Maple Lawn Cemetery
Town of Bolivar

Walked & Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb

At Entrance to cemetery:  Erected by his parents  E. C. & M. R. Garthwait 1919
In Memory of their Son Glen E. Garthwait 1890 - 1916 


NAGLE, William Wentworth. Spouse of Maureen Dougherty. Born 7-13-1922, died 4-22-2004. Age: 81y - Son of William Joseph & Irene Wentworth Nagle b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-15-1947 in Bolivar NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, TM2C Torpedo Man on A. W. Grant DD649 Destroyer. Bronze Star Medal
NEELY, Allen W. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1917, died 1989
NEELY, Allie R. Spouse of Paul D. Born 1889, died 1976
NEELY, Catherine M. Spouse of Allen W. Born 1924, died 1990
NEELY, Floyd O. Spouse of Huldah E. Born 1896, died 1964 Husband
NEELY, Huldah E. Spouse of Floyd O. Born 1902, died 1988 Wife
NEELY, Paul D. Spouse of Allie R. Born 1902, died 1971
NEELY, Sophie W. Spouse of Willis F. Born 1892, died 1980
NEELY, Willis F. Spouse of Sophie W. Born 1893, died 1967
NEILL, John R. Spouse of Marion I. Born 1904, died 1987
NEILL, Marion I. Spouse of John R. Born 1904, died 1984
NELSON, Charles L. Spouse of Elsie L. Born 1868, died 1928
NELSON, Elsie L. Spouse of Charles L. Born 1869, died 1955
NELSON, Randy Lee. Born 5-24-1964, died 5-12-1989 Forever in Our Hearts
NELSON, Rodney. Born 1930, died 2002
NEUDECK, Bonnie L. Spouse of Kevin M. Born 1953, died 1982
NEUDECK, Chad M. Died 10-3-1974 Darling Angel of Kevin & Bonnie Neudeck
NEUDECK, Kevin M. Spouse of Bonnie L. Born 1953, died uncut
NEVONE, Angel Mae. Died 1992
NEWELL, Arthur A. Spouse of Minerva M. Born 1907, died 1984
NEWELL, Eliza J. Born 1852, died 1924
NEWELL, Gaylord D. Born 1876, died 1962
NEWELL, James P. Born 1841, died 1931 Co. A 8th Regiment Penna Reserves
NEWELL, Mae. Born 1902, died 1936
NEWELL, Mary E. Born 1876, died 1959
NEWELL, Minerva M. Spouse of Arthur A. Born 1907, died 1989
NEWTON, A. C. Spouse of D. A. Born 9-8-1833, died 10-7-1924
NEWTON, A. Vivian. Born 1903, died 1989
NEWTON, D. A. Spouse of A. C. Born 12-25-1829, died 12-17-1890
NEWTON, Darius. Born 1903, died 1920
NEWTON, Dorr E. Born 6-14-1863, died 4-3-1887
NEWTON, Dorr E. Jr. Spouse of Olive Hanna. Born 9-13-1887, died 12-17-1968
NEWTON, Ednabelle. Spouse of Harold L. Born 1917, died 1970
NEWTON, Emma H. Spouse of Fred L. Born 1856, died 1908
NEWTON, Fred L. Spouse of Emma H. Born 1855, died 1939
NEWTON, Harold L. Spouse of Ednabelle. Born 1912, died 1993
NEWTON, I. L. Born 3-27-1896, died 6-25-1950
NEWTON, Lois Irene. Born 9-16-1928, died 1943 Dau. of Wallace O. Newton
NEWTON, Louise "Lulu A.". Spouse of Thad E. Born 10-21-1876, died 4-22-1945 Dau. of Donald Kreutter
NEWTON, Lowell Carl. Spouse of Myrtle A. Born 9-18-1904, died 1961 Father Son of Thad & Lulu Smith Newton
NEWTON, Mrs. Burr O. Spouse of Burr O. Born 9-20-1855, died 1-24-1897 Dau. of A. Stout
NEWTON, Myrtle A. Spouse of Lowell. Born 1907, died 1986 Mother
NEWTON, Olive H. Spouse of Dorr E. Jr. Born 1-18-1865, died 7-30-1945 Dau. of Andrew J. & Mary Wolford Hanna Husband #2 Eugene VanVoorhies
NEWTON, Thad E. Spouse of Lulu A. Born 1872, died 1913
NEWTON, Wallace O. Born 1900, died 1980
NICHOLS, Cynthia Ford. Spouse of William E. Born 7-10-1927, died uncut
NICHOLS, Gladys R. Born 1899, died 1980
NICHOLS, Jennie B. Born 1863, died 1943
NICHOLS, William E. Spouse of Cynthia Ford. Born 1924, died 1978 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
NICHOLS, William G. Born 1899, died 1980
NICHOLS, William L. Born 1860, died 1924
NICHOLSON, Alexander W. Spouse of Minnie E. McGray. Born 1856, died 1930 Father
NICHOLSON, Betty D. Spouse of Robert W. Born 1911, died 1989
NICHOLSON, Mary Kreiner. Born 1867, died 1921
NICHOLSON, Minnie E. McGray. Spouse of Alexander W. Born 1861, died 1909 Mother
NICHOLSON, Robert W. Spouse of Betty D. Born 1906, died 1968
NICKOSON, F. Mae. Born 1881, died 1952
NOBLES, Leonard D. Spouse of Lucille B. Born 1918, died 1982
NOBLES, Lucille B. Spouse of Leonard D. Born 6-19-1918, died 6-14-1997
NOBLES, Mildred M. Born 1897, died 1983
NOLAN, Alvin J. Spouse of Mary E. Born 4-24-1930, died 1-8-1999 Wed 1-14-1950
NOLAN, Dovey. Born 1908, died 1985 Mother - Grandmother
NOLAN, Geordie A. Born 1885, died 1963 Father
NOLAN, Mary E. Spouse of Alvin J. Born 5-25-1933, died uncut Wed 1-14-1950
NOLAN, Virginia M. Born 1932, died 1932 Flat Marker
NOVILLE, Eugenea Andrus. Born 1899, died 1970
NUNN, Clifford A. Spouse of Sadie A. Born 1908, died 1982 m. May 11 1928
NUNN, Edna M. Spouse of Walter H. Born 1897, died 1970
NUNN, Sadie A. Spouse of Clifford A. Born 2-11-1912, died 10-29-1985. Age: 73y b. Shinglehouse PA- Dau. of Elmer & Ella Elliott Green
NUNN, Walter H. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1897, died 1987
O'CONNOR, Cecile V. Born 1913, died uncut
OESTREICH, Iva B. Born 1896, died 1971
O'HARA, Margaret S. Born 1912, died 1968
OLMSTEAD, Elwin R. Spouse of Ruth E. Born 1920, died 1987
OLMSTEAD, Ruth E. Spouse of Elwin R. Born 1921, died 2007
O'NEIL, Bessie M. Died 1938 Flat Marker
O'NEIL, William J. Died 1940 Flat Marker
ORCUTT, Elbert L. Spouse of Lydia E. Born 1877, died 1931 Father
ORCUTT, Lydia E. Spouse of Elbert L. Born 1880, died 1969 Mother
ORDWAY, Constine. Born 1913, died 1956 Flat Marker
ORDWAY, John "Pete". Spouse of Lael N. Born 1900, died 1969
ORDWAY, Lael N. Spouse of John "Pete". Born 1897, died 1982
ORLOWSKI, Alex. Spouse of Wanda. Born 1885, died 1970
ORLOWSKI, John A. Spouse of Pauline M. Born 1913, died 1966
ORLOWSKI, Pauline M. Spouse of John A. Born 1917, died 1991
ORLOWSKI, Wanda. Spouse of Alex. Born 1888, died 1978
OSBORNE, Bertha R. Spouse of George E. Born 1901, died 1964
OSBORNE, George E. Spouse of Bertha R. Born 1896, died 1960
OSBORNE, Irene S. Spouse of Robert C. Born 1930, died 2005
OSBORNE, Mary B. Born 1931, died 2001
OSBORNE, Minnie D. Born 1870, died 1923 Mother
OSBORNE, Richard G. Born 1929, died 2006
OSBORNE, Robert C. Spouse of Irene S. Born 1930, died uncut
OSBORNE, William R. Born 1959, died 2004
OSGOOD, Baby. Born 1959, died 1958
OSGOOD, Frank M. Spouse of Ruth I. Born 1934, died 1990
OSGOOD, Ruth I. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1933, died uncut
PAGE, Arlouene. Spouse of Clifford A. Born 1906, died 1992
PAGE, Clifford A. Spouse of Arlouene. Born 1905, died 1984
PAGE, Scott M. Born 7-31-1974, died 10-25-1974 Darling Angel of John Jr. & Robin Page
PALMER, Alzina M. Born 1846, died 1928
PALMER, Bernice. Born 1895, died 1904
PALMER, Eva L. Born 1875, died 1958
PALMER, Willard G. Born 1845, died 1904 Civil War Vet, Co I, 6th Cav and 2nd Prov. Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out (from 2nd Prov Cav) with company 8-9-1865 at Louisville KY
PANGBURN, Calvin K. Spouse of Elma L. Born 10-21-1925, died 2-11-2004. Age: 78y - Son of Emilus & Lenna Vandermark Pangburn - WW II Vet, US Army, Btry B AAA AW Bn.
