Forest Hills Cemetery
Town of Amity

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O'BRIEN, Sarah B. Denroche Spouse of Robert died 3-5-1891 Age 65y
OLIVER, Roxie A. Born 1898 died 1978
OLMSTEAD, Clarence R. Born 1904 died 1930
OLMSTEAD, Alice Spouse of Frank A. Born 1882 died 1976
OLMSTEAD, Edith Lewis Spouse of Edwin A. Born 3-6-1911 died 10-19-2002 Age 91y - Dau of Parker & Ada Lanphear Lewis b. Belmont, NY d. Laureldale, Pa. Wed 9-1-1934
OLMSTEAD, Edwin Born 1846 died 1904
OLMSTEAD, Edwin A. Spouse of Edith Lewis Born 3-17-1910 died 12-17-1968 Age 58y - Son of Raymond E. & Lena B. Adams Olmstead Wed 9-1-1934
OLMSTEAD, Frank A. Spouse of Alice Born 1875 died 1943
OLMSTEAD, Franklin Born 1844 died 1913 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Belmont for three years. Captured 3-21-1863 near Chantilly VA, paroled. Mustered out 10-22-1864
OLMSTEAD, Lena B. Spouse of Raymond E. Born 7-20-1883 died 5-14-1973 - daughter of Aron L. and LaMetta HIinman Adams
OLMSTEAD, Mary Hyde Born 1850 died 1912
OLMSTEAD, Norman J. Spouse of Edith M. Francisco Born 3-2-1916 died 3-26-2012 - Son of Raymond E. & Lena Belle Adams Olmstead b. Wellsville NY d. Middlebury VT. Wed 4-10-1942 in Belmont NY, married 70 years - WW II US Army, 1942-1946
OLMSTEAD, Raymond E. Spouse of Lena Adams Born 1876 died 1934 - Spanish American War and WW I Vet, Isthian Canal Commission
OLMSTEAD, Ruthie Mary Born 1877 died 1882
ORMISTON, Emma Spouse of Walter Born 1877 died 1967
ORMISTON, Walter Spouse of Emma Born 1870 died 1960
OSGOOD, Arthur Elmer Born 1871 died 1947
OSGOOD, Benton Spouse of Polly Born 1837 died 1930
OSGOOD, Edna L. Spouse of Ralph B. Born 1877 died 1944
OSGOOD, Eugenia R. Harris Spouse of Edmond O. Born 1902 died 1932
OSGOOD, Evelyn Schribner Born 1870 died 1916
OSGOOD, Florence M. Born 1892 died 1979
OSGOOD, Patricia Joy Born 1931 died 1931
OSGOOD, Polly Spouse of Benton Born 1837 died 1907
OSGOOD, Ralph B. Spouse of Edna L. Born 1876 died 1948
OSGOOD, Robert F. Born 12-17-1921 died 11-14-2011 Age 89y - Son of Arthur E. & Florence M. Adams Osgood b. Belmont NY d. Greenhurst NY
OSGOOD, Robert F. Born 1921 died uncut
OTIS, Elmina Spouse of Matson Born 1816 died 1890
OTIS, Matson Spouse of Elmina Born 1815 died 1895
PACE, Joseph - Surname may be Page - Civil War Vet, Co. H ? Hvy Arty NYS Vols
PACE, Ruth Hardy Born 6-12-1895 died 3-18-1986
PACK, Gladys Spouse of Richard Born 1902 died 1985
PACK, Richard Spouse of Gladys Born 1912 died 1984
PACKER, Charles L. Spouse of Lila Mae Lonsberry Born 2-6-1926 died 3-21-1996 Age 70y - Son of Charles & Gertrude Prince Packer b. Allentown, NY Wed 5-17-1947 - WW II Vet, US Navy
PACKER, Lila Mae Spouse of Charles L. Born 4-17-1929 died 4-3-1995 Age 65y - Dau of Walter & Florence Paddock Lonsberry Wed 5-17-1947
PAGE, Charles Born 1882 died 1934
PAGE, Edwin L. Born 1907 died 1920
PAGE, Nancy M. Born 1853 died 1912
PAGE, Phillip E. Born 4-10-1895 died 12-2-1967 - WW I and WW II Vet, USNR, Commander
PALMER, Alma B. Spouse of Myron A. Born 1889 died 1971
PALMER, Eliza A. Spouse of Wesley Born 1848 died 1930
PALMER, Ella A. Born 1860 died 1931
PALMER, Emma E. Roth Born 1860 died 1939
PALMER, Greeley A. Born 1860 died 1934
PALMER, James Spouse of Jane Born 1800 died 1887
PALMER, Jane Spouse of James Born 1811 died 1884
PALMER, Myron A. Spouse of Alma B. Born 1879 died 1974
PALMER, Wesley Spouse of Eliza A. Born 1838 died 1902
PARIS, Harold D. Sr. "Hal" Spouse of #1 Iva Doehring, #2 Annette Benjamin Harding Born 10-17-1934 died 3-13-2014 Age 79y - Son of Wilber & Lena Ellett Paris b. Coatesville IN d. Belmont NY. Wed Iva 9-16-1952. Wed Annette 6-12-2010.
PARIS, Iva Jean Spouse of Harold Dean Born 3-24-1933 died 8-12-2006 Age 73y - Dau of Vernie & Aimee Cutler Doehring b. Shelby County, Ill. d. Belmont, NY Wed 9-16-1952 in Pocahontas, Ark.
PARKER, Alvan E. Spouse of Sarah Born 11-26-1799 died 4-5-1890
PARKER, Eliza Spouse of Harrison B. Born 1824 died 1880
PARKER, Frank E. Born 1864 died 1910
PARKER, Harrison B. Spouse of Eliza Born 1813 died 1891
PARKER, Henry A. died 12-12-1853
PARKER, Margaret Arb Born 1868 died 1911
PARKER, Mary Spouse of Elijah died 9-29-1855 - [Relict of Elijah Parker]
PARKER, Minnie Born 4-2-1867 died 2-8-1940
PARKER, Pliny Born 12-6-1840 died 11-7-1907 - Second Stone shows born 1842
PARKER, Sara B. Born 7-11-1840 died 10-15-1914
PARKER, Sarah Spouse of Alvan E. Born 7-3-1795 died 1-3-1879
PARROTT, Robert L. Jr. Spouse of Gloria Morehouse Born 9-26-1932 died 7-16-2015 Age 82y - Son of Robert L. & Mae Estelle Williams Parrott, b. Syracuse NY d. Scio NY - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps, Sgt 1950-1952
PATTEN, Mary Lee Born 1820 died 1906
PATTERSON, Anna A. Spouse of Julius A. Jr. Born 1880 died 1914
PATTERSON, Bettie Spouse of Isaac Born 1883 died 1919
PATTERSON, Charlotte (Evingham) Spouse of Julius A., Sr. Born 1852 died 1933 - Wed 7-24-1870, two children
PATTERSON, Fred O. Spouse of Ruthann H. Born 1905 died 1993
PATTERSON, Hazel Spouse of Julius A. Jr. Born 1897 died 1926
PATTERSON, Isaac Spouse of Bettie Born 1876 died 1918
PATTERSON, James W. Spouse of Louise E. Grawe Born 1-14-1922 died 6-23-2013 Age 91y - Son of Samuel & Minnie Bristow Patteron b.Ithaca NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-22-1946 in North Tonawanda NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt. France. Bronze Star & Combat Infantry Medal
PATTERSON, Julius A., Jr. Spouse of #1 Minnie, #2 Anna A., #3 Hazel Born 1882 died 1966 - Son of Julius A. and Charlotte (Evingham) Patterson
PATTERSON, Julius A., Sr. Spouse of Charlotte Evingham Born 1851 died 1937 - Wed 7-24-1870, two children
PATTERSON, Lee K. Born 1910 died 1983 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pv
PATTERSON, Louise E. Spouse of James W. Born 9-3-1922 died 3-25-2011 Age 88y - Dau of Benjamin & Rose Drewes Grawe b. Tonawanda NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-22-1946 in Tonawanda NY
PATTERSON, Minnie Spouse of Julius A. Born 1892 died 1978
PATTERSON, Ruthann H. Spouse of Fred O. Born 1911 died 1971
PAULMAN, Beatrice B. Spouse of Edward W. Born 1913 died uncut
PAULMAN, Beatrice Frances Spouse of Edward W. Born 9-20-1913 died 5-8-2010 Age 96y - Dau of Jacob & Frances Barrick Bucher b. Allegany NY d. Clermont FL. Wed 7-7-1945 in Bradford PA
PAULMAN, Edward W. Spouse of Beatrice B. Born 1904 died 1990
PAULMAN, William C. "Bill" Spouse of Karen Mehlenbacher Born 7-20-1931 died 9-23-2017 Age 86y - Son of Edward W. & Louise E. (Coombes) Paulman b. Wellsville NY d. Halifax PA - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1948-1952
PAYNE, Ruth Patterson Born 3-23-1892 died 12-7-1971
PEASE, Johnathan W. Spouse of Sarah H. Clark Born 1823 died 1896
PEASE, S. Blanche Born 1861 died 1951
PEASE, Sarah H. Clark Spouse of Johnathan W. Born 1821 died 1904
PEASE, W. Eugene Born 1855 died 1933
PECK, baby P. - No dates
PECK, Burton W. Spouse of Lura T. Born 1872 died 1954 - [Father]
PECK, Catherine Spouse of George Born 1854 died 1938
PECK, George Spouse of Catherine Born 1845 died 1929 - Civil War Vet, Co D 194th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 3-14-1865 at Canandaigua for one year. Mustered out with company 5-3-1865 at Elmira NY
PECK, Jessie S. Spouse of Roy A. Born 1886 died uncut
PECK, Leland Born 1898 died 1985 - WW II Vet, US Army
PECK, Lura T. Spouse of Burton W. Born 1873 died 1945 - [Mother]
PECK, Roy A. Spouse of Jessie S. Born 1875 died 1954
PEENNINGER, Patricia G. Born 1946 died 2001
PENDLETON, Ethel M. Born 1896 died 1941
PENDLETON, Rachael A. Born 5-30-1927 died 2-22-2011 Age 83y - Dau of Harry & Ethel Morehouse Pendleton b. & d. Wellsville NY
PENDLETON, Regina O. Born 1931 died 1992
PENNY, Lizzie E. Spouse of Truman G. Born 1885 died 1968
PENNY, Truman G. Spouse of Lizzie E. Born 1882 died 1974
PERKINS, Arthur A. "Bud" Spouse of Beverly D. Born 7-2-1925 died 4-19-2000
PERKINS, Beverly D. Spouse of Arthur A. "Bud" Born 9-17-1942 died uncut
PERKINS, Carl Louis Born 15 Jan 1972 died 9-22-1989
PERRY, Clark W., Sr. Spouse of Phyllis F. Born 3-22-1921 died 6-16-1999 - WW II Vet, US Army Air force, Cpl
PERRY, Dorothy E. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 1920 died 1987
PERRY, Joseph E. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1918 died 1981
PERRY, Julia P. Spouse of William H. Born 1872 died 1961
PERRY, Nora Q. Spouse of Walter H. Born 1907 died 1987
PERRY, Phyllis F. Spouse of Clark W., Sr. Born 1925 died uncut
PERRY, Walter H. Spouse of Nora Q. Born 1901 died 1964
PERRY, William H. Spouse of Julia P. Born 1868 died 1951
PETERSON, Alma E. Spouse of Oscar E. Born 1876 died 1966
PETERSON, Mindi Lou died 8-4-1972
PETERSON, Oscar E. Spouse of Alma E. Born 1864 died 1929
PETERSON, Richard E. Born 3-28-1921 died 12-29-1921
PETERSON, Rudy T. Spouse of #1 Victor, #2 Paul Jennings Born 9-3-1912 died 3-24-2006 - Dau of Fay & Sarah Stearns Ferrin b. Almond, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed Victor 4-27-1928. Wed Paul 8-12-1989.
