World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of 1249 men and women from Allegany County who served in World War II.
Some were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ACKERMAN, Charles W. US Army Air Corps, Sgt 12-20-1994 Forest Hills Amity
ACKLEY, Clifford R. [Duke] US Navy aboard USS Manatee in the pacific until 1946. Aboard the USS Macon in Korea. 3-5-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ACKLEY, Donald US Army, Cpl 2-19-1992 Canaseraga
AIKEN, Donald C. US Navy, S2 11-19-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
AIKEN, Eugene Ralph  Dead, USNR, F1 5-4-1945 St. Mary's, Amity
ALDEN, Everett E. US Army Air Forces, Cpl 9-16-1975 Knights Creek
ALDRICH, H. Edward US Army, S/Sgt 1982 Stannards
ALDRICH, William E. [Billy] US Army, S/Sgt 7-4-1984 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ALEXANDER, David S. J. British Army, London & Italy 3-7-2009 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
ALLEN, James H. US Army Air Force, 301st Dep Rep Sq, S/Sgt 6-19-1966 St. Mary's, Amity
ALLEN, Lawrence B. US Army, Cpl 1252 Svc Cmd Unit. Bronze Star ~ Allentown
ALSWORTH, Charles W. Jr. US Army Air Force, FLT Officer 7-3-2002 Maplewood
AMBROSELLI, Albert V. US Army, Pfc 9-4-1995 St. Mary's, Amity
AMBROSELLI, Joseph A.  US Army, Europe 4-30-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ANDERSON, Irving ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ANDERSON, Joseph R. US Navy. Abroad the USS Oyster Bay  6-11-2012 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ANDERSON, Reino W. US Army, Pfc 5-3-1975 Canaseraga
ANDERSON, Wilho ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ANDERSON, William ~ ~ Wells, Genesee
ANDERTON, Alfred D. [Al]  US Army in Japan 10-13-2013 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ANGELL, Jay S. US Army Air Force, S/Sgt. 1942-1945  9-14-2014 Fairlawn Scio
ANGOOD, Robert L.  US Army, S/Sgt 9-7-1998 Fairlawn Scio
APGAR, Ralph W. Sr. US Navy 1961 Maple Lawn, Boliver
APGAR, William F. US Army, Btry C 307th Fld Arty 78th Div, Sgt. Served in France 1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
APPLEBY, Carl L. US Navy, S2 12-19-1973 Maple Lawn, Boliver
APPLEBY, Richard H. US Army Air Corps, Cpl 10-2-1994 St. Marys, Bolivar
APPLEBY, Robert M. [Whip] US Navy 2-14-2009 St. Marys, Bolivar
ARMSTRONG, Jay E. US Army, Europe. Purple Heart and other medals  9-3-2006 White, Rushford
ATKINS, Herbert A. US Army Air Force, Pvt 8-16-1972 Stannards
ATWOOD, Kenneth L. USMC, S/Sgt 1981 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
AUSTIN, Ernest D. US Army 2-17-2009 Until the Day Dawn
AUSTIN, Francis Glenn US Army, Tec4 3-15-1983 Forest Hills Amity
BABCOCK, Harold D. US Army, Personnel Technician 9-10-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BAILEY, James ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BAILEY, Orie W. US Army, Pfc  12-31-1993 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BAKER, John Edward US Army Air Corps, Pfc 4-26-1993 Gates of Heaven
BAKER, Robert A. [Moose] US Navy 1-2-2008 Gates of Heaven
BALDWIN, Homer F. US Navy, MM1 10-7-1994 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BALDWIN, John R. US Army, 299th Engrs 51st Bn, S/Sgt 3-22-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BALDWIN, Robert H. US Army, ? Airborne Div 7-18-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BALDWIN, Robert W. US Navy 1946-1948 2-4-2015 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BALDWIN, Verne [Dib] US Navy, GM3  3-15-2004 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BALDWIN, William [Mike] US Army Air Corps, Sgt 10-25-1997 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BALL, Donald J. US Navy, RD2 3-9-1998 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BALL, Richard C. US Army 1941-45 Bronze Star 1-26-2004 Gates of Heaven
BALL, Robert A. US Army 1-9-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BARBER, Harold L. US Army, Career. (also WW I) 3-31-1960 Forest Hills Amity
