Hallsport Union Cemetery
Town of Willing
Hallsport, NY
Walked & Photo by DONNA ALLEN Nov.2003
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson with updates by EleanorSchwalb and PHGS members.

BABCOCK, Abby. Spouse of Nathan, died 2-27-1850 - [His Wife]
BABCOCK, Adelbert A. Born 1860, died 1917
BABCOCK, Annette. Spouse of William A. Born 1831, died 1895
BABCOCK, Elvira L. Spouse of Lucus A. Born 1830, died 1899
BABCOCK, Flora M. Born 1852, died 1900
BABCOCK, Frank M. Spouse of Harriet H. Born 1856, died 1931
BABCOCK, Harriet H. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1860, died 1940
BABCOCK, Lucus A. Spouse of Elvira L. Born 1828, died 1911
BABCOCK, Mary Jacobs. Spouse of Nathan - [His Wife]
BABCOCK, Nathan. Spouse of Abby & Mary, died 6-16-1877
BABCOCK, William A.. Spouse of Annette. Born 1821, died 1898
BAKER, Joshua H, died 8-17-1855 - Son of David M & Barbara Davis Baker. Died at Rexville Steuben Co Ny. [In God We Trust]
BARNETT, B. Roger. Spouse of Nancy L. Born 8-1941, died 8-1999 - Married Nov 19 1966
BARNETT, Byrle O.. Spouse of Doris A. Rogers. Born 11-30-1919, died 1-7-2009. Age: 89y - Son of Herman & Margaret Brown Barnett b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-24-1940 in Greenwood NY
BARNETT, Doris Alma. Spouse of Byrle O.. Born 1-1-1921, died 7-14-2007. Age: 86y - Dau of John & Sarah DeLaury Rogers b. Homer NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-24-1940 in Greenwood NY
BARNETT, Nancy. Spouse of B. Roger. Born 8-1942, died Uncut
BARNETT, Nancy L. (McCaslin). Spouse of Byrle Roger. Born 8-2-1942, died 6-3-2023. Age: 80y - Dau of Chester G. & Ethel Sarah (Sherwood) McCaslin. Born in Ellisburg, PA; lived in Hallsport, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Married 11-19-1966 in Wellsville, NY. Three children.
BARNEY, Baby Boy, died 1972
BARNEY, Barbara Jean, died 1942
BARNEY, Fred. Spouse of Thankful Darling, died 2-3-1894. Age: 28y
BARNEY, Harold C.. Spouse of Marian E. Foster. Born 11-18-1917, died 5-4-2001 - A dairy farmer. Wed 6-26-1940 in Wellsville NY, six children.
BARNEY, Howard. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1917, died uncut
BARNEY, Howard B.. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 11-18-1917, died 10-27-2009. Age: 91y - Son of Harold & Osee Billings Barney b. Independence NY d. Wellsville NY
BARNEY, Janet Ruth. Born 3-5-1952, died 10-1-1953 - Dau of Harold C. and Marian E. (Foster) Barney.
BARNEY, Marian E. (Foster). Spouse of Harold C. Barney. Born 10-28-1921, died 2-26-2018. Age: 96y - Dau of Frank A. & Myrtle (Dickinson) Foster b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-26-1940 in Wellsville NY, six children.
BARNEY, Mary A. Spouse of Howard. Born 1925, died 1998
BARNEY, Orville L M.D.. Born 1843, died 1902 - Civil War Vet, Co G 85th Inf NYS Vols
BARNEY, Thankful Darling. Spouse of Fred. Born 1842, died 1917
BEEBE, Becky Lyn (Stonemetz). Born 10/3/1981, died 7/10/2022. Age: 40 - Dau of Earl D. and Jeanette (Densmore) Stonemetz. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Rochester NY. Four children, multiple surnames
BILLINGS, Alfred H. Spouse of Ella M Teater. Born 1892, died 1962
BILLINGS, Alice M. Spouse of Richard A. Born 1899, died 1992
BILLINGS, Archie C. Spouse of Cora M. Born 1925, died 2003
BILLINGS, Burtron D. Spouse of Diane C. Born 1928, died 1978
BILLINGS, Cora M. Spouse of Archie C. Born 1931, died 2002
BILLINGS, Dawn Marie. Spouse of Doug. Born 3-9-1974, died 2-9-2008. Age: 33y - Dau of Robert L. & Patricia Patterson b. Wellsboro PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-15-2001 in Andover NY
BILLINGS, Diane C. Spouse of Burtron D. Born 1934, died uncut
BILLINGS, Ella M Teater. Spouse of Alfred H. Born 1893, died 1956
BILLINGS, James E. Born 1927, died 1934
BILLINGS, James E.. Born 6-3-1959, died 9-16-2013. Age: 54y - Son of Burton & Diane Eddings Billings b. & d. Wellsville NY
BILLINGS, June E. Spouse of LeRoy. Born 1937, died 1996
BILLINGS, LeRoy. Spouse of June E. Born 1936, died 1990
BILLINGS, Margaret Ann Meyer. Spouse of Roger Morris. Born 2-26-1937, died Uncut - Married Jan 8 1956
BILLINGS, Michael S infant, died 1957 - Son of Archie & Cora Billings
BILLINGS, Richard A. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1900, died 1977
BILLINGS, Roger Morris. Spouse of Margaret Ann M. Born 10-8-1936, died Uncut
BLOSS, Jacob L. Spouse of Sophrona. Born 4-23-1810, died 3-21-1889
BLOSS, Sally M. Born 9-17-1846, died 7-28-1848
BLOSS, Sophrona. Spouse of Jacob L. Born 6-5-1811, died 1-9-1876 - [His Wife]
BOWMASTER, Nancy Ann. Born 1937, died 1985
BOWMASTER, Randal Edward. Born 1963, died 1992
BRIGGS, Abel. Spouse of Leah. Born 12-23-1823, died 9-13-1889 - [Father]
BRIGGS, Adelbert C. Spouse of Wealtha Selden. Born 1852, died 1919
BRIGGS, Albert. Spouse of Rozina. Born 1857, died 1929
BRIGGS, Beatrice G. Spouse of #1 Clarence Briggs, #2 Harry Abbey. Born 11-23-1907, died 6-14-2007 - Dau of Raymond & Gertrude Goodridge b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed Clarence 5-4-1927 in Wellsville NY. Wed Harry 10-6-1973.
