Sacred Heart Cemetery
Town of Wellsville
Stone readings by Eleanor Schwalb 2005
Updated by our members

Photo by Eleanor Schwalb

ADAMS, Mary Esther. Spouse of Clinton C.. Born 3-2-1934, died 10-18-2008. Age: 74y - Dau of Henry & Finola Wiles Hart b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
AHEARN, Ellen. Spouse of John Sr.. Born 1828, died 1917
AHEARN, John Jr.. Born 1858, died 1934 - Son of John & Ellen Ahearn Sr.
AHEARN, John Sr.. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1825, died 1913
AIKEN, Clark G.. Spouse of Rachel C.. Born 1899, died 1984
AIKEN, Donald C.. Spouse of Jane I. Ludden. Born 4-1-1927, died 11-19-2004. Age: 77y - Son of Clark G. & Rachel Songor Aiken b. Corsica, PA d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-10-1950 in Wellsville, NY. Inductee of the Wellsville Sports Hall of Fame in 1943 Pat Chief of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department - WW II Vet, US Navy, S2
AIKEN, Everett J.. Spouse of Sara E.. Born 1901, died 1982
AIKEN, Harold D.. Spouse of Mary Jo. Born 1929, died 1967 - Son of Clark G. & Rachel Songor Aiken
AIKEN, Jane I. Ludden. Spouse of Donald C.. Born 1928, died uncut
AIKEN, June Jolene. Born 1938, died 1994 - Dau of Clark G. & Rachel Songer Aiken
AIKEN, Mary Jo. Spouse of Harold D.. Born 1933, died uncut
AIKEN, Rachel C.. Spouse of Clark G.. Born 19090, died 1991
AIKEN, Sara E.. Spouse of Everett J.. Born 1906, died 1987
ALDRICH, Baby Boy, died 1965
ALDRICH, Elizabeth M.. Spouse of Mearl D.. Born 1899, died 1979
ALDRICH, Harry E.. Spouse of Ida W.. Born 1895, died 1977
ALDRICH, Harvey J.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 10-24-1924, died 5-29-1998
ALDRICH, Ida M. "Peg". Born 5/2/1940, died 3/19/2015
ALDRICH, Ida W.. Spouse of Harry E.. Born 1898, died 1983
ALDRICH, Mary E.. Spouse of Harvey J.. Born 1-31-1936, died uncut
ALDRICH, Mary M.. Spouse of William B.. Born 1870, died 1945
ALDRICH, Mearl D.. Spouse of Elizabeth M.. Born 1900, died 1972
ALDRICH, Teresa E.. Born 1920, died 1943
ALDRICH, Teresa J.. Born 3-22-1897, died 10-18-1918 - Dau of W.B. & M.M. Aldrich
ALDRICH, Virginia "Ginger". Spouse of William E. "Billy". Born 4-15-1923, died 11-29-2006. Age: 83y - Dau of Harry & Grace Clark Ryan b. Angelica, NY d. Winter Park, Fla Wed 1942
ALDRICH, William B.. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1869, died 1940
ALDRICH, William E. "Billy". Spouse of Virginia R.. Born 9-25-1922, died 7-4-1984 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
ALGER, Adelbert L.. Spouse of Frances H.. Born 1900, died 1973
ALGER, Frances H.. Spouse of Adelbert L.. Born 1902, died 1980
ALLEN, Raymond J.. Spouse of Wilhelmina Salva. Born 10/31/1931, died 9/20/2011. Age: 79y - Son of Raymond A. & Marien M. Allen b. Niagara Falls NY d. Niceville FL Wed 1957 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army in Germany, France & England 1952-1954
ALLEN, Wilhelmina Salva "Willie". Spouse of Raymond J.. Born 12-29-1933, died 4-17-2008. Age: 74y - Dau of Joseph & Caroline Wozniak Salva b. Glen Lyon, PA, d. Wellsville, NY Wed 12-26-1957
ANDERSON, Joseph R.. Spouse of Marjorie Hewitt. Born 9/21/1926, died 6/11/2012. Age: 85y - Son of Leo P. & Mary Shine Anderson b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-3-1950 in Friendship NY. Active member of Dyke Street Engine Co. #2 for 60 years serving as President & Captain - WW II Vet, US Navy. Abroad the USS Oyster Bay
ANDERSON, Leo P.. Spouse of Mary S.. Born 8-18-1894, died 1-25-1985 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
ANDERSON, Mary. Spouse of William. Born 1855, died 1955
ANDERSON, Mary S.. Spouse of Leo P.. Born 4-3-1891, died 3-11-1972
ANDERSON, William. Spouse of Mary. Born 1844, died 1908
ANDERTON, Alfred D. "Al". Spouse of Joan Barclay. Born 6/22/1928, died 10/13/2013. Age: 85y - Son of Joseph & Elizabeth Judy Anderton b. Oil City Pa d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-9-1951 in Oil City PA. - WW II Vet, US Army in Japan
ANDERTON, Joan M. (Barclay). Spouse of Alfred D.. Born 4-29-1928, died 5-6-2023. Age: 95y - Dau of John T. & Mary Margaret (Priest) Barclay. Born in Johnston, PA; lived and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 69-1951 in Oil City, PA. Three children.
ANDREWS, Bessie B.. Spouse of Harold J.. Born 1888, died 1969
ANDREWS, Ella S.. Spouse of Merlon J.. Born 1862, died 1935 - Mother
ANDREWS, Genevieve A.. Born 1898, died 1955
ANDREWS, Harold J.. Spouse of Bessie B.. Born 1892, died 1966
ANDREWS, Harold J. Jr., died 1-4-1925
ANDREWS, Merlon J.. Spouse of Ella S.. Born 1860, died 1949 - Father
ARMSTRONG, George P.. Spouse of Helen I.. Born 1905, died 1967
ARMSTRONG, Helen I.. Spouse of George P.. Born 1906, died 1964
ARNOLD, Anna. Spouse of J. W. Arnold. Born 1830, died 1907
ARNOLD, Bridget Higgins. Spouse of Jacob Charles. Born 1861, died 1937
ARNOLD, Bridget Magner. Born 1842, died 1908
ARNOLD, Christian F.. Born 1-1-1838, died 11-12-1875. Age: 37y 10m 5d - Veteran Plaque shows d: 11-6-1875 - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Inf NYS Vols, 1/SGT. Enlisted 1861 at Wellsville for three years. Wounded in Action 9-17-1862 at Antietam MD. Wounded again 5-12-1864 at Spotsylvania VA. Discharged 10-6-1864 near Petersburg VA
ARNOLD, Francis D.. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1865, died 1929
ARNOLD, Jacob Charles. Spouse of Bridget Higgins. Born 1861, died 1953
ARNOLD, Mary A.. Born 1887, died 1971 - Dau of Jacob Charles & Bridget Higgins Arnold
ARNOLD, Mary M.. Spouse of Francis D.. Born 1865, died 1931
ARNOLD, Virginia I.. Born 1922, died 1970
ATWOOD, Kathleen Diana "Dee". Spouse of Kenneth L.. Born 1/12/1932, died 1/22/2014. Age: 82y - Dau of Alfred & Mildred Fowler McGinnis b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-29-1949
ATWOOD, Kenneth L.. Spouse of K. Diana. Born 1928, died 1981 - WW II Vet, USMC, S/Sgt
ATWOOD, Sharon Lee. Age: 2d - Dau of Diana & Kenneth Atwood
AUSTIN, Sister Mary. Born 5-15-1857, died 10-4-1908 - Requiescat in Pace
AUSTIN, William Edward. Born 12-11-1930, died 8-26-2003. Age: 72y - Son of William & Mary Williams Austin b. Wellsville NY d. Coyle, OK - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
BABCOCK, Barbara Jo. Born 1958, died 1991 - Dau of James W. & Frances Kozlowski "I love you Mom"
BABCOCK, James W.. Spouse of Frances Kozlowski. Born 9-27-1929, died 12-15-2006. Age: 77y - Son of Charles "Gerald" & Mildred Rogers Babcock b. Wellsville, NY d. Rochester, NY. Wed 12-26-1951 - Korean War Vet, US Army. Also served in Panama
BABCOCK, Lynn Reynolds. Born 1903, died 1956
BACHELLER, Lucille Shields. Born 1911, died 2005 - Daughter
BACKES, Helen M.. Spouse of Jacob C.. Born 1862, died 1923 - Mother
BACKES, Jacob C.. Spouse of Helen M.. Born 1883, died 1937
BAILEY, Irene. Spouse of Victor - Name but no dates
BAILEY, Jeremiah. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1822, died 1902
BAILEY, Jerome Victor. Born 1898, died 1918
BAILEY, Margaret. Spouse of Jeremiah. Born 1846, died 1909
BAILEY, Victor. Spouse of Irene - No Dates
BAKER, Archie M.. Spouse of Margaret R.. Born 1872, died 1965
BAKER, Archie Michael "Mickey". Spouse of Jeannie O'Donnell. Born 9/27/1933, died 4/13/2016. Age: 82y - Son of James J. & Florence Cocoman Baker Sr. b. Andover NY d. Buffalo NY - Cold War Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne Division. 1954-1956
BAKER, Catherine E.. Spouse of John C.. Born 1876, died 1966
BAKER, Dorothy Hanks. Spouse of #1 Melvin C.Baker, #2 Peter Hollod. Born 4-8-1914, died 10-20-2001
BAKER, Elizabeth A.. Spouse of Leo C.. Born 1918, died 2002 - Dau of Jeremiah & Kathryn Kane Shine
BAKER, Florence. Born 12-28-1905, died 11-30-1991. Age: 85y - Dau of John C. & Catherine Reynolds Baker b. Town of Ward, NY d. Wellsville, NY
BAKER, Gertrude T.. Born 1897, died 1980
BAKER, Jean O'Donnell. Spouse of Archie Michael. Born 3-15-1938, died 9-27-2004 - Dau of Joseph A. & Mary Charlantini O'Donnell b. & d. Wellsville, NY Wed 8-10-1957 in Wellsville NY
BAKER, Jennifer Anne. Born 1978, died 1978 - Dau of Leo C. & Elizabeth A. Baker Wed 1-22-1947 in Wellsville, NY
BAKER, John C.. Spouse of Catherine E.. Born 1876, died 1966
BAKER, Leo C.. Spouse of Elizabeth A.. Born 1920, died 1997 - Wed 1-22-1947 in Wellsville NY
BAKER, Margaret E.. Born 1906, died 1951
BAKER, Margaret R.. Spouse of Archie M.. Born 1870, died 1951
BAKER, Mary B. Potter. Born 1895, died 1954
BAKER, Melvin C.. Spouse of Dorothy Hanks. Born 1904, died 1943
BAKER, Ruth E.. Born 8-26-1909, died 12-6-1999. Age: 90y - Dau of John C. & Catherine Reynolds Baker b. Town of Ward, NY d. Wellsville, NY
BAKER, Walter. Born 10-4-1907, died 9-7-2001. Age: 93y - Son of John C. & Catherine Reynolds Baker b. Scio, NY d. Bath, NY
BALDINI, Nick D.. Born 1907, died 1989
BALDWIN, John G.. Born 6-15-1964, died 12-29-2023. Age: 59y - Son of John R. & Patricia A. (Dennis) Baldwin. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY.
BALDWIN, John R.. Spouse of Patricia A. Dennis. Born 9-29-1923, died 3-22-2004. Age: 80y - Son of William & Margaret Padden Baldwin. Wed 9-8-1951 - WW II Vet, US Army, 299th Engrs 51st Bn, S/Sgt
BALDWIN, Margaret. Spouse of William. Born 1899, died 1965
BALDWIN, Patricia A. Dennis. Spouse of John R.. Born 1928, died 8-22-1987 - Dau of Robert J. & Marian C. Perry Dennis. Wed 9-8-1951
BALDWIN, Patricia L.. Spouse of William "Mike". Born 1929, died 2001 - Dau of Elmer & Clara Key Ludden born Parowan, UT
BALDWIN, William. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1898, died 1981
BALDWIN, William "Mike". Spouse of Patricia L.. Born 2-17-1922, died 10-25-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
BANNISTER, Ann, died 7-5-1871. Age: 15y - Dau of William & Ann Bannister
BANNISTER, Ann. Spouse of William, died 4-12-1866. Age: 35y 6m
BANNISTER, Bridget. Spouse of John J.. Born 1858, died 1926
BANNISTER, Henry. Born 1820, died 1889
BANNISTER, John J.. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1857, died 1928
BANNISTER, Katherine. Born 1869, died 1901
BANNISTER, Mary. Born 1820, died 1887
BANNISTER, Sarah, died 10-26-1876. Age: 14y 9m - Dau of William & Ann Bannister
BANNISTER, Thomas A.. Born 1858, died 1880 - Son of Henry & Mary Bannister
BANNISTER, William J.. Born 1863, died 1893 - Son of Henry & Mary Bannister
BARCLAY, Mary M.. Born 1907, died 1989
BARKER, Frank X.. Spouse of Katherine, died 12-25-1949
BARKER, Katherine. Spouse of Frank X., died 2-24-1953
BARNES, Bertha M.. Born 1894, died 1929
BARNEY, M. Thelma. Born 1897, died 1900
BARRY, David. Spouse of Nora Elizabeth. Born 1858, died 1939 - Father
BARRY, Madeline. Born 1899, died 1919 - Dau of Davie & Nora Elizabeth Barry
BARRY, Mary E.. Spouse of Michael D.. Born 1866, died 1928
BARRY, Michael D.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1851, died 1908
BARRY, Nora Elizabeth. Spouse of David. Born 1859, died 1909 - Mother
BARTHOLOMAY, Agatha T.. Spouse of Frank J.. Born 1903, died 6-14-1997 - Dau of Edward H. & Mary F. Higgins Tretton. Wed 1940
BARTHOLOMAY, Frank J.. Spouse of Agatha T.. Born 1903, died 12-25-1963 - Wed 1940
BASTIAN, Barbara A. (Ganzhorn). Spouse of Edward L.. Born 1-12-1941, died 6-25-2021. Age: 80 - Dau of Wilbur F. and Esther H. (LaRock) Ganzhorn. Born in Niagara Falls NY, lived in Wellsville NY and Huachuca City AZ, died in Huachuca City. Wed 2-16-1963 in Niagara Falls, two sons.
