Gates of Heaven Cemetery
Town of Andover
Cemetery is on the outskirts of Andover going toward Greenwood. It is very well kept
Walked & Photo by PHGS Member DONNA ALLEN & Wileen Baker Nov. 2003
Updates submitted by Gayle Thomson & Eleanor Schwalb

AHRENS, Virginia Spouse of John Born 1-24-1927 Died 7-23-2006 age 79y Dau. of Donald R. & Alice Kaple Wilcox b. Hornell N.Y. d. Andover N.Y. Wed: 10-26-1946
AINAULT, John Joseph Born 1953 Died 1953
APPIER, Christina P Born 1887 Died 1977
APPIER, Daniel J Born 1891 Died 1955
APPIER, Richard Born 1916 Died 1969
BAKER, Donald W. spouse of Joan W. Woodruff born 8-29-1928 died 2-22-2011 age 82y Son of Orla & Margaret Wilcox Baker b. Andover NY d. Rochester NY Wed 7-22-1945 Joan died 12-8-2002 U.S. Army Korean War
BAKER, Francis P Spouse of Pearl N Claire Born Dec 31 1911 Died Aug 18 1974
BAKER, Hazel Born Sept 18 1907 Died Oct 11 1976
BAKER, James Born May 30 1975 Died Mar 29 1982
BAKER, John Edward Born Dec 18 1918 Died Apr 26 1993 PFC US Army Air Corps WWII
BAKER, John Spouse of Rose A Born 1872 Died 1945 Father
BAKER, John Stephen. "Steve" spouse of Kathryn Hildebrand born 12-1-1947 died 10-26-2010 age 62y Son of John E. & Virginia A. Smith Baker b. Hornell NY d. Jamestown NY Wed 10-17-1978 in Andover NY Decorated Veteran of the U.S. Army serving during Vietnam War Together Forever
BAKER, Kathryn Ann Spouse of John Stephen Born Mar 17 1953 Died Oct 1 2002
BAKER, Pearl N Claire Spouse of Francis P Born 1913 Died 2003
BAKER, Robert A. "Moose" spouse of Dolores K. Ellis born 5-30-1927 died 1-2-2008 age 80y Son of Orla & Margaret Wilcox Baker b. & d. Andover NY Wed 6-5-1948 in Andover NY U.S. Navy WW2
BAKER, Rose A Spouse of John Born 1888 Died 1944 Mother
BAKER, Virginia Smith Born Sept 6 1918 Died Apr 13 1970
BALL, Patricia Temple Spouse of Richard C Born 1928 Died uncut
BALL, Richard C. Spouse of Patricia TEMPLE Born 4-07-1922 Died 1-26-2004 Son of Ruthven & Ethel Coast Ball b. Portville-NY d. Wellsville-NY Wed 8-1946 Vet-WWII US Army 1941-45 Bronze Star
BARNETT Barbara Temple Born 1922 Died 1989 1st LT US Army WWII
BARRETT, Alice Spouse of Gilbert J Born 1905 Died 1995
BARRETT, Gilbert J Spouse of Alice R Born 1903 Died 1951
BARTZ, Laurence F Born May 22 1916 Died Dec 31 1951 NY S SGT 544 Eng B S Regt WWII
BESSETTE, Alexander L Spouse of Grace G Born July 3 1887 Died Oct 2 1975 PVT US Army WWII
BESSETTE, Grace G Spouse of Alexander L Born 1892 Died 1981
BLISS, James L Dr. Spouse of Janet E Born Aug 6 1932 Died May 12 2000 m. June 4 1955, son of Lewis C. Bliss and Josephine R. Dobrovolsky, born in Endicott, NY
BLISS, Janet E Spouse of James L Born Apr 13 1934 Died 11-12-2003 Age 69y dau of Lawrence S. & Elizabeth C. Schwab Goodwin RN
BRODERICK, Harriett Dean Born 1874 Died 1946
BROWN, Fay A Born Jan 27 1916 Died Apr 17 1998 CPL US Army WWII
BROWN, Helen S Born 1914 Died 1982
BROWN, Merle F Spouse of Venecia L. Howe born 6-21-1939 died 11-16-2008 age 69y Son of Frederick & Helen Hull Brown b. Andover NY d. Hornell NY Wed 9-1961 Together Forever
BROWN, Venecia Spouse of Merle F Born 1943 Died 1994 Together forever
BRUNDAGE, Basil L Born 1918 Died 1967
BRUNDAGE, David D Born 1948 Died 1967 Beloved son of Mr & Mrs Harold Rice
BRUNDAGE, Grace M Spouse of LeRoy W Born 1887 Died 1974
BRUNDAGE, LeRoy Spouse of Grace M Born 1875 Died 1945
BURGER, Bernard W Spouse of Rose Mary Born 1927 Died 2002
BURGER, Rose Mary Spouse of Bernard W Born 1930 Died 1980
BURGETT, James R. spouse of Rosemary Mead born 9/22/1930 died 6/16/2012 age 81y Son of Ralph & Hezel Baker Burgett b. Andover NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 4-26-1952 Rosemary died 10-2-2010
BURNS, John Spouse of Mary Born 1887 Died 19?6
BURNS, Mary Spouse of John Born 1895 Died 1980
BURNS, Ray J Spouse of Rita E Born 1913 Died 1991
BURNS, Rita E Spouse of Ray J Born 1917 Died 1997
BUTLER, Josephine T Born 1920 Died 1939
CABLE, Beth E Born 1946 Died uncut
CABLE, Francis E Spouse of Gertrude Born Dec 9 1913 Died Dec 22 1997 SGT US Army WWII
CABLE, Gertrude Spouse of Francis E Born 1917 Died 1996
CANNON, Anna Dean Spouse of John E Born 1879 Died 1915
CANNON, Franklin D Born 1882 Died 1953
CANNON, Helene P Spouse of John L Born June 17 1926 Died uncut
CANNON, James F Spouse of Marion Born 1915 Died 1991
CANNON, James Patrick Spouse of Sara Piley Born 1871 Died 1934
CANNON, John E Spouse of Anna Dean Born 1868 Died 1943
CANNON, John L Spouse of Helene P Born Dec 31 1916 Died Feb 10 1987 Capt US Army Air Corp WWII
