Fairlawn Cemetery
Town of Scio
This cemetery was walked, recorded and photographed in the summer of 2005 and updated since by Eleanor Schwalb.


ACKLEY, Almira Davis. Spouse of Wm. G.. Born 1-10-1822, died 2-28-1887
ACKLEY, William G.. Spouse of Almira Davis. Born 3-18-1818, died 5-3-1881
ADAMS, Candace. Spouse of Col. Roswell, died 11-22-1863. Age: 73y
ADAMS, Harriet. Spouse of Luther, died 2-22-1879. Age: 81y
ADAMS, Luther. Spouse of Harriet, died 11-9-1866. Age: 76y
ADAMS, Roswell, Col.. Spouse of Candace, died 8-28-1872. Age: 79y
ALDRICH, Carol "Kato". Spouse of Carole A. Seaman. Born 2/14/1936, died 9/20/2012. Age: 76y - Son of Harry & Ida Gowdy Aldrich b. Town of Alma NY d. Tuscon AZ Wed 12-26-1964 - Cold War Vet, US Army, 7th Inf Div. 1955-58
ALLEN, Henry D.. Born 11-4-1894, died 12-2-1977 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
ALLYN, Clarence A.. Spouse of Pearl J.. Born 1887, died 1968
ALLYN, Pearl J.. Spouse of Clarence A.. Born 1883, died 1951
AMES, Alfred J.. Born 7-17-1885, died 12-23-1943 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 81st Field Arty, 8 Div, Cook
AMES, Elizbeth C.. Spouse of Henry. Born 1908, died 1974
AMES, Frank. Born 6-28-1891, died 6-11-1892 - Son of Jesse F. & Minnie Ames
AMES, Henry. Spouse of Elizabeth C.. Born 1905, died 1983
AMES, Jesse F.. Spouse of Minnie. Born 5-19-1859, died uncut
AMES, Minnie. Spouse of Jesse F.. Born 6-17-1865, died 4-29-1897
ANDERSON, James Arthur. Born 6-9-1931, died 3-6-1958 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Cpl
ANDERSON, James J.. Spouse of Neva P.. Born 1890, died 1972
ANDERSON, Neva P.. Spouse of James J.. Born 1898, died 1982
ANGEL, Calvin. Spouse of Lucinda. Born 1804, died 1854
ANGEL, Frank. Spouse of Mary J.. Born 1833, died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co. K 86th Regt NYS Vols
ANGEL, Lucinda. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1812, died 1892
ANGEL, Mary J.. Spouse of Frank. Born 1841, died 1925
ANGELL, Carrie M.. Born 1872, died 1932
ANGELL, Earl W.. Spouse of Hazel B.. Born 1891, died 1977
ANGELL, Frances B.. Born 1917, died 1921
ANGELL, Hazel B.. Spouse of Earl W.. Born 1897, died 1971
ANGELL, Jay S.. Born 1/30/1921, died 9-14-2014. Age: 93y - Son of Earl & Hazel Black Angell, b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt. 1942-1945
ANGELL, Joseph R.. Born 1866, died 1913
ANGOOD, Norma "June". Spouse of Robert L.. Born 6/1/1929, died 4/21/2011. Age: 81y - Dau of Josiah C. & Ethel A. Jacobs Franke b. CoudersportPA d. Rochester NY. Wed 4-10-1948 in Coudersport PA
ANGOOD, Norma J.. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 1929, died uncut
ANGOOD, Robert L.. Spouse of Norma J.. Born 3-22-1923, died 9-7-1998 - Wed 4-10-1948 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
APSEN, Mina E.. Born 1883, died 1900
APSEY, Fannie E.. Spouse of John T.. Born 1844, died 1905
APSEY, Forrest D., died 1-15-1888. Age: 21y - Son of John T. & Fanny D. Apsen Blessed Are They Who Believe In The Lord
APSEY, John T.. Spouse of Fannie E., died 10-10-1883. Age: 45y 7m 24d
ASQUITH, Douglas W.. Spouse of Lucille W.. Born 1905, died 1965
ASQUITH, Frank W. Rev.. Spouse of Lenora C.. Born 1867, died 1943
ASQUITH, Lenora C.. Spouse of Rev. Frank W.. Born 1874, died 1949
ASQUITH, Lucille W.. Spouse of Douglas W.. Born 1910, died uncut
ATKINS, Penny Lea (White). Born 2-15-1946, died 11-25-2020. Age: 74 - Dau of Delbert V. and Dorothea I. (Schram) White. Born in Wellsville NY, died in Sayre PA. Two sons with Alfred W. Atkins.
AUMICK, Jeremy Michael. Born 1976, died 1977 - Son of Gerald & Deborah Young Aumick. In Memory of Our Son
AUSTIN, Alice Griesemer. Born 1880, died 1940
AUSTIN, David W.. Born 1877, died 1943
AUSTIN, Donald L. V.. Born 1919, died 1942
AUSTIN, Elizabeth. Spouse of John A.. Born 1861, died 1887
AUSTIN, Elmer P.. Spouse of N. Belle. Born 1885, died 1965
AUSTIN, Estella M.. Spouse of Olin S.. Born 1900, died 1972
AUSTIN, F. Glenn. Born 1908, died uncut
AUSTIN, Glenn F.. Spouse of Nina P.. Born 1898, died 1977
AUSTIN, Inez. Born 1872, died 1950
AUSTIN, Ira E.. Spouse of Lolo A.. Born 1881, died 1968
AUSTIN, John A.. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1855, died 1917
AUSTIN, Lillian Rose Stiegler "Lily". Spouse of Victor Jean "Chuckles". Born 4-21-1930, died 3-10-1990
AUSTIN, Lolo A.. Spouse of Ira E.. Born 1889, died 1953
AUSTIN, Lydia M., died 3-24-1898. Age: 72y - [Mother]
AUSTIN, N. Belle. Spouse of Elmer P.. Born 1887, died 1964
AUSTIN, Nian P.. Spouse of Glenn F.. Born 1904, died uncut
AUSTIN, Olin S.. Spouse of Estella M.. Born 1901, died 1951
AUSTIN, Victor Jean "Chuckles". Spouse of Lillian Rose Stiegler "Lily". Born 1-9-1928, died 5-12-2003. Age: 75y - Son of Cecil & Gertrude Poste Austin
BABBITT, Adaline Hall. Spouse of John David. Born 1872, died 1961
BABBITT, Alice M. "Dammy". Spouse of Milo F.. Born 1885, died 1972
BABBITT, Bertha W.. Born 1900, died 1908
BABBITT, Burnham J.. Born 1909, died 1987
BABBITT, Carol M. (Dunn) Tanner. Spouse of #1James H. Tanner, #2 Walter J. Babbitt. Born 10-11-1951, died 12-13-2006 - Dau of Donald Robert & Pruella Edith Toombs Dunn b. Coudersport Pa. d. Wellsville NY, "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know"
BABBITT, Caroline M.. Spouse of Joseph L.. Born 1844, died 1903
BABBITT, Clarissa. Born 1834, died 1910
BABBITT, Clayton J.. Born 1878, died 1936
BABBITT, Clayton J.. Spouse of Doris A.. Born 1935, died 1981
BABBITT, Doris A.. Spouse of Clayton J.. Born 1937, died uncut
BABBITT, Frank. Born 1898, died 1963
BABBITT, Helen G.. Born 1917, died 1994
BABBITT, John David. Spouse of Adaline Hall. Born 1872, died 1954
BABBITT, Joseph L.. Spouse of Caroline M.. Born 1839, died 1914
BABBITT, Katie C.. Spouse of Myron E.. Born 1868, died 1930 - [Mother]
BABBITT, Linda L. Hostey. Spouse of Robert A.. Born 1941, died uncut
BABBITT, Lyman Clayton. Born 1911, died 1949
BABBITT, Madeline E.. Born 1931, died 1933
BABBITT, Mary Ann. Born 1934, died 1946
BABBITT, Mary E.. Born 1906, died 1976
BABBITT, Milo F.. Spouse of Alice M. "Dammy". Born 1866, died 1942
BABBITT, Myron E.. Spouse of Katie C.. Born 1859, died 1932 - [Father]
BABBITT, Ophella G.. Spouse of Orson L.. Born 1895, died 1981
BABBITT, Orson L.. Spouse of Ophella G.. Born 1894, died 1964
BABBITT, Robert A.. Spouse of Linda L. Hostey. Born 8-13-1931, died 3-12-1999. Age: 67y - Son of Orson L. & Ophella G. Gavitt Babbitt
BABBITT, Walter J.. Spouse of Carol M. Tanner. Born 6-15-1924, died 6-12-2001. Age: 76y - Son of Orson L. & Ophelia Gavitt Babbitt. [I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know]
BABBITT, Williamm. E.. Born 12-12-1831, died 1-1-1892 - Civil War Vet, Co. B 188th Inf NYS Vols
BABBITT, Willis G.. Born 6-27-1850, died 8-26-1912
BABCOCK, Albert A.. Born 1852, died 1924
BABCOCK, Doctor James U., died 12-18-1869. Age: 33y
BABCOCK, Eleanor. Born 1826, died 1903
BABCOCK, Grover Martin. Born 2-1871, died 7-1872. Age: Infant - Infant son of Francis G. & Elizabeth Babcock
BABCOCK, Josephine C.. Born 1855, died 1934
BABCOCK, Lee I.. Born 1892, died 1919
BABCOCK, Mrs. Isabella. Born 1836, died 1896
BAISLEY, Charles T.. Spouse of Janet F.. Born 1871, died 1954
BAISLEY, Janet F.. Spouse of Charles T.. Born 1865, died 1957
BAKER, Bertha Herald - Stone, but no dates [At Rest]
BAKER, Harriet. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1856, died 1911 - [Mother]
BAKER, Lewis. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1853, died 1920 - [Father]
BAKER, Lydia W.. Born 1868, died 1946
BAKER, Marjorie V.. Born 1923, died 1994
BAKKER, Melva A.. Born 1886, died 1926
BALL, Erven D., died 8-28-1863. Age: 8y 1m 21d - Son of D. H. & A. A. Ball
BALL, George W.. Spouse of Lucilla M.. Born 1860, died 1909
BALL, Lucilla M.. Spouse of George W.. Born 1863, died 1918
BALL, Samuel G.. Born 1886, died 1965
BARBER, Ashley B.. Born 1903, died 1909 - Son of Volney & Myrtle Barber
BARBER, Ethel. Spouse of William L.. Born 1880, died 1962
BARBER, Myrtle B.. Spouse of Volney D.. Born 1877, died 1970
BARBER, Onalee. Born 1907, died 1929 - Dau of William L. & Ethel Barber
BARBER, Volney D.. Spouse of Myrtle B.. Born 1875, died 1939
BARBER, William L.. Spouse of Ethel. Born 1877, died 1965
BARHIGHT, Daisy A.. Born 1879, died 1934
BARHIGHT, Harry W.. Born 1872, died 1940
BARHIGHT, Howard A.. Born 1903, died 1986
BARLOW, George E Jr.. Spouse of Reta M. Krusen. Born 1-30-1920, died 4-2-2020. Age: 91 - Son of George E. Sr. and Effie M. (Young) Barlow. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Scio NY. Wed 7-25-1948 in Wellsville, two children. - Cold War Vet, US Navy, 1948-1950
BARLOW, Reta M. (Krusen). Spouse of George E. Jr.. Born 10-5-1927, died 8-16-2022. Age: 94 - Dau of Clarence C. and Hazel E. (Clark) Krusen. Born lived, and died in Scio NY. Wed 7-25-1948 in Wellsville NY, two children.
