Nile, NY
Walked and Compiled by Charlie Barrett
ALLEN, Albert S. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 9-3-1811 Died 6-27-1898 
ALLEN, Andrew J. Spouse of Lydia S. Born 1831 Died 1889 
ALLEN, John G. Died 7-7-1866 Age 38y 2m 
ALLEN, Lydia S. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1836 Died 1904 
ALLEN, Melissa Spouse of Jerome B. Died 6-19-1857 Age 24y 3m Stone over bank
ALLEN, Sarah A. Spouse of Albert S. Died 9-2-1875 Age 53y 6m 
ANSON, Albert Died 5-1-1880 
AXTELL, Aaron Spouse of Sarah C Born 3-23-1757 Died 4-4-1824 Soldier of the Revolution - s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Whittemore Axtell
AXTELL, Affta Born 10-29-1831 Died 1-19-1852 child of Chauncey & Betsy A. Axtell
AXTELL, Betsey A. Spouse of Chauncey Born 4-4-1796 Died 2-3-1853 
AXTELL, Daniel Spouse of Elizabeth Died 12-25-1837 Age 79 
AXTELL, Elizabeth Spouse of Daniel Died 3-16-1839 
AXTELL, Harvey Spouse of Polly U Died 11-3- 1866 Age 80 
AXTELL, Kate Died 7-21-1886 Age 52y 7m 
AXTELL, Luther Spouse of Sarah P Born 11-11-1791 Died 7-12-1870 Son of Aaron & Sarah Crabtree Axtell
AXTELL, Marion Born 1843 Died 6-28-1843 Age 3m child of Joseph D. & Eliza Axtell
AXTELL, Peter W. Born 1832 Died 5-26-1840 Age 8 Son of Joseph D. & Eliza Axtell
AXTELL, Polly Utter Spouse of Harvey Born 12-10-1798 Died 1-28-1860 Dau. of Josiah & Mary Ketchum Utter
AXTELL, Sarah Crabtree Spouse of Aaron Born 1754 Died 7-12-1842 Age 88 
AXTELL, Sarah Peak Spouse of Luther Born 1780 Died 11-19-1859 Age 79 
BABCOCK, Daniel E. Spouse of Hannah Ann W Born 7-12-1828 Died 10-5-1898 
BABCOCK, Dressin Spouse of Ira 
BABCOCK, Eunice Spouse of Brayton MD. Died 2-25-1848 
BABCOCK, George Peleg Born 6-24-1858 Died 6-10-1881 Son of Daniel E. & Hannah Ann Witter Babcock
BABCOCK, Hannah Ann Witter Spouse of Daniel E. Born 6-5-1835 Dau. of Squire P. & Mary Ann Bowler Witter
BABCOCK, Lewis D. Born 1-18-1857 Died 1-31-1857 Son of Daniel E. & Hannah Ann Witter Babcock
BABCOCK, Newel C. Born 6-10-1866 Died 8-11-1873 Son of Daniel E. & Hannah Ann Witter Babcock
BABCOCK, Orson M. Born 1-10-1831 Died 3-2-1831 Son of Eunice & Brayton Babcock MD.
BILLS, Rhoda Died 9-26-1881 Age 73y 6m 
BOWLER, William Davis Spouse of Nancy Coon Died 3-29-1821 Age 36 Son of Charles Bowler
BURDICK, Ira Spouse of Mercy W Born 1800 Died 3-11-1872 Civil War Vet.
