World War I Veterans

This page contains the names of 283 men and women from Allegany County who served in World War I.

Thank you for your service.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Allegany County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ALLEN, William I. ~ July 24, 1952 Richburg
ALSWORTH, Charles W. USMC, Pvt 11-7-1988 Maplewood
ANDERSON, Leo P. US Army, Pvt 1-25-1985 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ANDRUS, Claire Kenyon US Army AEF, Co. M 308th Inf. 77th Div. in France 1918 Maple Lawn, Boliver
APPLEBY, Morris C. US Army, STU Army TNG Corps, Pvt 8-21-1965 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BACON, Frank US Army, Pvt. 2-7-1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BAKER, Arthur M.  US Army, Pvt   5-17-1977 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BALEY, Robert Harold US Army Cen MG Off Tng Sch, Pvt 1956 Canaseraga
BARBER, Harold L. US Army, Career. (also WW II) 3-31-1960 Forest Hills Amity
BARNEY, Howard H US Army, HQ Co, 336 Fld Arty, Pfc 3-3-1946 Whitesville Rural
BASSETT, Guy F US Army152nd Depot Brigade, Pvt 8-25-1949 Whitesville Rural
BAXTER, Norman E. ~ 1947 Wells, Genesee
BEEBE, Maxwell E. US Army. Pvt 3-3-1974 Maplewood
BELLOWS, Orren W. US Army, 1875th Engr. Avn Bn, Sgt  5-20-1967 Stannards
BENSON, Harold  ~ ~ Wells, Genesee
BIRD, Elmer US Army, Cpl 7-3-1982 Canaseraga
BIRD, George Robert US Army, Co A 545th Inf, Pfc. 9-17-1964 Canaseraga
BISSELL, Clarence E. Co C 502nd Eng. 2-18-1970 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BLANCHARD, Walter J. US Army, Cpl 12-16-1973 Canaseraga
BLISS, Charles S.  ~ 5-17-1974 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BOLLINGER, Frank E.  ~ 1-13-1967 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BOYD, John C. US Army, Cpl. 5-18-1983 Forest Hills Amity
BOYLAN, Homer Ross US Army, Pvt 2-6-1957 Canaseraga
BRAINARD, Harold S. ~ 11-20-1946 Hillside, Andover
BRENNAN, George F. US Navy, E1. New York 5-5-1952 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BROWN, Edwin B. US Army, Pvt 1978 Forest Hills Amity
BURDICK, Donald E. US Army, 304th Fld Arty 77th Div, BIRYD 1945 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURDICK, Earle L. US Army, 316th Inf, 1/Lt. Purple Heart 1-21-1942 Forest Hills Amity
BURDICK, Elmer  ~ 1929 Wells, Genesee
BURDICK, George M. US Army, Co. M 2 Inf, Pfc 9-9-1967 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURDICK, Lewis Harold ~ 11-2-1918 Wells, Genesee
BURDICK, Louis Harold ~ 1916 Wells, Genesee
BURGESS, Clarence US Army 1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CADY, Earl US Army 1-25-1985 Allentown
CAIN, Thomas Leo US Army 1987 St. Mary's, Burns
CALKINS, Henry W. US Army, Pvt 11-20-1965 Forest Hills Amity
CANFIELD, Paul Bradley KIA, US Army, Hq 307 Arty 78th Div. Killed in Belgium   11-4-1918 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CARPENTER, Clayton J. US Army, Co D 23rd Inf, Cpl 10-27-1968 St. Mary's, Burns
CARRIER, Neil S. US Army, 9th AMTN 9th Div, Sgt 10-30-1948 Maple Lawn, Boliver
CASE, Alton D. ~ 4-14-1978 Clarksville