BASTIAN, Dorothy (Hubertus). Spouse of Edward C.. Born 11-9-1916, died 6-23-2005 - Dau of Thomas & Jeanett Calbes (Hubertus) Wed 4-12-1937
BASTIAN, Edward C.. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 1910, died 1944
BASTIAN, Edward L.. Spouse of Barbara Ann Ganzhorn. Born 4/23/1938, died 10/19/2013. Age: 75y - Son of Edward C. & Dorothy E. (Hubertus) Bastian b. & d. Wellswille NY Wed 2-16-1963 in Niaraga Falls NY. Member of the Emerald Hook & Ladder Co. for 42 years where he was named "Fire Policeman of the Year". Wed 2-16-1963 in Niagara Falls, two sons.
BASTIAN, Jan Hubertus. Born 3-11-1945, died 5-22-1997 - Son of Edward C. & Dorothy E. (Hubertus) Bastian - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
BASTIAN, Terry W.. Born 1941, died 1963 - Son of Edward C. & Dorothy E. (Hubertus) Bastian
BEDNAREK, John P.. Spouse of Sephroia P.. Born 1895, died 1974
BEDNAREK, Sephroia P.. Spouse of John P.. Born 1898, died 1973
BEEBE, Loretta M.. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 6-26-1914, died 4-25-2003. Age: 89y - Dau of John C. & Catherine Reynolds Baker b. Town of Ward, NY d. Greece, NY. Wed 1-26-1946 in Andover, NY
BEEBE, Robert L.. Spouse of Loretta M.. Born 1-12-1919, died 6-19-2004. Age: 85y - Son of Ernie & Ruth Miller Beebe b. Cuba, NY d. Rochester, NY. Wed 1-26-1946 in Andover, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, South Pacific
BELL, Katherine C.. Spouse of Robert A. Dr.. Born 1905, died 1976
BELL, Robert A. Dr.. Spouse of Katherine C.. Born 1904, died 1976
BENZ, Mary E. (Walsh). Spouse of Clarence H.. Born 3-28-1930, died 1-18-2024. Age: 93y - Dau of Arthur W. & Lillian (McHale) Walsh. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 5-4-1968 in Wellsville, NY. Four sons.
BIANCO, Constance H.. Spouse of Louis P.. Born 9-12-1924, died 12-9-1996. Age: 72y - Dau of Phillip & Antoinette Hodges b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 2-5-1944 in Wellsville, NY
BIANCO, Louis P.. Spouse of Constance H.. Born 11-28-1913, died 3-31-2006 - Son of Vincent & Nicola Bianco b. & d. Wellsville, NY Wed 2-5-1944 in Wellsville, NY
BIANCO, Nicola. Spouse of Vincent. Born 1890, died 1960
BIANCO, Vincent. Spouse of Nicola. Born 1881, died 1915
BIEDAKIEWICZ, John Francis. Spouse of Rada Boljevic. Born 1949, died 9/12/2012. Age: 63y - Son of John & Jane Witczak Biedakiewicz b. East Chicago IN d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-17-1982 in Highland IN
BIERMAN, Chelsea Elizabeth. Born 6-15-1991, died 11-13-1991 - We Love You Little One With All Our Heart
BIERMAN, Joshua M.. Born 6-27-1992, died 5-28-2023. Age: 30y - Son of Mark A. Bierman Jr. & Kelly (Madden) Cumpston. Born in Hornell, NY; lived and died in Wellsville, NY.
BISHOP, Cornelius Barney. Spouse of Evelyn. Born 10-14-1913, died 8-9-2000 - Born in Oklahoma - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM2
BISHOP, Evelyn. Spouse of Cornelius Barney. Born 1925, died 1986
BISHOP, Jeffery Scott. Born 9-4-1967, died 7-4-1973 - Our Little Angel
BISHOP, Richard S.. Born 1950, died 1972 - buried with Cornelius A. & Evelyn Bishop
BISSELL, Carl Francis. Born 7-18-1929, died 10-26-1961 - WW II, USMC Res, Pvt. New York Pvt
BISSELL, Margaret G.. Spouse of Merl F.. Born 1895, died 1968
BISSELL, Merl F.. Spouse of Margaret G.. Born 1888, died 1959
BLACK, Edward Nelson. Spouse of Angela Cavagna. Born 9-7-1961, died 10-25-2021. Age: 60 - Son of King S. III and Patricia (Fisher) Black. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Marietta OH. A victim of COVID-19. Wed 8-29-1981 in Wellsville NY, five children (Spouse survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1981-1985
BLAISDELL, Virginia M.. Born 5-3-1932, died 10-20-2008 - Dau of Bort & Mary Corte Colo Molin b. Wellsville NY d. Canandaigua NY
BLAKER, Joan Hazzard Lynch. Spouse of Allan. Born 6-18-1931, died 1-8-2001. Age: 69y - Dau of Leon & Julia Schulz Hazzard b. Wellsville, NY d. Olean, NY. Wed 11-23-1979 to Allen Blaker #1 husband, Daniel L. Lynch
BLECHINGER, Helen C.. Spouse of Jacob R.. Born 1905, died 2001 - Dau of Michael & Pauline Weber Klemens
BLECHINGER, Jacob R.. Spouse of Helen C.. Born 1893, died 1966
BLITZ, Paul J.. Spouse of Rita Kames. Born 10/19/1932, died 2/24/2014. Age: 81y - Son of Valentine & Florence Blitz b. Williamsport PA, d. Avon Park FL Wed 1957 - Korean War Vet, US Army
BOATS, Ina B.. Spouse of Michael J.. Born 1892, died 1974
BOATS, Michael J.. Spouse of Ina B.. Born 1886, died 1951
BOLAM, Ellen "Nellie " C.. Spouse of Robert A. Sr.. Born 1907, died 6-1-1978 - Wed 9-5-1932 in Pittsburgh, PA
BOLAM, Francis T.. Born 1911, died 1971
BOLAM, Margaret C.. Spouse of Robert. Born 1875, died 1954
BOLAM, Robert. Spouse of Margaret C.. Born 1871, died 1971
BOLAM, Robert A. Sr.. Spouse of Ellen "Nellie" C.. Born 2-14-1908, died 11-6-1996. Age: 88y - Son of Robert F. & Margaret Garrity Bolam b. DuBois, Pa d. Rochester, NY
BOLAN, Francis T.. Born 1914, died 1971
BOOTH, Fred H.. Spouse of Winifred A. Reesher. Born 1895, died 1926
BOOTH, Frederick J.. Spouse of Margaret I.. Born 8-25-1919, died 7-13-1974 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Sgt
BOOTH, Margaret I.. Spouse of Frederick J.. Born 1925, died uncut
BOOTH, Winifred A. Reesher. Spouse of Fred H.. Born 1895, died 1952
BOWDEN, Edward Walter. Spouse of Luella T.. Born 11-25-1934, died 2-10-2002 - Korean War Vet, US Army, SP3
BOWDEN, Luella T., died 1979
BOWLEY, George A.. Spouse of Gertrude A.. Born 1886, died 1961
BOWLEY, Gertrude A.. Spouse of George A.. Born 1891, died 1987
BRACE, Eugene Otis. Spouse of Mary Lewis. Born 1903, died 1992
BRACE, Mary Lewis. Spouse of Eugene Otis. Born 1910, died uncut
BRADLEY, Marietta. Spouse of Andrew J.. Born 8-27-1914, died 4-27-2004. Age: 89y - Dau of William J. & Katherine Brown Blaine b. Kansas City, Kan. d. Wellsville, NY #1 Husband James Lewis Twombly
BRADY, Seraphim M.. Spouse of Timothy V.. Born 1876, died 1955
BRADY, Timothy V.. Spouse of Seraphim M.. Born 1866, died 1940
BRANIGAN, Mary Ruth. Spouse of Thomas S. Dr.. Born 7-5-1938, died 2-21-2000. Age: 61y - Dau of John & Evangeline Gordon Mayer b. Wellsville, NY d. Amherst, NY
BRANIGAN, Thomas S. Dr.. Spouse of Mary Ruth Mayer. Born 1935, died uncut
BRANNIN, Bridget E.. Spouse of John E.. Born 1842, died uncut
BRANNIN, Infant Agatha, died 1891 - Dau of John E. & Bridget E. Brannin
BRANNIN, Infant Agnes, died 1891 - Dau of John E. & Bridget E. Brannin
BRANNIN, Infant Willie, died 1890 - Son of John E. John E. & Bridget E. Brannin
BRANNIN, infants (several) - Children of John E. & Bridget Brannin; several listed but unable to read stone
BRANNIN, John E.. Spouse of Bridget E.. Born 1842, died 1906
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Andrew. Spouse of Emma. Born 1872, died 1941
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Andrew P.. Born 1911, died 1976 - Son of Andrew & Emma Knorr Braunschweiger - WW II Vet, US Navy, SK2
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Emma. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1868, died 1952
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Eugenia Bartz. Spouse of Maximus L. "Max". Born 1906, died 1962
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, M. Catherine. Born 1904, died 2-24-1995. Age: 91y - Dau of Andrew & Emma Knorr Braunschweiger b. Wellsville, NY d. Canisteo, NY
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Maximus L. "Max". Spouse of Eugenia Bartz. Born 2-4-1907, died 1-28-1992. Age: 84y - Son of Andrew & Emma Knorr Braunschweiger b. Wellsville, NY d. Canisteo, NY Wed 1932
BRENNAN, Catherine C.. Spouse of William J.. Born 1884, died 1973
BRENNAN, Edna K.. Spouse of George K., died 4-23-1987
BRENNAN, Father. Born 1846, died 1930
BRENNAN, George F.. Spouse of Edna K.. Born 11-2-1895, died 5-5-1952 - WW I Vet, US Navy, E1. New York
BRENNAN, Mary E.. Spouse of William L.. Born 1909, died 1982
BRENNAN, Mother. Born 1851, died 1935
BRENNAN, William J.. Spouse of Catherine C.. Born 1879, died 1942
BRENNAN, William L.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 10-3-1918, died 11-21-1972 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Army, Sgt. New York
BRENNAN, Wilma C.. Born 1914, died 1996
BRICK, Anne. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 1881, died 1907
BRICK, John. Born 1823, died 1901
BRICK, Nicholas. Spouse of Anne. Born 1876, died 1922
BRIGGS, Anna H.. Born 1831, died 1907
BRIGGS, John. Spouse of Anna. Born 1823, died 1901
BROUGHTON, Elizabeth J. "Betty". Spouse of Ronald G.. Born 6-4-1929, died 5-26-2006. Age: 76y - Dau of George & Frances Whelpley b. Chelsea, Mass. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-6-1954 in Wellsville, NY
BROUGHTON, Ronald G.. Spouse of Elizabeth (Holland). Born 2-17-1934, died 8-27-2023. Age: 89y - Son of George E. & Ruth (Pitts) Broughton. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 11-6-1954 in Wellsville, NY. Two children.
BROWN, Doris Jean (Taylor). Spouse of Jack E.. Born 6-7-1940, died 5-24-2021. Age: 80 - Dau of Thornton K. and Margaret (Petruzzi) Taylor. Born in Brockway PA, lived in Scio NY, died in Wellsville NY. A dog groomer who owned several Petland stores for 42 years. Wed 11-30-1957 in Niagara Falls NY, three children.
BROWN, Doris R.. Spouse of Earl E.. Born 1927, died 1991
BROWN, Earl E.. Spouse of Doris Regina Aldrich. Born 6/18/1921, died 11/26/2014. Age: 93y - Son of Earl & Violet White Brown b. Alfred NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-29-1946 in Wellsville NY
BROWN, Elizabeth G.. Spouse of William R.. Born 1872, died 1946
BROWN, Ella. Spouse of John E.. Born 1869, died 1950
BROWN, Ellen. Spouse of Martin. Born 1830, died 1879 - Mother
BROWN, Harvey E.. Spouse of Mary B.. Born 1913, died 1985
BROWN, Helen J. Noel. Spouse of Newell. Born 1894, died 1963
BROWN, Ira Edward. Born 1915, died 1973 -
BROWN, Jack Ernest. Spouse of Doris Jean Taylor. Born 3-21-1939, died 7-29-2020. Age: 81y - Son of Joseph E. and Kathleen (Laughlin) Brown. Born in Niagara Falls NY, lived in Scio NY, died in Wellsville NY. An executive chef who owned several restaurants. Also, several Petland stores for 42 years. Wed 11-30-1957 in Niagara Falls, three children. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 1966-1960
BROWN, James Harvey. Born 2-12-1937, died 7-13-1979 - Son of Harvey E. & Mary B. Brown - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, A2C
BROWN, Johanna. Born 1863, died 1916 - Dau of Martin & Ellen Brown
BROWN, John E.. Spouse of Ella. Born 1858, died 1919
BROWN, John E.. Spouse of Sara K.. Born 2-29-1908, died 4-19-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BROWN, John H. Rev.. Born 2-14-1858, died 6-23-1892 - Rest In Peace
BROWN, Joseph E.. Spouse of Kathleen "Cherie". Born 12-3-1912, died 5-8-1988 - Wed 10-29-1932 Together Forever - WW II Vet, US Navy, S2 aboard USS Missouri
BROWN, Kathleen M.. Spouse of Joseph E.. Born 7-1-1913, died 2-11-2009. Age: 95y - Dau of Matthew & Margaret McCart Laughlin b. Niagara Falls NY d. Scio NY Wed 10-29-1932 in Niagara Falls NY
BROWN, Margaret. Born 1876, died 1951
BROWN, Martin. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1823, died 1903 - Father
BROWN, Mary B.. Spouse of Harvey E.. Born 1907, died 1982
BROWN, Mary E.. Born 1873, died 1961
BROWN, Mary M., died 3-30-1908. Age: 76y
BROWN, Maurice J.. Born 9-29-1859, died 4-12-1892 - Rest In Peace
BROWN, Michael. Age: 9m - Son of Martin & Ellen Brown
BROWN, Myrtle "Myrt". Spouse of Ira. Born 10/24/1922, died 3/3/2012. Age: 89y - b. Town of Willing NY d. Poinciana FL. Wed 1-10-1942
BROWN, Newell. Spouse of #1 Helen J. Noel, #2 Marie Fleischman. Born 9-17-1895, died 12-7-1977 - Son of John & Alice Brown b. Cuba, NY d. Wellsville, NY
BROWN, Sara K.. Spouse of John E.. Born 1915, died 1997
BROWN, Teresa, died uncut
BROWN, William J.. Born 1-16-1860, died 8-22-1914
BROWN, William R.. Spouse of Elizabeth G.. Born 1863, died 1934
BROWNELL, Ejay W.. Spouse of Helen M.. Born 1901, died 1966
BROWNELL, Helen M.. Spouse of Ejay W.. Born 1896, died 1994
BROWNING, Edwin F.. Spouse of Kathleen E.. Born 1941, died uncut
BROWNING, Kathleen E.. Spouse of Edwin F.. Born 1945, died 1996
BRUNELL, Richard L.. Spouse of Mary Ellen Hennessy. Born 6-30-1925, died 2-20-2020. Age: 94 - Son of Howard and Neva (Drake) Brunell. Born in Allegany NY, lived and died in Wellsville NY. Worked 25 years for Air Preheater. Wed 4-1949, four daughters. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Saratoga. A radio gunner.
