St. Mary's Cemetery
Town of Amity
GPS: 4213'50.62"N, 78 2'7.37"W
Walked and recorded May 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb.
Updated by PHGS members

Photos by Eleanor Schwalb 2005

AIKEN, Daniel Joseph. Born 2-8-1933, died 5-24-1997. Age: 64y - Son of Sidney J. & Estella L. Brinkley Aiken b. Tioga, Pa. d. Scio, N.Y.
AIKEN, Estella L.. Spouse of Sidney J.. Born 9-20-1902, died 9-24-1997. Age: 95y - Dau of Albert & Martha Fiscus Brinkley b. Sigel Pa. d. Wellsville N.Y.
AIKEN, Eugene Ralph. Born 8-2-1926, died 5-4-1945 - WW II Vet, USNR, F1
AIKEN, Sidney J.. Spouse of Estella L.. Born 1905, died 1968 - Father
ALLEN, Cathryn. Born 1956, died 1966
ALLEN, James H.. Born 9-29-1921, died 6-19-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 301st Dep Rep Sq, S/Sgt
ALLEN, Marie. Born 1926, died 1966
ALLEN, Pamela. Born 1959, died 1966
AMAN, Jane A.. Spouse of Robert J.. Born 9-16-1938, died 6-18-2008. Age: 69y - Dau of George H. & Josephine I. Babcock Wetherby b. Ischua NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-24-1992 in Belmont Wed Husband #1 in 1954 John F. Duvll who died 11-6-1967
AMBROSELLI, Albert V.. Spouse of Marian K.. Born 12-22-1918, died 9-4-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
AMBROSELLI, Marian K.. Spouse of Albert V.. Born 10-9-1912, died 9-7-2008 - Dau of Louie & Jennie Presutti Jordan b. & d. Belmont NY Wed 5-6-1941 in Baltimore MD
ARMSTRONG, Carrie T.. Born 1901, died 1996
ARNOTT, Robert. Born 1878, died 1917
AUER, Helen W.. Spouse of Joseph J.. Born 1909, died uncut
AUER, Joseph J.. Spouse of Helen W.. Born 1911, died 1970
AUSTIN, Brenda J.. Born 1948, died 1969
AUSTIN, Charles G.. Spouse of Eleanor M.. Born 8-23-1924, died 4-2-2010 age - Son of Cecil & Gertrude Poste Austin b. Dale d. Belmont NY Wed Wife #2 Mary Frazer on 10-16-1993 in Kensington MD
AUSTIN, Eleanor M.. Born 1927, died 1993
BAKER, Dorothy G.. Spouse of W. Carlton. Born 1905, died 1992
BAKER, W. Carlton. Spouse of Dorothy G.. Born 1904, died 1966
BALDINI, Carmela, died 1945. Age: Infant - Dau of Nicholas & Lucy Codispoti Baldini
BALDINI, Lucy K.. Born 2-22-1911, died 6-30-2003
BARLOW, Vernon J.. Spouse of Nancy Duffy. Born 5-7-1933, died 12-14-2009. Age: 76y - Son of Vernon & Jenny Cole Barlow b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1953-1956
BARRETT, David L.. Spouse of Nora D.. Born 1897, died 1962
BARRETT, Nora D.. Spouse of David L.. Born 1888, died 1962
BARTLETT, Norma (Biancuzzo). Spouse of James E.. Born 11-16-1945, died 12-24-2022. Age: 77y - Dau of Felix & Marie (Cristini) Biancuzzo. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 7-17-1965. Two children.
BECKMAN, Rand Steven Sr.. Spouse of Connie L. Lewis. Born 8-16-1948, died 3-19-2008. Age: 59y - Son of Reynold E. & Beverly Boyd Beckman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-27-1968 in Wellsville NY
BENJAMIN, Anne Catherine. Spouse of Burton P.. Born 4-8-1919, died 5-30-2012 age - Dau of Emil & Catherine Heronen Kolaski b. Brooklyn NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-11-1938
BENJAMIN, Burton P.. Spouse of Anna C.. Born 12-6-1913, died 5-19-2000
BERGH, Mary M.. Spouse of Otto. Born 1869, died 1936
BERGH, Otto. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1865, died 1934
BERNARD, Helen A.. Spouse of Kenneth J.. Born 3-3-1922, died 2-14-2007. Age: 84y - Dau of Henry D. & Elizabeth Bernard Cummins b. Friendship N.Y. d. Olean N.Y. Wed 10-18-1941 in Cuba N.Y.
BERNARD, Kenneth J.. Spouse of Helen A. Cummins. Born 10-22-1919, died 2-19-2010 age - Son of John C. & Ruth I. McCarty Bernard b. Belfast NY d. Olean NY Wed 10-18-1941 in Cuba NY
BIANCUZZO, Andrea S.. Spouse of John J.. Born 2-5-1940, died 7-17-1976
BIANCUZZO, Carlo P.. Spouse of Violet V. Lewis. Born 1905, died 1966
BIANCUZZO, Felix. Spouse of Marie. Born 1915, died 1997
BIANCUZZO, John J.. Spouse of Andrea Stephens. Born 3-21-1938, died 2-1-2009. Age: 70y - Son of Carlo & Violet Lewis Biancuzzo b. Belmont NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-4-1960 Wed Wife #2 Deborah Lowe on 9-9-1989
BIANCUZZO, Lucy T.. Born 1913, died 1990
BIANCUZZO, Marie. Spouse of Felix. Born 1918, died uncut
BIANCUZZO, Theresa. Born 1876, died 1957
BIANCUZZO, Theresa T.. Born 1-26-1934, died 9-30-2016. Age: 82y - Dau of Carlo & Violet Lewis Biancuzzo b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY
BIANCUZZO, Violet V. (Lewis). Spouse of Carlo P.. Born 1910, died 1993
BOGAN, Mary C. (Canty). Spouse of Robert V. Bogan. Born 1-26-1928, died 9-1-2017. Age: 89y - Dau of John F. & Mary "Gertrude" (Brown) Canty. b. Hornell NY d. Olean NY. A nurse for many years. Wed 8-25-1951 in Belmont NY, three children.
BOGAN, Robert V.. Spouse of Mary H. Canty. Born 4-5-1922, died 3-8-1999 - Son of William J. and Mary Viola (Rung) Bogan. Wed 8-25-1951 in Belmont NY, three children.
BORLAND, Penny Jo. Born 1958, died 2008
BOYD, John P.. Spouse of Mary C.Tarantine. Born 10-12-1909, died 9-25-1999. Age: 93y - Son of Walter & Jessica Snyder Boyd Wed 10-26-1924
BOYD, Mary C.. Spouse of John P.. Born 5-27-1906, died 9-7-1997. Age: 91y - Dau of James & Mary Trongone Tarantine Wed 10-26-1924
BRINKLEY, Verna. Born 1907, died 1990
BROWN, Thomas D., died 1963. Age: 1d
BROWN, Todd E., died 1961. Age: 3d
BURDICK, Charles J.. Spouse of Patricia. Born 11-22-1930, died 8-20-2007 - Son of Carl & Florence Burdick b. Buffalo NY d. Belmont NY Wed 12-27-1950 - Active member of the Community in Little League - Babe Ruth Baseball - Led Campaign for ambulance corps in Town of Amity - Active member of American Legion Post & St. Mary's Church - Korean War Vet, USMC, Sgt. Fought at Heartbreak Ridge - Pork Chop Hill - City of Seoul
CADY, Frank Earl. Spouse of Joan Marie McGuirl. Born 4-30-1934, died 2-13-2017. Age: 82y - Son of Earl Forest & Pearl Babcock Cady b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-21-1958 in Scio NY Frank was a life-long accomplished athlete & coach in multiple sports - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Two years
CADY, Joan Marie (McGuirl). Spouse of Frank E.. Born 8-4-1936, died 5-18-2023. Age: 86y - Dau of Paul J. & Mary Abbie (Babbitt) McGuirl. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 6-21-1958. Three children.
CALDWELL, Jr., Robert C.. Spouse of Marian A.. Born 1929, died uncut
CALDWELL, Marian A.. Spouse of Robert C., Jr.. Born 8-1-1929, died 8-29-1998. Age: 69y - Dau of Antonio & Mary Crimaldi Zangare b. Cleveland, Ohio d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-24-1950 in Belmont, N.Y.
