Forest Hills Cemetery
Town of Amity

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EARL, Roba A. died 8-24-1883 Age 19y - Dau of E. E. & M. E. Crandall
EASTON, Frank Born 3-1-1903 died 8-17-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cas Det Station Com, Pvt
EASTON, Bertha D. Spouse of M. Brunson Born 1877 died 1935
EASTON, M. Brunson Spouse of Bertha D. Born 1868 died 1952
EASTON, Rena B. Spouse of S. Bruce Born 1896 died 1969
EASTON, Robert B. Born 1922 died 1998
EASTON, S. Bruce Spouse of Rena B. Born 1890 died uncut
EASTON, Sanuel B. Born 1845 died 1920
EASTON, Weltha V. Born 1851 died 1930
ECK, Terry E. Born 1965 died 1968
ECKBERT, Angeline M. Spouse of Chester A. Born 1875 died 1955
ECKBERT, Chester A. Spouse of Angeline M. Born 1881 died 1962
EDDY, Boughton U. Born 1877 died 1917
EDDY, Mary Underwood Spouse of Timothy Born 1838 died 1917
EDDY, Timothy Spouse of Mary Underwood Born 1828 died 1892 - Civil War Vet, Co I 16th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Ft. Edward for three years. Mustered out with company 8-21-1865 at Washington DC
EDWARDS, Anna Spouse of William Born 1881 died 1951
EDWARDS, Dolores Born 9-9-1945 died 12-22-1952 - Dau of Betty Niles b. Cuba, NY d. Hume, NY
EDWARDS, Geo. H. Spouse of Julia E. Born 1891 died 1955
EDWARDS, Julia E. Spouse of Geo. H. Born 1897 died 1988
EDWARDS, William Spouse of Anna Born 1891 died uncut
EGGLESTON, Adeline Spouse of Alfred Born 1882 died 1959
EGGLESTON, Alfred Spouse of Adeline Born 1879 died 1964
EHRMAN, James P. Born 6-1-1944 died 12-16-1984 - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps
ELLIOTT, Carrie E. Born 1863 died 1913
ELLIOTT, Grover G. Born 1884 died 1940
ELLIOTT, Herbert W. Born 1876 died 1973
ELLIOTT, Ittai J. Spouse of Martha F. Born 1-10-1840 died 7-11-1916
ELLIOTT, Joanne M. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 1936 died uncut
ELLIOTT, Joseph C. Spouse of Joanne M. Born 1930 died 1992
ELLIOTT, Justin John Born 12-24-1991 died 2-12-1992 Age Infant - [Our Beloved Son]
ELLIOTT, Lewis B. Born 1871 died 1901
ELLIOTT, Marjorie F. Spouse of William G. Born 6-2-1931 died 1-8-2016 - Dau of Vincent "Toby" & Ruby Sortore Middaugh b. Nile NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-4-1950 in Belmont NY Married 65 years
ELLIOTT, Martha F. Spouse of Ittai J. Born 9-30-1841 died 10-16-1890
ELLIOTT, Mary Born 1871 died 1945
ELLIS, Alfred Spouse of Sally F. Born 1826 died 1915 - [Father]
ELLIS, Alvah Spouse of Hannah Born 1824 died 1906 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Ward for three years. Mustered out 9-17-1864 at Elmira NY
ELLIS, Alvah died 1-4-1887 - Son of A. & E. W. Ellis
ELLIS, Fred Born 1886 died 1959
ELLIS, Hannah Spouse of Alvah Born 1825 died 1914 - [At Rest]
ELLIS, Sally F. Spouse of Alfred Born 1842 died 1921 - [Mother]
ELY, Esther Charles Spouse of Leonard Willets Born 1867 died 1958
ELY, Leonard Willets Spouse of Esther Charles Born 1861 died 1917
EMERSON, Alata J. Born 1893 died 1968
EMERSON, Cora M. Spouse of Edgar Born 1864 died 1904
EMERSON, Edgar Spouse of Cora M. Born 1848 died 1937
EMERSON, Edith Born 1889 died 1889 - Dau of Edgar & Cora Emerson
EMERSON, Erma G. Born 1895 died 1973
EMRICK, Frances R. Spouse of Harry W. Born 1906 died 1983
EMRICK, Harry W Spouse of Frances R. Born 1902 died 1973
ENOS, Clyde Born 1893 died 1952 - WW I Vet, Co D 348th Inf
EVANS, Francis Spouse of Jean M. Born 7-4-1927 died 11-3-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sp3
EVANS, Jean M. Spouse of Francis Born 1921 died 1990
EVANS, Joyce M. Spouse of Stephen E. "Stosh" Born 1950 died uncut
EVANS, Myrtle Aylor Born 1896 died 1960
EVANS, Stephen E. "Stosh" Spouse of Joyce M. Born 1946 died 2001 - Wed 6-21-2001
EVINGHAM, Clara J. Spouse of Jonathan Born 1848 died 1928 - [Mother]
EVINGHAM, Cyrus Spouse of Mary H. Born 1847 died 1940 - [At Rest]
EVINGHAM, Edith Spouse of William Born 1868 died 1962
EVINGHAM, Irene V. Spouse of Milton A. Born 1886 died 1971
EVINGHAM, Jonathan Spouse of Clara J. Born 1846 died 1919 - [Father]
EVINGHAM, Mary H. Spouse of Cyrus died 7-4-1902 Age 47y - [At Rest]
EVINGHAM, Milton A. Spouse of Irene V. Born 1885 died 1967
EVINGHAM, Roy E. Born 1906 died 1908
EVINGHAM, Sarah G. Born 1867 died 1959
EVINGHAM, William Spouse of Edith Born 1866 died 1942
EWELL, Florence J. Born 4-18-1853 died 4-16-1918
EYMER, Daniel Spouse of Sally died 4-27-1890
EYMER, Elizabeth Spouse of Harrison L. - No dates
EYMER, Harrison L. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1846 died 1923
EYMER, John died 1931 - Son of Lewis & Maggie Eymer
EYMER, Lewis A. Spouse of Pearl Born 1881 died 1942
EYMER, Pearl Spouse of Lewis A. Born 1886 died 1920
EYMER, Sally Spouse of Daniel Born 9-16-1819 died 1-3-1892
EYMER, Saul died 1933 - Son of Lewis & Maggie Eymer
FARR, Claudius C. Born 1835 died 1899 - Civil War Vet, Co F 148th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Gorham for three years. Mustered out with company 6-22-1865 at Richmond VA.
FARR, Eliza Born 1854 died 1936
FARR, Lerenzo Kenneth Born 10-28-1886 died 6-16-1943 - WW I Vet, US Army, 321st Field Arty, Pvt
FARWELL, Anna J. Spouse of Murray died 4-20-1852
FARWELL, E. Miner Spouse of Enid S. Born 1910 died 1978
FARWELL, Edna V. Spouse of James M. Born 1900 died 1988
FARWELL, Elvira Spouse of James Born 4-7-1842 died 9-16-1908
FARWELL, Enid S. Spouse of E. Miner Born 1906 died 1995
FARWELL, Fred W. Spouse of Jessie Born 1865 died 1940
FARWELL, Inez McGibney Spouse of Fred died 9-11-1891 Age 24y
FARWELL, James Spouse of Elvira Born 1835 died 1894
FARWELL, James M. Spouse of Edna V. Born 1899 died 1981
FARWELL, Jessie Spouse of Fred W. Born 1877 died 1960
FARWELL, Judith Clair Born 3-21-1939 died 5-8-2009 Age 70y - Dau of E. Miner & Enid Snyder Farwell b. & d. Wellsville NY
FARWELL, Murray Spouse of Anna J. Born 7-5-1851 died 9-11-1916
FEATHERS, Henry Born 1823 died 1905
FEATHERS, Miles Alden Born 1858 died 1944
FETTER, Helen Jones Born 7-5-1862 died 3-5-1923 - [ALONE -- Success Did Not Bring What I Had Dreamed It Would. I Have It Now, But I Am Alone.]
FILLEBROWN, A. H. Born 1-16-1832 died 4-3-1923
FILLEBROWN, Anna S. Spouse of Edmond E. Born 1870 died 1942
FILLEBROWN, Edmond E. Spouse of Anna S. Born 1862 died 1934
FLINT, Andrea J. Spouse of Jay D. Born 1918 died 1956
FLINT, Jay D. Spouse of Andrea J. Born 1917 died uncut
FLINT, Katherine E. Born 1939 died 1989
FLINT, Russell C., Jr. Born 11-21-1964 died 8-5-1999 - [Forever in Our Hearts]
FONTAINE, John W. Born 12-17-1898 died 1-27-1955 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
FOOTE, Anna M. Spouse of George B. Born 1937 died uncut
FOOTE, George B. Spouse of Anna M. Born 10-5-1938 died 12-17-1998 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, M/Sgt
FOOTE, John Born 1947 died 1948
FOOTE, Nellie Jane Spouse of Wilford B. Born 1919 died 1996
FOOTE, Wilford B. Spouse of Nellie Jane Born 1920 died 1991
FORREST, George Spouse of Virginia Belle Rustay Born 3-31-1883 died 1-30-1954
FORREST, Virginia Belle Rustay Spouse of George Born 4-18-1885 died 8-25-1955
FOSTER, Chloe M. Spouse of T. M. Foster died 5-4-1871
FOWLER, Charles G. Born 4-14-1854 died 7-14-1885 - Son of Gilbert & Minerva Fowler [Lonely in Life, Lamented in Death]
FOWLER, Emely G. Spouse of John Born 1833 died 1909
FOWLER, Gilbert T. Spouse of Minerva W. Born 5-2-1820 died 8-16-1897 - [Not Lost But Gone Before]
FOWLER, Grove B. Born 1862 died 1918
FOWLER, John Spouse of Emely G. Born 1834 died uncut
FOWLER, Minerva W. Spouse of Gilbert T. Born 6-27-1832 died 11-14-1902
FOWLER, Sarah Spouse of Shubel Born 7-4-1799 died 12-8-1883
FOWLER, Shubel Spouse of Sarah Born 4-2-1793 died 3-13-1871
FRANCISCO, Faith E. Spouse of Frederick "Fred" Born 3-22-1944 died 3-22-2007 - Dau of Albert & Verna Baxter Rickford b. Buffalo, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 6-30-1962 in Darien Center, NY
FRANCISCO, Jane Maxine Spouse of Wallace Judson Born 11-22-1919 died 4-8-2008 Age 88y - Dau of George Harry & Lois Mae Stanton Knapp b. Finley OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-7-1938 in Belmont NY Almost 70 years
FRANCISCO, Wallace J. "Wally" Spouse of Jane Maxine Knapp Born 9-4-1918 died 7-22-2012 - Son of Wallace N. & Lena Windus Francisco b. Town of Amity NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-7-1938 in Belmont NY. (She d. 4-8-2008)
FRANELL, M. Livona - [Mother] No Dates
FRANK, Janice M. Spouse of John D. Born 1946 died 1990 - [Together Forever]
FRANK, John D. Spouse of Janice M. Born 1950 died uncut - [Together Forever]
FRANKLIN, George E. Born 1-29-1929 died 3-11-1976 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
FRANKLIN, Jane Zoe Born 5-19-1938 died 8-11-1975
FRANKLIN, Thomas C. Born 3-15-1926 died 3-11-1976
FREEBORN, Deforest G. Spouse of Liva Bissell died 3-27-1904
FREEBORN, Liva Bissell Spouse of D. G. Freeborn died 1-27-1879
FREELAND, Audrey J. Spouse of Roderick Born 4-2-1934 died 10-10-2008 Age 74y - Dau of Joseph & Carrie Stiles Decker Sr. b. Cleveland OH d. Rochester NY Wed 9-26-1964 in Canisteo NY
FREEMAN, Douglas O. Born 12-16-1940 died 6-16-1987 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp4
FREEMAN, Elvena May Spouse of Uel L. Born 4-10-1917 died 10-28-2008 - Dau of Van & Anna Matteson b. Ceres NY d. Santa Cruz, CA Wed 11-4-1945
FREEMAN, Harold P. Spouse of Virginia W. Born 1915 died 1996 - [Together Forever]
FREEMAN, Louis O. Spouse of Velma DAVIS Born 6-03-1913 died 3-02-2005 Age 91y - Son of Herbert & Ruby (Ambesbury) Freeman b. Alma NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-31-1936 Dairy farmer Owner/operator Freeman's Garbage Disposal in Churchville NY
FREEMAN, Twila S. Born 1958 died 1982 - [Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven Matt. 19:14]
FREEMAN, Uel L. Spouse of Elvena M. Born 10-4-1914 died 6-6-2001 - WW II Vet, US Army, WOJG
FREEMAN, Velma M. Davis Spouse of Louis O. Born 1917 died 11-27-1986 - Wed 10-31-1936 Together Forever
FREEMAN, Virginia Weltha Spouse of Harold Born 3-27-1919 died 3-11-2006 - Dau of Wallace & Nora Barber Snyder b. Wellsville, NY d. Boynton Beach, Fla. Wed 9-5-1936 Together Forever
FREEMAN. Louis O. Spouse of Velma M. Davis Born 6-3-1913 died 3-2-2005 Age 91y - Son of Herbert & Ruby Ambesbury Freeman b. Alma, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 10-31-1936 [Together Forever]
FRENCH, Susan L. Born 1840 died uncut - Dau of M. L. & R. C. Norton
FRICK, James W. Spouse of Ruth C. Born 1910 died 1976
FRICK, Ruth C. Spouse of James W. Born 1912 died 2000
FRIEL, Nancy C. Born 1923 died 1976
FRY, Coralie A. Born 1934 died 1999
FULLER, Aaron A. Spouse of Mary Augusta Hall Born 4-10-1853 died 6-20-1906 - Son of William and Phebe Fuller. Wed 10-24-1874 in Friendship NY.