PETERSON, Victor Spouse of Ruby T. Born 1908 died 1983
PETTIBONE, Grace Born 1882 died 1902
PETTIBONE, Harriet F. Born 1867 - Unable to read
PETTIBONE, Leonett Spouse of E. L. Pettibone died 3-19-1884 Age 27y
PETTIBONE, Mary V. Spouse of William Born 5-26-1825 died 8-13-1878
PETTIBONE, unknown died 11-6-1887 - Unable to read first name. Dau of E. L. & J. L. Pettibone
PETTIBONE, William Spouse of Mary V. Born 3-16-1826 died 10-13-1864 - Civil War DOD. Died in Andersonville Prison, unconfirmed
PFENNINGER, Patricia G. Born 1946 died 2001
PHILLIPS, Betty J. Born 1933 died 1980
PHINNEY, Claude R. Born 1896 died 1978
PHINNEY, Hiram G. Spouse of Mae D. Born 1863 died 1931
PHINNEY, Mae D. Spouse of Hiram G. Born 1869 died 1928
PIERCE, Cecil J. Spouse of #1 Lucy M.Quant, #2 Irene Mosher Born 8-23-1918 died 12-22-2011 - Son of Edson & Lelia Saunders Pierce b. Town of Alfred NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed Lucy 1-1938. Wed Irene in 1981 - WW II Vet, US Army
PIERCE, Cecil J. Spouse of Lucy M. Born 1918 died uncut
PIERCE, Ella C. Spouse of Lyle C. Born 11-5-1916 died 2-3-2010 - Dau of Frederick & Nora Cole Canfield b. Belmont NY d. Orlando FL. Wed 10-31-1936 in Angelica NY
PIERCE, Kory M. Born 1981 died uncut - Flat plate and date gone
PIERCE, Lucy M. Spouse of Cecil J. Born 1922 died 1980
PIERCE, Lyle C. Spouse of Ella Canfield Born 6-18-1916 died 8-5-2006 Age 90y - Son of Edson & Leila Saunders Pierce b. Town of Alfred, NY d. Belmont, NY Wed 10-31-1936 in Angelica, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
PIERCE, Theodore F. Born 1942 died 1947
PIERSON, Elizabeth Ann died 1943
PIFER, Chauncey Born Abt 1844 Age 79y - Civil War Vet, Co G 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Hinsdale for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD. (Carried as Pipher)
PIKE, Helen A. Spouse of Leo W. Born 1894 died 1940
PIKE, Laine B. Spouse of Rodney W. Born 4-6-1930 died 4-19-2008 - Born in Wellsville NY, d. Lake Worth FL
PIKE, Leo W. Spouse of Helen A. Born 6-23-1895 died 8-30-1992 - [Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Fade Away] - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
PIKE, Mark W. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 1819 died 1892
PIKE, Rodney W. Spouse of Laine Burdick Born 8-13-1928 died 10-23-2008 Age 80y - Son of Leo W. Helen Averill Pike b.& d. Belmont NY. Wed 1953 - Uncategorized Vet, US Naval Air Corps, V5
PIKE, Rodney Walter II Born 1-14-1971 died 7-9-1987 - [The Prince None Knew Thee But To Love Thee, Nor Named Thee But To Praise]
PIKE, Ruth A. Spouse of Mark W. Born 1825 died 1895
PINGREY, Hazel A. Spouse of Stanley W. Born 1910 died 1980
PINGREY, Lloyd P. Born 1933 died 1941
PINGREY, Stanley W. Spouse of Hazel A. Born 1905 died 1986
PIXLEY, Flora V. Spouse of Hiram W. Born 8-21-1864 died 1-30-1892
PIXLEY, Hiram W. Spouse of Flora V. Born 4-30-1862 died 2-19-1907
PLATT, Alfred C. Born 6-29-1908 died 7-24-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
PLATT, Felice S. Spouse of Alfred C. Born 8-9-1919 died 5-3-2015 Age 95y - Dau of Guy E. & Edna E. Wyse Schuyler, b. Hornellville NY d. Warsaw NY. Wed 9-15-1944 in Fort Ord CA
POLLARD, Anderson W. Spouse of Frances Q Born 1901 died 1977
POLLARD, Frances A. Born 1862 died 1928
POLLARD, Frances Q. Spouse of Anderson W. Born 1903 died 1972
POLLARD, Harry Born 1-8-1893 died 2-11-1893
POLLARD, Jennie Born 9-13-1862 died 1-16-1893
POLLARD, Maggie E. Spouse of William A. Born 1872 died 1954
POLLARD, Sarah A. Spouse of Stephen Born 9-10-1826 died 7-29-1901
POLLARD, Stephen Born 1858 died 1926 - [He Had His Share]
POLLARD, Stephen Spouse of Sarah A. Born 8-5-1815 died 2-21-1899
POLLARD, Stephen K. Born 6-7-1900 died 1-6-1966
POLLARD, William A. Spouse of Maggie E. Born 1862 died 1954
POST, Flavilla E. Spouse of G. Grant Born 1867 died 1926
POST, G. Grant Spouse of Flavilla E. Born 1869 died 1934
POTTER, Alexander Spouse of Hannah Tuck Born 1819 died 1901
POTTER, Anna Davie Spouse of Jesse L. Born 1877 died 1963
POTTER, Charlotte J. Spouse of V. A. Potter Born 1-10-1844 died uncut
POTTER, De Etta H. Born 1865 died 1952
POTTER, Edward A. Born 1856 died 1923
POTTER, Efner E. Spouse of Katherine E. Born 1866 died 1953
POTTER, Florence C. Spouse of Virgil L. Born 1916 died 1990
POTTER, George W. Spouse of Maggie E. Born 8-10-1875 died 6-3-1952
POTTER, Hannah Tuck Spouse of Alexander Born 1826 died 1894
POTTER, Hardy H. Spouse of Winifred B. Born 1895 died 1968
POTTER, Jesse L. Spouse of Anna Davie Born 1866 died 1966
POTTER, John Spouse of Mildred A. Born 1922 died 2003
POTTER, Katherine E. Spouse of Efner E. Born 1870 died 1957
POTTER, Lewis E. Spouse of Maude G. Born 1883 died 1963
POTTER, Lloyd V. Spouse of Susan Jacobs Born 1-13-1943 died 4-20-2014 Age 71y - Son of Virgil & Florence Eichenberg Potter b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-6-1967 in Belmont NY - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1961-1964
POTTER, Lotta A. Born 1885 died 1973
POTTER, Maggie E. Spouse of George W. Born 10-30-1873 died 4-11-1910
POTTER, Mary C. Born 9-22-1902 died 8-20-1905
POTTER, Maude G. Spouse of Lewis E. Born 1883 died 1980
POTTER, Mildred "Millie" Spouse of John E. Born 9-25-1922 died 4-19-2009 - Dau of Albert & Hilda Dornow Herke b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-20-1945 in Hastings NE
POTTER, Paul R. Spouse of Ruth C. Born 1907 died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
POTTER, Richard J. Born 1955 died 1962
POTTER, Ruth C. Spouse of Paul R. Born 1919 died 1992
POTTER, V. A. Spouse of Charlotte J. Born 2-7-1841 died uncut
POTTER, Virgil L. Spouse of Florence C. Born 1914 died uncut
POTTER, Winifred B. Spouse of Hardy H. Born 1896 died 1987
POWELL, Flora Born 2-7-1926 died 12-22-1928
POWERS, Edward A. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1876 died 1965
POWERS, Ida M. Spouse of Edward A. Born 1877 died 1943
POWERS, Lily M. Born 1881 died 1910
PRENTICE, George A. Spouse of R. Alice Born 1-19-1903 died 4-4-1967 - WW I Vet, US Navy, Sea
PRIOR, Margaret Born 2-3-1879 died 4-16-1910
QUANT, Maude R. Spouse of Theodore Born 1881 died 1969
QUANT, Theodore Spouse of Maude R. Born 1877 died 1965
QUINN, Arthur J. Spouse of Lillian N. Born 1897 died 1980
QUINN, Lillian N. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 1899 died 1987
RACKLIFF, Emeline A. Spouse of W. H. Rackliff Born 11-19-1831 died 3-7-1866
RACKLIFF, W. H. Spouse of Emeline A. died 4-29-1855
RAFTER, Duane Lynn Born 1949 died 1969
RAFTER, Ethelyn Dickens Born 1912 died 1995
RAHR, Harold R. Spouse of Joanne E. Griswold Born 9-5-1926 died 6-6-2008 Age 81y - Son of Harold L. & Ethel Tait Rahr b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 11-15-1947 in Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific Theater on USS Gage
RAHR, Mary L. Spouse of Lyle D. Born 7-2-1927 died 12-4-2008 Age 81y - Dau of Lewis & Maggie Rossman Eymer b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-6-1954 in Wellsville NY
RANDALL, Doug - [We Lived, We Loved, We Died No Dates]
RANDALL, Marie - [We Lived, We Loved, We Died No Dates]
RAY, Dorothy M. Spouse of Russell Leech Born 3-11-1919 died 7-9-2014 Age 95y - Dau of Monroe D. & Bertha Sedgwick Ray b. Hammondsport NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-1-1979 in Buffalo NY. (He d. 12-11-1966)
REDMOND, Reuben Spouse of Sarah L. Born 1843 died 1929
REDMOND, Sarah L. Spouse of Reuben Born 1852 died 1939
REGWALD, Cora Born 1892 died 1911
REID, Gertrude Pike Spouse of Joseph Snively died 10-8-1937 Age 76y
REID, Joseph Snively Spouse of Gertrude Pike died 12-20-1935 Age 67y
REINHARDT, Guylan F. II Born 12-23-1991 died 2-26-1992 - [Beloved Son & Grandson]
REYNOLD, unknown Age 85y - No dates
REYNOLDS, Adeline Spouse of Elba Born 1859 died 1946
REYNOLDS, Carrie Lewis Born 1873 died 1962
REYNOLDS, Cora S. Spouse of Eldyn E. Born 1865 died 1920
REYNOLDS, Elba Spouse of Adeline Born 1853 died 1921
REYNOLDS, Eldyn E. Spouse of Cora S Born 1863 died 1928
REYNOLDS, infant died 11-25-1876 - Dau of Addie & Elsa Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Peter died 1-11-1868
RICHARDSON, Sarah G. died 9-4-1852 - Dau of James H. & Mary H. Richardson
RICHARDSON, Charles Spouse of Olive M. Born 1812 died 1873
RICHARDSON, Edwin S. Spouse of Jennie A. Born 1858 died 1933
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth S. - Dau of Edwin S. & Jennie A. Richardson. No Dates.
RICHARDSON, Jennie A. Spouse of Edwin S. Born 1859 died 1905
RICHARDSON, Luphemia Born 3-28-1873 died 9-4-1873 - Dau of James R. & Mary Richardson
RICHARDSON, Mary H. Spouse of J. D. Richardson died 8-12-1868 Age 21y
RICHARDSON, Olive M. Spouse of Charles Born 1821 died 1884
RICHARDSON, Sarah A. Spouse of Silas Born 1827 died 1904
RICHARDSON, Silas Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1820 died 1885
RICKETTS, Glennis E. Spouse of Leslie W. Born 1923 died uncut
RICKETTS, Leslie W. Spouse of Glennis E. Born 1901 died 1965
RICKFORD, Albert Spouse of Verna Born 1906 died 1980
RICKFORD, Verna Spouse of Albert Born 1911 died 1999
ROBBINS, Robert A. Spouse of Bernice Graham Born 10-31-1927 died 6-24-2007 Age 79y - Son of Floyd & Sophia Linsey Robbins b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-11-1948 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Solomons, USS Little Rock, USS Steinaker, and USS Sullivan
ROBERTS, Alice M. Born 1874 died 1902 - Dau of David and Harriet Roberts
ROBERTS, Benjamin Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1-13-1813 died 12-6-1880 - Born at Springville, NY
ROBERTS, Clair L. Spouse of Inez G. Born 1907 died 1982
ROBERTS, David Spouse of Harriet Brown Born 3-9-1834 died 9-21-1910 - Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Roberts.
