Sacred Heart Cemetery
Town of Friendship

Walked by Eleanor Schwalb 2010

Images by Eleanor Schwalb

External listing of this cemetery


ALDERSON, Elizabeth Spouse of William born 1842 died 1916
ALDERSON, William Jr. Spouse of Alice T. born 1879 died 1967
ALDERSON, William Spouse of Elizabeth born 1842 died 1926
ALDERSON, Alice T. Spouse of William Jr. born 1885 died 1963
ATHERTON, Elmer L. Sr. Spouse of Mildred F. born 1915 died 1980
ATHERTON, Mildred F. Spouse of Elmer L. Sr. born 1917 died 1958
AUSTIN, Fred R. born 1885 died 1967
AUSTIN, Margaret C. born 1887 died 1978
AUSTIN, Michael J. born 1950 died 1952
BAKER, Barbara born 1857 died 1912
BARR, Genevieve born 4-29-1901 died 5-7-1902
BARR, Jennie born 3-11-1890 died 9-15-1900
BEHRINGER, Ann Talbett Spouse of Robert W. born 6-22-1938 died U/C
BEHRINGER, Florence G. (Florentyna) Spouse of Norbert J. D.D.S. born 3/2/1908 died 8/15/2012 age 104y Dau of Walter (an immigrant from Poland) & Mary Minikowski (of Canada) Gramza b. Buffalo NY d. Allegany NY Wed Unknown
BEHRINGER, Norbert J. D.D.S. Spouse of Florence G. born 1908 died 1982 age Captain U.S. Army WW2
BEHRINGER, Robert W. Spouse of Ann Talbett born 9-9-1938 died 6-26-2005 Captain U.S. Army
BOONE, Agnes born 1891 died 1925 Daughter
BROWNE, Velma Spouse of William born 1891 died 1990
BROWNE, William Spouse of Velma born 1885 died 1965
BURDICK, Catherine M. Spouse of Richard C. born 1918 died 1987 Mother
BURDICK, Richard C. Spouse of Catherine M. born 1915 died 1984 Father
CARROLL, Margaret A. born 1874 died 1947
CARROLL, Nancy Spouse of Frank born Unknown died 4-12-1892 age 70y1m4d
CARROLL, Sophia E. born Unknown died 5-12-1877 age 20y8m28d
CIAMPA, Anthony Spouse of Magherita born 1892 died 1971
CIAMPA, Margherita Spouse of Anthony born 1893 died 1970
CLARK, Alice M. born 1873 died 1924
CLARK, Ellen Spouse of Michael born 1848 died 1926 Mother
CLARK, Frank J. born 1877 died 1961
CLARK, George V. born 1862 died 1935
CLARK, John A. born Unknown died 3-23-1901 U.S. Infantry Co. K 3
CLARK, Mary V. born 1879 died 1896 Second Stone Reads "1879 - 1886"
CLARK, Michael Spouse of Ellen born 1850 died 1926 Father
CLARK, Sara L. Spouse of born 1873 died 1948
CLARK, ? born 1839 died 1913 Mother - No first name
COMMON, William Spouse of born 10-6-1842 died 5-14-1886
CONLEY, Julia A. Spouse of Owen born 1865 died 1937
CONLEY, Kathryn Spouse of Leo born 1901 died 1989
CONLEY, Leo Spouse of Kathryn born 1892 died 1987
CONLEY, Owen Spouse of Julia A. born 1860 died 1940
CONLEY, Vera J. Spouse of born 1900 died 1984
CONLEY, Veronica N. Spouse of born 1900 died 1980
CONNORS, Anna Spouse of James born 1855 died 1918
CONNORS, James Spouse of Anna born 1849 died 1934
COSTIGAN, Catherine Spouse of William H. born 1842 died 1915 Mother
COSTIGAN, William H. Spouse of Catherine born 1844 died 1906 Father
COUGHLIN, Elizabeth M. Spouse of James H. born 1872 died 1944 Mother