CANNON, John W Spouse of Mary H Born 1884 Died 1978
CANNON, Marion F. Spouse of James F. Born 11-7-1920 Died 1-31-2005 Age 84y Dau. of Lynn & Avice Mead Towbridge b. Andover N.Y. Wed: 12-17-1939
CANNON, Mary Delaney Spouse of Patrick Born 1843 Died 1914
CANNON, Mary H Spouse of John W Born 1890 Died 1969
CANNON, Patrick Spouse of Mary Delaney Born 1832 Died 1901
CANNON, Sara Piley Spouse of James Patrick Born 1871 Died 1934
CASEY, Cornelius Born 1909 Died 1994
CASEY, Ellen L Born 1879 Died 1939
CASEY, Michael Born 1865 Died 1951
CAVIN, Carrol J Spouse of John R Born 1936 Died 1995
CHILDS, Everitt M Spouse of Florence E Born 1910 Died 1980
CHILDS, Florence E Spouse of Everitt M Born 1910 Died 1972
COCOMA, Lawrence Spouse of Mary Died Feb 28 1938
COCOMA, Mary Spouse of Lawrence Died Dec 20 1937
COLBURN, Clarence M Spouse of Elizabeth E Born 1908 Died 1953
COLBURN, Elizabeth E Spouse of Clarence M Born 1909 Died 1980
CONNER, John A Spouse of Monica R Born 1904 Died 1995
CONNER, Monica Spouse of John A Born 1900 Died 1981
COOPER, Kelly Marie Born July 12 1967 Died Feb 4 1990 Sweet Honesty
CUNNINGHAM, John M. spouse of born 8/30/1930 died 9/7/2012 age 82y John lived most of his life in Allegany County most recently in Alfred where the Village adopted him & loved him as one of their own
DAILEY, Ella Born 1867 Died uncut
DALEY, Elizabeth H Spouse of Victor Died 1959
DALEY, Victor Spouse of Elizabeth H Died 1984
DANTHER, Harold J Born Sept 16 1899 Died Apr 15 1968 NY Pvt 1AA Repl I GP WWII
DAVIS Mary A Joyce Spouse of Everett D Born 1936 Died uncut
DAVIS, Clarence L Spouse of Eileen A Born Dec 16 1930 Died Apr1 1985 PR2 US Navy Korea Vietnam
DAVIS, Eileen A. Spouse of Clarence Born 8-12-1932 Died 5-9-2005 Age 72y Dau. of George & Kathryn Lewis Kresch b. Easton Pa. d. Rochester N.Y. Wed: 8-15-1953 On 2-23-1991 wed #2 Richard York
DAVIS, Everett D. "Abe" spouse of Mary Anne Joyce born 9/15/1933 died 8/2/2012 age 78y Son of Leeman C. & Beatrice E. Carson Davis b. Andover NY d. Rochester NY Wed 56 years U.S. Army 24th Infantry Division Korea
DAWSON, Earl J Born 1901 Died 1958
DAWSON, James F Born Dec 3 1939 Died Feb 19 1981 SA US Navy Korea
DAWSON, Katherine Born 1906 Died 1987
DAWSON, Margaret Lynch Born Jan 3 1937 Died uncut
DEAN, Anna Jeanette Born 1917 Died 1973
DEAN, Anna Leonard Born 1878 Died 1970
DEAN, Barbara J Born Sept 11 1942 Died May 26 2003
DEAN, Doris C Born 1910 Died 1999
DEAN, Edward J Spouse of Mary Born Sept 7 1912 Died Sept 8 1965 NY Sgt 286 Port Co T C WWII
DEAN, Frank Spouse of Margaret S Born 1881 Died 1968
DEAN, George Donald Born Nov 17 1909 Died Aug 7 1992
DEAN, Helen M Born 1901 Died 1942
DEAN, Howard P Born 1898 Died 1984
DEAN, James L Born 1904 Died 1983
DEAN, James M Spouse of Rose G Born 1874 Died 1963
DEAN, James Patrick Born 1877 Died 1945
DEAN, John P Born 1882 Died 1931
DEAN, Lenora A Born 1896 Died 1997
DEAN, Louis A Spouse of Mary J Born 1893 Died 1977
DEAN, Margaret O'Leary Spouse of William Born 1856 Died 1938
DEAN, Margaret S Spouse of Frank Born 1887 Died 1971
DEAN, Mary J Spouse of Louis A Born 1888 Died 1964
DEAN, Mary Spouse of Edward J Born 1919 Died 2000
DEAN, Robert E Spouse of Rose D Born 1889 Died 1963
DEAN, Rose D Spouse of Robert E Born 1883 Died 1951
DEAN, Rose G Spouse of James M Born 1884 Died 1962
DEAN, William Spouse of Margaret O Born 1849 Died 1924
DEMPSEY, Agnes Cannon Born 1875 Died 1946
DEMPSEY, Joyce C Spouse of Robert M Born 1928 Died uncut
DEMPSEY, Mary E Spouse of William P Born 1885 Died 1951
DEMPSEY, Robert M Spouse of Joyce C Born 1925 Died 1964
DEMPSEY, William P Spouse of Mary E Born 1885 Died 1958
DIBBLE, Joan C Spouse of Merle L Born 1931 Died 1980
DIBBLE, Merle L Spouse of Joan C Born 1924 Died 1990
DIXON, Helen Dean Spouse of John M Born 1920 Died 2001
DIXON, John James Born Sept 10 1950 Died Sept 10 1950 Son of John M& Helen Dean Dixon
DIXON, John M Spouse of Helen D Born Apr 25 1924 Died Mar 11 2001 SCI US Navy WWII
DOLAN, Gerald F Born Sept 13 1921 Died Apr 29 1977 T SGT US Marine Corps WWII
DOLAN, John G Born Mar 10 1899 Died Feb 4 1956 NY PVT Co 153 Depot Brig WWI
DOLAN, John T Born 1952 Died 1997
DOLAN, Mary Lynch Born Aug 30 1922 Died Feb 10 2002 Family of Charles Lynch
DOLAN, Warren D Born Apr 18 1926 Died Dec 18 1968 NY PFC US Air Force WWII
DORAN, Catherine Born 1878 Died 1946
DORAN, Family Father Son & Wife No dates
DORAN, Mary E Born 1880 Died 1967
