Fairlawn Cemetery
Town of Scio, Allegany County, NY


KANE, James Spouse of Louisa F. Died 7-1-1893 Age 78y
KANE, Louisa F. Spouse of James No dates
KARR, Arthur P. Spouse of Maude J. Born 1877 Died 1956
KARR, Mary M. Spouse of Seymour M. Born 1914 Died 1999 - Wed 8-2-1930 [Gone To Bingo]
KARR, Maude J. Spouse of Arthur P. Born 1882 Died 1975
KARR, Seymour M. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1904 Died 1985 - Wed 8-2-1930 [Gone Fishing]
KATO, Sento Died 6-1944 - [A True Friend and Faithful Servant]
KEAGLE, Grace A. Spouse of Leslie F. Born 1898 Died 1986
KEAGLE, Leslie F. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1894 Died 1950
KEAGLE, Leslie F. Jr. Born 1924 Died 1924
KEISER, Dinnie Spouse of William Born 1883 Died 1965
KEISER, William Spouse of Dinnie Born 1885 Died 1977
KELLIGAN, Hattie Jenison Born 1881 Died 1927
KEMP, Dorothy M. Spouse of Harry Born 1899 Died 1969
KEMP, Harry Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1896 Died uncut
KILLIAN, Florence B. Eck Spouse of George J. Born 1918 Died uncut
KILLIAN, George J. Spouse of Florence B. Eck Born 1916 Died 1978
KINSEY, Bessie B. Spouse of William H. Born 1902 Died 1992
KINSEY, William H. Spouse of Bessie B. Born 1906 Died 1976
KINTER, Delbert D. Born 1908 Died 1963
KINTER, Dennis N. Died 1998 - Broken Funeral Plate
KINTER, Eunice R. Born 1914 Died 1931
KINTER, T. Louise Born 1917 Died 1979
KINTNER, Ronald N. "Nellie" Spouse of Rebecca Reynolds Born 4-20-1938 Died 10-8-2005 Age 67y - Son of Delbert & T. Louise Cornell Kintner - Cold War Vet, US Air Force
KIRK, Marion Howe Born 1898 Died 1926
KIRSCH, Samantha Elizabeth Born 11-19-2010 Died 1-15-2011 Age Infant - Dau of Brian D. Johnston & Abrigal E. Kirsch b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY
KLATTE, Eva M. Spouse of William C. Born 1911 Died 1994
KLATTE, William C. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1908 Died 1977 - WW II Vet, US Army
KNAPP, Leo M. Born 1887 Died 1940
KNICKERBOCKER, Burt H. Spouse of Mary B. Born 1862 Died 1935
KNICKERBOCKER, Mary B. Spouse of Burt H. Born 1868 Died 1919
KNIER, Casper W. Spouse of Nettie Born 1885 Died 1952
KNIER, Nettie Spouse of Casper W. Born 1878 Died 1958
KNIGHT, Bradley Spouse of Minerva Brown Born 1829 Died 1907
KNIGHT, Mary Brown Born 1837 Died 1887
KNIGHT, Minerva Brown Spouse of Bradley Born 1841 Died 1875
KRUSEN, Clarence R. Spouse of Hazel E. Born 1890 Died 1979
KRUSEN, Frances Born 1914 Died 1964
KRUSEN, Hazel E. Spouse of Clarence R. Born 1895 Died 1980
LA WALL, Elbert W. MD Spouse of Grace W. Born 1872 Died 1907
LA WALL, Grace W. Spouse of Elbert W. M.D. Born 1872 Died 1942
LAFFERTY, Alice Y. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1928 Died 1995
LAFFERTY, Charles F. Spouse of Alice Y. Born 1926 Died 1973
LANE, Betty M. Spouse of Carl E. Born 1931 Died 1968
LANE, Carl E. Spouse of Betty M. Born 2-1-1911 Died 10-3-1981 - WW II Vet, US Army Tec3 (Veteran's Plaque - Karl E.)
LANPHEAR, Alton W. Born 7-28-1919 Died 8-20-1982 - WW II Vet, US Navy,S2
LANPHEAR, Linford D. Born 1895 Died 1970
LANPHEAR, Mary L. Born 1898 Died 1988
LATHAM, Eugene J. "Gene" Spouse of Maxine B. Herke Born 7-28-1930 Died 10-7-2009 Age 70y - Son of Gerald & Marian Shamp Latham b. Churchville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 7-26-1952 in Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy
LATHAM, Jason James Born 8-6-1996 Died 2-2-2013 Age 16y - Son of James & Anne Sheroshick Latham b. Hornell NY d. Belmont NY
LATHROP, Alfred Rev. Spouse of Kelia Died 1-11-1862 Age 68y 1m 23d
LATHROP, Kelia Spouse of Rev. Alfred Died 1-25-1863 Age 67y 8m 7d
LEE, James L. Died 4-29-1862 Age 33y
LEO, Lawrence L. Spouse of Pauline M. Born 1914 Died 1953 - [There Never Was A Night That Had No Morn]
LEO, Pauline M. Spouse of Lawrence L. Born 1916 Died uncut - [There Never Was A Night That Had No Morn]
LEONARD, Ernest Spouse of Harriet Born 1905 Died 1975
LEONARD, Harriet Spouse of Ernest Born 1914 Died 1973
LEWIS, Bernice Edna Spouse of Howard Henry Born 1-21-1919 Died 7-20-2002 - Dau of Glenn & Lulu Arlene Bates Jaquith. Wed 6-30-1938 in Sherman, NY Together Forever
LEWIS, Connie Russell Spouse of Thomas James Born 1946 Died uncut - Wed 11-5-1966 [Together Forever]
LEWIS, Hepsibeth Spouse of Nathaniel Died 11-15-1853 Age 50y
LEWIS, Howard Henry Spouse of Bernice Edna Born 10-16-1909 Died 9-10-2002 - Son of Virgil & Sadie Nimmo Lewis. Wed 6-30-1938 in Sherman, NY [Together Forever]
LEWIS, Nathaniel Spouse of Hepsibeth Died 6-2-1863 Age 76y 10d
LEWIS, Thomas James Spouse of Connie Russell Born 5-26-1946 Died 6-25-1991 - Son of Leonard A. & Mary Burns Lewis. Wed 11-5-1966. [Together Forever Love Ya 10 Always a Bucktail] - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, MM3
LINNECKE, Catherine Spouse of Fred Born 1864 Died 1950
LINNECKE, Edward Spouse of Margaret Born 1896 Died 1975
LINNECKE, Fred Spouse of Catherine Born 1858 Died 1930
LINNECKE, Katherine Born 1924 Died 1928
LINNECKE, Margaret Spouse of Edward Born 1904 Died 1981
LINNECKE, Ralph Born 1930 Died 1930
LIVERGOOD, Robert G. Born 6-11-1989 Died 10-18-2008 - Son of Michael & Melonie Chapman Livergood b. Wellsville NY d. Port St. John FL
LOOMIS, Alfred M. Spouse of Della Born 1861 Died 1929
LOOMIS, Della Spouse of Alfred M. Born 1868 Died 1926
LOOMIS, William R. Died 5-15-1872 Age 76y
LOUNSBERRY, Alton L. "Al" Spouse of Corabelle Buckley Born 9-24-1918 Died 11-25-2010 Age 92y - Son of James I. & Myrtle Wyse Lounsberry b. Town of Ward NY d. Scio NY. Wed 5-30-1943 in Belmont NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM. USS Tulagi, South Pacific
LOUNSBERRY, Corabelle B. (Buckley) "Cork" Spouse of Alton L. Born 2-23-1924 Died 4-8-2016 - Dau of Benjamin J. & Grace P. Young Buckley b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-30-1943 in Belmont NY Married 67 years
LOUNSBERRY, Doris M. Spouse of James L. "Milo" Born 12-3-1922 Died 8-21-2003 Age 80y - Dau of George & Lena Riley Barber. Wed 11-2-1941 in Cuba, NY
LOUNSBERRY, James A. Born 1870 Died 1962
LOUNSBERRY, James Leland "Milo" Spouse of Doris M. Barber Born 11-5-1922 Died 2-26-2008 Age 85y - Son of James A. & Myrtle Wyse Lounsberry b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-2-1941 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
LOUNSBERRY, Myrtle A. Born 1879 Died 1956
LOUNSBERRY, Pearl L. Born 1920 Died 1976
LUCAS, Alice I. Born 1908 Died 1967
LUCAS, Fred Spouse of Jessie Born 1883 Died 1959
LUCAS, Jessie Spouse of Fred Born 1888 Died 1951
LUKE, M. E. Spouse of G. W. Luke Died 9-22-1885 Age 25y 7m 4d - Dau of James & Louisa Kane Gone But Not Forgotten
LYNN, Bernice W. Spouse of Howard E. Born 1906 Died uncut
LYNN, Howard E. Spouse of Bernice W. Born 1892 Died 1978
MACAULEY, Archibald Spouse of Sarah Smith Born 1841 Died 1924
MACAULEY, Carrie M. Spouse of John W. Born 1888 Died 1986
MACAULEY, Erma S. Born 1916 Died 1998
MACAULEY, John H. Born 1918 Died uncut
MACAULEY, John W. Spouse of Carrie M. Born 1880 Died 1952
MACAULEY, Kevin Douglas Born 1-17-1955 Died 11-17-2015 - Son of John Harlan & Erma Theresa Sortore Macauley, b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY
MACAULEY, Robert L. Spouse of Virginia R. Born 1916 Died 1993
MACAULEY, Sarah Smith Spouse of Archibald Born 1840 Died 1924
MACAULEY, Virginia R. Spouse of Robert L. Born 1916 Died uncut
MACMICHAEL, Amy Beth Born 4-27-1966 Died 8-3-2009 Age 43y - Dau of Philip & Doris Yergens MacMichael b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY
MACMICHAEL, Philip E. Spouse of Doris Yergens Born 2-8-1927 Died 5-8-2016 Age 89y - Son of Harold & Ellen Stryker MacMichael b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-17-1953 Married 63 years - WW II Vet, US Navy
MADDOCK, Mary M. Born 1823 Died 1907
MAJOR, Alfred B. Spouse of Hazel S. Born 1896 Died 1956
MAJOR, Dr. Thomas F. Born 1851 Died 1915
MAJOR, Esther C. Born 1823 Died 1897
MAJOR, Gertrude S. Spouse of Robert A. Born 1921 Died 1994
MAJOR, Hazel S. Spouse of Alfred B. Born 1894 Died 1969
MAJOR, Ina W. Died 1893
MAJOR, Jessie L. Spouse of T. Charles Born 1887 Died 1971
MAJOR, Richard C. Born 1822 Died 1905
MAJOR, Robert A. Spouse of Gertrude S. Born 1923 Died 1988
MAJOR, Robert E. Born 1859 Died 1890
MAJOR, T. Charles Spouse of Jessie L. Born 1884 Died 1972
MANLEY, Gertrude W. Spouse of Menzo Born 1909 Died 1997
MANLEY, K. Menzo Born 1941 Died 1954
MANLEY, Menzo Spouse of Gertrude W. Born 1898 Died 1964
MANN, Alene J. Born 1906 Died 1995
MANN, Dorthea Born 1929 Died 1989
MANN, Merle Born 2-12-1923 Died 10-23-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, SIG Corps, Pvt WW2
MAPES, Emma J. Died 8-11-1871 Age 17y 8m 12d - Dau of William W. & Mary A. Mapes
MAPES, Hantford Born 1859 Died 1914
MAPES, Lyman M. Died 8-22-1878 Age 11y 4m 8d - Son of William W. & Mary A. Mapes
MAPES, Mary A. Spouse of William W. Born 1828 Died 1914
MAPES, Minnie B. Died 1-20-1875 Age 5y 10m - Dau of W. & M. Mapes
MAPES, William W. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1822 Died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co F 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Pvt. Discharged for disability 5-3-1865 at Elmira NY.
MAPES, William Jr. Born 1845 Died 1890
MARDEN, W. P. Died 10-18-1867 Age 28y
MARGENSON, John Born 1831 - Stone to deep to read dates - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Carried as Margerson. Discharged for disability 10-22-1862 at Philadelpha PA.