BARBER, Hugh F. US Army, Pfc 3-31-1997 Knights Creek
BARDWELL, Howard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BARKER, Chester Eugene US Army, Sgt 1994 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
BARNES, Darwin K. US Navy 5-9-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BARNES, James S. US Navy 1989 Clarksville
BARNES, Robert A.  ~ 12-22-1989 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BARNETT, Barbara Temple US Army, 1/Lt 1989 Gates of Heaven
BARRETT, Clarence F. Jr. US Navy 1994 Bowler Memorial
BARROS, Anthony J US Army 12-3-2012 Canaseraga
BARTLETT, Fred D . US Army, Pvt 1980 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BARTOO, Gerald K US Army, 314th Ord MAMCO, Pvt 3-16-1955 Canaseraga
BARTZ, Laurence F US Army, 544 Eng Bn S Regt, S/Sgt  12-31-1951 Gates of Heaven
BEAN, Emmett J. US Army, S/Sgt 6-11-1992 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BEAN, Willard W. KIA, US Army, 109 Engr. Bn 34 Div, Pfc 3-30-1943 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BEARDSLEY, Clifford H.  US Army  5-3-2007 Alger, Hume NY
BEARDSLEY, Fred L. US Navy, S1 7-28-1963 Bates
BECK, Merl J. US Navy 9-2-2012 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BEEBE, Robert L. US Army, South Pacific 6-19-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BEECH, John B. [Pop] US Marine Corps, Battle of Guadalcanal & served on USS Wilkes Barre in the Pacific 11-2-2005 Cuba
BEECHER, Charles J US Navy, S1 6-1-1976 Canaseraga
BEECHER, Gerald C. US Navy, QM3 10-23-1959 Canaseraga
BEHRINGER, Norbert J. D.D.S. US Army, Capt. 1982 Sacred Heart, Friendship
BELL, Frederick C.  US Army 12-2-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BELL, Theodore J. US Army 2000 St. Marys, Bolivar
BENEDICT, Raymond E. ~ 8-30-1982 Wells, Genesee
BENTLEY, Edward C. US Army, Tec5 5-18-1990 Fairlawn Scio
BENTLEY, Robert H. US Army, Tec4 1985 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BERG, Robert L. US Army Air Corps, 3rd Photo Recon SQ. 1943-1945. B-29 navigator, 23 missions over Japan 11-29-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BERRY, Herbert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BERRY, Walter ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BESSEY, Howard MIA, US Army 15th Air Force. Missing, body not recovered, declared dead 1944 Dimmick
BEST, Ralph J. US Army, Sgt 8-19-1990 St. Marys, Bolivar
BEST, William H. US Army, Sgt 7-4-1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BIGELOW, John C. US Navy 10-10-2008 Forest Hills Amity
BILBY, Woodrow US Army  7-17-1991 Stannards
BILLINGS, Virgil C US Army, Tec5 1975 Whitesville Rural
BIRD, Charles ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BIRTCIL, Harold W. US Army, Pvt May 17, 1975 Richburg
BISHOP, Cornelius Barney US Navy, MM2 8-9-2000 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BISSELL, Carl Francis USMC Res, Pvt. New York Pvt 10-26-1961 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BLACK, Gordon M. US Army, Cpl 2-14-1977 Fairlawn Scio
BLACK, Lawrence US Army, Tec5 2-11-1993 Fairlawn Scio
BLACK, Robert L. US Army, Tec5, He marched in the funeral procession of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt 6-24-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BLEDSOE, Eugene E. [Gene] US Army  1-13-2008 Whitesville Rural
BLISS, George W. US Army, Capt. 7-14-1976 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BLISS, Malcolm D. US Navy 2-16-2006 White, Rushford
BLOOMSTER, Raymond E. US Army, Cpl 1995 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
BLOSSOM, Harry L.  ~ 4-6-1963 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BLOWERS, John A. US Army 8-24-2004 Canaseraga
BLOWERS, Roy Richard US Army, Pvt 5-23-1991 Canaseraga
BOGLE, David M. US Navy. 1941-47 3-14-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BOOTH, Frederick J. US Army Air Force, Sgt 7-13-1974 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BOOTH, Robert US Army  1980 Stannards
