Maple Grove Cemetery
Town of Friendship
On Maple Grove road East on Co. Rte. 20 through Friendship
turn left at Maple Grove Trailer Court pass 40 mph zone.
Go under an old RR underpass & you're there.
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updates by Eleanor Schwalb

AMES, Arthur A. Spouse of Frances G Cannon Born 7-23-1911 Died 11-4-2002 Age 91 son of John & Jennie Ames m. Nov 24 1930
AMES, Frances G. Spouse of Arthur A. AMES Born 8-02-1915 Died 12-21-2004 Age 89y Dau of Jabe H. & Ellen I. (Way) Cannon, b. Angelica-NY, d. Camden-NY, Wed 11-24-1930 in Angelica-NY, Co-owner/operator diary farm
AMES, Robert Arthur Born 9-29-1931 Died 1-17-1966 Son of Arthur & Frances Ames b. Wellsville NY d. Nile NY
ANDRUS, Daniel Arnold Born 7-10-1930 Died 6-20-2010 Age 79y Son of Clayton B. & Marjorie Arnold Andrus b. & d. Cuba NY Wed Wife #1 Imogene Martin on 7-20-1951 in Friendship NY who predeceased him - Wed Wife #2 Norma L. Vogel on 9-10-1994 U.S. Army 1951-1953
ANNUNZIATO, Rowena S. Born 5/30/1917 Died 7/21/2012 Dau. Of Raymond & Lois McKee Stillman b. Buffalo NY d. Lancaster NY
AUSTIN, Evelyn Irene Spouse of Milford A. born 1917 Died 1964 age 47y
AUSTIN, Milford M. Spouse of Evelyn Irene Appleby born 4-9-1919 Died 11-30-2004 age 84y Son of Frank & Leda Porter Austin Wife #2 Etta C.
BABCOCK, Marilyn Blanche Spouse of Stewart Born 7-22-1936 Died 9-16-2006 Dau. of R. O. James Blanche Stephens b. Seneca Falls N.Y. d. New Port Richey Fla. Wed: 1954
BALCOM, James E. Spouse of Lois G Born 7-3-1941 Died 8-16-2003 Age 62 son of Thomas Balcom & Mabel Hartman US Army m Sept 26 1959
BECKER, Charles H. Born 2-11-1871 Died 6-11-1949
BECKER, Essie Farnham Born 12-10-1883 Died 3-25-1978
BLEDSOE, Minnie B. Spouse of Herman Born 7-31-1885 Died 2-23-1966 Dau. of George & Hattie Potter Townsend b. Richburg NY d. Cuba NY
BLISS, James R. Spouse of Bonnette Miles Born 5-28-1944 Died 11-10-2009 age 65y Son of Lyman C. & Evelyn Horton Bliss b. Friendship NY d. Nile NY Wed 8-21-1976 U.S. Army Vietnam War
BOOTH, Sylvia A. "Sue" Spouse of Born 4/29/1943 Died 4/29/2013 age 70y Dau of Ernest Wiser & Frances Miles b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY Wed #1 Claude Halsaver in 1960 Wed #2 Chester Booth on 6-24-1976 who Died in 1986
BORDEN, Dora L. Spouse of Francis L. Born 10-31-1927 Died 4-14-2002 Age 74 Dau. Of Robert D. & Zenia C. Shuster Langdon
BORDEN, Francis L. Spouse of Dora Died 6-28-1995 m. July 14 1990
BOYD, Larry B. Spouse of Mary E. Fitzgerald Born 1-29-1935 Died 10-24-2009 age 74y Son of Clarence & Addie Lee Hearon Boyd b. Clay KY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-26-1953 in Richburg NY U.S. Navy serving aboard the battleship USS Missouri during the Korean Conflict continuing his career serving on destroyers during the Cuban Missile Crisis
BRALEY, Kenneth B. "Ken" Sr. Born 4-8-1950 Died 3-25-2011 age 60y Son of Charles H. & Marie L. Fuller Braley Sr. b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA
BROWN, Eva E. Spouse of Frank M. Born 6-19-1906 Died 2-14-2011 age 104y Dau. of Lewis E. & Clara Sick Hubbard b. Town of Burns NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Husband #1 Oscar Bacon on 10-28-1924 who Died in 1945 Wed Husband #2 Frank M. Brown on 4-14-1962 who Died in 1988
BROWN, Maude "Sally" Spouse of Robert C. Born 2-4-1922 Died 7-27-2011 age 89y Dau. of Gordon & Sarah Heath Bowker b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-2-1945
BROWN, Robert C. Spouse of Maude S. Bowker Born 10-4-1918 Died 1-28-2003 Age 84 Born in Ward son of Andrew & Sarah Swift Brown
BUDINGER, Paula M. Spouse of Ron Born 8-6-1974 Died 11-19-2009 age 35y Dau. of Donald P. & Donna Greene Frungillo Jr. b. Cuba NY d. Scio NY Wed 7-3-1999 in Friendship NY
BUNDAGE, Cleo I. Spouse of Shirley G. Hardman Born 12/18/1926 Died 11/9/2013 age 86y Son of Ivis W. & Leta L. Varney Bundage b. & d. Friendship NY Wed 3-22-1951
BURDICK Sr., William Reuben Spouse of Doris L. Carpenter Born 2-4-1910 Died 12-20-1981 Son of Merritt E. & Dora C. Mighell Burdick b. Genesee, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 2-4-1932
BURDICK, Dora Clara Mighell Spouse of Merritt E. Born 3-14-1877 Died 3-31-1950 Dau. of William & Clara Taylor Burdick b. Westfield, Pa. d. Friendship, N.Y.
BURDICK, Doris Lena Carpenter Spouse of William R., Sr. Born 10-30-1915 Died 1-18-1997 Dau. of George M. & Mary A. Rhodes Carpenter b. Coudersport, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 2-4-1932
BURDICK, Eva M. Fitzgerald Spouse of Levi E. Born 8-11-1902 Died 1-7-1985 Dau. of William J. & Julia M. Rice Fitzgerald b. Findley, OH d. Houghton, N.Y. Wed: 2-1918
BURDICK, Florence Ruth Carpenter Spouse of Lawrence M. Born 8-4-1906 Died 9-12-2001 Dau. of George M. & Mary A. Rhodes Carpenter b. Hebron Twshp, Pa. d. Middleport, N.Y. Wed: 12-17-1921
BURDICK, Homer Clayton Spouse of Phyllis M. Leonard Born 10-14-1908 Died 11-4-1985 Son of Clayton & Jessie A. Sisson Burdick b. Friendship, N.Y. d. Olean, N.Y. Wed: 10-15-1938
BURDICK, Lawrence Myron Spouse of Florence R. Carpenter Born 1-30-1896 Died 12-29-1957 Son of Merritt E. & Dora C. Mighell Burdick b. Westfield, Pa. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 12-17-1921
BURDICK, Levi E. Spouse of Eva M. Fitzgerald Born 9-15-1894 Died 1-9-1971 Son of Merritt E. & Dora C. Mighell Burdick b. Westfield, Pa. d. Cuba, N.Y. Wed: 2-1918
BURDICK, Merritt Eligas Spouse of Dora C. Mighell Born 11-1-1867 Died 3-17-1955 Son of Reuben & Rosetta Button Burdick b. Westfield, Pa. d. Friendship, N.Y.
BURDICK, Phyllis Marie Leonard Spouse of Homer C. Born 5-13-1915 Died 7-9-2005 Dau. of Earl & Elnora B. Mighell Burdick b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Smethport, Pa. Wed: 10-15-1938
BURROWS, Sharon Marlene Spouse of Victor "Vic" Born 1-6-1946 Died 1-13-2008 Dau. of Robert & Theo Wolfer b. Cuba NY d. Newport News VA
BUZZARD, John Edgar Spouse of Shirley Baker Born 4-27-1935 Died 3-28-2000 John Edgar & Mildred Van Buzzard Sr.
