Sacred Heart Cemetery
Town of Wellsville
Stone readings by Eleanor Schwalb 2005
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb

Photo by Eleanor Schwalb

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GABLER, Robert G. born 1-31-1928 died 8-9-1997 YN2 U.S. Navy WW2
GALEY, Irene S . born 1898 died 1985 
GALOFARO, Frances Ann Aldrich spouse of Tony Dominic born 2-17-1935 died uncut 
GALOFARO, Tony Dominic spouse of Frances Ann Aldrich born 4-30-1930 died 5-10-1999 Age 69y Sgt. U.S. Air Force Korea
GANEY, J. Leo spouse of Mary E. born 1883 died 1940 
GANEY, Mary E. spouse of J. Leo born 5-30-1848 died 6-18-1913 
GANNON, Anna born 1839 died 1917 
GARDNER, Celia died 3-3-1898 Age 27y 
GARDNER, David F. spouse of Joan Embser born 8-24-1926 died 1-2-2011 age 84y  Son of Charles & Florence Albee Gardner b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-25-1953 in Wellsville NY Combat Veteran of U.S. Navy WW2 & Korean Conflict - Served aboard the USS St. Paul in Pacific Theater of Operation & personally witnessed the formal surrender of Japan at the end of the War
GARDNER, Frank E. spouse of Margaret E. born 1877 died 1957 
GARDNER, Henry F. spouse of Valentina Scholokoff born 5-15-1926 died 7-3-2009 age 83y Son of Frank & Mary Pavelska Gardner b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-24-1946 in Japan while serving in the U.S. Army's 158th Regimental Combat Team the " Bushmasters " in the Pacific Theater of Operations - Celebrated 62 years of marriage
GARDNER, James spouse of Johanna born 1850 died 1888 
GARDNER, Joan spouse of David born 11/10/1930 died 12/3/2014 age Dau of Walter J. & Katherine O'Brien Embser b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-25-1953 in Wellsville NY
GARDNER, Johanna spouse of James born 1848 died 1926 
GARDNER, Margaret E. spouse of Frank E. born 1883 died 1966 
GARDNER, Mary died 7-18-1887 Age 39y 
GARDNER, Mary died 8-2-1888 Age 72y 
GARNSEY, Mary C. Duffy spouse of  born 9-23-1936 died 12-31-2009 age  Loving Mother & Grandmother
GARY, Molly Marie born 1980 died 1983 
GASDIK, Cecila "Cis"  Spouse of Joseph "Joe" Born 1-30-1930 died 1-31-2016 Age 85y - Dau of Leo William & Gertrude Frances Roach Harmon b. Gloucester MA d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-6-1954 in Gloucester MA Cis was in every respect and possible expression of the word a people person-friends were truly meant to be cherished and loved for life
GASDIK, Edward G. born 1923 died 1940 Son of Joseph & Katheryn Gasdik
GASDIK, Irene G. Wasson born 1926 died 1981 
GASDIK, Joseph "Joe" spouse of Cecilia H. "Cis" born 5-26-1920 died 12-6-1983 RM3 U.S. Navy WW2
GASDIK, Joseph spouse of Kathryn born 1887 died 1962 
GASDIK, Kathryn spouse of Joseph born 1892 died 1975 
GAVITT, John spouse of Shirley Aiken born 1931 died 1-22-1980 Wed 8-24-1957 
GAVITT, Shirley Aiken spouse of John born 12-2-1932 died 12-30-1991 Age 59y Dau. of Clark G. & Rachel Songer Aiken b. Tioga Pa. d. Wellsville N.Y. 
GEARY, Catherine T. spouse of Maurice born 2-21-1900 died 3-15-1987 Dau. of Michael J. & Elnora Filbourne Daley b. Alma, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
GEARY, Mary Dwyer born 1858 died 1936 Mother
GEARY, Maurice died 10-12-1913 Age 4m 
GEARY, Maurice J. spouse of Catherine W. Daley born 1891 died 1935 
GEARY, Morris died 8-4-1891 Age 65y 
GEARY, Paul J. born 7-17-1928 died 6-12-1952 Son of Maurice & Catherine W. Daley Geary New York Cpl. 2 Marines 2 Marine Div. WW2 Auto Accident
GEARY, William P. born 1892 died 1924 
GEE, Ann M. Allen spouse of Robert J. born 1942 died uncut 
GEE, Beatrice J. spouse of Douglas A. born 1912 died 1988 
GEE, Douglas A. spouse of Beatrice J. born 1912 died 1995 
GEE, Robert J. spouse of Ann M. Allen born 3-22-1939 died 4-5-2004 Age 65y Son of Douglas & Beatrice Greenan Gee Wed 6-30-1962 
GEER, Shirley Jean spouse of Wilbert Parnell born 6-21-1927 died 6-13-2009 age 81y Dau. of Alfred & Alice Edwards Knowles b. Wellsville NY d. Okmulgee OK 
GEER, Wilbert Parnell born 7-25-1927 died 5-23-1965 New York T Sgt. U.S. Air Force WW2
GEISENHOF, Caroline spouse of G. Geisenhof died 11-11-1891 Age 34y 9m 26d 
GEISENHOF, Charles died 10-5-1918 New York Pvt. 308 Inf. 77 Div.
GEISENHOF, Charles spouse of Elizabeth W. born 1852 died 1909 
GEISENHOF, Elizabeth W. spouse of Charles born 1853 died 1919 
GEISENHOF, Jacob J. born 1897 died 1925 
GENA, Gwynneth M. born 1921 died 2002 Dau. of Arthur & Violet Anderson
GEORGE, Margaret C. died 1910 Buried with George H. & Walter J. Wolfe
GEORGE, Mary A. born 7-3-1912 died 9-13-1991 Age 79y Dau. of Myron & Maude Wolfe George b. Allentown, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
GEORGE, Maude T . spouse of Myron E. born 1883 died 1968 
GEORGE, Myron E. spouse of Maude T. born 1881 died 1959 
GEORGESKI, Adrain born 5-15-1959 died 3-13-2006 
GERACCI, Helen L. born 1921 died 1993 
GERACCI, Leo T. spouse of  born 7-8-1953 died 1-24-2011 age 56y  Son of Patrick & Helen Molin Geracci b. & d. Wellsville NY 
GIBALSKI, John J. spouse of Maybelle J. born 1903 died 1955 Hail Mary Full of Grace
GIBALSKI, Maybelle J. spouse of John J. born 1905 died 1960 Hail Mary Full of Grace
GIBBONS, Bridget P. died 5-7-1951 
GIBBONS, Georgeanna died 6-23-1997 Dau. of George & Bridgett Gibbons b. Bradford, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
GIBBS, Agnes M. spouse of Bernard E. born 1909 died 1972 
GIBBS, Bernard born 11-15-1931 died 7-19-2008 Son of Bernard E. & Agnes Casey Gibbs b. Olean, N.Y. d. Waldo, FL U.S. Army Korea
GIBBS, Bernard E. spouse of Agnes Casey born 11-8-1908 died 11-28-1960 age 52y b. & d. Bolivar NY Wed 7-11-1929 Auto Accident
GIBBS, Robert J. born 4-9-1934 died 3-12-1957 Son of Bernard E. & Agnes Casey Gibbs New York A1C 4935 Air Base GP AF
GILMORE, James born 1847 died 1879 Co. G 8th Pa. Cav.
GLASS, James born 1934 died 1993 
GLENDING, Francis J. born 5-29-1927 died 3-31-1983 MAM3 U.S. Navy WW2
GLENDING, Francis James spouse of Margaret B. born 8-24-1896 died 1-14-1956 New York Sgt HQ Co. 27 Field Arty WW1
GLENDING, Margaret B. spouse of Francis James born 3-29-1903 died 12-7-1961 
GLOVER, E. Fezonette born 1885 died 1957 
GONTER, Anne born 1868 died 1935 
GONTER, Bertha born 1872 died 1948 
GONTER, Elizabeth A. spouse of John P. born 1870 died 1943 Mother
GONTER, Frederick J. spouse of Johanna born 1868 died 1938 
GONTER, Hanora O'Brien spouse of Jacob died 11-15-1919 
GONTER, Harold F. Rev. born 1892 died 1965 
GONTER, Hattie A. born 1863 died 1940 
GONTER, Helen born 1897 died uncut 
GONTER, Howard O. born 1900 died 1950 Son of John P. & Elizabeth A. Gonter
GONTER, Jacob spouse of Hanora O'Brien died 8-25-1922 
GONTER, Johanna spouse of Frederick J. born 1871 died 1950 
GONTER, John born 1857 died 1923 
GONTER, John P. spouse of Elizabeth A. born 1870 died 1938 Father
GONTER, Joseph born 1855 died 1893 
GONTER, Joseph J. spouse of Pearl J. born 1884 died 1943 
GONTER, Lyle F. born 1905 died 1961 Son of John P. & Elizabeth A. Gonter
GONTER, Margaret born 1851 died 1905 
GONTER, Margaret born 1889 died 1964 
GONTER, Mary born 1861 died 1958 
GONTER, Mary spouse of Ottma died 5-16-1921 Age 87y 
GONTER, Marzelena born 1865 died 1909 
GONTER, Mathias born 1863 died 1893 
GONTER, Mathias spouse of Wilhelmine died 7-22-1889 Age 63y 
GONTER, Ottma spouse of Mary died 1891 Age 60y 
GONTER, Paul F. born 1885 died 1931 
GONTER, Pearl J. spouse of Joseph J. born 1887 died 1936 
GONTER, Theodore B. born 1891 died 1923 
GONTER, Wilhelmena born 1875 died 1902 
GONTER, Wilhelmine spouse of Mathias born 8-22-1829 died 11-23-1922 
GONTER, William born 1853 died 1931 
GORDON, Arthur E. spouse of Margaret E. Irwin born 1925 died uncut 
GORDON, Arthur J. spouse of Carlotta C. born 1901 died 1989 
GORDON, Beatrice E. born 1913 died 1915 Dau. of John A. & Katherine Gordon
GORDON, Carlotta C. spouse of Arthur J. born 1906 died 1992 
GORDON, Dorothy D. spouse of James R. born 1931 died 2002 Dau. of Daniel & Evelyn Crumm Easton
GORDON, James R. spouse of Dorothy D. born 12-17-1926 died 7-5-1984 PHM2 U.S. Navy WW2
GORDON, John A. born 1862 died 1961 
GORDON, John J. Jr. born 6-15-1924 died 8-23-1982 Pfc. U.S. Army WW2
GORDON, John J. Sr. spouse of Susan K. born 1898 died 1979 
GORDON, Katherine G. born 1873 died 1959 
GORDON, Margaret E. Irwin spouse of Arthur E. born 11-5-1927 died 7-11-2004 Age 76y Dau. of Clyde & Eleanor Barton Irwin b. Titusville, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 7-17-1947 in Scio, N.Y. 
GORDON, Robert J. born 1928 died 1984 
GORDON, Ruth L. born 1910 died 1924 
GORDON, Susan K. spouse of John J. Sr. born 1897 died 1981 
GORMAN, Alice born 1870 died 1935 Dau. of Michael & Anna Gorman
GORMAN, Anna spouse of Michael born 1838 died 1914 
GORMAN, Bridget died 1-26-1868 Age 11m 13d Dau. of J. & W. Gorman
GORMAN, Catherine died 4-2-1874 Age 2y 23d Dau. of J. & W. Gorman
GORMAN, James born 1870 died 4-5-1874 Son of Michael & Anna Gorman
GORMAN, James died 1881 
GORMAN, John born 1873 died 1925 Son of Michael & Anna Gorman
GORMAN, John died 1871 
GORMAN, John spouse of Winefred born U/C died uncut 
GORMAN, John T. spouse of Mildred B. born 1917 died 1976 
GORMAN, Mary A. spouse of Owen E. born 1870 died 1944 
GORMAN, Mary Dealy born 1866 died 1907 
GORMAN, Michael spouse of Anna born 1827 died 1899 
GORMAN, Mildred B. spouse of John T. born 1/9/1921 died 1/6/2014 age 92y Dau of Howard & Frances Brown Voorhees b. Buffalo NY d. Hornell NY Wed 3-4-1939
GORMAN, Millie M. born 1882 died 1961 
GORMAN, Owen born 1879 died 1929 Son of Michael & Anna Gorman
GORMAN, Owen E. spouse of Mary A. born 1863 died 1936 
GORMAN, Winefred spouse of John died 10-24-1887 Age 60y Born Country of Sligo, Ireland
GRAHAM, Cora M. spouse of Louis E. born 1927 died 1991 
GRAHAM, Elizabeth Trahey spouse of Henry born 1891 died 1944 
GRAHAM, Henry spouse of Elizabeth Trahey born 1887 died 1965 
GRAHAM, James H. born 1849 died 1894 
GRAHAM, James H. died 9-1-1894 Age 45y 7m 
GRAHAM, James H. spouse of Mary Elizabeth born 1-20-1916 died 4-16-2001 Age 85y Son of C. Henry & Elizabeth Trahey Graham Wed 5-27-1943 in Hornell, N.Y. 