PANGBURN, Dorothy E. Born 1916, died 2006
PANGBURN, Elma L. Spouse of Calvin K. Born 1-11-1927, died uncut F L T
PANGBURN, Nicole A. Born 1977, died 1995 Together Forever
PAQUETTE, Arthur C. Spouse of Dorothy Root. Born 8-29-1921, died 6-9-2006. Age: 84y - Son of Louis & Medora Cyr Paquette b. Mexico ME d. Bath NY Wed 9-8-1946 in So. Lawrence MA - WW II Vet, US Army. Decorated Veteran - Direct descendant of Etienne Pasquier & youngest Son of Baron de Coulans a legal advisor to 16th Century French King Henry III
PAQUETTE, Dorothy Root. Spouse of Arthur C. Died 12-5-2003 dau of Leo C. & Ethel Bernard Root a direct decendant of the Mayflower Fuller's
PARKER, Bert. Spouse of Geraldine. Born 1905, died 1981
PARKER, Charles E. Spouse of Clara M. Born 1872, died 1942
PARKER, Clara M. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1870, died 1952
PARKER, Francis. Born 1870, died 1932
PARKER, George Edward. Born 4-25-1911, died 1-1-1912
PARKER, George H. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1845, died 1931 Father - Civil War Vet, Co D 5th Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 7-19-1865 at Harper's Ferry VA
PARKER, Geraldine. Spouse of Bert. Born 1910, died 1999
PARKER, Mary A. Spouse of George H. Born 1850, died 1929 Mother
PARKER, Radford J. Born 1-23-1941, died 12-16-2006
PARSONS, Howard A. Spouse of Mabel V. Born 1883, died 1957
PARSONS, Mabel V. Spouse of Howard A. Born 1891, died 1960
PARTINGTON, Alice V. Spouse of Arthur Rev. Died 1-21-1970 He Is Not Here He Is Risen
PARTINGTON, Arthur, Rev. Spouse of Alice V. Died 1-6-1944 He Is Not Here He Is Risen
PATRIDGE, Fannie Cutler. Born 1857, died 1937
PATRIDGE, J. L. Born 1885, died 1913
PATRIDGE, James E. Born 1852, died 1918
PATTERSON, Dana Flat Marker No Dates
PATTERSON, Brianna Marie. Born 8-6-1996, died 1-15-1997
PATTERSON, Eva Hurd. Spouse of George W. Born 1858, died 1935
PATTERSON, Frankie. Died 11-9-1890. Age: 1m
PATTERSON, George. Died 11-20-1898. Age: 6w
PATTERSON, George W. Spouse of Eva Hurd. Born 1857, died 1927
PAYNE, David B. Spouse of Victoria G. Born 1940, died 2005
PAYNE, David C. Spouse of Martha J. Parks. Born 7-10-1894, died 10-23-1988. Age: 94y Son of Alexander & Nancy Anthony Payne b. Sigel PA d. Olean NY Wed 8-30-1917 in Brookville PA
PAYNE, Martha J. Spouse of David C. Born 1897, died 1998
PAYNE, Ray R. Spouse of Thelma M. Tibbetts. Born 9-17-1920, died 6-3-2009. Age: 88y - Son of David & Martha Parks b. Sigel PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-21-1945 in Quincy MA - WW II Vet, US Navy. Pacific & European Operations receiving Nine Campaign Bars during WW2
PAYNE, Thelma M. Spouse of Ray R. Born 1924, died 2007
PAYNE, Victoria G. Spouse of David B. Born 1941, died uncut
PEABODY, Mabel B. Born 1901, died 1984
PECKMAN, Almond D. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1869, died 1934
PECKMAN, Nellie. Spouse of Almond D. Born 1874, died 1935
PEET, Katherine Koehler. Born 1844, died uncut
PELTON, Clara Faye. Born 1901, died uncut
PELTON, Thomas Faye. Born 1928, died 1982
PELTON, William B. Born 1924, died 1945 - WW II KIA, US Army Air Force, 488th Bomb SQ 12th Air Force, 1/Lt
PELTON, William F. Born 1901, died 1947
PENFIELD, Lee R. Born 1881, died 1967
PENFIELD, Minnie Reeland. Born 1885, died 1963
PERKINS, Eudora A. Born 1888, died uncut
PERKINS, Lucille Neely. Born 1916, died 1966
PERKINS, Martin Kelly. Born 1900, died 1917
PERKINS, William J. Born 1882, died 1943
PERRIN, Edith. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 8-4-1904, died 12-26-1988. Age: 84y Dau. of John D. & Euphemia Allen Robertson Wed 10-17-1921
PERRY, Claire B. Born 8-22-1898, died 2-21-1968 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co C. 9th Inf, Sgt
PERRY, Herbert A. Spouse of Marie E. Born 1907, died 1964
PERRY, James A. Spouse of Lenora S. Born 1852, died 1929
PERRY, Lenora S. Spouse of James A. Born 1856, died 1932
PERRY, Marie E. Spouse of Herbert A. Born 1907, died 4-8-1992
PERRY, Nina A. Spouse of Sherman A. Born 1877, died 1953
PERRY, Sherman A. Spouse of Nina A. Born 1877, died 1946
PETERS, Edie E. Born 1863, died 1931
PETERS, Ellouise H. Born 1906, died 1987
PETERS, William H. Born 1857, died 1920
PETERSON, Anna S. Born 1859, died 1928
PETERSON, John A. Spouse of Mildred L. Born 1914, died 12-1985
PETERSON, Mildred L. Spouse of John A. Born 1925, died 1-1984
PETERSON, Timothy Ray. Died 5-12-1977 Our Darling Angel
PETRA, Eva Reynolds. Spouse of Charles. Born 1884, died 1933
PETRE, Charles J. Spouse of Eva Reynolds. Born 1947, died 1994 Different spelling from Eva Reynolds Petra his wife
PETTIT, Duncan L. Spouse of Sylvia J. Tarr. Born 10-5-1934, died 9-19-1998 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pfc
PETTIT, Lewis A. "Arnie". Spouse of Joan McKay. Born 2-18-1929, died 4-9-2014. Age: 85y Son of Hewis & Hazel Jordan Pettit, b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 2-11-1957 in S. Dayton NY
PETTIT, Melody J. "Mud". Spouse of Arthur F. Born 9-13-1956, died 11-12-2004 Dau. of Robert & Evelyn Moss Lain
PETTIT, Sylvia J. Tarr. Spouse of Duncan L. Born 8-10-1940, died uncut
PHILLIPS, Anna Schram. Spouse of Earl J. Born 1880, died 1958
PHILLIPS, Arlene I. Spouse of Roy W. Born 1908, died uncut
PHILLIPS, Daisy. Born 1880, died 1939
PHILLIPS, Delos M. Spouse of Nancy Almy. Born 1869, died 1952
PHILLIPS, Earl J. Spouse of Anna Schram. Born 1881, died 1969
PHILLIPS, Francis Guy. Born 10-10-1914, died 2-26-1975 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
PHILLIPS, Frank A. Born 1901, died 1963
PHILLIPS, Leola. Born 1900, died 1951 Flat Marker
PHILLIPS, Milo. Born 1876, died 1937
PHILLIPS, Nancy Almy. Spouse of Delos M. Born 1871, died 1958
PHILLIPS, Orra V. Spouse of Windsor. Born 1877, died 1973
PHILLIPS, Roy W. Spouse of Arlene I. Born 1903, died 1999
PHILLIPS, Windsor. Spouse of Orra V. Born 1869, died 1941
PIERCE, Charles. Born 1883, died 1958
PIERCE, Robert C. Born 1924, died 1947
PIPER, Archie D. Born 1886, died 1978
PIPER, Ruby. Born 1889, died 1974
PIRE, Addison C. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1835, died 1908
PIRE, Arnold E. Born 1918, died 1991
PIRE, Arthur L. Died 3-24-1861. Age: 7y 6m 14d Child of Russell & Amanda Pire
PIRE, Claudie E. Born 2-20-1878, died 8-6-1878 Twin to Clidiel
PIRE, Clidiel. Born 2-20-1878, died 8-13-1878 Twin to Claudie E.
