St. Joseph's Cemetery
Town of Scio, NY
Walked and recorded April 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb and our members.

Photos by Eleanor Schwalb 2005

ALMETER, Eugene S. Spouse of Gertrude M. Born 1897, died 1985
ALMETER, Gertrude M. Spouse of Eugene S. Born 1900, died 1951
ALMETER, Margaret. Born 1907, died 1986
AMES, Frederick J. Spouse of Margaret J. Born 1889, died 1956
AMES, Margaret J. Spouse of Frederick J. Born 1892, died 1974
ANGLIN, Anna, died 1938
ANGLIN, Father. Born 1837, died 1907
ANGLIN, James, died 1871
ANGLIN, John, died 1907
ANGLIN, Mary. Born 1869, died 1940
ANGLIN, Mother. Born 1841, died 1873
ANGLIN, Thomas, died 1907
BABCOCK, Bertha C. Spouse of Maurice L. Born 1888, died 1965
BABCOCK, Maurice L. Spouse of Bertha C. Born 1888, died 1930 - Son of Nellie A. Sinon Babcock
BABCOCK, Nellie A. Sinon. Born 1865, died 1924
BABCOCK, Raymond G. Born 1890, died 1959 - Son of Nellie A. Sinon Babcock
BAKER, Howard P. Born 2-8-1905, died 10-20-1957 - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM3. Purple Heart
BAKER, Velma L. Born 1913, died 1982
BERNARD, M. Eugene. Spouse of Gayle M. Hazzard. Born 7-6-1938, died 1-25-1979 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, SP4
BLACK, Catherine L. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1864, died 1920
BLACK, Frank E. Spouse of Catherine L. Born 1858, died 1940
BRADY, Jennie M. Spouse of Terrance F. Born 1865, died 1951
BRADY, Mary A., died 8-2-1882. Age: 84y - Native of Wexford, Ireland
BRADY, Terence, died 12-31-1860. Age: 51y 6m
BRADY, Terrance F. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 1860, died 1925
BRADY, William E. Born 1830, died 1902
BRANDS, Anna Riley. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1880, died 1912
BRANDS, Claude A. Spouse of Helen. Born 6 Sep 1883
BRANDS, Helen E. Spouse of Clande - No dates
BROWN, John. Born 6-19-1784, died 5-19-1872 - Born in Parish of Thomond Gate, Country Claye, Ireland
BRUNDAGE, Carolyn. Spouse of Leslie W. Born 5-9-1922, died 3-30-2012 - Dau of Matt L. & Rose M. Allen Brundage b. Greenwood NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-15-1942 Married 56 years Founder of Allegany Association of Retarded Children
BRUNDAGE, Donald L. Born 1947, died 1969
BRUNDAGE, Leslie Ann. Born 1954, died 2001
BRUNDAGE, Leslie W. Spouse of Carolyn. Born 1921, died 1998
CARR, Charles, died 3-27-1872. Age: 19y 4m - Son of John & Mary Carr Requiescant in Peace, Amen
CARR, James. Born 1857, died 1937
CARR, John. Born 1819, died 1902
CARR, John. Born 1851, died 1928
CARR, Mary. Born 1827, died 1902
CARR, William. Born 1850, died 1930
CLANCY, Alice. Born 1859, died 1929
CLANCY, Anastasia. Born 1799, died 9-12-1882. Age: 83y
CLANCY, Catherine. Born 1839, died 1890
CLANCY, Mary. Born 1846, died 1864
CLANCY, William. Born 1819, died 1889
CLARK, Margaret, died 8-5-1871. Age: 51y 11m
CLEARY, Anthony. Born 1874, died 1901
CLEARY, Francis. Born 1876, died 1937
CLEARY, John Jr. Born 1872, died 1900
CLEARY, John Sr. Spouse of Mary. Born 1818, died 1898
CLEARY, Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1836, died 1930
CLINE, Bridget. Spouse of Patrick, died 5-14-1897. Age: 75y
CLINE, Catharine "Kate", died 11-16-1858. Age: 7y 3m 20d - Dau of Patrick & Bridget Cline
CLINE, James, died 6-4-1863. Age: 50y
CLINE, Patrick. Spouse of Bridget, died 3-25-1884. Age: 84y - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
COLLIGAN, Bridget. Spouse of John. Born 1841, died 1893 - In Sweet Remembrance of Father & Mother
COLLIGAN, James. Born 1874, died 1894 - Son of John & Bridget Colligan
COLLIGAN, John. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1830, died 1893 - In Sweet Remembrance of Father & Mother
COLLIGAN, William - Son of John & Bridget Colligan. No dates.
