Maple Lawn Cemetery
Town of Bolivar

Walked & Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb
At entrance to cemetery: Erected by his parents E. C. & M. R. Garthwait 1919
In Memory of their Son Glen E. Garthwait 1890 - 1916

Entrance to cemetery & Garthwait Mausoleum
Photos by Eleanor Schwalb

Photos taken by Joan Mason

In Memory of the Defenders of the the Union 1861 - 1865
Gettysburg - Fair Oaks - Cedar Creek - Five Forks are engraved on the four sides of the Monument
Soldiers of the Civil War enlisted from Bolivar, New York


ACKERMAN, Elmer V.. Spouse of Ethel C.. Born 1881, died 1963
ACKERMAN, Ethel C.. Spouse of Elmer V.. Born 1898, died 1970
ACKERMAN, P. Earl. Born 1914, died 1950
ACKERMAN, Parmley. Born 1883, died 1970
ACKERMAN, Pearl M.. Born 1892, died 1932
ALAVATRONA, Herbert H.. Born 7-29-1929, died 3-9-2003 - Son of Frank & Levoid Gellett Alavatrona - Korean War Vet, US Army
ALLARD, Eunice. Spouse of Madison L.. Born 1-6-1842, died 1-1-1910
ALLARD, Madison L.. Spouse of Eunice. Born 12-2-1829, died 5-29-1891
ALLEN, Alice Leona. Born 1900, died 1918
ALLEN, Belle B.. Born 1885, died 1950
ALLEN, Christopher C.. Spouse of Emily A.. Born 1834, died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols. Discharged fro disability 2-6-1863 at hospital, West Philadelphia PA
ALLEN, Emily A.. Spouse of Christopher C.. Born 1839, died 1915
ALLEN, Julia E.. Spouse of Walter S.. Born 1870, died uncut
ALLEN, Raymond L.. Born 6-15-1953, died 2-19-2010. Age: 56y - Son of Wayne & Ruby Moses Allen b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
ALLEN, Ruby D.. Spouse of Wayne M.. Born 1928, died uncut
ALLEN, Walter S.. Spouse of Julia E.. Born 1867, died 1907
ALLEN, Wayne M."Bud". Spouse of Jody Pinney. Born 1-25-1950, died 2-6-2009. Age: 59y - Son of Wayne M. & Ruby Moses Allen b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 7-7-1973 in Bolivar NY - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps CPL
AMES, Sylvia "Roxy". Born 1906, died 1984
AMSDEN, Charles Jay. Spouse of Sarah Lavina. Born 1873, died 1944
AMSDEN, Sarah Lavina. Spouse of Charles Jay. Born 1870, died 1953
ANDERSON, Ella M. Holcomb. Spouse of James C.. Born 10-31-1868, died 1-4-1954
ANDERSON, Glen Edward. Spouse of Nordica Root. Born 5-15-1923, died 11-11-2009, Age: 86y - Son of Edward S. & Verna C. Starr Anderson b. Ridgway PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-14-1951 in Wellsville NY Nordica died 11-5-1986 U.S.Navy 1942-1946 aboard USS Grapple as a salvage diver WWI vet, US Navy 1942-1946.
ANDERSON, James C.. Spouse of Ella M.. Born 8-8-1859, died 1936
ANDERSON, Nordica Ethel (Root). Spouse of Glen Edward. Born 5-11-1919, died 11-5-1986. Age: 67y - Dau of Leo Cassar & Ethel (Bernard) Root. Married in 1951.
ANDREWS, Georgie, died 5-14-1886. Age: 2y 5m
ANDREWS, R. G., died 8-28-1893. Age: 57y
ANDRUS, Claire Kenyon. Born 1893, died 1918 - WW I Vet, US Army AEF, Co. M 308th Inf. 77th Div. in France
ANDRUS, Claire Stephen. Spouse of Frances B. Kenyon. Born 1867, died 1939
ANDRUS, Clara S.. Spouse of Ralph N.. Born 1861, died 1948
ANDRUS, Frances B. Kenyon. Spouse of Claire S.. Born 1872, died 1931
ANDRUS, Georgie. Born 1888, died 1890
ANDRUS, H. Amelia. Born 1839, died 1882
ANDRUS, Kate T.. Born 1855, died 1913
ANDRUS, Lowell L.. Born 1891, died 1918
ANDRUS, R. La Grange. Born 1835, died 1919
ANDRUS, Ralph N.. Spouse of Clara S.. Born 1861, died 1948
APGAR, Jacob. Spouse of Rachel E.. Born 1846, died 1915 - [Father] - Civil War Vet, Btry B 1st Lt Arty NJ Vols
APGAR, James R.. Born 1879, died 1890 - Son of J. W. & R. E. Apgar
APGAR, Jennie Andrus. Spouse of William F.. Born 1888, died 1958
APGAR, Rachel E.. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1857, died 1939 - [Mother]
APGAR, Ralph W. Sr.. Born 1916, died 1961 - WW II Vet, US Navy
APGAR, William F.. Spouse of Jennie Andrus. Born 1890, died 1978 - WW II Vet, US Army, Btry C 307th Fld Arty 78th Div, Sgt. Served in France
APPLEBY, Alice F.. Spouse of L. D.. Born 1863, died 1903
APPLEBY, Alice O.. Spouse of Herbert T. Sr.. Born 3-18-1917, died 10-23-2000. Age: 83y - Dau of Clair W. "John" & Gertrude M. Stevens Stark b. Eldred PA
APPLEBY, Arlouine V.. Spouse of George Jerry. Born 1896, died 1991
APPLEBY, Carl L.. Born 10-25-1912, died 12-19-1973 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S2
APPLEBY, Charles R.. Spouse of Lena Joy. Born 1877, died 1968
APPLEBY, E. Adeline. Born 1867, died 1936
APPLEBY, Frank L.. Spouse of Nettie M.. Born 1872, died 1946
APPLEBY, George Jerry. Spouse of Arlouine V.. Born 1889, died 1968
APPLEBY, Glenn M.. Spouse of Mima. Born 1886, died 1972 - [Father]
APPLEBY, Harold Earnest. Spouse of Nancy Mae Timblin. Born 1-3-1920, died 11-22-1996
APPLEBY, Helen I.. Spouse of Sealand L.. Born 1912, died 1994
APPLEBY, Herbert T. Sr.. Spouse of Alice O.. Born 1910, died 1976 - m. Mar. 6 1937
APPLEBY, Irma G.. Spouse of Phill T.. Born 1901, died 1954
APPLEBY, Irwin O.. Born 1883, died 1965
APPLEBY, Lawrence L.. Spouse of Mona A. Murphy. Born 1906, died 8-21-1978 - m. June 5 1926 in Eldred PA
APPLEBY, Lawrence P.. Born 1923, died 1924
APPLEBY, Layton D.. Spouse of Alice F.. Born 1858, died 1941
APPLEBY, Lena Joy. Spouse of Charles R.. Born 1891, died 1977
APPLEBY, Mary Ette. Born 1846, died 1922
APPLEBY, Mima. Spouse of Glenn M.. Born 1885, died 1950 - [Mother]
APPLEBY, Mona A. (Murphy). Spouse of Lawrence L.. Born 6-2-1908, died 9-12-2002. Age: 94y - Dau of Adelbert & Anna McIntyre Murphy
APPLEBY, Morris C.. Born 5-6-1900, died 8-21-1965 - WW I Vet, US Army, STU Army TNG Corps, Pvt
APPLEBY, Nancy Mae Timblin. Spouse of Harold Earnest. Born 8-19-1915, died 10-14-1989
APPLEBY, Nettie M.. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 1872, died 1943
APPLEBY, Phill T.. Spouse of Irma G.. Born 1899, died 1978
APPLEBY, Raymond L.. Born 1913, died 1915
APPLEBY, Sealand L.. Spouse of Helen I.. Born 1911, died 1995
APPLEBY, Sheldon S.. Born 1843, died 1918 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Discharged 10-23-1862.
APPLEBY, Thomas E.. Spouse of Donna M. Smith. Born 7/1/1935, died 12/6/2021. Age: 86 - Son of Laurence D. and Mona A. (Murphy) Appleby. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Allegany NY. A banker for over 30 years. Wed 10-27-1962 in Bolivar NY, two daughters. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1958-1960
APPLEBY, Thomas H.. Born 1831, died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co. B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington, DC
APPLEBY, Vincent. Born 1915, died 1919
APPLEBY, William G.. Born 1927, died 1936
ARNOLD, Ruth. Spouse of S. H., died 11-28-1887. Age: 28y
AUSTIN, Sarah. Spouse of Luther, died 9-15-1845. Age: 58y 5m 21d
AVERY, Cora B.. Spouse of George P.. Born 1874, died 1961
AVERY, Ernest R.. Spouse of Esther F.. Born 1899, died 1985
AVERY, Esther F.. Spouse of Ernest R.. Born 1904, died 1995
AVERY, George P.. Spouse of Cora B.. Born 1868, died 1930
AYERS, Carol J.. Spouse of Gene E.. Born 1941, died uncut
AYERS, Gene E.. Spouse of Carol J.. Born 3-11-1960, died 9-14-2000
AYERS, Sally J.. Born 1828, died 1919
BABCOCK, Hortense P.. Born 1915, died 1934
BACON, Frank. Spouse of Ruby L.. Born 6-17-1896, died 2-7-1978 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt.
BACON, Ruby L.. Spouse of Frank. Born 1895, died 1940
BAILEY, Orie W.. Born 8-6-1917, died 12-31-1993 - Flat Marker - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BAILEY, Sylvia M.. Born 1941, died 1990
BAKER, Agnes S.. Spouse of Omer L.. Born 1883, died 1964
BAKER, Daniel T.. Born 1957, died 1979
BAKER, Deborah E.. Born 2-12-1956, died 3-5-1960
BAKER, Ella May (Cossaboon). Spouse of Henry J. Sr.. Born 1901, died 1980 - Dau of Edward and Frances (Bowden) Cossaboon. Born in Shinglehouse PA, wed 5-15-1920 in Olean NY, seven children.
