Who Served in the Cold War?

This page contains the names of 110 men and women who called Allegany County home and served in the Cold War, that period of time between the end of  the Korean Conflict and the beginning of the Vietnam Conflict (roughly 1954-1965)
Some were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Allegany County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ACKER, William L. US Air Force 1971-1975 5-2-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ALLEN, James L. [Chow] US Navy  9-29-2012 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BALCOM, James E.  US Army 8-16-2003 Maple Grove, Friendship
BENTLEY, Joseph C.  US Army, 1956-1958 12-21-2012 Alger, Hume NY
BESSETTE, Howard R US Army, SP3 5-13-1984 Whitesville Rural
BOLERO, Richard A. US Air Force, 1959-1961. Crew Chief for an F102 fighter jet. 9-16-2014 Hillside, Andover
BOYD, Larry B. US Navy, career. Served aboard the battleship USS Missouri during the Korean Conflict. Continued his career serving on destroyers during the Cuban Missile Crisis 10-24-2009 Maple Grove, Friendship
BROWN, David S. US Army.1954-1957 8-17-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BROWNELL, Clarence G. US Army. Border patrol in Germany 9-29-2012 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
BROWNELL, James R. USMC 1953-1956  11-4-2015 Stannards
BUCHHOLZ, Earl V. US Army, 101st Airborne Div. Japan 7-26-2009 Stannards
BUNDY, C. Clinton US Army Air Force 1945-1948 10-5-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BURDICK, Ernest G. [Mike] III US Army 1962-1964, US Navy for 18 years 7-11-2009 Hillside, Andover
BURDICK, Maxon J. [Moose] US Army. 1961-1963 12-20-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BURDICK, Robert F. US Navy 1964-1966 10-2-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
BURGER, Gregory J. US Army, Cuban Missle Crises 4-21-2000 West Genesee
CARBERRY, David S. US Army 3-18-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CARPENTER, Gregory A. [Carp] US Navy, ADJ3 5-1-1998 Canaseraga
CARTWRIGHT, Robert J. US Army 1971-1972 9-28-2007 Wells, Genesee
CASSIDY, Grant Sr. US Navy 1948-1968 12-17-2008 Cuba
CASTELLANO, John Anthony US Air Force 11-19-2006 Maple Grove, Friendship
CAVAZOS, Francisco G. [Frank] US Air Force. Career: 1951-1971  10-21-2015 Riverside, Belfast
CHAMBERLAIN, Allan D. US Army 1961-1963. Stood color guard for President Kennedy four months prior to the President's Assassination 1-15-2010 Riverside, Belfast
CLARK, Cecil R. [Dick] US Air Force 1953-1957  3-22-2015 Whitesville Rural
CLINE, Michael J. US Marine Corps 4-22-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CONGDON, Lawrence David US Air Force, Flight Engineer in Europe & Africa. 1950-1954  12-27-2010 Our Lady of Angels
CORNELIUS, Vernon [Eugene] US Army. 1961-1963 7-4-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
COY, Walter C. US Air Force 10-28-2007 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CRAFT, Robert Ward  US Navy 2-20-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
CWIKLINSKI, Joseph J. US Navy. Retired as an honored Career Diesel Submariner after a 23-year career. (also Vietnam) 12-24-2011 Maple Grove, Friendship
DAYTON, 1- US Air Force 10-22-2010 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DEMING, William L. Sr. US Air Force 1955-1961 8-22-2012 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DENNING, Adelbert US Army, HHC1 SFG (ABN) 1 SF 6-19-1969 Knights Creek
DEPEW, Neil Morgan US Army 1951-1953 in the 43rd Division in Germany 4-16-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DICKENS, Charles R. US Army. 1966-1968 10-13-2012 Forest Hills Amity
DIXON, Charles David US Army and Army Reserves.1963-1969 8-2-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
DONOVAN, Robert E. [Taters] US Army 1962-1964 9-6-2014 Woodlawn, Wellsville
e US Army, SP5. 1969-1972 9-16-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FISHER, Bruce Duane US Navy. 1960-1981 1-23-2014 Stannards
FOSTER, Glenn H. Sr. US Army. Aschaffenburg Germany 1952-1954  1-11-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
FULLAM, Robert A. US Army 8-5-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
GATES, Eric Steven US Army. Germany & Korea 2-7-2009 Knights Creek
GAUS, Bernard Norman US Army. 1956-1959 6-4-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
GLOVER, Ronald F US Air Force, 815th Food Svc SQ, A1C 1956 Canaseraga
GOLISH, Steve M. US Navy. 1961-1965 8-3-2007 Whitesville Rural
GREENE, Grant E.  US Navy 1952-1968  11-28-1992 Maple Grove, Friendship
GREENWAY, William N.A. [Bill] US Army 1958-1961 as an Air Traffic Controller  3-22-2009 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
HALE, Harry W. [Bud] Jr. US Marine Corps, L/Cpl 4-11-2008 Maple Grove, Friendship
HALE, Richard M.  US Army in Alaska 11-3-2014 Maple Grove, Friendship
HARBECK, Donald US Air Force, Sgt. 1952-1955 3-13-2016 Black Creek
HARDY, William Clair US Army, Co. B 10 Engr. Bn, Sp4 9-28-1970 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HARRIGER, Earl P. [Garbo] USMC 1-8-2016 Maple Lawn, Boliver