BRUSH, Catherine (Donovan). Spouse of H. Alfred. Born 5/20/1911, died 3-1972 - Dau of Francis & Elizabeth Donovan
BRUSH, H. Alfred. Spouse of Catherine Donovan. Born 7/25/1910, died 8/18/1998 - Son of Henry Morton and Mary Brush
BRUSH, James Alfred. Spouse of Julia (Judy) Hart. Born 1/1/1938, died 2/19/2017. Age: 79y - Son of H. Alfred & Catherine Donovan Brush b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 6-9-1962 in Wellsville NY. Involved in all sports and well as a referee - Elected to the Allegany County Sports Hall of Fame - Cold War Vet, US Army Reserves, 98th Training Div. 1960.
BRYNES, Loretto. Born 1880, died 1951
BRYNES, Terrance B.. Born 1879, died 1950
BUPP, Anna. Spouse of George. Born 1866, died 1921
BUPP, George. Spouse of Anna. Born 9-3-1858, died 4-2-1901
BURDICK, Bridget M. Hart. Spouse of Craig E.. Born 4-1959, died 6-1994 - For The Lord Watches Over The Way Of The Just
BURDICK, Craig E.. Spouse of Bridget M.Hart. Born 1-1955, died uncut
BURDICK, Theresa "Tres". Born 1960, died 1977 - For 17 Years She Blessed Us With Her Beauty...Now Our Lord Blesses Her With His
BURGESS, Clarence. Spouse of Mary S.. Born 1888, died 1982 - WW I Vet, US Army
BURGESS, Mary S.. Spouse of Clarence. Born 1883, died 1968
BURK, George, died 12-15-1866. Age: 30y
BURKE, George. Born 1873, died 1874 - Son of James & Mary Moran
BURKHART, Henry. Spouse of Katharine. Born 1826, died 1892
BURKHART, Katharine. Spouse of Henry. Born 1817, died 1874
BURLINGAME, Carol A. (Linnemann). Spouse of Donald C. Burlingame. Born 8/6/1936, died 1/20/2018. Age: 81y - Dau of Arthur Thomas & Barbara Rita Schultz Linnemann b. Bellmore NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-13-1964 in Bellmore NY Donald died 10-31-2007 - Cold war Vet, US Army, 1959
BURNS, Clair J.. Born 6-27-1917, died 5-30-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
BURNS, Francis W.. Spouse of Ruth B.. Born 1908, died 1986
BURNS, J. Clair. Spouse of Margaret C.. Born 6-27-1917, died 5-30-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
BURNS, Margaret C.. Spouse of J. Clair. Born 1913, died 1998
BURNS, Mary A.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1881, died 1957
BURNS, Ruth B.. Spouse of Francis W.. Born 1916, died 1990
BURNS, William H.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1876, died 1952
BURSCHFIELD, Anna. Born 1882, died 1885
BURSCHFIELD, Father - Only a stone
BURTON, Charles H., died 5-7-1974 - Wed Jul. 14 1927
BURTON, Sybil N.. Spouse of Charles H.. Born 5-9-1905, died 7-8-1992. Age: 87y - Dau of Maurice & Sybil Rickman Nicholas b. May Pen, Jamaica d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 7-14-1927 in Manhattan We Love You Grandma
BUSH, John E.. Spouse of Marguerite W.. Born 1892, died 1983
BUSH, John P. "Jack". Spouse of Agnes Joyce. Born 12/7/1927, died 4/9/2012. Age: 84y - Son of John E. & Margaurite Wahl Bush b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-12-1963 in Andover NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Germany
BUSH, Marguerite W.. Spouse of John E.. Born 1888, died 1971
BUSHEE, Hilda M., died 1980
BUTLER, John A.. Spouse of Mariam A.. Born 1918, died 1985
BUTLER, Mariam A.. Spouse of Jack. Born 2/7/1920, died 3/27/2011. Age: 91y - Dau of Vernon & Beulah Teemley Harmon b. Westfield d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-11-1940 in Olean NY
BUTLER, Robert E.. Spouse of Mary Jo Baker. Born 4/18/1954, died 11/14/2017. Age: 63y - Son of Robert E. & Alma Saunders Butler b. Miami FL d. Buffalo NY. Wed 1981 in Las Vegas NV. Structural steel iron worker and computer-aided draftman - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1972-1975
BYRNE, Gerald F.. Born 1911, died 1976 - Son
BYRNE, Mary Murphy, died uncut - Dau of John & Johanna Murphy
BYRNE, Sarah T.. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1873, died 1963
BYRNE, Thomas. Spouse of Sarah T.. Born 1864, died 1940
BYRNES, Andrew, died 11-13-1935 - Son of James & Mary Byrnes
BYRNES, Andrew J.. Born 1900, died 1904 - Son of M. J. & Mary A. Byrnes
BYRNES, Bridget. Spouse of Patrick, died 12-24-1915. Age: 93y - Mother
BYRNES, Catherine. Spouse of Charles. Born 1835, died 1904
BYRNES, Charles. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1830, died 1902
BYRNES, Ellen. Born 1859, died 1947
BYRNES, Francis R.. Spouse of Mary B.. Born 1899, died 1971
BYRNES, Gerald F.. Born 1911, died 1976
BYRNES, James. Born 1894, died 1896 - Son of P. D. & Nora A. Byrnes
BYRNES, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1837, died 1893 - Father
BYRNES, John A., died 11-13-1936 - Son of James & Mary Byrnes
BYRNES, John E.. Born 1855, died 1935
BYRNES, John W.. Born 1889, died 1920
BYRNES, Loretto. Born 1880, died 1951
BYRNES, Lulu J.. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1874, died 1957
BYRNES, Mary. Spouse of James, died 1912 - Mother
BYRNES, Mary B.. Spouse of Francis R.. Born 1905, died 1970
BYRNES, Mary Theresa. Born 8-5-1866, died 12-23-1939 - Daughter
BYRNES, Minnie D.. Born 1888, died 1950
BYRNES, Patrick. Spouse of Bridget, died 6-25-1897. Age: 80y - Father
BYRNES, Patrick. Spouse of Lulu J.. Born 1867, died 1937
BYRNES, Terrence D.. Born 1879, died 1950
BYRNES, William L.. Born 1903, died 1983
BYRNES, William P.. Born 1859, died 1918
CABLE, Daniel E.. Born 1944, died 1994
CABLE, Edward W.. Born 1885, died 1986
CABLE, Joseph. Born 1911, died 1919
CABLE, Margaret. Born 1889, died 1973
CAIN, Bridget. Spouse of Thomas, died 10-15-1866. Age: 72y
CAIN, Thomas. Spouse of Bridget, died 5-1-1876. Age: 60y
CALLADINE, Catherine B.. Spouse of John R.. Born 1915, died 1975
CALLADINE, John R.. Spouse of Catherine B.. Born 6-5-1917, died 10-10-1971 - WW II Vet, USMC, Pfc. New York
CALLAGHAN, Bertha A.. Spouse of Robert E.. Born 9-18-1889, died 10-31-1957
CALLAGHAN, Charles E.. Born 1895, died 1978
CALLAGHAN, Kathleen M.. Born 1906, died 1957
CALLAGHAN, Robert E.. Spouse of Bertha A.. Born 8-11-1881, died 5-12-1967
CALLAGHAN, Robert J.. Born 4-20-1914, died 12-26-1983
CAMPBELL, Anna H.. Born 1884, died 1955
CAMPBELL, Gertrude E.. Born 1909, died 1991 - Dau of Lewis H. & Anna H. Campbell
CAMPBELL, Lewis H.. Born 1882, died 1965
CANESSA, Mary Lou W.. Spouse of Paul S.. Born 11-24-1912, died 1-14-2000. Age: 87y - Dau of John R. & Catherine Horak Walther. Wed 8-3-1942
CANESSA, Paul S.. Spouse of Mary Lou Walther. Born 12-25-1910, died 2-7-2008 - Son of Paul & Margart Clarke Canessa b. North Adams, MA d. Wellsville, NY Wed 1942
CAREY, Ellen Mannion. Spouse of William. Born 5-15-1831, died 9-27-1919
CAREY, James J.. Born 1862, died 1912
CAREY, Lucy. Born 1855, died 1933
CAREY, William. Spouse of Ellen Mannion. Born 1828, died 6-10-1891
CAREY, William. Born 1855, died Uncut
CARFOLITE, Irene T., died 1984
CARLIN, Brian G.. Born 6-23-1961, died 7-3-2000. Age: 39y - Son of James F. & Carole Hazzard Carlin b. Wellsville, NY d. Waynesboro, Va.
CARLIN, Carole L.. Spouse of James F.. Born 6/27/1935, died 4/5/2012. Age: 76y - Dau of Glenn & Mildred Etsler Hazzard b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-11-1955 in Wellsville NY
CARLIN, James F.. Spouse of Carole Hazzard. Born 5/17/1935, died 9/21/2011. Age: 76y - Son of Bernard & Mable Sortore Carlin b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-11-1955 in Wellsville NY Jim was an active member of the Community serving on many important Committees
CARMODY, Caryle. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 7-29-1920, died 9-6-1998
CARMODY, Elizabeth. Spouse of Caryle. Born 1-8-1922, died uncut
CARROLL, Leo V.. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1-17-1914, died 11-6-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CARROLL, Mary M.. Spouse of Leo V., died 2002 - Dau of Martin B. & Elizabeth V. Johnson McGinniss
CARY, James J.. Born 1862, died 1912
CARY, Lucy. Born 1855, died 1933
CARY, William. Born 1855, died uncut
CASCHERA, Arthur. Spouse of Louise Bostley. Born 7-15-1916, died 6-12-1995. Age: 78y - Son of Joseph & Philomenia Cimini Caschera b. Williamsport, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-1-1938 in Williamsport, PA - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
CASCHERA, D. Louise. Spouse of Arthur. Born 5-3-1919, died 10-7-2008. Age: 89y - Dau of Harry & Kathryn Strine Bostley d. Williamsport Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 10-1-1938 in Williamsport Pa
CASCHERA, Darlene K. (Childress). Spouse of Thomas. Born 5-13-1941, died 8-17-2023. Age: 82y - Dau of John & Pearl (Shepard) Childress. Born in Warren, PA; lived and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 6-10-1960 in Wellsville, NY. Three children.
CASEY, James Francis. Spouse of Janet Hornbeck. Born 12-22-1936, died 9-11-1998
CASSIDY, Edith L.. Spouse of Harry L.. Born 2-5-1901, died 8-16-2000. Age: 99y - Dau of Charles & Flossie Dorfler Hollenback b. Powell, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-17-1923 in Manhattan
CASSIDY, Harry L.. Spouse of Edith L.. Born 1898, died 11-29-1976
CAVAGNA, Ada May Sekoll. Spouse of Albert J.. Born 5-11-1935, died uncut
CAVAGNA, Albert J.. Spouse of Ada May Sekoll. Born 8-21-1933, died 4-8-2000. Age: 66y - Son of Pietro & Ella Rumiano Cavagna b. Elkland, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 3-2-1957 Together Forever - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A2C
CAVANAUGH, Albert F.. Born 8-29-1904, died 9-24-1995
CAVANAUGH, Irene (LeBar). Spouse of Ralph C.. Born 1905, died 1992
CAVANAUGH, Jean T.. Born 1/3/1947, died 1/14/2018. Age: 71y - Dau of Ralph & Irene LeBar Cavanaugh b. Watertown NY d. Wellsville NY Employee of L.C. Whitford Company for 40 years Buried with her twin sister Jane C. Mosher
CAVANAUGH, Ralph C.. Spouse of Irene LeBar. Born 1907, died 1975 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
CEDRULY, Eugene E.. Spouse of Norma (Crowner). Born 1-16-1929, died 12-21-2020. Age: 91y - Son of Harry Ernesto & Eva (Spina) Cedruly. Born in Harrisburg, PA; lived in Wellsville, NY; died in Rochester, NY. Married 12-30-1950 in Wellsville, NY. One daughter. WWII vet, US Army PFC.
CEDRULY, Norma A. (Crowner). Spouse of Eugene E.. Born 1927, died 2023. Age: - Married 12-30-1950 in Wellsville, NY. One daughter.