ROBERTS, Earl Albert Spouse of Estelle Bailey Born 1903 died 1941
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Spouse of Benjamin Born 6-13-1811 died uncut
ROBERTS, Estelle Bailey Spouse of Earl Albert Born 1905 died 1988
ROBERTS, Fred H. Born 2-3-1870 died 2-3-1907 - Son of David and Harriet (Brown) Roberts, never married. [In Memoriam]
ROBERTS, Harriet (Brown) Spouse of David Born 1849 died 1926 - Dau of Ira and Lodemia (Greene) Brown
ROBERTS, Inez G. Spouse of Clair L. Born 1921 died uncut
ROBERTS, John M. Spouse of Sarah Born 1845 died 1916
ROBERTS, Sarah Spouse of John M. Born 1849 died 1914
ROBINSON, Ada E. died 9-14-1863 Age 6y
ROBINSON, Alfred S. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 8-31-1837 died 5-14-1893
ROBINSON, Burr B. died 10-11-1891 Age 29y
ROBINSON, Clara A. died 5-31-1871 - Dau of L. B. & Eliza Robinson
ROBINSON, Cora M.E. Spouse of George W. died 1-1942
ROBINSON, Elizabeth Spouse of Alfred S. Born 12-1-1826 died 5-15-1887
ROBINSON, Ella Born 7-17-1863 died 12-12-1889
ROBINSON, George W. Spouse of Cora M.E. died 4-1942
ROBINSON, Hila Born 1866 died 1926
ROBINSON, Leroy Born 1-8-1835 died 2-24-1891
RODGERS, Ernest Born 1878 died 1937
RODGERS, unknown - No dates - Civil War Vet, Co G 99th Inf PA Vols
ROESKE, Elsie M. Born 1900 died 1994
ROGERS, Anna C. died 1-6-1868 Age 33y - Dau of S. & P. Rogers
ROGERS, Anna J. Spouse of Stephen died 7-21-1825 Age 36y
ROGERS, Belemnous O. died 2-19-1872 - Son of S. & C. A. Rogers
ROGERS, Belle Spouse of William Born 1879 died 1937
ROGERS, Bertha May died 10-5-1873 - Dau of C. D. & Carrie Rogers
ROGERS, C. D. Spouse of Carrie Born 1837 died uncut
ROGERS, Carrie Spouse of C. D. Rogers Born 1845 died 1890
ROGERS, Cyrus S. died 6-29-1825 Age 2y
ROGERS, Dorothy Born 1908 died 1966 - [Mom]
ROGERS, Elias G. Spouse of Lavinia Born 1848 died 1895
ROGERS, Elisha D. died 7-8-1825 Age 4y
ROGERS, Ernest W. Born 1859 died 1917
ROGERS, Eva C. Spouse of Harry G. Born 1884 died 1964
ROGERS, Harry G. Spouse of Eva C. Born 1883 died 1956
ROGERS, Hazel Born 1904 died 1905
ROGERS, Jennie Born 1881 died uncut
ROGERS, Lavinia Spouse of Elias G. Born 1834 died 1895
ROGERS, Leonare M. Born 8-23-1925 died 9-1-1925 - Dau of R. J. & M. A. Rogers
ROGERS, Lotta Mae Spouse of Roland W. Born 1912 died 1984
ROGERS, M. Estelle Born 1866 died 1930
ROGERS, Mary (Hadsell) [Polly] Spouse of Stephen Born 3-13-1803 died 2-27-1884 - Four children
ROGERS, Paul E. died 1931
ROGERS, Roland W. Spouse of Lotta Mae Born 1916 died 1988
ROGERS, Sally M. died 1933
ROGERS, Stephen Spouse of #1 Anna J., #2 Polly Hadsell Born 5-12-1786 died 5-14-1888 - Son of Jonathan and Humility (Greene) Rogers, born in CT, died in Allegany Co NY. Four children with Polly
ROGERS, Veranus L. died 9-28-1874 - Son of S. & C. A. Rogers
ROGERS, William Spouse of Belle Born 1867 died 1962
ROSE, Abizer Spouse of Andrew Born 1880 died 19??
ROSE, Andrew Spouse of Abizer Born 1883 died 1959
ROSE, Ernest A. Born 5-11-1964 died 1-1-1985 - [We Will Meet Again] - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, EOCR
ROSE, Harley B. Spouse of Marjorie L. Born 8-21-1930 died 8-5-1984 - Wed 1956 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
ROSE, Harriet A. Spouse of Milan Born 8-14-1849 died 4-6-1926
ROSE, Marjorie L. Spouse of Harley B. Born 1937 died uncut - Wed 1956
ROSE, Mark Evans Born 1953 died 1995
ROSE, Milan Spouse of Harriet A. Born 5-25-1843 died 9-5-1909
ROSE, Richard C. Born 12-13-1945 died 6-27-1966
ROSE, Richard E. Born 12-12-1908 died 8-6-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt
ROSE, Stephen A. Born 5-23-1949 died 8-14-1950
ROSSMAN, Marian G. Spouse of Everett Born 1-25-1929 died 10-19-2015 Age 86y - Dau of Victor & Gladys Austin Brown b. Town of Amity NY d. Belmont NY Wed 11-23-1947
ROTH, Ann Elizabeth Jack Spouse of John P. Born 1838 died 1898
ROTH, John P. Spouse of Ann Elizabeth Jack Born 1884 died 1919
ROUSE, Edmond I. Born 1844 died 1913
ROUSE, Herman P. Born 11-8-1879 died 3-20-1950
ROUSE, Myrtle Born 10-23-1882 died 7-7-1948
ROWELL, James Born 3-11-1920 died 2-15-1988 Age 67y
ROWLEY, E. S. Born 1821 died 1893
ROWLEY, Marion K. Spouse of R. William Born 1904 died 1997
ROWLEY, R. William Spouse of Marion K. Born 10-12-1902 died 3-20-1984 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
ROYCE, Rilla Born 1868 died 1922
RULISON, Richard J. Spouse of Vera M. Born 1914 died 1987
RULISON, Richard J., Jr. Born 10-26-1932 died 11-14-1998 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
RULISON, Robert H. Born 8-1-1937 died 3-16-1962 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, MM3
RULISON, Vera M. Spouse of Richard J. Born 1913 died 1994
RUSSELL, John L. Spouse of Philena - No dates
RUSSELL, Mary Spouse of Jas. J. died 8-28-1882
RUSSELL, Mary E. Born 7-8-1839 died 6-4-1885
RUSSELL, Philena Spouse of John L. died 3-14-1895 Age 79y
RUSTAY, Anna Cline Born 1863 died 1902
SACKETT, Belle Andrews Born 1864 died 1891
SACKETT, Caleb H., Col. Spouse of Jane died 2-28-1841 Age 71y
SACKETT, Elizabeth died 2-2-1879
SACKETT, Jane Spouse of Col. Caleb H. died 10-11-1855
SACKETT, Susan M. died 9-23-1871
SADLER, Jessica L. Born 9-12-1986 died 10-19-2001 - Class of 2005
SADLER, Kenneth P., Sr. Spouse of Thelma G. Born 1933 died 1996
SADLER, Noah James died 2-6-2000
SADLER, Thelma G. Spouse of Kenneth P. Born 1935 died uncut
SAILER, Edward "Ed" Spouse of Joan E. Jacobs Born 6-9-1931 died 4-2-2004 Age 72y - Son of Eugene & Hilda Strasse Sailer Wed 6-12-1954 in Wellsville, NY,
SAILER, Joan Esther Spouse of Edward SAILER Born 12-15-1932 died 3-19-2003 Age 70y - Dau of Yale & Ruth Ella (Wightman) Jacobs, b. Wellsville NY, d. Sanibel-FL, Wed 6-12-1954 in Wellsville NY
SANBORN, Beulah H. Born 1899 died 1970
SANBORN, Jennie Spouse of Llewellyn Born 1865 died 1940
SANBORN, Llewellyn Spouse of Jennie Born 1849 died 1923
SANBORN, Thomas D. Born 1896 died 1968
SANFORD, Doris L. Spouse of #1 Harold A. Lowe, #2 Leroy Sanford Born 1-04-1924 died 5-01-2004 Age 80y - Dau of Parker J. & Ada (Lanphear) Lewis, b. Belmont NY, d. Belmont NY, Wed Harold 2-02-1947, Wed Leroy in 1972
SANFORD, Leroy Spouse of Doris L. died 11-17-1974 - Wed 1972
SAUER, Rosemary Born 1917 died 1987
SAUNDERS, Pearl F. Spouse of Wayland F. Born 1872 died 1926
SAUNDERS, Wayland F. Spouse of Pearl F. Born 1873 died 1932
SAWYER, Jennie Nichols Born 1873 died 1970 - [Mother]
SCHEANCK, Elmer G. Born 1859 died 1897 - Son of Stephen J. & Matilda P. Scheanck
SCHEANCK, Matilda P. Spouse of Stephen J. Born 1830 died uncut
SCHEANCK, Stephen J. Spouse of Matilda P. Born 1828 died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co C 67th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Scio for three years. Discharged for disability 6-10-1862 at Fair Oaks VA. (Carried as Schenck)
SCHEN, Ella Nicholson Born 10-4-1889 died 6-19-1976
SCHEN, Franc Marina Van Campen Spouse of Frank A. Born 1889 died 1934
SCHEN, Frank A. Spouse of Franc Marina Van Campen Born 1893 died 1964
SCHLAGER, Frank Joseph Spouse of Henrietta Wilson Born 1890 died 1965
SCHLAGER, Henrietta Wilson Spouse of Frank Joseph Born 1898 died 1999
SCHMIDT, Jennie H. Ackerman Spouse of Henry died 4-5-1882 - Dau of J. G. & A. J. Ackerman
SCHMITT, Joseph Maximilian Jr. Spouse of #1 JoAnne Young, #2 Marlee Hand Schneider Born 3-19-1942 died 10-28-2013 - Son of Joseph Maximilian & Evelyn Reed Schmitt Sr. b. Rochester NY d. Springwater NY
SCHNEIDER, Marlee E. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1945 died uncut
SCHNEIDER, Ralph E. Spouse of Marlee E. Born 5-3-1936 died 10-13-1997 - Wed 8-8-1970 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, A1C
SCHOLES, Richard C. Born 1894 died 1935 - WW I Vet, Co B 303rd Engr. 78th Div
SCHOSKER, Adda F. Born 1913 died 1985
SCHUM, Edith Morehouse Born 1904 died 1977
SCHUYLER, Charlie Spouse of Watie Born 1854 died 1908
SCHUYLER, Edna E. Spouse of Guy E. Born 1883 died 1967
SCHUYLER, Guy E. Spouse of Edna E. Born 1884 died 1961
SCHUYLER, Watie Spouse of Charlie Born 1858 died 1944
SCHWERT, Edward E. Spouse of Virginia P. Born 1914 died 1999 - [To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind, is Not to Die]
SCHWERT, Virginia P. Spouse of Edward E. Born 1918 died 1998 - [To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind, is Not to Die]
SCOTT, Bernice M. Spouse of Llewellyn M. Born 1911 died 1996
SCOTT, Charles A. Born 6-20-1866 died 7-7-1934
SCOTT, Clara B. Born 1872 died 1948
SCOTT, Dorothy I. Born 1912 died 1928
SCOTT, Emma U. Born 8-11-1882 died 9-19-1935
SCOTT, Ernest W. Born 2-15-1933 died 5-14-2002 - Korean War Vet, US Navy, SN
SCOTT, Flora Adelle Spouse of Wait Born 1864 died 1930
SCOTT, George E. Spouse of Leona S. Born 1928 died 1988
SCOTT, Gertrude L. Spouse of Maynard J. Born 1891 died 1977
SCOTT, Glenn Spouse of Kanona M. Born 1897 died 1976
SCOTT, Gracie R. died 4-12-1896 - Dau of Henry & Clara B. Scott
SCOTT, Helen Born 1914 died 1929
SCOTT, Janice R. Spouse of Walter E. Born 7-1-1929 died 10-20-2012 Age 83y - Dau of Cassius & Helen Sexton Bundy b. Benegett PA d. Belvidere NY. Wed 12-22-1951 in the Town of Alma NY Scott on as Uncut
SCOTT, Janice R. Bundy Spouse of Walter E. Born 1929 died uncut
SCOTT, Kanona M. Spouse of Glenn Born 1890 died 1975
SCOTT, LaVern E. Spouse of Lucille E. Born 8-3-1935 died 11-13-2000 - Wed 24 Feb 1968 in Belmont - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sp3
SCOTT, Leona S. Spouse of George E. Born 1928 died uncut
SCOTT, Llewellyn M. Spouse of Bernice M. Born 1910 died 1992
SCOTT, Lucille E. Spouse of LaVern E. Born 11-8-1931 died 7-27-2005 Age 73y - Dau of Otis & Isabelle Woodruff Royce
SCOTT, Maynard J. Spouse of Gertrude L Born 1888 died 1970
SCOTT, Miles Born 4-23-1881 died 3-21-1927
SCOTT, Thelma I. Spouse of Wayne A. Born 1920 died 1993
SCOTT, Wait Spouse of Flora Adelle Born 1861 died 1936
SCOTT, Walter E. Spouse of Janice R. Bundy Born 4-11-1926 died 3-23-2004 Age 77y - Son of Edward & Rose Maston Scott - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart
SCOTT, Wayne A. Spouse of Thelma I. Born 1922 died 1989
SCOTT, William Henry Born 10-14-1874 died 7-17-1940
SCOTTI, Megan Kathleen Born 3-18-1987 died 1-8-2004 - Dau of Rosemarie Bess Heller Sciotti
SEARLE, Nancy C. Spouse of S. Searl Born 1854 died 1909
SEARS, Charles E. Spouse of Helen A. Born 1851 died 1933
SEARS, G. La Rue Spouse of Ruth H. Born 1894 died 1985