CANTY, Daniel G.. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1898, died 1968
CANTY, Elizabeth. Spouse of Daniel G.. Born 1912, died 1991
CANTY, Gertrude. Spouse of John F.. Born 1903, died 1993
CANTY, John F.. Spouse of Katherine E.. Born 1853, died 1923
CANTY, John F.. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1900, died 1978
CANTY, Katherine E.. Spouse of John F.. Born 1858, died 1925
CLINE, Anna. Spouse of William. Born 1858, died 1933
CLINE, John W.. Born 1888, died 1961
CLINE, William. Spouse of Anna. Born 1847, died 1926
CODISPOTI, Ann B.. Spouse of Nicholas F.. Born 1912, died 1964
CODISPOTI, Benjamin. Born 1897, died 1976
CODISPOTI, Carmela L.. Spouse of Nicholas E.. Born 1875, died 1937 - Father
CODISPOTI, Genevieve. Born 2-4-1913, died 8-3-2002. Age: 89y - Dau of Nicholas & Carmela Lioi Codispoti b. Rushford, N.Y. d. Amityville, N.Y.
CODISPOTI, Nicholas E.. Spouse of Carmela L.. Born 1871, died 1934 - Mother
CODISPOTI, Nicholas F.. Spouse of Ann B.. Born 1901, died 1975
COLEMAN, Eleanor Q.. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1-31-1919, died 2-7-2009 - Dau of Arthur & Lillian Norton Quinn b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-30-1941 in Belmont NY
COLEMAN, Raymond G.. Spouse of Eleanor Q.. Born 1916, died 1998
COLLINS, Barbara A. (Doner). Spouse of Donald. Born 8-12-1934, died 2-19-2015. Age: 80y - Dau of Hugh Paul & Doris P. (Vosburg) Doner. Born in Friendship NY, d. Belfast NY. Wed 4-9-1955, three daughters
COLLINS, Donald G.. Spouse of Barbara A. Doner. Born 8-6-1932, died 5-2-2021. Age: 88 - Son of Harold L. and Leona (Lewis) Collins. Born, lived, and died in Belfast NY. Owner/operator of Belfast Case dealership. Wed 4-9-1955, three daughters. - Korean War Vet, US Navy, seabees in the Pacific.
CONGELLI, Henry Carl. Spouse of Julie Presutti. Born 4-1-1916, died 10-10-2004 - Son of Carmen & Elizabeth Serio Congelli Acquired & Holds 35 U.S. Patents
CONLAN, Ann. Spouse of John. Born 1837, died 1916
CONLAN, John. Spouse of Ann. Born 1838, died 1925
COOTS, Mary M.. Spouse of Michael. Born 1847, died 1926
COOTS, Michael. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1844, died 1910
CORNELL, Cassandra Graham. Born 9-28-1947, died 8-23-1995 - Caring Mother, Grandmother and Friend Alleghany Co. Fireman's Assn. Life Member
CORRADO, Anne (Yannie). Spouse of Alfred Corrado. Born 9-17-1912, died 1-22-2018. Age: 105y - Dau of Emilio Sr. & Maria (Serio) Yannie. b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. A gifted pipe organist, artist, and poet. Wed 1957, no children named. (Alfred died 11-27-1965)
CORRY, John F.. Born 1865, died 1918
CORRY, Martin J.. Born 1867, died 1914
CORRY, Mother, died 2-25-1920
COYLE, Anna A. (Landrich). Spouse of John P.. Born 2-27-1916, died 10-28-1997. Age: 81 - Dau of John & Anna (Lepisch) Landrich.
COYLE, David. Born 1953, died 9-1-1953. Age: Infant - Son of L Francis and Pearl D. (Powell) Coyle.
COYLE, John Parley. Spouse of #1 Mary J. Coote #2 Mary E. Lowe,. Born 7-22-1850, died 6-9-1928. Age: - Son of Hugh and Louisa M. (Warner) Coyle. Born in Belvidere NY, did in Belfast NY. Wed first wife 4-22-1880 in NY, one daughter. (Spouse d. 1902) Wed second wife 11-20-1913 in Belmont NY.
COYLE, John Phillip. Spouse of Anna A. Landrich. Born 3-31-1912, died 11-1979. Age: 67 - Son of Phillip J. and Lulu O. (Crook) Coyle.
COYLE, Leo Francis [Fran]. Spouse of Pearl D. Powell. Born 5-19-1925, died 6-6-2013. Age: 88 - Son of Phillip J. and Lulu O. (Crook) Coyle. Born in Alma NY, lived Richburg NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 6-18-1952 in Friendship NY, two sons. - WW II Vet, US Army, 773rd Tank Destroyer Bn. Europe, Purple Heart.
COYLE, Lulu O, (Crook). Spouse of Philip J.. Born 10-19-1888, died 7-23-1966. Age: 77 - Dau of John and Catherine (Shoemaker) Crook. Born in Putnam OH. Wed 4-6-1910 in Hancock Co OH, nine children, including triplets who died at birth 3-27-1917.
COYLE, Mary Elizabeth (Lowe). Spouse of John Parley. Born 1868, died 1950 Dau of John ahd Mary (Bresslane) Lowe. Born in Town of Amity NY, wed 11-20-1913 in Belmont NY.
COYLE, Pearl Dorothea (Powell) [Shorty]. Spouse of L. Francis. Born 2-21-1925, died 3-1-2020. Age: 95 - Dau of Ernest and Dorothy (Dennis) Powell. Born in Eagle NY, lived Richburg NY, died in Williamsville NY. Wed 6-18-1952 in Friencship NY, two sons. (Spouse d. 6-6-2013)
COYLE, Philip John. Spouse of Lulu O. Crook. Born 8-6-1886, died 12-25-1967. Age: 81 - Son of John and Maria (Dunnigan) Coyle. Wed 4-6-1910 in Hancock Co OH, nine children, including triplets who died at birth 3-27-1917.
COYLE, Tavia Marie (Schunk), died 1-16-1997 - Dau of Tom and Diane Schunk.
CUNNINGHAM, Deborah A. "Debbie". Born 2-6-1950, died 3-17-2005 - Dau of William & Rita Rahr Childs
CURRAN, Catherine. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1868, died 1953
CURRAN, Thomas. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1860, died 1938
DAVIS, Quinn Aubrey. Born 12-26-1980, died 1-18-1997 - Class of '99 Will Always Love You
DEARING, Albert S.. Born 10-14-1945, died 8-8-1995 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, A3C
DEMARTE, Judy A.. Spouse of Thomas E.. Born 1942, died uncut
DEMARTE, Thomas E.. Spouse of Judy A.. Born 1944, died 1998
DERX, Charles James. Spouse of F. Jane. Born 11-29-1915, died 4-5-1980. Age: 64 - Son of Harry J. and Delia A. (Skinner) Derx. Born in Angelica NY, died in Polk Co FL. Wed abt 1920, at least 6 children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
DERX, Francis Jane (Genther) [Jane]. Spouse of Charles J.. Born 7-9-1915, died 9-9-2001. Age: 86 - Dau of Charles E. and Frances M. (Haight) Genther. Born in Angelica NY. Wed abt 1920, at least 6 children.
DERX, Thomas A.. Born 11-30-1948, died 3-4-2918. Age: 69 - Son of Charles and Jane (Genther) Derx. Born in Belmont NY, lived in Angelica NY, died at sea on a cruise. A special ed teacher. One daughter, mother not named.
