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Information on this page is from obituaries and other sources that named a cemetery outside of Allegany County as burial place. This list also includes people who whose ashes were not buried in a cemetery and people who donated their bodies to science programs.

ALLEN, Dorothy L. . Spouse of Harold C. Allen . Born 10 Jun 1921 Died 18 Sep 2018 Age 97y d/o George & Anna Bruce Lang b. Belfast, NY d. Crestline, OH (Funeral Home: Gompf, Crestline, OH)) - Burial place: Cremated
DICKERSON, Hope J. . Spouse of Arvis Dickerson Born 14 Mar 1921 Died 26 Jul 2017 Age 96y - d/o Robert & Doris Marker Williams b. Warren, PA - Burial place: Body donated to Univ. of Buffalo Research Prgram
GRIFFITHS, Beatrice J. A. Chaffee . Spouse of Wayne J. Griffiths Born 11/28/1933 Died 12/10/2013 Age 80y - d/o Clarence & Betsy "Bessie" Sabins Chaffee b. Eulalia, Pa. d. Wellsville, NY - Burial place: Body donated to Univ. of Buffalo Biomedical Science Div.
GUMMO, Calvin A. . Spouse of Betty Frazier Born 25 Jul 1933 Died 22 Jul 2018 - s/o Harry & Erma Ebersole Gummo b. Hollidaysburg, PA d. Houghton, NY - Burial place: Cremated
HOBERG, Judy Ann . Spouse of Larry Cline, Raymond W. Hoberg, Jr. Born 21 Aug 1953 Died 19 Oct 2018 - d/o David & Josephine Pettinato Hollister b. & d. Wellsville, NY - Burial place: Body donated to Univ. of Buffalo
LOUCKS, Betty Lou . Spouse of Lester Loucks Born 25 Mar 1928 Died 16 Dec 2018 Age 90y - d/o Leonard & Grace Morton b. Salamanca, NY d. Buffalo, NY - Burial place: Body donated to Univ. of Buffalo Anatomical Gift Program
LOUCKS, Lester . Spouse of Betty Lou Morton . Born 26 Oct 1926 Died 26 May 2018 Age 91y s/o Calvin & Millie Buckley Loucks d. West Seneca, NY - US Air Force - Burial place: body donated to Univ. of Buffalo Anatomical Gift Program
MCCLURE, Marian S. . Spouse of Kenneth McClure . Born 15 Apr 1920 Died 2 Feb 2018 Age 97y d/o Glenn & Alyce Wyckoff Swarts b. Greenwood, NY (Funeral Home: Baker-Swan, Andover, NY) - Burial place: cremated, askes scattered
WERELEY, Ann . Spouse of William Little, Gordon "Bud" Wereley . Born 25 Nov 1930 Died 7 May 2018 d/o Harold & Marion Ehrhardt Ackerman b. Buffalo, NY d. Allegany, NY - Burial place: body donated to the University of Buffalo Medical Center
WOOLARD, Thomas Logan . Spouse of Dorothy Campbell Born 18 Jan 1913 Died 31 Oct 2017 Age 104y - s/o Logan L & Mary Stella Schweinhaut Woolard b. Washington, DC d. Savannah, Ga. - Burial place: Ashes Scattered

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