SEARS, Helen A. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1855 died 1934
SEARS, Mildred Bartlett Born 1909 died 1998
SEARS, Ruth H. Spouse of G. La Rue Born 1892 died 1978
SEELEY, Arlouine E. Spouse of Theodore L. Born 1926 died uncut
SEELEY, Harry W. Spouse of Helen O. Born 1904 died 1988
SEELEY, Helen O. Spouse of Harry W. Born 1911 died 2001
SEELEY, Theodore L. Spouse of Arlouine E. Born 1919 died 1965
SEELY, Charles F. died 1938
SEELY, Eunice O. Born 1891 died 1971
SEELY, Jessie I. Born 1882 died 1967
SEELY, Le Roy H. Born 1912 died 1974
SEELY, P. Josephine Born 1912 died 1990
SELOVER, Byron Spouse of Ellen M. Born 12-28-1835 died uncut
SELOVER, Eleanor Spouse of Luke died 3-26-1857
SELOVER, Elizabeth died 10-2-1838
SELOVER, Ellen M. Spouse of Byron died 11-29-1870
SELOVER, Ellen N. - No dates
SELOVER, John D. Spouse of Louisa Born 12-5-1798 died 1-7-1899
SELOVER, John I. Spouse of Elizabeth Young Born abt 1835 died 2-6-1865 - [Killed in Late War] Son of John D. and Louisa (Larkum) Selover. Three children. - Civil War Vet, Co I 188th Inf, NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted in 1864 at Conesus for one year. Killed in action 2-6-1865 at Hatcher's Run VA. (Carried as John J. Selover)
SELOVER, John I. - No dates
SELOVER, Louisa Spouse of John D. Born 8-30-1803 died 3-11-1845
SELOVER, Luke Spouse of Eleanor died 7-4-1833
SELOVER, W. B. died 10-15-1912
SERRA, John G. Spouse of Marguerite Born 1894 died 1967
SERRA, Marguerite Spouse of John G. Born 1895 died 1964
SERRA, Rita "Betty" Spouse of William W. Born 7-2-1916 died 12-26-2008 - Dau.of Rush & Rose Marie "Rhoda" Driscoll Forquer b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-26-1953 in Rochester NY
SERRA, William Wallace Spouse of Rita Elizabeth Born 1916 died 1992
SEWAR, Lester R. Spouse of Patricia L. Born 1920 died 1998
SEWAR, Patricia L. Spouse of Lester R. Born 1934 died 1999
SHAUGHNESSY, Edna F. Born 1900 died 1993
SHAWL, Edna B. Spouse of Wayne S. SHAWL Born 12-05-1919 died 7-30-2004 - Dau of Charles L. & Eva F. (Dice) Clapp, b. Tonawanda NY, d. Dansville NY, Wed 2-01-1937 in Cuba NY
SHAWL, Michael C. Born 3-8-1959 died 9-22-2002
SHAWL, Wayne S. Spouse of Edna B. Born 1918 died 6-28-1998 - Wed 2-1-1937
SHEAR, Virginia L. Born 1917 died 1993
SHELLEY, Clara P. Spouse of William E. Born 1919 died 1955
SHELLEY, William E. Spouse of Clara P. Born 1904 died 1967
SHEON, Lottie C. Spouse of Richard J. Born 1902 died uncut
SHEON, Richard J. Spouse of Lottie C. Born 1922 died 1992
SHEPPARD, Esta Spouse of Edward Born 1875 died 1904 - Dau of E.E. & M. E. Crandall
SHERWOOD, Albert R. Spouse of Maybe W. Born 1881 died 1962
SHERWOOD, Charles H. Born 1850 died 1915
SHERWOOD, David W. Born 1840 died 1929
SHERWOOD, Earlean E. Spouse of Edward M. Born 1914 died 1988 - [Mom]
SHERWOOD, Edward Earl Born 1937 died 1939 Age Infant - [Our Baby]
SHERWOOD, Edward M. Spouse of Earlean E. Born 1910 died 1979 - [Dad]
SHERWOOD, Josephine Born 1854 died 1931
SHERWOOD, Lyman H. Born 1870 died 1909
SHERWOOD, Maybe W. Spouse of Albert R. Born 1880 died 1962
SHERWOOD, Orminda Born 1854 died 1950
SHERWOOD, Susan - Just a stone - No dates
SHULTS, Adam Spouse of Nancy Born 6-15-1826 died 9-24-1878
SHULTS, Bertha Born 4-5-1867 died 8-27-1867 - Dau of A. & N. Shults
SHULTS, Dan died 1908 - Son of Adam & Nancy Shults
SHULTS, Eugenia - No Information
SHULTS, Flora G. Spouse of John H. Born 1857 died 1923
SHULTS, John H. Spouse of Flora G. Born 1852 died 1930
SHULTS, May - No Information
SHULTS, Myron Born 1868 died 1927
SHULTS, Nancy Spouse of Adam Born 3-31-1820 died 4-9-1870
SIEFER, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Malcolm R. Born 1918 died uncut
SIEFER, Malcolm R. Spouse of Elizabeth C. Born 1914 died 1995
SIEFER, Phillip M. Born 1942 died 1948 - Son of Malcolm R. & Elizabeth C. Siefer
SILFORD, Willis D. Born 1912 died 1998
SILL, Charles E. Born 1911 died 1949
SIMMONS, Lena D. Spouse of Lester A. Born 1889 died 1973
SIMMONS, Lester A. Spouse of Lena D. Born 1883 died 1950
SIMMS, Harry Spouse of Lotta E. Born 1892 died 1969
SIMMS, Lotta E. Spouse of Harry Born 1894 died 1969
SIMON, Anson W. Spouse of Rhoda Born 1-21-1833 died 12-25-1869
SIMON, Clarence A. Born 1868 died 1902
SIMON, Ida Mae Born 9-25-1860 died 11-2-1877
SIMON, Levi died 11-3-1870
SIMON, Polly died 10-10-1873
SIMON, Rhoda Spouse of Anson W. Born 1-10-1837 died 11-18-1877
SIMONS, Alpha B. Spouse of Vinnie A. Born 1854 died 1908
SIMONS, Benjamin Spouse of Stella S. Born 1888 died 1955
SIMONS, Donald R. Born 1952 died 1986
SIMONS, Earl died 3-7-1885 - Son of A. B. & Vinnie Simons [Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven]
SIMONS, Gertrude W. Spouse of Merle Born 1892 died 1985
SIMONS, Harriet Bostwick Born 1826 died 1892 - [Mother]
SIMONS, James C. died 3-1954
SIMONS, Lillian M. Born 11-27-1922 died 2-3-1917 Age 94y - Dau of Benjamin & Stella Sortore Simons b. Town of Scio NY d. Wellsville NY
SIMONS, Maxine Spouse of William A. Born 1932 died uncut
SIMONS, Merle Spouse of Gertrude W. Born 1888 died 1949
SIMONS, Robert B. Born 11-27-1929 died 9-3-1975 - Korean War Vet, US Army
SIMONS, Stella S. Spouse of Benjamin Born 1895 died 1990
SIMONS, Vinnie A. Spouse of Alpha B. Born 1859 died 1932
SIMONS, William A. Spouse of Maxine Filler Born 4-28-1928 died 9-17-1993 Age 65y - Son of L. Merle & Gertrude Pflager Simons Wed 7-22-1950
SISM, George Spouse of Rosa M. Born 1829 died 1915
SISM, Rosa M. Spouse of George Born 1833 died 1922
SLAFTER, Carlos L. Born 1832 died 1913
SLAFTER, H. Annis Born 1874 died 1933
SLAFTER, Lucy Tracy Born 1832 died 1928
SMALLEY, Bessie G. Born 1877 died 1951
SMALLEY, Charles G. Born 1901 died 1922
SMALLEY, F. Jane Born 1908 died 1909
SMITH, Albert W. Spouse of Thelma June Born 1915 died 2002
SMITH, Amy M. Sortore Spouse of E. L. Smith Born 1876 died 1925
SMITH, Doris F. Born 8-15-1919 died 11-20-2001
SMITH, Earstowe Ellen died 2-14-1891
SMITH, Eliza Spouse of William died 1-27-1872 Age 70y
SMITH, Franklin N. MD Spouse of Lucy W. Peck, #2 Sophia A. Whitney Born 1829 died aft. 1905 - Son of Orlin Smith, born in Belmont NY. Wed Lucy in 1856 in IA. - Civil War Vet, 148th IL Vols, Major, Surgeon
SMITH, George Born 1859 died 1956
SMITH, Harlan I. Spouse of L. Alberta Born 1909 died 1990
SMITH, Hattie Born 1862 died 1942
SMITH, Jean Spouse of William D. Born 12-15-1932 died 10-24-2014 - Dau of Yale & Ruth Jacobs b. & d. Unknown
SMITH, John L. Spouse of Luanna Cline Born 1848 died 1924
SMITH, L. Alberta Spouse of Harlan I. Born 1909 died 1963
SMITH, Laurie Born 10-27-1945 died 4-05-2003 Age 57y - Dau of Draper & Doris Fiske Smith, born in Wellsville NY. Was an educator
SMITH, Luanna (Cline) Spouse of John L. Born 1847 died 1891 - Dau of Samson and Hannah (Feathers) Cline
SMITH, Lucy W. (Peck) Spouse of Franklin Born 1836 died 1879 - Born in MA, died in Belmont NY. Wed 1856 in IA.
SMITH, Mary Born 9-1-1812 died 6-14-1900
SMITH, Phyllis Nicholson Born 1912 died 1984
SMITH, Ruby A. Born 1861 died 1889 - Dau of F. N. & L. W. Smith
SMITH, Sarah H. Born 1887 died 1922
SMITH, Sophia A. (Whitney) Spouse of Franklin Born 1830 died uncut - Wed after 1879
SMITH, Tammy Renee Born 3-29-1981 died 1-30-2003 - Dau of Robert Smith & Debra Trowbridge Baker. Murdered. "Welcome to My Special Garden"
SMITH, Thelma June Spouse of Albert W. Born 1922 died 2002
SMITH, Wallace A. Born 1875 died 1954
SNELL, Mary S. Cartwright Spouse of E. M. Snell Born 1905 died 1927
SNOW, Alvira Born 3-26-1820 died 3-20-1900 Age 80y
SNYDER, Bella J. Spouse of Daniel L. Born 1889 died 1986
SNYDER, Daniel L. Spouse of Bella J. Born 1887 died 1922
SNYDER, Eva G. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1887 died 1961
SNYDER, Henry W. Spouse of Eva G. Born 1880 died 1963
SNYDER, Robert C. Spouse of Vivian H. Born 12-16-1912 died 10-1-2003 Age 90y - Son of Henry & Eva Clair Snyer
SNYDER, Robert H. Born 1946 died 1983
SNYDER, Vivian Steenworth Spouse of Robert C. Born 1916 died 4-14-2002
SORBER, Annie Spouse of Samuel died 7-2-1881 - [On Marble We Engrave They Name. Thy Memory On Our Hearts]
SORTORE D.D.S., John Lloyd Spouse of Victorine J. Born 1873 died 1940
SORTORE, Alice L. Spouse of Hanford H. Born 1846 died 1930
SORTORE, Alice N. Born 11-18-1846 died 11-1-1934
SORTORE, Bernice Born 1918 died 1920
SORTORE, Bertha A. Spouse of Melvin H. Born 1885 died 1956
SORTORE, Bertha E. Born 1875 died 1961
SORTORE, Bradford Born 1877 died 1919
SORTORE, Charles H. Born 1869 died 1940
SORTORE, Cora M. Born 1868 died 1948
SORTORE, Dorothy L. Spouse of Melvin Wendell Born 1922 died uncut
SORTORE, Eda Williamson Born 1886 died 1935
SORTORE, Elisha Spouse of Mary Born 1839 died 1884
SORTORE, Ella Born 4-25-1869 died 12-18-1933
SORTORE, Emerson Spouse of Mary E. Born 10-2-1853 died 6-15-1892
SORTORE, Euphema Born 1848 died 1862
SORTORE, George Spouse of Jane M. Born 1836 died 1910 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Wagoner. Enlisted 1862 at Amity for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA
SORTORE, Gertrude Born 10-14-1885 died 7-17-1913
SORTORE, Grace Born 1882 died 1962
SORTORE, Hanford H. Spouse of Alice L. Born 1839 died 1913
SORTORE, Harlen R. Born 1882 died 1957
SORTORE, infant died 2-5-1914 - Son of Arthur E. & Marcia C. Sortore
SORTORE, J. Everett Spouse of Leona I. Born 1905 died 1990 - [Love Lives On]
SORTORE, Jane M. Spouse of George Born 1838 died 1909
SORTORE, Jeanne M. Spouse of John C. Born 5-17-1925 died 11-24-2007 Age 82y - Dau of Clair R. & Edna A. Lehman Morey b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-14-1949 in Belmont NY
SORTORE, Jesse D. Spouse of Leora S. Born 1876 died 1954
SORTORE, Jesse S. Born 8-30-1814 died 1-14-1900
SORTORE, John C. Born 3-5-1917 died 12-22-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SORTORE, Josephine F. Spouse of William M. Born 1884 died 1972
SORTORE, Julia A. Born 7-28-1815 died 11-20-1896
SORTORE, Kenneth M. Born 1942 died 1952
SORTORE, Lenna Born 7-17-1880 died 12-29-1912
SORTORE, Leona I. Spouse of J. Everett Born 1909 died 1992
SORTORE, Leora S. Spouse of Jesse D. Born 1867 died 1925
SORTORE, Mary Spouse of Elisha Born 1845 died 1925
SORTORE, Mary E. Spouse of Emerson Born 11-6-1859 died 11-16-1911
SORTORE, Melvin H. Spouse of Bertha A. Born 1881 died 1951
SORTORE, Melvin Wendell Spouse of Dorothy Leilous Born 6-13-1918 died 10-22-2003 Age 85y - Son of Melvin H. & Bertha Welch Sortore - WW II Vet, US Army 79th Chemical Co.