COLLINS, John, died 12-8-1862. Age: 24y - Civil War Vet 1861-1865
COLLINS, Mary. Spouse of Thomas, died 6-26-1876. Age: 65y 4m
COLLINS, Michael, died 12-17-1882. Age: 65y - Civil War Vet, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Angelica for three years. Discharged for disability 10-8-1862 at New York City
COLLINS, Thomas. Spouse of Mary, died 10-5-1881. Age: 84y
COLLINS, William. Born 1844, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co G 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 12-1863 at Angelica NY in 1st NY Lincoln Cav for three years. Transferred 2-8-1864 to 1st Dragoons. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA.
CONLAN, Bridget. Spouse of Owen - Born in Country Waterford, Ireland. No dates.
CONLAN, Owen. Spouse of Bridget, died 5-16-1902. Age: 67y - Born in Country Tyrone, Ireland
CONLAN, Susan, died 7-26-1874. Age: 78y - Native of Country Tyrone, Ireland
CONLIN, Elizabeth. Born 1860, died 1944
CONLIN, Rosie. Spouse of Terence. Born 1836, died 1920
CONLIN, Terence. Spouse of Rosie. Born 1826, died 1902. Age: 76y
CONNOR, Helen O'Brien. Born 1920, died 2003
CONNOR, Mark Edward. Born 6-3-1949, died 3-12-1983 - Always \ Donna's Love And Jessica's Daddy \ No Matter What
COOTS, Catherine Murphy. Born 1867, died 1908
COOTS, Harold. Born 1906, died 1914
COOTS, William Patrick. Born 1860, died 1928
COSGROVE, Marion. Spouse of Thomas F. Born 1898, died 1976
COSGROVE, Thomas F. Spouse of Marion Cronin. Born 1896, died 1976
COYLE, Ann. Spouse of John. Born 1831, died 1907
COYLE, Ann. Spouse of Michael. Born 3-12-1832, died 3-13-1907
COYLE, Anna E. Born 1889, died 1949
COYLE, Bartholomew, died 11-24-1877. Age: 28y
COYLE, Bartholomew. Born 1814, died 1854
COYLE, Bernard. Spouse of Susan Killduff, died 3-13-1885. Age: 56y - Native of West Meath Co. Ireland
COYLE, Bridget. Born 1830, died 1905
COYLE, Catherine. Born 1827, died 1879
COYLE, Dr. Victor M. Born 1902, died 1986
COYLE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Hugh H. Born 1862, died Uncut - Wife #1
COYLE, Ellen C. Born 1864, died 1947
COYLE, Frank H. Spouse of Nellie J. Born 1863, died 1921
COYLE, Hugh. Spouse of Margaret, died 6-3-1851. Age: 83y - Native of Parish of Lancy, Co. of West Meath, Ireland
COYLE, Hugh H. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1839, died 1929
COYLE, James. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1831, died 1916
COYLE, Jane. Born 1825, died 1852
COYLE, John. Born 2-22-1887, died 5-24-1887 - Son of Bernard & Susan Coyle
COYLE, John. Spouse of Ann McKinley. Born 1827, died 1904
COYLE, John G. Spouse of Maria T. Born 1848, died 1910 - Father
COYLE, John J. Born 1893, died 1939 - WW I Vet, AEF, Co F 309 Inf
COYLE, John L. Born 1859, died 1921
COYLE, Marcella. Spouse of Thomas, died 9-12-1878. Age: 65y
COYLE, Margaret. Spouse of Hugh, died 12-22-1865. Age: 87y
COYLE, Margaret. Spouse of James. Born 1841, died 1929
COYLE, Maria T. Spouse of John G. Born 1861, died 1927 - Mother
COYLE, Mary E. Born 1864, died 1945
COYLE, Mary G. Born 1885, died 1885
COYLE, Mary M. Spouse of Hugh H. Born 1860, died 1901 - Wife #2
COYLE, Mary M. Born 1873, died 1929
COYLE, Michael. Spouse of Ann. Born 2-7-1836, died 11-9-1917
COYLE, Nellie J. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1869, died 1933
COYLE, Nora M. Spouse of William A. Born 4-4-1885, died 6-9-1957
COYLE, Peter. Born 1822, died 1905
COYLE, Peter Thomas. Born 1861, died 1864
COYLE, Philip, died 6-27-1864. Age: 27y 5m
COYLE, Philip. Born 1849, died 1882
COYLE, Phillip B. Born 1870, died 1922
COYLE, Rose McKinley. Born 8-10-1845, died 5-4-1932 - Born in In Country Antrim, Ireland
COYLE, Susan. Spouse of Bernard, died 2-22-1867. Age: 39y - Dau of Michael & Bridget Killduff
COYLE, Thomas. Spouse of Marcella, died 6-5-1880. Age: 64y
COYLE, Vincent Leone. Born 1908, died 1936
COYLE, William A. Spouse of Nora M. Born 6-22-1884, died 8-24-1976
CRANE, Daniel, died 5-1-1872. Age: 50y
CRONIN, Eleanor H. Spouse of James B. Born 1908, died 1995
CRONIN, George C. Spouse of Margaret Sinon. Born 1869, died 1907
CRONIN, George Clement. Born 11-11-1900, died 1-22-1923 - WW I Vet, USMC