PIRE, Cora B. Born 1875, died 1880
PIRE, Freeman. Born 1850, died 1901
PIRE, James F. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1887, died 1962
PIRE, James Lyle. Born 1922, died 1948
PIRE, Jennie D. Died 11-7-1863. Age: 1y 11m 21d Child of Russell & Amanda Pire
PIRE, Margaret E. Spouse of James F. Born 1895, died 1966
PIRE, Mary E. Spouse of Addison C. Born 1845, died 1913
PIRE, Russell. Died 7-22-1885. Age: 25y 2m 23d
PITTS, Fred Leroy. Spouse of Nina Virginia. Born 1907, died 1993 Wed 9-10-1966
PITTS, Nina Virginia. Spouse of Fred Leroy. Born 1920, died 2004 Wed 9-10-1966
POHLIG, Bernice V. Wingrove. Spouse of Walter E. Born 1898, died 1982 In Loving Memory
POHLIG, Walter E. Spouse of Bernice V. Wingrove. Born 1898, died 1981 In Loving Memory
POLEN, John Dale. Spouse of Zoe Shaner. Born 1948, died uncut
POLEN, Zoe Shaner. Spouse of John Dale. Born 1924, died 1993
POND, Annie. Spouse of G. M. Died 6-22-1880. Age: 62y
POPE, Betsy M. Born 1844, died 1919
POPE, Charles H. Born 1888, died 1922
POPE, Sadie. Born 1882, died 1967
POPE, Winfield S. Born 1884, died 1941 - WW I Vet, Co. A 315th AM Tr
POTTER, Anna L. Spouse of Glen G. Born 1942, died uncut Wed 6-30-1963
POTTER, Ben. Spouse of Hazel. Born 1886, died 1957
POTTER, Claude Earl. Born 1880, died 1942
POTTER, Cora E. Born 1886, died 1977
POTTER, Gayle L. Spouse of Richard B. Born 1933, died 1990
POTTER, Gladystine E. Spouse of Lisle E. Born 1910, died 1997
POTTER, Glen G. Spouse of Anna L. Born 1942, died 1986 Wed 6-30-1963
POTTER, Harold. Died 1931
POTTER, Hazel. Spouse of Ben. Born 1903, died 1984
POTTER, Lisle E. Spouse of Gladystine E. Born 1-18-1907, died 2-23-1989 - WW II Vet, US Navy, CM2
POTTER, Richard B. Spouse of Gayle L. Born 1930, died uncut
POTTER, Robert. Died 1930
POUNDS, Alzaida K. Spouse of Jessie R. Born 1897, died 1987
POUNDS, Angela. Spouse of Justin. Born 11-2-1977, died 12-13-2008. Age: 31y Dau. of James D. & Susan Locke Scott b. & d. Olean NY Wed 2-14-2006 in South Lake Tahoe NV
POUNDS, Jessie R. Spouse of Alzaida K. Born 9-24-1889, died 3-31-1970 - WW I Vet, US Army, 2Lt
POWELL, Charles. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1846, died 1916 Civil War Vet, Co I 56th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Co 10-17-1865 at Charleston SC
POWELL, Jennie. Spouse of Charles. Born 1852, died 1913
PRATT, Aaron Smith. Died 4-11-1868. Age: 49y
PRATT, Caroline M. Spouse of Horace H. Born 1859, died 1913
PRATT, Horace H. Spouse of Caroline M. Born 1844, died 1905
PRATT, Jessie. Born 1898, died 1920
PRATT, Polly. Born 1823, died 1911
PRENTICE, Doris. Born 1934, died 1951 Daughter
PRENTICE, Frank V. Spouse of Lavina M. Born 1904, died 1989
PRENTICE, Lavina M. Spouse of Frank V. Born 1914, died 1986
PRENTICE, Sandra L. Sandy. Spouse of Adam. Born 3-30-1965, died 7-11-2005 Dau. of Richard "Steve" & Joyce Ervin Watson b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY Loving Daughter Sister Wife Mother
PRICE, Robert L. [Roy]. Spouse of Winona Ackerman. Born 9-23-1921, died 4-21-1993 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
PRICE, Winona Ackerman. Spouse of Robert L. "Roy". Born 8-28-1929, died 4-19-2004
PRINDLE, Ida Sikes. Born 1856, died 1941 Mother
PRINDLE, Mary A. Spouse of R. Prindle. Died 3-28-1849. Age: 25y
PRINDLE, Mary E. Died 9-28-1849. Age: 8m
PUTMAN, Alissa Rae. Born 3-6-1978, died 3-6-1999 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Beloved Daughter Sister & Friend
QUICK, Adrian. Died 1963
QUICK, Ernest H. Born 4-9-1937, died 6-23-1951 Brother & Son
QUICK, Hazel Drake. Born 1893, died 1920
QUINLAN, Dorothy D. Spouse of Carlton. Born 7-21-1906, died 11-18-2008. Age: 102y Dau. of Walter & Emma Mead Dodge b. Bolivar NY d. Ontario Wed 1976 Husband #1 Harold Smith who died in 1966
RAMSELL, S. W. Born 1844, died 1886
RAMSEY, Arthur R. Spouse of Evadene E. Born 10-16-1922, died 10-10-1991 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
RAMSEY, Evadene E. Spouse of Arthur R. Born 1925, died 1999
RANDOLPH, Archie J. Born 1886, died 1942
RANDOLPH, Baby Flat Marker No Dates Baby of Leo
RANDOLPH, Lula Burdick. Spouse of Will. Born 1881, died 1928 God Be With You Til We Meet Again
RANDOLPH, Mary A. Died 11-25-1905. Age: 58y Mother At Rest
RANDOLPH, Nellie. Age: 6y No Dates
RANDOLPH, Reva Jean. Died 1933
RANDOLPH, Will. Spouse of Lula Burdick. Born 1868, died 1955 God Be With You Til We Meet Again
RAUB, Shaun. Died 2-3-1969 Son of Steven & Sharon Raub
REDINGTON, Blanche F. Spouse of W. Wallace. Born 1887, died 1957
REDINGTON, Ralph A. Spouse of Viola G. Born 1906, died 1984
REDINGTON, Viola G. Spouse of Ralph A. Born 1910, died 1991
REDINGTON, W. Wallace. Spouse of Blanche F. Born 1883, died 1969
REED, Alva. Spouse of Carrie B. Born 1860, died 1909
REED, Annabell Moyer. Born 1900, died 1942 Hope Eternal Day is Born
REED, Carrie B. Spouse of Alva. Born 1861, died 1915
REED, Clifford J. Spouse of Edith F. Born 1879, died 1951
REED, Edith F. Spouse of Clifford J. Born 1883, died 1952
REED, Gordon Wies. Spouse of Naomi Bradley. Born 1899, died 1997
REED, J. B. Born 1804, died 1876 Co. C 85 N.Y. Vols.
REED, Jerome. Spouse of Ruth. Died 10-11-1876. Age: 69y
REED, Naomi Bradley. Spouse of Gordon Wies. Born 1897, died 1967
REED, Ruth. Spouse of Jerome. Died 5-9-1891. Age: 86y
REELAND, Adolph D. Born 1865, died 1953 Flat Marker
REELAND, Bessie M. Born 1887, died 1904 Daughter
REELAND, Carl. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1823, died 1888
REELAND, Charles E. Spouse of Gloria E. Born 1927, died uncut m. June 24 1951in Portville NY
REELAND, Charles J. Born 1864, died 1931
REELAND, Floyd A. Born 1890, died 1965
REELAND, Floyd Bronc. Born 1921, died 1998
REELAND, Gloria E. Spouse of Charles E. Born 6-24-1928, died 10-30-2002. Age: 74y Dau. of Elmer E. & Minnie Laeler
REELAND, Grace S. Born 1872, died 1938 Flat Marker
REELAND, Harry E. Born 1894, died 1914 Son
REELAND, Herman F. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1855, died 1935 Father
REELAND, Ida M. Spouse of Herman F. Born 1861, died 1930 Mother
REELAND, Julia E. Born 1862, died 1936
REELAND, Leone M. Born 1892, died 1988
REELAND, Lewis A. Born 5-13-1899, died 6-11-1958
REELAND, Mildred. Died 1901 Infant of A. & G. Reeland Flat Marker
REELAND, Millard. Died 1901 Infant of A. & G. Reeland Flat Marker
REELAND, Minnie. Spouse of Carl. Born 1832, died 1905
REESHER, David P. Born 8-10-1956, died 2-25-2009. Age: 52y Son of Francis & Ellen Anderson Reesher b. Olean NY d. Little Genesee NY
REESHER, Francis O. Spouse of Ellen Anderson. Born 2-10-1931, died 2-24-2015. Age: 84y Son of Otto & Winifred Collins Reesher, born and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 12-19-1953 - US Air Force 1951-1955
REESHER, Rick. Born 1958, died 2008
REEVES, Helen Cowles. Born 1882, died 1933
REISMAN, Allene P. Spouse of Ferdinand L. Born 1925, died 1995
REISMAN, Ferdinand L. Spouse of Allene P. Born 1926, died uncut
RENDE, Baby No Dates
REPP, C. Douglas. Spouse of Nancy S. Born 1924, died 1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
REPP, Charles F. Born 1866, died 1948
REPP, Margaret E. Born 1894, died 1971
REPP, Mary J. Born 1870, died 1951
REPP, Nancy S. Spouse of C. Douglas. Born 1926, died uncut
REPP, Rosgoe G. Born 1894, died 1926
RESSLER, Lela B. Spouse of Ralph C. Born 12-25-1894, died 1-4-1976
RESSLER, Ralph C. Spouse of Lela B. Born 9-8-1898, died 4-15-1975
REYNOLDS, Jessie M. Born 1867, died 1942
REYNOLDS, John H. Born 1855, died 1941
REYNOLDS, Josephine H. Born 1922, died 1988
RHODES, Herbert H. Spouse of Velma S. Born 1910, died 1987 Husband Wed 7-4-1936
RHODES, Mary V. Spouse of John H. Born 1856, died 1931
RHODES, Velma S. Spouse of Herbert H. Born 2-10-1910, died 5-6-2005. Age: 95y Dau. of S. Burr & Lena Robinson Smith b. & d. Bolivar NY Wed 7-4-1936 Wife
RICHARDSON, Ada Woodard. Born 1861, died 1925
RICHARDSON, Alice M. Spouse of Clarence H. Born 1886, died 1982
RICHARDSON, Almarion E. Born 1841, died 1916 Co. B 183 N.Y.V.I.