MARGERSON, Julia Bouten Spouse of William Born 1-5-1815 Died 5-27-1877 - Spelling changes: "r" added
MARGERSON, William Spouse of Julia Bouten Born 6-4-1812 Died 6-11-1877 - Spelling changed: "r" added
MARGESON, Addie J. Born 7-25-1878 Died 12-23-1888
MARGESON, Ethel M. Spouse of Howard E. Born 1928 Died uncut
MARGESON, Ferris F. Born 1837 Died 1919
MARGESON, Howard E. Spouse of Ethel M. Born 1929 Died 1970
MARGESON, Mary Born 1909 Died 1995
MARGESON, Sarah M. Born 1837 Died 1917
MARRINER, Lewis C. Spouse of Marie B. Born 1892 Died 1974
MARRINER, Marie B. Spouse of Lewis C. Born 1891 Died 1980
MARSDEN, Bernice J. Spouse of Lt. Col. Herbert G. Born 1924 Died uncut
MARSDEN, Herbert G. Spouse of Bernice J. Born 1-15-1923 Died 5-26-2002 - WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Lt. Col.
MARSHALL, Edward Spouse of Rose Born 1860 Died 1937
MARSHALL, Rose Spouse of Edward Born 1863 Died 1946
MAYBEE, Anna A. Lentz Born 4-2-1851 Died 9-15-1919
MAYBEE, Berdell Born 1874 Died 1906
MAYBEE, Betsey Spouse of Levi Died 4-13-1876 Age 68y
MAYBEE, Calvin E. Born 2-24-1955 Died 1-22-2015 Age 59y - Son of Donald E. & Lois Fuller Maybee, b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY
MAYBEE, Casper D. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1886 Died 1949
MAYBEE, Clyde C. Born 1-19-1920 Died 2-18-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, 1st Lt
MAYBEE, Donald E. Spouse of Lois F. Born 1914 Died 1998
MAYBEE, Floyd Died 12-17-1872 Age 1y 10m - Son of L. D. & M. E. Maybee [Little One Come Unto Me]
MAYBEE, George C. Born 1882 Died 1960
MAYBEE, George D. Born 5-23-1840 Died 5-23-1890 - Civil War Vet, Co E 51st Inf NYS Vols
MAYBEE, Grace A. Spouse of Casper D. Born 1886 Died 1963
MAYBEE, Levi Spouse of Betsey Born 1811 Died 1891 - [Father]
MAYBEE, Lois F. Spouse of Donald E. Born 1916 Died uncut
MAYBEE, Lois F. Donald E. Born 8-19-1916 Died 4-25-2014 Age 97y - Dau of Harry & Ruby Roger Fuller b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-2-1937 in Friendship NY
MAYBEE, Lorenzo Spouse of Mary E. Born 1835 Died 1876
MAYBEE, Mary E. Spouse of Lorenzo Born 1845 Died 1913
MAYO, Henry D. Spouse of Nancy L. Born 1931 Died uncut
MAYO, Nancy L. Spouse of Henry D. Born 1931 Died 1991
MCCARTY, Glenn R. Spouse of Naomi Chilson Born 11-6-1915 Died 4-6-2011 Age 95y - Son of Rush Robert & Lena Fawcett McCarty b. Sullivan County PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed in Big Flats NY
MCCHESNEY, Dorothy Spouse of Vernon Born 1895 Died 1974
MCCHESNEY, Richard I. Born 9-11-1919 Died 4-21-1944 - WW II Vet, Army Air Force, 795 Bomb SQ, 1/Lt.
MCCHESNEY, Vernon Spouse of Dorothy Born 1896 Died 1994
MCCOMBER, Elmer A. Born 1862 Died uncut
MCCOMBER, Wilford A. Died 9-30-1862 Age 6y 1d - Son of O. P. & M. M. McComber
MCCOMER, Marcia M. Spouse of Orson P. Born 1839 Died uncut
MCCOMER, Orson P. Spouse of Marcia M. Born 1831 Died 1908
MCCRACKEN, Kenneth Edward "Skip", Jr. Spouse of Mona Born 10-9-1941 Died 11-30-2014 Age 73y - Son of Kenneth E. & Elizabeth M. McCracken b. Wellsville NY d. Titusville FL - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1962-1968
MCDANIELS, Harold J. Spouse of Sally A. Born 1-31-1923 Died 1-26-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
MCDANIELS, Sally A. Spouse of Harold J. Born 1935 Died 1976
MCDONALD, Hattie H. Born 1872 Died 1934
MCDOWELL, Roger C. "Ram Jet" Spouse of V. Ilene Nickerson Born 1-20-1940 died 4-15-2017 Age 77y - Son of E. Earl & Bernice A. (Dockstader) McDowell b. & d. Wellsville NY Three daughters. (Spouse survives)
MCGOWEN, Malinda A. Spouse of John Died 5-10-1866 Age 50y
MCLEOD, Sephronia Paddock Spouse of N. McLeod Born 6-1813 Died 6-1887
MCQUEEN, Cynthia Adams Spouse of Rosewell C. Born 1837 Died 1912 - [Mother]
MCQUEEN, Fanny T. Born 12-27-1885 Died 12-4-1910
MCQUEEN, Genevieve W. Spouse of Martin R. Born 1916 Died 1994
MCQUEEN, Lena G. Spouse of Manley S. Born 1875 Died 1948
MCQUEEN, Manley S. Spouse of Lena G. Born 1867 Died 1911
MCQUEEN, Marilyn Louise Born 1932 Died 1949
MCQUEEN, Martin R. Spouse of Genevieve W. Born 1910 Died 1990
MCQUEEN, Paul M. Born 1907 Died 1973
MCQUEEN, Rosewell C. Spouse of Cynthia Adams Born 1829 Died 1915 - [Father]
MCQUEEN, Ruth F. Born 1907 Died 1998
MCQUEEN, U/K Died 7-17-1885 Age Infant - Son of Mr. & Mrs. O. L. McQueen [OUR BABY]
MCQUEEN, William F. Born 1934 Died 1969
MEAD, Anna Bertha Born 1912 Died 1976
MEAD, Bertha Born 1882 Died 1967 - [Mother]
MEISSNER, Minnie M. Born 1883 Died 1929 - [Mother]
MERKEL, Edith B. Spouse of Frederick R. Born 3-2-1921 Died 8-8-2003
MERKEL, Frederick R. Spouse of Edith B. Born 5-2-1917 Died 3-5-1999
MERRIAM, Albert Died 3-13-1871 Age 21y 9m 3d - Son of Halsey R. & Harriet N. Merriam
MERRIAM, Edna H. Died 8-20-1865 Age 15y 2d - Dau of Halsey R. & Harriet N. Merriam
MERRIAM, Esther M. Born 12-29-1869 Died 2-6-1876
MERRIAM, Florence Spouse of Orville Wesley Born 12-4-1916 Died 4-19-2007 Age 90y - Dau of Lewis & Mae Saunders Rogers b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 6-18-1941 in Alfred Station NY
MERRIAM, Halsey R. Jr. Died 8-12-1865 Age 1y 2m 3d - Son of Halsey R. & Harriet N. Merriam
MERRIAM, Harriet N. Spouse of Hasley R. Born 11-11-1823 Died 6-15-1899
MERRIAM, Hasley R. Spouse of Harriet N. Born 11-24-1823 Died 11-17-1895
MERRIAM, Helen C. Spouse of Thomas S. Born 1898 Died 1949
MERRIAM, Lovisey Spouse of Uri W. Born 1862 Died 1962
MERRIAM, O. Wesley Spouse of #1 Florence Rogers, #2 Frances Buchsenschutz Born 2-25-1918 Died 3-19-2008 Age 90y - Son of Thomas & Helen Collins Merriam b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Florence 6-18-1941 in Alfred Station NY.
MERRIAM, Sumner J. Born 7-5-1859 Died 3-17-1876
MERRIAM, Thomas S. Spouse of Helen C. Born 1893 Died 1971
MERRIAM, Uri W. Spouse of Lovisey Born 1852 Died 1922 - Son of Halsey & Harriet Merriam
METCALF, Amy F. Spouse of W. H. H. Metcalf Born 5-30-1835 Died 4-10-1906
MEYERS, Jeanne E. Spouse of Michael E. Born 8-28-1953 Died 3-21-2004 Age 50y - Dau of Lloyd & Jean Covert Hosmer b. Cuba, NY d. Buffalo, NY. Wed 9-21-1996
MEYERS, Michael E. Spouse of Jeanne E. Born 2-7-1959 Died uncut - Wed 9-21-1996
MIDDAUGH, F. Adelma Reynolds Spouse of J. M. Middaugh Born 10-7-1850 Died 11-1-1924
MIDDAUGH, Ira B. Born 7-1-1833 Died 9-16-1836
MIDDAUGH, Ira R. Born 12-7-1879 Died 3-22-1958
MIDDAUGH, Jerome M. Born 3-21-1848 Died 6-9-1925
MIDDAUGH, Mary Davis Born 7-1-1813 Died 12-17-1906
MIDDAUGH, Melvin Born 12-19-1812 Died 3-8-1886
MIDDAUGH, Miriam H. Born 10-29-1843 Died 7-15-1862
MILES, Alice E. Died 2-11-1916 Age 65y 11m 19d
MILES, Isaac M. Died 12-17-1913 Age 74y - [The Battle is Fought and the Victory Won]
MILES, W. Fenimore Born 1902 Died 1967
MILKS, B. Frank Spouse of Jane Bosenbark Born 1833 Died 1919
MILKS, Benjamin Spouse of Dorcas Grinnel Born 1799 Died 1879
MILKS, Dorcas Grinnel Spouse of Benjamin Born 1807 Died 1879
MILKS, Dorothea C. Spouse of Earl P. Born 1884 Died 1968
MILKS, Earl P. Spouse of Dorothea C. Born 1890 Died 1989
MILKS, Jane Bosenbark Spouse of B. F. Milks Born 1838 Died 1888
MILKS, Perry M. Died 3-19-1864 Age 33y 7m 25d
MILLER, Anne Akers Born 1935 Died 1999 - [I'm Bowling With The Angels]
MILLER, Bernice L. Born 1915 Died 1999
MILLER, Christopher Spouse of Harriet J. Born 1838 Died 10-10-1889 Age 72y - Civil War Vet, Co. I 14th Long Island Regt. NYS Vols, Pvt. Deserted 9-14-1862 at Washington DC.
MILLER, Clarence L. Born 1908 Died 1975 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MILLER, Daniel Died 11-13-1867 Age 16y - Son of C. & H. J. Miller
MILLER, David A. Born 1917 Died 1989 - [Father]
MILLER, George W. Born 1843 - No dates - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt Wounded 6-1-1862 at Fair Oaks VA and 12-13-1862 at Fredericksburg VA. Captured in action 8-25-1864 at Reams Station VA. Paroled 10-8-1864. Absent, in Hosp at muster out of Company.
