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Long Article about 1880 History of village by Walter F Stiles

Walter F Stiles of Orlando Fla a native of Friendship has kindly consented to tell readers about early history of the village.
As of 1880 Friendship was strictly a farm village. All of the pertinent activities related to farms and farm products and all its exports were farmproducts.The only manufactured article I can think of which was sold out of town was Professor Wasson's patent cattle stations which he made in a small shop inDogtown and sold sold over a large area.There was a grist mill with three sets of stones one set for wheat flour, andtwo sets for corn and stock feed.Later a roller mill was added for wheat flour and a rollar mill for buckwheat.

The grist mill was operated largely by water power.There was a dam in the creek and a millrace to the mill. Between the dam and the mill was an offset to apond for the storage of water. The pond was back of the residences on East Main Street and afforded good iceskating in the winter. It was a small bysdelight but when the ice became a foot thick along came the ice men and cut it out for storage in ice houses and this was bad from a boy's point of view. Anothergood thing about this mill was that below the dam in the creek was a swimming hole one end of which was ten feet deep.Then there was the saw mill right in the center of the village. It was located on West Water Street just beyond the old carriage shop which later became known as the Pigs Ear. This was not one of those portable wood butcheries but an honest to goodness steam fed saw mill and in the spring of the year logswould be piled clear out into the edge of the street. The mill cut up about the last of the big white pines that this section was noted for in earlier days.

There was a cheese box factory that turned out forty to fifty thousand boxes a season such season being from April 1st to Nov 1st. In connection with thisshop was a cooperage that made 20 to 30 thousand apple barrels. The output depended on the crop and price of apples.Nearly every farmer and particularly the hill farmers had orchards and to many of them apples were an all important crop. This box and barrel business wasowned by the firm of Morse Cross and Rices who also owned a hardware store and tin shop. The partners were Sidney P. Morse, Theron C. Cross, Ward W. Riceand Herman Rice. Mr. Cross withdrew and migrated to the west later returning and engaging in the insurance business. Messrs. Rice who were interested inseveral farms and cheese factories gave their attention to other matters including the founding of the Citizen's National Bank and also withdrew. The firm becameMorse and Willis the new partner being Walter C.Willis formerly of Belfast. Incidently in due course he married the senior partner's daughter.

The hardware store had an unusual tin shop where they made buckets,quart measures, cheese vats, stove pipes, etc. all the hand driven gimmicks. The mastermechanic was one Sam Hancock and he surly knew his stuff.A man named Green had a wagon shop on West Water Street but the only products I can remember seeing was bobsleds. Jack Fisher had an iron foundry near where the Sash and Blind factory was later built. He cast plow points and small articles mostly for repair work. Another activity was the blacksmith shops. There was at least four. One of the most active was on East Main Street and was operated by Gardiner Wells and Jason N Britton. They catered largely to the farmtrade and one item that interested me as a boy was setting tires. In the heat of that summer the wooden part of a wagon wheel would shrink and the iron tire would expand. The remedy was to take off the iron tire cut a little peice out of it and then weld it together again. To get it back on the wheel they would build a fire on the ground and heat the whole tire good and hot; put it on the wheel while hot and then pour water on to cool it and shrink it Of coursethey had hammers and tongs for this purpose.

The dean of the horse shoers was Dan Corbin who had a shop on West Water Street and specialized in racing horse shoes. He made fancy lightweight shoespolished them and sometimes had them plated. The real big industry of the town and surounding communities was the manufacture of cheese. There was a factory about a hundred yards north of the East end of the Main Street bridge one at Nile, one at Cuba Summit and one two and one half miles east of the village on the old road that went over the hill to Belmont. I remember this one was run by a man named Blossom who had a good looking burnette daughter. The factory in the village was operated by a Mr. Gilbert who was a nice man who would sometimes give a boy a handful of cheese curd. His son Floyd was one of the good students in the local school.Most of the cheeses were in large size weighing 55 to 60 pounds and were intended for export to England.Frank Stevens had a warehouse on East Water Street where he did a thriving business in dealing in hides and wool sometimes shipping wool in carload lots. I have enumerated these activities to prove my original pitch that Friendship was primarily a farm town. Sometime I will tell you about the things thathappened after the oil boom that struck Richburg.
End of article