RICHARDSON, Bert M. Spouse of Lellie T. Born 1873, died 1970
RICHARDSON, Cecil. Born 1898, died 1941 My Dad
RICHARDSON, Celia L. Spouse of Earl L. Born 1897, died 1980
RICHARDSON, Clarence H. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1900, died 1961
RICHARDSON, Don Clair. Born 1928, died 1929
RICHARDSON, Earl L. Spouse of Celia L. Born 1897, died 1982 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
RICHARDSON, Eleanor. Born 1912, died 1986 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Eloise Baby No Dates
RICHARDSON, Ernest. Spouse of Leona Butler. Born 11-23-1889, died 11-16-1964 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. B 302 Engrs, Pvt
RICHARDSON, Eugene. Born 1876, died 1962 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Flora A. Spouse of Samuel A. Born 1864, died uncut
RICHARDSON, Forrest. Born 1905, died 1998 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Frank. Born 1-6-1862, died 6-1-1888
RICHARDSON, Frank E. Born 1891, died 1891
RICHARDSON, Goldie. Born 1879, died 1960 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Infant Daughter. Age: 25d
RICHARDSON, Lellie T. Spouse of Bert M. Born 1875, died 1975
RICHARDSON, Leon A. Spouse of Regena J. Born 1902, died 1983
RICHARDSON, Leona Butler. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1892, died 1983
RICHARDSON, Lewis. Born 1900, died 1970 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Lewis W. Spouse of Lois M. Born 1900, died 1970
RICHARDSON, Lizzie Small. Born 1878, died 1904
RICHARDSON, Lois M. Spouse of Lewis W. Born 1899, died 1949
RICHARDSON, Lucetta J. Pyre. Spouse of Samuel A. Born 1846, died 1918
RICHARDSON, Mander. Born 1902, died 1907 Son of E. & G. F. Richardson
RICHARDSON, Manley A. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1885, died 1978
RICHARDSON, Margaret. Spouse of Manley A. Born 1885, died 1977
RICHARDSON, Mary R. Born 1849, died 1924
RICHARDSON, Max. Born 1908, died 1992 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Regena J. Spouse of Leon A. Born 1907, died 1977
RICHARDSON, Rose Ellen. Born 1912, died 1912 Flat Marker
RICHARDSON, Samuel A. Spouse of Lucetta J. Pyre. Born 1842, died 1907 Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 near Washington DC
RICHARDSON, Samuel A. Spouse of Flora A. Born 1864, died 1927
RICHARDSON, Thomas. Born 4-6-1811, died 12-30-1878
RICHMOND, Mary Webb. Born 1900, died 1962
RICHTER, Colton Patrick. Died 11-17-1995
RICHTER, Dorathea. Spouse of Robert L. Born 1894, died 1992
RICHTER, Robert L. Spouse of Dorathea. Born 1911, died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
RIGANEY, Gladys M. Spouse of William F. Jr. Born 1918, died 2004
RIGANEY, Nancy A. Spouse of William F. "Pat". Born 1905, died 1991
RIGANEY, William F. "Pat". Spouse of Nancy A. Born 1893, died 1979
RIGANEY, William F. Jr. Spouse of Gladys M. Born 3-15-1924, died 11-1-1978 - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps, Pfc
RIGBY, Clair A. Spouse of Iona B. Born 1894, died 1958
RIGBY, Iona B. Spouse of Clair A. Born 1900, died 1971
RIGGALL, Frank. Born 1869, died 1942
RIGGALL, John. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1838, died 1899 Father
RIGGALL, Ruth E. Born 1873, died 1947
RIGGALL, Sarah A. Spouse of John. Born 1842, died 1933 Mother
RINKER, J. Joseph "Joey". Born 1960, died 1981 My Beloved Son
RIX, William. Born 1944, died 1944 Flat Marker
ROBBINS, Marty F. Born 2-20-1961, died 8-13-2003. Age: 42y Son of Walter J. & Sandra Graves Robbins Beloved Son Together Forever
ROBBINS, Sandra M. Born 1941, died 2007
ROBERTS, Alice K. Spouse of Paul R. Born 1924, died uncut
ROBERTS, Paul R. Spouse of Alice K. Born 1923, died 1983
ROBINSON, Baby Boy. Born 1972, died 1972
ROBINSON, Baby Girl. Born 1973, died 1973
ROBINSON, G. H. Born 1846, died 1913 Father
ROCKEFELLER, Barbara K. Died 1944 Our Daughter
ROCKEFELLER, Donald R. Born 3-21-1926, died 3-23-1953 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
ROCKEFELLER, Ethel V. Spouse of Hershel H. Born 1914, died 2006 Lo I Am With You Always Even Unto The End Of The World
ROCKEFELLER, Hazel G. Spouse of William R. Born 1882, died 1955 Wait On The Lord Be Of Good Courage & He Shall Strengthen Thine Heart
ROCKEFELLER, Hershel H. Spouse of Ethel V. Born 1906, died 1964 Lo I Am With You Always Even Unto The End Of The World
ROCKEFELLER, Josephine Y. Spouse of Larry D. Born 1-2-1938, died 9-19-2004 Dau. of George & Kathryn Yost Knauer Wed 12-24-1956 Love Never Dies In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him and He Will Direct Your Paths
ROCKEFELLER, Larry D. Spouse of Josephine Y. Born 1-2-1937, died uncut Wed 12-24-1956 Love Never Dies In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him and He Will Direct Your Paths
ROCKEFELLER, Pacita Mary. Died 1948 Our Daughter
ROCKEFELLER, William R. Spouse of Hazel G. Born 1866, died 1951 Wait On The Lord Be Of Good Courage & He Shall Strengthen Thine Heart
ROGERS, Lyman M. Spouse of W. June. Born 1914, died 1994
ROGERS, Sue E. G. Born 9-8-1954, died 4-3-2003. Age: 48y Dau. of Wayne & Betty Hicks Wilson b. Bloomington IL d. Wellsville NY
ROGERS, U/K. Born 5-31-1873, died 4-3-1882 Dau. of G. T. & Z. L. Rogers
ROGERS, W. June. Spouse of Lyman M. Born 1924, died uncut
ROOT, Abel. Spouse of Polly. Died 4-9-1878. Age: 70y
ROOT, Albert. Born 1836, died 1898 Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, paroled at Wilmington NC, mustered out 4-21-1865 at Elmira NY.
ROOT, Alla E. Died 2-28-1869. Age: 5m 2d
ROOT, Allen J. Spouse of Margaret J. Born 1903, died 1967
ROOT, Almyra. Born 1844, died 1914
ROOT, Armina. Born 9-1-1846, died 6-13-1872 Dau. of E. R. & H. M. Kilbury
ROOT, Asa P. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1875, died 1943
ROOT, Asa W. Born 7-13-1841, died 8-13-1864. Age: 23y Civil War DOD, Co E 85th inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymount NC. Died of disease 8-13-1864 at Andersonville Prison GA
ROOT, B. Hebron. Born 1840, died 1927
ROOT, Bishop. Spouse of Polly. Born 2-12-1812, died 6-6-1892
ROOT, Cora May. Born 1875, died 1935
ROOT, Curtiss. Born 1899, died 1918 - Son - WW I KIA, C.A.C. 20 Co. Died in France
ROOT, D. A. Spouse of E. F. Died 4-27-1896. Age: 46y
ROOT, D. C. Spouse of Marritta. Born 11-30-1808, died 2-14-1890 Our Father & Mother
ROOT, David B. Spouse of Emma S. Born 1838, died 1903 Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out 7-1-1865 at McDougall Hospital, NYC.