CHAIN, Alfred F. US Army, Medical Department, Pvt 11-15-1952 Knights Creek
CHAPMAN, Daniel Beecher US Army 9-9-1933 Canaseraga
CHRIST, Lesley R. US Army 2-7-1955 Black Creek
CLAPP, Charles L. US Army, Co. C. 335th Machine Gun Bn, Pvt 6-5-1955 Forest Hills Amity
CLARK, Gerald Francis US Army, Co. K 345th Inf, Pvt 3-5-1966 Forest Hills Amity
CLARKE, Howard Maxon 403 TEL Bn, Pfc 5-20-1947 Independence
CLAYTON, Lester US Army Co D 87th Inf 1919 Forest Hills Amity
CODISPOTI, Bruno ~ 1959 St. Marys, Bolivar
CONGELLI, Angelo 250 PW ESC CO ASC, Pvt. New York 12-27-1948 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CONNEELY, Thomas S. NY QM Corps, Pvt 1-24-1953 Richburg
CONRAD, Edward C. US Army, Sgt 1975 Canaseraga
COOMBS, Phillip W. US Army 1937 Canaseraga
COOPER, Glenn US Army, 152nd Depot Brigade, Wagoner 10-2-1956 Canaseraga
CORBIN, Harlan H. KIA, US Army, Co A 327th Inf, Pfc. Killed at Argonne, buried in Argonne American Cemetery France 10-16-1918 rgonne American Cemetery France
CORBIN, Manley N. US Army, Sgt 8-20-1975 Forest Hills Amity
CORBIN, Richard W. US Army Air Force, 25th Service CP, Pfc. Career. (also WW II) 5-21-1960 Forest Hills Amity
CORNWELL, G. Earnest  US Army Co L 108-27 1925 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CRITTENDEN, James H US Army, Pfc 3-6-1975 Whitesville Rural
CROOKS, Raymond Merritt  US Army, 2/Lt. Philippine Scout. Enlisted 1915 in Columbus OH. Discharged 9-10-1918. 5-11-1936 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CUDDEBACK, Alfred L US Army, 306th Brig Tank Corps, Pfc 1963 Canaseraga
DALTON, Matthew US Army, 152nd Depot Brigade, Cpl. New York 10-6-1949 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DAVENPORT, Volney US Army, Co. L 325th Inf, Pvt 10-29-1968 Forest Hills Amity
DAVIS, Harold LeRoy US Army, Medical Dept, Pvt 10-23-1960 Stannards
DAVISON, Irving J. US Army  10-31-1963 Until the Day Dawn
DEATS, Walter * III Inf. 28th Div.   2-5-1941 Short Tract
DeLONG, Harrison Co D 807 Inf. 9-16-1918 Forest Hills Amity
DeLONG, Hershall H. US Army, Co. K 108th Inf 27th Div, Pvt. Purple Heart 3-22-1936 Forest Hills Amity
DEPEW, Merritt  NY 307 Tm  11-15-1960 Mt. Hope, Friendship
DIETER, Clark W US Army, Co K, Pvt 1920 Canaseraga
DOLAN, John G US Army, Co 153 Depot Brig, Pv 2-4-1956 Gates of Heaven
DONOVAN, William H. US Army, Pvt 9-12-1977 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DRISCOLL, Mortimer ~ 1932 Gates of Heaven
DUFFY, Owen F. US Army, 325th Inf 82nd Div, Pfc. Purple Heart. New York 11-18-1947 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
EATON, Harmonis US Army Co B 49th Engrs 9-1-1976 West Genesee
EATON, Roscol Conklin M.D. US Army, Medical Corp 3rd Div, Capt 9-30-1972 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ENOS, Clyde Co D 348th Inf 1952 Forest Hills Amity
ERVIN, Charles B. US Army, 310 Inf 78 Div, Pfc 2-13-1951 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FANTON, George E. US Army, Co. C 1st Development Bn, Pvt 12-13-1963 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FARR, Lerenzo Kenneth US Army, 321st Field Arty, Pvt 6-16-1943 Forest Hills Amity