GRAHAM, James T. died 9-16-1883 Age 1y 4m 3d Son of Julius II & Catherine Graham
GRAHAM, Katherine K. born 1850 died 1925 
GRAHAM, Louis E. spouse of Cora M. born 1920 died 2001 Son of Henry & Elizabeth Trahey Graham U.S. Navy WW2
GRAHAM, Mary Elizabeth spouse of James H. born 11-3-1920 died 8-28-2000 
GRAHAM, Maurice J. born 1890 died 1969 
GRAVES, Frederick L. spouse of Patricia A. born 1924 died 1992 MOMM2 U.S. Navy WW2
GRAVES, Patricia A. spouse of Frederick L. born 1932 died 1975 Dau. of Bernard E. & Agnes M. Gibbs
GREEN, Florence C. born 1902 died 1972 
GREENAN, Bridget spouse of John born 1841 died 1911 
GREENAN, Catherine E. spouse of Edward J. born 1883 died 1922 
GREENAN, Edward J. spouse of Catherine E. born 1875 died 1955 
GREENAN, Elizabeth A. spouse of John W. born 1875 died 1946 
GREENAN, John spouse of Bridget born 1841 died 1903 
GREENAN, John W. spouse of Elizabeth A. born 1867 died 1961 
GREENAN, Joseph E. spouse of Mary B. born 1882 died 1954 
GREENAN, Mary B. spouse of Joseph E. born 1886 died 1976 
GREENE, Isabelle born 1875 died 1963 
GREENE, Kristen Ann died 5-3-1978 
GRIMES, Elizabeth born 1886 died 1939 Mother
GRIMES, Richard F. born 1917 died 1930 Son
GRIMES, Robert H. born 1917 died 1979 Son
GRIMLEY, Owen H. born 1921 died 1973 
GRIMM, George J. born 1887 died 1819 
GRIMM, Loretto A. born 1888 died 1965 
GRONER, Katherine born 1876 died 1943 
GROVER, Craig Henry died 6-27-1957 Our Angel in Heaven
GROVER, Michael born 7-10-1950 died 7-11-1950 Our Angel in Heaven
GUINN, James E. spouse of Mary H. born 1902 died 1961 
GUINN, Mary H. spouse of James E. born 1902 died 1990 
GWYMNETH, M. Gena born 1921 died 2002 
HAHN, Agathe B. died 2000 
HALEY, Clayton J. spouse of Delia Woodell born 6-14-1911 died 9-8-1995 S Sgt. U.S. Army WW2 Together Forever
HALEY, Delia Woodell spouse of Clayton J. born 1914 died 1981 Together Forever
HALEY, James "Mike" born 4-20-1947 died 12-8-2005 Age 58y Son of Clayton & Delia Woodell Haley b. Buffalo, N.Y. d. Painted Post, N.Y. U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division - Silver Star and two Bronze Stars
HALL, Mary J. spouse of William F. born 1890 died 1975 
HALL, William F. spouse of Mary J. born 1889 died 1948 
HALLADAY, Virginia M. born 1981 died 1985 
HALLORAN, Charles spouse of Elizabeth born 1884 died 1956 
HALLORAN, Elizabeth spouse of Charles born 1885 died 1966 
HALLORAN, James J. spouse of Mary G. born 1886 died 1968 
HALLORAN, John Connor born 2-17-1918 died 6-7-2002 
HALLORAN, Mary G. spouse of James J. born 1894 died 1937 
HAMMOND, Elizabeth L. born 1911 died 1999 
HAMMOND, Martha E. born 1888 died 1958 
HAMMOND, William E. born 1913 died 1983 
HANAKA, Baby Christopher John born 2-6-1980 died 11-18-1981 
HANDLEY, E. Louise spouse of John F. born 1829 died 1897 
HANDLEY, Edmund born 1869 died 1881 
HANDLEY, John F. spouse of E. Louise born 1818 died 1882 
HANDLEY, Mittie Eugene born 1865 died 1876 
HANDRAHAN, Alberta S. spouse of Richard born 6-18-1920 died 5-27-2001 Age 80y Dau. of Rodney R. & Malinda C. Welch Sherwood Wed 4-16-1947 in Wellsville, N.Y.
HANDRAHAN, Richard F. spouse of Alberta Sherwood born 2/20/1921 died 2/17/2014 age 92y Son of Charles & Sophia Fellows Handrahan b. Canandaigua NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-16-1947 U.S. Army Air Corps as a Tech/Sgt He flew bombing missions in the Balkans North Apennines Rhineland Rome-Arno- & Southern France - Awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal
HANRAHAN, Anna M. died 1878 Dau. of Ed & Maggie Hanrahan
HANRAHAN, Edward spouse of Margaret born 1847 died 1923 
HANRAHAN, Margaret spouse of Edward born 1845 died 1923 
HANSON, Marion F. born 1906 died 1979 
HANSON, Mary L. born 1870 died 1950 Mother
HANSON, Mildred K. spouse of William John born 1908 died 1995 
HANSON, William John spouse of Mildred K. born 7-30-1895 died 6-8-1955 New York Pvt. 8 Co.Cen MG OFF TNG SCH WW1
HARRINGTON, Anna Garvin spouse of Thomas F. born 9-14-1878 died 12-17-1917 
HARRINGTON, Catherine spouse of Patrick died 3-1-1883 Age 61y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
HARRINGTON, Daniel B. born 1860 died 1885 
HARRINGTON, George B. born 2-4-1880 died 8-15-1922 Stone is inscribed as 1980
HARRINGTON, Jeremiah died 7-18-1874 Age 20y Son of Patrick & Catherine Harrington
HARRINGTON, John born 11-18-1847 died 6-27-1916 May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen
HARRINGTON, John Edward born 1875 died 1916 May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen
HARRINGTON, Lillian Forhan born 1875 died 1968 May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen
HARRINGTON, Margaret born 1863 died 1899 
HARRINGTON, Margaret Murphy born 3-14-1853 died 10-27-1929 Dau. of John & Johanna Murphy May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen
HARRINGTON, Mary S spouse of Patrick Unable to read stone 
HARRINGTON, Patrick spouse of Catherine died 1-8-1888 Age 77y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
HARRINGTON, Patrick spouse of Mary unable to read stone 
HARRINGTON, Paul H. born 6-29-1888 died 3-8-1919 
HARRINGTON, Thomas F. spouse of Anna Garvin born 3-19-1873 died 3-3-1910 
HARRIS, Daniel C. Sr. spouse of Elizabeth O. born 1926 died 1980 
HARRIS, Elizabeth O. spouse of Daniel Christiana born 7/18/1925 died 8/16/2012 age Dau of John H. & Gertrude Burr O'Connor b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-16-1948
HARRIS, George B. Jr. born 1924 died 1987 
HARRIS, George B. Sr. spouse of Lois C. born 1897 died 1977 
HARRIS, George D. spouse of Teresa C. born 1864 died 1911 Father
HARRIS, Lois C. spouse of George B., Sr. born 8-6-1901 died 6-28-1989 Age 87y Dau. of Daniel D. & Isabelle Fowler Christiana Wed 8-12-1920 
HARRIS, Mary Patricia born 2-15-1922 died 3-23-1923 
HARRIS, Teresa D. spouse of George D. Mother Deep in Ground - Could Not Read
HART, Charles W. spouse of Esther Kenealy born 6-18-1900 died 4-3-1988 Son of Patrick & Mary McHale Hart b. Genesee Township, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 8-8-1931 in Wellsville, N.Y.
HART, Edward F. born 9-9-1904 died 1-15-1998 CM2 U.S. Navy WW2
HART, Elizabeth spouse of John born U/C died 1948 
HART, Esther Kenealy spouse of Charles W . born 1898 died 3-24-1982 Wed 8-8-1931 in Wellsville N.Y.
HART, Finola W. spouse of Henry P. died 11-16-1968
HART, Gerald Charles spouse of Mary Ellen Connor born 3-3-1928 died 8-19-2011 age   Son of Henry & Finola Wiles Hart b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-22-1955 in Andover NY U.S.Army served in the Army of Occupation of Japan 27th Infantry Regiment "The Wolfhounds" stationed in Osaka Japan 
HART, Gwendolyn born 1908 died 1948 Dau. of John & Elizabeth Hart
HART, Henry P. spouse of Finola W. died 3-26-1950 
HART, John spouse of Elizabeth born U/C died uncut 
HART, Mary Ellen spouse of Gerald C . born 10-25-1932 died 8-15-2009 age Dau. of John A. & Monica R. Padden Connor b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-22-1955 in Andover NY 
HART, Michael G. spouse of Barbara born 5-9-1958 died 8-17-2009 age Son of Francis David & Lucille Smith Hart b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. Navy 1982-1986 on board USS John F. Kennedy 
HART, Robert J. born U/C died 10-24-1918 Age 22y Son of John & Elizabeth Hart Died in France WW1
HART, William Jospeh born 2-25-1929 died 7-1-1951 Son of Henry P. & Finola Hart New York Pfc. 3 Trans Mil Ry SVC
HARTMAN, Donald D. spouse of Sylvia J. born 1950 died 2000 
HARTMAN, Sylvia J. spouse of Donald D. born 1941 died uncut 
HARTNETT, Daniel Jr. born 1859 died 1881 
HARTNETT, Daniel Sr. spouse of Mary born 1808 died 1890 
HARTNETT, Mary spouse of Daniel Sr. born 1810 died 1890 
HARTZ, Elizabeth M. born 1885 died 1972 
HARVEY, A. Frank spouse of Anna B. born 1854 died 1917 
HARVEY, Anna B. spouse of A. Frank born 1873 died 1958 
HARVEY, Margaret born 1911 died 1980 
HASTINGS, Emma spouse of Jeremiah J. born 1876 died 1953 
HASTINGS, Jeremiah died 8-21-1868 Age 6y 11d Son of John & Mary Hastings
HASTINGS, Jeremiah J. spouse of Emma born 1875 died 1952 
HASTINGS, Mary died 7-4-1883 Age 6y 4d Dau. of John & Mary Hastings
HASTINGS, William died 9-27-1832 Age 100y 
HAUSELT, Catherine born U/C died 5-27-2001 Dau. of Frederick & Mary McDonald Hauselt 
HAUSELT, Edwin V. died uncut U.S. Army No Dates
HAUSELT, Fred J. spouse of Mary M. born 1870 died 1949 
HAUSELT, Mary M. spouse of Fred J. born 1871 died 1951 
HAUSELT, Mary Margaret born 1915 died 1951 
HAWES, Claude W. spouse of Margaret born 1887 died 1943 
HAWES, Margaret spouse of Claude W. died uncut Dau. of William E. & Mary Ann O'Connor Mendonsa
HAYES, Charles John died 2-6-1938 New York Sgt. Major U.S. Marine Corps
HAYES, Edmund M. born 12-9-1886 died 10--27-1967 New York Cook Med. Dept. WW1
HAYES, Father born 1840 died 1915 
HAYES, Helen L. died 1923 
HAYES, Margaret T. died 1959 
HAYES, Mother born 1853 died 1932 
HAYES, Robert C. born 6-6-1920 died 1-24-2004 Age 83y Son of Edmond "Mike" & Helen Leggitt Hayes PL SGT U.S. Marine Corps WW2
HAZZARD, Julia A. spouse of Leon H. born 12-14-1906 died 7-24-2007 Age 100y Dau. of Frederick & Marie Markey Schulz b. New York City, N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. 