SORTORE, Morrillyon Born 6-25-1843 died 12-18-1917
SORTORE, Philana H. Spouse of Thos. W. Born 4-1-1849 died 9-6-1883
SORTORE, S. Jenny Spouse of Tyler Born 1846 died 1927 - [Mother]
SORTORE, Theresa B. Spouse of Vorhies Born 1844 died 1912
SORTORE, Thos. W. Spouse of Philana H. Born 3-7-1846 died 5-3-1900 - Civil War Vet, Co I 141th and 60th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1863 at Amity for three years. Transferred to 60 Inf 6-1-1865.
SORTORE, Tyler Spouse of S. Jenny Born 1841 died 1912 - [Father]
SORTORE, Victorine J. Spouse of John Lloyd Born 1877 died 1970
SORTORE, Vorhies Spouse of Theresa B. Born 1838 died 1888
SORTORE, William M. Spouse of Josephine F. Born 1877 died 1943
SOUTHERTON, Flora A. Spouse of Walter I. Born 1856 died 1937
SOUTHERTON, Walter I. Spouse of Flora A. Born 1858 died 1936
SOUTHWORTH, Byron D. died 6-16-1876
SPACKMAN, Cory L. Spouse of Stephanie Born 11-4-1974 died 10-4-2007 Age 33y - Son of Dennis L. & Kay Brooks Spackman. Died in auto accident in Lansing NY. [Our Beloved Cory]
SPACKMAN, Dennis Born 3-3-1948 died 11-22-2001 - [Beloved Father of Cory]
SPAULDING, Charles Jayson Born 1875 died 1878
SPAULDING, Charles L. Spouse of Julia P. Born 1846 died 1918 - [Father]
SPAULDING, Julia P. Spouse of Charles L. Born 1847 died 1916 - [Mother]
SPENCER, Evelyn V. Born 8-26-1918 died 4-27-1988
SPENCER, Melvin M. Born 5-10-1897 died 10-6-1963 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. A 155th Depot Brigade, Pvt
SPRAGUE, Joseph Born Abt 1830 died 2-1-1900 Age 65y - Civil War Vet, Co F 148th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Middlesex for three years. Wounded in action 5-15-1864 at Drewry's Bluff VA. Discharged 6-12-1865 at Judiciary Square Hospital, Washington DC
SPRAGUE, Nancy Born 1832 died 1902
SPRAGUE, Sadie Aylor Spouse of William Born 1870 died 1925
SPRAGUE, William Spouse of Sadie Aylor Born 1868 died 1946
SPRING, Basil Born 1883 died 1887
SPRING, Clara A. Spouse of John Born 1842 died 1914
SPRING, Edith Born 1877 died 1878 - Dau of John & Clara A. Spring
SPRING, John Spouse of Clara A. Born 1843 died 1925
SPRING, Reginald Spouse of Violet B. Born 1878 died 1964
SPRING, Violet B. Spouse of Reginald Born 1887 died 1970 - [Mother]
STAFFORD, Eva Maude Spouse of George H. Born 1873 died 1947
STAFFORD, George H. Spouse of Eva Maude Born 1872 died 1947
STANTON, Ralph E. Born 1895 died 1953
STAPLETON, Priscella Jean Spouse of William B. Cronk III, William S. Stapleton Born 2-9-1950 died 12-7-2001 - Dau of Alton D. Morse & Virginia M. Tompkins
STARK, Blanche E. Spouse of John R. Born 1881 died 1967
STARK, Charles R. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1902 died 1979
STARK, Dorothy M. Spouse of Charles R. Born 1907 died 1987
STARK, John R. Spouse of Blanche E. Born 1879 died 1964
STEARNS, Annabell Born 5-17-1917 died 11-14-1917
STEARNS, Jane Spouse of Norman S. Born 1-5-1837 died 5-27-1920 - [Rest In Peace]
STEARNS, Norman S. Spouse of Jane Born 11-17-1836 died 1-10-1902 - [Rest In Peace]
STEDMAN, Harvey J. Born 1889 died 1949
STEENROD, Carl E. Spouse of Eva R. Born 1883 died 1945
STEENROD, Eva R. Spouse of Carl E. Born 1886 died 1965
STEENROD, Harold F. Spouse of Helen E. Born 1911 died 1971
STEENROD, Helen E. Spouse of Harold F. Born 1909 died 1997
STEENROD, Lyle R. died 4-26-1941 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 174 Inf. 44 Div, Pvt.
STEENWERTH, Raymond B. died 5-3-1934 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 7th Field Arty, Pfc
STEPHENS, Andrew W. "Andy" Spouse of Nettie Cowles Born 7-4-1915 died 8-8-2004 Age 89y - Son of Clark & Etta Leonard Stephens, born in Genesee PA. Wed Aug 17 1940
STEPHENS, Hettie L. Spouse of Andrew Born 11-18-1917 died 6-11-2008 Age 90y - Dau of Kilbourn & Blanche Tompkins Cowles b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-17-1940 in Richburg NY
STEWART, Celia Agnes McNett Spouse of Henry P. died 11-23-1919 - Dau of Dr. George C. & Agnes McNett
STEWART, Frederick Spouse of Lois B. Knight Born 10-4-1810 died 3-11-1853
STEWART, Lois B. Knight Spouse of Frederick Born 9-18-1811 died 2-27-1890
STICKNEY, Lewis Spouse of Sarah L. Born 1841 died 1921 - Civil War Vet, Co B 23rd Inf. NYS Vols, Co B 23rd Inf NYS Vols, Musician. Enlisted 1861 at Cuba for two years. Mustered out with company 5-22-1863 at Elmira NY
STICKNEY, Sarah L. Spouse of Lewis Born 1845 died 1934
STOWELL, Dora D. Born 1889 died 1988
STOWELL, Paul M. Born 1874 died 1944
STRITTMATHER, Frances E. Spouse of Leo A. Born 08-11-1911 died 04-28-2003 Age 91y - Dau of Terrence F. & Grace O. Rodgers Lynch, born in Belmont, NY
STRITTMATHER, Leo A. Spouse of Frances E. died 4-11-1969 - Wed Feb 24 1962 in Belmont NY
STRYKER, Frank W. Spouse of Kate Born 1866 died 1954 - [At Rest]
STRYKER, Kate Spouse of Frank W. Born 1868 died 1937 - [At Rest]
STUCK, Cora (Brown) Spouse of Sylvester J. Born 1875 died 1933
STUCK, Cora L. Born 1871 died 1951
STUCK, Dixie L. Spouse of Lee I. Born 1942 died uncut
STUCK, Harry J. Born 1875 died 1946
STUCK, Lee I. Spouse of Dixie L. Born 1944 died 1984
STUCK, Llewellyn B. Spouse of Sarah M. Silsby Born 1847 died 1917
STUCK, Llewellyn W. Spouse of Rosemond I. Born 1896 died 1957
STUCK, Norma W. Born 12-19-1939 died 1-7-2018 Age 78y - Dau of Gordon & Violet (Hale) Stuck, raised by Herman & Florence Waters b. Fillmore NY d. Wellsville NY. Unmarried
STUCK, Rosemond I. Spouse of Llewellyn W. Born 1908 died 1968
STUCK, Sarah M. Spouse of Llewellyn Born 1842 died 1920
STUCK, Sylvester J. Spouse of Cora L. Brown Born 1876 died 1936 - Son of Llewellyn & Sarah M. Silsby
STUCK, Theron W. Born 7-20-1924 died 6-27-1994 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
STUCK, Willis Jr. Born 1957 died 1990
STUCK, Willis L. Born 1916 died 1970
STURM, Louise C. Spouse of Nicholas Born 1853 died 1929
STURM, Nicholas Spouse of Louise C. Born 1853 died 1928
SULLIVAN, Floyd H. Spouse of Mertie B. Born 1882 died 1959
SULLIVAN, Mertie B. Spouse of Floyd H. Born 1884 died 1950
SUNDELL, Nettie Hanchett Born 1897 died 1981
SWARTHOUT, Inez L. Spouse of Thomas J., Sr. Born 11-12-1921 died 2-9-2008 - Dau of Irving & Iva Pendleton Veley b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-8-1944 "Together Forever"
SWARTHOUT, infant died 1968
SWARTHOUT, Tedde L. Spouse of Randy L. Born 10-18-1949 died 9-29-2014 - Dau of Joseph James & Delores Yvonne Mills Gielow Sr. b. Buffalo NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 6-29-1996
SWARTHOUT, Thomas J., Sr. Spouse of Inez L. Born 1918 died 1997 - [Together Forever]
SWIFT, Charles Spouse of Rose Born 1883 died 1973
SWIFT, Harry Born 1891 died 1923
SWIFT, LaRue Born 1916 died 1944
SWIFT, Pheobe Ann Spouse of Richard Born 1852 died 1915
SWIFT, Richard Spouse of Pheobe Ann Born 1849 died 1930
SWIFT, Rose Spouse of Charles Born 1882 died 1956
SWORTOUT, Harold E. Spouse of Helena F. Born 1914 died 1995
SWORTOUT, Harold J., Jr. Born 1943 died 1946
SWORTOUT, Helena F. Spouse of Harold E. Born 1916 died 1970
TALOR, Walter Edward Born 8-29-1899 died 4-14-1911
TAYLOR, George Spouse of Lucy J. Born 11-4-1843 died 7-3-1916
TAYLOR, Lucy J. Spouse of George Born 12-23-1856 died 7-21-1920 - [At Rest]
TAYLOR, Rosie J. Spouse of Jon M. Born 7-22-1970 died 9-16-2007 - Dau of Joseph C. & Joanne M. Stuck Elliot b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-13-2006
TEFFT, Bessie G. Born 1890 died 1920
TEFFT, Claude D. Born 1877 died 1894
TEFFT, Daniel D. Born 1887 died 1943
TEFFT, Daniel D. Born 1887 died uncut
TEFFT, E. Irene Born 1875 died uncut
TEFFT, Floy A. Born 1879 died uncut
TEFFT, Jesse W. Born 1871 died 1910
TEFFT, Lloyd E. Born 1890 died 1933
TEFFT, Thomas E. Born 1882 died 1931
TEFFT, Thomas S. Spouse of W. Adelaide Born 1843 died 1906
TEFFT, W. Adelaide Spouse of Thomas S. Born 1850 died 1928
TEFFT, W. Harry Born 1873 died uncut
THATCHER, Samuel died 6-20-1889 Age 97y
THIBOU, Edwin C. Born 1833 died 1910
THIBOU, Mary C. Born 1838 died 1917
THIBOU, Sarah Born 1822 died 1899
THOMAS, Bert A. Spouse of Mildred F. Born 12-24-1895 died 5-13-1978 - WW I Vet, US Army, Bugler
THOMAS, Ernest Born 7-28-1897 died 1-30-1964 - WW II Vet
THOMAS, Ethel Spouse of Frederick G. Born 7-20-1913 died 6-13-1977
THOMAS, Frederick G. Spouse of Ethel Born 1927 died 1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
THOMAS, George A. Spouse of Maude M. Born 1866 died 1945
THOMAS, Maude M. Spouse of George A. Born 1874 died 1951
THOMAS, Mildred F. Spouse of Bert A. Born 1896 died 1962
THOMPSON, Calvin Spouse of Mary F. died 12-1-1915
THOMPSON, Carrie E. died 9-5-1862 - Dau of J. & P. Thompson
THOMPSON, John Born 1829 died 1909
THOMPSON, Linda D. Spouse of Brian Born 12-5-1960 died 9-18-2014 Age 53y - Dau of Charles & Betty Stives Niles b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-30-2011 in Scio NY
THOMPSON, Mary F. Spouse of Calvin died 4-21-1890
THOMSON, Alexis Born 7-20-1889 died 2-1-1893 - Son of Robert & Edna Thomson
THOMSON, Edna I. Spouse of Robert D. Born 1858 died 1930
THOMSON, Neal Born 1899 died 1923 - Son of Robert & Edna Thomson
THOMSON, Robert D. Spouse of Edna I. Born 1858 died 1942
THORTON, Gary Lee Born 1959 died 1963
THURSTON, Evelyn Llewella Born 7-11-1909 died 11-24-1915 - [Babe]
TINCHER, Conrad L. Spouse of Phyllis M. Born 12-29-1923 died 9-13-1999 - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard
TINCHER, Phyllis M. Spouse of Conrad L. Born 1929 died uncut
TODD, May A. Born 1870 died 1951
TOMAH, Catherine (Horn) [Cate] Born 11-18-1929 died 10-2-1995 Age 65y - Dau of Eugene & Catherine Milburn Horn b. Jeannette PA, d. Belmont NY. [I Find Blest Comfort My Pain Erased, as I Nestle There in His Sweet Embrace. In Loving Memory of Your Family]
TOMPKINS, Clarence Spouse of Lora R. Born 1893 died 1949 - [Father]
TOMPKINS, Clarence E. Born 2-7-1919 died 10-25-1989 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
TOMPKINS, James R. Born 1947 died 1948
TOMPKINS, Lora R. Spouse of Clarence Born 1899 died 1968 - [Mother]
TOMPKINS, Victor L. Born 1929 died 1965
TOMPKINS, Victor, Jr. Born 1948 died 2002
TRACY, Adaline A. died 5-17-1844
TRACY, Annis H. Spouse of Ira died 3-26-1882 Age 81y - [In Memoriam[
TRACY, Carrie Born 1859 died 1958
TRACY, Elizabeth Born 1820 died 1882
TRACY, Harriet Born 1841 died 1905
TRACY, Ira Spouse of Annis H. died 9-1-1881 Age 87y - [In Memoriam]
TRACY, Jean E. Spouse of Roger W. Born 1926 died uncut - Wed 8-12-1945
TRACY, Lemira L. died 1-27-1867 Age 41y - Dau of Ira & Annis Tracy [In Memory of]
TRACY, Lucy C. Born 1832 died 1928