FLAMINI, Vincent US Army, Co E 109th Inf 28 Div, Pfc 8-23-1965 Whitesville Rural
FONTAINE, John W. US Army, Pfc 1-27-1955 Forest Hills Amity
FOX, Marsden US Army Ambulance Service, Pfc 7-7-1957 Whitesville Rural
FRAIR, Herman E. ~ 3-8-1973 West Genesee
FREEMAN, Earl L. US Army, HQ Co. 345 Inf, Cook  4-8-1964 Maple Lawn, Boliver
GARWOOD, Claude H US Army 354th Aero Sq, Pvt 9-15-1970 Canaseraga
GARWOOD, Robert D Royal Flying Corp, Cadet 152252 3-28-1918 Canaseraga
GARWOOD, William H. US Army, Sgt 1985 Canaseraga
GAVITT, Russell G. US Navy, S1 8-7-1969 Fairlawn Scio
GAYFORD, Frank Leslie * Co I 48th Inf, Pfc 5-17-1961 Short Tract
GEISENHOF, Charles US Army, 308th Inf. 77th Div, Pvt. New York 10-5-1918 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
GILLILAND, Harry G. US Army, Cpl 1983 Maple Lawn, Boliver
GLENDING, Francis James HQ Co. 27th Field Arty, Sgt. New York 1-14-1956 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
GOHO, Clifford G US Guard, Co D 14th Bn. 1969 Canaseraga
GOODNOE, George US Army, Pfc 10-17-1971 Whitesville Rural
GRAVES, John W. USMC, Pvt 8-19-1968 Stannards
GRAVES, Leon US Army, Cook 5-6-1975 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
GREENE, Ernest Germaine US Army, Btry C 307th Fld Arty, 2/Lt. France 2-15-1948 Alfred Rural
GROSSMAN, Wilbur B. US Army, HQ 302nd Ammo Train, Cook 1954 Stannards
GROSSMAN, Willis L. US Army, 11030th Aero Sq, Pvt 5-19-1962 Stannards
GROVER, Ira M US Army, 1st BN Training Corp, Pvt  6-4-1954 Whitesville Rural
GUIDARELLI, Andrew US Army 9-18-1981 St. Mary's, Amity
HAMILTON, Clifton F. Co. L 308th Inf, Cpl 9-25-1968 Fairlawn Scio
HANSON, William John 8 Co. Cen MG OFF TNG SCH, Pvt. New York Pvt 6-8-1955 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
HARRIS, Charles Victor US Army. Career. (also WW II) 8-6-1976 Oramel
HARRISON, Henry D. ~ 10-31-1959 Oramel
HART, Robert J. KIA, died in France 10-24-1918 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
HARTMAN, Lyle L. US Army, Co. C 102 AMMO Train, Cpl 2-9-1971 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HAUSER, Frank J. US Army AEF, 188th Aero Squadron, Pvt 1918 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
HAYES, Edmund M. US Army,Med Dept, Cook.New York 10-27-1967 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
HAZZARD, Frone US Army, Pvt. 4-30-1989 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HEIMAN, Caroline US Army, Nurse Corp 1954 St. Mary's, Burns
HENRY, Robert M US Army, Sgt 5-14-1971 Whitesville Rural
HERRINGTON, Leon H. US Army, Btry 736 Field Arty, Cook  11-3-1960 Oramel
HICKS, Robert (BERT) US Army 1956 Black Creek
HILL, Ralph Dudley ~ 11-6-1942 Wells, Genesee
HILLS, Farmer Judge  KIA, died in France 1919 Mt. Hope, Friendship
HITCHCOCK, Henry US Army, Btry A 81 Field Arty, Pvt 7-24-1964 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HOLBROOK, James N. US Army, Bugler 11-5-1947 Woodlawn, Wellsville
HOLLY, Ernest James US Army, 303 AMM Train 78 Div, Pvt. 8-19-1925 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HOLMES, Ralph Albert ~ 7-31-1934 Clarksville