BARRY, Terrence Lee. Born 1951, died 1980
BASCOM, Baby Mortie, died 5-31-1871. Age: 3m - Son of E. G. & E. F. Bascom
BASCOM, Hiram Gilbert, died 11-18-1864. Age: 23y 11m - Son of A. & M. A. Bascom
BATCHELDER, Esther Major. Born 1913, died uncut
BAXTER, Harriet Davis. Spouse of James. Born 9-22-1812, died 12-6-1880
BEACH, Anna M.. Born 1852, died 1909 - [Glorious Mother]
BEACH, Charles A.. Born 1849, died 1928
BEACH, Herbert L.. Born 1886, died 1934
BEEBEE, Bruce M.. Born 6-1-1935, died 8-30-1998 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sp2
BEMENT, Grace B.. Spouse of Jesse G.. Born 1893, died 1984
BEMENT, Jesse G.. Spouse of Grace B.. Born 1885, died 1966
BENJAMIN, Alfred L.. Born 1861, died 1941
BENJAMIN, Amy E.. Born 1852, died 1854
BENJAMIN, Charles A.. Spouse of Freda I.. Born 1912, died 1977
BENJAMIN, Charles H.. Born 1854, died 1855
BENJAMIN, Clarinda. Born 4-24-1844, died 10-12-1844
BENJAMIN, David. Spouse of Lorenda. Born 3-4-1818, died 9-18-1892
BENJAMIN, Edwin D.. Born 1860, died 1907
BENJAMIN, Emery W.. Born 1856, died 1907
BENJAMIN, Freda I.. Spouse of Charles A.. Born 1917, died 1993
BENJAMIN, Hiram. Spouse of Mary. Born 1819, died 1901
BENJAMIN, John W., died 10-16-1891. Age: 30y
BENJAMIN, Lorenda. Spouse of David. Born 5-26-1824, died 12-16-1902
BENJAMIN, Louisa Young. Born 1833, died 1906
BENJAMIN, Mary. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1819, died 1900
BENJAMIN, William F.. Born 1858, died 1888
BENJAMIN, William M.. Born 1822, died 1875
BENSON, Shelley Sue. Born 5/7/1974, died 11/9/2012. Age: 38y - Dau of Francis & Carol White Slocum, b. Wellsville NY d. Wilmington NC
BENTLEY, Allen - No dates - Civil War Vet, Co I, 95th Inf NYS Vols
BENTLEY, Beatrice I.. Spouse of Lewis C.. Born 1897, died 1968 - [Mother]
BENTLEY, Edward C.. Spouse of Geraldine J.. Born 7-8-1921, died 5-18-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
BENTLEY, Edward C.. Born 1-10-1886, died 10-1-1895
BENTLEY, Geraldine J.. Spouse of Edward C.. Born 1925, died uncut
BENTLEY, Lewis C.. Spouse of Beatrice I.. Born 1897, died 1963 - [Father]
BENTLEY, Nancy C. Knickerbocker. Born 9-10-1831, died 4-13-1901
BENTLEY, Randall E. Sr.. Spouse of Lynn Green. Born 4/27/1948, died 9/19/2013. Age: 65y - Son of Edward & Geraldine Treft Bentley b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-15-1967 in Wellsville NY - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, 9 years
BESSY, Charles C.. Spouse of Eunice J.. Born 1878, died 1949
BESSY, Eunice J.. Spouse of Charles C.. Born 1884, died uncut
BILLS, Eugene D.. Spouse of Irene B.. Born 1897, died 1968
BILLS, Irene B.. Spouse of Eugene D.. Born 3-23-1910, died 1-29-2000 - Dau of Davis J. & Jessie F. Coyle Browning
BISSELL, Cyrus A.. Spouse of Sarah M.. Born 1847, died 1913
BISSELL, Fred H.. Born 1846, died 1924
BISSELL, Hiram, died 1-12-1867. Age: 17y 9m
BISSELL, Nelia B., died 11-11-1855. Age: 7y 2m 17d - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
BISSELL, Sarah M.. Spouse of Cyrus A.. Born 1854, died 1943
BLACK, A. J.. Born 2-26-1858, died 4-13-1932 - [His Will Be Done]
BLACK, Aaron O.. Born 1881, died 1956
BLACK, Adeline T.. Born 1838, died uncut
BLACK, Alexander. Born 1819, died 1889
BLACK, Amanda M.. Born 1826, died 1908 - [His Wife]
BLACK, Anna R.. Spouse of Miles A.. Born 1865, died 1953 - [Mother]
BLACK, Augusta I.. Spouse of Lewis A.. Born 1851, died 1912
BLACK, Barbara H.. Spouse of Lynn D.. Born 1945, died uncut
BLACK, Charles. Spouse of Minerva. Born 1830, died 1907
BLACK, Coral S.. Born 1889, died 1975
BLACK, David L.. Born 1955, died 1979
BLACK, Donald M.. Born 1-11-1929, died 2-6-1953 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. C 806th Engr. AVN BN
BLACK, Doris G.. Born 1910, died 1981
BLACK, Edith M.. Spouse of Richard A.. Born 1-31-1930, died 8-12-2008. Age: 78y - Dau of Percy & Bessie Dutton Skiver b. Portville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-29-1951 in Olean NY
BLACK, Ella F.. Spouse of A. J. Black. Born 8-8-1857, died 2-23-1912
BLACK, Elmer E.. Born 1862, died 1929
BLACK, Eugene T.. Spouse of Martha V.. Born 1875, died 1945
BLACK, Eva R.. Spouse of Will L.. Born 1876, died 1955
BLACK, Frank L.. Spouse of Louisa. Born 1860, died 1933
BLACK, George A.. Born 1875, died 1933
BLACK, girl & boy - No dates
BLACK, Gordon M.. Born 9-7-1920, died 2-14-1977 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
BLACK, Grace M.. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 4-26-1920, died 6-27-2005. Age: 85y - Dau of Otto & Mary Potter Smith. Wed 12-24-1940
BLACK, Gregory Paul. Born 1/24/1975, died 7/5/2018. Age: 43y - Son of Marcella Black Tronetti & Stepfather Charles "Bud" Tronetti b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NYA humanist & champion of social justice issues
BLACK, Howard. Born 1920, died 1932
BLACK, infant. Born 1869, died 1869
BLACK, infant son, died 3-10-1869. Age: 16d - Child of K. S. & Mary Black [Little Ones Who Left Us Lonely, Watch Us Through The Gates Afar]
BLACK, James H.. Born 1843, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, 6th Regt NYS Vols
BLACK, John P.. Born 1830, died 2-8-1862. Age: 32y
BLACK, Judith A.. Born 1948, died 1996 - [Beloved Mother & Grandmother]
BLACK, Julia. Spouse of William D., died 12-29-1841. Age: 32y
BLACK, K. S.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1840, died 1921
BLACK, King S.. Born 1900, died 1950
BLACK, King S. III. Spouse of Patricia A.. Born 7-9-1933, died 11-8-1996 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
BLACK, Lawrence. Born 8-16-1923, died 2-11-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
BLACK, Leo M.. Spouse of Lulu G.. Born 1890, died 1960
BLACK, Leon. Born 1894, died 1930
BLACK, Louisa. Spouse of F. L. Black. Born 1856, died 1892
BLACK, Lucy H.. Born 1899, died 1962
BLACK, Lulu G.. Spouse of Leo M.. Born 1890, died 1984
BLACK, Lynn D.. Spouse of Barbara H.. Born 4-28-1944, died 1-10-2001. Age: 56y - Son of King S. & Doris Green Black II. Wed 5-15-1965
BLACK, Marguerite C.. Born 1881, died 1961
BLACK, Martha V.. Spouse of Eugene T.. Born 1876, died 1954
BLACK, Mary E.. Spouse of K. S. Black. Born 1842, died 1920
BLACK, Miles A.. Spouse of Anna R.. Born 1864, died 1940 - [Father]
BLACK, Minerva. Spouse of Charles. Born 1830, died 1907
BLACK, Nettie L.. Spouse of Walter M.. Born 1862, died 1948
BLACK, Norman E.. Born 1914, died 1932
BLACK, Onalee M.. Spouse of Richard P.. Born 1937, died 1968 - [Mom]
BLACK, Patricia A.. Spouse of King S.. Born 1937, died uncut
BLACK, Patricia A. (Fisher) Jadwin. Spouse of #1-Richard Jadwin Sr; #2-King S. Black, III. Born 2-16-1937, died 1-10-2024. Age: 86y - Dau of Edward & Dorothy (Clark) Fisher. Born, lived, and died in Wellsville, NY. Married Richard 12-2-1955; married King 1959. Five sons.
BLACK, Rebea. Born 1891, died 1908 - Dau of A. J. & Frances Black
BLACK, Richard A.. Spouse of Edith M. (Skiver). Born 8-15-1926, died 5-22-2023. Age: 96y - Son of Aaron Orlando & Marguerite (Carr) Black. Born in the town of Ward, NY; lived in Wellsville, NY; died in Rochester, NY. Married 12-29-1951 in Olean, NY. Two sons. WWII vet, US Navy 1944-1946.
BLACK, Richard P.. Spouse of Onalee M.. Born 12-7-1934, died 6-27-1987 - [Dad. Our Loved Ones Sleep Here] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
BLACK, Robert L.. Spouse of Grace M.. Born 11-7-1918, died 6-24-2003 - Wed 12-24-1940 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
BLACK, Sarah M.. Spouse of Grant. Born 1859, died 1929
BLACK, Solley, died 4-17-1869. Age: 4y 2m 20d - Child of K. S. & Mary Black [Little Ones Who Left Us Lonely, Watch Us Through The Gates Afar]
BLACK, Solomon L.. Born 1865, died 1869
BLACK, Victor G.. Born 1938, died 1957
BLACK, Walter M.. Spouse of Nettie L.. Born 1861, died 1937
BLACK, Ward M.. Born 1897, died 1948
BLACK, Will L.. Spouse of Eva R.. Born 1876, died 1955
BLACK, William A.. Born 6-23-1833, died 12-31-1890
BLACK, William D.. Spouse of Julia, died 3-24-1888. Age: 68y
BLACK, William G.. Born 1870, died 1878
BLACK, William H., died 2-6-1864. Age: 23y - Son of W. D. & J. Black
BLACK, William R., died 4-4-1871. Age: 8y - Could also be 1870 - Age also in question
BLACK, Wilma Eileen. Born 1919, died 1989 - [Love Forever]
BLILVEN, Harriet A.. Spouse of Gilbert. Born 1843, died 1903
BLIVEN, Caroline. Born 1826, died 1910
BLIVEN, Charles H.. Spouse of Mary Alzina Chaffee. Born 1827, died 1923
BLIVEN, Gilbert. Spouse of Harriet A.. Born 1833, died 1896
BLIVEN, J. N.. Born 1820, died 1907
BLIVEN, John B.. Spouse of Mary D., died 3-25-1876. Age: 45y
BLIVEN, Mary Alzina Chaffee. Spouse of Charles H.. Born 1833, died 1911
BLIVEN, Mary D.. Spouse of John B., died 9-7-1903. Age: 78y
BLIVEN, Phinnie E., died 3-4-1881. Age: 17y - Dau of J. B. & M. D. Bliven
BOESEMBARK, Chas.. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1809, died 1885
BOESEMBARK, Margaret. Spouse of Chas.. Born 1828, died 1900
BOSENBARK, Charles - No dates
BOSENBARK, Charlotte - No dates
BOSENBARK, James M., died 1862
BOSENBARK, Susanna, died 1864
BOSENBARK, William D., died 1862. Age: 22y - Died Long Island, NY
BOYCE, Kathryn Collins. Spouse of Maynard. Born 10-14-1919, died 9-29-2005. Age: 85y - Dau of William & Frances Smith Collins b. Scio, NY d. Delaware, Ohio. Wed 11-26-1939 in Scio, NY
BOYCE, Maynard. Spouse of Kathryn Collins. Born 1917, died 3-31-1997
BOYCE, Michael P.. Born 1949, died 1975
BOYD, Chas W., died 4-1-1877. Age: 27y - [My Husband]
BOYER, Robert D.. Spouse of Stacy L.. Born 7-13-1951, died 10-1-2001 - Son of Robert & Lois Sterneman Boyer. Wed 8-31-2001. [I'm In Love With Ya Baby..Your Baby Doll]
BOYER, Stacy L.. Spouse of Robert D.. Born 5-8-1970, died uncut
BOYLE, J. Richard. Born 3-21-1949, died 3-22-1949 - Son of Beverly & Dana Boyle
BRADSHAW, Arvilla A.. Spouse of James, died 5-6-1891. Age: 63y
BRADSHAW, James. Spouse of Arvilla A., died 2-14-1863. Age: 46y - Civil War Vet, Co. E Cav NYS Vols
BRANDS, Ernest L.. Spouse of Maude E.. Born 1887, died 6-3-1952
BRANDS, Frances E.. Spouse of Marvin M. Brands. Born 1900, died 1946 - Second Wife of Marvin M. Brands
BRANDS, Hattie J.. Spouse of Lafayette M.. Born 1860, died 1940
BRANDS, Helen E., died 1910 - Dau of Ernest & Maude Brands
BRANDS, Herbert J.. Born 1914, died 1972 - [In Memory of Our Son] (Interred in the Mansion Memorial Park, Ellenton, FL)
BRANDS, Lafayette M.. Spouse of Hattie J.. Born 1851, died 1900
BRANDS, Leland M.. Born 1917, died 1944
BRANDS, Marvin M.. Spouse of #1 Vida M., #2 Frances E.. Born 1889, died 1947
BRANDS, Maude E.. Spouse of Ernest L.. Born 8-19-1889, died 5-18-1973 - Dau of James & Elizabeth Gorton Flint
BRANDS, Vida M.. Spouse of Marvin M.. Born 1887, died 1920
BRAYMILLER, Judith Ann (Evans). Spouse of Wayne G.. Born 9-24-1939, died 1-10-2024. Age: 84y - Dau of Arnold R. & Helen L. (Holmes) Evans. Born in Salamanca, NY; lived and died in Wellsville, NY. Married 4-30-1960 in Salamanca, NY. Five children (one adopted).
BRAYMILLER, Mary Ann. Born 7-3-1967, died 3-5-2005. Age: 37y - Dau of Robert & Barbara Zalewski Horton
BREIDING, Agnes L. (Stark). Spouse of John S.. Born 1900, died 10/31/1965
BREIDING, Gerald Lee. Spouse of Trudy Robinson. Born 5-10-1948, died 12-18-2021. Age: 73 - Son of John S. and Agnes L. (Stark) Breiding.Born in Belmont NY, lived in Howe IN, died in Fort Wayne IN. An over-the-road trucker. Wed 6-23-1999 in Sturgis IN, one daughter. (Spouse d. 11-24-2020) - Vietnam Vet, US Army, E2
BREIDING, John Sebastian. Spouse of #1 Agnes L. Stark, #2 Mabel Simpson. Born 2/23/1900, died 4/21/1999. Age: 99 - Son of John and Krazin (Ripple) Breiding. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Wellsville NY, died in Cuba NY. A dairy farmer. Three children with Agnes.
BREIDING, Mabel (Simpson). Born 1919, died 9/15/1978
BREWSTER, Belle, died 8-17-1856. Age: 1y 7m 23d
BREWSTER, Capt. E. Geo., died 6-27-1862. Age: 26y 11m 16d - Civil War Vet, Killed in the Battle of Gains Mills, Va.