BORDEN, Charles A US Army, Capt 1982 Canaseraga
BOTENS, Keith A. US Army, Tec5 4-11-1996 First Burying Ground
BOTENS, Richard D. US Army, Pacific. 1942-1946. Received the Philippines Liberation Medal, WW2 Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon including 3 bronze service stars, and Good Conduct Medal  10-25-2015 Cuba
BOYD, Bobby Frank  US Navy. Career - retired from active duty in April 1990  (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 7-14-2015 Maple Grove, Friendship
BOYD, Virginia A. US Army Sgt. 1976 Allentown
BOYER, Robert D. [Bob] US Army Air Corps, photographer & photo lab technician in Japan during the occupation  10-17-2014 Forest Hills Amity
BRADLEY, George W.  1st. Lt. DNB, US Army Air Force, 463rd Fighter Sqdn, 1/Lt 1945 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BRANDES, Helen J. Foley  US Women's Army Corps 10-8-2002 Holy Cross, Belfast
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Andrew P. US Navy, SK2 1976 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Edward US Army Signal Corps 2-14-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BRENNAN, William L. US Army, Sgt. New York. 1941-1952 (also Korea) 11-21-1972 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BREWSTER, Edward Miller US Air Force, 1/Lt. Purple Heart 1-9-2001 Fairlawn Scio
BRIGGS, Carl R. US Army, Pvt 1-17-1996 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BRINNIER, Gilbert H. US Navy, PHMI 7-11-2007 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BRISBEE, Floyd L. US Navy, F2 12-3-1999 Fairlawn Scio
BROKAW, Howard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BROKAW, Lloyd ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BROKAW, Richard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BROOKS, Joseph ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BROOKS, Paul A. US Navy 1-12-2007 Forest Hills Amity
BROWN, Albert A. US Army, 3rd Army (Patton) Europe, S/Sgt. Purple Heart, Bronze Star, & European Theater Ribbon 4-13-2011 Whitesville Rural
BROWN, Clifford L. US Army Air Corps 394th Bomb Squadron. Airplane Armorer Gunner in East Indies New Guinea & Southern Philippines  4-16-2012 Knights Creek
BROWN, Fay A US Army, Cpl 4-17-1998 Gates of Heaven
BROWN, John E. US Army, Pfc 4-19-1992 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BROWN, Joseph E . US Navy, S2 aboard USS Missouri 5-8-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BROWN, Lynn ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BROWN, Norman R. US Army  1991 Forest Hills Amity
BROWN, Olin M.  US Army  9-9-1983 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BROWN, Roy R Jr. US Army, Pfc 7-21-1990 Hallsport Union
BROWN, Whitfield H.  US Army Air Force, Lt Col. 11-12-1955 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BROWN, William E. ~ 6-8-1964 Wells, Genesee
BRUGGEMAN, Arthur ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BRUNDAGE, Frederick E. US Army, Pvt 10-6-1992 Forest Hills Amity
BUCHANAN, Donald L. US Army, Pfc 1976 Bellville, New Hudson
BUCHANAN, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BUCHANAN, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
BUCKLEY, Marshall J. US Air Force 3-24-2014 Fairlawn Scio
BULMAN, Benjamin C US Army, Tec4 2003 Canaseraga
BUNNELL, Herbert F. US Army 11-12-2007 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BUNT, Albert N. US Army, Co H 801 TD Bn, Pfc 6-18-1969 Richburg
BURDICK, Clair W. US Navy, Cox. 10-31-1997 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURDICK, Dean L. ~ 1984 Wells, Genesee
BURDICK, James D. US Army, Engineers,Tec5 8-22-1956 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURDICK, Richard G. US Army, Tec5 6-1-1987 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURDICK, Rowland M. US Army, Pfc  6-12-1991 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BURGESS, Gene David US Army 6th Armored Inf Pvt 31-Jan-55 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