TRACY, Maria J. Born 1823 died 1901
TRACY, Mary M. Born 1818 died 1898
TRACY, Roger W. Spouse of Jean E. Born 1921 died 1990 - Wed 8-12-1945
TRACY, Sarah M. Spouse of Solomon H. Born 3-30-1831 died 1-26-1900
TRACY, Seth H. Born 1835 died 1923
TRACY, Solomon H. Spouse of Sarah M. Born 4-19-1829 died 9-17-1911
TRAVIS, Bert S. Born 3-14-1916 died 1-10-1933
TRAVIS, Charles R. Born 1880 died 1955
TRAVIS, Elizabeth Spouse of John J. died 6-23-1894 - [At Rest]
TRAVIS, Erma L. Spouse of Isaac I. Born 1900 died 1964
TRAVIS, George S. Born 1903 died 1966
TRAVIS, Guy W. Born 1916 died 1936
TRAVIS, Henry M. Born 1845 died uncut - [At Rest]
TRAVIS, Isaac I. Spouse of Erma L. Born 1899 died 1979
TRAVIS, Isaac W. Born 1870 died 1953
TRAVIS, John J. Spouse of Elizabeth died 4-27-1877 Age 76y - [At Rest]
TRAVIS, Julia Ett. Spouse of William Ira Born 11-28-1847 died 6-6-1924 - [The Precious Ones From Us has Gone The Voice We Loved is Still A Place is Vacant in Our Hearts That Never Can be Filled]
TRAVIS, Lloyd Born 1903 died 1942
TRAVIS, Mabel M. Spouse of Richard K. Born 5-16-1941 died uncut
TRAVIS, Mary Jane Spouse of Reuben H. Born 9-25-1848 died 6-14-1929
TRAVIS, Mildred E. Spouse of Seth I. Born 1885 died 1968
TRAVIS, Pauline Spouse of William Born 1914 died uncut
TRAVIS, Pauline E. Spouse of William L. Born 11-3-1914 died 12-6-2011
TRAVIS, Pearl Born 6-11-1889 died 5-12-1962
TRAVIS, Reuben Born abt 1842 died 4-28-1908 - Civil War Vet, Co I 136th NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Castile for one year. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 near Washington DC
TRAVIS, Richard K. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 7-11-1927 died 3-2-1986 - WW II Vet, US Navy
TRAVIS, Rose Brown Born 1895 died 1971 - [Mother]
TRAVIS, Sam Born 4-19-1886 died 11-1-1964
TRAVIS, Seth I. Spouse of Mildred E. Born 1879 died 1959
TRAVIS, Simeon B. Spouse of Vinna Yeomans Born 1867 died 1948
TRAVIS, Vinna Yeomans Spouse of Simeon B. Born 1864 died 1909
TRAVIS, William Spouse of Pauline Born 8-9-1910 died 8-12-1985 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
TRAVIS, William Ira Spouse of Julia Ett. Born 10-11-1847 died 2-2-1927 - [The Precious Ones From Us has Gone The Voice We Loved is Still A Place is Vacant in Our Hearts That Never Can be Filled]
TRAVIS, William Keith died 2-1972 - Son of Richard & Mabel Brown Travis
TROUP, John A. Spouse of Lottie I. Born 1892 died 1953
TROUP, Lottie I. Spouse of John A. Born 1901 died 1987
TUCKER, Alfred W. Born 1923 died 1977 - WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Vet, US Army (Career)
TUCKER, Charles N. Spouse of L. Adelle Born 1863 died 1934
TUCKER, George L., Sr. Spouse of Rebecca L. Born 1820 died 1904
TUCKER, Gracie Born 1865 died 1909
TUCKER, L. Adelle Spouse of Charles N. Born 1865 died 1957
TUCKER, Leta F. Born 1897 died 1982
TUCKER, Margaret P. Spouse of Nathan B. Born 1897 died 1983
TUCKER, Nathan B. Spouse of Margaret P. Born 1889 died 1974
TUCKER, Nathan B., Jr. Born 1923 died 1946
TUCKER, Rebecca L. Spouse of George L. Sr. Born 1842 died 1912
TUCKER, Robert H. Born 8-10-1817 died 5-4-1887
TUCKER, Ruth Olmstead Born 1924 died 2002
TUCKER, Ruth Welch Born 1893 died 1919
TULLAR, Mary E. Born 1829 died 1895
TUTTLE, Ruth A. Born 11-4-1944 died 3-31-2001 - [Mom]
ULLYETTE, Sara Born 1853 died 1928
unknown, Addie A. - Could be TRACY
unknown, Adelbert - Could be BAKER or WRIGHT
unknown, Annie - No dates. Believe to be BRADT
unknown, Bonnie L. Spouse of Donald G. Born 12-14-1939 died 1-10-1988
unknown, C. R. H. - No dates. Believe to be BRADT
unknown, Caroline A. Born 1842 died 1898 - [His Wife] Could be Travis
unknown, Charles C. Born 1832 died 1898 - Could be BRADT or BINGHAM
unknown, Clara A. - Could be BAKER or WRIGHT
unknown, Donald G. Spouse of Bonnie L. Born 5-26-1940 died 3-8-1990
unknown, Esther C. Born 1876 died 1955 - [Mother]
unknown, Eunice - Could be ADAMS or BARNETSON
unknown, Grace - Could be ADAMS or BARNETSON
unknown, Jim Born 1863 died 1931 - Could be ANDERSON
unknown, John - Could be ADAMS or BARNETSON
unknown, L. B. - No dates. Believe to be BRADT
unknown, Lillian A. Born 4-24-1866 died 6-20-1936 - Could be GRAHAM or BROWN
unknown, Louesa Born 1850 died uncut - [His Wife] Could be Travis
unknown, M. B. - No dates. Believe to be BRADT
unknown, Milton Born 9-5-1862 died 10-2-1914 - Could be GRAHAM or BROWN
unknown, Mother Born 1826 died 1896 - Could be DAVIS or MCNICH
unknown, Ruth R. Born 1881 died 1894 - Could be WHITCOMB
unknown, Susan Born 1850 died 1887 - Could be DAVIS or MCNICH
unknown, Sylvia Born 1902 died 1923 - Could be VOSBURG or KEISER
UTTER, Carl J. Spouse of Frances P. Born 1867 died 1946
UTTER, Charles R. Born 1873 died 1952
UTTER, Frances P. Spouse of Carl J. Born 1881 died 1976
UTTER, Riley N. Born abt 1830 - Civil War Vet, Co F 19th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Amity for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA
VALLANCE, Edna Mae Spouse of Raymond A. Born 1906 died 1970
VALLANCE, Raymond A. Spouse of Edna Mae Born 1904 died 1975
VAN CAMPEN, Addison Born 1838 died 1900
VAN CAMPEN, Amanda S. Spouse of Hanford Born 1819 died 1896
VAN CAMPEN, Bettie R. Spouse of Frank Born 1849 died 1926 - [Mother]
VAN CAMPEN, Clarence Born 1886 died 1889
VAN CAMPEN, Delos A. Born 1867 died 1951
VAN CAMPEN, Emily Born 1841 died 1901
VAN CAMPEN, Florence Spouse of William R. Born 1885 died 1984
VAN CAMPEN, Frank Spouse of Bettie R. Born 1845 died 1927 - [Father]
VAN CAMPEN, Gertrude G. Born 1874 died 1963
VAN CAMPEN, Hanford Spouse of Amanda S. Born 1821 died 1885
VAN CAMPEN, Louise White Born 1897 died 1971
VAN CAMPEN, Virginia Spouse of William R. Born 1918 died 1959
VAN CAMPEN, William R. Spouse of Florence Born 1885 died 1950
VAN CAMPEN, William R. Spouse of Virginia Born 1915 died 1965
Van GORDER, Ruby J. Spouse of Walden L. Born 11-1-1916 died 12-3-2003 - Dau of Bryon & Blanche Chaffee Clair
Van GORDER, Walden L. Spouse of Ruby J. died 4-29-1988 - Wed April 6 1937 in Elkland PA
VAN ORSDALE, F. H., Dr. Born 1859 died 1949
VAN ORSDALE, Grace E. Born 1860 died 1936
VANDERHOEF, Fannie Belle Spouse of Harlen C. Born 1862 died 1929
VANDERHOEF, Frankie Born 4-27-1857 died 2-25-1858
VANDERHOEF, Franklin Spouse of Laura A. Born 1-22-1829 died 1-16-1900
VANDERHOEF, Harlen C. Spouse of Fannie Belle Born 1861 died 1934
VANDERHOEF, Laura A. Spouse of Franklin Born 4-29-1837 died 5-24-1892
VANDERHOEF, Laura E. Born 1879 died 1911
VANDERHOEF, Louie Born 10-25-1867 died 1-22-1870
VANGORDER, Ruby J. Spouse of Wally I. Born 11-1-1916 died 12-3-2003 - Dau of Bryon & Blanche Chaffee Clair Together Forever
VANGORDER, Wally I. Spouse of Ruby J. Born 1916 died 4-29-1988 - [Together Forever]
VANORSDALE, Clara L. Spouse of Frank died 11-8-1914
VANORSDALE, Frank Spouse of Clara L. died 5-14-1882
VANORSDALE, Nancy M. Crandall Spouse of F. Vanorsdale died 6-8-1864
VAUGHN, Stephen Spouse of Susan died 2-17-1838
VAUGHN, Susan Spouse of #1 Stephen, #2 Joshua Utter died 1-19-1879
VELEY, Irving M. Spouse of Iva A. Born 1892 died 1982
VELEY, Iva A. Spouse of Irving M. Born 1906 died 1982
VELEY, Leland J., Sr. Spouse of Shirley A. Born 1928 died 1998 - [Love Lives On]
VELEY, Shirley A. Spouse of Leland J., Sr. Born 1931 died uncut - [Love Lives On]
VELEY, Shirley A. Spouse of Leland J. "Pete" Sr. Born 8-14-1931 died 2-23-2010 Age 78y - Dau of Harold C. & Edith M. Blakeslee Gardner b. Howard NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-24-1947 Love Lives On
VONGELDER, Mary Pifer Born 1860 died 1932 - [In the Year of Our Lord At Rest
VOORHEIS, Francelia Born 12-1852 died 12-1885
VOORHIES, Mark E. Born 3-5-1889 died 7-16-1889 - Son of D. & Lora Voorhies
VOSBURG, Luman H. Born 1887 died 1950
VOSBURG, Marion Born 1922 died 1978
VOSBURG, Maude C. Born 1888 died 1958
VOSSLER, Jane W. Spouse of Lewis Born 1916 died 1953 - Dau of Fred & Ethel Whitcomb
VOSSLER, Lewis J. Born 2-8-1918 died 12-9-1995 - WW II Vet, US Navy, PM3
VUNK, Dollance Spouse of Lydia Born 5-4-1801 died 5-12-1882
VUNK, Lydia Spouse of Dollance Born 12-25-1795 died 3-12-1875
WAGNER, Peter Gregory Born 1884 died 1916 - WW I KIA, US Army, Co H 148 Inf
WAITE, Melvin A. Spouse of Linda A. Miller Born 7-25-1936 died 3-1-2012 Age 75y - Son of Elmer & Florine Butler Waite b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-3-1960 in Whitesville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
WALES, Catherine Tucker Born 1869 died 1966
WALES, Elizabeth Keiser Spouse of Frank Born 1872 died 1919 - [Mother]
WALKER, Alice I. Spouse of Charles L. Born 1883 died 1965
WALKER, Charles L. Spouse of Alice I. Born 1874 died 1952
WALLACE, Charles E. Spouse of Mary B. Born 1852 died 1927
WALLACE, Estelle G. Born 1888 died 1932
WALLACE, Eva S. Born 1884 died 1962
WALLACE, Fred E. Born 1876 died 1914
WALLACE, Mary B. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1862 died 1930
WALLACE, Sylvia Spouse of Charles E. Born 1863 died 1883 - [Mother]
WALLDORFF, Blanche B. Spouse of James O. Born 1881 died 1951
WALLDORFF, Dorr L. Born 1911 died 1997
WALLDORFF, James O. Spouse of Blanche B. Born 1879 died 1949
WALLDORFF, Linnie Born 1912 died 1999
WARD, Alice Elizabeth Born 12-28-1903 died 2-3-1911 - Dau of Hamilton & Grace E. Ward Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me
WARD, Annie J. Spouse of William Born 1875 died 1956
WARD, Lottie Spouse of Samuel Born 1880 died 1952
WARD, Lugius S. died 6-29-1888
WARD, Marsh Born 11-19-1907 died 2-1-1911 - Child of Hamilton & Grace E. Ward Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me
WARD, Nellie died 3-25-1869 - Dau of (unable to read)
WARD, Samuel Spouse of Lottie Born 1866 died 1935
WARD, Taliesin F. Born 1896 died 1940 - Son of William & Annie J. Ward
WARD, William Spouse of Annie J. Born 1872 died 1937
WARNER, Brian, S. Born 3-4-1966 died 9-12-2015 Age 49y - Son of George L. & Carol "Kaye" Ferris Warner, born and died in Cuba NY. - Post Vietnam Vet, US Army, 1st Cav Div 1983-1989
WARNER, George L. Spouse of Carol "Kaye" Ferris Born 5-11-1943 died 9-24-2007 Age 64y - Son of Paul & Hazel Learn Warner b. Lyndon NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-23-1963 in Cuba NY
WARNER, George L., Jr. Born 1964 died 1987
WASHBURN, Benjamin Born 1827 died 1884
WASHBURN, Donald R. Spouse of Doris Born 10-23-1918 died 1-19-1993 - WW II Vet, US Navy, MOMMI
WASHBURN, Doris E. Spouse of Donald R. Born 4-10-1921 died 3-20-2006 - Dau of Elmo & Dora Curtis Perkins b. Shinglehouse, Pa. d. Wellsville, NY Wed 2-3-1940 in Bradford, Pa.