COUGHLIN, James H. Spouse of Elizabeth M. born 1869 died 1929 Father
CRAWFORD, Joanna born 1890 died 1922 Rest in Peace
CRAWFORD, Robert born 1885 died 1968 Rest in Peace
CRUMB, Vera born 1886 died 1926 Daughter
CUMMINS, Glenda J. born 1923 died 1953
DALEY, Charles born Unknown died 1-26-1895 age 70y
DALEY, Hanora born Unknown died 2-16-1901 age 64y
DENEEN, Hanna born 1840 died 1914
DILLON, Lily Caroline born 1899 died 1948 of Weymouth England "Till We Meet"
DINEEN, John born 1842 died 1920
DINEEN, Julia Spouse of John D. born 1842 died 7--27-1901 age 59y
DINEEN, Julia born 1863 died 1940
DINEEN, Mathew born 1854 died 1926
DINNEEN, Daniel Spouse of Johannah born Unknown died 9-30-1889 age 80y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
DINNEEN, Johannah Spouse of Daniel born Unknown died 5-13-1887 age 75y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
DOHERTY, Itta B. Spouse of Luke J. born 1913 died 1963 Mother
DOHERTY, Luke J. Spouse of Itta B. born 1904 died 1958
DORAN, Elizabeth born 1866 died 1937
DOUGHERTY, Alice Spouse of David J. born 1859 died 1940
DOUGHERTY, Arthur born 1844 died 1910
DOUGHERTY, David J. Spouse of Alice born 1854 died 1934
DOUGHERTY, Edward born 7-3-1861 died 6-30-1902
DRISCOLL, D. born 1810 died 1891 Uncle
DRISCOLL, Dennis born Unknown died 4-26-1861 age 1y 5m Their Son" Son of James & Norah Driscoll
DRISCOLL, Ellen W . Spouse of Timothy J. born 1855 died 1891
DRISCOLL, Ellen born Unknown died 3-6-1888 age 90y
DRISCOLL, James born Unknown died 5-27-1883 age 80y
DRISCOLL, Margaret T "Maggie" born 1-9-1864 died 5-6-1882 age 18y 3m 27d Dau. of James & Norah Driscoll
DRISCOLL, Mary A. born Unknown died 1-21-1883 age 2yr 2m 21d Dau. of Timothy & Ellen Driscoll
DRISCOLL, Timothy J. Spouse of Ellen W. born 1854 died 1932
DUFFIE, Alice B . born 1858 died 1925
DUFFIE, Bernard born 1858 died 1934
DUFFY, Mary A. born 1869 died 1925
DUFFY, Patrick born 1821 died 1904
DURPE, Emmet B. Spouse of Marjorie E. born 10-15-1914 died 4-6-1955 N.Y. SSML3 U.S. Navy WW2
DURPE, Marjorie E. Spouse of Emmet B. born 1918 died 1955
EAGLE, Edward born 1884 died 1962 Son
EAGLE, Jacob Spouse of Mary born 1858 died 1911 Father
EAGLE, Mary Spouse of Jacob born 1858 died 1938 Mother
EAGLE, Velora W. born 1886 died 1973 Wife
EYMER, Mary J. died 7-12-1972 Baby
FARLEY, Ruth E. born 1894 died 1968 Daughter
FITZGERALD, Delores "Honey" born 7-5-1921 died 11-9-2007 age 86y Dau. of Anthony & Antoinette Leiziski Zenoski b. Tyler PA d. Wellsville NY
FITZGERALD, Michael W. born 12-7-1952 died 12-7-2004 age 52Y Son of Walter & Delores Zenoski Fitzgerald b. Cuba NY d. Miami Beach FL
FLEMIING, Priscilla A. born 8-18-1960 died 8-19-1960
FLEMING, Gloria J. Spouse of Richard J. "Red" born 6-5-1924 died 1-19-2008 age 83y Dau. of Llewellyn & Dorthea Cool Stillwell b. Buffalo NY d. Olean NY Wed 10-30-1945 in Angelica NY
FLEMING, Richard J. "Red" Spouse of Gloria J. Stillwell born 11-16-1918 died 4-24-1993 S Sgt. U.S. Army WW2