CRONIN, James B. Spouse of Eleanor H. Born 1905, died 1988
CRONIN, Margaret Sinon. Spouse of George C. Born 1872, died 1938
CROSBY, Catharine. Spouse of John C., died 5-28-1897
CROSBY, John C. Spouse of Catharine, died 7-2-1859
CROSBY, John Jr., died 6-19-1856
CULBERT, Bridget. Spouse of James. Born 1832, died 1906 - Mother
CULBERT, Clara Anna. Born 1910, died 2001
CULBERT, Emmett J. Born 1900, died 1931
CULBERT, James. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1824, died 1909 - Father
CULBERT, John F. Born 1870, died 1942
CULBERT, John R., Rev. Born 1911, died 1966
CULBERT, Joseph M. Born 1906, died 1966
CULBERT, Margaret M. Born 1870, died 1947
CULBERT, Mary. Spouse of Timothy. Born 1809, died 1864
CULBERT, Mary R. Born 1902, died 1997
CULBERT, Michael T. Born 1862, died 1933
CULBERT, Timothy. Born 1859, died 1862
CULBERT, Timothy. Spouse of Mary. Born 1797, died 1869
CULBERT, William F. "Bill". Spouse of Ruth Padden. Born 10-3-1937, died 12-12-2017. Age: 80y - Son of Joseph & Clara (Felton) Culbert b. & d. Wellsville NY. Received the 'Lay Award of St. Joseph in 2002. Wed 6-19-1965 in Andover NY, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army
CULBERT, William J. Born 1904, died 1963
CUNNINGHAM, Deborah A. "Debbie". Born 2-6-1950, died 3-17-2005 - Dau of William & Rita Rahr Childs
CUSICK, Abraham. Born 1877, died 1898
CUSICK, Father. Born 1832, died 1921
CUSICK, Mother. Born 1841, died 1981
DALEY, Catharine. Spouse of Patrick, died 1-17-1886. Age: 58y - Requiescant in Peace, Amen
DALEY, Patrick. Spouse of Catharine, died 10-21-1873. Age: 52y - Requiescant in Peace, Amen
DEALY, Johannah, died 11-6-1861. Age: 61y
DEALY, Julia. Born 1851, died 1886
DEVINE, Loretta K. Born 1909, died 1969
DiGIROLAMO, Louis T. Spouse of Mary R. Born 1928, died 1989
DiGIROLAMO, Mary R. Spouse of Louis T. Born 1925, died 1990
DONEGAN, Charles, died 9-1892. Age: 3m - Grandson
DONEGAN, Margaret. Spouse of Thomas, died 3-27-1897. Age: 71y
DONEGAN, Thomas. Spouse of Margaret, died 12-6-1917. Age: 99y
DOONAR, Andrew. Spouse of Nabby, died 9-25-1871. Age: 84y 6m
DOONAR, Nabby. Spouse of Andrew, died 1-19-1880. Age: 81y - May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
DOONAR, Thomas, died 4-23-1888. Age: 55y - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
DUGAN, Jeremiah. Spouse of Mary, died 7-26-1891. Age: 76y - May Their Souls Rest in Peace
DUGAN, Mary. Spouse of Jeremiah, died 5-4-1854. Age: 35y - May Their Souls Rest in Peace
DUGAN, Mary E. Spouse of John. Born 3-6-1860, died 11-4-1886 - May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
DUNNIGAN, Adain A. Born 9-18-1899, died 3-6-1947
DUNNIGAN, Francis. Born 4-27-1897, died 2-10-1941
DUNNIGAN, Frank. Born 1872, died 1947
DUNNIGAN, John F. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1853, died 1937
DUNNIGAN, Mary C. Spouse of John F. Born 1862, died 1915
DUNNIGAN, Patrick, died 1901
DUNNIGAN, Theresa, died 1901
DUNNIGAN, Thomas F. Born 6-8-1891, died 10-26-1967
EAGAN, James, died 11-6-1879. Age: 36y
EAGAN, John, died 3-25-1861 - Son of M. & M. Eagan
EAGAN, Mary. Born 1859, died 1899 - Dau of M. Eagan At Rest
EAGAN, Michael, died 5-1-1884. Age: 69y
EAGAN, Thomas, died 4-20-1860
EDGREEN, Frances A. Born 1903, died 1993
EGAN, Julia. Spouse of Thomas, died 11-10-1863
EGAN, Thomas. Spouse of Julia, died 7-11-1854. Age: 25y
FARWELL, Amelia Riley. Spouse of Frank. Born 1889, died 1969
FITZGERALD, Mary, died 12-16-1884. Age: 16y 4m - Rest in Peace, Amen
FITZGERALD, Mary C. Born 8-12-1890, died 4-25-1899
FITZGERALD, Rose A. Spouse of R. A. Fitzgerald. Born 8-27-1860, died 11-13-1922
FITZSIMMONS, Martin, died 4-29-1855 - Son of Patrick & Kate Fitzsimmons
FITZSIMMONS, Patrick, died 4-3-1866. Age: 18y 15d - Son of Patrick & Kate Fitzsimmons
FULLER, Agnes Riley. Born 1894, died 1924
FULLER, Bessie Riley. Spouse of James O. Born 1884, died 1927
FULLER, Dorothy Ann. Born 1923, died 1924
FULLER, Earl C. Spouse of Katherine Riley. Born 1886, died 1925
FULLER, Katherine Riley. Spouse of Earl C. Born 1888, died 1920
GAFFNEY, Mary. Age: 74y - No dates.