MILLER, Harriet J. Spouse of Christopher No dates
MILLS, E. R. Spouse of Sarah J. Born 3-22-1817 Died 1-10-1893
MILLS, Hattie E. Spouse of Reuben A. Born 1861 Died 1939
MILLS, John L. Born 1847 Died 1931
MILLS, Leon L. Born 1872 Died 1918
MILLS, Olive A. Born 1851 Died 1926
MILLS, Reuben A. Spouse of Hattie E. Born 1862 Died 1939
MILLS, Sarah J. Spouse of E. R. Mills Born 4-19-1817 Died 12-11-1879
MISNER, Bessie A. Bozworth Spouse of Byron Watkins Born 8-22-1886 Died 11-3-1979 - Wed 11-27-1907
MISNER, Byron Watkins Spouse of Bessie A. Bozworth Born 11-30-1879 Died 1-23-1961 - Wed 11-27-1907
MIX, Clarence M. Died 3-11-1855 Age 2y 11m 2d - Son of Ethan & Eliza Mix
MIX, Eliza Spouse of Ethan Died 4-23-1878 Age 62y 9m 2d
MIX, Ethan Spouse of Eliza Died 12-29-1879 Age 62y 6m 12d
MIX, Mary E. Died 2-15-1858 Age 15y 15d - Dau of Ethan & Eliza Mix
MIX, Minnie L. Died 9-14-1869 Age 25y 4m 18d - Dau of Ethan & Eliza Mix
MONROE, Cordelia T. Born 1880 Died 1938
MOREY, Frank R. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1871 Died 1951
MOREY, Nellie M. Spouse of Frank R. Born 1879 Died 1951
MORGAN, A. I. No dates
MORGAN, Dora Brewster Spouse of James K. No dates
MORGAN, J. F. No dates
MORGAN, J. K. No dates
MORGAN, James K. Spouse of Dora Brewster Died 8-8-1930
MORGAN, M. F. No dates
MORGAN, O. B. No dates
MORRISON, Kenneth P. Born 8-12-1906 Died 7-26-1974 - WW II Vet, US Navy, SF1
MORRISON, Minnie F. Spouse of Stephen B. Born 1877 Died 1958
MORRISON, Stephen B. Spouse of Minnie F. Born 1859 Died 1944
MORRISON, Stephen G. Born 1901 Died 1927
MORROW, Catherine B. Spouse of William G. Born 1918 Died 1997
MORROW, William G. Spouse of Catherine B. Born 1915 Died 1997
MORSE, Danford Born 1828 Died 1910
MORSE, Jane Born 1836 Died 1916
MORSE, Newman Born 1798 Died 1885
MORSE, Polly Born 1799 Died 1872
MORSE, Theodosia Born 1831 Died 1878
MORTON, Frank Spouse of Grace T. Born 1872 Died 1941
MORTON, Grace T. Spouse of Frank Born 1880 Died 1954
MORTON, Wm. F. Born 1818 Died 1896 - Civil War Vet, Co G 89th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt, Discharged for disablility 9-12-1862 at Hospital, Old Point Comfort VA
MULLIGAN, Bernard Spouse of Clarissa Born 1857 Died 1928
MULLIGAN, Clarissa Spouse of Bernard Born 1854 Died 1935
MULLIGAN, Milton M. Born 10-12-1915 Died 8-11-1978 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
MURPHY, Edward Born 1890 Died 1962
MURPHY, Helen C. Born 1888 Died 1965
MURPHY, Letha E. Born 1898 Died 1929
MURPHY, Mary L. Age Infant - No dates
MURRAY, Elvira L. Born 1914 Died 1993
NAY, Enos P. Spouse of Irene Born 1906 Died 1990
NAY, Irene Spouse of Enos P. Born 8-7-1907 Died 12-25-2001 Age 94y
NEAL, Charles Spouse of Jennie E. Born 1869 Died 1926
NEAL, Howard D. Spouse of Vera M. Born 1898 Died 1994
NEAL, Jennie E. Spouse of Charles Born 1874 Died 1967
NEAL, Vera M. Spouse of Howard D. Born 1898 Died 1989
NEU, Harvey E. Spouse of Mildred K. Born 1905 Died 1981
NEU, Mildred K. Spouse of Harvey E. Born 1908 Died 1983
NEU, Shirley A. Born 11-9-1934 Died 6-24-2010 Age 75y - Dau of Harvey E. & Mildred K. Weinhauer Neu b. & d. Wellsville NY
NEWTON, John H. Sr. Spouse of Thelma S. Born 4-17-1929 Died 11-26-1998 - [Together Forever] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
NEWTON, Mary Elizabeth Born 6-1-1971 Died 2-2-2016 Age 44y - Dau of John H. & Thelma S. Squires Newton Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY
NEWTON, Thelma S. Spouse of John H. Born 9-5-1935 Died 5-17-2009 Age 73y - Dau of Horace F. & Ethel Clark Squires b. Angelica NY d. Scio NY Wed 8-12-1967 in Wellsville NY Together Forever
NICKERKSON, Frances G. Born 1879 Died 1919
NICKERKSON, Odessa R. Spouse of Dorr J. Born 1918 Died uncut
NICKERSON, Dorr J. Spouse of Odessa R. Born 3-15-1918 Died 5-21-1986 - WW II Vet,US Navy, Pfc
NICKERSON, Glenn W. Spouse of Virginia I. Jacobs Born 4-9-1932 Died 1-31-2003 Age 70y - Son of Lynn & Nettie Wilbur Nickerson
NICKERSON, Hattie Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1857 Died 1923
NICKERSON, Irving J. Spouse of Ruth J. Born 1921 Died 1969
NICKERSON, Joseph A. Spouse of Hattie Born 1848 Died 1927
NICKERSON, Lewis M. Born 1880 Died 1937
NICKERSON, Lynn C. Spouse of Nettie M. Born 1888 Died 1968
NICKERSON, Nettie M. Spouse of Lynn C. Born 1890 Died 1975
NICKERSON, Odessa R. Spouse of Dorr J. Born 12-11-1918 Died 6-4-2012 Age 93y - Dau of Clifford & Mabel Murray Robinson b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-12-1943 in Wellsville NY
NICKERSON, Ruth J. Spouse of Irving J. Born 1920 Died 1990
NICKERSON, Virginia I. Jacobs Spouse of Glenn W. Born 12-30-1932 Died uncut
NORMAN, Carol L. Spouse of Cledith Jackson Born 1934 Died 1994
NORMAN, Cledith Jackson Spouse of Carol L. Born 3-16-1925 Died 10-21-1995 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy, F1
NORTON, Alice Fortner Born 8-28-1856 Died 8-3-1929 - [At Rest]
NORTON, Elizabeth Jean "Betty" Spouse of Wilfred R. "Bill" Born 1927 Died 5-1-2009 - Dau of Charles E. & Erma L. Thomas Perham b. Town of Burns NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-21-1958
NORTON, Wilfred R. "Bill" Spouse of Elizabeth J. "Betty" Born 9-8-1926 Died 2-12-2001 Age 74y - Son of Kenneth & Lacona Thomas Norton - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
NUGENT, Charles E. Died 10-1-1859 Age 7y 4m - Son of Apollas & Eliza Nugent
NUGENT, Fred Died 9-18-1859 Age 2y 10m 8d - Son of Apollas & Eliza Nugent
NUMERACKI, Maryan "Marty" Spouse of Irma Potter Born 2-2-1929 Died 11-26-2016 Age 87y - Son of John & Sophia Zomorski Numeracki b. Buffalo NY d. Belmont NY Wed 2-25-1956 in Buffalo NY - Cold War Vet, USMC 1947-1950 & US Navy Reserves 1952-1956
OCKERMAN, Addie Hall Spouse of William Born 1840 Died 1904
OCKERMAN, Davis S. Spouse of Verna Born 1855 Died 1933
OCKERMAN, Verna Spouse of Davis S. Born 1859 Died 1933
OCKERMAN, William Spouse of Addie Hall Born 1843 Died 1924 - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted for one year, 12-3-1861. Discharged 12-6-1862 at Fairfax Station VA.
PADDOCK, Charles Spouse of Cordelia Beebee Born 3-1825 Died 5-1863
PADDOCK, Cordelia Beebee Spouse of C. Paddock Born 3-1825 Died 9-1890
PADDOCK, Esther A. Died 3-14-1875 Age 69y
PAGE, Claude E. Born 1886 Died 1947
PALMER, B. Frank Born 1870 Died 1962
PALMER, B. Harvey Spouse of Mabel L. Born 1892 Died 1970
PALMER, Benjamin Born 1833 Died 1898
PALMER, Benjamin H. Jr. Spouse of Eleanor G. Odell Born 3-13-1920 Died 5-13-1993
PALMER, Caleb Spouse of Rachel Died 12-26-1853 Age 44y 11m 11d
PALMER, Corretha H. Spouse of Wilber Born 1916 Died 1989
PALMER, Eleanor G. Odell Spouse of Benjamin H. "Ben" Jr. Born 8-16-1919 Died 4-8-1998
PALMER, Ethyl W. Born 1891 Died 1920
PALMER, Frank R. Spouse of Viola Born 1898 Died 1958
PALMER, George S. Born 1868 Died 1941
PALMER, Inez C. Born 1870 Died 1958
PALMER, June M. Born 1934 Died 1974
PALMER, Leon Born 1889 Died 1924
PALMER, Mabel L. Spouse of B. Harvey Born 1890 Died 1990
PALMER, Mary E. Born 1836 Died 1914
PALMER, Nellie Born 1858 Died 1933 - [Mother]
PALMER, Rachel Spouse of Caleb Died 8-2-1853 Age 43y 6m 16d - [She Has Gone To The Mansion Of Rest and From A Region of Sorrow and Pain To A Glorious Land Of The Blest Where She Will Never Suffer Again]
PALMER, Viola Spouse of Frank R. Born 1892 Died 1967
PALMER, Virginia B. Born 1915 Died 1994
PALMER, Wilber Spouse of Corretha H. Born 1912 Died 1998
PATRICK, Pauline G. Spouse of William G. Born 1903 Died 1984 - [Love Lives On]
PATRICK, William G. Spouse of Pauline G. Born 1901 Died 1984 - [Love Lives On]
PEARSE, Mary H. Born 1813 Died 1874
PENDLETON, Alberta Died 6-19-2005 - Dau of Ivan & Florence Schutz Pendleton
PENDLETON, Alice Mary Born 6-29-1904 Died 2-3-1970
PENDLETON, Barbara A. Born 1940 Died 1955
PENDLETON, Charles E. Born 1874 Died 1944
PENDLETON, Donald L. Spouse of Rebea Walker Born 4-18-1939 Died 1-24-2012 Age 73 - Son of Lloyd & Marion Burdick Pendleton b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-26-1958 in Scio NY
PENDLETON, Edmund G. Born 1870 Died 1933
PENDLETON, Edna J. Spouse of Willard E. Born 1917 Died uncut
PENDLETON, Ella D. Born 1869 Died 1943
PENDLETON, Ethel Spouse of Walter Born 1906 Died 1955
PENDLETON, Ethel B. Spouse of George H. Born 1878 Died 1962
PENDLETON, Eva A. Spouse of Raymond E. Born 1898 Died 1985
PENDLETON, Florence Spouse of Ivan Born 1911 Died 1993
PENDLETON, George H. Spouse of Ethel B. Born 1872 Died 1957
PENDLETON, Grace D. Spouse of John C. Born 1889 Died 1957
PENDLETON, Harry C. Born 8-22-1892 Died 12-27-1961 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Cpl Btry B 38 Arty CAC
PENDLETON, Hazel J. Born 1905 Died 1905
PENDLETON, Hester Ann Born 5-27-1913 Died 3-6-1992
PENDLETON, Ivan Spouse of Florence Born 1906 Died 1963
PENDLETON, James W. Born 1840 Died 1904 - [Father]
PENDLETON, John Born 1841 Died 1923
PENDLETON, John C. Spouse of Grace D. Born 1885 Died 1948
PENDLETON, LaDorna I. Born 1915 Died 1943
PENDLETON, Lena Hand Born 1882 Died 1929
PENDLETON, Lloyd G. Born 1-17-1917 Died 5-9-1991
PENDLETON, Lura Spouse of William H. Born 1848 Died 1925
PENDLETON, M. Violet Born 1893 Died 1961
PENDLETON, Maggie Eymer Born 1901 Died 1980
PENDLETON, Marion B. Born 3-17-1917 Died 8-31-1977
PENDLETON, Mary F. Spouse of Sanford W. Born 1905 Died 1980
PENDLETON, Maurice Beach Born 1-4-1902 Died 9-17-1991
PENDLETON, Melvin H. Born 1867 Died 1927
PENDLETON, Minnie B. Born 1879 Died 1933
PENDLETON, Muriel I. Born 1884 Died 1950
PENDLETON, Myrtie M. Born 1879 Died 1953
PENDLETON, Oliver W. Born 1872 Died 1927
PENDLETON, Raymond E. Spouse of Eva A. Born 1902 Died 1950
PENDLETON, Rebea A. (Walker) Spouse of Donald L. Born 5-4-1939 Died 8-14-2016 Age 77y - Dau of Glenn & Margaret Walker b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-26-1958 in Scio NY
PENDLETON, Sanford W. Spouse of Mary F. Born 9-14-1905 Died 4-30-1990 - WW II Vet, US Navy, CBM
PENDLETON, Sarah J. Spouse of James W. Born 1840 Died 1910 - [Mother]
PENDLETON, Walter Spouse of Ethel Born 1903 Died 1959
PENDLETON, Warren J. Born 1876 Died 1935
PENDLETON, Willard E. Spouse of Edna J. Born 1912 Died 1967
PENDLETON, William H. Spouse of Lura Born 1844 Died 1936
PERKINS, Burritt Born 1871 Died 1955
PERKINS, Estelle B. Born 1876 Died 1952
PERKINS, Marguerite Elaine Spouse of Rollin Born 3-15-1919 Died 5-24-2014 Age 95y - Dau of Ray & Pearl Dickens b. Wellsville NY d. Stauton VA. Wed 5-21-1943 in Anniston AL. (He d. 2010)
PERKINS, Martha A. Spouse of Victor B. Born 2-2-1910 Died uncut
PERKINS, Martha H. Spouse of Victor B. Born 2-2-1910 Died 9-10-2013 Age 103y - Dau of Alvin Eugene & Elizabeth Paul Miller b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-1-1935 in Canisteo NY
PERKINS, Nettie Adams Spouse of B. F. Perkins Died 5-8-1872 Age 27y 8m 5d
PERKINS, Sherman S. Born 1832 Died 1910 - Civil War Vet, Co F 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Company 6-13-1865 at Staunton VA.