DOUGHERTY, Anthony Spouse of Florence Born 1900 Died 1994
DOUGHERTY, Ella L Spouse of Michael Born 1875 Died 1933
DOUGHERTY, Ellen Born 1859 Died 1941 At Rest In Peace
DOUGHERTY, Florence Spouse of Anthony Born 1904 Died 1987
DOUGHERTY, John M Born 1934 Died 1999
DOUGHERTY, Margaret Born 1907 Died 1984
DOUGHERTY, Mark Thomas born 5/30/1962 died 10/13/2013 age 51y Son of Charles A. Carolyn C. Clarke Dougherty b. Hornell NY d. Andover NY
DOUGHERTY, Michael Spouse of Ella L Born 1864 Died 1951
DREW, Mary Kathleen Born 1944 Died 1979
DREW, Norman C Born July 8 1921 Died July 8 1991 GM2 Navy WWII
DRISCOLL, James C Born 1926 Died 1984 Vet of WWII
DRISCOLL, Mary C Mortimer Born Dec 161894 Died Feb 8 1977 Dau of John & Ellen Howe CASEY b. Andover NY Wed Sep. 21 1924; Mortimore d. 1932
DRISCOLL, Mortimer Mary C Born 1887 Died 1932 Vet of WWI
ENO, Regina Lynch Spouse of Richard Scorce Sr Born Dec 3 1919 Died July 15 1977
ENO, Reginald D Born Sept 30 1943 Died Mar 25 1993 US Air Force Vietnam
ENO, Richard S Jr. Born July 29 1940 Died Mar 10 1979
ENO, Richard Scorce Sr Spouse of Regina L Born Feb 3 1914 Died uncut
FISCHER, Erwin J Born 1906 Died 1965
FISCHER, Frank F Born 1901 Died 1977
FISCHER, Jacob Born 1870 Died 1935
FISCHER, Julia Born 1883 Died 1969
FISCHER, Martin Born 1868 Died 1950
FISHER, Agnes Born 1892 Died 1963
FISHER, Anna G Spouse of John J Born 1897 Died 1994
FISHER, Anna O. spouse of John F. born 6-24-1897 died 2-28-1994 age 96y Dau. of James A. & Margaret Dean O'Leary b. Andover NY d. Hornell NY Wed 4-1927 in Andover NY
FISHER, Charles Born 1881 Died 1958
FISHER, Grace Born 1900 Died 1988
FISHER, J. Dean spouse of Judy Schwalb born 6-9-1934 died 5-19-2009 age 74y Son of John F. & Anna O'Leary Fisher b. Andover NY d. Charlotte NC Wed 4-24-1965 in Wellsville NY U.S. Navy 1950-1952 serving aboard the USS China Sea - Throughout his life Dean worked as a Licensed Pharmacist
FISHER, John J Spouse of Anna G Born 1887 Died 1960
FLYNN, Andrew J Spouse of Julia A Born 1866 Died 1951
FLYNN, Julia A Spouse of Andrew Born 1864 Died 1943
FLYNN, Leo C Born 1898 Died uncut
FOLWELL,, Charlene May spouse of Frank J. born 6/15/1959 died 3/22/2014 age 54y Dau of George E. & Delores M. Coules O'Dell b. Rochester NY d. Andover NY Wed 7-4-1977
FOLWELL,Charlene May spouse of Frank J. born 6/15/1959 died 3/22/2014 age 54y Dau of George E. & Dolores M. Coules O'Dell b. Rochester NY d. Andover NY Wed 7-4-1977
FRANCIS, Edward R Spouse of Margaret E Born 1907 Died 1986
FRANCIS, Margaret E Spouse of Edward R Born 1907 Died 1981
FULLER, Andrew D Spouse of Julia R Born 1884 Died 1958
FULLER, Julia R Spouse of Andrew D Born 1892 Died 1970
GALLAGHER, Elizabeth Cassidy Born 1860 Died 1950 Mother
GALLAGHER, Ella Born 1898 Died 1936
GALLAGHER, William E Born Nov 2 1891 Died May 27 1949 Sea US NRF WWI
GARVIN, Catherine D Spouse of Michael T Born 1885 Died 1967
GARVIN, Michael T Spouse of Catherine D Born 1875 Died 1959
GAVIN, Carrol J. Spouse of John R. Sr. Died 1-27-1995 nee Harris
GAVIN, Celia E Born 1871 Died 1941 Mother
GAVIN, Charles F Spouse of Dawn M Born Feb 10 1936 Died July 17 1997 son of James and Mary Gavin
GAVIN, Charles W Born Feb 12 1956 Died Dec 16 1975 PVT US Army
GAVIN, Dawn M Spouse of Charles F Born Aug 14 1938 Died June 27 1996
GAVIN, Francis L. spouse of Norma Steadman born 1925 died 5-12-1958 age Wed 8-1-1959
GAVIN, James E . spouse of born 4-29-1927 died 6-26-2010 age 83y Son of James M. & Mary M. Fischer Gavin b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY
GAVIN, James M Born 1902 Died 1944
GAVIN, John Leo Born 1904 Died 1974
GAVIN, John R Sr. Spouse of Carrol J Born 2-15-1930 Died 7-9-2003 Age 73y son of James and Mary Gavin US Army Korean Conflict
GAVIN, Joseph P Born Feb 21 1934 Died Aug 24 1957 son of James and Mary Gavin NY PFC US Army
GAVIN, Karl W Born 1938 Died 1962
GAVIN, Kevin Charles Born Apr 12 1967 Died Sept 9 1984 Class of 1985
GAVIN, Mary M Born 1903 Died 1991
GAVIN, Michael E Born 1866 Died 1947
GAVIN, Michael V Jr. Born Apr 26 1906 Died Dec 27 1965 NY PFC Co B 565 Sig. A W WWII
GAVIN, Norma L. spouse of Francis L. born 6-28-1928 died 5-15-2011 age 82y Dau. of Gordon & Charlotte Thompson Steadman b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-1-1959 Wed Husband #1 Charles Francis Lewis on 10-18-1947 who died 5-12-1958
GILMORE, Julie A. spouse of Ed born 11-19-1955 died 7-23-2011 age 55y Dau. of Robert A. & Dolores K. Ellis Baker b. Wellsville NY d. Venice FL Wed 11-30-2002 in Almond NY