FOSTER, Clifton J. Spouse of Genevieve born 1902 died 1978
FOSTER, Genevieve Spouse of Clifton J. born 1901 died 1988
FOSTER, James C. Spouse of Nora Lee Mullane born 9-22-1929 died 8-22-2002 age 72y Son of Clifton J. & Genevieve Sweeney Foster b. & d. Olean NY Wed 10-4-1969 in Friendship NY U.S. Army Korea
FOSTER, Nora Lee Spouse of James C. born 4/13/1947 died 9/30/2010 age Dau of James J. & Lenora "Boots" Abbott Mullane b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 10-4-1969 in Friendship NY
GEISEL, Henry W. born 12-30-1928 died 4-22-1986 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
GOLDEN, Bridget Spouse of Joseph born Unknown died 6-7-1904 age 34y May Her Soul Rest in Peace Amen
GRAVES, Nellie Pierce born 1934 died 1986
GUILBRIDE, Katherine born 1842 died 1910
HAMILTON, Bernadine Mullane born 1916 died 1969 Mother of Theresa & William
HART, Andrew K. Spouse of Mary J. born 1841 died 1922
HART, Edward J. Spouse of Johanne born 1872 died 1950
HART, Johanne Spouse of Edward J. born 1874 died 1961
HART, Loretta born 1896 died 1908
HART, Mary A. Spouse of William H. born 1875 died 1930
HART, Mary J. Spouse of Andrew K. born 1852 died 1929
HART, William H. Spouse of Mary A. born 1876 died 1938
HARTIGAN, Johanna born 1808 died 1887
HARTIGAN, Julia M. born 1876 died 1960
HARTIGAN, Margaret Spouse of Maurice born 1848 died 1897 Mother
HARTIGAN, Mary E. born 1874 died 1948
HARTIGAN, Maurice Spouse of Margaret born 1842 died 1903 Father
HARTIGAN, William A. born 1878 died 1948
HEARY, Donald F. Spouse of Linda N. born 9-21-1941 died 3-29-2009 Wed 5-2-1964
HEARY, Leo A. Spouse of Betty born 1910 died 1978 Wed 10-16-1937 in Emporium PA
HEARY, Linda N. Spouse of Donald F. Born 10-1-1942 died 3-9-2015 Age 72y - Dau of Frank & Hazel Neild b. Hornell NY d. Friendship NY Wed 5-2-1964
HEARY, Mildred "Betty" Spouse of Leo A. born 2-1-1918 died 5-24-2009 age 91y Dau. of George W. & Anna Marie Glasl Hornung b. Emproium PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 10-16-1937 in Emporium PA
HENDERSON, Agnes M. Spouse of L. Grant born 1913 died 1984 Wife
HENDERSON, L. Grant Spouse of Agnes M. born 4-4-1912 died 12-24-2000 Husband Tec. 5 U.S. Army WW2
HOFFMANN, William C. born 1931 died 1950
HOYER, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Spouse of Walter H. born 12-27-1918 died 11-25-2008 Dau. of John & Isabelle Hurley b. Fort Wayne IN d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-17-1940 in Friendship NY
HOYER, Walter H. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth "Betty" born 10-23-1917 died 10-14-2008 age 90y Son of Karl & Anna Hoyer b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-17-1940 in Friendship NY Pvt. U.S. Army Air Force WW2
HURLEY, Isabelle C. Spouse of John A. born 1880 died 1950
HURLEY, John A. Spouse of Isabelle C. born 1872 died 1948
HURLEY, Richard H. born 1911 died 1992
HURLEY, Robert J. born 1909 died 1984