1892 scrapboook Friendship NY

May 16 Rev Gilbert De Lanaty died at Arkon,Ohio
May 19, The Congregational play the Dees and 20 trick skulls at Academy Hall with sucessIsaac Willett died at Belmont
May 22 Rev J J Brayton preachs his initial sermon at the Universalist Church.
Jessie Davis Rogers died at Nile
May 23 Johnson Higgins died
June 1 Temp rose to 88 degrees
June 3 Masonic Banquet at the temperance rooms
June 7 Dr C C Deming appointed constable by the town board
Born to Mr and Mrs Manley Hobart a boy
June 8 Ashley Seamon arrested at Friendship by officer D H Norton for theft He then attempted suicide in Angelica jail he was convicted and sent to the pententiary He is the first case of conviction for attemted sucidie recorded
Henry Crandell of Little Genese died
June 9 Great rainfall in several parts of Allegany County The streets in Friendship have flooded and a bridge at Hume swept away drowning four men
June 11 A son born to Mr and Mrs Frank Pettebone
Charles Kellog married to Miss Ella Newton

July 10 Rev T J Bissell preached his last sermon as presiding elder at the Methodist church
July 12 Mrs George Swarthout receives from the Macabees 2000 dollars insurance on her husband's life
July 17 Dr Minor Baldwin gives a praise service at the Baptist church
July 19 Demorcratic medal contest Ferris Whiteford the victor
July 22 Henry Foster falls off a load of hay injured himself severely.The probate of A W Minor will resisted before Judge Norton
July 23 H C Frick manager of the steel works at Homestead shot and stabbed
July 26 The barn on the premises occupied by Leander Howard burned.
July 26 Fred E Conderman of Hornellsville wed to Miss E Belle Merriman until lately a resident of Friendship
July 27 Mrs Parkhurst house burned
July 26 Rev M B Kelley ordained to the pastoate of the 7 Day Baptist church
July 29 Weather intensely hot 185 cases of heat sickness in NYC
July 29 Mrs Marion Baxter of Charlotte Mich lectured in Friendship in the interest of temperance
July 30 William H Stillman wed to Miss Olive Clark

1893 Friendship paper

The name of paper not given
Jan 2 Mr and Mrs John Garthwalt celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage.
Jan 4 Charles Peterson the only son of William Peterson of Friendship was killed at Buffalo by the cars.Rufas Gardner died.
Jan 5 Daniel C Miner died
Jan 8 The Morse and Willis manufacturing co formed
Jan 10 Joel W Scott was married to Mrs Alice Stout
Jan 12 Calvin Wheeler and wife of Wirt Center celebrated their golden anniversary
Jan 16 Jonas Jordan of Riebburg died at an insane asylum
Jan 17 Mrs Kate Wellman offers the YMCA the free use of her rooms over Wales store
Jan 18 Mrs Truman Pierce of Richburg dies
Jan 19 Son born to Mr and Mrs George Miller of Friendship
Jan 20 Mr and Mrs A L Elliott thrown from her cutter and seriously injuried
Jan 28 Surrogate Norton makes a decision sustaining A W Miner's will in all its parts.Surveyors are at work locating a new route for the C.N.Y.& W RR
Jan 28 Martin Sott died

