Houghton Cemetery
Town of Caneadea
Eleanor Schwalb transcribed 1933 stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber.

ALLEN, Edgar   born  1879 died  1918 
ARNOLD, Alonzo     died  10-10-1852 age  43y 
BACON, Catharine Harris spouse of  Jesse born  1803 died  1877 
BACON, Eunice   born  1844 died  1860 
BACON, Jesse spouse of  Catharine Harris born  1796 died  1872 
BEACH, Harry R.   born  1873 died  1931 
BEDFORD, Elizabeth A.   born  1851 died  1923 
BEDFORD, Infant Son     died  5-10-1887 age  1d 
BEDFORD, Sylvester   born  1848 died  1922 
BEMAN, Isaac     died  12-1835 age  9y Son of Susan Louise Beman
BEMAN, Susan spouse of  Horace   died  5-23-1860 age  57y 
BENTLY, Dorothy   born  11-15-1902 died  2-12-1911   Dau. of Charles & Pearle Bently
BROWN, Sarah L.   born  1845 died  1930 
BURDICK, Edward F.       age  73y Co.  K. 97 N.Y. Inf. 
CALL,  Caroline spouse of  R. H. Call   died  9-20-1812 age  33y 
CHURCHILL, Elmira L.   born  1846 died  1907 
CHURCHILL, Fannie D.   born  1868 died  1918 
CHURCHILL, Leslie D.   born  1899 died  1918 
CLEMENT, F. Fidelia   born  1837 died  1918 
CLEMENT, Frederick H.     died  10-22-1855 age  17y d. New Durham, Ind.
CLEMENT, G. Emeline   born  1842 died  1916 
CLEMENT, Hannah W.     died  10-8-1855 age  21y d. Oberlin, Ohio
CLEMENT, Jacob T. spouse of  No First Name born  1840 died  1910   G. A. R.
CLEMENT, Lorenzo C. spouse of  Sarah A. born  1827 died  1913 
CLEMENT, Mary Ann     died  12-17-1854 age  30y d. Oberlin, Ohio
CLEMENT, No First Name spouse of  Jacob T. born  1851 died  1918 
CLEMENT, Polly Herrick     died  7-2-1856 age  65y 3m 10d 
CLEMENT, Sarah A. spouse of  Lorenzo C. born  1835 died  1913 
CLUTE, Margaret         No Dates
CLUTE, William     died  8-19-1875 age  54y 
COLE, Cornelia C.   born  1855 died  1919 
COLE, Frank E.     died  1898 age  39y 
COLE, George spouse of  Harriet   died  1893 age  73y 
COLE, George B.     died  1876 age  18y 
COLE, Harriet spouse of  George   died  1862 age  34y 
COLE, Olive spouse of  George   died  1890 age  63y 
CRAWFORD, B. spouse of  Della M. Wood born  1856 died  1927 
CRAWFORD, Della M. Wood spouse of  B. Crawford born  1860 died  1929 
CRAWFORD, John R.   born  1860 died  1922 
CRAWFORD, Lena M.   born  1867 died  19?? 
DEAN, Christopher spouse of  Mary       Dates Gone
DEAN, Lucinda D. spouse of  Carlos   died  2-22-1810 age  34y 
DEAN, Mary spouse of  Christopher   died  7-14-1850 age  27y 
DEROCK, Ada   born  1867 died  1926 
DEROCK, Stephen   born  1886 died  1901 
DOUGLASS, Ella         No Dates
EASTBROOK, Alpheus spouse of  Hannah born  1804 died  1890 
EASTBROOK, Benjamin spouse of  Rebecca   died  12-27-1854 age  66y 
EASTBROOK, Hannah spouse of  Alpheus born  1804 died  1881 
EASTBROOK, Leonard     died  10-30-1855 age  25y 2m 15d Son of Alpheus & Hannah Eastbrook
EASTBROOK, Loren L.     died  10-10-1857 age  9y 1m Son of Alpheus & Hannah Eastbrook
EASTBROOK, Rebecca spouse of  Benjamin   died  2-12-1853 age  81y 7m 
EYLER, John P.     died  7-26-1927 age  8y 6m 15d 
FRANCIS, Emma   born  1840 died  1908 
FRANCIS, James   born  1842 died  1907 
FRAZIER, Celia A. H. spouse of  J. L. Frazier born  1847 died  1906 
FRAZIER, J. L. spouse of  Celia A. H. born  1834 died  U/K 
GORTON, Duty spouse of  Thankful   died  10-19-1854 age  85y 
GORTON, James A.     died  8-22-1883 age  31y 5m 22d Son of Delenso & Lovella A. Gorton
GORTON, Thankful spouse of  Duty   died  7-18-1846 age  58y 
HARRIS, Harriet M. Parker spouse of  Ransom born  8-5-1838 died  11-16-1905 
HAUSER, Charles A.   born  1887 died  1913 
HAUSER, Frank J.   born  1892 died  1913   G. A. R.