BURDICK, Mercy Wood Spouse of Ira Born 11-3-1798 Died 1-24-1865 
BURDICK, Peter Spouse of Ursula M. A Born 12-29-1808 Died 6-25-1882 
BURDICK, Samuel Eugene Born 12-30-1837 Died 3-30-1859 Son of Peter & Ursula M. Abbott Burdick
BURDICK, Ursula M. Abbott Spouse of Peter Born 5-16-1818 Died 7-18-1877 
CLARK, Anor B. Died 2-2-1872 Age 19 child of Joseph & Deborah Clark
CLARK, Charles Henry Born 11-20- 1831 Died 10-22-1861 Son of Paul & Polly Barter Rogers Clark
CLARK, Deby Ann Spouse of Edwin R. Died 10-1-1865 Age 47 
CLARK, Edwin A. Born 4-4-1846 Died 9-3-1870 Son of Paul & Olive S. Thrall Clark MD
CLARK, Edwin R. Spouse of Deby Ann Died 7-5-1889 Age 72 
CLARK, Harriet F. Died 4-5-1857 Age 15 Dau. of Joseph & Deborah Clark
CLARK, Infant Born 11-6-1869 Died 11-12-1869 Son of E. R. & Olive Clark
CLARK, Joseph E. Born 10-11- 1802 Died 7-4-1852
CLARK, Leona Spouse of George S. Died 12-20-1881 Age 27 
CLARK, Nancy Coon Spouse of Waite & William Davis B Born 12-7-1787 Died 6-26-1872 Dau. of Rev. Abram & Prudence Edwards Coon
CLARK, Olive S. Thrall Spouse of Paul MD Born 5-27-1816 Died 5-8-1904 
CLARK, Paul MD Spouse of Olive S. T Born 1807 Died 10-15-1859 Son of Waite & Jeanette Lanphere Clark
CLARK, Waite Spouse of Nancy C Born 4-18-1775 Died 5-14-1842 
CLARKE, Infant Died 2-26-1845 Dau. of E. R. & D. A. Clark
CLARKE, Joseph Neulon Spouse of Sarah Ann C Born 8-15-1829 Died 5-20-1914 Dau. of Paul & Polly Barter Rogers Clark
CLARKE, Polly Barter Rogers Spouse of Paul Born 1-2-1810 Died 7-20-1869 Dau. of Silas & Nancy Stillman Rogers
CLARKE, Sarah Ann Curtis Spouse of Joseph Neulon Born 9-27-1830 Died 1920 Dau. of Ephraim & Susan Rogers Curtis
COATS, Amos B. Born 6-18-1836 Died 9-22-1842 Son of Ambrose & Mary Kenyon Coats
COATS, Sally 
COLEGROVE, Mary Coon Spouse of Eli Born 9-10-1769 Died 7-12-1843 Dau. of David & Thankful Button Coon
COON, Abbey Green Spouse of Alonzo A. Died 10-27- 1872 Age 57 First wife of Alonzo A. Coon
COON, Alonzo A. Spouse of Abbey G & Prudence B Born 3-20-1809 Died 8-25-, 1887 Son of Pardon & Esther Walker Coon- 2nd wife was Prudence Bowler
COON, Charles Abner Born 7-5-1867 Died 4-4-1891 Son of William N. & Sarah Marie Witter Coon - he never married and died of consumption
COON, Infant Died 9-15-1869 Age 1y 3m Dau. of William N. & Sarah Marie Witter Coon
COON, Sarah Ann Witter Spouse of William Nichols Born 2-11-1840 Died 3-12-1871 Dau. of Squire P. & Mary Bowler Witter
COON, Sarah Marie Witter Spouse of William Nichols Died 3-3-1869 Age 27 
COON, William Nichols Spouse of Sarah Marie W Died 10-8-1875 Age 43 
COTTON, Anna Gold Spouse of Chauncy Died 3-7-1869 Age 73 Dau. of Talcott & Anna Barlow Gold
COTTON, Chauncy Spouse of Anna G Died 3-3-1869 Age 78 
COTTON, Henry L. Born 6-6-1836 Died 3-18-1837 Son of Chauncy & Anna Gold Cotton
COTTON, Infant Died 8-17-1826 Son of Chauncy & Anna Gold Cotton
COTTON, Infant Son of Chauncy & Anna Gold Cotton
CRANDALL, Abram C. Spouse of Sarah L. Maxson Died 1-23-1870 Age 87 
CRANDALL, Amelia Died 8-20-1853 Age 3 
CRANDALL, Annie Spouse of Samuel Plumb Died 3-23-1869 Age 51 
CRANDALL, Charles C. Born 4-3-1834 Died 10-24-1895 
CRANDALL, Henry W. Born 6-22-1836 Died 7-31-1856 Son of Samuel P. & Anna Crandall
CRANDALL, Infant Dau. Born 2-17-1870 Died 3-6-1870 Dau. of Samuel P. & Marian A. Weber Crandall
CRANDALL, John B. Died 11-25-1822 Son of A. C. Crandall
CRANDALL, Julius A. Born 8-27- 1844 Died 2-25-1862 Son of Samuel Park & Marian A. Weber Crandall Civil War Vet.