CEDRULY, Regina Ann. Born 1957, died 1978
CENCI,Thomas L., died 8-18-1944. Age: Infant - Infant son of Louis & Cecelia Cenci [Our Darling]
CHAFFEE, Robert L.. Spouse of Lorraine Lindamer. Born 10/30/1937, died 6/12/2016. Age: 78y - Son of DeForest & Rose Anne Jones Chaffee b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-21-1958 in Olean NY
CHILDS, Rita C. (Rahr). Spouse of William Harold. Born 4/27/1926, died 9/8/2016. Age: 90y - Dau of Henry & Mary Carmel Smith Rahr b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-26-1946 in Wellsville
CHILDS, William Harold. Spouse of Rita Rahr. Born 1-21-1924, died 12-8-2005. Age: 81y - Son of Orson & Addie Childs b. Bolivar, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-26-1946 in Wellsville - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees
CHRISTIE, Mary Riley. Born 1904, died 1988 - Dau of Margaret R. Riley
CIARLANTINI, Domenico. Born 1889, died 1974
CIARLANTINI, Filomena. Born 1888, died 1960
CIARLANTINI, Umberio. Born 1892, died 1960
CICIRELLO, Anthony C. "Boots". Spouse of Ruth E.. Born 1915, died 1975
CICIRELLO, Louis. Spouse of Mabel. Born 1893, died 1952
CICIRELLO, Mabel. Spouse of Louis. Born 1898, died 1965
CICIRELLO, Ruth E.. Spouse of Anthony "Boots". Born 9/2/1918, died 4/8/2011. Age: 92y - Dau of Truman & Dora Mae Lowe Mathern b. Galeton Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 2-2-1935 in Alfred NY
CIMPRITZ, Anna M.. Spouse of Joseph J.. Born 1917, died 1991
CIMPRITZ, Joseph J.. Spouse of Anna M.. Born 8-30-1917, died 8-26-1991 - Together Forever - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CLANCY, Mary. Born 1903, died 1984
CLARE, Major Ward. Born uncut, died uncut - WW II Vet, US 7th Air Force
CLARK, Alice M.. Born 1899, died 1982
CLARK, David M.. Born 3/5/1952, died 5/18/2016. Age: 64y - Son of Wesley & Rosemary Gibalski Clark b. & d. Wellsville NY
CLARK, Edward J.. Spouse of Genevieve M.. Born 1892, died 1949
CLARK, Genevieve M.. Spouse of Edward J.. Born 1895, died 1954
CLARK, Helen. Born 1896, died 1989
CLARK, James J.. Spouse of Julia A.. Born 1859, died 1918
CLARK, Julia A.. Spouse of James J.. Born 1864, died 1955
CLARK, Martin. Born 1825, died 1892
CLARK, Mary E.. Born 1907, died 1997
CLARK, Michael. Born 1839, died 1897
CLARK, Norman D.. Spouse of Teresa Basso. Born 4-30-1928, died 7-20-1997. Age: 69y - Son of Norman A. & Margaret Dutton Clark. Wed 6-17-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
CLARK, Rosemary A.. Spouse of Wesley E.. Born 8-1-1924, died 4-5-2000 - Dau of John & Maybelle Gibalski. Wed 2-10-1947 Pvt. U.S. Army WW2
CLARK, Teresa Ann (Basso). Spouse of Norman Dutton. Born 5/11/1929, died 4/14/2016. Age: 87y - Dau of Robert Charles & Genevieve Sylvia Warner Basso b. Binghamton NY d. Vernon CT Wed 6-17-1950 Terry organized Special Olympics in Allegany County - volunteered in the community and was a dedicated Mercy Associate
CLARK, Teresa Basso. Spouse of Norman D.. Born 1929, died uncut
CLARK, Wesley E.. Spouse of Rosemary A.. Born 7-31-1919, died 4-29-1998 - Son of Ernest & Phoebe Walker Clark. Wed 2-10-1947 - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
CLARKE, Michael, died 1878. Age: 17y - Son of Lewis & Selia Clarke
CLEARY, Catherine. Spouse of Francis, died 10-5-1894. Age: 40y
CLEMENCE, Paul. Born 1876, died 1947
CLINE, Alan M.. Born 12-15-1951, died 10-21-2001 - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Pfc
CLINE, Earl. Spouse of Genevieve. Born 9-7-1917, died 1-19-1963 - Wed 12-14-1951 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co A 10th Armd Inf Bn, Cpl. New York
CLINE, Genevieve. Spouse of Earl. Born 12-7-1922, died 7-14-1982 - Wed 12-14-1951
CLINE, Genevieve C.. Born 1898, died 1971 - Dau of Patrick & Mary Ann (Reynolds) Cline
CLINE, Gertrude M.. Born 1895, died 1964
CLINE, Helena M.. Born 9-18-1905, died 6-11-1988. Age: 82y - Dau of Patrick & Mary Ann (Reynolds) Cline
CLINE, Mary A.. Spouse of Patrick. Born 1867, died 1947 - Mother
CLINE, Patrick. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1857, died 1930 - Father
CLINE, Rose M.. Born 1892, died 1966 - Dau of Patrick & Mary Ann (Reynolds) Cline
COATES, Homer P.. Born 1895, died 1920 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
COLBURN, Hazel M.. Spouse of William R.. Born 1905, died 1983 - Together Forever
COLBURN, Willliam R.. Spouse of Hazel M.. Born 1903, died 1999 - Together Forever
COLEGROVE, Lee David. Born 1976, died 1990 - His Beautiful Smile Will Go On Forever
COLEGROVE, Linda R.. Spouse of Thomas R.. Born 1947, died 2001
COLEGROVE, Thomas M.. Spouse of Linda R.. Born 1941, died uncut
COLEGROVE, Thomas M. Jr.. Born 1968, died 1985 - With A Smile On His Face and Adventure In His Heart He Filled Our Lives
COLEMAN, Bridget Ellen. Born 1869, died 1920
COLEMAN, Daniel. Spouse of Helena. Born 1884, died 1968 - Father
COLEMAN, Helena. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1882, died 1956 - Mother
COLEMAN, RIchard. Born 1914, died 1941 - Son of Daniel & Helena Coleman
COLILAR, Hattie. Born 1883, died 1957
COLILAR, Nicholas. Born 1879, died 1946
COLLIGAN, C. Kenneth Cpl.. Born 1923, died 1949 - Son of Charles C. & Marie C. Colligan Died in auto accident - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 294th QM, Cpl
COLLIGAN, Charles C.. Spouse of Marie C.. Born 1897, died 1962
COLLIGAN, John F. "Jack". Born 11/23/1931, died 1/4/2012 - Son of Charles Cornelius & Catherine Marie Dahill Colligan b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-18-1952 to former wife Edith Neu. Jack was involved in many community projects including being the local Santa Claus who brought joy to all children and Nursing Home residents and shut-ins during the Christmas Holidays - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
COLLIGAN, Marie C.. Spouse of Charles C.. Born 1898, died 1975
COLLIGAN, Shane T.. Born 7-3-1979, died 3-21-2003. Age: 23y - Son of Timothy J. & Suzanne Boring Colligan b. Wellsville, NY d. Olean, NY
COLLINS, Helen. Born 8-3-1907, died 5-2-1990
COLLINS, Helen F.. Spouse of Michael. Born 1850, died 1934
COLLINS, Michael. Spouse of Helen F.. Born 1851, died 1936
CONDON, Hope. Born 1901, died 6/2/1905 - No other information available
CONDON, Hope W.. Born 1901, died 1980
CONGDON, Cassandra Lynn. Born 1-31-2001, died 6-23-2007. Age: 6y - Dau of Timothy & Samantha Jaeckel Congdon b. Wellsville NY d. in an accidental shooting in Rochester NY
CONGDON, J. Michael "Mike". Spouse of Rhonda Kendrick. Born 8-6-1947, died 1-29-2010. Age: 62y - Son of Joseph & Helen Striker Congdon b. Elmira NY d. Corning NY Wed 6-12-1971 in Elmira Heights NY
CONGELLI, Angelo. Born 9-24-1889, died 12-27-1948 - WW I Vet, 250 PW ESC CO ASC, Pvt. New York
CONGELLI, Anthony L.. Spouse of Helen Smith. Born 3-29-1910, died 11-1-1999. Age: 81y - Son of Carmen & Elizabeth Serio Congelli. Wed 7-1-1936 in Hornell, NY
CONGELLI, Carmen M.. Spouse of Elizabeth Serio. Born 1859, died 1938
CONGELLI, Concetta. Born 1885, died 1930 - Mother
CONGELLI, Dena Elizabeth. Spouse of Joseph J. Sr.. Born 11/19/1917, died 6/2/2015. Age: 97y - Dau of Camillo & Agnes Pacale D'Orazio b. Albion NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-6-1943 Married 61 years
CONGELLI, Elizabeth Serio. Spouse of Carmen. Born 1878, died 1936
CONGELLI, Felix R.. Born 12-19-1913, died 10-5-1984 - Son of Carmen & Elizabeth Serio Congelli - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CONGELLI, Helen Smith. Spouse of Anthony L.. Born 1910, died 1994
CONGELLI, Joseph J. Sr. [Big Joe]. Spouse of Dena E. D'Orazio. Born 2-14-1909, died 2-22-2004. Age: 95y - Son of Carmen & Elisabetta Serio Congelli b. & d. Wellsville, NY On 4-29-1990 the Catholic Church honored him with the Saint Joseph Lay Workers Award a celebration of his phenomenal commitment & service
CONGELLI, Michael. Born 5-18-1917, died 7-17-2002 - Son of Carmen & Elisabetta Serio Congelli
CONGELLI, Raymond J. Sr.. Spouse of Rose M.. Born 1905, died 1954 - Son of Carmen & Elisabetta Serio Congelli
CONGELLI, Rose M.. Spouse of Raymond J. Sr.. Born 1908, died 1987
CONLEY, Edward T.. Spouse of Loretta M.. Born 1886, died 1968
CONLEY, Loretta M.. Spouse of Edward T.. Born 1887, died 1975
CONNOLLY, Elizabeth H.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1872, died 1965
CONNOLLY, William H.. Spouse of Elizabeth H.. Born 1871, died 1938
CONNOR, Agnes C.. Spouse of Victor J.. Born 5-22-1893, died 3-18-1937
CONNOR, Andrew G.. Born 1893, died 1894
CONNOR, Andrew J.. Born 1861, died 1901
CONNOR, Anna J. Dentlinger. Spouse of Charles Leo. Born 10-7-1894, died 7-1-1995
CONNOR, Bridget F.. Spouse of Michael J.. Born 1-27-1867, died 3-20-1922 - Mother
CONNOR, Catherine J.. Born 1899, died 1919
CONNOR, Charles D.. Born 4-27-1886, died 1-2-1954
CONNOR, Charles Leo. Spouse of Anna J. Dentlinger. Born 8-20-1894, died 12-8-1958
CONNOR, Clarence James. Born 3-29-1897, died 4-30-1942 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, Hosp. Apprentice CL. New York
CONNOR, Cyril W.. Spouse of Gertrude Knowlton. Born 1891, died 1970
CONNOR, Ellen M. Ahern. Spouse of John L. Born 1866, died 1958
CONNOR, Gertrude Knowlton. Spouse of Cyril W.. Born 7-3-1892, died 4-7-1984. Age: 91y - Dau of Fred B. & Anna Callahan Knowlton
CONNOR, Harold L.. Born 11-8-1901, died 11-3-1926
CONNOR, John A., died 11-25-1920
CONNOR, John L.. Spouse of Ellen M. Born 1866, died 1923
CONNOR, Joseph. Born 1884, died 1917
CONNOR, Mary. Born 1914, died 1914
CONNOR, Mary E.. Born 1867, died 1953
CONNOR, Mary Geary. Spouse of Patrick C - Name but no dates
CONNOR, Michael J.. Spouse of Bridget F.. Born 7-18-1863, died 7-18-1923 - Father
CONNOR, Michael Jr.. Born 1893, died 1893
CONNOR, Nora Forhan. Born 1854, died 1934
CONNOR, Patrick C. Spouse of Mary G. Born 1860, died 9-23-1932
CONNOR, Reva E.. Born 1895, died 1917
CONNOR, Victor J.. Spouse of Agnes C.. Born 1892, died 1969
CONNORS, Frances A.. Spouse of Raymond L.. Born 10-15-1938, died 6-12-2007. Age: 68y - Dau of Owen J. & Dorothy Moran Devine b. New York City, NY d: Wellsville, NY
CONNORS, Raymond L.. Spouse of Frances A.. Born 2-28-1925, died 7-19-1999 - My Jesus Mercy - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Pvt
COOK, Janet E.. Born 5-25-1939, died 2-25-1991 - Our Beloved Mother
COOPER, Mary Curtin. Spouse of Wayne W.. Born 12-26-1914, died 12-14-1994. Age: 79y - Dau of John & Catherine Tracy Curtin b. Port Chester, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1937 in Port Chester, NY
COOPER, Wayne W.. Spouse of Mary Curtin. Born 3-16-1910, died 4-9-1991. Age: 81y - Son of Isaac & Alice Van Dewark Cooper b. Jamestown, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1937 in Port Chester, NY. An Organizer of the Wellsville Little League Facilities
CORKERY, Catherine. Spouse of John, died 1900 - Mother
CORKERY, John. Spouse of Catherine, died 1890 - Father
CORKERY, John D., died 1938 - Son of John & Catherine Corkery
CORKERY, Timothy. Age: 3m - Son of John & Catherine Corkery
CORNELL, Margaret - Unable to read stone
CORRIGAN, Bertha E.. Born 1886, died 1960
CORRIGAN, M. Estella. Born 1887, died 1969
CORRIGAN, Mary A.. Spouse of Patrick D.. Born 1851, died 1916
CORRIGAN, Patrick D.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1849, died 1928
COSTELLO, Anna. Spouse of Owen. Born 1838, died 1902 - Mother
COSTELLO, Anna. Spouse of Frank. Born 1864, died 1911
COSTELLO, Anna R.. Born 1902, died 1948
COSTELLO, Bart. Born 1870, died 1950
COSTELLO, Charles Francis. Spouse of Marjorie Perkins. Born 1/14/1940, died 9/25/2016. Age: 76y - Son of Fredrick & Anna C. Regan Costello b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-1-1962 in Genesee PA
COSTELLO, Daisy E.. Born 1886, died 1976
COSTELLO, Edna E.. Spouse of Fred A.. Born 1905, died 1959
COSTELLO, Elnora. Born 1879, died 1902
COSTELLO, Esther M. "Peggy". Spouse of Robert W.. Born 12/23/1929, died 12/29/2011. Age: 82y - Dau of Charles & Marcella Gibbons Tait b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-9-1946
COSTELLO, Francis B.. Born 1911, died 1963
COSTELLO, Frank. Spouse of Anna. Born 1875, died 1910
COSTELLO, Fred A.. Spouse of Edna E.. Born 1902, died 1999 - Son of Fred A. & Alnira Ives Costello
COSTELLO, Helen M.. Born 1912, died 1993
COSTELLO, John. Born 5-5-1869, died 7-13-1909
COSTELLO, Kate. Born 1873, died 1894
COSTELLO, Katherine. Born 9/13/1917, died 4/12/2015. Age: 97y - Dau of Mathew & Daisy Jordan Costello b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY
COSTELLO, Lenora, died 1891
COSTELLO, Margaret A.. Spouse of Owen. Born 1879, died uncut
COSTELLO, Mathew. Born 1886, died 1955
COSTELLO, Norman O.. Born 1924, died 1953
COSTELLO, Owen. Spouse of Anna. Born 1835, died 1898 - Father
COSTELLO, Owen. Spouse of Margaret A.. Born 1878, died 1928
COSTELLO, Richard J.. Born 1937, died 1947
COSTELLO, Robert W.. Born 1927, died 1999
COYLE, Catherine T.. Born 1894, died 1915
COYLE, Cecilia. Spouse of Joseph P.. Born 1889, died 1959
COYLE, Helen. Born 1887, died 1978
COYLE, Hugh J.. Born 1857, died 1917
COYLE, James H.. Born 9-20-1921, died 7-12-2004 - Son of James P. & Marie A. Coyle. Donated his body to University of Southern CA Medical Center at San Diego - WW II Vet, US Army, 193rd Fld Arty Europe
COYLE, James P.. Spouse of Marie A.. Born 1886, died 1963
COYLE, Jean Marie. Born 1922, died 1925 - Dau of James P. & Marie A. Coyle
COYLE, Joseph M.. Born 1899, died 1990
COYLE, Joseph P.. Spouse of Cecilia. Born 1890, died 1972
COYLE, Leo J.. Spouse of Miriam Burns. Born 1894, died 1965
COYLE, Margaret. Spouse of Thomas, died 8-17-1924. Age: 74y
COYLE, Marie A.. Spouse of James P.. Born 1898, died 1926
COYLE, Marie H.. Born 1903, died 1989
COYLE, Mary E.. Born 1856, died 1921
COYLE, Miriam (Burns). Spouse of Leo J.. Born 1893, died 1981
COYLE, Thomas. Spouse of Margaret, died 3-10-1919. Age: 78y
COYLE, Walter Leo. Spouse of Virginia Cumpston. Born 4/29/1930, died 12/29/2017. Age: 86y - Son of Leo & Miriam Byrnes Coyle b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-15-1955 in Buffalo NY. Worked the oil fields in Allentown & retired from Dresser Rand in 1992 - Korean War Vet, US Army
CRAIG, Howard W. Jr.. Born 1915, died 1992 - Son of Howard W. Katherine Craig Sr. Here Lies the Best Engineer & Boxer in Wellsville
CRAIG, Howard W. Sr.. Spouse of Kathryn M.. Born 1883, died 1965
CRAIG, Kathryn M.. Spouse of Howard W. Sr.. Born 1889, died 1962
CRANE, Anna L.. Spouse of Daniel J.. Born 1872, died 1949
CRANE, Bridget. Spouse of Thomas. Born uncut, died uncut
CRANE, Daniel J.. Spouse of Anna L.. Born 1865, died 1938
CRANE, Joanna, died 12-6-1883. Age: 20y - Dau of Thomas & Bridget Crane
CRANE, Thomas. Spouse of Bridget. Born uncut, died uncut
CREGAN, Patricia A.. Born 9-5-1932, died 3-26-2005. Age: 72y - Dau of John & Alice Nugent Cregan b. Hornell, NY d. Houghton, NY
CRICHTON, Anne G.. Spouse of George A.. Born 1896, died 1976
CRICHTON, George A.. Spouse of Anne G.. Born 1898, died 1951
CRIEN, Christine B.. Spouse of John. Born 1832, died 1914
CRIEN, John. Spouse of Christine B.. Born 1837, died 1915
CRITTENDEN, Anne R.. Spouse of James L.. Born 3-22-1920, died 7-3-2009. Age: 89y - Dau of John & Mary Zydonska Welgan b. Windbur Pad. Wellsville NY Wed 11-26-1949 in Wellsville NY Anne served in the U.S. Navy as a registered nurse during WW2 and discharged with the rank of Lieutenant - WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt, a nurse.