BRIGGS, Charles A. Spouse of #1 Minnie, #2 Estella. Born 1849, died 1900
BRIGGS, Clarence. Spouse of Beatrice G. Goodridge. Born 1883, died 1963 - Wed 5-4-1927 in Wellsville NY.
BRIGGS, Estella. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1875, died 1898 - [His 2nd wife]
BRIGGS, John. Spouse of Julie. Born 1827, died 1890
BRIGGS, Julie. Spouse of John. Born 1829, died 1895 - [His Wife]
BRIGGS, Leah. Spouse of Abel. Born 8-28-1819, died 4-16-1903 - [Mother, Wife of]
BRIGGS, Mary. Spouse of Willie S. Born 6-20-1859, died 11-28-1906 - [Wife of]
BRIGGS, Minnie. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1861, died 1895 - [His 1st wife]
BRIGGS, Rozina. Spouse of Albert. Born 1856, died 1926 - [Wife of]
BRIGGS, Wealtha Selden. Spouse of Adelbert C. Born 1854, died uncut
BRIGGS, Willie S. Spouse of Mary. Born 8-2-1860, died 7-21-1930
BROWN, Anna Ida (Fanton). Spouse of Roy R Brown Jr.. Born 7-1-1926, died 10-3-2017. Age: 91y - Dau of Lewis A. & Mildred M. (Buckholz) Fanton b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-12-1944 in Arlington VA. Three children. [Have a nice day and a nice forever]
BROWN, Ella Richardson. Born 1852, died 1926
BROWN, Nora Agnes, died 10-29-1878 - Dau of Brown
BROWN, Roy R. III Rev.. Spouse of Janet I. Miller. Born 5-24-1945, died 6-30-2005. Age: 60y - Son of Roy R. & Anna Ida Fanton Brown, Jr. Wed 6-3-1966 in Camden, NY
BROWN, Roy Richardson Jr.. Spouse of Anna Ida Fenton. Born 3-4-1920, died 7-21-1990 - Wed 1-12-1944 in Arlington VA. Three children. [Have a nice day and a nice forever] - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BUCHANAN, Anna Darling. Born 1861, died 1917
BUCKLEY, Betty (Roeske). Spouse of James C. Born 1925, died 1986
BUCKLEY, James C.. Spouse of #1 Betty Roeske, #2 Florence Smith. Born 6-14-1928, died 7-17-2009. Age: 81y - Son of Benjamin & Grace Young Buckley b. & d.Wellsville NY. Wed Betty 7-26-1952 in Wellsville NY. Wed Florence 10-30-2004 - WW II Vet, US Navy. USS Dogfish
BYAM, Clara G. Born 1914, died 1940
CANTINE, Lura W. Born 4-23-1879, died 4-5-1881 - Dau of Rev. William & Mary E Cantine
CANTINE, Mary E. Spouse of Rev. William. Born 3-30-1836, died Uncut
CANTINE, William Rev.. Spouse of Mary E. Born 7-4-1827, died 10-13-1892
CARD, Eleanor. Spouse of Jabez, died 12-29-1864. Age: 67y - [They rest from their labour]
CARD, Jabez. Spouse of Eleanor, died 2-26-1862. Age: 71y - [They rest from their labour]
CARLIN, Alan D.. Spouse of Janet M. Comstock. Born 10-16-1942, died 3-22-2021. Age: 78 - Son of Edward W. and Eleanor (Ketchner) Carlin. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Rochester NY. Worked 38 years at Air Preheater. Wed 8-9-1963 in Black Creek, two children. (Spouse survives)
CARR, A. B.. Age: 33y
CARR, Bryon
CARR, Byron A, died 12-29-1846 - Son of J J & Fanny Carr
CARR, Fanny. Spouse of J. J. - [His Wife]
CARR, George. Age: 26
CARR, J. J.. Spouse of Fanny
CARR, Lydia. Age: 72y
CASEY, C. F.. Spouse of Emma. Born 1851, died 1905
CASEY, E.M.. Born 1828, died 1904
CASEY, Emma. Spouse of C.F.. Born 1864, died 1903 - [Wife of]
CATE, George W. Spouse of Jane. Born 12-19-1812, died 11-2-1903
CATE, Jane. Spouse of George W. Born 11-12-1824, died 8-23-1895 - [His Wife]
CATE, Wealthy, died 2-21-1849
CHAMBERS, Lee D. Spouse of S Louise. Born 1913, died 1971
CHAMBERS, S Louise. Spouse of Lee D. Born 1918, died 2001
CHANDLER, Emmet. Born 1863, died 1923
CHANDLER, Ermina Parker. Born 1863, died 1923
CLAIR, Bessie Stonemetz S. Spouse of Timothy M. Born 1883, died 1952
CLAIR, Timothy M. Spouse of Bessie St. Born 1871, died 1937
CLARK, Emma. Born 5-20-1828, died 8-29-1858 - Dau of Pelec & Roxalana Clark
CLARK, Kathryn D. Born 1867, died 1947
CLARK, Manfred. Born 1866, died 1917
CLARK, Mary A.. Born 5-24-1962, died 11-3-2013. Age: 51y - Dau of Elmer & Emma Brundage Miles b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY
CLARK, Pelec. Spouse of Roxalana. Born 12-21-1798, died 3-22-1892
CLARK, Raymond L. Born 1890, died 1891
CLARK, Roxalana. Spouse of Pelec. Born 11-16-1803, died 11-23-1890 - [His Wife]
CLARK, Shawn William. Born 8-1-1975, died 10-21-2004. Age: 29y - Son of Gary A. & Cand McCarthy Clark