CRANDALL, Luanna S. Born 5-8-1843 Died 6-4-1852 Dau. of Abram C. & Sarah L. Crandall
CRANDALL, Marian A. Spouse of Samuel Park Born 3-3-1827 Died 5-24- 1882 Dau. of William & Bell Weber
CRANDALL, Marshall F. Born 12-16-1847 Died 9-13-1867 Son of Samuel Park & Marian A. Weber Crandall
CRANDALL, Samuel Park Spouse of Marian A. Born 9-7-1818 Died 3-6-1910 Son of Samuel Plumb & Hannah Crandall
CRANDALL, Samuel Plumb Spouse of Annie Born 1- 1793 Died 9-17-1878 
CRANDALL, Sarah L. Spouse of Adam C. Born 6-7-1787 Died 9-27-1860 Dau. of Perry Maxson
CURTIS, Bailey Dea. Died 8-4-1856 Age 86 
DANA, Celestia MORGAN Spouse of Daniel Died 4-17- 1863 Age 29y 6m Dau. of Joseph & Emile Morgan
DANA, Lorenzo MD Spouse of Polly G Born 3-8-1797 Died 9-26-1869 
DANA, Polly Gold Spouse of Lorenzo MD Born 8-6-1802 Died 3-7-1859 Dau. of Talcott & Anna Barlow Gold
DAVIS, Mary B. Spouse of Richard B. Died 5-15- 1897 Age 27 
EDWARDS, Clarissa Gifford Spouse of Daniel Born 6-24- 1802 Died 3-25-1887 
EDWARDS, Daniel Spouse of Clarissa G Born 9-8-1798 Died 7-31-1878 Son of Daniel Edwards
EDWARDS, Henry William Born 6-11-1836 Died 12-6-1857 Son of Daniel & Clarissa Gifford Edwards
EDWARDS, Josephine Born 10-29-1835 Died 6-21-1853 Dau. of Daniel & Clarissa Gifford Edwards
EDWARDS, Sophia Born 5-15- 1839 Died 6-5- 1859 Dau. of Daniel & Clarissa Gifford Edwards
EVANS, Shedback A. Spouse of Elizabeth Green Born 2-13- 1822 Died 3-30-1892 Civil War Vet - was married twice
FARR, Sarah A. Spouse of Sears FARR Born 1855 Died 1936 
FARR, Sears Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1856 Died 1926 
GILLETT, Indant dau. Born 11-1830 Died 11-1830 Dau. of Rev. W. B. Gillett
GILLETT, Infant Dau. Born 2-1829 Died 2-1829 Dau. of Rev. W. B. Gillett
GILLETT, Infant son Born 1-1828 Died 1-1828 Son of Rev. W. B. Gillett
GOLD, Anna Barlow Spouse of Talcott Born 10- 1763 Died 2-18, 1827 
GOLD, Samuel Son of Talcott & Anna Barlow Gold
GOLD, Talcott Spouse of Anna B Born 6-17-1759 Died 9-30- 1838 Revolutionary War Vet
GREEN, Martha Johnson Born 1816 Died 4-11-1872 Dau. of Ezekiel & Abbie Johnson
GREENE, W. H. Civil War Vet, Co. E 72nd Regt. NY Inf.
GRIGGS, Lydia Spouse of Reuben Died 1-31- 1837 Age 79 
GRIGGS, Reuben Spouse of Lydia Died 7-14-1858 Age 66 
HAZELDON, George W. Born 2-24-1842 Died 12-1- 1854 
HENRY, Aurelia Spouse of David Died 3-22-1866 Age 52y 8m 
HENRY, David Spouse of Aurelia Died 3-29- 1866 Age 56y 6m 
HICKS, Clarissa Spouse of Sylvester Died Sep 17, 1882 Age 72 
HICKS, Ester M. Spouse of William 
HICKS, Hoda Spouse of Nehemiah Born 8-17-1805 Died 4-27- 1881 
HICKS, Nehemiah Spouse of Hoda Born 1-20-1805 Died 4-3-1856 Son of William & Ester M. Hicks
HICKS, Sylvester Spouse of Clarissa Died 7-16-1882 Son of William & Ester M. Hicks
HICKS, William Spouse of Ester M. Born 9-12-1791 Died 10-29-1847 William was a Judge