GAGAN, John J. Born 1860, died 1898
GILLEN, James. Spouse of Katherine. Born 6-20-1825, died 10-25-1863
GILLEN, Katherine. Spouse of James. Born 3-25-1830, died 7-23-1881
GILLEN, Katie Mable. Born 11-23-1880, died 4-3-1882 - Dau of Michael & Minnie Gillen
GILLEN, Thomas. Born 3-23-1853, died 5-9-1871 - Son of James & Katherine Gillen
GILLETT, Catherine M. Spouse of Elmer E. Born 1871, died 1953
GILLETT, Elmer E. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1861, died 1944
GLASS, George Thomas "Tom". Spouse of Corrine M. Alvord. Born 2-14-1932, died 4-18-2014. Age: 82y - Son of Harold H. & Mary Audrey Sexton Glass b. Allentown NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-6-1958 in Andover NY 55 years of marriage
GLENDING, James. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1866, died 1899
GLENDING, Margaret E. Spouse of James. Born 1869, died 1915
GOOCH, Rita C. (McGee). Spouse of Clifford E. Born 10-5-1935, died 4-16-2022. Age: 86 - Dau of John R. and Florence (Canton) McGee. Born in Buffalo NY, lived and died in Allentown NY. Wed 11-10-1956 in Buffalo, four children.
GOOCH, Twin Boys, died 1971 - Funeral marker only
GRANT, Mary Ann. Spouse of E. M. Grant, died 2-11-1878. Age: 29y 7m
GRASTORF, Mary. Spouse of F. W. Grastorf, died 12-5-1894. Age: 52y
GROSSMAN, Mary Lou Culbert. Spouse of Robert S. Born 3-30-1939, died 2-28-1996. Age: 56y - Dau of Joseph & Clara Felton Culbert b.& d. Wellsville, N.Y.
HANDLEY, Martin, died 1871. Age: 24y 3m - Native of Ireland
HANDLEY, William, died 1875. Age: 10y 14d - Son of T. & M. Handley
HANLEY, Thomas, died 8-9-1885. Age: 72y - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
HASTING, Ellen, died 3-17-1861. Age: 16y - Dau of William & Catharine Hasting
HAZZARD, Glenn A. Spouse of Mildred M. Etsler. Born 6-20-1902, died 6-16-1979. Age: 77y - Son of Arthur & Myrtle Burgress Hazzard Wed: 7-2-1928
HAZZARD, Mildred M. Spouse of Glenn A. Born 3-5-1904, died 8-21-1981. Age: 77y - Dau of Archie & Maude Digman Etsler Wed: 7-2-1928
HEFFERNAN, John. Spouse of Margaret - No dates
HEFFERNAN, Margaret. Spouse of John, died 8-11-1883. Age: 36y
HIGGINS, Michael, died 10-24-1870. Age: 45y - Son of James A. & Mary Higgins b. Sligo, Ireland
HILLARD, Kelly, died 8-29-1995
HOGAN, Catherine. Spouse of Michael, died 7-13-1891 - May They Rest in Peace
HOGAN, Henry W., died 2-9-1888. Age: 32y - Son of P. & J. Hogan May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
HOGAN, Jane. Spouse of Patrick - May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen. No dates.
HOGAN, Michael. Spouse of Catherine, died 3-29-1876. Age: 66y 10m - Native of Ireland. May They Rest in Peace
HOGAN, Nancy. Spouse of Thomas, died 3-25-1879
HOGAN, Patrick. Spouse of Jane, died 3-21-1882. Age: 66y - May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen
HOGAN, Thomas. Spouse of Nancy, died 10-4-1868. Age: 60y - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
HOWE, Bridget. Age: 75y - No dates.