BUZZARD, Marie Spouse of Ralph Born 8-24-1900 Died 3-5-1965 age Dau. of Scott A. & Zella Brown b. Friendship NY d. Williamsville NY
CALHOUN, Sarah Spouse of Paul J. Born 2-15-1927 Died 1-15-1998 age 70y Dau. of John & Julia Douglas Carney b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-24-1945 in Cuba NY
CARNEY, Wilma E. Spouse of Harry Born 8-15-1920 D Died 8-22- 2001 b. Bemidji, MINN. - m. Aug. 30, 1940- Dau. of William & Elva Jones Mitchell
CASTELLANO, John Anthony Spouse of Dorotha Bennett Born 12-4-1953 Died 11-19-2006 Son of John M. & Angela Cafiero Castellano b. Brooklyn, N.Y. d. Buffalo, N.Y. Wed: 5-13-1978 in Narrowsburg, N.Y. U.S. Air Force
CHITTUM, Edward Brian Spouse of Misty Davis Born 9-29-1963 Died 1-19-2011 age 47y Son of Edward & Louise Newcomber Chittum b. Arlington VA d. Friendship NY Wed 5-27-1997 in Panama City FL
CHUTE, Elizabeth E. "Betty" Born 5-5-1935 Died 5-31-2010 age Dau. of Richard & Frances Scott Gayford b. Town of Hume NY d. Warsaw NY Former Husband Robert Chute
CIMBRICZ, Rose Helen Sr. Spouse of William V. Born 1-25-1913 Died 8-22-2002 Age 89 dau of Anthony & mary Mikulic Mohar
CIMBRICZ, William V. Spouse of Rose Helen Died 1-12-1980 m. Aug 19 1929 in Bradford PA
CLARK, Allyn "Jeep" Spouse of of Ruth A. Born 1-13-1921 Died 5-19-200 Age 81
CLARK, Carl D. Spouse of Helen Van Campen & Diane Palmatier Born 8-4-1924 Died 9-28-1999 Age 75 b. Friendship, NY- m. 1st Dec. 2, 1947-Son of Harry & Mae Wheeler Clark
CLARK, Diane M. Palmatier Born 12-25-1917 Died 8-5-2005 Age 87y Dau. of Joseph & Marie Deacon #1 Richard Palmatier #2 Carl D. Clark
CLARK, Eugenia A. "Jean" Spouse of Francis Born 9/27/1939 Died 9/28/2011 age Dau. of George & Eugenia Lundy b. Buffalo NY d. Olean NY Wed 2-3-1973 in North Boston NY
CLARK, Francis E. Spouse of Eugenia Golibersuch Born 7-18-1925 Died 1-29-2003 Born in East Arcade to Walter & Mary Hobin Clark m. Feb 3 1973 in N. Boston NY
CLARK, Ruth A. Harrington Spouse of Allyn Died 1992 m. July 9 1960 in Arcade NY
CLAYSON, Eugene W. Spouse of Helen Milne Born 12/25/1925 Died 1/24/2003 Born in Olean to Hiram "& Hattie Milne Benjamin Clayson m. May 27 1950
CLAYSON, Helen E. Spouse of Eugene W. Born 9-22-1931 Died 11-24-2010 Dau. of Ike & Edith Spaulding Newman b. Unknown d. Olean NY Wed 5-27-1950 in Lyndon NY
CLAYSON, Kathy A. Spouse of Matthew J. Born 1-12-1956 Died 2-12-2008 Dau. of harry & Beatrice Osgood Ward b. & d. Olean NY Wed 8-12-1989 in Cuba NY
COOK, Kevin Stillman Spouse of Marta Bugel Born 7-20-1986 Died 12-4-2009 age 23y Son of Mike & Gail Cook b. Durham N.C. d. Chapel Hill N.C.
COON, Beatrice M. Spouse of Louis Hantchett & Carl Coon Born 2-15-1908 Died 11-19-1999 Born to J.B. and Lena Hilliard Goff
COON, Jon D. Born 1-21-1942 Died 3-21-2005 age 63 son of Carl & Beatrice Goff Coon Physical education teacher
COOPER, Doren O. Spouse of Millie Vuckovic Born 1-29-1924 Died 7-24-2005 age 81 Son of Clarence & Philena Swain Cooper b. Rochester, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 9-9-1942
COOPER, Millie V Spouse of Doren O. Died 2-5-1980 wed Oct 9 1942
CORBIN, Dean A. Spouse of Alberta Junker Born 1-12-1925 Died 4-6-2008 age 83y Son of Glen M. & Mary Deiseroth Corbin b. Town of Wirt NY d. Bradford PA Wed 2-28-1948 in Friendship NY Corporal U.S. Army
CORBIN, Elizabeth Ellen Born 4-28-1980 Died 4-28-1980 Dau. of William D. & Suzanne E. Batson b. & d. Ithaca, N.Y.
COTTON, Dale G. Born 9/15/1961 Died 7/14/2012 age 50y Son of George H. & Eva L. Hadsell Cotton b. Cuba NY d. Friendship NY
COTTON, Dean Samuel Spouse of Linda Hanner Born 9-15-1961 Died 6-7-2001 Age 39 b. Cuba, NY- m. July 23, 1987- Son of George H. & Eva L. Hadsell Cotton
COWLES, Calvin A. Spouse of Sophronia A "Sophie" Died 4-27-1992 wed 8-2-1949 in Olean, NY
COWLES, Sophronia A "Sophie" Spouse of Calvin A. Born 8-2-1921 Died 6-1-2003 Age 81 dau of James & Lillian Cousins Gould
CRANDALL, Anna Elizabeth Spouse of Eugene Born 9-28-1870 Died 12-10-1964 age 94y Dau. of Charles & Sarah Sprague Bullock b. & d. Angelica NY Eugene Died in 1946
CUMMINGS, Barbara Jean "Barb" Spouse of Norman Born 4-8-1942 Died 5-25-2005 dau of Clifford & Gertrude Madison Livergood 1st m. Richard Rinker d. 1984
CUMMINS, Amelia M. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 3-22-1934 Died 10-14-2000 Dau. of Helge H. & Martha Smith Barton b. Cheektowaga, NY
CUMMINS, Arthur J. Spouse of Amelia M. B Born 5-26-1928 Died 8-1- 2000 b. Cuba, NY m. Mar. 22 1934
CUMMINS, Genevieve A. Born 11-7-1918 Died 4-12-2004 dau of Ross & Alice Wilcox Boyer
CUMMINS, Glenn C. Spouse of Helen S. Johnson Born 7-24-1919 Died 8-1-2010 age 91y Son of Henry & Elizabeth Bernard Cummins b. Cuba NY d. Friendship NY U.S. Army WW2 serving in the Asiatic-Pacific and received the Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal - Good Conduct Medal and American Defense Service Medal
CURTIS, Mary Ellen Spouse of Richard Douglas Died 1991 daughter of William Curtis and Ruth Kelly.
CWIKLINSKI, Joseph J. Spouse of Connie Stockman Born 9/22/1939 Died 12/24/2011 age 72y Son of Stanley & Irene Bednark Cwiklinsi II b. Sloan NY d. Rochester NY Married 48 years U.S. Navy retiring after 23 years as an honored Career Diesel Submariner during Vietnam War as a chief radioman
DaHILL, Timothy H. "Pat" Spouse of Clara E. Russell & Jessie V. Cory Born 5-26-1924 Died 12-26-2000 Son of Timothy H. & Berdena Torrey DaHill Sr.- b. Dunkirk, NY
DAVIDSON, Barbara Alberta Spouse of Victor J. Born 3-10-1919 Died 4-20-2006 Age 87y Dau. of Andrew J. & Helen Mary Barber Chisholm b. Plattsburg, N.Y. d. Oneonta, N.Y. Wed: 10-5-1940 in Chazy, N.Y.