BAKER, Frances M.. Spouse of William D.. Born 1911, died 1986 - [Mother]
BAKER, Henry J. Jr.. Spouse of Selma I. Long. Born 2-6-1925, died 6-3-1993. Age: 68 - Son of Henry J. Sr. and Ella M. (Cossaboon) Baker. 50 years in Fire Department. Wed 7-4-1954 in Portville NY, no children named.
BAKER, Henry James Sr.. Spouse of Ella M. Cossaboon. Born 9-6-1893, died 10-1981 - Son of Thomas S. and Lucy A. (Ellicott) Baker. Born in Smethport PA, wed 5-15-1920 in Olean NY, seven children. Died in Bolivar NY.
BAKER, Jean P.. Born 1920, died 2004
BAKER, Kevin L. "Pete". Spouse of Pegg Campbell. Born 4-9-1956, died 10-26-2015 - Son of Don & Marlee Hackett Baker, b. Salamanca NY d. Ruckersville VA
BAKER, Lisa Ann. Born 8-5-1987, died 10-18-1987
BAKER, Omer L.. Spouse of Agnes S.. Born 1878, died 1940
BAKER, Selma L. (Long). Spouse of Henry J. Jr.. Born 1-16-1928, died 5-1-2019. Age: 91 - Dau of Carl and Mildred (Wood) Long. Born in Olean NY, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 7-4-1954 in Portville NY, no children named.
BAKER, William D.. Spouse of Frances M.. Born 1908, died 1965 - [Father]
BALDWIN, Bert B.. Spouse of Elva. Born 1872, died 1951
BALDWIN, A. D.. Born 1845, died 1926 - [At Rest]
BALDWIN, Adora. Born 1850, died 1914 - [At Rest]
BALDWIN, Alice G.. Born 1881, died 1933
BALDWIN, Archie. Born 1911, died 1977
BALDWIN, Beatrice I.. Born 1910, died 1912 - Dau of Wm. & Eva Baldwin
BALDWIN, Bernice. Spouse of Ed "Glenn". Born 1926, died uncut - Wed 8-16-1943
BALDWIN, Catherine E. (Skinner). Spouse of Verne Adelbert. Born 9-20-1923, died 7-12-2010. Age: 86y - Dau of Raymond L. & Adah B. (VanSkoik) Skinner. Born in Richburg, NY; died in Friendship, NY. Wed 9-5-1942 in Friendship NY. At least two children.
BALDWIN, Donald "Donnie". Born 1928, died 1940
BALDWIN, Ed "Glenn". Spouse of Bernice. Born 1924, died 1995 - Wed 8-16-1943
BALDWIN, Edwin M.. Born 1900, died 1945
BALDWIN, Elva. Spouse of Bert B.. Born 1880, died 1921
BALDWIN, Erna E.. Spouse of Herbert L.. Born 1904, died 1975
BALDWIN, Ethel. Born 1915, died 1975
BALDWIN, Eva A.. Spouse of William I.. Born 1889, died 1947
BALDWIN, Grace I.. Spouse of Lloyd M.. Born 5-27-1912, died 12-26-1998 - [This is the Promise......the Life Everlasting]
BALDWIN, Harold E.. Born 1916, died 1919 - [Our Baby]
BALDWIN, Henry D.. Spouse of Ione M.. Born 1906, died 1988
BALDWIN, Herbert L.. Spouse of Erna E.. Born 1902, died 1966
BALDWIN, Homer F.. Spouse of Rhea J.. Born 11-25-1922, died 10-7-1994 - [Father] - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM1
BALDWIN, Ione M.. Spouse of Henry D.. Born 1908, died 1987
BALDWIN, Kenneth L.. Born 1954, died 1974 - [There Are No Partings In Heaven]
BALDWIN, Kevin L.. Born 1949, died 1965
BALDWIN, Leroy N.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1877, died 1939
BALDWIN, Lloyd M.. Spouse of Grace I.. Born 10-4-1899, died 2-15-1979 - [This is the Promise......the Life Everlasting]
BALDWIN, Mary E.. Spouse of Leroy N.. Born 1882, died 1929
BALDWIN, Rhea J.. Spouse of Homer F.. Born 1924, died uncut - [Mother]
BALDWIN, Robert W.. Born 2-22-1928, died 2-4-2015. Age: 86y - Son of Herbert & Erna Homuth Baldwin, b. Town of Wirt NY d. Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy 1946-1948
BALDWIN, Shirley May. Born 6-17-1952, died 11-07-2004. Age: 52y - Dau of Archie & Ethel Walters Baldwin b. CubaNY
BALDWIN, Thomas A.. Born 7-29-1963, died 1-12-2007
BALDWIN, Vern N.. Born 1881, died 1931 - [At Rest]
BALDWIN, Verne Adelbert "Dib". Spouse of Catherine E. (Skinner). Born 8-21-1924, died 3-15-2004. Age: 79y - Son of Vern Neigh & Grace A. (Carpenter) Baldwin b. Bolivar NY d. Olean NY. At least two children. - WW II Vet, US Navy, GM3
BALDWIN, William I.. Spouse of Eva A.. Born 1884, died 1973
BALES, Hilda E. (Pahilda). Spouse of John H.. Born 8-31-1911, died 3-25-2002. Age: 90y - Dau of J. Wesley & Florence Storms Coast, b. Allentown NY
BALES, John H.. Spouse of Hilda E.. Born 1906, died 3-22-2002
BALL, Donald James. Spouse of Margaret E. (Block). Born 3-18-1924, died 3-9-1998. Age: 73y - Son of Ruthven Hyatt & Ethel C. (Coast) Ball. Born in Bolivar, NY. Married 7-3-1953 in Wellsville, NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy, RD2
BALL, Ethel C. (Coast). Spouse of Ruthven Hyatt. Born 6-1887, died 2-1955. Age: 67y - Dau of John W. & Elsie Jane (Eckelbarger) Coast. Married 7-2-1910 in Allegany Co, NY. Two children.
BALL, Margaret. Spouse of Donald J.. Born 1923, died uncut
BALL, Ruthven Hyatt. Spouse of Ethel C. (Coast). Born 1-19-1884, died 3-18-1928. Age: 44y - Son of George W. & Lucilla M. (Hyatt) Ball. d. Bolivar, NY. Married 7-2-1910 in Allegany Co, NY. Two children.
BALMER, Ivy Mast. Born 1880, died 1975
BALMER, J. Ernest Rev.. Born 1883, died 1921 - I[n Memory - By His Masonic Brethren]
BALMER, Robert Mast. Born 1913, died 1994
BARBER, Harold V.. Born 1-19-1919, died 4-24-1919 - Child of H. V. & M. A. Barber
BARBER, Harriet M.. Born 1880, died 1939
BARBER, Jon Marc. Born 1969, died 1969
BARBER, Scott Allen. Born 1968, died 1968
BARBER, Sylvia B.. Born 2-5-1910, died 2-22-1912 - Child of H. V. & M. A. Barber
BARNES, Abraham. Born 1841, died 1919
BARNES, Arthur M.. Born 1871, died 1946
BARNES, Baby Lawrence. Born 1905, died 1906
BARNES, Daniel. Spouse of Tryphenia E.. Born 1832, died 1920 - [Father]
BARNES, E. Marguerite. Born 1908, died 1945
BARNES, Elias, died 9-9-1867. Age: 80y 6m
BARNES, Elizabeth. Born 1883, died 1928
BARNES, Francis. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1839, died 1929 - [His Will Be Done]
BARNES, George E.. Spouse of Mary H.. Born 1863, died 1941
BARNES, George F.. Born 1873, died 1957
BARNES, Harry K.. Born 1907, died 1983
BARNES, John A.. Born 7-27-1927, died 3-14-1982 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sp3
BARNES, Kathryn M.. Born 1893, died 1982
BARNES, Lorraine P.. Spouse of Francis G.. Born 8-16-1915, died 1-7-2015. Age: 89y - Son of Philip & Nellie Sharp Jones, b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-13-1943 in Ridgewood NJ
BARNES, Lucille D.. Born 1925, died 1999
BARNES, Mary E.. Spouse of Francis. Born 11-6-1847, died 2-3-1910 - [His Will Be Done]
BARNES, Mary H.. Spouse of George E.. Born 1871, died 1947
BARNES, Sarah M.. Born 1878, died 1960
BARNES, Tryphenia E.. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1843, died 1936 - [Mother]
BARNHARDT, Josephine C.. Born 1864, died 1924
BARNHARDT, Ralph J.. Born 1889, died 1954
BARNHART, Gladys. Spouse of Richard B.. Born 1904, died 1966
BARNHART, Richard B.. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1904, died 2-1983
BARRETT, Blain. Born 8-16-1980, died 8-16-1980. Age: 0d - Son of Kenneth E. & Freda Ruth Stives Barrett- Twin
BARRETT, Blair. Born 8-16-1980, died 8-16-1980. Age: 0d - Son of Kenneth E. & Freda Ruth Stives Barrett- Twin
BARRETT, William H.. Born 3-4-1961, died 11-30-1994
BARTH, Teresa Marie. Born 1954, died 1954
BARTH, Wolfgang W.. Born 7-8-1931, died 3-20-1993 - [Loving Husband - Vater & OPI]
BARTLETT, Ada S.. Born 1864, died 1935
BARTLETT, Burton. Born 1915, died 1981
BARTLETT, Edward E.. Born 1856, died 1931
BARTLETT, Edward E.. Spouse of Marion L. Woodard. Born 5-21-1911, died 6-26-2007 - Son of George & Leona Evans Bartlett b. Alma NY d. Wellsville NY [Together Forever]
BARTLETT, Elsie W.. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 2-20-1910, died 10-10-1982
BARTLETT, Fred. Born 1871, died 1934
BARTLETT, Fred D.. Spouse of Wilma G.. Born 1918, died 1980 - [Asleep in Jesus] - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
BARTLETT, Fred D.. Born 7-5-1943, died 8-31-1972 - NYS Trooper - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Ct3