GILSILLAX, Mary Born 1882 Died 1975
GRANIC, Joseph Spouse of Suzanne Born 1939 Died 1972 NY State Police
GRANIC, Suzanne Spouse of Joseph Born 1940 Died uncut
GROSS, Alice Reisman Born 1911 Died 1937
GUINN, Anna Spouse of John Born 1872 Died 1957
GUINN, Francis Born Sept 15 1905 Died Sept 15 1990
GUINN, James M Spouse of Sarah J Born 1869 Died 1929 Father
GUINN, John Spouse of Anna Born 1870 Died 1943
GUINN, Sarah J Spouse of James M Born 1873 Died 1961
HAINES, Mary Born 1858 Died 1951
HALLER, Lottie Born 1914 Died 2002 Family of Charles Lynch
HARDER, Marie P. spouse of Wayne born 2-2-1952 died 4-12-2011 age 59y Dau. of William & Patricia Lynch Wahl b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-12-1971
HARKENRIDER, Gerald Born 1912 Died 1939
HARRIS, Camilla J Spouse of Walter H Born 1899 Died 1976
HARRIS, M.M. Joyce Born 1928 Died 1993
HARRIS, Walter H Spouse of Camilla J Born 1896 Died 1973
HOLT, Helen C. spouse of William F. born 7/14/1930 died 11/28/2013 age 3y Dau of Emilio & Maria Serio Yannie b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY Wed 12-26-1952 William F. died 8-29-2007
HORAN, Alice M Spouse of William Leo Born 1906 Died 1999
HORAN, Francis H. "Frannie" spouse of Jeanette P. Ball born 12-5-1926 died 2-27-2007 age 80y Son of William Leo & Alice Smith Horan b. Hornell N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. Wed: 10-29-1960 in Hornell N.Y. U.S. Army 88th Division Blue Devils
HORAN, Jeanette P Ball Spouse of Francis H Born June 8 1933 Died uncut
HORAN, John E. "Jack" spouse of born 9-8-1928 died 2-3-2011 age 82y Son of Leo & Alice Smith Horan b. Hornell NY d. Syracuse NY U.S. Army Korean War
HORAN, William Leo Spouse of Alice M Born 1893 Died 1968
HORAN, Wilma G. spouse of born 3/29/1927 died 4/12/2014 age 87y Dau of Hatwick & Maude Wilson Goodridge b. Wellsville NY d. Liverpool NY
HORTON, Lenford F Born July 21 1908 Died Jan 6 1953 NY SI US Coast Guard WWII
HOWLAND, Anna L Spouse of Clifford V Born 1908 Died 1990
HOWLAND, Chares R. spouse of Sandra Joyce born 12/27/1937 died 3/30/2014 age Son of Clifford & Anna Lynch Howland b. uk d. Andover NY Wed 8-27-1960 He became one of the country's leading experts on hydrostatic testing of pipelines & initiated many technical procedures still used in the industry today
HOWLAND, Charles W Born 1880 Died 1931
HOWLAND, Charles W Born 1915 Died 1931
HOWLAND, Clifford V Spouse of Anna L Born 1910 Died 1987
HOWLAND, Grace E Born 1898 Died 1967
HOWLAND, Sandra Spouse of Charles R . Born 11-11-1939 Died 3-28-2006 Age 66y Dau. of Vincent & Alice Graves Joyce b. Wellsville, N.Y. d. Hornell, N.Y. Wed: 8-27-1960
HUBER, Irene C Born 1899 Died 1985
HULSE, Hope Spouse of Willard E Born 1915 Died 2002
HULSE, Willard E Spouse of Hope Born 1916 Died 1976
HYLAND, Carol A Payne Spouse of Paul K Born Mar 4 1932 Died uncut
HYLAND, Cecelia J Spouse of Patrick Born 1871 Died 1952
HYLAND, Earl J Spouse of Louise V Born 1906 Died 1960
HYLAND, Edward Born Mar 2 1865 Died Feb 8 1940
HYLAND, Gerald Born Oct 27 1912 Died Feb 24 1976
HYLAND, Hariett C Spouse of Michael W Born 1886 Died 1951
HYLAND, Louise V Spouse of Earl J Born 1902 Died 1985
HYLAND, Michael W Spouse of Harriett C Born 1866 Died 1935
HYLAND, Patrick Spouse of Cecelia J Born 1862 Died 1956
HYLAND, Paul K Spouse of Carol A Born May 18 1931 Died uncut
HYLAND, Theressa E Born June 12 1872 Died May 28 1963
HYLAND, Veronica T Born May 29 1899 Died June 26 1961
HYLAND, Virginia T Born Oct 8 1906 Died Dec 4 1994
HYLAND, William F Born Aug 6 1910 Died July 23 1973 NY PFC Army Air Force WWII
JACKSON, Clare Robert "CR" spouse of Elizabeth J. Childs born 4/17/1929 died 9/13/2014 age 85y Son of Clare Lynn & Anna Louise Cronk Jackson b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-28-1953 U.S. Army 1946-1948 and combat overseas during the Koran Conflict "CR" was a 38 year veteran of the New York State Police retiring as a Senior Investigator
JACKSON, Elizabeth "Jean" spouse of Clare R. "Bob" born 1-7-1934 died 1-17-2009 age 75y Dau. of Everett M. & Florence Wereley Childs b. Olean NY d. Hornell NY Wed 4-28-1953 in Olean
JACKSON, Ronald R Born 1956 Died 1974
JOYCE, Agnes E Spouse of Leo T Born 1910 Died 1999
JOYCE, Alice M Spouse of Vincent J Born 1909 Died 1979
JOYCE, Barbara E. Spouse of Harold N. Born 3-3-1928 Died, 11-3-2005 Age 77y Dau. of Carl & Ann Hurd Childs b. Hornell, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 4-26-1928 in Hornell, N.Y.