HORNER, Fred  US Army 4-28-1988 Black Creek
HORNER, W alter US Army, 3rd Trench Mortar Bn 1927 Forest Hills Amity
HUGHES, Frank M. US Army, 308th Inf 77th Div, Pvt 8-17-1950 St. Marys, Bolivar
HUGHES, William J. US Army, Cpl 8-1-1954 St. Marys, Bolivar
HULBERT, Elba William US Army, 345 Inf 87th Div, Pvt 5-7-1950 St. Marys, Bolivar
HULBERT, Wayne C. Co. H 49th Inf 1924 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HUNGERFORD, Edward E . US Army  4th Fld Arty Band 1973 St. Marys, Bolivar
HUNGERFORD, Thomas P. US Army 15th Fld Arty 1965 St. Marys, Bolivar
HURLBERT, William H. KIA, US Army, 108 Inf. 27 Div, Pfc 10-19-1918 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HYDE, Charles L. US Army Engineers in France  5-28-1992 Maple Grove, Friendship
INGALLS, Ross G. US Army AEF, Co. L 28th Div. 112th Inf.  1918 Maple Lawn, Boliver
IVES, Orlo A. US Army, Pvt 1-22-1988 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
JAMES, Robert T US Army, Co F 3oth inf 3rd Div, Pvt 1921 Whitesville Rural
JENNINGS, Floyd E. NY Co. B 310 Inf, Pfc  2-15-1925 Richburg
JONES, George J US Army, Pfc 6-14-1971 Hallsport Union
JONES, Leon C. US Army, Pfc. Career. (also WW II) 4-23-1990 Maple Lawn, Boliver
JORGESON, Elmer R.  US Army     9-8-1972 Mt. Hope, Friendship
KEATING, P. F. KIA, US Army, Capt 4-17-1917 Canaseraga
KELLER, Robert B. ~ 4-4-1980 West Genesee
KELLOGG, Milfred US Army, Co A 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt 3-18-1971 Whitesville Rural
KELLY, John J. US Army, 19 Fld Arty 5th Div, LDR. Texas Asst Band leader 4-11-1952 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
KELLY, Parker L. US Army, Btry D 15 Fld Arty, Pfc  13-Mar-66 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
KELLY, Walter Leroy US Army, Co B 56th Pioneer Inf 9-17-1966 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
KING, Paul D. US Army, Pvt 11-17-1982 Forest Hills Amity
KINNEY, Hanford A. ~ 1971 Wells, Genesee
KINNICUTT, Guy W. US Army, Co. D 155 Depot Brigade, Pvt 2-6-1957 Knights Creek
KNICKERBOCKER, Leon US Army, 303rd Labor Co OMC, Pvt 7-27-1960 Canaseraga
KNOWLTON, Frederick J. [Pinky] ~ 6-14-1981 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
KREINER, C . F. Co 36 153rd Depot Brgde. 1918 Maple Lawn, Boliver
KRUGER, Paul  USMC 11-10-1981 Mt. Hope, Friendship
LAFORGE, Charles A. US Navy 10-31-1981 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
LAMONTE, Olin V. US Army, Pvt 7-4-1987 Canaseraga
LAMPHIER, Cass P US Army, Sgt 1-27-1964 Whitesville Rural
LATHAN, Carl H. US Army, Ordnance Dept, Cpl 7-28-1971 Maple Lawn, Boliver
LEAVENS, Donald W. US Army Chem Corps, Col.  1965 First Burying Ground
LEONARD, William R. DOD, Enlisted 12-10-1917 42 Prov. Aero SOAD U.S. Vol. died at Waco, Texas 3-11-1918 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
LEWIS, Leon G. US Army, Pvt 1-21-1973 Stannards
LEWIS, Robert K US Army, Btry F 309th Fld Arty 78th Div, Cook 1960 Whitesville Rural
LONG, John H US Army Training Corp, Pvt 2-22-1968 Whitesville Rural