DILLON, Thomas. Born 1941, died 1992
DOANE, Margaret. Spouse of Russell D.. Born 1912, died 2001 -
DOANE, Russell D.. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1904, died 1991 -
DONAVON, John G.. Spouse of Mary F.. Born 1886, died 1946
DONAVON, Mary F.. Spouse of John G.. Born 1895, died 1932
DONER, Andrew W.. Born 1884, died 1960
DONER, Doris Pearl. Born 1913, died 1992
DONER, Hugh. Spouse of Rose Ann. Born 1834, died 1913 - Father
DONER, Hugh P.. Born 1892, died 1963
DONER, Kathryn. Spouse of Patrick J.. Born 1890, died 1915
DONER, Leo James. Born 5-9-1915. Age: 3w
DONER, Mary. Born 1839, died 1917
DONER, Patrick J.. Spouse of Kathryn. Born 1876, died 1953
DONER, Rose Ann. Spouse of Hugh. Born 1855, died 1920 - Mother
DONER, Thomas F.. Born 1881, died 1964
DONNELLY, George W.. Spouse of Marguerite A.. Born 1902, died 1970
DONNELLY, Marguerite A.. Spouse of George W.. Born 1902, died 1999
DORAN, A. Emogene. Spouse of B. Raymond. Born 1899, died 1941
DORAN, Alice E.. Spouse of Thomas H.. Born 1878, died 1955
DORAN, B. Lawrence. Born 1910, died 1939
DORAN, B. Raymond. Spouse of A. Emogene. Born 1894, died 1976
DORAN, Bernard. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1846, died 1909 - Father
DORAN, Bernard Raymond. Spouse of Betty Jane Seeley. Born 4-7-1929, died 12-30-2004. Age: 75y - Son of B. Raymond & Avis Emogene (Robinson) Doran Wed 1-10-1953 U. S. Marine Corps Korean Conflict & Vietnam - Korea and Vietnam Vet USMC, Capt. Career
DORAN, Bernard Raymond "Barney". Born 1953, died 1994 - A Loving Caring Son and Brother
DORAN, Betty Jane. Spouse of Bernard Raymond. Born 1929, died 1989 - Wed 1-10-1953 I Leave this World Loving You
DORAN, Bridget. Spouse of Bernard. Born 1854, died 1936 - Mother
DORAN, Elizabeth. Born 1917, died 1991
DORAN, Elizabeth V.. Spouse of Frank. Born 1880, died 1918
DORAN, Frank. Spouse of Elizabeth V. Molyneaux. Born 1880, died 1955
DORAN, Jennie B.. Spouse of William B.. Born 1883, died 1969
DORAN, John L.. Born 6-7-1935, died 3-21-2002
DORAN, Joseph H.. Born 3-26-1930, died 6-21-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC, Cpl
DORAN, M. Bridget, died 1924. Age: Infant
DORAN, M. Jean, died 1926. Age: Infant
DORAN, Michael John. Born 4-19-1931, died 7-16-1950 - Korean War KIA, US Army 19th Inf 24th Inf Div, Cpl Killed near Taigon South Korea. Purple Heart.
DORAN, Robert V. "Bob". Born 4-6-1933, died 3-3-2007. Age: 73y - Son of B. Raymond & Avis Emogene (Robinson) Doran b. Friendship, N.Y. d. Cuba, N.Y. U.S. Marines Korea and Vietnam - Korea and Vietnam Vet USMC. Career
DORAN, Rose. Born 1887, died 1943
DORAN, Thomas H.. Spouse of Alice E.. Born 1878, died 1953
DORAN, William B.. Spouse of Jennie B.. Born 1882, died 1952
DOUGLAS, Edward M.. Born 1903, died 1994
DUFFY, Agnes K.. Spouse of Eugene H.. Born 1877, died 1963
DUFFY, Dorothy E.. Spouse of Paul H.. Born 3-19-1919, died 4-19-1998
DUFFY, Eugene H.. Spouse of Agnes K.. Born 1880, died 1963
DUFFY, Francis A.. Born 7-19-1912, died 8-18-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1/Lt
DUFFY, Joseph E.. Born 1910, died 1994
DUFFY, Paul H.. Spouse of Dorothy E.. Born 8-14-1916, died 10-26-1992
DUGAN, Arthur. Born 1884, died 1964
DUGAN, John. Spouse of Rose, died 1925
DUGAN, Rose. Spouse of John, died 1939
DUNBAR, Doris Rogers. Spouse of Robert Paul. Born 12-3-1917, died 4-9-2008
DUNBAR, Robert Paul. Spouse of Doris Rogers. Born 8-4-1915, died 1-21-1999
DUNBAR, Teresa M.. Born 1882, died 1971
EAGAN, Ella A.. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1869, died 1919
EAGAN, Patrick. Spouse of Ella A.. Born 1865, died 1925
FARRELL, Bridget. Born 1845, died 1914
FAY, Donald. Born 1955, died 1965
FAY, Florella M.. Spouse of James J.. Born 1917, died 1997 - Wed 1936 Together Forever
FAY, James J.. Spouse of Florella M.. Born 1904, died 1988 - Wed 1936 Together Forever
FAY, Michael Anthony. Born 12-21-1957, died 11-23-1995 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
FELDBAUER, Harry G.. Spouse of Viola M.. Born 1893, died 1959
FELDBAUER, Jerome H.. Born 1919, died 1982 - WW II Vet
FELDBAUER, Josephine S.. Born 1930, died 1969
FELDBAUER, Matthew John, died 1964
FELDBAUER,Viola M.. Spouse of Harry G.. Born 1899, died 1932
FLANAGAN, Clarence J.. Spouse of Nellie T.. Born 1890, died 1961
FLANAGAN, Nellie T.. Spouse of Clarence J.. Born 1888, died 1963
FLEISCHMAN, Baby Girl, died 3-4-1982 - No Stone - Funeral Marker
FLEMING, Charles. Born 8-19-1924, died 10-29-2008. Age: 84y - Son of Timothy A. & Ora Clark Fleming b. Genesee PA d. Wellsville NY
FLEMING, Ora V.. Spouse of Timothy A.. Born 1898, died 1963
FLEMING, Timothy A.. Spouse of Ora V.. Born 1897, died 1975
FLORES, Alfonso G. "Fonzie". Spouse of Donna M.. Born 4-30-1954, died 5-21-2002 - Wed 1-12-1983 Together Forever - Vietnam Vet, US Army. SP4
FLORES, Donna M.. Spouse of Alfonso G. "Fonzie". Born 1954, died uncut - Wed 1-12-1983 Together Forever
FOGARTY, Thomas E.. Born 1916, died 1997 - No Stone - Funeral Marker
FRISK, Gary J.. Spouse of Ethel V. (Cassady). Born 6-2-1944, died 2-25-2023. Age: 78y - Son of James & Vivian S. (Clayson) Frisk. Born in Urbana, NY; lived in Belmont, NY; died in Olean, NY. Married 12-31-1977 in Caneadea, NY. Chief of Police in Belmont, NY. Three daughters.
FRUNGILLO, Albert J.. Spouse of Ida Jean. Born 1918, died 1991
FRUNGILLO, Alice E.. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1901, died 1988
FRUNGILLO, Amelia C.. Spouse of Thomas S.. Born 1885, died 1974
FRUNGILLO, Anna. Born 2-22-1913, died 1-18-1927
FRUNGILLO, Ida Jean. Spouse of Albert J.. Born 1924, died 1989
FRUNGILLO, Melinda L. "Mindy". Spouse of Steven Sr.. Born 8-2-1963, died 2-22-2012 age - Dau of Daniel & Patricia Piper Gleason b. Unknown d. Belmont NY Wed 12-5-1981 in Wellsville NY
FRUNGILLO, Neola E.. Spouse of Orlando F.. Born 9-23-1919, died 10-2-2008. Age: 89y - Dau of George & Georgia Kemp Swain b. Wellsville NY d. Hornell NY Wed 5-7-1946 in Roulette PA
FRUNGILLO, Robert John, died 1947
FRUNGILLO, Sr., Orlando F.. Spouse of Neola S.. Born 12-15-1913, died 11-26-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army
FRUNGILLO, Thomas. Spouse of Alice E.. Born 1897, died 1972
FRUNGILLO, Thomas S.. Spouse of Amelia C.. Born 1875, died 1953
GARDNER, Celia. Born 1857, died uncut
GARDNER, Charles Howard "Chuck". Spouse of Alysia Haxton. Born 6-12-1942, died 10-16-2017. Age: 75y - Son of Howard & Geraldine (Daley) Gardner b. & d. Wellsville NY No children named. (Spouse survives)
GARDNER, Geraldine M. "Pookie". Spouse of Howard "Ted". Born 4-4-1921, died 2-22-2008 - Dau of Gerald & Genevieve Green Daley b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-8-1941 in Potter County PA
GARDNER, Howard E.. Spouse of Geraidine M. Daley. Born 1914, died 1988
GRAHAM, Calvin Robert. Spouse of Diana E. Wolfgang. Born 7-23-1951, died 1-31-1997 - Wed 7-9-1983
GRAHAM, Diana E.. Spouse of Calvin. Born 7-14-1946, died 11-21-2015. Age: 69y - Dau of David Wolfgang & Beverly Glasspoole b. Olean NY d. Chiefland FL Wed 7-9-1983
GRAHAM, Jean M.. Spouse of Robert Alexander. Born 6-1-1926, died 12-29-1989
GRAHAM, Robert Alexander. Spouse of Jean M. Patrick. Born 8-25-1917, died 1-23-2010
GREENAN, Charles. Spouse of Julia, died 11-26-1925 - Father
GREENAN, Julia. Spouse of Charles, died 4-15-1927 - Mother
GREENAN, William C.. Born 1882, died 1959
GRIFFIN, Mrs. Thomas. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1861, died 1924
GRIFFIN, Thomas. Spouse of Mrs. Thomas Griffin. Born 1857, died 1936
GRISEWOOD, Margaret Josephine Holsey) [Jo]. Spouse of Mortimer A.. Born 5-26-1932, died 1-17-1994 - Wed 1-28-1956 in Belmont NY, six children.