BURKE, Joseph Merton   ~ 1-31-1964 Holy Cross, Belfast
BURNS, Clair J. US Army, Sgt 5-30-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BURNS, J. Clair US Army, Sgt 5-30-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BURROWS, Philip F. US Army Air Force, engine mechanic. 5-15-2012 Mt. Hope, Friendship
BUSH, John P. [Jack] US Army, Germany  4-9-2012 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
BUTLER, Arthur G. US Army Air Force, 3028 Base Unit, S/Sgt 7-12-1967 Maple Lawn, Boliver
BUTLER, George [Oliver] US Navy, F1 10-2-2001 Canaseraga
BUTLER, Richard M. US Navy, BM2 1976 Canaseraga
BUTTON, Arthur P. US Army 10-30-2009 Until the Day Dawn
CABLE, Francis E US Army, Sgt 12-22-1997 Gates of Heaven
CALKINS, Wilburt W. US Army, Pfc 6-17-1988 Canaseraga
CALLADINE, John R. USMC, Pfc. New York 10-10-1971 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CALVERT, Harry F. Sr. ~ 3-29-1989 Black Creek
CAMPBELL, Alberta H.   US Army 6-1-7-2005 Maple Lawn, Boliver
CAMPBELL, Chester C. ~ 12-16-1980 Black Creek
CAMPBELL, Collin Otis US Army, Pfc 1982 Knights Creek
CAMPBELL, Delburt W. US Navy. 1943-1945 11-20-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CANNON, John L US Army Air Corp, Capt 2-10-1987 Gates of Heaven
CAPIZZI, Jean Elizabeth US Army, WAC 3-2-2011 Until the Day Dawn
CAPIZZI, Salvatore G. US Army, Africa 2-23-2008 Until the Day Dawn
CARLIN,  William [Everett] US Army 03-28-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CARLIN, William  [Everett] US Army, Tec5. 1942-45 3-28-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CARLYLE, William H. US Navy, SF1. Career. (also Korea and Vietnam) 2005 Bowler Memorial
CARNAHAN, Howard L.  US Army, M/Sgt 11-5-1973 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CARNES, George ~ ~ [Canaserega]
CARPENTER, Gerald C. US Navy abroad various ships & all theaters of operations 9-19-2004 Short Tract
CARPENTER, Vaughn US Army 1972 Black Creek
CARPENTER, Wayne N. US Army, Pvt 4-5-1983 Forest Hills Amity
CARPENTER, William M. US Army Air Force, Capt 8-28-1963 St. Mary's, Burns
CARROLL, Leo V. US Army, Pfc 11-6-1987 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CASAGRANDE, Norman R. US Army, Tec5 3-29-1979 Stannards
CASCHERA, Arthur US Army, Pvt 6-12-1995 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CASTERLINE, John A. US Navy, HM1 (also Korea) 1-28-1976 Forest Hills Amity
CAVANAUGH, Ralph C. US Army, Tec5 1975 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CHAMBERLAIN, John D. US Army, S/Sgt. Crew chief in B-29 bomber 2-25-2004 Until the Day Dawn
CHAMBERLAIN, Wendell Eugene  US Army. Expert Infantry Badge Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal Victory Medal Army of Occupation Medal with Japan Clasp 7-31-2014 Riverside, Belfast
CHANDLER, Richard F. US Army. He landed D-Day on Omaha Beach. Bronze Star with five battle stars & the distinguished Silver Star. 6-21-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CHAPMAN, Mitchell E. US Army, Pfc 11-28-1993 Fairlawn Scio
CHILDS, Christopher C. ~ 7-27-1959 West Genesee
CHILDS, George W. US Army Air Force 12-15-2003 West Genesee
CHILDS, William Harold US Navy Seabees 12-8-2005 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CHURCH, Charles D.  US Army, Sgt 5-14-2001 Maple Lawn, Boliver
CHUTE, Richard H. US Army. Philippines  5-20-2012 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CIMPRITZ, Joseph J. US Army, Pfc 8-26-1991 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CLARE, Major Ward US 7th Air Force Uncut Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CLARK, Garold E US Army, Cpl 5-5-1979 Whitesville Rural
CLARK, Helen M. US Army Air Force, Pfc 1-3-1973 Forest Hills Amity
CLARK, James V USMC, Sgt 11-16-1998 Whitesville Rural
CLARK, John Richard US Army HO U.S. Forces West Pacific 8-29-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