HOWARD, Mary E. Osburn Spouse of J. H. Born 11-30-1828 Died 5-2- 1852 
HOWARD, William S. Born 7-31-1819 Died 3-25- 1873 
HUBBARD, Elizabeth Died 1-6-1853 Age 13y 6m 
HUBBARD, Mindwell Spouse of Thomas Died 1-28-1849 Age 66y 10m 
HUBBELL, Charles Spouse of Cornelia C Born 1822 Died 1903 
HUBBELL, Cornelia Coon Spouse of Charles Born 6-4-1833 Died 1898 Dau. of Alonzo A. & Abigail Green Coon
JOHNSON, Abbie Spouse of Ezekiel Died 1-11-1878 Age 86 
JOHNSON, Amarintha Died 8-1- 1867 Age 16 Dau. of James V. & Josephine Johnson
JOHNSON, Ezekiel Dea. Spouse of Hannah Died 4-15-1853 Age 61 Son of Ezekiel & Mary Johnson
JOHNSON, Ezekiel W. Spouse of Hannah R. Died 1-19-1876 Age 57 
JOHNSON, Hannah R. Lanphere Spouse of Ezekiel W. Born 9-22-1821 Died 3-25-1883 Dau. of Samuel & Hannah Potter Lanphear
JOHNSON, Helen R. Died 8-18-1864 Age 8 Dau. of James V. & Josephine Johnson
JOHNSON, Jessie W. G. Died 2-23-1846 Age 22 Dau. of Ezekiel & Abbie Johnson
JOHNSON, Josephine M. Died 2-25-1847 Age 26 Dau. of Ezekiel & Abbie Johnson
JOHNSON, Maria B. Died 8-22-1864 Age 12 Dau. of James V. & Josephine Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary A. F. Died 6-12-1855 Age 22 Dau. of Ezekiel & Abbie Johnson
KENYON, Augustus Spouse of Gracy Born 9-21-1773 Died 1-3-1854 Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Langworthy Kenyon
KENYON, Gracy Spouse of Augustus Born 1-8-1782 Died 4-9-1838 
LANGWORTHY, Mary Ester Clark Spouse of John Avery & Reuben Utter Born 1-23-1814 Died 4-21- 1897 Dau. of Wait & Nettie Lanphear Clarke
LANPHEAR, Avery Spouse of Hulda Youngglove Born 12-30- 1815 Died 10-5-1866 Son of Samuel & Hannah Potter Lanphear
LANPHEAR, D. Elwin 1866 Died 1908 Son of Nathan & Susan Lanphear
LANPHEAR, Ethan Spouse of Lois M. G & Olive T Born 3-3-1818 Died 1-20-1903 Son of Nathan & Hannah Potter Lanphear- Civil War Vet - Olive Thrall was his second wife
LANPHEAR, Hannah Potter Spouse of Samuel L Died 9-24-1878 Age 85 Dau. of Nathan Potter
LANPHEAR, Julia E. Spouse of S. Emory Died 10-19-1871 Age 50 
LANPHEAR, Lois M. Greenman Spouse of Ethan Died 3-9-1859 Age 37 First wife of Ethan Lanphear
LANPHEAR, Nathan Spouse of Susan Born 1825 Died 1912 
LANPHEAR, Ozelous E. Died 10-29- 1864 Age 24 Civil War Vet.
LANPHEAR, S. Emory Spouse of Julia E. Died 9-19-1847 Age 33y 9m 
LANPHEAR, Samuel Spouse of Hannah P Born 10-14- 1784 Died 1-17-1860 
LANPHEAR, Susan Spouse of Nathan Born 1827 Died 1905 Second wife of Nathan Lanphear
LANPHEAR, Winfield S. Born 1853 Died 1899 Son of Nathan & Susan Lanphear
LANPHERE, Emory D. Died 9-11-1851 Son of Nathan & Susan Lanphear
MAXSON, Abigail Lull Spouse of Able Born 1798 Died 2-10-1844 
McCORMICK, David Spouse of Susannah Born 9-16-1788 Died 6-29-1861 
McCORMICK, Euphias Died 12-3-1862 Age 26 
McCORMICK, Susannah Spouse of David Died 1-24-1886 Age 88 
McHENRY, Lyman Born 1821 Died 2-1866 Civil War Vet - 6th Regt. PA Cav.