Hiram Dimick a much respected citizen of Wirt dies 3 Feb
Veteran Daniel McCarthy died 7 Feb He was a member of the 136th Inantry Co K and a private
Mrs. John Colligan dies 9 Feb
Michael McLaughlin buried in Catholic Cem in Friendship 11 FebScarlet fever is all around
Floyd W Vorheis married to Miss May Brisco Feb 14th
Mrs. R. Cherryman dies in her home at Hinsdale Feb 14th
David Adams while on his way to Belfast with a team was thrown into White Creek 15th Feb
Feb 16th Allegany County teachers association began in Friendship
Feb 19th a blizzard prevails thermonter below zero
Feb 20 John C Rogers father of Jessie Rogers and T H B Rogers dies
Feb 21 Rev. James Pummerbell died at his home in Alfred and Many Hobart nominated
Feb 22 Pupils of Friendship Academy celebrate Washington's birthday
Feb 22 Eugene M Phinney married to Miss Harriet B Cleveland
Feb 22 George A Scott married to Miss Lottie Webster of Wellsville
Feb 26 Daniel Dennison Gardiner treasurer of Allegany Co for 38 years died He was the oldest member of the Allgany F&A and M 225 of Friendship
Feb 26 News received here of the death of James Coon at Tucson Arizona

March 2nd Judge Morton solicited by members of individuals to appoint them to the office of treasuer
March 4th Charles Ricker of Illinois appointed County treasurer by Judge Norton
March 4 Washington R Steenrod married to Mrs Elizabeth Scott
March 4 An Eire frieght train ran off the track just west of Belvidere wrecking all 8 cars
March 5 Rev. D Thomas R Williams Professor of Theology at Alfred University died
March 6 R O Smith once a sucessful merchant of Olean died in Cleveland
March 7th Mrs N.D.Witter of Little Geneese buried in Friendship
March 7 R D Rowley elected as superinvisor
March 9 Mrs. Angelica Watson died at Lilly Dale buried at Friendship
March 9 The Eire signal tower burned
March 10 The well known business firm of J Hoyt and Co disolved
March 13 Howard Vicent infant son of Dr and Mrs Ada Vincent buried at Hinsdale
March 14 The Farmers Club held at Cuba
March 16 Miss Mary Niver married to Mr Hollis Newton
March 18 A son is born to Mr and Mrs E G Latta
March 19 Rev F M Alvord celebrated his 70th birthday at Westfield Pa
March 21 A Streeter died
March 24 Miss Jessie Amsden died
March 25 Honorable M M Congdan ends his vote for the Sheehan Sneak Police Bill
March 30 A son was born to Mr and Mrs G W Burdick of Wirt Center
March 30 A son is born to Rev J F Deer and wife
March 30 Mary C Jordan dies
June 4 Fred Carryer of Wirt seriously injuried by falling in front of the wheel of a loaded wagon
June 10 Abram Folsom died at Belfast
June 12 A boy born to Professor T H Armstrong and wife
June 13 A G Purple spiritualist died at Lilly Dale
June 14 closing exercises at Friendship Academy and Union School
June 15 Charles H Bracey married to Miss Nettie A Wells at Utopia
June 15 Murray Collins married to Miss Leana Grames
June15 Cheese sold for 8 and three eights cent
June 16 Masonic Banquet at American Hotel
June 20 Middaugh Co opens the season at Bolivar
June 26 Burglers at work in Friendship
June 28 Ex prisoners of war meet at Friendship
June 28 A Miner Wellman married Miss Hattie Baldwin at Saxtons River Vermont
June 30 Louis Eugene Hart died

scrapbook Friendship Ny 14 Feb 1901

W A Hart returned from Kane Pa Monday where he visited his daughter Mrs FredMoser
Dr. C.C.Demming is confined to his home with a severe attack of pneumonia
Miss Belle Sayre spent Sunday in Buffalo
Mrs L C Scott visited friends in Cuba last week
L J Prescott went to Towands Monday to oversee the manufacture of the OceanWave Spring
Miss Lillian Hosley returned to Boston last week
Miss Mary Bockoven of Cuba is visiting friends in town
Miss Floy Tefft of Belmont has refused an officer to a postion as a teacherin the Philippines
Miner Wellman was home from Albany Sunday to visit his family

scrapbook Lewis Rice editor Frienship Ny 21 Feb 1901

David Dougherty has just completed an oil well on the John Jordan farm which promises to be a good producer
Starr & Foster expect to open their new store next Tuesday\

