Sacred Heart Cemetery
Town of Wellsville
Stone readings by Eleanor Schwalb 2005
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb

Photo by Eleanor Schwalb

NAGLE, John. Born 1875, died 1931
NAGLE, Josephine Daley. Born 1883, died 1956
NAGLE, Margaret Higgins. Born 1877, died 1918
NAGLE, Mary. Born 1898, died 1958
NAGLE, William J.. Born 12-19-1896, died 10-8-1952 - WW I Vet, US Army, MG Co. 9th Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart. New York
NAPOLITIAN, Isabelle. Born 12-23-1892, died 11-13-1916 - Death Date could also be 1918
NEARY, Bridget - Name but no dates
NEARY, Mary, died 12-12-1886. Age: 24y
NEBELLO, M. Christina. Born 1958, died 1973
NESTORYAK, Joseph N.. Born 1-13-1927, died 9-30-2001 - Beloved Father - Korean War Vet, US Army
NEUGENT, John "Jack". Spouse of Mary O'Leary. Born 4-5-1921, died 1-7-2004. Age: 82y - Son of John & Rose Nunn Neugent b. Bolivar, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-13-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe
NEUGENT, Mary(O'Leary). Spouse of John B. "Jack". Born 1/3/1918, died 12/7/2010 - Dau of Timothy & Mabel Bowker O'Leary b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-13-1947 in Wellsville NY
NEWARK, Angeline "Nellie". Spouse of James H.. Born 3-9-1919, died 5-27-2008 - Dau of George & Agnes Zdybel Rzezniczak Zeznick b. Salamanca, NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-27-1941 in Salamanca, NY
NEWARK, James Herman. Spouse of Angeline "Nellie" Zeznick. Born 9/3/1919, died 2/3/2016. Age: 96y - Son of James B. & Iva Weaver Newark b. Salamanca NY d. Wellsville NY Wed12-27-1941 in Salamanca NY - WW II Vet US Navy, EM1. South Pacific aboard the USS Canberra which was in 18 major battles - Awarded 6 Battle Stars, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal with one Bronze Sta,r Philippine Independence Medal, and Good Conduct Medal
NEWTON, Leslie C. "Jim". Spouse of Mary Cecilia Murphy. Born 5-15-1931, died 4-9-2009. Age: 77y - Son of Wallace & Cora Corwin Newton b.Sharon Center Pad. Buffalo NY Wed 5-21-1977 in Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army - Korean War Vet, US Army
NEWTON, Mary Cecilia "Ceil". Spouse of Leslie Clair "Jim". Born 1/10/1922, died 4/9/2014. Age: 92y - Dau of Michael R. Mary Elizabeth Lynch Murphy b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-21-1977
NICHOLSON, Elizabeth M.. Spouse of Joseph F.. Born uncut, died uncut
NICHOLSON, Joseph F.. Spouse of Elizabeth M.. Born 1897, died 1963
NICOLOFF, Annie, died 1968
NISSEL, Elizabeth M.. Spouse of Frank J.. Born 1902, died 1994
NISSEL, Frank J.. Spouse of Elizabeth M.. Born 1883, died 1960
NITSCHE, Mildred. Spouse of Robert M.. Born 1898, died 1964 - My Jesus Mercy
NITSCHE, Robert M.. Spouse of Mildred. Born 1891, died 1984 - My Jesus Mercy
NOBELLO, M. Christina. Born 1958, died 1973
NOLAN, Anna. Born 1867, died 1923
NOLAN, Christopher. Born 1839, died 12-31-1887 - Born in Co West Meath, Ireland
NOLAN, James, died 2-21-1880. Age: 56y - A Native of Country West Meath, Ireland
NOONAN, Lawrence, died 12-18-1889. Age: 23y - Lord Have Mercy On the Soul of Lawrence Noonan. Erected By His Uncle Rev. M. J. Flood
NOWACKI, Suzanne M.. Born 1949, died 1997
NYE, Eugene G.. Spouse of Veronica Ludden. Born 11/17/1929, died 3/20/2015. Age: 85y - Son of Lyle E. & Ethel M. Gardner Nye b. Wellsville NY d. Newberry SC Wed 4-11-1953. Mausoleum - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
NYE, Veronica G.. Spouse of Eugene G.. Born 11/6/1931, died 3/11/2010. Age: 78y - Dau of Francis & Mary McNeill Ludden b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-11-1953 in Wellsville NY
O'BRIEN, Abbie M.. Born 1898, died 1983
O'BRIEN, Bertha F.. Spouse of Timothy M.. Born 1870, died 1948
O'BRIEN, Bridget. Spouse of David, died 4-18-1864. Age: 16y - Dau of John & Ellen Magner
O'BRIEN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Michael. Born 1857, died 1927
O'BRIEN, Father. Born 1823, died 1900
O'BRIEN, Gertrude E. Shine. Spouse of Matthew L.. Born 1925, died uncut
O'BRIEN, Gertrude Margaret (Shine). Spouse of Matthew. Born 11-7-1925, died 4-7-2023. Age: 97y - Dau of Jeremiah & Catherine (Kane) Shine. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 8-18-1948 in Wellsville, NY. Three children.
O'BRIEN, Gordon Richard. Born 6-8-1929, died 3-3-1995. Age: 65y - Son of Maurice J. & Helen M. Gordon O'Brien b. Wellsville, NY d. Tucson, AZ - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
O'BRIEN, Helen M.. Spouse of Maurice J.. Born 1901, died 1987
O'BRIEN, John. Born 1877, died 1916
O'BRIEN, John P.. Born 1823, died 1900
O'BRIEN, John P.. Spouse of Mary Shea. Born 1867, died 1947 - Father
O'BRIEN, Joseph J.. Spouse of Rose E.. Born 1900, died 1951
O'BRIEN, Julia. Spouse of T. O. O'Brien. Born 1849, died 1901
O'BRIEN, Mary. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1832, died uncut
O'BRIEN, Mary Shea. Spouse of John P.. Born 1867, died 1932 - Mother
O'BRIEN, Matthew L.. Spouse of Gertrude E. Shine. Born 5-6-1927, died 8-18-1988 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
O'BRIEN, Michael. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1822, died 1908
O'BRIEN, Michael. Born 1884, died 1924
O'BRIEN, Mother. Born 1827, died 1901
O'BRIEN, Patrick. Spouse of Mary. Born 1828, died 1901
O'BRIEN, Rose E.. Spouse of Joseph J.. Born 1900, died 1989
O'BRIEN, Sheila Marie, died 1955. Age: 5w - Dau of Matthew & Gertrude O'Brien
O'BRIEN, T. O.. Spouse of Julia. Born 1844, died 1900
O'BRIEN, Timothy M.. Spouse of Bertha F.. Born 1873, died 1950
O'BRIEN, William Fogarty. Born 1870, died 1905
O'CONNELL, Agnes B.. Born 1868, died 1926
O'CONNELL, Bridget O'Brien. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1830, died 1911 - Wed 5-4-1856
O'CONNELL, Cpl. John F.. Born 1926, died 1949 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 3704th BU
O'CONNELL, Ella. Born 1902, died 1905
O'CONNELL, Ella K.. Born 1874, died 1947
O'CONNELL, F. Touhy. Born 1894, died 1947
O'CONNELL, Francis J.. Born 1867, died 1919
O'CONNELL, Frank J.. Born 1861, died 1929
O'CONNELL, Gertrude. Born 1904, died 1935
O'CONNELL, James. Spouse of Margaret, died 4-27-1892
O'CONNELL, James J.. Born 1852, died 1925
O'CONNELL, John, died 10-20-1870
O'CONNELL, John - Unable to read stone
O'CONNELL, Margaret. Spouse of James. Born 3-30-1823, died uncut
O'CONNELL, Margaret, died uncut - Dau of Dennis & Catherine O'Connell
O'CONNELL, Maria. Spouse of James, died 2-13-1878. Age: 44y 10m 26d - May Her Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
O'CONNELL, Mary C.. Born 1888, died 1958
O'CONNELL, Monica. Born 1896, died 1916
O'CONNELL, Patrick. Spouse of Bridget O'Brien. Born 3-17-1830, died uncut. Age: 92y - Born W. Meath Co, Ireland. Wed 5-4-1856
O'CONNOR, Alicia Julia. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1871, died 1926 - Mother
O'CONNOR, Anna D., died 1962 - Dau of Francis B. & Loretta O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Cecelia. Born 1863, died 1917
O'CONNOR, David. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1806, died 1884 - b. in Ireland
O'CONNOR, Ellen. Spouse of Maurice, Sr., died 10-2-1886. Age: 48y
O'CONNOR, Ellen. Spouse of John L.. Born 1866, died 1958
O'CONNOR, Francis B.. Born 1883, died 1950
O'CONNOR, Gerald Dennis. Born 6-12-1945, died 10-19-2009. Age: 64y - Son of John G. & Lydia Rahr O'Connor b. & d. Wellsville NY
O'CONNOR, Gertrude B.. Spouse of John H., died 11-8-1974
O'CONNOR, Harold. Born 1902, died 1978
O'CONNOR, Infant Marion, died 1913
O'CONNOR, J. Gerald. Spouse of Lydia Rahr. Born 12-6-1907, died 8-3-1996. Age: 88y - Son of Patrick F. & Nellie O'Connor. Wed 5-3-1934
O'CONNOR, J. Harold. Born 1902, died 1978
O'CONNOR, James, died 12-4-1888. Age: 74y
O'CONNOR, James J.. Spouse of Teresa R.. Born 1881, died 1924
O'CONNOR, Jennie. Born uncut, died uncut
O'CONNOR, John H.. Spouse of Gertrude B., died 7-4-1935
O'CONNOR, John J.. Spouse of Lois Frederick. Born 4-13-1915, died 5-31-1997. Age: 82y - Son of John H. & Gertrude Burr O'Connor. Wed 6-27-1941 in Buffalo, NY "John's Other Life" - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
O'CONNOR, John J.. Spouse of Nellie. Born 5-3-1857, died 10-27-1902
O'CONNOR, John L.. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1866, died 1923
O'CONNOR, John M.. Born 1865, died 1892
O'CONNOR, Josephine. Born 1872, died 5-31-1934
O'CONNOR, Lawrence W.. Spouse of Mary P. "Marion". Born 1905, died 1960
O'CONNOR, Lois Frederick. Spouse of John J.. Born 6-17-1916, died 7-8-1999. Age: 83y - Dau of Paul & Anna Fiitterer Frederick. Wed 6-27-1941 in Buffalo, NY
O'CONNOR, Loretta. Born 1885, died 1958
O'CONNOR, Louise M. Spouse of William F. Jr.. Born 10/14/1922, died 8/1/2014. Age: 91y - Dau of Frank & Phoebe Dwight Palmatier b. Colesburg Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 8-2-1941 in Wellsville NY
O'CONNOR, Lydia Rahr. Spouse of J. Gerald. Born 12-1-1907, died 5-20-1992. Age: 84y - Dau of Charles & Anna Braunschweiger Rahr. Wed 5-3-1934
O'CONNOR, M. Elizabeth and Baby. Born uncut, died uncut
O'CONNOR, Marion, died 1913. Age: Infant - Dau of William F. & Maude M. O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Marion T.. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 3-2-1903, died 6-26-1998. Age: 95y - Dau of George W. & Theresa Mary Knorr Plain. Wed 6-23-1926
O'CONNOR, Mary. Born 1846, died 1908
O'CONNOR, Mary. Spouse of Michael. Born 1848, died 1934 - Mother
O'CONNOR, Mary. Born 1864, died 1935
O'CONNOR, Mary C.. Spouse of Timothy, died 1-22-1941
O'CONNOR, Mary E. McAuliffe. Spouse of Timothy. Born 1865, died 1923 - Mother
O'CONNOR, Mary Linehan. Spouse of David. Born 8-15-1827, died 7-9-1911 - born in Ireland
O'CONNOR, Mary P. "Marion". Spouse of Lawrence W.. Born 3-2-1903, died 6-26-1998. Age: 95y - Dau of George W. & Theresa Mary Korr Plain. Wed 6-23-1926
O'CONNOR, Maude M.. Spouse of William F.. Born 1886, died 1978
O'CONNOR, Maurice, Jr.. Born 8-19-1866, died 7-1-1936
O'CONNOR, Maurice, Sr.. Spouse of Ellen, died 11-13-1919. Age: 86y - In Memory of
O'CONNOR, Michael. Spouse of Mary. Born 1844, died 1923
O'CONNOR, Mother. Born 1838, died 1920
O'CONNOR, Nellie. Spouse of P. F. O'Connor. Born 1875, died 1931
O'CONNOR, Nellie. Spouse of John J.. Born 8-20-1868, died 9-13-1930
O'CONNOR, P. F.. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1874, died 1940
O'CONNOR, Patrick. Spouse of Alicia Julia. Born 1881, died 1944 - Father
O'CONNOR, Patrick. Born 1838, died 1911
O'CONNOR, Patrick C.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1860, died 1932
O'CONNOR, Teresa R.. Spouse of James J.. Born 1875, died 1927
O'CONNOR, Timothy. Born 1876, died 1882
O'CONNOR, Timothy. Spouse of Mary C., died 12-1-1945
O'CONNOR, Timothy. Spouse of Mary E. McAuliffe. Born 1857, died 1904 - Father
O'CONNOR, Vincent P., died 12-28-1938
O'CONNOR, Wife. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1838, died 1920
O'CONNOR, William F.. Spouse of Louise M.. Born 1919, died 1989
O'CONNOR, William F.. Spouse of Maude. Born 1880, died 1964
O'DONNELL, Joseph A.. Spouse of Mary L.. Born 10-3-1915, died 3-29-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
O'DONNELL, Mary L.. Spouse of Joseph A.. Born 9-25-1917, died 11-6-2004 - Dau of Domenico & Filomaini Ciarlantini b. Stone Dam, Town of Willing d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-17-1934 in Genesee, Pa
O'DONNELL, Mercedes E.. Born 1901, died 1933
O'DONNELL, Richard F.. Born 1909, died 1988
O'DONOVAN, Monique Maguerite. Born 1922, died 1986 - Mere Et Femme Adoree Au Revoir
O'HARA, Bonnie Jean. Spouse of John W.. Born 6-19-1923, died 8-4-2007. Age: 84y - Dau of Charles & Ethel Mae Weihonig b. Rochester, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 4-25-1946
O'HARA, Deborah Mae. Spouse of Calvin Puckett. Born 1949, died 12-11-2008. Age: 59y - Dau of John & Bonnie O'Hara b. Wellsville NY d. Scottsdale AZ Wed 1996 in Hong Kong Wed husband #1 Jon Gardner in 1970
O'HARA, Ella. Spouse of James. Born 1882, died 1970
O'HARA, James. Spouse of Ella. Born 1867, died 1952
O'HARA, John W.. Spouse of Bonnie J.. Born 1921, died 1982 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
O'HARA, John W. "Jack" Jr.. Spouse of Olive. Born 12-8-1951, died 3-2-2020. Age: 68y - Son of John & Bonnie (Weihonig) O'Hara. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived and died in Calabash, NC. Three daughters.