FULLER, Alvin A. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1864 died 1937
FULLER, Anson William Spouse of Eva L. Noble Born 10-11-1881 died 6-14-1939 - Son of Aaron A. and Mary Augusta (Hall) Fuller. Born at Phillips Creek NY, died in Cuba NY. Wed 11-28-1907 in Town of Amity NY.
FULLER, Arthur M. Spouse of Audrey J. Born 8-16-1920 died 12-19-1975 - WW II Vet, US Navy
FULLER, Audrey J. Spouse of Arthur M. Born 1920 died 1983
FULLER, Berrington A. Born 1889 died 1970
FULLER, Burdette Corlys, Rev. Spouse of Shirley A. Allison Born 3-18-1926 died 2-13-1985 - Son of Anson William and Eva (Noble) Fuller. Born in Allegany Co NY, died in Rochester NY. A Methodist minister. Wed 6-24-1961 in Hornell NY, three children. [In The Service of Our Lord]
FULLER, Clara A. Born 1866 died 1937 - Dau of Oscar R. & Harriet M. Fuller
FULLER, Clara A. Spouse of Murray M. Born 1879 died 1961
FULLER, Daniel Born 1798 died 1879
FULLER, Daniel C. Spouse of Lucy L. Born 1894 died 1915
FULLER, Duane U. "Duf" Born 4-1-1962 died 1-22-2003 Age 40y - Son of Arthur & Audrey Johnson Fuller
FULLER, Duncan K. Born 6-17-1948 died 9-4-2003 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, ADJ2
FULLER, E. Estelle Spouse of Orman B. Born 1857 died 1936
FULLER, Elba A. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1876 died 1962
FULLER, Ellen M. Spouse of #1 Kenneth H., #2 Medric Guertin Born 11-11-1914 died 6-13-2008 Age 93y - Dau of Earl C. & Grace S. Locke b. Machias NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed Kenneth 4-25-1935. Wed Medric on 7-12-1980
FULLER, Eva Lillian (Noble) Spouse of Anson W. Born 7-16-1887 died 2-9-1946 - Dau of Gilbert Burdette and Lea Laura (Hurd) Noble. Born and died in Allegany Co NY. Wed 11-28-1907 in Town of Amity NY.
FULLER, Eva M. Spouse of Alvin A. Born 1875 died 1938
FULLER, Genevieve E. Spouse of Howard N. Born 1915 died 1995
FULLER, Harriet M. Spouse of Oscar R. Born 1842 died 1900
FULLER, Hattie Born 1869 died 1954 - Dau of Oscar R. & Harriet M. Fuller
FULLER, Howard N. Spouse of Genevieve E. Born 1910 died 2000
FULLER, Kenneth H., Sr. Born 1902 died 1960
FULLER, Lucy L. Spouse of Daniel C. Born 1838 died 1918
FULLER, Mary A. Spouse of Elba A. Born 1876 died 1931
FULLER, Mary Augusta (Hall) Spouse of Aaron A. Born 12-17-1856 died 6-25-1928 - Dau of Anson G. and Hannah (Sackett) Hall. Died in Belmont NY. Wed 10-24-1874 in Friendship NY.
FULLER, Mary E. Born 1902 died 1935
FULLER, Murray M. Spouse of Clara A. Born 1881 died uncut
FULLER, Orman B. Spouse of E. Estelle Born 1852 died 1890
FULLER, Oscar R. Spouse of Harriet M. Born 1842 died 1922
FULLER, Phoebe H. Born 1886 died 1970
FULLER, Shirley A. Spouse of Rev. Burdette C. Born 1938 died uncut - [In The Service of Our Lord
FULLER, Shirley A. died 1936
FULLER, Shirley Ann (Allison) Spouse of #1 Rev Burdette Fullerm, #2 John D. Perkins Born 8-12-1938 died 4-11-2016 Age 77y - Dau of Harold & Helen Allison b. Bath NY d. Unknown. Wed Burdette 6-24-1961 in Hornell NY, three children. Wed John in 1990 (IN THE SERVICE OF OUR LORD)
FUNK, Heather Nichole Born 12-25-1967 died 1-27-1970 - [God Bless Our Baby]
FURMAN, Kathryn Spouse of Walter - No dates
FURMAN, Walter Spouse of Kathryn - No dates
GADLEY, Donald J. Spouse of Mary M. Kay Born 8-25-1965 died 8-5-2011 - Son of Purcie S. & Elizabeth LaBarr Gadley Jr. b. Kane PA d. Wellsville Nyin a work-related accident at Dresser-Rand. Wed 8-24-1997 in Friendship NY - Post Vietnam Vet, US Navy
GALBRAITH, Daniel W. Born 1927 died 1928
GALBRAITH, Thomas C. Born 1-17-1923 died 2-19-1999 - WW II Vet, US Army
GALLAWAY, Tina Born 1899 died 1957
GALUSHA, Amanda M. Spouse of Waterman Born 1821 died 1904
GALUSHA, Phedora E. died 9-18-1863
GALUSHA, Waterman Spouse of Amanda M. Born 1819 died 10-7-1864 - Civil War DOW, Co F 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Amity for three years. Captured 6-29-1864 near Reams Station VA. Died 10-7-1864 in prison at Andersonville GA
GAMBINO, Jean E. Spouse of Peter Born 4-15-1931 died 2-16-2014 Age 82y - Dau of Harold & Ruth Gillespie O'Keefe b. Perry NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-5-1966 in Genesee PA
GARDINER, Caroline B. Born 5-12-1807 died 4-5-1880
GARDNER, Benjamin Born 1796 died 1861
GARDNER, Frank Born 1859 died 1935
GARDNER, Mary E. Born 1835 died 1908
GARDNER, Nettie Born 1852 died 1857
GARDNER, Susan H. Born 1810 died 1887
GARRYER, Harriet V. Born 8-3-1849 died 2-22-1931
GARRYER, Thomas H., Rev. Born 9-30-1849 died 12-19-1909
GAUS, Richard H. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1922 died 2001
GAUS, Sarah A. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1928 died 1994
GAVITT, Carol J. Born 5-28-1933 died 8-14-2002 - Dau of Willis Canfield & Arloine Hildreth
GEFFERS, Beatrice Born 1927 died 2002
GEFFERS, Calvin R. "Bud" Born 5-6-1961 died 1-13-2007 Age 45y - Son of Kenneth R. & Beatrice L. Teribury Geffers b. & d. Wellsville, NY
GEFFERS, Christine R. Zeager Spouse of Joel E. Born 1-20-1956 died uncut
GEFFERS, Joel E. Spouse of Christine R. Zeager Born 4-26-1954 died 11-22-1998
GEFFERS, Kenneth Born 1921 died 1995
GEFFERS, Mary Lynn Born 1965 died 1977
GELSER, Orlo S. Spouse of Marleah L. James Born 2-19-1926 died 10-25-2011 - Son of Arthur S. & Nora M. Dudley Gelser b. Town of Grove NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-3-1948
GELSER, Pearl Gertrude "Gert" Born 8-3-1930 died 4-29-2013 Age 82y - Dau of Edward & Rose Masten Scott b. & d. Belmont NY Former husband Orlo Gelser
GELSER, Ronald O. Born 4-1-1952 died 9-17-2010 - Son of Orlo & Marleah Jones Belser b. & d. Wellsville NY
GIBSON, AI. O. died 9-20-1871
GIGEE, baby - No dates
GIGEE, Claude W. Spouse of Minnie L. Born 1885 died 1951
GIGEE, Clyde K. Spouse of Kathryn E. Born 1912 died 1979
GIGEE, Edna Mae (Bidwell) Spouse of Wayne Francis Gigee Born 1-24-1918 died 9-27-2017 Age 99y - Dau of Eugene Talbert & Veronica Mae (Hall) Bidwell b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY. Owned Gigee's Store for 24 years. Wed 5-4-1940 in Belmont NY, two daughters.
GIGEE, Fred Spouse of #1 Julia A., #2 Carrie () Keiser Born 1865 died 1931
GIGEE, Julia A. Spouse of Fred Born 1885 died 1905
GIGEE, Kathryn E. Spouse of Clyde K. Born 1914 died 1966
GIGEE, Kenneth M. Born 8-3-1906 died 11-4-1973 - WW II Vet, US Navy, EM3
GIGEE, Lillian E. Born 1859 died 1898 - Dau of E. E. & M. E. Crandall
GIGEE, Minnie L. Spouse of Claude W. Born 1887 died 1970
GIGEE, Pearl J. Born 1886 died 1912
GIGEE, Wayne Francis Spouse of Edna Bidwell Born 1917 died 1994 - Son of Fred and Carrie Gigee. Owned Gigee's Store for 24 years. Wed 5-4-1940 in Belmont NY, two daughters.
GILBERT, Carrie Van Campen Born 1854 died 1886
GILLILAND, Gardner died 5-1960
GILLULY, Marion B. Spouse of Max Born 6-19-1922 died 12-4-2006 - Dau of Ralph & Hazel Baker Burgett b. Andover, NY d. Belmont, NY Wed 10-27-1945 in Andover, NY
GILLULY, Max E. Spouse of Marion B. Born 12-29-1919 died 9-19-1985 - Wed 10-27-1945 Tec 5 U.S. Army WW2
GILRAY, Carla Packer Born 7-13-1951 died 10-9-2011 Age 60y - Dau of Charles L. & Lila Mae Lonsberry Packer Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Richburg NY
GLEASON, Donald H. Spouse of Hazel M. Born 1906 died 1975
GLEASON, Hazel M. Spouse of Donald H. Born 1910 died 1987
GLEASON, Herbert K. Spouse of Margaret Collmer Born 8-18-1942 died 5-11-2012 Age 69y - Son of Donald H. & Hazel M. Arthur Gleason b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-21-1963
GLEASON, Margaret J. Spouse of Herbert K. Born 9-4-1947 died 3-11-2016 Age 68y - Dau of Carl & Doris Lorow Collmer b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-21-1963
GLYNN, Maria died 5-15-1893 Age 82y
GOODWYN, Maude Born 1878 died 1965
GORSKY, Ardarath H. Born 1923 died 1996
GORSKY, Dianna L. Born 1946 died 1947
GORTON, Achie E. Born 1869 died 1948
GORTON, Alice Born 1879 died 1970
GORTON, Bernice Irene Born 12-2-1904 died 12-9-1905
GORTON, Celestia E. Born 10-10-1839 died 7-27-1891
GORTON, Charles Born 12-4-1859 died 10-4-1904
GORTON, Charlotte H. Spouse of John Born 8-2-1806 died 7-14-1879
GORTON, Clarence V. Born 1869 died 1951
GORTON, Dorothy Emily Born 7-11-1898 died 1-4-1913
GORTON, Effie Noble Born 7-30-1860 died 5-27-1901
GORTON, Elizabeth Born 1849 died 1934
GORTON, Ella J. C. Born 11-7-1860 died 10-7-1890
GORTON, Estella E. died 10-2-1877 - Dau of John & Fanny Gorton
GORTON, Frances Spouse of Frank Born 1857 died 1936
GORTON, Frank Spouse of Frances Born 1864 died 1932
GORTON, Harmon Spouse of Huldah Born 1815 died 1869
GORTON, Huldah Spouse of Harmon Born 1817 died 1889
GORTON, Jefferson Born 1837 died 1893
GORTON, John Spouse of Charlotte H. died 4-4-1818 Age 51y
GORTON, Julia Celeste Born 12-15-1887 died 11-26-1945
GORTON, Leander Born 6-25-1835 died 11-28-1911
GORTON, Maud Mildred Born 10-29-1891 died 7-7-1907
GORTON, Seraphnia C. Born 7-19-1830 died 1-23-1904
GOSPER, Ella M. Spouse of John J. Born 1862 died 1912
GOSPER, John J. Spouse of Ella M. Born 1855 died 1934
GOUGH, Steven G. Spouse of Amy Barnetson Born 1-15-1948 died 10-21-2012 Age 64y - Son of Robert & Donna Graham Gough b. Seattle WA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-13-1970 in Belmont NY
GOWDY, Ethel May Sprague Born 1925 died 1994
GOWDY, Lawrence H., Sr. Born 7-7-1891 died 8-24-1955 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. F 110th Inf. 28th Div, Pvt
GOWDY, Rosell H. Born 3-16-1921 died 6-23-2002 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
GRADEN, Clara Spouse of George W. Born 1837 died uncut
GRADEN, George W. Spouse of Clara Born 1838 died 1902 - Civil War Vet - B Btry 1st WA Light Art.