HAUSER, Ralph W.   born  1889 died  1916 
HAWLEY, Ellen   born  1855 died  1923 
HERRICK, Allen     died  8-14-1821 age  26y 2m 20d d. Winsor,  Vt.
HERRICK, Arthur     died  5-9-1831 age  31y 5m 13d d. New York City
HERRICK, Henry spouse of  Mary F. Russel   died  1-18-1843 age  73y 8m 27d 
HERRICK, Jemima     died  8-19-1870 age  72y 8m 23d 
HERRICK, John  T.     died  3-14-1837 age  27y 1m 6d d. Palmyra, Mo.
HERRICK, Lucy     died  1-2-1892 age  78y 11m 18d 
HERRICK, Mary F. Russel spouse of  Henry   died  3-23-1855 age  82y 4m 11d 
HERRICK, Ramey     died  3-16-1879 age  76y 6m 5d 
HERRICK, Webster     died  12-4-1882 age  77y 8m 14d 
HILL, Addie Houghton   born  1857 died  1915 
HILL, William E.   born  1854 died  U/K 
HOUGHTON, Allen H.   born  1822 died  1859 
HOUGHTON, Anna spouse of  Luther   died  2-7-1838 age  67y 
HOUGHTON, Bernice S.   born  1877 died  1885 
HOUGHTON, Bula M.   born  9-25-1888 died  6-21-1893   Dau. of L. T. & A. H. Houghton 
HOUGHTON, Clarissa B.   born  1823 died  1888 
HOUGHTON, Don A.   born  1859 died  1919 
HOUGHTON, Electa spouse of  Russel born  1825 died  1895 
HOUGHTON, Ella E.   born  1850 died  1852 
HOUGHTON, Fred E.   born  1855 died  1883 
HOUGHTON, Harriet spouse of  Willard J. born  5-19-1827 died  11-25-1911 
HOUGHTON, Henry L. spouse of  Mary born  1834 died  1902 
HOUGHTON, James W.     died  6-6-1860 age  25y 4m 27d 
HOUGHTON, Leonard J. spouse of  Tamson   died  4-25-1840 age  42y 4m 11d 
HOUGHTON, Lois L.   born  1847 died  1849 
HOUGHTON, Loren spouse of  Pluma   died  4-3-1884 age  86y 
HOUGHTON, Luther spouse of  Anna born  1769 died  1854 
HOUGHTON, Mary spouse of  Henry L. born  1834 died  1878 
HOUGHTON, Miairna K.   born  1861 died  1923 
HOUGHTON, Pluma Herrick spouse of  Loren   died  6-13-1873 age  81y 
HOUGHTON, Russel spouse of  Electa born  1824 died  1898 
HOUGHTON, Samuel     died  6-13-1850 age  28y 2m 8d 
HOUGHTON, Sarah   born  1834 died  1898 
HOUGHTON, Stephen W.   born  1831 died  U/K 
HOUGHTON, Tamson spouse of  Leonard J.   died  3-13-1856 age  56y 1m 18d 
HOUGHTON, Willard J. spouse of  Harriet born  7-17-1825 died  4-21-1896   One of the Founders of Houghton Wesleyan Seminary 
HOYT, Catharine     died  2-28-1870 age  33y 
HOYT, George C.     died  10-21-1850 age  14y 
HOYT, Joanna spouse of  John   died  8-1-1855 age  79y 
HOYT, John spouse of  Joanna   died  1-30-1858 age  37y 
HOYT, John spouse of  Mary born  8-18-1804 died  1-11-1892 
HOYT, Maria     died  7-24-1841 age  32y 
HOYT, Mary spouse of  John   died  4-17-1886 age  57y 
HOYT, Mary  spouse of  Johanathan   died  9-17-1828 age  51y 
HOYT, Milton M.     died  3-1-1870 age  22y 
JEARS, Eveline M.   born  1823 died  1878 
JEARS, Henry   born  1849 died  1875 
JEARS, Willie G.   born  1870 died  1877 
JEARS, Willilam H.   born  1828 died  1894 
JENNINGS, Rev. A. T.   born  1858 died  1914 
LANE, Euphemia spouse of  Gustavue A. born  1851 died  1923 
LANE, Gustavue A. spouse of  Euphemia born  1844 died  U/K 
LAPMAN, Sophronia spouse of  Ira   died  4-25-1885 age  59y 