CLARK, Velma May. Born 8-2-1920, died 4-11-2008. Age: 87y - Dau of Dauphin & Hazel Fanton Dexter b. Stannards NY d. Waverly NY
CLINE, Abbie E. Spouse of Carlton F. Born 1849, died 1903 - [Wife]
CLINE, Alomhd D. Born 1885, died 1943
CLINE, Carlton F. Spouse of Abbie E. Born 1842, died 1908 - Uncategorized Vet, G E 180 Reg NY Vol 19th Reg NY Vol Service
CLINE, Harland F. Born 1911, died 1979
CLINE, John Jr.. Spouse of Rachel. Born 1812, died 1906
CLINE, John L. Born 1887, died 1945
CLINE, John Sr.. Spouse of Permelia. Born 1780, died 1866 - War of 1812 Vet
CLINE, Marjorie J. Spouse of Wayne O. Born 1926, died uncut
CLINE, Mary J. Born 1887, died 1958
CLINE, Permelia. Spouse of John Sr.. Born 1780, died 1868 - [His Wife]
CLINE, Rachel. Spouse of John Jr.. Born 1820, died 1903 - [His Wife]
CLINE, Velma. Born 1881, died uncut
CLINE, Wayne O. Spouse of Marjorie J. Born 6-23-1926, died 10-28-1999 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
COATS, Charles F. Spouse of Elizabeth J. Born 1920, died 1991
COATS, Eli Richard. Spouse of Amy (Armstrong). Born 6-3-1981, died 5-7-2023. Age: 41 - Son of Guy R. & Christine (Sherwood) Coats; born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Goleta, CA; one son
COATS, Elizabeth "Betty". Spouse of Charles F. Born 1924, died 1984 - [Our Father Which Art In Heaven]
COATS, Guy R.. Spouse of Christine Sherwood. Born 4-2-1957, died 1-18-2010. Age: 52y - Son of Charles F.A. & Elizabeth Billings Coats b. Wellsville NY d. Willing NY. Wed 12-28-1979 in Wellsville NY
COLEMAN, Kimberly A. Born 1963, died 2000
COLEMAN, Max G Jr.. Spouse of Mildred R. Born 12-24-1926, died 5-16-1987 - WW II Vet, US Navy, CM3
COLEMAN, Mildred R. Spouse of Max G. Born 1926, died 1983
COOKE, George C. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1-31-1915, died 3-8-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
COOKE, Helen M. Spouse of George C. Born 1920, died uncut
COVEL, Frances Rouse Waldeck. Spouse of Glenn C. Born 9-21-1918, died uncut
COVEL, Glenn C. Spouse of Frances Rouse W. Born 11-4-1903, died 5-13-1970
CRITTENDEN, Aaron. Spouse of Martha, died 3-18-1866. Age: 58y
CRITTENDEN, Elanor A, died 2-28-1855 - Dau of Aaron & Martha Crittenden
CRITTENDEN, George W, died 9-5-1849 - Son of Aaron & Martha Crittenden [They were lovely in life and in death were not separated]
CRITTENDEN, Jabez C, died 9-11-1849 - Son of Aaron & Martha Crittenden [They were lovely in life and in death were not separated]
CRITTENDEN, Martha. Spouse of Aaron, died 12-28-1891. Age: 75y
DANA, Roxelana B. Born 2-15-1837, died 8-30-1862
DARLING, Caroline, died 9-23-1866 - Dau of Hurcules & Catharine Darling
DARLING, Catharine. Spouse of Hurcules, died 2-12-1857 - [Wife of]
DARLING, Elmer G. Born 11-9-1855, died 6-17-1890
DARLING, Emeline, died 3-3-1852 - Dau of Hurcules & Catharine Darling
DARLING, Frangena, died 5-3-1860 - Dau of Hurcules & Catharine Darling
DARLING, G P. Born 1828, died 1893
DARLING, Hurcules. Spouse of Catharine, died 9-19-1869
DARLING, Infant, died 5-12-1846 - Child of Hurcules & Catharine Darling
DARLING, Nancy C. Born 1835, died 1916
DARLING, Nora E. Born 10-27-1847, died 5-22-1912
DAVIES, Baby - No other Info
DAVIES, Joseph L Rev.. Spouse of Lytie P. Born 1849, died 1919
DAVIES, Lytie P. Spouse of Rev. Joseph L. Born 1850, died 1923 - [His Wife]
DENSMORE, Bradley H. Born 1977, died 1994
DENSMORE, Clair William "Bill". Spouse of Sherry L. Rednour. Born 2-1-1952, died 4-23-2012. Age: 60y - Son of Carl Franklin & Lois Elaine Robbins Densmore b. unknown d. Louisville KY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
DENSMORE, Jeffrey Charles. Born 2-12-1980, died 10-4-2016. Age: 36y - Son of Charles & Sherry Cole Densmore b. & d. Wellsville NY
DERTEN, Dauphine W. Born 1884, died 1949
DEXTER, Charlotte. Spouse of Smith, died 9-3-1891 - [Wife of]
DEXTER, Milton, died 2-11-1842 - Son of Smith & Charlotte Dexter
DEXTER, S Newton, died 9-19-1864 - Son of Smith & Charlotte Dexter - - Civil War KIA, Co I, 160th Inf NYS Vols, Capt. Killed in the Battle of Winchester [VA]
DEXTER, Smith. Spouse of Charlotte, died 3-10-1890
DEXTER, Stephen, died 3-20-1859 - Son of Smith & Charlotte Dexter. Could be 12 or 17 years