ROOT, Doris L. Spouse of Gale B. Born 2-14-1929, died 8-24-2008. Age: 79y Dau. of Henry R. & Pearl Bishop Ludlow b. Toronto Ontario Canada d. Blufton S.C. Wed 12-6-1948 in Detroit MI
ROOT, E. F. Spouse of D. A. Died 10-4-1933. Age: 89y
ROOT, Edwin. Spouse of Harriet J. Born 1867, died 1931
ROOT, Emma M. Born 1891, died 1918
ROOT, Emma S. Spouse of David B. Born 1846, died uncut
ROOT, Ernest J. Born 1873, died 1904
ROOT, Ernest S. Born 1882, died 1946
ROOT, Eva J. Born 7-31-1920, died 9-7-1999 Dau. of Leo C. & Ethel Bernard Root Our Father Who Art in Heaven
ROOT, Eva L. Born 1888, died 1904
ROOT, Fayetta J. Born 1890, died 1981
ROOT, Fred. Born 5-23-1923, died 3-8-2001. Age: 77y - Son of Leo C. & Ethel Bernard Root - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt. Pacific Theater
ROOT, Gale B. [Rootie]. Spouse of Doris L. Born 3-30-1930, died 10-12-2005. Age: 75y - Son of Allen & Margaret Monroe Root b. Wellsville NY d. Bluffton S.C. Korean War Vet, US Air Force
ROOT, Grace Salvage. Spouse of Ira W. Born 1870, died 1954
ROOT, Harriet J. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1870, died 1948
ROOT, Harry A. Born 1902, died 1961
ROOT, Helen M. Spouse of Asa P. Born 1875, died 1934
ROOT, Helga K. Spouse of Hugh Daniel. Born 1928, died 1974
ROOT, Hiram J. Spouse of Mary J. Died 7-24-1895. Age: 55y
ROOT, Hugh Daniel. Spouse of Helga K. Born 9-28-1926, died 5-26-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army, HQ Co Missle SPT Comd, SFC
ROOT, Hurba E. Died 6-10-??. Age: 5m
ROOT, Ida L. Spouse of Lewellyn A. Born 1860, died 1917
ROOT, Infant. Died 1904 Infant Son of I. W. & G. T. Root
ROOT, Ira W. Spouse of Grace Salvage. Born 1868, died 1945
ROOT, LeRoy S. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1848, died 1927
ROOT, Lewellyn A. Spouse of Ida L. Born 1855, died 1918
ROOT, Lola. Died 7-3-1886. Age: 20y 7m 21d
ROOT, Lula B. Born 1893, died 1898
ROOT, Lyman E. Born 1831, died 1896 Civil War Vet, Co. B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington, DC
ROOT, Lyman E. Spouse of Melba G. Born 1905, died 1981
ROOT, Mabel V. Died 1874. Age: 1m 21d
ROOT, Margaret J. Spouse of Allen J. Born 1903, died 1964
ROOT, Marguerite L. Born 11-11-1906, died 8-23-1987
ROOT, Marritta. Spouse of D. C. Born 2-26-1815, died 5-10-1887 Our Father & Mother
ROOT, Martha A. Born 1844, died 1920
ROOT, Mary W. Spouse of James. Died 4-5-1863. Age: 37y 7m 18d
ROOT, Mary J. Spouse of Hiram J. Died 6-10-1913. Age: 70y
ROOT, Melba G. Spouse of Lyman E. Born 1915, died 1996
ROOT, Merle F. Born 7-18-1915, died 11-16-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
ROOT, Polly. Spouse of Abel. Died 1-21-1875. Age: 69y
ROOT, Polly. Spouse of Bishop. Born 3-1-1815, died 4-22-1894
ROOT, Sarah A. Spouse of LeRoy S. Born 1854, died 1927
ROPER, Emma M. Born 1909, died 1923 Flat Marker
ROPER, Ira J. Born 1882, died 1916
ROSE, Elizabeth "Isabel". Born 1915, died 1990
ROSEBOON, Gilbert. Spouse of Minnie H. Born 1849, died 1912 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. B 7th US. Inf
ROSEBOON, Minnie H. Spouse of Gilbert. Born 1853, died 1931 F L T
ROSENKRANS, William M. Born 1865, died 1944
ROSS, Baby. Born 1982, died 1982
ROSSMAN, Steven. Born 1950, died 1973 Beloved Son
ROSSMAN, Walter W. Born 1896, died 1968
ROUNDS, Mary Lovell. Born 1845, died 1912
ROWLEY, Abigail LeSuer. Spouse of S.G.S. Born 4-16-1808, died 9-11-1883 Married 9-23-1824
ROWLEY, Andrew George. Died 8-8-1839. Age: 2y 5m Son of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley Buried at Unadilla NY
ROWLEY, Cynthia Minerva. Born 2-11-1842, died 2-11-1842 Infant Dau. of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley
ROWLEY, Egbert Jabaez. Died 7-22-1852. Age: 27y 8m Son of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley
ROWLEY, Elizabeth Ann. Died 7-10-1871. Age: 32y 6m Dau. of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley Buried at Hartford Kansas
ROWLEY, Joel Warren. Died 8-25-1872. Age: 43y 8m Son of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley Died & Buried at Springfield OH
ROWLEY, Mary Celestia. Died 9-21-1862. Age: 19y 8m Dau. of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley
ROWLEY, S.G.S. Spouse of Abigail LeSuer. Born 5-31-1799, died 10-15-1894 Married 9-23-1824
ROWLEY, Seth. Died 8-20-1828. Age: 7m 20d Son of S.G.S. & Abigail LeSuer Rowley Buried at Unadilla NY
RUNYAN, John E. Born 1885, died 1924 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Troop B 4th Cav. 6-29-1905 - 6-28-1908
RUNYON, Agnes Cornwell. Born 1878, died 1925
RUNYON, Claude H. Born 1879, died 1939
RUNYON, Gertrude C. Born 1880, died 1957
RUNYON, Helen I. Born 1898, died 1902 Dau. of Claude & Josie Runyon
RUNYON, Josie. Spouse of Claude. Born 1880, died 1900
RUSHER, Rick. Born 1958, died 2008
RUSSELL, Sanford. Born 1846, died 1906 Co. H 11 N.Y. Heavy Art.
RUTTER, Friend J. Born 1876, died 1962
RYAN, Florence. Born 1908, died 1959 Flat Marker
RYAN, Fred. Born 1912, died 1961 Flat Marker
RYAN, Helen V. Spouse of William T. Born 1915, died 1993
RYAN, Margaret Ann. Born 2-8-1913, died 3-12-1988
RYAN, Samuel. Born 4-6-1896, died 12-8-1976 - WW I Vet, US Army
RYAN, William T. Spouse of Helen V. Born 1907, died 1990
SACKETT, Harry N. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1877, died 1949
SACKETT, Harry N. Born 3-21-1907, died 1-4-1954 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 2500 Base Unit, Sgt
SACKETT, Mary L. Spouse of Harry N. Born 1877, died 1942
SAGE, Albert W. Born 1856, died 1922
SAGE, Derreth C. Born 1911, died 1985
SAGE, Earl E. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1884, died 1958
SAGE, Marosia T. Born 1868, died 1929
SAGE, Mary E. Died 1921
SAGE, Mary E. Spouse of Earl E. Born 1888, died 1976
SALVAGE, Charles William. Born 1865, died 1873 Son of George & Elizabeth Salvage
SALVAGE, Elizabeth. Spouse of George. Born 1839, died 1890
SALVAGE, George. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1829, died 1914
SAUNDERS, Anne N. Spouse of Donald C. Born 1929, died 1995
SAUNDERS, Donald C. Spouse of Anne N. Born 1926, died uncut
SAWYER, Caroline. Born 1838, died 1927
SAWYER, Edith G. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1913, died uncut
SAWYER, Edward. Born 1837, died 1923 Civil War Vet, Co C 67th and 65th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company (65th) 7-17-1865 at Halls Hill VA.
SAWYER, Hazel N. Born 1886, died 1957
SAWYER, Irma H. Born 1909, died 1983
SAWYER, John W. Born 1908, died 1974
SAWYER, Robert E. Spouse of Edith G. Born 1912, died 1990
SAWYER, Wallace E. Born 1884, died 1960
SCHEFFER, Charles M. Spouse of Elizabeth D. Born 1858, died 1907 Father
SCHEFFER, Elizabeth D. Spouse of Charles M. Born 1861, died 1937 Mother
SCHEFFER, Frances. Born 1885, died 1957
SCHEFFER, Mary. Died 1884 Infant Dau. of C. M. & E. D. Scheffer
SCHOONOVER, Claud. Spouse of Gracie. Born 1886, died 1939
SCHOONOVER, Gracie. Spouse of Claud. Born 1891, died 1968
SCHRAM, Cerell B. Born 10-6-1907, died 6-21-1992 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pvt
SCHRAM, Dorothea. Born 1846, died 1918
SCHRAM, George Christian. Born 1878, died 1948
SCHRAM, John. Born 1847, died 1941
SCHRAM, John J. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 1-10-1916, died 3-29-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SCHRAM, Lopna Wright. Born 1898, died 1972
SCHRAM, Mabel M. Spouse of John J. Born 1914, died 1992
SCHRAM, Mary E. Spouse of Alfred Eugene. Born 10-13-1936, died 8-21-2007 Dau. of Fred & Rose James Ervin b. Olean NY d. Allentown NY Wed 12-1965
SCHREPPEL, Emma Johnston. Born 1924, died 2001
SCHREPPEL, William J. Born 4-21-1932, died 8-20-1999 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
SCOTT, Corinna. Died 10-27-1888. Age: 14y 8m 28d
SCOTT, David Lee. Born 1964, died 1964
SCOTT, Dianna G. Spouse of Donald D. Born 1959, died uncut
SCOTT, Donald D. Spouse of Dianna G. Born 1916, died 1999 The Hunter Has Gone Home
SCOTT, Edgar J. Born abt 1847 Civil War Vet, Co. B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington, DC
SCOTT, Elias. Spouse of Phila A. Died 8-28-1886. Age: 76y
SCOTT, Eunice H. Spouse of Louis L. Born 1889, died 1969
SCOTT, Garrett P. Born 7-7-1917, died 8-25-1994
SCOTT, Hattie. Spouse of Edgar. Died 3-21-1883. Age: 28y Departed This Life In Her 28th year
SCOTT, James. Born 1-12-1843, died 3-16-1890
SCOTT, Kenneth C. Spouse of Vivian V. Born 11-22-1922, died 1-1-2005 - Son of Edward & Rose Mastern Scott - WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt.