CRITTENDEN, James L.. Born 10-21-1919, died 9-19-1988 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
CRONAUER, Agnes R.. Born 1900, died 1985
CRONAUER, Anna H.. Born 1894, died 1984
CRONAUER, Anna S.. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1865, died 1948
CRONAUER, Anthony. Spouse of Anna S.. Born 1864, died 1952
CRONAUER, Elizabeth A.. Born 3-27-1904, died 1-29-1998. Age: 93y - Dau of Anthony & Anna Sirch Cronauer
CRONAUER, Estella T.. Spouse of Frederick C. "Fritz". Born 6-6-1912, died 3-12-2008. Age: 95y - Dau of Selden & Maude Jay Tanner b. Silver Creek, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 7-28-1942 in Silver Creek, NY
CRONAUER, Frederick C. "Fritz". Spouse of Estella Tanner. Born 8-2-1917, died 1-7-2006. Age: 88y - Son of Charles & Bertha Diefenback Cronauer b. Silver Creek, NY d. Hornell, NY. Wed 7-28-1942 in Silver Creek, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 39th Inf. Purple Heart
CRONAUER, Josephine K.. Born 4-23-1898, died 1-4-1988. Age: 89y - Dau of Anthony & Anna Sirch Cronauer
CRONIN, Agnes M (Chapman). Spouse of +B530:K530 Thomas F.. Born 12/4/1904, died 6/19/1973 - Died in Wellsville NY. Wed aft 1940.
CRONIN, Ann L. (Marvel). Spouse of William J.. Born 3-8-1936, died 6-27-2021. Age: 85 - Dau of Lee and Doris (Whitney) Marvel. Lived in Wellsville NY, died in Rochester NY. A bookkeeper and a realtor. Wed 12-1-1956 in Andover, four children. (Spouse d. 11-20-2018)
CRONIN, Mary Cyrilla (Dunigan). Spouse of Thomas F.. Born 3/4/1904, died 1939 - Dau of James and Anna T. (Kinney) Dunigan. Born in Greenwood NY, wed 7-11-1931 in Andover NY, two sons.
CRONIN, Thomas Francis. Spouse of #1Evelyn M. Bunyan, #2 Mary C. Dunigan, #3 Agnes M. Chapman. Born 11-13-1893, died 9-1969. Age: 75 - Son of Richard J. and Bridget (Murphy) Cronin. Born in Proton ON Canada, died in Wellsville NY. Wed Evelyn 1-2-1924 at Arthur ON, one daughter. (Evelyn d. 1928) Wed Mary 7-11-1931 in Andover NY, three sons.
CRONIN, William J.. Spouse of Ann L. Marvel. Born 1-29-1933, died 11-30-1018. Age: 85 - Son of Thomas F. and Mary C. (Dunigan) Cronin. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Hornell NY. Wed 12-1-1956 in Andover, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. Germany
CROOKSTON, Frederick A.. Spouse of Kathryn O.. Born 1873, died 1955
CROOKSTON, Kathryn O.. Spouse of Frederick A.. Born 1878, died 1957
CROOKTON, Father. Born 1846, died 1917
CROOKTON, Mother. Born 1847, died 1922
CROOKTON, Sister. Born 1885, died 1885
CROWLEY, Anna. Born 10-15-1854, died 6-15-1917
CROWLEY, Daniel. Born 1877, died 1929
CROWLEY, Francis J.. Born 1894, died 1913
CROWLEY, Peter. Born 1-21-1860, died 1-22-1909
CRUWYS, Eleanor M.. Spouse of Paul R.. Born 1909, died 1970
CRUWYS, Paul R.. Spouse of Eleanor M.. Born 1905, died 1966
CULBERT, Francis M.. Born 6-12-1898, died 5-23-1971 - WW II Vet, US Army, 209 Hosp. Ship Com, Tec4
CULBERT, Mary A.. Born 1891, died 1971
CULBERT, Mary J.. Spouse of Paul F.. Born 6-23-1919, died 4-10-2006 - Dau of William & Margart Griffin Wiles b. Genesee, Pa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-12-1941 in Scio, NY
CULBERT, Mathew Allen, died 1972 - Son of Roger & Marcella Culbert
CULBERT, Michael P.. Spouse of Louella Hinkle. Born 6/20/1951, died 3/23/2014. Age: 62y - Son of Paul F. & Mary Wiles Culbert b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-22-1970 in Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army in Fort Sill OK
CULBERT, Paul F.. Spouse of Mary J.. Born 4-29-1909, died 6-12-1985
CULBERT, Richard F.. Spouse of Susan Marie. Born 1942, died uncut
CULBERT, Roger Paul. Born 1967, died 1990 - Beloved son of Roger & Marcella Culbert
CULBERT, Susan Marie. Spouse of Richard F.. Born 1-12-1952, died 10-26-2003 - Dau of Robert & Etta Love Mitchell. Wed 9-25-1972 in Wellsville, NY
CULBERT, William J. Rev.. Born 1873, died 1943
CUNNINGHAM, Julia. Born 1917, died 1921
CUNNINGHAM, Peter W.. Born 1867, died 1920
CUPLER, Helen Kelleher. Born 1887, died 1914 - Dau of Fred & Mary Kelleher
CURIN, Mary D.. Born uncut, died uncut
CURTIN, John P., died 2-28-1934
CURTIN, Patrick F.. Born 1867, died 1942
CURTIN, William. Born 1870, died 1916
CURTIS, Edward G.. Spouse of Margaurite L.. Born 8--17-1919, died 8-20-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CURTIS, Margaurite L.. Spouse of Edward G.. Born 1924, died 1997
CUSICK, Anne E.. Spouse of Roy, died 1975
CUSICK, Caroline M.. Spouse of Richard P.. Born 1917, died uncut
CUSICK, James. Born 1873, died 1939
CUSICK, Nellie M.. Born 1873, died 1959
CUSICK, Richard P.. Spouse of Caroline M.. Born 1920, died 1979
CUSICK, Roy D.. Born 1898, died 1958
CWIKLINSKI, Thelma Sophonia, died 8-22-1979. Age: Infant - Dau of Stanley Joseph & Judy Kay Allen Cwiklinski, III
DAHAR, Francis T.. Spouse of Rose A. Wesley. Born 3-30-1930, died 10-28-1973 - Wed 5-21-1955 in Olean NY, eight children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
DAHAR, Rose Ann (Wesley). Spouse of Francis T.. Born 3/5/1930, died 3/27/2022. Age: 92 - Dau of Leopold and Julianna (Mickolic) Wesley. Born in Arcade NY, lived and died in Wellsville NY. Worked 42 years as a registered nurse. Wed 5-21-1955 in Olean NY, eight children.
DAHILL, Thomas J.. Born 3-12-1895, died 10/22/1969
DAHILLl, Nellie J. - Name but no dates
DAILEY, Bridget. Spouse of William. Born 1825, died 1895
DAILEY, William. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1820, died 1893
DAILY, Bridget. Spouse of Michael, died uncut
DAILY, Catherine. Spouse of John. Born 1844, died 1927 - Mother
DAILY, Ellen, died 6-23-1864. Age: 16y 3m - Dau of M. & B. Daily
DAILY, Johanna, died 1-11-1882. Age: 21y - Dau of M. & B. Daily
DAILY, John. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1851, died 1913 - Father
DAILY, Josephine. Born 1885, died 1932
DAILY, Mary B.. Born 1863, died 1957
DAILY, Mary E.. Born 1878, died 1930
DAILY, Michael. Spouse of Bridget, died 3-18-1882. Age: 65y
DAILY, Michael J.. Born 1875, died 11-25-1895. Age: 20y 3m 5d - May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen
DAILY, Timothy, died 10-14-1877. Age: 75y
DAILY, William. Born 1849, died 1900
DAILY, William J.. Born 1878, died 1929
DALEY, Bridget. Born 1858, died 1912
DALEY, Dennis. Born 1866, died 1877
DALEY, Eugene, died 8-9-1887. Age: 27y - Son of John & Margaret Daley
DALEY, Father. Born 1836, died 1914
DALEY, Genevieve H.. Spouse of Gerald J.. Born 1900, died 1996
DALEY, Gerald J.. Spouse of Genevieve H.. Born 1901, died 1969
DALEY, Hannah, died 3-20-1876. Age: 10y
DALEY, James. Born 1857, died 1919
DALEY, Jermiah J.. Born 1871, died 1951
DALEY, John. Spouse of Margaret, died 1895. Age: 68y
DALEY, John. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1874, died 1936
DALEY, Margaret. Spouse of John, died 1908. Age: 78y
DALEY, Margaret. Spouse of John. Born 1873, died 1955
DALEY, Margaret B.. Born 1911, died 1911
DALEY, Margaret T.. Born 1877, died 1956
DALEY, Mary. Spouse of Michael T.. Born 1840, died 1909
DALEY, Merle F.. Born 1906, died 1964
DALEY, Michael T.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1-6-1833, died 9-5-1905 - b. Cork, Ireland
DALEY, Mother. Born 1842, died 1914
DALEY, Peter. Born 1878, died 1894
DALEY, Timothy, died 8-30-1894. Age: 57y
DALEY, Timothy P.. Born 1868, died 1895
DALTON, Elizabeth, died 1928
DALTON, Elizabeth A.. Spouse of Thomas H.. Born 1860, died 1920
DALTON, Matthew. Born 4-8-1894, died 10-6-1949 - WW I Vet, US Army, 152nd Depot Brigade, Cpl. New York
DALTON, Nellie, died 1920
DALTON, Paul F.. Born 1885, died 1931
DALTON, Rena G.. Born 1892, died 1982
DALTON, Thomas H.. Spouse of Elizabeth A.. Born 1851, died 1925
DANIHER, Bridget, died 10-8-1881. Age: 75y
DANIHER, Ellen. Spouse of John, died 4-24-1890. Age: 61y 9m
DANIHER, Hanoria, died 9-25-1882. Age: 1y
DANIHER, John. Spouse of Ellen, died 10-16-1894. Age: 74y
DANIHER, John. Spouse of Susan J.. Born 1867, died 1938
DANIHER, Katie, died 2-5-1869. Age: 9m
DANIHER, Margaret, died 3-26-1881. Age: 19y
DANIHER, Nora, died 4-21-1897. Age: 20y - Dau of John & Ellen Daniher
DANIHER, Susan J.. Spouse of John. Born 1876, died 1941
DARCY, Bridget. Spouse of Hugh. Born 11839, died 1901 - At Rest
D'ARCY, Daniel M.. Spouse of Helen Driscoll. Born 4/24/1936, died 11/17/2014 - Son of Frank L. & Laura Breman D'Arcy b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-30-1966 in Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
D'ARCY, Frank L.. Spouse of Laura T.. Born 1905, died 1967
DARCY, Hugh. Spouse of Bridget. Born 1829, died 1901 - At Rest
D'ARCY, Laura T.. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 1905, died 1947
D'ARIANO, Angelo A. "Smiley". Spouse of Sylvia M.. Born 3/25/1926, died 11/1/2012. Age: 86y - Son of John & Rosa Eianiro D'Ariano b. Bronx NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-31-1953 in New York City NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
D'ARIANO, Sylvia M.. Spouse of Angelo A. "Smiley". Born 7/14/1918, died 1/22/2012. Age: 93y - Dau of John & Eleanor Kenyon Ostrander b. Independence NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-31-1953 in New York City NY
DARRIN, James Theodore. Spouse of Lois Marsh. Born 2/20/1922, died 4/16/2022. Age: 100 - Son of Edwin and Caroline (Golden) Darrin. Born in Port Allegany PA, lived in Wellsville NY. Wed Janet 1951 in Kenmore NY, three children, the divorced. (She d. 1987) Wed 10-23-1976 in Wellsville, NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Flight engineer in the South pacific.
