Phillips Creek Cemetery
Cemetery is located across the field to the right of the Church.  Unkept and overgrown.
Information taken in 1984 by the Catherine Schuyler Chapter.
This information obtained by Eleanor Schwalb from Craig Braack, Allegany County Historian in Belmont, N.Y.

ANDREWS, Emma     died 10-1853   Died on Princess Ship enroute to America
ANDREWS, Robert O.         Son of George Andrews
BEACH,  Sanford     died 8-1850 age 57y 
BLIVEN, Mary C.     died 10-6-1865 age 5y 6m 21d Dau. of C. H. & M. A. Bliven
BOWER, Mary G.     died 11-6-1850 age 2y 4m 13d Dau. of M. J. & S. Bower
BOWER, Michael     died 5-1853 
BROWN     died 4-12-1896 age 85y 10m No other name
BROWN, Mary Washburn spouse of Simeon   died 10-26-1852 age 52y 11d 
CARTWRIGHT, Weighty spouse of S. W.     age 48y 
CHAFEE, James     died 7-20-1861 age 37y 
CHAFEE, James  spouse of Mary   died 1-19-1880 age 76y 1m 
CHAFEE, Mary spouse of James   died 6-24-1877 age 71y 7m 5d 
CHAFEE, Nancy         Dau. of John & Mary Chafee
CRANDALL, Aurilla     died 5-11-1856 age 37y 11m 20d 
CRANDALL, Hattie Adalaide         Dau. of C. G. & F. R. Crandall
CRANDALL, William C.     died 9-3-1856 age 8y 7m 4d Son of Francis & Mary Crandall
DE____MOND, Mancy A.      died 7-28-1861   Name was listed this way, because it couldn't be read.
ELLWOOD, Alanson B.     died 5-21-1852 age 1y 10m Son of Benj. N. & Olive Ellwood
GREGORY, Sarah     died 10-12-1867 
HUGHS, Junia Gregory spouse of James   died 6-22-1851 age 17y 5m 25d 
JOHNSTON, Elizabeth spouse of E.   died 9-15-1850 age 69y 7m 7d 
JOHNSTON, George E.     died 6-19-1853 age 3y 23d Son of Edward & Caroline Johnston
JOHNSTONE, Lovisey spouse of Edward  1787 died 9-24-1862 age 75y 
LEILOUS, Edna     died 8-11-18??   Dau. of John & Mary Leilous
MARGESON, Erastus M.     died 11-28-1857 age 1y 1m 17d Son of John J. & Ann Mann Margeson
MOREHOUSE, Archibald spouse of Mary   died 3-17-1849 
MOREHOUSE, Marrillus spouse of George   died 5-28-1853 age 27y 9m 26d 
MOREHOUSE, Mary spouse of Archibald   died 5-5-1847 age 62y 1m 3d 
PIRMAN, Annis L.     died 1850 age 4y Dau. of N. C. & P. W. Pirman
PIRMAN, Mathew E.     died 10-1850 age 1y 
SABIN, D. S.      died 8-9-1861 age 1y 2m 8d 
SCHUYLER, Maria spouse of Philemon   died 6-30-1836 age 72y 3m 8d 
SCHUYLER, Philemon       age 65y 
SCHUYLER, William     died 1872 age 20y d. Belmont, N.Y.
STUCK, Maratha spouse of Jeremiah   died 12-12-1837 age 40y 10m 21d 
TAYLOR, Anna   born 5-12-1781 died 4-29-1854 age 73y 11m 16d 
THOMPSON, Edward   born 6-17-1818 died 10-12-1870 age 52y 8m 25d Eldest son of Harvey & Lurana Powell Thompson
THOMPSON, Harvey spouse of Lurana Powell born 1-10-1792 died 12-12-1853 age 61y 11m 2d 
THOMPSON, Lurana spouse of Harvey born 2-6-1794 died 11-22-1859 age 65y 9m 16d 
U/K, Elizabeth Emily     died 3-6-1812 age 5y 10m 15d No Family Name 
U/K, George W.     died 3-1-1812 age 6y 1m 26dd 
U/K, Mary H.     died 3-1-1812 age ?y 5m 21d No Family Name
U/K, William     died 2-27-1812 age 10y 6d No Family Name
WALLDORFF, Abraham     died 4-3-1861 
WALLDORFF, George     died 10-21-1871 age 71y 
WHITE, Daniel spouse of Mary   died 1857 or 9 
WHITE, Ezra     died 12-13-1857 
WHITE, Mary spouse of Daniel   died 3-11-1869 age 70y 
WHITE, Mary Ann   born 1820 died 1899 
WILLETT, Sarah Jane     died 1-2-1882 age 32y 11m 21d 
WISER, Martha S.     died 3-17-1825 age 5m Dau. of T. & L. Wiser  Epitaph:  Sleep on dear babe and with thy rest God called home
YEOMANS, Abraham     died 5-1880 age 25y 

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