HYLAND, Mary A. Spouse of Timothy born 1866 died 1946
HYLAND, Timothy Spouse of Mary A. born 1862 died 1940
HYLAND, Vincent born 1903 died 1918
ILLERBRUN, Bertha Valdez Spouse of Joseph A. born 1931 died 1984
ILLERBRUN, Joseph A. Spouse of Bertha Valdez born 7-10-1926 died 7-19-1991 Pvt. U.S. Army WW2 Love Lives On
ILLERBRUN, Joseph E. born 11-24-1949 died 11-12-2003 Sp. 5 U. S. Army Vietnam
KANE, Mary Alderson born 1874 died 1958
KEENAN, Charles J. born 1897 died 1924
KEENAN, Charles L. born 1861 died U/C
KEENAN, Gerald J. born 1894 died 1918
KEENAN, James Spouse of Phoebe J. born Unknown died 10-16-1903 age 71y Father
KEENAN, Mary A. born 1860 died 1930
KEENAN, Mary M. born 5-28-1858 died 6-20-1919
KEENAN, Phoebe J. Spouse of James born Unknown died 9-20-1892 age 61y Mother
KEENEN, Bridget Spouse of Cornelius born 1830 died 1906
KEENEN, Cornelius Spouse of Bridget born 1825 died 1907
KELLY, Beatrice Spouse of Edward J. born 1886 died 1947
KELLY, Edward J. Spouse of Beatrice born 1878 died 1961
KELLY, John V. Spouse of Margaret D. born 1880 died 1955
KELLY, Joseph T. Spouse of Nina C. born 9-18-1919 died 6-19-1991 Tec. 5 U.S. Army WW2
KELLY, Katherine born 1844 died 1934
KELLY, Margaret D. Spouse of John V. born 1883 died 1976
KELLY, Miles J. born 4-5-1922 died 3-16-1945 New York Pvt. 255th Inf. 63rd Div. WW2
KELLY, Miles born 1840 died 1912
KELLY, Nina C. Spouse of Joseph T. born 1922 died 1965
KOLISCH, Victorine de R born 1877 died 1968
KORDISH, Robert Spouse of Sophia L. born 1904 died 1966
KORDISH, Sophia L. Spouse of Robert born 1911 died 1965
LANGMADE, Rosa Spouse of Earl T. born 1865 died 1926
LARROW, Alice born 1882 died 1950
LaRUCHE, Irving E. Spouse of Mary H. Coughlin born 7-1920 died 3-1991 Husband Wed 6-1-1939
LaRUCHE, Mary H. Coughlin Spouse of Irving E. born 5-1915 died 10-2000 Wife Wed 6-1-1939
LaRUCHE, Mary Lou Ranson born Unknown died 7-20-1943
LORROW, Joseph F. born 4-5-1922 died 9-17-1992 Pfc. U.S. Army WW2 Purple Heart
LOZELL, Donald R. Spouse of Mary J. born 1930 died 2000
LOZELL, Mary J. Spouse of Donald R. born 1944 died U/C
LYNCH, Mary C. Spouse of Patrick F. born 1867 died 1953
LYNCH, Patrick Spouse of Mary C. born 1865 died 1947
MADDEN, Ann Spouse of Thomas born 8-9-1830 died 4-2-1889
MADDEN, Elizabeth born 1866 died 1928
MADDEN, John born 1861 died 1883
MADDEN, Thomas Spouse of Ann born 5-11-1810 died 11-15-1890
McCARTHTY, James born Unknown died 12-26-1897 age 87y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
McCARTHY, Andrew born Unknown died 10-16-1883 age 38y
McCARTHY, Bernice Howe Spouse of James M. born 1885 died 1965
McCARTHY, Catherine G. born 1875 died 1895
McCARTHY, Catherine Spouse of Daniel F. born 1843 died 1916
McCARTHY, Daniel F. Spouse of Catherine born 1850 died 1927
McCARTHY, Daniel Spouse of Magilis born Unknown died 4-21-1899 age 82y Requiescant in Peace
McCARTHY, Daniel born Unknown died 2-7-1893 age 52y NYV Co. F 26 16NY Heav. Art.