SCOTT, Leon. Born 1895, died 1949
SCOTT, Libbie. Spouse of Eugene. Born 5-31-1859, died 5-2-1888 Beloved Wife Second Stone shows: born 5-3-1859 died 5-28-1888
SCOTT, Louis L. Spouse of Eunice H. Born 1887, died 1963
SCOTT, Lucy M. Born 1-8-1821, died uncut
SCOTT, Mary. Spouse of Sanford N. Born 1859, died 1940
SCOTT, Phila A. Spouse of Elias. Died 12-18-1855. Age: 45y 11m 22d
SCOTT, Sanford N. Spouse of Mary. Born 1847, died 1916 Civil War Vet, Co. B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington, DC
SCOTT, Vivian V. Spouse of Kenneth C. Born 12-14-1928, died uncut Wed 4-20-1946
SEAMANS, Donald R. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 10-6-1921, died 3-14-2003. Age: 81y - Son of Olney & Emogene Thomas Seamans b. Alma NY d. Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SEAMANS, Frances M. Born 1892, died 1926
SEAMANS, Frederick R. Born 1853, died 1932
SEAMANS, Iva E. Spouse of Olney C. Born 1884, died 1942
SEAMANS, M. Lucelia. Born 1860, died 1946
SEAMANS, Margaret L. Spouse of Donald R. Born 1926, died 1996 Wed 12-21-1970 Together Forever
SEAMANS, Olney C. Spouse of Iva E. Born 1887, died 1969
SEAMANS, Pauline Phillips. Born 1917, died 1993
SEAMON, Bertha S. Spouse of John L. Born 1902, died 1980
SEAMON, John L. Spouse of Bertha S. Born 1899, died 1964
SEELEY, Alice. Spouse of Edward M. Born 7-31-1908, died 11-12-2002. Age: 94y Dau. of John & Nellie Cressey Waters
SEELEY, Barbara J. Spouse of Richard L. Born 12-31-1933, died uncut Wed 2-10-1951
SEELEY, Edward M. Spouse of Alice. Born 1906, died 1-25-1972 m. Feb. 12 1927 in Little Genesee
SEELEY, Eugene. Born 1928, died 1934 Flat Marker
SEELEY, Richard L. "Dick". Spouse of Barbara J. Born 9-17-1930, died 10-12-2000 - Son of Edward & Alice Waters Seeley - WW II Vet, US Navy, Sea Rescue Air Sqdn B
SEGER, Infant Daughter. Died 1903 Infant Daughter of M. L. Seager
SEVERSON, Oscar H. Spouse of Satie M. Born 1866, died 1936
SEVERSON, Satie M. Spouse of Oscar H. Born 1867, died 1931
SEXTON, Allan. Spouse of Phyllis. Born 1923, died 1999
SEXTON, Bart Charles. Spouse of Wendy Sue. Born 11-28-1967, died 2-11-2006 Son of Leonard & Sally Bartlett Sexton b. Olean NY d. Genesco NY
SEXTON, Edith B. Born 1897, died 1961
SEXTON, Jack D. Spouse of Lucille Latten. Born 3-14-1925, died 9-25-2006. Age: 81y Son of William & Edna Densmore Sexton b. Ulysses PA d. Wellsville NY
SEXTON, James R. Born 1890, died 1970
SEXTON, Jay Flat Marker No Dates
SEXTON, Leonard C. "Pete". Spouse of Sally. Born 12-31-1936, died 8-28-2000
SEXTON, Lucille Latten. Spouse of Jack D. Born 1927, died uncut Wed 4-21-1945 in Bolivar NY
SEXTON, Marion L. Born 1927, died 1943
SEXTON, Phyllis. Spouse of Allan. Born 1930, died uncut
SEXTON, Richard V. Spouse of Virginia A. Born 1918, died 1984 In God's Care
SEXTON, Sally. Spouse of Leonard. Born 5-19-1940, died uncut
SEXTON, Virginia A. "Ginny". Spouse of Richard V. Born 10-30-1926, died 10-21-2015 Dau of Albert & Pearl Rogers Cline, born and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 9-4-1954 in Bolivar NY "In God's Care"
SEXTON, Wendy Sue. Spouse of Bart Charles. Born 2-12-1968, died uncut Wed 1-10-2004 in Livonia NY Loving Wife & Mother
SEXTON, William H. Born 5-4-1894, died 10-6-1970
SHANER, Albert L. Spouse of Mae. Born 1865, died 1945
SHANER, Alyn L. Born 1924, died 1994
SHANER, Arthur C. Spouse of Emma E. Born 1880, died 1976
SHANER, Arthur W. Born 1890, died 1970 In Loving Memory
SHANER, Baby No Dates
SHANER, Bernice R. Spouse of Lawrence H. Born 1909, died 1982
SHANER, Carol J. Spouse of Eleanor E. Born 1900, died 1982
SHANER, Cathryn D. Spouse of Clarence R. Born 1908, died 1995
SHANER, Clara L. Spouse of Marcus O. Born 1874, died 1949
SHANER, Clarence R. Spouse of Cathryn D. Born 12-17-1906, died 6-6-2000
SHANER, Clifford V. Born 1892, died 1905
SHANER, Cora B. Born 1883, died 1964
SHANER, Doris R. Spouse of Forest M. Born 8-21-1912, died 5-18-2004. Age: 91y b. Benezette PA dau of Clinton & Cora Sexton Batterson
SHANER, Eleanor E. Spouse of Carol Jones. Born 5-27-1909, died 12-19-2002 Dau of John & Gertrude May (Boller) EnglishTeacher b. Hume-NY d. Westfield-NY Wed 7-09-1934 in Fillmore-NY
SHANER, Elvira A. Born 1919, died 1983
SHANER, Emma E. Spouse of Arthur C. Born 1881, died 1954
SHANER, Everett L. Born 6-29-1920, died 7-11-2001. Age: 81y - Son of Lester N. & Jennie Thompson Shaner - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps, 4th Div, Cpl. Purple Heart
SHANER, Flora A. Born 1897, died 1976 In Loving Memory
SHANER, Forest M. Spouse of Doris R. Born 1908, died 9-22-1983 wed July 2 1933
SHANER, Fred C. Spouse of Susie Lewis. Born 1898, died 1969
SHANER, Georgia W. Spouse of William E. "Gene". Born 1911, died 1979 I'll Build a Stairway to Heaven for Heaven is Where You Are
SHANER, Harold J. Born 1914, died 1988
SHANER, Helen Louise. Born 1915, died 1923 Dau. of L. N. & J. Shaner
SHANER, Howard R. Spouse of Olive B. Born 6-17-1911, died 7-20-1985 - WW II Vet, US Navy
SHANER, Irene M. Born 5-28-1903, died 8-6-1967
SHANER, Isabelle E. Spouse of Melvin D. Born 1911, died 1995
SHANER, James. Died 1939
SHANER, Jennie Z. Spouse of Lester N. Born 1883, died 1980
SHANER, John. Died 1938
SHANER, Joseph. Spouse of Marguerite. Born 1911, died 1995
SHANER, Kenneth A. Born 1928, died uncut
SHANER, Lawrence H. Spouse of Bernice R. Born 1908, died 1980
SHANER, Lenna R. Spouse of Raymond C. Born 1902, died 1988
SHANER, Lester N. Spouse of Jennie Z. Born 1878, died 1958
SHANER, Lester W. Born 1894, died 1963 In Loving Memory
SHANER, Louella Mehrten. Born 1868, died 1941
SHANER, Marcus O. Spouse of Clara L. Born 1873, died 1947
SHANER, Marguerite. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1910, died 1997
SHANER, May. Spouse of Albert L. Born 1868, died 1908
SHANER, Melvin D. Spouse of Isabelle E. Born 1910, died 1954
SHANER, Olive B. Spouse of Howard R. Born 1913, died 1974
SHANER, Paul F. Born 1875, died 1950
SHANER, Raymond C. Spouse of Lenna R. Born 1899, died 1983
SHANER, Samuel A. Born 1897, died 1929
SHANER, Samuel A. Born 1928, died 1955
SHANER, Susie Lewis. Spouse of Fred C. Born 1897, died 1982
SHANER, William E. "Gene". Spouse of Georgia W. Born 1902, died 1960 I'll Build a Stairway to Heaven for Heaven is Where You Are
SHANER, William T. "Billy". Born 1925, died 1993
SHANNER, Genevieve Stout. Born 1912, died 1949 Shanner had two "N"s on stone
SHARP, Baby. Born 1955, died 1955
SHARP, Dale C. Spouse of Gladys. Born 12-18-1919, died 1-23-2003. Age: 81y - Son of Chester & Annie Wingard Sharp, born in Munderf PA - WW II Vet, US Navy Pacific, USS Derrick
SHARP, Gary N. Born 1949, died 1949 Flat Marker
SHARP, Gladys Hosmer. Spouse of Dale C. Born 1923, died uncut