OHLINGER, Charles T.. Spouse of Mary "Eileen" McClure. Born 9-7-1914, died 7-18-1995. Age: 80y - Son of Charles & Ella Peck Ohlinger b. Homestead, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 5-9-1942 in Buffalo, NY
OHLINGER, Mary McClure "Eileen". Spouse of Charles T.. Born 5-23-1918, died 10-17-1998. Age: 80y - Dau of Charles & Monica Duggan McClure b. Akron, NY d. Rochester, NY. Wed 5-9-1942 in Buffalo, NY
O'KAIN, Lester L.. Born 1909, died 1958
O'KAIN, Mary Doris. Spouse of Lester L., died 12-4-2008 - Dau of William & Mary Whalen Concannon b. Victor NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1935 in Victor NY
O'KEEFE, Bernard J.. Spouse of Vivian W.. Born 11-25-1913, died 5-27-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
O'KEEFE, Catharine J.. Spouse of Daniel O.. Born 1-26-1838, died 3-10-1898
O'KEEFE, Daniel O.. Spouse of Catharine J.. Born 12-27-1837, died 5-22-1908
O'KEEFE, Donald. Born 1916, died 1939 - Erected By Mother Bella O'Keefe
O'KEEFE, Isabelle B.. Spouse of Joseph F.. Born 1880, died 1955
O'KEEFE, Joseph F.. Spouse of Isabelle B.. Born 1883, died 1953
O'KEEFE, M. Marie. Born U/C, died 3/30/2011 - Dau of Bernard & Vivian Steadman O'Keefe b. West Union d. Canandaigua NY
O'KEEFE, Margaret. Born 6-8-1807, died 9-10-1892
O'KEEFE, Vivian W.. Spouse of Bernard J.. Born 9-20-1914, died 10-13-2001 - Dau of Floyd & Florence Kibbe Steadman
O'LEARY, Anna. Born 1867, died 1921
O'LEARY, Catherine. Spouse of Francis, died 10-5-1894. Age: 40y
O'LEARY, Cornelius T.. Spouse of Kathryn C., died 2-17-1949
O'LEARY, Dennis, died 3-31-1873. Age: 9m 1d - Son of Jeremiah & M. O'Leary
O'LEARY, Ellen. Spouse of Patrick, died 4-20-1893 - Mother
O'LEARY, Father. Born 1845, died 1919
O'LEARY, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1836, died 1911 - Father
O'LEARY, James J.. Born 5-13-1895, died 10-23-1964 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. B 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt. New York
O'LEARY, James Jr.. Born 1870, died 1936 - Son of James & Mary O'Leary
O'LEARY, Johanna T.. Born 1867, died 1942 - Sister
O'LEARY, Kathryn C.. Spouse of Cornelius T., died uncut
O'LEARY, Mabel B.. Spouse of Timothy J.. Born 1885, died 1971
O'LEARY, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1846, died 1927 - Mother
O'LEARY, Mary E.. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 1911, died 1990 - Hail Mary
O'LEARY, Mathew, died 8-23-1903. Age: 22y - Son of Patrick & Ellen O'Leary
O'LEARY, Mother. Born 1862, died 1948
O'LEARY, Nora M.. Born 1878, died uncut
O'LEARY, Patrick. Spouse of Ellen, died 8-4-1907 - Father
O'LEARY, Richard J.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1915, died 1992 - Hail Mary
O'LEARY, Timothy J.. Spouse of Mabel B.. Born 1880, died 1948
ORBANK, Agnes. Spouse of Frank. Born 1868, died 1932 - Mother
ORBANK, Bernard. Born 1888, died 1972 - Son of Frank & Agnes Orbank
ORBANK, Frank. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1860, died 1942 - Father
ORBANK, John. Born 1886, died 1962 - Son of Frank & Agnes Orbank
ORDIWAY, John J.. Spouse of Mary D., died 1968
ORDIWAY, Mary D.. Spouse of John J., died 2004
O'REILLY, Lynn E.. Born 7-6-1954, died 12-21-1996 - Dau of Edward J. & Marion Deyo MacDuff
OREX, Dave, died 1991
O'ROURKE, Thomas J.. Born 1879, died 1954
O'SULLIVAN, Cornelius. Spouse of Katherine Lenehan. Born 7-28-1820, died 9-28-1911. Age: 91y - Son of David O'Sullivan and Mary Fitzmaurice, b. New Castle Limerick County Ireland
O'SULLIVAN, Katherine Lenehan. Spouse of Cornelius, died 2-20-1903 - Wed 1853
OXX, Bessie Riley. Born 1888, died 1966
PADDEN, Marlene C.. Spouse of Patrick P.. Born 6-18-1939, died 7-7-2007. Age: 68y - Dau of John E. & Pearl Shepard Childress b. Thorsby, Ala. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 5-28-1960 in Andover, NY
PADDEN, Steven P., died 5-8-1963
PAKOZDI, Eugene Dr.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1910, died 1974
PAKOZDI, Mary J.. Spouse of Eugene S. Dr.. Born 3-21-1914, died 12-31-2009. Age: 95y - Dau of Joseph & Anna Cheuy Durst b. Perth Amboy NJ d. Leroy NY Wed 1933
PaRICK, Florence Riley. Born 1902, died 1952 - Dau of Margaret R. Riley
PASQUALE, Amelia E.. Spouse of August C. Sr.. Born 1895, died 1976
PASQUALE, August C. Sr.. Spouse of Amelia E.. Born 1888, died 1952
PASQUALE, Frank W.. Spouse of Mary I.. Born 10-5-1920, died 12-21-1973 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Sgt. New York
PASQUALE, Giuseppe. Born 3-12-1815, died 6-17-1893
PASQUALE, Mary Elizabeth. Spouse of Francis "Frank" Sr.. Born 4/25/1925, died 1/23/2013. Age: 87y - Mary Elizabeth was adopted from Father Baker's Home for Children in Buffalo on 5-2-1925 and raised by Sabastiano & Isabella Salis b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 1949
PASQUALE, Michael "Mike". Spouse of Virginia T.. Born 8-7-1916, died 8-6-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
PASQUALE, Michael George "Mikey". Born 1-27-1953, died 8-12-2008. Age: 55y - Son of Frank & Mary Salis Paquale b. & d. Wellsville NY
PASQUALE, Virginia T.. Spouse of Michael "Mike". Born 2-8-1910, died 4-2-1987
PAYNE, Dale Robert. Spouse of Virginia M. Liesegang. Born 8-7-1922, died 3-8-2000. Age: 77y - Son of Archie & Allie Roberts Payne b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 5-8-1945 in Fort Lauderdale, FL - WW II Vet, US Navy - WW II Vet, US Navy
PAYNE, Daniel J. "Rev". Born 11-19-1966, died 4-15-1995. Age: 28y - Son of Dale R. & Virginia M. Liesegang Payne, died in an auto accident [To Know Him Was To Love Him]
PAYNE, David M.. Born 11-6-1976, died 2-8-1996. Age: 19y - Son of David D. & Cheryl Boccasini Payne b. Wellsville, NY d. Mesa, Ariz.
PAYNE, Gary R.. Spouse of Andrea P. Faber. Born 6/9/1952, died 1/19/2017 - Son of Dale R. & Virginia M. Liesegang Payne b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 7-6-1974 in Waverly NY. 30 years as a Licensed Respiratory Tech
PAYNE, Matthew, died 1969
PAYNE, Virginia M. (Liesegang) "Ginny". Spouse of Dale Robert Payne. Born 1/31/1926, died 2/12/2018. Age: 92y - Dau of German immigrants Henry & Rose Weihonig Liesegang b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-8-1946 A stay at home Mother and wife
PEANGATELLI, John P.. Born 10-3-1913, died 8-28-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
PEANGATELLI, Louis. Spouse of Splen. Born 1907, died 1994
PEANGATELLI, Paul G.. Spouse of Virginia E.. Born 8-11-1934, died 2-13-1991 - Korean War Vet, US Army
PEANGATELLI, Splen. Spouse of Louis. Born 1911, died 1994
PEANGATELLI, Virginia E.. Spouse of Paul G.. Born 12-27-1939, died uncut
PENDERGAST, Ann. Spouse of Thomas. Born uncut, died uncut
PENDERGAST, Mary. Spouse of Richard. Born 1844, died 1922
PENDERGAST, Richard. Spouse of Mary. Born 1846, died uncut
PENDERGAST, Thomas. Spouse of Ann. Born uncut, died uncut
PERAZZO, Joseph. Born 1867, died 1921
PERRY, Christopher J.. Born 1862, died 1939
PERRY, Elizabeth. Spouse of Wesley P.. Born 1859, died 1942
PERRY, Elizabeth G.. Born 1873, died 1940
PERRY, Mary. Spouse of Peter. Born 1835, died 1911 - Mother
PERRY, Nellie B.. Born 1896, died 1920
PERRY, Peter. Spouse of Mary. Born 1831, died uncut - Father
PERRY, Wesley P.. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1859, died 1930
PETRELLI, Myrna C. (Fairbrother). Spouse of #1 Roger Petersen, #2 Dominick Petrelli. Born 11/24/1936, died 4/14/2018. Age: 81y - Dau of Ronald & Genevieve Clark Fairbrother b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Predeceased by first husband. Wed #2 11-18-1967 in Hornell NY Retired from Wellsville Central as Secretary to the Director of Pupil Personal Services
PETREY, Anna. Born 1-2-1901, died 8-13-1990. Age: 89y - Dau of Peter & Elizabeth Markey Petrey
PETREY, Elizabeth Markey. Spouse of Peter. Born 1876, died 1937 - Mother
PETREY, Joseph A.. Spouse of Kathryn W.. Born 1905, died 5-25-1963
PETREY, Kathryn W.. Spouse of Joseph A.. Born 10-4-1904, died 12-11-1995. Age: 92y - Dau of Hugh E. & Mary Graham Walsh b. Dulaney, W.Va. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1-4-1932 in Wellsville, NY
PETREY, Leo. Born 1902, died 1904
PETREY, Peter. Spouse of Elizabeth Markey. Born 1861, died 1935 - Father
PETREY, Walter. Born 1909, died 1911
PETRIE, Jack M.. Spouse of Marguerite Bruzzi. Born 2-17-1921, died 4-9-2009. Age: 88y - Son of Harold E. & Hazel G. Metz Petrie b. Roulette PA, d, Wellsville NY. Wed 12-24-1943 in Coudersport PA. Mausoleum - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
PETRIE, Marguerite B.. Spouse of Jack M.. Born 7/16/1921, died 12/17/2015. Age: 94y - Dau of Vincenzo & Concetta Rao Bruzzi b. Gaffney Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 12-24-1943 in Coudersport Pa Mausoleum
PFLAGER, Evangeline G.. Spouse of #1 John Mayer, #2 Larry Pflager. Born 1903, died 1985
PFUNTNER, Clara M.. Spouse of William E.. Born 12-1-1921, died 12-8-2002. Age: 81y - Dau of Lewis Moore & Mary "Mae" Dickinson Moore b. Coudersport, Pa d. Glendale, AZ. Wed 1-5-1946 in Perry, NY
PFUNTNER, Margaret A.. Spouse of Walter A. Sr.. Born 1923, died 1980
PFUNTNER, Violet Mae. Spouse of Walter A.. Born 1898, died 1982
PFUNTNER, Walter A.. Spouse of Violet Mae. Born 3-2-1895, died 8-2-1945 - WW I Vet, 44th Coast Arty, Cpl. Pennsylvania
PFUNTNER, Walter A. Sr.. Spouse of Margaret A.. Born 5-22-1928, died 1-29-2000 - Son of Walter A. & Violet Mae Smith Pfuntner - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
PFUNTNER, William E.. Spouse of Clara M.. Born 1-4-1921, died 6-14-1995 - Wed 1-5-1946 - WW II Vet, US Navy, SK1
PIERCE, Robert Joseph. Born 9-16-1929, died 9-17-1929
PIEROTTI, Howard J.. Born 1932, died 1960
PIEROTTI, Louis L.. Born 2-21-1884, died 7-25-1952 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. E 403 Telegraph Bn, Cpl New York
PIGARD, Dolores Murphy. Born 1929, died 1980
PISCITELLI, Glenn C. "Babe". Spouse of Helen Lana. Born 1908, died 1956
PISCITELLI, Helen Lana. Spouse of Glenn C. "Babe". Born 10-10-1910, died 4-20-2002. Age: 91y - Dau of Joseph & Angelina Cardamone b. Bradford, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1934 in Bradford, Pa
PISCITELLI, Robert. Spouse of Barbara (Lanphear). Born 11-23-1936, died 4-6-2020. Age: 83y - Son of Glenn C. & Helen Lana (Cardamone) Piscitelli. Married in 1958.