HOWE, Bridgett. Spouse of Thomas, died 8-16-1864. Age: 50y - Native of Ireland. May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
HOWE, Edward. Born 12-13-1813, died 4-25-1875 - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
HOWE, Edward. Spouse of Mary. Born 1807, died 1875
HOWE, Mary. Spouse of Edward. Born 1827, died 1902
HOWE, Paul. Born 1856, died 1885 - Son of Edward & Mary Howe
HUNT, Thomas, died 11-2-1887. Age: 27y 9d
HURLEY, B. Anna. Born 1874, died 1948
HURLEY, Jeramiah. Born 1868, died 1949
HURLEY, William J. Born 1882, died 1944
HYLAND, Veronica. Born 1905, died 12-28-1994
KANE, Ann Ballay. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1831, died 1859
KANE, Ann Conlyn. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1832, died 1901 - Wife #2
KANE, Ann Doonar. Spouse of John, died 2-23-1869. Age: 38y - Dau of Andrew & Nabby Doonar
KANE, Mary. Born 1858, died 1891 - Dau of Thomas & Ann Kane
KANE, Thomas. Spouse of Ann Ballay. Born 1827, died 1905
KEENAN, Bridget. Born 1834, died 1890
KEENAN, Catherine. Spouse of Patrick, died 4-4-1896. Age: 41y 8m 26d
KEENAN, George. Born 8-10-1849, died Uncut. Age: 4y - Son of John & Mary Keenan
KEENAN, John. Spouse of Mary, died 4-3-1882. Age: 60y 3m - Born in Co. Louth, Ireland
KEENAN, John M. Born 8-10-1862, died 1-28-1887
KEENAN, Margaret. Born 1895, died 1898 - Granddaughter
KEENAN, Mary. Spouse of John, died 6-10-1852. Age: 40y
KEENAN, Mary F. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1819, died 1909
KEENAN, Patrick. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1812, died 1885
KEENAN, Peter. Born abt 1835, died 5-3-1863. Age: 27y - Civil War Vet, HQ Co, 89th Cav PA Vols Major. Mustered in 8-19-1861, Killed 5-3-1863 leading a doomed charge at Chancellorsville VA
KERNAN, Annie O'Brien. Born 1858, died 1935
KETCHNER, Donalda D. "Donnie". Spouse of William R. Born 12-14-1943, died 2-12-2010. Age: 66y
KETCHNER, Pauline. Spouse of William. Born 1916, died 1970 - Wed 5-1-1954. Until We Meet Again
KETCHNER, William R. Spouse of #1 Pauline Nickerson, #2 Donalda Jordan. Born 12-31-1929, died 3-20-2015. Age: 85y - Son of Roland & Carmella Byrnes Ketchner b/ & d Wellsville NY Wed #1 5-1-1954 Wed #2 6-24-1989
KILMER, Elizabeth B. Born 1902, died 1981
KING, Mary. Born 4-5-1841, died 11-3-1892
KING, Michael, died 2-13-1899. Age: 68y - May His Soul Rest in Peace
LEITZELL, Elizabeth A. Born 1951, died 1977
LEITZELL, Irene. Spouse of James E. Born 7-5-1924, died 2-2-1983
LEITZELL, James E. Spouse of Irene. Born 6-6-1922, died 8-1-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
LESSARD, Ida Mae. Spouse of Laurier S. Born 4-2-1919, died 12-22-2002. Age: 83y - Dau of Roy & Merilda Champaigne Rabideau b. AuSable, N.Y. d. Scio, N.Y. Wed: 4-13-1936 In Keeseville
LESSARD, Juel M. Spouse of Laurier J. Born 11-10-1941, died 11-27-2002. Age: 61y - Dau of Julian & Barbara Brown Carter b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 5-20-1961 in Wellsville, N.Y.
LESSARD, Laurier S. Spouse of Ida Mae. Born 8-25-1912, died 5-12-1993
LESTER, Agnes C. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1895, died 1954
LESTER, Ralph E. Spouse of Agnes C. Born 1870, died 1960
LIETZ, Bertha. Born 2-7-1864, died 11-24-1885 - Sister of Mrs. Michael Gillen
LINNECKE, Edward Daniel Jr. Born 2-18-1991, died 12-13-2021. Age: 30 - Son of Edward D. Sr. and Hortensia (Rodriquez) Linnecke. Born in Olean NY, lived in Scio NY, killed in auto accident near Scio.
LINNECKE, Edward Daniel Sr. Spouse of Hortensia Rodriquez. Born 2-3-1952, died 11-3-2021. Age: 69 - Son of Frank Sr. and Cathleen (Hennessy) Linnecke. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Scio NY. Wed 1979 in TX, two children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 4 years.