GRAHAM, Angie Spouse of Eugene Born 1880 died 1951
GRAHAM, Edna Born 3-20-1887 died 10-14-1887
GRAHAM, Effie B. Spouse of Leo B. Born 1899 died 1961
GRAHAM, Elva Z. Spouse of Frank G. Born 1861 died 1947
GRAHAM, Eugene Spouse of Angie Born 1871 died 1954
GRAHAM, Frank G. Spouse of Elva Z. Born 1861 died 1939
GRAHAM, Fred L. Spouse of Wilhelmena M. Born 1891 died 1988
GRAHAM, Isabelle Born 6-18-1860 died 12-14-1887
GRAHAM, John C. died 4-22-1874 - Son of John W. & Julia A. Graham
GRAHAM, Leo B. Spouse of Effie B. Born 1896 died 1968
GRAHAM, Mildred Born 1910 died 1967
GRAHAM, Minnie A. Born 1867 died 1939
GRAHAM, Robert Spouse of Sally M. Born 5-18-1821 died 1-1-1887
GRAHAM, Sally M. Spouse of Robert Born 3-27-1831 died 1-23-1900
GRAHAM, Sarah E. Spouse of Seymour E. Born 1846 died 1917
GRAHAM, Seymour E. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1845 died 1933
GRAHAM, Wilhelmena M. Spouse of Fred L. Born 1901 died 2000
GRASTORF, Clifford G. Born 2-25-1918 died 6-23-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pv
GRAVES, Henry M. Born 1816 died 1880
GRAVES, Mary Born 1861 died uncut
GRAVES, Samantha Born 1814 died 1889
GRAVES, William H. Born 1846 died 1891
GRAVES. Emma A. Born 1855 died 1937
GREEN, Bessie U. Born 1903 died 1978
GREEN, Harriet S. Spouse of James T. Born 1835 died 1920
GREEN, James T. Spouse of Harriet S. Born 1833 died 1909
GREEN, Martha A. Born 1856 died 1909
GREEN, Roxetta Born 1869 died 1918
GREGORY, Caroline Washburn Spouse of William Hill Born 1862 died 1928
GREGORY, Elizabeth M. Spouse of John J. Born 1839 died 1929
GREGORY, John J. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1839 died 1899
GREGORY, William Hill Spouse of Caroline Washburn Born 1860 died 1941
GRIESBAUM, Kimberly Ann Spouse of George Born 11-17-1978 died 10-25-2005 - Dau of Pamela Thompson Margeson & James Baker b. Belmont, NY d. Cheektowaga, NY
GRISWOLD, Edith Spouse of William D. Born 1860 died 1936
GRISWOLD, William D. Spouse of Edith Born 1859 died 1890
HABERER, Nancy L. (Potter) Born 3-24-1951 died 3-11-2018 Age 66y - Dau of John & Mildred (Herke) Potter b. & d. Wellsville NY. Four children.
HADSALL, Francis P. Born 11-7-1918 died 6-13-1969 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co C 7th Inf, Sgt. Purple Heart, Bronze Star
HADSALL, Keith Born 1928 died 1986
HADSALL, Raymond Born 12-19-1920 died 7-4-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl.
HADSELL, Larry Dean Spouse of Jenny Rose Born 9-9-1975 died 10-28-2005 Age 30y - Son of Thomas & Mary Hadsell Layman b. Cuba, NY d. Belmont, NY
HADSELL, Raymond C. Born 1943 died 1990 - [Beloved Father]
HADSELL, Russell T. Born 3-15-1962 died 5-31-1998 - [Here Lies A Hell of a Man]
HAGMAIER, Jessie I. Born 1883 died 1971
HALBERT, Alexis Leroy Spouse of #1 Maria Crandall, #2 Catherine Born 6-20-1828 died 9-26-1919 - Son of Asel and Elmira (Donaldson) Halbert
HALBERT, Alta O. Born 8-8-1854 died 5-20-1885 - Dau of Alexis L. and Maria (Crandall) Halbert
HALBERT, Ashabel Crandall (Asel) Spouse of Mary P. Brown Born 1861 died 1929 - Son of Alexis L. and Maria Crandall) Halbert
HALBERT, Catharine Spouse of Alexis L. Born 6-17-1845 died 7-22-1912
HALBERT, Ferdinand - Son of Rev. & Mrs. Halbert. No Dates.
HALBERT, Maria Spouse of A. L. Halbert Born 1-22-1827 died 11-16-1878
HALBERT, Mary Parmelia (Brown) Spouse of Asel G. Born 1862 died 1951
HALBERT, Virgil died 8-26-1884 - Son of Asel & Mary P. (Brown) Halbert
HALE, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Leslie J. Born 1879 died 1938
HALE, Katherine H. Born 1901 died 1992
HALE, Leslie J. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1894 died 1968
HALL, Anson Spouse of Hannah Sackett Born 10-11-1819 died 1-11-1893
HALL, Caleb S. Born 1849 died 1901
HALL, Elba Born 12-5-1909 died 7-18-1938
HALL, Ella L. Born 1857 died 1888
HALL, Florence J. Spouse of Richard E. Born 1886 died 1939
HALL, Francis Spouse of Juliette Born 1826 died 1907
HALL, Glenn William Born 1909 died 1920
HALL, Hannah Sackett Spouse of Anson Born 1-27-1821 died 1-24-1890
HALL, Harold Born 1887 died 1942
HALL, Helen L. Born 9-5-1893 died 2-10-1969
HALL, Henry A. Born 12-23-1890 died 8-15-1910
HALL, Ida B. Born 1862 died 1926
HALL, James K. Born 1851 died 1926
HALL, James K. Polk died 11-23-1850 - Son of Anison & Hannah Hall
HALL, Juliette Spouse of Francis Born 1832 died 1913
HALL, Lenora Born 1874 died 1912
HALL, Lucinda C. Spouse of Nelson Born 10-22-1830 died 10-18-1899
HALL, Mary G. Born 1853 died 1942
HALL, Nathaniel died 1-19-1875 - Son of A. G. & Hannah Hall
HALL, Nelson Spouse of Lucinda C. Born 12-26-1831 died 2-5-1893
HALL, Philip Eldyn Born 9-16-1917 died 2-12-1973 - WW II Vet, US Navy, PHM2
HALL, Richard E. Spouse of Florence J. Born 1882 died 1966
HALL, Richard N. Born 1922 died 1943 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pv
HALL, Russell Spouse of Waty died 2-20-1877 Age 82y
HALL, Waty Spouse of Russell died 5-31-1835 Age 33y
HALL, William A. Born 1854 died 1914
HALLETT, Lewis Born 12-25-1831 died 12-7-1877 - Born in Howard
HAMILTON, Jessie Born 1849 died 1877
HAMMOND, Asa Alonzo Spouse of Ruth Ann Born 10-8-1824 died 9-17-1905
HAMMOND, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Orlin W. Born 1862 died 1956
HAMMOND, Marilla J. Spouse of William died 7-18-1870 Age 21y - Dau of H. N. Wheesock
HAMMOND, Orlin W. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1859 died 1941
HANCHETT, Barbara J. Age 4y - No dates
HANCHETT, Burdett Spouse of Louise Born 1906 died 1984 - Wed 12-31-1931
HANCHETT, Clayton G. - No dates
HANCHETT, Clayton G. Spouse of Effie E. Born 1892 died 1970
HANCHETT, Clyde G. Spouse of Lottie A. Born 1891 died 1971
HANCHETT, Donald Lee Born 1927 died 1930
HANCHETT, Edward G. Spouse of Sally Barker Born 7-7-1930 died 6-27-2014 Age 83y - Son of Clyde & Lottie Smith Hanchett b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-4-1953 in Angelica NY
HANCHETT, Effie E. Spouse of Clayton G. Born 1900 died 1948
HANCHETT, George T. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1864 died 1934
HANCHETT, Keith B. Spouse of Audrey Layfield Born 10-9-1934 died 7-20-2005 Age 70y - Son of Burdett & Louise Page Hanchett Wed 8-22-1957 in Friendship, NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Section E
HANCHETT, Lewis F. Born 1899 died 1953
HANCHETT, Lottie A. Spouse of Clyde G. Born 1892 died 1948
HANCHETT, Louise Spouse of Burdett Born 1908 died 1992
HANCHETT, Mary E. Spouse of George T. Born 1867 died 1938
HAND, Alfred Spouse of Nellie N. Born 1872 died 1934
HAND, Ernest J. Spouse of Josephine S. Born 1894 died 1974
HAND, Eva Born 1887 died 1971
HAND, Gertrude Johnson Spouse of Simeon D. Born 1871 died 1940
HAND, Josephine S. Spouse of Ernest J. Born 8-19-1916 died 12-3-2007 - Dau of Joseph & Josephine Speta b. Cleveland OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-2-1935
HAND, Nellie N. Spouse of Alfred Born 1872 died 1951
HAND, Richard "Dick" Spouse of Sonya Seeley Born 2-15-1943 died 1-20-2010 - Son of Ernest & Josephine Speta Hand b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 9-18-1965
HAND, Simeon D. Spouse of Gertrude Johnson Born 1873 died 1953
HANNIGAN, Ella B. Born 1875 died 1946
HANNIGAN, Fred J. Born 1875 died 1971
HANNIGAN, George Born 10-15-1909 died 5-26-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
HANNIGAN, Ida E. Born 1904 died 1986
HANNIGAN, Mary F. Born 1912 died 1994
HANNS, Bessie M. Spouse of Peter Born 1885 died 1956
HANNS, Peter Spouse of Bessie M. Born 1871 died 1937
HANSON, Fred L. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 1887 died 1967
HANSON, Mabel M. Spouse of Fred L. Born 1887 died 1964
HARDY, Carrie Reeves Spouse of William James Born 10-12-1869 died 10-4-1942
HARDY, Clara L. Spouse of Fred P. Born 1876 died 1967
HARDY, Fred P. Spouse of Clara L. Born 1865 died 1949
HARDY, William James Spouse of Carrie Reeves Born 10-22-1861 died 3-14-1936
HARKENRIDER, Mark C. Born 7-2-1980 died 12-3-2006 - Son of David & Carla Packer Harkenrider
HARRIS, Albey J. Spouse of Clara M. Born 1877 died 1951
HARRIS, Clara M. Spouse of Albey J. Born 1878 died 1955
HARRIS, Emma F. Spouse of Owen E. Born 1898 died 1900
HARRIS, John E. Spouse of Mina F. Born 1875 died 1945
HARRIS, Mina F. Spouse of John E. Born 1877 died uncut
HARRIS, Owen E. Spouse of Emma F. Born 1896 died 1942
HART, Epie C. Born 1851 died 1891
HART, Fred L. Born 2-14-1875 died 3-12-1886
HART, Peter Born 8-12-1837 died 5-27-1891
HARVEY, Clinton G. Spouse of Grace E. Born 1884 died 1936
HARVEY, Clinton G., Jr. Born 12-30-1920 died 3-31-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army, 4607 O M Truck Co, Tec4
HARVEY, Grace E. Spouse of Clinton G. Born 1890 died 1973
HATCH, Annie M. Born 1-16-1857 died 1-17-1935
HATCH, Annie Norton Spouse of James B. died 9-3-1894 Age 29y
HATCH, Carolyn Born 1840 died 1903
HATCH, Edward Loveridge died 7-11-1895 - Son of James B. & Annie Norton Hatch
HATCH, George Wolcott Born 11-29-1849 died 5-20-1852 - Son of Wolcott & Maria T. Hatch b. & d. Cuba, NY
HATCH, James B. Spouse of Annie Norton Born 9-16-1851 died 4-7-1924
HATCH, Maria T. (Bartlett) Spouse of Wolcott Born 3-19-1816 died 9-8-1892 - Born at Granby, MA
HATCH, Mary (Gillett) Spouse of Wolcott Born 1-15-1817 died 1-2-1843 - Born at Hartford, VT, d. Cuba, NY
HATCH, Mary Louise Born 11-4-1849 died 5-20-1852 - Dau of Wolcott & Maria T. Hatch b. & d. Cuba NY
HATCH, Wolcott Spouse of #1 Mary Gillett, #2 Maria T. Bartlett Born 4-3-1811 died 10-6-1878 - Born at Hartford, VT. Moved to Cuba, NY in 1836, to Belmont, NY in 1860 Elected County Judge & Surrogate in 1859 and filled that position honorably for twelve consective years.