LORING, David A. DOW, US Army, Co B 305th Inf, Pfc. Died of wounds 11-17-1918 11-17-1918 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
LYNCH, Michael V US Army, 17 Co 153 Depot Brig, Cpl 3-3-1967 Gates of Heaven
LYNCH, Thomas L KIA, US Army, Co C 47th Inf, Sgt. Killed in France 8-10-1918 St. John, Andover
Mac DONELL, Leon J. US Army, 329 Guard & Fire Co. QMC, Pfc 9-1-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MACK, Dorr J. DOW, US Army, HQ Co 304th Fld Arty, Pvt. Died of wounds in France 10-3-1918 Until the Day Dawn
MACROW, Lester E.  ~ 1-26-1978 Holy Cross, Belfast
MAKEE, No First Name  Cpl 169 ~ Short Tract
MAPES, Jay Wheaton ~ 1926 Canaseraga
MAXSON, Leslie ~ 1-2-1927 Wells, Genesee
MAXSON, Weldon Rice US Army, STU Army TNG Corps, Pfc 7-11-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MCCARTHY, Francis E. US Navy 7-13-1974 Short Tract
MCCARTHY, John J. US Army, Pvt 4-3-1987 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
MCCONNELL, Lester J US Army, 364th Inf, Wagoner 1963 Canaseraga
MCDONALD, D. Eloy US Army, PFC 1983 Sacred Heart, Friendship
McDONOUGH, James L US Marine Corps, Pvt 5-17-1985 Gates of Heaven
MCNAMARA, Arthur John  ~ 4-5-1953 Holy Cross, Belfast
MCTARNAGHAN, Charles E US Army, Wagoner 1974 Canaseraga
MEHRMAN, Rudolf  ~ 8-18-1950 Holy Cross, Belfast
MERIT, Carl L. US Army, Pvt  8-17-1979 Independence
METZ, Norman E  ~ 10-25-1951 Holy Cross, Belfast
MEYERS, James Leslie  ~ 10-7-1958 Holy Cross, Belfast
MEYERS, Jo Lewis, Dr.  ~ 6-24-1927 Holy Cross, Belfast
MONROE, Ernest M. Col. US Army, Col. Career-1917-1947 1976 Stannards
MONROE, Harry L. US Army, Cpl 1-17-1965 Stannards
MOOT, Allen T. ~ 4-30-1966 Black Creek
MOYER, Roy S. US Army, Pvt. 7-7-1971 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MUNICH, Erie F. US Army, Pfc  5-8-1976 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MUNKES, Joseph M. ~ 1943 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MUNKES, Paul P. US Army, Pvt 1-17-1990 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MURPHY, Daniel J. US Army, Cpl 2-19-1973 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MURPHY, Edward J. 308 Field RMT SQDN QC, Cook  2-10-1930 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
NAGLE, William J. US Army, MG Co. 9th Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart. New York 10-8-1952 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
NORTON, Edward L. 102nd Ord. 4-12-1934 Mt. Hope, Friendship
O'LAUGHLIN, Paul L.  US Navy 9-11-1961 Holy Cross, Belfast
O'LEARY, James J. US Army, Co. B 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt. New York 10-23-1964 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
OLMSTEAD, Raymond E. Isthian Canal Commission (also Spanish-American) 1934 Forest Hills Amity
O'MEARA, Peter O. US Army Air Force, 43 AAF Bomb SQ, M/Sgt. 1948 Sacred Heart, Friendship
PACE, Phillip E. USNR, Commander. Career. (also WW II) 12-2-1967 Forest Hills Amity
PAOLIELLO, Nicola US Army, QM Corps, PFC 1-24-1943 Sacred Heart, Friendship
PAYNE, Leo Iven ~ 1918 Clarksville