BARTLETT, George E.. Born 1890, died 1949
BARTLETT, Leona S.. Born 1892, died 1978
BARTLETT, Marion L. (Woodard). Spouse of Edward E.. Born 1914, died aft 2007 - Wed 6-2-1931 in Richburg NY (Married 76 years) [Together Forever]
BARTLETT, Robert L.. Spouse of Elsie W.. Born 8-8-1906, died 12-24-1965
BARTLETT, Sadie. Born 1877, died 1954
BARTLETT, Wilma G.. Spouse of Fred D.. Born 1920, died 1996 - [Asleep in Jesus]
BARTOO, Grace L.. Spouse of William G.. Born 1879, died 1964
BARTOO, William G.. Spouse of Grace L.. Born 1875, died 1957
BASCOM, De Etta M.. Born 1881, died 1963
BASCOM, Murray C.. Born 1879, died 1937
BASSETT, Jennie J. - No Dates
BASSETT, John E.. Born 9-4-1837, died 5-21-1892
BASSETT, Mary L., died 3-12-1887. Age: 42y - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
BATES, Floyd. Spouse of Virginia. Born 1903, died 1960
BATES, Benjamin. Spouse of Sarah E.. Born 1877, died 1938
BATES, Sarah E.. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1889, died 1978
BATES, Virginia. Spouse of Floyd. Born 1907, died 1968
BATTERSON, Clinton. Spouse of Cora E.. Born 1892, died 1979
BATTERSON, Cora E.. Spouse of Clinton. Born 1892, died 1986
BATTLES, Betty A.. Born 1927, died 1929
BATTLES, Dora J.. Born 1893, died 1981
BATTLES, Lloyd N.. Born 1881, died 1951
BATTLES, Roy A.. Born 1888, died 1911
BAUER, Jacob. Born 1847, died 1918
BAXTER, Grace S.. Born 1857, died 1865
BAXTER, Lydia M.. Born 1850, died 1865
BEACH, Glayds O.. Born 1908, died 1980
BEAN, Archie A.. Spouse of Millie H. (Tanner). Born 1883, died 1946
BEAN, Arthur Archie "Art". Spouse of Harriett A. Barrett. Born 3-7-1923, died 3-23-2016. Age: 93y - Son of Arthur A. & Millie (Tanner) Bean b. in Ceres NY d, Bolivar NY. Wed 1-23-1944 in Bolivar NY - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe. Europe, Africa, Middle East Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal & WW2 Victory Medal
BEAN, Bertha M. (Goodell). Spouse of Emmett J.. Born 10-12-1925, died 2-20-2000 - Dau of Hubert & Stella VanSocter Goodell
BEAN, Emily. Born 6-12-1956, died 5-10-1976
BEAN, Emmett J.. Spouse of Bertha M. Goodell. Born 9-25-1924, died 6-11-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
BEAN, Harriett A. (Barrett). Spouse of Arthur Archie. Born 3-24-1925, died 11-27-2010. Age: 85y - Dau of Clarence F. & Nellie (Young) Barrett b. Portville NY d. Shinglehouse PA. Wed 1-23-1944 in Bolivar NY
BEAN, Kenneth Leroy. Born 7/24/1947, died 7/27/2022. Age: 75 - Son of Emmett and Bertha (Goodell) Bean. Born in Olean NY, lived in Ceres NY. Worked 30 years for PennDOT. Two daughters, mother not named.
BEAN, Lloyd C.. Born 1933, died 1959
BEAN, Millie H.. Spouse of Archie A.. Born 1894, died 1983
BEAN, Willard W.. Born 7-18-1918, died 3-30-1943 - WW II Vet, US Army, 109 Engr. Bn 34 Div, Pfc
BEATTY, Cora H.. Spouse of Samuel A.. Born 1867, died 1959
BEATTY, Samuel A.. Spouse of Cora H.. Born 1866, died 1914
BECK, Dougie. Born 1947, died 1954. Age: 7y - Son of Mr. & Mr. Merle Beck [Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep]
BECK, Lawrence J.. Spouse of Wealtha A.. Born 1914, died 2002
BECK, Merl J.. Spouse of Betty Marie Spees. Born 8-16-1915, died 8-21-2012. Age: 90y - Son of Alexander & Mildred Hunter Beck b. Knox PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-3-1946 in Allegany NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
BECK, Wealtha A.. Spouse of Lawrence J.. Born 1919, died 1993
BECKWITH, Clara. Spouse of Eddie. Born 1909, died 1997
BECKWITH, Cora M.. Spouse of George A.. Born 1877, died 1962
BECKWITH, Eddie. Spouse of Clara. Born 1897, died 1973
BECKWITH, Evelyn D.. Spouse of Floyd D.. Born 1902, died 1981
BECKWITH, Floyd D.. Spouse of Evelyn D.. Born 1898, died 1965
BECKWITH, George A.. Spouse of Cora M.. Born 1863, died 1945
BEERS, Almyra/Almira. Spouse of Hiram, died 2-19-1880. Age: 69y 11m 9d
BEERS, Clarinda. Spouse of Wakeman. Born 1828, died 1915
BEERS, Franc. Born 1853, died 1950
BEERS, Geo. A.. Born 1853, died 1938
BEERS, Hiram. Spouse of Almyra, died 1-16-1884. Age: 74y 2m 21d
BEERS, James. Spouse of Olive. Born 1812, died 1889
BEERS, John J.. Born 1844, died 1917
BEERS, Lorenda M.. Spouse of James. Born 1817, died 1848
BEERS, Manerva, died 11-19-1852. Age: 21y 10m 19d - Dau of Hiram & Armira Beers
BEERS, Martin, died 5-6-1853. Age: 13y 2m 23d - Son of Hiram & Armira Beers Two different spellings "Almira" & Almyra"
BEERS, Olive. Spouse of James. Born 1817, died 1895
BEERS, Wakeman. Spouse of Clarinda. Born 1818, died 1888
BELL, George D.. Born 1909, died 1956
BENJAMIN, Elizabeth M.. Born 1880, died 1953 - [Mother]
BENJAMIN, Franklin C.. Spouse of Lois J.. Born 4-13-1918, died 11-9-1975
BENJAMIN, Lois J.. Spouse of Franklin C.. Born 9-2-1924, died 10-13-1993
BENNETT, Edward L.. Born 1900, died 1972
BENSON, Hatti. Spouse of William H.. Born 5-22-1879, died 12-25-1923
BENTLEY, Dorothy L.. Spouse of Ralph J.. Born 1899, died 1988
BENTLEY, James R.. Spouse of Georgia Jones. Born 5-4-1934, died 8-21-2012. Age: 78y - Son of Ralph & Dorothy Bell Bentley b. Wellsville NY d. Arlington TX Wed 8-25-1956 in Bolivar NY
BENTLEY, Ralph J.. Spouse of Dorothy L.. Born 1900, died 1972
BENTLEY, Robert Bell, died 1925 - Son of Ralph J. & Dorothy Bentley
BENTLEY, Robert H.. Spouse of Shirley Lyon. Born 1926, died 1985 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
BENTLEY, Rosemarie, died 1939 - Dau of Ralph J. & Dorothy Bentley
BERRY, Abbie W.. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1833, died 1912
BERRY, Henry. Born 9-1-1872, died 5-25-1895 - [At Rest]
BERRY, Lewis. Spouse of Mary Saunders. Born 1820, died 1908
BERRY, Mary Sanders. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1-18-1829, died 6-17-1873
BESS, Caleb John. Born 8-5-2005, died 6-19-2005. Age: Infant - Infant Son of Brock M. & Marisa Schmitt Bess. Dates may be reversed. [Briefly In Our Arms Forever In Our Hearts]
BESS, Kenneth H.. Born 10-3-1921, died 6-19-1993
BEST, Frank M.. Born 1898, died 1925
BEST, J. Calvin. Spouse of Jennie V.. Born 1892, died 1971
BEST, Jennie V.. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1899, died 1948
BEST, Julia. Spouse of William H.. Born 2-9-1918, died 9-9-1987
BEST, Nellie B.. Born 1899, died 1978
BEST, William H.. Spouse of Julia. Born 6-17-1917, died 7-4-1978 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
BICKMIRE, Harold C.. Spouse of Louise M.. Born 1913, died 1994
BICKMIRE, Louise M.. Spouse of Harold. Born 6-2-1919, died 8-2-2009. Age: 90y - Dau of Valentine & Anna Marcella Gattiglio b. Olean NY d. Richburg NY Wed 9-2-1939 in Olean NY
BISHOP, James R.. Spouse of Janice N.. Born 12-29-1946, died uncut - Wed 3-2-1978 [Together Forever]
BISHOP, Janice N.. Spouse of James R.. Born 11-28-1937, died 6-30-2006 - Wed 3-2-1978 [Together Forever]
BLACK, Addie V.. Born 1869, died 1929
BLACK, Henry J.. Born 1869, died 1918
BLACK, J. A.. Born 1869, died 1919
BLACK, Lue J.. Born 1879, died 1927
BLACK, Mary B.. Born 1875, died 1929
BLACKWELL, Blanche D.. Born 4-10-1890, died 9-9-1971
BLAKE, Norwood A.. Born 1909, died uncut
BLAKESLEE, Belle V.. Spouse of Merle E.. Born 1899, died 1991
BLAKESLEE, Leland F.. Born 6-28-1931, died 12-31-1953 - Korean War MIA, US Army, Cpl. Purple Heart Missing In Action 11-2-1950, remains never recovered
BLAKESLEE, Merle E.. Spouse of Belle V.. Born 1898, died 1967
BLINN, Helen L.. Born 1867, died 1917
BLINN, John. Spouse of Sarah Shoff. Born 1832, died uncut
BLINN, Sarah Shoff. Spouse of John. Born 1839, died 1906
BLISS, Chester M.. Spouse of Pearl L. Hooker. Born 1898, died 1958
BLISS, George W.. Born 3-30-1907, died 7-14-1976 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt.
