Fillmore Road
AKA Portageville
Town of Hume
Transcribed and submitted by Eleanor Schwalb from a 1933 list by Gertrude A. Barber.

AVERILL, Frank M.     died  10-11-1862 age  2y Child of W. B. & J. M. Averill
AVERILL, Mary E.     died  8-27-1873 age  4m Child of W. B. & J. M. Averill
BURNHAN, Betsy     died  9-12-1841 age  1y 4d 
CARPENTER, Dexter spouse of  Julia M.   died  12-23-1838 age  50y 
CARPENTER, Julia M. spouse of  Dexter born  5-3-1800 died  6-7-1881 
CHAMPLIN, Lydia S. spouse of  Joshua   died  12-23-1857 age  43y 24d 
COOLEY, Benjamin spouse of  Relief   died  11-9-1866 age  88y 2m 
COOLEY, Incretia Rich spouse of  Reuben born  1808 died  1885 
COOLEY, Relief spouse of  Benjamin   died  9-19-1865 age  79y 8m 16d 
COOLEY, Reuben spouse of  Incretia Rich born  1807 died  1886 
DEDIEMER, George     died  2-3-1863 age  7y 2m  son of Ephraim & Ann Dediemer
DICLIEMAR, Harriet spouse of  Lewis   died  12-12-1841 age  35y 10m 
DILL, Catharine spouse of  Joseph born  1774 died  1830 
DILL, Charles   born  1831 died  1848   Son
DILL, Edith   born  1873 died  1919 
DILL, Eliza   born  1806 died  1904 
DILL, Emma     died  12-18-1867 age  2y 10m Dau. D. & L. Dill
DILL, Lewis   born  1844 died  1917 
DILL, Mary Ellen   born  1833 died  1911 
DILL, Philip   born  1801 died  1887 
EMERY, Jonathan     died  11-14-1850 age  47y 2m 5d 
ERLL, Mary     died  9-27-1841 age  20y 5m 
GARY, Elvira     died  2-18-1837 age  2y 3m Dau. Holland & Mary Cary
GARY, John   born  1761 died  1848 
GARY, Ruth    born  1763 died  1857 
GILLETT, David     died  9-11-1819 age  39y 
GILLETT, Susanna spouse of  Daniel   died  11-31-1853 age  73Y 
GILLETTE, Amy spouse of  Edwin born  1799 died  1877 
GILLETTE, Edwin spouse of  Amy born  1800 died  1880 
GILLETTE, George D.   born  1834 died  1922 
GILLETTE, Mary J.   born  1837 died  1915 
GILLETTE, Paulina   born  1884 died  U/K 
GILLETTE, Rowena   born  1863 died  1890 
GROWER, Cordelia spouse of  Mathias   died  4-13-1873 age  56y 
HOLLY, Hannah spouse of  Increase   died  6-13-1853 age  61y 
JACOBS, Lucinda     died  5-23-1866 age  54y 4m 28d 
JOHNSON, Rosilla     died  4-4-1850 age  15y Dau. of Simon & Amy Johnson
KELLER, Mary spouse of  William   died  1-21-1849 age  57y 
KINGSLEY, Andrew     died  9-30-1875 age  56y 
KINGSLEY, Ebenezer     died  4-28-1887 age  72y 
KINGSLEY, Ephraim spouse of  Lydia   died  9-3-1859 age  84y 4m 
KINGSLEY, Frank A.     died  12-11-1862 age  3y 3m Son of E. & R. Kingsley
KINGSLEY, George     died  5-24-1878 
KINGSLEY, Julia E.     died  8-7-1869 age  42y 10m 
KINGSLEY, Lydia spouse of  Ephraim   died  1-26-1861 
McWORTHER, John     died  3-1-1884 age  29y 
McWORTHER, Mary spouse of  John   died  5-30-1819 age  28y 
McWORTHER, Melissa Jane     died  5-25-1851 age  23y Dau. of Willilam H. & Nancy McWorther
McWORTHER, Nancy spouse of  William born  1-3-1796 died  2-2-1861 
McWORTHER, William     died  5-15-1885 age  70y 
MILLS, Bessie   born  5-1887 died  4-1898   Dau. of William S. & Ella B. May
MREASE, John     died  11-17-1882 age  53y 
NOURSE, Uriel A.     died  4-5-1846 age  42y 
REYNOLDS, Forest   born  1885 died  1892 
REYNOLDS, Rowena spouse of  C. W. Reynolds born  1850 died  1902 
ROSE, Hattie      died  9-9-1863 age  8y 5m 7d Dau. of J. A. & M. A. Rose
SABIN, Lucretia spouse of  Rev. Rufus   died  2-5-1879 age  45y 
SMITH, A. spouse of  Calvin   died  1-29-1867 age  55y 
STEVENS, Sally spouse of  Joseph M.   died  4-6-1842 age  32y 
STOCKWELL, J. spouse of  Mary   died  10-10-1843 age  63y 
STOCKWELL, Mary spouse of  J. Stockwell   died  11-24-1883 age  80y 
STODDART, David     died  9-7-1815 age  2y 7m Son of Wilber & Sally Stoddart
STREETER, Clara     died  1-21-1855   Dau. of H. & M. Streeter
STREETER, Clarence     died  5-17-1887 age  20y Son of H. & M. Streeter
TURNER, Elizabeth   born  1827 died  1899 
VAN BUSKIRK, Freddie L.     died  1-17-1868 age  29y 3m Son 
VAN BUSKIRK, James Wilbrick   born  1816 died  1894 
VAN Buskirk, John H. spouse of  Belyra A. born  1842 died  1908 
VAN BUSKIRK, Morlie W.     died  2-9-1861 age  7m Son
VAN BUSKIRK, Sarah Ann Goodrich spouse of  James  Wilbrick born  1830 died  1919 
WHEELER, Catharine M. spouse of  John   died  11-10-1862 age  63y 
WHEELER, Darius spouse of  Fanny   died  7-17-1825 age  63y 
WHEELER, Fanny     died  6-9-1861 age  58y 
WHEELER, Fanny spouse of  Darius   died  2-8-1843 age  79y 
WHEELER, John spouse of  Catharine M.   died  4-1-1873 age  80y 3m 11d 
YOUNG, William S.     died  12-17-1848 age  53y 

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