CLARK, Kenneth Manfred  US Navy, electricians mate petty officer 10-26-2009 Stannards
CLARK, Norman  D. US Army, Pvt 7-20-1997 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CLARK, Philip E US Army, Sgt 6-17-1988 Whitesville Rural
CLARK, Raymond Francis US Army, 114th Combat Eng Bn, Pfc. Purple Heart 12-9-1951 Forest Hills Amity
CLARK, Richard Owen ~ 11-15-1992 Oramel
CLARK, V. Rose US Army Air Force, 247 Pase Unit, Pvt 7-8-1971 St. Marys, Bolivar
CLARK, Wesley E. US Marine Corps 4-29-1998 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CLAYSON, Clayton E. US Army, Tec5 7-23-1992 Knights Creek
CLEVELAND, Luman J  USMC, S/Sgt. Fought at Iwo Jima 3-12-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CLINE, Alfred A. US Army 1-24-2000 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CLINE, Earl US Army, Co A 10th Armd Inf Bn, Cpl. New York 1-19-1963 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CLINE, Nelson H. US Navy, AEM2 11-27-1994 Forest Hills Amity
CLINE, Richard N. US Navy, S1C. Several medals 12-27-2011 Forest Hills Amity
CLINE, Wayne O US Army, S/Sgt  10-28-1999 Hallsport Union
CLINEFELTER, Joseph C. US Army, Pvt 1978 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
COATES, Ralph A. US Army, 94th Inf, Machine gun squad leader - Captured in 1945 and a prisoner of war in Germany - Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and other medals 2-22-2013 Fairlawn Scio
COATS, Carlton F. US Army, T/Sgt 4-11-2001 Fairlawn Scio
COBB, Theodore Kellogg US Navy, Lt 1-1-1981 Whitesville Rural
COCCARI, Adolf M.  ~ 10-4-1967 Holy Cross, Belfast
COCCARI, Louis Francisco Mario  ~ 12-8-1990 Holy Cross, Belfast
COLEMAN, Max G Jr. US Navy, CM3 5-16-1987 Hallsport Union
COLLINS, Lyle I. [Pete] US Navy 3-16-2005 Riverside, Belfast
COLVIN, Bristow US Army 6th C 37th Inf, Spec. 1-1962 Forest Hills Amity
COMPTON, Lowell W.  US Army, Pvt 10-16-1969 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CONE, Clifford E US Army, 115th Fld Arty, Pfc 12-29-1951 Canaseraga
CONE, Harold ~ ~ [Canaserega]
CONGELLI, Felix R. US Army, Pfc 10-5-1984 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CONKLIN, G. Curtis US Army 5-14-2004 Cuba
CONKLIN, Jack ~ ~ [Canaserega]
CONNORS, John Joseph US Army, 605th Ord Bn, T/Sgt 12-27-1959 St. Mary's, Burns
CONNORS, Raymond L. US Army Air Forces, Pvt 7-19-1999 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
COOK, Angus US Army, M/Sgt 4-5-1988 Knights Creek
COOK, Glenn A. US Army, 324th Inf 44th Div, Europe. Purple Heart 5-29-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
COOK, Glenn Arthur US Army, 324th Inf 44 Div 1942-45, Purple Heart 5-29-2004 Stannards
COOK, Isaac US Army Air Corps, Cpl 12-22-1986 Maple Lawn, Boliver
COOK, Max L. US Army 436 AW BN CAG, Tec5 2-27-1967 Maplewood
COOK, Therold  [Terry] US Army 4-24-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
COOK, W. Edward US Army, Tec5 6-18-1994 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
COOKE, George C US Army, Cpl 3-8-1996 Hallsport Union
COOMBS. Richard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
CORBIN, Dean A. US Army, Cpl 4-6-2008 Maple Grove, Friendship
CORBIN, Richard W. US Army Air Force, 25th Service CP, Pfc. Career. (also WW I) 5-21-1960 Forest Hills Amity
CORBIN, Virginia M.  USMC 4-1999 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CORNELIUS, Kenneth A. US Army, Pvt  11-25-2000 Knights Creek
CORNELL, Alvin A. US Navy. Asiatic Pacific.Philipine Liberation medal with a Star & the American Theater & Victory Ribbon  9-27-2012 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CORNELL, Jack I. US Army 4-8-2007 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CORNELL, Lee E USMC Res, Pvt. Purple Heart 4-19-1966 Whitesville Rural
CORNELL, Robert US Army, Pfc 2-8-1974 Fairlawn Scio
COSSABOON, Harold W. US Army Air Corps, Tec4 8-21-1994 St. Marys, Bolivar
COTTON, Bertha Irene US Army 1981 Clarksville