McCARTHY, Dennis W. born Unknown died 6-25-1877 age 37y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
McCARTHY, Edward W. born 1918 died 1965 Not My Will But Thine Be Done
McCARTHY, Edward born Unknown died 12-10-1877 age 6y
McCARTHY, Ellen E. born 7-1-1886 died 12-22-1889 Dau. of D. E. & Kate McCarthy Birth Date could be 1880
McCARTHY, Ellen Spouse of Patrick born Unknown died 12-26-1893 age 77y
McCARTHY, Fred A. born 7-29-1877 died 7-25-1904
McCARTHY, James J. born 1953 died 1980 Not My Will But Thine Be Done
McCARTHY, James M. Spouse of Bernice Howe born 1881 died 1977
McCARTHY, Jane born Unknown died 8-14-1927
McCARTHY, Jerimiah born Unknown died 12-14-1877 age 8y
McCARTHY, Magilis Spouse of Daniel born Inknown died 6-10-1895 age 63y Requiescant in Peace
McCARTHY, Mary Spouse of Michael born Unknown died 6-11-1916 age 73y
McCARTHY, Mary born 1920 died U/C
McCARTHY, Mary born Unknown died Unknown No Dates - In Memory of
McCARTHY, Michael Spouse of Mary born Unknown died 11-1-1927 age 81y
McCARTHY, Patrick Spouse of Ellen born Unknown died 10-4-1892 age 76y
McCARTHY, Tomie born Unknown died 1-24-1889 age 12y
McCARTHY, William A. born 1871 died 1898
McCREA, John A. "Jack" Spouse of Joyce Behringer born 6-27-1929 died 8-22-2001
McCREA, Joyce Behringer Spouse of John A. "Jack" born 9-16-1935 died U/C
McDERMOTT, Agnes born 1880 died 1922
McDERMOTT, Agnes born died Baby could not read dates
McDERMOTT, Anna born 1883 died 1883
McDERMOTT, Benjamin E. Spouse of Bertha E. born 1888 died 1956
McDERMOTT, Bertha E. Spouse of Benjamin E. born 1884 died 1955
McDERMOTT, Charles M. born 12-29-1889 died 12-6-1974 Sgt. U.S. Army
McDERMOTT, Cheryl A. born 10-1-1951 died 1-16-1956
McDERMOTT, Edward Spouse of Ellen J. born 4-4-1858 died 2-28-1939 Father
McDERMOTT, Ella born 8-8-1879 died 8-18-1879
McDERMOTT, Ellen J. Spouse of Edward born 3-1-7-1863 died 11-30-1948 Mother
McDERMOTT, Frank N. born 1873 died 1943
McDERMOTT, Gertrude born 1886 died 1902
McDERMOTT, John born 12-21-1933 died 10-4-1961
McDERMOTT, John born 1848 died 1897
McDERMOTT, John born 2-29-1848 died 8-6-1897
McDERMOTT, Joseph born 1887 died 1930 Son
McDERMOTT, Margaret Spouse of Michael born Unknown died 8-13-1896 age 73y
McDERMOTT, Margaret born 1823 died 1896
McDERMOTT, Mary A., born 1900 died 1995
McDERMOTT, Mary M. born 1855 died 1917
McDERMOTT, Michael Spouse of Margaret born Unknown died 11-9-1895 age 72y
McDERMOTT, Michael born 1823 died 1896
McDERMOTT, Nancy N. born 4-20-1927 died 7-11-1995
McDERMOTT, Teresa J. born 1898 died 1992
McDERMOTT, Tracey A. born 1962 died 1962
McDERMOTT, William E. born 3-27-1924 died 12-3-1973 New York 2D Lt. Army Air Forces WW2
McDONALD, D. Eloy born 1899 died 1983 Pfc. U.S. Army WW1 & WW2
McDONALD, Daniel born 1856 died 1925
McDONALD, Henry Spouse of Katherine born 1861 died 1955
McDONALD, Katherine Spouse of Henry born 1867 died 1933
McDONALD, Leo born 1901 died 1922
McGRAW, Bridget born 1823 died 1910 Mother
McGRAW, James born 1845 died 1921 Brother
McGRAW, John born 1803 died 1887 Father
McGRAW, Margaret born 1853 died 1927 Sister
McGRAW, P. H. born 1842 died 1909 Brother
McGRAW, William born 1848 died 1922 Brother
McLAUGHLIN, Adelia Spouse of Frank born 1862 died 1926
McLAUGHLIN, Catherine Spouse of James born 1842 died 1921
McLAUGHLIN, Cornelius born 1898 died 1918 U.S. Marines 53rd Co.