PERKINS, Victor B. Spouse of Martha A. Born 6-13-1908 Died 12-25-1978
PERKINS, Weldon B. Born 1906 Died 1907
PERRY, Adelide Died 1-11-1854 Age 8y 6m 10d - Dau of Norman & Orpha Perry
PERRY, Clark A. Spouse of Maud A. Born 1881 Died 1972
PERRY, Maud A. Spouse of Clark A. Born 1881 Died 1944
PERRY, Orpha Robinson Spouse of Norman Died 9-24-1863 Age 54y
PERRY, Philip J. Born 1904 Died 1940
PETERS, Charles L. "Charlie" Spouse of NancyLou E. Babbitt Born 2-13-1935 Died 2-17-2006
PETERS, Nancylou E. Spouse of Charles L. Born 5-16-1937 Died 8-7-2013 Age 76y - Dau of Lyman Clayton & Violet Potter Babbitt b. Scio NY d. Spring Hill FL. Wed 1961 in Canisteo NY. (He d. 2-17-2006)
PETERSON, Hattie N. Austin Spouse of Mahlon J. Born 1839 Died uncut
PETERSON, Irene I. Spouse of Myron A. Born 1906 Died 1974
PETERSON, Mahlon J. Spouse of Hattie N. Austin Born 1834 Died uncut - Civil War Vet, Co F 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded, discharged for disability, 5-25-1865 at Elmira NY.
PETERSON, Myron A. Spouse of Irene I. Born 1895 Died 1964
POLMATEER, Ernest E. Spouse of Rita G. Born 1911 Died 1985
POLMATEER, Irene M. Spouse of Myron L. Born 1905 Died 1996
POLMATEER, Myron L. Spouse of Irene M. Born 1898 Died 1969
POLMATEER, Rita G. Spouse of Ernest E. Born 1917 Died 1990 - [Together Forever]
POMEROY, Celia J. Spouse of Marvin C. Born 1936 Died 1961
POMEROY, Marvin C. Spouse of Celia J. Born 1937 Died uncut
PORTER, Dorothy I. Spouse of Robert L. Born 1917 Died 1971
PORTER, Robert L. Spouse of Dorothy I. Born 1909 Died 1959
PORTER, Taylor Lynn Born 8-25-1998 Died 9-8-1998 Age Infant - [Our Daughter Our Angel]
POTTER, Annette Clark Spouse of John S. Born 1-16-1922 Died 7-3-1997 - Dau of Charles Franklin & Ive Belle McKinney Clark b. Rochester, NY d. Scio, NY. Wed 7-6-1946 in Rochester, NY
POTTER, Carrie M. Spouse of John D. Born 1866 Died 1933
POTTER, John D. Spouse of Carrie M. Born 1864 Died 1949
POTTER, John S. Spouse of Annette Clark Born 4-23-1924 Died 4-27-1998 - Son of Louis Frederick & Margaret Louise Stevens Potter, Sr. b. Wellsville, NY d. Scio, NY. Wed 7-6-1946 in Rochester, NY
POTTER, L. Frederick Born 7-6-1920 Died 4-5-1980 - Son of Louis Frederick & Margaret Louise Stevens Potter
POTTER, Louis F. Spouse of Margaret S. Born 12-6-1890 Died 12-1-1962 - Son of John Delette & Carrie Barney Potter b. Washington, D. C. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1-1-1916 in Washington, D. C.
POTTER, Margaret S. Spouse of Louis F. Born 2-16-1890 Died 11-29-1969 - Dau of Irvin Horatio & Anna Rosalia Warner Stevens b. Coudersport, Pa. d. Scio, NY. Wed 1-1-1916 in Washington,D. C.
PRATT, Joseph L. Spouse of Patricia Stevens Born 4-3-1937 Died 2-5-2013 Age 75y - Son of Merril & Ruth Church Pratt b. Rixford PA d. Scio NY. Wed 11-21-1959 in Red House - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
PRATT, Kevin J. Born 1963 Died 1994
PRIDAY, Richard N. Spouse of Corrine Mitchell Born 10-1-1928 Died 1-24-2013 Age 84y - Son of Clifford & Mildred Williams Priday b. Franklinville NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-4-1953 in Kenmore NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
PRINDLE, B. Ina Mae Born 1918 Died 1999
PRITCHARD, Helen R. Spouse of Lewis R. Born 1918 Died 1998
PRITCHARD, Lewis R. Spouse of Helen R. Born 8-23-1915 Died 10-6-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl.
RAHR, Naomi Babbitt Born 1878 Died 1964
RAMSEY, Allan H. Spouse of Jean M. Dalton Born 8-25-1925 Died 4-10-2014 Age 88y - Son of Howard & Mary Zeches Ramsey b. Centerville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 8-20-1949 in Scio NY
RAMSEY, Ernest H. Spouse of Sandra Wright Born 7-7-1950 Died 7-17-2013 Age 63y - Son of Allan H. & Jean Dalton Ramsey b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-1-2012
RAMSEY, Jean M. (Dalton) Spouse of Allan H. Born 1927 Died 1987
RANDOLPH, Laura Died 5-27-1853 Age 15y 5m 17d - Dau of Albert & Anna Randolph
RANSOM, John Died 1-16-1899 Age 60y - Civil War Vet, Co L 4th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out 6-3-1865 at Washington DC.
RAY, Jack Born 1942 Died 2015
REED, Alice M. Born 1889 Died 1969 - [Mother]
REED, Arthur C. Spouse of Thelma Walther Born 7-7-1918 Died 3-25-2005 Age 86y - Son of Arthur & Alice Wright Reed, b. Buffalo, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-23-1943
REED, Thelma L. Spouse of Arthur C. Born 7-8-1921 Died 3-11-2011 Age 89y - Dau of Philip & Lura Lounsberry Walther b. & d. Scio NY. Wed 3-25-1943 in Wellsville NY
REED, Thelma Walthers Spouse of Arthur C. Born 7-8-1921 Died uncut
REESE, Sarah Spouse of J. A. Reese Born 1837 Died 1896
REINPRECHT, Anna G. Spouse of Anton Born 1910 Died 1979
REINPRECHT, Anton Spouse of Anna G. Born 1902 Died 1990
REINPRECHT, Beryl B. Spouse of Rudy W. Born 12-22-1935 Died 4-7-2005 Age 69y - Dau of Harold & Melinda Bailey. Wed 7-2-1954 at Fort Silk, Okla.
REINPRECHT, Rudolph "Rudy" Spouse of Beryl Bailey Born 8-2-1933 Died 3-20-2015 Age 81y - Son of Anton & Ann Flicker Reinprecht, b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 1954, 50 years - Korean War Vet, US Army at Langham Camp in England, a Ballistic Meteorologist
RELYEA, James C. "Jim" spouse of Born 5-26-1943 died 5-14-2017 Age 73y - Son of Clifford & Marion (Austin) Relyea b. Springville NY, d. Belmont NY. A truck driver for more than 35 years. Four sons, surnamed Spencer and Relyea, mother not named.
RENIFF, Frank M. Spouse of Idell M. Born 1888 Died 1972
RENIFF, Idell M. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1892 Died 1953
REYNOLDS, Alice E. Brands Spouse of Wilbur Gardner Born 1910 Died 1959 - [The Hours Part Us, But They Bring Us Together Again]
REYNOLDS, Amanda C. Tucker Spouse of H. A. Reynolds Born 1847 Died 1917 - [Mother]
REYNOLDS, Andrew Gardner Born 1874 Died 1935 - [Father]
REYNOLDS, Andrew J. Spouse of Ida E. Cone Born 1841 Died 1907 - Civil War Vet, Co. F 141st Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-8-1865 near Washington DC.
REYNOLDS, Archie Hubert Born 9-8-1920 Died 5-20-1925
REYNOLDS, Arthur Died 3-5-1871 Age 3y 6m 9d - [Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven]
REYNOLDS, Cyrus A. Spouse of Martha Born 1814 Died 1874
REYNOLDS, Dorothy Julia Born 5-9-1916 Died 6-28-1916
REYNOLDS, Elba A. Spouse of Fanny St John Born 1870 Died 1947
REYNOLDS, Elford George Born 6-11-1911 Died 1-24-1917
REYNOLDS, Ethan Died 6-17-1856 Age 45y
REYNOLDS, Ethel J. Born 1872 Died 1938
REYNOLDS, Fanny St John Spouse of Elba A. Born 1875 Died 1961
REYNOLDS, Floyd E. Born 3-13-1933 Died 10-27-1996 - Pine Hill Homes - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
REYNOLDS, George M. Born 11-10-1876 Died 12-1-1922
REYNOLDS, Harry A. Spouse of Amanda C. Tucker Born 1847 Died 1922 - [Father] - Civil War Vet, Co. I 189 Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington DC. (Carried as Henry A. Reynolds.)
REYNOLDS, Ida E. Cone Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1851 Died 1902
REYNOLDS, Infant Son Died 7-24-1876
REYNOLDS, Lois Jean (Dunning). Spouse not named Born 4-8-1934 died 12-12-2017 Age 83y - Dau of George & Blanche (Manning) Dunning b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY
REYNOLDS, Louisa A. Died 10-7-1865 Age 11y 7m 25d - Dau of I. M. & A. E. Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Lydia A. Born 9-27-1840 Died 4-22-1924
REYNOLDS, Martha Spouse of Cyrus A. Born 1822 Died 1896
REYNOLDS, Martha Mae Born 9-22-1867 Died 5-16-1938
REYNOLDS, Martin V. Born 2-28-1841 Died 4-18-1916
REYNOLDS, Mary J. Spouse of N. L. Reynolds Born 2-22-1849 Died 4-13-1880 - [A Loved One Has Gone From Our Circle. On Earth We Shall Meet Her No More. She Has Gone To Her Home In Heaven, And All Her Afflictions Are Over]
REYNOLDS, Nelson Spouse of Mary J. - No dates - Civil War Vet, Co C 189th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington DC.