PLAIN, Baby. Born uncut, died uncut
PLAIN, George W.. Born 1859, died 1938
PLAIN, Leonard S.. Born 1893, died 1975
PLAIN, Mary T.. Spouse of G. W. Plain. Born 1858, died 1914
PLATTS, Eugene J. "Gene", died 5/24/2017. Age: 91y - Son of Joseph & Mary Miller Platts b. Brookville PA d. Cuba NY. Worked for Xerox & Bausch & Lomb of Rochester - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1943-1946
PLATTS, Joseph C.. Spouse of Mary C. Miller. Born 1898, died 1979
PLATTS, Mary C. (Miller). Spouse of Joseph C.. Born 1907, died 1996
POTTER, Arden E.. Spouse of Lucille M. Baker. Born 11-22-1915, died 11-1-1983 - WW II Vet, US Navy, F1
POTTER, Lucille M. (Baker). Spouse of Arden E.. Born 4/29/1917, died 9/2/2011. Age: 94y - Dau of John C. & Catherine Reynolds Baker b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-9-1952 in Andover NY
POTTER, Mary Baker. Born 1895, died 1954
POTTER, Mary R.. Born 1920, died 2002
POWERS, Helen. Spouse of John. Born uncut, died uncut
POWERS, John. Spouse of #1 Helen, #2 Mary T., died 1-21-1901. Age: 90y
POWERS, Josephine T.. Spouse of Thomas A.. Born 1873, died 1946
POWERS, Mary T.. Spouse of John. Born 1864, died 1902 - Rest In Peace
POWERS, Robert. Born 1900, died 1938
POWERS, Thomas A.. Born 10-22-1913, died 12-26-1968 - WW II Vet, US Army, 101 Inf 26 Inf Div, Capt Pennsylvania
POWERS, Thomas A.. Spouse of Josephine T.. Born 1866, died 1914
PRENTICE, Thomas E., died 3-27-1888. Age: 13y
PRESCOTT, Barbara Jean, died 4-2-1960 - Dau of Robert N. & Margaret T. Foster Prescott
PRESCOTT, John N.. Born 11-17-1962, died 6-26-1982. Age: 19y - Son of Robert N. & Margaret T. Foster Prescott b. Wellsville, NY d. in auto accident in Alma, NY Eagle Scout
PRESCOTT, Margaret T. Foster. Spouse of Robert N.. Born 8/23/1926, died 4/4/2015. Age: 88y - Dau of Clifton Joseph & Mary Genevieve Sweeney Foster b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-6-1959
PRESCOTT, Robert N.. Spouse of Margaret Foster. Born 1920, died 1989 Wed 6-6-1959
PRIME, Elizabeth Lake, died 1930
PURGA, Adelbert D.. Spouse of Susan V.. Born 1909, died 1987
PURGA, Susan V.. Spouse of Adelbert D.. Born 1914, died 1989
QUACKENBUSH, Nancy Ann Wood. Spouse of Terry Ray. Born 2-1-1946, died uncut
QUACKENBUSH, Terry Ray. Spouse of Nancy Ann Wood. Born 10-21-1943, died 7-29-1988 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, SP4. Saigon 10-21-1965 - 10-21-1966 Phu Lam
RAHR Sr., Carl H.. Spouse of Dorothy Browning. Born 1-2-1928, died 6-1-2007. Age: 79y - Son of Henry & Carmel Smith Rahr b. & d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-11-1958 in Scio, NY. Involved in Cub & Boy Scouts and Wellsville Youth baseball including Little League & Babe Ruth. Honored by Wellsville Baseball Boosters and Wellsville Chamber of Commerce for his significant contributions to the Wellsville area - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
RAHR, Carmel M.. Spouse of Henry C.. Born 1898, died 1980
RAHR, Donna M.. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 10/3/1937, died 1-17-2009 - Dau of Howard & Mary Beal MaGee b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 7-24-1965 in Stannards NY
RAHR, Henry C.. Spouse of Carmel M.. Born 1895, died 1969
RAHR, Richard J.. Spouse of Donna (Magee). Born 8-29-1934, died 2-12-2023. Age: 88y - Son of Henry & Carmel (Smith) Rahr. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Scio, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Married 7-24-1965 in Wellsville, NY. Two children. Veteran, US Coast Guard.
RANDOLPH, Dorothy A.. Born 1926, died 2010
RAPa, Kathleen E.. Spouse of Raymond B.. Born 1907, died 1985
RAPa, Raymond B.. Spouse of Kathleen E.. Born 1912, died 1986
RASMUSSON, Baby, died 7-12-1957
RASMUSSON, Monica M. "Sally". Spouse of Wayne J.. Born 2-19-1929, died 3-18-2009. Age: 80y - Dau of William & Margaret Padden Baldwin b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-26-1952 in Wellsville NY
RAUBER, Agnes M.. Born 1878, died 1948
RAUBER, Alpheus. Born 11-15-1863, died 9-20-1865
RAUBER, Catherine. Spouse of Jacob Jr.. Born 1857, died 1922 - Mother
RAUBER, Catherine. Born 1856, died 1943
RAUBER, Catherine S.. Spouse of John. Born 1862, died 1942 - Mother
RAUBER, Elizabeth. Born 1877, died 1904 - Beloved Daughter
RAUBER, Frances H.. Born 1918, died 1969 - Dau of Stephen J. & Mary Rauber
RAUBER, Helen M.. Born 7-23-1924, died 2-8-2004. Age: 79y - Dau of Stephen & Mary Helena McHale Rauber b. Wellsville, NY d. Rochester, NY
RAUBER, Jacob Jr.. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1840, died 1903 - Father
RAUBER, Joanne B.. Spouse of Richard B.. Born 2-24-1937, died 8-14-2004. Age: 67y - Dau of Richard & Margaret "Louise" O'Keefe Donovan. Wed 6-8-1963
RAUBER, John. Spouse of Catherine S.. Born 1857, died 1928 - Father
RAUBER, John J. Jr.. Born 1891, died 1900
RAUBER, Mary. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 1845, died 1911
RAUBER, Mary A.. Born 1872, died 1925
RAUBER, Mary H.. Born 1890, died 1972
RAUBER, Michael. Born 12-31-1846, died 5-31-1875
RAUBER, Nicholas. Spouse of Mary. Born 1842, died 1913
RAUBER, Stephen J.. Born 1883, died 1938
RAUBER, Unknown. Born 12-18-1819, died 6-11-1906 - Mother
RAUBER, Unknown. Born 3-25-1810, died 8-29-1891 - Father
RAUBER, Walter. Born 9-26-1861, died 10-15-1894
RAY, Catherine R.. Born 1795, died 1870
RAY, James. Born 1819, died 1904
RAY, Mary. Born 1850, died 1903
RAY, Thomas. Born 1810, died 1903
REAGAN, Charles. Born 1835, died 1892 - Father
REAM, Alice M.. Born 1912, died 1954
REES, Paul, died 3-17-1914
REESHER, Mary A.. Spouse of Otto H.. Born 1871, died 1929
REESHER, Otto H.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1874, died 1961
REGAN, Cecelia. Born 1893, died 1983
REGAN, Charles. Born 1856, died 1930
REGAN, Cornelius. Spouse of Mary. Born 1806, died 1888 - Father
REGAN, Cornelius D.. Born 1887, died 1971
REGAN, Daniel P.. Spouse of Mary R.. Born 7-1-1859, died 2-1-1946
REGAN, Joan F.. Born 6-25-1943, died 12-22-2003 - Dau of Thomas F. & Gertrude Dowling Regan b. Wellsville, NY d. Takoma Park, Maryland
REGAN, John. Born 1792, died 1881. Age: 89y - b. Country Cork, Ireland Have Mercy On The Soul Of
REGAN, Josephine. Born 1885, died 1932
REGAN, Marie E.. Born 1900, died 1975
REGAN, Mary. Spouse of Cornelius. Born 1813, died 1905 - Mother
REGAN, Mary. Born 1861, died 1942
REGAN, Mary E.. Born 1876, died 1930
REGAN, Mary R.. Spouse of Daniel P.. Born 5-1-1874, died 10-8-1909
REGAN, Paul C.. Born 1894, died 1959
REGAN, Stephen P.. Born 1890, died 1942
REGAN, Susanna, died 4-12-1934 - Dau of Cornelius & Mary Regan
REGAN, Thomas F.. Born 9-24-1899, died 6-9-1977
REGAN, William. Born 1898, died 1979
REGAN, Willilam J.. Born 1878, died 1929
REGG, Ella H.. Spouse of Walter C.. Born 1899, died 1977 - Jesus My Lord My God My All
REGG, Walter C.. Spouse of Ella H.. Born 1892, died 1972 - Jesus My Lord My God My All
RENWICK, Joanna Murphy. Born 1863, died 1940
REUNING, B. James. Born 7-23-1952, died 6-30-2000. Age: 47y - Son of Bruce W. & Virginia Serio Reuning
REUNING, Bruce W.. Spouse of Virginia "Ginnie" Serio. Born 4/7/1926, died 2/5/2016. Age: 89y - Son of Henry J. & Mildred Reuning II b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-4-1948 in Wellsville NY. Bruce was a 69 year member of Wellsville Elks Lodge #1495, a Village of Wellsville Trustee, an Allegany County Legislator & Election Commissioner of Allegany County - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps. Belly gunner on B-17 flying fortresses
REUNING, Virginia "Ginnie". Spouse of Bruce W.. Born 2-3-1927, died 8-14-2005 - Dau of Joseph & Josephine Jordan Serio. Wed 8-4-1948 in Wellsville NY
REYNOLDS, Ellen C.. Born 1877, died 1962
REYNOLDS, Kathryn, died 1969
REYNOLDS, Martin E.. Born 1881, died 1962
REYNOLDS, Theresa, died 1959
RICE, Anna Keough. Spouse of John. Born 1895, died 1956
RICE, Erlow Leroy. Spouse of Joanna Dwyer. Born 1856, died 1942
RICE, Hazel T.. Born 9-18-1894, died 2-3-1895. Age: Infant - Baby
RICE, Joanna Dwyer. Spouse of Erlow Leroy. Born 1858, died 1943
RICE, John R.. Spouse of Anna Keough. Born 1901, died 1965
RICHARDSON, Francis E. Jr., died 1963. Age: Infant - Son of Francis E. & Marcella McGinnis Richardson
RICHARDSON, Francis E. Sr.. Spouse of Marcella M. McGinnis. Born 7-3-1929, died 7-22-1983 - Son of John M. & Ethel Sloan Richardson Wed 9-23-1950 in Wellsville NY
RICHARDSON, Marcella Marie McGinnis. Spouse of Francis E. Sr.. Born 3/29/1929, died 4/16/2015. Age: 86y - Dau of James P. & Florence A. Moylan McGinnis b. Hammond IN d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-23-1950 in Wellsville NY Awarded the "Lay Award of St. Joseph" by Bishop Edward U. Kmiec on 4-26-2009 for meritorious service rendered to Immaculat Conception Paish
RIDER, Helen Hanson. Born 1900, died 1936
RILEY, Ann. Spouse of Mathew, died 1878
RILEY, Bessie. Born 1888, died 1966 - OXX after name on stone
RILEY, Catherine Kain. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 1861, died 1946
RILEY, George P.. Born 1891, died 1947
RILEY, Ira Edward. Born 1915, died 1973 - Son of Margaret R. Riley
RILEY, John H.. Spouse of Lula D.. Born 1879, died 1954
RILEY, Johnnie. Born 6-30-1900, died 10-25-1900
RILEY, Lula D.. Spouse of John H.. Born 1885, died 1970
RILEY, Margaret R.. Born 1876, died 1951
RILEY, Mathew. Spouse of Ann, died 8-7-1869. Age: 62y
RILEY, Nicholas. Spouse of Catherine Kain. Born 1855, died 1928
RINDGEN, Harold Cpl.. Born 1918, died 1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co B 83rd RCN 3rd Armored Div. 1941-1945
RINDGEN, Mary. Born 1889, died 1958
RINDGEN, Richard. Born 1918, died 1951
RINDGEN, William. Born 1893, died 1967
ROACH, Catherine M.. Born 1862, died 1945 - Dau of James & Margaret Roach
ROACH, Edmund M.. Born 1863, died 1941 - Son, of James & Margaret Roach
ROACH, James. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1830, died 1915 - Father
ROACH, John F.. Born 1864, died 1936 - Son of James & Margaret Roach
ROACH, Margaret. Spouse of James. Born 1830, died 1904 - Mother
ROACH, Thomas, died 1893 - Civil War Vet, Co D 47th Inf NYS Vols, 2/Lt. Enrolled 8-6-1861 at New York City for three years. Deserted 11-19-1864 at NYC, commissioned 2/Lt 11-17-1864, not mustered 11-17-1864 with rank from 11-19-1864, vice Douglass, mustered out.