scrapbook Lewis Rice editor Friendship Ny 28 Feb 1901

A jolly crowd of Friendship sightseers came over Monday evening to see the dam and enjoy a sleighride. They registered and had supper at the Belmont in
the following order, H.A.Corbin,J.F.Rice,F.E. Howard, T J Rose, J S Robinson, R D Rowley, and F R Utter and their respective betterhalves Dode Rose having
been a former resident of this town acted as chaperone and showed the company the beautiful winter scenery around the dam, and Crabtree pond Belmont Courier
The musical Literary club meets with C A Lane 1st March Mr and Mrs William Foster of Leroy have been visiting his parents Mr and Mrs Henry Foster here

scrapbook 18 April 1901 Friendship,NY

Miss Tollis Compton left Monday for Gowanda where she is employed as a teacher
Edward Green of Utopia and Maude Mix of Richburg were married Sunday
Roy Wellman came home Tuesday to spend the summer.
The fire escapes which have been needed at the school house for some time have arrived and are now in place.
A bad freight wreck occurred at Belvidere Wednesday night when 17 freight cars went through the bridge into Van Campen creek. Many visitors came to see the wreck.
V A Willard of the Belmont Courier was a caller in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Reid of Salamanca was a guest of her mother Mrs D C Chadwick,Tuesday.
June 1 Daniel Todd married to Miss May Hammond

scrapbook 3 Jan 1902 Friendship NY Lewis C Rice editor

Dr. N.H.Fuller now occupies the old building which was recently vacated by Dr  Burlingame
A few of the young people of this village drove to Angelica Tuesday evening to attend a New Years eve dance.
Dr and Mrs J.F. Wardner gave a select dancing party in Starr Hall Wednesday evening in honor of her cousin Miss Crandall of Buffalo
The citizens of North Branch and White Creek are forming a co-operative telephone company Their lines will run in connection with the Friendship Co.
Hon. S M Norton and James T Ward have formed a coopartnership for the practice of law at this place. The firm name will be Norton & Ward.
Miss Mary Ballard of Port Alleganey Pa is home for a six weeks vacation

scrapbook1902 continued Jan 21 1902

Charles F Fuller has entered into a partnership with Ralph Jordan in the grocery business
Joseph Gorton Jr has just published a fine new song entitled Ill love you always,It ranks well among Mr Gortons compositions and is being received with great favor
Bert Nugent had the misfortune to sever the top of his thumb last Thursday while at work at the Sash and Blind factory
A census just completed shows the population of Friendship is nearly 1,3000.

Lewis Rice editor Friendship Ny 31 Jan 1902

Morris Unger local clothier is retiring from business and closing his stock George R Coons of this place and Miss Bessie Moran of Wellsville were united in marriage 17 Jan
We are informed that William Stevens of Cuba will soon start a clothing store nbin part of Latta Bros.Bicycle shop
Dr C C Deming is the owner of a new Portland cutter.It is the finist in town

scrapbook 24 Jan 1902 Lewis Rice editor Friendship NY

According to the census of the US is 75,994,575
Ed Tyrell age 32 who had been making his home with Mr. and Mrs Michael McCarty on North Branch Rd died of consumption
R.B.Luce is filling his ice house this week
Marshall Clayson and Miss Iva Rogers of Cuba were married Sunday by Rev J W Sanborn
The Erie Railroad in response to a polite hint of the Board of supervisors at its December meeting has established a public comfort dept at Friendship station.
Farmer John Donigan who has occupied Judge Norton's big farm for a dozen years will leave it for a residence in the village Mark Norton will take his place
Frank Burlingame was called home from Buffalo Sunday by the sudden death of his father Dr M.D.Burlingame
The engagement of Miss Isabelle Elliott and Horace Dudley has been announced
Mrs Hannah Utter and Ambrose were united in marriage Saturday evening

