancy J. Spouse of Otto M. born 1870 died 1934
VOORHEES, Otto M. Spouse of Nancy J. born 1863 died 1938
WALSH, Helen M. "Tillie" born 6-10-1914 died 8-26-2002 age 88 Dau. of Orris & Elizabeth Downing
WEAVER, Thelma L. spouse of William B. born 6/4/1929 died 3/19/2012 Dau of Lincoln & Emily Sheehan Gavitt b. Wellsville NY d. Stannards NY Wed 4-14-1957 in Wellsville NY
WEAVER, William B. spouse of Thelma L. Gavitt born 3-29-1925 died 4-14-2008 age 83y Son of John & Hattie Knapp Weaver b. Pennsylvania d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-6-1957 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army WW2 & Korean Conflict
WEBB, Dorothy J. born 1932 died 1977
WEBSTER, Chad M. born 1-4-1982 died 10-30-2004 Age 22y Son of Robert & Debbie Buchholz Webster
WEINHAUER, H. Frank Spouse of Rose L. died 10-5-2000
WEINHAUER, Rose L. Spouse of H. Frank died 3-6-1998
WELLBERY, Sarah A. born 1901 died 1990
WENTLING, Calvin M. born 1949 died 1949 infant
WENTNLING, Eugene C. II born 10-13-1969 died 5-2-1975 As it is written in the law of the Lord "every first born male is to be consecrated to the Lord"
WEST, Adelia E. born 1835 died 1900
WEST, Anna Spouse of Samuel died 1-18-18??
WEST, Cynthia Ann born 1880 died 1958
WEST, Samuel Spouse of Anna died 12-27-1880
WHEELER, Cora May born 1876 died 1919
WHEELER, Sadie A. born 1876 died 1939
WHITE, Dean Elgin Spouse of Janet Williams born 4-21-1925 died 8-11-2002
WHITE, Janet D. spouse of Dean Elgin born 5/15/1925 died 1/12/2014 age 88y Dau of Donald & Grace Perry Williams b. Olean NY d. Leesburg FL Wed 1947
WHITE, Janet D. spouse of Dean Elgin born 5/15/1925 died 1/12/2014 age 88y Dau of Donald & Grace Perry Williams b. Olean NY d. Leesburg FL Wed 1947
WHITESELL, Allen J. Spouse of Anna LATTEN Born 12-02-1925 Died 5-21-2001 Age 75y Son of George W. & Alice (Baker) Whitesell, b. Ulysses-PA, d. farming acc., Wed in Wellsville-NY, Dairy farmer
WHITESELL, Anna M. Spouse of Allen J. Born 3-02-1923 Died 1-08-2005 Age 81y Dau. of Elmer & Anna Latten b. Yorks Corners #1 Ephraim McCarthy
WHITESELL, Franklin D. born 1948 died 1968
WHITESELL, Hester R. Spouse of Robert G. born 1926 died 1994
WHITESELL, Robert G. Spouse of Hester R. born 1916 died 1986
WILCOX, Clinton D. died 10-15-1859
WILCOX, David died 3-25-1813
WILCOX, Sarah died 1861
WILLCOX, Eunice S. died 3-27-1876 age 71y 5m
WILLCOX, Simmeon died 5-16-1821 age 25y 1m 1d
WILLEY, Ethlin Spouse of Hannah E. born 1823 died 1879
WILLEY, Hannah E. Spouse of Ethlin born 1824 died 1897
WILLIAMS, Jessie spouse of Paul W. born 9/28/1920 died 2/19/2013 age 92y Dau of Fay & Louise Neetz Palmer b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-11-1941 in Angelica NY
WILLIAMS, Paul W. Spouse of Jessie E. born 11-18-1916 died 7-7-2002 age 85 Son of William & Emma Weinhauer U.S. Army 36th Signal Corps Africa & Europe WW II
WILSON, Forrest A. Spouse of Jessie L. born 1903 died 1990
WILSON, Jessie L. Spouse of Forrest A. born 1905 died 1971
WINANS, Pauline C. spouse of Raymond H. born 11-1-1919 died 2-20-2006 age 87y Dau. of Floyd & Edith Wood Sprague b. Bolivar, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 11-27-1957 in Wellsville, N.Y.