ROACH, William J.. Born 1869, died 1946
ROBERTSON, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1835, died 1884
ROBERTSON, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1839, died 1924
ROBINSON, Catherine. Born 1854, died 1922 - Mother
ROBINSON, Father. Born 1842, died 1974
ROBINSON, John - Stone Over
ROBINSON, Mother. Born 1844, died 1911
ROCHE, Edward. Spouse of Florence. Born 1857, died 1939
ROCHE, Florence. Spouse of Edward. Born 1877, died 1947
ROCKWELL, Anna. Spouse of John F.. Born 1859, died 1932
ROCKWELL, Edward Sinon. Born 1921, died 1988
ROCKWELL, John F.. Spouse of Anna. Born 1854, died 1932
ROCKWELL, John Hobart. Spouse of Mary Higgins. Born 1894, died 1989 - Uncategorized Vet, USNR, Capt
ROCKWELL, Mary Higgins. Spouse of John Hobart. Born 1892, died 1974 - The Captains "Mate"
ROGENMOSER Sr., John. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1858, died 1939 - Father
ROGENMOSER, Anna R.. Spouse of Leonard J.. Born 1888, died 1939
ROGENMOSER, Bertha J.. Born 1873, died 1911
ROGENMOSER, Charlotte. Spouse of John Sr.. Born 1865, died 1949 - Mother
ROGENMOSER, Earl M.. Born 1895, died 1899
ROGENMOSER, Edward. Born 1911, died 1916
ROGENMOSER, Leonard J.. Spouse of Anna R.. Born 1870, died 1951
ROHALLA, Margaret A.. Spouse of Walter. Born 10-22-1912, died 5-24-2007. Age: 94y - Dau of John & Elizabeth Robinson Lehman b. & d. Wellsville, NY
ROONEY, Bridget. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1842, died 1924 - Mother
ROONEY, Julia O.. Born 1891, died 1968
ROONEY, Patrick. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1830, died 1888 - Father
ROOT, Adam Joseph. Born 3-10-1865, died 10-10-1887 - From Father
ROZMUS, Agnes. Spouse of Aloysius L.. Born 1913, died 2001 - Dau of Stanley & Elizabeth Ciupa Kuras
ROZMUS, Aloysius L.. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1917, died 1985
RUFFO, Allilio D.. Spouse of Paula M.. Born 1894, died 1984
RUFFO, Paula M.. Spouse of Allilio D.. Born 1910, died 2001 - Dau of Martin & Mary Magdile Mumbko Jurcho b. Budapest Hungary
RYAN, Agnes T.. Born 1883, died 1966
RYAN, Arnold J.. Born 1910, died 1997 - I Will Arise
RYAN, Clare. Born 1926, died 2002
RYAN, Edward V.. Born 1878, died 1888
RYAN, Infant George. Born uncut, died uncut
RYAN, Infant Mary. Born U/C, died 1938
RYAN, Infant Walter. Born uncut, died uncut
RYAN, James. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1836, died 1899
RYAN, James J. Jr.. Born 1866, died 1888
RYAN, John M., Rev.. Born 1891, died 1953
RYAN, John R.. Spouse of Sarah Ann Mannion. Born 1845, died 1906
RYAN, John T.. Born 1894, died 1901
RYAN, Joseph. Born 1869, died 1946
RYAN, Leo F.. Born 1880, died 1933
RYAN, Margaret. Spouse of James, died 1912
RYAN, Mary C., died 1938. Age: 8m
RYAN, Patrick F.. Born 1872, died 1882
RYAN, Sarah Ann Mannion. Spouse of John R.. Born 1852, died 1938
RYAN, Vincent S.. Born 1888, died 1977
RYAN, Virginia M.. Spouse of #1 Renold Florentine, #2 Michael E. Ryan. Born 8-11-1916, died 12-30-2002. Age: 86y - Dau of Ronald M. & Irene O'Leary Stannard. Wed Renold 1-8-1937 in Bradford, Pa Wed Michael 7-19-1969 in East Aurora, NY
RYAN, William J.. Born 1886, died 1955
SANABRIA, Victor A.. Born 1925, died 1989
SARSFIELD, Catherine. Spouse of P. C. Sarsfield. Born 1863, died 1903
SARSFIELD, Hannah. Born 1836, died 1905
SARSFIELD, P. C.. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1832, died uncut
SATOMAYOR, Maria M.. Born 1891, died 1973
SATTERLEE, Dorr W.. Spouse of Teresa Cline. Born 1892, died 1937
SATTERLEE, Katherine Keogh. Born 1894, died 1918
SATTERLEE, Teresa Cline. Spouse of Dorr W.. Born 1896, died 1980 - Dau of Patrick & Mary Ann (Reynolds) Cline
SAWYER, Francis L.. Spouse of Helena O'Hara. Born 12/24/1919, died 8/10/2011. Age: 91y - Son of Lee & Myrtle Keagle Sawyer b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-27-1942 in Wellsville NY. Founder of "Sawyer Reality" in 1977 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific Theater
SAWYER, Helena. Spouse of Francis L.. Born 2-24-1915, died 12-17-2008. Age: 93y - Dau of James & Ella Swyer O'Hara b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-27-1942 in Wellsville NY
SAWYER, James L.. Spouse of Sandra E. Wright. Born 1-6-1945, died 6-16-2005 - Son of Francis & Helena O'Hara Sawyer. Wed 7-8-1972 Recognized for Outstanding Service to the Chamber of Commerce in 2005, and was a Four-Time Marathon Runner
SAWYER, Sandra E.. Spouse of James L.. Born 1949, died uncut
SCARLATO, Louis A.. Spouse of Mary Bianco. Born 10-4-1904, died 9-9-1989. Age: 84y - Son of Joseph & Rose Becelia Scarlato b. Allegany, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-9-1933
SCARLATO, Mary Bianco. Spouse of Louis A.. Born 1-16-1910, died 12-27-1989. Age: 79y - Dau of Vincent & Nicola DiPrado Bianco b. Rome, Italy d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-9-1933
SCHAFFNER, Catherine (Condon). Spouse of #1 John Still Jr, #2 James Joseph Schaffner. Born 1936, died 11/30/2013. Age: 77y - Dau of Edward & Hope Walsh Condon b. New York NY d. Scottsdale AZ. Wed #1 in 1958. Wed #2 in 1971 Owned her own Interior Design Business
SCHAFFNER, James Joseph. Spouse of Catherine Condon, died 4/16/2006. Age: 85y - Born in PA, died in Scottsdale AZ.
SCHANER, Fred. Born 1874, died 1950
SCHANER, Mary J.. Born 1869, died 1946
SCHETTINE, Anthony. Spouse of Eleanor. Born 3-5-1900, died 2-2-1972 - Anthony & Elarose with 8 Children. Pioneered a Life of Love and Kindness - WW I Vet, USMC, Pvt. Ohio
SCHETTINE, Eleanor. Spouse of Anthony. Born 6-23-1916, died 8-14-2003. Age: 87y - Dau of Aloysius & Amelia Raufeisen Casanova b. Franks, Ohio d. Ocala, Fla.. Wed 1936 in Bowling Green, Ohio Anthony and Elarose with 8 Children Pioneered a Life of Love and Kindness
SCHOENHERR, Karl J.. Spouse of Patricia Wall. Born 8-23-1926, died 12-13-2009. Age: 83y - Son of Dr. Karl E. & Regina Kees Schoenherr b. Washington DC d. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marine. Appointed to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point in 1944 and served on a Merchant Marine tanker from April 1945 to June 1946
SCHOENHERR, Mark J.. Born 10/28/1956, died 7/14/2014. Age: 57y - Son of Karl J. & Paricia Wall Schoenherr b. & d. Wellsville NY
SCHOENHERR, Mary Patricia "Pat". Spouse of Karl J.. Born 7-28-1924, died 12-28-2003. Age: 79y - Dau of Frank & Margaret Graham Wall. Wed 7-18-1953 "Local Artist & Former Art Teacher"
SCHRADER, Catherine T.. Spouse of George C.. Born 1892, died 1969
SCHRADER, Elizabeth M.. Born 1864, died 1948
SCHRADER, George C.. Spouse of Catherine T.. Born 1883, died 1961
SCHREINER, Caroline - Deep in Ground - could not read dates
SCHREINER, Carroll B.. Born 1893, died 1946
SCHREINER, Florence. Born 1900, died 1915
SCHREINER, George. Born 3-27-1885, died 2-28-1947 - WW I Vet, US Army, 112th Engrs. 37 Div, Pfc. Ohio
SCHREINER, Joseph B.. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1864, died 1908 - Father
SCHREINER, Joseph B.. Spouse of Lura J.. Born 8-16-1895, died 4-12-1972 - WW I Vet, US Army, MG Co, 9th Inf, Pfc. New York
SCHREINER, Lura J.. Spouse of Joseph B.. Born 5-10-1899, died 6-6-1996. Age: 96y - Dau of Floyd & Beulah Slocum b. Andover, NY d. Wellsville, NY
SCHREINER, Margaret. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1862, died 1925 - Mother
SCHREINER, William "Bill". Born 5-12-1928, died 2-20-1997. Age: 68y - Son of Joseph B. & Lura L. Slocum Schreiner b. Andover, NY d. Wellsville, NY - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
SCHULTZ, Wendy. Spouse of Ricky S.. Born 1963, died 11-24-2006. Age: 43y - Dau of Irving G. Hall & V. Shirley Shea b. Wellsville, NY d. Mechanicsville, Va.
SCHWALB, Edward. Spouse of Margaret Ruth Callan. Born 4-22-1900, died 1-22-1990. Age: 89y - Son of George & Agnes (Drye) Schwalb. b. Salamanca, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-24-1926, six daughters - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
SCHWALB, Eleanor R.. Born 4/16/1934, died 9/21/2022. Age: 88 - Dau of Edward & Margaret R. (Callan) Schwalb. Born, lived, and died iin Wellsville NY. Longtime contributer to the Painted Hills Website. One son, surnamed Dawson.
SCHWALB, Leonard T. "Bud". Spouse of Stella Sipko. Born 11-4-1909, died 12-29-1986. Age: 77y - Son of George & Agnes (Drye) Schwalb b. Salamanca, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 8-16-1937
SCHWALB, Margaret Ann. Born 1-28-1931, died 12-7-1931. Age: 9m - Dau of Edward & Margaret R. (Callan) Schwalb. Accidential Death
SCHWALB, Margaret Ruth (Callan) "Ruth". Spouse of Edward. Born 10-28-1900, died 3-11-1994. Age: 93y - Dau of Michael & Catherine (Josh) Callan. Adopted daughter of George & Mary Jane Woodbeck b. Mumford, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-24-1926, six daughters.