DAVIDSON, Victor J. "Vic" Spouse of Barbara C. Born 4-18-1919 Died 1-3-2004 Age 84 son of LeRoy S. & Martha Johnson Davidson, US Army Co. B 142ndDiv. Bronze Star WW II Army Co. B, 1st Batt, 142 inf Reg, 36th Div., Allegany Co. Deputy Sheriff
DAVIDSON, William Ernest "Wild Bill" Spouse of Patricia T Born 11-2-1927 Died 1-15-2003 Age 75 1st wife Jeanette B. Sherwood d 8-13-1994, son of Harold E. & Ida Keiser Davidson, US Navy WW II, was stock car racer
DAVIS, Donald F. Born 12-15-1939 Died 8-23-2004 Age 64y Son of Graham C. & Dorothy G. (Post) Davis, b. Angelica-NY, d. Wellsville-NY
DAVISON, William E. Sr. Spouse of Marlee WITTER [#1] Born 11-02-1927 Died 1-15-2003 Age 75y Son of Harold E. & Ida (Keiser) Davison, Local stock car racer 17 yrs (aka "Wild Bill" & "Allegany Ridge Runner"), b. Ward-NY (should it be Wirt?), d. Coudersport-PA, Wed #2 Jeanette B. Sherwood on 1-29-1959 in Coudersport-PA who d. 8-13-1993, Wed #3 Patricia Thompson on 8-20-1994 in Friendship-NY, Vet-WWII US Navy
DENNIS, Dorcas R. Born 11-3-1934 Died 2-27-2011 age Dau. of Harold & Isabel Smith Bosler b. Angola NY d. Cuba NY
DEYOE, Lucile Williams Spouse of Clifford Williams & Leslie I. Deyoe Born 9-19-1908 Died 2-3-2005 dau of Frank & Mariette Griffith Steenrod
DODSON, Beatrice I. "Bea" Spouse of LeRoy L. Born 10-5-1917 Died 3-15-2010 age 92y Dau. of Ernest & Ella Orr Leal b. & d. Oswego NY Wed 10-10-1937 in Oswego NY
DODSON, LeRoy Spouse of Beatrice Leal Born 7-13-1916 Died 4-26-1988 age 71y Son of LeDurn & Cleo Brundage Dodson b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-10-1937 in Oswego NY
DRYING, Tania Louise Spouse of Charles Born 6-28-1893 Died 11-22-1965 age b. Skien Norway d. Collins NY
DUFFY, James Basil Spouse of Marion Green Born 3-16-1914 Died 6-19-1998 age 84y Son of Eugene & Agnes Keenan Duffy b. Belvedere NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-24-1934 in Friendship NY
DUNNING, Beatrice N. "Bea" Spouse of Francis F . Born 6-7-1914 Died 5-19-2006 age 91y Dau. of Kilburn & Blanche Tompkins Cowles b. Kossuth, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 9-14-1935 in Richburg, N.Y.
ELLSWORTH, Catherine Born 7-2-1892 Died 1-7-1965 age Dau. of Lewis & Ida Bea Ellsworth b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY
ELMER, R. LeRoy Spouse of Hilda Combs Born 6-25-1911 Died 6-22-1985 Son of Charles & Nellie Goble Elmer m. Dec. 25, 1932- b. Black Creek, NY
EMERY, Alton C. Spouse of Vivian P. Died 3-14-1996
EMERY, Vivian P. Spouse of Alton C. Born 8-2-1919 Died 8-4-2007 age 88 Dau. of William & Ina Smith Robinson b. Scio NY d. Friendship NY Wed Husband #1 Ellis LaRue Swift in 1936 Wed Husband #2 10-6-1945 in Belmont NY
FARNHAM, Louise Marie Collins Born 10-25-1855 Died 2-19-1930
FARNHAM, William H. Born 1854 Died 1929
FAULKNER, Jeannie A. Born 11-21-1932 Died 9-5-2003 Age 70 dau of Victor & Marie Hoffman Brundage
FEASTER, Clarence Ellsworth Spouse of Edna F. Herrick Born 28 Jun 1904 Died 27 Jan 1989
FEASTER, Edna F. Herrick Spouse of Clarence Ellsworth Born 21 Mar 1904 Died Sep 1981
FELDBAUER, Carolyn Spouse of James F. Born 3-27-1939 Died 2-8-2010 age Dau. of James D. & Rhea E. Hilligas Murray b. Friendship NY d. Belmont NY Wed 7-25-1970
FERGUSON, Frank Born 11-12-1894 Died 7-25-1966 age b. in Pennsylvania d. Cuba NY
FERRIN, Betty Louise Spouse of Clarence "Bill" Born 7-18-1929 Died 7-13-2009 Dau. of William & Vivian Scott b. Belvidere NY d. Houghton NY Wed 10-19-1947
FOX, Frances Born 11-8-1929 Died 6-28-2000 b. Cuba, NY
FREEMAN, Mary E. Spouse of Melvin B. Born 5/21/1917 Died 10/7/2013 age 96y Dau of Benjamin & Esther Roberts Baker b. Inez d. Smethport PA Wed 7-28-1934 in Inez - Melvin Died 5-2-1980
FREEMAN, Ralph O. Spouse of Violet R. Hampshire Born 8-6-1925 Died 6-15-2005 age 79 son of William & Catherine Gerner Freeman m. Dec 24 1978 US Army WW II 16th Inf Div.under Gen George Patton Purplr Heart
FREEMAN, Robert J. "Bob" Born 6/24/1952 Died 11/5/2014 age 62y Son of Frelon A. & Charlotte Conklin Freeman b. Port Allegany PA d. Friendship NY
GAYFORD, Frances P. Born 4-9-1911 Died 7-11-1973 dau of Ellis and Esther Ward Scott Rebekah Lodge 491 of Hume
GOLDEN, Marjorie I. Spouse of Paul Born 6-24-1925 Died 1-12-2009 age 81y Dau. of Oscar & Matilda Brown Strom b. Mayville ND d. Cuba NY Wed 10-21-1945 in Mayville ND
GOLDEN, Paul Francis Spouse of Marjorie Born 3-25-1919 Died 10-5-2007 age 88y Son of Joseph & Anna Chapel Golden b. Coudersport PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-21-1945 in Moorhead MN U.S. Army Pearl Harbor WW2
GOODLIFF, Mildred V. "Millie" Spouse of Joseph Born 6/21/1924 Died 1/4/2014 age 89y Dau of Clyde E. & Irene Graves Burdick b. Town of Wirt NY d. Cuba NY Wed 6-28-1948 in Friendship NY Joseph Died 5-13-1992
GOWDY, Thelma I. Spouse of Lawrence H. Born 6/16/1935 Died 7/4/2012 age 77y Dau of Harry W. & Hazel B. Drew Hale Sr. b. Town of Hume NY d. Friendship NY Wed 11-9-1954 in Belmont NY Lawrence Died 10-31-1993
GRAHAM, Carrie Cramer Spouse of Frank wed April 25, 1885
GRAHAM, Frank H. Spouse of Carrie Cramer Born 6-14-1860 Died 8-20-1930 of Harvey & Elvira Scott Graham
GRAHAM, Susan J. Born 2-21-1955 Died 6-22-2009 age 54y Dau. of Samuel & Margaret Howard Graham b. Cuba NY d. Bath NY
GRAY, Thelma Mae Cummins Spouse of Herman Sr./George G.SR. Born 6-25-1923 Died 8-20-1999 Age 76 b. Amity, NY- Dau. of Joseph & Florence Ward Wyatt m. 1942 to Mr. Cummins & July 1953 to Gray
GREEN, Charles Edward "Bud" Born 1932 Died 9/13/2012 age 80y Son of Churchill & Celestine Green Sr. b. Unknown d. Atlanta GA U.S. Navy 1950-1952