Feb 7th 1902 Lewis Rice editor scrapbook

Norton W Burdick age 74 died Monday am Surving are 2 daughters Mrs Isis A Merriam and Mrs Nettie Post both of this village
The Misses Kate Keenan and Pearl Leonard entertained members of the Pedro Club Wed evening in Starr Hall First favors were won by Myron Davis and Mrs Lewis Rice second by John Howe and Miss Leonard
The Aerplane a comic opera by Joseph Gorton Jr will be produced by local talent in April
The Eire RR has changed its subdivisions for track supervision making two sections of the Allegany division. W H Costigan of this village will have charge of the second division Cuba to Dunkirk with headquarters in Salmanca. He will move there as soon as possible as soon as a suitable house is found.
No school Monday due to be snowed in
The J R Wellman Hook and Ladder Co No 1 will hold an all night hop in Crandell Hall Feb 10 to raise money to purchase new uniforms

scrapbook 18 April 1902 Lewis C Rice editor

Jordan and company are paying 14 cents a dozen for eggs in trade
Mr and Mrs Charles Guildford are parents of a daughter born last week.
R.D.Rowley has purchased the Mulkin & Miner lot known as the cheese factory lot on Elm Street and will soon build a residence.
The graduating clas of 1902 is composed of the following Elizabeth McGraw, Agnes L.Jordan,Vinnie L. Austin, Harley McGinnis,William B. Hanks, and Rex E.Willlard.
The faculty of Friendship Central School for next year is as follows W. W. Miller principal,Catherine McKay preceptress for the various grades,MayL.Frary,Elsie Gould, Mary Hammond, Lotta Hobart, Agnes Keenan and Jennie Mason. There is one vacancy to fill.
C.A. Fox has closed his meat market on West Main Street and moved to Bolivar where he will continue his meat business.

scrapbook Friendship NY 1 Aug 1902

Ping Pong the popular game is on sale at Masons Pharmacy
Eugene Wilcox has purchased the John Baker house on lower Main Street
Walter F Stiles has returned to Hartford Conn.
Samuel Ruse a former resident here is renewing acquaintances with old friends
Miss Lillian Deming daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C C Deming passed away last Monday
Hallie McKee was at San Francisco Calif last week

23 Nov 1916 Friendship NY Scrapbook

Died at his home on West Main St Tuesday at 530 pm Tuesday afternoon our beloved citizen Mr Joseph Gorton
Mr and Mrs Leslie LeSuer have returned from their wedding trip and are at home with Mrs LaSuers father Mrs E J Norton ,West Main street
Mr and Mrs BF Drake have recently returned from visiting their son Carey at Cornell University and Mr and Mrs E G Latta of Syracuse NY Mr and Mrs Drake witnessed the Cornell Michigan football 11 November at Ithaca
With this issue the Friendship Register changes hands.We trust the same courteous treatment and liberal support will be extended to our sucessor Charles
Raymond Stout that has been accorded to us.We thank our patrons and friends for their kindly attitude and loyalty future favors for our sucessor D M and M H Todd
Baptist church fair coming soon

28 Dec 1916 Friendship NY Scrapbook

Leslie Champlin is now employed in Gary Ind and is home for the holidays
George Hanks a Friendship product and now attending Syracuse University is home for Christmas cheer
Frank Miller who this year will complete his course in electrical engineering at Washington DC is spending the holidays at the home of his parents Mr and Mrs George Miller.
Charles Hyde employed by the B & S at Galeton,Pa is back to the scenes of his childhood for his share of the seasons merriment.
W A Hart returned from Kane Pa Monday where he visited his daughter Mrs Fred Moser
Dr. C.C.Demming is confined to his home with a severe attack of pneumonia
Miss Belle Sayre spent Sunday in Buffalo
Mrs L C Scott visited friends in Cuba last week
L J Prescott went to Towands Monday to oversee the manufacture of the Ocean Wave Spring
Miss Lillian Hosley returned to Boston last week
Miss Mary Bockoven of Cuba is visiting friends in town
Miss Floy Tefft of Belmont has refused an officer to a postion as a teacher in the Philippines
Miner Wellman was home from Albany Sunday to visit his family

