St. Patrick's Church Records

The following persons children and adults were confirmed in St. Patrick's Church Belfast, Allegany, N.Y. by the Rt Rev S.V. Ryan Bishop of Buffalo, N.Y. Aug 1st 1887
Submitted by Kathleen Hogan Paparelli - 2nd from last on list I believe is my great aunt Agnes Hogan

James Henry Curran
George William McCarthy
Thomas Lawrence McMenomin
John Leo McNamara
Francis James Kelly
Michael Francis Whalen
John Andrew Sheehan
Michael Henry Deay
John Henry O'Neil
Thomas Leo White
Francis Leo Boyle
Charles Arthur Murphy
Francis Patrick Schaill
John Michael Maloney
James Charles Garvin
James Thomas Rafter
Francis Peter Caughlin
Arthur James Killian
James Henry Caughlin
Daniel William Mahoney
Joanna Helen Shay
Gertrude Mary Bluett
Mary Catherine Caughlin
Mary Helen Sullivan
Sarah Aloyisha Caughlin
Helen Joanna Williams
Mary Anna Walsh
Anna Cecelia Callen
Mary Martyle Reily
Margaret Agnes Butter
Catherine Leonetta Caughlin
Margaret Catherine Mahoney
Bridget Kelly
Mary Bridget Butter
Elizabeth Edna Caughlin
Anastasia Catherine Sheehan
Anna Teresa Schaile
Anna Catherine Costello
Agnes Mary Hogan
Catherine Sara King

Baptisms St. Patrick’s Church, Belfast, N.Y.
Submitted by Kathleen Hogan Paparelli


 May -  In Belfast, baptized day 14, Henry Kondolf, born 27 Apr son of
    John Kondolf and Rosa Hogan
    Sponsors- Francis Durmian and Sara Hogan

- In Belfast, baptized day 31, Arthur Britt Curran, born 3 Feb son of
William Curran and Mary Britt
Sponsors- Michael Laffin and Anastasia Mountain

 Jun   -  In Belfast baptized day 21, Francis Jacob Flynn, born 8 Jun 1855
   Son of Jacob Flynn and Catherine Hogan
     Sponsors – John Hogan and Delia Devitt
          Thomas Haire

- In Belfast baptized day 28, Austin Thomas Schaill, born 12 Jun 1885,
son of Patrick Schaill and Ellen Murray
Sponsors- James McManimon and Mary Moran
        Thomas Haire
  (Note added to bottom – married Edna (?) Oct 30 1943
  Belfast St. Patrick Rectory)

 July  -  In Belfast, baptized day 26, Elizabeth Sheehan, born 1 jun 1855,
      Dau of Patrick Sheehan, and Maria Dolan
      Sponsors- James Powers and Mary Ann Powers
          T Haire
    (note added- confirmed 3/4/63 St. Mary’s Church,
      St. Petersburg, Fl. By Archbishop Joseph P Hurley)

 Aug  -  In Belfast day 30, baptized David Carl McNamara, born 18 Aug
      Son of Daniel McNamara and Catherine Mountain
      Sponsors -  John Mountain and Ellen Fitzgerald
          T Haire

- In Belfast, day 30, baptized John Fennessy born March 1865 ( In Kingston,Canada)
son of George Fennessy and Catherine Crowley
Sponsors James Fennessy and Mary Fennessy
        T Haire

  Sep -  In Belfast day 6, baptized, Frederic Leo O’Neil, born 11 Aug son of
     Michael O’Neil and Maria (?)
     Sponsors – David Mountain and Catherine Rock
          T Haire

The following persons were confirmed by the Rt Rev Charles
  Henry Colton Bishop of Buffalo Oct 25 1908
    In St. Patrick’s Church, Belfast, N.Y.

 Michael John Carmody
 David Thomas Mountain
 John Joseph Rock
 Edward James Reddy
 Harry Edward Moran
 Francis Martin Reddy
 Thomas Leo Whalen
 Edward Joseph Kennedy
 Paul Vincent Towell
 John Anthony Hogan
 John Arthur Gormley
 Francis Nelson Sullivan
 Francis Frederick Burke
 James John Whalen
 Casimir Joseph Hogan
 Edward Howard Rodgers
 Paul Francis Hogan
 Edward James Curran

 Pauline Burke
 Laura Mary Whalen
 Frances Irene Lungo
 Cecelia Bernise McNamara
 Margaret Catherine Monihan
 Catherine Evelyn Gill
 Margaret Bernice Atherton
 Frances Lola Knox
 Alice Marion McGill
 Mary Hazel O’Boyle
 Cecelia Helen Melvin

  total number 29

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