COWLES, William Edgar US Army, Co A 752nd Tank Bm under Gen. George Patton 12-14-2004 Maple Lawn, Boliver
COX, Charles Harlan US Army, Pfc 2-1-1983 Oramel
COYLE, James H.  US Army, 193rd Fld Arty Europe  7-12-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CRACKNELL, William Jr. USMC, Sgt 3-7-1995 Canaseraga
CRAIG, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
CRAMER, Barry C Sr. US Army, Tec4 11-6-1994 Whitesville Rural
CRAMER, David F. US Army, Europe. Earned Normandy Service Medal 10-7-2005 Whitesville Rural
CRAVEN, Alvin [Jack] US Army, T/Sgt 8-30-1991 Knights Creek
CRETEKOS, James G. US Army 4-27-2014 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CRETEKOS, Steven George US Army Air Corps, 8th Air Force, 306th Bomb Group. Europe 1943-1945. Flew multiple B17 missions over Germany 4-4-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CRISS, Glenn W. US Army Air Force, 1940-1945  11-26-2012 Forest Hills Amity
CRITTENDEN, Anne R. US Navy, Lt, a nurse. 7-3-2009 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CRITTENDEN, James L. US Army, Cpl 9-19-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CRONAUER, Frederick C. [Fritz] US Army, 39th Inf. Purple Heart 1-7-2006 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CRONK, William B. US Army, S/Sgt 8-31-1990 Forest Hills Amity
CROWLEY, Robert Thomas US Navy 7-26-2004 St. Marys, Bolivar
CUDAHY, Richard W. ~ 7-31-1988 Wells, Genesee
CULBERT, Francis M. US Army, 209 Hosp. Ship Com, Tec4 5-23-1971 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
CUMMINS, Glenn C. US Army,  Asiatic-Pacific. Earned Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and American Defense Service Medal 8-1-2010 Maple Grove, Friendship
CURTIN, David N. US Navy aboard the USS Laffery 11-28-2009 St. Marys, Bolivar
CURTIS, Edward G. US Army, Pfc 8-20-1998 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DAILEY, William S. US Navy, SR 7-30-1994 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
DANTHER, Harold J US Army, 1AA Repl I GP, Pvt 4-15-1968 Gates of Heaven
D'ARIANO, Angelo A. [Smiley]  US Navy 11-1-2012 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DAVIDSON,  Warren E. Sr. US Army 4-16-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DAVIDSON, Victor J. [Vic]  US Army, Co. B 1st Batt, 142 inf Reg, 36th Div. Bronze Star  1-3-2004 Maple Grove, Friendship
DAVIS, Alan R. US Army, Tec5 11-11-1994 Forest Hills Amity
DAVIS, James H. US Army, S/Sgt 3-22-1976 Stannards
DAVIS, W. Woodrow US Army, S/Sgt 1985 Stannards
DAVISON, Richard [Dick] Sr. US Navy 1-6-2007 Maple Lawn, Boliver
DEAN, Edward J US Army, 286 Port Co T C, Sgt 9-8-1965 Gates of Heaven
DEAN, James A. US Army Air Corps, Sgt 8-24-1997 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DEAN, Jerome W. US Army, 331st Fld Arty, Pfc. New York 10-7-1958 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DEAN, John H US Army, Pfc 12-23-2001 Whitesville Rural
DEAN, Richard E. US Army, 331st Fld Arty, Pfc. New York 12-10-1950 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DECKER, Paul B.   US Army, Military Police with the occupational forces in Italy  3-23-2010 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DEL VECCHIO, Richard J. [Dick] US Navy. Aboard the Minesweeper USS Jeffers 9-9-2006 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DELL, Calvin J. US Army Signal Corps, Sgt 12-3-2007 Until the Day Dawn
DENHOFF, Sr., James L. [Jim] US Army 9-19-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DENNIS, Austin E. US Navy S1 1986 Stannards
DENNIS, Robert W. ~ 11-11-1955 Clarksville
DERX, Charles J. US Army, Pfc 4-5-1980 St. Mary's, Amity
DEWEY, Leon P. US Army, Pvt 2-3-1983 Forest Hills Amity
DIBBLE, Kenneth J. US Army  8-16-2008 Whitesville Rural
DICKERSON, Leola M. [Odie] US Navy. 1944-1946 9-30-2010 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DICKERSON, Orville US Army, Cpl 11-8-1984 Sunnyside
DIETER, Howard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