SCHWALB, Stella (Sipko). Spouse of Leonard T. "Bud". Born 6-3-1911, died 3-13-2004. Age: 92y - Dau of Alexander & Katherine Sipko b. Salamanca, NY d. Dallas, Tx 52 year honor member of the Holly Twig of Jones Memorial Hospital
SCOTT, Baby Boy, died 4-9-1974
SCOTT, Catherine. Spouse of Charles T., died 1932
SCOTT, Charles T.. Spouse of Catherine, died 1921
SEAGER, G. Amelia Hubertus. Born 1914, died 1936
SEARLE, Agnes M.. Born 1923, died 6-28-1957 - Dau of Edward D. & Rose E. McNulty Searle
SEARLE, Edward D.. Spouse of Rose E. McNulty. Born 1886, died 1936 - Father
SEARLE, Edward Francis. Born 7-12-1912, died 3-2-1927 - Son of Lasell & Mary A. Searle
SEARLE, Elizabeth "Betty". Spouse of James E.. Born 3/4/1924, died 3/30/2015 - Dau of James & Catherine Connor Hennessy b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-1-1946 in Scio NY. Betty was known as the "Gatekeeper" of Meadowbrook Court for 61 years welcoming all who crossed the bridge and was a mother to many who grew up there
SEARLE, Frank L.. Spouse of J. Catherine. Born 1888, died 1959
SEARLE, J. Catherine. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 1891, died 1962
SEARLE, James E.. Spouse of Elizabeth H.. Born 2-10-1921, died 8-2-1997 - Son of Edward D. & Rose McNulty Searle Wed 6-1-1946 in Scio, NY.Former Town Justice & Pat Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department Chief - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SEARLE, James Lasell. Born 2-13-1911, died 2-15-1911 - Son of Lasell & Mary A. Searle
SEARLE, Katherine M.. Born 1875, died 1965
SEARLE, Martha A.. Spouse of Ralph J.. Born 1895, died 1953 - Mother
SEARLE, Mary A.. Born 1850, died 1922
SEARLE, Ralph J.. Spouse of Martha A.. Born 1891, died 1966 - Father
SEARLE, Ralph J. Jr.. Born 1925, died 1965
SEARLE, Rose E. McNulty. Spouse of Edward D.. Born 1886, died 1967 - Mother
SEBASTIAN, John Sr.. Spouse of Rose L.. Born 1910, died 1996
SEBASTIAN, Rose L.. Spouse of John, Sr.. Born 1911, died 1987
SEKOLL, Anna (Kruger). Spouse of Charles M.. Born 2-2-1853, died 8/23/1927 - 1900 Willing census: Born in Germany, Wed 16 years, 7/5 children.
SEKOLL, Charles E., died 1931. Age: 4d - Son of John H. and Frances E. (Barhight) Sekoll.
SEKOLL, Charles Martin. Spouse of Anna Kruger. Born 3-15-1853, died 12/9/1937 - 1900 Willing census: Born in Germany, immigrated in 1882. Wed 16 years, 7/5 children.
SEKOLL, Edwin E., died 1925. Age: 6w - Son of John H. and Frances E. (Barhight) Sekoll.
SEKOLL, Frances Emma (Barhight). Spouse of John H.. Born 10-2-1905, died 10-20-1979. Age: 74 - Dau of Ezra U. and Harriet I. (Sage) Barhight. Born in Hornell NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 11-28-1923 in Wellsville NY
SEKOLL, Jessie Rose (Maidment). Spouse of Richard J.. Born 4-22-1935, died 10-11-2021. Age: 86 - Dau of Stuart K. and Emily J. (Pelley) Maidment. Born in Newfoundland, lived in Wellsvile NY, died in Rochester NY. Three children, surnamed Edwards. Wed Richard 7-24-1982.
SEKOLL, John D.. Born 1924, died 1953 - Son of John H. and Frances E. (Barhight) Sekoll.
SEKOLL, John Henry. Spouse of Frances E. Barhight. Born 5-26-1895, died 11-28-1982 Son of Charles M. and Anna (Kruger) Sekoll. Born in Stannards NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 11-28-1923 in Wellsville NY
SEKOLL, Richard Jack. Spouse of Jessie R. Maidment. Born 7/15/1937, died 2/10/2017. Age: 79y - Son of John H. and Frances E. (Barhight) Sekoll. b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-24-1982 in Whitesville NY. Lifelong farmer on his family's homestead
SENTNER, Louis A. Sr.. Spouse of Mildred M.. Born 1911, died 1976
SENTNER, Mildred M.. Spouse of Louis A. Sr.. Born 1913, died 1994
SERIO, Anthony. Spouse of Rosa. Born 1871, died 1945
SERIO, Joseph A.. Spouse of Josephine Jordon. Born 4-4-1904, died 2-25-1984. Age: 79y - Son of Anthony & Rosa Serio b. San Pao, Brazil d. Wellsville, NY.Oldest active merchant in Wellsville, owned and operated Serio's Grocery Store for 59 years.
SERIO, Josephine Jordon. Spouse of Joseph A.. Born 11-17-1907, died 4-17-1972 - Dau of Lewis & Jennie Presutti Jordan b. Belmont, NY d. Rochester, NY
SERIO, Rosa. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1869, died 1953
SHAFFER, Teri Lee Johnson. Born 7/7/1959, died 8-?-2013. Age: 54y - Dau of Norman "Skip" & Sara Rita Padden Johnson b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY
SHAUGHNESSY, Bridget. Spouse of Patrick, died 10-25-1912. Age: 88y 9m
SHAUGHNESSY, Helen. Born 1859, died 1929
SHAUGHNESSY, John F.. Born 1897, died 1980 - Son of Patrick & Margaret M. Shaughnessy
SHAUGHNESSY, Josephine. Born 1856, died 1925
SHAUGHNESSY, Margaret. Born 1854, died 1921
SHAUGHNESSY, Margaret M.. Born 1864, died 1946
SHAUGHNESSY, Marjory. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1825, died 1907 - Father
SHAUGHNESSY, Mary R.. Born 1904, died 1948 - Dau of Patrick & Margaret M. Shaughnessy
SHAUGHNESSY, Patrick. Spouse of Bridget, died 6-17-1895. Age: 71y
SHAUGHNESSY, Patrick. Born 1857, died 1943
SHAUGHNESSY, Patrick N.. Born 1858, died 1938
SHAUGHNESSY, Sarah. Born 1864, died 1913
SHAUGHNESSY, Thomas. Spouse of Marjory. Born 1822, died 1890 - Mother
SHAUGHNESSY, Thomas Jr.. Born 1861, died 1897
SHAY, Bertha A.. Spouse of James W.. Born 8-2-1891, died 4-28-1986
SHAY, Dorothy M. Joyce. Spouse of Merle J.. Born 1920, died 11-19-1991
SHAY, James W.. Spouse of Bertha H.. Born 1887, died 1960
SHAY, Lloyd E.. Spouse of Margaret E.. Born 1914, died 2000
SHAY, Margaret E.. Spouse of Lloyd E.. Born 10-22-1918, died 4-19-1991
SHAY, Merle J.. Spouse of Dorothy M. Joyce. Born 8-13-1916, died 11-9-2005. Age: 89y - Son of James & Bertha Sekoll Shay b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 7-1-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army, South Pacific
SHEA, Agnes Murphy. Spouse of Michael L.. Born 1857, died 1929 - Dau of John & Johanna Murphy
SHEA, Daniel M.. Spouse of Shirley Austin. Born 3/7/1943, died 4/28/2022. Age: 79 - Son of Daniel M. and Mary Elizabeth (Purtill) Shea. Born in Buffalo NY, lived and died in Wellsville NY. Owner/operator of Dan Shea Septic Tank Service. Wed 1977 in Wellsville, three children. (Spouse survives)
SHEA, Daniel M. Sr.. Spouse of Mary E. "Bib". Born 11-2-1917, died 11-13-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart
SHEA, Dennis R.. Born 4-5-1966, died 7-2-1988 - Forever Young Forever In Our Hearts - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, SRA
SHEA, Elizabeth. Spouse of John. Born 1824, died 1884
SHEA, Jerome S.. Born 1899, died 1952
SHEA, John. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1819, died 1865
SHEA, John Jr.. Born 1852, died 1876
SHEA, Mary. Born 1866, died 1896
SHEA, Mary. Born 1858, died 1935 - Mother
SHEA, Mary E. "Bib". Spouse of Daniel M. Sr.. Born 1921, died 1982
SHEA, Michael M.. Born 1896, died 1978
SHEA, Michael L.. Spouse of Agnes M.. Born 1856, died 1938
SHEA, Rev. John R.. Born 1893, died 1974
SHEA, Teresa E.. Born 1894, died 1992
SHEA, Thomas. Born 1858, died 1886
SHEAHAN, Anna. Born 1868, died 1923
SHEAHAN, John. Born 1867, died 1888
SHEAHAN, Kathryn. Born 1873, died 1965
SHEAHAN, Margaret Mannion. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1842, died 1914 - Mother
SHEAHAN, Mary. Born 1861, died 1946
SHEAHAN, Nell. Born 1863, died 1944
SHEAHAN, Thomas. Spouse of Margaret Mannion. Born 1835, died 1874 - Father
SHEEHAN, Anna, died 6-18-1896. Age: 12y 10m 13d - Dau of Thomas & Kate Sheehan In Loving Remembrance
SHEEHAN, Catherine. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1864, died 1932
SHEEHAN, Daniel. Born 1860, died 1945
SHEEHAN, Edward T., died 5-25-1897. Age: 4y 14d - Son of John E. & Nora E. Sheehan
SHEEHAN, Godfrey. Born 1865, died 1909
SHEEHAN, Hannorah. Spouse of Thomas, died 4-24-1911. Age: 86y - Mother Requiescat in Pace, Amen
SHEEHAN, Jay, died 6-16-1896. Age: 17y 9m 23d - Son of John E. & Nora E. Sheehan
SHEEHAN, Jeremiah. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1818, died 1895 - Father
SHEEHAN, John E.. Born 1853, died 1936
SHEEHAN, Lawrence. Born 1858, died 1943
SHEEHAN, Margaret. Spouse of Patrick, died 10-24-1900. Age: 78y
SHEEHAN, Margaret. Spouse of Jeremiah. Born 1829, died 1909 - Mother
SHEEHAN, Mary A.. Born 1858, died 1921
SHEEHAN, Nora E.. Born 11-14-1856, died 1-21-1923
SHEEHAN, Patrick. Spouse of Margaret, died 3-14-1891. Age: 78y
SHEEHAN, Thomas. Spouse of Hannorah, died 3-20-1900. Age: 77y - Father Requiescat in Pace, Amen
SHEEHAN, Thomas. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1856, died 1939
SHEEHAN, Timothy, died 1-21-1889. Age: 28y - Son of Thomas & Honora Sheehan
SHEEHAN, William. Born 1869, died 1934
SHEEHAN, William H.. Born 1854, died 1924
SHEEHAN, Willie, died 11-3-1881. Age: 11m - Son of John E. & Nora E. Sheehan
SHERIDAN, Amy E.. Born 1976, died 1981
SHERIDAN, Carol E.. Born 1-12-1934, died 1-25-1972
SHERIDAN, David Louis. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 8-20-1904, died 4-30-1959 - WW II Vet, USNR, Sp2. New York
SHERIDAN, Mary E.. Spouse of David Louis. Born 6-27-1906, died 5-10-1969
SHERWOOD, Catherine T.. Born 1885, died 1974
SHERWOOD, Florence W.. Spouse of Fred D.. Born 1888, died 1973
SHERWOOD, Fred D.. Spouse of Florence W.. Born 1890, died 1970
SHERWOOD, Richard J.. Born 1910, died 1931 - Son of Walter A. & Catherine T. Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Rita. Born 9-6-1917, died 8-13-2006. Age: 88y - Dau of Walter & Catherine Murphy Sherwood b. Wellsville, NY d. Olean, NY
SHERWOOD, Walter A.. Born 1880, died 1953
SHIELDS, A. John Jr.. Born 1914, died 1918
SHIELDS, A. John Sr.. Born 1883, died 1919
SHIELDS, George. Born 1913, died 1933
SHIELDS, Thomas L., died 2-7-1872. Age: 63y
SHINE, Daniel B.. Born 1877, died 1949
SHINE, Dennis F. Jr.. Born 4-17-1875, died 2-5-1951
SHINE, Father. Born 12-25-1836, died 3-4-1920
SHINE, Gertrude. Born 1882, died 1963
SHINE, Jennie M.. Spouse of Timothy J.. Born 1886, died 1974
SHINE, Jeremiah J.. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1873, died 1946 - Father
SHINE, John Charles "Charlie". Spouse of Kathleen Lomasney. Born 2-4-1916, died 2-19-2004. Age: 88y - Son of Timothy J. & Jennie Murphy Shine. Wed 6-6-1945 in Tuscaloosa, AL. - WW II Vet, U.S. Army, Capt. Purple Heart & Jubilee of Liberty Medal
SHINE, John H.. Born 12-21-1880, died 10-2-1962
SHINE, Joseph R.. Born 1-25-1887, died 10-23-1918
SHINE, Katherine. Spouse of Jeremiah J.. Born 1880, died 1937 - Mother
SHINE, Kathleen Lomasney. Spouse of John Charles "Charlie". Born 9-30-1912, died 3-26-1999. Age: 86y - Dau of William & Jane Parker Lomasney b. London, England d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-6-1945 in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Capt. U.S. Army WW2
SHINE, Kathryn A.. Born 10-18-1912, died 3-11-1991. Age: 78y - Dau of Jeremiah & Catherine Kane Shine
SHINE, Margaret. Born 1910, died 1932 - Dau of Jeremiah & Catherine Kane Shine
SHINE, Margaret O'Keefe. Born 6-8-1807, died 9-12-1892
SHINE, Mother. Born 8-19-1852, died 5-11-1928
SHINE, Patrick J.. Born 5-4-1872, died 3-19-1915
SHINE, Patrick Michael. Born 11-10-1951, died 11-24-1951 - Son of Walter & Irene Shine
SHINE, Paul. Born 1906, died 1942 - Son of Jeremiah J. & Katherine A. Shine
SHINE, Ruth A.. Spouse of William J.. Born 1914, died 1995
SHINE, Timothy J.. Spouse of Jennie M.. Born 1879, died 1941
SHINE, Walter B.. Spouse of Irene M. Lynch. Born 10-10-1914, died 6-2-2005. Age: 90y - Son of Jeremiah & Catherine Kane Shine. Wed 10-21-1950 in Andover, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
SHINE, William J.. Spouse of Ruth A.. Born 1908, died 1988
SHINE, Wm. Richard. Born 1910, died 1966
SHUKIS, Mary, died 1958. Age: Infant
SIGNOR, Frances E.. Born 1875, died 1909 - Dau of William H. & Mary Jane Signor
SIGNOR, John. Born 1877, died 1880 - Son of William H. & Mary Jane Signor
SIGNOR, Katharine A.. Born 1887, died 1978 - Dau of William H. & Mary Jane Signor
SIGNOR, Mary Jane. Spouse of William H.. Born 1852, died 1925 - Mother
SIGNOR, Philip J.. Born 1879, died 1914 - Son of William H. & Mary Jane Signor - Civil War Vet, 16th Inf PA Vols, Lt.