GREEN, Charles Kenneth Spouse of Ruth M. Died 1-19-1978
GREEN, Meredith Jean "Rita" Spouse of William C. Born 9-7-1944 Died 11-30- 1994 Age 50 b. Batavia, NY- Dau. of Clifford & Ella Weaver Schuster m. July 1975
GREEN, Ruth M. Spouse of Charles Kenneth Born 12-27-1903 Died 9-10-1992 Age 88 b. Rochester, NY
GREEN, Victor L. Spouse of Junia S. Born 1-20-1921 Died 9-14-2002 m. 1st Dilia Savona son of Charles & Martha Abbott Green US Air Air force WW II
GREEN, Walter C. Spouse of Born 1-6-1924 Died 4-20-2005 Age Son of Charles & Ruth McDonald Green
GREENE, Bernice M. Spouse of Harold N. Born 3-2-1930 Died 10-17-2009 age 79y Dau. of Harry & Hazek Drew Hale b. Hume, NY d. Tonopah AZ Wed 8-19-1950 in Friendship NY
GREENE, Grant E. Spouse of Elizabeth Washburn Born 3-26-1921 Died 11-28-1992 Age 71 b. West Clarksville, NY- Son of Llewelyn & Gladys Wilkinson Greene m. Dec. 24, 1986- US Navy WW II 1952-1968
GREENE, Helen S. Spouse of Leon H. Born 4-16-1901 Died 2-8-1966 age Dau. of Frank J. & Sarah Kellogg Sisson b. Black Creek NY d. Friendship NY
GRIFFITH, Marguerite L Spouse of Mr. Died 1-10-1918 Age 60 b. Richburg
GRIFFITH, Mr. Spouse of Marguerite L
GUILFORD, Clyde Spouse of Doris L. Died 7-20-1973 m. May 18 1935 in Fillmaore, NY
GUILFORD, Doris L. Spouse of Clyde Clyde Born 5-18-1912 Died 5-17-2004 Age 91 dau of Fred & Mina Fuller Bentley
GUILFORD, Kathryn "Kate" Spouse of Roy T. Born 9-9-1882 Died 3-6-1966 daughter of Lewis and Jennie Gibson Kelly b. Ceder Rapids, Iowa
GUILFORD, Wm Clark Born 9-17-1971 Died 3-1-2002 Age 30 Son of William Lee & Patricia Cotton Guilford
HADSELL, Bruce E. Spouse of Isabell H Born 7-9-1925 Died 8-10-2003 Age 78 son of William D. & Sarah "Edith" Taylor Hadsell US Navy WW II USS Missouri Pacific Theater
HADSELL, Isabelle "Izzy" Hayes Spouse of Bruce Died 4-18-2002 Age 75 m. Dec 6 1952 in Friendship NY Dau. Of Colon M. & Erma H. Hanna Hayes
HALE, Harry W. "Bud" Jr. Spouse of Janet K. Whitwood Born 6-13-1937 Died 4-11-2008 age 70y Son of Harry W. & Hazel B. Drew Hale b. Hume NY d. Friendship NY Wed 11-5-1960 in Belmont NY U.S. Marine Corps duty in Puerto Rico Cuba & Washington DC rising to Lance Corporal
HALE, Richard M. "Dick" spouse of Joan F. Livergood Born 5/15/1936 Died 11/3/2014 age 78y Son of Harry W. & Hazel B. Drew Hale Sr. b. Hume NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-8-1959 in Friendship NY U.S. Army in Alaska
HALE, Romona S. Spouse of Tim S. Faircoth Born 5/15/1969 Died 12/31/2011 age 42y Dau. of Harry W. & Janet Whitwood Hale Jr. b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 8-1-2005 in Friendship NY
HALL, George Henry Spouse of Effie Jane Greer Born 8-21-1907 Died 12-23-2007 age 100y Son of Charles & Genevieve Barns Hall b. Rushford NY d. Webster NY Wed 9-26-1936 in Rossburg NY
HAND, Margaret A. Spouse of Paul B. Born 6-19-1910 Died 10-16-2007 Dau. of John & Mabel Greene b. Shinglehouse PA d. Friendship NY Wed 11-8-1942 in Friendship NY
HANKS, Frederick G. "Fred" Spouse of Loretta M. Palmer Born 11-9-1907 d 5-29-2005 Age 97y Son of Dean O. & Evelyn Graham Hanks b. Friendship, N.Y. d. Cuba, N.Y. Wed: 11-14-1941 in Friendship, N.Y. U. S. Army Pacific Theater in Philippine Islands Decorated Veteran, including Bronze Star & N.Y.S. Conspicuous Service Cross
HANKS, Loretta M. Palmer Spouse of Frederick G. Died 2-28-1997 wed Nov 14 1941 in Friendship NY
HENDERSON, L. Grant Spouse of M. Agnes Mullane Born 4-4-1912 Died 12-24-2000 m. Feb. 23, 1945-US Army 1941-45
HENRY, F. Anita Spouse of Robert W. Born 1-22-1917 Died 1-14-2001 Age 83 Dau. of Emmett & Adelia Jessie Runyon Markhan b. Friendship, NY-m. Mar. 30, 1966
HERRICK, Elizabeth P. Tinker Born 24 Feb 1881 Died 8 Jun 1935 b. New Berlin, NY, d. Nile, NY
HERRICK, Homer C. Spouse of Pauline E. Calhoun Born 7-27-1910 Died 7-25-2003 Age 92 son of Harry & Elizabeth Tinker Herrick b. Nile
HERRICK, Joseph Harrison Born 27 Sep 1876 Died 17 Dec 1974 b. Davison, Genesee Co., MI, d. Friendship, NY
HERRICK, Pauline E. Spouse of Homer C. Born 12-29-1920 Died 10-22-2010 age 89y Dau. of Ernest C. & Myrtle Jane Armentrout Calhoun b. Burlington W.VA. d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-8-1938
HERRINGTON, Doris M. Spouse of Edward Born 12-21-1923 Died 1-10-2007 age 82 Dau. of James & Kathryn Rosencrans Ramsell b. Bolivar, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 5-13-1960 Husband #1 Collin Campbell
HIDEBRAND, Jeaneete P. Spouse of Kenneth A. Born 9-29-1930 Died 1-7-2004 Age 73 dau of Thomas & Minnie Turvey
HIDEBRAND, Kenneth A. Spouse of Jeaneete P. Died 5-21-1905
HILLIARD, Archie J. Spouse of S. Marie Dwright Born 10-17-1915 Died 6-20-1978 age Son of Ernest & Jennie Hosmer Hilliard b. Genesee PA d. Olean NY Wed 4-10-1938
HILLIARD, S. Marie Spouse of Archie J. Born 2-1-1920 Died 11-13-1996 age 76y Dau. of Daniel & Mary Runyan Dwight b. Coudersport PA d.Olean NY Wed 4-10-1938
HOOD, Irma R. Spouse of Arthur T. Born 10-9-1906 Died 2-12-2001 Age 94 Dau. of Dr. John B. & Elizabeth Wynn Rugh b. Pitcairn, PA
HOPKINS, Inez Herrick Spouse of Born May 1899 Died 1964
HOPKINS, Leon Spouse of Inez Herrick Born 27 Sep 1897 Died 12/75
HOSLEY, Abel Spouse of Mary E. m. 1852
HOSLEY, Mary E. Spouse of Abel Born 7-7-1829 Died 8-23-1910 dau of William & Ceziah Niver
HUNTER, Emma Mae Born 7-22-1952 Died 12-14-1953
HYDE, Charles L. Spouse of Jessie I. Phinney Born 2-17-1896 Died 5-28-1992 96y Son of Alonzo & Lenore McClure Hyde b, Friendship, N.Y. Wed: 5-29-1922 U.S. Army Engineers American Expeditionary Forces in France WW1
HYDE, Jessie I. Spouse of Charles L. Died 5-17-1981