McLAUGHLIN, Edward A. Spouse of Mary J. born 1875 died 1967
McLAUGHLIN, Frank Spouse of Adelia born 1857 died 1934 Father
McLAUGHLIN, Frank born 10-18-1849 died 9-5-1891
McLAUGHLIN, George born 1872 died 1908 Child of Frank & Mary McLaughlin
McLAUGHLIN, James Spouse of Catherine born 1826 died 1903
McLAUGHLIN, Leo J. born 12-10-1909 died 2-14-1999 U.S. Army WW2
McLAUGHLIN, Mary J. Spouse of Edward A. born 1877 died 1953
McLAUGHLIN, Mary Spouse of Frank born 1839 died 1910
McLAUGHLIN, Mary Spouse of Patrick born 8-15-1821 died 2-12-1909
McLAUGHLIN, Mary born 8-29-1896 died 7-28-1899
McLAUGHLIN, Patrick Spouse of Mary born 3-17-1819 died 5-12-1870
McLAUGHLIN, Sophia born 1870 died 1886 Child of Frank & Mary McLaughlin
MEEHAN, John born 1838 died 1886
MINTON, Catherine Spouse of M. L. born 1850 died 1933
MINTON, John born 1883 died 1955
MINTON, M. L. Spouse of Catherine born 1858 died 1930
MINTON, Rose Spouse of born 1888 died 1974
MINTON, Teresa A. Spouse of William L. born 1883 died 1935
MINTON, William L. Spouse of Teresa A. born 1885 died 1974
MOHAR, Anthony Spouse of Josephine born 1887 died 1956
MOHAR, Josephine Spouse of Anthony born 1894 died 1978
MOOT, Irene M. Spouse of Raymond born 1898 died 1981
MOOT, Raymond Spouse of Irene M. born 1897 died 1955
MORAN, Catherine Spouse of Michael Jr. born Unknown died 7-20-1927 Our Mother
MORAN, Elizabeth born 1891 died 1983
MORAN, James E. born 1887 died 1916
MORAN, Johannah Spouse of Michael born Unknown died 2-6-1892 age 70y Requiescant in Peace
MORAN, Margaret born 1893 died 1955
MORAN, Michael Jr. Spouse of Catherine born Unknown died 4-24-1894 age 37y
MORAN, Michael Spouse of Johannah born Unknown died 2-16-1909 age 84y Requiescant in Peace
MULLANE, Anna E. Spouse of James M. born 1882 died 1948
MULLANE, Anna King Spouse of Michael born 1841 died 1906 Mother
MULLANE, Frank M. Sgt. born 1911 died 1955 In Memory of Arlington National Cemetery
MULLANE, James J. Spouse of Lenora A. born 1923 died 1978 Father Pvt. U.S. Army WW2
MULLANE, James M. Spouse of Anna E. born 1873 died 1940
MULLANE, Lenora A. Spouse of James J. born 1925 died U/C Mother
MULLANE, Michael Spouse of Anna King born 1846 died 1923 Father
MULLANE, Susie C. Spouse of William M. born 1881 died 1951 Mother
MULLANE, William M. Spouse of Susie C. born 1879 died 1952
MURPHY, Daniel born 1866 died 1930
MURPHY, Emma A. born 1870 died 1936
NEARY, Catherine Spouse of Thomas C. born 1877 died 1952
NEARY, Charles W. born 1897 died 1970
NEARY, Thomas C. Spouse of Catherine born 1870 died 1946
NOLAN, Joanna born 1821 died 1904 Mother
NOLAN, Margaret born 1856 died 1952
NOLAN, Mary born 1847 died 1930 Sister
O'MEARA, Peter O. Spouse of Sadie born 1883 died 1948 New York Master Sgt. 43 AAF Bomb SQ WW1 & WW2
O'MEARA, Sadie Spouse of Peter O. born 1896 died 1949
ODELL, Maud E. born 1886 died 1942