DEYO, John, died 9-2-1915. Age: 47y - [Brother]
DICKERSON, Douglas D.. Born 2-26-1961, died 6-15-2008. Age: 47y - Son of Duane & Barbara Burrows Dickerson b. Wellsville NY d. Inverness FL
DODGE, Richard R.. Spouse of Carol Nolan. Born 8-15-1945, died 8-31-2022. Age: 77 - Son of Alfred C. and Helen L. (Bliven) Dodge.Born, lived, and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 9-27-1969 in Scio NY, three children. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1964-1967
EVANS, Jean R. Spouse of Robert D. Born 1934, died 1986
EVANS, Robert D. Spouse of Jean R. Born 1929, died uncut
FANTON, Robert Eugene. Spouse of Utako Yamazaki. Born 1933, died uncut - Married Sept 20 1960
FANTON, Utako Yamazaki. Spouse of Robert Eugene. Born 1938, died uncut
FISHER, Sarah D, died 4-14-1842 - Dau of ?? & Elizabeth Fisher
FREEBORN, Sophrona J. Born 2-14-1839, died 5-17-1905
FULMER, Albert Eugene. Spouse of Flora Perkins. Born 1857, died 1899
FULMER, Flora Perkins. Spouse of Albert Eugene. Born 1860, died 1907
GRAVES, Garnet L. Born 1933, died uncut
GRAVES, Garnet L.. Spouse of John A.. Born 4-24-1931, died 9-4-2009 - Dau of Harry & Ethel Bolen Layhue b. Uniontown PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 2-15-1965
GRAVES, Izora M. Spouse of Willard C. Born 1849, died 1933
GRAVES, John A.. Spouse of Garnet Layhue. Born 5-28-1933, died 6-10-2012 - Son of Forrest & Arabell Clark Graves b. Buffalo NY d. Hallsport NY. Wed 2-15-1965
GRAVES, Stephen K. Born 1957, died uncut
GRAVES, Willard C. Spouse of Izora M. Born 1850, died 1916
GREENE, Dau., died 12-9-1850 - Stone mostly unreadable
GRIGGS, Charles E, died 6-10-1872
GRIGGS, Milford M, died 6-27-1873
HALL, Charlotte. Spouse of Calvin, died 5-12-1861 - [Passed to the Summer Land]
HALL, Dan. Born 1879, died 1955
HALL, Hebert L. Born 1859, died 1909
HALL, Herb. Born 1868, died 1887
HALL, Ira H. Born 1894, died 1911
HALL, Kenneth S. Spouse of Marjorie V. Born 3-13-1919, died 8-21-1989 - Son of Mark & Laura Forsythe Hall - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
HALL, Lucinda A. Spouse of Squire L, died 10-2-1905. Age: 70y - [His Wife]
HALL, Luther Jr.. Spouse of Nancy Randall. Born 1789, died 1850 - War of 1812
HALL, Marjorie V. Spouse of Kenneth S. Born 1925, died 1971
HALL, Mate. Born 1842, died 1919
HALL, Melentha J, died 2-14-1842 - Dau of Lother & Nancy Hall
HALL, Nancy. Spouse of Luther Jr.. Born 17??, died 18?? - [His Wife]
HALL, Nellie C. Born 1869, died 1935
HALL, Squire L. Spouse of Lucinda A, died 7-24-1887
HALL, Thankful. Born 1782, died 1854
HALL, Tip. Born 1837, died 1920
HOLLADAY, Elizabeth - Dau of ?? & Lucy Ann Holladay. Dates underground
HOLLOWAY, John W. Spouse of Sarah, died 3-20-1829
HOLLOWAY, Sarah. Spouse of John W, died 4-14-1852
HORNBURY, Lewis J. Born 1889, died 1962
HORNBURY, Reta L. Born 1898, died 1957 - Eastern Star
HORNBURY, Reva R. Born 1895, died 1984 - Eastern Star
HOUGHTAILING, Johnston W., died 10-23-1863. Age: 21y - Civil War DOD, Co E 1st Dragoons NYS Vols. Died of disease 10-23-1863 at Alexandria VA
HOWE, Douglas R. Born 1952, died 1998
HOWE, Eleanor R. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1926, died uncut
HOWE, Robert E. Spouse of Eleanor R. Born 2-12-1924, died 3-20-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
HUNT, Gary Michael. Born 12/24/1955, died 5/6/2023. Age: 67 - Son of Leon A. and Margaret S. (Billings) Hunt. Born in Hallsport NY, lived in Whitesville NY, died in Wellsville NY. A life-long farmer. Four children, mother not named.
HUNT, Gary Michael. Born 12-24-1955, died 5-6-2023. Age: 67 - Son of Leon A. & Margaret S. (Billings) Hunt; born in Hallsport, NY; died in Wellsville, NY; survived by four children
HUNT, Leon Austin. Spouse of Margaret S. Billings. Born 6-14-1920, died 7-18-1998. Age: 78 - Son of Willis W, andGrace I (Marshall) Hunt. Born in Willing NY. Wed 11-26-1949, four children.
HUNT, Margaret Sophi (Billings). Spouse of Leon A.. Born 6/2/1929, died 4/16/2022. Age: 92 - Dau of Alfred H. and Ella M. (Teater) Billings. Born in Hallsport NY, lived iand died in Whitesville NY. Wed 11-26-1949, four children.