REYNOLDS, Wilbur Gardner Spouse of Alice E. Brands Born 1910 Died 1989 - [The Hours Part Us, But They Bring Us Together Again]
REYNOLDS, Willie Died 9-5-1883 Age 1y 5m
RHODES, Clayton B. Died 4-10-1871 Age 1y 7m - Son of J. H. & C. A. Rhodes
RHODES, Cynthia A. Spouse of John Henry Born 1841 Died 1927
RHODES, Ephraim Born 1785 Died 1869
RHODES, John Henry Spouse of Cynthia A. Born 1838 Died 1903
RHODES, Mary Born 1764 Died 1839
RHODES, Olive Born 1815 Died 1903
RHODES, Richard B. Born 1810 Died 1885
RICE, Helen L. Born 11-12-1933 Died 5-28-2010 Age 76y - Dau of Walter P. & Ruth M. Carr Hand b. Town of Amity NY d. Wellsville NY
RICHARDS, Lulu B. Born 1884 Died 1951
RICHMOND, Marjorie Spouse of Robert L. Born 1907 Died 1988
RICHMOND, Robert L. Spouse of Marjorie Born 1910 Died 1992 Age 82y - Son of James & Orpha Easton Richmond
RIGBY, Phyllis H. Spouse of Roger E. Born 1926 Died uncut
RIGBY, Roger E. Spouse of Phyllis H. Born 8-4-1924 Died 9-10-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
RIGGS, Mary K. Spouse of Ralph L. Born 1930 Died uncut
RIGGS, Ralph L. Spouse of Mary K. Born 1930 Died 1987
ROBBE, Celura Pendleton Spouse of James E. Born 1862 Died 1920
ROBBE, Earl Born 1898 Died 1899 - Son of J. & C. Robbe
ROBBE, James E. Spouse of Celura Pendleton Born 1864 Died 1919
ROBBINS, Alfred D. Spouse of #1 Janice Palmer, #2 Alice Brown Born 10-25-1919 Died 9-15-2007 Age 87y - Son of Orra & Herma Rooks Robbins b. Hickox PA d. Wellsville NY Wed Janice 5-11-1962 in Andover NY. Wed Alice 10-27-1995 - WW II Vet
ROBBINS, George W. Spouse of Ira Brown Born 1867 Died 1945
ROBBINS, Ira Brown Spouse of George W. Born 1866 Died 1946
ROBBINS, Janice M. Spouse of Alfred D. Born 1927 Died 1993 - Wed 5-11-1962
ROBINSON, Audrey L. Spouse of Willis M. Born 5-21-1926 Died 10-22-2004 Age 78y - Dau of Leslie & Anna Skillman Carrey b. Wileyville, NY d. Wauchula, Fla. Wed 8-6-1944 in Wellsville, NY
ROBINSON, Clifford U. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 1892 Died 1983
ROBINSON, Clyde G. Born 1894 Died 1927
ROBINSON, Eurotas H. Born 1871 Died 1941
ROBINSON, Everard W. Spouse of Julia E. Born 1854 Died 1926
ROBINSON, George H. Born 1875 Died 1927
ROBINSON, Julia E. Spouse of Everard W. Born 1857 Died 1924
ROBINSON, Mabel M. Spouse of Clifford U. Born 1893 Died 1987
ROBINSON, Susan E. "Susie" Born 7-10-1904 Died 5-4-1991
ROBINSON, Willis M. Spouse of Audrey L. Carey Born 1-4-1922 Died 9-10-2015 Age 93y - Son of Cllifford & Mable Murray Robinson, b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-6-1944 in Wellsville NY
ROFF, Harriet E. Born 10-1-1853 Died 4-19-1875 - Dau of R. C. & M. E. Roff
ROFF, Marier E. Bunt Spouse of Robert C. Born 8-12-1834 Died 11-26-1894
ROFF, Robert C. Spouse of Marier E. Bunt Born 9-1-1830 Died 4-7-1897
ROGERS, Alvin E. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1846 Died 1927 - [Father]
ROGERS, Clarissa M. Spouse of Jonathan L. Born 1819 Died 1890
ROGERS, Jonathan L. Spouse of Clarissa M. Born 1813 Died 1904
ROGERS, Lewis M. Born 1884 Died 1962 - Funeral Plate
ROGERS, Mae S. Born 1884 Died 1974 - Funeral Plate
ROGERS, Mary E. Spouse of Alvin E. Born 1856 Died 1936 - [Mother]
ROOD, Daniel A. - Son of Mary Rood - Stone all deteriorated.
ROOD, Lina Worden Born 1861 Died 1895
ROOT, Mary Spouse of Oliver Born 1834 Died 1896
ROOT, Oliver Spouse of Mary Born 1844 Died uncut
ROQUES, Charles LaPorte Born 1958 Died 1958
ROQUES, Marcia P. Spouse of Roger C. Born 1927 Died uncut
ROQUES, Roger C. Spouse of Marcia P. Born 12-14-1913 Died 9-17-1991 - WW II Vet, Merchant Marines
ROUNDS, Charles Spouse of Sarah Born 1881 Died 1952
ROUNDS, Sarah Spouse of Charles Born 1886 Died 1947
ROUSE, Ashley T. Spouse of Nancy T. Born 3-17-1926 Died 7-22-1972 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pfc
ROUSE, Nancy T. Spouse of Ashley T. Born 2-28-1928 Died 6-26-2015 Age 87y - Dau of George & Margaret Wright Towner, b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 8-19-1949
RYAN, Flossie Wyse Born 1893 Died 1957
RYAN, George L. Spouse of Katherine E. Born 1888 Died 1970
RYAN, Katherine E. Spouse of George L. Born 1887 Died 1967
SANFORD, Horace W. Spouse of Inez M. Born 1899 Died 1983
SANFORD, Inez M. Spouse of Horace W. Born 1900 Died 1956
SASSMAN, Hattie K. Spouse of H. J. Sassman Born 5-26-1858 Died 5-25-1892
SAUNDERS, Amanda (Hall) Spouse of Myron James Born 1866 Died 1939 - Dau of Daniel and Catharine H. (Canfield) Hall.
SAUNDERS, Arling Hall Spouse of Hazel Coleman Born 1893 Died 1980 - Son of Myron J. and Amanda (Hall) Saunders.
SAUNDERS, Elizabeth J. Spouse of John A. Born 1839 Died 1907
SAUNDERS, Hazel (Coleman) Spouse of Arling H. Born 7-1898 Died 12-23-1962 Age 64 - Born in NY, died in Belmont NY.
SAUNDERS, John A. Spouse of Elizabeth J. Born 5-5-1839 Died 4-8-1919 - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Wounded 5-3-1863 at Chancellorsville VA. Mustered out 10-22-1864 at Elmira NY.
SAUNDERS, Lois Born 2-4-1871 Died 7-31-1885 - Dau of John A. & Elizabeth J. Saunders
SAUNDERS, Maxine H. (Hunt) Spouse of Victor L. Saunders Born 12-15-1919 died 11-5-2017 Age 97y - Dau of Ben & Rebea (Stowell) Hunt b. Farmersville NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-9-1939 in Franklinville NY, three children
SAUNDERS, Myron James Spouse of Amanda Hall Born 1863 Died 1936 - Son of James I. and Hannah (Burdick) Saunders.
SAUNDERS, Narda S. Born 1945 Died 2000 Dau of Victor L. and Maxine (Hunt) Saunders.
SAUNDERS, Sylvia L. Born 1890 Died 1902 - Dau of Myron J. and Amanda (Hall) Saunders.
SAUNDERS, Victor L. Spouse of Maxine H. Hunt Born 2-10-1915 Died 6-6-1988 - Wed 9-9-1939 in Franklinville NY, three children - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
SAWYER, Maxine T. Born 1924 Died 1951
SCHACHT, Caroline Spouse of Earl L. Born 10-3-1854 Died 12-29-1928
SCHACHT, Earl L. Spouse of Caroline Born 2-14-1846 Died 1-14-1911
SCHLAU, Ruth A. Watkins Born 1908 Died 1973
SCHRLAU, Louise Born 4-12-1905 Died 2012
SCHRLAU, Louise O. Born 9-22-1929 Died 1-2-2012 Age 82y - Dau of Merle & Gladys Ost Jackson b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Former Husband Clifford Schrlau
SCOTT, Carroll A. Spouse of Marian E. Born 1900 Died 1995
SCOTT, Gertrude A. Spouse of Henry Born 1877 Died 1947
SCOTT, Henry Spouse of Gertrude A. Born 1869 Died 1969
SCOTT, Marian E. Spouse of Carroll A. Born 1900 Died 1997
SCURRAH, Marion B. Spouse of Rev. Fred D. Born 1895 Died 1986 - [Mother]
SCURRAH, Rev. Fred D. Spouse of Marion B. Born 1877 Died 1966 - [Father]
SEELY, Frank Born 1880 Died 1899
SEELY, James P. Born 1854 Died 1921
SEELY, Nancy E. Born 1859 Died 1941
SEGER, Retta P. Born 1894 Died 1956
SENSABAUGH, Florence Jackson Born 1909 Died 1970
SEXSMITH, Ella M. Spouse of Thomas Born 1854 Died 1904 - [Mother]
SEXSMITH, Louella E. Born 1881 Died 1946
SEXSMITH, Thomas Spouse of Ella M. Born 1843 Died 1913 - [Father]
SHEAR, Marguerite Chalker Born 1911 Died 1930
SHEETZ, Birney M. Spouse of Florence V. Born 1867 Died 1943
SHEETZ, Florence V. Spouse of Birney M. Born 1886 Died 1989
SHEETZ, Lola M. Born 11-2-1910 Died 9-29-2006 Age 95y - Dau of Berney M. & Florence Young Sheetz b. Cuba NY d. Scio NY
SHELDON, Barton R. Spouse of Bernetta Born 1850 Died 1927
SHELDON, Belvia Spouse of J. Lee Born 1887 Died uncut
SHELDON, Bernetta Spouse of Barton R. Born 1852 Died 1934
SHELDON, Caroline Howard Spouse of J. N. Sheldon Born 3-18-1822 Died 1-18-1905
SHELDON, Howard U. Born 3-10-1845 Died 9-19-1886
SHELDON, J. Lee Spouse of Belvia Born 1882 Died 1949
SHELDON, Jesse Spouse of Loena Looms Born 1881 Died 1956
SHELDON, Joseph N. Born 10-13-1821 Died 6-24-1891
SHELDON, Loena Looms Spouse of Jesse Born 1888 Died 1940
SHELDON, R. Guy Born 2-10-1879 Died 11-7-1885
SHELLEY, Donald E. Born 1935 Died 1972
SHERWOOD, Charlotte L. Spouse of Donald C. Born 1937 Died 1981
SHERWOOD, Donald C. Spouse of Charlotte L. Born 1938 Died 1998
SHERWOOD, Jerry M. Born 1962 Died 1986
SHERWOOD, Orrleta Spouse of D. W. Sherwood Died 4-1-1869 Age 29y
SHUTTLEWORTH, Marian Spouse of Robert Born 1919 Died 1993
SHUTTLEWORTH, Robert Spouse of Marian Born 1918 Died 2002
SILVA, Joseph Patrick Jr. Born 3-30-1935 Died 3-25-2011 Age 75y - Son of Joseph Patrick & Catherine Hughes Silva Sr. b. New Orleans LA d. Bath NY - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps
SIMERSON, Elsie Spouse of Ezra Born 1841 Died 1911 - [Mother]
SIMERSON, Ezra Spouse of Elsie Born 1834 Died uncut - [Father]
SIMONS, Betsey Lewis Spouse of John Died 12-5-1849 Age 54y
SIMONS, Charles A. Died 3-10-1901 Age 51y
SIMONS, John Spouse of #1 Betsey Lewis, #2 Julia Higgins Born 11-5-1790 Died 8-9-1880
SIMONS, John B. Died 9-18-1864 Age 20y - Son of J. & S. Simons
SIMONS, John Jr. Died 8-3-1863 Age 46y
SIMONS, Julia Higgins Spouse of John Died 2-26-1870 Age 55y
SIMONS, Sarah Died 8-9-1901 Age 85y
SLOCUM, Gerald E. "Gerry" II Born 1-13-1980 Died 12-22-2000 - Son of Gerald E. & Lou Ann Guinnip Slocum. Graduate of Alfred State CAD "2000" [Somehow, Someway We Know, Lord, That All Things Are Well Because of You. You Will Be Forever In Our Hearts and Memories.]