SHARP, Marie M. Spouse of Ralph D. Born 10-22-1909, died 3-18-2004. Age: 94y Dau. of William & Claracie Clara Everson Hosmer b. Oswayo PA Rest In Peace
SHARP, Marion Elizabeth. Born 5-29-1935, died 1-26-1936
SHARP, Ralph D. Spouse of Marie M. Born 1904, died 1966 Wed 6-15-1927 in Wellsville-NY Rest In Peace
SHARP, William Arthur. Born 12-5-1932, died 6-1-1980 - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps, Sgt
SHAVALIER, Charles. Born 1856, died 1917
SHAVALIER, Earl J. Spouse of L. Blanche. Born 1883, died 1945
SHAVALIER, Gilbert J. Born 1888, died 1957
SHAVALIER, Gladys. Born 1904, died 1919
SHAVALIER, L. Blanche. Spouse of Earl J. Born 1889, died 1976
SHAVALIER, Margaret. Spouse of Ronald A. Born 1910, died 1975
SHAVALIER, Neva M. Dau. of Mildred & Earl Shavalier No Dates
SHAVALIER, Ronald A. Spouse of Margaret. Born 8-26-1908, died 3-30-1974 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SHAW, Norrissa Withey. Spouse of M. D. Born 5-1-1824, died 6-8-1899 Mother
SHAW, Stephen P. Died 11-26-1869. Age: 41y 10m
SHECKLER, Carrie. Spouse of Charles. Born 1858, died 1947 Mother
SHECKLER, Charles. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1855, died 1930 Father
SHELDON, Ira. Born 1852, died 1912
SHELDON, Priscilla. Born 1855, died uncut
SHELDON, Ralph. Born 1873, died 1899
SHELDON, Sarah. Born 1854, died 1894
SHERWOOD, Bessie D. Born 1888, died 1954
SHERWOOD, Clarence J. Spouse of Lucy B. Born 1887, died 1953
SHERWOOD, David E. Born 1881, died 1951
SHERWOOD, Dusten Mikal. Born 1978, died 1980 Our Ray of Sunshine
SHERWOOD, Florence E. Spouse of Fred C. Born 1898, died 1980
SHERWOOD, Fred C. Spouse of Florence E. Born 1894, died 1991
SHERWOOD, Lucy B. Spouse of Clarence J. Born 1893, died 1971
SHIELDS, Clyde L. Spouse of Iva M. Born 1903, died 1985
SHIELDS, Iva M. Spouse of Clyde L. Born 1906, died 1994
SHIELDS, Virginia L. Born 1925, died 1926
SHIRLEY, Charles L. Born 1886, died 1958
SHIRLEY, Myrtle I. Born 1892, died 1976
SHOEN, Ethel. Born 1905, died 1994
SHOFF, Joel E. Born 1829, died 1916 Civil War Vet, 184th Inf, NYS Vols [not verified]
SIKES, Alfonzo. Born 1883, died 1934 Son
SIKES, Peter A. Born 1846, died 1915 Father
SIMONS, Alice. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1867, died 1935
SIMONS, Arthur H. Spouse of Bertha M. Born 1886, died 1940
SIMONS, Bertha M. Spouse of Arthur H. Born 1884, died uncut
SIMONS, Charles H. Spouse of Alice. Born 1866, died 1930
SIMONS, Maxine A. Born 1914, died 1934
SIMONS, Raymond E. Born 1894, died 1958
SIMPSON, Anna H. Spouse of John W. Born 1909, died 12-1995
SIMPSON, Harold. Born 1905, died 1924
SIMPSON, John W. Spouse of Anna H. Born 1907, died 1969
SINABAUGH, Lillian P. Spouse of Thomas M. Born 1883, died 1930 Mother
SINABAUGH, Lloyd E. Born 1901, died 1936 Son
SINABAUGH, Thomas M. Spouse of Lillian P. Born 1878, died 1963 Father
SISSON, Bernadine L. Spouse of George E. Born 1924, died 1972
SISSON, George E. Spouse of Bernadine L. Born 8-5-1917, died 2-1-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
SISSON, Herbert L. Spouse of Mildred V. Born 1906, died 1969
SISSON, J. Frank. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1875, died 1938
SISSON, Mildred V. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 1907, died 1989
SISSON, Sarah E. Spouse of J. Frank. Born 1881, died 1966
SKERITT, Henry Flat Maker No Dates
SKINNER, Earle L. Spouse of Marion R. Born 1921, died 1970
SKINNER, Marion R. Spouse of Earle L. Born 1924, died uncut
SLOCUM, William Lloyd. Born 2-22-1925, died 7-4-1975
SMALL, Alice E. Born 1899, died 1985 Funeral Marker
SMALL, Dan. Died 1945
SMALL, Daniel. Born 3-30-1934, died 10-22-2003 Son of Daniel & Alice Bradford Small
SMALL, John. Died 1943
SMITH, Adelaide Brewer. Born 1894, died 1960
SMITH, Alice Patridge. Born 1879, died 1926
SMITH, Alleah Ann. Born 1-1-2005, died 1-14-2005 Infant Dau. of Jared Smith & April Clemens Our Angel
SMITH, Bertha. Born 12-17-1878, died 5-19-1880 Child of Wm. H. & M. E. Smith
SMITH, Caroline L. Born 1936, died 1938 Flat Marker
SMITH, Craig A. Spouse of Selinda A. Born 1954, died uncut Forever in Love
SMITH, Curtis. Born 1845, died 1896
SMITH, Dora V. Spouse of Eddie D. Born 1869, died 1935
SMITH, Eddie D. Spouse of Dora V. Born 1866, died 1936
SMITH, Edwin P. Spouse of Miranda. Died 9-2-1873. Age: 52y 5m
SMITH, Estella S. Born 1857, died 1941
SMITH, Ezra I. Spouse of Harriett A. Born 1851, died 1923
SMITH, Fayette. Born 1861, died 1937
SMITH, Florence W. Spouse of Wallace A. Born 1888, died 1974
SMITH, Gusta. Spouse of Wallace T. Born 11-15-1848, died uncut In the Silent Tomb I Find Sweetness Rest Trusting in Jesus I Know I Am Blest
SMITH, Harold. Born 1900, died 1966 Flat Marker
SMITH, Harriett A. Spouse of Ezra I. Born 1862, died 1931
SMITH, Henrietta. Born 1948, died 1977
SMITH, Henry. Born 12-3-1880, died 12-6-1882 Child of Wm. H. & M. E. Smith
SMITH, Homer C. Born 1901, died 1964 Son
SMITH, Howard P. Born 1881, died 1944
SMITH, J. P. Born 1846, died 1896
SMITH, Jonathan. Spouse of Sylvia A. Died 6-19-1896. Age: 81y
SMITH, Joseph L. Born 1892, died 1967
SMITH, Lena L. Spouse of S. Burr. Born 1872, died 1937 Mother
SMITH, Lou. Spouse of Lovilo E. Born 1865, died 1960 Mother
SMITH, Lovilo E. Spouse of Lou. Born 1850, died 1928 Father
SMITH, Margaret G. Spouse of William A. Born 1904, died 1997
SMITH, Miranda. Spouse of Edwin P. Died 6-8-1905. Age: 82y
SMITH, N. Louisa. Born 1858, died 1930
SMITH, Nancy No Dates
SMITH, Nellie. Born 1851, died 1925
SMITH, Olive M. Born 1859, died 1930
SMITH, Richard L. Born 1923, died 1977 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
SMITH, Richard W. Sr. Spouse of Phyllis McCollough. Born 2-18-1929, died 6-1-2004. Age: 75y - Son of Harold & Dorothy Dodge Smith. Bolivar Police Dept. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
SMITH, Rubie A. Spouse of Stephen J. Died 7-10-1914. Age: 66y
SMITH, S. Burr. Spouse of Lena L. Born 1873, died 1938 Father
SMITH, Selinda A. Spouse of Craig A. Born 1953, died 2002 Forever in Love
SMITH, Stephen J. Spouse of Rubie A. Died 1872
SMITH, Sylvia A. Spouse of Jonathan. Died 2-25-1893. Age: 70y
SMITH, Wallace A. Spouse of Florence W. Born 1886, died 1964
SMITH, Wallace T. Spouse of Gusta. Born 7-25-1841, died 5-20-1881 In the Silent Tomb I Find Sweetness Rest Trusting in Jesus I Know I Am Blest
SMITH, William A. Spouse of Margaret G. Born 1908, died 1975
SMYTH, Asahel C. Born 1845, died 1939
SMYTH, Cora May. Born 1869, died 1936
SNODGRASS, Flora Cady. Born 1865, died 1935
SPEES, Harry M. Spouse of Lula M. Born 1901, died 1964
SPEES, Lula M. Spouse of Harry M. Born 1909, died 1989
SPENCER, Chandler R. Spouse of Esther. Born 11-14-1841, died 10-14-1865 Civil War Vet, Co B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Absent in hospital since 10-29-1864, no further record.