BREWSTER, Edward Miller. Spouse of Pauline Perkins. Born 12-16-1915, died 1-9-2001 - WW II Vet, US Air Force, 1/Lt. Purple Heart
BREWSTER, Fanny E.. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1824, died 1872
BREWSTER, Florence, died 7-17-1863. Age: 5y
BREWSTER, George S.. Born 10-9-1861, died 3-1-1915 - [Woodman of the World Memorial]
BREWSTER, Joseph. Spouse of Fanny E.. Born 1814, died 1902
BREWSTER, Pauline. Spouse of Edward M.. Born 8-9-1911, died 5-8-2006. Age: 94y - Dau of Burrett & Estella Browning Perkins b. Andover, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 11-8-1946 in Wellsville, NY
BREWSTER, Sheldon, died 8-24-1867. Age: 60y 10m 18d
BREWSTER, Sophrona, died 4-18-1868. Age: 35y - [We Miss You]
BRISBEE, Floyd L.. Spouse of Gladys M.. Born 10--6-1928, died 12-3-1999 - [Together Forever] - WW II Vet, US Navy, F2
BRISBEE, Gladys M.. Spouse of Floyd L.. Born 7-5-1930, died 1-31-2002 - [Together Forever]
BRODIE, Francis, died 12-18-1878 - [My Husband]
BRODIE, Lizzie M.. Born 7-1863, died 5-1913
BROOKS, A. R., died 12-28-1862. Age: 53y
BROOKS, Mabel C.. Spouse of Geo. C.. Born 1875, died 1961
BROWN, A. Curtis. Spouse of Grace M.. Born 1886, died 1956
BROWN, Aaron D.. Spouse of Martha W.. Born 12-6-1802, died 8-31-1877
BROWN, Adelbert H.. Born 8-5-1913, died 2-10-1977
BROWN, Albert. Born 1-1-1853, died 9-2-1925
BROWN, Caroline H.. Born 1831, died 1903
BROWN, Elizabeth M.. Born 7-5-1835, died 2-16-1851 - Dau of A. D. & M. W. Brown
BROWN, Eugenia. Born 1875, died 1877
BROWN, George S.. Spouse of Violet I.. Born 1881, died 1962
BROWN, Grace M.. Spouse of A. Curtis. Born 1891, died 1990
BROWN, Henrietta G.. Born 7-28-1833, died 12-31-1841 - Dau of A. D. & M. W. Brown
BROWN, J. J.. Born 1862, died 1890
BROWN, John Edward. Born 11/10/1955, died 1977 - Son of Francis and Leila (Miller) Brown. Born in Wellsville NY, drowned near Ft. Belvoir VA. - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, 15th Combat Support Hospital, Medic
BROWN, John M.. Born 4-22-1839, died 7-23-1871
BROWN, Martha W.. Spouse of Aaron D.. Born 6-21-1811, died 12-2-1883
BROWN, Mary. Born 1873, died 1878
BROWN, Pearl. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1896, died 1965
BROWN, Raymond Michael. Born 1961, died 1965
BROWN, Sally. Spouse of Simeon - No dates [Mother]
BROWN, Samuel. Born 1856, died 1942
BROWN, Sarah L. Hall. Spouse of Demster, died 10-17-1878. Age: 23y 21d
BROWN, Thomas. Born 1856, died 1937
BROWN, Thomas. Spouse of Pearl. Born 1895, died 1981
BROWN, Violet I.. Spouse of George S.. Born 1888, died 1965
BROWNING, Albert, died 1887
BROWNING, Alfred L.. Born 1846, died 1856 - Child of Welcome H. & Betsy Moore
BROWNING, Betsy Moore. Spouse of Welcome H.. Born 12-6-1814, died 12-16-1891
BROWNING, Caroline M. Judson D.. Spouse of Judson D.. Born 4/20/1915, died 8/19/2014. Age: 99y - Dau of Andrew & Minnie Helmhold Braunschweiger b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-20-1935 in Friendship NY
BROWNING, Charles E.. Born 1860, died 1860 - Child of Welcome H. & Betsy Moore
BROWNING, Davis, died 4-28-1871. Age: 68y
BROWNING, Davis Edwin. Born 1925, died 1945
BROWNING, Davis Judson. Born 1873, died 1950
BROWNING, E. Mary, died 9-12-1903. Age: 93y
BROWNING, Ellen Sarah. Born 1908, died 1910
BROWNING, Ezra M.. Born 1841, died 1858 - Child of Welcome H. & Betsy Moore
BROWNING, Geo. D., died 4-8-1863. Age: 17y
BROWNING, Giles, died 5-31-1867. Age: 28y - Stone made in Belfast
BROWNING, Ida May, died 1948
BROWNING, infant son. Born 1917, died 1917
BROWNING, Jessie Coyle. Born 1885, died 1966
BROWNING, Judson, died 2-9-1852. Age: 22y
BROWNING, Judson D.. Spouse of Caroline M.. Born 5-15-1912, died 5-14-2004. Age: 91y - Son of Davis J. & Jessie F. Coyle Browning b. & d. Scio, NY. Wed 11-20-1935 in Friendship, NY
BROWNING, Katherine A.. Spouse of William Q. Born 1855, died 1936 - [Mother]
BROWNING, Lewis Daniel, died 1905
BROWNING, Lewis Dickerson, died 1942
BROWNING, Maude Muller, died 1942
BROWNING, Robert Charles. Born 1921, died 1926
BROWNING, Ruby Adelisa, died 1921
BROWNING, Sarah Dickerson, died 1921
BROWNING, Welcome H.. Spouse of Betsy Moore. Born 8-25-1810, died 7-31-1889
BROWNING, William Q.. Spouse of Katherine A.. Born 1846, died 1936 - [Father]
BROWNING, Willie, died 1883. Age: Infant - Infant son of Lewis & Louise Browning
BRUNDAGE, Robert E.. Spouse of Ruby L.. Born 1915, died 1993
BRUNDAGE, Ruby L.. Spouse of Robert E.. Born 4-13-1918, died 4-3-2003. Age: 84y - Dau of Clark A. & Maude A. Phillips Perry b. Alma, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 12-20-1941 in Genesee, Pa.
BUCK, Edward. Born 6-25-1951, died 5-3-1975 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp5
BUCK, Etheli "Danny". Born 8-13-1921, died 4-25-2005 - Dau of Reynolds & Lulu Danielsen b. Detroit MI d. Wellsville NY
BUCKLEY, Benjamin J.. Spouse of Grace. Born 1888, died 11-16-1933 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pvt. Med Dept.
BUCKLEY, Chester. Spouse of Libbie M.. Born 1878, died 1937 - [Friendship, Love & Truth]
BUCKLEY, Grace. Spouse of Benjamin J.. Born 1896, died 1983
BUCKLEY, John B.. Born 1/17/1927, died 4/17/2011. Age: 84y - Son of Benjamin J. & Grace Young Buckley b. & d. Wellsville NY
BUCKLEY, Libbie M.. Spouse of Chester. Born 1884, died 1976
BUCKLEY, Lillian F.. Spouse of Marshall. Born 5-9-1926, died 1-4-2007 - Dau of John & Barbara Speich Nimm b. Arpin, Wisc. d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 12-24-1942 in Albany, Ga.
BUCKLEY, Marshall J.. Spouse of Lillian F. Nimm. Born 12/23/2022, died 3/24/2014. Age: 91y - Son of Chester & Libbie Marshall Buckley b. Unknown d. Scio NY. Wed 12-24-1942 in Albany GAWW II Vet, US Air Force - WW II Vet, US Air Force
BUCKLEY, William H.. Spouse of Ann Akers. Born 2/19/1930, died 2/27/2011. Age: 81y - Son of Benjamin J. & Grace Young Buckley b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 12-7-1953 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BUNNELL, Ann. Spouse of S. F. Bunnell. Born 9-21-1819, died 1-17-1893
BUNNELL, Doris B.. Born 1916, died 1984
BUNNELL, Dorothy J.. Born 1926, died 1928
BUNNELL, Eldyn L.. Spouse of M. Beatrice. Born 1891, died 1951
BUNNELL, George W.. Born 11-18-1886, died 12-31-1964 - Uncategorzed Vet, Co 4,152nd Depot Brigade, Pvt
BUNNELL, John. Born 1-26-1851, died 7-17-1867
BUNNELL, M. Beatrice. Spouse of Eldyn L.. Born 1892, died 1976
BUNNELL, S. F.. Spouse of Ann. Born 5-14-1824, died 5-30-1866 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 67th Inf NYS Vols
BURDGE, Elmer W.. Born 1864, died 1920
BURDGE, Ettie May. Born 1868, died 1907
BURDGE, George W.. Spouse of Orpha A.. Born 4-13-1822, died 5-3-1891 - [Father]
BURDGE, Orpha. Born 3-11-1881, died 4-16-1891
BURDGE, Orpha A.. Spouse of George W.. Born 9-8-1835, died 9-29-1905 - [Mother]
BURDGE, Robert. Born 1-1-1854, died 4-6-1891
BURDICK, Almond. Spouse of Sylvia Stillman, died 11-23-1864. Age: 34y
BURDICK, David L.. Born 1950, died 1999
BURDICK, Don E.. Spouse of Doris. Born 1904, died 1977
BURDICK, Doris. Spouse of Don E.. Born 1908, died 2001
BURDICK, Edwin E.. Spouse of Mildred V.. Born 1882, died 1938 - [Father]
BURDICK, Ella H.. Born 1859, died 1943
BURDICK, Eva. Born 9-12-1851, died 1-17-1891 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
BURDICK, Gladys P.. Born 1911, died 1996
BURDICK, Mildred V.. Spouse of Edwin E.. Born 1884, died 1949 - [Mother]
BURDICK, Randall A.. Born 1914, died 1977
BURDICK, Sylvia Stillman. Spouse of Almond, died 12-24-1883. Age: 52y
BURGESS, Dawn M.. Spouse of Dale F.. Born 4-2-1944, died 1-2-2009. Age: 64y - Dau of Willis D. & Ruth D. Seely Johnson b & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-29-1968 in Scio NY
BURNS, Charles H., died 7-4-1863. Age: 19y 3m - Civil War KIA. Killed at Gettysburg
BURNS, Harry S.. Spouse of Lida P.. Born 1881, died 1961
BURNS, John C., died 5-20-1883. Age: 65y 6m
BURNS, Lida P.. Spouse of Harry S.. Born 1890, died 1965
BURNS, Louisa, died 4-11-1881. Age: 31y
BURNS, William, died 2-11-1859. Age: 7y 9m - Stone unreadable
BURROWS, Emma O.. Spouse of Lemuel P.. Born 1852, died 1927
BURROWS, Lemuel P.. Spouse of Emma O.. Born 1846, died 1915
BURT, Mary Lou Standish. Spouse of Richard E.. Born 6-13-1930, died 10-24-2000 - Dau of Harold O. & Lucy Lakin Standish
BURT, Richard E.. Spouse of Mary Lou Standish. Born 4-17-1932, died 11-7-2001 - Son of Edgar & Ruth Wallenwien Burt - Korean War Vet, US Navy, HM2
CADY, E. - [Mother] No first name or dates.
CADY, G. - [Father] No first name or dates
CAFFO, Iola E.. Spouse of Stephen L.. Born 1922, died 1988
CAFFO, Stephen L.. Spouse of Iola E.. Born 1907, died 1974
CALDECOTT, Eunice. Spouse of John. Born 1820 - Death date cemented in the ground
CALDECOTT, John. Spouse of Eunice, died 3-28-1876. Age: 55y
CALDECOTT, John R., died 6-20-1870. Age: 18y - Son of John & Eunice Caldecott
CALDECOTT, Sarah A., died 3-24-1870. Age: 13y - Dau of John & Eunice Caldecott
CALL, Ettie M., died 10-24-1884. Age: 13y - Dau of Thomas P. & Mariah E. Call
CALL, Herbert S.. Born 1849, died 1924
CALL, Lena B.. Born 1872, died 1954
CALL, Mariah E. Hale. Spouse of Thomas P.. Born 1832, died 1901
CALL, Mary R. Thomas. Born 1853, died 1908
CALL, Nellie. Born 1895, died 1906
CALL, Thomas P.. Spouse of Mariah E. Hale. Born 1820, died 1896
CANFIELD, Bertha M.. Born 1886, died 1931
CANFIELD, Brotherton, died 8-26-1865. Age: 23y 1m
CANFIELD, Eardley N.. Spouse of Susan Brotherton. Born 12-25-1817, died 2-22-1875 - [Our Parents]
CANFIELD, Edward M., died 2-3-1865. Age: 20y 2m - Son of J. E. & Hannah JA. Canfield. [A Brave Soldier and True Patriot] - Civil War DOD, Co C 65th Inf, NYS Vols, Pvt. Died of disease in Haddington Hosp, Philadelphia PA. Haddington Hosp, Philadelphia PA.