HAWKINS, Betty L. Keiser Born 9-12-1938 died 10-24-1976 - Dau of Elmer T. Keiser
HAWLEY, Cardiner J. Born 9-19-1852 died 2-13-1875 - Son of A. J. & M. J. Hawley
HAYNES, Abraham L. Born 1826 died 1907
HAYNES, Albert C. Spouse of Leola M. Born 1915 died 1993
HAYNES, D. Clark Born 1857 died 1920
HAYNES, George C. Born 1935 died 1970
HAYNES, H. Eugene Spouse of Margaret A.P. Born 1906 died 1967
HAYNES, Harold C. Born 1894 died 1906
HAYNES, Leola M. Spouse of Albert C. Born 1913 died 1972
HAYNES, Margaret A.P. Spouse of H. Eugene Born 1910 died 1984
HAYNES, Margareth R. Born 1826 died 1900
HEALY, Jeannine Spouse of G. Dwight Born 5-5-1929 died 6-4-2007 Age 78y - Dau of E. Miner & Enid Snyder Farwell b. Wellsville NY d. Hornell NY Wed 11-22-1950
HEBBLETHWAITE, Charles W. "Wilse" Sr. Spouse of Eleanor Smith Born 4-7-1919 died 1-19-2010 - Son of Charles & Louise Randall Hebblethwaite b. Geneva NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-14-1946 in Geneva NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, 58th Wing 462nd Bomb Grp "Hellbirds", a bubble gunner in the India-Burma Campaign
HEBBLETHWAITE, Charles W. Jr. [Chip] Spouse of Dawn CLINE Born 10-18-1958 died 7-02-2004 - Son of Charles W. Sr. & Eleanor (Smith) Hebblethwaite, b. Wellsville NY, d. in motorcycle accident in Buffalo NY, Wed 10-13-1984 in Belmont NY
HEBBLETHWAITE, Dawn Cline Spouse of Charles W. "Chip" Born 5-27-1958 died uncut
HEBBLETHWAITE, Eleanor Mary Spouse of Charles W. Born 2-23-1919 died 7-9-2006 - Dau of Bernard True & Hazel Reeder Smith b. Geneva, NY d. Rochester, NY Wed 9-14-1946 in Geneva, NY
HENRY, Charles Born 1822 died 1898
HENRY, John W. Spouse of Mary died 3-5-1884
HENRY, Mary Spouse of John W. died 9-15-1893
HENRY, Phebe Born 1851 died 1916
HEPPNER, Gladys M. Spouse of Henry C. Born 1897 died 1983
HEPPNER, Henry C. Spouse of Gladys M. Born 1897 died 1973
HESS, Kendall L. Born 2-23-2004 died 12-26-2006 - Son of Timothy D. & Rachel J. Grove Hess b. Wellsville, NY d. in auto accident in Andover, NY
HESS, Lester H. Spouse of Ida M. Eshleman Born 3-7-1932 died 10-4-2014 Age 82y - Son of Henry R. & Mary E. Herr Hess b. New Providence PA d. Independence NY. Wed 8-1-1953 in New Danville PA
HESS, Ruth S. Born 1902 died 1984
HEWITT, Frederick W. Spouse of May E. Webster Born 1867 died 1932
HEWITT, May E. Webster Spouse of Frederick W. Born 1872 died 1928
HICKEY, Anna E. (Green) "Kitty" Spouse of Harold J. Born 1-5-1924 died 3-13-2011 Age 87y - Dau of Earl & Bessie (Mayo) Green b. Philadelphia PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-27-1957 in Wellsville NY
HICKEY, Harold J. "Jim" Spouse of Anna "Kitty" Mayo Born 1-30-1933 died 4-9-2017 Age 84y - Son of Harold & Evelyn (Gleason) Hickey b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-27-1957 in Wellsville NY. No children named.
HILDRETH, Alonzo G. Spouse of Mina O. Born 1880 died 1954
HILDRETH, Carlton B. Born 7-23-1911 died 1-22-1983 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
HILDRETH, Elbridge C. Born 1855 died 1923
HILDRETH, Lewis D. Spouse of Louiza S. Born 1859 died 1940
HILDRETH, Louiza S. Spouse of Lewis D. Born 1865 died 1899
HILDRETH, Mina O. Spouse of Alonzo G. Born 1880 died 1958
HILLS, Mary G. Born 5-16-1800 died 5-10-1890 - [In Memory of My Mother
HINMAN, Emma Born 1890 died 1891
HINMAN, Jessie W. Born 1862 died 1913
HINMAN, Margaret L. Born 1865 died 1936
HISTED, Neil L. Born 7-4-1975 died 10-10-1994 - [Born To Life - Born to Enternal Life - Your Time With Us Was Far To Brief. We Can't Contain Our Heartfelt Grief. God Will Watch Between us While We're Apart.]
HOBER, Clifford E. Spouse of Isabelle A. Born 1894 died 1978
HOBER, Isabelle A. Spouse of Clifford E. Born 1891 died 1969
HODGES, George Spouse of Sarah Born 1830 died 1917 - [Father]
HODGES, Sarah Spouse of George Born 1829 died 1890 - [Mother]
HOFFMAN, Pearl A. Born 1887 died 1957
HOLCOMB, Carrie - No dates
HOLCOMB, Fern - No dates
HOLCOMB, Hattie Tracy Spouse of Henry P. Born 1841 died 1905
HOLCOMB, Henry P. Spouse of Hattie Tracy Born 1832 died 1900
HOLCOMB, James - No dates
HOLDEN, Clarissa Stout Born 1835 died 1892
HOLDEN, Ella Adell Born 1860 died 1888
HOLDEN, Henrietta Born 1873 died 1883
HOLDEN, Joseph L. Spouse of Margaret H. Born 1865 died 1952
HOLDEN, Margaret H. Spouse of Joseph L. Born 1868 died 1930
HOLDEN, Porter K. Born 1833 died 1907
HOLLISTER, Charles Spouse of Margaret Born 1862 died 1946
HOLLISTER, David Arlow Sr. Spouse of #1 Ester Pettinato, #2 Sallie June McGuffin Born 8-24-1920 died 7-16-2004 - Son of Charles & Margaret Nick Hollister. Josephine d. Nov 4 1977. Sallie d. Jan 1 1996 - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps, 1st Combat Engr Bn 1st Div, Pacific
HOLLISTER, David F. Spouse of Nancy L. Born 1943 died 1979 - [In the Morning of His Day [In Youth and Love He Passed Away
HOLLISTER, Deborah L. Born 2-5-1958 died 5-28-1958
HOLLISTER, Josephine Ester Pettinato Spouse of David Arlow Born 1919 died 11-4-1977
HOLLISTER, Margaret Spouse of Charles Born 1896 died 1982
HOLLISTER, Nancy L. Spouse of David F. Born 1946 died uncut
HOLLISTER, Vicki Lynn Born 2-9-1959 died 2-23-2010 Age 51y - Dau of David & Josephine Pettinato Hollister b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY Former Husband Dean Robert Perry
HOLT, Carmen E. Spouse of Norman A. Born 1921 died 1991
HOLT, Earl Born 1886 died 1976
HOLT, Minnie Born 1896 died 1937
HOLT, Nelson J. Born 1929 died 1931
HOLT, Norman A. Spouse of Carmen E. Born 7-3-1919 died 9-14-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, T/Sgt
HOOD, Ellen Born 8-24-1837 died 1-3-1911
HOOD, Fred B. Spouse of Lizzie D. Born 1865 died 1937
HOOD, Lizzie D. Spouse of Fred B. Born 1869 died 1948
HOOD, William Davis Born 9-16-1829 died 5-8-1903
HOPCRAFT, Elizabeth Van Campen Born 1876 died 1952
HOPCRAFT, Emily Mae died 1911
HOPPER, Bessie M. died 8-27-1853 - Dau of L. & B. Hopper
HOPPER, Grace S. Spouse of L. Lynn Born 1885 died 1986
HOPPER, L. Lynn Spouse of Grace S. Born 1884 died 1968
HOPPER, Lawrence Spouse of M. Belle Born 1861 died 1930
HOPPER, M. Belle Spouse of Lawrence Born 1863 died 1953
HORN, Charlotte Spouse of Paul H. Born 1888 died 1953
HORN, Paul H. Spouse of Charlotte Born 1881 died 1958
HORNE, Charles J. Born 2-13-1805 died 10-3-1865 - Born London, England
HORNE, Clarence E. died 5-2-1865
HORNE, Frankie died 11-5-1871 - Son of Phillip & Jennie Horne
HORNE, George H. died 2-2-1865
HORNER, Charles Born 1884 died 1901
HORNER, Charles Hyland Spouse of Doris S. Born 1904 died 1970
HORNER, Doris (Sartore) Spouse of Charles Hyland Born 1907 died 1933
HORNER, Evelyn Hyland Spouse of George M. Born 1876 died 1956 - Dau of Frederick A. Hyland & Sophie Egan
HORNER, Flora A. Born 1854 died 1909
HORNER, George M. Spouse of Evelyn Hyland Born 1881 died 1933
HORNER, James G. died 3-11-1943
HORNER, Melvin E. Born 1852 died 1910
HORNER, Orpha E. died 2-22-1946
HORNER, W alter Born 1894 died 1927 - WW I Vet, US Army, 3rd Trench Mortar Bn
HOSMER, William E. Spouse of Nancy A. Harrington Born 1-15-1930 died 6-19-2004 - Son of Ira & Sarah Warner Hosmer b. Richburg, NY d. Belmont, NY Wed 7-4-1978 in Scio, NY
HOTCHKISS, Clayton E. Born 1-13-1931 died 5-8-1972 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Lt. Col.
HOTCHKISS, Lloyd N. Born 1928 died 2000 - [If Tears Could Build a Stairway and Memories A Lane, I'd Walk Right Up to Heaven and Bring You Back Again]
HOUGH, Donald C. Born 1-9-1926 died 12-8-2013 Age 87y - Son of Harry Earl & Glada Mayo Hough b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY
HOUGH, Glada I. Spouse of Harry E. Born 1897 died 1980 - [Mother]
HOUGH, Harry E. Spouse of Glada I. Born 1888 died 1955 - [Father]
HOWBRIDGE, Ann Spouse of John Born 4-4-1838 died 8-28-1904
HOWBRIDGE, Howard L. Spouse of Jeanne E. Born 1906 died 1979
HOWBRIDGE, Jeanne E. Spouse of Howard L. Born 1917 died uncut
HOWBRIDGE, Jeanne E. Spouse of Howard L. "Dave" Born 5-12-1917 died 2-19-2013 Age 95y - Dau of Monroe & Bertha Sedgwick Ray b. Hammondsport NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-21-1946
HOWBRIDGE, John Spouse of Ann Born 3-17-1837 died 3-10-1914
HUBNER, Charles E. Spouse of Elma A. Born 1885 died 1953
HUBNER, Elma A. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1890 died 1954
HUGHES, Ethel Born 1908 died 1976
HUGHES, Ida H. Born 1877 died 1956
HUGHS, Hazel Gorton Born 1896 died 1969
HUNGERFORD, Richard F. Spouse of Virginia S. Born 1915 died 1968
HUNGERFORD, Virginia S. Spouse of Richard F. Born 1920 died 1973
HUNT, Alice E. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1905 died 1993
HUNT, Charles A. Spouse of Alice E. Born 1902 died 1994
HUNT, Daniel T. Born 1869 died 1928
HUNT, Georgia W. Born 1911 died 1911
HUNT, Vinnie C. Born 1873 died 1961
HUNTER, Deborah K. Spouse of Robert B. Born 12-10-1947 died uncut
HUNTER, Robert B. Spouse of Deborah K. Born 8-15-1946 died 11-17-2002 Age 56y - Son of William & Betty Guild Hunter Wed 2-14-1970 in Cuba, NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 4th Inf. Div, Combat Medic. Purple Heart
HURD, Judy L. Spouse of Louis E. Born 7-2-1954 died 10-12-2009 Age 55y - Dau of Kenneth A. & Nancy Leham Kiefer b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-16-1983 in Wellsville NY
HURD, Louis E. Spouse of Jane Scott Born 7-22-1948 died 8-9-2014 Age 66y - Son of Albert D. & Nina Goodwell Hurd b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 8-31-2011 in Belmont NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army
HURD, Sonya Kay Born 1-28-1971 died 11-24-2011 - Dau of Louis & Cynthia Crance Hurd b. Wellsville NY d. Erie PA
HYDE, Edgar E. Born 6-21-1871 died 3-24-1892 - Large stone with Hills & Hyde name. Edgar E. was on side of Hyde. No other names.