SPENCER, Esther. Spouse of Chandler R. Born 3-5-1849, died 8-18-1864
SPENCER, Eva B. Born 1906, died 1928
SPENCER, Frederick R. Born 1842, died 1902 Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 near Washington DC
SPENCER, Janson. Spouse of Louisa. Born 1814, died 1863 - Uncategorized Vet
SPENCER, Job. Spouse of Welthe E. Born 1809, died 1893
SPENCER, Louisa. Spouse of Janson. Born 9-4-1814, died 4-24-1885
SPENCER, Morton L. Born 1840, died 1930
SPENCER, Welthe E. Spouse of Job. Born 1816, died 1895
SPETA, Frank J. Born 12-20-1900, died 2-17-1972
SPETA, Gladys M. Born 2-2-1905, died 11-25-1974
SPETA, Joan. Born 3-23-1936, died 10-7-1991
STABLEY, Richard A. Born 1967, died 1982
STAMM, Zeph. Born 1849, died 1926
STANNARD, Gertie. Born 4-4-1883, died 8-24-1899
STARR, Alta B. Born 1886, died 1969
STARR, Ellen K. Spouse of Kenneth R. Born 1915, died 1997
STARR, Grace B. Born 1916, died uncut
STARR, Henry. Born 6-20-1835, died 9-24-1885 At Rest
STARR, Kenneth R. Spouse of Ellen K. Born 1917, died 1999
STARR, Michael. Born 1947, died 1984
STARR, Raymond D. Born 1916, died 1994
STARR, Rex W. Born 1883, died 1975
STEINER, Jeffery. Died 7-18-1968 Infant Twin Son of George & Mary Steiner
STEINER, Jerry. Died 7-18-1968 Infant Twin Son of George & Mary Steiner
STEPHENS, Della Palmer. Born 1853, died 1913
STERNBERG, Nellie. Born 6-13-1858, died 7-20-1919
STETSON, Roy L. Born 1887, died 1920
STETSON, Sarah. Born 1860, died 1935 Flat Marker
STEVENS, Nadine. Born 1932, died 1980
STILLMAN, Deltra Mary Hill. Spouse of Richard. Born Unknown, died 3-2-2014 Dau of (Unknown), b. Brasher Falls NY d. Buffalo NY. Wed 5-30-1942
STILLMAN, Donald E. Spouse of Isabell. Born 1894, died 1925 - WW II Vet, US Army, 303rd MTC, Sgt
STILLMAN, Hariett Jane. Born 1921, died 1924
STILLMAN, Isabell. Spouse of Donald E. Born 1898, died 1932
STILLMAN, Oramel B. Spouse of Pearl L. Born 1866, died 1932 Father
STILLMAN, Pearl L. Spouse of Oramel B. Born 1875, died 1963 Mother
STILSON, Clara E. Spouse of Howard L. Born 1897, died 1977
STILSON, Howard L. Spouse of Clara E. Born 1897, died 1962
STILSON, Paul H. Born 1918, died 1932
STIMSON, Frances M. Spouse of Frank W. Born 1908, died 1991 age
STIMSON, Jean Katherine. Born 2-9-1959, died 4-27-1989
STIMSON, Olive D. Spouse of Robert Jones. Born 3-31-1932, died 12-16-2011 age Dau of Frederick & Violet Drake Aylesburg b. Lindsey Ontario d. Belmont NY Wed 9-26-1953 in Bobcaygeon Ontario Wed Husband #2 Henry D. Mayo on 4-4-1992
STIMSON, Robert Jones. Spouse of Olive D. Aylesbury. Born 1924, died 1986 age
STIVES, Angela Joan. Spouse of David Allen. Born 7-31-1963, died 3-28-2007. Age: 43y Dau. of Harl C. Burdick & Angela J. Rosenhauer b. Cuba NY d. Bolivar NY Wed 6-1-1984
STIVES, Barbara A. Ingalls. Spouse of Gerald A. Born 1942, died uncut
STIVES, Beulah E. Cole. Spouse of Frederick Leroy. Born 3-15-1916, died 6-18-1988 Dau. of Ernest & Mayme Highley Cole b. Millport PA d. Buffalo NY
STIVES, Brian Alan. Born 4-14-1980, died 6-21-1980 In God's Care
STIVES, Catherine R. "Cookie". Spouse of Harold R. "Stubby". Born 1912, died uncut
STIVES, Cecelia D. Born 2-11-1941, died 5-14-1973 In God's Care
STIVES, Frederick Leroy. Spouse of Beulah E. Born 1914, died 2000 m. Aug. 1933- d. Buffalo NY
STIVES, Gerald A. Spouse of Barbara A. Born 12-17-1933, died 5-23-2005. Age: 71y - Son of Harold R. & Catherine Clark Stives - WW II Vet, US Army, 128th Evacuation Hospital Div, Pvt Medic
STIVES, Harold R. "Stubby". Spouse of Catherine R. "Cookie". Born 1912, died 1995
STIVES, Joni. Born 1963, died 2007
STIVES, Stuart L. Born 7-29-1952, died 6-2-2005. Age: 52y Son of Harold R. & Catherine Clark Stives
STODDARD, Edith B. Born 1924, died 1938
STODDARD, Leon. Born 1900, died 1993
STODDARD, Sidney L. Spouse of Polly Combs. Born 5-21-1927, died 9-24-2001. Age: 74y - Son of Leon & Nina Thornton Stoddard m. April 18 1952 - WW II Vet, US Navy
STODDERD, Charles R. Born 1910, died 1927 Flat Marker
STOHR, C. Maynard. Born 1902, died 1976
STOHR, Gloria M. Spouse of Harold Jr. Born 2-23-1926, died uncut
STOHR, Harold Jr. Spouse of Gloria M. Born 10-26-1924, died 1-10-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
STOHR, Robert A. Born 1874, died 1966
STOHR, Winona M. Born 1870, died 1956
STOKES, Viola Wedge. Born 1897, died 1936
STONE, Clarence "Fred" Sr. Spouse of Margaret Louella Winsor. Born 8-11-1918, died 12-30-1993 - Wed 8-30-1940 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S2
STONE, Ernest F. Spouse of Ida F. Born 1854, died 1918
STONE, Harry A. Spouse of Lulu E. Born 1886, died 1931 Father
STONE, Ida F. Spouse of Ernest F. Born 1853, died 1935
STONE, James F. Born 1840, died 1872 Civil War Vet, Co B. 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Alexandria VA.
STONE, Jenette L. Born 1897, died 1975 Flat Marker
STONE, Lulu E. Spouse of Harry A. Born 1886, died 1968 Mother
STONE, Margaret Louella Windson. Spouse of Clarence "Fred" Sr. Born 2-25-1923, died 2012 age
STONHAM, Isabelle G. Born 1904, died 1989 Mother
STONHAM, Junior F. Born 11-10-1913, died 5-9-1997 - Son - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
STORMS, Andrew B. Born 1862, died 1928
STORMS, Hettie V. Born 1862, died 1918
STORMS, Ruth Mix. Born 1895, died 1964
STOTHART, Alexander J. Born 1880, died 1962
STOTHART, Gertrude L. Spouse of Alexander J. Born 1870, died 1951
STRAIGHT, Arthur G. Born 10-20-1943, died 4-10-1986 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp4
STRAIGHT, Ethel Newton. Spouse of Gaylord Nelson. Born 1922, died 1998 Wed 3-28-1947 in Olean-NY
STRAIGHT, Gaylord Nelson. Spouse of Ethel Newton. Born 7-25-1920, died 7-7-2004 - Son of Nelson & Crystal Skinner Straight b. Andover NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 13th Vol 101 Airborne, Pfc. Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars
STRAIGHT, Loraine A. Spouse of Merle Kenneth. Born 4-15-1921, died 1-11-2005 Dau. of Phill & Irma Maxson Appleby
STRAIGHT, Merle Kenneth. Spouse of Loraine A. Born 1917, died 1-10-1947 wed July 16 1940
STRAYER, Edwin M. Born 1868, died 1940
STRAYER, Irene W. Born 1885, died 1932
STRAYER, Lorenzo D. Born 1842, died 1921
STRAYER, Lucy M. Born 1841, died 1932
STRAYER, Myrtle L. Born 1868, died 1916
STREETER, Belle E. Born 1860, died 1952
STREETER, Bradley C. Born 1922, died 1992
STREETER, Clarendon E. Born 1893, died 1972
STREETER, Frank C. Born 1851, died 1929
STREETER, Frankie B. Born 1887, died 1904
STUCK, Ira. Spouse of Louise. Born 1904, died 1992
STUCK, Louise. Spouse of Ira. Born 1915, died 1993
STURDEVANT, Emmo Jean C. Spouse of Harley L. Born 1928, died uncut
STURDEVANT, Harley L. Spouse of Emmo Jean C. Born 11-17-1921, died 11-29-2003 - Son of Ralph & Neva Crooks Sturdevant - WW II Vet, US Army, 9th Tank Bn. Bronze Star & WW2 Victory Medal
SUTHERLAND, Donald F. Born 6-24-1925, died 6-13-1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
SWARTHOUT, Abby A. Born 1848, died 1917
SWARTHOUT, Ellis L. Spouse of Helen A. Born 1902, died 1988
SWARTHOUT, Eva J. Born 1888, died 1982
SWARTHOUT, Helen A. Spouse of Ellis L. Born 1909, died 1977
SWARTHOUT, Irving J. Jr. Born 1919, died 1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt
SWARTHOUT, Irving J. Jr. Born 1919, died 1987 Cpt. U.S. Army WW2
SWARTHOUT, James A. Born 1839, died 1926
SWARTHOUT, James R. Born 10-10-1913, died 4-6-2002 - WW II Vet, US Navy, F1
SWARTHOUT, Jesse M. Born 8-3-1877, died 9-17-1962 - Spanish-American War Vet, Co. L 202 Inf NY, Cpl
SWARTHOUT, Margaret E. Born 1903, died 1980
SWARTHOUT, Mary A. Born 7-16-1922, died 6-27-2005 Dau. of Irving J. & Eva Pendleton Swarthout No Farewell Words Were Spoken - No Time To Say Goodbye - You Were Gone Before We Knew It & Only God Knows Why


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