HELMER, Gilbert W. US Army, 520th QM Corps. Ft. Bragg NC & Germany 10-8-1999 Woodlawn, Wellsville
HOLBROOK, James E. [Jim] US Army, 82nd Airborne Div 1950-1952 5-21-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
HOWELL, Victor C. [Vic] US Army. Germany 11-9-2015 Maple Grove, Friendship
HUNT, Ramond L. US Army. 1953 -1957. National Defense Service Medal 8-27-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
INGRAHAM, Donald Wayne US Navy, 1968-1972 2-10-2016 West Clarksville
JACKSON, Jerrold W. [Jerry] US Navy. Cuban Missle Crisis and Vietnam. Career 2-25-2009 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
JAMES, Shirley * US Army 1965-1984  7-27-2015 Short Tract
JONES, David L. US Army, 7th Army 1956-1958 in Germany. Named the Seventh Army's "Soldier of the Month" in November 1957  9-5-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
KELLEHER, Gary F. US Navy. 1962-1966  5-17-2010 Woodlawn, Wellsville
KELLOGG, James Richard US Army, SP5 5-17-1981 Whitesville Rural
KENNEDY, Donald G. US Army 7-17-2003 Wells, Genesee
KESSLER, Gary W.  US Air Force 1966-1970 4-5-2009 Short Tract
KINNICUTT, Frederick J. US Navy, YNSN  8-17-1955 Maple Lawn, Boliver
KINTNER, Ronald N. [Nellie] US Air Force 10-8-2005 Fairlawn Scio
KLANG, William [Artie]  US Navy 5-30-1994 Woodlawn, Wellsville
KOLISCH, Gerald Andre [Jerry] US Army then US Air Force aerospace program 6-30-2005 Maple Grove, Friendship
KRUGER, Carl R. US Army 12-12-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
LaLONDE, Robert Leonard [Bob] US Air Force, 1965-1969  10-29-2010 Forest Hills Amity
LAMBERTON, Clinton C. US Air Force 8-12-1981 West Genesee
LAYFIELD, Wilson F. [Bill] US Army, Pfc 11-13-2005 Maple Lawn, Boliver
LITTLE, Douglas B. US Army, drill sergeant. 1966-1968 2-22-2001 Cuba
LUDWIG, Fred J. US Air Force 11-17-2011 Canaseraga
MARSH, James Robert [Bob] US Army. 1954-1956 5-15-2010 Forest Hills Amity
MARSH, Lawrence Kellogg US Army. 1954-1956 6-17-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MCALLISTER, Robert L. Jr. USMC. 1969-1971 6-25-2011 Whitesville Rural
McCRACKEN, Kenneth Edward, Jr.  [Skip] US Army, 1962-1968 11-30-2014 Fairlawn Scio
MCCUMISKEY, Patrick John US Navy 1958-1962. Atlantic Fleet on board USS Waccemaw crossing the Atlantic 14 times - also served during the Bay of Pigs Invasion 3-30-2010 Holy Cross, Belfast
MITCHELL, Ernest F. [Ernie] US Army, Engrs 587th Field Maintenance in Germany 5-4-2006 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MOORE, Gary J. US Air Force 4-13-2012 Our Lady of Angels
MOUNTAIN, David John Sr. Cold War Vet USMC. 1956-1959 8-12-2010 Holy Cross, Belfast
NORTON, Richard C. [Dick] US Air force. 1962-1966 Griffith's AFB 12-30-2007 St. Joseph, Scio
NYE, Robert Gilson III US Air Force 10-9-2002 Stannards
OLIVER, Lauren R. US Army, Pfc 12-6-2001 Canaseraga
ORVIS, Raymond L. US Air Force, S/Sgt. 1964-1968 12-31-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
PERKINS, Gailerd M. Jr. Cold War Vet July 29, 1994 Clarksville
PETERSON, Eugene L. US Army Aviation Branch. Career: 1955-1979. Awarded many medals including the Bronze Star  8-12-2011 Alger, Hume NY
PITTS, Charles P. US Army Radio Communications Operator stationed in Germany 4-24-2012 Woodlawn, Wellsville
POTTER, Lloyd V. US Army, 1961-1964  4-20-2014 Forest Hills Amity
PRINCE, Kevin J. Sr. US Air Force. 1973-1978 9-12-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ROBBINS, Ronnie D. US Army 1961-1963 4-2-2014 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ROESKE, William Albert [Bill] US Army 1956-1961 using first generation computer science technology for research  3-15-2015 Riverside, Belfast
ROHRABACHER, Barry Lee US Navy. 1964-1968 3-25-2004 Stannards
SCHNEIDER, James F. US Army. Member of the All Army Baseball Team 1-3-2011 Maple Grove, Friendship
SCOTT, William John US Air Force, S/Sgt 12-8-1979 St. Marys, Bolivar
SMITH, Duane R US Air Force, Sgt 1990 Whitesville Rural
SPENCE, Fay O. US Navy 1947-1950 11-16-1998 Johnson-Dean, Wellsville
SPIKE, Carl Robert Co C 63rd Tank Bn, Cpl 1-12-1961 Canaseraga
STARR, Paul  USMC, Okinawa Japan 11-16-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
STEBBINS, Daryl C. US Army 7-17-2005 Whitesville Rural
STEESE, Paul Robert USNR, 75th Attack Squadron, Ens  1956 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
SWIFT, Donald H. U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant E5. 1969-1971  Meritoriously awarded Navy Achievement Medal  8-1-2007 Cuba
TAYLOR, Edward L. US Army, Sgt 2-13-1988 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TELLER, John R. US Army, 21 yr career. Awarded many medals 10-13-2012 Maple Grove, Friendship
WAGONER, Robert K. [Red] US Army. 1952-1954 in Germany 12-19-2009 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WARDNER, Martin C. US Air Force. 1964-1968 10-28-2008 Wells, Genesee
WASHBURN, Randy W. US Marine Corps 1973-1978 5-17-2008 Cuba
WIGHTMAN, Dennis Frederick US Army 1970-1972 3-21-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville

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