JOYCE, Bartley L Spouse of Pearl M Born 1884 Died 1948
JOYCE, Catherine K Spouse of Harry F Born 1909 Died 1992
JOYCE, Catherine Spouse of Henry C Born 1865 Died 1938
JOYCE, Charles H. spouse of Lorraine Hyland born 12/11/1928 died 6/9/2013 age 84y Son of Vincent & Alice Graves Joyce b. & d. Andover NY Wed 11-26-1949 Charlie was honored for his distinguished service to the energy industry and an ardent conservationist having received many awards & citations for his stewardship of the land he loved
JOYCE, Daniel H Died Feb. 1972
JOYCE, Edward A Born 1904 Died 1979
JOYCE, Genevieve M Spouse of Joseph Born 1912 Died 2002
JOYCE, Harold N Spouse of Barbara C Born June 2 1927 Died June 21 1991 PFC US Army WWII
JOYCE, Harriet L Spouse of William F Born 1900 Died 1959
JOYCE, Harry F Spouse of Catherine K Born 1904 Died 1978
JOYCE, Helma P Spouse of James V Born 1927 Died 2002
JOYCE, Henry C Spouse of Catherine Born 1865 Died 1949
JOYCE, James Vincent spouse of Helma Petermann born 4/11/1905 died 2/24/2014 age 86y Son of Vincent James & Alice Graves Joyce b. Town of Willing NY d. Andover NY Wed 1948 in Garmisch Partenkirchen Germany His whole life was dedicated to energy production and influential in providing the supports for progress in Allegany County U.S. Army serving in Germany with Occupation Forces
JOYCE, John E Spouse of Julia B Born 1876 Died 1952
JOYCE, John E. "Jack" spouse of Patricia A. Padden born 8-23-1934 died 8-26-2009 age 75y Son of Leo & Agnes Lynch Joyce b. & d. Andover NY Wed 5-1-6-1959 in Andover NY U.S. Army Korean Conflict
JOYCE, John Earl Born Jan 21 1953 Died Jan 24 1953
JOYCE, Joseph Born 1913 Died 2001
JOYCE, Joseph Spouse of Genevieve M Born 1903 Died 1965
JOYCE, Julia B Spouse of John E Born 1881 Died 1966
JOYCE, Lena E Spouse of Norman P Born 1898 Died 1961
JOYCE, Leo D Spouse of M.E. Betty Born Feb 8 1931 Died May 24 1999 PFC US Marine Corps Korea
JOYCE, Leo T Spouse of Agnes E Born 1906 Died 2001
JOYCE, Louis Spouse of Margaret Born 1910 Died 1975
JOYCE, M.E Betty Spouse of Leo D Born 1935 Died uncut
JOYCE, Margaret Spouse of Louis Born 1909 Died 1990
JOYCE, Mary E Born 1897 Died 1991
JOYCE, Norman P Spouse of Lena E Born 1901 Died 1996
JOYCE, Paul W Born 1916 Died 1930
JOYCE, Pearl M Spouse of Bartley L Born 1893 Died 1951
JOYCE, Raymond Born 1909 Died 1986
JOYCE, Rita Born 1932 Died 1935
JOYCE, Robert C Born 1913 Died 1939
JOYCE, Vincent J Spouse of Alice M Born 1905 Died 1954
JOYCE, William Donald Born Dec 16 1933 Died Oct 31 2001 PFC US Army Korea
JOYCE, William F Spouse of Harriet L Born 1896 Died 1987
KARCANES, George spouse of Ruth L. born 12-25-1925 died 3-28-2011 age 85y b. Andover NY d. Knoxville TN Wife #2 Mary Murray who died 12-8-2000 U. S. Navy WW2
KARCANES, Ruth L Spouse of George J Born 1927 Died 1987
KELLENBERGER, Alois Spouse of Katherine Born 1864 Died 1941
KELLENBERGER, Katherine Spouse of Alois Born 1868 Died uncut
KILBANE, Edward J Spouse of Gertrude H Born 1885 Died 1944
KILBANE, Gertrude H Spouse of Edward J Born 1884 Died 1973
KILBANE, Mary F Spouse of Thomas J Born 1876 Died 1961
KILBANE, Paul E. born 9/11/1926 died 10/23/2014 age 88y Son of Edwrd & Gertrude McHale Kilbane b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Paul held various titles & an active life in many arenas of civic political religious and personal - Longest serving Mayor of Andover
KILBANE, Thomas J Spouse of Mary F Born 1874 Died 1953
LaFORGE, Frederick C Born 1887 Died 1955
LaFORGE, John K Born May 24 1915 Died June 10 1969 NY Sgt 411 Trans Amphib Trk Co WWII
LaFORGE, Theron T Born June 16 1916 Died Aug 11 1992
LANGWORTHY, Frances B Born 1910 Died 1993
LAVERTY, Mary F Spouse of Neil J Born 1860 Died 1946
LAVERTY, Neil J Spouse of Mary F Born 1868 Died 1947
LAW, Celia R Spouse of Henry Born 1889 Died 1965
LAW, Henry Spouse of Celia R Born 1877 Died 1973
LEASURE, Lucy C. spouse of William H. born 12-28-1933 died 11-28-2010 age 76y Dau. of Salvatore & Maria DiQuonza Davide b. New York City NY d. Hartsville NY
LEASURE, William H Spouse of Lucy C Born 1932 Died 2002
LEHMAN, Bruce Spouse of Sara J Born 1940 Died uncut
LEHMAN, Sara J Spouse of Bruce Born 1942 Died 1978
LUDDEN, Hazel C Spouse of Mark A Born 1890 Died 1963
LUDDEN, Mark A Spouse of Hazel C Born 1890 Died 1963
LUDDEN, Mark E Born Dec 7 1915 Died Apr7 1974 SFC US Army
LUDDEN, Richard C Born May 2 1926 Died Jan 28 1963 NY S2 US NR WWII
