East Caneadea Cemetery
Town of Caneadea
Created Feb 22, 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb by transcribing stone readings made by Gertrude A. Barber:
East Caneadea Cemetery, By M. E. Church, at East Caneadea, Allegany County, N.Y, 1933

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ACHILLES, C. Doretha (Behrens). Spouse of H. Christopher. Born 5-1-1817, died 4-3-1890. Age: 72 - Born in Germany d. Caneadea
ACHILLES, Carl. Born 1887, died 1913
ACHILLES, Dora. Age: Infant - Dau of Henry J. and Dora C. (Walters) Achilles. No Dates
ACHILLES, Dora C. (Walters). Spouse of Henry J. Born 7-18-1859, died 1-17-1942. Age: 82 - Born in Germany. Five children
ACHILLES, H. Christopher. Spouse of C. Doretha (Behrens). Born 11-3-1809, died 4-12-1877 - Born in Hanover, Germany
ACHILLES, Henry J. Rev. Spouse of Dora C. Walters. Born 9-8-1847, died 7-4-1932. Age: 84 - Son of H. Christopher and C. Dorothea (Behrens) Achilles. Born in Germany, died in Caneadea NY. A Methodist minister. Five children.
ACHILLES, Minnie. Born 11-31-1859, died 8-29-1897
ACHILLES, Willie. Age: Infant - Son of Henry J. and Dora C. (Walters) Achilles. No Dates
BEHRENS, Christina. Spouse of Henry. Born 4-29-1826, died 5-1-1902
BEHRENS, Henry. Spouse of Christina. Born 6-24-1828, died 2-24-1921
BEHRENS, Louisa. Born 5-1-1867 - Dau of Henry & Christina Behrens
BERRENS, Isadore Amelia, died 4-18-1887. Age: 22y 1m - Dau of Henry & Mary Miller
BLICKWEDE, Dora. Born 8-15-1837, died 7-25-1897
BLICKWEDE, Henry. Born 9-5-1865, died 9-4-1886 - Son of Henry & Dora Blickwede
BRANDES, Dora, died 12-8-1891. Age: 81y 6m - [Grandma]
BRANDES, Henry, died 11-13-1918. Age: 72y 10m
BRANDES, Mary, died 6-27-1908. Age: 64y 7m
BRANDES, Willie F., died 11-8-1892. Age: 14y 2m
BUCHERSTER, Carrie B. Born 1875, died 1923
BUCHERSTER, John H. Spouse of Louisa. Born 1847, died 1929
BUCHERSTER, Louisa. Spouse of John H. Born 6-5-1853, died 11-5-1889
COON, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1857, died 1888
COON, Mary. Spouse of John, died 2-18-1877. Age: 54y
FRANCE, Betty Jane (Ludlow). Spouse of Lyle. Born 7-26-1926, died 5-5-1995. Age: 68 - Dau of Benjamin S. and Martha L. (Mosandal) Ludlow. Born in Lackawanna NY, died in Eldred PA. Wed 1949, three children.
FRANCE, Lyle Sr. Spouse of Betty J. Ludlow. Born 7-18-1910, died 12-1984. Age: 74 - Son of Floyd and Minnie (Grimm) France. Born in Otto NY, lived in Rushford NY, died in Rochester NY. A dairy farmer. Wed 8-8-1949, three children.
FROST, Mary. Spouse of Frederick, died 12-6-1890. Age: 52y 5m
FROST, Phoebe. Born 1862, died 1917
GLINDEMAN, Caroline. Spouse of Christian W. Born 1843, died U/K
GLINDEMAN, Christian W. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1845, died 1902
HART, Leon F. Spouse of Lois M. Born 8-7-1922, died 8-6-2004. Age: 81 - Born in Canada son of Medas & Roseanne Leger Hart - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe
HART, Lois M. (Young). Spouse of Leon F, died 10-19-2000 - Wed 6-14-1952
HERKE, Earnest C. Born 1-30-????, died 8-1821
HERKE, Elizabeth. Born 1821, died 1905
HERKE, Harneat (?), died 7-6-1877. Age: 55y 8m 6d
HERMAN, Henry. Born 1861, died 1880
HUFF, William Joseph. Born 12-3-1947, died 11-26-2001. Age: 53 - Born in Cuba NY, died in Sarasota FL.
JOHANNES, Anna Moreay. Spouse of Henry G., died 2-5-1892. Age: 65y
JOHANNES, George Edward, died 9-6-1871. Age: 3y 4d - Son of Andrew & Elizabeth Johannes
JOHANNES, George H. Born 9-15-1807, died 8-7-1894
JOHANNES, John Henry. Spouse of Mary, died 6-10-1875. Age: 70y
JOHANNES, Mary. Spouse of John Henry. Born 4-1808, died 8-13-1884 - Born in Plage
KRIMMEYERS, Elizabeth. Spouse of John Henry, died 11-23-1887. Age: 74y
KRIMMEYERS, John Henry. Spouse of Elizabeth - Dates Covered
KRIMMEYERS, John Henry - Son - Dates Covered
KULMAN, Christopher. Spouse of Mary, died 12-7-1879. Age: 80y
KULMAN, Mary. Spouse of Christopher. Born 10-7-1810, died 2-1886
LAZARUS, John - Child of John - No Dates
LILLY, Dorothea. Spouse of Henry Christian. Born 12-23-1812, died 8-11-1891 - Born inGermany
LILLY, Henry Christian. Spouse of Dorothea, died 6-13-1868. Age: 59y 3m
LILLY, J. H. Spouse of Williminnie. Born 4-24-1833
LILLY, Williminnie. Spouse of J. H. Lilly. Born 11-27-1832, died 8-20-1886
LUDDE, Charles. Born 1875, died 1878 - Son of H. & D. Ludde
LUDDE, Christian. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1814, died 1876
LUDDE, Christine Burkett. Born 1846, died 19??