SIGNOR, William H.. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 1850, died 1934 - Father
SIMRELL, Margaret. Spouse of Virgil Adelbert. Born 1870, died 1941
SIMRELL, Virgil Adelbert. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1853, died 1923
SLAVIN, James I.. Spouse of Mary Margaret Searle. Born 8-15-1916, died 2-23-1995. Age: 78y - Son of Joseph A. & Monica Masterson Slavin b. Chester Township, Burlington County, N.J. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-23-1940 in Wellsville, NY
SLAVIN, Mary Margaret Searle. Spouse of James I.. Born 6-10-1916, died 2-5-1997. Age: 80y - Dau of Edward & Rose McNulty Searle. Wed 11-23-1940 in Wellsville, NY
SMITH, Abbie O'Connor. Spouse of James Joseph. Born 1865, died 1940 - Dau of Maurice & Ellen O'Connor. At least six children.
SMITH, Bernadine G.. Born 1916, died 1988
SMITH, Catherine Materna. Born 1832, died 1920
SMITH, Eleanor L. Burdick "Bunny". Spouse of Harry L. "Tweet". Born 1-19-1936, died 12-19-1994. Age: 58y - Dau of Don & Doris Collins Burdick b. Hornell, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-22-1957 in Wellsville, NY
SMITH, Harry L. "Tweet". Spouse of Eleanor L. Burdick "Bunny". Born 7-6-1932, died 1-11-1983 - Wed 11-22-1957 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A2C
SMITH, Helena. Born 7-1893, died 2-3-1904. Age: 10y - Dau of James J. & Abbie O'Connor Smith. Born in New York; died in Wellsville, NY.
SMITH, James Joseph. Spouse of Abbie O'Connor. Born 11-1860, died 1-15-1904. Age: 43y - Born in NY; Died in Wellsville, NY.
SMITH, John F.. Born 1873, died 1900 - Son
SMITH, Joseph S.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1866, died 1947
SMITH, Margaret McCormick. Born 1832, died 1912
SMITH, Mary E.. Spouse of Joseph S.. Born 1866, died 1953
SMITH, Mary E.. Born 1839, died 1904 - Mother
SMITH, Ownie F.. Born 1920, died 1927
SNYDER, Doris I.. Spouse of William C.. Born 1909, died 1993
SNYDER, Eleanor R.. Spouse of John A.. Born 1908, died 1985
SNYDER, Frank L.. Spouse of Margaret M.. Born 1909, died 1990
SNYDER, John A.. Spouse of Eleanor R.. Born 1907, died 1982
SNYDER, Margaret M.. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 1916, died 1980
SNYDER, Patricia J.. Spouse of Walter M.. Born 1925, died 1990
SNYDER, Rollin J.. Born 1930, died 1951 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, EM/2C
SNYDER, Walter M.. Spouse of Patricia J.. Born 1-26-1927, died 2-9-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SNYDER, William C.. Spouse of Doris I.. Born 1910, died 1966
SNYDER, William Ken. Born U/C, died 5-30-1970. Age: 11d
SONNETT, Ann Higgins. Born 2-4-1926, died 3-2-1986 - In Memory of Ann, Who Loved Life and Was Brave
SOROCHIN, Catherine M. Beazley. Spouse of Ronald F.. Born 6-2-9-1948, died uncut
SOROCHIN, Ronald F.. Spouse of Catherine M. Beazley. Born 12-26-1945, died 2-11-2005. Age: 59y - Son of Joseph & Mary Sroka Sorochin b. Kenmore, NY d. Belmont, NY. Wed 8-5-1967 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
SOTOMAYOR, Maria M.. Born 1891, died 1973 - Mother
SPELLICY, Dorothy Shine. Spouse of James W.. Born 1-7-1920, died 10-5-1999. Age: 79y - Dau of Jeremiah & Catherine Kane Shine. Wed 8-19-1950 in Wellsville, NY
SPELLICY, James W.. Spouse of Dorothy Shine. Born 12-5-1922, died 2-1-2007. Age: 84y - Son of Theodore & Mary Ann Smith Spellicy b. Rome, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 8-19-1950 in Wellsville, NY
SPICER, Agnes Reed. Born 1903, died 1986
SPICER, Pauline C.. Born 1898, died 1988
SPICER, Robert P.. Born 1923, died 1977
SPOOR, Leota B.. Born 1912, died 1975
SPOOR, Lois E.. Born 1941, died 1978 - Together Forever
STAFFORD, Catherine. Spouse of James. Born 1833, died 1918 - Mother
STAFFORD, Catherine A.. Born 1878, died 1934 - Dau of James & Catherine Stafford
STAFFORD, Elizabeth E.. Born 1874, died 1945 - Dau of James & Catherine Stafford
STAFFORD, James. Spouse of Catherine. Born 10-23-1836, died 8-22-1907 - Father
STAFFORD, Margaret T.. Born 11-1-1880, died 3-4-1881 - Dau of James & Catherine Stafford
STAFFORD, Thomas L.. Born 1876, died 1935 - Son of James & Catherine Stafford
STANLEY, Mary Stewart. Born 1890, died 1956
STARK, Conrad F.. Spouse of Eunice Seabott. Born 5-6-1910, died 1-6-2004 - Son of Frank & Katherine Reich Stark b. Mount Vernon, NY d. Olean, NY. Wed 4-12-1941 in New York City - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marines. 1941-1945
STARK, Eunice Seabott. Spouse of Conrad F.. Born 1913, died 10-1-1969
STARKWEATHER, Jennie M. (Elliott). Spouse of Lafayette T.. Born abt 1870, died aft 1930 - Second wife of Lafayette. Wed Eben abt 1930.
STARKWEATHER, Lafayette T.. Spouse of #1 Harriet Moot, #2 Jennie Elliott. Born 4-29-1847, died 5/21/1926 - Son of Elihu and Mary Rogers (Kirkby) Starkweather. Born in Ellisburg NY. Harriet d. 1911. Jennie d. after 1926. - Civil War Vet, Co D 93rd Inf PA Vols, Pvt. A substitute who mustered in on December 1, 1864. Mustered out with company June 27, 1865.
STEBBINS, Helen L.. Spouse of Kenneth H.. Born 10-16-1918, died 7-27-2006. Age: 87y - Dau of Merle & Mary Rockwell Hull b. Hornell, NY d. Sayre, Pa. Wed 8-23-1957 in Oscela, Va.
STEBBINS, Kenneth H.. Spouse of Helen L. Hull. Born 6/9/1921, died 5/18/2011. Age: 89y - Son of Frank H. & Marie N. Peet Stebbins b. Harrison Valley Pad. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Army
STEFFY, Frank. Born 1872, died 1880
STEFFY, William. Born 1844, died 1896
STEVANOVIC, Maria A. "Mary". Spouse of Slavko. Born 2/2/1926, died 2/16/2016. Age: 90y - Dau of Henreich & Anna Dazer b. Tusla Bosnia (formerly Yugoslavia) d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-2-1951 in Halifax England Slavko died 11-21-1996
STEVENS, L. Roland. Spouse of Marcella M.. Born 1903, died 1989
STEVENS, Marcella M.. Spouse of L. Roland. Born 1907, died 1994
STEVENS, Raymond John. Spouse of Clara Extra. Born 1-17-1943, died 1-9-2010. Age: 66y - Son of L. Roland "Steve" & Marcella O'Hara Stevens b. Wellsville NY d. DeLand FL Wed 9-5-1981 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
STEWART, Richard Earl. Born 1890, died 1934
STEWART, Virginia Marie. Born 1917, died 2005 - Dau of Richard Earl & Mary Helen Stewart
STOCKMAN, Irene F.. Born 1914, died 1955
STOLL, Charles. Born 1903, died 1951
STOLL, Charles T.. Born 1872, died 1958
STOLL, Mary P.. Born 1876, died 1948
STOLL, Prentice G.. Born 1900, died 1917
STOUT, Elizabeth "Jeanne". Spouse of R. Wells. Born 8-22-1923, died 3-18-1988 - Dau of Robert Patrick & Florence MacRae Mullin - WW II Vet, USMC, Pfc
STOUT, Josephine H., died 1960
STOUT, R. Wells. Spouse of Elizabeth Mullin. Born 6-3-1926, died 2-10-2004. Age: 77y - Son of Wayne & Mildred Wells Stout. Wed 10-17-1947 in Cuba, NY Former Allegany County Republican Chairman & NYS. Election Commissioner - WW II Vet, US Navy, FC3
STOUT, Robert A., died 1936
STREETER, Alpheus R.. Spouse of Senta M. Dombrowsky. Born 6/2/1924, died 10/27/2012. Age: 88y - Son of Earl G. & Mary A. Sheenan Streeter b. Wimington VT d. Wellsville NY, an educator. Wed 10-13-1962 in Port Henry NY, six sons. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Office of Surgeon General & Ofc of Inspector General
STREETER, Senta D, (Dombrowsky). Spouse of Alpheus R.. Born 3-1-1933, died 9-10-2021. Age: 88 - Dau of Stephen and Marguerite (Brocking) Dombrowsky. Born in Mt. Kisko, lived in Wellsville NY. A teacher/ administrator in several local schools and BOCES. Wed 10-13-1962 in Port Henry NY, six sons.