HAZZARD, Leon H. spouse of Julia A. born 1910 died 1974 
HEALEY, Ellen Horan spouse of Robert J. "Bud" born U/C died 3-11-2001 Dau. of Edward & Nona Forhan Horan b. Andover, N.Y. d. Rochester, N.Y. Wed 9-13-1947 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
HEALEY, Robert J. "Bud" spouse of Ellen Horan born 6-23-1916 died 6-15-1996 Age 79y Son of Edmund J. & Annabelle Harris Healy b. Goldfield, Nev. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 9-13-1947 in Wellsville, N.Y. U.S. Army 5th Infantry Division & U.S. Army Reserves
HEALY, Alice G. born 1870 died 1888 
HEALY, Anastasia spouse of Patrick born 1842 died uncut 
HEALY, Annabelle Harris born 1888 died 1931 Mother
HEALY, Edmund born 5-23-1910 died 8-16-1960 New York Tec 5 AAA AW BN CAC WW2
HEALY, Patrick spouse of Anastasia born 1834 died 1905 
HEALY, Ray born U/C died uncut 
HEASLEY, Anne McGavern born 1941 died 1973 
HELD, Jacob E. spouse of Mary G. born 1890 died 1967 
HELD, Josephine C. spouse of Jacob E. born 1877 died 1959 
HELD, Mary G. spouse of Jacob E. born 1875 died 1957 
HELMHOLD, Martha M. born 1886 died 1934 
HENDRICK, James B. born 1937 died 1956 
HENNESSY, Catherine Connor spouse of James H. died 9-24-1985 Dau. of Michael J. & Bridget Higgins Connor b. Cuba, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 4-21-1923
HENNESSY, Corinne Frances spouse of William Connor born 9-11-1927 died 11-30-2011 age 84y  Dau. of Edward & Ruth Callan Schwalb b. Salamanca NY d. Albany NY Wed 3-2-1951 in Wellsville NY 
HENNESSY, James H. spouse of Catherine Connor born 10-19-1896 died 7-26-1941 Wed 4-21-1923
HENNESSY, James M. spouse of Mary Ellen Driscoll born 7-13-1925 died 5-2-1996 Age 70y Son of James H. & Catherine Connor Hennessy Wed 8-22-1953 in Andover, N.Y. Highway Superintendent of the Town of Wellsville
HENNESSY, John Joseph "Jack" spouse of Mary Lou Brundage born 12/28/1927 died 12/27/2012 age 84y Son of James Harrigan & Catherine Mary Connor Hennessy b. Buffalo NY d. Amity Lake Belmont NY Wed 8-20-1949 Jack was a Seaman 2nd Class aboard USS Briareus (AR12) during WW2 Received Am. Theater Medal & WW2 Victory Medal
HENNESSY, Mary Ellen spouse of James M. born 4-5-1932 died 11-13-2008 Dau. of Mortimer & Mary Casey Driscoll b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-22-1951 in Andover NY 
HENNESSY, Patrick J. born 2-7-1955 died 6-26-1980 Son of James M. & Mary Ellen Driscoll Hennessy SN U.S. Navy Vietnam
HENNESSY, William Connor spouse of Corinne Schwalb born 12-19-1926 died 11-2-2001 Age 74y Son of James Harrigan & Catherine Connor Hennessy Wed 2-3-1951 MM3 U.S. Navy WW2 Commissioner of State Department of Transportation, Chairman NYS Thruway Authority and was responsible for property Acquisition for the Southern Tier Expressway (now I-86) and I-88.
HENRY, Anna M. born 1862 died 1924 
HENRY, Loretta M. spouse of Roger M. born 1923 died 1993 Loving Grandmother
HENRY, Roger M. spouse of Loretta M. born 1933 died 1998 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
HIGGINS, Abbie spouse of James born 1872 died 1920 
HIGGINS, Agnes born 6-15-1912 died 9-9-1913 
HIGGINS, Ann spouse of John born 1823 died 1886 
HIGGINS, Ann T. born 1884 died 1959 
HIGGINS, Catherine L. born 1892 died 1958 Dau. of John & Mary J. Higgins
HIGGINS, Catherine spouse of Patrick born U/C died uncut Rest In Peace
HIGGINS, Donald born 1902 died 1904 Son of James M. & Mary S. Higgins
HIGGINS, Dorothy born 9-1-1905 died 1-25-1995 Age 89y Dau. of Terrence Francis & Ella T. Culbert Higgins
HIGGINS, Ella T. spouse of Terrence F. born 1866 died 1932 Mother
HIGGINS, Ellen born 1832 died 1887 Rest In Peace
HIGGINS, Frances C. born 1882 died 1966 
HIGGINS, Francis born 1906 died 1947 
HIGGINS, Frank W. born 1876 died 1916 
HIGGINS, Frank W. born 1881 died 1941 
HIGGINS, Gertrude born 6-30-1913 died 9-10-1913 
HIGGINS, Harry Henry died 4-13-1957 New York Fireman 2 CL U.S.N.R.F. 
HIGGINS, Helen R. spouse of Lambert J. born 1890 died 1980 
HIGGINS, Helena A. spouse of John J. born 1907 died 1989 
HIGGINS, Henry E. born 1890 died 1891 
HIGGINS, I. Estella spouse of John M. born 1871 died 1944 
HIGGINS, James M. spouse of Mary S. born 1867 died 1944 
HIGGINS, James spouse of Abbie born 1854 died 1928 
HIGGINS, John J. spouse of Helena A. born 1899 died 1967 
HIGGINS, John M. spouse of I. Estella born 1873 died 1938 
HIGGINS, John spouse of Mary J. born 1865 died 1922 
HIGGINS, John T. born 1855 died 1874 
HIGGINS, Joseph died 1892 
HIGGINS, Lambert J. spouse of Helen R. born 1883 died 1969 
HIGGINS, Mary A. born 1880 died 1961 
HIGGINS, Mary J. spouse of John born 1873 died 1935 
HIGGINS, Mary O'Connor born 1862 died 1942 
HIGGINS, Mary S. spouse of James M. born 1867 died 1941 
HIGGINS, Mary spouse of Thomas died 2-14-1892 Age 49y 
HIGGINS, Michael died 7-23-1914 Age 52y Died at Little Falls, N.J.
HIGGINS, Morris born 1815 died 1885 Rest In Peace
HIGGINS, Mother born 1860 died 1892 
HIGGINS, Patrick born 1842 died 1904 
HIGGINS, Patrick born 1894 died 1965 
HIGGINS, Patrick spouse of Catherine died 1897 Rest In Peace
HIGGINS, Paul E. born 1900 died 1921 
HIGGINS, Perry L. born 5-12-1908 died 9-26-1984 Cpl. U.S. Army WW2
HIGGINS, Teresa M. born 1900 died 1980 Dau. of Terrence Francis & Ella T. Culbert Higgins
HIGGINS, Terrence F. spouse of Ella T. born 1861 died 1946 Father
HIGGINS, Thomas died 11-3-1871 Age 64y 
HIGGINS, Thomas spouse of Mary died 2-6-1892 Age 65y 
HIGGINS, Timmie died 8-6-1880 Age 7y 6m Son of Thomas & Mary Higgins
HLAVATY, George E. spouse of JoAnn Mulvey born 3-5-1943 died 5-28-2003 Age 60y Son of Edward and Anna Matechak Hlavaty b. Carbondale, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 7-23-1966 
HOBSON, Infant Dennis B. died 1947 
HOBSON, Infant Melissa A. died 1949 
HOFFMAN, Margaret E. born 1879 died 1905 Dau. of Christian & Martha Kralinger
HOLLIDAY, James A. born 1963 died 1986 
HOLLIDAY, Robert E. born 1953 died 1979 
HOLLOD, Dorothy spouse of Peter J. born 4-18-1914 died 10-20-2001 Age 87y Dau. of Dean & Evelyn Graham Hanks Wed 5-2-1958
HOLLOD, John "Yonk" spouse of Margaret Shear born 1-16-1916 died 9-10-2002 Son of Alex & Mary Hollod b. Olean, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. S. Sgt. U.S. Army (Parents immigratd from the Ukraine in 1915)
HOLLOD, Kathryn "Katie" spouse of Gregory J. born 11-29-1953 died 7-4-2007 Dau. of Robert & Alice Braunschweiger McEnroee b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Atlanta, GA - Katie majored in Psychology & English teaching inmates at a minimum security prison in Akin S.C. fundamental English skills
HOLLOD, Lucille B. spouse of Michael born 4-29-1917 died 5-6-2009 Dau. of James & Ella Dwyer O'Hara b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Husband #2, Dan Eaton in 1975 who died 10-28-1991
HOLLOD, Margaret Ethlene Shear spouse of John "Yonk" born 2/18/1917 died 12/16/2012 age 95y Dau of Fredrick Christopher & Halle Rogers Shear b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-22-1941 Married over 61 years
HOLLOD, Michael spouse of Lucille B. born 1918 died 1954 
HOLLOD, Peter J. spouse of Dorothy Hanks born 7-2-1911 died 7-13-1987 Tec 5 U.S. Army WW2
HORAN, Edward S. spouse of Nona F. died 5-17-1967 
HORAN, Nona F. spouse of Edward S. died 12-13-1950 
HORTON, Agnes Munkes born 1903 died 1982 
HORTON, Frances S. born 1913 died 1974 
HOTCHKISS, Collins H. spouse of Nancy C. born 1851 died 1926 
HOTCHKISS, G. H. spouse of Mary born 1851 died uncut 
HOTCHKISS, Mary spouse of G. H. Hotchkiss born 1853 died 1907 
HOTCHKISS, Nancy C. spouse of Collins H. born 1856 died 1935 
HOWARD, Patrick born 3-17-1841 died 12-29-1885 
HOWARD, Timothy died 2-27-1872 Age 51y 
HOWLAND, Alice Gonter spouse of Harold L. born 1910 died 1976 
HOWLAND, Harold L. spouse of Alice Gonter born 1903 died 1977 SSGT U.S. Army WW2
HOYER, Dorothy A. spouse of Kurt E. born 1907 died 1998 
HOYER, Kurt E. spouse of Dorothy A. born 1912 died 1996 
HUBERTUS, Elizabeth spouse of Peter born 1846 died 1935 
HUBERTUS, Franklin J. born 1905 died 1922 
HUBERTUS, Geraldine E . spouse of William P. born 1911 died 1970 
HUBERTUS, Jeanette R. spouse of Thomas born 7-23-1878 died 12-22-1976 Dau. of William & Amelia Zeliff Cables b. Limestone, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 1903 Mother
HUBERTUS, Leslie born 1907 died 1960 Son
HUBERTUS, Peter spouse of Elizabeth born 1844 died 1924 
HUBERTUS, Thomas spouse of Jeanette R. born 1872 died 1944 Father
HUBERTUS, William P. spouse of Geraldine E. born 1909 died 1991 
HUGHES, Mary E. spouse of William R. born 1886 died 1966 
HUGHES, William R. spouse of Mary E. born 1883 died 1966 
HURLEY, Johanna spouse of John died 3-30-1868 
HURLEY, John spouse of Johanna died 6-7-1869 
HURLEY, Josephine Rooney born 1880 died 1927 
HURLEY, Mary A. spouse of William J. born 8/15/1917 died 4/28/2012 age 94y Dau of Frank & Mary Ferraro b. Swain NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-2-1939 in Friendship NY
HURLEY, William J. III born 1945 died 2002 Son of William J. & Mary Ferraro Hurley
HURLEY, William J. spouse of Mary A. Ferraro born 5-3-1918 died 12-10-2002 Age 84y Son of William & Jessie Brown Hurley b. Erwin, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 12-2-1939 in Friendship, N.Y. Pfc. U.S. Army WW2
HYDE, Irene S. born 1909 died 1968 
HYLAND, Augustus J. born 1885 died 1953 
IANNELLO, Josephine G. born 1890 died 1958 
ILLIG, George J. spouse of Josephine G. born 1872 died 1957 
ILLIG, Josephine G. spouse of George J. born 1877 died 1959 
INFERRERA, Basil J. spouse of Beverly B. born 1-16-1926 died 4-8-1976 S1 U.S. Navy WW2 
INFERRERA, Beverly B. spouse of Basil J. born 1925 died uncut 
INGAVO, Peter J. spouse of born 2-2-1929 died 10-2-2009 age 80y Son of John & Theresa Scardina Ingavo b. Brocton NY d. Wellsville NY Veteran Korean War 
INSLEY, A. Donald spouse of Rita McGuire born 1-15-1935 died 5-19-2002 Age 67y Son of Albert W. & Mary Oliver Insley b. Geneva, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 11-29-1958 in Geneva, N.Y. 
INSLEY, Bryce M. born 6-1-1998 died 1-24-2001 Age 2y 6m Son of James & Karen Habberfield Insley "It's Time To Go Bryce" said Pooh You'll Be In My Heart From This Day On, Now and Forever More 
IVEN, Mona Murphy born 7-30-1927 died 12-11-2004 Age 77y Dau. of Daniel J. & Julia Caiger Murphy b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Lewiston, N.Y. 