LUDDE, Dorothea. Spouse of Henry. Born 1842, died 1880
LUDDE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Christian. Born 1816, died 1875
LUDDE, Fred. Born 1856, died 1876
LUDDE, Henry. Spouse of Dorothea. Born 1842, died 1878
LUDDE, Mary. Born 1873, died 1874 - Dau of H. & D. Ludde
LUDLOW, Benjamin Seymour. Spouse of Martha L. Mosandal. Born 6-10-1902, died 9-30-1965. Age: 63 - Son of Zire and Charlotte E. (Bryant) Ludow. Born in Lackawanna NY, died in Fillmore NY. A farmer. Wed 12-4-1923 in Hamburg NY, four children.
LUDLOW, Martha L. (Mosandel). Spouse of Benjamin S. Sr. Born 5-12-1906, died 3-17-2005. Age: 98 - Dau of Louie and Susan (Kester) Mosandel. Born in North Boston NY, died in Houghton NY. Wed 12-4-1923 in Hamburg NY, four children.
LUTHER, No First Name, died 5-9-1857. Age: 13y - Son of R. & Mary Luther
MACK, Erma. Spouse of William. Born 1861, died 1899
MACK, Satie L. Spouse of F. C. Mack. Born 1-2-1873, died 12-1-1902
MACK, Viola. Born 1885, died 1895
McDONALD, Ida May. Born 8-27-1873, died 7-20-1875
MEINECKE, Henry, died 12-5-1859. Age: 32y
MEINECKE, John C., died 11-23-1874. Age: 41y
MILLER, Henry, died 5-22-1877. Age: 48y
MYERS, Christopher J. Spouse of Dora S. Born 1837, died 1904
MYERS, Dora S. Spouse of Christopher J. Born 1851, died U/K
MYERS, Lilla B. Born 1877, died 1898 - Dau. of Christopher J. & Dora S. Myers
MYRES, Fred H. Born 1874, died 1920
MYRS, Louisa - No Dates
MYRS, Louisa Dorothea. Born 1890, died 1916
MYRS, Matthew. Born 1850, died 1921
MYRS, Willie - No Dates
REUSCH, Frederick. Born 2-10-1811, died 8-11-1876
REUSCH, Mary. Born 7-23-1856, died 7-16-1881
RICH, Arthur J. Spouse of Mary Raybuck. Born 1915, died 2001 - Son of Edward P. and Winifred (Edson) Rich.
RICH, Mary (Raybuck). Spouse of #1 Lon K. Sprankle, #2 Arthur J. Rich. Born 10-6-1918, died 2-1-1988 - Born in Jefferson Co PA. Wed Lon 1936, divorced bf 1946.
RIPENBACK, Ann, died 3-1-1882. Age: 45y
RIPENBACK, Michael, died 12-14-1866. Age: 40y
SABARNICK, Fred, died 8-14-1890. Age: 37y 7m
SCHEMBRI, Maxine (Mulligan). Spouse of Anthony. Born 10-15-1930, died 5-29-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Edward A. and Floy (Morehouse) Mulligan. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Los Angeles Ca and Caneadea NY, died in Rochester NY. A dental technician for 36 years. One daughter. (Spouse predeceased) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, dental x-ray tech. 1951-1955
SCHNEIDER, Margaret, died 12-18-1863. Age: 43y
SCHRADER, Dorothea. Born 9-4-1842, died 9-18-1855 - Born in Germany d. Caneadea
SCHRADER, Henry, died 5-1864. Age: 23y 7m - Civil War DOW, NYS Vols. Wounded at the Wilderness VA (May 5-7, 1864). Died of wounds three days later.
SCHRADER, Henry. Spouse of Sophia. Born 4-5-1808, died 3-30-1888
SCHRADER, Sophia. Born 1814, died 1902
SCHUKNECHT, Caroline W. Born 1831, died 1912
SCHUKNECHT, Christina. Born 1867, died 1888
SCHWARTZ, Charles F., died 7-27-1864. Age: 46y 25d
SEANEST, Henry. Born 1830, died 1898
SIEDENTOP, Catharine. Born 6-4-1871, died 1-27-1883
SIEDENTOP, Catharine, died 12-5-1878. Age: 49y 11m 29d
SIEJENTOFF, O. C. Born 11-21-1810, died 3-25-1887
SWARTZ, Dora. Born 1831, died 1907
SWARTZ, Mary E. Born 1864, died 1893
SWARTZ, William. Born 1824, died 1907
WAITER, Edrotha Walter. Born 1-14-1820, died 12-17-1891

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