SULLIVAN, Abigail T.. Born 1871, died 1945
SULLIVAN, Agnes Forhan. Spouse of Harry J., died 2-22-1959
SULLIVAN, Alice M.. Spouse of Joseph F.. Born 1897, died 1969
SULLIVAN, Bridget, died 2-15-1878. Age: 72y
SULLIVAN, Catharine. Born 1834, died 1899
SULLIVAN, Catherine G.. Spouse of Cornelius O.. Born 1827, died 1903
SULLIVAN, Cornelius. Born 1820, died 1911 - Father
SULLIVAN, Cornelius O.. Spouse of Catherine G.. Born 1820, died uncut
SULLIVAN, David. Born 1861, died 1908
SULLIVAN, Dennie, died 9-6-1868. Age: 2y
SULLIVAN, Edward D., died 10-12-1888. Age: 23y
SULLIVAN, Ella G., died 10-16-1888. Age: 21y
SULLIVAN, Ellen. Spouse of John. Born uncut, died uncut
SULLIVAN, Etta B., died 3-11-1891. Age: 27y
SULLIVAN, George J., died 10-28-1891. Age: 14y
SULLIVAN, Harry J.. Spouse of Agnes Forhan, died 2-6-1970
SULLIVAN, James A.. Spouse of Margaret I.. Born 1880, died 1930
SULLIVAN, James F.. Born 1865, died 1902
SULLIVAN, John. Spouse of Ellen, died 7-3-1893. Age: 57y
SULLIVAN, John T.. Spouse of Margaret C.. Born 1856, died 1931
SULLIVAN, Johnie W.. Age: 9d - Name but no dates
SULLIVAN, Joseph F.. Spouse of Alice M.. Born 1895, died 1969
SULLIVAN, Keefe, died 9-14-1888. Age: 54y
SULLIVAN, M. Florence. Born 1904, died 1928
SULLIVAN, Maggie E., died 8-11-1886. Age: 25y
SULLIVAN, Margaret. Born 1863, died 1947
SULLIVAN, Margaret C.. Spouse of John T.. Born 1856, died 1938
SULLIVAN, Margaret I.. Spouse of James A.. Born 1878, died 1936
SULLIVAN, Mary Agnes. Born 9/8/1926, died 5/18/2016. Age: 89y - Dau of Henry Joseph & Agnes Forhan Sullivan b. & d. Wellsville NY
SULLIVAN, Mary E.. Born 1771, died 1869 - Grandmother
SULLIVAN, Michael J.. Born 1868, died 1945
SULLIVAN, Thomas. Born 1830, died 1901
SULLIVAN, William H.. Born 1871, died 1920
SULLIVAN, William J., died 2-26-1901. Age: 26y
SWEENEY, Agnes N.. Spouse of James P.. Born 1876, died 1956
SWEENEY, Alice, died 11-28-1877
SWEENEY, Anne. Spouse of Patrick, died 11-25-1868
SWEENEY, Bridget, died 9-26-1899
SWEENEY, Eleanor. Born 1911, died 1982
SWEENEY, Elizabeth A.. Born 1869, died 1883 - Dau of Thomas & Mary Sweeney
SWEENEY, Ella. Spouse of Martin. Born 1866, died 1945
SWEENEY, Ellen. Spouse of M. Sweeney, died 4-9-1873. Age: 57y
SWEENEY, James P.. Spouse of Agnes N.. Born 1876, died 1964
SWEENEY, John D.. Born 1935, died 1939
SWEENEY, John V.. Born 1867, died 1921
SWEENEY, Joseph P.. Born 1876, died 1904 - Son of Thomas & Mary Sweeney
SWEENEY, Martin. Spouse of Ella. Born 1863, died 1951
SWEENEY, Mary Anne, died 8-28-1899
SWEENEY, Mary Riley. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1843, died 1923
SWEENEY, Patrick, died 3-17-1903
SWEENEY, Patrick. Spouse of Anne, died 3-13-1879
SWEENEY, Roger. Age: 30y - Unable to read stone
SWEENEY, Thomas. Spouse of Mary Riley. Born 1830, died 1879
SWEET, Paul B.. Spouse of Marcella Colburn. Born 9-28-1920, died 3-3-1999 - Son of Milford C. & Lydia Fleischman Sweet b. & d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 4-20-1949 - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees. South Pacific
SWISHER, William D. "Butch". Spouse of Sarah Hart. Born 10/9/1963, died 10/6/2015. Age: 51y - Son of Franklin & Nelda Kessinger Swisher b. Chambersburg Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 7-20-1985
SWORT, Eileen A. "Jane". Born 1920, died 1989
SZABO, Laszlo S.. Spouse of Yolanda. Born 8/6/1923, died 2/16/2015 - Son of Unknown b. Nagyer Hungary b. Wellsville NY Laszlo. He served the Wellsville community for half a century - Uncategorized Vet, Hungarian Army - was a POW who escaped - Emigrated to the United States sailing aboard the USS Stewart.
TANNER, John H.. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1856, died 1893 - Father
TANNER, Mary. Spouse of Patrick, died 5-28-1885. Age: 66y - May They Rest in Peace, Amen
TANNER, Mary M.. Born 1886, died 1957 - Dau of John N. & Sarah Tanner May They Rest in Peace, Amen
TANNER, Patrick. Spouse of Mary, died 8-3-1888. Age: 60y - Son of John N. & Sarah Tanner May They Rest in Peace, Amen
TANNER, Sarah. Spouse of John H.. Born 1858, died 1934 - Mother
TATE, George A.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1905, died 1951
TATE, George A. Jr.. Spouse of Rosalie Anne "Skip" Vosburgh. Born 7/14/1945, died 8/16/2013. Age: 68y - Son of George A. & Evangeline Dwyer Tate Sr. (due to death of Pacents) raised by Augustine "Gus" & Gertrude Dwyer Padden b. Wellsville NY d. Elmira NY. Wed 1-11-1974 - Vietnam Vet, US Army
TATE, Mary E.. Spouse of George A.. Born 1908, died 1952
THEOBALD, Catherine. Spouse of Nickolaus. Born 1798, died 1878
THEOBALD, Eunice. Spouse of Peter. Born 1845, died 1869
THEODBAD, Anna. Spouse of J. W. Theodbad. Born 1830, died 1907
THOMAS, Anna Rose (Langerman). Spouse of William R.. Born 3-31-1925, died 2-15-2022. Age: 96y - Dau of John & Eleanor (Albert) Langerman. Born in Buffalo, NY; lived in Wellsville, NY and Leesburg, FL; died in Leesburg, FL. Married 12-27-1958 in Wellsville, NY. Two sons.
THOMAS, Mary P.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1901, died 1974
THOMAS, Paul W.. Born 1961, died 1988 - Son of William R. & Anna Langerman Thomas. Eagle Scout
THOMAS, William H.. Spouse of Mary P.. Born 1895, died 1978
THOMAS, William Ruellan. Spouse of Ann R. (Langerman). Born 8-30-1926, died 5-4-2020. Age: 93y - Son of William & Mary (Fink) Thomas. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Wellsville, NY and Leesburg, FL; died in Humble, TX. Marrie 12-27-1958 in Wellsville, NY. Two children.
THOMPKINS, Catherine. Born 1817, died 1907 - Requiescant in Pace
THOMPKINS, Thomas. Born 1835, died 1903 - Requiescant in Pace
THOMPSON, Robert E.. Born 7-31-1932, died 3-7-1976 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
THORWART, Anne M.. Born 2/8/1933, died 2/20/2019. Age: 86 - Dau of Francis X. and Mary F. (Wolfe) Thorwart. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Bolivar NY. An accountant at Clark Bros for 38 years.
THORWART, Donald Matthew. Born 10-14-1928, died 9-26-2000. Age: 71 - Son of Francis X. and Mary (Wolfe) Thorwart. Born in Wellsville NY, died in Casper WY. - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
THORWART, Francis Xavior Sr.. Spouse of Mary Wolfe. Born 6-22-1892, died 3/10/1977. Age: 84 - Son of Luke J. and Anna (Feldbauer) Thorwart. Born in St. Marys PA, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 8-31-1920 in Wellsville, four children. - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
THORWART, James Edward. Born 2-17-1961, died 2-17-1961. Age: 0d - Son of Robert E. and Gail C. (Jones) Thorwart. Born in Wellsville NY
THORWART, Mary Frances (Wolfe). Spouse of Francis X. Sr.. Born 8-20-1896, died 1/14/1979. Age: 82 - Dau of William and Margaret (Roche) Wolfe. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 8-31-1920 in Wellsville, four children.
THORWART, Robert James. Born 2-2-1924, died 1-1-1989. Age: 64 - Son of Francis X. and Mary (Wolfe) Thorwart. Born in Angelica NY, died in San Francisco CA. - WW II and Korea Vet, US Air Force, T/Sgt
THURNER, Gean D. (Crichton). Spouse of Robert P.. Born 12-22-1928, died 5-23-1996. Age: 67y - Dau of George & Anne (Grady) Crichton b. Silver Springs, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-20-1953, two children.
THURNER, Joseph J.. Born 1881, died 1972
THURNER, Robert Peter. Spouse of Gean D. Crichton. Born 1-22-1923, died 9-30-2021. Age: 98 - Son of Joseph J. and Mary T. (McHugh) Thurner. Born in Middletown NY, lived and died in Welllsville NY. Worked 33 years at Air Preheater. Wed 6-20-1953, two children. - WW II and Korea Vet, US Army Air Corps. 1943-1946, then US Army Field Artillery in Korea, 1/Lt. 1951-1952
TOBIN, Mary H.. Spouse of Thomas R.. Born 1897, died 1968
TOBIN, Thomas R.. Spouse of Mary H.. Born 2-20-1893, died 12-14-1982 - WW I Vet, US Navy, Cpl
TOLL, Richard L.. Born 3-21-1908, died 9-19-1965 - WW I Vet, 15th Constal. Regt, SFC. New York
TOMASELLO, Phillip. Born 11-5-1885, died 3-9-1922 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co B 310th Inf 78th Div, Pvt
TOMPKINS, Catherine. Born 1817, died 1907
TOMPKINS, Thomas. Born 1835, died 1903
TOOMEY, Edward. Spouse of Margaret - No Dates (in old Section)
TOOMEY, Margaret. Spouse of Edward - No Dates (in old Section)
TRACHEY, James. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1820, died 1904
TRACHEY, Margaret. Spouse of James. Born 1827, died 1910
TRACZ, Constance. Spouse of John. Born 1912, died 1997
TRACZ, John. Spouse of Constance. Born 1910, died 1987
TRAHEY, Catherine. Spouse of George. Born 1864, died 1942
TRAHEY, George. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1862, died 1942
TRAHEY, James. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1820, died 1904
TRAHEY, Margaret. Spouse of James. Born 1827, died 1910
TREMAINE, Eugenie H.. Spouse of Russell P.. Born 1893, died 1970
TREMAINE, Mary Jane. Born 5-16-1923, died 3-13-1997 - Dau of Russell & Eugenie Haar Tremaine b. Wellsville, NY d. Houghton, NY
TREMAINE, Russell P.. Spouse of Eugenie H.. Born 1889, died 1977
TRETTON, Edward H.. Spouse of Mary F.. Born 1865, died 1942
TRETTON, J. Evelyn. Born 1898, died 1920
TRETTON, Mary F.. Spouse of Edward H.. Born 1866, died 1963
TUCKER, M. Dorothea. Born 1922, died 1940 - Granddaughter
TUNSTEAD, John W.. Born 1902, died 1957
UMIKER, Helen C.. Born 1900, died 1966
UMIKER, Henry G.. Born 1901, died 1958
UMIKER, John Albert. Born 1929, died 1961 - Son of Henry G. & Helen C. Umiker
UMIKER, Raymond C.. Born 1933, died 1952 - Son of Henry G. & Helen C. Umiker
UNKNOWN. Spouse of Mary Shea. Born 1867, died 1947 - Father
UNKNOWN, Annie. Born 1854, died 1904 - Near Dull & Sheehan
UNKNOWN, Daniel. Born 1870, died 1904 - Could Be Daley
UNKNOWN, Elizabeth. Born 1862, died 1939 - Could be Plain or Knorr
UNKNOWN, Louis M., died 11-1-1948 - Near Rauber & Clark
UNKNOWN, Margaret, died 1832 - Could be Dailey or Murphy
UNKNOWN, Margaret, died 1883 - Could be Shine
UNKNOWN, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1908, died 1922 - Could be Rockwell
UNKNOWN, Mother. Born 1836, died 1907 - Could be Geary
UNKNOWN, Thomas. Born 1851, died 1910 - Near Dull & Sheehan
UNKNOWN, William E.. Born 9-26-1876, died 1-13-1913 - Father Near Marxen and Cusick
UNKNOWN, William Jr., died 1905 - Could be Shine
VAKLYES, Elizabeth W.. Spouse of John W.. Born 1918, died 2000 - Dau of Harold A. & Martha Butts Whitbeck
VAKLYES, John W.. Spouse of Elizabeth W.. Born 10-13-1919, died 5-17-1994 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy, Cdr
VAN SKIVER, Daniel D.. Born 8-29-1947, died 12-12-1988 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, SP4
VAN SKIVER, Marion "Toots". Spouse of Nelson M.. Born 6-29-1920, died 5-7-2007. Age: 86y - Dau of Anthony "Tony" & Margaret "Mae" Cardamone Lauzze b. & d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 4-5-1945 in Wellsville, NY
VAN SKIVER, Nelson M.. Spouse of Marion L.. Born 11-8-1916, died 3-17-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc. POW
VERSCH, Joseph J.. Spouse of Loretta M.. Born 1910, died 1988
VERSCH, Loretta M.. Spouse of Joseph J.. Born 1910, died 1987
VOLPE, Herman J.. Spouse of Ruth E.. Born 1910, died 1982
VOLPE, Ruth E.. Spouse of Herman J.. Born 1931, died uncut
VOORHEES, Evelyn M. (Meehan). Spouse of Robert J. Voorhees Sr. Born 10/7/1928, died 3/29/2017. Age: 88y - Dau of John & Blanche Waterman Meehan b. Rexville NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-2-1948 in Hornell NY Employed for over 20 years at the Style Shop - One of the first Eucharistic Ministers commissioned in 1971 at Immaculate Conception Church
VOORHEES, Michael M., died 6-17-1967
VOORHEES, Michele, died 1967 - Dau of Robert J. & Evelyn Meehan Voorhees, Sr.