SMITH, Alice (Perry) Spouse of Sidney Born 1851 Died 1921 - Second wife of Sidney Smith
SMITH, Anna E. Spouse of Sidney Died 5-8-1864 Age 33y
SMITH, Belle Born 2-10-1886 Died 11-14-1905 - Dau of Clarence & Prudence L. Smith OUR DARLING
SMITH, Blanche Born 1875 Died 1876
SMITH, Burdelle Born 1867 Died 1900
SMITH, Carrie J. Born 1876 Died 1962
SMITH, Catherine Chadwick Spouse of John C. Born 1824 Died 10-31-1911
SMITH, Elma A. Spouse of George W. Born 1846 Died 1924 - [Mother]
SMITH, Emma N. Died 10-16-1948
SMITH, Eugene I. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1868 Died 1946
SMITH, Eugene L. "Bud" Spouse of Mildred "Midge" Jackson Born 2-1-1928 Died 10-12-2012 Age 84y - Son of Lee E. & Mae E. Smith b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-17-1949 in Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army, 1952-1954
SMITH, Evelyn C. Spouse of W. Jerome Born 1907 Died 1952
SMITH, George W. Spouse of Elma A. Born 1841 Died 1921 - [Father]
SMITH, Georgianna Born 1871 Died 1955
SMITH, Greydon F. Born 1898 Died 1970
SMITH, Harriet Spouse of Isaac Born 1824 Died 1909 - [Mother]
SMITH, Ida L. Born 1876 Died 1953
SMITH, Isaac Spouse of Harriet Born 1818 Died 1905 - [Father]
SMITH, J. Winifred Spouse of William H. Born 1873 Died 1942
SMITH, John C. Spouse of Catherine Chadwick Born 1835 Died 3-6-1911 - Civil War Vet, Co H 180th Regt
SMITH, Mary A. Spouse of Eugene I. Born 1871 Died 1948
SMITH, Mary G. Born 1848 Died 1935
SMITH, Mary U. Spouse of William H. Born 9-22-1836 Died 11-21-1892 - [Weeping Endureth For A Night, But Joy Cometh In The Morning]
SMITH, Miles Born 1846 Died 1919
SMITH, Minerva E. Spouse of Simeon B. Born 1836 Died 1887
SMITH, O. E. Born 2-10-1859 Died 9-22-1888 - [My Husband We Shall Meet Again]
SMITH, Ray C. Spouse of Viola L. Born 1894 Died 1972
SMITH, Richard L. Spouse of Sharon A. Born 1938 Died 1998
SMITH, Sharon A. Spouse of Richard L. Born 1942 Died uncut
SMITH, Sidney Spouse of #1 Anna E., #2 Alice Perry Born 1830 Died 1900
SMITH, Simeon B. Spouse of Minerva E. Born 1832 Died 1907
SMITH, Sinclair Olin Born 1858 Died 1881
SMITH, Squire J. Born 1827 Died 1914
SMITH, Stephen Born 1849 Died 1915
SMITH, Susan B. Born 1841 Died 1891
SMITH, Viola L. Spouse of Ray C. Born 1898 Died 1980
SMITH, W. Jerome Spouse of Evelyn C. Born 1907 Died 1985
SMITH, William H. Spouse of J. Winifred Born 1872 Died 1942
SNYDER, Fred W. Died 6-26-1872 Age 19y
SNYDER, Mary Ann Died 12-11-1956 - Dau of Paul & Mary Lou Snyder
SNYDER, Mary Lou Spouse of Paul Born 10-13-1925 Died 3-20-2010 - Wed in 1947 No other information available
SNYDER, Paul Born 1916 Died 1981
SORTORE, Edmond Born 1838 Died 1903 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st NY Dragoons, Cpl. Mustered out with company 8-30-1865 at Cloud's Mills VA.
SORTORE, Johnathan H. Spouse of Sarah Born 1808 Died 1882
SORTORE, Kermit J. Born 1909 Died 1984
SORTORE, Mary E. Born 1871 Died 1891 - Dau of E. & L. E. Sortore
SORTORE, Sarah Spouse of Johnathan Born 1809 Died 1882
SOWERSBY, Alton "Ike" Spouse of Lillian G. Born 1907 Died 1980
SOWERSBY, J. A. "Jimmy" Born 1934 Died 1940
SOWERSBY, Lillian G. Spouse of Alton "Ike" Born 1911 Died uncut
SPRAGUE, Calvin Died 12-23-1879 Age 66y 6m - Son of David Sprague
SPRAGUE, Clarissa Born 5-8-1804 Died 3-4-1901
SPRAGUE, David Died 8-20-1834 Age 63y
SPRAGUE, Ezra Died 9-28-1891 Age 53y
SPRAGUE, Isaac Spouse of Mary A. Died 3-30-1896 Age 80y
SPRAGUE, James Died 7-18-1861 Age 21y 3m - Died in the Service of His Country, as a Prisoner of War at Andersonville, Ga.
SPRAGUE, Josiah Died 3-11-1861 Age 22y 2m 5d - Died at U. S. General Hospital, Elmira, NY
SPRAGUE, Mary A. Spouse of Isaac Died 8-31-1898 Age 82y
SPRAGUE, Orin No dates
SPRAGUE, Rhoda Spouse of David Died 4-10-1879 Age 100y 2m 27d
ST JOHN, Benson Died 12-28-1880 Age 60y 5m 12d - [Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord]
STANLEY, Rhoda Spouse of Rufus L. Died 6-25-1867 Age 63y 23d
STANLEY, Rufus L. Spouse of Rhoda Died 4-5-1863 Age 62y 11m
STANNARD, John Born 2-11-1824 Died 3-11-1894
STEIN, Burnadean Spouse of John R. Born 1903 Died 1984 - [Beloved Wife]
STEPHENSON, Emma L. Spouse of James A. Born 12-19-1844 Died 11-1-1909
STEPHENSON, James A. Spouse of Emma L. Born 2-2-1828 Died 11-24-1907
STEVENS, Amos Spouse of #1 Charlotte Houghton, #2 Lucy A. Davis Born 1813 Died 1889
STEVENS, Arthur G. Born 1861 Died 1863
STEVENS, Charlotte (Houghton) Spouse of Amos Born 1816 Died 1853
STEVENS, Lora A. Born 1819 Died 1852
STEVENS, Lucy A. (Davis) Spouse of Amos Born 1832 Died 1891
STEVENS, Mary A. Spouse of Vernon E. Born 1883 Died 1968
STEVENS, Richard V. Spouse of Ruth L. Born 1914 Died 1999
STEVENS, Richard V. II Born 1938 Died 1984
STEVENS, Ruth L. Spouse of Richard V. Born 1915 Died 1986
STEVENS, Vernon E. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1880 Died 1966
STEWART, Charles A. Spouse of Cora B. Born 1850 Died 1926
STEWART, Cora B. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1870 Died 1953
STEWART, Raymond G. Born 9-28-1902 Died 1-7-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
STEWART, Sarah T. Spouse of Tracy L. Born 8-19-1880 Died 11-7-1959
STEWART, Tracy L. Spouse of Sarah T. Born 4-21-1876 Died 6-1-1926
STOUT, Della M. Spouse of Lawson L. Born 1864 Died 1939
STOUT, Lawson L. Spouse of Della M. Born 1861 Died 1955
STOUT, Loriett G. Middaugh Spouse of H. R. Stout Born 1-30-1840 Died 3-10-1862
STOUT, Mary J. Born 1838 Died 1907
STUDER, Daniel Spouse of Nettie Born 1853 Died 1926 - [Father]
STUDER, Nettie Spouse of Daniel Born 1853 Died uncut - [Mother]
STURDEVANT, Eva G. Born 1877 Died 1951
SWEET, Daniel L. Spouse of Sue Earley Born 1885 Died 1955
SWEET, Harold Frank Born 4-15-1909 Died 1-7-1962 - WW II Vet, USNR, F1
SWEET, Sue Earley Spouse of Daniel L. Born 1877 Died 1966
TAYLER, Aletha E. Born 7-4-1937 Died 1-17-2001 - Dau of Glenn & Delialah Bean Hutchinson
TAYLOR, Bernice E. Spouse of Wendell G. Born 1921 Died 1998
TAYLOR, Catherine L. Companion of Ronald Langdon Born 8-31-1952 died 4-27-2017 Age 64y - Dau of Herbert & Marlyn (Sharp) Taylor b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY. Worked 30 years for Friendship Dairy. Two children, father not named.
TAYLOR, Charlie H. Born 1859 Died uncut
TAYLOR, Clayton G. Born 1884 Died 1900 - Second small stone reads 1883 - 1900
TAYLOR, Doblino Died 1871 - Dau of H. C. & M. Taylor
TAYLOR, Edith R. Spouse of George H. Born 1888 Died 1968
TAYLOR, George E. Died 2-9-1880 Age 6y 4m 1d - Son of S. C. & K. A. Taylor
TAYLOR, George E. Born 1847 Died 1919
TAYLOR, George H. Spouse of Edith R. Born 1881 Died 1952
TAYLOR, Henry C. Spouse of Malissa Born 1822 Died 1909
TAYLOR, Kate A. Spouse of Sidney E. Born 1847 Died 1922
TAYLOR, Malissa Spouse of Henry C. Born 1826 Died 1904
TAYLOR, Orianna B. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 1886 Died 1966
TAYLOR, Raymond W. Spouse of Orianna B. Born 1885 Died 1977
TAYLOR, Sidney E. Spouse of Kate A. Born 1846 Died uncut - Civil War Vet, Co I 19th Cav
TAYLOR, Volie Died 12-8-1880 Age 4m 23d - Child of S. C. & K. A. Taylor
TAYLOR, Wendell G. Spouse of Bernice E. Born 5-27-1918 Died 2-13-1982 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S2
TERIBURY, Clifford L. Spouse of Helen D. Born 1886 Died 1951
TERIBURY, Helen D. Spouse of Cifford L. Born 1897 Died 1976
THOMAS, Achie D. Born 1873 Died 1916
THOMAS, Angenette Spouse of Walter Born 8-19-1841 Died 8-6-1911 - [Mother]
THOMAS, Charles W. Born 8-27-1878 Died 6-5-1891
THOMAS, Chas. Born 1838 Died 1901 - Civil War Vet, Co D 141st Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in acton 7-20-1864 at Peach Tree Creek GA. Transferred to Co G 60th Inf. 6-1-1865. Mustered out with Company 7-17-1865 at Alexandria VA.
THOMAS, Clair E. Born 1916 Died 1984
THOMAS, Clark Died 7-18-1871 Age 29y 9m 10d - Civil War Vet, 37th WISC Vols, Lt. 1861-1865
THOMAS, Dorothy E. Spouse of Wayne Born 12-19-1931 Died 7-23-2015 Age 83y - Dau of Fred & Madeline Howard Buffe, b. West Almond NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 5-28-1954
THOMAS, Elba Born 1866 Died 1950
THOMAS, Emma L. Spouse of Willard Born 1851 Died 1927
THOMAS, Floyd Born 1895 Died 1983 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
THOMAS, Frank Born 4-23-1874 Died 9-1-1887
THOMAS, Franklin Born 9-1-1839 Died 3-1-1907
THOMAS, Freelove V. (Barber) Spouse of Jeffery M. Born 1827 Died 3-18-1895 Dau of Hosea and Eunice (Pendeton), born in Westerly RI, died in Scio NY.
THOMAS, G. Edwin Born 1864 Died 1938
THOMAS, George H. Born 10-23-1873 Died 8-6-1939
THOMAS, Giles E. Born 3-26-1892 Died 4-26-1911
THOMAS, Harlan Born 3-23-1843 Died 9-14-1927 - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Discharged for disability 2-10-1863 at Fortress Monroe VA
THOMAS, Harriet A. Spouse of Ralph Born 3-12-1834 Died 6-13-1886
THOMAS, Ida Spouse of J. H. Thomas Born 12-29-1862 Died 10-2-1887
THOMAS, James H. Born 1856 Died 1911
THOMAS, Jeffrey M. Spouse of #1 Freelove V. Barber, #2 Philinda T. Born 10-27-1827 Died Uncut Son of Samuel S. and Dorcas (Main) Thomas, born in Petersburg NY.