GRISEWOOD, Mortimer A. Jr. "Mort". Spouse of Margaret Hosley. Born 7-20-1931, died 10-16-2017. Age: 86y - Son of Mortimer & Marion (Rulison) Grisewood Sr. b. Belmont NY d. Olean NY. Worked 38 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed 1-28-1956 in Belmont NY, six children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy. 1950-1954
GRISWOLD, Gerald. Spouse of Marian. Born 8-16-1911, died 4-17-1996 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
GRISWOLD, Marian. Spouse of Gerald. Born 1911, died 1973
GUIDARELLI, Andrew. Spouse of Julia. Born 1-20-1889, died 9-18-1981 - WW I Vet, US Army
GUIDARELLI, Jane M.. Born 6-30-1921, died 5-4-2008
GUIDARELLI, Julia. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1883, died 1969
HANDY, Mary. Born 1855, died 1928
HARDING, Gary S.. Spouse of Annette Benjamin. Born 5-18-1933, died 9-15-2007. Age: 74y - Son of Smith & Doris Pickett Harding b. Hornell NY d. Olean NY Wed 11-24-1956 in Angelica NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
HARDING, Michael Gary. Born 1-24-1959, died 5-19-1971 -
HIRSCHLER, Barbara. Spouse of Ronald W.. Born 1-4-1942, died 10-25-2003
HIRSCHLER, Ronald W.. Spouse of Barbara Coleman. Born 8-30-1939, died uncut
HOGAN, Henry. Born 1857, died 1936
HOGAN, John. Spouse of Rose. Born 1847, died 1908
HOGAN, Michael J.. Born 1859, died 1923
HOGAN, Rose. Spouse of John. Born 1854, died 1931
HORNER, Sandra N.. Born 1937, died 1946
HORNER, Virginia H.. Born 1907, died 1976
HOSLEY, Margaret F.. Spouse of Maurice A.. Born 1916, died 1997
HOSLEY, Maurice A.. Spouse of Margaret F.. Born 1904, died 1982
HUNT, Alice B.. Born 1868, died 1931
HUNT, Deborah Ann. Born 5-24-1956, died 10-13-2017. Age: 61y - Dau of Leo "Don" & Sandra (Grastorf) Hunt b. & d. Belmont NY. A nurse for many years. One daughter, father not named.
HUNT, Leo "Don". Spouse of Sandra Grastorf. Born 9-27-1930, died 10-31-2004. Age: 74y - Son of Leo W. & Marian (Jadwin) Hunt b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Belmont, N.Y. Wed 8-16-1952 in Belmont
HUNT, Leo W.. Spouse of Marian Jadwin. Born 1891, died 1954
HUNT, Marian (Jadwin).. Spouse of Leo W.. Born 1902, died 1987
HUNT, Paige M.. Born 3-28-1998, died 9-16-2007. Age: 9y - Dau of Dennis J. & Billie Joe Perkins Hunt. b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Paige was a beautiful child who was loved by all who knew her and her courageous battle during her illness
HUNT, Sandra Gay. Spouse of Leo "Don". Born 5-16-1936, died 6-11-2015. Age: 79y - Dau of Clifford & Rosemary Stillwill Grastorf b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-16-1952 in Belmont NY
HURD, Frances G.. Spouse of Lester M.. Born 1921, died uncut
HURD, Lester M.. Spouse of Frances G.. Born 1918, died 1992
JOHNSON, Joyce E.. Born 10-20-1934, died 2-21-2002. Age: 68y - Dau of Orrin & Amelia Kelly Mastin b. Groveland Station, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y.
JORDAN, John C.. Spouse of Mary E. Knapp. Born 2-2-1924, died 12-28-1985 - Wed 6-25-1950 in Belmont NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
JORDAN, Marjorie E.. Spouse of Max. Born 3-31-1921, died 1-10-2007 - Dau of Nazzareno & Jessie Murray Cozzi b. Scio, N.Y. d. Lake Mary, Fla.
JORDAN, Mary E.. Spouse of John C.. Born 2-2-1929, died 5-4-2016. Age: 87y - Dau of George H. & Lois Stanton Knapp b. Findlay OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-25-1950 in Belmont NY John C. died 12-28-1985
JORDON, Amelia. Born 1909, died 1973
JORDON, James V.. Born 1926, died 1934
JORDON, Jennie. Born 1885, died 1969
JORDON, Louis. Born 1879, died 1934
JORDON, Louis. Born 1917, died 1998
JORDON, Max R.. Born 1919, died 1973
JORGESON, Harold R.. Spouse of Jeanne R.. Born 9-13-1922, died 3-19-1994 - Wed 7-3-1945 in Paris, France - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
JORGESON, Jeanne R.. Spouse of Harold R.. Born 12-22-1921, died 1-23-2004. Age: 82y - Dau of Auguste & Aline Joye Brisset b. Paris, France d. Houghton, N.Y. Wed 7-3-1945 in Paris, France
JUDE, Catherine. Spouse of Richard, died 1910
JUDE, Ella A.. Spouse of Francis K., died 1962
JUDE, Francis K.. Spouse of Ella A., died 1967
JUDE, Richard. Spouse of Catherine, died 1919
KANE, Agnes. Spouse of John. Born 1872, died 1927
KANE, Ella. Spouse of James. Born 1871, died 1950 - Mother
KANE, Florence E.. Spouse of Harold K.. Born 1908, died 1998
KANE, Harold K.. Spouse of Florence E.. Born 1904, died 1970
KANE, Helen B.. Spouse of James T.. Born 1905, died 1985
KANE, James. Spouse of Ella. Born 1863, died 1912 - Father
KANE, James T.. Spouse of Helen B.. Born 1909, died 1998
KANE, John. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1865, died 1945
KANE, Mary Ann. Born 1875, died 1959
KEENAN, Agnes - No Dates.
KEENAN, Alice. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1908, died 1999
KEENAN, Archie J.. Born 1895, died 1977
KEENAN, Catharine. Spouse of James T.. Born 1865, died 1947
KEENAN, Catherine - No Dates.
KEENAN, Edward J.. Born 1871, died 1920
KEENAN, James T.. Spouse of Catharine. Born 1859, died 1940
KEENAN, Jr., Owen F.. Born 1893, died 1966
KEENAN, Julia. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1850, died 1940
KEENAN, Margaret. Spouse of Michael. Born 1856, died 1920
KEENAN, Marie L.. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 1902, died 1976
KEENAN, Mary K.. Born 1897, died 1982
KEENAN, Michael. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1845, died 1930
KEENAN, Nellie. Born 1857, died 1941
KEENAN, Owen F.. Spouse of Teresa M.. Born 1853, died 1936
KEENAN, Patrick. Spouse of Julia. Born 1840, died 1917
KEENAN, Raymond L. Jr.. Born 1939, died 2016. Age: 77y - Son of Raymond & Alice Keenan b. Warsaw NY d. Unknown - Uncategorized Vet, US Army. Four year tour of duty in Korea and Germany
KEENAN, Raymond L. Sr.. Spouse of Alice. Born 1905, died 1970
KEENAN, Robert L.. Spouse of Marie L.. Born 1907, died 1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
KEENAN, Teresa M.. Spouse of Owen F.. Born 1859, died 1953
KEENAN, Thomas J.. Born 1893, died 1965
KEENAN, William J.. Born 1890, died 1973
KENYON, G. Jack. Spouse of Loretta I. Mulligan. Born 1893, died 1976
KENYON, Loretta I. Mulligan. Spouse of G. Jack. Born 9-19-1919, died 8-28-2007
KEYES, Sarah J.. Spouse of J. A. Keyes. Born 1860, died 1908
KEYSER, Veronica. Born 1891, died 1980
LEONARD, Judith C.. Born 12-14-1949, died 10-8-1999
LEWIS, Constance Y. (Tucker). Spouse of Edward. Born 7-20-1940, died 8-20-2018. Age: 78 - Dau of Clarence and Ann (Rudolph) Tucker. Born in Warren PA, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Wellsville NY. No children. Wed 9-13-1997. (Spouse d. 4-22-2002)
LEWIS, Edward F.. Spouse of #1 Janet, #2 Constance Y. Tucker. Born 2-4-1941, died 4-22-2002. Age: 61 - Dau of Clarence and Ann (Rudolph) Tucker. Born in Warren PA, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Wellsville NY. No children. Wed Constance 9-13-1997.