IVES, Laran N.. Spouse of Joann Brown. Born 10-12-1949, died 8-18-2015. Age: 65y - Son of Norman L. & Lela Ellsworth Ives, born and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 9-1-1984 in Wellsville NY
JONES, Ada M. Born 1918, died 1971
JONES, Alvin L. Born 5-1-1913, died 4-28-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
JONES, Evelyn A. (Conklin). Spouse of Merle R.. Born 6-26-1923, died 9-15-2015. Age: 92y - Dau of Elton & Dorathea L. Grastorf Conklin, b. Scio NY d. Sayre PA. Wed 11-12-1960 in Friendship NY
JONES, George J. Born 6-13-1887, died 6-14-1971 - Mason - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
JONES, Grace A. Spouse of William E. Born 1888, died 1963
JONES, Harold W. Born 1907, died 1937
JONES, Howard F. Born 2-7-1909, died 4-14-1975 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
JONES, Marion J. Born 1930, died 1931
JONES, Merle R. Spouse of Evelyn A. Conklin. Born 6-18-1920, died 7-24-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
JONES, Rose B. Born 1923, died 1925
JONES, William E. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1878, died 1931
KELSEY, Amanda J. Spouse of Alvan, died 7-13-1861 - [Wife of]
KINYON, Eliza. Spouse of Samuel H, died 5-15-1874 - [Wife of]
KINYON, Peleg Rev, died 4-4-1856
KINYON, Samuel H. Spouse of Eliza, died 7-5-1857
LALL, Mari Lou (Brown). Born 11-5-1956, died 9-29-2017. Age: 60y - Dau of Roy R. & Anna I. Fanton Brown Jr. b. & d. Wellsville NY. One daughter
LEON, Joyce Autumn. Born 1932, died 1969
LIVERMORE, Almia. Born 1856, died 1859
LIVERMORE, Cordelia S. Spouse of John. Born 1824, died 1887 - [His Wife]
LIVERMORE, John. Spouse of Cordelia. Born 1823, died 1895
LIVERMORE, Maxon. Born 1854, died 1859
MARKS, - all else unreadable
MARKS,. Born 1857, died 1858. Age: Infant - First name worn off top of stone
MARKS,. Born 1859, died 1859. Age: Infant - First name worn off top of stone
MARKS,. Born ????, died 1860 - First name worn off top of stone
MARKS,. Born 1855, died 1863 - First name worn off top of stone
MARKS, Charlotte M. Born 1892, died 18?? - Stone badly worn
MARKS, Grace A. Born 1870, died 1957
MARKS, Henry G. Born 1864, died 1865 - Son of Unreadable & Seraphnea Marrks
MARKS, Seraphnea. Spouse of Unreadable. Born 5-11-1828, died 8-5-1875 - [His Wife] Born in Independence NY, died in Hallsport NY
MARKS, unreadable. Spouse of Seraphnea. Born 11-9-1819, died 11-3-1881 - Born Walerbury CT, died Hallsport NY
McGIBNEY, Charlie, died 10-27-1875
MILES, Elmer. Spouse of Emma F. Born 4-16-1933, died 4-16-1998 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
MILES, Emma F. Spouse of Elmer E. Born 1942, died uncut
MORVAN, Delila S. Born 1870, died 1937
MYERS, Simeon. Born 6-23?, died 1862
NILES, Henry J. Born 1877, died 1880 - Son of Ira W. and Zoe (Webster) Niles.
NILES, Ira W. Spouse of Zoe VanArsdale. Born 10-24-1831, died 12-4-1916. Age: 85 - Son of Elijah and Lydia (Wheelock) Niles Born in Ontario, died in Willing NY. Wed in 1860, six children. Note: Stone says d. 1917, obit says 1916. - Civil War Vet, Co H 160th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt
NILES, Zoe Eliza (Webster) VanArsdale. Spouse of #1 Phillip VanArsdale, #2 Ira W. Niles. Born 10-4-1832, died 11-14-1921. Age: 89 - Dau of Julius/Jarius and Susan (McAllister) Webster. Phillip d. 1855, no children. Wed Ira 1860, six children.
NOLAN, Mary Lois (Perkins). Spouse of #1 Milton D. Nolan, #2 Orland Perry. Born 12-7-1928, died 11-13-2008. Age: 79y - Dau of Orville & Cora Goodridge Perkins b. Town of Willing NY d. Oswayo PA. Wed 12-13-1948, three children. Wed Orland 12-10-1966
NOLAN, Milton D.. Spouse of Mary L. Perkins. Born 3-26-1915, died 4-11-1965 - Son of Henry and Chloe (Langs) Nolan, born in Roulette PA, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 12-13-1948, three children.
PACE, Elma E (Hall). Spouse of Primo A. Born 9-13-1920, died 8-29-2003 - Dau of Mark & Laura Forsythe Hall m. May 27 1944 in Detroit Mich.