LARTHOP, Mary spouse of  Harry A. born  1879 died  1932 
LATHROP, Harry A. spouse of  Mary born  1876 died  U/K 
LEWIS, J. Ellen   born  1876 died  1879 
LEWIS, Julia spouse of  William   died  12-3-1873 age  74y 
LEWIS, Lester   born  1834 died  1893 
MARCHANT, Levi     died  3-5-1849 age  29y 
MARCHANT, Sally spouse of  Winslow   died  7-5-1847 
MARCHANT, Winslow spouse of  Sally   died  7-17-1850 age  62y 
McCONNEL, Minnie C.  spouse of  R. McConnel born  1868 died  1913 
McDOWELL, Mattie   born  9-9-1855 died  11-5-1883 
McDOWELL, Ruth Elizabeth   born  11-24-1903 died  2-12-1904 
McKINGLEY, James J.   born  1841 died  1923 
McKINGLEY, Margaret E.   born  1841 died  1923 
MEECH, Mary A . spouse of  L. Meech   died  7-18-1872 age  42y 
MITCHELL, Joel C.   born  1826 died  1900 
MITCHELL, Lamire M.   born  1838 died  1917 
MOE, Cenira A.   born  1842 died  1909 
MOE, Sheldon P.   born  1848 died  1902 
MOUNT, Harriet S.     died  5-9-1854 age  20m Dau. of John & Thankfull Mount
MOUNT, John     died  4-27-1857 age  42y 
MOUNT, Julia  A.     died  6-11-1854 age  16m Dau. of John & Thankfull Mount
MOUNT, Thankfull     died  1-31-1857 age  34y 
PARKER, Elmira E. Osman spouse of  John born  1-15-1847 died  3-23-1902 
PARKER, Mary A. Davis spouse of  Hiram born  9-26-1817 died  4-30-1904 
PECK, Norman J.   born  1-22-1851 died  3-2-1926 
PRATT, Sally Herrick     died  8-7-1868 age  61y 9d 
RUSSELL, Georgia spouse of  Rev. Joseph born  1867 died  U/K 
RUSSELL, Rev. Joseph spouse of  Georgia born  1854 died  1927 
RUSSELL, William Verne   born  1897 died  1918 
RYCRAFT, Edna spouse of  John born  1837 died  1916   Possibly Wife #2
RYCRAFT, Jane spouse of  John born  1833 died  1869 
RYCRAFT, John spouse of  Jane born  1833 died  1911 
SCHINEELL, Ruth     died  4-1933 age  8y 
SEARS, Abigal spouse of  William   died  9-25-1829 age  27y 8m 
SEARS, Frank M. spouse of  Sarah A. born  1856 died  1910 
SEARS, Hazel  A.   born  1893 died  1895   Dau. of Frank M & Sarah A. Sears
SEARS, Sarah A. spouse of  Frank M. born  1863 died  U/K 
SHERMAN, Mary  spouse of  William born  1818 died  1884 
SHERMAN, William spouse of  Mary born  1818 died  1878 
SPARKS, Anna M. spouse of  Leonard born  1851 died  1923   d. Houghton
STEUBEN, Mary E. spouse of  Riley   died  7-5-1884 age  39y 5m 
STEUBEN, Riley spouse of  Mary E. born  1846 died  1921 
STONE, Emily   born  1823 died  1906 
STONE, Emily May     died  3-10-1889 age  5y 8m 12d 
STONE, Gardner   born  1819 died  1902 
STONE, Grant U.      died  2-5-1881 age  1m 4d Son of U. L. & V Stone
STONE, Hiram   born  1845 died  1916 
STONE, Victor     died  1-13-1854 age  40y 9m 4d 
SWEET, Samuel     died  12-10-1850 age  64y 
TAREY, Charles spouse of  Lucy born  1846 died  1923 
TAREY, Lucy spouse of  Charles born  1847 died  1915 
TAREY, Mabel   born  10-22-1869 died  8-28-1885   Dau. of Charles & Lucy Tarey
TAYLOR, B. Franklin spouse of  Catharine Bacon born  1832 died  1888 
TAYLOR, Benjamin T.       age  57y Co. 27 Dis. N.Y.