VOORHEES, Robert J. Sr.. Spouse of Evelyn Meehan. Born 3-28-1925, died 7-21-1996. Age: 71y - Son of Howard & Frances Brown Voorhees. Wed 10-2-1948 in Hornell, NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
VOORHEES, Tricia, died 1972 - Granddaughter
VOORHIES, Lavena F.. Born 1925, died 1957 - Dau of Thomas & Cyrilla D. Cronin
WACHTER, Albert J.. Born 1892, died 1929 - Uncategorized Vet, MG Co 9th Inf
WACHTER, Longinus. Born 1852, died 1908
WACHTER, Louise. Born 1869, died 1937
WALDON, Joyce Marie Christina. Spouse of Reginald. Born 4/7/1941, died 9/16/2010 - Dau of William & Anna Mary Curtis b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-21-1967 in Wellsville NY
WALL, Francis Maurice. Born 8-22-1915, died 8-29-1915
WALL, Frank M.. Spouse of Margaret G.. Born 1885, died 1955
WALL, Margaret G.. Spouse of Frank M.. Born 1884, died 1974
WALL, Mary F.. Spouse of Patrick F.. Born 1860, died 1934
WALL, Patrick F.. Spouse of Mary F.. Born 1855, died 1940
WALSH, Arthur W.. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1896, died 1984
WALSH, Cornelius, died 1937
WALSH, Cornelius J.. Spouse of Theresa A.. Born 1883, died 1939
WALSH, Cornelius J. Jr.. Born 1908, died 1987
WALSH, Ella. Spouse of Thomas, died 6-7-1899. Age: 41y
WALSH, Hugh Francis. Spouse of Mary Graham. Born 1877, died 1918
WALSH, Jane M. Mullen. Spouse of Robert F.. Born 1/30/1932, died 1/18/2016 - Dau of Arthur & Helen Brown Mullen b. Jamestown NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-10-1956 in Wellsville NY
WALSH, John C. Sr.. Spouse of Adelina "Adele" Mendez. Born 10/28/1934, died 10/10/2015. Age: 80y - Son of Walter & Jennie Hoyer Walsh b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-6-1957 in Brooklyn NY - Korean War Vet, USMC
WALSH, Lillian. Spouse of Arthur W.. Born 1896, died 1973
WALSH, Mary Graham. Spouse of Hugh Francis. Born 1877, died 1958
WALSH, Robert F.. Spouse of Jane M. Mullen. Born 9-27-1927, died 6-22-1994. Age: 67y - Son of Arthur W. & Lillian McHale Walsh b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-10-1956 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy
WALSH, Sylvia F.. Born 7-17-1924, died 3-22-2007. Age: 82y - Dau of Cornelius & Theresa Corrigan Walsh b. Wellsville, NY d. Erie, Pa
WALSH, Theresa A.. Spouse of Cornelius J.. Born 1883, died 1959
WALSH, Thomas. Spouse of Ella, died 3-18-1908. Age: 61y - May His Soul Rest In Peace
WALSH, Timothy J.. Born 6-18-1948, died 5-1-1995 - Vietnam Vet, USMC, L/Cpl
WALTHERS, Catherine E.. Spouse of John R.. Born 1887, died 1967
WALTHERS, John R.. Spouse of Catherine E.. Born 1887, died 1981
WARD, Catharine. Born 1843, died 1892
WARD, Francis J.. Spouse of Mary C.. Born 1907, died 1976
WARD, John. Born 1-24-1800, died 2-23-1892
WARD, Mary C.. Spouse of Francis J.. Born 1920, died 1973 - Dau of Carmen & Elisabetta Serio Congelli
WARWARICK, John. Born 1888, died 1963
WASSON, Irene G.. Born 1926, died 1981 - Bur w/Joseph & Katheryn Gasdik
WATTENBERG, Elizabeth (Embser). Spouse of Mark H.. Born 2/6/1947, died 3/11/2016. Age: 69y - Dau of Richard & Louise Embser b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1982 in the United Nations Chapel in NYC. Was Director of the Allegany County Office for the Aging & founder of Rural Health Resources, a consultancy for regional medical networks
WEATHERELL, Helen C.. Spouse of #1 John E. Weatherall, #2 ? Stankiewicz. Born 8-5-1913, died 9-2-1996
WEATHERELL, John E.. Spouse of Helen Craig. Born 1910, died 1950
WEBSTER, Ellen T. Higgins. Born 1896, died 1930
WEIHONEIG, Conrad. Born 1862, died 1904
WEIHONIG, A. Lois. Born 1854, died 1914
WEIHONIG, Anna F.. Born 1883, died 1945
WEIHONIG, Anna M.. Born 1856, died 1922
WEIHONIG, Charles J.. Spouse of Ethel Mae. Born 9-29-1890, died 12-24-1986 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
WEIHONIG, Ethel Mae. Spouse of Charles J.. Born 1888, died 1949
WEIHONIG, John L.. Born 4-27-1893, died 12-25-1967 - WW I Vet, US Army, 21st Co. 153rd Depot Brigade, Pvt. New York
WEIHONIG, Lois. Born 1854, died 1914
WEIHONIG, Louis. Born 1886, died 1939
WEIHONIG, Sophia. Born 1880, died 1940
WEINMAN, Charles. Spouse of Christina, died 4-19-1941
WEINMAN, Christina. Spouse of Charles, died 1-14-1965
WEINMAN, Edna E.. Spouse of Marshall C. "Skip". Born 12-24-1909, died 7-4-2004. Age: 94y - Dau of Dean & Evelyn Graham Hanks b. Friendship, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-10-1932
WEINMAN, Emma F.. Spouse of Louis P.. Born 1876, died 1962
WEINMAN, J. Gerald. Born 1913, died 1952
WEINMAN, Louis P.. Spouse of Emma F.. Born 1880, died 1929
WEINMAN, Marshall C. "Skip". Spouse of Edna E.. Born 1911, died 8-17-1993
WESCHE, Beulah B.. Spouse of Louis F. Jr.. Born 1895, died 1927
WESCHE, Louis F. Jr.. Spouse of Beulah B.. Born 1896, died 1983
WESCHE, Louis H.. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1869, died 1943
WESCHE, Mary M.. Spouse of Louis H.. Born 1875, died 1957
WESCHE, Ruth A.. Born 1922, died 1999
WETZELL, Ann, died 8-15-1900. Age: 77y
WHALEN, Catherine T.. Born 1878, died 1949
WHALEN, Ellen. Born 1848, died 1916
WHEDON, Ore E.. Born 1880, died 1930 - Son of Ore E. & Ellen Whedon. Mausoleum - WW I Vet, Co L 108 Regt.
WHELPLEY, Frances S.. Spouse of George D.. Born 1905, died 1978
WHELPLEY, George D.. Spouse of Frances S.. Born 1899, died 1982 - WW I and II Vet, US Navy, BM1
WHITE, Margaret, died 2-13-1894. Age: 76y
WHITE, Thomas. Spouse of Margaret, died 8-23-1900. Age: 84y
WHITMARSH, Llewellyn. Spouse of Mary. Born 1853, died 1924
WHITMARSH, Mary. Spouse of Llewellyn. Born 1860, died 1914
WHITNEY, Donald E.. Spouse of Miriam Sullivan. Born 1925, died 1-17-1985 - Wed 5-28-1949
WHITNEY, Kathryn C.. Spouse of W. Clare. Born 1922, died 1-19-2010. Age: 87y - Dau of Howard W. & Kathryn Margaret Hassey Craig Sr. b. Unknown d. Burlington NC Wed 1943
WHITNEY, Miriam Sullivan. Spouse of Donald E.. Born 2-17-1927, died 12-13-2000. Age: 73y - Dau of Joseph & Alice Maroney Sullivan. Wed 5-28-1949
WHITNEY, W. Clair. Spouse of Kathryn C.. Born 1922, died 1989
WILCOX, Mary H., died 1933
WILES, Gerald. Spouse of Mary C.. Born 1899, died 1984
WILES, Mary C.. Spouse of Gerald. Born 1899, died 1994
WILLIAMS, Adeline. Spouse of John. Born 1924, died 1998
WILLIAMS, Jean Callaghan. Spouse of Thomas B. Jr.. Born 1-4-1927, died 5-24-1999. Age: 72y - Dau of Robert E. & Bertha Arnold Callaghan b. Burralo, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-2-1948
WILLIAMS, John. Spouse of Adeline. Born 9-24-1918, died 3-10-1996 - Together Forever - WW II Vet, US Navy, SF3
WILLIAMS, Joseph. Born 9-28-1889, died 8-10-1890
WILLIAMS, Margaret Driscoll. Born 5-28-1863, died 4-1-1907
WILLIAMS, Thomas B. Jr.. Spouse of Jean Callaghan. Born 3-9-1929, died 3-2-1996. Age: 66y - Son of Thomas B. & Twila Mae Gourley Williams, Sr. b. Punxsutawney, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-2-1948
WILLSON, Gail M.. Spouse of Jeffrey J.. Born 8/6/1961, died 2/27/2016. Age: 54y - Dau of Milford & Eleanor Dodge Cline b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-14-1980 in Wellsville NY
WILSON, Donald E. "Donnie" Jr.. Born 1/11/1968, died 4/2/2013. Age: 45y - Son of Donald E. & Ann E. Searle Wilson Sr. b. & d Ithaca NY
WILSON, Donald E. Sr.. Born 7/4/1946, died 6/17/2014. Age: 67y - Son of Charles & Dorothy Haupt Wilson b. Coudersport Pad. Corning NY. Former Wife Ann Searle
WINANS, Mary L.. Born 9-23-1920, died 12-30-1995
WINANS, Michael D.. Born 4-29-1957, died 10-25-2003. Age: 46y - Son of Lloyd & Delores Walsh Winans
WINANS, Steven Joseph. Spouse of Francine (Leone). Born 9-17-1958, died 11-18-2023. Age: 65y - Son of Lloyd D. & Dolores J. (Walsh) Winans. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Wellsville, NY and North Port, FL; died in North Port, FL. Married 5-1-1982. Three children. Uncategorized vet, US Air Force 1981-2004.
WINTERS, Bernard. Spouse of Mary J.. Born 1856, died 1948
WINTERS, John H.. Born 1885, died 1909 - Son of Bernard & Mary Winters
WINTERS, Mary J.. Spouse of Bernard B. Born 1860, died 1941
WOERLEY, Amelia E., died 4-1-1971
WOERLEY, Helena. Born 1896, died 1899
WOERLEY, John B., died 5-30-1969 - Son
WOERLEY, Joseph. Spouse of Theresa, died 7-9-1942 - Father
WOERLEY, Mary A.. Born 1890, died 1920
WOERLEY, Teresa M., died 12-25-1973
WOERLEY, Theresa. Spouse of Joseph, died 8-28-1935 - Mother
WOLFE, George H.. Born 1885, died 1935
WOLFE, Margaret. Spouse of William G.. Born 1860, died 1941
WOLFE, Matthew E.. Born 1894, died 1918
WOLFE, Walter J.. Born 1898, died 1932
WOLFE, William G.. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1855, died 1900
WOOD, Charles. Spouse of Nora. Born 1854, died 1939
WOOD, Nora. Spouse of Charles. Born 1860, died 1936
WOOD, William H., died 11-30-1881. Age: 1y 1m - Son of Charles & H. Wood
WOOLARD, David C.. Born 1946, died 1977
WRIGHT, Anthony J. "Tony". Born 4-10-1963, died 7-3-2009. Age: 46y - Son of John P. & Sybil "Betty" Burton Wright b. & d. Wellsville NY
WRIGHT, John P.. Spouse of Sybil Burton. Born 6-23-1926, died 4-6-1991. Age: 64y - Son of Hull & Hilda Bushee Wright b. New York City d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 12-26-1951 in the Bronx - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
WRIGHT, Stephen A.. Born 1/18/1962, died 1/3/2013. Age: 50y - Son of John P. & Sybil "Betty" Burton Wright b. & d. Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army & Army Reserves, Combat Engineers
WRIGHT, Sybil (Burton) "Betty". Spouse of John P.. Born 3-3-1928, died 1-23-1988. Age: 59y - Dau of Charles H. & Sybil Nicola Burton b. New York City d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 12-26-1951 in the Bronx
WYROUGH, Anna R.. Spouse of James M.. Born 1896, died 1973
WYROUGH, James M.. Spouse of Anna R.. Born 7-1-1897, died 7-1-1973 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Cpl. Pennsylvania Cpl. U.S. Army
YATES, Anna. Spouse of Michael. Born 1857, died 1926
YATES, Michael. Spouse of Anna. Born 1851, died 1921
YAZAK, Howard Edward. Spouse of Jeanne Clifford. Born 11-26-1924, died 12-6-1998. Age: 74y - Son of Harry R. & Sophia Cook Yazak b. Salamanca, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-28-1950 in Camp LeJeune, NC - WW II Vet, USMC, S/Sgt (Prince 19621977)
YAZAK, Jeanne Clifford. Spouse of Howard Edward. Born 9/3/1924, died 11/9/2014 - Dau of Charles E. Clifford & Hazel H. Champlin b. Salamanca NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-28-1950 in Camp Lejeune NC
YOUNG, Evangeline Flohr. Spouse of Lester K.. Born 1909, died 10-1-2006. Age: 97y - Dau of Fred & Katharine Flohr b. Buffalo, NY d. Woonsocket, RI. Wed 1939 in Cherry Creek, NY
ZWIEFKA, Grace M.. Spouse of Leo S.. Born 1922, died 1994
ZWIEFKA, Leo S.. Spouse of Grace M.. Born 1-26-1919, died 9-6-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5


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