DARRIN, Lois Ann (Marsh). Spouse of James T.. Born 5-2-1932, died 10-2-1990. Age: 58 - Dau of Wayne E. & Sarah E. (Wheaton) Marsh. Born in Independence, NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-23-1976 in Wellsville, NY
DATES, Joanne E.. Born 2-12-1945, died 10-7-2001. Age: 56y - Dau of John & Mariam Harmon Butler
DAVIS, Agnes. Born 1878, died 1911
DAWSON, Anna C.. Spouse of Harold. Born 1898, died 1974
DAWSON, Harold. Spouse of Anna C.. Born 1896, died 1964
DEALY, Eugene. Born 1830, died 1884
DEALY, Eugene. Born 1910, died 1975
DEALY, Michael. Born 1861, died 1882
DEALY, Nora. Born 1875, died 1902
DEALY, Patrick J.. Born 1878, died 1918
DEALY, Teresa M.. Born 1896, died 1984
DEALY, Timothy. Born 1872, died 1872
DEAN, Andrew W. "Little Buddy". Born 1970, died 1975
DEAN, Barbara M.. Born 1927, died 1950
DEAN, Catherine Baker. Spouse of Jerome J.. Born 1896, died 1986
DEAN, Charles D.. Spouse of Lillian Weinhauer. Born 7-22-1911, died 3-7-1995. Age: 83y - Son of Michael & Margaret Powers Dean b. Alfred, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-8-1937 in Andover, NY
DEAN, Father. Born 1856, died 1924
DEAN, Francis Patrick. Spouse of Virginia Seligman. Born 12/15/1928, died 1/9/2013. Age: 84y - Son of Jerome J. & Catherine Baker Dean b. Wellsville NY d. San Leandro CA. Wed 7-21-1956 in Bath NY, married 56 years Mausoleum
DEAN, James A.. Spouse of Mourine. Born 11-5-1923, died 8-24-1997 - Son of Jerome & Catherine Baker Dean - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
DEAN, Jerome J.. Spouse of Catherine Baker. Born 1888, died 1965
DEAN, Jerome W.. Born 9-30-1922, died 10-7-1958 - WW II Vet, US Army, 331st Fld Arty, Pfc. New York
DEAN, Joseph. Born 1884, died 1917
DEAN, Lillian Weinhauer. Spouse of Charles D.. Born 9-6-1910, died 6-15-2000. Age: 89y - Dau of Edward & Viola Elliott Weinhauer b. Los Angeles, Calif. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-8-1937 in Andover, NY
DEAN, Margaret E.. Born 6-1-1917, died 10-2-1938 - Dau of Herman & Mary Harrington Dean
DEAN, Mary. Born 1914, died 1914
DEAN, Mary Margaret Harrington. Born 6-17-1890, died 2-6-1923
DEAN, Michael Jr.. Born 1894, died 1894
DEAN, Mother. Born 1853, died 1930
DEAN, Patrick J.. Born 1954, died 1975
DEAN, Richard E.. Born 9-30-1925, died 12-10-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, 331st Fld Arty, Pfc. New York
DEBARBIERI, Evangeline. Born 1899, died 1932
DEBARBIERI, George J.. Spouse of Helen E.. Born 1886, died 1968
DEBARBIERI, Helen E.. Spouse of George J.. Born 1893, died 1983
DEBARBIERI, Henry. Born 1894, died 1970
DEBARBIERI, Joseph, died 6-1-1881. Age: 11y - Son of L. & M. DeBarbieri
DEBARBIERI, Louis S.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1846, died 1911 - Father
DEBARBIERI, Margureite. Born 1889, died 1907
DEBARBIERI, Mary. Spouse of Louis S.. Born 1862, died 1936 - Mother
DEBARBIERI, Mary Ellen. Spouse of Richard L.. Born 3-16-1903, died 6-4-1995. Age: 92y - Dau of Hugh & Mary Graham Walsh b. Piney, West Virginia d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-26-1929
DEBARBIERI, Richard L.. Spouse of Mary Ellen. Born 1901, died 1963 - Wed 6-26-1929
DECKER, M. Kathleen (O’Brien). Spouse of Paul B.. Born 3/16/1935, died 9/4/2022. Age: 87 - Dau of Richard A. and Kathryn R. (Kieff) O’Brien. Born in Corning NY, lived and died in Wellsville NY. Nursing Instructor at Alfred State for 23 years. Wed 51-12-1962 in Hornell NY, six children.
DECKER, Paul B.. Spouse of Kathleen O'Brien. Born 3/25/1927, died 3/23/2010. Age: 82y - Son of Frank A. & Susie A. Wulfer Decker b. Arcade NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-12-1962 in Hornell NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Military Police with the occupational forces in Italy
DEERY, Catharine, died 1908
DEERY, Catherine. Spouse of James. Born 1-23-1852, died 2-22-1928 - Mother
DEERY, Catherine. Spouse of Thomas. Born uncut, died uncut - Mother
DEERY, Elizabeth T.. Born 3-2-1881, died 1-22-1925
DEERY, Francis T.. Born 1876, died 1936
DEERY, Hazel M.. Spouse of Walter V., died 12-26-1976
DEERY, James. Spouse of Catherine. Born 7-15-1856, died 3-7-1911 - Father
DEERY, James. Born 4-19-1889, died 1-14-1969
DEERY, Jane, died 1919
DEERY, Mary G.. Born 5-17-1882, died 10-6-1951
DEERY, Thomas. Spouse of Catherine. Born uncut, died uncut - Father
DEERY, Thomas E.. Born 11-17-1883, died 2-22-1961
DEERY, Walter V.. Spouse of Hazel M., died 2-1-1949
DEL VECCHIO, Richard J. "Dick". Spouse of Betty Lou Gordon. Born 5-11-1928, died 9-9-2006. Age: 78y - Son of Valentine & Livia Lena Galella Del Vecchio b. Newark, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 2-13-1954 - WW II Vet, US Navy. Aboard the Minesweeper USS Jeffers
DEMGEN, Annette C.. Spouse of Lawrence G.. Born 12-6-1914, died 1-22-2004. Age: 89y - Dau of John J. & Sybil Nickson Carey. Wed 1945 in Albany, NY CPL. U.S. Marine Corps WW2
DEMING, Loretta A.. Born 1932, died 1994
DEMUTH, Mary. Spouse of Wendell. Born 1848, died 1924
DEMUTH, Wendell. Spouse of Mary. Born 1845, died 1899 - Small Stone reads 1845 - 1896
DENNER, Daniel Gary. Spouse of Mary Lois Harris. Born 12/8/1954, died 8/12/2013 - Son of Richard Thomas & Barbara Jane Paterson Denner b. Paynesville OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-5-1984 in Wellsville NY Dan became a community member through his scholastic & athletic efforts. His true goal was physical education health & coaching
DENNIS, Marian C.. Spouse of Robert J.. Born 10-30-1901, died 10-22-1989. Age: 88y - Dau of Christopher & Elizabeth Grimes Perry b. Kinney PA d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 7-20-1927
DENNIS, Robert J.. Spouse of Marian C.. Born 1902, died 1946
DENTLINGER, Raymond J.. Born 1903, died 1920
DESCHLER, Amelia L. (Weihoneig). Spouse of Henry W.. Born 1894, died 1985
DESCHLER, Frances C.. Born 5/1/1919, died 5/13/2018. Age: 99y - Dau of Henry W. & Amelia Weihoneig Deschler b. & d. Wellsville NY Employed Worthington Corporation for 47 years
DESCHLER, Henry W.. Spouse of Amelia L. Weihoneig. Born 1891, died 1958
DESCHLER, June E. (Beckwith). Spouse of Richard C. "Dick" Deschler. Born 10/12/1929, died 3/18/2018. Age: 88y - Dau of Floyd & Evelyn Doan Beckwith b. Hallsport NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 11-15-1954 in Wellsville NY Worked at various business in Wellsville also a bus Chaperone for the former Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps
DESCHLER, Richard C. "Dick". Spouse of June E. Beckwith. Born 7/27/1923, died 7/29/2017. Age: 94y - Son of Henry & Amelia Weihoneig Deschler b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-15-1954 in Wellsville NY. Worked at U.S. Postal Service in Wellsville for 30 years - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Alaska in the South Pacific
DESMOND, Florence. Born 1899, died 1945
DESMOND, Johanna. Born 1872, died 1949
DESMOND, John F.. Born 1867, died 1941
DEVERS, Ann. Spouse of Patrick, died 3-31-1911. Age: 68y - Mother At Rest
DEVERS, Patrick. Spouse of Ann, died 9-3-1897. Age: 59y - Father At Rest
DEVORE, Evelyn L. (Baker). Spouse of John E.. Born 11-14-1906, died 4-6-2010. Age: 103y - Dau of Archie & Margaret Reynolds Baker b. Township of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-8-1938 in Wellsville NY
DEVORE, James A.. Born 9-5-1945, died 6-27-2001. Age: 55y - Son of John E. & Evelyn L. Baker Devore b. Rochester, NY d. Belmont, NY
DEVORE, John E.. Spouse of Evelyn L. Baker. Born 3-15-1904, died 3-26-1979. Age: 75y - Son of James A. & Margaret Little Devore. Wed 9-8-1938
DILLON, Agnes. Born 1872, died 1894
DILLON, Cecelia. Born 1875, died 1898
DILLON, Elizabeth L.. Born 1883, died 1953
DILLON, Ellen. Born 1851, died 1922
DILLON, George P.. Born 1878, died 1912
DILLON, James J.. Born 1885, died 1959
DILLON, Jane. Spouse of Timothy, died 11-10-1884. Age: 55y - Erected by T. Dillon & Sons In Memory of a Loving Wife & Mother
DILLON, Jeremiah P.. Born 1859, died 1882 - Resting In Peace
DILLON, John, died 3-21-1877. Age: 19y 21d
DILLON, John, died 10-16-1881 - Son of John & Ellen Dillon
DILLON, John M.. Born 1847, died 1920
DILLON, Josephine O'Leary. Born 1870, died 1926 - Resting In Peace
DILLON, Mary B.. Born 1879, died 1967
DILLON, Michael E.. Born 1888, died 1920
DILLON, Nellie M.. Born 1881, died 1967
DILLON, William H.. Born 1844, died 1930
DiSORBO, Helen McGinnis. Born 1915, died 1986 - Dau of Jeanne Gannon McGinnis
DIXON, Clara E.. Spouse of Doyle C.. Born 1918, died 1984
DIXON, Doyle C.. Spouse of Clara E.. Born 1-13-1920, died 9-1-1996 - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
DIXON, Mary Jo, died 12-24-1955
DIXON, Paul R.. Spouse of Roberta G.. Born 1937, died 1974
DIXON, Rita E.. Born 1949, died 1970
DIXON, Roberta G.. Spouse of Paul R.. Born 1941, died uncut
DOANE, George W., died 5-31-1891. Age: 23y
DOHERTY, Joseph. Born 1876, died 1892
DOHERTY, Rose L., died 1961
DOLAN, Charles L.. Born 1910, died uncut
DOLAN, Edmond M.. Born 1918, died 1934
DOLAN, Frances M.. Born 5-28-1910, died 8-26-1995. Age: 85y - Dau of John F. & Margaret Fagan Dolan
DOLAN, Irene D.. Born 1908, died 1954
DOLAN, James Joseph. Spouse of Kaisa "Inka" Saija. Born 9-24-1917, died 10-22-2008. Age: 91y - Son of John C. & Margaret A. Fagan Dolan b. Wellsville NY d. Niantic CT - WW II Vet, US Navy on USS Shangri-La and Korean War serving on USS Antietam. Career, retired as Lt Cmdr
DOLAN, John F.. Spouse of Margaret F.. Born 1868, died 1930 - Father
DOLAN, John J.. Born 1913, died 1914
DOLAN, Katherine M.. Spouse of Thomas J.. Born 1866, died 1937
DOLAN, Madeline M.. Born 1906, died 1938
DOLAN, Margaret E.. Born 1871, died 1918
DOLAN, Margaret F.. Spouse of John F.. Born 1879, died 1950 - Mother
DOLAN, Thomas J.. Spouse of Katherine M.. Born 1864, died 1928
DONEGAN, Thomas M.. Born 1862, died 1900
DONOVAN, Catherine (Lynch). Spouse of William F.. Born 1-25-1921, died 5-23-2005. Age: 84y - Dau of Charles & Catherine Lynch Lynch b. Hornell, NY d. Olean, NY. Wed 11-15-1948
DONOVAN, Dennis. Born 1866, died 1935
DONOVAN, Edward J. "Eddie". Born 4/12/1959, died 4/10/2018. Age: 58y - Son of William F. & Catherine Lynch Donovan Sr. b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY. Worked at Donovan's Eastern Supply
DONOVAN, Ella Vogele. Spouse of Francis A.. Born 11-29-1905, died 6-7-1999. Age: 93y - Dau of Jacob & Anna Quinn Vogele b. Belmont, NY d. Wellsville, NY W
DONOVAN, Father. Born 1824, died 1918
DONOVAN, Francis A.. Spouse of Ella Vogele. Born 1903, died 3-9-1984 - Wed 6-1930
DONOVAN, Hannah. Born 1866, died 1957
DONOVAN, Hannora. Spouse of Patrick, died 12-17-1905. Age: 72y - At Rest
DONOVAN, James. Born 1861, died 1928
DONOVAN, John J.. Born 1873, died 1907
DONOVAN, Katherine Rooney. Born 1872, died 1914
DONOVAN, Louise M.. Spouse of Richard S.. Born 1907, died 1938
DONOVAN, Marc William. Born 5-2-1977, died 4-13-1981
DONOVAN, Margaret. Born 1840, died 1916
DONOVAN, Mary. Born 1804, died 1891
DONOVAN, Mary. Born 1862, died 1936
DONOVAN, Maureen Rose, died 12-21-1965
DONOVAN, Michael L.. Born 1863, died 1950
DONOVAN, Mother. Born 1833, died 1911
DONOVAN, Olive (Rauber). Spouse of William H.. Born 1887, died 1953
DONOVAN, Patrick, died 9-18-1893. Age: 27y - At Rest
DONOVAN, Patrick. Spouse of Hannora, died 4-4-1894. Age: 88y - At Rest
DONOVAN, Patrick. Born 1874, died 1913
DONOVAN, Richard C.. Born 1972, died 1976 - Beloved Son of Richard S. & Joyce Donovan & Brother of Ann Donovan
DONOVAN, Richard S.. Spouse of Louise M.. Born 1907, died 1953
DONOVAN, Robert Edward Jr.. Born 1963, died 1968 - Son of Robert Edwin Donovan Sr.