BLISS, Laurence M.. Born 1892, died 1933
BLISS, Magdalene S.. Born 1909, died 1982
BLISS, Minnie Mitchell. Born 1866, died 1947
BLISS, Pearl L. Hooker. Spouse of Chester M.. Born 1902, died 1944
BLISS, Thomas H.. Born 12-26-1929, died 10-30-2000 - Son of Chester & Pearl Hooker Bliss - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953 - 1955
BLISS, Walter T.. Born 1860, died 1941
BLIVEN, Clifford. Spouse of June L.. Born 1908, died 1964
BLIVEN, June L.. Spouse of Clifford. Born 1913, died 1985
BOARDMAN, Fon W.. Spouse of Lena M.. Born 1883, died 1952
BOARDMAN, Lena M.. Spouse of Fon W.. Born 1885, died 1962
BOLLES, Beatrice Shaner. Born 1906, died 1968
BORDON, Ethel W. "Mommy". Spouse of Ralph J. "Pappy". Born 4-2-1900, died 5-29-1994
BORDON, Ralph J. "Pappy". Spouse of Ethel W. "Mommy". Born 3-23-1896, died 12-1-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pvt
BOVA, Leta M.. Born 1963, died 2007
BOVEE, Burdette. Born 1886, died 1980 - Flat Marker
BOVEE, David Bussler. Born 1876, died 1940 - Flat Marker
BOWKER, Huling. Born 1928, died 1972
BOWKER, Huling Jr.. Born 1957, died 1957
BOWKER, Jean W.. Born 1926, died 1986
BOYER, Carrie N.. Born 1879, died 1950
BRACY, Clara V.. Born 1866, died 1948
BRACY, Martha. Born 4-17-1845, died 9-20-1922
BRACY, Will D.. Born 1871, died 1916
BRADFORD, William C.. Born 1888, died 1942
BRADLEY, Beverly. Spouse of John D. "Bus". Born 8-16-1915, died 8-16-1915 - Dau of Clarence R. & Alice Gardner Christman b. Wellsville NY d. Pompano Beach FL Wed 4-21-1946
BRADLEY, Edith Washburn. Spouse of John C.. Born 1889, died 1963
BRADLEY, George H.. Spouse of Sarah Care. Born 1864, died 1938
BRADLEY, George W.. Born 1920, died 1945 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 463rd Fighter Sqdn, 1/Lt
BRADLEY, Isabel. Born 1896, died 1974
BRADLEY, John C.. Spouse of Edith Washburn. Born 1893, died 1965
BRADLEY, Josephine M., died 4-24-1905. Age: 6d - Dau of Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Bradley
BRADLEY, Mary E.. Spouse of A. E.. Born 2-17-1840, died 5-25-1898
BRADLEY, Mary Isabelle, died 9-17-1919 - Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bradley
BRADLEY, Mary Priscilla. Born 1946, died 1948 - Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bradley
BRADLEY, Sarah Care. Spouse of Geo. H.. Born 1866, died 1930
BRADLEY, Sarah Edith, died 9-15-1927 - Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bradley
BRANDS, Arthur F.. Born 1880, died 1946
BRANDS, Maude W.. Born 1882, died 1955
BREWER, Bettina Oldman. Born 1897, died 1958
BREWER, Chad Michael. Born 8-16-1973, died 3-2-2003. Age: 29y - Son of Robert & Maureen Mesler Brewer b. Coudersport PA d. Friendship NY [To Touch The Soul Of Another Human Being Is To Walk On Holy Ground]
BREWER, Frances L.. Spouse of Fred H.. Born 1874, died 1949 - [Mother]
BREWER, Fred H.. Spouse of Frances L.. Born 1867, died 1911 - [Father]
BRIDGE, Frank K.. Born 1876, died 1948
BRIGGS, Allie O.. Spouse of Arthur W.. Born 1875, died 1957
BRIGGS, Arthur W.. Spouse of Allie O.. Born 1874, died 1940
BRIGGS, Carl R.. Spouse of Marlene G.. Born 3-8-1924, died 1-17-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
BRIGGS, Marinda Ensworth. Born 1837, died 1910
BRIGGS, Marlene G.. Spouse of Carl R.. Born 1937, died uncut
BRINNIER, Gilbert Hasbrouck. Spouse of Virginia S.. Born 11-25-1920, died 7-11-2007. Age: 86y - Son of Grant Mackey & Cornelia S. (Carnwright) Brinnier. Born in Saugerties, NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy, PHMI
BRINNIER, Virginia S. "Ginny" (Shaner). Spouse of Gilbert Hasbrouck. Born 1-29-1921, died 10-4-2011. Age: 90y - Dau of Lester Wirtman & Flora A. (Amsden) Shaner. Born in Olean, NY; died in Erie, PA.
BRONSON, Alonzo - Flat Marker Unable to Read Dates
BRONSON, Zelia J. - Flat Marker Unable to Read Dates
BROOKBANK, Edward. Born 1845, died 1906
BROWN, Luther Glenn. Spouse of Shirley A. (Curtin). Born 11-29-1925, died 10-31-2007. Age: 81y - Son of George F. & Wilma (Coleman) Brown. Born in Wellsville, NY. Married 7-2-1950 in Portville, NY. Four sons. WWII vet, US Army SSGT, 1944-1946.
BROWN, Shirley A. (Curtin). Spouse of Luther Glenn. Born 3-27-1931, died 2-13-2017. Age: 85y - Dau of Donald P. & Tennie (Smith) Curtin. Born in Bolivar, NY; lived in Ceres, NY; died in Olean, NY. Married 7-2-1950 in Portville, NY. Four sons.
BUCHANAN, Marjorie R.. Spouse of Norman W.. Born 1926, died 1967
BUCHANAN, Norman W.. Spouse of Marjorie R.. Born 1918, died 1990
BUCK, Bessie M.. Born 1911, died 1970
BUCKLES, Hattie. Born 1885, died 1965 - Flat Marker
BUCKOUT, George E.. Spouse of Grace A.. Born 1872, died 1938
BUCKOUT, Grace A.. Spouse of George E.. Born 1877, died 1969
BUCKOUT, R. Bruce. Born 1911, died 1980
BUEHRING, Donovan F.. Spouse of Dorothy W.. Born 1903, died 1976
BUEHRING, Dorothy W.. Spouse of Donovan F.. Born 1910, died 1994
BUELL, Arlie B.. Spouse of Orlow J.. Born 1890, died 1963
BUELL, Burton C.. Spouse of Lynn K.. Born 1912, died 1999
BUELL, Frank. Born 1868, died 1940
BUELL, Freddie. Born 1880, died 1883
BUELL, Gertrude. Spouse of Vernon S.. Born 1888, died 1979
BUELL, Lynn K.. Spouse of Burton C.. Born 1919, died 1958
BUELL, Mary. Born 1838, died 1922
BUELL, Mildred May. Spouse of Paul W.. Born 2-1-1913, died 11-7-2002 - Dau of Floyd & Edith Hinds
BUELL, Myron E.. Spouse of Ruth A.. Born 1896, died 1968
BUELL, Orlow J.. Spouse of Arlie B.. Born 1887, died 1958
BUELL, Paul W.. Spouse of Mildred May, died 11-1957 - m. Oct. 1949
BUELL, Polly A.. Spouse of Robert O.. Born 1922, died 1997
BUELL, Robert. Born 1827, died 1899
BUELL, Robert O.. Spouse of Polly A.. Born 1915, died uncut
BUELL, Rose. Born 1879, died 1911
BUELL, Ruth A.. Spouse of Myron E.. Born 4-1-1899, died 10-3-1951 - Dau of Thaddeus & Lulu Smith Newton
BUELL, Vernon S.. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1878, died 1934
BUNDY, Athelene G.. Born 5-19-1932, died 9-17-2006. Age: 74y - Dau of Clinton & Edith Allen Perry Sr. b. Alma NY d. Bolivar NY
BURCH, Abram D.. Born 3-15-1895, died 4-30-1949
BURCH, Emmogene L.. Born 1-8-1909, died 11-17-1959
BURCH, Ethel W.. Born 1-1-1923, died 6-20-1993
BURCH, Frances M.. Born 1-5-1898, died 1-24-1947
BURCH, Larry D.. Born 1961, died 1965
BURDIC, Charles Richard, died 7-13-1931. Age: Infant
BURDIC, Mable Monahan. Born 1907, died 1941
BURDICK, Angela Johanna "Gillie". Born 10-6-1927, died 2-11-2000 - [Loving Caring Mom - Dearly Missed]
BURDICK, Arnold Plummer. Spouse of Helen G.. Born 1889, died 1972 - [Father]
BURDICK, Arthur G.. Born 1943, died 1997
BURDICK, Billings L.. Born 10-31-1838, died 3-9-1859 - Son of J. T. & R. Burdick
BURDICK, Brock Charles. Born 12-22-1985, died 7-17-1986 - [Beloved Son]
BURDICK, Catharine J.. Spouse of Henry R., died 8-30-1869. Age: 50y
BURDICK, Charles W.. Spouse of Elizabeth L.. Born 1866, died 1928 - [Father]
BURDICK, Clair William. Spouse of Mary Irene. Born 5-29-1927, died 10-31-1997. Age: 70y - Son of Rowland Salvage & Frances Julia (Young) Burdick. Born in Richburg, NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy, Cox.