MERRIMAN, Abigail Axtell Spouse of Sylvanis Died 2-16-1865 Age 83y 8m Dau. of Aaron & Sarah Crabtree Axtell
MERRIMAN, Augusta R. Born 3-16- 1858 Died 12-31-1858 Dau. of Warren & Rhoda Merriman
MERRIMAN, Sally Spouse of Horace F. Born 12-5- 1831 Died 11-25-1850 
MERRIMAN, Sylvanis Spouse of Abigail A Died 4-15-1860 Age 82y 6m He was a Judge
MITCHELL, Mary Spouse of J. C. Died 5-9-1863 Age 28 
MORGAN, Elizabeth Died 6-28-1836 Age 1 Dau. of Joseph & Emile Morgan
MORGAN, Emile Spouse of Joseph Died 2-5-1873 Age 76 
MORGAN, Joseph Spouse of Emile Died 3-23-1879 Age 84 
MULKIN, Abigail Spouse of Erastus Born 4-3-1796 Died 4-26-1865 
MULKIN, Erastus Spouse of Abigail Died 5-28-1875 Age 75y 6m 
MULKIN, John L. Died 5-10-1845 Age 5y 3m Son of Erastus & Abigail Mulkin
NEWTON, Abigail Spouse of Clark E. Died 6-2-1870 Age 79 
NEWTON, Clark E. Spouse of Abigail Born 1-25-1793 Died 4-9-1884 
NEWTON, Elizabeth Died 12-24-1824 Age 2 Dau. of Clark E. & Abigail Newton
NOBLE, William Died 3-5-1839 Age 71 
OSMAN, Nathan Died 5-5-1842 Age 72 
PONDS, George M. Died 9-2-1881 Age 64 
POST, Maude Born 5-4-1869 Died 9-26-1869 Dau. of Henry & Nettie J. Post
RANDOLPH, Herbert Died 3-10-1863 Age 5y 8m Son of J. A. & A. Randolph
RANDOLPH, Infant Dau. Died 1-22-1834 Dau. of Albert F. & Anna Randolph
RANDOLPH, Micah F. Died 8-12-1837 Age 53y 6m 
REED, Sarah E. Spouse of George B. Born 1842 Died 1928 
ROBERTSON, Abigail Stone Spouse of Peter Born 1802 Died 1882 Born in Greenfield, NY
ROBERTSON, Peter Spouse of Abigail S Born 1797 Died 1852 Born in Dunkeld, Scotland
ROWLEY, Jabez E. Born 7-29-1825 Died 1-7-1826 
SCOTT, Elbesster C. Born 5-22-1843 Died 8-3-1845 child of Rilly W. & Phebe A. Scott
SHAVER, Mary Imogene Babcock Spouse of Andrew S. Born 10-31-1854 Died 8-13-1883 Dau. of Daniel E. & Hannah Ann Witter Babcock
SISSON, Jane M. Spouse of Charles Born 1-12-1830 Died 10-5-1871 
SMALLEY, Cornelia Spouse of Sears Born 3-3-1800 Died 12-25- 1875 
SMALLEY, Diantha D. Spouse of Charles W. Died 10-26-1867 Age 32y 5m 
SMALLEY, Mary Born 1781 Died 1865 
SMALLEY, Nancy M. Spouse of Charles W. Died 8-27-1869 Age 21 
SMALLEY, Sears Spouse of Corneila Born 3-3-1802 Died 7-29-1880 Son of Mary Smalley
SMALLEY, Squire D. Died 10-2- 1864 Age 29 
SMALLEY, Willie E. Died 11-12-1864 Age 2y 5m Son of Abner & Martha Smalley
SMITH, Ann Spouse of R. T. Born 12-14-1823 Died 5-6-1855 
SMITH, Ida May Died 1-20-1865 Dau. of S. A. & M. A. Smith
SNYDER, Christiana Died 3-9- 1847 Age 27 Dau. of John & Elizabeth Snyder
SNYDER, Elizabeth Spouse of John Died 6-25-1871 Age 74y 3m 
SNYDER, John Spouse of Elizabeth Died 9-2-1873 Age 84 
STAATS, Amelia Born 7-31-1848 Died 8-20-1851 Dau. of John & Sarah Staats
STANNARD, Abigail Spouse of Harvey Died 7-1826 Age 35 
STANNARD, Edgar H. Born 5-16-1824 Died 8-2-1824 Son of Abram C. & Hannah T. Stannard
STANNARD, Edna H. Died 5-2- 1825 Age 3m Son of Abram C. & Hannah T. Stannard
STANNARD, Henry DOD & Age omitted as appeared to be in error
STANNARD, Louina Spouse of Harvey Born 12-6-1787 Died 4-18-1846 
STEBBINS, Abba A. Axtell Spouse of J. J. Born 1801 Died 1890 Dau. of Aaron & Sarah Crabtree Aztell
STEBBINS, Henrietta S. Born 2-27-1828 Died 3-1-1832 Dau. of J. J. & Abba A. Axtell Stebbins
STEBBINS, Infant Dau. Died 2-10-1826 Dau. of J. J. & Abba A. Axtell Stebbins
STEBBINS, J. J. Spouse of Abba A. A Born 1800 Died 1890 Justice of the Peace
STEENROD, Elias Spouse of Sophia A Born 1796 Died 6-26-1872 Age 76 Son of Ebenezer Steenrod Jr.