LYNCH, Anna Born infant Died 1929 Possibly twin to Henry
LYNCH, Bridget Spouse of Patrick Born 1861 Died 1931 Mother
LYNCH, C. Ligouri Born Apr 2 1891 Died July 2 1948
LYNCH, Catherine Born 1892 Died 1978
LYNCH, Charles C Born 1880 Died 1953
LYNCH, Charles G Spouse of Elizabeth S Born 1915 Died 1989
LYNCH, Claira H Spouse of Michael J Born 1881 Died 1975
LYNCH, Cornelius Born infant Died 1929
LYNCH, Daniel L Born 1931 Died 1980
LYNCH, David Joseph Born Dec 13 1955 Died Oct 8 1963
LYNCH, Edward Born 1871 Died 1935
LYNCH, Elizabeth S. "Betty" spouse of Charles G. born 5-10-1917 died 8-5-2007 age 90y Dau. of Lou & Elizabeth Horan Snyder b. Andover NY d. Avon NY Wed 8--28-1945 in Andover NY
LYNCH, Francis Xavier Born 1913 infant
LYNCH, George spouse of Betty Jean Barnes born 6-11-1928 died 6-3-2007 Son of Michael V. & Rose Manley Lynch b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-4-1954 U.S. Army
LYNCH, Gertrude L Born 1896 Died 1978
LYNCH, Henry Born infant Died 1926 possibly twin to Anna
LYNCH, Irene D Spouse of James J Born 1892 Died 1966
LYNCH, James J Spouse of Irene D Born 1884 Died 1967
LYNCH, James P Born Nov 8 1917 Died Apr 11 1994 Family of Charles Lynch CDR US Navy Korea
LYNCH, Jean Born 1928 Died 1982
LYNCH, John L Born 1924 Died 1948
LYNCH, Joseph Born Feb 23 1878 Died Oct 16 1934
LYNCH, Joseph Jr. Born Feb 14 1915 Died Dec 2 1987
LYNCH, Kevin Born Oct 1 1930 Died Jan 21 1993 1st LT US Marine Corps Korea
LYNCH, Margaret V Born 1928 Died 1991
LYNCH, Martin Born 1913 Died 1986
LYNCH, Martina J Born 1925 Died 1983
LYNCH, Mary Ellen Born Feb 25 1882 Died Aug 10 1947
LYNCH, Mary K Born 1869 Died 1949
LYNCH, Mary Spouse of Patrick D Born 1838 Died 1905 Mother
LYNCH, Mathew J Born Jan 27 1930 Died Mar 18 2002
LYNCH, Michael J Spouse of Clara H Born 1874 Died 1939
LYNCH, Michael V Born July 11 1887 Died Mar 3 1967 Ny CPL 17 Co 153 Depot Brig WWI
LYNCH, Norbert F Born July 17 1916 Died Apr 30 1995 Family of Charles Lynch
LYNCH, Patrick Cornelius Spouse of Bridget Born 1863 Died 1928
LYNCH, Patrick D Born Oct 6 1926 Died Aug 1 1972
LYNCH, Patrick D Spouse of Mary Born 1835 Died 190? Father
LYNCH, Rita E Born 1919 Died 1929
LYNCH, Rita Elliott Born May 27 1916 Died Oct 17 1986
LYNCH, Rosemary A Born 1921 Died uncut
LYNCH, William J Born 1888 Died 1932
MAPES, Paul L Spouse of Thelma O Born Jan 26 1935 Died June 30 1993 Married June 26 1976
MAPES, Thelma O Meckle Spouse of Paul L Born 1935 Died uncut Our Children JACKSONS-Ernest-Ronald-Roger-Renne-Robin-Scott-Debra-Laurie MAPES Kenneth Roxanne & Rex
McANDREW, Anne D Born 1946
McANDREW, George F Born Aug 27 1925 Died Sept 9 1992 PFC US Army
McANDREW, Hazel E. spouse of Robert P. born 5-20-1918 died 11-11-1976 age
McANDREW, Howard C Spouse of Martha Beverly Born 1918 Died uncut
McANDREW, Howard Charles spouse of Hazel Ella Hulse born 10-24-1918 died 10-17-2009 age 90y Son of George P. & Carrollotta Corwin McAndrew b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1939
McANDREW, Howard Edward Spouse of Teresa Dean Born 1-3-1916 Died, 11-16-2005 Son of Edward & Ella Murray McAndrew b. & d. Andover, N.Y. Wed: 9-12-1940 U.S. Army 333rd Engineers Special Forces WW2
McANDREW, James E Born 1884 Died 1962
McANDREW, Joseph A Born May 3 1917 Died Jan 1 1953 NY Sgt CWS WWII SS PH
McANDREW, Martha Beverly Blenshir Spouse of Howard Born 1935 Died 1993 Together Forever
McANDREW, Nora F Born 1879 Died 1943
McANDREW, Susan Spouse of Thomas J Born Jan 23 1884 Died Apr 6 1949
McANDREW, Teresa Dean Spouse of Howard Edward Born 1916 Died, 12-8-2003
McANDREW, Thomas J Spouse of Susan Born Mar 20 1879 Died Mar 20 1954
McANDREWS, Carolyn Arnold Spouse of James L Born Jan 2 1937 Died uncut Sons Gregory J. & Brian J., wed.22 Dec 1956
McANDREWS, Carrollotta G Spouse of George P Born 1887 Died 1980
McANDREWS, Edward Spouse of Ella Born 1883 Died 1959
McANDREWS, Eleanor Spouse of Leo Born 1909 Died 1981
McANDREWS, Ella Spouse of Edward Born 1895 Died 1956
McANDREWS, George E Spouse of Josephine Born Aug 25 1925 Died Sept 9 1992 PFC US Army
McANDREWS, George P Spouse of Carrollotta Born 1887 Died 1980
McANDREWS, James L Spouse of Carolyn A Born Oct 29 1931 Died uncut Grandchildren Kristin M-James D-Cory M-Kyle J
McANDREWS, Josephine W. spouse of George F. born 5-23-1934 died 10-28-2006 Dau. of Clair J. & Eleanora A. Graff Stickley b. Hornell N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. Wed: 7-5-1958 in Andover N.Y.