BURDICK, David Norman. Born 1948, died 1948 - Son of N. L. & B. V. Burdick
BURDICK, Deanna A.. Spouse of Leslie I.. Born 11-24-1956, died 3-4-2008. Age: 61y - Dau of Frank & Myrtle Mary Common-Mitchell Phillips b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Wed 4-1974 in Friendship NY
BURDICK, Donald E.. Born 1893, died 1945 - WW I Vet, US Army, 304th Fld Arty 77th Div, BIRYD
BURDICK, Eleanor M.. Spouse of Rowland M.. Born 1920, died 1998
BURDICK, Elizabeth L.. Spouse of Charles W.. Born 1869, died 1928 - [Mother]
BURDICK, Ernest E.. Spouse of Sarah E.. Born 1845, died 1928 - [Father]
BURDICK, Frances J.. Spouse of Rowland S.. Born 1891, died 1972
BURDICK, George M.. Spouse of Sarah M.. Born 6-1-6-1896, died 9-9-1967 - 50 year Member Bolivar Fire Department - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. M 2 Inf, Pfc
BURDICK, Helen G.. Spouse of Arnold Plummer. Born 1893, died 1951 - [Mother]
BURDICK, Henry A.. Born 1960, died 1991
BURDICK, James D.. Born 1-26-1920, died 8-22-1956 - WW II Vet, US Army, Engineers,Tec5
BURDICK, Jeremiah. Spouse of Rachel Fletcher. Born 7-2-1793, died 11-20-1873 - War of 1812 Vet
BURDICK, Leslie I.. Spouse of Deanna A.. Born 12-26-1956, died 12-1-1982 - Died in Industrial Accident
BURDICK, Lewis D.. Spouse of Sophia S.. Born 1835, died 1912 - Civil War Vet, Co G 85th Inf NYS Vols
BURDICK, Lugretia. Born 1831, died 1923 - [Mother]
BURDICK, Lulu Dude. Spouse of Richard G.. Born 1927, died uncut
BURDICK, Mary Irene (Sanderson). Spouse of Clair W.. Born 8-12-1929, died 3-16-1999. Age: 69y - Dau of Roscoe LeRoy & Mary E. (Norton) Sanderson. Born in Bradford, PA. One child in 1950 US census.
BURDICK, Melvin A.. Born 1825, died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co I 27th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Absent on signal service since 12-20-1861, no further record.
BURDICK, Nicholas L.. Born 1984, died 1986. Age: 2y - [Our Little Buddy]
BURDICK, Oramel R.. Born 5-29-1829, died 10-23-1865 - Son of J. T. & R. Burdick - Civil War Vet, Co B, 42nd Inf NYS Vols. Deserted 7-7-1862 at Harrison's Landing VA.
BURDICK, Otis S.. Born 2-13-1836, died 9-23-1872 - Son of J. T. & R. Burdick Died at Chicago IL
BURDICK, Paul W.. Born 1901, died 1959
BURDICK, Rachel Fletcher. Spouse of Jeremiah. Born 8-18-1795, died 7-31-1878
BURDICK, Richard G.. Spouse of Lulu Dude. Born 8-11-1926, died 6-1-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
BURDICK, Ronald. Born 1918, died 1919
BURDICK, Rowland M.. Spouse of Eleanor M.. Born 9-5-1918, died 6-12-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BURDICK, Rowland S.. Spouse of Frances J.. Born 1890, died 1961
BURDICK, Sarah E.. Spouse of Ernest E.. Born 1853, died 1935 - [Mother]
BURDICK, Sarah M.. Spouse of George M.. Born 1904, died 1981
BURDICK, Sardinia E., died 10-27-1816. Age: 3y - Dau of Jeremiah & Rachel Burdick
BURDICK, Sophia S.. Spouse of Lewis D.. Born 1840, died 1923
BURDICK, Terry. Born 1950, died 1966 - Son of Lulu W. & Richard G. Burdick
BURDICK, W. Dwight. Born 5-4-1827, died 3-21-1843 - Son of J. T. & R. Burdick
BURFIELD, Lillian I.. Spouse of #1 Kenneth W. Davis, #2 Norman B. Burfield. Born 3-16-1910, died 9-27- 2000 - Dau of Clarence & Effie Johnson Bliven- b. Andover NY
BURGH, Louella. Born 1901, died 1981
BURLEW, James A. "Bill". Spouse of Mary Jandrew. Born 10-6-1924, died 12-9-2007. Age: 83y - Son of George & Leoma Fuller Burlew b. Austin PA d. Allentown NY Wed 12-5-1979 in Bolivar NY
BURROWS, Anna E.. Spouse of Orville R.. Born 1900, died 1945
BURROWS, Audrey R.. Born 1905, died 1973
BURROWS, Clayton R.. Born 1958, died 1960 - Flat Marker
BURROWS, Orville R.. Spouse of Anna E.. Born 1896, died 1963
BUTLER, Arthur G.. Spouse of Betty E.. Born 7-13-1915, died 7-12-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 3028 Base Unit, S/Sgt
BUTLER, Betty E.. Spouse of Arthur G.. Born 1920, died 1995
CABLE, Anna J. Freed. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1831, died 1905
CABLE, Jacob. Spouse of Anna J. Freed. Born 1862, died 1904
CADY, Agnes F.. Spouse of Leo F.. Born 1900, died 1974
CADY, Edith Mae Wightman. Spouse of James Elias. Born 6-12-1913, died 4-21-2006 - [Greatly Missed]
CADY, Elias. Born 1881, died 1961
CADY, Emily K.. Spouse of George H.. Born 1864, died 1924
CADY, George H.. Spouse of Emily K.. Born 1856, died 1938
CADY, Grace E.. Born 1885, died 1978
CADY, James Elias. Spouse of Edith Mae Wightman. Born 6-5-1908, died 10-8-1996 - [Greatly Missed]
CADY, Juanita. Born 1879, died 1960
CADY, Leo F.. Spouse of Agnes F.. Born 1903, died 1978
CAMERON, Angus Bruce - No Dates
CAMERON, Charles Dungan - No Dates
CAMERON, Fannie Bell - No Dates
CAMERON, Fannie Orr - [Mother] No Dates
CAMERON, George Malcolm - No Dates
CAMPBELL, Alberta Harriette (Sloat). Spouse of Walter C.. Born 11-12-1922, died 6-17-2005. Age: 82y - Dau of Arthur & Irene Dorothy (Elwood) Sloat. M. 9-10-1947 in Rushford, NY. - WW II Vet, US Army TEC 5.
CAMPBELL, Esther B. Hamilton. Spouse of Mott I.. Born 1916, died 2002
CAMPBELL, Mott I.. Spouse of Esther B. Hamilton. Born 1911, died 1996
CAMPBELL, Walter Charles. Spouse of Alberta Harriette (Sloat). Born 5-21-1923, died 10-12-2009. Age: 86y - Son of Nina F. (Summerson) O'Donnell. Born in Scio, NY; died in Bolivar, NY. m. Sept 10 1947 WWII vet, US Army TEC 5.
CANARY, Patricia J.. Spouse of Robert M.. Born 7-17-1930, died 7-23-2013. Age: 83y - Dau of Clarence O. & Mildred Schultz Fulton, b. Bradford PA d. Lakeland FL
CANARY, Robert M.. Spouse of Patricia J.. Born 1930, died 1998
CARE, Isabella. Spouse of John Capt.. Born 1835, died 1920
CARE, James F.. Spouse of Leola S.. Born 1869, died 1956
CARE, John Capt.. Spouse of Isabella. Born 1835, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co I 46th Inf PA Vols
CARE, Leola S.. Spouse of James F.. Born 8-25-1880, died 11-4-1963 - Dau of Marcus & Ida Tanner Slade
CARLISLE, James R.. Born 1931, died 1962
CARLSON, A. Harold. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1903, died 1965
CARLSON, Josephine. Spouse of A. Harold. Born 1910, died 1998
CARPENTER, David R.. Born 1954, died 1965
CARPENTER, Ellen M.. Born 1911, died 1969
CARPENTER, Thomas S.. Born 3-22-1939, died 8-28-1994 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, FTGC
CARPENTER, Vivian L. (Cowell). Born 12-19-1954, died 5-19-2012 - Sister to Gloria J. (Cowell) Louk
CARRIER, Neil S.. Born 1-31-1897, died 10-30-1948 - WW I Vet, US Army, 9th AMTN 9th Div, Sgt
CARTHWRIGHT, David. Born 1875, died 1945 - [Father]
CARTHWRIGHT, Frank D.. Born 1844, died 1903 - Civil War Vet, Co K 136th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Absent, sick, 12-31-1864 and at muster out of company.