MADDEN, Brasil P., died 9-1-1867. Age: 56y
MADDEN, Walter J. Born 9-19-1824, died 9-15-1907
MADDEN, Agnes B. Born 12-12-1873, died 6-9-1903
MADDEN, Ambrose T. Born 10-7-1858, died 3-4-1912
MADDEN, Anna Dolan. Born 3-12-1878, died 11-15-1926
MADDEN, Anne C., died 9-3-1892. Age: 27y
MADDEN, Basil F. Born 8-21-1867, died 6-22-1933
MADDEN, John. Born 2-22-1852, died 2-26-1901
MADDEN, Margaret E. Born 9-22-1869, died 8-9-1954
MADDEN, Mary Brown. Born 10-31-1836, died 4-18-1919
MADDEN, Mary J., died 3-11-1897. Age: 37y
MADDEN, Walter J. Born 1906, died 1943 - Uncategorized Vet, 4th OMA Regt, Sgt.
MADDEN, Walter Joseph. Born 10-29-1871, died 11-2-1926
MALONE, Jane, died 10-13-1858. Age: 38y - Dau of Margaret Malone
MANGAN, Bridget, died 5-20-1862. Age: 18y - Dau of James & Mary Mangan
MCDERMONT, Frank, died 10-21-1869. Age: 9y 9m 20d - Son of Michael & Margaret McDermont
MCDERMOTT, Elizabeth. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1829, died Uncut - Rest in Peace, Amen
MCDERMOTT, Mary Ann. Born 1858, died 6-8-1877 - Dau of Patrick & Elizabeth McDermott
MCDERMOTT, Patrick. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1823, died Uncut - Rest in Peace, Amen
MCDONALD, Daniel. Born 1811, died 1868
MCDONALD, John. Born 1852, died 1886
MCDONALD, Mary. Born 1825, died 1908
MCDONALD, William J. Born 1854, died 1876
MCDONOUGH, Regina. Born 1893, died 1942 - Mother
MCELROY, Catherine. Spouse of John N., died 9-26-1920
MCELROY, Catherine G., died 12-2-1901. Age: 22y - Dau of John N. & Catherine McElroy May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
MCELROY, John H. Born 1877, died 1949
MCELROY, John N. Spouse of Catherine, died 9-27-1906. Age: 68y
MCGILL, Alice E. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1838, died 1899 - Mother
MCGILL, Daniel. Spouse of Alice E. Born 1834, died 1905 - Father
MCGILL, Mary Jane. Born 1870, died 1885
MCGILL, Susan Ann. Born 1868, died 1931
MCGINNES, Margaret, died 9-3-1873. Age: 55y
MCGOVERN, James, died 9-12-1864. Age: 33y 6m - Son of P. & M. McGovern
MCGOVERN, John, died 9-8-1887. Age: 56y - Son of P. & M. McGovern
MCGOVERN, Mary. Spouse of Patrick, died 12-27-1878. Age: 80y - May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MCGOVERN, Patrick. Spouse of Mary, died 12-7-1852. Age: 59y - May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MCGUIRE, Bridget. Spouse of John Sr. - No dates.
MCGUIRE, John J., died 10-27-1892. Age: 18y - Son of John & Bridget McGuire
MCGUIRE, Sr., John. Spouse of Bridget, died 3-7-1892. Age: 96y
MCGUIRL, Elizabeth. Spouse of John, died 3-7-1880. Age: 38y - Wife #2
MCGUIRL, James, died 3-21-1903. Age: 68y - May He Rest in Peace, Amen
MCGUIRL, Mary. Spouse of John, died 5-25-1876. Age: 77y
MCLOUGHLIN, John. Born 7-22-1879, died 1-17-1883
MCLOUGHLIN, William, died 9-17-1870. Age: 60y - Born in Clay Jorden, Country Tipary, Ireland
MCLOUGHLIN, Willie. Born 9-26-1878, died 1-17-1881
MCMANUS, Maggie, died 1-25-1892. Age: 28y 3m
MCMANUS, Patrick, died 3-11-1869. Age: 7y 6m 23d
MCMANUS, Terrance, died 1-11-1879. Age: 55y 5d - Father
MEEHAN, Patrick, died 6-23-1880 - Native of Ireland (Could not read the County)
MOOGAN, David. Born 1858, died 1874
MOOGAN, Patrick. Born 1817, died 1901
MOOGAN, Sabina. Born 1818, died 1861
MOSER, Catharine. Spouse of Jaccob, died 2-27-1891. Age: 45y
MOSER, Farl. Born 1844, died 1874
MOSER, Philip. Born 1842, died 1902
MOSER, Richard. Born 1838, died 1870
MUENCH, Bertha Beulah (Buzzard). Spouse of Ralph S. Muench. Born 12-7-1923, died 6-24-2017 - Dau of John E. & Mildred I. (Van Horn) Buzzard Sr. b. Friendship NY d. Livonia NY. Wed 1942, eight children. Ralph died 2002
MUENCH, Joseph E. Born 8-16-1946, died 10-4-1969 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Co B 4th Inf, SP4. Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal
NEVILLE, Catharine. Spouse of John. Born 1818, died Uncut - Mother
NEVILLE, Dennis. Born 3-25-1883, died 5-17-1899 - Son of M & C. Neville Rest in Peace
NEVILLE, John. Spouse of Catharine. Born 1820, died 1908 - Father
NEVILLE, Johnie, died 7-10-1856. Age: 13y 6m
NEVILLE, Mary, died 9-15-1863. Age: 17y 5m
NOLAN, Esther McClure. Spouse of John Adam. Born 11-14-1925, died 5-4-1999 - Wife, Mother & Lover