PACE, Primo A. Spouse of Elma E Hall. Born 11-17-1921, died 4-25-2000 - Son of Joseph & Hilda Pace
PALMER, Zelpah. Spouse of Joshua, died 11-22-1863
PARKER, Alice R. Spouse of Elmer. Born 1853, died 1933
PARKER, Angerona, died 2-4-1863 - Child of Hiram & Cynthia Parker
PARKER, Benjamin, died 5-19-1911 - Civil War Vet, Co H 186th Inf NYS Vols
PARKER, Cynthia A. Spouse of Hiram, died 6-24-1904. Age: 78y
PARKER, Ebenezer. Spouse of Joanna, died 5-25-1860. Age: 79y
PARKER, Elmer E. Spouse of Alice R. Born 1853, died 1920
PARKER, Grace. Born 1887, died 1889
PARKER, Harvey - No other info
PARKER, Henry E, died 9-5-1849. Age: 3y - Son of Hiram & Cynthia Parker
PARKER, Hiram. Spouse of Cynthia A, died 12-26-1884. Age: 76y
PARKER, James - No other info
PARKER, James D. Spouse of Libbie S. Born 1857, died 1921 - Spanish American War Vet
PARKER, Jennie. Born 1887, died 1888
PARKER, Joanna. Spouse of Ebenezer, died 9-2-1849 - [Wife of]
PARKER, L.H.. Spouse of Phidelia, died 1901. Age: 81y
PARKER, Libbie S. Spouse of James D. Born 1856, died 1890
PARKER, Lorenzo D. Born 1837, died 5-14-1875. Age: 37y
PARKER, Phoidelia. Spouse of L.H., died 1899. Age: 77y - [His Wife]
PARKER, Sarah J - No other info
PARKER, William - No other info
PARKS, Archie. Born 1881, died 1949
PARKS, Charlie C. Born 1861, died 1915
PARKS, Ida A. Born 1861, died 1935
PERKINS, Abigail E. Spouse of Edwin D, died 9-20-1879 - [His Wife]
PERKINS, Burton E, died 4-13-1887 - Son of Edwin D & Abigail Perkins
PERKINS, Clarissa F. Spouse of O.T.. Born 1847, died 1909 - [His Wife]
PERKINS, Cora L (Goodridge). Spouse of Orville C. Born 1901, died 1994
PERKINS, Darrell L. Born 1958, died 1989
PERKINS, Donald. Born 1938, died 1941
PERKINS, Edwin D. Spouse of Abigail, died 3-4-1926. Age: 86y
PERKINS, Edwin E. Born 1903, died 1940
PERKINS, Emma L.. Spouse of Merle L.. Born 6-1-1928, died 1-24-2006. Age: 77y - Dau of Raymond & Nellie Mead Dickinson Wed: 4-26-1947
PERKINS, Eugene. Spouse of Lois Hough. Born 7-31-1930, died 11-10-2005 - Son of Orville & Cora Goodridge Perkins b. Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed: 2-27-1954 in Hallsport NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
PERKINS, Eveline. Born 1934, died 1940
PERKINS, Francis H. Born 1858, died 1930 - [Mother]
PERKINS, Hattie E, died 3-9-1867 - Dau of Edwin D & Abigail Perkins
PERKINS, Helen Parker. Born 1848, died uncut
PERKINS, Lyna J.. Spouse of Rev. Revere. Born 4-3-1925, died 2-6-2005. Age: 79y - Dau of Arvid & Ruby Cole Erickson b. Bloomfield, MT. Wed 9-21-1946 in Eureka, MT.
PERKINS, Merle L. Spouse of Emma L. Born 2-4-1927, died 8-20-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
PERKINS, Oren A, died 10-30-1868 - Son of Edwin D & Abigail Perkins
PERKINS, Orville C. Spouse of Cora L Goodridge. Born 1897, died 1975
PERKINS, Orville H. Jr.. Spouse of Florence A. Newland. Born 6-17-1923, died 5-3-2011. Age: 87y - Son of Orville C. & Cora Goodridge Perkins b. Belmont NY d. Hornell NY. Wed 6-20-1957 in Genesee PA - WW II Vet, US Army, 1945-1947
PERKINS, Orville T.. Spouse of Clarissa F. Born 1845, died 1923 - Civil War Vet, Co E and Co A 93rd Inf NYS Vols, Lt. Enlisted 1861 at Hallsport for three years. Re-enlisted 12-15-1863. Mustered out with company 6-29-1865 near Washington DC.
PERKINS, Revere C. Rev.. Spouse of Lyda J. Erickson. Born 1-11-1925, died 6-30-2013. Age: 88y - Son of Orville & Cora Goodridge Perkins, b. Wellsville NY d. Virginia Beach VA. Wed 9-21-1946 in Euceka MT. Married 59 Years. Served in the Ministry - Pastor for W.N.Y. Conference of United Methodist Church
PERKINS, Thomas. Born 1812, died 1853
PERKINS, Thomas Orson. Born 4-17-1884, died 11-13-1918 - Woodmen of The World Memorial
PERKINS, Warren Eugene. Born 1871, died 1902
PERRY, Orland O. Spouse of Mary. Born 4-3-1924, died 10-2-1998 - [Mary's Loving Husband]
RICE, Abigail Roberts. Spouse of Warren O. Born 8-12-1801, died 4-5-1888
RICE, Harvey R. Spouse of Thankful. Born Abt 1822, died 6-29-1863. Age: 41y - [It is good to die for ones country] - Civil War DOD, Co I 160th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Independence for three years. Died of Disease at Marines Hospital, New Orleans LA (Carried as Rodney H.)