HYDE, Ione S. Born 1862 died 1864
HYDE, J. A. T. Born 1819 died 1863
HYDE, John T. Born 1852 died 1864
HYDE, Lois Born 1860 died 1864
HYDE, Nancy M. Born 1839 died 1897
HYDE, Perry M. Born 1855 died 1928
HYDE, Polly L. Born 1823 died 1900
HYLAND, Frederick Augustus Spouse of Henrietta Morris Born 14 Apr 1848 died uncut - Son of W. C. J. & Sophie Egan, b. Bermuda
HYLAND, Henrietta M. Spouse of Frederick A - No dates. Wed 12-10-1874
IDE, Margaret A. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1932 died 1984
IDE, Robert E. Spouse of Margaret A. Born 1931 died uncut
INGALLS, Cathryn Lowe Born 4-19-1948 died 10-4-1975 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Capt.
INGRAHAM, Rhoda Born 1837 died 1897 - [Mother]
IRISH, Cathy A. Spouse of Willilam N. Born 1952 died uncut
IRISH, Mabel Zoe Nash Born 3-8-1875 died 4-7-1930
IRISH, William N. Spouse of Cathy A. Born 10-15-1945 died 2-9-1986
IVES, Bertha Spouse of Warren W. Born 1874 died 1928
IVES, Celia A. Spouse of Josiah L. Born 1863 died 1921
IVES, Frank G. Born 1887 died 1958
IVES, Herbert Spouse of Mari M. Born 1852 died 1936 - [Father]
IVES, Josiah L. Spouse of Celia A. Born 1860 died 1932
IVES, Mari M. Spouse of Herbert Born 1852 died 1929 - [Mother]
IVES, Warren W. Spouse of Bertha Born 1877 died 1952
JACK, Naomia Covey Spouse of John Born 1818 died 1902
JACKSON, Blanche E. Spouse of George H. Born 1891 died 1978
JACKSON, Catherine Born 1-7-1832 died 9-24-1899
JACKSON, George H. Spouse of Blanche E. Born 1885 died 1958
JADWIN, Alice Born 1906 died 1927
JADWIN, Anna M. Spouse of George L. Born 1833 died 1915 - [Mother]
JADWIN, George L. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1829 died 1905 - [Father]
JADWIN, George V. Born 1856 died 1929
JADWIN, Joseph Spouse of Rosetta died 3-6-1889 Age 86y
JADWIN, Joseph E. Born 1853 died 1926 - Son of George & Anna Jadwin
JADWIN, Loie C. Spouse of Robert H. Born 1867 died 1955
JADWIN, Lottie Born 1878 died 1955
JADWIN, Robert H. Spouse of Loie C. Born 1867 died 1947
JADWIN, Rosetta Spouse of Joseph died 7-21-1885 Age 77y
JAMES, C. H., Rev. Spouse of Mary S. Born 4-19-1831 died 6-13-1905
JAMES, Mary Maude Born 1869 died 1915
JAMES, Mary S. Spouse of Rev. C. H. James Born 5-30-1845 died 1-31-1911
JENNINGS, Rose Marie Spouse of Monty Born 5-18-1935 died 6-4-2007 Age 72y - Dau of Milton P. & Rose Greene Emerson b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-24-1974
JOHANNES, baby boy died 2-1-1962
JOHANNES, Doris M. Spouse of Leo H. Born 1-14-1915 died 2-5-2008 Age 93y - Dau of Clifford & Mabel Murray Robinson b. Scio NY d. Hornell NY Wed 8-15-1936 in Angelica NY
JOHANNES, Leo H. Spouse of Doris M. Born 1912 died 1993
JOHNS, Edna D. Spouse of Robert R. Born 1928 died 1992
JOHNS, Robert R. Spouse of Edna D. Born 1928 died 1984
JOHNSON, Andrew A. Spouse of Louise M. Born 1891 died 1951
JOHNSON, Bernita Nye Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 6-9-1910 died 3-21-2005 - Dau of Earl J. & Mary L. Hawks Nye
JOHNSON, Donna J. Born 5-20-1947 died 11-14-2007 Age 60y - Dau of Theron L. & Bernice Cross Johnson b. Gilmore TX d. Douglas WY AKA Dorothy Greer Wixson
JOHNSON, Emmett Spouse of Freda Rae, m. 20 May 1950 Born 7-11-1914 died 5-12-1992 - WW II Vet, US Navy, AO2
JOHNSON, Esther Davis Spouse of Hugh Born 1844 died 1934
JOHNSON, Fern Born 1891 died 1936
JOHNSON, Freda Rae Spouse of Emmett Born 8-30-1920 died 12-18-2003 - Dau of Raymond & Gladys Kurtz Cline owned Freda Rae Beauty Salon
JOHNSON, Hugh Spouse of Esther Davis Born Abt 1841 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at West Almond for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills
JOHNSON, Inez M. Spouse of A. A. Johnson Born 1893 died 1920
JOHNSON, Jeffrey C. Born 4-27-1951 died 8-25-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Coast Guard, RM2
JOHNSON, John died 6-29-1876 Age 49y
JOHNSON, John J. Spouse of Ruth M. Cline Born 1827 died 1876
JOHNSON, Karen A. Born 1955 died 1979 - [Only Sleeping]
JOHNSON, Kathleen J. Born 12-12-1956 died 4-12-2013 Age 56y - Dau of John & Rita Shaffer Johnson b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY
JOHNSON, Lawrence D. Spouse of Bernita Nye died 8-18-1980 - Wed Nov 11 1937
JOHNSON, Lizzie Bell - No dates
JOHNSON, Louise M. Spouse of Andrew A. Born 1902 died 1988
JOHNSON, Melissa L. died 1982
JOHNSON, Ruth M. Cline Spouse of J. Johnson Born 1825 died 1897 - Second stone shows 1825 - 1892
JOHNSTON, Bernita N. Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 6-9-1910 died 3-21-2005 - Dau of Earl J. & Mary L. Hawks Nye Wed 11-11-1937
JOHNSTON, Lawrence D. Spouse of Bernita N. Born 1909 died 8-18-1980
JONES, George S. Spouse of M.Catherine Born 5-6-1835 died 5-3-1883
JONES, Harriett Elizabeth died 8-23-1894 - Dau of George S. & M. Catherine Jones
JONES, M. Catherine Spouse of George S. Born 8-2-1836 died 2-1-1890
JONES, Otto D. Spouse of Sara I. Born 1911 died 2001
JONES, Sara I. Spouse of Otto D. Born 1908 died 1983
JORDAN, Maxine W. Born 1923 died 1983
JORDON, Joseph J. Spouse of Queenie M. Born 1905 died 1981
JORDON, Queenie M. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 1915 died 1991
KATES, Frances M. Born 1888 died 1974
KATES, Jerome Born 1881 died 1956
KATES, Margaret M. Born 1915 died 1916
KEENEY, Retta Elizabeth Born 9-28-1897 died 9-10-1899 - Dau of F. B. & E. G. Keeney
KEHOE, John J., Jr. Born 1-14-1929 died uncut - [Your Memory is Dear to Us]
KEISER, Arthur Spouse of Mildred Born 1894 died 1977
KEISER, Carrie N. (Swift) Spouse of #1 Henry Keiser, #2 Fred Gigee Born 1871 died 1952 - Wed Henry in 1892.
KEISER, Elmer T. Born 1911 died 1956
KEISER, Ethel M. Spouse of John Born 1883 died 1989
KEISER, Henry Spouse of Carrie Born 1870 died 1902 - Born in Germany, emigrated in 1873. Wed in 1892.
KEISER, Jessie I. Spouse of Lynn H. Born 1902 died 1975
KEISER, John Spouse of Ethel M. Born 1883 died 1974
KEISER, John L. Spouse of Marjorie E. "Sally" Born 12-20-1934 died uncut - [The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23]
KEISER, Lynn H. Spouse of Jessie I. Born 7-3-1905 died 10-4-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1/Lt.
KEISER, Marjorie E. "Sally" Spouse of John L. Born 12-24-1934 died 2-26-2002 - [The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23]
KEISER, Mildred Spouse of Arthur Born 1901 died 1985
KELLISON, Cleveland Spouse of Lillian Born 1882 died 1942
KELLISON, Lillian Spouse of Cleveland Born 1884 died uncut
KEMP, Ann J. Spouse of Calvin F. Born 6-28-1927 died 6-6-2014 Age 86y - Dau of Orin & Carie Jenison Allen b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-3-1946 in Wellsville NY
KEMP, Barbara J. Born 1947 died 1977
KEMP, Calvin F. Born 4-20-1926 died 9-23-1989 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
KEMP, David Lyle Born 9-4-1946 died 7-28-1971 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, MM3
KEMP, Ethel C. Spouse of Mark Born 1895 died 1950
KEMP, Floyd B., Jr. Born 10-25-1930 died 6-3-1993 - Korean War Vet, US Army
KEMP, Jay B. Spouse of Ruby L. Born 9-1-1915 died 3-20-2005 Age 89y - Son of Floyd & Katie Gardner Kemp, Sr. b. & d. Wellsville, NY Wed 4-18-1936 in Bolivar, NY [Your Steadfast Love, O Lord Extends to the Heavens, Your Faithfulness to the Clouds Psalms 36:5]
KEMP, Mark Spouse of Ethel C. Born 1893 died 1970
KEMP, Ruby L. Spouse of Jay Born 11-26-1917 died 7-5-2012 - Dau of Fred & Mary Pire Van Curen b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-18-1936 in Bolivar NY Your Steadfast Love O Lord Extends to the Heavens Your Faithfulness to the Clouds psalms 36:5
KEMP, Ruby L. Spouse of Jay B. Born 1917 died uncut
KENYON, Eunice Wanda Born 1909 died 1941
KENYON, Franklin E. Spouse of Norma D. Born 1917 died 1984
KENYON, John M. Born 1935 died 2001
KENYON, Norma D. Spouse of Franklin E. Born 1921 died 1981
KILMER, Caroline Morehouse Spouse of Myron died 11-25-1883 - Dau of Parish & Lucinda Morehouse Thy Will Be Done
KILMER, Elias Spouse of Mehattable Born 1818 died 1897
KILMER, Mehattable Spouse of Elias Born 1822 died 1899
KILMER, Myron Born 1848 died 1932 - [At Rest]
KING, George E. Born 1842 died 1907
KING, George F. Spouse of Harriet S. Born 1871 died 1945
KING, Harriet S. Spouse of George F. Born 1872 died 1925
KING, Helen Born 1850 died 1930
KING, James L. Born 1913 died 1993
KING, Lila M. Spouse of Paul D. Born 11-26-1893 died 5-15-1987
KING, Paul D. Spouse of Lila M. Born 5-29-1898 died 11-17-1982 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
KINNEY, Charles C. died 3-13-1887 Age 74y
KINNEY, Rebecca Spouse of Elisha Born 1793 died 3-15-1878 Age 85y
KINNEY, Walter C. - Unable to Read stone
KINNIE, Mariah Spouse of S. Kinnie died 10-4-1846 Age 46y
KLEBSATTEL, Carla Ann Born 1930 died 1952
KLEBSATTEL, Charles A. Born 1901 died 1981
KLEBSATTEL, Gottfried J. Spouse of L. Irene Born 1877 died 1950
KLEBSATTEL, Gunhild Born 1904 died 1997
KLEBSATTEL, L. Irene Spouse of Gottfried J. Born 1879 died 1941
KNAPP, Carl Born 6-5-1925 died 11-6-1994 - [Beloved Father and Grandfather] - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
KNAPP, George M. Born 1852 died 1943
KNAPP, George Max Spouse of Virginia Ruth Baxter Born 11-22-1919 died 5-7-2016 Age 96y - Son of George Harrison & Lois May Stanton Knapp b. Findlay OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-29-1939
KNAPP, Harry Spouse of Lois Born 1883 died 1970
KNAPP, Julia Eymer Born 10-17-1928 died 3-25-1992
KNAPP, Lois Spouse of Harry Born 1892 died 1961
KNAPP, Virginia Born 1927 died 1977 - [Mother At Rest]
KNAPP, Virginia Ruth Baxter Spouse of George Max Born 1919 died 1998
KNATT, Neva Easton Born 1913 died 1934 - Wife
KNIER, Louis F. Spouse of Reba Scholes Born 1892 died 1966
KNIER, Reba Scholes Spouse of Louis F. Born 1894 died 1974
KNIGHT, Della H. Born 1855 died 1924
KNIGHT, Marina Windus Spouse of Milton Born 2-23-1841 died 9-28-1924 - I Am The Resurrection and The Life. He That Believeth in Me, Though He Were Dead, Yet Shall He Live.
KNIGHT, Martha Louisa Born 10-10-1851 died 9-18-1872 - Dau of Milton & Marina Knight Darling Mattie is At Rest. Safe From Sorrow and Safe From Sin.
KNIGHT, Milton Spouse of Marina Windus Born 6-19-1836 died 3-27-1905 - [I Am The Resurrection and The Life. He That Believeth in Me, Though He Were Dead, Yet Shall He Live.]
