Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery
Town of Cuba, NY
Submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb and PHGS members

AUSTIN, Marjorie S. (Sheehan). Spouse of Harold F. Austin. Born 7-19-1926, died 2-3-2018. Age: 91y - Dau of Bartholomew & Ruth (Appleton) Sheehan b. & d. Cuba NY. A registered nurse. Wed 10-21-1950 in Cuba Married 67 years, four children.. (Spouse survives)
BARTLEY, Helen. Spouse of Edwin. Born 6-28-1920, died 5-27-2015. Age: 94y - Dau of John & Mary Kish Fodor b. Painesville OH d. Lincolnton NC Edwin died in 1962
BENTLEY, Julianne. Born 10-21-1961, died 7-21-2013. Age: 43y - Dau of John & Ruth Friel Doyle b. Rochester NY d. Cuba NY Former Husband Christopher Bentley
BEST, Howard E.. Spouse of Beverly (Palmitier). Born 1-1-1938, died 3-25-2023. Age: 85 - Son of William M. & Marion (Broker) Best; born in Olean, NY; lived and died in Portville, NY; married 10-14-1961; spouse died 11-6-1998; survived by one son; predeceased by one daughter Judianne Best Uncategorized vet, US Navy 1956-1962
BRADLEY, Alicia E.. Spouse of Michael G.. Born 6-30-1971, died 12-10-2010. Age: 38y - Dau of James & Marilyn Holden Luckey b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 7-15-1995 in Cuba NY
BRADLEY, William T. Sr. Dr.. Born 4-12-1937, died 2-2-2014. Age: 76y - Son of Hugh E. & Gladys P. Lampe Bradley Jr. b. Olean NY d. Elkton FL - Dr. of Optometry
CAMPBELL, Raymond Paul. Spouse of Rita Kathleen (O'Donnell). Born 5-10-1946, died 6-3-2023. Age: 77y - Son of Walter & Alberta (Sloat) Campbell. Born in Cuba, NY; lived in Cuba, NY; died in Buffalo, NY. Married 10-30-1971 in Westons Mills, NY. Three children. Vietnam vet, US Army 1965-1967.
CONGDON, Lawrence David. Born 12-20-1929, died 12-27-2010. Age: 81y - Son of Marcus & Josephine Mahoney Congdon b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY. Former Wife Marjorie Kennedy - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, Flight Engineer in Europe & Africa. 1950-1954
CULBERT Jr. John Owen. Spouse of Sue E. Austin. Born 5-14-1956, died 6-3-2014 - Son of John & Rose Mullin Culbert b. Buffalo NY d. Cuba NY Wed 5-21-1983 in Cuba NY
CULBERT, Mary Jean. Born 7-6-1925, died 2-27-2010. Age: 84y - Dau of James & Agnes Conley Culbert b. Cuba NY d. West Seneca NY
DAY, Harriet J.. Spouse of George Leigh. Born 9-22-1937, died 7-28-2010. Age: 72y - Dau of Marcus & Josephine Mahoney Congdon b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 7-17-1963 in Warren PA(George d. 8-24-1979)
FODOR, Greta H.. Spouse of Joseph J.. Born 4-14-1921, died 1-4-2011. Age: 89y - Dau of Guy & Mary Wolfe Kinnicutt b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-12-1943 Greta worked for GA's Mask Factory in Tennessee during WW2 - her service was recognized with her name being listed on the WW2 Memorial in Washingon DC
GAETA, Andrew J.. Born 1-2-1963, died 4-22-2016. Age: 53y - Son of John "Jack" & June R. Rose Gaeta b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY
GAETA, June R.. Spouse of John F. "Jack". Born 6-04-1925, died 2-14-2004 - Dau of Charles W. & Ruth M. Rutledge Rose b. Olean-NY d. Olean-NY Wed 1-24-1947
HOVER, Edward. Spouse of Barbara J. Rix. Born 9-16-1938, died 12-20-2010. Age: 72y - Son of Frederick & Florence Fraiser Hover b. Salem d. Buffalo NY Wed 7-1-8-1970 in Hinsdale NY
JAMES, Mary Kay. Spouse of Richard K.. Born 1-10-1920, died 3-25-1994 - Dau of George B. & Teresa Flynn Woood b. Allegany NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-31-1948 in Cuba NY
JAMES, Richard K.. Spouse of Mary K. Wood. Born 12-23-1912, died 10-27-2002 - Son of Guy V. & Maude A. Kelly James b. Granger-NY d. Cuba-NY heart attack Wed 1-31-1948 in Cuba-NY
JOINER, Curtis E.. Spouse of Kathryn L. Rinder Bradley. Born 5-5-1935, died 6-14-2007. Age: 72y - Son of Herman & Myra Randolph Joiner b. Cadiz KY d. Cuba NY Wed Wife #1 Lena Ornelas 9-1955 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
KIBBY, Edward L.. Spouse of Marilyn M. O'Brien. Born 9-27-1935, died 1-11-2014. Age: 78y - Son of Elton & Josephine Sirline Kibby b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-10-1968 in Bradford PA
KIBBY, Marilyn M.. Spouse of Edward L.. Born 1-13-1939, died 12-31-2011. Age: 72y - Dau of James & Margaret McMahon O'Brien b. Salamanca NY d. Erie PA Wed 8-10-1968 in Bradford PA
LABARBERA, Samuel. Spouse of Jean C. Nuamaker. Born 7-25-1926, died 5-29-2016. Age: 89y - Son of Samuel Josephine LaBarbiera LaBarbera b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1970
MILLER, Dale E.. Spouse of H. Helen "Sally" Jennings, died 2-27-2011 - Son of Delmar & Susan Welty Miller b. Unknown d. New Port Richey FL Former Wife Jo Ann Flynn
MOORE, Gary J.. Spouse of Janice R. Haas. Born 9-30-1936, died 4-13-2012. Age: 75y - Son of Howard E. & Dorothy M. Kelley Moore b. Coudersport PA d. Cuba NY Wed 6-27-1959 in Foglesville PA - Cold War Vet, US Air Force
MOTT, William Edward "Eddie". Spouse of Luella J. Briggs. Born 11-9-1920, died 12-21-2009. Age: 89y - Son of Allen T. & Blanche Williams Mott b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 2-17-1962 in Limestone NY - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1944-1946
MURPHY, Margarite M.. Spouse of Frank J.. Born 9-23-1947, died 3-5-2014. Age: 85y - Dau of Harold & Margaret Rhodes Brockenshire b. Buffalo NY d. Olean NY Wed 9-13-1947 in Buffalo NY
PETTIT, Mona (Walden). Spouse of Robert C.. Born 9-9-1938, died 10-20-2023. Age: 85y - Dau of Gerald & Ernestine (Cornish) Walden. Born in Knights Creek, NY; lived in Cuba, NY; died in Cuba, NY. Married 2-11-1957 in High Point, NC. Four children.
PETTIT, Robert C.. Spouse of Mona (Walden). Born 7-25-1937, died 1-3-2024. Age: 86y - Son of Donald & Doris (Keller) Pettit. Born in Olean, NY; lived and died in Cuba, NY. Married 2-11-1957 in High Point, NC. Four children.