WASHBURN, Ida Davis Spouse of Sheridan R. Born 1856 died 1931
WASHBURN, Rececca Born 1831 died 1913
WASHBURN, Sheridan R. Spouse of Ida Davis Born 1855 died 1899
WATERS, Alfred H. Spouse of Rachel A. Born 1844 died 1907 - Civil War Vet, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Amity for three years. Mustered out 6-29-1865 at Jarvis US General Hospital Baltimore MD
WATERS, Edith A. Born 1869 died 1922
WATERS, Florence Spouse of Herman Born 1898 died 1990
WATERS, Herman Spouse of Florence Born 1891 died 1958
WATERS, Kezia Spouse of Norton Born 1815 died 1879
WATERS, Norton Spouse of Kezia Born 1814 died 1882
WATERS, Rachel A. Spouse of Alfred Born 1849 died 1930
WATKINS, Gary L. Born 1-9-1946 died 6-18-1999 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, CYN3
WATSON, Almeda M. died 3-25-1887 - Dau of G. & A. E. Watson
WATSON, Ann Eliza Spouse of Gardner A. Born 1852 died 1936
WATSON, Anna M. Born 9-22-1871 died 6-24-1878 - Dau of R. M. & A. M. Watson
WATSON, Bertie Born 1-23-1870 died 8-14-1882 - Child of R. M. & A. M. Watson
WATSON, Bryce Timothy Born 6-24-1993 died 8-17-1993 - [Little Ones to Him Belong]
WATSON, Clarence Born 12-10-1884 died 1-2-1905
WATSON, Doritha Polmateer Spouse of James Ellsworth Born 11-14-1930 died 6-22-2004 Age 73y - Dau of Myron L. & Irene M. Burrows Polmateer b. & d. Wellsville, NY Wed 7-27-1950 in Friendship, NY
WATSON, Dorothy B. Spouse of Lynn L. Born 1903 died 1993
WATSON, E. Ellsworth Spouse of Gladys Born 1897 died 1966
WATSON, Elmer E. Spouse of Paulina White Born 5-2-1861 died 1-2-1915
WATSON, Esther Mae Born 10-11-1931 died 6-11-1934
WATSON, Florence Born 10-20-1893 died 10-19-1948
WATSON, Gardner A. Spouse of Ann Eliza Born 1851 died 1926
WATSON, Gladys Spouse of E. Ellsworth Born 1901 died 1972
WATSON, James Ellsworth Spouse of Doritha Polmateer Born 9-4-1925 died 5-19-1990
WATSON, Joan H. Spouse of Raymond K. Born 9-8-1931 died uncut
WATSON, John G. Born 1844 died 1876
WATSON, Joyce C. Born 1941 died 1982 - [As a Mother Comforts Her Child, So Will I Comfort You]
WATSON, Lawrence Albert Spouse of #1 Joyce C. Mitchell, #2 Doreen H. Marden, #3 Bernice E. Whiteman Born 6-2-1933 died 2-1-2015 Age 81y - Son of Elmer E. & Gladys J. Cline Watson, b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed wife #1 on 8-23-1958. (She died 4-3-1982.) Wed wife #2 on 1-24-1984. (She died 6-2004.) Wed Wife #3 on 4-22-2006 - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953-1955
WATSON, Lewis M. Spouse of Margaret B. Born 1866 died 1935
WATSON, Lynn L. Spouse of Dorothy B. Born 1902 died 1978
WATSON, Margaret B. Spouse of Lewis M. Born 1875 died 1970
WATSON, Mary C. Born 7-4-1873 died 7-14-1878 - Dau of R. M. & A. M. Watson
WATSON, Merilla Spouse of S. S. Watson died 12-25-1870 Age 59y - [In Life United, [In Death Not Divided
WATSON, Paulina White Spouse of Elmer E. Born 1-17-1863 died 4-12-1944
WATSON, Raymond K. Spouse of Joan H. Born 9-2-1927 died 6-7-2003 Age 75y - Son of E. Ellsworth & Gladys Cline Watson
WATSON, S. S. Spouse of Merrilla died 8-11-1855 Age 46y - [In Life United, [In Death Not Divided
WEAVER, Charles Spouse of Margaret died 7-13-1863 Age 47y - Buried in Arlington Natl Cem, Washington D.C. - Civil War DOW, Co E 1st Inf NYS Vols. Not Verifed, not listed in Arlington Cem.
WEAVER, George H. Born 1836 died 1898 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Farrier. Enlisted 1862 at Amity for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA
WEAVER, Margaret Spouse of Charles died 1-2-1889 Age 78y - [In Memory of Our Father and Mother
WEAVER, Sylvester Born 1840 died 1910 - Civil War Vet, Co B 14th US Inf and 16th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1863 at Big Flats in the 16th for three years. No further record.
WEBB, John A. Jr. Spouse of Jackie S Born 9-23-1956 died 5-26-2003 - Son of John A. & Marjorie J. Hammond Webb - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 101st Airborne Div.
WEBB, John A. Sr. - No stone, no dates
WEBSTER, Addie Spouse of Gaylord Born 1906 died 1992
WEBSTER, Gaylord Spouse of Addie Born 1905 died 1981
WEBSTER, William S. Born 1836 died 1904
WEBSTER, Wilma S. Born 1930 died 1944
WEED, Fanny Feathers Born 1831 died 1908
WEEKS, Chester W. Born 6-12-1916 died 2-5-1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
WEEKS, Mary E. Brown Born 1851 died 1917
WEEKS, Nora Snyder Born 1898 died 1981
WELCH, Anna Lounsberry Born 1868 died 1953
WELCH, Annie L. Born 1894 died 1920 - Dau of J. D. Sortore
WELCH, C. Elmer Born 1862 died 1927
WELCH, Elizabeth M. Born 1871 died 1933
WELCH, Frank D. Born 1870 died 1938
WELCH, James Q. Spouse of Lovisa Born 1840 died 1903 - [Father]
WELCH, Louisa Reed Born 1841 died 1918
WELCH, Lovisa Spouse of James Q Born 1848 died 1932
WELCH, Wisley B. Born 1839 died 1915
WERNER, Alfred C. Spouse of Hazel H. Born 1892 died 1965
WERNER, Hazel H. Spouse of Alfred C Born 1893 died 1990
WESCHE, Agnes V. Spouse of Walter A. Born 3-9-1926 died 11-18-2011 Age 85y - Dau of Lynn & Lila Schoonover Mowers b. Bellville d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-19-1950
WESCHE, Walter A. Spouse of Agnes Mowers Born 2-5-1922 died 4-3-2014 Age 92y - Son of Adolph & Agatha Breitwieser Wesche b. Town of Allen NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-19-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army
WEST, Elma G. Spouse of Henry A. Born 1886 died 1937
WEST, Franklin E. Spouse of Gladys J. Born 1913 died 1995
WEST, Gladys J. Spouse of Franklin E. Born 1911 died 1991
WEST, Henry A. Spouse of Elma G. Born 1880 died 1953
WESTFALL, Hope E. Spouse of Maynard J. "Pete" Born 1889 died 1968
WESTFALL, Maynard J. "Pete" Spouse of Hope E. Born 1898 died 1963
WHEATON, Pamela J. Born 5-20-1959 died 10-4-2008 - Dau of Robert & Patricia Knox Wheaton b. & d. Wellsville NY
WHELAN, J. S. Spouse of Sarah Ann Born 1828 died 1916
WHELAN, Sarah Ann Spouse of J. S. Whelan Born 1826 died 1906
WHITCOMB, Ann Cornwell Spouse of R. A. Whitcomb Born 1848 died 1930
WHITCOMB, Celestia K. Spouse of H. E. Whitcomb Born 1841 died 1924
WHITCOMB, Charles E. Spouse of Mary E. Crosby Born 1863 died 1960
WHITCOMB, E. A. Horn Spouse of F. N. Whitcomb Born 7-11-1831 died 4-10-1880
WHITCOMB, Ethel D. Spouse of Fred J. Born 1880 died 1962 - Mother of Jane Whitcomb Vossler
WHITCOMB, Eugene C. Born 1891 died 1973
WHITCOMB, Eugene P. Born 1855 died 1924
WHITCOMB, Fred J. Spouse of Ethel Born 1878 died 1961 - Father of Jane Whitcomb Vossler
WHITCOMB, Grace E. Born 10-8-1871 died 8-22-1878 - Dau of H. E. & Celestia Whitcomb
WHITCOMB, H. E. Spouse of Celestia K. Born 1834 died 1908
WHITCOMB, Hale Born 1907 died 2002
WHITCOMB, Harriet L. Born 1871 died 1964
WHITCOMB, Jane Vincent Pitt Spouse of S. Hale Born 1821 died 1916
WHITCOMB, Jeriah Born 1801 died 1973
WHITCOMB, Lucinda Norton Spouse of J. Whitcomb Born 1808 died 1893
WHITCOMB, Lucy Born 1805 died 1847
WHITCOMB, Mae Born 1869 died 1948
WHITCOMB, Manville Born 1837 died 1845
WHITCOMB, Margaret Elizabeth Murphy Spouse of Hale C. Born 1911 died 1991
WHITCOMB, Mary E. Crosby Spouse of C. E. Whitcomb Born 1864 died 1930
WHITCOMB, Russell Born 1845 died 1921
WHITCOMB, S. Hale Spouse of Jane Vincent Pitt Born 1826 died 1897
WHITCOMB, Sara B. Born 12-26-1871 died 8-22-1872 - Dau of H. E. & Celestia Whitcomb
WHITCOMB, Sarah Brown Spouse of S. Whitcomb Born 1776 died 1851
WHITCOMB, Silas Born 1771 died 1856
WHITE, Claude Born 1878 died 1920
WHITE, Isaac Born 1823 died 1914
WHITNEY, Alfred Maxwell Born 6-13-1879 died 8-11-1879
WHITNEY, Alvin Earl Born 3-25-1875 died 8-12-1876 - Son of Henry P. & Myra E. Whitney
WHITNEY, Charles S. Born 2-12-1824 died 4-1-1900
WHITNEY, Clara A. Parker Spouse of C. S. Whitney Born 5-15-1829 died 10-12-1872
WHITNEY, Clifford B. Sr. Spouse of Tillie A. Born 1910 died 7-9-1983 - Wed 4-10-1930
WHITNEY, Dolores G. Spouse of Victor L. Born 5-16-1935 died 5-24-2009 Age 74y - Dau of Edward & Isabelle Philips Goth b. Hornell NY d. Belmont NY Wed 9-15-1956 in Hornell NY
WHITNEY, Edward Eugene "Ed" Born 10-14-1953 died 10-21-2010 Age 57y - Son of Leonard & Catherine "Cate" Horn Whitney Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY. Divorced from Marta Whitney. Ed was employed by the Town of Amity and served as the cemetery sexton for the past 12 years taking great pride in the appearance of the Cemetery
WHITNEY, Edward R. Born 1877 died 1955
WHITNEY, Hubert L. Spouse of Myrtle L. Born 1885 died 1956
WHITNEY, Mary E. Williams Spouse of C. S. Whitney Born 8-16-1845 died 9-15-1876
WHITNEY, Myrtle L. Spouse of Hubert L. Born 1887 died 1970
WHITNEY, Parker Richard Born 10-31-1885 died 3-5-1922