LEWIS, Gerald Ellsworth. Spouse of Mary Kathryn Doner. Born 1907, died 1990
LEWIS, Janet. Spouse of Edward. Born 1941, died 1993 - Edward, Janet, and Constance share a stone.
LEWIS, Mary Kathryn. Spouse of Gerald Elsworth. Born 8-21-1913, died 3-28-2010. Age: 96y - Dau of Patrick & Kathryn McManus Doner b. Irish Settlement Belmond NY d. Hornell NY Wed 11-1933
LINDEN, Annie. Spouse of John J.. Born 1889, died 1961 -
LINDEN, John J.. Spouse of Annie. Born 1911, died 1972 -
LOWE, John. Spouse of Mary B.. Born 1826, died 1911 - Father
LOWE, John P.. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1890, died 1912 - Son of Peter & Sarah Lowe
LOWE, Mary B.. Spouse of John. Born 1826, died 1914 - Mother
LOWE, Peter. Born 1858, died 1920 - Father
LOWE, Sarah. Spouse of John P.. Born 1856, died 1928 - Mother
LYNCH, Edward H.. Spouse of Florence M.. Born 1910, died 2000
LYNCH, Florence M.. Spouse of Edward H.. Born 1913, died uncut
MACEWAN, Duncan C.. Spouse of Helen L.. Born 1906, died 1993
MACEWAN, G. Lucille. Spouse of William A.. Born 1915, died uncut
MACEWAN, Helen L.. Spouse of Duncan. Born 4-16-1918, died 4-2-2006. Age: 87y - Dau of Herman C. & Evelyn Quinlan Salzer b. Ellicottville, N.Y. d. Belmont, N.Y. #1 Husband Charles Baxter
MACEWAN, William A.. Spouse of G. Lucille. Born 1917, died 1992
MANCUSO, Shirley Jean (Austin). Spouse of Gillis J.. Born 10-20-1937, died 12-15-2023. Age: 86y - Dau of Frank & Evelyn (Benton) Austin. Born in Silver Creek, NY; lived in Franklinville, NY. Married 8-8-1962. Nine children.
MANIS, Catherine. Born 5-12-1909, died 5-9-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
MANIS, Jacquelyn Anne. Born 6-5-1946, died 8-13-2023. Age: 77y - Dau of Catherine Codispoti Manis. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Belmont, NY; died in Wellsville, NY.
MARIOTTI, Nicholas E.. Spouse of Ruth E.. Born 5-6-1931, died uncut
MARIOTTI, Ruth E.. Spouse of Nicholas E.. Born 10-5-1931, died 4-16-2003
MCBRIDE, Anna. Spouse of Frank. Born 1853, died 1940
MCBRIDE, Frank. Spouse of Anna. Born 1854, died 1911
MCCAFFREY, Anna M.. Spouse of Anthony P.. Born 1909, died 1993
MCCAFFREY, Anthony, died 1950
MCCAFFREY, Anthony P.. Spouse of Anna M.. Born 1904, died 1948
MCCAFFREY, Elizabeth, died 1932
MCCAFFREY, John T., died 1963
MCCAFFREY, Kathleen, died 1966
MCCAFFREY, Mary E., died 1910
MCCAFFREY, Mary L., died 1996
MCCAFFREY, Mary V., died 1991
MCCARTHY, Harold J.. Spouse of Marion A.. Born 1909, died 1995
MCCARTHY, John F.. Spouse of Sarah K.. Born 1867, died 1933
MCCARTHY, Marion A.. Spouse of Harold J.. Born 1909, died 1989
MCCARTHY, Sarah K.. Spouse of John F.. Born 1866, died 1934
MCCARTHY, Sylvester. Born 1842, died 1913
MCCORMICK, Catherine M.. Born 1910, died 1985
MCCORMICK, Catherine V.. Born 1863, died 1955
MCCORMICK, Charles F.. Born 1906, died 1976
MCCORMICK, Jospeh P.. Born 1859, died 1948
MCCORMICK, Mary Julia. Born 1903, died 1979
MCDERMOTT, Ellen. Born 1861, died 1948
MCDONELL, Allan C.. Spouse of Eleanor Culver. Born 8-26-1914, died 5-16-2006. Age: 91y - Son of Eugene & Katherine Fitzgerald McDonell b. Olean, N.Y. d. Buffalo, N.Y. Wed 9-21-1939 in Galeton, Pa.
MCDONELL, Allen D.. Spouse of Eleanor N.. Born 1947, died 1961
MCDONELL, Eleanor N.. Spouse of Allen D.. Born 1919, died 1999
MCENTEE, Ann (Meehan). Spouse of Barney. Born 1839, died 1912 -
MCENTEE, Barney. Spouse of Ann Meehan. Born 1829, died 10-14-1915 - - Civil War Vet, Co F 2nd Inf VT Vols, Pvt
MCGIRL, Agnes R.. Spouse of James F.. Born 1878, died 1947
MCGIRL, James F.. Spouse of Agnes R.. Born 1878, died 1951
MCGUIRL, Abbie B.. Spouse of Paul J.. Born 1914, died 1985
MCGUIRL, Paul J.. Spouse of Abbie B.. Born 1911, died 1996
MCMAHAN, Catherine. Spouse of Stephen V.. Born 1902, died 1995
MCMAHAN, Stephen V.. Spouse of Catherine. Born 3-30-1900, died 4-25-1976 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
MCMAHON, Katherine. Spouse of William. Born 1893, died 1977
MCMAHON, William. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1905, died 1991
MCMANUS, Henry. Born 1898, died 1974
MCMANUS, James. Born 1892, died 1971
MCMANUS, John. Spouse of Matilda. Born 1849, died 1912 - Father
MCMANUS, Margaret M.. Born 1907, died 1980
MCMANUS, Matilda. Spouse of John. Born 1863, died 1930 - Mother
MEEHAN, Kathryn. Born 1880, died 1963
MEYERS, Sandra Lee. Born 1941, died 2001
MILLER, Christina "Tina". Spouse of Kenneth A.. Born 1908, died 6-19-2002 - Dau of James & Mary Tarantine b. Belmont, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 4-1-1933
MILLER, Kenneth A.. Spouse of Christina "Tina" Tarantine. Born 7-30-1911, died 3-28-1993. Age: 81y - Son of Clarence & Lillian Hartung Miller b. Milltown, Pa. d. Brandenton, Fla. Wed 4-1-1933
MILLS, Frances. Born 1887, died 1978
MULLIGAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Leo Francis. Born 1922, died uncut
MULLIGAN, James H.. Spouse of Rose Ann. Born 1860, died 1949 - Father
MULLIGAN, John J.. Spouse of Lottie. Born 1868, died 1954 - Father
MULLIGAN, John J.. Spouse of Maria E.. Born 9-14-1937, died 4-2-2001 - Wed 6-3-1961
MULLIGAN, Leo Francis. Spouse of Elizabeth O'Brien. Born 12-16-1915, died 10-8-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
MULLIGAN, Lottie. Spouse of John J.. Born 1874, died 1941 - Mother
MULLIGAN, Maria E.. Born 5-3-1940, died uncut - Wed 6-3-1961
MULLIGAN, Maria Elizabeth (Multila). Spouse of John J. Sr.. Born 5-3-1940, died 10-22-2023. Age: 83y - Dau of Elias & Martha (Kortez) Multila. Born in Michigan; lived in Belmont, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Married 6-3-1961 in Ithaca, NY. Six children.