KNIGHT, Nina E. Born 1881 died 1885
KNIGHT, Samuel B. Born 1845 died 1922
KNOWLTON, Horace M. Born 7-8-1823 died 1-2-1891
KNOWLTON, Lily M. Thayer Spouse of Edward B. Born 1886 died 1917
KNOWLTON, Loughious S. died 9-15-1878 Age 26y - Son of K. M. & C. Knowlton
KNOWLTON, Lucius Born 11-4-1852 died 9-15-1878 - Son of H. & C. Knowlton
KORTS, Lucinda Spouse of A. Korts Born 9-4-1822 died 1-27-1856
KURTZ, Charles F. Spouse of Lena E. Born 1879 died 1955
KURTZ, Dorothy E. Born 1904 died 1978
KURTZ, Karl H. Born 1907 died 1968
KURTZ, Lena E. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1879 died 1953
KURZ, Carl - Patched over the dates
KYLE, Ivan Lee Rogers Born 8-24-1913 died 7-23-1974
KYLE, Nellie E. Spouse of William T. Born 1874 died 1948 - [Mother]
KYLE, William T. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 1876 died 1932 - [Father]
KYLE, William T. Born 1915 died 1991
LABARR, Donald J. Spouse of Madeline Born 1928 died 1986 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
LABARR, Madeline Spouse of Donald J. Born 1929 died 1996 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
LALONDE, Arlene A. (Spencer) Spouse of Robert L. LaLonde Born 4-8-1947 died 12-5-2017 Age 70y - Dau of Marion & Margaret (Pfuntner) Spencer b. Dansville NY d. Wellsville NY. A registered nurse at Cuba Hospital for over 30 years. Wed 1-6-1990 in Belmont NY, six children.
LALONDE, Robert Leonard "Bob" Spouse of Arlene Born 1946 died 10-29-2010 Age 64y - Son of Robert & Ann (Panella) LaLonde b. Unknown d. Belmont NY. Wed 1-6-1990 in Belmont NY, six children. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, 1965-1969
LAMB, Eva A. died 2-25-1875
LAMB, Harold E. Spouse of Beverly Dixon Born 7-26-1937 died 7-5-2013 Age 75y - Son of Thomas I & Mildred Deniston b. Town of Genesee NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-8-1956
LANGWORTHY, Jane E. Spouse of Oscar S. Born 1855 died 1923
LANGWORTHY, Oscar S. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1853 died 1921
LANPHEAR, Acors W. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1858 died 1931
LANPHEAR, Mary A. Spouse of Acors W. Born 1864 died 1943
LARRABEE, Jacob Spouse of Sabella A. Craig died 7-29-1889 Age 62y
LARRABEE, Sabella A. Craig Spouse of Jacob died 2-19-1887 Age 45y
LARRISON, Minnie D. Born 1873 died 1959
LATHAM, Baby died 1918
LATHAM, Clara F. Knier Common Born 1888 died 1917
LATHAM, Parish Jackson Born 1832 died 1912 - Civil War Vet, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Band Leader. Enlisted 1861, at Elmira for three years. Discharged 8-10-1862 at camp, near Harrisons Landing VA
LATHAM, William D. Born 1837 died 1920 - Civil War Vet, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Second Class Musician. Enlisted at Elmira for three years. Discharged 8-10-1862 at camp, near Harrisons Landing VA
LAWTON, Anson T. Born Abt 1831 died 5-16-1892 Age 61y - Civil War Vet, Co C 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Rushford for one year. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA
LEHMAN, Mary Helen Spouse of Edward B. Born 3-8-1932 died 2-26-2009 Age 76y - Dau of Watkins & Leola Washburn James b. Angelica NY d. Belmont NY Wed 3-22-1952 in Scio NY
LEILOUS, Cora M. died 9-2-1878 - Dau of M. D. & L. S. Leilous
LEILOUS, Edward P. Spouse of Loretta Born 1860 died 1924
LEILOUS, Estelle Born 9-22-1817 died 8-27-1903
LEILOUS, Grace M. Born 1895 died 1978
LEILOUS, Harold W. "Red" Spouse of Helen R. Chalker Born 1906 died 4-20-1996 - Wed 1929 in Belfast NY
LEILOUS, Harry J. Born 1897 died 1991
LEILOUS, Helen R. Spouse of Harold W. Born 2-17-1907 died 3-26-2004 Age 97y - Dau of Harry & Harriet Tingley Chalker
LEILOUS, Herbert J. Spouse of Maves D. Born 1898 died 1998
LEILOUS, Jennie Spouse of Marcus Born 1854 died 1926
LEILOUS, John Spouse of Mary died 4-11-1883
LEILOUS, John, Jr. Spouse of Sophronia A. Born 7-31-1820 died 8-7-1910
LEILOUS, Loretta Spouse of Edward P. Born 1868 died 1909
LEILOUS, Lovina A Spouse of John Born 12-22-1836 died 9-14-1896
LEILOUS, Marcus Spouse of Jennie Born 1850 died 1920
LEILOUS, Margaret
LEILOUS, Marks died 6-1-1889 Age 60y
LEILOUS, Mary Spouse of John died 2-28-1881
LEILOUS, Maves D. Spouse of Herbert J. Born 1898 died 1981
LEILOUS, Parker P. Spouse of Margaret died 6-30-1901
LEILOUS, Sophronia A. Spouse of John, Jr. died 1-29-1862 - [Not Dead But Sleeping]
LEILOUS, William Parker Spouse of Beverly Born 8-28-1940 died 5-7-2016 Age 75y - Son of Harold "Red" & Helen Leilous b. & d. Wellsville NY
LEONARD, Frank Born 1860 died 1911
LEONARD, Mary C. Born 1907 died 1937
LEONARD, Mary P. Born 1916 died 2002
LEONARD, Susie G. Born 1855 died 1929
LEWIS, Ada L. Spouse of Parker J. Born 1889 died 1980
LEWIS, Catherine Born 1847 died 1921
LEWIS, Charles A. Spouse of Lois E. Born 1869 died 1940
LEWIS, David R. Born 1937 died 1974
LEWIS, Eleanor F. Born 1916 died 1984
LEWIS, Elmer L. Born 1868 died 1912
LEWIS, Elvira B. Born 1840 died uncut
LEWIS, Emma L. Spouse of Porter N. Born 1846 died 1903 - [Mother]
LEWIS, Florence M. Spouse of P. J. Lewis Born 1890 died 1908
LEWIS, G. H. Spouse of Mary C. Born 6-22-1849 died 11-13-1921
LEWIS, H. Christine Born 1880 died 1952
LEWIS, Isaac S. Born 1842 died 1916
LEWIS, Jessie Whitcomb Born 1875 died 1940
LEWIS, John Born 1803 died 1870
LEWIS, John Spouse of Mary Born 1826 died 1911
LEWIS, Leman R. Born 1835 died uncut
LEWIS, Lois E. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1874 died 1950
LEWIS, Lyman C., MD Born 1876 died 1947
LEWIS, Mary Spouse of John Born 1824 died 1901
LEWIS, Mary C. Spouse of G. H. Lewis Born 2-18-1853 died 6-23-1895
LEWIS, Minnie V. Born 1865 died uncut
LEWIS, Parker J. Spouse of Ada L. Born 1879 died 1935
LEWIS, Porter N. Spouse of Emma L. Born 1846 died 1932 - [Father]
LEWIS, Richard C. Born 1908 died 1986
LITTLEFIELD, Mary B. Spouse of Wm. Born 12-25-1801 died 7-5-1879
LITTLEFIELD, William Spouse of Mary B. Born 9-23-1797 died 4-5-1878
LIVERGOOD, Brian Keith Born 1964 died 1966
LIVERGOOD, Clifford Spouse of Gertrude Born 1911 died 1994
LIVERGOOD, Doyle D. Born 1916 died 1961
LIVERGOOD, Gertrude Spouse of Clifford Born 1914 died 1999
LIVERGOOD, Helen M. Spouse of Richard Born 3-10-1935 died 3-1-2014 Age 78y - Dau of Edward & Erlene Watkins Sherwoode b. Belmont NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 12-9-1954 in Friendship NY
LIVERGOOD, Jack Born 1947 died 1951
LIVERGOOD, Leonard R. Born 1920 died 1943 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pvt
LIVERGOOD, Paul Born 1934 died 1935
LONSBERRY, Alice M. Born 1-21-1869 died 2-17-1930
LONSBERRY, F. Born 2-24-1856 died 1858
LONSBERRY, Florence C. Spouse of Walter A. Born 1911 died 1989
LONSBERRY, Ira Spouse of Sarah Born 1821 died 1905
LONSBERRY, John E. Born 1939 died 1975
LONSBERRY, John Edward Born 7-21-1939 died 9-21-1975 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
LONSBERRY, Maggie Age 6y - Dau of Ira & Sarah Lonsberry. No Dates.
LONSBERRY, Pearl Born 2-7-1894 died 2-5-1899
LONSBERRY, Samuel Born 1869 died 1944
LONSBERRY, Sarah Spouse of Ira Born 1828 died uncut
LONSBERRY, Walter A. Spouse of Florence C. Born 10-17-1904 died 9-5-1995 - [Together Forever] - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LOTZE, Clara Jean H. Born 2-22-1928 died 12-19-2000 - [Our Precious Loved One]
LOWE, Doris Spouse of Harold A. Born 1924 died 2004 - Dau of Parker J. & Ada Lanphere Lewis #2 Husband Leroy Sanford
LOWE, Edmond R. Spouse of Grace E. Born 1878 died 1936
LOWE, Eric S. Born 6-8-1979 died 10-11-2008 Age 29y - Son of David & Dawn Whitney Lowe b. Cuba NY d. Rochester NY
LOWE, Grace E. Spouse of Edmond R. Born 1885 died uncut
LOWE, Harold A. Spouse of Doris Born 1926 died 1954
LOWE, Mabel C. Born 1896 died 1987
LUSK, Ida S. Spouse of Charles S. Born 1862 died 1895
LYMAN, Charles A. Spouse of Genevieve E. Born 1909 died 1988
LYMAN, Genevieve E. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1911 died 1995
LYNCH, Grace Spouse of Terrance F. Born 1884 died 1945
LYNCH, Kathryn D. Spouse of Robert E. Born 7-29-1921 died 2-11-2003
LYNCH, Robert E. Spouse of Kathryn D. Born 6-30-1915 died 7-13-2004
LYNCH, Terrance F. Spouse of Grace Born 1885 died 1953
LYON, Ernest N. Spouse of Polly Born 1899 died 1977
LYON, Evalyn Dyke Born 1868 died 1931
LYON, Harold Born 1897 died 1973
LYON, Maude M. Born 1895 died 1896
LYON, Polly Spouse of Ernest N. Born 1906 died 1991
MACKENZIE, Willets Paul Born 1925 died 1961
MACKENZIE, William Hector, Jr. Born 1922 died 1964
MACLAIN, Emma Born 1873 died 1945
MAGEE, Alice R. Spouse of Clifford Born 1909 died uncut
MAGEE, Clara M. Spouse of Paul J. Born 1927 died uncut
MAGEE, Clifford Spouse of Alice R. Born 1904 died 1968
MAGEE, Cornelius Born 1907 died 1909
MAGEE, Earl W. Spouse of Emma J. Born 1882 died 1948
MAGEE, Emma J. Spouse of Earl W. Born 1883 died 1949
MAGEE, Frankie Born 1862 died 1927 - [Mother]
MAGEE, Paul J. Spouse of Clara M. Born 1912 died 1975
MAGEE, Phillip died 11-7-1928
MAGEE, Roxanne died 6-6-1956
MAGEE, Ruth E. Born 1908 died 1987
MAHAN, Mary died 1-31-1881 Age 26y - Dau of Charles & Mary Kurz
MALISZEWSKI, Richard K. Born 1930 died 1999
MALLORY, John K. Spouse of Margaret Born 1864 died 1944
MALLORY, Margaret Spouse of John K. Born 1863 died 1925
MANNING, baby boy died 1966
MANNING, baby girl died 1969
MANNING, C. James Spouse of Helen E. Steenworth Born 7-20-1922 died 5-12-1975 - WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt
MANNING, Charles A. Spouse of Minnie M. Born 1892 died 1959
MANNING, Helen E. (Sreenworth) Spouse of C. James Born 1923 died 1983
MANNING, Minnie M. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1885 died 1949
MANNING, Robert R. Spouse of Lynn Winterhalter Born 4-11-1943 died 8-7-2016 Age 73y - Son of C. James & Helen Steenworth Manning b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY Wed 5-23-1978 in Myrtle Beach SC
MANNING, Vivian Kay died 1947
MAPES, Amanda McEntee Born 1833 died 1917