WHITNEY, Tillie Spouse of Clifford Born 7-8-1912 died 10-16-2004 Age 92y - Dau of Theodore & Maude Rice Quant b. Angelica, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 4-10-1930 in Almond, NY
WHITSELL, John A. Born 1864 died 1959
WIGENT, Lawrence E. Spouse of Patricia J. Born 11-26-1928 died 11-30-2002 - Wed 1-27-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
WIGENT, Patricia J. Spouse of Lawrence E. Born 11-13-1930 died 7-31-2004 Age 73y - Dau of Elmer "Buck" & Mildred Unchpher Williams b. Olean, NY d. Belmont, NY Wed 1-27-1950 in Friendship, NY
WILBER, Nancy Ellen Born 1855 died 1935
WILCOX, Horance I. Spouse of Myrtle Born 1891 died 1945 - Flat Plate
WILCOX, Myrtle Spouse of Horance I. Born 188? died 1970 - Flat Plate
WILEY, Jennie died 2-19-1879 Age 25y
WILLARD, Mary J. Spouse of Virgil Born 1842 died 1920
WILLARD, Virgil Spouse of Mary J. Born 1839 died 1903
WILLETS, Abram Byon died 3-20-1874 - Only Son of Edward F. & Amelia Willets
WILLETS, Amelia Born 1830 died 1909
WILLETS, Bonnie - No dates
WILLETS, Edward F. Born 1828 died 1906
WILLETS, Helen M. Culver Spouse of Leonard F. died 12-30-1882 Age 55y
WILLETS, Leonard F. Spouse of Helen M. Culver died 1-29-1890 Age 66y
WILLIAMS, Caroline L. Spouse of Eugene C. Born 1875 died 1966
WILLIAMS, David T. Spouse of Julia Willets died 10-19-1898 Age 49y
WILLIAMS, Dawn D. (Dombert). Companion of Chester Baker Born 2-20-1937 died 5-18-2017 Age 80y - Dau of Clifford & Rosemary (VanSusan) Dombert b. Endicott NY d. Belmont NY. Three sons, different surnames. (Chester d. 12-30-2015)
WILLIAMS, Eugene C. Spouse of Caroline L. Born 1876 died 1949
WILLIAMS, James D. Spouse of #1 Wanda Dunmire, #2 June Cook Carpenter Born 10-21-1919 died 5-12-2008 Age 88y - Son of Thomas & Twila Gourley Williams b. Punxsutawney PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed June on 7-18-1981.
WILLIAMS, Joseph Karr Born 1856 died 1943
WILLIAMS, Julia Willets Spouse of David T. Born 7-29-1855 died 10-25-1933
WILLIAMS, L. Lloyd died 5-17-1900 Age 13y
WILLIAMS, Wanda P. Spouse of James D. Born 1922 died 1980
WILLIAMSON, Alexander J. Spouse of Jane C. Born 1855 died 1903
WILLIAMSON, Clifford C. Born 1893 died 1900
WILLIAMSON, Clinton J. Born 1887 died 1980 - Son of Alexander & Jane Williamson
WILLIAMSON, Clinton J. [Jack] Born 1913 died 1994 - Son of Clinton James & Isabelle Whitman Williamson
WILLIAMSON, Jane C. Spouse of Alexander J. Born 1856 died 1894
WILLIS, Lloyd L. Born 1893 died 1916 - [He Gave His Life for His Country] - WW I KIA?
WILSON, Louisa B. Spouse of Griffin Born 1830 died 1879
WILSON, Clayton L. Spouse of Maude Born 1879 died 1921
WILSON, Florilla B. Spouse of Paul G. Born 1919 died 1999
WILSON, Herman L. Spouse of Martha J. Born 11-1-1855 died 9-1949
WILSON, James Born 1840 died 1923 - Civil War Vet, Co C 26th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Rochester for three years. Wounded Antietam MD. Mustered out with company 5-28-1863 at Utica NY
WILSON, Martha J. Spouse of Herman L. Born 4-8-1853 died 7-1-1915 - [In Memory of
WILSON, Mary Born 1852 died 1937
WILSON, Maude Spouse of Clayton L. Born 1889 died 1928
WILSON, Minnie S. Spouse of Raymond J. Born 1887 died 1978
WILSON, Myrtie Born 1869 died 1878
WILSON, Paul Born 4-19-1952 died 8-7-2004 - Great Grandson of Nathan Paul Griffin. Interred in Union Cemetery, Webster, NY
WILSON, Paul G. Spouse of Florilla B. Born 1907 died 1970
WILSON, Raymond J. Spouse of Minnie S. Born 1889 died 1968
WILSON, Sarah Born 2-24-1852 died 2-8-1910
WILSON, William H. Born 1858 died 1918
WINDUS, Florence M. Spouse of Fred Born 5-10-1891 died 11-16-1985
WINDUS, Fred Spouse of Florence M. Born 4-10-1894 died 5-16-1929 - [Father]
WINDUS, Isabelle F. Born 1911 died 1999
WINDUS, Jean Burdick Spouse of Ralph W. Born 1920 died 2000
WINDUS, John W. Born 1916 died 1945
WINDUS, Leland T. Spouse of Shirley J. Born 5-9-1931 died 11-4-2001 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
WINDUS, Mary A. Born 1897 died 1934
WINDUS, Ralph W. Spouse of Jean Burdick Born 1920 died 1987
WINDUS, Shirley J. Spouse of Leland T. Born 1934 died uncut
WINDUS, Walter J. Born 1893 died 1951
WITHEY, Adelaide H. Born 1866 died 1951
WITHEY, Alta Amanda died 9-30-1861 Age 15y - Dau of William & Mary Withey
WITHEY, Mary Clark Spouse of William died 2-26-1875 Age 54y
WITHEY, Sophronia died 10-6-1861 Age 18y - Dau of William & Mary Withey
WITHEY, William Spouse of Mary Clark died 12-27-1882 Age 65y
WITTER, Albert Born 1845 died 1925
WITTER, Frederick Bryan Spouse of Margaret Walber Born 1870 died 1941
WITTER, Frederick James Spouse of Mary Thomas Born 1903 died 1972
WITTER, James "David" Spouse of Tonia "Toni" Zenoski Born 8-10-1929 died 2-20-2007 Age 77y - Son of Frederick James & Mary Thomas Witter b. Rochester NYd. Wellsville NY Wed 6-27-1964 in Friendship NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Philippines
WITTER, Josephine Born 1850 died 1930
WITTER, Margaret Walber Spouse of Frederick Bryan Born 1874 died 1937
WITTER, Mary Born 1887 died 1959
WITTER, Mary Thomas Spouse of Frederick James Born 1904 died 1965
WIXSON, Bessie C. Spouse of Lynn E. Born 1887 died 1988
WIXSON, Donald F. Spouse of Laura W. Born 1918 died 1998
WIXSON, James L. Spouse of Michelle MANWARING Born 7-16-1947 died 7-02-2003 Age 55y - Son of Donald F. & Laura (Welstead) Wixson, b. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-20-1985 in Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, Sgt
WIXSON, Laura W. Spouse of Donald F. Born 1918 died 1995
WIXSON, Lynn E. Spouse of Bessie C. Born 1884 died 1961
WOOD, Abram L. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 11-4-1841 died uncut
WOOD, Elizabeth Spouse of Abram L. Born 1845 died 190-6
WOODARD, Lewellyn Born 1871 died 1881 - Son of Henry & Mary Woodard
WOODARD, Lydia Spouse of William E. Born 1867 died 1949 - Flat plate in ground
WOODARD, William E. Spouse of Lydia Born 1872 died 1940 - Flat plate in ground
WORTH, Alta Spouse of Wellington Born 1874 died 1949
WORTH, Cyril C. Born 1832 died 1921
WORTH, Frank E. Born 1860 died 1948 - [Brother]
WORTH, Matilda S. Born 1836 died 1912
WORTH, Wellington Spouse of Alta Born 1862 died 1954
WRIGHT, John W. Spouse of Martha A. Born 1814 died 1923
WRIGHT, Martha A. Spouse of John W. Born 1847 died 1920
WRIGHTMAN, Edna D. Spouse of Glenn T. Born 1891 died 1965
WRIGHTMAN, Glenn T. Spouse of Edna D. Born 1893 died 1989
WRIGHTMAN, Richard Lee Born 3-22-1930 died 10-12-1930
WYCOFF, unknown Born 12-9-1897 died 1-28-1898 - Son of F. & F. Wycoff
WYVELL, Eunice A. Born 1857 died 1941
YOUNG, Eliza Born 1832 died 1912
YOUNG, Evelyn Whitcomb Born 1884 died 1971
YOUNG, Forrest G. Spouse of Julia G. Born 4-30-1903 died 11-4-1971
YOUNG, Forrest W. Born 11-16-1925 died 1-11-1987 - [He Who is Remembered is Never Truly Gone] - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
YOUNG, Julia G. Spouse of Forrest G. Born 4-21-1902 died 6-10-1977
YOUNGS, Caroline Born 7-8-1901 died 2-8-1902 - Dau of J. H. & Ella Youngs
YOUNGS, Caroline Tator Spouse of Charles Born 4-27-1826 died 1-7-1901
YOUNGS, Charles Spouse of Caroline Tator Born 6-7-1822 died 1-15-1903
YOUNGS, Daisy M. Born 1863 died 1936
YOUNGS, Ella H. Spouse of James H. Born 1865 died 1917
YOUNGS, Florence L. Born 1864 died 1917
YOUNGS, Fred J. Born 1859 died 1930
YOUNGS, Grace F. Spouse of James H. Jr. Born 1903 died 1986
YOUNGS, Hazel Belle Born 4-16-1903 died 4-27-1904 - Dau of J. H. & Ella Youngs
YOUNGS, James H. Spouse of Ella H. Born 1856 died 1922
YOUNGS, James H. Jr. Spouse of Grace F. Born 1906 died 1983
ZAJICEK, Tammi Linn Born 12-2-1977 died 3-7-2013 Age 35y - Dau of Joseph & Charlotte Hall Zajicek b. & d. Wellsville NY
ZENOSKI, Donald E. Spouse of Maureen Monroe Born 4-22-1934 died 9-20-2004 - Son of Walter & Helen Monaghan Zenoski, born in Tyler NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Corps of Engineers in Alaska
ZENOSKI, Jeffery Donald Spouse of Christa Sauer Born 1-21-1962 died 9-17-2015 Age 53y - Son of Donald & Maureen Monroe Zenoski, b. Cuba NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 8-20-1994 on Rushford Lake "at sea"
ZENOSKI, Maureen Ann Spouse of Donald E. Born 1-26-1940 died 7-6-2015 Age 75y - Dau of Victor & Teresa Walsh Monroe (Raised by Hilda Frantz Monroe) b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-20-1961 "Always One 1961-2004"
ZINNER, Marlee C. Spouse of Kurt MD Born 6-1-1917 died 1-19-2008 Age 90y - Dau of Neal & Sarah Angel Clark b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Husband #1 Phillip E. Hall

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