IVES, Charles H. born 1937 died 1955 Son of Jay E. & Julia M. Ives 
IVES, Charles L. born 1912 died 1979 
IVES, Jay E. spouse of Julia M. born 1884 died 1962 
IVES, Julia M. spouse of Jay E. born 1888 died 1965 
IVES, Ruth E . born 1911 died 1990 Dau. of John & Alice Nugent Cregan 
JACKSON, Lloyd M. spouse of Myrtle Maxine Aldrich born 11-28-1918 died 12-4-1992 Tec 5 U.S. Army WW2 
JACKSON, Myrtle Maxine Aldrich spouse of Lloyd M. born 3-21-1923 died uncut 
JAKUBOWSKI, Henry P. spouse of Philomena G. born 7-7-1916 died 10-30-1987 Wed 11-1949 in Philadelphia, Pa. Sgt. U.S. Army WW2 
JAKUBOWSKI, Philomena G. spouse of Henry P. born 3-5-1915 died 5-20-2005 Age 90y Dau. of Andrea Galanti & Josephine Lumia Galanti b. Montedoro, Sicily d. St. Cloud, Minn. Wed 11-1949 in Philadelphia, Pa. Emigrated to the U.S. arriving at Ellis Island, N.Y. in May 1920 
JANNELLO, Josephine G. born 1890 died 1958 Mother 
JAPP, Mary spouse of John E. born 1875 died 1956 
JEDINAK, Alice Louise spouse of Theodore J. "Ted" born 10/19/1929 died 7/27/2013 age 83y Dau of Joseph & Henrietta Kosser Beck b. Stowe PA d. Bradenton FL Wed 2-3-1951 Married 59 years
JEDINAK, Theodore J. "Ted" spouse of Alice Lou Beck born 12-27-1927 died 1-29-2010 age 82y Son of Victor & Mary Pillar Jedinak b. McKees Rocks PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-3-1951 in McKees Rocks PA U.S.Air Force serving with the 19th Air Supply Squadron B-29 Base during WW2 1945-1948 
JOHNSON, Leo John spouse of Marion Ludden born 1-30-1920 died 6-20-2008 Age 88y Son of Daniel & Clara Ward Johnson b. Town of West Union, N.Y. d. Rochester, N.Y. Wed 8-7-1951 in Port Allegany, Pa. 
JOHNSON, Norma Jean born 1958 died 1959
JOHNSON, Norman D. "Skip" spouse of Sara Padden born 3-7-1929 died 7-23-1992 Age 63y Son of Kenneth & Bertha Sandbert Johnson Wed 1952
JOHNSON, Sara Rita Padden spouse of Norman "Skip" born 1930 died 3-23-2011 age 80y  Dau. of Edward & Sarah O'Dell Padden b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-22-1951 
JOHNSTON, Dorothy Marie Bolam spouse of Marvin J. born 2-22-1910 died 2-15-2006 Age 95y Dau. of Robert & Margaret Garrity Bolam b. DuBois, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 2-2-1928 in DuBois, Pa. Husband #2 Charles Tracy Wed 7-10-1974
JOHNSTON, Marvin J. spouse of Dorothy M. born 1902 died 8-11-1960 
JONES, Anna born 11-23-1874 died 8-26-1894 
JONES, Claude spouse of Margaret B. born 1901 died 1972 
JONES, Margaret B. spouse of Claude born 1902 died 1984 
JONES, Margaret spouse of Lieut. Miles T. born 11-14-1852 died 2-24-1920 
JONES, Miles T. Lieut. spouse of Margaret born 4-26-1842 died 6-20-1897 Co. H 160 Regt. N.Y.V. 
JORDON, Joseph J. spouse of Mary A. born 1873 died 1901 
JORDON, Mary A. spouse of Joseph J. born 1875 died 1952 
JOYCE, Elizabeth spouse of Peter F. born 1885 died 1950 
JOYCE, Francis G. spouse of Mary F. Graves born 1908 died 7-7-1960 
JOYCE, Mary F. Graves spouse of Francis G. born 11-13-1911 died 3-26-1990 Age 78y Dau. of Clayton & Sina Gostley Graves Wed 4-6-1932
JOYCE, Peter F. spouse of Elizabeth born 1870 died 1957 
JOYCE, Veronica born 1910 died 1993 
JUNKER, Arthur J. D.D.S. born 1899 died 1964 
JUNKER, Clayton born 1895 died uncut 
JUNKER, Julius L. born 1864 died 1952 
JUNKER, Sarah E. born 1872 died 1955 
KAILBOURNE, Norma G spouse of Earl P born 6-20-1940 died 9-20-2001 age 61 d/o Kenneth & Ellen Locke Fuller 
KAIN, Margaret spouse of Patrick died 5-28-1901 Age 80y Rest In Peace
KAIN, Patrick spouse of Margaret died 1-4-1889 Age 73y 1st Pa . Art. Battery D Rest In Peace
KANE, Charles B. spouse of Gertrude Rice born 1868 died 1935 
KANE, Francis H. "Stretch" spouse of Nadine born 6-21-1912 died 9-30-1987 Major U.S. Air Force WW2 Korea
KANE, Georgia F. spouse of Wayne M. born 1917 died 9-1-2007 age 90y Dau. of George & Iona Feller Lehman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1941
KANE, Gertrude Rice spouse of Charles B. born 1880 died 1968 
KANE, Hattie born 1878 died 1953 
KANE, James G. born 1904 died 1935 Son of Michael & Hattie Kane
KANE, Margaret spouse of William born 7-4-1862 died 9-16-1938 
KANE, Martin J. spouse of Rose E. born 1882 died 1954 
KANE, Michael born 1872 died 1928 
KANE, Michael F. spouse of born 10/8/1947 died 9/22/2013 age 65y Son of Francis & Nadine Teel Kane b. Dallas TX d. Wellsville NY
KANE, Nadine spouse of Francis H. "Stretch" born 4-1-1913 died 7-10-2001 Age 88y Dau. of David O. & Clemetine Clements Teel b. Willsport TX 
KANE, Patrick died 3-31-1905 Age 25y 
KANE, Rose E. spouse of Martin J. born 1886 died 1949 
KANE, Wayne M. spouse of Georgia F. born 1915 died 1967 
KANE, William spouse of Margaret born 8-21-1856 died 11-1-1923 
KARL, Donald J. spouse of Dorothy A. born 1914 died 1968 
KARL, Dorothy A. spouse of Donald J. born 1908 died 1997 
KARR, Louise S. born 1910 died 1997 
KEEFE, Catherine born 1857 died 1922 Dau. of John & Johanna Murphy
KEEFE, Edmond spouse of Ellen born 1807 died uncut 
KEEFE, Ellen spouse of Edmond born 1817 died 1902 
KEEFE, Jeremiah born 1874 died 1875 
KEEFE, John born 1847 died 1922 
KEIB, Frances E. spouse of J. Edward born 1910 died 1969 
KEIB, J. Edward spouse of Frances E. born 1907 died 1984 
KEIB, James E. Jr. spouse of Lucille Cassano born 9-24-1931 died 5-25-2002 Age 70y Son of J. Edward & Frances Gavitt Keib Wed 11-5-1955 AIC U.S. Air Force Korea
KEIB, James Edward Sr. spouse of Frances born 1907 died 1984 
KEIB, Lucille Cassano spouse of James E. born 7-18-1931 died 12-6-2007 Age 76y Dau. of Anthony & Mary Carpenella Cassano b. Niagara Falls, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 11-5-1955 in Niagara Falls, N.Y.
KELLEHER, Baby died 1907 Dau. of Harry & Mary Kelleher
KELLEHER, Fred M. spouse of Mary M. born 1860 died 1929 
KELLEHER, Mary M. spouse of Fred M. born 1858 died 1931 
KELLY, Hattie spouse of William born 1861 died 1943 Mother
KELLY, John J. born 9-17-1886 died 4-11-1952 Texas Asst Band leader LDR 19 FA 5 Div. WW1
KELLY, John K. died 10-31-1883 Age 52y 
KELLY, Mary E. born 1889 died 1955 
KELLY, William spouse of Hattie born 1858 died 1927 Father
KEMP, Victoria W. born 1917 died 1976 
KENDORF, Catherine Hauselt spouse of Sebastian born U/C died uncut No Dates (in old Section)
KENDORF, Sebastian spouse of Catherine Hauselt born U/C died uncut No Dates (in old Section)
KENEALY, David born 1877 died 1925 
KENEALY, Eleanor Fitzgerald spouse of John L. born 1876 died 1959 
KENEALY, Johanna O. spouse of TImothy J. born 1849 died 2-10-1922 
KENEALY, John L. spouse of Eleanor Fitzgerald born 1875 died 1932 
KENEALY, Joseph born 7-7-1879 died 11-5-1900 
KENEALY, Timothy J. spouse of Johanna O. born 2-15-1852 died 8-25-1923 
KENSEK, Chester "Chet" spouse of Norma Marie Colligan born 7-12-1923 died 10-24-2009 age 86y Son of Charles & Mary Gustyniak Kesek b. Buffalo NY d. Batavia NY U.S. Army WW2
KENSEK, Norma M. spouse of Chester "Chet" born 12-19-1921 died 12-14-2005 Age 83y Dau. of Charles & Marie Dahill Colligan b. Olean, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
KEOUGH, Angela C. spouse of Stephen born 1870 died 1935 
KEOUGH, Donald born 1898 died 1938 
KEOUGH, Harold F. spouse of Mary C. born 1898 died 1979 
KEOUGH, John C. "Jack" born 1936 died 1958 Son of Harold F. Mary Crittenden Keough
KEOUGH, John F. spouse of Mary E. born 1865 died 1935 Father
KEOUGH, Joseph H. born 10-5-1905 died 10-16-1905 
KEOUGH, Mary C. spouse of Harold F. born 8-19-1904 died 12-19-1998 Age 94y Dau. of Charles & Catherine Crittenden b. Shinglehouse, Pa. d. Libertyville, Illinois
KEOUGH, Mary E. spouse of John F. born 1874 died 1957 Mother
KEOUGH, Stephen spouse of Angela C. born 1867 died 1916 
KETCHNER, Bertha C. spouse of Carl B. born 1874 died 1923 
KETCHNER, Beverly spouse of James born 1921 died 2001 Together Forever
KETCHNER, Carl B. spouse of Bertha C. born 1899 died 1922 
KETCHNER, Carmilla B. spouse of Roland J. born 1904 died 1987 
KETCHNER, James E. spouse of Beverly Gardner born 10/13/1927 died 7/4/2013 age 85y Son of Roland & Carmea Byrnes Ketchner b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-4-1947 in Wellsville NY
KETCHNER, Roland J. spouse of Carmilla B. born 1902 died 1967 
KIEFER, Alice J. spouse of Kenneth E. born 1935 died uncut 
KIEFER, Kenneth E. spouse of Alice J. born 1934 died 1980 
KILEY, James N. spouse of Nellie M. born 1869 died 1948 Father God's Greatest Gift Returned to God
KILEY, Nellie M. spouse of James N. born 1883 died 1939 Mother God's Greatest Gift Returned to God
KINNEY, Edward spouse of Mary born 1832 died 1891 Co. F 5th NY Cav.
KINNEY, John born 1856 died 1916 Son of Edward & Mary Kinney
KINNEY, Mary spouse of Edward born 1834 died 1909 Mother
KINNEY, Michael died 8-21-1868 Age 2y Son of Edward & Mary Kinney
KNEELAND, Elizabeth G. born 1868 died 1956 Entombment in Mausoleum
KNEPFLER, Josephine H. born 1915 died 1995 
KNORR, Leonard spouse of Teresa born 10-20-1820 died 9-11-1905 
KNORR, Teresa spouse of Leonard born 2-15-1829 died 8-2-1925 
KNOWLTON, Anna Callahan spouse of Fred B. born 1860 died 1920 Mother
KNOWLTON, Fred B. spouse of Anna Callahan born 1855 died 1930 Father
KNOWLTON, Frederick J. "Pinky" born 5-25-1887 died 6-14-1981 Son of Fred B. & Anna Callahan Knowlton b. Columbus, Ohio d. Wellsville, N.Y. Veteran of WW1
KNOWLTON, Jeannette D. born 1892 died 1907 
KNOWLTON, John B. born 1886 died 1956 
KNOWLTON, Minnie E. born 1884 died 1951 
KNOX, Frederica Jean born 1909 died 1959 
KOZLOWSKI, David J. born 3-12-1962 died 5-3-1991 Sp 4 U.S. Army
KOZLOWSKI, Frances spouse of Matthew born 6-2-1900 died 9-20-1996 Age 96y Dau. of Michael & Agnes Ocznak Wilkosz b. Barow, Poland d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 4-28-1923 in Perry, N.Y. 