MAPES, Bascom P. Spouse of Frances G. Born 8-13-1840 died 6-3-1919
MAPES, Betsy P. Spouse of Col. James Born 8-7-1800 died 10-14-1882
MAPES, Charles C. Born 11-11-1833 died 11-7-1835 - Son of Col. J. & Betsy P. Mapes
MAPES, Col. James Spouse of Betsy P. died 3-20-1871
MAPES, Edith M. Spouse of Elmer J. Born 1865 died 1935
MAPES, Elmer J. Spouse of Edith M. Born 1865 died 1939
MAPES, Frances G. Spouse of Bascom P. Born 1-17-1845 died 12-22-1913
MAPES, Penny L. Spouse of David Born 5-10-1944 died 5-10-2011 - Dau of C. James & Helen E. Steenworth Manning b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 7-3-1992 in Belmont NY
MAPES, Vernum Born 1877 died 1889
MARBET, Arthur J. Spouse of Gladys M. Born 1875 died 1969
MARBET, Gladys M. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 1887 died 1985
MARGESON, David died 12-19-1902 Age 66y
MARRINER, Grace Born 1885 died 1976
MARRINER, Luanna S. Born 1862 died 1943
MARRINER, Margaret Born 1889 died 1946
MARRINER, Sherman H. Born 1851 died 1930
MARSH, Inez L. Spouse of James D. Born 4-13-1912 died 3-4-2008 - Dau of Charles L. & Alice Cummings Cornelius b. Eldred PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-7-1929 in Olean NY
MARSH, James D. Spouse of Inez L. Born 1904 died 1985
MARSH, James Robert "Bob" Spouse of Laura Hanchett Born 6-21-1932 died 5-15-2010 - Son of James D. & Inez Cornelius Marsh b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 4-23-1955 in Belmont NY - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1954-1956
MARSH, Laura Jean "Jeannie" Spouse of James Robert "Bob" Born 1933 died 11-5-2013 Age 80y - Dau of Clyde & Lottie Smith Hanchett b. & d. Belmont NY. Wed 4-23-1955 in Belmont NY
MARTIN, Clara Ward Born 1899 died 1933
MARTIN, Elmyra C. Born 4-26-1870 died 7-17-1924
MARTIN, Frances Graves died 1928
MARTIN, George E. Born 9-30-1867 died 9-27-1931
MARTIN, Harry E. Spouse of Mary Born 12-11-1894 died 3-23-1961 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co. A 110th Inf. 28th Div, Pfc. Purple Heart
MARTIN, Mary Spouse of Harry E. Born 1902 died 1981
MARVEL, Doris A. Spouse of Lee J. Born 1909 died 1997
MARVEL, Lee J. Spouse of Doris A. Born 1909 died 1968
MARVIN, Charles M. Born 9-23-1815 died 7-13-1886
MARVIN, Eugene Born 3-6-1850 died 6-12-1866
MARVIN, Jane A. Born 2-23-1820 died 4-14-1856
MARVIN, Lydia A. Spouse of Charles M. Born 11-9-1841 died 7-17-1917
MASON, Fannie Born 10-2-1799 died 3-11-1874 - [Gone Home]
MATTESON, Anna Born 1885 died 1935
MATTESON, Bertha T. Spouse of Fred G. Born 1884 died uncut
MATTESON, Fred G. Born 1880 died 1953
MATTESON, Van Born 1882 died 1955
MATTESON, Van, Jr. Born 1925 died 1934
MATTEY, John J. Spouse of Louise Born 1917 died 2001
MATTEY, Louise Spouse of John J. Born 8-16-1917 died 5-17-1988
MATTONI, Charles Spouse of Harriett Born 1-12-1856 died 7-31-1880 - Buried on Long Island
MATTONI, Harriett Spouse of Charles Born 11-21-1853 died 7-21-1940
MATTONI, S. Isabel Born 8-5-1880 died 3-27-1953
MAYNARD, Martin G. Born 1871 died 1923
MAYO, Addie B. Spouse of William F. Born 1873 died 1948
MAYO, Edna L. Spouse of Herbert W. Born 7-20-1917 died 10-1-2003 Age 86y - Dau of Samuel & Mildred Long Shutt Wed 4-29-1933
MAYO, Gladys I. (Tompkins) Spouse of Harry C. Born 1920 died 7-24-1999 - Wed Nov 30 1947 in Scio NY
MAYO, Harry C. Spouse of Gladys I. Tompkins Born 6-4-1917 died 9-15-2004 Age 87y - Son of William & Addie Travis Mayo b. Belmont, NY Wed 11-30-1947 in Scio
MAYO, Herbert W. Spouse of Edna L. died 10-18-1982 - Son of William & Addie Travis Mayo m. April 29 1933 in Wellsville NY
MAYO, Lena Born 1893 died 1904 - Dau of W. F. & Addie Mayo
MAYO, William F. Spouse of Addie B. Born 1863 died 1939
MCANDREWS, Edna E. Born 12-18-1919 died 10-30-2008 - Dau of Edward & Esther Alice Baker Crawford b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY
MCCARTHY, William W. Born 1-27-1985 died 4-12-1985
MCCRAY, Flora E. Spouse of L. F. McCray Born 1855 died 1923
MCCRAY, Pearl Gail Born 12-15-1898 died 11-30-1916 - Dau of Leslie F. & Flora E. McCray
MCDOWELL, Aleck Spouse of Mary E. Born 1835 died 1908
MCDOWELL, Baby died 1876 - Child of Aleck & Mary E. McDowell
MCDOWELL, Mary E. Spouse of Aleck Born 1848 died 1933
MCDOWELL, Raymond A. Born 1886 died 1958 - Son of Aleck & Mary E. McDowell
MCELROY, Sarah K. Born 1858 died 1913
MCENTEE, Emmet John Spouse of Frances A. Born 1854 died 1907
MCENTEE, Frances A. Spouse of Emmet John Born 1862 died 1952
MCGIBENY, Carrie Born 1879 died 1940
MCGIBENY, David Spouse of Lovina Born 1-1-1811 died 10-5-1898
MCGIBENY, David C. Born 10-24-1837 died 6-2-1863 - Died at Raliegh, N.C.
MCGIBENY, Esther Born 1854 died 1932
MCGIBENY, Henderson Born 6-3-1835 died 7-3-1863 - Civil War DOD, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Angelica for three years. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died of disease while prisoner of war at Andersonville GA
MCGIBENY, James Born 1886 died 1970
MCGIBENY, Lamott Born 1852 died 1939
MCGIBENY, Leon M. Born 1891 died 1970
MCGIBENY, Lovina Spouse of David Born 5-21-1810 died 6-7-1885
MCGIBENY, Samuel H. Born 12-28-1846 died 11-16-1892 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at West Almond for three years. Discharged for disability 5-16-1865
MCGIBENY, Samuel J. died 12-18-1862 - Died Suffock, Va.
MCGIBENY, Wilber F. Born 12-12-1841 died 2-22-1895 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at West Almond for three years. Transferred 7-1863 to VRC.
MCGIBNEY, Eunice died 2-16-1881
MCGRANAGHAN, Dorothy Kyle Born 1900 died 1981
MCNETT, A. J., Col. Spouse of Abby Clark died 3-8-1896 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MCNETT, Abby Clark Spouse of Col. A. J. McNett died 1-23-1909
MCNETT, Agnes Stewart Spouse of Dr. George C. died 10-10-1899
MCNETT, Eva L. Spouse of Dr. James H. died 6-6-1926
MCNETT, James H. Dr. Spouse of Eva L. died 6-24-1903
MCNETT,George C., Dr. Spouse of Agnes Stewart died 10-15-1909
MCNINCH, Arlene M. Spouse of James T. Sr. Born 6-8-1922 died 8-31-2007 Age 85y - Dau of Arlie & Lelia Lehman Angood b. Ulysses PA d. Belmont NY Wed 1942
MCNINCH, Elizabeth H. (Huey) Spouse of Robert H. McNinch Born 7-25-1918 died 4-19-2017 Age 98y - Born in Mapleton NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-19-1941 in Fleming, one daughter. (Spouse survives)
MCNINCH, Florence H. Born 1891 died 1976
MCNINCH, Harry I. Born 1885 died 1962
MCNINCH, Harry T., Jr. Born 3-5-1928 died 1-20-1995 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, Pvt. And US Marine Corps
MCNINCH, James T. Sr. Spouse of Arlene Angood Born 3-16-1916 died 2-5-2015 Age 98y - Son of Harry T. & Florence Hall McNinch, b. Bayonne NJ d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1942, 60 years of marriage
MCNINCH, John G. Born 1-24-1924 died 3-24-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
MCNINCH, Margaret Rose "Maggie" Spouse of Harry T. Born 5-23-1938 died 8-25-2014 Age 76y - Dau of Ernest R. & Rose Lynn Wilson b. Sebring FL d. Belmont NY. Wed 1-29-1977 Husband #1 Joseph Mead Jr.
MCNINCH, Robert Hall Born 1919 died uncut
MCNINCH, twin boys died 4-4-1922
MCOMBER, Carrie L. Spouse of Willis Born 2-11-1880 died 4-18-1939
MCOMBER, Clarissa Spouse of S. N. McOmber died 10-16-1836
MCOMBER, Rebea A. Born 3-12-1891 died 10-14-1967 - [Sister]
MCOMBER, S. N. Spouse of Clarissa died 7-31-1833
MCOMBER, Willis Spouse of Carrie L. Born 3-30-1861 died 5-8-1944
MCQUEEN, Claude C. Born 1912 died 2001
MCQUEEN, Clayton E. Born 1883 died 1962
MCQUEEN, David A. Born 1940 died 1941
MCQUEEN, Dora J. Born 1917 died 1996
MCQUEEN, Katherine Z. Born 1890 died 1994
MCQUEEN, William A. Born 3-20-1940 died 8-23-1991
MEAD, Kathleen Mary Born 4-11-1945 died 5-7-1998 - [My Darling]
MEADE, Lynn G. Born 1901 died 1991
MEADE, Pauline E. Born 1911 died 1977
MEHLENBACHER, Earl W. Born 11-28-1948 died 11-27-2001
MEHLENBACHER, Emily L. Spouse of Floyd R. Born 1905 died 1965
MEHLENBACHER, Floyd R. Spouse of Emily L. Born 1895 died 1974
MEHLENBACHER, Phyllis J. Spouse of William Born 1930 died uncut
MEHLENBACHER, Phyllis J. "Phid" Spouse of William L. Born 4-15-1930 died 5-16-2014 Age 84y - Dau of Paul & Ruth Brown Magee b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-17-1948 in Angelica NY
MEHLENBACHER, Russell William died 2-11-1983
MEHLENBACHER, Sherry Lee Born 1952 died 1956
MEHLENBACHER, William Spouse of Phyllis J. Born 7-7-1927 died 1-18-1997
MEHMEL, Nathan died 9-1985
MEIKLE, George Spouse of Rebecca Born 8-18-1799 died 6-18-1882
MEIKLE, Rebecca Spouse of George Born 11-30-1799 died 5-13-1882
MELLEFONT, Ella White Born 1873 died 1928
MELLEFONT, M. Helen Born 1898 died 1926
MERRILL, Emmet E. Born 1861 died 1931
MERRIMAN, A. Lamonte Spouse of Clara L. Born 1866 died 1939
MERRIMAN, Clara L. Spouse of A. Lamonte Born 1870 died 1941
MERRIMAN, Helen B. Spouse of Kenneth L. Born 1898 died 1992
MERRIMAN, Kenneth L. Spouse of Helen B. Born 1897 died 1983
MESS, Florence F. Spouse of William J. Born 1897 died 1993
MESS, William J. Spouse of Florence F. Born 1895 died 1970
MICHELL, Gerald died 1949
MICHELL, Melissa Sue died 8-31-1978
MIDDAUGH, Audrey D. Spouse of Thomas A. Born 1927 died 1985
MIDDAUGH, Beverly F. Graham Spouse of C. Richard "Dick" Born 1933 died uncut
MIDDAUGH, C. Richard "Dick" Spouse of Beverly F. Graham Born 1932 died 1998 - Wed 2-6-1953
MIDDAUGH, Dorothy E. Spouse not named Born 6-26-1941 died 12-25-2016 - Dau of William & Frances Illerbrun Brown b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY
MIDDAUGH, Elizabeth Born 1841 died 1907 - Wife
MIDDAUGH, Eva Bush Born 2-27-1869 died 7-17-1952
MIDDAUGH, Harry Gorton Born 9-11-1871 died 9-15-1941
MIDDAUGH, John Emory Spouse of Mary R. Born 1838 died 1910
MIDDAUGH, John Emory, Jr. Born 10-17-1868 died 5-4-1914
MIDDAUGH, Keith died 7-19-1978
MIDDAUGH, Kevin died 7-19-1978
MIDDAUGH, Mary R. Spouse of John Emory Born 1850 died 1915
MIDDAUGH, Roger V., Jr. Born 9-14-1970 died 9-24-1970