ISHMAN, Susan E. Spouse of Byron F. Born 1918 Died 11-23- 2001 Age 83 b. Bradford, PA
JABLONSKI, Kenneth R. ["Pollock"] Spouse of Tammy L. SHAW Born 5-17-1971 Died 10-20-2002 Age 31y Son of Chester R. & Phyllis J. (Hildebrand) Jablonski, "Pollock", b. Springville-NY, d. MVA in Wirt-NY, Wed 7-31-1992 in Bolivar-NY
JENISON, Emma Mae Farnham Born 1878 Died 1962
JENISON, Robert Horace Born 9-7-1942 Died 1-19-2000
JOHNSON, Linda K. Spouse of Edgar J. Born 9-19-1944 Died 2-14-2009 Dau. of Rodney & Doris Ruckle b. Cuba NY d. Bradenton FL Wed 3-4-1980
JONES, Donna Norton Spouse of William L. Born 5/30/1958 Died 6/3/2013 age 55y Dau of John W. & Wheeler Norton Weir b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY Wed 4-30-1977
JONES, Dora C. Spouse of Ralph H. JONES Born 4-13-1918 Died 3-02-2003 Dau of Charles & Olive (King) Hall, b. Orrington-ME, d. Olean-NY
JONES, Lila Jean Spouse of Andrew Edward Kirby Sr. Born 7-26-1926 Died 8-24-2010 age 84y Dau. of Allie Brooks & Hazel E. Kerr Wise b. Butler PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-1947 in Wellsboro PA
JONES, Ralph H. Spouse of Dora Hall Born 10/7/1915 Died 1/1/2012 age Son of Ralph & Jane Nix Jones b. Waltham MA d. Allegany NY U.S. Army WW2
JORDAN, Delazon A. "Del" Spouse of Rosina Born 5-4-1900 Died 9-1-2002 Age 102 son of Elmer & ella Burdick Jordan
JORDAN, Herbert W. Spouse of Thelma Avis T Born 1-15-1914 Died 6-19-1993 m. Jan. 26, 1935
JORDAN, Rosina Locke Spouse of Delazon A. m. June 25 1932
JORDAN, Thelma Avis Terwilliger Spouse of Herbert W. Born 11-8-1916 Died 18 Oct 2000 m. Jan. 26, 1935
JUNKER, Myra Nell Mighell Spouse of William H. Born 3-24-1897 Died 11-23-1962 Dau. of William & Clara Taylor Mighell b. Gold, Pa. d. Friendship, N.Y. Wed: 12-23-1916
JUNKER, William Herman Otto Spouse of Myra N. Mighell Born 2-27-1896 Died 8-16-1983 Son of Henry & Augusta Klaproth Junker b. & d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 12-23-1916
KOLISCH, Gerald Andre "Jerry" Born 12-18-1946 Died 6-30-2005 age 58 son of Dr. Paul deR & Josephine V. Statham Kolisch US Army then US Air Force aerospace program
KOUBEK, Annette M. "Annie" Spouse of John C. Born 5-11-1950 Died 11-9-2004 dau of Vernon W. & Elizabeth E. Little Higby m. June 18 1983
KRISIAK, Joseph Leon Spouse of Martha Born 6-19-1924 Died 7-19-2009 age b. Unknown d. Hamburg NY U.S. Navy Sea Bees WW2
KRUGER, Mary A. Spouse of Paul J. Born 4-3-1931 Died 8-24-2005 age 74 dau of James M. & Mildred B. Miller Allen
KRUGER, Paul J "Jake" Spouse of Mary J. Allen Born 8-17-1928 Died 10-13-2003 Age 75 son of Paul & sabrah Dodson Kruger, US Army Korean War, m. May 26 1950 Belmont
LANE, Adrain A. "Monk" Spouse of Mildred Mason Born 9-5-1906 Died 2-11-1966 age Son of Benjamin & Sallie Almly Lane b. West Clarksville NY d. Cuba NY
LANFIELD, Hubert J. Spouse of Evelyn Born 3-21-1893 Died 7-18-1966 age Son of Jerome & Hattie Carpenter Lanfield b. Oswago PA d. Cuba NY
LANPHERE, C. Emerson Spouse of Doris C. Engberg Born 10-20-1911 Died 7-16-2003 Age 91 son of John W. and Anna C. Chandler Lanphere m. 8-9-1936
LANPHERE, Doris Christine Spouse of Emerson Born 12-19-1914 Died 7-29-2007 age 92 Dau. of Edward & Ruth Engberg b. & d. Jamestown, NY Wed 8-9-1936 in Westfield NY Active in Girl Scout Organization - awarded Golden Eaglet now known as First Class Award - Member of Lakewood Red Hats and recipient of the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award
LaVIGNE, Linda Marie Spouse of Richard P. Born 8-15-1947 Died 2-15-2007 age 59 Dau. of Edwin & Mary Semrau Jost b. & d. Buffalo N.Y. #1 Husband Steve Alvin Thompson
LeCLERE, Clara H. Born 11-27-1889 Died 10-6-1965 age Dau. of John & Barbara Kappel Bauer b. Pittsburgh PA d. Wellsville NY
LEONARD, Earl Spouse of Elnora B. Mighell Born 1-27-1894 Died 10-27-1982 Son of Fred & Harriett Babcock Leonard b. Scio, N.Y. d. Cuba, N.Y. Wed: 5-9-1914
LEONARD, Elnora Bell Mighell Spouse of Earl Born 11-15-1894 Died 7-2-1992 Dau. of William & Clara Taylor Mighell b. Gold, Pa. d. Cuba, N.Y. Wed: 5-9-1914
LORENZ, Eric Daniel Born 11-24-1984 Died 1-7-2009 age 24y Son of William Daniel & Roseanne C. Beach Lorenz b. Charleston SC d. Friendship NY
LUCE, Harold C. Spouse of Una C. Died 8-9-1974 m. June 1961
LUCE, Una C. Spouse of Harold C. Born 8-12-1931 Died 9-17-2003 dau of Guy L. & Clarissa H. Gogle Maybee
MAEDL, Jeanie Lynn spouse of Raymond Born 2/21/1963 Died 4/27/2014 age Dau of Donn Kick & Jeannine Brundage Faulkner b. Olean NY d. Lafayette Township PA Wed 7-31-1983 in Richburg NY Motorcycle Accident
MAIONE, Cynthia "Cindy" Born 7-9-1989 Died 8-8- 2000 b. Englewood, NJ
MASON, Adair R Spouse of Malcolm C. Born 10-12-1902 Died 3-27-2002 Age 99 Dau. of Benjamin J. & Floy Stevens Rice m. 1927
MASON, Malcolm C. Spouse of Adair R Died 12-28-1958
MATTHEWS, Mary Spouse of Jan David Born 1-24-1944 Died 9-12-2010 age Dau. of Charles Richard "Dick" & Jane Elizabeth Eggleston Barron b.Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY Wed 1966 in Painted Post NY
McCARTHY, Patricia Janice Spouse of Michael J. Born 5-21-1939 Died 2-26-2009 age 69y Dau. of Glen & Helen Johnson Cummins b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 8-261961 in Friendship NY
McGINNIS, Bert Died 12-1914 son of Mr and Mrs James McGinnis
McINTYRE, Allen Merle Spouse of Nila Muriel nee Clawges
McINTYRE, Herbert H. Sr. Born 4-30-1930 Died 7-13-2004 age 74 b. Fair Grove MO. son of Allen Merle & Nila Muriel Clawges McIntrye
MILES, Herny Spouse of Myrtle "Clare" Searle Born 10-28-1921 Died 11-29-2000 Age 79 son of Merle & Martha Bahr Miles b. Ashford Station- m. April 20, 1946- US Army WW II