CANFIELD, Florence E.. Born 1859, died 1923 - [Mother]
CANFIELD, Forrest E.. Born 1887, died 1916
CANFIELD, Frank E.. Born 1861, died 1910 - [Father]
CANFIELD, Jeannett. Spouse of J. B. Canfield, died 1-13-1881. Age: 36y 5m
CANFIELD, John. Born 2-6-1823, died 7-24-1864 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
CANFIELD, Lyle E.. Born 1892, died 1961
CANFIELD, Milford. Born 1895, died 1913
CANFIELD, Olive Wilkins. Born 1890, died 1951
CANFIELD, Susan Brotherton. Spouse of Eardley N.. Born 12-22-1821, died 1-18-1866 - [Our Parents]
CARL, Donald Burr. Spouse of Wilma J. Kernan. Born 1/1/1925, died 7/1/2015. Age: 90y
CARL, Wilma J. (Kernan). Spouse of Donald Burr. Born 3-23-1928, died 3-26-1995
CARLE, Hannah E. Browning. Spouse of W. H. Carle, died 1-21-1861. Age: 32y 6m 12d
CARLIN, Charles Ben. Spouse of Mildred C.. Born 5-4-1937, died 10-30-1993 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
CARLIN, Charles D.. Spouse of Lillian A.. Born 1903, died 1960
CARLIN, Derrick "Joe". Born 11-2-1978, died 8-15-1996
CARLIN, Frank J.. Spouse of Phyllis I.. Born 10-25-1935, died 4-27-2003. Age: 67y - Son of Charles D. & Lillian F. Brown Carlin b. & d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 5-27-1978 in Scio - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl
CARLIN, Lillian F.. Spouse of Charles D.. Born 7-25-1915, died 3-20-2008. Age: 92y - Dau of Albert & Catherine Brown Sr. b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-17-1930
CARLIN, Mildred C.. Spouse of Charles Ben. Born 4-10-1942, died 4-28-2002 - Dau of Paul & Edna Reynolds
CARLIN, Ned P.. Born 12-12-1945, died 1-11-2003 - Son of Charles D. & Lillian F. Brown Carlin - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
CARLIN, Phyllis I.. Spouse of Frank J.. Born 1931, died uncut - Wed 5-27-1978
CARPENTER, Charles B., died 12-2-1832. Age: 67y
CARPENTER, Ernest D.. Spouse of Pheobe E.. Born 1895, died 1936
CARPENTER, Lawton D.. Spouse of Genevieve. Born 2-4-1936, died 6-16-2003. Age: 67y - Son of Ernest & Pheobe Shelly Carpenter
CARPENTER, Mary A.. Born 2-18-1831, died 3-10-1917
CARPENTER, Matilda, died 5-1863. Age: 25y
CARPENTER, Pheobe E.. Spouse of Ernest D.. Born 1898, died uncut
CARR, Frederick J.. Spouse of Sylvia J.. Born 1910, died 1983
CARR, Richard Kevin. Born 11-24-1954, died 9-15-2001. Age: 47y - Son of Frederick J. & Jean Lucas Carr
CARR, Sylvia J.. Spouse of Frederick J.. Born 1920, died 1979
CARRINGTON, Winny, died 2-15-1876. Age: 2y 6m 8d - Only Son of Edwin & Lattie E. Carrington [Safe in the Arms of Jesus]
CARTWRIGHT, Bryant, died 4-13-1875. Age: 77y 2m 13d
CARTWRIGHT, Charles B., died 3-26-1876. Age: 28y - Son of N. & E. Cartwright
CARTWRIGHT, Elizabeth. Spouse of Nelson. Born 1818, died 1908
CARTWRIGHT, Nelson. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1813, died 1884
CARTWRIGHT, Sylvia A. Marden. Born 3-1-1843, died 3-20-1916
CASTLE, Brian V.. Spouse of Lisa M. Windus. Born 6-13-1967, died 4-6-2008. Age: 40y - Son of Donald & Kay Hackett Castle b. Sydney d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-25-1988 in Wellsville NY
CHALKER, C. Blanche. Spouse of G. Newton. Born 1887, died 1962
CHALKER, G. Newton. Spouse of C. Blanche. Born 1882, died 1955
CHALKER, Lynn N.. Spouse of Virginia T.. Born 1907, died 1986
CHALKER, Virginia T.. Spouse of Lynn N.. Born 1917, died 1997
CHAMPLIN, Abigail. Spouse of Edward. Born 1888, died 1941
CHAMPLIN, Daniel. Spouse of Florence. Born 1908, died UC
CHAMPLIN, Edward. Spouse of Abigail. Born 1874, died 1955
CHAMPLIN, Florence. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1900, died 1943
CHAPMAN, Etta A.. Spouse of Wilfred W. Washer Jr.. Born 5-11-1938, died 12-29-2021. Age: 83 - Dau of Mitchell E. and Elnora (Stevens) Chapman. Born and died in Wellsville NY, lived in Allentown NY. Three sons with Wilfred, then divorced.
CHAPMAN, Mitchell E.. Born 11-14-1906, died 11-28-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CHEENEY, Hiram. Spouse of Lucinda C., died 4-15-1868. Age: 57y
CHEENEY, Lucinda C.. Spouse of Hiram, died 7-10-1894. Age: 77y 8m 24d
CLAIR, Henry. Spouse of Mary L.. Born 2-17-1826, died 10-2-1890 - Son of Joseph & Sally Green Clair
CLAIR, Mary L.. Spouse of Henry. Born 5-23-1829, died 7-6-1903 - Dau of John & Sophia Woodruff Harvey
CLAIR, Robert C.. Born 1866, died 1949
CLARK, A. C., died 1-2-1900. Age: 68y - Civil War Vet, Co. E 93rd Inf NYS Vols
CLARK, Addie E.. Born 1885, died 1924
CLARK, Arthur L.. Spouse of Bessie H.. Born 1882, died 1974
CLARK, Bessie H.. Spouse of Arthur L.. Born 1886, died 1953
CLARK, Betsey S.. Spouse of Melvin A.. Born 1846, died 1931 - [Mother]
CLARK, Charles S.. Spouse of Getty Smith, died 12-21-1880. Age: 75y 7m 20d
CLARK, Charley S., died 7-31-1863. Age: 9m 20d - Son of J. H. & E. S. Clark
CLARK, Daniel. Born 1848, died 1924
CLARK, Dewey H.. Spouse of Mary M.. Born 1898, died 1939
CLARK, Eva Lynn. Born 1874, died 1958
CLARK, Georgianna. Spouse of Omar P.. Born 1890, died 1957
CLARK, Getty Clark. Spouse of Charles S., died 9-22-1857. Age: 50y 5m 6d
CLARK, Getty S., died 8-6-1873. Age: 11m - Dau of J. H. & Sarah W. Clark [Passed to Spirit Life We Know Our Darlings Live]
CLARK, Helia M., died 10-21-1876. Age: 3y - Dau of J. H. & Sarah W. Clark [Passed to Spirit Life We Know Our Darlings Live]
CLARK, Ida. Born 1858, died 1933
CLARK, J. Clayton, died 10-18-1860. Age: 18y 1m 29d - Son of Chas. S. & Getty Clark
CLARK, John. Spouse of Sarah A.. Born 11-30-1839, died 3-4-1917
CLARK, Mary M.. Spouse of Dewey H.. Born 1902, died 1970
CLARK, Melvin A.. Spouse of Betsey S.. Born 1842, died 1913 - [Father] - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. L 4th Arty
CLARK, Mercellia S.. Born 1879, died 1922
CLARK, Minnie. Born 1889, died 1987
CLARK, Neil D.. Spouse of Sarah C.. Born 1893, died 1971
CLARK, Omar P.. Spouse of Georgianna. Born 1891, died 1975
CLARK, Sarah A.. Spouse of John. Born 5-4-1845, died 2-21-1922
CLARK, Sarah C.. Spouse of Neil D.. Born 1893, died 1985
CLARK, Vernon. Born 1885, died 1912
CLARK, William M.. Born 1873, died 1955
CLEMONS, J. W.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1831, died 1924 - [Father]
CLEMONS, Mary A.. Spouse of J. W. Clemons. Born 1837, died 1918 - [Mother]
CLEVELAND, Zannetta A.. Born 10-1-1865, died 2-2-1914
CLEVELAND, Charles A.. Born 9-25-1907, died 2-2-1926
CLEVELAND, Charles B.. Born 4-14-1861, died 8-25-1941
CLEVELAND, J. Lewis. Spouse of Lillian M.. Born 1889, died 1972
CLEVELAND, Lillian M.. Spouse of J. Lewis. Born 1893, died 1965
CLEVELAND, Lynn. Born 8-30-1886, died 9-19-1890 - Son of C. B. & N. A. Cleveland
CLINE, Emmitt O.. Spouse of Gladys M.. Born 1898, died 1986
CLINE, Gladys M.. Spouse of Emmitt O.. Born 1901, died 1986
CLINE, Homer J.. Spouse of Barbara Shelley. Born 1/4/1933, died 12/24/2010 - Son of Emmitt & Gladys Ward Cline b. Town of Wirt NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-22-1955 in Belmont NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953-1955
CLINE, Lois C. (Davis). Spouse of Ronald M.. Born 10/29/1935, died 8/19/2016. Age: 80y - Dau of Leroy & Mary Clark Davis b. Little Genesee NY d. Scio NY Wed 1-5-1957 in Bolivar NY
CLINE, Norman E.. Spouse of Winifred L.. Born 1921, died 1998 - [Together Forever]
CLINE, Oliver L.. Spouse of Doris Harloff. Born 12/6/1928, died 12/5/2017. Age: 88y - Son of Emmitt & Gladys (Ward) Cline b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY. A lifelong farmer. Wed 5-3-1952 in Angelica NY, two children. (Spouse survives)
CLINE, Orphena A.. Born 1843, died 1885
CLINE, Randy D.. Born 1958, died 1983
CLINE, Ronald M.. Spouse of Lois C.. Born 1937, died 1995
CLINE, Russell M. "Rusty". Born 3-24-1970, died 9-20-1992
CLINE, Ryan Matthew. Born 1-19-1967, died 8-12-1986 - Son of Ronald M. & Lois C. Cline
CLINE, Winifred L.. Spouse of Norman E.. Born 1919, died 1993 - [Together Forever]
COATES, Ralph A.. Spouse of Louise Birmingham. Born 8/14/1922, died 2/22/2013. Age: 90y - Son of Delbert & Clara Quackenbush Coates b. Ulysses PA d. Bath NY. Wed 11-18-1948 in Rexville NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 94th Inf, Machine gun squad leader - Captured in 1945 and a prisoner of war in Germany - Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and other medals
COATS, Carlton F.. Spouse of Koneta Perkins. Born 12-16-1914, died 4-11-2001. Age: 87y - Son of Guy & Margaret Forsyth Coats. Wed 7-7-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt
COATS, Charles H.. Spouse of Elrena M.. Born 1901, died 1983
COATS, Elrena M.. Spouse of Charles H.. Born 1894, died 1949
COATS, Koneta Perkins. Spouse of Carlton F.. Born 1910, died 2002 - Wed 7-7-1945
COATS, Lucile Virginia, died 1919. Age: 2w
COATS, Mable W.. Spouse of Merle A.. Born 1889, died 1920
COATS, Merle A.. Spouse of Mable W.. Born 1890, died 1940
COATS, Nelson E., died 12-16-1898. Age: 65y - Civil War Vet, Co. C 16th Cav PA Vols
COATS, Robert P.. Spouse of Virginia M. Deming. Born 9-16-1931, died 5-2-1986 - Wed 11-2-1957 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
COATS, Virginia M. Deming. Spouse of Robert P.. Born 10-3-1935, died 4-11-2005. Age: 69y - Dau of Ralph A. & Alta M. Tayer Deming b. Olean, NY d. Salamanca, NY. Wed 11-2-1957
COLE, Edith M. (Carlin) "Tookie". Spouse of James Cole. Born 11/26/1947, died 4/9/2017. Age: 69y - Dau of Charles & Lillian (Brown) Carlin b. Wellsville NY d. Leonardtown MD. One son. James died 2000
COLE, Hannah Jane, died 4-20-1889. Age: 52y
COLLINS, Almira. Spouse of N. W. Collins. Born 4-19-1834, died 3-15-1903
COLLINS, Almyra W.. Spouse of Nelson W.. Born 1834, died 1903
COLLINS, Belle W.. Spouse of Orville A.. Born 1871, died 1968
COLLINS, N. W.. Spouse of Almira. Born 3-12-1835, died 3-30-1925
COLLINS, Nelson W.. Spouse of Almyra W.. Born 1835, died 1925
COLLINS, Orville A.. Spouse of Belle W.. Born 1873, died 1963
CONKLIN, Lloyd. Born 1919, died 1919. Age: Infant
CONNOR, Harvey. Spouse of Ruth B.. Born 1916, died 2002
CONNOR, Ruth B.. Spouse of Harvey. Born 1916, died uncut
COOMBES, Bernice G.. Spouse of Wilburt J.. Born 1911, died uncut
COOMBES, Bernice Helen Wilburt J.. Born 9/23/1911, died 6/29/2014. Age: 102y - Dau of Edward E. & Olive Morey Ackerman Graves b. Scio NY d. Houghton NY. Wed 6-25-1938 in Scio NY
COOMBES, Ethel T.. Born 1908, died 1983
COOMBES, Sally A.. Born 1940, died 1941
COOMBES, Wilburt J.. Spouse of Bernice G.. Born 1-30-1905, died 5-3-1995. Age: 90y - Son of William & Annie Coombes
CORBETT, Mary E.. Born 1826, died 1911
CORBETT, Thomas A., died 4-11-1864. Age: 11y 3m - Son of S. C. & M. E. Corbett
CORBIN, Ethel Loomis. Spouse of Wellington E.. Born 1886, died 1922
CORBIN, Wellington E.. Spouse of Ethel Loomis. Born 1880, died 1953 - [Friendship, Love & Truth]
CORNELIUS, Lelia J. (Miller). Spouse of #1 Francis Brown, #2 Raymond C Cornelius. Born 4/11/1927, died 4/27/1999. Age: 73 - Dau of Steward and Mary Lou (Alexander) Miller. Born in Black Springs AR, died in Wellsville NY. Sevenchildren with Francis. Wed Raymond 2-22-1969
CORNELIUS, Raymond C.. Spouse of Lelia (Miller) Brown. Born 3/23/1935, died 7/1/2017. Age: 82y - Son of Reginald B. & Charlotte (Millen) Cornelius b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 2-22-1969, four children, mother unclear.
CORNELL, Andrew J.. Spouse of Kathryn Bolinger. Born 7/9/1978, died 9/19/2016. Age: 38y - Son of Rodney & Hazel Hinkle Cornell b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 12-4-2010 in Rochester NY
CORNELL, Douglas J.. Spouse of Terry L.. Born 1948, died 1998
CORNELL, Gertrude V. (Hogan). Spouse of #1 Robert Cornell Jr., #2 Ernest Cole. Born 6/19/1927, died 6/6/2015. Age: 87y - Dau of John & Gertrude (Hamilton) Hogan Sr., b. Town of Ward NY d. Shinglehouse PA. Wed Robert? 6-25-1944.