MIDDAUGH, Thomas A. Spouse of Audrey D. Born 1920 died 1999
MIESS, Harry G. Spouse of Leonora F. Born 1897 died 1975
MIESS, Leonora F. Spouse of Harry G. Born 1895 died 1984
MILLER, Amy E. Born 1932 died 1970
MILLER, Augustus Born 12-1824 died 4-1903
MILLER, Donald John Spouse of Mary Ann Born 1924 died 2002
MILLER, Dorothy T. Spouse of Ronald Born 1918 died 1987
MILLER, Gertrude E. Born 7-1878 died 3-1885
MILLER, Helen Born 10-1852 died 4-1885
MILLER, Lizzie A. Born 7-1834 died 2-1863
MILLER, Lovica Born 1841 died 1934 - Funeral Marker
MILLER, Martha W. Born 3-1836 died 9-1884
MILLER, Mary A. Born 1849 died 1923
MILLER, Mary Ann Spouse of Donald J. Born 5-27-1925 died 12-18-2009 - Born in Wellsville NY d. Sebring FL. Wed 1946 in Belmont NY
MILLER, Mary Ann Spouse of Donald John Born 1925 died uncut
MILLER, Ronald Spouse of #1 Dorothy Tucker, #2 Pauline Bigelow Travis Born 8-17-1916 died 6-10-2013 Age 96y - Son of Clarence & Lillian Hartung Miller b. Sayra PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed Dorothy 5-30-1942. Wed Pauline 2-13-1988. (She d. 12-6-2011)
MILLER, Ronald Spouse of Dorothy T. Born 1916 died uncut
MILLER, W. Frank Born 6-1858 died 5-1885
MINER, Bertha M. Born 1884 died 1913
MITCHELL, Henry W. Spouse of Ida M. Born 3-25-1916 died 3-15-1998 - [Christ Died For Our Sins I Cor. 15:3] - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
MITCHELL, Ida M. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1919 died 1965 - [Christ Died For Our Sins I Cor. 15:3]
MITCHELL, John Hobart Spouse of Mary Belle Born 1887 died 1939
MITCHELL, Lorena Bidwell Born 1906 died 1978
MITCHELL, Mary Belle Spouse of John Hobart Born 1891 died 1954
MITCHELL, Paul Elliott Spouse of Millicent Marie Born 2-27-1933 died 4-19-2001 - Wed 4-18-1955
MOORE, Joseph George Spouse of Meta Knight Born 1866 died 1932
MOORE, Meta Knight Spouse of Joseph Knight Born 1874 died 1951
MOOT, Ann Eliza died 7-4-1899
MORALES, Ernest "Ernie" Born 8-1-1933 died uncut - [An Angel Touched Him and He Slept]
MOREHOUSE, Anna B. Spouse of William Born 1858 died 1933 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
MOREHOUSE, Charles W. Spouse of Margaret C. Born 1864 died 1934
MOREHOUSE, Eleanor F. Born 1911 died 1913
MOREHOUSE, Etta E. Born 1875 died 1953
MOREHOUSE, George Ed Born 1894 died 1937
MOREHOUSE, Jaycee Mae Born 2-9-2012 died 10-1-2012 - [Beloved Daughter Granddaughter and Niece]
MOREHOUSE, Lloyd W. Spouse of Gloria J. Born 3-31-1928 died 11-30-1986
MOREHOUSE, Lucinda Spouse of Parrish Born 11-28-1827 died 1905
MOREHOUSE, Marcus L. Spouse of Martha C. Born 1866 died 1937
MOREHOUSE, Margaret C. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1859 died 1940
MOREHOUSE, Margaret E. Spouse of Oscar F. Born 1848 died 1924
MOREHOUSE, Martha C. Spouse of Marcus L. Born 1871 died 1907
MOREHOUSE, Oscar F. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1845 died 1927
MOREHOUSE, Oscar W. Born 1898 died 1935
MOREHOUSE, Parrish Spouse of Lucinda Born 3-11-1821 died 1896
MOREHOUSE, Sarah E. Born 1900 died 1901
MOREHOUSE, William Spouse of Anna B. Born 10-17-1857 died 7-20-1886 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
MOREHOUSE, William H. Born 1870 died 1938
MOREY, Frank A. Jr. Spouse of Shirley Born 10-13-1930 died 1-16-2003 - Son of Frank A. & Ethel Cornish Morey Sr. - Korean War Vet, US Army
MOREY, Shirley E. Spouse of Frank A. Born 8-16-1939 died uncut
MOREY, Steven E. Born 4-23-1962 died 4-12-2002 - [Do Not Think of Me as Gone, I AM With You Still in Each New Dawn] - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy. Persian Gulf
MORGAN, Cora B. Spouse of Joseph died 6-6-1886 Age 18y
MORGAN, James Ai Born 1860 died 1929 - Son of James Morgan & Julia Bartlett
MORRIS, A., M.D. died 1-26-1866 - Departed This Life 1-26-1866 Not Dead But Sleeping
MORRIS, Clara A. Steinburg died 3-5-1891
MORRIS, Louise McNinch Spouse of Austin Born 1936 died 1982 - Mother of Martin, John & Sally
MORRIS, Victor Born 2-24-1878 died 8-27-1891 - Son of Clara A. Steinburg Morris
MORSE, Almer Burdette Spouse of Catherine Green Born 4 Apr 1910 died 1978 - Son of Almer David Morse & Nina Mae Davis
MORSE, Almer David Spouse of Nina Mae Davis Born 22 Mar 1874 died 9 Apr 1927 - Son of Almer Morse & Anna M. Schulz
MORSE, Alton Davis Spouse of Virginia Mae Tompkins Born 8-9-1917 died 6-10-2000 - Son of Almer David Morse & Nina Mae Davis - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
MORSE, Alva J. died 1-22-1885
MORSE, Elthea died 1908
MORSE, Emily Spouse of J. T. Morse died 4-18-1894
MORSE, George J. died 6-23-1889
MORSE, Josiah T. Spouse of Emily died 4-6-1895
MORSE, Nina Mae Spouse of Almer David Born 9 May 1886 died Sep 1975 - Dau of Zera Loren Davis & Carrie (Caroline) Morgan
MORSE, Virginia Spouse of Alton D. Born 1923 died uncut
MORT, Edward K. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1905 died 1972
MORT, Florence M. Spouse of Edward K. Born 1910 died 1992
MOULTON, Warren F. Spouse of Anna L. - No dates
MOULTON, Anna L. Spouse of Warren F. - No dates
MOYLE, Grace Welsch Born 1880 died 1969
MULLIGAN, Edward A. Spouse of Floy A. Born 1888 died 1977
MULLIGAN, Floy A. Spouse of Edward A. Born 1889 died 1947
MULLIGAN, Marsha Kay died 1942
MUNN, Edna Born 1885 died 1939
MUNN, Elizabeth Spouse of James Born 1861 died 1939
MUNN, James Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1861 died 1910
MURRAY, Benj. Spouse of Bertha M. Martin Born 1872 died 1942
MURRAY, Bertha M. Martin Spouse of Benj. Born 1887 died 1973
MURRAY, May Belle Spouse of John Benj. Born 1876 died 1912
NASH, Mary L. Spouse of Uriah J. Born 1844 died 1925
NASH, Uriah J. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1852 died 1910
NEHIL, Evalyn M. Born 1893 died 1940
NEHIL, Frances M. Born 1921 died 1937
NEHIL, Jean M. Born 1926 died 1982
NEHIL, Joseph Born 1893 died 1966
NELSON, William R. "Bill" Born 12-24-1925 died 4-9-2012 Age 86y - Born in Lackawanna NY (born & raised at Father Baker's Home) d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korean War
NEUPERT, Adrah M. Spouse of Raymond F. Born 1911 died 1985
NEUPERT, Raymond F. Spouse of Adrah M. Born 1905 died 1986
NEWCOMB, Daniel W. Spouse of Guynett Born 1838 died 1901
NEWCOMB, Guynett Spouse of Daniel W. Born 1849 died uncut
NEWCOMB, Jennie A. Spouse of F. B. Newcomb died 6-8-1893 Age 19y
NEWTON, Calvin A. Spouse of Dana R. Born 1893 died 1960
NEWTON, Carrie Allen Born 1861 died 1900
NEWTON, Dana R. Spouse of Calvin A. Born 1890 died 1974
NEWTON, Elmer Spouse of Carrie Allen Born 1860 died 1935
NICHOLS, Chauncey J. Born 9-28-1870 died 9-29-1891
NICHOLS, Leonard died 10-11-1884 Age 79y
NICHOLS, Lynn E. Born 1896 died 1966
NICHOLSON, J. Donald Born 10-19-1915 died 6-5-1939
NICHOLSON, Jane Born 1852 died 1917
NICHOLSON, John Born 1843 died 1908
NICHOLSON, John D. Born 9-9-1887 died 7-25-1933
NICHOLSON, Mabel E. Born 1876 died 1968
NILES, Betty Born 1-2-1928 died 8-23-2000 - [Mother] b. Bolivar, NY d. Wellsville, NY
NILES, Sarah E. Spouse of B. S. Niles Born 4-15-1840 died 2-10-1881
NIVER, Ethel G. Page Born 1888 died 1970
NOBLE, Burdette G. Spouse of Nettie L. Born 1858 died 1933 - [Father]
NOBLE, Catherine Born 1839 died 1921
NOBLE, Getrude S. Black Spouse of Horace W. Born 1851 died 1942
NOBLE, Harry W. Born 1884 died 1950 - Flat Plate
NOBLE, Nettie L. Spouse of Burdette G. Born 1868 died 1930 - [Mother]
NOBLE, Paul McKinley Born 1896 died 1916
NOBLE, Roswell Born 1826 died 1910
NOBLES, Mary L. Spouse of William C. Born 1852 died uncut
NOBLES, William C. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1854 died 1931
NORRIS, Ella I. Born 5-22-1863 died 7-22-1943
NORRIS, Hamilton C. Born 9-5-1859 died 7-14-1896
NORRIS, Marguerite Born 1889 died 1917
NORTON, Anderson S. Born 2-13-1835 died 10-17-1842
NORTON, Anthony died 8-10-1872 - Son of J. S. & M. Norton
NORTON, Caroline V. Spouse of John Born 12-7-1831 died 12-5-1918
NORTON, Carolyn A. Spouse of Jerry W. Born 10-17-1834 died 8-28-1884
NORTON, Carrie Spouse of Henry Alonzo Born 1861 died 1951
NORTON, Charles D. Born 2-13-1835 died 3-18-1835 - Son of J. B. & S. Norton
NORTON, Diannah died 6-4-1863 - Dau of Francis & Harriet Norton
NORTON, Emma Sherwood Born 1867 died 1921
NORTON, Frances I. died 1-21-1863 - Dau of Francis & Harriet Norton
NORTON, Francis Spouse of Harriet Born 1802 died 1861
NORTON, Frank died 4-15-1877 Age 20y - Son of Harriet & C. A. Norton
NORTON, Gordon A. Born 1854 died uncut - Son of M. L. & R. C. Norton
NORTON, Harriet Spouse of Francis Born 1807 died 1871
NORTON, Henry Alonzo Spouse of Carrie Born 1852 died 1917 - Son of J. B. & Stata Norton
NORTON, Henry M. died 12-5-1940 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 108th Inf. 27th Div. Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, Meritorious Service Medal, BR
NORTON, Ida M. Born 1856 died 1936
NORTON, Jerry W. Spouse of Carolyn A. Born 1831 died 1889
NORTON, Jessie Born 1865 died 1892
NORTON, John B. Spouse of Stata Born 4-12-1811 died 8-22-1882
NORTON, John, MD Spouse of Caroline V. Born 9-8-1827 died 8-26-1878
NORTON, Joseph S. Born 1837 died 1907
NORTON, Leonard G. Born 8-21-1835 died 2-18-1836 - Son of M. L. & R. C. Norton
NORTON, Mabel Willets Born 1878 died 1970
NORTON, Michael L. Spouse of Rebekah Cozzen Born 7-26-1806 died 6-16-1884
NORTON, Rebekah Cozzen Spouse of Michael L. Born 7-28-1813 died 10-24-1880
NORTON, Ruth S. Born 1879 died 1962
NORTON, Stata Spouse of John B. Born 5-1-1813 died 6-26-1880
NORTON, William H. Born 6-9-1839 died 12-13-1855
NORTON, William O. Born 1845 died 1894 - Son of M. L. & R. C. Norton
NOTTINGHAM, Christopher died 12-16-1877
NOTTINGHAM, Sarah Born 1836 died 1924
NOXON, Mary E. Born 8-21-1835 died 10-6-1867 - Dau of M. L. & R. C. Norton
NYE, Earl J. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1883 died 1964
NYE, Mary L. Spouse of Earl J. Born 1878 died 1968

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