OLSON, Axel B. born 4-19-1904 died 7-20-1972
PADDEN, Ernest E. Spouse of Margaret M. born 10-20-1906 died 5-13-1984 S1 U.S. Navy WW2
PADDEN, Margaret M. Spouse of Ernest E. born 1-15-1910 died 1-13-2003 age 92y Dau. of Daniel & Maryanne Byrne Hartigan b. Friendship NY d. Houghton NY Wed 10-20-1934 in Friendship NY
PAOLIELLO, Anna Spouse of Nicola born 7-26-1905 died 11-2-1967
PAOLIELLO, Nicola Spouse of Anna born Unknown died 1-24-1943 New York Pvt. 1CL Q.M. Corps
PETTNOT, Helen C. born 1909 died 1980
PETTNOT, John C. born 1907 died 1973
PETTNOT, Teresa C. born 1933 died U/C
PIERCE, Dorothy E. born 6-28-1914 died 1-2-1999 Mother
PIERCE, John W. born 9-25-1939 died 9-29-1969 N.Y. Sp. 4 U.S. Army Vietnam
POTTER, Edson born 7-21-1907 died 1-25-1978 Pvt. U.S. Army WW2 Love Lives On
POWERS, William born Unknown died 9-21-1889 age 30y Son of Patrick & Mary Powers May His Soul Rest in Peace Amen
RAUBER, William N. Sr. born 1-30-1935 died 11-19-1975 Pvt. U.S. Army Korea
RIEHLE, Julia E. Spouse of Laurence P. born 1906 died 1992
RIEHLE, Laurence P. Spouse of Julia E. born 1904 died 1968
RIPPLE, Dolores M. Spouse of Thomas A. born 1928 died U/C
RIPPLE, Richard C. born 1957 died 1966
RIPPLE, Thomas A. Spouse of Dolores M. born 1915 died 1997
ROMANELLI, Henry W. Spouse of Josephine born 3-20-1910 died 2-8-1961 New York Crm. USNR WW2
ROMANELLI, Josephine Spouse of Henry W. born 1903 died 1969
ROMANELLI, Rose Spouse of Thomas born 4-29-1867 died 7-16-1939
ROMANELLI, Thomas Spouse of Rose born 10-16-1867 died 11-11-1950
SCROKE, Frank born 10-5-1883 died 1-28-1962 Father
SHERWOOD, Kathryn Spouse of Roy C. born 1899 died 1984 Not My Will But Thine Be Done
SHERWOOD, Robert N. Spouse of Phyllis A. Gray Born 9-24-1927 died 1-17-2015 Age 87y - Son of Roy C. & Kathryn Franzen Sherwood b. Floreffe PA d. Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marines & US Navy
SHERWOOD, Roy C. Spouse of Kathryn born 1899 died 1966 Not My Will But Thine Be Done
SHIELDS, Bridget Spouse of Lawrence born 2-25-1818 died 3-14-1896 May Her Soul Rest in Peace Amen
SHIELDS, Lawrence Spouse of Bridget born 12-28-1814 died 5-21-1884 May His Soul Rest in Peace Amen
SKADOWSKI, Agatha Spouse of Karl born 1884 died 1928
SKADOWSKI, Karl Spouse of Agatha born 1875 died 1939
SKAEHILL, Catherine Spouse of Michael born 1860 died 1944 Mother
SKAEHILL, James M. Spouse of Margaret born 1887 died 1952 Husband
SKAEHILL, Margaret Spouse of James M. born 1889 died 1964 Wife
SKAEHILL, Michael Spouse of Catherine born 1857 died 1924 Father
SKAEHILL, Mildred born 1887 died 1941 Mother
SLATTERY, William J. born 1887 died 1926
SMITH, Jane M. Spouse of Lee E. Sr. born 2-14-1941 died 6-30-2003 age 63y Dau. of Irving E. & Mary H. Coughlin LaRuche b. Belfast NY d. Friendship NY Wed 4-23-1962 in Wellsville NY
SMITH, Lee E. Sr. Spouse of Jane M. born 12-9-1939 died U/C Wed 4-23-1962