CORNELL, Robert. Spouse of Gertrude V, Hogan. Born 1-25-1921, died 2-8-1974 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CORNELL, Rodney R.. Spouse of Hazel Hinkle. Born 11/25/1947, died 5/31/2018. Age: 70y - Son of Robert & Gertrude (Hogan) Cornell b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-1-1969 in Scio NY, three sons. Employed as a machinist for Butler-Larkin and Dresser-Rand - Cold War Vet, US Army 1966-1968 in Korea
CORNELL, Terry L.. Spouse of Douglas J.. Born 1950, died uncut
CORSON, Lulu M., died 6-2-1886. Age: 23y
COURTWRIGHT, Christopher C.. Born 1-25-1831, died 3-24-1899 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 67th Regt NY Vols
COVELL, Donald R.. Spouse of Dawn M. Reed. Born 8-11-1944, died 6-4-2021. Age: 76 - Son of Ralph L. and Ellen (Stone) Covell. Lived in Scio NY, died in Wellsville NY. Application engineer at Dresser-Rand for 40 years. Wed 11-18-1967 in Wellsville NY, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold Wer Vet, US Air Force. 1965-1969
COWLES, Arthur R.. Spouse of Virginia R.. Born 1915, died 1973
COWLES, Virginia R.. Spouse of Arthur R.. Born 1918, died 1989
CRANDALL, Aneta F.. Spouse of Clinton E.. Born 1899, died 1976
CRANDALL, C. O.. Spouse of Susan L.. Born 11-9-1851, died 10-22-1933
CRANDALL, Clinton E.. Spouse of Aneta F.. Born 1892, died 1962
CRANDALL, Doris L.. Spouse of Francis R.. Born 1915, died 1996
CRANDALL, Francis R.. Spouse of Doris L.. Born 1917, died 1993
CRANDALL, Helma V.. Spouse of Hollis E.. Born 1916, died 1991
CRANDALL, Hollis E.. Spouse of Helma V.. Born 1912, died 1977
CRANDALL, Susan L.. Spouse of C. O. Crandall. Born 4-12-1850, died 7-10-1915
CRAW, Grace B.. Born 1872, died 1954
CRAWFORD, David. Born 2-15-1949, died 3-10-1951. Age: Infant
CUNDIFF, Elizabeth M.. Born 1924, died 1995
CURRIE, Maddux Michael. Spouse of Tanner Plummer. Born 12-6-1994, died 7-5-2021. Age: 26 - Son of ? and Stephanie Currie. Born and lived in Olean NY. Wed 10-17-2014 in Wellsville NY, three children. (Spouse survives)
DAILEY, Jerry. Born 1831, died 1901 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 87th Regt NYS Vols
DAILEY, Mary A.. Born 1828, died 1902 - [Aunt]
DANIELSENS, Lulu I.. Spouse of Reynolds A.. Born 1886, died 1983
DANIELSENS, Lyle G.. Born 1925, died 1997
DANIELSENS, Marjorie J.. Spouse of Lyle G. Born 8/13/1928, died 11/2/2014. Age: 86y - Dau of Howard & Helen Waters Boies b. Buffalo NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 5-1-1954 in Scio NY
DANIELSENS, Reynolds A.. Spouse of Lulu I.. Born 1892, died 1968
DARMODY, Eleanor. Spouse of #1 Alton Lanphear, #2 Bernard Darmody. Born 5/12/1921, died 9/15/2011. Age: 90y - Dau of Harry & Fern Closser Knorr b. Brockway PA d.Huntsville TX. Albert d. 8-20-1982. Bernard d. 1-7-1981.
DARRIN, Amos. Spouse of Margaret. Born 10-5-1900, died 12-1972 - Son of Henry Samuel & Florence May Lawton Darrin
DARRIN, Henry S.. Born 1878, died 1960 - Son of Nelson B. & Mary Smith Darrin b. Wellsville, NY d. Bradford, Pa.
DARRIN, Mary J.. Spouse of Nelson B.. Born 1848, died 1927
DARRIN, Nelson B.. Spouse of Mary J.. Born 1845, died 1923
DAVIS, Katharine Kress. Spouse of Malachi. Born 8-10-1790, died 11-22-1856
DAVIS, Malachi. Spouse of Katharine Kress. Born 2-4-1789, died 3-20-1867
DAVIS, Maria. Spouse of Sylvanus S.. Born 1810, died 1892 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
DAVIS, Marshall T.. Born 8-23-1856, died 9-29-1886
DAVIS, Minerva Fitzsimmons. Spouse of M. S. Davis. Born 3-27-1834, died 3-4-1901
DAVIS, Myron S.. Born 5-4-1824, died 3-4-1901
DAVIS, Oliver. Born 10-19-1834, died 3-31-1870 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
DAVIS, Sylvanus S.. Spouse of Maria. Born 7-22-1808, died 6-15-1876 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
DAVIS, William F. "Frank". Spouse of Rosemary Helen (Harmon). Born 3-13-1939, died 2-22-2023. Age: 83 - Son of Lewis F. & Margaret Angielee (Dodge) Davis; born in North Hornell, NY; died in Hornell, NY; m. 5-1-1970 in Cuba, NY; two children - Uncategorized vet, US Marine Corps
DAVIS, William N.. Born 2-18-1833, died 5-26-1859 - [Prepare To Meet Me]
DAVISON, Harold W.. Spouse of Ida C.. Born 1902, died 1961
DAVISON, Ida C.. Spouse of Harold W.. Born 1907, died 1981
DEAN, Cloyd L.. Spouse of Grace M.. Born 1886, died 1955
DEAN, Grace M.. Spouse of Cloyd L.. Born 1894, died 1976
DECK, Daniel I.. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1817, died 1878 - [At Rest With Jesus]
DECK, Eliza. Spouse of Daniel I.. Born 1821, died 1894 - [At Rest With Jesus]
DECK, Uri M.. Born 1840, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, Co. K 86th Regt NYS Vols
DENNIS, Esther P.. Born 1908, died 2005
DENTINGER, Frank, died 8-1-1861. Age: 6y 5m - Son of George & Rosina Dentinger
DENTINGER, George. Spouse of Rosina A. Thomas. Born 2-5-1832, died 5-5-1874
DENTINGER, Rosina A. Thomas. Spouse of George. Born 11-6-1834, died 9-29-1908
DeVOID, Irene G.. Spouse of William J.. Born 1910, died 2002
DeVOID, William J.. Spouse of Irene G.. Born 1901, died 1964
DICKERSON, Amy L.. Born 9/30/1953, died 1/18/2016. Age: 62y - Dau of Richard M. & Jean Thorton Wilcox b. & d. Wellsville NY
DODGE, Amanda F.. Spouse of W. A. Dodge. Born 2-14-1863, died 3-27-1907
DODGE, George E.. Born 1852, died 1915 - [Father]
DOWD, William. Born 1933, died 1989
DUDLEY, Bessie V.. Spouse of Harry M.. Born 1889, died 1944
DUDLEY, Harry M.. Spouse of Bessie V.. Born 1868, died 1925
DUKE, Alberta L.. Born 4-8-1867, died 3-24-1873
DUKE, Joseph. Born 4-23-1836, died 12-24-1884
DUKE, Mother. Born 3-8-1846, died 9-17-1913
DUKE, Myron J.. Born 12-3-1875, died 12-29-1904
DUNHAM, Jason L.. Born 11-10-1981, died 4-22-2004. Age: 22y - Son of Daniel & Debra Kinkead Dunham b. Wellsville, NY d. Bethesda, MD. - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl. Medal of Honor recipient, 2006. Purple Heart, died from combat injuries in Iraq on 4-14-2004. Posthumous Medal of Honor, 2006. Navy Destroyer has been named after him.
DUNHAM, Scott A.. Born 12-15-1963, died 12-20-2000. Age: 37y - Son of Murray & Patricia Dunham [Loving Son, Brother, Uncle and "Best Buddy"]
EARLEY, Z. B.. Spouse of Polly M. Brown. Born 12-27-1830, died 3-1-1896
EARLEY, Benton G.. Spouse of Hattie B.. Born 1858, died 1931
EARLEY, Betsy. Born 1832, died 1919 - Dau of Jonah & Susan French Mother
EARLEY, Carrie A.. Spouse of S. H. Earley. Born 1842, died 1911
EARLEY, Hattie B.. Spouse of Benton G.. Born 1866, died 1965
EARLEY, James - Flat Stone - No Dates
EARLEY, Jennette. Spouse of H. R. Earley - Dates cut off of stone
EARLEY, Lorana. Spouse of William, died 9-30-1863. Age: 71y 3m 8d
EARLEY, Lottie B.. Spouse of B. C. Earley, died 6-12-1884. Age: 23y 2m 12d - Dau of W. & A. Hammond
EARLEY, Mattie M., died 11-9-1876. Age: 11y 1m - Dau of Z. B. & Polly Earley
EARLEY, Polly M. Brown. Spouse of Z. B. Earley. Born 9-8-1840, died 2-17-1938
EARLEY, Stout, died 3-8-1876. Age: 48y 3m 16d
EARLEY, Susan. Spouse of J. S. Earley, died 4-25-1865. Age: 47y
EARLEY, Susie M., died 1-6-1882. Age: 11y 6m - Dau of Z. B. & Polly Earley
EARLEY, U/K, died 7-29-1881. Age: Infant - [Our Baby]
EARLEY, William. Spouse of Lorana, died 4-28-1864. Age: 91y
EARLY, Anna Pendleton. Born 1856, died 1916
EASTMAN, Chester S.. Spouse of Delcena. Born 6-21-1835, died 9-19-1897
EASTMAN, Delcena. Spouse of Chester S., died 10-18-1873. Age: 26y 7m 14d
EASTMAN, Elnor. Spouse of Zebina, died 3-19-1871. Age: 81y
EASTMAN, Harriet M.. Spouse of R. B. Eastman. Born 1835, died 1905
EASTMAN, Isaac M.. Born 1-7-1870, died 4-20-1896
EASTMAN, Joseph P.. Spouse of Loley, died 10-31-1888. Age: 77y 8m 9d
EASTMAN, Loley. Spouse of Joseph P., died 4-9-1880. Age: 70y
EASTMAN, Zebina. Spouse of Elnor, died 8-15-1865. Age: 81 y
EATON, Clifton C.. Spouse of Mary I.. Born 8-2-1924, died 3-9-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
ECK, Barbara A.(Bellamy). Spouse of Michael T.. Born 1-28-1956, died 1-23-2023. Age: 66 - Dau of Arvis & Dorothy (James) Bellamy, born in Olean, NY; d. Wellsville, NY; two children -
ECK, Florence B.. Born 12/28/1918, died 12/22/2015. Age: 97y - Dau of William & Julia Billiar Eck b. Town of Alden d. Belfast NY
ECK, Gordon L. "Bill". Spouse of Jean M.. Born 3-8-1933, died 2-6-1995 - [Beloved Father ] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc
ECK, Jean M.. Spouse of Gordon L. "Bill". Born 5-23-1935, died 5-21-2000 - [Beloved Mother]
EDWARDS, Harold H.. Born 1906, died 1959
EDWARDS, Harold J.. Born 1942, died 1945
EDWARDS, Linda R. "Minnie. Spouse of Michael D.. Born 8-1-1953, died 4-11-2009. Age: 55y - Dau of Glenn & Norma Lanphear Guinnip b Wellsville NY d. Scio NY Wed 9-14-1974 in Scio NY
EDWARDS, Myrtle. Spouse of Harold H.. Born 4-27-1915, died 2-21-2006. Age: 90 y - Dau of Clark A. & Maude Phillips Perry b. Town of Alma NY d. Coudersport Pa. Husband #2 Selden J. Young
EGBERT, Bessie M.. Spouse of George W.. Born 1904, died 1987
EGBERT, George W.. Spouse of Bessie M.. Born 1900, died 1959
ELDRIDGE, Sally. Born 8-27-1799, died 1-28-1881
EMRICK, Clarence. Spouse of Nellie V.. Born 1878, died 1959
EMRICK, Harold. Spouse of Olive J.. Born 1907, died 1991
EMRICK, Mary Nickerson. Spouse of Raymond C. "Pete". Born 1927, died 1992
EMRICK, Nellie V.. Spouse of Clarence. Born 1879, died 1959
EMRICK, Olive D.. Spouse of Harold. Born 6-14-1914, died 6-13-2008. Age: 94y - Dau of Tanner & Edith Bishop Dye b. Forestville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-9-1944 in Wellsville NY.