THOMAS, Jennie R. Spouse of Peleg G. Born 1868 Died 1939
THOMAS, John Spouse of Mary A. Hammond Born 1803 Died 1890
THOMAS, L. Cass Born 1860 Died 1926
THOMAS, Lila A. Born 8-22-1880 Died 11-18-1967
THOMAS, Louise M. Born 8-18-1959 Died 2-15-2016 Age 56y - Dau of Wayne & Dorothy Budde Thomas b. & d. Wellsville NY
THOMAS, Lucinda Born 2-25-1845 Died 11-3-1891
THOMAS, Mary A. Hammond Spouse of John Died 9-22-1883 Age 73y 1m 3d
THOMAS, Peleg G. Spouse of Jennie R. Born 1864 Died 1925
THOMAS, Philinda T. Spouse of Jeffrey M. Born 1837 Died 1908
THOMAS, Ralph Spouse of Harriet A. Born 12-9-1812 Died 5-6-1880
THOMAS, Walter Spouse of Angenette Born 3-9-1838 Died 6-24-1916 - [Father]
THOMAS, Wayne E. Born 1897 Died 1981
THOMAS, Willard Spouse of Emma L. Born 1847 Died 1928
THOMPKINS, Gerald C. Spouse of Patricia P. Born 5-26-1925 Died 11-9-1985 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
THOMPKINS, Patricia P. Spouse of Gerald C. Born 1926 Died uncut
THOMPSON, Charles A. Sr. Spouse of Martha J. Born 7-30-1937 Died 8-13-2002 Age 65y - Son of Harley L. & Dorothea Hicks Thompson - Korean War Vet, US Navy, ADRI
THOMPSON, Dorothea M. "Dot" Spouse of Harley L. Born 10-26-1913 Died 5-29-2007 - Dau of Charles K. & Myrtle K. Sikes Hicks b. Reynoldstown PA d. Allentown NY Wed 5-11-1935 in Genesee PA
THOMPSON, Harley L. Spouse of Dorothea M. Born 1912 Died 1997
THOMPSON, Martha J. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1944 Died uncut
TORPEY, Howard D. Born 1-20-1927 Died 11-28-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc. Co. M 26th Inf
TORRENCE, Helen O. Born 1924 Died 1993
TOWNER, Florence Spouse of Glenn H. Born 1906 Died 1972
TOWNER, Glenn H. Spouse of Florence Born 1906 Died 1974
TRACY, Charles K. Spouse of #1 Anna D., #2 D. Marie Johnston Born 4-22-1909 Died 7-22-1997 Age 88y - Son of Carl & Ada Ward Tracy
TRAVIS, Aletta E. Spouse of Isaac Born 1843 Died 1869
TRAVIS, Ira B. Born 1810 Died 1883 - [Father]
TRAVIS, Isaac Spouse of #1 Aletta E., Susan K. Born 1839 Died 1910 - [Husband]
TRAVIS, Susan K. Spouse of Isaac Born 1853 Died 1912
TUCKER, Alfred A. Spouse of Joyce B. Born 1926 Died 1978 - WW II Vet, US Navy
TUCKER, Charlotte E. Born 1852 Died 1930
TUCKER, Clarence D. "Tom" Spouse of Joan Weimer Born 3-1-1938 Died 9-23-2014 Age 76y - Son of Clarence L. & Ann Rudolph Tucker b. Warren PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-18-1965 in Richburg NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
TUCKER, Gardner Died 5-8-1859 Age 80y 10m
TUCKER, John Wesley Born 1900 Died 1937
TUCKER, Joyce B. Spouse of Alfred A. Born 1925 Died 1991
TUCKER, Kitty Kintner Born 1905 Died 1991
TUCKER, Lucy Spouse of William No dates
TUCKER, Mary C. Spouse of Paul W. Born 1911 Died 1980
TUCKER, Matilda J. Spouse of Orville A. Born 1865 Died 1955
TUCKER, Orville A. Spouse of Matilda J. Born 1859 Died 1940
TUCKER, Paul W. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1902 Died 1984
TUCKER, William Spouse of Lucy Died 11-7-1882 Age 81y 9m 8d
TUCKER, William R. Born 1853 Died 1935
TUCKER, Willliam A. Born 1884 Died 1898
TURYBURY, Charles G. Born 1-6-1926 Died 7-16-1996 - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard, S1
TUTTLE, Berlin D. Born 1879 Died 1969
TUTTLE, Cordelia Spouse of Dwight D. Born 1834 Died 1919 - [Mother]
TUTTLE, Daniel H. Born 12-25-1871 Died 11-6-1881
TUTTLE, Dwight D. Spouse of Cordelia Born 1834 Died 1924 - [Father]
TUTTLE, Florence P. Spouse of Harry L. Born 1906 Died 2000
TUTTLE, Gurnsey P. Born 1856 Died 1937
TUTTLE, Harry L. Spouse of Florence P. Born 1903 Died 1985
TUTTLE, Ida May Born 1858 Died 1925
TUTTLE, Minnie Spouse of Summer R. Born 1875 Died 1951
TUTTLE, Summer R. Spouse of Minnie Born 1870 Died 1946
TYLER, Baby Sister Died 8-31-1970
TYLER, Glenn J. Born 3-26-1957 Died 6-22-1957
TYLER, Kristin L. Died 11-18-1991 Age Infant - [Our Baby]
U/K, Aruilla Born 1-7-1840 Died 4-1-1903 - Could be Gillett
U/K, Georgie Died 8-15-1873 Age 4m
U/K, Lewie Died 9-1-1878 Age 8y 6m 8d
U/K, Little Sammy Died 8-16-1856 Age 1y 4d - Could be Smith
U/K, Our Little Jimmy - No dates or surname. [Jesus Called Me In My Youth]
VAIL, Geo. W. Born 1842 Died 3-19-1901 Age 65y - Civil War Vet, Co E, 7th Hvy Arty, NYS Vols, Pvt. Musered out with Co D 8-1-1865 at Baltimore MD.
VALLANCE, Margaret Born 1907 Died 1961
VELEY, Edmond J. Born 6-6-1921 Died 12-17-1952 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc 1114 SVC COMD Unit
VOELZ, Mary J. Born 11-20-1921 Died 11-23-2009 - Artist - The Earth is but one Country and Mankind it's Citizens - Bahai Sacred Writings
VOSS, Caroline Grasstorf Spouse of William L. Born 7-29-1838 Died uncut
VOSS, Caroline M. Born 8-31-1859 Died 2-8-1863 Age 3y 6m 2d - Dau of W. L. & C. E. Voss
VOSS, Elizabeth Born 11-24-1866 Died 11-27-1866 Age 3d
VOSS, Ida M. Born 2-13-1880 Died 5-26-1880 - Dau of W. L. & C. E. Voss
VOSS, William H. Born 1-11-1861 Died 12-18-1862 Age 1y 11m 10d - Son of W. L. & C. E. Voss
VOSS, William L. Spouse of Caroline Grasstorf Born 6-1-1829 Died 2-12-1890
VREELAND, Helen Born 1846 Died 1931
VREELAND, James V. Born 1844 Died 1902 - Civil War Vet, Co C 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Staunton VA
VREELAND, Lucius L. Born 1871 Died 1949
WAID, Adele J. Born 9-8-1851 Died 9-8-1854 - Dau of A. S. & L. P. Waid
WAID, Adell I. Died 9-8-1831 - Dau of A. S. & L. P. Waid
WAID, Archibald Born 8-28-1825 Died 12-24-1890
WAID, John A. Born 8-15-1867 Died 9-29-1867 - Son of A. S. & L. P. Waid
WALKER, Grace Howe Born 4-24-1885 Died 3-12-1917
WALKER, Joseph L. Died 1-11-1866 Age 51y
WALKER, Kyle Nathaniel Born 10-10-1982 Died 8-8-1999 - [My "Son" Shine Dear Brother, I Miss You More Than Words Can Say and Love You More and More Each Day. Love Sister]
WALLACE, Altania A. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1853 Died 1924
WALLACE, Frank M. Spouse of Altania A. Born 1848 Died uncut
WALLACE, Sandra M. Spouse of Thomas R. Born 6-13-1949 Died 12-24-2001 Age 52y - Dau of Marion S. & Elsie Miller White, Sr.
WALTHER Sr., Philip Born 1903 Died 1963
WALTHER, Albert M. Born 1925 Died 1933
WALTHER, Lura L. Born 1903 Died 1980
WARFIELD, Gertrude Spouse of Chas Born 1868 Died 1926
WASHBURN, Anne Marie Born 1985 Died 2004 - [Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me And Forbid Them Not, For Such Is The Kingdom Of God]
WASHBURN, Deedra L. Born 2-22-1973 Died 2014 Age 41y - Dau of Dale & Dawn Johnson Burgess b. Wellsville NY d. North Carolina
WASHBURN, Grace E. Spouse of Ronald L. Born 7-24-1948 Died 4-2-2015 Age 66y - Dau of Lowell & Jennie Holland Lundquist, b. Chicago IL d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-26-1969 in Chicago IL
WASHBURN, Irene L. (Flint) Spouse of Kenneth J. Born 9-30-1918 Died 7-24-2005 Age 86y - Dau of Charles & Lottie Freeman Flint b. Scio, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-1-1941 in Wellsville, NY
WASHBURN, Kenneth J. Spouse of Irene Flint Born 3-1-1919 Died 4-13-2016 Age 97y - Son of John Kenneth & Joanne Greene Washburn b. Belfast NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-1-1941
WASHER, Dustin Lue Born 4-12-1985 Died 4-7-1997 - [In Loving Memory of Dustin Lue Washer with Love, Mom, Dad & Bethany] Also a Large Black Marble Bench in Memorial
WATKINS, Fred Born 12-6-1884 Died 12-3-1968
WAY, Livona Spouse of Russell W. Died 3-31-1885 Age 65y - [Our Father and Mother]
WAY, Russell W. Spouse of Livona Died 3-26-1878 Age 61y - [Our Father and Mother]
WAY, Sarah Born 1822 Died 1902
WEBSTER, Agnes Spouse of W. E. Webster Born 1890 Died 1907
WEBSTER, Florence M. Spouse of Howard Born 1912 Died 2000
WEBSTER, Gladys M. Born 1922 Died 1953
WEBSTER, Howard Spouse of Florence M. Born 1901 Died 1982
WEBSTER, Raymond S. Born 1939 Died 1992
WEDGE, Mary A. Spouse of Thomas Died 9-9-1888 Age 63y
WEDGE, Thomas Spouse of Mary A. Died 4-12-1891 Age 79y 3m
WEINHAUER, Donald L. Spouse of Kathleen Porter Born 9-14-1939 Died 3-14-2012 Age 72y - Son of Lawrence & Alice Emrick Weinhauer b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 9-26-1964 in Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
WEINMAN, Le Roy C. Spouse of Mildred K. Born 1904 Died 1980
WEINMAN, Mildred K. Spouse of Le Roy C. Born 1902 Died 1985
WEISHLIT, Lelia Black Spouse of Paul W. Born 1903 Died 1981
WEISHLIT, Paul W. Spouse of Lelia Block Born 1905 Died 1985
WELCH, Bessie E. Born 1891 Died 1967
WEST, Frank E. Died 10-30-1883 Age 4y 3m 5d - Son of George & M. R. West [Nipped in the Bloom of Youth with not a Moment's Warning]
WEST, George Died 1-10-1892 Age 50y
WEST, Mary F. Born 1842 Died uncut
WHEELER, Alda I. Born 1916 Died 1992
WHEELER, Martha J. Born 1873 Died 1919 - [His Wife]
WHITE, Alfred J. Born 1923 Died 1940
WHITE, Benn O. Born 7-1859 Died 3-1922
WHITE, Brian J. Born 1956 Died 2000 - #44
WHITE, Carol L. Spouse of Jack Born 2-20-1969 Died 5-27-2005 Age 36y - Dau of Randall E. & Lynn C. Green Bentley b. Cherry Point, N.C. d. Town of Allen, NY. Wed 8-1955 in Andover, NY
WHITE, Charles Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1860 Died 1937
WHITE, Charles Irving Spouse of Lulu I. Born 7-23-1900 Died 7-5-1965 - Wed 4-21-1925 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co H 9th Inf, Pvt
WHITE, Delbert V. Spouse of Dorothea I. Born 1902 Died 1990
WHITE, Dorothea I. Spouse of Delbert V. Born 1902 Died 1992
WHITE, Elcy Born 6-1837 Died 4-1906
WHITE, Elizabeth Spouse of Charles Born 1871 Died uncut
WHITE, Elsie Marie Miller Spouse of Lawrence Martin Born 9-26-1920 Died 9-6-2013 Age 92y - Dau of David & Ella Mae Smith Miller b. Austin PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-8-1972
WHITE, Elsie Marie Miller Spouse of Lawrence Martin Born 9-26-1920 Died uncut - Wed 1-8-1972
WHITE, Eunice Born 1846 Died 1909
WHITE, Eva B. Spouse of Merritt R. Born 1879 Died 1927
WHITE, H. Devere Born 1899 Died 1975 - [Great Uncle]
WHITE, Isaac Born 3-1835 Died 9-1919
WHITE, Laura Spouse of Geo E. Died 3-13-1866 Age 47y
WHITE, Lawrence Martin Jr. Spouse of Elsie Marie Miller Born 9-29-1928 Died 1-17-1989 - Wed 1-8-1972 - WW II Vet, US Navy, ME3
WHITE, Lulu I. Spouse of Charles Irving Born 8-31-1902 Died 2-13-2001 Age 98y - Dau of Charles & Mildred Pinney. Wed 4-21-1925
WHITE, Marion S. Born 8-24-1907 Died 12-29-1959 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Pfc. 2126 Base Unit
WHITE, Martin Edward Born 6-1-1931 Died 3-22-1952 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc. 14 Combat Engr Bn. Purple Heart
WHITE, Merritt R. Spouse of Eva B. Born 1875 Died 1969
WHITE, W. Dever Died 1-5-1879 Age 2y 19d
WHITMARSH, Dorothy M. Spouse of Harry C. Born 1911 Died 1987
WHITMARSH, Harry C. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1884 Died 1966
WHITNEY, Patricia A. Strope Spouse of Steven D. Born 1953 Died uncut
WHITNEY, Steven D. Spouse of Patricia A. Strope Born 1-13-1955 Died 11-4-2000 Age 45y - Son of Donald & Miriam Sullivan Whitney, b. Wellsville NY, d. in hunting accident, Scio, NY. Wed 5-29-1993 in Belmont, NY
WHITNEY, Viola Died 3-27-1872 Age 13y 27d
WILBER, Arthur Born 1884 Died 1902 - Son of H. C. & E. E. Wilber
WILBER, Aseheth Spouse of Thos B. Born 6-18-1797 Died 9-27-1877 - [Mother]
WILBER, Ellen E. Spouse of Henry C. Born 1855 Died 1912
WILBER, Fred W. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1854 Died 1934 - [Father]
WILBER, Fred W. Born 1883 Died 1892 - Son of H. C. & E. E. Wilber
WILBER, Geo. H. Born 1836 Died 1902 - Civil War Vet, Co C 5th Cav. NYS Vols, Cpl Discharged 1865.