RICE, Supplina Perkins. Born 1814, died 1904
RICE, Thankful. Spouse of Harvey R, died 11-28-1875
RICE, Warren Jr.. Born 9-11-1824, died 7-4-1888
RICE, Warren O Sr. Spouse of Abigail Roberts. Born 1-30-1802, died 5-17-1887
RICHARDSON, Addie Lewis. Spouse of Fred. Born 1865, died 1921
RICHARDSON, Alice Morin. Spouse of Rutherford B. Born 1886, died 1936
RICHARDSON, C Jeanette Hall. Spouse of Philo. Born 1834, died 1906 - [His Wife]
RICHARDSON, Florence L S. Spouse of Roland. Born 1897, died 1955
RICHARDSON, Fred. Spouse of Addie Lewis. Born 1856, died 1931
RICHARDSON, M Lucinda Carpenter. Spouse of Sherman O. Born 1879, died 1961 - [His Wife]
RICHARDSON, Minnie. Spouse of Robert. Born 1890, died 1964 - [Wife of]
RICHARDSON, Philo. Spouse of C Jeanette Hall. Born 1826, died 1902
RICHARDSON, Robert. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1887, died 1964
RICHARDSON, Roland. Spouse of Florence L. Born 1886, died 1948
RICHARDSON, Rutherford B. Spouse of Alice Morin. Born 1876, died 1947 - Mason
RICHARDSON, Seymour J. Born 1860, died 1933
RICHARDSON, Sherman O. Spouse of M Lucinda C. Born 1864, died 1931 - Mason
RICHMOND, Baby, died 1885 - Dau of OD & M Richmond
RITTER, Russell R. Spouse of of Ruth J. Born 8-22-1929, died 6-8-1986 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
RITTER, Ruth J. Spouse of Russell R. Born 1932, died uncut
ROESKE, Barbara L. (Burrows). Spouse of F. Edward. Born 1942, died uncut
ROESKE, David K.. Spouse of Dolores A. Germack. Born 11-20-1930, died 2-10-2007. Age: 76y - Son of Arthur P. & Bessie (Paulman) Roeske Sr. b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-16-1953 in Eldred Pa.
ROESKE, Dolores A.. Spouse of David K.. Born 12-28-1933, died 11-3-2016. Age: 82y - Dau of Rudolph & Anna Neporadny Germack b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-16-1953 in Eldred PA
ROESKE, Florence E. (Smith). Spouse of Richard D. Born 1933, died uncut
ROESKE, Francis Edward "Ed". Spouse of Barbara Burrows. Born 5-4-1927, died 8-3-2012 - Son of Arthur & Bessie (Paulman) Roeske b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-18-1973 in Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marine
ROESKE, Richard D.. Spouse of Florence Smith. Born 4-01-1929, died 5-27-2003. Age: 74y - Son of Arthur & Bessie (Paulman) Roeske, b. Willing NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 8-03-1957 in Wellsville NY. Willing Vol Hose Co #1 - Korean War Vet, US Army 1955-57
ROESKI, John H. Spouse of Kathleen V. Born 1923, died uncut
ROESKI, Kathleen V. Spouse of John H. Born 1924, died uncut
SAXTON, Cora. Born 9-17-1871, died 7-16-1872
SAXTON, Mary. Spouse of Oren. Born 8-31-1852, died 8-20-1924 - [Mother]
SAXTON, Oren. Spouse of Mary. Born 2-15-1846, died 3-2-1918 - [Father]
SCOTT, E Louise. Spouse of Raymond N. Born 1919, died 1969
SCOTT, Raymond H. Spouse of E Louise. Born 1903, died 1983
SEAVER, Harold A. Born 1872, died 1952
SEAVER, Lylie P. Born 1878, died 1961
SEELY, Hetty M. Born 9-7-1877, died 6-5-1879
SEELY, Rosa M. Born 11-13-1865, died 6-25-1875
SELDEN, Almeda Wheeler. Spouse of Rev Joseph W. Born 1822, died 1874
SELDEN, Angelo Monroe. Born 1851, died 1943
SELDEN, Clarence M. Born 1881, died 1920 - B.SC.EE
SELDEN, Emily Rice. Spouse of Jay. Born 1857, died 1926
SELDEN, Infant Son - Buried with Mother Susie Hardes Selden
SELDEN, Jay. Spouse of Emily Rice. Born 1859, died uncut
SELDEN, Joseph W Rev.. Spouse of Almeda Wheeler. Born 1803, died 1883 - Uncategorized Vet,184th Wadsworth Guards
SELDEN, Mary Delilah. Born 1847, died 12-16-1863 - Dau of Rev Joseph & Almeda Selden
SELDEN, Oscar E. Born 1845, died 1929 - Civil War Vet, Co 185th Inf NYS Vols
SELDEN, Susie Hardes. Born 1855, died 1874
SELDEN, William M. Born 1844, died 5-31-1862 - Civil War KIA, Co H 85th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Hallsport for three years. Killed in action 5-31-1862 at Fair Oaks VA. (Carried as Willard/Millard Selden)
SHANNON, Albert W. Spouse of June E. Born 1933, died uncut - [Together Forever ]
SHANNON, June E. Spouse of Albert W. Born 1936, died uncut
SHERWOOD, Vivian L.. Spouse of Richard M.. Born 7-11-1932, died 4-24-2023. Age: 90 - Dau of Orville & Cora (Goodridge) Perkins; born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Hallsport, NY; died in Coudersport, PA; spouse died 6-8-2019; survived by six children
SMITH, David W. Spouse of Edna B. Born 1900, died 1990
SMITH, Edna B. Spouse of David. Born 1905, died 1996
SMITH, Eldn G. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1941, died uncut
SMITH, Jeffrey E. Born 1961, died 1977 - Son of Leon E & Ursula H Smith
SMITH, Leon E. Spouse of Ursula. Born 6-25-1932, died 1-21-1995 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, SP3
SMITH, Louis. Spouse of Myrtle L. Born 1931, died uncut
SMITH, Mary E. Spouse of Eldn G. Born 1943, died uncut
SMITH, Myrtle L. Spouse of of Louis V. Born 1932, died uncut
SMITH, Ursula. Spouse of Leon H. Born 1940, died uncut
SPENCER, Martha Wheeler. Born 3-12-1859 - Former wife of George Wheeler
STIVES, Carolyn G.. Born 11/5/1949, died 10/6/2020. Age: 70 - Dau of Homer E. and Wilma (Jones) Stives. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Olean NY.
STIVES, Homer Earl. Spouse of Wilma G. Jones. Born 3-9-1917, died 11-7-2001. Age: 84 - Son of Samuel H. and Susie G, (Fancher) Stives. At least three children.