Gertrude B. McHenry Potter was born at Alfred Station, N.Y., January 14, 1882, and died at Alfred Station July 6,1907, at the age of 25 years, 5 months and 18days. When 16 years old Gertrude made a profession of her faith in her Savior, and was accordingly admitted by baptism into the fellowship of the Second Alfred Seventh-day Baptist church, of which she remained a most loyal member until the time of her death.
On the 5th of August 1902, she was united in marriage to Clarence Darwin Potter. Among the most beautiful things told of her in her married life was the tender regard and devotion which she paid to her husband and which he in turn always reciprocated. During these short years they were indeed lovers of the most noble type. To their home came two beautiful children, Doris Elizabeth and Reta Eloise, to whom the loss of the mother will be, felt more in after years.
Gertrude was a sweet, loving Christian character. She was patient, kind and tender both as a wife and mother. Her early death is and will be felt keenly, not only by her husband, but by her father and mother to whom she has been even during her married life, a helpful companion. She leaves to mourn her loss besides her husband and parents, two brothers, Cecil and Clifford and two sisters, Mrs. Flora Mae Jordan and Mrs. Ethel Smith, with a large circle of other relatives and friends.
Funeral services were conducted from her late home and the Second Alfred Church Sabbath afternoon, July 6 with the text found in II Cor. 5:8. The many beautiful floral tributes and the large concourse of friends showed the high regard in which she was held.

Flora, the oldest child of Marcus P. and Prudence Thomas McHenry, was born at Alfred Station, Feb. 14, 1874. Her brothers and sisters were Clifford now of Little Valley; Ethel, now Mrs. Adorno Smith of Bradford; Cecil, of Alfred Station; and Gertrude, who died a number of years ago.
In early life, Flora was baptised and united with the church at Alfred Station. In January 1897, she united in marriage with Miles Jordan. To this union were born four children-Rema, Leon, Marion and Richard. Mrs. Jordan was a member of the Rebecca lodge and of the Bible Class of East Benton Pa, where the family lived for a number of years. Recently they had moved to Jermyn Pa. For several months Mrs. Jordan had not been well. Recently on her way to visit her parents at Alfred Station she became very ill and stopped off at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Mary Congdon, of Vestal N.Y. She died at the home of her aunt Friday, November 18 in the forty-eighth year of her age.
Farwell services were conducted by Rev. Wm. M. Simpson at the home of her parents Monday afternoon and the body was tenderly laid to rest in the Alfred Rural Cemetery.
A host of friends and relatives united with the family in mourning her death and in paying tribute to one whom we all loved and admired.
"Chance and change are busy ever:
Man decays and ages move;
But his mercy waneth never;
God is wisdom, God is Love"

Prudence Thomas McHenry was the daughter of Abial Thomas and Jane Stillman Thomas. She was born at Alfred Station, Oct. 31, 1850, and lived her entire life in the town of Alfred. Fifty-four years ago last February, she was united in marriage to Marcus P. McHenry. This union was blessed by seven children. Jennie and Eliza died in childhood. Gertrude passed away a number of years ago, Flora, who was Mrs. Miles Jordan, died in November 1921. Those who survive are Clifford McHenry of Little Valley, N.Y.; Mrs. Ethel M. Smith of Bradford, Pa; and Mrs. Cecil McHenry of Alfred Station.
February 27, 1919, Mr. & Mrs. McHenry celebrated their golden wedding. A large number of friends were present to enjoy the festivities of that occasion.
For forty-five years Mrs. McHenry was a member of the Second Alfred Seventh Day Baptist Church. She was a woman of many deeds of neighborly kindness. She was a member of the Doris Sunshine Society and of the Union Industrial Society.
For a few years Mrs. McHenry had been in failing health. She passed away rather suddenly the morning of May 1, over 72 years of age. A large company of friends gathered at the home Friday afternoon for farewell services. The pastor’s text was: "Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful in a few things, I will set thee over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Buriel was made in Alfred Rural Cemetery.
Mrs. McHenry is survived by one brother R.N. Thomas, of Hornell and by two sisters, Mrs. Lottie Green of Hornell and Mrs. Mry Congdon of Vestal, N.Y.; and also bu the husband and three children, and ten grandchildren. These all have our sincere ____(corner torn off) in their bereavement.