WINANS, Raymond H. spouse of Pauline C. born 8-18-1920 died 9-14-1998 Sgt. U.S. Army WW2
WITHEY, Alice M. Spouse of Charlie R. born 1877 died 1965
WITHEY, Charlie R. Spouse of Alice M. born 1870 died 1938
WITHEY, Eliza I. born 6-3-1851 died 1-1-1913
WITTER Edith L. Spouse of Joseph S. born 1891 died 1966
WITTER, Addie A. No Information
WITTER, Betsey Spouse of Daniel R. died 3-18-1883 age 56
WITTER, Clark died 10-4-1821
WITTER, Daniel R. Spouse of Betsey Foster died 9-22-1888 age 65
WITTER, Donna Darlene Spouse of David born 5-26-1957 died 12-22-2002 age 45 Dau. of Lawrence & Beverly Baldwin Marsh. Wed: 4-9-1977
WITTER, Florence A. died 1871 age 2
WITTER, George D. Spouse of Myrma G. born 1901 died 1963
WITTER, Herbert Albert Spouse of Rosella M. born 1867 died 1912
WITTER, Joseph S. Spouse of Edith L. born 8-19-1893 died 8-9-1957 NY Wagoner Co. A. 344 MG BN WW1
WITTER, Josiah Spouse of Mary died 1882
WITTER, Lester N. Spouse of Nancy Jean COOLEY Born 11-25-1931 Died 12-14-2002 Age 71y Son of George & Myrna (Latten) Witter, b. Willing-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 5-31-1958 in Shinglehouse-PA, Vet-Korea US Marine Corps
WITTER, Lewis Albert born 7-7-1909 died 9-1-1910 Son of Victor & Mary Witter
WITTER, Luke G. Spouse of Ruth J. died 7-31-1881
WITTER, Margaret L. spouse of LaVere D. born 6-22-1927 died 6-20-2005 age Dau. of Foster & Vira Johnston Trowbridge
WITTER, Mary Spouse of Josiah died 9-17-1881 age 63
WITTER, Michael J. died 1991 infant Son of Timothy A. & Linda M. Witter
WITTER, Myrma G. Spouse of George D. born 1892 died 1980
WITTER, Perry died 3-22-1825
WITTER, Polly died 1849
WITTER, Rosella M. Spouse of Herbert Albert born 1868 died 1936
WITTER, Ruth J. Spouse of Luke G. died 4-21-1885
WOOD, John B. Spouse of Louisa born 1809 died 1873
WOOD, Louisa Spouse of John B. born 1825 died 1901
WOODFIELD, Gertrude M. Spouse of Howard A. born 1883 died 1955
WOODFIELD, Howard A. Spouse of Gertrude M. born 1875 died 1953
WOODFIELD, Raymond A. born 1901 died 1934
WOODWORTH, Marilyn J. born 1935 died 2004
WRIGHT, Bradley born 1938 died 1966 Son of LeRoy & Rosilla Wright
WRIGHT, Bradley N. born 3-9-1938 died 1-29-1965 NY Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps
WRIGHT, George I. born 1905 died 1986
WRIGHT, LeRoy Spouse of Rosilla born 1906 died 1958
WRIGHT, Rosilla Spouse of LeRoy born 1906 died 1988
WRIGHT, Virginia R. born 1927 died 1934 Dau. of L. & R. Wright
WYCKOFF, Donald J. Spouse of Freda J. born 1930 died 1982
WYCKOFF, Edna Blanche born 1-3-1896 died 10-17-1903
WYCKOFF, Edward H. Sr. born 11-23-1928 died 1-19-2007 age 78 Son of Harold & Ella Shope Wyckoff b. Independence, Kan. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Former Wife: Esther Moultrup
WYCKOFF, Ella M. Spouse of Harold J. born 1908 died 1979
WYCKOFF, Freda J. Spouse of Donald J. born 1933 died Uncut
WYCKOFF, George M. Spouse of Maude born 1879 died 1948
WYCKOFF, Harold J. Spouse of Ella M. born 1908 died 1976
WYCKOFF, Lois T. born 1931 died 1982
WYCKOFF, Maude Spouse of George M. born 1888 died 1972
YAGER, Delia E. Spouse of John Paul born 1881 died 1954
YAGER, George W. born 2-22-1909 died 11-4-1917
YAGER, John Paul Spouse of Delia E. born 1872 died 1930
YEAGER, James L. Spouse of Lorna H. born 1928 died 1992 Sfc. U.S. Army Korea
YEAGER, Lorna H. Spouse of James L. born 1933 died 1981
YOUNGS, Susan born 1865 died 1933

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