EMRICK, Pauline H.. Born 1909, died 1944
EMRICK, Raymond C. "Pete". Spouse of Mary Nickerson. Born 5-13-1918, died 6-20-2005. Age: 87y - Son of Clarence & Elma Gilbert Emrick b. Union, Ohio d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 10-27-1945 - W II Vet, US Army 1st Armored Div. Decorated Veteran
EVANS, Charla J.. Born 12-12-1952, died 12-8-1999
EVANS, Ryan Willis. Born 9-22-1981, died 7-19-2008. Age: 26y - Son of Stephen & Charla Johnson Evans b. Wellsville NY d. Florida
EVINGHAM, Elias. Born 1886, died 1903 - [Gone But Not Forgotten Peace Perfect Peace]
EVINGHAM, Ida J. Pendleton. Spouse of John A.. Born 1864, died 1923
EVINGHAM, John A.. Spouse of Ida J. Pendleton. Born 1869, died 1931
EVINGHAM, Philip. Born 1861, died 1900 - [Gone But Not Forgotten Peace Perfect Peace]
EYMER, Eldyn M.. Spouse of Fannie A.. Born 1901, died 1992
EYMER, Fannie A.. Spouse of Eldyn M.. Born 1910, died 1962
EYMER, Fannie E.. Spouse of G. Frank. Born 1879, died 1979
EYMER, G. Frank. Spouse of Fannie E.. Born 1875, died 1969
EYMER, George F.. Born 1920, died 1934
FARNUM, Calvin G.. Born 1839, died 1911
FARNUM, Mary. Born 1844, died 1920
FARROW, Maranda L.. Born 3-1-1982, died 7-24-2000
FARWELL, Beatrice. Spouse of Henry F.. Born 1897, died 1977
FARWELL, Daniel M.. Spouse of Jo Ann A.. Born 1946, died uncut
FARWELL, Delia M.. Spouse of Frank A.. Born 4-9-1866, died 1-5-1926
FARWELL, Frank A.. Spouse of Delia M.. Born 5-10-1865, died 4-10-1939
FARWELL, Fred F.. Spouse of Jean Brownell. Born 1-7-1933, died 4-16-2009. Age: 76y - Son of Henry & Beatrice Bissell Farwell b. & d. Scio NY. Wed 10-4-1958 in Scio NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
FARWELL, Henry F.. Spouse of Beatrice. Born 5-23-1887, died 3-12-1949
FARWELL, Jean B.. Spouse of Fred Floyd. Born 9/4/1938, died 11/15/2012. Age: 74y - Dau of James Henry & Flossie Schram Brownell b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Wed 10-4-1958 in Scio NY
FARWELL, Jo Ann A.. Spouse of Daniel M.. Born 1947, died 1999
FARWELL, Louise A.. Spouse of Murray. Born 1924, died uncut
FARWELL, Murray. Spouse of Louise A.. Born 1916, died 1995
FARWELL, Rosemary. Born 1928, died 1993
FIDLER, Charles M.. Born 1867, died 1908
FIELD, Jessica Kay, died 5-18-1994
FIELD, Kay B.. Spouse of Maurice L. "Morey". Born 3-10-1936, died 1-7-2007. Age: 71y - Dau of Seymour & Mary Collins Karr b. Scio, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 4-29-1961
FIELD, Maurice I.. Spouse of #1 Doris Mildred Milks, #2 Kay B.. Born 6-8-1929, died 5-7-2003 - Son of Loren & Pearl Luce Field b. Salamanca, NY d. Scio, NY. Wed 4-29-1961 - - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
FLINT, Charlotte Stillman. Spouse of Joseph. Born 5-12-1822, died 11-26-1881
FLINT, Elizabeth. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1795, died 1852
FLINT, Elizabeth V. Gorton. Spouse of J. W. Flint. Born 10-22-1857, died 2-4-1925
FLINT, J. W.. Spouse of Elizabeth V. Gorton. Born 8-8-1857, died 7-8-1929
FLINT, James E.. Born 2-25-1883, died 6-20-1884
FLINT, James S.. Spouse of Maranda Young. Born 1826, died 1909
FLINT, Joseph. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1791, died 1853
FLINT, Lottie. Born 1890, died 1935 - [Mother]
FLINT, Maranda Young. Spouse of James S.. Born 1825, died 1899
FLUKER, Jane E.. Born 1834, died 1918
FORTNER, Chester M.. Born 10-5-1858, died 3-22-1921
FRANCISCO, Carol C.. Spouse of Roger B.. Born 12-24-1929, died uncut
FRANCISCO, Charles B.. Born 1859, died 1880
FRANCISCO, Clair E.. Born 1931, died 1936
FRANCISCO, Edward M.. Born 1895, died 1967
FRANCISCO, Eva. Born 1864, died 1960
FRANCISCO, Lena Mae. Spouse of Wallace Norman. Born 1891, died 1975
FRANCISCO, Lloyd W.. Born 1913, died 1983
FRANCISCO, Madeline M.. Spouse of Norman W.. Born 1921, died uncut
FRANCISCO, Minnie M.. Born 1897, died 1996
FRANCISCO, Norma C.. Born 1921, died 1998
FRANCISCO, Norman M.. Born 1857, died 1918
FRANCISCO, Norman W.. Spouse of Madeline M.. Born 1915, died 1969
FRANCISCO, Olive E.. Spouse of William F.. Born 1829, died 1891 - [Mother]
FRANCISCO, Renee Lynn. Born 9/17/1971, died 10/4/2010. Age: 39y - Dau of Miles & Lois Tripp Francisco b. Hornell NY d. Buffalo NY
FRANCISCO, Rhea B.. Spouse of Sherman V.. Born 1908, died 1979
FRANCISCO, Roger B.. Spouse of Carol C.. Born 4-9-1927, died 9-4-1993 - WW II Vet, US Navy, FC3
FRANCISCO, Sherman V.. Spouse of Rhea B.. Born 1902, died 1942
FRANCISCO, Stephen. Born 1896, died 1897
FRANCISCO, Wallace Norman. Spouse of Lena Mae. Born 1889, died 1934
FRANCISCO, William F.. Spouse of Olive E.. Born 1823, died 1884 - [Father]
FREELOVE, Ernest W.. Born 1891, died 1942
FREEMAN, Edward. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1856, died 1928
FREEMAN, Josephine. Spouse of Edward. Born 1864, died 1939
FRENCH, Royal. Born 1880, died 1952
FRENCH, Walter S.. Born 1872, died 1933
FULLER, Alice E.. Spouse of Frank W.. Born 1881, died 1911
FULLER, Arletta E.. Spouse of G. Chester. Born 1892, died 1976
FULLER, Bessie H.. Born 1890, died 1920
FULLER, Daniel E.. Born 11-30-1918, died 7-13-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, T/Sgt
FULLER, Daniel H.. Spouse of Harriet V.. Born 1860, died 1934
FULLER, Donald H.. Born 1896, died 1967 - In Memory of Donald H. Fuller (Buried Ewing Cemetery, Trenton, NJ.)
FULLER, Ella G.. Born 1878, died 1950
FULLER, Ethyl B.. Born 1890, died 1981
FULLER, Frank W.. Spouse of Alice E.. Born 1880, died 1924
FULLER, Frank W. "Woody". Born 1924, died 1983
FULLER, G. Chester. Spouse of Arletta E.. Born 1885, died 1965
FULLER, Harriet V.. Spouse of Daniel H.. Born 1861, died 1901
FULLER, Harriet V.. Born 1920, died 1925
FULLER, Harry H.. Born 1920, died 1942 - [Aviation Cadet]
FULLER, Harry H.. Spouse of Ruby V.. Born 1882, died 1931
FULLER, Ida, died 3-15-1874. Age: 15y 1m 18d - [Adopted daughter of James W. & Mary J. Fuller]
FULLER, James D.. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1862, died 1930
FULLER, Josephine. Spouse of James D.. Born 1858, died 1913
FULLER, Lloyd B.. Spouse of Ruth S.. Born 9-11-1921, died 9-8-2001 - Son of G. Chester & Arletta Bristol Fuller - WW II Vet US Marine Corps, Pvt
FULLER, Lloyd H.. Born 1897, died 1899 - [Their Son]
FULLER, Margus E.. Born 1901, died 1917
FULLER, Mary Alice. Spouse of Paul L.. Born 4-29-1908, died 5-16-2003 - Dau of John Perry & Tirzah Smith Sloan
FULLER, Paul L.. Spouse of Mary Alice. Born 1909, died 1992
FULLER, Percy H.. Born 1887, died 1973
FULLER, Ruby V.. Spouse of Harry H.. Born 1883, died 1952
FULLER, Ruth S.. Spouse of Lloyd B.. Born 8-9-1927, died 12-10-2001. Age: 74y - Dau of Lewis & Grace Malstrom Michel
GAGEN, Mary E.. Born 1860, died 1913 - [It Is All Over]
GARVEY, Leda S.. Spouse of Lloyd. Born 1884, died 1962
GARVEY, Lloyd. Spouse of Leda S.. Born 1880, died 1958
GATES, Audrey Lucille (Johnson). Spouse of Harlan A. Sr.. Born 11/7/1915, died 5/11/1996. Age: 80 - Dau of Frederick R. and Wava M. (Youngs) Johnson. Born in Oswego Co NY, Wed 11-13-1931 in Onondaga NY. 1940 Bolivar Census: four children.
GAULTS, Rascomb A., died 1-13-1886. Age: 59y - Civil War Vet, Co. E 104th Inf NYS Vols
GAVITT, Ellen M.. Born 1909, died 1910 - Dau of E. A. & H. A. Gavitt
GAVITT, Enos A.. Spouse of Hattie E.. Born 1871, died 1940
GAVITT, Hattie E.. Spouse of Enos A.. Born 1876, died 1937
GAVITT, Laura F.. Spouse of Russell G.. Born 1909, died 1996
GAVITT, Mariar. Born 1840, died 1910
GAVITT, N. E.. Born 1811, died 1893
GAVITT, Russell G.. Spouse of Laura F.. Born 6-7-1897, died 8-7-1969 - WW I Vet, US Navy, S1
GEBHARDT, Dorla Mary. Spouse of Leroy. Born 12-22-1915, died 1-9-2007. Age: 91y - Dau of Linford & Mary Waldorf Lanphear b. Phillips Creek, NY d. Lecanto, Fla. Wed 6-6-1937 in Belmont, NY Nurse To Many Inspiration To All
GEBHARDT, Leroy. Spouse of Dorla Mary. Born 8-17-1911, died 7-7-1992 - [Supportive Father Grateful Husband] - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt
GEE, Ethel. Born 1912, died 1981
GEE, Shanna. Born 1939, died 1955
GEE, W. Francis. Born 1889, died 1965
GEFFERS, Gordon L. - Only Funeral Plate with no dates
GEFFERS, Herman F.. Spouse of Ruth M.. Born 1896, died 1973
GEFFERS, Louise N.. Spouse of Robert D.. Born 10-24-1930, died 4-22-2005. Age: 74y - Dau of Lyman & Violet B. Potter Babbitt b. Scio, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 2-16-1956 in Arkport, NY
GEFFERS, Robert D. Louise Babbitt. Spouse of Louise N. Babbitt. Born 5/24/1925, died 2/14/2013. Age: 87y - Son of Otto & Florence Horn Geffers b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 2-16-1956 in Arkport NY
GEFFERS, Ruth M.. Spouse of Herman F.. Born 1900, died 1986
GEYER, Deanna Lee (Perkins). Spouse of Thomas G.. Born 8-5-1947, died 9-16-2007. Age: 60y - Dau of Raymond & Flora (Cummings) Perkins b. Hammondsport NY d. Scio NY. Wed 8-17-1968, two children.
GEYER, Thomas G.. Spouse of Deanna Lee Perkins. Born 10/6/1945, died 7/27/2018. Age: 72y - Son of George & Lois (Divens) Geyer b. Bath NY d. Scio NY. Wed 8-17-1968, two children. Engineer at ABB Air Preheater for 43 years - Vietnam Vet, US Army
GIARRATANO, J. Shirley. Spouse of Michael P.. Born 1922, died 1986
GIARRATANO, Michael P.. Spouse of J. Shirley. Born 1918, died uncut
GILLETT, Eliza. Spouse of Jason, died 3-25-1865. Age: 52y 29d
GILLETT, Grove. Spouse of Mandana. Born 9-11-1831, died 6-1-1912
GILLETT, Mandana. Spouse of Grove. Born 8-10-1836, died 8-18-1908
GILLETTE, Dana J.. Spouse of Frankie W.. Born 1870, died 1915
GILLETTE, Frankie W.. Spouse of Dana J.. Born 1873, died 1952
GONSKA, Bonnie K.. Spouse of Paul J.. Born 1942, died uncut
GONSKA, Paul J.. Spouse of Bonnie K.. Born 9-12-1941, died 4-7-1998 - [Sweet Heart, I Will Always Love You, The Bride] - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
GOODWIN, Emily. Spouse of James. Born 1843, died 1936
GOODWIN, James. Spouse of Emily. Born 1844, died 1918 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
GORDON, Peter, died 2-15-1869. Age: 70y
GORDON, Fanny. Spouse of G. A. Gordon, died 5-20-1875. Age: 25y
GORDON, Geo, died 11-9-1849. Age: 28y 6m
GORDON, Martha, died 5-8-1870. Age: 72y
GRAHAM, Fannie C.. Spouse of T. Frank. Born 1892, died 1950
GRAHAM, Geraldine B.. Spouse of Lynn W.. Born 3-5-1915, died 5/26/2009. Age: 94y - Dau of Roy & Jessie Hurd Breadon b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-13-1941 in Lockport NY
GRAHAM, Helen M.. Born 1911, died 1980
GRAHAM, Leo E.. Born 1929, died 1970
GRAHAM, Morris H.. Born 1905, died 1985
GRAHAM, T. Frank. Spouse of Fannie C.. Born 1878, died uncut
GRASTORF, Harriet E.. Born 1834, died 1902
GRAVES, Arthur L.. Born 2-5-1910, died 9-7-1955 - WW II Vet, GD Det 4 ARMD Div.