DONOVAN, Timothy. Born 1834, died 1924
DONOVAN, William F.. Spouse of Catherine Lynch. Born 9-8-1919, died 4-8-2001. Age: 81y - Son of William H. & Olive Rauber Donovan. Wed 11-15-1948 in Andover, NY
DONOVAN, William H.. Spouse of Olive Rauber.. Born 5-3-1895, died 9-12-1977 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
DOOLEY, Johanna Murphy, died uncut - Dau of John & Johanna Murphy
DORNEY, Edward J.. Spouse of Sarah Ann. Born 1884, died 1962 - Father
DORNEY, Edward L.. Born 7-5-1919, died 6-6-1944 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt. New York
DORNEY, Gerald J.. Born 1915, died 1939 - Son
DORNEY, Gertrude A.. Spouse of William D.. Born 6-18-1920, died 4-17-1998. Age: 77y - Dau of Rodney R. & Malinda C. Welch Sherwood. Wed 1-30-1944 in Wellsville, NY
DORNEY, Mary Ann. Born 1840, died 1916 - Mother
DORNEY, Richard. Born 1922, died 1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, Col
DORNEY, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Edward J.. Born 1885, died 1928 - Mother
DORNEY, William D. "Bill". Spouse of Gertrude A.. Born 3-11-1917, died 3-8-2006 - Son of Edward & Sarah Dorney. Wed 1-30-1944
DOWNS, Ellen. Spouse of James. Born 1852, died 1941
DOWNS, James. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1870, died 1937
DOWNS, Lottie. Born 1869, died 1939
DOWNS, Mary. Born 1827, died 1917 - Mother
DRANEY, Edward T.. Spouse of Gertrude E.. Born 1902, died 1988
DRANEY, Gertrude E.. Spouse of Edward T.. Born 1903, died 1977
DRAUGHN, Margaret E.. Born 1905, died 1971
DRISCOLL, Bernard Eugene "Gene". Spouse of Eleanor Anderson. Born 10-28-1929, died 10-8-1998 - Son of Lloyd & Martha Driscoll b. Hornell, NY d. Wilmington, NC - Korean War Vet, USMC, Lt. Col
DRISCOLL, Catharine. Born 6-15-1886, died 9-6-1887
DRISCOLL, Catherine. Born 1875, died 1907
DRISCOLL, Daniel W.. Spouse of Mary Harrington. Born 1832, died 1912 - Father
DRISCOLL, Daniel W.. Spouse of Helen Rockwell. Born 1871, died 1954
DRISCOLL, Edward J., died 1943
DRISCOLL, Eleanor Anderson. Spouse of Bernard Eugene "Gene". Born 1929, died uncut
DRISCOLL, Elizabeth. Born 1875, died 1918
DRISCOLL, Ellen. Spouse of John, died 2-28-1897. Age: 88y
DRISCOLL, Helen Rockwell. Spouse of Daniel W.. Born 1884, died 1927
DRISCOLL, Honora. Born 1848, died 1918 - Mother
DRISCOLL, Jeremiah H.. Born 1880, died 1961
DRISCOLL, John. Spouse of Ellen, died 5-30-1897. Age: 85y
DRISCOLL, John J.. Born 1869, died 1928
DRISCOLL, Knight. Born 1834, died 1914 - Father
DRISCOLL, Margaret, died 1970
DRISCOLL, Mary. Born 1870, died 1890
DRISCOLL, Mary Harrington. Spouse of Daniel W.. Born 1845, died 1929 - Mother
DRISCOLL, Robert Lloyd "Bob" Dr.. Spouse of Martha Sikaras. Born 1936, died 6/21/2012. Age: 76y - Son of Lloyd & Martha Driscoll b. Wellsville NY d. Marietta GA Dr. Driscoll was a lifelong educator in NY State, finished his career at Reinhardt University as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College & Professor of Education
DRISCOLL, Stephanie Christine, died 2-18-2006. Age: 34y - Dau of Robert & Martha Driscoll
DRISCOLL, Tillie McQuane. Born 1880, died 1933
DRUMSTA, Barbara J.. Spouse of David D. Drumstra. Born 1940, died 4/25/2016 - No other information available
DRUMSTA, David D.. Spouse of Barbara J.. Born 1-21-1943, died 7-24-1996 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC, L.Cp
DUFFY, Anna M.. Spouse of Owen F.. Born 1858, died 1938 - Mother
DUFFY, Barney, died 1899
DUFFY, Bernard. Born 1897, died 1970
DUFFY, Catherine, died 1891
DUFFY, Catherine V.. Spouse of Owen F.. Born 1897, died 1974
DUFFY, James. Born 1858, died 1880
DUFFY, James B.. Born 1890, died 1978
DUFFY, John A.. Born 1898, died 1976
DUFFY, Owen F.. Spouse of Anna M.. Born 1860, died 1939 - Father
DUFFY, Owen F.. Spouse of Catherine V.. Born 9-19-1892, died 11-18-1947 - WW I Vet, US Army, 325th Inf 82nd Div, Pfc. Purple Heart. New York
DUFFY, Patrick H.. Born 1893, died 1973
DUGAN, Bridget D.. Born 1860, died 1937
DUGAN, Daniel. Born 1862, died 1932
DUGAN, Father, died 5-9-1905. Age: 74y
DUGAN, Jerry J.. Born 1860, died 1932
DUGAN, John, died 6-23-1867. Age: 54y
DUGAN, John Richard. Born 1897, died 1954 - Son of Jerry J. & Bridget D. Dugan
DUGAN, Mother, died 2-15-1910. Age: 75y
DUGAN, Rev. M. F.. Born 1872, died 1934
DUGGAN, Cornelius. Spouse of Teresa H.. Born 1872, died 1929
DUGGAN, Cornelius P.. Born 3-14-1907, died 11-2-1974 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt
DUGGAN, Mary. Born 1914, died 1914
DUGGAN, Teresa H.. Spouse of Cornelius. Born 1881, died 1942
DULL, Johanna. Spouse of T. Dull. Born 1864, died 1912
DULL, T.. Spouse of Johanna - Deep in Ground - Could Not Read
DUNIGAN, Anna. Spouse of James. Born 1870, died 1951
DUNIGAN, James. Spouse of Anna. Born 1854, died 1939
DUNN, Bridget. Born 1842, died 1892 - Requiescant in Peace
DUNN, Margaret L.. Born 1877, died 1953
DUNN, Mary. Born 1838, died 1901 - Requiescant in Peace
DUNN, Raymond T.. Born 1903, died 1982
DUNN, Thomas F.. Born 1876, died 1955
DWYER, D. Victor. Born 1898, died 1963
DWYER, Daniel. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1863, died 1952
DWYER, Ellen. Spouse of John. Born 1827, died 1912 - Mother
DWYER, Ellen. Born 1850, died 1938 - Dau of John & Ellen Dwyer
DWYER, J. Robert. Spouse of Mary Aide. Born 1902, died 1951
DWYER, John. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1817, died 1873 - Father
DWYER, Leon. Born 1897, died 1921
DWYER, M. Margaret. Born 1908, died 1908
DWYER, Mary A.. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1865, died 1954
DWYER, Mary Aide. Spouse of J. Robert. Born 1906, died 1966 - Dau of William E. & Mary Ann O'Connor Mendonsa
EAGAN, Francis J.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1888, died 1961
EAGAN, Mary E. Lake. Spouse of Francis J.. Born 1883, died 1962
EAGLES, Emily R.. Born 1901, died 1997
EARL, Elizabeth A.. Spouse of Robert A.. Born 1921, died 1955
EARL, Robert A.. Spouse of Elizabeth A.. Born 7-28-1920, died 5-12-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
EDSON, Donald Roy. Spouse of Margaret Langstrof. Born 10-27-1925, died 4-27-2006. Age: 80y - Son of Herbert Roy & Rita Agnes Van Valkenburgh Edson b. New York City, NY d. Columbia, Md.. Wed 10-26-1947 in Friedburg, Germany - WW II Vet, US Army Military Police
EDSON, Margaret. Spouse of Don. Born 12/17/1926, died 7/15/2014. Age: 87y - Dau of Gottfried & Maria Langstrof b. Friedberg/Hessen Germany d. Elkridge MD Wed 10-26-1947 58 Years of Marriage
EGAN, Anna, died 1921 - Dau of Edward & Mary Egan Sr.
EGAN, Edward J.. Spouse of Josephine D.. Born 1877, died 1959 - Father
EGAN, Edward Sr.. Spouse of Mary, died 1921 - Father
EGAN, Josephine D.. Spouse of Edward J.. Born 1876, died 1956
EGAN, Mary. Spouse of Edward, died 1891 - Mother
EGAN, Mary E.. Spouse of Timothy. Born 1868, died 1949
EGAN, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1911, died 1917
EGAN, Timothy. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1863, died 1938
EGNER, Helen T.. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 11/26/1930, died 7/24/2014. Age: 83y - Dau of William & Mary Fink Thomas b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed U/K
EGNER, Richard J.. Spouse of Helen T.. Born 1924, died 2002
ELLIS, John H.. Spouse of Nancy Frungillo. Born 4-4-1923, died 6-28-2005. Age: 82y - Son of Glen & Ruby Hyde Ellis b. Lawrenceville, Pa d. Coudersport, Pa. Wed 1-4-1947 in Wellsville, NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Medical Technician
ELLIS, Nancy M.. Spouse of John H.. Born 3/25/1919, died 4/11/2013. Age: 94y - Dau of Louis & Rose Poste Frungillo b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-4-1947 in Wellsville NY
ELMORE, Andrew Clay. Born 1911, died 1912 - Grandson
ELMORE, Helen M. Byrnes. Born 1883, died 1948
EMBSER, Agnes O'Boyle. Spouse of John William. Born 1878, died 1951
EMBSER, J. Timothy. Spouse of Marilyn Metzger. Born 5/11/1933, died 10/25/2013. Age: 80y - Son of Walter & Katherine O'Brien Ember b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 8-31-1957 in Ithaca NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
EMBSER, John William. Spouse of Agnes O'Boyle. Born 1873, died 1939
EMBSER, Katherine O'Brien. Spouse of Walter Joseph. Born 1903, died 1980
EMBSER, Louise Dunn. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 1908, died 5-25-1993 - Dau of Thomas F. & Margaret Daly Dunn b. Rochester, NY d. Wellsville, NY
EMBSER, Richard J.. Spouse of Louise Dunn. Born 1913, died 1976
EMBSER, Walter Joseph. Spouse of Katherine O'Brien. Born 1907, died 1980
EMBSER, Walter Joseph "Joe". Born 9-7-1936, died 3-6-2007. Age: 70y - Son of Walter Joseph & Katherine O'Brien Embser b. Wellsville, NY d. Rochester, NY Former Wife Mary Elizabeth Quirk
ENGLEBAUGH, Howard C.. Spouse of Jane F.. Born 11-5-1909, died 8-16-1986 - Wed 2-14-1953 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pfc.
ENGLEBAUGH, Jane F.. Spouse of Howard C.. Born 3-5-1921, died 8-12-1995. Age: 74y - Dau of George & Agnes Trahey Flanagan b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 2-14-1953
ERB, Hortensia. Born 4-2-1843, died 11-27-1906
ERICKSON, Clair L.. Spouse of Elizabeth A.. Born 1905, died 1979
ERICKSON, Elizabeth A.. Spouse of Clair L.. Born 1910, died 1987
ETSLER, Clement T.. Spouse of Roseanna. Born 1902, died 1988
ETSLER, Roseanna. Spouse of Clement T.. Born 1908, died 1988
EUKEN, D. Helene. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 4-12-1915, died 4-1-1995. Age: 79y - Dau of Jay & Julia Hogan Ives b. Friendship, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 3-3-1945 in Wellsville, NY
EUKEN, Frank L.. Spouse of D. Helene. Born 9-25-1910, died 4-13-1989 - Wed 3-3-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt.