PERRY, Claire B . US Army, Co C. 9th Inf, Sgt 2-21-1968 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PERRY, George D. ~ 10-21-1951 Wells, Genesee
PFUNTNER, Walter A. 44th Coast Arty, Cpl. Pennsylvania 8-2-1945 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PIERCE, Albert J.  US Army 15th Co 153rd Depot Brig. 8-16-1924 Mt. Hope, Friendship
PIEROTTI, Louis L. US Army, Co. E 403 Telegraph Bn, Cpl New York 7-25-1952 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PIKE, Leo W. US Army, Pvt 8-30-1992 Forest Hills Amity
POPE, Winfield S. Co. A 315th AM Tr 1941 Maple Lawn, Boliver
POST, Lyman  US Army, 305th Fld Arty 77th Div 7-28-1950 Christ Church Episcopal
POUNDS, Jessie R. US Army, 2Lt 3-31-1970 Maple Lawn, Boliver
POWERS, Chester Sr. ~ 9-19-1966 Oramel
PRENTICE, George A. US Navy, Sea 4-4-1967 Forest Hills Amity
PRESUTTI, Ralph US Army, Co L 345th Inf, Pvt 6-20-1931 St. Mary's, Amity
PRINDLE, Horace C. ~ 2-3-1961 Wells, Genesee
REYNOLDS, Lester ~ ~ Wells, Genesee
RICHARDSON, Earl L. US Army, Pvt 1982 Maple Lawn, Boliver
RICHARDSON, Ernest US Army, Co. B 302 Engrs, Pvt 11-16-1964 Maple Lawn, Boliver
RIDER, Furman Elias US Army, Cpl 12-24-1961 Stannards
RIGBY, Frank G US ArmyCo D 502nd Engrs, Cpl 8-7-1976 Whitesville Rural
RIXFORD, Guy L. US Army, Co 13 153rd Depot Brig, Pvt 7-8-1943 Stannards
ROBINSON, Walter US Army, Gen Svc Inf, Cpl 9-27-1954 Canaseraga
ROGERS, Sr., Vincent J. US Army, Pvt 1974 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
ROGERS, Walter A. ~ 1-12-1951 Richburg
ROOT, Curtiss KIA,  C.A.C. 20 Co. Died in France 1918 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ROSS, Charles US Army, 101st Div Camp Shelby MS, PFC 1982 St. Marys, Bolivar
RYAN, Samuel US Army 12-8-1976 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SACKINGER, Harry F. US Army, 673 Aero Sq, Sgt 6-6-1966 St. Marys, Bolivar
SANBORN, Harold H.  US Navy, QM1 1979 Mt. Hope, Friendship
SAYERS, James T US Army, Cpl 1974 Canaseraga
SCHETTINE, Anthony USMC, Pvt. Ohio 2-2-1972 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SCHOLES, Richard C. Co B 303rd Engr. 78th Div 1935 Forest Hills Amity
SCHREINER, George US Army, 112th Engrs. 37 Div, Pfc. Ohio 2-28-1947 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SCHREINER, Joseph B. US Army, MG Co, 9th Inf, Pfc. New York 4-12-1972 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SCHWALB, Edward US Army, Pvt 1-22-1990 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SCOTT, Winfield I Jr. KIA, US Army, Co M 308th Inf 1918 Canaseraga
SERGEANT, Stanley V. 1st C. Aviation 1918 Knights Creek
SLADE, George Co. F 131 Inf. 1918 Short Tract
SPENCER, Melvin M. US Army, Co. A 155th Depot Brigade, Pvt 10-6-1963 Forest Hills Amity
STARR, Stephen US Navy, S2 9-8-1953 Gates of Heaven
STEELE, Orin  Col K 161 Inf Div  9-1-1965 Holy Cross, Belfast
STOUT, Earnest W. ~ 1949 Mt. Hope, Friendship
SWORT, Minard J US Army, Pvt 9-5-1976 Whitesville Rural
THOMAS, Bert A. US Army, Bugler 5-13-1978 Forest Hills Amity
THOMAS, Floyd US Army, Pfc 1983 Fairlawn Scio
THORNTON, Clair ~ 2-4-1954 West Genesee