Rowland N Thomas, 75 years old of No. 16 Adsit place died this morning at Bethesda Hospital where he had been a patient for a short time. His death marks the passing of another of the old Erie employees with more than half a century of servicve to the road. This was his 58th year with the railroad. Mr. Thomas was born in the town of Alfred, January 10, 1853. He has resided in Hornell for more than 50 years. He first went to work for the Erie in December 1870 as a Brakeman. He was promoted to freight conductor in 1877 and again promoted to the passenger service in July of 1885. Here he continued faithfully in the pursuit of his duty and became a familiar figure on passenger trains 25 and 26 between Hornell and Salamanca. He was familiarly known as "Doc" to hundreds of friends and associates and in 1920 gained recognition in the Erie magazine for having rounded out over 50 years of service.
While well qualified for retirement, Mr. Thomas continued in the railroad service to within a short time of his death.
He is survived b his two daughters, Mrs. Stewart Carroll of Rochester and Mrs. Harry Jordon of Bradford, Pa. on son, Louis N Thomas of Horseheads; two sisters, Mrs. Mary J Congdon of Vestal, N.Y. and Mrs Charlotte M. Green of Albion street, this city, besides three grandchildren. He was amemeber of the Prk M.E. Church and the Order of Railroad Conductors and the Erie Veterans Association.
The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at two O’clock at the lat home # 16 Adsit Place. Internment will be made at ___(torn) Alfred Rural cem (torn).

Marcus Peck McHenry, son of Charles P. and Adelade McHenry, was born March 11,1851, in the town of Avoca, and died at the home of his son Clifford, at Little Valley.He was married to Prudence M Thomas, February 27, 1869. To them were born seven children, Jennie and Eliza, who died in childhood, Mrs. Flora Jordan who died in 1921, Mrs. Clarence Potter who died July 3, 1907; Clifford C. who resides in Little Valley, Mrs. Ethel N Smith of Bradford, Pa, and Mr. Cecil F. of Alfred Station.
Mrs. McHenry died May 1, 1923.
On March 4, 1925, Mr. McHenry was married to Allie Palmer of Alfred, now of Riverside, California. With the declining health of both himself and Mrs. McHenry, Mr. McHenry was brought back from California more than a year ago and given faithful care in the homes of his sons, Cecil and Clifford. He was well known in this community, having speant the greater part of his life her. For many years he was an efficient foreman on the Erie Railroad, where he rendered faithful service to the traveling public in making safe his section of the highway.

Alma Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Rolland (spelled incorrectly) A. & Ann Crandall Thomas, was born at Alfred, N.Y. June 22 1857. And passed to her rest early Sunday morning May 8, 1932. In her early youth she united with the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Alfred and remained a faithful member of the denomination through life.
Her youthful marriage to Oliver C. Pierce was solemized by Pastor N.V. Hull in 1875, to them were born two daughters: Nellie Piece Burgess and Susan Pierce Olesen, both of whom have been laid to rest. Mr. Pierce came to an untimely death by the great white plague, two years after their marriage.
She was united to Frank O. Palmer on Christmas day 1888. Two boys were born to this union: Lesilie L. Palmer of Washington N.C. and Earl E. Palmer who preceded his mother in 1921.
In the early part of 1925, she and Marcus P.McHenry were united in marriage in the city of Washington, D.C. After spending a period in Alfred, they made their home in Riverside, Calif.
A little over a year ago the health and strength of each of them began to fails so that neither was able to care for the other. They were both taken to the hospital where they had the best of care. Mrs. Mchenry was very happy and contented in the hospital but Brother McHenry longed for the country life and family associates of his New York home. Therefore he returned to his children at Alfred in June 1931. He was gathered to his people April the sixteenth, but 3 weeks before his companion.
Mrs. McHenry leaves one son, Leslie: one sister, Mrs. Minnie Beckwith of Alfred; eleven grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren, none of whom were privileged to be present at the funeral.

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