KOZLOWSKI, Henry J. born 6-6-1926 died 10-15-1977 F1 U.S. Navy WW2
KOZLOWSKI, Matthew spouse of Frances born 1898 died 8-2-1952 
KRALINGER, Christian spouse of Martha E. born 1849 died 1930 Father
KRALINGER, John T. born 1874 died 1902 Son of Christian & Martha Kralinger
KRALINGER, Martha E. spouse of Christian born 1856 died 1910 Mother
KRASKA, Jan spouse of Freida Kramer born 4/22/1917 died 3/13/2013 age 95y Son of Albert & Ludwika Sobak Kraska b. Debnica Poland d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-8-1950 in Germany
KRASKA, Jan spouse of Freida Kramer born 4/22/1917 died 3/13/2013 age 95y Son of Albert & Ludwika Sobak Kraska b. Debnica Poland d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-8-1950 in Germany Immigrated to the United States in 1956 Jan was a member of the Olean Assembly 4th degree Knights of Columbus - 50 year member of the Emerald Hook & Ladder of Wellsville among other organizations
KREYDT, Arthur J. spouse of Margaret E. born 1908 died 1978 Wed 8-5-1929
KREYDT, Margaret E. spouse of Arthur J. born 11-21-1908 died 7-14-1982 Dau. of John & Margaret Higgins Nagle Wed 8-5-1929 
KRZYANOWSKI, Frank B. spouse of Grace E. born 7-14-1911 died 2-16-1986 Sgt. U.S. Army WW2
KRZYANOWSKI, Grace E . spouse of Frank B. born 5-22-1919 died 6-20-2001 
KUHN, Bernard E. born 1881 died 1931 
KUMP, George J. spouse of Margaret M. Gould born 8-4-1900 died 9-14-1992 Age 92y Son of George & Johanna Primosch Kump b. Brooklyn, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Veteran U.S. Army
KUMP, Margaret M. Gould spouse of George J. born 1901 died 6-8-1971 
KURTZ, Jane H. died 1920 
LaCHANCE, George L. spouse of Helen Marie Shine born 6-16-1922 died 5-31-2006 Age 83y Son of George J. & Lillian Sears LaChance b. Hartford, Conn. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 7-3-1946 in Wellsville, N.Y. U.S. Army Air Corps & Pacific Theater WW2
LaCHANCE, Helen spouse of George born 10-18-1922 died 11-18-2008 age 86y Dau. of Jeremiah & Catherine Kane Shine b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-3-1946 in Wellsville NY 60 years of marriage
LaFORGE, Charles A. spouse of Ethel C. born 5-20-1895 died 10-31-1981 U.S. Navy WW1
LaFORGE, Ethel C. spouse of Charles A. born 1895 died 1983 
LAKE, Catherine died 1890 
LAKE, George B. born 1864 died 1922 
LAKE, John died 1899 
LAKE, Margaret died 1895 
LAKE, Martha M. born 5-15-1910 died 8-7-1995 Dau. of William E. & Evangeline Magner
LAKE, Mary B. born 1868 died 1942 
LAKE, Mary died 1914 
LAKE, Michael P. died 1909 
LaLONDE, Elizabeth spouse of L. E. LaLonde born 1871 died 1904 
LANGHER, Col. A. born 1878 died 1909 
LANPHEAR, Mary Moser born 1869 died 1937 
LAUZZE, Anthony C. Sr. spouse of Margaret M. "Mae" born 1894 died 4-13-1960 
LAUZZE, Anthony R. spouse of Lowery V. born 8-22-1919 died 10-13-1999 Capt. U.S. Army WW2
LAUZZE, Joseph spouse of Philomena born 1892 died 1967 
LAUZZE, Lowery Vee spouse of Anthony R. born 11-24-1921 died 3-15-2008 Age 86y Dau. of William Clyde & Lila Goggins Johns Sr. b. Kipling, La. d. Lansdale, Pa 
LAUZZE, Margaret M. "Mae" spouse of Anthony C. Sr. born 10-4-1904 died 1-25-2004 Age 99y Dau. of Joseph & Angelina Gillotte Cardamone b. Bradford, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 9-1-1919 
LAUZZE, Paula V. spouse of Valerio J. "Larry" born 4-8-1924 died 12-30-2004 Dau. of Paul & Mary Hunt Vossler Wed 1-28-1950 in Wellsville, N.Y.
LAUZZE, Philomena spouse of Joseph born 1899 died 1992 
LAUZZE, Valerio J. "Larry" spouse of Paula Vossler born 2-7-1918 died 9-29-2011    Son of Joseph & Philomina Serio Lauzze b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-23-1950 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy WW2 on various sub tenders as an electricians mate in the Atlantic Ocean & off the Aleutian Islands
LAWLER, Agatha born 1909 died 1911 Daughter Died in Austin Flood
LAWLER, Elizabeth A. born 1880 died 1951 
LAWLER, Margaret Ellen spouse of Thomas born 1887 died 1911 Died in Austin Flood
LAWRENCE, Doris A. born 1934 died 1999 
LAWRENCE, Ellen born 1860 died 1936 Entombment in Mausoleum
LEE, David W. spouse of Josephine died 1941 
LEE, Dennis Patrick born 8-12-1964 died 9-7-1964 
LEE, Josephine M. spouse of David W. born 3-17-1884 died 3-13-1977 Dau. of Eugene & Mary Magner McCarthy 
LEE, Mary Elinor born 1924 died 1932 Dau. of David W. & Josephine MCarthy Lee
LEHMAN, Francis C. born 1910 died 1944 
LEHMAN, John R. born 1904 died 1982 
LENEHAN, Mary spouse of Michael died 12-11-1893 Age 33y 
LEONARD, Elizabeth O. spouse of Kathryn W. born 1857 died 1923 
LEONARD, Frances A. born 1867 died 1947 
LEONARD, Harry R. born 1888 died 1969 
LEONARD, Joseph A. spouse of Minnie Jones born 1860 died uncut 
LEONARD, Joseph V. born 1902 died 1979 
LEONARD, Kathryn W. spouse of Elizabeth O. born 1877 died 1949 
LEONARD, Mary E. spouse of Mathew M. born 1872 died 1953 
LEONARD, Mathew M. spouse of Mary E. born 1871 died 1926 
LEONARD, Mathias born 1827 died 1910 13 N.Y. H. Art.
LEONARD, Minnie Jones spouse of Joseph A. born 1872 died 1939 
LEONARD, William R. born 1-5-1893 died 3-11-1918 Enlisted 12-10-1917 42 Prov. Aero SOAD U.S. Vol. died at Waco, Texas
LEONARD, William T. born 1863 died 1955 
LEWIS, Elizabeth R. born 1889 died 1950
LEWIS, Mary Arlene spouse of Leonard A. born 10-28-1925 died 8-25-2010 age 84y Dau. of William H. & Mary Agnes McNicholas Burns b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-5-1944 65 years of Marriage
LIDDY, Ella T. spouse of Timothy born 1863 died 1909 
LIDDY, Timothy spouse of Ella T. born 1852 died 6-26-1890 Age 38y May He Rest In Peace
LIESEGANG, Ruth B. spouse of Walter C. born 8-31-1924 died 4-18-1998 Age 73y Dau. of Leo & Lulu Goodwin Black Wed 1947 Husband #2 Francis "Frank" E. Nevins Wed 1979
LIESEGANG, Walter C. spouse of Ruth B. born 1918 died 2-2-1978 
LIESGANG, Henry spouse of Rose Mary born 1886 died 1972 
LIESGANG, Rose Mary spouse of Henry born 1888 died 1965 
LINDSEY, Timothy J. born 1896 died 1973 
LINEHAN, Anna born 1867 died 1895 Dau. of John & Julia Linehan
LINEHAN, Dennis died 1870 Son of John & Julia Linehan
LINEHAN, Johanna spouse of Michael born 12-16-1839 died 5-27-1909 
LINEHAN, John born 1846 died 1917 
LINEHAN, John spouse of Julia born 1838 died 1917 Father Rest in Peace
LINEHAN, Julia born 1884 died 1886 Dau. of John & Julia Linehan
LINEHAN, Julia spouse of John born 1841 died 1924 Mother Rest in Peace
LINEHAN, Michael born 1868 died 1889 Son of John & Julia Linehan
LINEHAN, Michael spouse of Johanna born 5-20-1829 died 6-24-1911 
LINEHAN, Nora born 1882 died 1900 Dau. of John & Julia Linehan
LINEHAN, T. J. born 7-29-1875 died 3-11-1913 Son of Michael & Johanna Linehan
LINEHAN, Thomas died 1883 Son of John & Julia Linehan
LUDDEN, Alice C. spouse of Patrick born 1861 died 1951 Mother
LUDDEN, Catherine M. Smith spouse of Leo V. born 1902 died 2001 Dau. of Timothy F. & Mary Egan Wed 3-26-1988
LUDDEN, Clara F. born 1895 died 1994 
LUDDEN, Donald born 3-8-1929 died 5-10-1986 Son of Leo V. & Lillian Trahey Ludden Pfc. U.S. Army Korea
LUDDEN, Earl P. spouse of Norma born 1938 died 1973 
LUDDEN, Elmer born 1894 died 1954 
LUDDEN, Ethel spouse of John E. born 1894 died 1969 
LUDDEN, Florence C . born 1905 died 1961
LUDDEN, Francis C. spouse of Mary M. born 1903 died 1987 
LUDDEN, James Lee spouse of Carol Carter born 6-15-1936 died 2-16-2003 Age 66y Son of Francis & Mary McNeill Ludden Wed 4-11-1966 Pvt. U.S. Army 
LUDDEN, Jean M. born 1934 died 1953 
LUDDEN, John E. spouse of Ethel born 1886 died 1970 
LUDDEN, Leo V. spouse of Lillian T. born 5-22-1901 died 7-31-1995 Age 94y Son of Patrick & Alice Perry Ludden b. Town of Willing, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 11-26-1924 in Wellsville, N.Y. Former Mayor of Town of Wellsville, N.Y. Wife #2 Catherine Egan
LUDDEN, Lillian T. spouse of Leo V. born 12-8-1901 died 4-23-1986 Dau. of George & Catherine Byrnes Trahey Wed 11-26-1924 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
LUDDEN, Mary M. spouse of Francis C. born 1902 died 1970
LUDDEN, Norma spouse of Earl P. born 1940 died 2001 Husband #2 Gary Kailbourne
LUDDEN, Patrick spouse of Alice C. born 1857 died 1936 Father
LUDDEN, Paul B. born 1896 died 1982 
LUDU, Nolan Donovan born 10-12-2002 died 6-7-2004 Age 19m Son of Frank & Kathleen Quillinan Ludu b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Jasper, N.Y. Auto Accident
LYNADY, Frances W . spouse of James W. born 1915 died uncut 
LYNADY, James W. spouse of Frances W . born 1906 died 1984 
LYNCH, Daniel spouse of Johanna born 1852 died 1909 
LYNCH, Hanora M. born U/C died uncut Daughter
LYNCH, Helen Regan spouse of John Vincent born 4-27-1898 died 5-26-1965 
LYNCH, Johanna spouse of Daniel born 1854 died 1937 
LYNCH, John Daniel died 5-4-1937 Infant Son of J. V. & H. R. Lynch
LYNCH, John F. spouse of Lucille H. born 1929 died uncut 
LYNCH, John V. Sr. born 5-3-1868 died 11-17-1928 
LYNCH, John Vincent spouse of Helen Regan born 5-30-1909 died 7-22-1991 Wife #2 Mary Daley who died 2-13-2008
LYNCH, Kevin born 1966 died 1995 
LYNCH, Lucille H. spouse of John F. born 1932 died 1976 
LYNCH, Mary Daley spouse of John Vincent born 2-22-1914 died 2-13-2008 Age 93y Dau. of Jeremiah & Margaret Carey Daley b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Colorado Springs, CO Wed 11-22-1969 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
LYNCH, Michael Thomas spouse of Darlene Patterson born 6-27-1957 died 9-7-2004 Age 47y Son of Thomas & Wanda Thorp Lynch Wed 9-1-1990 in Andover, N.Y.