MULLIGAN, Mary M.. Born 1907, died 1991
MULLIGAN, Paul L.. Born 1910, died 1987
MULLIGAN, Peter F.. Born 1854, died 1922
MULLIGAN, Rose Ann. Spouse of James H.. Born 1883, died 1930 - Mother
MULLIGAN, Susan. Born 1827, died 1922
MURPHY, Bernard. Born 1875, died 1942
MURPHY, Bridget. Spouse of Michael. Born 1851, died 1923 - Mother
MURPHY, Elizabeth Bortz. Born 1874, died 1950
MURPHY, Jennie. Born 1880, died 1970
MURPHY, Margaret. Born 1876, died 1907
MURPHY, Michael. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1838, died 12-19-1896 - Born in Country Clair, Ireland Father
MURPHY, Patrick. Born 1872, died 1953
MURPHY, Reverend Francis J.. Born 1911, died 1968
NORTHRUP, Frederick E.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1-28-1888, died 8-19-1959
NORTHRUP, Mary E.. Spouse of Frederick E.. Born 1881, died 1926
O'BRIEN, Ellen. Spouse of Timothy. Born 1850, died 1922
O'BRIEN, John J.. Born 1880, died 1935
O'BRIEN, Timothy. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1847, died 1900
OSTERHOUT, John Charles Sr. "Papa John". Spouse of Debra Scott. Born 12-5-1942, died 1-24-2015. Age: 72y - Son of Henry & Elizabeth McManus Osterhout b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-25-1971 in Angelica NY
OSTERHOUT, Margaret "Peggy". Born 1944, died 1996
PASQUALE, David Michael. Born 7-8-1972, died 1-30-1993. Age: 20y 6m 22d - Died in PA. God Shall Wipe Away All Tears - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC Pfc
PETTIT, Donald R.. Spouse of Julia V. Pockalny. Born 6-30-1930, died 4-8-2006. Age: 75y - Son of Lewis & Hazel Jordon Pettit b. Olean, N.Y. d. Cuba, N.Y. Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
PETTIT, Julianna Virginia (Pockalny). Spouse of Donald Richard. Born 2-15-1931, died 1-29-2024. Age: 92y - Dau of John & Mary (Kryzwa) Pockalny. Lived in Cuba, NY and Friendship, NY; died in Ocala, FL. Married 7-22-1950 in Portville, NY. Six children.
PETTIT, Rebecca J.. Born 5-9-1982, died 6-20-1982
PRESTON, Janine (Allen). Born 10-4-1951, died 1-27-2018. Age: 66y - Dau of James " Red" & Marie McMahon Allen b. Cuba NY d. Belfast NY. A nurse. Four children, surnamed Preston.
PRESUTTI, Amedeo Joseph. Spouse of Irma Gramm. Born 8-24-1913, died 5-34-2003 - Wed 7-26-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
PRESUTTI, Charles V.. Born 10-24-1925, died 2-13-1971
PRESUTTI, Christopher Charles. Born 8-16-1960, died 9-30-2009. Age: 49y - Son of Charles V. & Linda B. Presutti b. Hornell NY d. Unknown
PRESUTTI, Irma. Spouse of Amedeo, Joseph. Born 8-18-1920, died 9-25-2002. Age: 82y - Dau of Leonard & Clara Spieeze Gramm b. Williamsville, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 7-26-1950
PRESUTTI, Joseph C.. Spouse of Maria G.. Born 1854, died 1940
PRESUTTI, Joseph E.. Born 4-30-1922, died 2-22-2007. Age: 84y - Son of Frank & Nancy DeFiore Presutti b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe
PRESUTTI, Leonard V.. Spouse of Waneta W.. Born 7-20-1927, died 10-7-1998 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy, S1
PRESUTTI, Maria G.. Spouse of Joseph C.. Born 1856, died 1937
PRESUTTI, Matthew John. Born 11-23-1965, died 7-6-1966
PRESUTTI, Peter William. Spouse of Rosamonde Clark. Born 9-18-1923, died 3-12-2018. Age: 94y - Son of Frank & Nancy DeFiore Presutti b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. Worked 39 years at Wortington/Dresser-Rand. Wed 6-18-1949 in Belmont NY, three children. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. Served 3 years in Europe
PRESUTTI, Ralph. Born 4-30-1891, died 6-20-1931 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co L 345th Inf, Pvt
PRESUTTI, Waneta W.. Spouse of Leonard V.. Born 1933, died uncut
PUSATERI, Jayne H.. Born 1919, died 1975
PUTNAM, Paul N.. Born 1909, died 1971
QUINN, Ann M.. Spouse of Robert A.. Born 1919, died uncut
QUINN, Annie S.. Born 1880, died 1953
QUINN, Bessie B.. Born 1883, died 1964
QUINN, Catharine. Spouse of Thomas A.. Born 1880, died 1970
QUINN, Ellen T.. Born 1875, died 1927
QUINN, James B.. Born 1836, died 1914
QUINN, James W.. Born 2-4-1916, died 10-21-1963 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 318 Fighter GP, Cpl
QUINN, John F.. Born 1873, died 1906
QUINN, Mary A.. Born 1845, died 1910
QUINN, Mary A.. Born 1867, died 1942
QUINN, Michael A.. Born 1881, died 1914
QUINN, Robert A.. Spouse of Ann M.. Born 1921, died 1996
QUINN, Robert J.. Born 10-26-1919, died 4-25-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army, 327th Glider Inf, Pcf
QUINN, Thomas A.. Spouse of Catharine. Born 1877, died 1947
RAFTER, Helen F.. Born 1894, died 1947
RAFTER, Bridget Kane. Born 1875, died 1948
RAFTER, James T.. Born 1876, died 1930
RAFTER, Lynn J.. Born 1900, died 1959
RAFTER, Vera Searl. Born 1878, died 1919
RAGON, Caroline. Spouse of Timothy. Born 1852, died 1908
RAGON, Timothy. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1850, died 1930
REAGAN, William A.. Born 1889, died 1943 - Husband
REBOULET, Bernadine. Spouse of William Carroll. Born 1920, died 1954
REBOULET, William Carroll. Spouse of Bernadine Doran. Born 1916, died 1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, 2/Lt
REED, Jr., Robert Alan, died 1945
REMS, Hazel. Spouse of J. Paul. Born 1897, died 1948
REMS, J. Paul. Spouse of Hazel De Venny. Born 1900, died 1992
REYNOLDS, Barnard. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1827, died 1906 -
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth A.. Born 1869, died 1940
REYNOLDS, Ellen Quinn. Born 1841, died 1912
REYNOLDS, Hugh. Born 1832, died 1914
REYNOLDS, Hugh H., died 11-26-1946
REYNOLDS, James V., died 11-11-1943
REYNOLDS, Joseph L.. Born 1871, died 1935
REYNOLDS, Margaret. Spouse of Barnard. Born 1828, died 1904 -
REYNOLDS, Mary T.. Born 1867, died 1937
REYNOLDS, Patrick. Born 1875, died 1939
ROCKWOOD, III, Peter Christopher. Born 2-11-1992, died 7-29-1992
ROESKE, Leon H.. Spouse of Olga Mohar. Born 8-1-1916, died 5-6-2003. Age: 86y - Son of Otto & Adeline Heinke Roeske b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-28-1941 in Friendship, N.Y. Together Forever
ROESKE, Olga. Spouse of Leon H.. Born 3-24-1921, died 6-3-2007 - Dau of Anthony & Josephine Bambic Mohar b. Retje Yugoslavia d. Belmont NY Wed 6-28-1941 in Friendship NY - At age 17 immigrated with family to the U.S. crossing the Atlantic on the ship Ile De France to Ellis Island Together Forever
ROSS, Angelia. Spouse of John - No Dates. Mother
ROSS, Angelina. Spouse of John. Born 4-15-1876, died 1-19-1909
ROSS, Clair W.. Spouse of Pearl E. Robbins. Born 9-20-1919, died 4-22-1995 - Wed 4-10-1939 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
ROSS, Frank. Born 3-12-1908, died 12-15-1970 - WW II Vet, US Army, 31st Chem Co, Pvt
ROSS, Fred J.. Spouse of Mary O'Brien. Born 10-16-1919, died 5-3-2008 - Son of Michael & Pansy Cleveland Ross b. Hornell NY d. Houghton NY Wed 6-7-1941 in Hornell NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt. Europe
ROSS, Geraldine E.. Spouse of John A.. Born 1909, died 1990
ROSS, Joe F.. Spouse of Lucinda R.. Born 1901, died 1987
ROSS, John. Spouse of Angelia - No Dates. Father
ROSS, John. Spouse of Angelina. Born 3-17-1871, died 3-7-1931
ROSS, John A.. Spouse of Geraldine E.. Born 1901, died 1968
ROSS, Joseph W.. Spouse of Mary L.. Born 8-28-1921, died 1-18-2000 - WW II Vet, US Navy
ROSS, Lawrence - No Dates. Son
ROSS, Lucinda R.. Spouse of Joe F.. Born 1909, died 1975
ROSS, Lydia C.. Spouse of Paul P.. Born 1908, died 2000
ROSS, Mary E.. Spouse of Fred J.. Born 1919, died 1992
ROSS, Mary L.. Spouse of Joseph W.. Born 1923, died 1980
ROSS, Mary L.. Spouse of Michael. Born 1905, died 1983
ROSS, Michael. Spouse of Mary L.. Born 1898, died 1958
ROSS, Paul P.. Spouse of Lydia C.. Born 1908, died 1988
ROSS, Pearl E.. Spouse of Clair W.. Born 2-19-1921, died 4-5-2005. Age: 84y - Dau of Curtis & Martha Truax Robbins b. Harrison Valley, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 4-10-1939
ROSSINI, Rose, died 4-3-1917. Age: 78y
RYAN, Katherine. Spouse of Leo R.. Born 1901, died 1997
RYAN, Leo R.. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1899, died 1977
SABATO, F.R., died 12-15-1913 or 18. Age: 8y
SAYERS, Teresa. Born 1902, died 1982
SCHAILL, Arthur L.. Spouse of Mavis D.. Born 1883, died 1938
SCHAILL, Mavis D.. Spouse of Arthur L.. Born 1884, died 1980
SCHAILL, Tommy. Born 1952, died 1956 - Son of Mary & Harold Schaill
SCHMELZER, Dorothy A. (Strittmather). Spouse of Edward A.. Born 1928, died uncut
SCHMELZER, Edward A.. Spouse of Dorothy A. Strittmather. Born 12-22-1925, died 9-26-1990 - WW II Vet, US Navy, PM3
SCHMELZER, Terrance E.. Spouse of #1 Gail Guilforl, #2 Patricia Austin. Born 8-19-1949, died 2-10-2021. Age: 71 - Son of Edward A. and Dorothy A. (Strittmather) Schmelzer. Born in Hume NY, died in Belmont NY. Wed Gail in 1973 in Arlington Heights IL, two sons. Mayor of Belmont for 19 years. Wed Patricia 5-17-1993 in Las Vegas NV, she survives.