CARTHWRIGHT, Julia A.. Born 1851, died 1936 - Erected by Orlie
CARTHWRIGHT, N. Emmett. Born 1881, died 1939
CARTWRIGHT, Albert P.. Born 1912, died 1962
CARTWRIGHT, Robert. Born 1911, died 1968 - [Brother]
CARTWRIGHT, Trumand D., died 8-12-1876. Age: 76y
CASE, George Edward Jr.. Spouse of Lois Ann (Hawkes). Born 2-9-1930, died 9-26-1999. Age: 69y - Son of George & Flossie Barlow Case - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
CASE, Lois Ann (Hawkes). Spouse of George Edward Jr.. Born 5-24-1933, died 12-21-2009. Age: 76y - Dau of Lorne G. & Aleta B. Fisk Hawkes b. Scio NY d. Bolivar NY Wed 7-23-1955 in Shinglehouse PA
CASEY, Irene. Born 1904, died 1991
CASSAVAUGH, Herbert Charles. Spouse of Mary K. Sharp. Born 8-29-1930, died 2-20-1998 - Wed 11-11-1950
CASSAVAUGH, Mary K. Sharp. Spouse of Herbert Charles. Born 5-10-1917, died 8-3-1995 - Wed 11-11-1950
CHADDERTON, Frances G. (Hungerford) [Jerry]. Spouse of #1 Richard J. Buffington Sr., #2 Clair J. Dunn, #3 LaVerne Chadderton. Born 11-3-1930, died 1-31-2021. Age: 90 - Dau of Francis and Amelia (Gerringer) Hungerford. Born in Olean NY, died in Rochester NY. Wed Richard 9-17-1949, four children. (He d. 1979) Wed Clair in 1981. (He d. 1999) Wed LaVerne 6-19-2005. (He d. 11-11-2019)
CHADWICK, Carl. Born 1893, died 1925 - [Brother]
CHADWICK, Charles. Spouse of Mary. Born 1863, died 1926 - [Father]
CHADWICK, Mary. Spouse of Charles. Born 1861, died 1926 - [Mother]
CHAMBERS, Alta S.. Spouse of Harvey L.. Born 1899
CHAMBERS, Harvey L.. Spouse of Alta S.. Born 1900, died 1972
CHAMPLIN, Elsie L.. Born 1913, died 1968
CHAMPLIN, Josiah. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1890, died 1956
CHAMPLIN, Louise E.. Born 1911, died 1913
CHAMPLIN, Nellie. Spouse of Josiah. Born 1897, died 1935
CHAPEL, Almira. Spouse of Johnathan. Born 1843, died 1898
CHAPEL, B. Lynn. Spouse of Gertrude E.. Born 1902, died 1979 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, PHM3
CHAPEL, Gertrude E.. Spouse of B. Lynn. Born 1908, died 1994
CHAPEL, Hildreth, died 1904
CHAPEL, Jennie R.. Spouse of Vernon D.. Born 1880, died 1964
CHAPEL, Johnathan. Spouse of Almira. Born 1838, died 1935 - Civil War Vet, Co. A 179th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-8-1865 near Alexandria VA.
CHAPEL, Kent, died 1905
CHAPEL, Lucile, died 1906
CHAPEL, Myra M.. Born 1913, died 1915
CHAPEL, Vernon D.. Spouse of Jennie R.. Born 1875, died 1954
CHAPIN, Azubah. Spouse of Moses J.. Born 1802, died 1852
CHAPIN, Dennis B.. Born 1822, died 1850 - Son of Moses J. & Azubah Chapin
CHAPIN, Dorothy. Born 1916, died 1982
CHAPIN, Moses J.. Spouse of Azubah. Born 1800, died 1832
CHAPMAN, Angelia. Born 1843, died 1863 - Dau of Milton & Nancy Chapman
CHAPMAN, Nancy. Spouse of Milton. Born 1823, died 1862
CHASE, Estelle. Born 1884, died 1969
CHASE, Stella. Spouse of Moses. Born 12-30-1884, died 8-24-1924 - m. 1909
CHESTER, Dora E.. Born 1892, died 1966
CHESTER, Eugene J.. Born 1886, died 1962 - Stone shows born 1886 - Flat Marker shows born 1888
CHESTER, George. Born 1913, died 1959 - Stone shows born 1913 - Flat Marker shows born 1915
CHILDS, Carl O.. Spouse of Helen M.. Born 9-19-1918, died 11-15-2003 - Son of Orson & Addie Childs Childs
CHILDS, Claude R.. Born 1883, died 1935
CHILDS, Helen M.. Spouse of Carl O.. Born 1919, died 1986
CHILDS, Leora. Spouse of Rudolph. Born 1914, died 1958
CHILDS, Mary E.. Born 1884, died 1977
CHILDS, Rudolph. Spouse of Leora. Born 12-11-1908, died 2-13-2005. Age: 96y - Son of Orson & Addie Childs Childs
CHIPMAN, Charles A.. Spouse of Donna B. Reynolds. Born 1891, died 1957
CHIPMAN, Donna B. Reynolds. Spouse of Charles A.. Born 1890, died 1979
CHRISTMAN, Alice G.. Born 1902, died 1993
CHRISTMAN, Clarence R.. Born 1902, died 1952
CHRISTMAN, Clarence S.. Born 1870, died 1953
CHRISTMAN, Emma P. Evans. Born 1864, died 1944
CHRISTMAN, Katie. Born 1892, died 1893
CHRISTMAN, Satie Hyatt. Born 1867, died 1896
CHRISTMAN, Thelma, died 1903. Age: 5m 3d
CHURCH, Charles D.. Spouse of Joyce M.. Born 4-19-1919, died 5-14-2001. Age: 82y - Son of Gilbert P. & Isabelle Houben Church. Wed 8-15-1945. Four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
CHURCH, D. Michael. Spouse of Dixie Lee. Born 7-22-1950, died 10-2-2021. Age: 71 - Son of Charles and Joyce (Sherrard) Church. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Alma NY. A building contractor for 40 years. Wed 8-2-1980, two children. (Spouse survives) Two children.
CHURCH, Gilbert P.. Spouse of Isabelle H.. Born 1894, died 1974
CHURCH, Isabelle H.. Spouse of Gilbert P.. Born 1894, died 1977
CHURCH, Joyce Mae (Sherrard). Spouse of Charles D. "Charlie". Born 3-14-1930, died 5-23-2005. Age: 75y - Dau of William M. Sherrard & Altha Miller Elliott Azzarello. Born in Cecilia, KY; died in Bolivar, NY. Wed 8-15-1945. Four children.
CLAFLIN, Huldah W.. Spouse of Leonard M.. Born 1899, died 1998
CLAFLIN, Leonard M.. Spouse of Huldah W.. Born 1894, died 1981
CLAIRE, Amber Nicole (Layfield). Spouse of Jeffrey D.. Born 11-16-1987, died 6-20-2021. Age: 33 - Dau of John P. and Amy L. (Cradduck) Layfield. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 7-23-2011 in Scio NY, two sons. (Spouse survives)
CLAIRE, Louis H.. Born 1934, died 1997
CLARK, Beverly R.. Spouse of Earl J. Jr.. Born 4-26-1946, died uncut - [Our Love Lives on Forever]
CLARK, Blanche G.. Spouse of Richard J. Jr.. Born 1933, died 2006
CLARK, Charles E.. Born 11-16-1952, died 11-1-2001 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, A1C
CLARK, Charles W.. Born 5-22-1888, died 4-9-1980
CLARK, Clifford W. Sr.. Born 1900, died 1998
CLARK, Clifford Walter. Jr.. Born 2-1923, died 1942 - Son of Clifford Walter & Myrtle A. Clark
CLARK, Daniel P.. Born 9-19-1972, died 11-23-1972 - Darling Angel of Donald & Mary
CLARK, Earl J. Jr.. Spouse of Beverly R.. Born 8-12-1946, died 3-24-2000 - [Our Love Lives on Forever] - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, SR
CLARK, Gorden R.. Spouse of Mary Ellen. Born 1884, died 1972
CLARK, Gregory, died 1-1957 - Flat Marker
CLARK, Guy W.. Born 10-12-1886, died 2-6-1887
CLARK, Jean E., died 1933
CLARK, John Richard. Born 1-25-1915, died 8-29-1966 - Son of Fred & Hazel Marsh Clark b. Ulysses PA d. Buffalo NY - WW II Vet, US Army HO U.S. Forces West Pacific
CLARK, Joyce M., died 1934
CLARK, Mary Ellen. Spouse of Gorden R.. Born 1896, died 1975
CLARK, Myrtle A.. Born 1903, died 1991
CLARK, Richard J. Jr.. Spouse of Blanche G.. Born 7-5-1929, died 1-23-2003. Age: 74y - Son of Richard & Edith Miller Clark Sr., b.Coudersport PA
CLARK, Ruby G.. Born 8-24-1892, died 10-7-1967
CLARKE, Burt F., died 7-8-1884 - Son of S. H. & F. E. Clarke [Our Darling]
CLARKE, Lola M. - Dau of S. H. & F. E. Clarke [Our Darling]
CLASE, Hazel V.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1907, died 1990
CLASE, William A.. Born 9-3-1943, died 7-28-2002 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Sgt
CLASE, William H.. Spouse of Hazel V.. Born 1905, died 1977
CLEVELAND, Frances E.. Born 1902, died 1981
CLEVELAND, Theodore. Born 1887, died 1963
CLINE, Lori Ann. Born 1920, died 1962 - Flat Marker
CLOSSER, Edward T.. Born 1957, died 2008
CLOSSER, Irene M.. Spouse of Robert G.. Born 1907, died 1984
CLOSSER, Patricia A.. Spouse of Robert W.. Born 6-2-1933, died 12-28-2001 - Dau of Clinton & Angeline Borowski Koch
CLOSSER, Robert G.. Spouse of Irene M.. Born 1904, died 1980
CLOSSER, Robert W.. Spouse of Patricia A.. Born 1930, died 7-28-1995 - m. Oct. 7 1950
COAST, Bert E.. Spouse of Ruth I.. Born 1897, died 1956
COAST, Edmund L.. Spouse of G. Estella. Born 1858, died 1911 - [Father]
COAST, Elsie. Spouse of John W.. Born 1868, died 1923
COAST, Florence E.. Spouse of J. Wesley. Born 1887, died 1953 - [Mother]
COAST, Franklin. Born 1889, died 1924
COAST, G. Estella. Spouse of Edmund L.. Born 1870, died 1938 - [Mother]
COAST, J. Wesley. Spouse of Florence E.. Born 1887, died 1952 - [Father]
COAST, John W.. Spouse of Elsie. Born 1866, died 1934
COAST, Louis E.. Born 1886, died 1936
COAST, Ruth I.. Spouse of Bert E.. Born 1905, died 1973
COATS, Alice E.. Spouse of Fred L.. Born 1857, died 1916
COATS, Fred L.. Spouse of Alice E.. Born 1857, died 1921
COCHRAN, Bessy L.. Born 4-9-1887, died 4-16-1887 - Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Cochran
CODY, Floretta M.. Born 1826, died 1912 - [Mother]
COLBY, Mary Ann. Born 1-28-1833, died 9-30-1915 - [Mother]
COLE, Albert Daniel. Spouse of Eva Olmstead. Born 5-19-1911, died 8-1981. Age: 70 - Son of George W. and Angie Townsend) Cole. Born in Potter Co PA. Wed 5-19-1932 in Bolivar NY, six children.