LYNCH, Thomas D. spouse of Wanda T. born 8-23-1929 died 1-16-1997 SSGT U.S. Air Force Korea
LYNCH, Wanda T. spouse of Thomas D . born 1936 died 1988 
MacDUFF, Edward J. spouse of Marion E. Deyo born 7-29-1923 died 12-11-2004 Age 81y b. Cohoes, N.Y d. Atlanta, Ga. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 Wife #2 Beryl Davis
MacDUFF, James E . born 1950 died 1973 Son of Edward J. & Marion E. Deyo MacDuff
MacDUFF, Lynn E. born 7-6-1954 died 12-21-1996 Age 42y Dau. of Edward J. & Marion Deyo MacDuff 
MacDUFF, Marion E. Deyo spouse of Edward J. born 1924 died 1960 
MADDEN, Catherine B. spouse of Theodore P. born 1906 died 1989 
MADDEN, Catherine J. spouse of Robert J. born 1938 died 1992 
MADDEN, Deirdre Davis spouse of Edward J. born 1947 died uncut 
MADDEN, Edward J. spouse of Deirdre Davis born 9-26-1941 died 12-9-1983 Son of Theodore & Catherine Brennan Madden Wed 7-13-1968 in Wellsville, N.Y. Pvt. U.S. Army In Loving Memory
MADDEN, Eileen P. spouse of M. Joseph born 1911 died 1987 
MADDEN, M. Joseph spouse of Eileen P. born 4-2-1909 died 5-31-1988 S Sgt. U.S. Army WW2
MADDEN, Margaret spouse of Martin born 1874 died 1946 
MADDEN, Martin spouse of Margaret born 1869 died 1944 
MADDEN, Robert J. spouse of Catherine J. born 1933 died uncut 
MADDEN, Theodore P. spouse of Catherine B. born 1905 died 1952 
MAGINNIS, Elizabeth spouse of Philip died 4-7-1901 
MAGINNIS, Philip spouse of Elizabeth died 12-5-1898 
MAGNER, Bridget R. died 3-12-1873 Age 21y 7m 22d Dau. of Robert & Elizabeth Magner 
MAGNER, Bridget spouse of David died 2-27-1888 Age 68y 
MAGNER, David R. spouse of Delia Hogan born 1865 died 1925 Father
MAGNER, David spouse of Bridget born U/C died uncut Could Not Read
MAGNER, Delia Hogan spouse of David R. born 1876 died 1906 Mother
MAGNER, Elizabeth born 1888 died 1899 
MAGNER, Ellen spouse of John died 4-14-1883 Age 68y May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MAGNER, Evangeline spouse of William E. born 1876 died 1963 
MAGNER, Father born 1847 died 1916 
MAGNER, Gertrude E. born 1876 died 1965 
MAGNER, Infant Adrain died 1887 
MAGNER, Infant Leo died 1882 
MAGNER, Infant Lewis died 1880 
MAGNER, J. Jerome Age 11d 
MAGNER, John D . spouse of Mary Dean born 1844 died 1928 
MAGNER, John died 10-11-1866 Age 20y Son of John & Ellen Magner
MAGNER, John spouse of Ellen died uncut May Their Souls Rest In Peace
MAGNER, Loretto born 1886 died 1904 
MAGNER, Margaret D . died 1-29-1861 Age 11y Dau. of David & Bridget Magner
MAGNER, Mary Dean spouse of John D. born 1852 died 1930 
MAGNER, Mary Elizabeth born 1906 died 1927 
MAGNER, Mary Fagan spouse of William E. born 1917 died 3-24-1995 
MAGNER, Maurice born 1890 died 1920 
MAGNER, Mother born 1856 died 1944 
MAGNER, R. E. died 6-5-1895 Age 42y 
MAGNER, Thomas died 7-17-1866 Age 23y Son of John & Ellen Magner
MAGNER, William E . spouse of Mary Fagan born 1917 died uncut 
MAGNER, William E. spouse of Evangeline born 1874 died 6-24-1963 Age 86y 
MAHER, Cora Brizzee spouse of John J. born 1866 died 1931 
MAHER, John J. spouse of Cora Brizzee born 1852 died 1929 
MAHER, Rosa died 10-3-1886 Age 1y 6m 10d Dau. of John & Cora Brizzee Maher
MAHONEY, Bridget born 1845 died 1901 
MAHONEY, Catherine born 1878 died 1901 
MAHONEY, Edward died 1941 
MAHONEY, George died 1938 
MAIRE, Nellie F. spouse of E. J. Maire born 1864 died 1895 
MALLERY, David L. born 9-3-1949 died 11-27-1970 New York AIC U.S. Air Force Vietnam
MALLERY, Malcolm F. spouse of Teresa E. born 1932 died 1965 
MALLERY, Teresa E. spouse of Malcolm F. born 1932 died uncut 
MANGAN, Catherine died 6-28-1854 May They Rest in Peace
MANGAN, Edward died 10-23-1868 May They Rest in Peace
MANGAN, Edward died 2-24-1872 May They Rest in Peace
MANGAN, George died 3-11-1861 May They Rest in Peace
MANGAN, Henry born 1833 died 1895 May They Rest in Peace
MANGAN, Mary died 3-6-1852 May They Rest in Peace
MANION, Ethel J. spouse of Joseph F. born 1881 died 1928 
MANION, Gilbert J. spouse of Kathleen F. born 2-6-1913 died 11-1-1992 
MANION, James M. born 2-20-1876 died 10-28-1883 Age 8y Son of Michael & Hannah Manion Name also spelled Mannion
MANION, Johanna spouse of Michael J. born 1852 died 1936 
MANION, John born 2-4-1878 died 2-15-1878 Age 11d Son of Michael & Hannah Manion Name also spelled Mannion
MANION, Joseph F. spouse of Ethel J. born 1881 died 1943 
MANION, Kathleen F. spouse of Gilbert Joseph born 3-9-1919 died 2-27-2011 age 91y  Dau. of Charles Leo & Theresa Irene Shaw Finn b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-7-1941 in Wellsville NY
MANION, Louise M. spouse of Walter B. born 12-25-1916 died 2-26-2000 Age 83y Dau. of Freeman & Mildred Pease Rogers b. Greenwood, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 11-25-1940 Husband #2 Harvey E. Brown 
MANION, Michael J. spouse of Johanna born 1847 died 1939 
MANION, Walter B. spouse of Louise M. born 1911 died 6-21-1978 
MANION, William M. born 3-30-1879 died 11-1-1883 Age 5y Son of Michael & Hannah Manion Name also spelled Mannion
MANNING, Mary C. spouse of Thomas C. born 9/8/1936 died 12/13/2014 age 78y Dau of Sam & Helen Holdasevich Ferrante b. Manhattan NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-2-1962 in Brooklyn NY
MANNING, Thomas C. Spouse of Mary Ferrante  died 5-9-2014 Age 79y - Wed 6-2-1962 in Brooklyn NY
MANNION, Bridget S. born 1847 died 1896 
MANNION, Bridget spouse of Patrick J. died 5-30-1896 Age 49y 
MANNION, Francis D. born 1878 died 1953 
MANNION, James F. born 1872 died 1937 
MANNION, Katherine R. born 1889 died 1964 
MANNION, Patrick J. spouse of Bridget born 1848 died 5-24-1889 Age 41y 
MARSH, John E. spouse of Margaret A. Costello born 6-6-1922 died 9-4-2002 Age 80y Son of Delos & Alice Marsh Wed 12-11-1947 Veteran WW2 Together Forever
MARSH, Margaret A. Costello spouse of John E. born 1916 died 11-18-1997 Wed 12-11-1947 Together Forever
MARTIN, J. Russell "Butch" born 9-11-1921 died 6-9-1942 Son of Russell E. & Mildred C. Martin In Loving Memory 27th Material Squadron, Nichols Field Rizal Manila P.I. Captured on Corregidor May 6, 1942. He died in Cabanatuan Prison Camp 6-9-1942. Where His Body Lies is Known But to God. May He Rest in Peace.
MARTIN, Mildred C. spouse of Russell E. born 1902 died 1964 
MARTIN, Russell E. spouse of Mildred C. born 1897 died 1973 
MARXEN, Karl spouse of Rose born 1885 died 1978 
MARXEN, Rose spouse of Karl born 1883 died 1984 
MAXWELL, Alice born 12-20-1852 died 11-24-1945 
MAXWELL, Edward C. born 10-26-1887 died 5-12-1948
MAXWELL, Joseph born 1899 died 1981 
MAXWELL, Marguerite A. spouse of Joseph L. born 2/12/1927 died 10/20/2013 age 86y Dau of John & Frances Barhight Sekoll b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-25-1946 in Wellsville NY
MAXWELL, Michael born 2-10-1871 died 12-9-1939 
MAXWELL, Thomas A. born 5-26-1884 died 11-18-1918 
MAXWELL, Thomas born 3-15-1836 died 5-17-1931 
McANDREW, John C. born 1864 died 1944 
McANDREW, Margaret M. born 1902 died 1925 
McANDREW, Nora L. born 1876 died 1910 
McANDREWS, Allie M. spouse of Michael J. born 1886 died 1952 
McANDREWS, Ilene M. born 1-9-1903 died 8-25-1904 
McANDREWS, Jerold F. born 5-30-1901 died 10-19-1918 
McANDREWS, John C. born 1864 died 1944 
McANDREWS, Lena M. born 1-1-1903 died 8-25-1904 
McANDREWS, Margaret M. born 1902 died 1925 
McANDREWS, Mary Theresa spouse of W. M. McAndrews born 11-16-1867 died 3-25-1908 b. Dunkirk, N.Y.
McANDREWS, Michael J. spouse of Allie M. born 1881 died 1959 
MCANDREWS, Nora L. born 1876 died 1910 
McANDREWS, William B. born 1915 died 1980 
McBRIDE, Catherine M. born 1905 died 1989 
McBRIDE, Richard E. born 1916 died 1981 Pfc.US Army WW2
McCARTHY, Cornelia M. spouse of Frederick H. M.D. born 1894 died 1970 
McCARTHY, Dennie born 1869 died 1893 Son of Eugene & Mary McCarthy
McCARTHY, Dennis born 1827 died 1898 In Memory of
McCARTHY, Dennis R. spouse of Ella K. born 1873 died 1943 
McCARTHY, Ella K. spouse of Dennis R. born 1873 died 1967 
McCARTHY, Ellen born 1865 died 1895 Dau. of Eugene & Mary McCarthy
McCARTHY, Eugene spouse of Mary born 1831 died 1927 Father
McCARTHY, Florence born 1867 died 1871 Dau. of Eugene & Mary McCarthy
McCARTHY, Gene born 1871 died 1938 
McCARTHY, Jeremiah spouse of Margaret born 1822 died 1902 
McCARTHY, John E. born 1913 died 1961 
McCARTHY, Margaret spouse of Jeremiah born 1846 died 1903 
McCARTHY, Marilyn K. spouse of Robert Francis born 10-29-1926 died 9-14-2008 Age 81y Dau. of Joseph Roy & Ruth McClelland Kaiser b. Whiting IN d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-2-1951 in Wellsville, N.Y.