NOLAN, John Adam. Spouse of Esther McClure. Born 11-12-1924, died 1-30-2010. Age: 85y
NORTON, Richard C. "Dick". Spouse of Nancy J. Culbert. Born 9-23-1942, died 12-30-2007 - Son of Clair & Margaret Bovee Norton b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-18-1962 in Scio NY - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome. 1962-1966
O'BRIEN, Alice. Spouse of Frank. Born 1835, died 1919 - Mother
O'BRIEN, Charles M., died 9-29-1889. Age: 2m - Son of Timothy & Ellen O'Brien
O'BRIEN, Edward. Born 10-14-1855, died 7-2-1900
O'BRIEN, Francis M. "Frank". Born 2-2-1917, died 9-4-2007. Age: 90y - Son of Terrence & Mary O'Brien b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Worked 20 years Frank at project "Green Thumb" Trustee of St. Joseph's Church for 40 years. Published author of four books depicting his life on the farm
O'BRIEN, Frank. Spouse of Alice. Born 1839, died 1910 - Father
O'BRIEN, Frank - Son of Linda O'Brien. No dates
O'BRIEN, John. Spouse of Julia, died 7-26-1882. Age: 79y 6m
O'BRIEN, Josephine P. Born 1866, died 1925
O'BRIEN, Julia. Spouse of John, died 11-15-1904. Age: 85y
O'BRIEN, Linda - No dates
O'BRIEN, Mary Lewis. Born 1886, died 1965
O'BRIEN, Monsignor Francis M. Born 1871, died 1943
O'BRIEN, Terrance G. Born 1861, died 1941
O'HARAGAN, Elizabeth. Born 1856, died 1936
ORLOWSKI, Walter A. Spouse of Barbara Kruze. Born 6-27-1937, died 7-27-2021. Age: 84 - Son of Franciszek and Jadwiga Orlowski.Born in Huta Pieniacka Poland, immigrated to US in 1951 as a war refugee who survived a Soviet gulag. He lived in NYC in Scio NY, died in Rochester NY. A dentist and oral pathologist. Wed 12-17-1966, seven children. (Spouse survives)
OWENS, Ellen. Spouse of James. Born 1817, died 1890
OWENS, James. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1826, died 1862
PAPEN, Alice - No dates
PERRY, Kitty Coyle. Born 1886, died 1913
QUINN, Catharine, died 2-1-1872. Age: 3y - Dau of James & Mary Ann Quinn
QUINN, Julia, died 11-4-1881. Age: 20y 6m - Dau of James & Mary Ann Quinn
QUINN, Mary. Spouse of Patrick, died 2-25-1865. Age: 64y
RADY, Catherine O'Connor. Spouse of Bernard, died 9-23-1862. Age: 51y - Native of Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland "Who Slept with the Lord"
RADY, Patrick, died 1860. Age: 22y
RAGON, Bridget Coyle. Born 1857, died 1880
RAGON, Michael, died 6-8-1995. Age: 76y - May He Rest In Peace
REDDY, Mary - No dates
REDDY, Bridget. Born 1840, died 1909
REDDY, Elizabeth, died 7-13-1872. Age: 20y 9m - Dau of Michael & Margaret Reddy
REDDY, Elizabeth. Spouse of John. Born 1815, died 1894
REDDY, Frank. Born 1853, died 1926
REDDY, John. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1799, died 1878
REDDY, Katie. Born 1846, died 1891
REDDY, Maggie. Born 1844, died 1891
REDDY, Margaret. Spouse of Michael, died 12-2-1881. Age: 59y - May They Rest in Peace, Amen
REDDY, Michael. Spouse of Margaret, died 11-8-1880. Age: 66y - May They Rest in Peace, Amen
REGAN, Mary C. Born 1869, died 1948
REILLY, Clarence. Born 1880, died 1896
REILLY, Sarah A. Born 1852, died 1922
REILLY, William F. Born 1849, died 1908
REYNOLDS, Ella C. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1854, died 1935
REYNOLDS, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1840, died 1922 - Father
REYNOLDS, James, died 2-23-1873. Age: 78y - Nataive of the County of West Meath, Ireland May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
REYNOLDS, James T., died 1-14-1894. Age: 24y 5m 14d - Son of James & Mary Reynolds May the Lord Have Mercy on His Soul
REYNOLDS, Johnnie, died 1-28-1881. Age: 8y 11m 27d - Son of James & Mary Reynolds May the Lord Have Mercy on His Soul
REYNOLDS, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1850, died 1919 - Mother
REYNOLDS, Peter. Born 1840, died 1902
REYNOLDS, Thomas. Spouse of Ella C. Born 1858, died 1932
REYNOLDS, Wilma Rounds. Born 9-23-1915, died Uncut
RIGAS, Constantine James "Gus". Spouse of Rheba Lamar Vincent. Born 11-11-1929, died 5-19-2017. Age: 87y - Son of James John & Helen (Brazas) Rigas b. & d. Wellsville NY. Owned Texas Hots in Wellsville and was vicepresident of Adelphia. Wed 11-23-1951 in Wellsville NY, five children.