TAYLOR, Catharine Bacon spouse of  B. Franklin born  1842 died  U/K 
TAYLOR, Eugene F .   born  1900 died  1932 
THAYER, Charles J.   born  1871 died  1928 
THAYER, Lussie C.   born  1908 died  1910   Dau. of Charles & Effie Thayer
THAYER, Mary   born  1845 died  1922 
THAYER, Richard A.     died  5-13-1931 
TORSEY, Fred J.   born  1877 died  1920   Son of Charles & Lucy Torsey
TUCKER, Charles T.     died  3-20-1859 
TUCKER, Elizabeth S. spouse of  Joseph C. born  10-10-1805 died  10-17-1880 
TUCKER, Harvey spouse of  Mary A. born  12-25-1835 died  8-27-1910 
TUCKER, John E.   born  2-28-1866 died  10-27-1887 
TUCKER, Joseph C. spouse of  Elizabeth born  7-2-1804 died  1-21-1877 
TUCKER, Mary A. spouse of  Harvey born  4-2-1838 died  9-30-1915 
TUCKER, Nana L.   born  10-22-1868 died  8-1-1887 
VAN BUSKIRK, George S.   born  1890 died  1931 
WALDOHFF, Elnoria   born  1853 died  1913 
WALDOHFF, George D.   born  1846 died  1920 
WALDOHFF, Margaret   born  1873 died  1881 
WARD, Charles   born  1859 died  1930 
WARD, Ellen   born  1860 died  U/K 
WARD, Ina         No Dates
WARD, Mabel F.   born  11-24-1893 died  11-1-1895   Dau. of C. & E. Ward
WARD, Sherman         No Dates
WILLARD, Ephriam   born  1856 died  19?? 
WILLARD, Ida F.   born  1852 died  U/K 
WILLARD, Lucy M. spouse of  Ephraim born  8-29-1858 died  12-31-1882 
WILLEY, Abby D. spouse of  Cyrus born  1835 died  1917 
WILLEY, Cyrus spouse of  Abby D. born  1829 died  1898 
WILSON, Albert   born  5-10-1819 died  2-1-1871 
WILSON, Electa Dean spouse of  Freeman S.   died  12-24-1871 age  73y 
WILSON, Freeman S. spouse of  Electa Dean   died  12-8-1869 age  80y 
WILSON, Juliette   born  1849 died  1852 
WILSON, Lucy   born  3-18-1810 died  4-24-1881 
WILSON, Sophia E. spouse of  V. Freeman born  1827 died  1902 
WILSON, V. Freeman spouse of  Sophia E. born  1823 died  1903 
WOODHEAD, Enoch G.   born  1896 died  1930   306 Inf. 7-30-52 (?)
WOODHEAD, Esther N. Walldorff spouse of  H. Irvin       No Dates
WOODHEAD, H. Irvin M.D. spouse of  Esther N. Walldorff born  1865 died  1927 
WOODSIDE, William Erio   born  10-22-1903 died  8-19-1908 

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