COLE, Bertha Belle (Sawyer). Spouse of #1 William D. Gardner, #2 Leroy W. Cole. Born 4-14-1880, died 4-14-1957. Age: 77 - Dau of Edward and Caroline (Elliott) Sawyer. Died in Willard NY. Wed Leroy 1945.
COLE, Elsie Elaine (Jordan). Spouse of Rodney D.. Born 12/17/1942, died 2/15/2020. Age: - Dau of Theodore and Gladys Jordan. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Bolivar NY. Wed 2-25-1961 in Bolivar, three children. (Spouse d. 12-7-2016)
COLE, Ernest James. Spouse of #1 Faith M. Kelly, #2 Mayme I. Higley. Born 7-1891, died 1986 Son of Frank and Mira L. (Dawley) Cole. Wed Faith 8-27-1955 in Allegany Co NY.
COLE, Eva Elouise (Olmstead). Spouse of Albert D.. Born 9-22-1914, died 3-1-1999. Age: 84 - Dau of Nathanial R. and Zella R. (Smith) Olmstead. Born in Honeoye PA. Wed 5-19-1932 in Bolivar NY, six children.
COLE, Lisa A.. Born 1-11-1972, died 2-20-2012. Age: 40y - Dau of Fred & Jacquelyn (Fuller) Cole b. Olean NY d. Bolivar NY
COLE, Marion L.. Born 5-10-1937, died 11-7-1998. Age: 60 - Dau of Albert D. and Eva E. (Olmstead) Cole.
COLE, Mayme Iva (Higley). Spouse of Ernest J.. Born 4-11-1895, died 5-9-1984. Age: 89 Dau of Daniel S. and Della E. (Bly) Higley. Born in Hebron Center PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed Ernest 3-15-1913 in Millport PA, three children. Wed Howard 11-14-1946 in Ceres
COLE, Rodney D.. Spouse of E. Elaine Jordan. Born 11/7/1940, died 12/7/2016. Age: 76 - Son of Albert and Eva (Olmsteas) Cole. Born in Little Genesee NY, lived and died in Bolivar NY. Wed 2-25-1961 in Bolivar, three children.
COLEGROVE, Ralph W.. Spouse of Viola M.. Born 1889, died 1988
COLEGROVE, Viola M.. Spouse of Ralph W.. Born 1892, died 1960
COLLEY, Florence A.. Spouse of Louis E.. Born 1908, died 1991
COLLEY, Louis E.. Spouse of Shirley Know. Born 2-27-1931, died 1-18-1999 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl.
COLLEY, Louis E.. Spouse of Florence A.. Born 1906, died 1972
COLLEY, Shirley Know. Spouse of Louis E.. Born 1938, died 1981
COLLINS, Hattie M.. Spouse of Joseph F. Sr.. Born 1931, died uncut
COLLINS, Joseph F. Sr.. Spouse of Hattie M.. Born 3-3-1929, died 7-29-1998 - Korean War Vet, US Army, SFC
COMPTON, Dorothy H.. Spouse of Howard D.. Born 1910, died 4-25-1999
COMPTON, Howard D.. Spouse of Dorothy H.. Born 1906, died 1974
COMSTOCK, Almeda. Born 1865, died 1931
CONNOLLY, Thos.. Spouse of Vannie. Born 6-8-1840, died 3-6-1891
CONNOLLY, Vannie. Spouse of Thos.. Born 3-7-1856, died 4-1-1889
CONNOR, Grace L.. Spouse of Walter S.. Born 1894, died 1969
CONNOR, Walter S.. Spouse of Grace L.. Born 1895, died 1968
COOK, Bertha A.. Spouse of W. P.. Born 2-20-1872, died 4-14-1912 - Dau of Albert & Armina Root
COOK, Burlington. Born 1888, died 1889
COOK, Clinton. Born 1892, died 1894
COOK, Donna J. (Peck). Spouse of Lawrence Sr,. Born 5-17-1933, died 5-24-2021. Age: 88 - Dau of William and Anna (Wheaton) Peck. Born in Eldred PA, lived in Richburg NY, died in Cuba NY. Wed 6-8-1952, five children. (Spouse d. 1991)
COOK, Earlean. Born 1889, died 1971
COOK, Estella G.. Born 1862, died 1939 - Wed 8-23-1953 [Together Forever]
COOK, Geraldine A. (Lananger). Spouse of Isaac. Born 5-3-1936, died 12-19-2016. Age: 80y - Dau of Charles & Ethel (Champlin) Lananger b. Austin PA d. Raphine VA. Wed 8-23-1953 [Together Forever]
COOK, Isaac. Spouse of Geraldine A. Lananger. Born 2-13-1928, died 12-22-1986 - [Together Forever] - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Cpl
COOK, James F.. Born 1858, died 1939
COOK, Julius E.. Spouse of Oneda L. Born 1907, died 5-3-1944. Age: 37 - Son of Henry C. and Gay L. (Hooker) Cook. Born in NY, died in Bolivar NY. Wed 3-11-1930, three children.
COOK, Lawrence C. Jr.. Spouse of. Born 5-23-1955, died 4-23-2017. Age: 67 - Son of Lawrence C. Sr. and Donna J. (Peck) Cook. Born in Rome NY, lived and died in Bolivar NY. Two children, mother not named. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
COOK, Lawrence C. Sr. "Cy". Spouse of Donna J. Peck. Born 6-24-1934, died 4-3-1991 - Son of Jullius E. and Oneda I. (Coon) Cook. Born, lived, and died in Allegany Co NY. Wed 6-8-1952, five children. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
COOK, Leighton J.. Born 1884, died 1939
COOK, Leighton M.. Born 1907, died 1967
COOK, Lenora E.. Spouse of Lester E.. Born 1876, died 1960
COOK, Lester E.. Spouse of Lenora E.. Born 1876, died 1956
COOK, Margaret C. - Buried in Camp Ruby No Dates
COOK, Mary A.. Spouse of William. Born 1856, died 1912
COOK, Mary Scott. Born 1908, died 1988
COOK, William. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1834, died 1909
COOKE, E. Trevor Rev.. Born 1872, died 1957
COOKE, Josephine Keeny, died 5-16-1938
COOLEY, Doris I.. Spouse of Harold E.. Born 5-23-1914, died 11-12-2005. Age: 91y - Dau of Gorton G. & Jenny A. Landon Cooley b. Richburg NY d. Wellsville NY [Thy Will Be Done]
COOLEY, Harold E.. Spouse of Doris I.. Born 1903, died 1976 - Wed 10-7-1939 in Ceres NY [Thy Will Be Done]
COOPER, A. Annett. Spouse of I. J., died 4-23-1886. Age: 30y
COOPER, David. Spouse of Elizabeth, Nancy Colvin. Born 11-13-1816, died 9-3-1890
COOPER, Elizabeth. Spouse of David. Born 8-25-1816, died 5-30-1882
COOPER, Ira J.. Born 1853, died 1926 - Son of David & Elizabeth Cooper [Father]
COOPER, Jack A.. Born 1919, died 1985
COOPER, Jeanne H.. Born 1922, died 1999
COOPER, Margaret M.. Born 1891, died 1969
COOPER, Myrtle M.. Born 1879, died 1974
COOPER, Nancy. Spouse of David. Born 12-3-1819, died 10-16-1889 - Second Wife, d/o Joseph & Margretha Hiltz Colvin
COOPER, Wallace A.. Born 1881, died 1968
COOSABOON, James E.. Born 1877, died 1949
COOSABOON, Margaret F.. Born 1878, died 1956
CORBIN, Agnes E.. Spouse of Chester. Born 4-1-1888, died 5-13-1916 - Dau of James Anderson
CORNELIUS, Betty Jane. Born 9-6-1926, died 10-18-2014 - Dau of Maurice "Jake" & Isabelle Middaugh Young, b. Buffalo NY d. Machias NY
CORNELIUS, James W. Sr.. Born 12-1-1930, died 5-12-1981 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
CORNELIUS, Thomas E.. Born 1881, died 1947 - Flat Marker
CORNWELL, Cora. Spouse of Vinton. Born 1889, died 1969
CORNWELL, Vinton. Spouse of Cora. Born 1894, died 1966
COSSABOON, Helen M.. Spouse of Hugh D.. Born 1910, died 1965
COSSABOON, Hugh D.. Spouse of Helen M.. Born 1904, died 1963
COSSABOON, James E.. Born 1914, died 1938
COSTELLO, John H.. Spouse of Kenzia. Born 1885, died 1963
COSTELLO, Kenzia. Spouse of John H.. Born 1885, died 1963
COUNCILMAN, Ambrose. Spouse of Lucy M.. Born 1833, died 1904
COUNCILMAN, Edna. Born 1893, died 1893 - Child of James A. & Leona E. Councilman
COUNCILMAN, Ervin. Born 1897, died 1909 - Child of James A. & Leona E. Councilman
COUNCILMAN, Fred E.. Born 1892, died 1903 - Child of James A. & Leona E. Councilman
COUNCILMAN, James A.. Spouse of Leona E.. Born 1863, died uncut
COUNCILMAN, Leona E.. Spouse of James A.. Born 1871, died 1908
COUNCILMAN, Lucy M.. Spouse of Ambrose. Born 1840, died 1932
COVERT, Eric S.. Born 1-14-1981, died 1-1-2004 - Son of Martin A. & Barbara Ervay Covert Jr. [We Love You Son]
COWLES, Alvin T.. Spouse of Aurelia. Born 5-21-1808, died 9-17-1886
COWLES, Angela Kenyon. Spouse of Edgar Wallace. Born 1-28-1841, died 9-27-1927
COWLES, Anna E.. Spouse of Harley B.. Born 1885, died 1968
COWLES, Asa, died 10-19-1829 - Died in the 32nd year of his life Flat Marker
COWLES, Aurelia. Spouse of Alvin T.. Born 4-10-1816, died 9-26-1886
COWLES, Auta C.. Spouse of Charles W.. Born 1910, died 1997
COWLES, Benjamin F.. Spouse of Elvira. Born 8-12-1803, died 6-3-1899
COWLES, Betsey. Spouse of Charles W., died 10-11-1883. Age: 69y
COWLES, Carrie V.. Born 1861, died 1942
COWLES, Charles W.. Spouse of Betsey, died 1-7-1887. Age: 76y
COWLES, Charles W.. Spouse of Auta C.. Born 1905, died 1968
COWLES, David K.. Born 5-29-1820, died 1-2-1865
COWLES, Dona W.. Spouse of William Edgar. Born 1930, died 2007
COWLES, Edgar W.. Spouse of Angela Kenyon. Born 1837, died 1914
COWLES, Edgar W.. Spouse of Mae B.. Born 1895, died 1955
COWLES, Ellen, died 9-25-1863. Age: 23y 1m 27d - Dau of B. F. & E. Cowles
COWLES, Elvira. Spouse of Benjamin F., died 3-23-1881. Age: 77y 1m 6d
COWLES, Harley B.. Spouse of Anna E.. Born 1884, died 1949
COWLES, J. Joseph. Born 1897, died 1964
COWLES, Jennie Withey. Spouse of Porter. Born 3-31-1851, died 9-4-1932
COWLES, Jessie. Born 5-21-1913, died 8-12-1913
COWLES, Leicester, died 12-5-1868. Age: 42y
COWLES, Mae B.. Spouse of Edgar W.. Born 1896, died 1983
COWLES, Mary E.. Spouse of W. S.. Born 11-21-1842, died 4-28-1888
COWLES, Merril. Spouse of Susan. Born 3-10-1806, died 4-17-1864 - [Father]
COWLES, Newell C.. Born 1834, died 1874
COWLES, Orrin T.. Spouse of S. Addie Kenyon. Born 7-13-1836, died 7-16-1895 - [Father] - Civil War Vet, Band, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Musician. Discharged 8-10-1862 at camp near Harrisons Landing VA.