McANDREWS, Leo Francis Born Apr 13 1941 Died June 7 1998 Son of Leo & Eleanor McAndrews
McANDREWS, Leo Spouse of Eleanor T Born 1893 Died 1970
McCORMICK, Irene Spouse of Paul J Born 1899 Died 1984
McCORMICK, Isabel Spouse of Stanislaus No dates on stone
McCORMICK, Leon J Spouse of Mary Jane Born 1932 Died uncut
McCORMICK, Mary Jane Spouse of Leon J Born 1937 Died uncut
McCORMICK, Mary Teresa Spouse of Robert Born 1922 Died 2001
McCORMICK, Neil Spouse of Patricia J Born 1928 Died uncut
McCORMICK, Neil Thomas Born 1949 Died 1970
McCORMICK, Patricia J Spouse of Neil Born 1929 Died uncut
McCORMICK, Paul J Spouse of Irene Born 1900 Died 1992
McCORMICK, Robert P. spouse of Mary Teresa Burns born 7-6-1921 died 2-20-2010 age 88y Son of Paul J. & Irene Bess McCormick b. Hornell NY d. Greenwood NY Wed 11-3-1945 in Andover NY
McCORMICK, Stanislaus Spouse of Isabel Born 1853 Died 1926
McDONOUGH, Anne Kane Spouse of William Born 1851 Died 1939
McDONOUGH, Edward born 7/16/1944 died 3/14/2014 age 69y Son of James & Rose Ellen Casey McDonough b. & d. Andover NY
McDONOUGH, Ellen Casey Born 1906 Died 1959
McDONOUGH, James L Born Apr 1 1898 Died May 17 1985 PVT US Marine Corps WWI
McDONOUGH, James William Born 1942 Died 1964
McDONOUGH, Margaret Born 1892 Died 1957
McDONOUGH, William Spouse of Anne Kane Born 1839 Died 1932 165 Regt NY Vol Civil War
McGEE, Cecelia A Born 1911 Died 1996
McGEE, William Born 1912 Died 1979
McGINTY, Catherine Born 1853 Died 1951
McKINLEY, Francis L Spouse of Mary E Born 1905 Died 1981
McKINLEY, John E. Spouse of Marge Born 9-27-1938 Died 7-23-2003 Age 64y son of Francis and Mary McKinley
McKINLEY, Joseph F Born Dec 8 1932 Died Dec 22 1969 PFC US Army Korea
McKINLEY, Mary E Spouse of Francis L Born 1911 Died 1992
MEAD, Elizabeth J Spouse of Purdy Avery Born 1901 Died 1981
MEAD, Purdy Avery Spouse of Elizabeth J Born 1902 Died 1978
MECKLE, George H Spouse of Melba E Born 1912 Died 1969
MECKLE, Mary Margo Born Feb10 1948 Died Feb 10 1948 Our Daughter Dau of George & Melba Meckle
MECKLE, Melba E Spouse of George H Born 1915 Died 1997
MERCIER, Nina T Born Oct 8 1974 Died Nov 22 1974
MILLINGTON, Gertrude O'Connell Born 1011 Died 1988
MULCAKY, Kathryn Gallagher Born 1893 Died 1941
MULCANY, Daniel H Born 1887 Died 1965
MURRAY, Isabel E Spouse of Thomas J Born 1896 Died 1961
MURRAY, Thomas J Spouse of Isabel E Born 1890 Died 1970
NEVILLE, Julia M Joyce Born 1911 Died 1990 Dau of Bartley & Pearl M Joyce
NIEDERMAIER, Adolph C. Spouse of Laura E. Born 7-26-1927 Died 1-27-2004 son of Max & Pauline Stadley Niedermaier
NIEDERMAIER, Marlene Age infant dau of Adolph C. Niedermaier
NIEDERMAIER, Max Spouse of Pauline Born 1897 Died 1984
NIEDERMAIER, Pauline Spouse of Max Born 1896 Died 1981
O'BOYLE, Mary D Born 1872 Died 1954
O'BOYLE, Raymond Born 1911 Died 1962
O'CONNELL, Genevieve Died 1905
O'CONNELL, Minnie R Born 1877 Died 1967
O'CONNELL, William A Born 1870 Died 1935
O'CONNER, Mary C Born 1896 Died 1988
PADDEN, Augustine D Spouse of Gertrude F Born 1909 Died 1994
PADDEN, Edward F Spouse of Margaret H Born 1869 Died 1951
PADDEN, Edward J Born 1896 Died 1981
PADDEN, Gerald W "Jug" Born Jan 27 1941 Died Jan 26 2003 Age 61y May He Rest In Peace
PADDEN, Gertrude F Spouse of Augustine D Born 1913 Died 1991
PADDEN, Helen M Spouse of Laurence P Born 1917 Died 1999
PADDEN, John H Born 1905 Died 1932
PADDEN, John M Born 1928 Died 1961 Son of Sarah S SGT WWII
PADDEN, Joseph L Born 1895 Died 1969
PADDEN, Laurence P Spouse of Helen M Born 1914 Died 1979
PADDEN, Louis F Born 1901 Died 1952
PADDEN, Margaret H Spouse of Edward F Born 1867 Died 1949
PADDEN, Sarah Born 1907 Died 1989
PATTEN, John Born 1882 Died 1941
PETERMANN, Herwig F Born 1932 Died 1974
PETERMANN, Maria Spouse of Wilhelm Born 1903 Died 2001
PETERMANN, Wilhelm Spouse of Maria Born 1901 Died 1963
POLEMENI, Frank L Born 1880 Died 1976
POLMATER, Robert L Born Dec 2 1923 Died Oct 16 1963 NY Tec 5 486 Ord. Evac Co WWII
PRIOR, Gordon M Sr. Spouse of Sophie T Born May 23 1921 Died Nov 20 1998
PRIOR, Sophie T Spouse of Gordon M Sr. Born 1919 Died 1991
QUIGG, John A Spouse of Rose A Born 1867 Died 1944
QUIGG, Rose A Spouse of John A Born 1877 Died 1958
RAUFENBARTH, Frank J Spouse of Mathilda B Born 1858 Died 1977 Father
RAUFENBARTH, Leo Spouse of Nettie Born 1885 Died 1960
RAUFENBARTH, Mathilda B Spouse of Frank J Born 1860 Died 1943 Mother
RAUFENBARTH, Nettie Spouse of Leo Born 1886 Died 1951
REGAN, Elizabeth G Born 1887 Died 1954
REGAN, Laurella Born 1923 Died 1977
REGAN, T Lester Born Oct 13 1920 Died Aug 14 1999
REGAN, Thomas K Born 1870 Died 1942
REINSCHMIDT, Joseph A Born Sept 15 1940 Died Dec 20 1997 A3C US Air Force
REISMAN, Maurice Spouse of Rachel A Born 1919 Died 1990
REISMAN, Peggy Jean(Baby) Born June 26 1942 Died Jan 1 1943 Dau of Maurice & Rachel Reisman
REISMAN, Rachel A Spouse of Maurice Born 1924 Died uncut Together Forever
REISMANN, Carleton A Spouse of Louise H Born 1915 Died 1993
REISMANN, Gregory Born 1956 Died 1994 Our Son Carleton & Louise Reismann