McCARTHY, Mary spouse of Eugene born 1841 died 1917 Mother
McCARTHY, Robert Francis spouse of Marilyn Kaiser born 8-4-1917 died 7-18-1995 Age 77y Son of Dennis & Ella Kilbane McCarthy Wed 6-2-1951 U.S. Navy & U.S. Coast Guard WW2
McCARTY, Cornelia M. born 1894 died 1970 
McCARTY, Frederick H. M.D. spouse of Helen born 1918 died 1965 Son of Frederick & Cornelia M. McCarty
McCAULEY, Emily Weymann born 1911 died 1995 
McCLINTOCK, Clarence R. born 6-19-1881 died 2-23-1945 
McCORMICK, Anna Name but no dates
McCORMICK, Eugene born 1901 died 1938 
McCORMICK, Grace E. born 1890 died 1976 Dau. of John J. & Rose D. McCormick
McCORMICK, John J. spouse of Rose D. born 1862 died 1946 
McCORMICK, John spouse of Margaret born 1826 died 1918 
McCORMICK, Joseph died 1906 
McCORMICK, Kitty Name but no dates
McCORMICK, Maggie Name but no dates
McCORMICK, Margaret born 1832 died 1912 
McCORMICK, Margaret spouse of John born 1830 died 1894 
McCORMICK, Mary died 1942 
McCORMICK, Owen Name but no dates
McCORMICK, Peter died 1951 
McCORMICK, Rose D. spouse of John J. born 1862 died 1941 
McCORMICK, Thomas died 1921 Son of John & Margaret McCormick 
McCORMICK, Thomas Name but no dates
McCOY, Barbara A. spouse of Peter died 3-2-1898 Age 72y 
McCUTCHEON, Dr. Marie S. spouse of Dr. Robert G. born 1894 died 1977 
McCUTCHEON, Dr. Robert G. spouse of Dr. Marie S. born 1893 died 1983 
McDANNELL, Thomas died 4-2-1880 Age 15y 
McDONALD, Anna spouse of James born 1847 died 1919 
McDONALD, Florence C. born 1904 died 1983 
McDONALD, Frank B. spouse of Mary Agnes died 1952 
McDONALD, James spouse of Anna born 1838 died 1921 
McDONALD, Mary Agnes spouse of Frank B. died 1973 
McDONALD, William H. born 1884 died 1940 
McDOUGALL, Anna born 1864 died 1911 
McDOWELL, Elmer Earl Jr. spouse of Marlene Ann Madden born 1936 died uncut 
McDOWELL, Marlene Ann Madden spouse of Elmer Earl Jr. born 11-9-1937 died 10-4-1991 Age 53y Dau. of Theodore & Catherine Brennan Madden Wed 5-23-1970 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
McENROE, Theresa E. spouse of Walter J. born 1-22-1893 died 5-27-1945 
McENROE, Thomas H. born 1850 died 1911 
McENROE, Walter J. spouse of Theresa E. born 10-15-1891 died 10-11-1958 
McFADDEN, Catherine spouse of Francis H. born 1916 died 2001 Husband #2 Edward Piper Loving Wife and Mother
McFADDEN, Francis H. spouse of Catherine born 8-20-1915 died 3-7-1957 New York Tec 4 105 Inf. 27 Inf. Div. WW2 BSM
McFADDEN, Juanita R. born 1913 died 1961 
McFADDEN, Paul H. born 1912 died 1972 
McFARLAND, Joseph F. spouse of Mary Cleary died 10-31-1962 
McFARLAND, Mary Cleary spouse of Joseph F. died 4-14-1969 
McGAVERN, Charles L. spouse of Helen O. born 1908 died 1961 
McGAVERN, Helen O. spouse of Charles L. born 1908 died 1992 
McGEE, Florence L. spouse of Leonard L. born 1899 died 1974 
McGEE, Leo T. spouse of M. Cecelia born 1893 died 1976 
McGEE, Leonard L. spouse of Florence L. born 1898 died 1959 
McGEE, M. Cecelia spouse of Leo T. born 1901 died 1985 
McGEE, Margaret E. born 1929 died 1982 
McGEE, Paul W. born 1926 died 1945 
McGILL, John F. spouse of Rena G. born 1883 died 1954 
McGILL, Rena G. spouse of John F. born 1896 died 1970 
McGILL, T. Paul born 2-5-1932 died 2-9-1932 
McGINNIS, Alfred L. born 1923 died 1977 SSGT U.S. Army WW2
McGINNIS, Clair E. spouse of Kathryn M. born 1885 died 1978 
McGINNIS, Connell M. born 1880 died 1968 
McGINNIS, Elizabeth spouse of G. E. McGinnis born 1891 died 1920 
McGINNIS, Elizabeth V. spouse of Martin B. born 1884 died 1974 Mother
McGINNIS, Florence A. spouse of James P. born 1-22-1892 died 4-12-1985 Age 93y Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moylan b. Whiting, Ind. d. Warsaw, N.Y. Wed 1919 in Whiting, Ind. 
McGINNIS, Frank J. spouse of Regina Ludden born 11-19-1920 died 2-15-1973 New York Tec 5 U.S. Army WW2
McGINNIS, James P. spouse of Florence A. born 1887 died 1971 
McGINNIS, Jeanne Gannon born 1848 died 1927 Buried with Helen McGinnis Disorbo
McGINNIS, Kathryn M. spouse of Clair E. born 1908 died 1991 
McGINNIS, Martin B. spouse of Elizabeth V. born 1875 died 1954 Father
McGINNIS, Mayme spouse of William M. born 1875 died 1951 
MCGINNIS, Phillip died 12-5-1898 
McGINNIS, Regina Ludden spouse of Frank J. born 1926 died uncut 
McGINNIS, William M. spouse of Mayme born 1872 died 1926 
McGRATH, Elizabeth born 1864 died 1872 Buried with Thomas & Mary McGrath
McGRATH, Mary spouse of Thomas born 1828 died 1898 
McGRATH, Thomas spouse of Mary born 1828 died 1898 
McGURK, Dennis spouse of Mary E. born 1862 died 1940 Father
McGURK, Edward J. born 1904 died 1921 
McGURK, Freda C. born 1909 died 1978 Dau. of Dennis & Mary E. McGurk
McGURK, John died 4-14-1890 Age 55y 
McGURK, John J. born 1901 died 1955 Son of Dennis & Mary E. McGurk
McGURK, Mary E. spouse of Dennis born 1865 died 1946 Mother
McGURK, William died 11-24-1863 Age 3y 6m Son of John & Catherine McGurk
McGURK, William J. born 1899 died 1975 Son of Dennis & Mary E. McGurk
McHALE, Bridget born U/C died uncut Age 65y 
McHALE, Mary E. born U/C died uncut Daughter
McHALE, Mary spouse of Myles born U/C died uncut Mother
McHALE, Myles spouse of Mary born U/C died uncut Father
McINTYRE, David John born 1945 died 1954 Son of William E. & Martha Jane McIntyre
McINTYRE, Martha Jane spouse of William E. born 1914 died 1995 
McINTYRE, William E. spouse of Martha Jane born 1911 died 1987 
McINTYRE, William Edward born 1943 died 1958 Son of William E. & Martha Jane McIntyre
McKINLEY, Ann Brown spouse of James M. born 1938 died uncut 
McKINLEY, James M. spouse of Ann Brown born 1-3-1935 died 11-4-1999 Age 64y Son of Francis & Mary Gavin McKinley Wed 8-22-1959 SN U.S. Navy Korea Former Wellsville Police Chief
McKINLEY, Patrick J. died 6-17-1960 
McKINLEY, William G. "Billy" born 8-23-1968 died 1-11-1996 
McLAUGHLIN, Barbara Marie born 1945 died 1950 
McLAUGHLIN, Catherine A. spouse of Edward born 1876 died 1951 
McLAUGHLIN, Daniel A. spouse of Tamara Lakatosh born 2-1-1950 died 9-13-2006 Age 56y Son of Edward & Ruth Heinemann McLaughlin b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 9-19-1987 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
McLAUGHLIN, Edward D. spouse of Ruth D. born 1914 died 1979 
McLAUGHLIN, Edward spouse of Catherine A. born 1865 died 1951 
McLAUGHLIN, Mary Ann born 1910 died 1930 
McLAUGHLIN, Ruth D. spouse of Edward D. born 7-13-1917 died 3-2-2007 Age 89y Dau. of Arthur & Mary Held Heinemann b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 9-6-1941
McMULLEN, Celia G. C. spouse of John F. P. born 1863 died 1916 
McMULLEN, John F. P. spouse of Celia G. C. born 1861 died 1922 
McNICHOLS, John born 1863 died 1901 Time Is. Time Was. Time Shall Be No More Requiescant in Pace
McNICHOLS, Mark born 1849 died 1887 Time Is. Time Was. Time Shall Be No More Requiescant in Pace
McNULTY, Agnes spouse of Donald A . born 1920 died 1982 
McNULTY, Anna spouse of Michael born 1885 died 1942 Mother
McNULTY, Donald A. spouse of Agnes born 1915 died 1941 
McNULTY, George spouse of Helen born 1907 died 1969 
McNULTY, Helen spouse of George born 1910 died 9-8-2002 
McNULTY, James M. born 1945 died 1997 Son of John McNulty SR U.S. Navy Vietnam
McNULTY, John F. born 1913 died 1980 Son
McNULTY, Michael spouse of Anna born 1867 died 1942 Father
McNULTY, Richard P. spouse of Sarah born 3-10-1918 died 12-13-1998 BM2 U.S. Navy WW2
McNULTY, Sarah R. "Sally" spouse of Richard P. born 5-12-1922 died 7-6-2009 Dau. of Peter & Agnes Lawton Cole b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-18-1940 in Wellsville NY 
MENDONSA, Henry born 1868 died 1953 
MENDONSA, Mary Ann O'Connor spouse of William E. born 1868 died 1952 
MENDONSA, Roberta Alicia Maria born 1913 died 1-31-2003 Dau. of William E. & Mary Ann O'Connor Mendonsa
MENDONSA, William E. spouse of Mary Ann O'Connor born 1864 died 1923 
MICHALEGKO, Barbara A. spouse of Paul born 12-16-1924 died 6-29-2006 Age 81y Dau. of Mathew & Daisy Jordon Costello b. Willing, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 10-1948 in Genesee, Pa.
MICHALEGKO, Michael spouse of Nellie born 1888 died 1971 
MICHALEGKO, Nellie spouse of Michael born 1894 died 1956 
MIDDAUGH, Thomas Wells born 1966 died 1999 Son of Susan Stout
MILLER, Angela D. born 1900 died 1971 
MILLER, Dorothy M. spouse of Keith R. born 1921 died 1986 
MILLER, Keith R. spouse of Dorothy M. born 6-30-1925 died 1-10-1994 U.S. Merchant Marine
MILLER, Marian Gonter born 1898 died 1921 Dau. of John P. & Elizabeth A.Gonter
MILLER, Richard K. born 6-4-1954 died 3-31-1973 New York AMN U.S. Air Force Vietnam
MINGUS, Doris D. Spouse of Robert H. Born 3-21-1932 died 12-26-2015 Age 83y - Dau of Francis & Ella Vogel Donovan b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-30-1954 in Wellsville NYMINGUS, Robert H. spouse of Doris Donovan born 1-23-1931 died 7-8-2001 Age 70y Son of Howard & Carolyn Smith Mingus Wed 1-30-1954 in Wellsville, N.Y. PN 2 U.S. Navy Korea
MITCHELL, Ernest F. "Ernie" spouse of Nina DiTondo born 8-13-1928 died 5-4-2006 Age 77y Son of Edward J. & Luvia Mitchell b. Alburg, Vt. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 8-1-1953 in Rochester, N.Y. U.S. Army Engineers 587 Field Maintenance in Germany - Korean War
MOFFAT, Nellie H. Stout died 1943 
MOHONEY, Edward died 1941 
MOHONEY, George died 1938 
MOLINE, Bort spouse of Mary J. Colo born 1884 died 1949 
MOLINE, Bruno J born 1-7-1920 died 3-7-2003 Age 83y Son of Bort & Mary Colo Moline b. Brookland, Pa. d. Bath, N.Y. U.S. Army SFC WW2 & Korea 
MOLINE, Flora Frances born 1924 died 1940 
MOLINE, Helen spouse of Leo J. born 1915 died 1996 
MOLINE, Leo J. spouse of Helen born 7-9-1916 died 6-27-1988 S Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
MOLINE, Louise E. spouse of Peter O. born 5-13-1912 died 9-20-1997 Age 85y Dau. of William & Ina Smith Robinson Wed 1947
MOLINE, Mary J. Colo spouse of Bort born 5-12-1896 died 12-8-1991 Age 95y Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Corte Colo b. Auronzo di Cardore, Italy d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 4-10-1915 in Coudersport, Pa.
