Lattice Bridge Cemetery
Town of Hume
Update Feb 22, 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb transcribing 1933 stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber

Another listing of this cemetery

DAVIS, Benjamin W.     died 6-21-1863 age  77y 
DAVIS, Ellery     died 6-26-1854 age  7m 24d Son of B. M. & Rossett Davis
DAVIS, Martha H. Rice   born  1831 died 1920 
DAVIS, Stephen     died 1-19-1864 age  43y 
DAVIS, Stephen   born  1821 died 1864   G. A. R.
RICE, Abel F.     died 4-14-1852 age  51y Son of James & Eleanor Rice
RICE, Elinor     died 5-2-1852 age  73y 4m 11d 
RICE, James spouse of  Elinor   died 8-4-1851 age  81y 9m 
RICE, Marian     died 5-8-1850 age  29y 
RICE, Martha A.     died 2-13-1839 age  2y Dau. of Timothy & Sally Rice
RICE, Patty     died 10-4-1854 age  50y 2m 2d Dau. of James & Eleanor Rice
RICE, Rhoda     died 3-4-1845 age  22y Dau. of Timothy & Sally Rice
RICE, Sarah     died 9-10-1874 age  3y 
SIKES, Enah Phillips spouse of  John W. born  7-1-1863 died 10-5-1886 

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