COWLES, Paul Withey. Born 4-6-1891, died 1906 - Son of Porter Cowles
COWLES, Porter Wm.. Born 6-26-1841, died 12-3-1912 - Son of Benjamin F. Cowles
COWLES, Robert Wm.. Born 4-1-1884, died 8-15-1884 - Son of Porter Cowles
COWLES, Roxcy. Spouse of William P., died 4-27-1871. Age: 69y
COWLES, S. Addie Kenyon. Spouse of Orrin T.. Born 12-10-1841, died 8-5-1890 - [Mother]
COWLES, Susan. Spouse of Merril. Born 3-2-1811, died 5-9-1890 - [Mother]
COWLES, W. S.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 6-29-1835, died 8-11-1894
COWLES, Wallace, died 4-19-1835. Age: 16d
COWLES, Walter C.. Born 1892, died 1893
COWLES, William Edgar. Spouse of Dona W.. Born 10-20-1926, died 12-14-2004 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co A 752nd Tank Bm under Gen. George Patton
COWLES, William P.. Spouse of Roxcy. Born 11-19-1805, died 1-29-1897
COWLES, William W.. Born 1862, died 1921
COWLS, Erastus. Born 1819, died 1896 - There was no "E" in spelling
COWLS, Orsavilla. Born 1825, died 1923 - There was no "E" in spelling
COX, Corinne. Born 1929, died 1930
COYLE, Roger C.. Born 1941, died 1984 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp4
CRADDUCK, Charles J.. Spouse of Marilyn J. Miller. Born 1931, died 1992
CRADDUCK, Marilyn J. (Miller). Spouse of Charles J.. Born 1932, died 1997
CRADDUCK, Scott J. Sr.. Spouse of Susan Frungillo. Born 1-24-1955, died 10-14-2016. Age: 60y - Son of Charles & Marilyn (Miller) Cradduck b. Wellsville NY d. Bolivar NY. Wed 12-24-1996 in Bolivar NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army 1975 - 1978
CRAMER, Emily. Born 1939, died 2002 - Funeral Marker
CRANDALL, Adelbert. Born 1852, died 1899
CRANDALL, Alice. Born 9-1-1868, died 2-14-1944
CRANDALL, Alice I.. Spouse of Neil A.. Born 1901, died 1987
CRANDALL, Almira. Spouse of Stephen, died 5-20-1884. Age: 72y
CRANDALL, Alonzo. Born 1838, died 1918
CRANDALL, Alzina. Spouse of S. H.. Born 12-18-1831, died 5-30-1894 - [At Rest]
CRANDALL, Angeline. Born 1841, died 1886
CRANDALL, Arzula R.. Born 1841, died 1910
CRANDALL, Belva D.. Born 1881, died 1896
CRANDALL, Bernice. Born 1909, died 1911
CRANDALL, Clara G.. Spouse of Erwin D.. Born 1873, died 1965
CRANDALL, David. Born abt 1831, died 9-10-1864. Age: 34y - Civil War DOD, Co E 85th inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in action 4-20-1864 at Plymount NC. Died of disease 9-10-1864 at Andersonville Prison GA
CRANDALL, Dorr E., died 10-1-1874. Age: 10y - Son of E. & C. N. Crandall
CRANDALL, Edgar C.. Spouse of Jessie M.. Born 1881, died 1978
CRANDALL, Eliza A.. Born 1828, died 1899
CRANDALL, Ella I.. Born 1866, died 1954
CRANDALL, Erwin D.. Spouse of Clara G.. Born 1870, died 1950
CRANDALL, Floyd J., died 10-23-1874. Age: 3y - Child of J. & E. Crandall
CRANDALL, Hazel G.. Spouse of Paul M.. Born 1912, died uncut
CRANDALL, Hettie E.. Born 1875, died 1959
CRANDALL, Infant, died 1-10-1869 - Child of J. & E. Crandall
CRANDALL, Jessie M.. Spouse of Edgar C.. Born 1892, died 1990
CRANDALL, John. Born 1840, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols, Cpl. Mustered out with company 6-13-1869 near Washington DC.
CRANDALL, John H.. Spouse of Laura. Born 1843, died 1912 - Civil War Vet, Co I 27th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Discharged for Disability 9-5-1861. On 8-6-1862, re-enlisted in Co A 136th Inf. Promoted to 1st Sgt 1-1-1865. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 near Washington DC.
CRANDALL, Jonathan. Spouse of Lovinna E., died 12-19-1880. Age: 54y
CRANDALL, Laura. Spouse of John H.. Born 1848, died uncut
CRANDALL, Lawrence E.. Born 1906, died 1907
CRANDALL, Lovinna E.. Spouse of Jonathan, died 1-22-1868. Age: 17y
CRANDALL, Mary A.. Spouse of Thomas. Born 5-6-1834, died 11-11-1922
CRANDALL, Merle Ralph. Born 1932, died 1959
CRANDALL, Neil A.. Spouse of Alice I.. Born 1897, died 1952
CRANDALL, Owen F.. Born 1875, died 1931
CRANDALL, Paul M.. Spouse of Hazel G.. Born 1899, died 1973
CRANDALL, Ralph. Born 1906, died 1954 - [Oil Gas Water Hell or China]
CRANDALL, Roy S.. Born 1902, died 1918
CRANDALL, Stephen. Spouse of Almira, died 3-1862. Age: 56y
CRANDALL, Thomas. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 5-6-1832, died 4-25-1891
CRANSTON, Marjorie L.. Born 1905, died 1991
CRAWFORD, Deborah L.. Born 1955, died 1955
CROSS, Naomi B.. Born 1907, died 1999 - Funeral Marker
CRUMP, Katherine E. Loughlin. Born 10-13-1917, died 3-5-1993 - Dau of Barbara & Harry
CRUSAN, Isabella. Born 5-1-1919, died 5-5-1988
CUDDING, Barbara Mischka. Born 1890, died 1968
CUDDING, Harry A.. Spouse of Kate Johnson. Born 1863, died 1933
CUDDING, Harry W.. Born 1889, died 1967
CUDDING, Kate Johnson. Spouse of Harry A.. Born 1867, died 1958
CUMMINGS, Andrew J. "Mike". Spouse of Norma G. Wood. Born 1-1-1924, died 6-1-2013. Age: 89y - Son of Henry & Elizabeth (Bernard) Cummings b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY - WW II Vet, USMC
CUMMINGS, Norma G. (Wood). Spouse of Andrew J.. Born 1922, died 2002
CURTIN, Donald P.. Spouse of Tennie E.. Born 1899, died 1966
CURTIN, Tennie E.. Spouse of Donald P.. Born 1904, died 1998
CURTISS, Hudlah J.. Spouse of James M.. Born 1832, died 1900
CURTISS, James M.. Spouse of Huldah J.. Born 1823, died 1901
CUTLER, Dorr M.D.. Spouse of Harriet C.. Born 1836, died 1918
CUTLER, Harriet. Spouse of J.L. M.D. L.L.D.. Born 1840, died 1928
CUTLER, Harriet C.. Spouse of Dorr M.D.. Born 9-5-1838, died 10-14-1930 - Dau of Merrill & Susan Richardson Cowles
CUTLER, Hattie, died 7-2-1871. Age: 2y 3m - Dau of J. L. & H. Cutler [Our Little Hattie]
CUTLER, J. L. M.D. L.L.D.. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1829, died 1900

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