MILES, Myrtle ["Claire"] Spouse of Henry George MYLES Born 7-15-1925 Died 6-22-2003 Age 77y Dau of Wilson I. & Myrtle S. (Colf) Searl, "Claire", b. Ashford-NY, d. Cuba-NY, Wed 4-20-1946 in Olean-NY
MILKS, Helen O. Spouse of Henry W. MILKS Born 12-13-1919 Died 2-01-2000 Age 80y Dau of Joseph & Josephine (Drexhal) Speta, b. Cleveland-OH, d. Erie-PA
MURRAY, Rhea E. spouse of James D. Born 8/22/1915 Died 11/22/2014 age 997 Dau of Francis & Lillian Fortner Hilligas b. Stannards NY d. Belmont NY James Died in 1992
NICHOLS, Leon J. Spouse of Hazel D. WHITING Born 11-03-1913 Died 12-16-2004 Son of Roy D. & Florence (Cochrane) Nichols, b. Cuba-NY, d. Cuba-NY, Wed 11-12-1937, Owner Bartlett Hardware in Cuba-NY 1952-73
NICKERSON, Earl E. Born 1890 Died 1968
NICKERSON, Hazel Farnham Born 1894 Died 1957
NICKERSON, Jean Spouse of Dale E. Born 3-22-1931 Died 8-25-1999 Age 68 b. Scio, NY- Dau. of Raymond & Winifred Mayo Abbott m. Mar. 10, 1951
NORTON, Ardell F. Born 11-1913 Died 4-29-1979 dau of William E. Sr. & Rose Marie McCello Norton
NORTON, Evelyn G. Spouse of Max L. Born 6-23-1923 Died 12-23-2003 dau of James & Brucia Germani
NORTON, Joseph Edward Born 3-11-1921 Died 10-1939 son of William E. Sr. & Rose Marie McCello Norton
NORTON, Max L. Spouse of Evelyn G. Died 5-24-1997 son of William E. Sr. & Rose Marie McCello Norton m. May 23 1959 at the St. Joseph's Church in Olean
NORTON, Rose Marie McCello Spouse of Willliam Sr. Born 3-4-1889 Died 6-21-1966
NORTON, Willliam E. Sr. Spouse of Rose Born 1-10-1892 Died 5-1959
NORTON, Willliam Guy Born 11-19-1927 Died 9-1929 son of William E. Sr. & Rose Marie McCello Norton
ORDWAY, Jennie "Jean Spouse of Lawrence J. Born 1-20-1906 Died 10-16-2000 Dau. of William C. & Alda L. Catlin Bennett m. Aug. 2, 1927- b. Endicott
OSGOOD, James B. Spouse of Valerie M. Clark Greene Born 11-27-1918 Died 12-31-1999 Frank & Mina Whitmore Osgood
OSGOOD, Valerie M. Spouse of James B. Born 2-4-1914 Died 12-22-2010 age 96y Dau. of Harry & Mae Wheeler Clark b. & d. Friendship NY Wed 7-8-1967 in Friendship NY
PALIDAR, Edward K. Sr. Spouse of Mary L. Lunt Born 7-25-1916 Died 3-2-2001 Age 85 Son of Frank & Ella Leader Palidar-b. Cleveland, OH- m. Dec. 10, 1945- US Army WW II 248th Combat Engineers in Patton's 3rd Army
PALIDAR, Mary L. Spouse of Edward K. Sr. Born 2-19-1926 Died 2-12-2005 age 78 dau of Claude E. & Clara brown Lunt
PAUKSTELA, Walter S. Spouse of Loretta J. Amon Born 1-17-1914 Died 11-13-2003 Age 89 son of Stanley & Anna Paukstela US Air Force WW II, Korean War & Vietnam War Master Sgt.
PERRY, George U. Spouse of Beatrice HADSELL Born 3-14-1921 Died 3-18-2004 Son of Everett A. & Mayme C. (Farrar) Perry, d. Friendship-NY, Wed 1-20-1950 in Friendship-NY, Vet-WWII US Army Air Force Sgt
PINNEY, Kenneth W. "Bud" Spouse of Anna Mae Cummins Born 6-29-1930 Died 1-19-2011 age 80y Son of Luthene & Marie Hitchcock Pinney b. Hinsdale NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-8-1955 in Cuba 56 years of Marriage
PLUMMER, Ralph M. Sr. Spouse of Theresa F. Born 2-19-1916 Died 5-18-1984 age Cpl. U.S. Army WW2
PLUMMER, Theresa F. Spouse of Ralph M. Sr. Born 3-16-1919 Died 6-26-2010 age 91y Dau. of Samuel & Mary Pili Palermo b. Rock Glen d. Wellsville NY Wed 1946 in Smethport PA Wed Husband #2 Arthur Tyler in 1997 in Belfast who Died in 1997
PRINDLE, Catherine Jean Junker Spouse of Erwin W. Born 12-25-1929 Died 6-28-1997 Dau. of William H. & Myra N. Mighell Junker b. Friendship, N.Y. d. Ithaca, N.Y. Wed: 10-1-1960
PUTNAM, Elson John Spouse of Hattie E. Cornwell Born 18 May 1860 Died 26 Jul 1943
PUTNAM, Hattie E. Cornwell Spouse of Elson John Born 12 Feb 1862 Died 2 Dec 1940
RENNWICK, Jennie Spouse of James S., m. 6 Jun 1868 Born 27 Apr 1845 Died 28 Jul nee Hubbard
RENWICK, Robert W. Born 4-19-1909 Died 2008 age 99y Son of Hon. Walter N. & Sarah Woodworth Renwick b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY U.S. Army WW2
RENY, Rick L. Sr Spouse of Marilynn J. Born 1-9-1946 Died 6-6-2002 Age 56 Son of Harold M. & Frances E. Newell Reny m. 2-12-1975
RICHMOND, Catherine B. Spouse of Denzel Cyde RICHMOND, Sr. Born 8-19-1927 Died 4-18-2003 Age 75y Dau of Charles & Beulah (Congdon) Clark, b. Mills-PA, d. Friendship-NY, Wed 2-10-1946 in West Clarksville-NY
RICHMOND, Denzel Clyde Spouse of Catherine Died 1994
RIGDON, Sidney S. Spouse of Phebe Brooks Born 19 Feb 1793 Died 14 Jul 1876 s/o William & Nancy Gallagher, played an important roll in the founding of the Morman Church
ROGERS, Waneta Spouse of Karl Born 9/13/1917 Died 2/28/2013 age 95y Dau of Harry & Harriette Scheunemann Graves b. Kahlotus WA d. Scio NY Wed 7-28-1940 in Scio NY
ROLLO, James M. Born 4-17-1953 Died 12-12-2001 Age 48 b. Batavia, NY-Son of William & Mary Burg Rollo
ROLLO, Mary A. Spouse of William Born 9/4/1925 Died 9/25/2013 age 89y Dau of Michael & Martha Burg b. Alexander NY d. Cuba NY Wed 2-27-1951 in South Dakota
ROLLO, William "Bill" spouse of Mary Alice Berg Born 2/16/1927 Died 9/22/2014 age 87y Son of William & Charlotte Mortimer Rollo b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-27-1951 in South Dakota U.S. Army Air Force WW2 Bombardier of 25 missions over Europe - Awarded Air Medal with Oak Clusters
RUMSEY, Mildred Arietta Spouse of Keith W. Born 6-28-1930 Died 8-2-2011 age 81y Dau. of George "Chet" & R. Arletta Bristol Fuller b. Scio NY d. Coudersport PA Wed 2-11-1950 in Scio NY
SANBORN-McGOUGH, Vera Spouse of Charles M. McGough & Harold H. Born 2-11-1908 Died 1-8-2001 Age 92 Dau. of Lyle D. & Pansy Poole Perkins-b. Friendship, NY- m. July 2, 1927 & July 8, 1955