RILEY, Elizabeth Reddy. Spouse of John. Born 1853, died 1909
RILEY, John. Spouse of Elizabeth Reddy. Born 1852, died 1913
RILEY, Marsella. Spouse of Peter, died 6-28-1881
RILEY, Peter. Spouse of Marsella. Born 1801, died Uncut
ROUNDS, John M. Born 11-22-1914, died 4-5-2004
ROUNDS, Nora Riley. Spouse of William M. Born 1886, died 1959
SCHEEDER, Mary C. Born 1927, died Uncut
SCHULLY, Owen, died 1-20-1873. Age: 40y
SHEA, Patrick, died 9-15-1908. Age: 62y
SINON, Ellen Welch. Spouse of John. Born 8-15-1841, died 6-7-1895
SINON, John. Spouse of Ellen Welch. Born 7-16-1839, died 2-11-1912
SINON, Margaret J. Born 1844, died 1929
SINON, Mary. Born 7-7-1863, died 4-14-1866 - Dau of J. & E. Sinon
SINON, Mary Foley. Spouse of Thos. Born 1814, died 1895 - Born in Co. Limerick, Ireland Rest in Peace
SINON, Maurice. Born 1878, died 1940
SINON, Patrick. Born 1846, died 1855 - Son of Thos & Mary Sinon
SINON, Thomas, died 2-14-1871. Age: 26y 8m
SLAVIN, John, died 8-1895 - Civil War Vet, Co K 107th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Hornellsville for three years. Mustered out with company 6-18-65 near Washington DC.
SMITH, Elizabeth Reynolds. Spouse of Daniel. Born 12-25-1829, died 9-30-1895 - May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
SPIELMAN, Albert D. Born 1904, died 1983
SPIELMAN, Loretta H. Born 1921, died Uncut
SPIELMAN, Rev. James A. Born 1944, died Uncut
SPRAGUE, Calvin. Born 1848, died 1922 - Grandfather
SPRAGUE, Ellen. Born 1849, died 1894
STAFFORD, Eugene, died 9-23-1862. Age: 2m
STAFFORD, Jane, died 9-29-1855. Age: 2m
STAFFORD, Margaret, died 12-27-1865. Age: 3m
STAFFORD, Mary. Spouse of Owen. Born 5-5-1830, died 5-28-1898 - Born in Ballingleu, Co. Wicklow, Ireland Requiescant in Peace, Amen
STAFFORD, Mary, died 5-1-1864. Age: 3m
STAFFORD, Owen. Spouse of Mary. Born 5-24-1830, died 2-7-1882 - Born in Ballyberg, Co. Wicklow, Ireland Requiescant in Peace, Amen
STAFFORD, Thomas. Born 1851, died 1945
STAFFORD, Willie, died 7-21-1858. Age: 5d
STONHAM, Catherine. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1863, died 1920
STONHAM, Daniel. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1870, died 1936
SULLIVAN, Father. Born 1843, died 1920
SULLIVAN, Mother. Born 1840, died 1917
SULLIVAN, Thomas. Born 1863, died 1935
SWAN, Ellen. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1828, died 1893
SWAN, Thomas. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1812, died 1893
WALLACE, Bose. Spouse of Edward, died 10-31-1887. Age: 69y - May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
WALLACE, Edward. Spouse of Bose - No dates.
WALSH, Jennie H. Spouse of Walter G. Born 12-28-1915, died 12-23-2006. Age: 90y - Dau of Karl & Anna Miller Hoyer b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Scio, N.Y. Wed: 7-2-1934 in Wellsville, N.Y.
WALSH, Walter G. Spouse of Jennie H. Born 1915, died 1992
WELCH, Flora B. Spouse of Richard. Born 1867, died 1920
WELCH, Mary (Sullivan). Born 1868, died 1956
WELCH, Richard. Spouse of Flora B. Born 1862, died 1931
WHITE, Donald E. Born 1932, died 1984 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pvt.
WHITE, Florence (Coots). Born 1894, died 1974

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