GRAVES, Clair E. "Spiz". Spouse of Mary C.. Born 12-29-1922, died 7-28-1987. Age: 65y - Son of Edward E. & Olive Cecelia Ackerman Graves - WW II Vet
GRAVES, Clyde Bing. Spouse of Margalene G.. Born 1909, died 1988
GRAVES, Clyde Luman. Spouse of Magaline Gertrude. Born 1-4-1909, died 12-27-1088
GRAVES, James C.. Spouse of Marcie Brandes. Born 2/28/1933, died 12/20/2012. Age: 79y - Son of Clyde L. " Bing" & Magalene Elliott Graves b. & d. Scio NY. Wed 7-27-1957 in Scio NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
GRAVES, L. Marie. Born 3-29-1905, died 1-17-1985. Age: 80y - Dau of Edward E. & Olive C. Ackerman Graves
GRAVES, Magaline Gertrude. Spouse of Clyde Luman. Born 6-19-1910, died 6-1-1993
GRAVES, Margalene G.. Spouse of Clyde Bing. Born 1910, died 1993
GRAVES, Mary C.. Spouse of Clair E. "Spiz". Born 10-24-1921, died 2-24-1004. Age: 82y - Dau of Ortaville D. & Roxie Lydia Ersley Dodson
GRAVES, Olive C.. Spouse of Edward E.. Born 1-2-1888, died 1-19-1973. Age: 85y - [Adopted daughter of Xenophen & Charlotte Ackerman]
GRAVES, Oriole M.. Born 9-29-1906, died 4-27-2003. Age: 96y - Dau of Edward E. & Olive C. Ackerman Graves
GREEN, Carlos. Spouse of Damia M.. Born 1855, died 1929
GREEN, Damia M.. Spouse of Carlos. Born 1855, died 1919
GREEN, Deloss. Spouse of Lizzie B.. Born 10-9-1855, died 7-16-1939
GREEN, George. Born 1828, died 1914 - Civil War Vet, 1st Regt PA Rifles
GREEN, Lizzie B.. Spouse of Deloss. Born 3-21-1863, died 2-22-1938
GREEN, Maggie M.. Spouse of William D.. Born 1890, died 1957
GREEN, Marion W.. Spouse of Robert. Born 1903, died 1999
GREEN, Robert. Spouse of Marion W.. Born 1894, died 1961
GREEN, Shirley M., died 1947
GREEN, William D.. Spouse of Maggie M.. Born 1883, died 1945
GREEN, William P., died 9-30-1898. Age: 70y - Civil War Vet, Co. L 86th Regt NYS Vols
GREENE, Harriet G.. Born 1887, died 1953
GREENE, Kathleen Faye. Born 7-25-1959, died 1-24-1960. Age: Infant - [Our Baby]
GREENE, Milton C.. Spouse of Nancy J. Long. Born 3-3-1925, died 3-13-1996. Age: 71y - Son of Milton C. & Marjorie Judge Greene - WW II Vet, US Navy Submarine Spearfish
GREENE, Nancy J. Long. Spouse of Milton C.. Born 1929, died uncut
GREENE, Nancy Jane. Spouse of #1 Milton Greene, #2 Ralph Fanton. Born 4/20/1929, died 5/4/2013. Age: 84y - Dau of James Augustus "Gus" & Essie Irene Humphrey Long b. Muskogee OK d. Wellsville NY. Married 50 years to Milton (He d. 1996). Wed Husband #2
GRIMES, Everett A.. Born 7-16-1949, died 8-29-1949. Age: Infant - Son of Paul & Sylvia Grimes
GUINNIP, Bruce D.. Spouse of Dorothy Wyckoff. Born 9/27/1948, died 9/21/2022. Age: 73 - Son of Glenn and Norma (Lanphear) Guinnip. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Scio NY. Wed 8-20-1977 in Scio, two daughters. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1969-1972
GUINNIP, Clair E. "Speed". Spouse of Katheline M. Muchler. Born 9/14/1932, died 4/16/2017 - Son of Rufus M. & Louise (Cowles) Guinnip b. Belmont NY d. Scio NY. Worked 30 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed 7-12-1958 in Hornell NY, two daughters. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army, machine gunner. 12-3-1952 to 12-2-1954
GUINNIP, Dale W.. Spouse of Dawn DaHill. Born 6/29/1947, died 3/6/2016. Age: 68y - Son of Glenn & Norma (Lanphear) Guinnip b. Wellsville NY d. Little Genesee NY Wed 7-16-2005
GUINNIP, Glenn W.. Spouse of Norma Lanphear. Born 11-21-1926, died 2-22-2007. Age: 80y - Son of Rufus M. & Louise Cowles Guinnip Sr. b. Wellsville NY, d. Hornell NY. Wed 11-30-1946 in Scio NY, seven children - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
GUINNIP, Lon Allen. Born 1955, died 1957 - Only a Funeral Marker
GUINNIP, Louise S. (Cowles). Spouse of Rufus M. Sr.. Born 1900, died 1969 - Eight children
GUINNIP, Norma J.(Lanphear). Spouse of Glenn W.. Born 7/4/1928, died 11/1/2015. Age: 87y - Dau of Linford D. & Mary W. Walldorff Lanphear, b. Phillips Creek NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 11-30-1946 in Scio NY, seven children
GUINNIP, Richard A.. Born 1949, died 1969
GUINNIP, Rufus M. Sr.. Spouse of Louise S. Cowles. Born 1899, died 1975 - Eight children
HACKETT, Elizabeth. Born 1853, died 1936
HACKETT, Leonard. Spouse of Susie. Born 1902, died 1967
HACKETT, Susie. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1897, died 1958
HADSELL, Belle. Born 5-1862, died 8-1888
HALE, Esther B.. Spouse of Stephen, died 11-23-1885. Age: 95y
HALE, Stephen. Spouse of Esther B., died 4-8-1849. Age: 69y
HALL, Alphonso G.. Born 1856, died 1937
HALL, Anna M.. Spouse of Nelson A.. Born 1885, died 1967
HALL, Calvin. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1817, died 1892 - [Father]
HALL, Cassie Almy. Spouse of Daniel Lewis. Born 1869, died 1958
HALL, Catharine H.. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1834, died 1907
HALL, Charles F.. Spouse of Minerva S.. Born 1847, died 1891 - [Father]
HALL, Daniel. Spouse of Catharine H.. Born 9-14-1829, died 4-8-1911
HALL, Daniel Lewis. Spouse of Cassie Almy. Born 1869, died 1941
HALL, Floyd E.. Born 1903, died 1966
HALL, Hannah. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1814, died 1890 - [Mother]
HALL, Horace Handy, died 11-12-1881. Age: 80y 11m 19d
HALL, Merritt D.. Spouse of Susan R.. Born 1855, died 1933
HALL, Minerva S.. Spouse of Charles F.. Born 1849, died 1891 - [Mother]
HALL, Nelson A.. Spouse of Anna M.. Born 1883, died 1943
HALL, Richard N.. Born 1905, died 1969
HALL, Roger M.. Born 1907, died 1977
HALL, Susan R.. Spouse of Merritt D.. Born 1856, died 1917
HALL, W. Seth. Born 1819, died 1887
HALLETT, Ann G. (Gladstone). Spouse of James W.. Born 8-7-1941, died 8-8-2021. Age: 79 - Dau of Irving and Dorothy (Shufelt) Gladstone. Born in Corning NY, lived in Scio NY. A math teacher. Wed 8-17-1963 in Addison NY, two children. (Spouse d. 8-9-2010)
HALLETT, James W.. Spouse of Ann Gladstone. Born 6/23/1941, died 8-9-2010 - Son of Wayne E. & Maude (Perkins) Hallett b. Erie PA d. Scio NY. Wed 8-17-1963 in Addison NY - Recognized in 1980 as the Scio Campus Life Teacher of the Year & in 1987-88 as theScio Lions Club Educator of the Year. Wed 8-17-1963 in Addison NY, two children.
HALLETT, Maude A. (Perkins). Spouse of Wayne E.. Born 11/19/1914, died 2/26/2001. Age: 86 - Dau of Burritt and Estelle (Browning Perkins. Born in Andover NY. Wed 7-31-1939 in Wellsville NY.
HALLETT, Wayne E.. Spouse of Maude Perkins. Born 8/10/1913, died 1991. Age: 77 - Son of Gerald A. and Mary E. (Smith) Hallett. Born in Genesee PA, died in Scio NY. Wed 7-31-1939 in Wellsville NY.
HAMILTON, Amy A.. Spouse of Clifton F.. Born 1892, died 1979
HAMILTON, Clifton F.. Spouse of Amy A.. Born 11-15-1888, died 9-25-1968 - WW I Vet, Co. L 308th Inf, Cpl
HAMILTON, Eviline K.. Spouse of Oliver G.. Born 1865, died 1952
HAMILTON, Fanny. Born 6-8-1819, died 5-22-1889 - Dau of G. & R. Hamilton
HAMILTON, G.. Spouse of Rachel, died 2-15-1871. Age: 75y 6m
HAMILTON, Oliver G.. Spouse of Eviline K.. Born 1860, died 1933
HAMILTON, Rachel. Spouse of G. Hamilton, died 8-14-1861. Age: 70y 9m 9d
HAMMOND, Inez T.. Born 1904, died 1982
HAMMOND, Marillia. Spouse of Rev. Nathaniel. Born 1823, died 1911
HAMMOND, Mary Julia. Born 1856, died 1929
HAMMOND, Penelope, died 1855
HAMMOND, Rev. Nathaniel. Spouse of Marillia. Born 1799, died 1864
HAMMOND, Welthy J., died 10-7-1867. Age: 10y 1m - Dau of Asa & Marie Hammond
HAMMOND, William, died 1853
HAND, Gertrude R.. Spouse of Orrin D.. Born 1878, died 1962
HAND, Harold N.. Spouse of Thelma L.Perry. Born 7/20/1929, died 7-1968 - Wed abt 1958, two children
HAND, infant, died 9-21-1917. Age: Infant - Infant son of Orrin & Gertrude Hand
HAND, Orrin D.. Spouse of Gertrude R.. Born 1877, died 1950
HAND, Ruth C.. Spouse of Walter P.. Born 1904, died 1961
HAND, Thelma L.. Spouse of Harold N.. Born 1930, died uncut
HAND, Thelma L. (Perry). Spouse of Harold Hand. Born 2/25/1930, died 4/9/2017. Age: 87y - Dau of Walter & Mary (Osmin) Perry b. Greenwood NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed abt 1958, two children
HAND, Walter P.. Spouse of Ruth C.. Born 1905, died 1993
HARDY, Blanchard A.. Born 1895, died 1902 - Son of M. H. & E. G. Hardy
HARDY, Kenneth B. Sr.. Born 8-12-1905, died 5-31-1984 - [A Life Full of Love, Help and Understanding. Precious are All the Memories of my [Beloved Father.]
HARMS, Alice B. Black. Born 1891, died 1949
HARMS, Carl Charles H.. Born 1882, died 1974
HARMS, Clara. Born 1897, died 1976
HARRIS, Addie Mead. Spouse of Elias, died 8-30-1874. Age: 40y 10m 9d
HARRIS, Alanson. Spouse of Linda M. Mead, died 4-20-1908. Age: 78y 10m 12d
HARRIS, Benjamin. Spouse of Mary P. Bennett, died 3-17-1870. Age: 66y 27d
HARRIS, Fred F.. Born 2-4-1861, died 3-21-1938
HARRIS, Lillie, died 8-30-1875. Age: 9m - Dau of Alanson & Linda Harris
HARRIS, Linda M. Mead. Spouse of Alanson, died 1-8-1903. Age: 64y 8m 14d
HARRIS, Mary P. Bennett. Spouse of Benjamin, died 7-15-1880. Age: 69y 11m 17d
HARTMAN, Alberta M.. Spouse of DeForest. Born 1910, died 1984
HARTMAN, DeForest. Spouse of Alberta M.. Born 1905, died 1990
HASKELL, Charles K.. Spouse of Helena G.. Born 1912, died 1988
HASKELL, David P.. Spouse of Virginia Babbitt. Born 7/18/1937, died 4/3/2012. Age: 74y - Son of Charles & Helen Norton Haskell b. Hornell NY d. East Aurora NY. Wed 4-27-1957 in Wellsville NY
HASKELL, Helena Gertrude "Lena". Spouse of Charles K.. Born 12-1-1916, died 1-11-2007 - Dau of Clarence & Francy Swartz Norton b. Canisteo, NY d. Belmont, NY. Wed 3-15-1933
HAYES, Almira. Born 3-8-1836, died 2-1-1913
HAYES, Elmer S.. Born 2-27-1867, died 4-23-1937
HAYES, George C.. Born 1-11-1834, died 5-20-1915
HAYES, Maude E.. Born 11-27-1877, died 6-26-1961
HAZZARD, Gertrude B.. Spouse of Joseph Lee. Born 1895, died 1986
HAZZARD, Joseph Lee. Spouse of Gertrude B.. Born 8-5-1889, died 8-12-1964 - WW II Vet, Co. L 308rd Inf, Pfc
HENDERSON Jr., Wesley. Born 1909, died 1912
HENDERSON, Adah M.. Spouse of Wesley J.. Born 1859, died 1896
HENDERSON, Emmeline H.. Spouse of Geo D.. Born 1827, died 1896
HENDERSON, Frankie S. "Frank". Born 5-25-1857, died 4-17-1863 - Son of Geo D. & E. H. Henderson
HENDERSON, George D.. Spouse of Emmeline H.. Born 6-9-1824, died 8-9-1879 - [Another Stone showing 1823 - 1879]
HENDERSON, Lenna M.. Spouse of Wesley J. Henderson. Born 1878, died 1932
HENDERSON, Wesley J.. Spouse of #1 Adah M., #2 Lenna M.. Born 1860, died 1940
HERKE, Albert H.. Born 1890, died 1987
HERKE, Dorothy G.. Spouse of Howard D.. Born 1926, died uncut
HERKE, Dorothy Mae (Goldthwait). Spouse of Howard Donald. Born 5-6-1926, died 5-12-2023. Age: 97y - Dau of William Norton & Elsie La Rose (Couchman) Goldthwait. Born in Nunda, NY; lived in Butler, PA. Married 2-19-1949 in Nunda, NY. Two daughters.
HERKE, Earl M.. Spouse of Florence Bond. Born 9-6-1927, died 5-22-2008. Age: 80y - Son of Albert & Hilda Dornow Herke b. Scio NY d. Mt. Morris NY. Wed 1951 in Churchville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
HERKE, Henry. Spouse of Louisa. Born 1858, died 1935
HERKE, Hilda L.. Born 1899, died 1931
HERKE, Howard D.. Spouse of Dorothy G.. Born 5-26-1921, died 9-20-2004. Age: 83y - Son of Albert H. & Hilda Dornow Herke. Wed 2-19-1949 in Nunda, NY
HERKE, Louisa. Spouse of Henry. Born 1855, died 1932
HERKE, Margaret S.. Born 1907, died 1984
HEROLD, Alexander - No first name or dates. [Husband & Father]
HEROLD, Olive Cady - [Mother At Rest] No first name or dates.
HEYSHAM, Martha L.. Born 1881, died 1951
HICKCOX, Charles B., died 2-22-1860. Age: 19y 11m 2d - Son of Charles & Harriet Hickcox
HIGGINS, Alfred L.. Born 1902, died 1968
HILDRETH, Little Joe. Born 1891, died 1957
HILLIARD, Elmer L.. Spouse of Lena E.. Born 1907, died 1987 - [Together Forever]
HILLIARD, Lena E.. Spouse of Elmer L.. Born 1909, died 2000 - [Together Forever]
HINKLE, Charles Raymond. Born 8/28/1953, died 11/16/2017. Age: 64y - Son of John and Ella (Antes) Hinkle b. Wellsville NY d. Las Vegas NV. A long distance truck driver. Two sons. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
HINKLE, Ella Frances (Anes). Spouse of John C. Sr.. Born 11/26/1926, died 3/13/1994 - Dau of Cecil R. and Hazel M. (Barrett) Antes. At least three sons.