WILBER, Harry L. Born 1879 Died 1893
WILBER, Harry W. Born 1894 Died 1929
WILBER, Henry C. Spouse of Ellen E. Born 1851 Died 1941
WILBER, Mabel C. Born 1879 Died 1946
WILBER, Mary E. Born 12-17-1830 Died 4-1-1906
WILBER, Mary J. Spouse of Fred W. Born 1859 Died 1928 - [Mother]
WILBER, Maude Born 1889 Died 1919 - Dau of H. C. & E. E. Wilber
WILBER, T. L. Born 5-22-1821 Died 2-27-1890
WILBER, Thomas B. Spouse of Aseheth Born 8-12-1785 Died 8-23-1872 - [Father]
WILCOX, Jean T. Spouse of Richard M. Born 1924 Died uncut
WILCOX, Richard M. Spouse of Jean T. Born 3-25-1916 Died 11-23-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, M/Sgt
WILDER, Jared W. Born 6-4-1824 Died 6-8-1895
WILLIAMS, Anna C. Spouse of Seneca Born 1-2-1849 Died 4-23-1926
WILLIAMS, Janet I. Spouse of Robert J. Born 6-7-1937 Died 4-20-2005 Age 67y - Dau of George & Irene Van Epps Gleason b. Wellsville, NY d. Vinton, Va. Wed 1955 Beloved Wife
WILLIAMS, Rachel L. Spouse of Victor L. Born 10-7-1916 Died 3-27-2011 Age 94y - Dau of Luman & Lillian Delong Gardner b. Genesee PA d. Houghton NY. Wed 6-16-1931 in Wellsville NY
WILLIAMS, Rachel L. Spouse of Victor L. Born 1916 Died uncut
WILLIAMS, Robert J. Spouse of Janet I. Born 2-18-1934 Died 11-2-1985 - [Beloved Husband] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
WILLIAMS, Victor L. Spouse of Rachel L. Born 1911 Died 1986
WILSON, Bernice E. Born 1923 Died 1955
WILSON, Harriet M. Born 1887 Died 1957
WILSON, John E. Spouse of Jeannine M. Manley Born 4-16-1942 Died 8-14-2010 Age 68y - Son of Laverne & Margaret Aumick Wilson b. Addison NY d. Corning NY. Wed 3-7-1985 in Campbell NY
WILSON, Mary E. Born 1916 Died 1974
WILSON, Victor E. Born 6-13-1924 Died 2-2-1972 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
WINANS, Charles A. Born 1915 Died 1993
WINANS, George Spouse of Marguerite Born 1878 Died 1932
WINANS, George F. Born 1911 Died 1977
WINANS, Louis D. Born 10-12-1921 Died 3-14-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
WINANS, Marguerite Spouse of George Born 1891 Died 1965
WINANS, Timothy George Born 7-18-1983 Died 11-19-1984 - [BELOVED SON]
WINANS, Viola M. Born 1916 Died 1973
WINDUS, Connie Sue Born 1960 Died 1974 - [Our Daughter]
WINDUS, Herbert A. Spouse of Mae E. Born 1895 Died 1972
WINDUS, John H. Sr. Spouse of #1 Pauline C. Goodridge, #2 Shirley Steenson Born 10-13-1918 Died 8-1-2005 Age 86y - Son of Herbert A. & Mae Corin Windus b. Belmont, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed Pauline 1940 in Wellsville, NY. Wed Shirley in 1989
WINDUS, John H., Jr. Spouse of Mary Ann Ames Born 1-3-1942 Died 10-2-2014 Age 72y - Son of John H. & Pauline Goodridge Windus Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-23-1958 in Ulysses PA
WINDUS, Mae E. Spouse of Herbert A. Born 1890 Died 1994
WINDUS, Ned Olover Spouse of Wendy L. Born 7-21-1931 Died 6-19-2012 Age 80y - Son of Herbert A. & Mae E. Corbin Windus b. Mayville d. Belleview FL
WINDUS, Pauline C. Goodridge Spouse of John H. Born 1919 Died 2-13-1987
WINDUS, Ruth D. Spouse of Thomas S. Born 1866 Died 1939 - [Mother]
WINDUS, Shirley A. Born 1926 Died 1997
WINDUS, Thomas S. Spouse of Ruth D. Born 1869 Died 1934 - [Father]
WING, Arvilla Spouse of William Born 1873 Died 1968
WING, Ernest W. Spouse of Lucille A. Born 1904 Died 1988
WING, Lucille A. Spouse of Ernest W. Born 1912 Died 1984
WING, William Spouse of Arvilla Born 1869 Died 1960
WOLCOTT, Mary Elizabeth Born 1855 Died 1924
WOLFE, Avelyn J. "A.J." Spouse of Beverly T. Born 4-12-1933 Died 8-28-2000
WOLFE, Beverly T. Spouse of Avelyn J. Born 1935 Died uncut
WONDERLING, Florence Buckley Spouse of Robert "Lefty" Born 10-21-1931 Died 9-26-1998 Age 66y - Dau of Benjamin J. & Grace Young Buckley
WONDERLING, Robert "Lefty" Spouse of Florence Buckley Born 7-13-1930 Died 3-23-2001 Age 70y - Son of Ernest R. & Margaret McBride Wonderling b. Brookville, Pa. d. Wellsville, NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy, CMSM
WOOD, Floyd Born 1875 Died 1881
WOOD, Willilam Born 1822 Died 1885
WOODRUFF, David Wayne Spouse of Stacie D. Geyer Born 1-20-1971 Died 1-29-2009 Age 38y - Son of Wayne & Donna Doner Woodruff b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY Wed 12-24-1998 in Wellsville NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force. Desert Shield/Storm. Earned Outstanding Unit Award & National Defense Service Medal
WORDEN, F. E. Born 4-14-1859 Died 3-12-1883
WORDEN, Fanny M. Born 9-26-1878 Died 3-23-1881 - Dau of Geo P. & L. M. Wordon
WORDEN, George P. Born 1835 Died 1916 - Civil War Vet, Co I 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded 9-17-1862 at Antietam MD, Discharged for disability 1-28-1863 at convalescent Camp in VA.
WORDEN, Maria Thomas Born 1839 Died 1913
WOZNIAK, Lagonia T. Spouse of Stanley J. Born 1901 Died 1959
WOZNIAK, Stanley J. Spouse of Lagonia T. Born 1907 Died uncut
WRIGHT, Belle E. Spouse of John S. Born 1857 Died 1922
WRIGHT, Charles E. Spouse of Fannie T. Born 1881 Died 1923
WRIGHT, Fannie T. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1882 Died 1945
WRIGHT, John S. Spouse of Belle E. Born 1853 Died 1928
WYSE, Keith Phillip Born 3-26-1935 Died 9-2-1935
YERGENS, Clara B. Spouse of Walter H. Born 1903 Died 2000
YERGENS, Walter H. Spouse of Clara B. Born 1899 Died 1984 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
YORK, Alvah B. Born 1843 - Civil War Vet, Co I 109th and 51st Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 7-25-1865 at Alexandria VA.
YORK, Amy Born 1816 Died 1864
YORK, David D. Born 1840 Died 9-1-1862 - Civil War, Co D, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Died in Hospital at Alexandria VA.
YORK, Edgar D. Born 1837 - Civil War Vet, Co D, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Discharged 2-17-1864 to accept promotion as 1st Lt. in 2nd North Carolina Vols.
YORK, John W. Died 1-19-1859 Age 16y 1m 11d - Large stone laying on the ground. Inscription reads: Barney York built the 1st house in Scio Village in 1809 and this stone was used as the mantle or board shelf over the fire place. Barney York's father was a member of the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773. They dressed as Indians.]
YORK, Thomas N. Born 1840 Died 5-17-1864 - Civil War DOD, Co I 109th NYS Vols, Pvt. Died of Disease
YOUNG, Anna Mary Spouse of Charles S. Born 1927 Died 2001
YOUNG, Brock E. Born 7-15-1977 Died 9-17-2002 Age 25y - Son of Richard A. & M. Roxanne Graves Young b. Olean, NY d. Amity, NY "Catch 22"
YOUNG, Caroline E. Thomas Spouse of L. B. Young Born 1840 Died 1928
YOUNG, Charles H. Spouse of F. Adelaide Born 1844 Died 1928
YOUNG, Charles S. Spouse of Anna Mary Born 1927 Died uncut
YOUNG, Douglas V. Spouse of Roberta J. Walker Born 2-11-1934 Died 2-15-2005 Age 71y - Son of Lester C. & Aldine Vincent Young, Sr. b. & d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 6-7-1958 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sp3
YOUNG, Edythe Essie Spouse of Willard M. Born 1905 Died 1993
YOUNG, F. Adelaide Spouse of Charles H. Born 1863 Died 1930
YOUNG, Lester C. Spouse of Phyllis F. Born 1922 Died 1980
YOUNG, Lewis B. Spouse of Caroline E. Thomas Born 1837 Died 1920 - Civil War Vet, Co C 67th NYS Vols, Pvt. Transferred to Co C 65th Inf. Discharged with detachment 6-23-1865 at Halls Hill VA
YOUNG, M. Roxanne "Roxie" Spouse of Richard A. Born 5-10-1949 Died 7-27-2009 Age 60y - Dau of Clair E. "Spiz" & Mary C. Dodson Graves b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 4-3-1976
YOUNG, Phyllis Spouse of Lester C. Born 2-9-1925 Died 8-3-2012 Age 87y - Dau of Howard D. & Margaret White Fay b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-4-1946 Scio's Town Historian for more than 25 years
YOUNG, Phyllis F. Spouse of Lester C. Born 1925 Died uncut
YOUNG, Roberta J. Walker Spouse of Douglas V. Born 12-23-1931 Died 9-26-2004 Age 72y - Dau of Glenn R. & Margaret Cornwall Walker. Wed 6-7-1958
YOUNG, Willard M. Spouse of Edythe Essie Born 1894 Died 1952
YOUNGLOVE, Alice V. Died 5-2-1850 Age 1y 9m 12d - Dau of (Could not read)
YOUNGLOVE, Cantharidda O. Spouse of G. G. Younglove Died 11-9-1819 Age 23y 3m 2d


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