STEENROD, Levi M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 2-14-1819 Died 3-14-1878 Son of Elias & Sophia Axtell Steenrod 
STEENROD, Sophia Axtell Spouse of Elias Died 1-19-1858 
TAYLOR, Daniel Z. Spouse of Sally Born 1813 Died 1894 
TAYLOR, Sally Spouse of Daniel Z. Born 1819 Died 1894 
TAYLOR, Wellington C. Died 3-3-1851 Age 4y 2m Son of Daniel Z. & Sally Taylor
Unknown, ? Died 1833 13y 3m 
UNKNOWN, Elnora L. Born 8-25- 1858 Died 8-5-1865 
UNKNOWN, Lenora L. Died 9-16-1865 
UTTER, Charles B. Born 1-7-1852 Died 2-22- 1852 Son of George & Betsey M. Bigelow Utter
UTTER, Emma Born 4-27-1847 Died 4-15-1859 Dau. of Reuben Wilcox & Mary Ester Clark Utter
UTTER, Josiah Died 1812 
UTTER, Reuben Wilcox Spouse of Mary Ester C Born 7-11-1814 Died 5-9-1831 Son of William & Dolly Wilcox Utter
VANHORN, Olivia Morgan Spouse of George Born 1829 Died 7-2-1853 Dau. of Joseph & Emile Morgan
VANSLYKE, Sarah Ann Spouse of John J. Born 8-6-1822 Died 6-27-1845 
VOORHIES, Catherine Born 1812 Died 1890 Dau. of Jacob & Jane Voorhies Sr.
VOORHIES, Timbrook Born 1822 Died 1891 Son of Jacob & Jane Voorhies Sr.
WADSWORTH, Josephine D. Born 3-20-1867 Died 5-22-1867 Dau. of Herman & Ammorilla Wadsworth
WALKER, Hoda Hicks Born 8-17-1805 Died 4-27-1881 
WARDELL, Samuel B. Died 2-14-1837 Age 39 
WHITE, Amy Jane Edwards Spouse of Francis M. Born 12-30-1830 Died 1-25-1897 Dau. of Daniel & Clarissa Gifford Edwards Jr.
WHITE, Francis M. Spouse of Amy Jane E Born 3-26-1827 Died 10-12-1857 
WITTER, Almira Amelia 'Mira' Born 2-25-1848 Died 1-2-1890 Dau. of Squire P. & Mary Ann Bowler Witter
WITTER, Elizabeth Betsey Burdick Spouse of Clark Died 6-9-1883 Age 85 
WITTER, Ellen Arlie Clark Spouse of Horace D. Born 7-7-1854 Died 7-17-1935 Dau. of Joseph N. & Sarah Ann Curtis Clark 2nd wife mar. twice
WITTER, Mary Ann Bowler Spouse of Squire P. Born 12-29-1809 Died 4-22- 1902 Dau. of William D. & Nancy Coon Bowler
WITTER, Squire P. Spouse of Mary Ann B Born 9-25-1807 Died 11-15-1882 Son of Weeden & Mary Witter
WITTER, William Clark Born 5-18-1833 Died 3-12-1849 Son of Squire P. Mary Ann Bowler Witter
WRIGHT, Benjamin L. Spouse of Mary R. Born 11-18-1822 Died 12-21-1896 
WRIGHT, Caroline E. Spouse of William Born 7-2-1835 Died 7-20-1878 
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Spouse of William Born 3-14-1787 Died 11-18-1864 
WRIGHT, Frank M. Born 2-3-1857 Died 9-18-1884 Son of Benjamin L. & Mary R. Lanphere Wright
WRIGHT, Mary R. Lanphere Spouse of Benjamin L. Born 5-9-1830 Died 2-3-1907 Dau. of Samuel & Hannah Potter Lanphere
WRIGHT, William Spouse of Caroline E. Born 9-25-1817 Died 5-8-1876 


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