PIZUTTI, Irene H. (Kiss). Spouse of #1 Henry M. Falandys, #2 Gerald Pizutti. Born 10-12-1928, died 8-15-2017 - Dau of Nicholas & Stella 'Bobbie' (Zajac) Kiss b. Newark NJ d. Cuba NY. Wed Henry 12-19-1949, one son. (Henry d. 8-17-2009) Pre-deceased by both husbands
REARDON, Colette. Born 1-19-1958, died 5-6-2015. Age: 57y - Dau of William J. & Veronica McHale Plants b. Wellsville NY d. Cuba NY
REYNOLDS, Richard L. "Dick". Spouse of Karen A. Donovan. Born 11-3-1959, died 3-16-2007 - Son of Richard F. & Merilyn Grimes Reynolds b. Olean N.Y. d. Cuba N.Y. Wed: 12-2-1978 in Cuba N.Y. Auto Accident
RINKER, Timothy J.. Spouse of Janice E. Boyd. Born 2-11-1944, died 6-27-2013. Age: 69y - Son of Howard Streator & Margaret Harris Rinker b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 7-3-1965 in Cuba NY
RIX, Carlisle S. Jr.. Spouse of Linda M. Edwards. Born 7-5-1943, died 12-2-2011 - Son of Charles S. & Eva Katherine Wysocki Rix Sr. b. Cuba NY d. Olelan NY Wed 6-17-1967 in Cuba NY
RIX, Katherine E.. Spouse of Carlisle S. Sr.. Born 3-27-1919, died 10-15-2007 - Dau of Joseph & Mary Stalanz Wysocki b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY Wed 10-30-1937 in Cuba NY
RIX, Linda M. (Edwards). Spouse of Carlisle S. Jr.. Born 12-30-1946, died 1-31-2024. Age: 77y - Dau of Donald & Nellie (Hinkley) Edwards. Born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Hinsdale, NY; died in Cuba, NY. Married 6-17-1967 in Cuba, NY. Four children.
RYAN, Charlene W.. Born 2-25-1932, died 3-16-2011 - Dau of Charles & Geraldine W. Lyman Matson b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA
RYAN, John J.. Spouse of Charlene Matson, then caompanion of Constance Chicola. Born 4-18-1930, died 2-22-2020 - Son of Joseph and Helen (Martin) Ryan. Born in Wellsville NY, died in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Five children with Charlene, then divorced. (Companion survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy.
SWARTHOUT, Merle W.. Spouse of Barbara A.. Born 9-12-1918, died 1-30-2009 - Son of Ward Leslie & Mary Edna Woodard Swarthout b. Paola KS d. Cuba NY Wed 7-1-1944 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Fighter Pilot & Flight Instructor
SWARTHOUT, Michael J.. Spouse of Evelio Cuellar. Born 10-17-1957, died 1-4-2016 - Son of Merle W. & Elizabeth Wood Swarthout b. Cuba NY d. Ft. Lauderdale FL First Wife Rita Libby
SWIFT, Timothy M. "Bo". Born 4-18-1956, died 7-14-2010 - Son of William Andrew & Anna Gillford Swift b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY
SWITALSKI, Jean. Spouse of James E.. Born 8-4-1929, died 7-1-2014. Age: 84y - Dau of Herbert & Agnes Dougherty Peace b. & d. Olean NY Wed 4-12-1958
TRUBY, Phoebe A.. Spouse of Joseph James. Born 9-3-1909, died 12-8-2009 - Dau of H. Norman & Susan Minerva Kramer Beaver b. Johnsonburg PA d. East Aurora NY Wed 7-3-1933 Joseph died 11-2-1981
VANZWANENBERG, Joan M.. Spouse of Nico. Born 6-24-1926, died 8-2-2014. Age: 58y - Dau of Andrew & Johanna Speranzo Letro b. & d. Olean NY Wed 12-3-1955 in Allegany NY
VOSSLER, Mary Ann. Spouse of Leo Patrick. Born 8-24-1923, died 1-13-2003 - Dau of Victor W. & Gertrude Beebe McLaughlin b. Cuba-NY d. Olean-NY Wed 6-28-1947 in Cuba-NY
WRIGHT, Harold E.. Spouse of Joan M. Seewaldt. Born 8-5-1933, died 11-29-2009. Age: 76y - Son of Faye & Marie Worden Wright b. Fillmore NY d. Olean NY Wed 11-17-1962 in North Java NY
ZEITLER, John P.. Born 11-17-1948, died 1-21-2009. Age: 60y - Son of Norbert & Patricia Duffy Zeitler b. Sharon PA d. Cuba NY Former Wife Ann R. Nagy

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