SCHMELZER, Timothy Leo. Born 9-2-1947, died 8-8-2005. Age: 57y - Son of Edward A. and Dorothy A. (Strittmather) Schmelzer. Born in Pittsburgh PA, d. Sandusky, OH - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force. 1971-1975
SERIO, Felix. Spouse of Louise. Born 2-1-1875, died 10-25-1958
SERIO, James. Spouse of Rose. Born 1905, died 1986
SERIO, Louise. Spouse of Felix. Born 11-10-1878, died 5-24-1934
SERIO, Rose. Spouse of James. Born 1900, died 1983
SHANLEY, Coletta. Spouse of John C.. Born 1913, died 1984
SHANLEY, John C.. Spouse of Coletta. Born 1918, died uncut
SHANLEY, John J.. Born 10-7-1953, died 11-4-1953
SHANLEY, Robert P.. Born 4-16-1948, died 4-24-1948
SHEFFIELD, George W.. Spouse of Mary A. Garrah. Born 1-16-1934, died 4-9-2009. Age: 75y - Son of George & Mary Donahue Sheffield b. Brockport NY d. Wellsvillle, NY Wed 11-1-1952 in Spencerport NY
SHEFFIELD, Mary A.. Spouse of George. Born 12-5-1934, died 8-11-2008. Age: 73y - Dau of Charles & Mabel Wicks Garrah b. Parma NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-1-1952 in Spencerport NY
SHICK, Barbara A.. Born 1957, died 1958
SILVERIO, Mario. Spouse of Minnie Frungillo. Born 2-11-1914, died 6-17-2014. Age: 100y - Son of Silverio & Maria Presutti Silverio b. Boston MA d. Jacksonville FL. Wed 5-22-1943 Married 71 years, four children.
SILVERIO, Minnie (Frungillo). Spouse of Mario Silverio. Born 4-30-1920, died 12-2-2014. Age: 94y - Dau of Thomas & Alice Frungillo b. Wellsville NY d. Fernandina Beach FL. Wed 5-22-1943 Married 71 years, four children.
SLOCUM, Helen A.. Spouse of John. Born 1904, died 1946
SLOCUM, John. Spouse of Helen A.. Born 1893, died 1963
SMITH, Donald K.. Spouse of Mary Murphy. Born 11-12-1938, died 10-13-2021. Age: 82 - Son of Stearns and Irene (Rork) Smith. Born in Cuba NY, lived and died in Olean NY. A banker. Wed 2-1-1974, three children. (Spouse survives)
SMITH, Polly Hogan. Born 1872, died 1938
SMITH, Raymond H.. Born 4-12-1927, died 4-12-1993 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy, S1, US Air Force, AB
SPRITTMATHER, Catherine J.. Spouse of Leo A.. Born 1908, died 1960
SPRITTMATHER, Leo A.. Spouse of Catherine J.. Born 1905, died 1969
SULLIVAN, Albert J.. Spouse of Teresa. Born 1889, died 1969
SULLIVAN, Anna. Spouse of Jerry. Born 1843, died 1921
SULLIVAN, B.T.S., died 3-17-1862
SULLIVAN, F.R.S., died 3-27-1871
SULLIVAN, Jerry. Spouse of Anna McLaughlin. Born 1839, died uncut
SULLIVAN, Teresa. Spouse of Albert J.. Born 1889, died 1935
SWEENEY, Patricia K. (Winterhalter). Spouse of Bernard. Born 5-14-1948, died 4-16-2023. Age: 74y - Dau of Ernest D. & Mildred C. (Osgood) Winterhalter. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived and died in West Almond, NY. Married 5-13-1989 in Belmont, NY. Town Clerk for Wets Almond.
SWEET, Clark Eugene. Spouse of Enid M. (Winterhalter). Born 6-21-1933, died 12-1982. Age: 49y - Son of William Henry & Anna Marion (VanBuskirk) Sweet. Born in Rushford, NY. Uncategoried Vet, US Army SSGT.
SWEET, Enid M.. Spouse of S. Sgt. Clark E.. Born 1929, died uncut
TAIT, Lawrence Robert. Spouse of Roseanna B, Biancuzzo. Born 5-28-1834, died 10-6-2005. Age: 71 - Son of Harry E. and Josephine O, (Lee) Tait. Born in Scio NY, lived in Belmont NY. Wed 9-10-1955 in Wellsville, no children. - Korean War Vet, USMC, Cpl
TAIT, Roseanna B, (Biancuzzo). Spouse of Lawrence R. Born 10-4-1935, died 3-5-2021. Age: 85 - Dau of Carlo P. and Violet (Lewis) Biancuzzo. Born and lived in Belmont NY, died in Wellsville NY. Worked 41 years for Rochester Gas And Electric. Wed 9-10-1955 in Wellsville, no children.
TARANTINE, Cara M.. Born 1908, died 1999
TARANTINE, James V.. Spouse of Mary T.. Born 1875, died 1947
TARANTINE, Josephine A.. Born 1912, died 1989
TARANTINE, Karen Lee. Born 3-20-1949, died 1-16-2015 - Dau of Modestino (Mote) & Dorothy Niswonger Tarantine b. Wellsville NY d. Ithaca NY
TARANTINE, Mary T.. Spouse of James V.. Born 1876, died 1917
TARANTINE, Modestino "Mote". Spouse of Dorothy Niswonger. Born 12-23-1910, died 7-14-2007 - Son of James & Mary Trogone Tarantine b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1944. Opened 'Wellsville Flying Service' - dedicated in 1971 as "Wellsville Municipal Airport Tarantine Field" & access road named "Tarantine Road" - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps. Awarded two Air Medals - Distinguished Flying Cross & Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal
TEACH, Daniel J.. Spouse of #1 Sandra, #2 Sherry Tronetti. Born 2-2-1957, died 1-3-2017. Age: 59y - Son of Lawrence & Rosella Priesel Teach b. u/k d. Wellsville NY. Divorced from Sandra. four sons, two surnamed Metsch. Wed 22 Sherry who survives. - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt. Tactical aircraft maintenance technician, served 7 years. Earned the Air Force Commendation Medal for Outstanding Achievement
THOMAS, Francis. Born 1905, died 1906 - Son of L. H. & M. G. Thomas
TIDSWELL, Adelaide C.. Born 1892, died 1970
TOMPKINS, Harold, died 1991 - Trees in Memory of Harold Tompkins, given by Relatives and Friends
TOMPKINS, Harold Tommy. Spouse of Rita Kennedy. Born 5-26-1925, died 9-3-1991
TOMPKINS, Kathleen A., died 1952 - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
TOMPKINS, Rita. Spouse of Harold Tommy. Born 10-5-1928, died uncut
TOWNER, Angelo E.. Spouse of Freda E.. Born 1903, died 1973
TOWNER, Freda E.. Spouse of Angelo E.. Born 1904, died 1990
TRONETTI, Charles Romain "Bud". Spouse of Gloria Mae (Linnecke). Born 3-31-1930, died 8-7-2023. Age: 93y - Son of Joseph & Philamena (DeAngelis) Tronetti. Born in Port Allegany, PA; lived and died in Belmont, NY. Four children. Uncategorized vet, National Guard; US Army 1951-1953.
