Who Served in the Revolutionary War?

This page contains the names of 135 soldiers who called Allegany County home and and served in the Revolutionary War.
Almost all were born somewhere else and came to the county after the war. They pioneered  the county.

Thank you for your service.

  • All of these soldiers survived the war.
  • Most of these soldiers are on the DAR website.  Use the DAR # to find their information.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Allegany County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ALLEN, Myron ~ 5-12-1845 Allentown
BESS, James, Sr. NY Militia, Pvt. Pension #15611, 55.00 7-1870 Slocum, Andover
BROWNSON, Gideon 2/Lt. in Capt. Danforth's Co 30 US Inf 1855 Baptist Church Cem
BURDICK, Jeremiah ~ 11-20-1873 Maple Lawn, Boliver
CADY, John ~ 2-7-1845 Allentown
CAMPBELL, Robert NY, (Also Revolution) 7-12-1836 North Cuba
CARTER, Samuel S.  Capt John Hunt's unit. 4-24-1869 Mt. Hope, Friendship
CLINE, John Sr. ~ 1866 Hallsport Union
DAVIE, Samuel ~ 4-20-1875 Maple Lawn, Boliver
FARNUM, Calvin Captain 6-11-1861 Farnum
FARRAND, Nathaniel ~ 8-25-1861 Slocum, Andover
GREEN, Isaiah W. ~ 10-18-1865 Independence
HALL, Luther Jr. ~ 1850 Hallsport Union
HINCHER, William ~ 5-8-1868 Elm Valley
JUNE, David Pension Claim # 5,453, $73.00 6-30-1867 Trapping Brook
KENYON, Ethan Sr. ~ 7-11-1864 Wells, Genesee
LASHER, Marcus Francis Pension # 16261, 54.00 3-25-1875 Slocum, Andover
LEONARD, Loring B. Pension Claim # 9,160 for $58.00 4-25-1876 Elm Valley
MAXSON, Zaccheus ~ 10-27-1868 Wells, Genesee
MCENTEE, Thomas Pension # 13037, 55.00 ~ ~
MILLARD, Clark ~ 1876 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MILLER, William M ~ 10-16-1863 Canaseraga
NEFF, Jacob ~ 10-31-1849 Allentown
NEWVILL, John    ~ 9-27-1832 St. Paul, Allen
NOBLES, Zebediah ~ 7-6-1887 Norton-Windus
OAKS, Ezra ~ 7-1-1870 Allen/Fisk, Allen NY
PEEBLES, Joel Captain. Pension Claim # 6182, $73.00 ~ Johnson-Dean, Wellsville
RENWICK, James ~ 10-1-1843 Until the Day Dawn
ROGERS, Josiah ~ ~ Withey
SPAULDING, Rev George ~ 11-28-1886 Canaseraga
UTTER, Josiah Jr.  NY Militia, Capt Kennedy's Co. 9-17-1877 Mt. Hope, Friendship
WHITNEY, Erastus Capt of Allegany Militia 8-10-1862 Canaseraga
LEWIS, Clark Pension # 5467 ($11.50) 1869 Woodlawn, Almond

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