MOLINE, Peter O. spouse of Louise Jenson born 3-23-1915 died 9-5-2007 Son of Bort & Mary Corta Moline b. Galeton, Pa d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 1947 U.S. Army WW2 in Europe
MONICO, Angela Congelli spouse of Ralph F. born 1915 died 1970 
MONICO, Ralph F. spouse of Angela Congelli born 4-11-1918 died 4-25-1997 Age 79y Son of Anthony & Mary Attina Monico U.S. Army Wife #2 Clara DurandMONROE, Helen  spouse of Larry Francis born 3-24-1936 died Uncut
MONROE, Helen Frances spouse of Lawrence Francis born 3-24-1936 died U/C 
MONROE, Lawrence Francis "Larry" spouse of Helen Crichton born 6-8-1935 died 2-6-1995 age 59y  Son of Lawrence & Carolyn Monroe b. Wellsville NY d. Hornell NY Wed 11-18-1961 in Wellsville NY Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps Korea 
MOOGAN, Gertrude born 1890 died 1985 
MOOGAN, Irene born 1888 died 1968 
MOOGAN, Kathleen spouse of Martin born 1857 died 1946 
MOOGAN, Margaret I. born 1914 died 1983 
MOOGAN, Martin born 1886 died 1964 
MOOGAN, Martin spouse of Kathleen born 1850 died 1929 
MOOGAN, Mary E. born 1882 died 1961 
MOORE, Bridget spouse of Thomas died 1-4-1884 Age 53y 
MOORE, Catherine spouse of Richard died 7-15-1887 Age 47y In Memory of Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters
MOORE, Maria died 5-30-1867 Age 2m 
MOORE, Richard spouse of Catherine died 2-13-1874 Age 52y In Memory of Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters
MOORE, Richard unable to read stone 
MOORE, Thomas spouse of Bridget died 8-3-1893 Age 65y 
MOORE, William died 7-5-1873 
MORAN, Ann C. spouse of Robert T . born 1902 died 1957 
MORAN, Arthur P. born 1893 died 1911 
MORAN, Catherine T. Lee spouse of Charles E. born 11-28-1915 died 7-20-1997 Age 81y Dau. of David W. & Josephine McCarthy Lee Wed 1958
MORAN, Charles E. spouse of Catherine born 1895 died 11-4-1978 
MORAN, Elizabeth born 1874 died 1942 
MORAN, Fannie M. born 1870 died 1941 Mother
MORAN, George born 1873 died 1874 Infant Son of James & Mary Moran
MORAN, James spouse of Mary born 1829 died 1889 Father
MORAN, John M. born 1924 died 1957 
MORAN, Mary born 1871 died 1872 Infant Daughter of James & Mary Moran
MORAN, Mary spouse of James born 1831 died 1875 Mother
MORAN, Robert T. spouse of Ann C. born 1898 died 1972 
MORELAND, Duania B. spouse of Robert T. born 9-20-1925 died 6-8-2005 Age 79y Dau. of E. Jay & Helen Munkes Brownell b. Bradford, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-15-1946 in Wellsville, N.Y. 
MORELAND, Robert T. spouse of Duania B. born 1919 died 1-16-2000 
MORGAN, Earl F. born 1888 died 1920 
MORGAN, John E. born 1844 died 1919 
MORIARTY, Margaret spouse of William died 1-10-1851 Age 69y 
MORLEY, Edward spouse of Ella born 1867 died 1930 
MORLEY, Ella spouse of Edward born 1871 died 1952 
MORREY, Catherine died uncut No Dates
MORRIS, Donald born 4-15-1921 died 10-14-1988 ENS U.S. Navy WW2
MORRIS, Robert M. spouse of  born 10-15-1955 died 11-16-2010 age 55y  Son of Thomas M. & Elizabeth Dietz Morris b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY 
MORRISSEY, Anna H. spouse of James W. born 1910 died 1977 
MORRISSEY, James W. spouse of Anna H. born 1901 died 1989 
MORSEMAN, Julia K. spouse of Merl J. born 1940 died uncut
MORSEMAN, Merl J. spouse of Julie K. born 1939 died 1987 
MORTIMER, Agnes born 1899 died 1972 
MORTIMER, Elizabeth born 1889 died 1973 
MOSCARDINI, Arthur Aldo spouse of Hyla Hurd born 3-10-1915 died 12-25-2010 age   Son of Adelmo & Rosa Lugliani Moscardini b. Meredith NH d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-21-1940 in Genesee PA 
MOSCARDINI, Hyla L. spouse of Arthur A. born 11-14-1919 died 11-4-1992 Age 72y Dau. of Frank & Eleanor Allis Hurd b. Genesee, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 11-21-1940 in Genesee, Pa.
MOSER, Frances spouse of Jacob born 1830 died 1873 
MOSER, Jacob spouse of Frances born 1829 died 1913 
MOTT, Gertrude E. Margroff spouse of Walter McGarvey born 6-5-1912 died 7-13-2002 Age 90y Dau. of Martin & Minnie Margroff b. Totawa, N.J. d. Wellsville, N.Y. 
MOTT, Ronald L. born 12/30/1939 died 12/2/2014 age 74y Son of Samuel & Gertrude Margroff Mott b. Paterson NJ d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army serving in Greenland
MOURNAN, Hondra O'Leary died 9-22-1893 Age 73y 
MOYER, Alice M. spouse of Lloyd B. born 12-8-1921 died 1-19-2005 Age 83y Dau. of John & Elsie McGreagor Durkin b. DuBois, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 7-9-1947 
MOYER, Lloyd B. spouse of Mary Alice Durkin born 10-6-1919 died 6-19-2010 age 90y Son of Mark & Alice Mann Moyer b. Shawmut PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-9-1947 in DuBois PA  U.S. Army WW2
MOYNIHAN, Arthur born 1903 died 1922 
MOYNIHAN, Catherine spouse of Patrick born 1870 died 1944 Mother
MOYNIHAN, Harry L. spouse of Margaret E. born 1899 died 1957 
MOYNIHAN, Margaret E. spouse of Harry L. born 12-10-1916 died 9-24-2006 Age 89y Dau. of William & Esther Jacox Sadler b. Alfred, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-13-1936 in Wellsville, N.Y.
MOYNIHAN, Marjorie born 1909 died 1957 
MOYNIHAN, Patrick spouse of Catherine born 1865 died 1911 Father
MOYNIHAN, William J. born 1897 died 1950 
MUCKEY, Dorothy R. born 1921 died 1965 Dau. of Stephen J. & Mary Rauber
MULFORD, Agnes spouse of Fred G. born 1886 died uncut 
MULFORD, Fred G. spouse of Agnes born 1875 died 1941 
MULLEN, Arthur J. spouse of Helen B. born 1894 died 1949 
MULLEN, Helen B. spouse of Arthur J. born 1899 died 1992 
MULVEY, Ann spouse of John born 1832 died 1911 
MULVEY, Catherine born 1866 died 1881 Child of John & Ann Mulvey May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MULVEY, John spouse of Ann born 1830 died 1906 
MULVEY, Margaret born 1863 died 1901 Child of John & Ann Mulvey May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MULVEY, Mary Ann born 1859 died 1859 Child of John & Ann Mulvey May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MULVEY, Mary born 1854 died 1858 Child of John & Ann Mulvey May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MULVEY, Michael P. born 1870 died 1925 Child of John & Ann Mulvey May Their Souls Rest in Peace
MUNKES, Agnes B. spouse of Jacob M. born 1869 died 1945 
MUNKES, Anna born 1907 died 1980 
MUNKES, Bernard L. born 1898 died 1978 
MUNKES, Elizabeth spouse of Jacob born 1826 died 1907 Mother
MUNKES, Henry J. born 1894 died 1989 
MUNKES, Jacob M. spouse of Agnes B. born 1865 died 1945 
MUNKES, Jacob spouse of Elizabeth born 1832 died 1907 Father
MUNKES, Joseph M. born 1893 died 1943 Veteran of WW1
MUNKES, Mary B. born 1870 died 1953 
MUNKES, Norine A. born 1897 died 1931 
MUNKES, Paul P. born 9-16-1896 died 1-17-1990 Pvt. U.S. Army WW1
MUNKES, Peter J. born 1865 died 1928 
MUNKES, Reta spouse of Richard J. born 1926 died 11-28-1997 
MUNKES, Richard J. "Dick" spouse of Reta Nottingham born 3-5-1923 died 1-25-2006 Age 82y Son of Henry J. & Norine Griffith Munkes Wed 11-2-1946 U.S. Navy USS Eurayle in South Pacific WW2
MUNRO, Barbara C. spouse of Terry D. born 1939 died uncut 
MUNRO, Terry D. spouse of Barbara C. born 1938 died 1990 
MURGAN, Earl F. born 1888 died 1920 
MURPHY, Anna Moran spouse of Michael M. born 1843 died 1928 
MURPHY, Anna spouse of Richard born 1862 died 1896
MURPHY, Blanch E. born 10-8-1887 died 8-4-1888 
MURPHY, Bridget born 1867 died 1872 Sister
MURPHY, Catherine born 1860 died uncut 
MURPHY, Catherine spouse of John born 1846 died 1916 Mother
MURPHY, Daniel J. spouse of Julia Ware born 7-3-1896 died 2-19-1973 New York Cpl. U.S. Army WW1
MURPHY, Edmund died uncut Son of John & Johanna Murphy
MURPHY, Edward J. died 2-10-1930 New York Cook 308 Field RMT SQDN QC
MURPHY, Elizabeth born 1875 died 1939 
MURPHY, Elizabeth M. spouse of James E. born 1888 died 1982 
MURPHY, Ella O'Connell spouse of John F. born 1872 died 1916 
MURPHY, Ellen died uncut Dau. of John & Johanna Murphy
MURPHY, James E . spouse of Elizabeth M. born 1876 died 1966 
MURPHY, Jeremiah spouse of Mary born 1820 died 1902 Father
MURPHY, Joanna Renwick born 1863 died 1940 
MURPHY, Johanna spouse of John born 1820 died 1905 Both born near the City of Cork, Ireland in the Parishes of Slogara and White Church and settled on South Hill near Wellsville in 1840. Erected by the surviving children in 1913.
MURPHY, John born 1855 died 1927 Son of John & Johanna Murphy
MURPHY, John born 1874 died 1942 Son of William & Margaret Murphy
MURPHY, John F. spouse of Ella O'Connell born 5-30-1863 died 4-24-1912 
MURPHY, John O. spouse of Blanch E. born 5-11-1889 died 8-23-1929 
MURPHY, John Patrick died 1952 Little Brother
MURPHY, John spouse of Catherine born 1846 died 1911 Father Co. F 18 ILL S.T. Vol. Cav.
MURPHY, John spouse of Johanna born 1816 died 1885 Both born near the City of Cork, Ireland in the Parishes of Slogara and White Church and settled on South Hill near Wellsville in 1840. Erected by the surviving children in 1913.
MURPHY, John spouse of Mary died 8-26-1850 Age 75y 
MURPHY, Joseph L. died uncut Son of John & Johanna Murphy
MURPHY, Julia A. born 1866 died 1940 
MURPHY, Julia Ware spouse of Daniel J. born 1899 died 1963 
MURPHY, Margaret spouse of William born 1852 died 1917 Mother
MURPHY, Mary E. spouse of Michael R. born 1883 died 1969 
MURPHY, Mary M. spouse of Timothy died 3-30-1908 Age 76y 
MURPHY, Mary spouse of Jeremiah born 1826 died 1906 Mother
MURPHY, Mary spouse of John died 8-20-1887 Age 89y 
MURPHY, Mary spouse of Morris born 9-5-1863 died 6-6-1903 Mother
MURPHY, Matthew R. born 1-30-1963 died 2-22-2002 Age 39y Son of Richard J. & Sally Lundy Murphy
MURPHY, Michael L. Spouse of Sally Leary Born 1936 died 12-19-2015 Age 79y - Son of Daniel J. & Julia Caiger Murphy b. Wellsville NY d. Presho NY
MURPHY, Michael M. spouse of Anna Moran born 1843 died 1927 Father
MURPHY, Michael R. spouse of Mary E. born 1880 died 1967 
MURPHY, Morris spouse of Mary born 1-18-1852 died 4-5-1934 Father
MURPHY, Mother spouse of Michael born 1848 died 1920 
MURPHY, Richard J. spouse of Sally A. born 1932 died uncut 
MURPHY, Sally A. spouse of Richard J. born 4-4-1935 died 4-21-1990 Age 55y Dau. of James T. & Helen Pruskowski Lundy b. Olean, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed 6-7-1958 
MURPHY, Sheila Caiger born 1930 died 1941 Daughter of Daniel J and Julia C Murphy. Julia's stone says 'Julia Ware'' but, in his grief, Dan used the wrong middle name. Her maiden name, hence her middle name, was Caiger ***
MURPHY, Thomas J. born 1874 died 1949 Son of Michael M. & Anna Moran Murphy
MURPHY, Timothy born 1869 died 1883 
MURPHY, Timothy spouse of Mary M. died 12-30-1891 Age 69y 
MURPHY, William spouse of Margaret born 1845 died 1916 Son of John & Johanna Murphy Father
MURRAY, Bridget died 4-19-1915 Age 71y 
MURTAUGH, James born 1858 died 1926 
MURTAUGH, John born 1865 died 1930 

***Sheila Ware Murphy is the  daughter of Daniel J and Julia C Murphy. Julia's stone says 'Julia Ware'' but, in his grief, Dan used the wrong middle name. Her maiden name, hence her middle name, was Caiger.  However, John Patrick Murphy- "Little brother"- was their GRANDSON. His father is not buried in Wellsville but his mother, Delores, is. I will get back to you on her last name as she had remarried and I don't remember what it was. Hope this helps.  -Amy Iven Wilson, daughter of Mona Murphy Iven, granddaughter of Dan and Julia.

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