TRONETTI, Joseph. Spouse of Mary. Born 1898, died 1970
TRONETTI, Joseph A.. Spouse of Patricia A. Horner. Born 7-12-1928, died 3-30-1993. Age: 64y - Son of Joseph & Philomena "Mary" DeAnglis Tronetti b. Portville, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-20-1953 in Belmont - Korean War Vet, US Navy, Medic attached to the USMC
TRONETTI, Mary Philamena. Spouse of Joseph. Born 10-21-1909, died 12-10-2006. Age: 97y - Dau of John & Anna Decico DeAngelis b. Trinadad, Colo. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 8-31-1927 in Port Allegany, Pa.
TRONETTI, Patricia Ann. Spouse of Joseph A.. Born 9-6-1930, died 11-16-2015. Age: 85y - Dau of Charles & Doris Sortore Horner b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-20-1953 in Belmont NY
TYREE, George. Born 1881, died 1952
UNKNOWN, Danny. Born 1947, died 1961 - Could be Auer, as it was close to that Stone
VACANTE, Lenora T.. Spouse of Samuel R.. Born 1915, died uncut
VACANTE, Samuel R.. Spouse of Lenora T.. Born 1907, died 1981
VOGELE, Anna L.. Spouse of Jacob F.. Born 1879, died 1955
VOGELE, Jacob F.. Spouse of Anna L.. Born 1881, died 1913
WARD, Bridget. Spouse of Patrick B.. Born 1833, died 1912 - Mother
WARD, Henry E.. Born 1866, died 1944
WARD, James T.. Born 1868, died 1917
WARD, John J.. Born 1877, died 1945
WARD, Margaret. Spouse of Mathias I.. Born 1863, died 1910
WARD, Mary T.. Born 1863, died 1935
WARD, Mathias I.. Spouse of Margaret Madden. Born 1861, died 1945
WARD, Patrick B.. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1820, died 1877 - Father
WARD, Patrick B.. Born 1870, died 1963
WEATHERELL, John Carlton, died 10-1-1960
WEBER, Mary. Spouse of Roy E.. Born 10-12-1933, died uncut
WEBER, Roy E.. Spouse of Mary Fleming. Born 6-30-1935, died 3-9-1999. Age: 63y - Son of Roy E. & Mary Geary Weber. Married 44 years
WILES, John M.. Born 1915, died 1968
WILES, Margaret A.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1884, died 1952
WILES, William H.. Spouse of Margaret A.. Born 1885, died 1971
WILHELM, Richard D.. Spouse of JoAnn Sanford. Born 7-31-1941, died 12-28-2018 - Son of Otto and Emma (Keise) Wilhelm. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Snyder NY and Friendship NY, died in Bradenton FL. Wed 8-24-1963 in Williamsvile NY. Wed 8-24-1963, two children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1963-1969
WINTERHALTER, Clifford F.. Spouse of Louise Marie Coleman. Born 8-4-1920, died 1-9-2004. Age: 83y - Son of Frederick Pearl Roger Winterhalter b. Pittsburgh, Pa. d. Belmont, N.Y. Wed 11-21-1940 Wife #2 Doris C. Miller on 5-18-1996 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
WINTERHALTER, Ernest D. "Red". Spouse of Patricia Thornton. Born 4-4-1923, died 4-14-2007. Age: 84y - Son of Frederick & Pearl Rogers Winterhalter b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-3-1974 Married Wife #1 Mildred Osgood on 2-19-1944 - WW II Vet, US Army
WINTERHALTER, Fred C.. Spouse of Pearl C.. Born 1890, died 1969 - Father
WINTERHALTER, Frederick R.. Spouse of Wilma L.. Born 1915, died 1993 - Father
WINTERHALTER, Frederick R.. Born 1946, died 1947 -
WINTERHALTER, Helen (Whitney). Spouse of Jack. Born 10-7-1936, died 1-19-2021. Age: 84 - Dau of Clifford and Tillie (Quant) Whitney. Born in Tucker's Corners NY, lived in Belmont NY. A registered nurse. Wed 10-12-1957 in Belmont, three children. (Spouse survives)
WINTERHALTER, John R.. Spouse of Helen (Whitney). Born 3-13-1936, died 7-2-2023. Age: 87y - Son of Frederick & Pearl (Rogers) Winterhalter. Born and lived in Belmont, NY. Married 10-12-1957 in Belmont, NY. Three children. Uncategorized vet, US Army.
WINTERHALTER, Leon Roger. Born 7-30-1931, died 8--29-1999 - Loving Son, Father & Grandpa - Korean War Vet, US Navy, AE3
WINTERHALTER, Louise Marie. Spouse of Clifford F.. Born 1922, died 1996
WINTERHALTER, Mildred "Mitzi". Born 1922, died 1970
WINTERHALTER, Mildred E.. Born 1913, died 1918
WINTERHALTER, Pearl C.. Spouse of Fred C.. Born 1893, died 1980 - Mother
WINTERHALTER, Roger John. Born 1940, died 1997
WINTERHALTER, Wilma L.. Spouse of Frederick R.. Born 1920, died 1972 - Mother
YANNIE, Bernadine H.. Spouse of Victor W.. Born 1911, died 1981
YANNIE, Emilio J. Jr.. Spouse of Lucille E. Olsowsky. Born 1917, died 1986 - Son of Emelio Sr. and Mary (Serio) Yannie. - WW II Vet, US Army, 303rd BG, 360th BS, T/Sgt. Radioman aboard B-17F. Wounded in Action.
YANNIE, Emilio Sr.. Spouse of Mary Serio. Born 1884, died 1971 - Wed 1910 in Belmont NY, nine children.
YANNIE, Helen C.. Born 1921, died 1924
YANNIE, James J.. Spouse of Bonnie O'Brien. Born 6-19-1935, died 12-28-2004. Age: 69 - Son of Emelio Sr and Mary (Serio) Yannie. Born in Belmont NY, lived in Perkinsville NY, died in Wayland NY. Wed 11-21-1970 in Perkinsville NY, five children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy, CE2. 1953-1954
YANNIE, Joseph Anthony. Born 3-3-1928, died 1-10-2001 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, T'Sgt
YANNIE, Lucille Elsie (Olsowsky). Spouse of Emilio J. Jr.. Born 1-1-1919, died 1-26-2007
YANNIE, M. Louise (Remaley). Spouse of Vincent J. Sr.. Born 1922, died 1977
YANNIE, Mary (Serio). Spouse of Emilio. Born 1894, died 1988 - Dau of Antonio and Rosalba (Boldrini) Serio. Born in Sao Paulo Brazil. Wed 1910 in Belmont NY, nine children.
YANNIE, Victor W.. Spouse of Bernadine H.. Born 1919, died 1998 - Son of Emelio Sr and Mary (Serio) Yannie. - WW II Vet, US Army, S.Sgt.
YANNIE, Vincent J. Sr.. Spouse of #1 Louise Remaley, #2 Ann Brennan. Born 9-18-1911, died 12-14-2008. Age: 97y - Son of Emelio Sr & Mary (Serio) Yannie b. Belmont NY d. Roslyn Heights NY. Wed Louise in1945, at least one son. Louise d. 1977. Ann survives - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Two Bronze Stars and other medals

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