STIVES, Ronald M.. Born 10/6/1955, died 4/18/2008. Age: 52 - Son of Homer E. and Wilma (Jones) Stives.
STIVES, Wilma G. (Jones). Spouse of H. Earl. Born 4-23-1925, died 8-25-1984 - Dau of William E. and Grace (Clark) Jones. At least three children.
STONEMETZ, Whitney A, died 9-6-1994
STOUT, Allen Beach. Spouse of Hilda Lucile Church. Born 2-28-1921, died 7-17-2005 - Son of Hrold B. & Gertrude L. Zeches Stout. Wed: 4-5-1944
STOUT, Baby Boy, died 1963
STOUT, Edith Francisco S. Spouse of Lyle Galen. Born 1892, died 1977
STOUT, Eva Beach. Spouse of James G. Born 1858, died 1936
STOUT, Gary Edward. Spouse of May Owens. Born 6-3-1921, died uncut
STOUT, Gertrude Zeches. Spouse of Harold Beach. Born 1894, died 1984
STOUT, Harold Beach. Spouse of Gertrude Zeches. Born 1894, died 1990
STOUT, Hilda Church. Spouse of Allen Beach, died 12-3-1923
STOUT, Issac. Spouse of Laura A, died 7-30-1888. Age: 67y
STOUT, James G. Spouse of Eva Beach. Born 1855, died 1948
STOUT, Laura A. Spouse of Issac, died 9-10-1892 - [His Wife]
STOUT, Lyle Galen. Spouse of Edith Francisco. Born 1891, died 1980
STOUT, May Owens. Spouse of Gary Edward. Born 5-22-1931, died Uncut - Married Jan 25 1958
SUMWAY, Nellie M. Born 8-28-1873, died 7-9-1892
SWARTOUT, Thomas. Born 1941, died 1993
SWARTWOUT, Eliza Ann, died 6-15-1881
SWARTWOUT, John. Spouse of Eliza Ann - No other info
SWORTOUT, Christiana. Born 1973, died 1973
SWORTOUT, Denise. Born 1979, died 1979
TERWILLIGER, Flora. Born 4-24-1860, died 4-19-1896
TETEK, Anna, died 8-15-1825
TETEK, Henry J. Age: 73y
TINKHAM, Lydia Parker. Born 6-26-1785, died 1868 - [Sister]
TRASK, Abel, died 4-8-1852
TRASK, Abel H. Born 1789, died 1878
TRASK, Abel H. Born 1850, died 1931
TRASK, Beriah C. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 7-8-1888
TRASK, Elizabeth. Spouse of Beriah C, died 1-18-1891. Age: 67y - [His Wife Gone but not forgotten]
TRASK, Ellsworth L. Spouse of Minnie E. Born 1861, died 1914
TRASK, Etta. Born 1876, died 1943
TRASK, Geurshum, died 9-15-1849. Age: 3y
TRASK, Johnie, died 11-27-1882 - Adopted son of B C & Betsy Trask
TRASK, Josiah, died 10-10-1859
TRASK, Lester L, died 6-14-1864 - Son of Beriah C. and Mary Ann Trask - Civil War KIA, died at Timathon Station In Defense of his country
TRASK, Luzetta. Born 1852, died 1930
TRASK, Lydia - Stone completely broken
TRASK, M.L.. Born 1875, died 1936
TRASK, Margaret E. Born 1830, died 1901
TRASK, Mary Ann. Spouse of Beriah C, died 11-4-1848 - [Wife of]
TRASK, Minnie E. Spouse of Ellsworth L. Born 1866, died 1913
TRASK, Mira J, died 7-2-1848 - Dau of Josiah & Lydia Trask
TRASK, Permelia E. Born 1838, died 1853
TRASK, William H, died 4-3-1849 - Son of Clark & Elanor Trask
UNKNOWN, Father. Born 1806, died 1870
UNKNOWN, Martha A, died 11-6-1850 - Two stones like husband & wife badly broken and missing parts
UNKNOWN, Mother. Born 1813, died 1891
UNKNOWN, Sarah H. Born 1839, died 1872
WEBSTER, Jarius L. Spouse of Mercia, died 3-29-1891. Age: 82y
WEBSTER, Mercia. Spouse of Jarius L, died 1-29-1891. Age: 72y - [Wife of]
WEBSTER, Susan. Spouse of William A, died 9-29-1885. Age: 79y - [Wife of]
WEBSTER, William A. Spouse of Susan. Born 2-4-1851, died Uncut
WHEATON, Douglas J. Spouse of Joyce S. Born 1934, died 2003
WHEATON, Joyce S. Spouse of Douglas J. Born 1935, died uncut
WHITEMAN, Melldin "Duane". Spouse of Lois Nolan Worden. Born 11-15-1943, died 12-12-2014. Age: 71y - Son of Bert & Bernadine Brownell Whiteman b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-3-2003
WINANS, James F.. Spouse of Carol McConnell. Born 8-4-1927, died 12-17-2014. Age: 87y - Son of George & Margaurite Phillips Winans Sr. b. Alma NY d. Bath NY. Wed 6-26-1954 in Wellsville NY. (She d. 10-8-2014)
WOOD, A. Born 1824, died 1896
WOOD, Celinda. Spouse of JB, died 3-15-1859
WOOD, George A, died 4-15-1849 - [Son Thou art gone to rest Thy toils and cares are over and sorrow pain and suffering shall trouble thee no more]
WOOD, Inez. Born 1856, died 187?
WOOD, Jane. Born 1819, died 1898
WOOD, Liv. Born 1852, died 1890
WOODCOCK, David. Spouse of Patty. Born 1791, died 1860
WOODCOCK, LaRoy, died 5-13-1853
WOODCOCK, Patty. Spouse of David. Born 1790, died 1866 - [His Wife]

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