EWERT, Lucille V.. Born 1911, died 1984
FAGAN, Brenda A.. Born 1-26-1948, died 2/18/2013. Age: 65y - Dau of Francis "Frank" & Madeline Padden Fagan b. & d. Wellsville NY
FAGAN, Daniel. Born 1874, died 1962
FAGAN, Daniel. Born 3-1844, died 12-15-1919
FAGAN, Elizabeth. Born 1883, died 1888
FAGAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1874, died 1942
FAGAN, Francis J.. Spouse of Madeline T. Padden. Born 3-2-1914, died 4-1-1988 - WW II Vet, US Navy, MAM2
FAGAN, Frank J.. Spouse of Mary E. Lake. Born 1883, died 1961
FAGAN, Gertrude Rauber. Spouse of Peter A.. Born 1882, died 1974
FAGAN, John L.. Spouse of Laura. Born 1877, died 1966
FAGAN, Juliana. Born 1885, died 1888
FAGAN, Laura. Spouse of John L.. Born 1878, died 1962
FAGAN, Leo J.. Born 1903, died 1970
FAGAN, Madeline T. (Padden). Spouse of Francis J.. Born 1911, died 1989
FAGAN, Mary E. Lake. Spouse of Frank J.. Born 1888, died 1962
FAGAN, Mary M.. Born 7-5-1952, died 11-1-2021. Age: 69 - Dau of Francis and Madeline (Padden) Fagan. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Rochester NY. An admin assistant at Alfred State for 32 years.
FAGAN, Mary Sweeney. Spouse of Peter. Born 12-1839 - Stone deep in ground - could not read death date
FAGAN, Peter. Spouse of Mary Sweeney. Born 3-1840, died 2-11-1898
FAGAN, Peter A.. Spouse of Gertrude Rauber. Born 1875, died 1929
FAGAN, William R.. Born 1913, died 2003 - Son of Peter & Gertrude Rauber Fagan - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
FANCHER, Jack P.. Born 1926, died 1959
FANTON, Cecile M. Lessard. Spouse of Merle L.. Born 1911, died 1993
FANTON, Florence R.. Born 1916, died 1980
FANTON, Merle L.. Spouse of Cecile M. Lessard. Born 1-12-1908, died 9-25-2002. Age: 94y - Son of Leonard & Ida Bassage Fanton b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1-20-1930
FARLEY, Anne E.. Born 11-27-1887, died 12-7-1951
FARLEY, George D.. Born 2-13-1911, died 12-5-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
FARLEY, Hazel F.. Born 3-25-1908, died 9-26-1974
FARLEY, James M.. Born 2-20-1888, died 10-23-1961
FARLEY, James R. Jr.. Born 1946, died 1947
FARRELL, Elizabeth. Spouse of William, died 5-13-1894. Age: 56y
FARRELL, William. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 11-26-1880. Age: 44y
FAY, Anna D.. Spouse of W. Cecil. Born 6-24-1881, died 1-27-1974. Age: 82y - Dau of Patrick R. & Anna Kinney Devers. Wed 7-11-1911
FAY, W. Cecil. Spouse of Anna D.. Born 5--20-1886, died 12-28-1963. Age: 77y - Son of John & Harriet Lucinda Strayer Fay. Wed 7-11-1911
FEATHERSTON, Mary. Spouse of William. Born 1841, died 1904
FELLER, Harry J.. Spouse of Pauline O.. Born 1889, died 1941
FELLER, Pauline O.. Spouse of Harry J.. Born 1891, died 1990
FELSEN, Anela Nell. Spouse of Dr. Irwin. Born 8-31-1908, died 5-21-1995. Age: 86y - Dau of Casimir & Anelia Karosis Shaffer b. Forest City, Pa d. Wellsville, NY
FENTI, J. J. Camron. Born 2/24/2010, died 3/20/2012. Age: 2y - Son of Matthew & Kelly Ayers Fenti b. Wellsville NY d. Bolivar NY [Our Little Angel]
FENTON, Elizabeth. Spouse of Patrick, died 2-22-1890. Age: 66y
FENTON, Patrick. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 1880
FERRALORO, Riccardo "Rick". Spouse of Tina Hager. Born 6/10/1964, died 3/4/2017. Age: 52y - Son of Carmelo & Maria Boscia Ferraloro Jr. b. Jamestown NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-30-1995. Employed by Dresser Rand Corporation in Wellsville for 25 years as an Electrical Engineer - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC. Four years.
FERRARO, Frank M.. Spouse of Mary C.. Born 1888, died 1982
FERRARO, Mary C.. Spouse of Frank M.. Born 1893, died 1978
FETT, Mildred M.. Spouse of William G.. Born 1895, died 1980
FETT, William G.. Spouse of Mildred M.. Born 1894, died 1975
FINN, Betty J.. Spouse of William R.. Born 1919, died 1954 - Hail Mary Full of Grace
FINN, Brian E.. Spouse of Maggie Lynch. Born 3-26-1954, died 3-30-2010. Age: 56y - Son of Leo E. & Marjorie Ludden Finn b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
FINN, Charles L.. Spouse of Teresa I.. Born 1888, died 1954
FINN, Jeanne M. Scarlato. Spouse of Michael P.. Born 1/31/1938, died 3/20/2014 - Dau of Louis & Mary Bianco Scarlato b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-16-1962 Wed Husband #2 Thomas Morris on 10-20-1992
FINN, Leo E.. Spouse of Marjorie Ludden. Born 3-9-1924, died 2-7-1991. Age: 66y - Son of Charles Leo & Theresa Irene Shaw Finn b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 9-30-1950 in Wellsville, NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, PHM1
FINN, Marjorie Ludden. Spouse of Leo E.. Born 1927, died uncut
FINN, Michael P.. Spouse of Jeanne M. Scarlato. Born 8--29-1936, died 6-20-1988. Age: 51y - Son of Charles Leo & Theresa Irene Shaw Finn. Wed 6-16-1962 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army & Army Reserves
FINN, Teresa I.. Spouse of Charles L.. Born 1892, died 1944
FINN, William R.. Spouse of Betty J.. Born 1914, died 1972 - Hail Mary Full of Grace
FISHER, Mary A.. Born 1852, died 1924
FITZGERALD, Cecelia Cleary. Spouse of John E., died 11-4-1948
FITZGERALD, Edmund. Spouse of Margaret, died 7-12-1896. Age: 78y
FITZGERALD, Ella T.. Spouse of Patrick T.. Born 1871, died 1948
FITZGERALD, Ellen. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1838, died 1922
FITZGERALD, John E.. Spouse of Cecelia Cleary, died 7-29-1962
FITZGERALD, Julia. Born 1856, died 1921
FITZGERALD, Katherne. Spouse of Martin. Born 1839, died 1907
FITZGERALD, Lawrence. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1840, died uncut
FITZGERALD, Margaret. Spouse of Edmund, died 3-28-1891. Age: 67y
FITZGERALD, Margaret Byrne. Born 1871, died 1953 - Mother
FITZGERALD, Martin. Spouse of Katherene. Born 1820, died 1902
FITZGERALD, Patrick T.. Spouse of Ella T.. Born 1862, died 1929
FLANAGAN, Agnes. Spouse of George. Born 1893, died 1959
FLANAGAN, Bernard L.. Spouse of Margaret I.. Born 1893, died 1952
FLANAGAN, Betty L.. Born 11-19-1922, died 1-11-1999. Age: 76y - Dau of George & Agnes Trahey Flanagan b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY
FLANAGAN, Christopher N.. Born 1867, died 1929
FLANAGAN, Edward J.. Born 1878, died 1900
FLANAGAN, Eugene. Born 1872, died 1879
FLANAGAN, Eugene F.. Spouse of Gladys L.. Born 1-29-1907, died 1-8-1975 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
FLANAGAN, Father. Born 1825, died 1897
FLANAGAN, G. F.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1850, died 1923 - Father
FLANAGAN, George. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1886, died 1955
FLANAGAN, Gladys L.. Spouse of Eugene F.. Born 1912, died 1992
FLANAGAN, Irene E.. Born 1892, died 1936 - Dau of C. F. & Mary A. Flanagan
FLANAGAN, Lawrence. Born 1890, died 1891
FLANAGAN, Margaret I.. Spouse of Bernard L.. Born 1899, died 1981
FLANAGAN, Margaret T.. Born 3-27-1919, died 1-27-2005. Age: 85y - Dau of George & Agnes Trahey Flanagan b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY 1st. Lt. U.S. Army WW2
FLANAGAN, Margaret T.. Born 1-20-1904, died 7-27-2002 - Dau of Christopher N. & Mary Fagan Flanagan b. Town of Independence, NY d. Wellsville, NY
FLANAGAN, Mark E.. Born 1918, died 1919
FLANAGAN, Mary A.. Spouse of G. F. Flanagan. Born 1851, died 1927 - Mother
FLANAGAN, Mary A.. Spouse of Vincent H.. Born 1873, died 1958
FLANAGAN, Mary A.. Spouse of Nicholas J. - [Mother] Stone deep in ground - could not read
FLANAGAN, Mary C.. Born 1910, died 1993
FLANAGAN, Mary F.. Born 1873, died 1963
FLANAGAN, Mother. Born 1831, died 1888
FLANAGAN, Nicholas J.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 4-21-1852, died 3-24-1909 - Father
FLANAGAN, Nora Z.. Born 8-25-1909, died 5-1-1996. Age: 86y - Dau of Christopher N. & Mary Fagan Flanagan b. Town of Independence, NY d. Wellsville, NY
FLANAGAN, Peter B.. Born 1901, died 1932
FLANAGAN, Richard N.. Born 9-17-1905, died 12-31-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
FLANAGAN, Robert. Born 5-17-1927, died 12-5-1994
FLANAGAN, Ruth. Born 1925, died 1956
FLANAGAN, Vincent H.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1881, died 1919
FLEISCHMAN, Edward G.. Spouse of Virginia C., died 2-22-1989 - Wed Oct 9 1940
FLEISCHMAN, Virginia C.. Spouse of Edward G.. Born 3-23-1912, died 3-12-2005 - Dau of Robert & Bertha Arnold Callaghan. Wed 10-9-1940 in Wellsville, NY
FLEMING, Pearl. Born 1912, died 1992
FLEMING, Thomas E.. Born 3-9-1946, died 3-14-1995 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Pvt
FLEMING, William M.. Born 8/2/1943, died 2/2/2013. Age: 70y - Son of Edward W. & Pearl Moyer Fleming b. Unknown d. Ft. Lauderdale FL
FLOHR, Fred. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1877, died 1954
FLOHR, Katherine. Spouse of Fred. Born 1873, died 1970
FLORENTINE, Judith V. Spouse of. Born 2-14-1940, died 1-30-2010. Age: 69y - Dau of Reynold & Virginia Stannards Florentine b. Bradford Pad. Wellsville NY
FLORENTINE, Rose-Marie A.. Spouse of Jack S.. Born 2/11/1948, died 2/29/2016. Age: 68y - Dau of John H. & Nancy Frungillo Ellis b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-22-1970 in Lackawanna NY Rose-Marie was a well known employee of the Wellsville Veterinarian Hospital for 40 years
FLYNN, Mary M.. Spouse of Luke. Born 1883, died 1911
FOGARTY, William. Born 1870, died 1905
FOOTE, Robert, died 1-14-1958. Age: Infant Baby Boy
FORD, Catherine Forhan. Born 1852, died 1925
FORHAN, Catherine. Born 1864, died 1948 - Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
FORHAN, Eugene. Spouse of Mary. Born 1838, died 1909 - Father
FORHAN, Eugene Timothy. Spouse of Marie Theresa Founier-Perrin. Born 4-12-1917, died 4-15-1996. Age: 79y - Son of Timothy Joseph & Hilda Morrill Forhan. Wed 7-21-1947 Former Village Trustee and Mayor of Wellsville - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Lt. Col. Bronze Star in 1945
FORHAN, Hilda M.. Spouse of Timothy J.. Born 1886, died 1978
FORHAN, Marie-Theresa (Founier-Perrin) "Miette". Spouse of Eugene Timothy. Born 3/21/1921, died 5/17/2016. Age: 95y - Dau of Marius & Margaruite Fournier-Perrin b. Lyon France d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-21-1947 in Wellsville NY A Woman of high principles and great faith, she viewed motherhood as her sacred mission
FORHAN, Mary. Spouse of Eugene. Born 1848, died 1909 - Mother
FORHAN, Mary. Born 1869, died 1925 - Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
FORHAN, Monica. Born 1890, died 1921 - Dau of Eugene & Mary Forhan
FORHAN, Timothy J.. Spouse of Hilda M.. Born 1867, died 1930
FORTNER, Ernest R.. Born 1870, died 1920
FORTNER, Joseph B.. Spouse of Rose H.. Born 1904, died 1960
FORTNER, Joy D. Gath. Spouse of Thomas F.. Born 7-24-1941, died 1-22-1996. Age: 54y - Dau of Ellis H. & Helen Shear Gath. Wed 12-28-1963 in Long Beach, Calif.
FORTNER, Mark R.. Born 8-29-1967, died 9-4-1999 - Son of Robert H. & Theresa Sentner Fortner
FORTNER, Robert E.. Born 1906, died 1925
FORTNER, Robert H.. Spouse of Theresa Sentner. Born 10/2/1932, died 11/22/2011. Age: 79y - Son of Joseph B. & Rose Harrington Fortner b. Toledo OH d. Shippensburg PA - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 2/Lt
FORTNER, Rose H.. Spouse of Joseph B.. Born 1907, died 1999
FORTNER, Theresa M.. Born 1870, died 1946
FORTNER, Thomas F.. Spouse of Joy D. Gath. Born 11-19-1940, died uncut
FORTNER, Thomas F.. Spouse of Joy Gath. Born 11/19/1940, died 8/8/2009 - Son of Joseph & Rose Harrington Fortner b. Wellsville NY d. Pennsylvania. Wed 12-28-1963 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FRAZER, Annie. Born 1870, died 1882 - Dau of Margaret Frazer
FRAZER, Margaret. Born 1847, died 1882
FREY, Albert. Spouse of Anna E.. Born 1862, died 1917
FREY, Anna E.. Born 1865, died 1951
FREY, Christian. Spouse of Magalena. Born 1833, died 1923
FREY, Magalena. Spouse of Christian. Born 1838, died 1914
FRUNGILLO, Cynthia. Born 1917, died 1928 - Dau of Louis E. & Rose Frungillo
FRUNGILLO, Louis F.. Born 1891, died 1942
FRUNGILLO, Rose. Born 1895, died 1929 - Mother
FUNTNER, Margaret P.. Born 3-7-1915, died 10-17-2002. Age: 87y - Dau of Orlo & Theresa Funtner
FUNTNER, Orlo R.. Spouse of Theresa, died 9-24-1969
FUNTNER, Theresa. Spouse of Orlo R., died 2-28-1990
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