SCHNEIDER, James F. Spouse of Marian H. Wallace Born 11-18-1942 Died 1-3-2011 age 68y Son of Carl H. & Lillian L. Glover Schneider b. Cuba NY d. Friendship NY Wed 11-23-1983 in Friendship NY U.S. Army -Member of the All Army Baseball Team playing baseball & basketball in Europe & Orleans France
SCHRAM, Cerell Birtcil Spouse of Erva E Perkins Died 6-21-1992 wed Jan 1 1936 in Genesee, PA
SCHRAM, Erva E Perkins Spouse of Cerell Birtcil Born 10-21-1909 Died 2-12-2003 Age 93 daughter of Lyle DeLette and Pansy Maude Poole Perkins
SCOTT, Chester Died 1910 Age 80y
SCOTT, Lucille E. Spouse of Robert F. Born 12/23/1928 Died 9/9/2013 age 84y Dau of Leon & Pauline Watrous Thompson b. Canisteo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-23-1946 in Angelica NY
SCOTT, Robert F. Born 2-22-1922 Died 4-10-2000 b. "Friendship, NY
SHAFER, Charles H. Sr. Spouse of Rose M. Born 8-15-1912 Died 10-9-2001 Age 89 b. Rushford, NY- Son of Homer A. & Edith Horton Shafer m. June 26, 1937
SHAFER, Rose M. Spouse of Charles H. Sr. Born 1-30-1918 Died 5-29-2002 Age 84 Dau. Of Bert W. & Louisa Swarthout Williams
SHELLEY, Richard K. Spouse of Joyce E. Clark Born Unknown Died 4-24-2011 age Son of Ross K. & Inez A. Butts Shelley b. & d. Unknown Wed 12-1956
SHIPMAN, Mildred Rose Norton Born 11-9-1915 Died 5-23-1981 dau of William E. Sr. & Rose Marie McCello Norton
SHORT, Agnes Ilee VanGilder Spouse of Glenn VanGILDER [#1] Born 11-01-1927 Died 7-30-2004 Dau of Mark Hannah & Virginia Pauline (Richardson) Nester, b. Belspring-VA, d. Altamonte Springs-NY, Wed #2 Thomas J. Short
SIMONS, Estella M. "Toots" Born 8-12-1907 Died 2-4-2002 Age 94 Dau. of Charles G. & Jennie D. Townsend Simons
SISSON, Richard B. Born 6-24-1918 Died 3-6-2004 son of Lawrence Berton & Edith McRae Sission
SKINNER, Lawrence E. Spouse of Bertha M. Weaver Born 9-2-1917 Died 10-4-2000 Son of Charles & Ruth Swarthout Skinner wed June 27, 1945-b. Friendship, NY
SMITH, Frank W. Sr. Spouse of Pauline J. "Polly" Austin Born 10-9-1908 Died 6-16-2001 Age 92 b. Horton, W.Va.- Son of Sylvanus & Catherine Smith US Army Air Force 449th Fighter Squadron 1942-1945 WW II
SMITH, Marie G. Died 12-31-2004 b. Warsaw, N.Y.
SMITH, Pauline J. "Polly Austin Spouse of Frank W. Sr. Died 3-18-1999 m. July 26, 1935
SOLOMON, Oscar L. Spouse of Naomi M. Groves Born 8-10-1947 Died 10-14-2001 Age 54 b. Tallahassee, FLA- Son of Elmer & Thelma Eckens Soloman m Sept. 18, 1965
SPETA, Louis A. "Duke" Spouse of Violet E. Died 1999
SPETA, Violet E. Spouse of Louis A. "Duke" SPETA Born 3-21-1917 Died 3-15-2003 Dau of Raymond & Mae V. (Gleason) Lewis, b. Buffalo-NY, d. Cuba-NY, Wed 5-19-1937 in Obi-NY
STEARNS, Kyle J. Born 4-16-1985 Died 6-19-2006 Son of James G. & Julia L. Olin Stearns b. Olean, N.Y. d. Ischua, N.Y. Auto Accident
STEARNS, Lloyd D. Born 8-8-1926 Died 10-9-2007 age 81 Son of Earl & Agnes Cartwright Stearns b. Friendship NY d. Cortland NY
STEPHENS, Bessie Farnham Born 12-10-1883 Died 9-26-1974
STEPHENS, William Henry Born 2-26-1881 Died 7-5-1976
STEWART, John Raymond Spouse of Sarah E. Born 10-28-1909 Died 1-9-2002 b. Muncy, IND- Son of Walter & Edna Miller Stewart
STEWART, Sarah E. Brandt Spouse of John Raymond Died 7-17-1990 m. Mar. 28, 1934
STIVERS, William "Wild Bill" Spouse of Marrianne M. Mellott Born 10-11-1924 Died 6-21-2011 age 86y Son of Ralph & Barbara Stivers b. Wilkes Barre PA d. Wellsville NY Marianne Died 1-18-2000
STIVES, Betty J. Spouse of Samuel H. Born 6-26-1928 Died 1-14-2010 age 81y Dau. of Ronald & Mildred Ribble Chase b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-27-1946 in Olean NY
STOCKMAN, Erna Rudolphine Spouse of Ralph Wells Born 11-22-1909 Died 10-25-2006 Dau. of Paul Wilhelm & Emma Bottcher Keidel b. Hamburg Germany d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 11-22-1933 in Leicester
STOCKMAN, Irene Elizabeth Spouse of S. Earl Died 1955 nee Flanagan wed May 2 1946 in Wellsville NY
STOCKMAN, Maybell F. Templeton Spouse of Richard Benjamin Born 1894 Died 1982 age 88y
STOCKMAN, Ralph W. Spouse of Erna Keidel Fox Born 1-25-1905 Died 6-27-2004 Age 99y Son of Andrew W. & Nellie L. (DeGraff) Stockman, b. Nunda-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 70 yrs
STOCKMAN, Richard Benjamin Spouse of Maybell F.Templeton Born 1890 Died 1971 age 81y Foundryman
STOCKMAN, Richard F. "Bub" Spouse of Vera Lorraine Born 6-2-1920 Died 10-11- 2001 Age 81 b. Friendship, NY- Son of Richard B. & Maybell Templeton Stockman 507th US Parachute infantry 82nd Airborne
STOCKMAN, S. Earl ["Doc"] Spouse of Irene Elizabeth FLANAGAN Born 10-31-1906 Died 3-07-2005 Age 98y Son of Andrew & Nellie Louise (DeGraff) Stockman, "Doc", b. Nunda-NY, d. Wellsville-NY,
STOCKMAN, Toby Jo Spouse of Audrey M. Austin Born 11-20-1948 Died 8-7-1976 age 27y Son of Richard F. & Vera L. Milligan Stockman Wed 5-24-1969 U.S. Navy Vietnam War aboard USS Coral Sea
STOCKMAN, Vera Lorraine Milligan Spouse of Richard F. "Bud" Born 9-19-1924 Died 1-11-1999 age Wed 1-9-1943
STRAHAN, Raymond J. "Jim" Jr. Born 10-26-1920 Died 8-12-2011 age 90y Son of Raymond J. & Julia A. Fuller Strahan Sr. b. Mt. Kisco NY d. Wellsville NY
STROUD, Joyce C. Spouse of Jackson S. Died 4-26-2001 b. Friendship, NY- Dau. of Leslie & Helen Hyde Champlin
SWAIN, Gladys Stevens Spouse of Jesse A wed July 27, 1927
SWAIN, Jesse A. Spouse of Gladys S Born 3-7-895 Died 12-17- 1975 son of William & Eliza Brown Swain
TALBETT, Freda J. Spouse of Halcyon Born 2-25-1918 Died 11-7-1996 Age 78y Dau. of Anthony & Antoinette Leiziski Zenoski b. Houston, Pa. Wed: 7-15-1939 in Penfield, Pa.