SMITH, Marie McCarthy born 1917 died 1979
SNYDER, Agnes McCarthy Spouse of W. H. born 11-22-1881 died 6-30-1919 Rest in Peace
STORM, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Spouse of Hurford A. Born 8-9-1924 died 1-3-2016 Age 949y - Dau of Clifton J. & Genevieve Sweeney Foster b. Olean NY d. Friendship NY Wed 8-11-1990 in Friendship NY Hurford died 4-13-1998
STROYNE, Andrew F. born 1853 died 1923
STROYNE, Florence F. born 1899 died 1976
STROYNE, Frank born 1893 died 1912
STROYNE, Katherine born 1861 died 1930
SWEENEY, Edward J. born 1899 died 1966 Son
SWEENEY, James E. Spouse of Tillie born 1863 died 1944 Father
SWEENEY, Tillie Spouse of James E. born 1876 died 1948 Mother
TEDESCO, Salvatore F. born 9-13-1931 died 3-7-2009 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
TERIBURY, Eleanor G. born 1888 died 1957
THOMAS, Homer B. born 1862 died 1899
TYRRELL, Edward born 1847 died 1899
TYRRELL, Edward born Unknown died 1-18-1902 age 33y May His Soul Rest in Peace Amen
TYRRELL, Jane Spouse of Thomas born Unknown died 6-14-18?? age 46y
TYRRELL, Morris born 5-6-1880 died 8-3-1889
TYRRELL, Thomas Spouse of Jane born Unknown died 7-4-18?? age 47y
UNKNOWN, Agnes born Unknown died 1933 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, Baby Girl born Unknown died 1938 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, Bernard born 1931 died 1933 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, Boy born Unknown died 1935 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, Boy born Unknown died 1937 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, Rocco born Unknown died 1933 No Last Name
UNKNOWN, William born Unknown died 9-6-1895 age 75y No Last Name - Near Dougherty Stone
WERELEY, Gordon A. Jr. Spouse of Nancy C. born 1939 died U/C
WERELEY, Gordon A. Spouse of Jessie E. Parker born 1916 died 1984 Wed 9-6-1934 Wither Thou Goest I Will Go
WERELEY, Jessie E. Spouse of Gordon A. Born 6-14-1919 died 4-13-2015 Age 95y - Dau of Claude E. & Blanche E. Rowe Parker b. Solon NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-6-1934 "Wither Thou Goest I will Go"
WERELEY, Nancy C. Spouse of Gordon A. Jr. born 1940 died 1970
WILLIAMS, Agnes Clark born 1883 died 1960
WILLIAMS, Evangeline R. born 1907 died 2000
WILLIAMS, Herbert E. born 1867 died 1949
WILLIAMS, Rachel Alderson born 1872 died 1940
WILLIAMS, S. Glenn born 1898 died 1967
ZENOSKI, Ethelyn Spouse of Joseph L. born 1913 died 1969
ZENOSKI, Helen J. Spouse of Walter S. born 1907 died 1972 Together Forever
ZENOSKI, Joan born 1931 died 1948
ZENOSKI, Joseph L. Spouse of Ethelyn born 1900 died 1979
ZENOSKI, Walter S. Spouse of Helen J. born 1907 died 1987 Together Forever
ZUMBUSCH, Ferdinand REV. born 1862 died 1933 Ordained 3-21-1892 Monument erected by friends. In Loving Memory of the Reverend

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