THORWART, Frank X. US Army, Pfc 1977 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
TOAL, Roy E. US Army, 157 Depot Brigade. Mech 11-10-1949 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TOBIN, Thomas R. US Navy, Cpl 12-14-1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
TOLL, Richard L. 15th Constal. Regt, SFC. New York 9-19-1965 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
TOMASELLO, Phillip US Army, Co B 310th Inf 78th Div, Pvt 3-9-1922 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
TOWELL, Vincent W.  ~ 5-3-1952 Holy Cross, Belfast
TOWNSEND, Harry US Army, Pfc  2-28-1977 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TOWNSEND, Harry Glen  US Army,  312th Inf  7-17-1926 Mt. Hope, Friendship
TRASK, Laverne Raymond US Army, 154th Aero Sq, Pvt 2-17-1963 Stannards
VAN DYKE, Harold C US Army Training Corp, Pvt 4-6-1962 Whitesville Rural
VERNON, Charles B. US Army, Pvt. 1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
VONLAUTZ, Carl H. ~ 1983 West Genesee
WAGNER, Lee H US Army, Cpl  1985 Canaseraga
WAGNER, Peter Gregory KIA, US Army, Co H 148 Inf 1916 Forest Hills Amity
WALDEN, Watson L US Army, Co B 4th Inf 1929 Whitesville Rural
WAMPOLE, George Sr. US Army, Cpl 1965 Canaseraga
WEIHONIG, Charles J. US Army, Pfc 12-24-1986 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WEIHONIG, John L. US Army, 21st Co. 153rd Depot Brigade, Pvt. New York 12-25-1967 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WELLS, Alton US Army, Btry F 305 Field Arty, Pfc 1969 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
WHALEN, John J.  DOD, 43rd Co, 11th Bn 153rd Dep Bde 9-6-1918 Holy Cross, Belfast
WHEDON, Ore E. Co L 108 Regt.  1930 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WHEELER, Charles C. USMC, Pvt 10-12-1967 St. Mary's, Burns
WHELPLEY, George D . US Navy, BM1. Career. (also WW II) 1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WHITE, Charles Irving US Army, Co H 9th Inf, Pvt 7-5-1965 Fairlawn Scio
WHITE, James M. ~ 1969 Wells, Genesee
WHITFORD, Ferris S. ~ 4-13-1970 Wells, Genesee
WHITTAKER, Coy ~ 1966 Black Creek
WILLIAMS, Chauncy F. US AEF, HQ Co 108th Inf 27th Div, Pvt 8-3-1927 Black Creek
WILLIAMS, Clarence Wakely US AEF, 307th Inf, Cpl 4-2-1933 Black Creek
WILLIAMS, Glenn A. ~ 4-23-1977 Clarksville
WILLIAMS, Maire Edward US Army, 307th Fld Arty Band 78th Div. AEF, Bandmaster  1929 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WING, Lewis US Army, Co A 307th Inf 77th Div, Cpl 6-25-1955 Canaseraga
WINTERBERGER, Gilbert J. ~ 3-15-1964 Wells, Genesee
WINTERS, Otto W. US Army, Pfc 1975 Maplewood
WITHERELL, Wells ~ 1933 Canaseraga
WITHEY, Fred S. NYNG, 74th Inf, Pvt 6-30-1955 Maplewood
WITTER, Joseph S. US Army, Co A, 344the MG Bn, Wagoner 8-9-1957 Stannards
WOOD, Albert T US Army, Co D 102nd Engr, Cook 2-22-1965 Canaseraga
WOOD, Edson L. ~ 5-27-1944 Mt. Hope, Friendship
YOUNG, Clarence G. US Army, 9th Inf, Sgt 4-11-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
YOUNG, Clifton B. US Army, 15th Bn US Guards, Cpl 11-13-1948 Oramel

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