TALBETT, Halcyon Spouse of Freda J. Died 1958
TALBETT, Sr., Thomas E. Spouse of Winnifred May Hand Born 3-31-1910 Died 7-20-1996 Age 86y Son of Adolphus & Laura Smith Talbett b. Hornell, N.Y.
TALBETT, Wesley L. Spouse of Sally Born Unknown Died 5-8-2011 age Son of Halycon & Freda ZenoskiTalbett b. Cuba NY d. Victor NY
TALBETT, Winnifred May Spouse of Thomas E., Sr. Died 1976
TELLER, John R. Spouse of Sandra K. Carney Born 12/9/1943 Died 10/13/2012 age Son of Russell & Barbara R. Teller (step father Carrel E. Lewis) b. Wellsville NY d. Aberdeen MD U.S. Army serving 21 years and awarded many medals
TREUSDELL, Kathleen Ann "Kay" Spouse of Richard D. Born 11-11-1936 Died 7-31-2011 age Dau. of Francis F. & Beatrice Cowles Dunning b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 11-20-1954 in Wellsville NY
UEBLACKER, Edward A. Spouse of Betsy L. Spicer Born 6-19-1949 Died 12-6-2007 age 58 Son of Mason E. & Edith I. Lowery Ueblacker b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-21-1991 in Wellsville NY Wed Wife #1 Kathleen M. Babcock on 7-7-1977 U.S. Army Vietnam War
VANHORN, Leo N. Spouse of Sandra L. Bennett Born 3-27-1947 Died 8-22-2006 Age 59y Son of Norman L. & Laverne J. Hutchinson VanHorn b. Salamanca, N.Y. d. Little Genesee, N.Y. Wed: 4-10-1971 in Olean, N.Y.
VANSKOIK, Jane C. Spouse of Born 7-27-1924 Died 3-1-2010 age 85y Dau. of Edward W . & Jane L. Churchill VanSkoik b. Wilmington NC d. Wellsville NY
VOSSLER, Florence Spouse of Walter K. Born 5-21-1927 Died 5-26-2008 Dau. of Walter H. & Louise Potter Rumsey b. U/K d. Friendship NY Wed 6-28-1947
VOSSLER, Walter K. Spouse of Florence Rumsey Born 7-2-1922 Died 6-22-2009 age 86y Son of Karl B. & Bertha Brandes Vossler b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-28-1947 in Wellsville NY
WARD, Bobbie Jo Spouse of Wade R. Born 6-20-1980 Died 7-26-2011 age 31y Dau. of Robert L. & Theresa M. Starr Ward b. Corning NY d. Friendship NY Former Husband Wade R. Ward who Died in 2005
WARD, Erwin P. Spouse of Winifred Morsman Born 12-14-1936 Died 8-26-2010 age Son of Orrin & Genevieve Linza Ward b. Clarkksville NY d. Wilkesboro NC Wed 8-3-2010 in Wilkesboro NC Served in the National Guard Reserves 1961-1964
WARD, William Henry Spouse of Emma R Cappel Died 7-1914 age 60y
WARNER, Evelyn B. Spouse of Everett R. Born 9-10-1928 Died 2-24-2006 age 77y Dau. of Guy & Sarah Miller Russell b. in Pennsylvania d. Friendship, N.Y. Wed: 4-4-1951
WARNER, Everett R. Spouse of Evelyn B. Russell Born 12-29-1927 Died, 10-9-2005 Age 77y Son of Archie & Edith Sortore Warner b. Belvidere, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 4-4-1951 in Friendship, N.Y.
WARNER, Gary Dean Spouse of Donna Buchanan Born 11-23-1947 Died 9-20-2000 Son of Jesse & Josephine Baxter Warner m. Nov. 6, 1965-b. Wellsville, NY
WARNER, Helen Marie Spouse of Orville E. WARNER Born 5-25-1925 Died 5-11-2004 Age 78y Dau of Grant & Blanche (Swarthout) Goodliff, b. Wirt-NY, d. Georgetown-DE, Wed 9-21-1945 in Friendship-NY; Co-owner/operator Dairy farm in Friendship & in Belfast
WARNER, Jesse L. Spouse of Josephine M. "Jo" Died 12-20-1991 wed Sept. 18 1941
WARNER, Josephine M. "Jo" Spouse of Jesse L. Born 12-26-1923 Died 5-27-2005 age 81 dau of Lester & Mary Hawthrone Baxter
WEBSTER, John D. Spouse of Carol Born 10-03-1929 Died 7-11-2003 Son of E. Stanley & Helon (?) Webster, b. Olean-NY, d. Grapevine-TX, Wed 9-12-1951 in Friendship-NY, Vet-US Navy
WELLMAN, Willard Born 2-4-1898 Died 10-24-1918 son of Mr Harold Robinson & Victoria Wellman Radio chief US Anvy
WENTWORTH, Dana Spouse of Lillian Jones Born 10-31-1902 Died 10-11-1964 age Son of Azel & Effie Robbins Wentworth b. Canaserga NY d. Wellsville NY
WEST, Jennie A. Spouse of Eugene E. Born 11-27-1915 Died 7-8-2006 Dau. of Pasquale & Rose Pulvino Muffoletto b. Brant, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 5-29-1937 in Gainesville
WILBER, Elsie Dell Mighell Spouse of Frank F. Born 4-3-1900 Died 5-7-1984 Dau. of William & Clara Taylor Mighell b. Gold, Pa. d. Warsaw, N.Y. Wed: 1917
WILBER, Frank Fayett Spouse of Elsie D. Mighell Born 10-24-1897 Died 6-6-1974 Son of Fayett Wilber b. Little Valley, N.Y. d. Almond, N.Y. Wed: 1917
WOLFER, Donald C. Spouse of Rose Eve Born 4-9-1912 Died 10-28-2003 Age 91 son of William & Nellie Billings Wolfer b. Cenetrville NY
WOLFER, Rose Eve Spouse of Donald C. Born 11-12-1916 Died 1-16- 2001 Age 84 Dau. of Arthur M. & Frances Keppen Coburn- b. Town of Eagle, NY.- m. Jan. 3, 1938
YATES, Betty J. Spouse of Alan W. Born 9-25-1923 Died 1-13-2008 age 84 Dau. of Lester & Lyma Mix Jandrew b. Shinglehouse PA d. Bolivar NY Wed 12-23-1944
YOUMANS, Vianna Martin Born 1920 Died 1975
YOUNG, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Spouse of Charles B. Born 11-26-1924 Died 8-6-2010 age 85y Dau. of John A. & Julia Edna Douglas Carney b. Galeton PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-23-1946 in Cuba NY Charles Died 4-30-1989 Husband #1 Walter D. Kruger who Died in action on 9-13-1944 during WW2
YOUNG, Frank E. Spouse of June Grimes Born 9-25-1922 Died 7-28-2003 Age 80 son of Clarnece & Gretrude Burdick Young m. Dec 6 1952 in Angelica NY
YOUNG, Pamela K. ["Peaches"] Born 11-10-1963 Died 9-28-2004 Age 40y Dau of Frank & E. June (Grimes) Young, "Peaches", b. Cuba-NY, d. Wellsville-NY
ZACHER, Carol Born 11-19-1944 Died 9-8-1965 age Dau. of Chester & Genevieve Gardner Zacher b. Cuba NY d. Syracuse NY
ZACHER, Chester R. Spouse of Genevieve S. Died 7-1-1959 m. June 20 1931
ZACHER, Genevieve S. Spouse of Clyde Chester R. Born 11-24-1910 Died 11-5-2002 Age 91 dau of Fred & Lucille Bryant Gardner
ZACHER, James Frederick Born 7-26-1987 Died 7-17-2006 Son of James C. & Leigh Falldine Zacher b. Oklahoma City, Okla. d. Rochester, N.Y. Auto Accident
STILLMAN, Deltra Mary Hill "Pete" Richard Born Unknown Died 3/2/2014 age Dau of (unknown) b. Brasher Falls NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 5-30-1942

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