DIETER, Robert N. US Army, 2/Lt 11-12-1976 Canaseraga
DIXON, Doyle C. US Marine Corps 9-1-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DIXON, John M US Navy, SCI 3-11-2001 Gates of Heaven
DOLAN, Gerald F US Marine Corps, T/Sgt 4-29-1977 Gates of Heaven
DOLAN, James Joseph US Navy on USS Shangri-La and Korean War serving on USS Antietam. Career, retired as Lt Cmdr 10-22-2008 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DOLAN, Warren D US Army Air Force, Pfc  12-18-1968 Gates of Heaven
DORNEY, Edward L. KIA, US Army, Sgt. 6-6-1944 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DORNEY, Richard US Army, Col 1979 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DORRETT, Raymond L. US Army, Pfc  5-6-1986 Maple Lawn, Boliver
DORRETT, Robert F. US Army, Cpl 11-1-1998 Maple Lawn, Boliver
DREW, Norman C US Navy, GM2 7-8-1991 Gates of Heaven
DREW, Thomas Butler ~ 8-14-1971 Wells, Genesee
DRISCOLL, James C ~ 1984 Gates of Heaven
DUELL, Vivian L. [Viv] US Navy. 1943-1945 1-2-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DUFFY, Francis A.  US Army, 1/Lt 8-18-1980 St. Mary's, Amity
DUGGAN, Cornelius P. US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 11-2-1974 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
DUKE, Douglas E. US Army, 276th Inf "Trail Blazers". Fought at Battle of the Bulge  12-8-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DUKE, Philip H. US Army Air Force, Europe. Tail-gunner on a B-17Multiple Military Ribbons 9-28-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DUKE, Robert G. US Army, 11-8-1985 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DUMBOLTON, Joel D. USNR, MM1 10-3-1970 St. Marys, Bolivar
DUNLAP, Ronald S. USMC, M/Sgt 9-14-1997 Bellville, New Hudson
DUNMIRE, Charles M. US Army 9-19-1983 Clarksville
DUNNING, Robert I. [Dutch] US  Army Air Corps and US Army Reserves, Lt Col. 12-1-6-2006 Maple Lawn, Boliver
DUNSHIE, Howard C.  US Navy. Amphibious Forces, Pacific 3-17-2011 Stannards
DURPE, Emmet B. US Navy, SSML3 4-6-1955 Sacred Heart, Friendship
DYKE, William A. KIA, US Army, 503 Parachute Inf, Pvt 5-1-1945 Forest Hills Amity
EAMES, John W. [Jack] US Army 4-02-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
EARL, Robert A. US Army Air Corps, Sgt 5-12-1987 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
EASTON,  Frank US Army, Cas Det Station Com, Pvt 8-17-1967 Forest Hills Amity
EATON, Clifton C . US Army, Pvt 3-9-1992 Fairlawn Scio
EDSON, Donald Roy US Army Military Police 4-27-2006 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
EDWARDS, Charles Vernon US Navy, S1 3-29-1995 Whitesville Rural
EDWARDS, Elizabeth J US Coast Guard Reserves, Y3 10-9-1969 Whitesville Rural
EDWARDS, Herbert H. US Army, 82nd Airborne. Europe  12-13-2004 Whitesville Rural
EIBAND, Gail K US Army, Tec5 7-17-1993 Canaseraga
ELLIS, G. Edward US Army Air Corps 3-1-1995 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ELLIS, John H. US Army Air Force, Medical Technician 6-28-2005 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ELLISON, Claude W US Army, SFC. Career (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 1-3-1991 Whitesville Rural
ELLSWORTH, Robert F. [Bob] Sr. USMC. Purple Heart 6-19-2008 Stannards
EMRICK, Raymond C. [Pete] US Army 1st Armored Div. Decorated Veteran 6-20-2005 Fairlawn Scio
ENGLEBAUGH, Howard C. US Army Air Corps, Pfc.  8-16-1986 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
ENOS, Alvin A. US Air Corps, Lt. Shot down over Germany spending 1-1/2 yrs. in Stalag Luft I German Prison Camp 12-12-2007 Cuba
ENOS, Lyle B. US Army, Btry A 551 AAA AW Bn, Pfc. Purple Heart  8-23-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
EUKEN, Frank L. US Army Air Corps, Sgt.  4-13-1989 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
EVANS, Francis US Army, Sp3 11-3-2000 Forest Hills Amity
EVANS, Jack C. US Navy 8-10-2002 Until the Day Dawn