REISMANN, Louise H Spouse of Carleton A Born 1917 Died 2002 Together Forever
RICE, Ella B Born 1909 Died 1997
RICHARDSON, Anna G Born 1895 Died 1987
RICHARDSON, John P Spouse of Mary Alice Born July 10 1926 Died Jan 10 1997 Maple City Police PFC US Army WWII
RICHARDSON, Mary Alice spouse of John P. born 1-19-1932 died 12-2-2007 age 75y Dau. of Lloyd & Martha Dunham Driscoll b. Hornell NY d. Andover NY Wed 10-18-1952 in Andover NY
RICHARDSON, Max A Born Dec 17 1896 Died Mar 31 1974
RICHARDSON, Porter W Spouse of Regina P Born 1893 Died 1974
RICHARDSON, Regina P Spouse of Porter Born 1896 Died 1970
ROSE, Veronica McAndrews Spouse of James P Born 1939 Died 1979 Beloved Wife of
RYAN, Etta R Spouse of Paul R Born 1926 Died 1994
RYAN, Lois A Born 1937 Died 1994
RYAN, Paul R Spouse of Etta R Born 1925 Died 1989
SAMUELSON, Lena E Fischer Born 1908 Died 1999
SCHRADER, Richard C. spouse of Sarah Piampiano born 8/8/1920 died 7/6/2013 age 92y Son of Carl A. & Anna Bennett Schrader b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-17-1948 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Air Forces WW2 as a radar man for weather missions over Japan Mariana Islands & Tinian Island
SCHRADER, Sarah B. spouse of Richard C. born 9-9-1919 died 1-14-2011 age 91y Dau. of Peter & Frances DeAngelo Piampiano b. Avon NY d. Andover NY Wed 1-17-1948 in Andover NY
SHELLMAN, Claude L "Zeke" Spouse of Madalin M Born Aug 3 1925 Died Feb 13 1998 TEC 4 US Army WWII Purple Heart
SHELLMAN, Madalin M Spouse of Claude L Born 1916 Died 1998 Safely Home
SLADE, Mary Katherine Cannon Spouse of Raymond P. "Sam" Born July 12 1927 Died June 3 2003
SLADE, Raymond P. ["Sam"] Spouse of Mary Katherine CANNON Born 8-17-1927 Died 3-22-2003 Age 75y Son of Theodore Kendall "Pete" & Mary Julia (Donovan) Slade, "Sam", b. Stamford-CT, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 7-24-1951, NYS Policeman, Vet-WWII US Marine Corps
SMITH, Agnes L Born 1877 Died 1957
SMITH, Donald M Spouse of Kathryn E Born 1900 Died 1973
SMITH, Elaine Grace spouse of Michael J. born 12/6/1938 died 2/9/2013 age 74y Dau of Bernard C. & Marguerite G. Brandes Fanton b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-1969 in Andover NY
SMITH, Joseph F Born Sept 24 1932 Died June 8 1961 NY PVT US Army Korea
SMITH, Kathryn E Spouse of Donald M Born 1911 Died 1994
SMITH, Mary Monica Spouse of Robert F Born 1916 Died 1973
SMITH, Robert F Spouse of Mary Monica Born 1912 Died 1973 Jesus have mercy on us
SNYDER, Elizabeth A Born 1884 Died 1971
SNYDER, Lou Born 1883 Died 1958
SNYDER, Louis H Spouse of Pearl Born 1911 Died 1996
SNYDER, Pearl Spouse of Louis H Born 1923 Died uncut
STARR, Debbie Lynn Died May 17 1955
STARR, Helena M Born 1930 Died 1993
STARR, Joseph Jr. Born 1958 Died 1984
STARR, Joseph Sr. Born 1932 Died 1979
STARR, Mary F Born 1907 Died 1982
STARR, Michael Wade Died July 12 1958
STARR, Stephen Born May 8 1898 Died Sept 8 1953 Connecticut S2 US Navy WWI
STOCUM, Mary Born 1935 Died 1995
TEMPLE, Esther M Spouse of Ralph E Born 1895 Died 1989
TEMPLE, Ralph E Spouse of Esther M Born 1894 Died 1944
TOBIN, Therese M Spouse of Vincent J Born 1913 Died 2001
TOBIN, Vincent J Spouse of Therese M Born 1905 Died 1980
UNKNOWN, Casey & Leahy No further info available
WAHL, Patricia Spouse of William S Born 1924 Died 2001
WAHL, Patrick Henry Born Sept. 1961 Died Sept.1961 Our Son Son of William & Patricia Wahl
WAHL, William J Born 1947 Died 1984
WAHL, William S Spouse of Patricia Born Dec 2 1918 Died Dec 29 1988 S2 US Navy WWII
WALSH, Cathrian G Spouse of Edward M Born 1892 Died 1951
WALSH, Edward M Spouse of Cathrian G Born 1891 Died 1951
WALSH, Ellen C Born 1902 Died 1975
WALSH, Ellen Lynch Born 1859 Died 1855
WATERS, John Francis Born 1968 Died 1970
WERELEY, Abbie J Spouse of Dalton A Born 1908 Died 1978
WERELEY, Berneata Spouse of George A Born 1910 Died 1979
WERELEY, Dalton A Spouse of Abbie J Born 1907 Died 1987
WERELEY, George A Spouse of Berneata Born 1906 Died 1951
WERELEY, William D. Born 10-12-1945 Died 6-8-2006 Age 60y Son of Dalton A. & Abbie Jane Savey Wereley b. Elmira, N.Y. d. St. Cloud, Fla. U.S. Naval Reserve
WIESZCZYK, Christine Spouse of Martin V Born 1955 Died uncut
WIESZCZYK, Martin Jason Born 1977 Died 1987 Son of Martin & Christine Wieszczyk
WIESZCZYK, Martin V Jr Spouse of Christine Born 1944 Died uncut
WILSON, Robert D Born Mar 9 1947 Died July 7 1985 SGT US Air Force Vietnam
WILSON, Veronica M Spouse of William E Born 1923 Died uncut
WILSON, William E Spouse of Veronica M Born 1915 Died 1983
WINTEMBERG, Susan A Spouse of Louis Born 1928 Died 1983
WINTEMBERG,Louis Spouse of Susan A Born 1928 Died uncut
WOLCOTT, Isabell B Spouse of John N Born 1920 Died 1984
WOLCOTT, John N Spouse of Isabell B Born July 11 1917 Died Oct 15 1993 BM1 US Navy WWII
YORK, Richard J Spouse of Rosemarie E Born 1930 Died 1997
YORK, Rosemarie E Spouse of Richard J Born 1931 Died 1989

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