HINKLE, Howard L. Sr.. Spouse of #1 Linda S. Seward, #2 Julia M. Fanton. Born 10-10-1954, died 10-30-2021. Age: 67 - Son of John C. and Ella F. (Antes) Hinkle. Born and died in Wellsville NY, lived in Scio NY. A machinist at Dresser-Rand for 40 years. Two children, mother unclear. (Predeceased by both spouses)
HINKLE, John C. Sr.. Spouse of Ella F. Antes. Born 6-13-1928, died 8-14-1976. Age: 48 - At least three sons. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
HINKLE, Linda S. (Seaward). Spouse of Howard L.. Born 5-26-1953, died 12-19-1993
HINKLE, Lyle J.. Born 1959, died 1983 - Son of John C. and Ella F. (Antes) Hinkle.
HINKLEY, Justin C.. Spouse of Minnie G.. Born 1869, died 1953
HINKLEY, Justin Gaylord. Spouse of Violet B.. Born 5/11/1903, died 8/8/1998
HINKLEY, Minnie G.. Spouse of Justin C.. Born 1873, died 1961
HINKLEY, Violet B.. Spouse of J. Gaylord. Born 1913, died 1985
HINMAN, Harlan C.. Born 1924, died 1933
HINMAN, Walter K.. Born 1903, died 1983
HITCHCOCK, Fred S.. Born 1875, died 1920
HOGAN, Barbara L.. Spouse of John J. Jr.. Born 1924, died 1992
HOGAN, Belinda J.. Spouse of David J.. Born 1958, died 1988 - Wed 7-17-1976
HOGAN, David J.. Spouse of Belinda J.. Born 1955, died uncut
HOGAN, Gertrude M.. Spouse of John J. Sr. Born 1896, died 1982
HOGAN, John J. Jr.. Spouse of Barbara L.. Born 10-16-1918, died 1-21-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
HOGAN, John J. Sr.. Spouse of Gertrude M.. Born 1892, died 1973
HOLDEN, Augusta G., died 8-1-1859. Age: 5y 1m 2d - Dau of C. A. & M. A. E. Holden
HOLDEN, Eddie B., died 1-2-1862. Age: 1y 1m
HOLDEN, Minnie S., died 1-22-1862. Age: 3y 3m
HOLLIS, Amanda. Spouse of Herbert, died 4-8-1858. Age: 18y
HOOKER, Bessie L.. Spouse of Murray B.. Born 1881, died 1959
HOOKER, Irving W., died 8-8-1884. Age: 37y
HOOKER, Lena, died 12-27-1893. Age: 15y - Dau of I. W. & A. B. Hooker
HOOKER, Lulu Iola, died 8-15-1871. Age: 6m - Dau of Irving W. & Alice B. Hooker
HOOKER, Murray B.. Spouse of Bessie L.. Born 1876, died 1944
HORNBURG, Gladys Marion (Flint). Spouse of Glenn E. Hornburg. Born 3/25/1921, died 6/16/2017. Age: 96y - Dau of Charles Edward & Lottie (Freeman) Flint b. Detroit MI d. Ashland KY. Wed 4-9-1940 in Wellsville NY, two children.
HORNBURG, Glenn Edward. Spouse of Gladys M. Flint. Born 6/8/1920, died 11/8/2011. Age: 91y - Son of Edward & A. Belle Behrens Hornburg b.& d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-9-1940 in Wellsville NY, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army
HORTON, Chloe. Spouse of John M.. Born 1872, died 1919
HORTON, Christian R.. Born 2-27-1974, died 3-20-1992. Age: 18y 22d - [Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit]
HORTON, Frank L.. Spouse of Thelma A.. Born 6-29-1925, died 8-22-1991 - WW II Vet, US Navy, F1
HORTON, John M.. Spouse of Chloe. Born 1869, died 1934
HORTON, Lorence. Born 1912, died 1936
HORTON, Thelma A.. Spouse of Frank. Born 6/8/1928, died 12/20/2009. Age: 81y - Dau of Kenneth C. & Laconia Thomas Norton (raised by George W.Potter) b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-15-1946
HORTON, Thelma A.. Spouse of Frank L.. Born 6-8-1928, died uncut
HOSMER, Virginia E.. Born 1930, died 1977
HOWE, Adda Stephenson. Born 1863, died 1933
HOWE, Frederick E.. Born 10-7-1859, died 5-11-1948
HOWE, Hezekiah. Born 1833, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 85th Regt NYS Vols
HOWE, Horace. Spouse of Jerusha, died 11-27-1887. Age: 66y 5m 12d
HOWE, Jerusha. Spouse of Horace, died 8-2-1898. Age: 65y 5m 27d
HOWE, Lettie E.. Spouse of W. W. Howe. Born 10-13-1866, died 5-26-1901
HOWE, Sophia - No dates, only an urn
HOWE, W. W.. Spouse of Lettie E.. Born 3-17-1858, died 12-22-1905
HOYT, Melissa. Spouse of A. M. Hoyt. Born 1852, died 1929
HUFMAN, Adam, died 7-12-1863. Age: 31y 1m 12d
HULL, C. May. Spouse of Nathan S.. Born 1883, died 1953
HULL, Nathan S.. Spouse of C. May. Born 1882, died 1962
HUNT, Ann. Spouse of Alfred, died 11-9-1870. Age: 50y 3m
HUNT, Hattie E.. Spouse of H. A. Hunt, died 3-21-1864. Age: 20y
HUNT, Martha A.. Spouse of John. Born 12-16-1848, died 4-21-1869
HUNT, Ruth Clark. Born 1917, died 1975
HUNTLEY, Abner. Born 1835, died 1918
HUNTLEY, Adeline L. Collins. Born 1838, died 1909
HUNTLEY, Amanda. Born 1848, died 1893
HUNTLEY, Araminta. Spouse of Henry. Born 3-1-1808, died 3-2-1883 - [Absent But Not Forgotten]
HUNTLEY, Chas. H.. Born 1842, died 1935
HUNTLEY, Elenor. Born 1829, died 1901
HUNTLEY, Henry. Spouse of Araminta. Born 1-7-1801, died 4-4-1884 - [Absent But Not Forgotten]
HUNTLEY, Lila Bangs. Born 9-4-1879, died 3-17-1903
HUNTLEY, Malvina Wiltse. Born 3-17-1831, died 3-12-1890
HUNTLEY, Martin, died 1-12-1861. Age: 20y 10m
HUNTLEY, Mary. Born 1826, died 1896
HUNTLEY, Olive. Born 1849, died 1923
HURT, Anna. Born 1799, died 1868
HURT, Elijah. Born 1795, died 1859
HURT, Hettie. Born 1863, died 1926
HURT, Mary J.. Born 1841, died 1923
HURT, Sherman E.. Born 1838, died 1914
HURTEAU, Ellen M.. Born 1850, died 1930
HUSTED, James H.. Born 10-27-1809, died 5-3-1860 - Born in Stamford CT, d. Scio, NY
HUTCHINSON, Delilah L.. Spouse of Glenn J.. Born 6-16-1910, died 1-4-2003. Age: 92y - Dau of Frank & Edith Chaffee Bean Second Husband Rev. William Brownell
HUTCHINSON, Glenn J.. Spouse of Delilah L.. Born 1898, died 1977
HYDE, E. Eugene, died 1936
HYDE, Gertrude Browning, died 1966
IRWIN, Clyde L.. Spouse of Eleanor C.. Born 1905, died 1978
IRWIN, Eleanor C.. Spouse of Clyde L.. Born 1907, died 1999
IRWIN, Lawrence Clyde. Born 11-6-1924, died 12-28-1964 - WW II Vet, US Army, Btry A 693rd Fld Arty, Cpl.
IVES, John W.. Spouse of May L.. Born 1856, died 1921
IVES, May L.. Spouse of John W.. Born 1865, died 1947
JACKSON, Bessie M.. Spouse of Erwin E.. Born 1909, died 1936
JACKSON, Clifford Eugene. Born 2-21-1934, died 4-28-1934. Age: Infant - [Our Baby]
JACKSON, Erwin E.. Spouse of Bessie M.. Born 1902, died 1958
JACKSON, Gladys O. Ost. Spouse of William Merle. Born 1910, died 2001 - Wed 7-13-1930
JACKSON, Leslie "Les". Spouse of Mary Lou Knutowicz. Born 12/15/1939, died U/C
JACKSON, Mary Lou (Knutowicz). Spouse of Leslie. Born 12/8/1944, died 3/1/2010
JACKSON, Millard D.. Spouse of Viva Cooper. Born 3-16-1935, died 12-29-2008. Age: 73y - Son of William Merle & Gladys Ost Jackson b. Town of Alma NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-20-1956 in Scio NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
JACKSON, Roger D.. Born 3/3/1960, died 4/30/2016. Age: 56y - Son of Millard D. & Viva Cooper Jackson b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC
JACKSON, Ulysses H.. Spouse of Viania D.. Born 1869, died 1930 - [Gone To A Brighter Land]
JACKSON, Viania D.. Spouse of Ulysses H.. Born 1879, died 1947 - [Gone To A Brighter Land]
JACKSON, William Merle. Spouse of Gladys O. Ost. Born 1896, died 1999 - Wed 7-13-1930
JACOBS, Betty T.. Spouse of Robert D.. Born 1928, died 1961
JACOBS, Ella N.. Born 1850, died 1901
JACOBS, Gertrude White. Spouse of Wallace I.. Born 1864, died 1937
JACOBS, Ralph E.. Born 1897, died 1976
JACOBS, Richard D.. Spouse of Virginia L.. Born 1906, died 1978
JACOBS, Robert D.. Spouse of Betty T.. Born 5-15-1928, died 3-18-1995 - WW II Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
JACOBS, Virginia L.. Spouse of Richard D.. Born 1907, died 1986
JACOBS, Wallace I.. Spouse of Gertrude White. Born 1861, died 1936
JACOBS, Walter E.. Born 1901, died 1976
JAMES, Clinton Russell "Sid". Spouse of Dortha (Easton) Barry. Born 6/8/1923, died 4/22/2013. Age: 89y - Son of Guy & Maude (Kelly) James b. Short Tract NY d. Scio NY. Two sons surnamed Barry. Wed Clinton 3-31-1958, two sons. - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt. Europe
JAMES, Dortha M. (Easton) Barry "Dot". Spouse of Clinton James. Born 9/2/1929, died 1/31/2018. Age: 88y - Dau of Frank & Eva (Emrick) Easton b. & d. Wellsville NY. Two sons surnamed Barry. Wed Clinton 3-31-1958, two sons.
JAMES, Ethan David. Born 6-1-2008, died 6-11-2008. Age: Infant - Infant son of Robert & Jennifer Perry James b. & d. Rochester NY
JANDREW, Dale K.. Spouse of Karen J. Guinnip. Born 2-1-1952, died 2-25-2005. Age: 53y - Son of William & Argie Calhoun Jandrew. Wed 5-21-1977 in Petrolia, NY
JANDREW, Karen J. Guinnip. Spouse of Dale K.. Born 3-26-1956, died uncut
JENISON, Alice J.. Spouse of Charles W.. Born 10-10-1921, died 8-10-2007 - Dau of Delbert & Dorothea Schram White b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY
JENISON, Charles W.. Spouse of Alice J.. Born 3-25-1912, died 10-24-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
JEWELL, Harriet, died 9-27-1869. Age: 38y
JOHNSON, Betty M.. Spouse of Vernon E.. Born 1929, died 1998
JOHNSON, Chester M.. Born 1855, died 1880
JOHNSON, David Dwight. Born 5/3/1950, died 2/12/2015. Age: 64y - Son of Willis D. & Ruth D. Seely, born and died in Wellsville NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army Air Force, SFC
JOHNSON, Frank M.. Born 1853, died 1875
JOHNSON, Frederick R.. Spouse of Wava M.. Born 1883, died 1961
JOHNSON, Harry T.. Born 1860, died 1913
JOHNSON, Jack Ray "Jacky". Born 4/4/1942, died 6/5/2015. Age: 73y - Son of Willis D. & Ruth D. Seely, b. Wellsville NY d. Randolph NY
JOHNSON, Mary A.. Born 1819, died 1918
JOHNSON, Nathaniel O.. Born 1819, died 1895
JOHNSON, Ruth Dawn Seely. Spouse of Willis Dwight "Whitey". Born 10-31-1920, died 12-5-2001. Age: 81y - Dau of Ray & Carrie Hubbard Seeley
JOHNSON, Sharon Sue. Born 11-18-1952, died 12-27-1952
JOHNSON, Vernon E.. Spouse of Betty M.. Born 1924, died 1981 - [Here Lies Our Foundation, My Husband, Our Dad, Our Grandpa]
JOHNSON, Wava M.. Spouse of Frederick R.. Born 1898, died 1910
JOHNSON, Willis Dwight "Whitey". Spouse of Ruth Dawn Seely. Born 12-7-1916, died 10-20-1990
JONES, Elizabeth. Spouse of Frank E.. Born 1891, died 1970
JONES, Frank E.. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1892, died 1954
JONES, H. Glenn. Spouse of Helen H.. Born 9-10-1906, died 4-29-1985 - Son of David & Blanch Jones
JONES, Helen H.. Spouse of H. Glenn. Born 12-28-1911, died 12-18-1999. Age: 87y - Dau of Nathan S. & C. Mae Miles Hull
JONES, Llewellyn B.. Spouse of Maude A.. Born 1873, died 1953
JONES, Maude A.. Spouse of Llewellyn B.. Born 1876, died 1937
JONES, Robert Charles. Born 3-19-1939, died 3-25-2023. Age: 84 - Son of H. Glenn & Helen H. (Hull) Jones; born in Wellsville, NY; lived in Scio, NY and Lexington, KY; died in Lexington, KY;survived by one daughter; predeceased by one son Timothy Nathan Jones in 2022 Uncategorized vet, US Navy 1957-1960
JOYNER, Alice A.. Born 1852, died 1935
JUDSON, Sally. Spouse of Daniel, died 4-28-1861. Age: 68y


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