EVANS, William H.  US Army. Africa and Europe, Patton's Army 6-24-2010 Alfred Rural
EVINGHAM, Donald ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FAGAN, Francis J. [Frank] US Navy, MAM2 4-1-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FAGAN, William R. US Army Air Force 2003 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FAGERSTROM, John ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FANTON, Burrell A. US Army  3-19-2010 Stannards
FANTON, Everett A. US Army  1996 Stannards
FANTON, Laurence E . US Army, Pvt  1986 Stannards
FANTON, Lyle V. [Jack] US Army Air Force, Africa and India 1-26-2007 Stannards
FARLEY, George D. US Army, S/Sgt 12-5-1967 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FAWCETT, Arthur ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FAWCETT, George ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FAWCETT, Henry ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FEELY, Ivan L. [Lew] US Navy in the South Pacific. Awarded WW2 Victory Medal  3-20-2014 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FELDBAUER, Jerome H. ~ 1982 St. Mary's, Amity
FERGUSON, Calvin [Cal] US Army 10-22-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FERRINGTON, Louis M. ~ 12-31-1991 West Genesee
FERRIS, Shirley D. US Navy, S1 7-7-1998 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FEUCHTER, Harold G. ~ 1983 Black Creek
FEUCHTER, Robert ~ 5-27-1990 Black Creek
FINN, Leo E. US Navy, PHM1 2-7-1991 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FITCH, Richard G. US Army. Europe 6-7-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FITZGERALD, C. Robert US Navy 6-15-1988 Clarksville
FLAMINI, Victor L US Army, Pfc 4-24-1979 Whitesville Rural
FLANAGAN, Eugene F. US Army, Tec5 1-8-1975 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FLANAGAN, Richard N. US Army, Cpl 12-31-1989 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FLEMING, Paul Robert  US Navy, Pacific Theater aboard USS Tyrrell 12-7-2013 Holy Cross, Belfast
FLEMING, Richard J. [Red] US Army, S/Sgt.  4-24-1993 Sacred Heart, Friendship
FLINT, William Luther US Army, Pvt 1999 Canaseraga
FLOWER, Joseph ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FORD, William H. US Army. Bronze Star 4-4-2008 Until the Day Dawn
FORHAN, Eugene Timothy US Army Air Corps, Lt. Col. Bronze Star in 1945 4-15-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
FORREST, Frank I. US Army, Cpl 11-13-1982 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FOSTER, Cleo Jr. ~ 1944 West Genesee
FOX, Adrian ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FOX, Wister ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FRANCE, Donald ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FRANCE, Jesse US Navy, S1 12-11-1997 Canaseraga
FRANCE, Lester ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FRANCE, Roy ~ ~ [Canaserega]
FRANCISCO, Roger  B. US Navy, FC3 9-4-1993 Fairlawn Scio
FRANKLIN, Gene US Army Air Force 12-15-2002 Knights Creek
FRANKLIN, James W. US Army, Pvt  9-14-1985 Knights Creek
FRAZIER, Robert B.  US Army 1945-1946 2-1-2014 Cuba
FREEMAN, Ralph O. US Army, 16th Inf Div. under Gen George Patton. Purple Heart 6-15-2005 Maple Grove, Friendship
FREEMAN, Uel L. US Army, WOJG 6-6-2001 Forest Hills Amity
FRIEDL, Robert J. US Navy 12-09-2003 Whitesville Rural
FRUNGILLO, Carl A. US Navy, Gunner's mate aboard USS Alaska 3-5-2002 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FRUNGILLO, Sr., Orlando F. US Army 11-26-1993 St. Mary's, Amity
FULLAM, Rex S. Jr. [Buddy] US Army. Bronze Star 5-31-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FULLER, Arthur M. US Navy 12-19-1975 Forest Hills Amity
FULLER, Leon W. US Army Air Corps 3-31-2009 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FULLER, Lloyd B. US Marine Corps, Pvt 9-8-2001 Fairlawn Scio
FULMER, James V. US Navy Seabees  9-21-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville

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